BGN Radio #84: The Kurt Cousins Litmus Test


He's my co-host maximize talk next steps and solar recovered from sixers raptors game seven over a span of many many months were listened back to old episodes and make fun of how wrong we this is Jim from the step over the radio ballers podcast talking seventy sixers tune in his office so I think people were kind of a little too like down on the offense like after this game is like maybe there's almost like people were mad they won thirty one to six which is literally like you're I predicted like I predicted that exact score like how do you thirty one six yeah I said thirty eight thirteen and I said we were the you're listening to BGN ridden with Brandon Lee County and Jimmy Kamsky take away from that game first of all the pass rush wins showed up in a big way ten sacks I mean do we make a lot of that or leads trade targets so on and so forth let's jump right in let's get back to the eagles jets momentarily a few things same margin of victory right look at you yeah right so thank you I mean I didn't bring that up to say I know everything I mean that should be obvious you know by reading collusions or mostly going to be the jets are awful so it's hard to put much stock into that but will get to you know Carson Wentz in the eighty something against the illegitimate. NFL offense agree I think that's a fair assessment now what do we make of lackluster I'll use performance by the offense bleeding renascent and listening to be deion radio I brought it up just because like this kind of was my expectation of the game at least in terms of how they want I think offense do we just kind of chocolate up to the jets being me while I think they're the worst team in the NFL as presently configured that with Luke Falk with Luke faulk they're not definitely isn't as good as it was against the jets but maybe maybe the jets game tells us it was a little better than it was in the first four weeks like is maybe he kinda split the difference a little bit illegal dot com with you founder or with with me founder Fijian Radio Burnley Ouden Harry friend Jimmy I better I don't think it was amazing obviously I don't think there is no issues on the offense here's what kind of bothering me I guess what people seem like how people reacting if out like because the jets taxes big product of the jets just being abysmal offense being terrible I think where I come down on let me know if this sounds Jimmy is that like pass Rush Burnett over Rda and then you have Cox and and Brennan Grammy inside you know maybe you have something there in on your obvious pass downs so again there is that fair to say Yeah I don't think you completely dismiss it because I think Brandon Graham legitimately played really well and I think they have something I mean they know what he can do already rushing from the inside the worst team elite with darnold but with Luke flock the way that they showed up on Sunday that was the worst team in the NFL the pass rush I think is a big product I mean hello everybody what's going on Bgn radio to begin to you from question I mean previously we kinda thought of the quarterback position being the most likely to be addressed in you know completely dismiss it and I think it's encouraging what they did I think you look at that performance as like hated really good in preseason game I think that's kind of how I would look at that but I WANNA see trade scenario at the trade deadline but why receivers creeping up because you know alshon Jeffery has looked fine he's you know but he hasn't you know there's no way you're convincing me like put the same amount of effort into that jets game in terms of like what they displayed okay so moving along on the offense the wide receiver like the mad dog intro there right and it's gonNA eliminate steel that it was kind of something like that it was like you think the fraser uses like they're not going to cut through the jets defense like a hot knife through butter like it's not going to be like no resistance at all they they ranked thirteenth devi away there. He's averaging nine point nine yards receptions super-low Sean McManus said he's out until like week seven through week nine somewhere in there but then it's awesome there's definitely concerns with offense moving forward but I might take away from that game wasn't like especially after the packers game to that was the crazy thing it's GonNa Green Bay they have a great offensive performance and then it's like they kind of against the jetsons while the offenses is totally screwed now yet so I do a weekly chat on typically Wednesday and I got one but I thought Josh Sweat look pretty good so maybe they do have something there with N. Jason Hall Decent Look Good Too if those two guys may be at a L. D. in then looks like he's not coming back Sunday I mean I'd be shocked if he plays in this likings game and I'd be surprised if he plays in Dallas next week and I don't know if this is one of those like middle of the pack in terms of opponent yards per play and I think total points per game like they're not awful defense great defense but they're not a terrible defense oh what am I missing with this guy how could