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Makeup: It all starts with a good foundation


In. Do you want to step up your makeup game? I always can. Luckily, my guest today can help she's a professional makeup artist who has worked on some of the world's biggest stars. And if you think of makeup as like an artistic expression, it gets scaring, you watch these YouTubers Instagram where they're just like rocking -til that goes into purple and all these things, it's super fun to watch. But when you sit down to do it one it's intimidating and hard to do in two. It really that wearable, outside of Instagram and U2. from our conversation. You'll learn how to perfect your everyday makeup. The key to finding wearing the perfect foundation and the truth about primers. I am Lauren Conrad, and this is asking for a friend. I low today, we're gonna be talking about makeup with my very good friend and makeup artist. Amy Nadine, Amy is a good friend of mine, and has been my makeup artist for many, many years. So my relationship with makeup started like a lot of young women's with a really large caboodle that was pre filled with colors and products that weren't necessarily meant for me. And I kind of had to just figure it out. So there was a lot of trial and error involved and my relationship with makeup has changed drastically since then, and a lot of that is thanks to Amy. She has been an amazing friend, but she's also been a really great teacher. She's taught me so much over the years about different products, and techniques, and even just how to treat makeup. I think that, you know, she has a lot of fun doing make up. But also, she's never she's never had me wear it as a mask. It's always been, you know, use this. To essentially, this part about your face that, you really like or, you know, kind of showing off things and highlighting things that you should be proud of as opposed to covering it all up, which I think a lot of women do with makeup. So I really appreciated that and I've learned so much from her. So here's a little more on Amy. Amy dean professional makeup artist who has worked with Rachel Bill, sin Christian, redder. Emmy Rossum Anna Paquin, Kate, Bosworth, Susan Sarandon and myself as well as Richard Gere, George Clooney. Hugh Jackman Denzel Washington, Patrick Dempsey Paul McCartney, just to name a few. She is currently, the global ambassador for issues medics and not only contributes to all new product development, but also made two appearances on QVC's main channel representing the brand. She also co founded the parenting, blog practically perfect baby with her sister, Whitney to help guide parents through the first year with their baby. Amy married. Her longtime French love in two thousand ten and they have to children together. Joe? Owns and Iverson, you'll hear from our guest in just a minute. But I wanna tell you about our sponsor. Long day at work tough day at school still stuck at the office. 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Again, that's promo code Bora friend for five dollars off your first order from door dash. All right. Let's get into this conversation with Amy. There's a lot that I wanna talk about definitely want to focus on makeup. Okay. That's what you do. And I'll start by saying that one of my favorite things about working with you is that you have always had fun with makeup. It's not something you take too seriously. It's definitely something that you enjoy. Which makes me feel really bad, because they've made you do the exact same make up on me for well over a decade, but I actually appreciate because you know what looks good on you. Okay. Like if you always times, where I wanna read lip, where you're like, I'm not in the mood to rock red lip and I have to respect that, and let it go. Oh my goodness. Not me in front of the photographer. I know I feel bad that like the wildest you get is like a lip color. Getting wild so anyways, but I think that, you know, working in this industry, I've, I've mostly worked. They had the opportunity to work with a few other makeup artists, and you definitely have a lot more fun with your job. And it's a lot more laid back, which I have always really appreciated but I think that make up compeer release scary. Intimidating thing for someone. If you aren't really experienced or if you're just unsure of your routine, and I feel really lucky to be able to have worked with and learned from someone who has a very relaxed approach and has done with it so good. I think make a few think of it like a tattoo. It's really scary, but something. I. Like if you think if you remind yourself, this is not a debt do I can take I have acute tip right here dipped in remover and anything I make mistake I can just go up and it's skit us do over, then it's not so scary. That's true. I honestly I think it's less about trying something new or or venturing out of your comfort zone and more about people just finding an everyday look when I reached out on social media, one of the questions that I saw the most was basically people wanting to have an everyday look that was natural looking that didn't take too much time. It was a lot of a lot of mothers who were like, I have five