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If you're gonna podcast to host podcast. Hey, this is Mike and this podcast help desk. Don't even remember the number. But it'll be in the feed anyway, today, a lot of a lot of issues. But I'm getting a lot of questions something like who amusing the apple tags and I'm using an apple summary in the apple title, and the apple episode number? But it still using my regular title as the title at apple podcasts. And then I look in, if I opened it up in the apple podcasts app on my phone, it's using the right tags as they specified. But if you use the web preview or the IT tunes desktop software, which is still on the MAC, but going away and we'll. Continue on windows for the foreseeable future. It's not it's using the blog title, and it's using the blog content for the show notes. Okay. Well, here's my solution. Right. You're your blog titled to be the title, you ought to use. Right. Your blog post to what everybody you what you want to show in your show. Notes everywhere, don't try to be different. You're not going to be able to force all the apps to do what you want them to do you just not. Unfortunately RSS is a standard, and it is the standard we use for podcasting. So what it goes into the RSS feed if you only give them one choice, then everybody will use the same thing if you have multiple choices, some we'll take once on, we'll take the other there's nothing you can do to control this. So I guess what my message would be is please, please, please, please. If you're really picky about what shows up in the apps then righted it in the blog post title, or write it in the show notes the way you want it to show everywhere. Getting the fancier, you get the, the less control. You're going to have over what who does what you know, you know, it's just like episodic images. They did a whole episode about that awhile back and people still don't get that you can't force apple or Google, or Stitcher, or tune in, or Spotify, or any of the other apps out there on Android, or IOS. Or, you know, some of the other services like Pandora iheart. Whatever you can't force them to use any particular thing that you put near feet unless you only give them one choice. You know, someone asked me recently, the no agenda show, Adam curry, and John CD Voracek every episode, you see a different piece of artwork show up everywhere. That's not because they're doing anything special and they're not they're not trying to be fancy. What they do is they changed the overall our orc for the feed every episode so every all the apps don't have a choice. They just pull a new one and you know you can do that. But how much is that really worth? You know, I. I get it that you want it to be a certain way. I and I get that people want things to be, you know, just the way they want them. But sometimes that just isn't how it works. You know, just not how it works. You can't you can't force all the different services out there to do exactly what you want them to do. So the only way to do that is to when you post your podcast and MSN you're using WordPress, but this works pretty much anywhere else. Whatever you put in the title, the main title will be the title in everybody uses, if that's the only choice you give them whatever you type in the quote unquote, show notes, or in WordPress. The main content area is, what is going to show up in all of the apps if that's all you give them the choice of if you give them a choice, some, we'll take them on choice. Some we'll take another choice. And, you know, just to put your mind at ease ninety percent of your podcast listeners are going to subscribe to your podcast in an app, they're going to see that you have a new on, they're going to look at your artwork and it's probably going to be your main artwork, unless you change it every episode like divorce act and curry do and they're gonna hit play, and they're going to stick the phone back in their pocket. They're not going to read what you have in there. They're barely probably gonna read the title. Okay. It's, it's not something that everybody focuses on same thing with your website. Your website can be kinda simple. You know the rate your website for Google. You know, and, and, you know, if you write it write for Google, you'll, you know, it'll be good for your readers listeners, whatever. But, you know, don't worry so much about every fiddly little detail on your website because most people aren't gonna see it seriously. You know unless you have, you know some compelling calls to action to come back to your website for whatever reason you're not most people are going to see it. But once you'll find it in Google goal is pretty cool though. Hit the subscribe button. And then you'll they'll never see your website again. Or if they do, they're just gonna come there to see if anything's new or whatever, but, you know, being ultra picky about the website and about, you know what shows wear is really just gonna drive you nuts. I swear, you know, a lot of people lose a lot of sleep over things that don't matter focus on. What matters focus on the content, you know. Yeah. I like my website to look decent and. It does. I think it's good enough. You know, do wanna spectacular website depends on what I'm doing with my website. But if I'm podcasting on a podcast website, then I thought cast on the podcast website, I don't try to make it be all to everything and be different in different places. Just trust me. You know make make it easy for yourself. You know, if you want the title to be a certain way you type the title a certain way in the post, you want the show notes to be a certain way you type them the certain way in post in don't give them all the choices, you know. And if you do give them choices just beware that some apps will not use them in some apps will use them. It's just, you know, it's just a matter of fact, RSS is a standard app developers in directory developers and owners. They choose what parts of your RSS feed to us and how to display said things. So the less you worry about it the better off. You'll be anyway sorry for this little mini rant, but you have a great day and stay dry. We're having a little bit of a monsoon up here in northern Michigan. Gets me later.

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