you not be super frustrated with Nelson Adler right now he I did see rankings I put up on twitter this week to me I did the question from someone they I mean I haven't seen this but I guess people were making excuses for the eagles offense I should say you know quote unquote making excuses for Eagles Guidance Harry from touchdown and they're fourteen nothin you kind of tell pretty quickly that the jets offense wasn't gonna be able to move the ball or score many points so I like when I was looking back at his rankings and the rest of the seasons and he's like easily towards the bottom every year like the one outlier year is to seventeen when he was appaling you're not gonNA show you crave stuff yeah like they did against the packers right I mean like they were they were scheming things up angry may put a really good game plan Make that noise and then I gotta ditch down the next time well it's all right I mean I think Francis who is a big listener of this pod great but right now he's like a disaster like you said even I think something that got underrated her understated maybe I should say from the jets game he fumbled suck on offense everyone also thought they that they don't they don't and I and this isn't like a revisionist history either like I was saying this before the game I think I said it has been hurt since week one warmed up week to at the play a couple of snaps and has been out since then and he's coming back nations where a guy is quote unquote data day but they know full well that he's more hurt than they're letting on like dern on help comes on our picks I think he would really appreciate that so a lot to get through today eagles jets takeaways I don't think we need to spend too much time on that because I think our rose last year yes on sproles was like he plays in week one and then he gets these out until like ten or something and then he has the setback yeah so the wide receiver picture to me in the moment like in the during the child you know what that kind of makes sense where you got the early lead so they scored quickly and then they get the the interception return by me legitimate big-league receiver in one who has not been that so far this year he has one reception for twenty yards in his last one hundred seventeen offensive snack doing our nine yards per reception in that you have Nelson Igor who's been objectively disaster this season and then you have to Sean Jackson who ended but there were saying that it was a it was vanilla game plan and maybe that's why they didn't put points on the board when I you know Nelson Adler ranked ninetieth out of ninety four receivers by any ranks sixty third out of seventy one receivers by football outsiders metrics now flex pros last year and I like whether this setback Nag lower I feel sometimes like I'm going crazy with like the Nelson Galore defenders that are out there 'cause like what am I missing Soooo and you know as talented he he has talent but it's just infuriating the mental mistakes that he makes whether it be uh-huh candidates sense not to show too much in the game go out they went into the game with Vanilla game plan but once they got a big enough lead where they felt comfortable and surely I was just sitting there on a platter for but why aren't you catching that if either anyone could catch that the ball is just sitting there sitting right there for you are those perfect metrics no they're not but the point being the eye test matches that yeah and we can go ahead and accept those writings well thank you he is not great at tracking the ball and by the way as even assuming carson wentz throws the ball perfectly if that's your argument like are we gonNA catch it 'cause well I can make sense of this because Jeffries cap number is going to be like sixteen million and he'll be pretty easy to cut in terms of you get a lot of me is pretty concerning you kind of said I also doesn't look one hundred percent at all like an and again that you don't even see him running down the field really do you of the season so far I think that's fair and this obviously to with like how much they need him you know what I mean is like Sean is out Sean has been hurt like they need that ball makes that play regardless of getting a little bit of contact from defensive back right that's that's my argument and that's the difference between a guy who is uh-huh you mentioned or just a lack of concentration catch the ball like he can obviously you know he can anyone can make the catch that he dropped in Atlanta against the sideline link what if that ball amounts and the jets coverage like that's a huge issue each fumble twice this season like it's just everything is a disaster and then the deep balls with him them in the next couple of years so he's GonNa be on the roster for the next few years and after they did that it's like okay well I don't get were. Jj Fits in now even if he were it is a large point Winston overthrowing the interfered with like you can't expect Carson Wentz to take a little bit off of the throat expecting so when they picked him I didn't get it because he's basically giving you the same thing as Alshon Jeffery and then you know I I quickly realized okay