minutes. Do my makeup and people just kind of, like, not knowing where to start just being there's so many products out there. And there's I mean, if you're starting from zero and you just don't have a lot of experience with makeup. I think that can be really scary. And if you think of makeup as like an artistic express. Shen. It gets scared and you watch these YouTubers or Instagram or they're just like rocking -til that goes into purple and all these things. It's super fun to watch. But when you sit down to do it one it's intimidating and hard to do in two. It really that wearable, outside of Instagram and YouTube. Yeah, I want to know where all these women are going because. Those YouTube videos, and I'm like, first of all, they're all forty five steps and they really are artists, and they look amazing. And I watch them like sped up on Instagram or popular page there. So where I haven't seen these women in the wild fire. They going with these faces. I've seen a few at the food court at the mall. Really? Oh, no. Honey? That's not a good one. Yes, to be fair. I don't go out. But even when I did, I feel like I never saw people like made up like I see on the internet. It's crazy. I think finding your everyday look is something you start you start in high school middle school, you experiment. I remember going in the middle school dance with pink mascara on the top lashes yellow mascara on the bottle lashes feeling really cool. And then being in the basement bathroom under the gymnasium catching myself in the mirror like you look sick. Ill due to you. Maybe it's because they went to an all girl private school. I dress for girls. But at the, the voice were there, nobody was asking me to dance because I look at Goma. I think you start so middle school. You're, you're wild high school. You get to where you're starting to hone your own look college. You're really figuring out and then people kind of get stuck, and then they do the same up that they did in high school college rest of their life. Do you find that I find I do? I actually. Yeah, I know. I know people who. Yeah. Who have worn this a makeup for really long time? And it's interesting because makeup, it really does become dated, you know, there's so many fads and in changes every year, but it changes cat, I would I know when it came on the scene, obviously in the sixties, but then again with you, and I, I went I always wondered if you would eventually venture off, but you like the way it's along gated your eye, and it changes the shaver, your eyes you don't so it's become a classic. Is this? You me and I'm one of those days. No because I'm saying God is actually turned into a from a trend to a classic stay. I hope so. And you don't do a lot. You don't do any shadow crazy. Shot, what I do it. Like once a week. Now, I don't I used to do it every day. I do it much less interest Sante 'cause I remember in the beginning us, it'd be like, eighty I wear it to the gym. Way changes the tape to be fair. Don't go the well, no. Don't go to wasn't going to say you're correct. Bummer. No, I don't go to the gym anymore. What we gonna say he was going to say at the time I was, I was filming a television show. So I did wear a lot more makeup. Yes. Now. Yeah. Like, I, I work from home, most days, I if I'm not going anywhere. I might do like a little mascara just like a little bit just to feel good. But, but that's I'm not wearing metoo. I'm not there's no liner involved in those days. But back to finding your everyday. Okay. Thank you. Redirecting this. Okay. Yeah. So, so I guess I guess I would say, look, look for somebody that you are drawn to as far as their style. Like I mean, who your I wouldn't say idol but likes to someone here like I love her style. We like a girl in southern charm, or it could be a girl on in TV show something where you just love her style, and try on yourself or have somebody help you try it on yourself and then stick with it, where we become something you do for five minutes every day. And you don't think about it anymore and how important. Do you think it is to choose them? One who has similar features like. Do you know what I mean like question, whether they have freckles or, you know, I would I would I look to someone with a completely different complexion or like, really dark hair for inspiration? Joining me point, I feel like it's good to pick someone who has some similarities to you, because you have an idea of how it's gonna low globally. There are women who wear makeup and I'm like that person looks amazing. I could never Adele like adele's makeup is amazing on a doubt in on me would go drag, I like dolls makeup. I do on her when on me doesn't doesn't fly. Oh man. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup myself. Yeah. You don't. Yeah. You don't wear a ton of makeup. You got cute face though. So you're lucky. We'll hear how about I address this, because it was interesting to me when I reached out on social media, the, the most common question I got had to do without Dacian. Okay. And that superport it is, but found a really interesting and I, I don't know if this is just me, but I've seen a lot more articles, honestly, it could just be my age and like the types of things that I'm reading, but I see so many articles and products addressing skin discoloration, and I don't know, if that has with Malaysia, which is, you know, connected to hormones, which is controlled Bill. All those things. So I, I think just within my friend group, a lot of girls struggle with pigmentation. So I think that I think that skin care and foundation has become increasingly important and foundations really hard to find member as in Palm Springs. We spent I brought like, oh, all of them, yet when he five different brands, and we spent an evening through, and we found sensation by couldn't Yvo, which became your staple until you had a baby or or. And then we switched to something with more coverage to cover Malaya's MMA had in the last several treat. Happens. It's yeah, it's not the end of the no it's not. I just yeah. It's, it's a tricky one, especially when you're trying to do. I mean for me. This is my biggest struggle is what I wanna do that five minute quick routine. I used to be able to do like a tinted moisturizer or tinted sunscreen, and that's just not even an option for me anymore because my, my Malacca so bad. So it's, it's conceal her and foundation Iceland, most of the time on my skin, and the rest is just like whatever can get done. Right. Right. So I saw questions having to do with literally everything like finding a match finding good coverage along lasting option. Natural looking. How do you apply it? Like, what, what do you use to apply it, do you include SPF? I mean he was everything. Okay. So are we start? I'm just telling you like how many I got it's probably the most important thing because it can become a mask if you go full coverage. Yes. Maybe on a day that superimpose. Go full coverage. But we're talking or go full coverage at night when the lighting's more forgiving. But when you're walking around outside, and full coverage, you just look like oh, Al. She put a lot of makeup on. Well, I think that, yes. And that brings two points one is matching your skin. Everyone has seen when you have like that line on your jaw, and it's really difficult like your skin tone changes throughout the year, and your neck is actually lighter than your face because it's shaded from the sun comes of, of. So then you have to kind of bring it down to cover net, which is not the same colors of foundation anyways 'cause you're matching their cheeks, not your neck. Because if you met your neck, you'll be delight. Yes. It's also fun. So I think it's interesting because I mean, once you do find a match one your skin tone can change. And also, what does it say, like oxidized, what happens to the makeup if it sits on your skin? Sometimes it changes colors, and go gray. Yeah. Which is a bummer, and that's fruit from sunscreen in foundation. Some, some brands have nailed it the sunscreen like it 'cause medics. Tinted moisturizer CC cream. I feel like never goes gray on anybody. And they have they've expanded their choices of color shades, which is great. So that's a good staple. You want as PF fifty and not feel like you're wearing tons of makeup. What are your feelings on? Layering makeup over us unscreened versus using a makeup with a sunscreen and in it for me. I on my clients, I would never I would stay away from too much sunscreen in the foundation in frayed that it'll turn gray with flashes of the red carpet. I like us setting spray super goop has a setting spray that's SPF fifty that you can clear, and you spray on after words, I can give it to you, John. Know about. Yes. So then you don't have to worry about the colored changing, I have their powdered sunscreen, powdered, sunscreen and just keep it in my purse for touch-ups and you love it. I like it. I think I mean I always wear SPF on my face under my foundation. But I use it just for touch-ups during the if I'm like, you know, again, like I always try and keep a hat with me. I'm just scared of the sun. I like sunscreen I foundation second, if you really want in your phone, Dacian, you got to play a time saver, you know. And then here's may next question does sunscreen under your foundation count as a primer short great. I mean, I don't use them and everybody was asking about primers. And I was like, dang should I be using primers funny? I never worked in retail, but I had someone who worked at Saks for years, tell me that primer was brought on as an up sell. It's not really necessary, but it's a witness way to sell another skew another product. Okay. So it's not super necessary. I know that people love their primers. I'm I don't use primers on us moisturizer as my primary. Yes. To kind of get the skin happy in massaged type of thing. But I know some people love like a manifesting primer. I find sometimes the foundation on top of what's it called? When rolls becomes hills pills, sweaters. It's this yes they pills, and I don't want to be on set and try to have them not noticed that. I'm wiping these little pills. I'm mortified unwanted texture. Yes. I'm sure people would disagree with me and say that the prime, they couldn't live without them for me. I found that it's a throwaway. It's a next I trust you because you put makeup on a lot of different faces than