using I think it's crazy how again like you spent a second round pick on a wide receiver and like you can't get anything because he hasn't always the season so I think killing them he he makes the team worse I feel like which is the big issue to begin this war Carson wentz points much longer if if jj shows anything at all so it's like okay all right I can kinda get that but then they re upped Jeffrey they gave like before eight wandering oh like he's going to have to play through pain even becomes back the question is like how effective is he gonna be and how long does he stay on the field is is this going to be a deal where Ed is going to be interfered with as the ball is coming out of his hands so I'm GonNa say that pass I do wonder if the Sean Jackson tracks and he is like failing the steam in a huge way it doesn't help the JJ has been good either and that's that's bad and then Mac I mean he's he's been fine I guess what he is aw Johnny Johnny key cost you a game you did he cost them a game and when you look around the League you know the context of other receivers were having success we brought this up before but gene in terms of a cap if trade or Cottam or whatever so okay well they don't like the production that they're getting out of him for what they're paying him he's probably not going to be around Nelson to step up it's not like a situation where they're all good at receiver just happens that like Adler is not playing well in that mix but they're kind of outside of that no they need him most up to get an I'm fine with with what they did there by when you look at the receivers that they passed on to take see I don't think Maclaren's great example he's obviously been a lot better than than him I feel like people were like oh I overthrew him and I don't know if I fully agree with that I feel like Act Laura had a chance to make a play at least one of those passes any like they restructured his contract and they made it so that you know they gave him a signing bonus upfront they basically converted as his yeah and that's not like on some small number of catches like he's he's got like close to three hundred yards I believe he's making plays in Jj's do nothing nice kid have a bunch of guys that are that you know their main skill set winning fifty fifty balls that's that's a very frustrating infants to watch and we saw last year those are huge problem with the Oh so what can they do to fix it Jimmy what can they do is there anything they can do to fix it we again we're looking at cornerbacks previously that they could it just wasn't a now another here so what can they do I guess I'm fine with the Dillard pick I mean that's obviously premium position yes and they didn't pay much maybe trade for you know maybe the position that is I don't know that makes more sense the report deadline is receiver where would you rank that see like let's turn McLaren who's been hurt recently but still like when he's been healthy he's been great and he fits with he goes need in terms of a skillset like a guy who's fast burner they might have found but I mean guys clearly a much more talented player on the field and just in terms of profile to music free averaging over twenty two yards per catch a guy who can stretch the defense and help out Carson Wentz and those short to intermediate zones where Jacquards Jeffrey in Dallas Garden right on the line like all those God said Corner One defensive tackle to everything else a big drop off from there and again all this is predicated on on how long they couldn't get anything out of him when he was playing you know when Shawn Shawn her both her like he was playing a ton of snaps and he gave them nothing nothing nothing numbers that day because he had a real deep like I I think we Kinda we've talked about it before Jimmy where like this defense I feel like like I don't have expertise in your arms out and not move them and the ball land on them and stick so frustrating yeah I agree that he has been really bad this year and probably my biggest disappointment likes jj not is not that he's not that guy it's fine if you have a couple people on your team that's good right like there's nothing wrong with that but the Sean is actually GonNa be out if he's going to be back and he's going to be healthy and he can play all this bill this conversation has moved but if he's not then you gotta have they wanted Hollywood right or at least there was talk that they wanted Hollywood so like you thought like okay long-term speed receiver might be undermined another required to Sean and right yeah exactly they had three turnovers in that game they play well in the red zone which we know they can like they've been a good red zone defense under Jim Schwartz for years now that's fine enough but the offense needs to be and he's twenty six among receivers this year in terms of annual value and like you to pay nine point four million and those aren't color into signing bonuses Kinda distribute that over the course of his contract would that does is it it doesn't allow you to cut the player anymore because there is a big cap if he caught him or trade you go out the teams away man socks nights guys you must here is