okay? And also do what I do wanna think that I'm doing the right thing. Okay. Okay. So one other thing I want to talk about is clean, beauty. Yes. So I try especially right now because I'm pregnant, I I'm really careful about the products that I use on myself and anything I'm iffy about. I just don't use. But it's really hard to keep up with clean, beauty, because I feel like in the beginning, it was like, don't use these three products and then it grew to five and then grew to seven and it's I googled recently. Like what should I avoid just because I wanted to go through all my products and it was too many. It was so many I was like so I- water him water on. It was really interesting. So what's your opinion on clean, beauty? Like, what do you think is the best approach of best approach would be to go to clean brand instead of trying to take ingredients out of what something you have go to like a are a mess? You know, Rosemary swift by grow up loving. She did all the Victoria's Secret models and the sports illustrates swimsuit edition. She's like a conic for a really like a beach, Beechy, glowing model. Okay. And she came up with her line ten years ago. She was like one of the very first to do a natural line and it's expanded and she must have gotten some investors because now she's really nailed it. That's a good staple. But as far as miscarry goes, it's really hard, you that's where you kind of have to pick a brand like tart, or something that's more like act performance naturals where they struggled. They were like I think their whole mission was these natural lines are great, but they're not performing in certain areas. And so they they've worked and spent the money on research. Making a mess care that actually gives you volume doesn't just tint your lashes. It's interesting because it's kind of finding that in between. It's like I walk my makeup to do its job. Right. But I want the cleanest option possible, and there's so many different definitions of clean right now, there's, you know, there's organic, which is it's, which is probably the, the hardest one for them to get it isn't also, it sounds like that's like that's always kind of changing just a little scary for the Browns and the FDA an ano how regular lated they have been lately. That's what I'm saying is, like there, I think it's constantly changing. So I actually feel bad for brand strays working, they pay so much money to develop an, an organic certified mechanic brand than than the regulations change, and it's no longer. I'm so sorry when I was struggling with infertility for four years. You start getting like okay, one of my putting in my body, and you get really clean and you go non GMO. You're just trying anything. I remember the. Was a little neurotic about a real judgy onset walking by which does away you putting in your body. And then and then I got okay, well, what I put on my body. So then I really got into researching natural lines and then I had a client, Emily Dacian who's vegan. So I would use some naturalized in her, and she'd pick it up and see beeswax in it. Yeah. Like this is not vegan. You do you know what they did to the beast to get this beeswax? And I'm like, oh my God. Okay. So now I have to find something that doesn't have it's interesting because they do have non vegan lines that are cruelty free. Right. So they. Yeah. So there is again, there's like that. If you if you're comfortable using something that used an animal product, but you wanna make sure it was cruelty free, there is that option as well. Yeah. So I'm the brand of Basseterre for iskoe's medics, and we are trying to become a one hundred percent vegan. Oh, wow. Right now are like seventy percent because of the products. We started out with that we. Can't give it up because people love him so much, but we're going to tweak them and reissue them in a vegan way. That's great, which is cool. But we've now taken beeswax off of the plate. Interesting. Okay. So I wanna talk about that. So you so you are both in Basseterre, but you also help develop products. So I get to do all hell's the file their product development, which is I just came from there, and I actually have this in play with some stuff on you. Are there big trend right now or arbitrend is probiotic? Tinted moisturizer, conceal and we are about to come up with a probiotic setting spray. So the conceal her in the foundation authors. I can give it to you today. That's an easy because I spoke to an NS Titian, and I was asking her she specialized in Alaska, and I was asking her, what should be putting on my skin. That was natural right now. Everything's natural, the one of the doctors I went to Shula sent me home. It didn't charge me. She's like I can't do anything for. He was like you're pregnant. Yeah. She was like, anything that's going to make a difference is too harsh for you. So just wait a year or two and the back. But the Esotique, I spoke to told me vitamin C, topically, okay. And probiotic we're the, the best things to put on my skin. So that's great that it's, it's I think, so we forget, we have this microbiome covering our entire bodies of two. I'm sorry. A wet knowing Laker. Boom. I actually that in school Amy's also going