there so slow in plotting and and that's kind of where they're back at now it's so infuriating to watch in just in terms of today's the context of today's NFL where you're saying the chiefs are these teams sailing carry kill Nicole Hardman they did they're loaded with speed guys in their offense is awesome and big plays meanwhile the yes you have to do that like what he beat because so last year the eagles tried to get him and they were willing to give up a three as far as I understand guys can operate that they don't have that speed element there screw the offense is just like you said it's just a plotting slow offense I think it's easy it has to be wide receiver is they can make some big plays in if they can do that that's exactly what they did in the packers game like they got towards yeah but if they can make big plays and also by the Atlanta game to it yeah so already I would kind of pinpoint the dolphins who have already traded to guys the bengals are right behind them in terms of seemingly why I don't think they do aj green now he's been hurt anyway there has to be someone out there and more teams will fall off how about the breaking news report Whoa what's that two points in they can't have they don't have like a speed threat so to me that's easily number one so let's look at teams that are GonNa be sellers all Dan but the jets wanted to two in the eagles we're GonNa do that or should they have I'm curious who liked him if it was Joe Douglas Than Joe Douglas isn't going to give him up if it was halley like pulling teeth to to score points yards like it's just so infuriating into watch like it's and it's just it's like a bad brand of football I don't know why it's en it's weird because taken we bought like de que metcalf yes why wouldn't you take him I don't know I wonder what was wrong with him in terms of like his interviewing or is character please at Eagles fans dot dot dot I don't spread rumors dot dot especially to a team that my boy at canes it my six pack of teams that already are clearly going to be sellers and then after that the teams that have only one win excuse me only one win would good for us this is really something so it's Dan Silio former NFL player I suppose was the NFL to he played he played ten games nations of them to carry the team like ultimately offense I should need to care the defense the defense isn't GonNa be this lockdown unit like I what you want the defense ideally realistically it's maximized Carson Wentz that's all about like how good was Carson Winston Week one when he had Tucson Jackson he was great I mean obviously offered the slow start but then even still a he posted killer the waves of eagles twitter there was a guy who played for university Miami the so far but you're never gonNA take that guy second round they drafted that guy in the second round with the college numbers that he put up like what the hell really did you have the night guy I mean Gobi J. Space Dot dot dot so of you eagles fans don't ever disrespect Jerome Brown and my love is a check mark yeah this is Dan silly up so I I did at least look at least you know look further at his profile he had like five teams the eagles were looking into Odell Beckham Ginger no way this wrong must be legit than you know maybe they have that conversation again yeah I just feel like I guess and he doesn't anything this year I mean he hasn't been held by the offense that he's in eight tonight changes coming in Atlanta he posted that one at two thirty four am early in the football and my running mate to Rome Brown played for dot dot dot the eagles have called on the avail of Hassle WFL terrible journalism by the way you never give your sources but that's not even believable Chapman Mammal and he said the eagles were looking I lost the tweet here I can't find that you want me to read it to me yeah go ahead the Falcons and the steelers an eater those teams are going to trade they're not they're not gonNA give up franchise there they probably think they're good enough to compete next year directors that to me and I looked at it at you know I've identified as garbage but like I did look the okay yeah again he's working with Darnold Simeon and then Luke Falk he's got eleven catches for under thirty one yards yeah through four games until you get on the t so much of sports. TV nowadays is full of made up trauma it's a bunch of hot takes from people who don't believe what they're saying just beating the same topics into the ground but CBS sports so I gotta start trading away assets crazy I six teams that I mentioned I would throw the giants in there because you can you can get Golden Tate for a third round pick was all you at Eagles fans my source is Doug Peterson spelled with a teen the dot dot no him since the they're trying to trade for Eli Manning like he had a he had a series of tweets of like reports that you know this aw that's right he's a guy who could at least stretched the defense even if he's not making plays for you down the field like on your at least keeps defense honest and that's all you need I think teams would respect it excuse here to change all that it's a network that streams live twenty four seven in their coverage is just focused on the game they bring you the latest news highlights previews and it to be confident only on the nation podcast network Jason isn't doesn't have anyone that's GonNa help you and the president of the trade with you anyway cardinals jets Broncos they be my feel free to tell whoever what's going on and duggleby privy to that either like free for everybody you don't even need a log it just sports for real sports fans just open the CBS sports APP and watch anytime from anywhere on your phone for real sports fans best news of all it's free I don't mean free for a week or a month or if you have some special cable package it's totally completely and we're back I have a question for you Jimmy yes what do you make of Doug Peterson common speaking of Doug refilling with a picture of Rome Brown in him right is is a read to take that to mean that if you don't believe his report that you're Ah let's let's take a quick break okay and then we'll be back after this stack after this this episode is brought to you by CBS sports HP actions to all the onfield action fantasy sports experts will give you the info you need to make the right calls for your lineup. No fake debates no politics just sports in my house that even look like if if is he joking he Z. I know you can't be uh-huh by how that is a fair point so you who I guess you're looking at Laghouat devante Parker yet Miami that makes sense and then you have Robbie Anderson Acting Jer the memory of Jerome Brown you wanted to roam around to die you don't believe in his report I think that's what he's saying to us too is he is what he has is the is the right way to put it yes can we talk about how bad of a pick jj or a white was by the way this team to do like the truth but like I that's amazing to me is just really trying to like tell us that Doug Peterson like hey what Dan Kennedy Lovie ah obviously that's how we doing all that Doug wouldn't even like the J R I p zero so good early in the early hours of this morning us we talked briefly before we started the podcast Rosello about Doug Yeah the follow up to the on or at home on your apple TV Roku or fire TV it couldn't be easier download the CBS sports APP and Watch CBS SPORTS HQ Today in the NFL in nineteen eighty seven it doesn't show any stats here formula in opposition here's number ninety three so I guess Defensive Lineman you want to read this verbatim Robbie Enersen I WANNA numbers already can't possibly be I remember looking up until last week. He had only two receptions twenty yards look into this player the Patriots looking into Mike Gavin's the one that's great here is says spoke to at Atlanta Falcons President Richmond but I am a little conflicted on it though I think that he Jordan Jordan Howard gives you the best chance to win right now but there are things that mile centers the topic of Doug Peterson what do you make comments about Jordan Howard being the lead running back he should take that's the right direction to go as a runner I do think it's correct for the Eagles to go in that direction at the same time at some point they're going to need miles sanders to produce so I don't want it would agree that out for you fantasy football players I expect a lot more Howard carrying football anyway then sanders and he's going to get all the receptions down the field so that was another concern of his coming out of college to two of three concerns of his coming out of college have not if the whole is there and the offensive line is opening up holes. I think you just WanNa running back right now but it's GonNa take it and that's what Jordan Howard doing so surfaced in the NFL Pass protection catching the ball the backfield and then the third one has were the fumbling so the one area where I thought there wouldn't be in Howard literally played the exact same medicine apps and the exact amount of total touches view at in receptions in addition to the carries I think basically Doug is listening to what I had so you don't have him rotting on the sideline you WanNa get him in and continue to allow him to sort of get a feel for the NFL and allow him to improve so he can help you during the you know bond backfield on these China battle in trying to bounce things outside it's not hitting the whole the same way that Jordan Howard is and I think for the eagles purposes any issues like I thought he'd just step into the NFL and be fine right away it'd be running the football that's kind of been the the big drawback from him for him so far stand at the very least I think that's Kinda weird I don't think we're GONNA see a drastic change going forward I think this is going to be more of what we already saw like against the jetson maybe kind of even the packers too restaurant yeah I almost don't make a lot of that comment as much as was being native it like just because I look back to the jets game and miles sanders injury unlike Howard only got like four seven like that's clearly not be the case I think Howard should finish the game was probably the most carries if not a tie behind in those games you're not gonNA run the ball much anyway so in the virtual behind the fourth quarter that is you're not going to run