to school. In her spare time. My fifties, I wanna be a, an R N in the Nikki because I just think you should you should have a career for twenty years, and then have a new career I love the so that's my next year. So in school in, we took micro biology class, and we learned all about the microbiome that covers your entire Bonnie and the way you disrupt it all the time, when you say this, you mean skin. No, it's a little, if you took 'em an ultra magnifying less, you have little tiny bacteria covering all your skin. I'm gonna send you a really cool. Ted talk. That that's. No. It's saying there's bugs all over little tiny tiny tiny tiny bugs over you. But they protect you keep me up tonight. They protect you. So the probiotics help with that just makes with the cell to cell communication, between them. There's like non live probiotics and live probiotic, take the live ones internally, and then the non live ones, you can put on your face, and everything is very happy. This is very excited. I can't wait to try this, okay. One thing I wanna know just because you're you live this, and it's just kind of funny. What is right now, your favorite trend out there, and your least favorite? So the incident. I'm not truly. I'm not good at Instagram. And so you don't have Instagram makeup in the beginning was kind of like call and her makeup is very heavy handed stenciled, eyebrow contour where I watched the stripes, down the face, and though, you know that they will end it all, and then they bundle. And so that has been very hard for me to live through as someone who loves seeing freckles through or seeing the hair, like a feathered brower you can see the color of your skin beneath it, it's not like a stencil route so that I always knew the trend would come back, like I feel like the girls that are walking around with at one day. We'll get only gonna remember when I used to so much makeup because everybody goes through stages. So that's been hard to live through. And sometimes when I remember the to remember when I worked on khloe, Courtney crashing before they were huge the nicest girls I've ever worked on. They would always leave. And then I'd look at them on the recovered, and it was not. The necessarily the makeup, they added and added out of. And so the next time we're going to you have to be heavy or handed you have to try, but my hand cannot get that heavy is, but they can wear and rocket look gorgeous. But my I just have. I. Everyone does that, by the way, what do you remember? I guess to like take a giant powder poof after you'd leave because you wouldn't powder my face poof, I would take a small is shy brush and and meticulously powder around her nose, or chin, her forehead so that you would have the glowing cheeks, and everything was still alive. And then I see her on the carpet. I'm like, because she would be like buying view, and then go into the bathroom, and powdered, the Jesus everytime, everytime up trend that I love right now is the feathered, brow, the boy brow boyfriend, bro. I love anything. I like the no makeup makeup. Makes me very happy. I love these right? With with you. I love these things. I can't really do the no makeup makeup but it's a makeup. It's still make it just look like my face needs a Hindi's a little more. Linda somebody like you don't wear makeup to you. And I was like, well, I have on foundation eyeliner is shadow, a brow pencil mess. Cara. Lipstick. So, yeah, I bronze are and blush, you'll have what I look like I'm not wearing a lot of. Yeah. You have that everyday natural makeup great. Okay. So just just to be clear because selfishly I need to find another makeup artist. If you're leaving. When do you plan to exit this career, it would be like in six years or so? But I'm six years, listen, okay? The when you're a knick unis you three days a week three. That's specifically what you wanna do my dream, but I can't start. They're not going to put me straight away to. Nikki. When let me near these babies often started like the media Drik nursery, or just the nursery. And then eventually when I get skilled enough and take enough tests, I can get into the Nikko. Well, so three days a week. So I can schedule a week when you're promoting something. Okay. Come out. Okay. Great that in writing. So why, why specifically the Nick you just so so interesting that you're like this is I've always thought, and I've always talked about it after make up. I wanna be a math teacher or something. I know you always said that you wanted to open a Christmas shop with your system, do so. Yes, I work at Disneyland those and then you through nursing there, but then you like went to school. And I was like, oh, she's really doing ones. I've always thought that you can you should keep your brain going. Yes. Which careers later on in life and have another career. I think it's important, I want my dad retired at fifty seven and it wasn't a good thing for him. Sorry. Okay. So I've learned from that, so, yes, I in my eighties, I will work at Disneyland main street that's going to happen, when okay? So you have a third, that's third another career after. All right. That's my latte when my husband has passed away. God bless him. Sister, no go