the ball much so yeah I'm with you there work to anyway like it has been so there's your touchdowns another thing with the running back situation is that Darren sproles is hurt who could have seen this coming another weird moment in the Doug Presser today to why is that because he just wouldn't ask the punt return he wouldn't answer who plan returner is leaving euro yeah is a good pass Russian does Kinda show these exotic places from time to time actually feel more comfortable with him back there and I would a guy like Jordan Howard and also he has a number of you know it's like just answer the question unless he just doesn't know we come earlier this week I thought he kind of had mentioned he kind of been asked about Galore in Corey more than sanders obviously because a the ball security and then be again he's just going to give you GonNa get what what you give him so he's more of your closer than than centers you said you to me on the podcast last week and I said I think Howard should be leading this team in carries per game like you shouldn't be where it was when it was like the first couple of weeks of the season like in yes I don't I just I think people kinda see that in all join Howard's the lead back now they're going to give him the ball twenty times a game that's that's not going to happen and then fourth quarter like you want you want him running the ball returner and then it costs them immediately like in in week one I think I think that's an underrated concern this week because like Corey I know that was kind of a weird because I mean obviously more of a kick returner than a punt returner though wasn't it him though before beginning of Reno he but it was before like that Greg Lewis Scheme the punchy he returned to Sean back there either even just as a guy that you know catch the punt right and then Galore is not like a guy who regularly does that and yeah he he said I wouldn't trust either of those guys will tape just doesn't now I think the eagles need to bring back jr e Jamie play because he thought the ball last week hit Ryan Lewis's foot but like he was bad at it last year remember that when Corrie was returning into the coats Ne- like Muff in return experience he's like a Jitterbug kind of player sproles mold kind of player they also have Marcus Green who used to be on the Falcons think sixth round pick this with Kate with thrown at thrown Aguilar in in a situation where I'm losing you know maybe his talent takes over for a minute but any situation where I'm expecting him to do the easy thing I prefer to die before to put somebody else back there so they actually worked out a free agent this week undrafted rookie free agent penny heart who has and he's Yeah I would not trust Aguilar to do anything that requires you know a simple task he's fumble twice and he's dropped the ball too many times he hasn't really done that this year he did that week one a little bit but for the most part he hasn't relied on him it's mostly been Howard and and Sanders but at some point ear on the practice squad I almost wonder if they do something there they make a move there maybe not yet I don't think they would elevate Boston Scott like Scott did not look good as a punt returner any he doesn't have experience doing it he did it not on college any he's barely done it so I don't think that's an option not at all not at all so I think that's kind of an issue I think that's maybe be an issue at all but like it makes me a little bit nervous I guess the next two games are domes so in theory it should be easy to punch their okay good point carries anyone season which makes sense for the size that he is but even catching the football there are only a few seasons where he's in a player that were were it was dumb to bring Darren sproles back at all like is this the ultimate this is not what was going to happen with him sure all along anyway obviously the phillies have done well the season and they're playing in the playoffs right now and that's the justifying why the NFL scheduled These Games out Oh yes very straight games atman soda obviously this week at cowboys notice week in at the bills in week eight Brian Mitchell was a better returner and he didn't get in and sprawls a contributions to offense over his career are maybe a little bit overstated like he was he was he was very good for a few years but if you look at the longevity of his career that impressive he never actually never had more than one have any they don't have any answers after him yes especially good answers anyway especially with the Sean out and that's like a double whammy there with a dijon being out not just hurting they do put him in a situation where they are relying on him for some purpose and in this case being a punt returner and now he's out and and like we mentioned already offense but also not being around to be on special teams with their spoils not playing he did move into fifth place in all which is he is but he's also heard all the time and then it doesn't give you much anyway and Doug Peterson had a tendency to over rely on him at times in the regular offense but I feel like this texture but he's such a unique player that like he he definitely holds a special place in NFL history like there's there's probably not going to be another Darren sproles he's so unique consider him a legitimate like big time weapon in the offense so are there any more kinda like long term big picture things that you're you're taking away or thinking about what the team right now I'm guessing it's going to be at least like at least three I'm at the very least I would think something the argument for him when they signed him was that well he's better than smaller and yeah sure there's going to get hurt and he's GonNa be probably GONNA be out for a long time week to week as Doug said yeah I mean they haven't pullman irs owes presumably they think you can be back in sooner than eight weeks I guess but that's the six game stretch these three games on the road Vikings cowboys bills and then those three home games are all difficult games for varying reasons the lights in his is like you know like it was definitely game winning touchdown pass but I don't know can we can we also just touched on ev one if you don't know go right ahead just kind of the we're going into the Vikings game a little bit here but just kind of looking at the the stretch coming up you know the three road games in a row because remember that when the eagles are playing the packers can week they fumbled and they lost the gasoline like in Nashville that was a big deal because everyone was like oh that's not that big a deal they cut there different yet goes bears before yards bears at home by Patriots Home Seahawks at home yeah and then it gets and then after that so the they are and in the seahawks are a team that the eagles have never been able to solve and Russell Wilson is playing like MVP yes he's yes he's he's okay and then at home against the cowboys You finish it up on the road against the giants so you know for those last five games I wouldn't call them guineas necessarily I think the giants the bears have that I mean the bears have problems of their own big time offensively but there's no question defenses awesome yeah it's legit the Patriots after that six game stretch gets real easy so you get the dolphins get the giants get Washington and then you have what will probably be a huge game it bears right after the in week nine after the buffalo game and then they have a a week later by then come back and they play the seahawks on the Patriots in somewhere good it's a really good it's definitely a good defense that is something I believe going into the season and especially playing at home too I mean that's a tough place to play I don't think that's those fans are like account for your af it doesn't count for your your standings in terms of like NFC Games or obviously division so if especially if they win these next to like who cares honestly so what do you thinking Jimmy for this stretch like when you're looking at this stretch and again we'll get into the vikings matchup more specifically here at right after this but like what do you think they need to go like realistically if not very zero fear than eagles fans like equally as crazy somehow they're lovable but the eagles fans are scumbags well I mean you know they didn't throw snowballs at Santa this is good for all purpose yards and guys relations but I like the legacy of Darren sproles like I think I you are he said like a unique I don't I don't think he'll be off era barring some kind of catastrophic list of injuries that they have a long way which is another question and even then they solve a chance I mean obviously I think he got a win to these not only this stretch but the three games after that when they return home are also very pull out their scandals yet so conversely right has that was that was throwing snowballs at Santa not funny at all it it's a crime actually it's it's you know it's throwing snowballs at Santa number. Hey I'm Spencer Hall I'm Holly Anderson I'm Ryan Nanny I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college foot one and then it's disrespecting Jerome Brown number two fair point for sure so I I think when I this stretch here I mean they have to dust all podcast it says here in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's all already spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too organs and I think they cause their schedule was awful that year like the the weak for by and they played it like a billion teams coming off their other their opponents had like a billion buys impose some kind of challenge for them but certainly the dolphins in Washington Games are I mean you got you got pretty much pencil and wins there right they lose the Buffalo I mean obviously you WanNa win like it's not the end of the world I there's an interesting game I mean there are four and one and the one loss they have they hung in there we're now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP game right point underdogs point underdogs on the road in US Bank stadium where the Eagles won the super bowl wait what yeah breaking news which makes a difference we'll take a break here and we'll get back into some eagles versus Vikings matchups we will be you give it to Jimmy back after this it's like a straight like they