work. Disneyland. Plans after his death ten years older than I am so perfect. Okay. So nursing. So when my second son was born, they're both adopted. He was in the Nick, you for eight days for two apnea where he stopped breathing. And they had diverse as datum and every time it happens, you get an mandatory five day stay, and then you could go two days, if it happens again, you get another five day. Okay. So we were there eight days. So I was there twelve hours a day, and the nurses were such bad AS asses that. I just felt like oh I want. I just was couldn't stop admiring them the way their confidence the way that I was like, how do I take this baby home, that stopped reading twice and be able to sleep at night? And she's like, okay, we're going to meet in the conference room at two o'clock. And I wanna teach you how to do everything that I can so that you walk out of here prepared and I left there. Like I not scared I can totally handle taking this baby home, and I did. And I was all I had this confidence that they instilled in me. And I thought how wonderful if I could do that for. Other mother and sit her down and be like you can take this baby home that has this heart condition because this is while you're going to handle it. It just was like something I just feel like as I get older. I like helping people like that. When I look back at nighttime of think about, like, what I'm grateful for, for the day, the things I most grape before, is how I made somebody feel or how I help somebody just like, what I like to write down. And so I just felt like this is the career that I worked I didn't realize hurt schools. Taking eleven classes so far, and my brain hurts in the beginning hurt tremendously out, hurts less because I think the muscle of memorizing learning is it just had some time on. Had to like wake it back up and learn again. And I've learned that I can't put the kids down at seven pm of glass of wine and then study. Because in cry I tried. Drive that. And then I tried to make an emergency. After the glass of wine. To go red bull on. Totally smart. I've learned that I can't really drink during the week and study, unfortunately, even if I dry. Wow, see afterwards. But I find when I'm in class, I really love the topic, and I just love that I'm, I'm trying something new. And I think you need an exit strategy with make because what if one day you're like, okay, I'm in a good place. I wanna be, you know, like you off, and like thirty other clients here because I have the list in front of me. So, well, they would all have to quit in order for that to be true, but you feel like a claustrophobic feeling to know that there's all these other things that play behind the scenes on influencing who somebody's makeup, partisan and just feel like, oh my gosh. Is there a target on my back is the publicist? No, like me. Now, are they don't like that feeling? I know it's on the outside. But I think that you do something nice when you do make up. You make people feel confident you make them feel good about themselves. Thank you. I, I remember it makeup school. The teacher was said, you're the first person they see in the day. You set the tone. You're an I I'm a total morning person I don't drink coffee adult like wake up very jolly. So I remember thinking, oh, this will work for me because I like to set the tone for the day. I liked the makeup is more about looking after somebody and making them feel good and knowing that, like you've helped them do that. It's not the show. It's like make yourself small I like all them. You're just a nice person. No, you are. You're just a nicer person, I feel so lucky to have you, you'll hear more from our guest in just a minute. But first, I'm gonna tell you about our sponsor. Spring is here. 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You can kind of get it anywhere anywhere have a bunch of different kinds. They have different. They have met. They have the final. They have where, if you like more the pen, you know, do brush, so I that's the one I use, and for directions on how to do the eyeliner, if you go on YouTube, and type in Lauren Conrad eyeliner. It's the first thing that comes up, and it was a video that's actually narrated by Amy. We made it together. So it's there for you. It's super cute, and it really like to watch it. I think said to. Okay. So this question this question made me really happy. She just seems really sweet. So this question is from Kim says. Worked on a farm for the past four years, where I rarely wear makeup or get dressed up. I recently accepted a job offer with a mortgage company that has a dress code. So I read it, Kohls bought most of your items thinks Kim. And now I have to figure out what to do with my face and I'm clueless in all caps. Do you have any Goto must have tips, relates who are basically just starting out with makeup? I'm very much a beginner. I would start with foundation, even out your skin tone, if foundation scares you than spot, conceal under is or any pimples. Make sure you blend the edges. Well, make sure it's the right shade that matches your color. I would just go to tinted moisturizer. Even conceal intimidate people come to think of it. I would do mascara if you wanna wake up your little do do a coal pencil or a long way, or pencil and leased line, the top your top island. So it opens up your eyes don't do the bottom. If you find I would test run it on the know. Before try it out before day. One finger it out. Maybe go get you browser waxed. Clean them up a little if here's two frayed to fill them in yourself. You can just get them waxed. And just try them and make them look clean and kept. And then if your lipstick do gloss just kind of adds a little life to your lips of blush does a lot for a lot of people always wear black now. I love. I love Ron Zor, just a when you wear foundation you've now taken away. You've even out your canvas. So you kind of go back and put dimension in, if intimidates you think about it just going back and putting some colored is there is there like a good source you can think of, you know what I mean. Like, if I don't know how to do make up. What is it? Do I go to a beauty counter? Do I look on online, and what's the best source is an my buying a beauty book, like what's the best way for me to kind of teach myself makeup to think Lauren Conrad beauty. Thank you. That is a great book, though, because I feel like we have a whole stuff on on beginners in there. But I would say wrote a whole chapter in that book is super fun. So I would say the counters great idea. Okay. Even Alta has women walking have women or men walking around that can help you because a book and YouTube is not necessarily your coloring your hair color, color, your undertones, all those type of things that you're like, what is an undertone, but the person walking around an Ulta or Sephora will know what that is, or just the makeup counter at your department store, Maxtor just kind of look around find somebody that you like their makeup and ask them. Oh, that's a good tip. I do that. Like, if I see, like a really good lip color or something. I always asked I always, or even just like a nail go home in your Saudi to ask why. I mean. Have that much grad, I just usually nobody like interested. I love if I didn't ask I go home and ask I could shy picture. You crying into your wine. I shouldn't be studying. But I'm searching the internet for that dress. Okay. Jessica wants to know how can you make the right makeup transition between seasons like winter to spring makeup or spring to summer, etc. And that's a good question. Switch it up. So you in winter, you can go more dramatic moodier because it's not such a strong sunlight or you know, you can say you interest I feel like the tones you wear tend to be darker jeweled, who lacks sweaters. Sure tones, you can wear like a moody berry lip or go more dramatic. I. You a moody very live. I do remember the MTV movie awards. That was a good lip. I. Backpacker and then in the summertime, you just you don't wanna wear as much makeup because you're a little sweatier. Oh. All right. I, I was thinking, I think, more about like finishes on texture who like in winter guest going darker, and more dramatic. But I'm also thinking I'm I'm opting for Matt lip. I'm probably going for more of a powdered finish. Whereas in the summer, I am using more highlights shied even have like a bomb that I'll use as a highlight on stuff to give a little glow. And I, I use more lip glosses or just stains with a gloss over it, because you're wearing like a flow, e blush colored sundress, most likely, I would never lush. Here's one I don't know the answer to this either Chelsea. What's, what's bad about using makeup that has expired, is it bad? I mean I looked like if say bacteria. Oh, that's it? I would say it's starting to grow some funky stuff. That's, that's why it smells to but don't quote me on it. But my guess is when you open up a lipstick, and it has a funky smell, that's not that pretty smell that you came with. It's the probably never. Thank you back here. Because my biology class, I took I cannot tell you how gross streptococcus smells and all and all the like E coli stinks. I get so upset. If I got a sign the choline to grow in the test tube. It's stink. I feel really good about the fact that I've never opened up makeup. And thought this is stinky will never, then you haven't kept it for too long. You've never had something I've had something tournament kit because it's been, and I haven't used it. You know, I don't have a lot of products. True. Thank you so much for going over. All these, these fund makeup. With me. Thank you for having me. Yeah. This was really nice. I feel like I learned a few things which is crazy, because I've spent a lot of time with you. And all we do is talk more together, and we often talk about makeup. So I think we nerd out about me, it's fun to be nerdy. I know but talk about makeup. Thank you so much. Amy. Thank you so much for listening to today's episode and to my wonderful guest Amy Nadine. I hope you learn some tips that will help you with your makeup, and you had some fun with us. For more information on Amy, you can follow her on Instagram at at Amy Nadine makeup. And also at practically perfect baby. And if you like what you heard be sure to subscribe rate, and review talk t- soon.

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