have to that is a must win they have to be the cowboys they have to the the buffalo game out it's an AFC team like who cares right like that doesn't national pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the early and unfashionable pants that coach back here BGN radio episode eighty four. The only the Vikings this week beagles three into the vikings three to kind of the game dancer the answer your question that the three road games have coming you gotTa Win to those do you make of the bills by the way I think there whether defensive legit like it's really the defense kept him that game all day and you in the than even losing Josh Allen may still have the chance to while they didn't they didn't they didn't they didn't they think I feel like they can go to and one I don't think that's out of the question thank three now it would be pretty tough that's just you see the split stew on those those third games right on that on the road the one at San Francisco's supposed to be pretty Nice Levi's are so you to the matchups com as you always do on voice Jimmy so give me let's start with the eagles defense doesn't litmus test kirk or Kurt I said her kirk her Kurt Latter Kirk that's a great that's a great stadium by the way that was really cool being there so we think you'll me when I Witnessed the hammered Brian Ah Janssen theory but once step on the field at the end of that year so it's it's it's a tough straps for sure I think why I say is a litmus test I do not Kurt cousins is four in twenty four in twenty eight games in his career against in Atlanta mercedes-benz that was really nice to and then the US Bank stadium was Those those might be the three best I think through that up now I mean it's a though it's it's a different year ns he's probably been worse this year right ease been worse this year than he has last year he usually plays pretty against the eagles he does but he was he was big time for the eagles last year when the eagles really needed him in week seventeen teams that finished the season with at least nine minutes okay he doesn't be good teams are go if Eagles beat her than there good teams and while I will actually say something something I want to say because I feel like this game I feel like there's a certain thing to this game that in is probably GonNa be it is GonNa be I will say trip like teams that never win those games like when it's your third game on the road in a row and that recently when did they what you're the had hours it took sixteen his name Kurt Kurt K. U. R. Kirk cousins the the Kurt Cousins Litmus test and do you know why I say that Jimmy Dino before playing them like it was like terrible then there's like another team came off Thursday night football to play the yeah that was like a total Saito and have three straight Rogaine road game in the sense of like there was material things yeah yeah yeah so that's that's the bus ride as opposed to pack it up plane which is Sager was it twenty seventeen I don't know twenty fifth may was the last Oh yeah it was it was it was and they won so they were in Seattle and then they just stayed out there the title of this Bgn Radio episode I feel like the Eagles defence versus the vikings offense is the kirk cousins Kirk coupons everyone Akam the carpet but if they don't they're a bad team I guess the eagles are one of those winds that he has though because they finish last year the record that is true so there goes your witness they're just totally hearing about this week like in some ways this is a big game two important game for two NFC teams but at the same time like doesn't mean everything and Tell Me Week six alice how good he is did you watch that game yes that guy can play the game at cowboys lost yeah what's up yeah I mean that guy can play and very very good I mean he's really and then the other guy that they drafted this year in the third round Alexander Madison is more of like a he's more like a downhill type runner he's against the against anyone really with the third quarterback so the key on the run but you know they I think Aaron Jones showed very good did you watch any other games I didn't see him specifically but his numbers are great yeah he's just get it and go averaging over run with him in the House against the Eagles and rightfully so but he just didn't have any room to run but then you got that guy is really good yet he is doubting Cook is really Good Avenue two point two point zero yards per carry the jump on everyone a face like some decent backs like lady on Bell's good back I mean obviously that offense wasn't GonNa do anything the the difference in the number of carries me cook as dominating them I think Madison only has like thirty four carries so far through five game so he's that stadium third of the ones that bounty so far it was really nice though the guy would go cowboys one and then the one that I was just at so I just wonder I wonder what you get I wonder what you see from Kirk cousins this weekend also are the vikings will be dumb not even have him throw against the secondary where the rams next week and then the third giant stretches yes was that the giants that's why I didn't remember anyone listening it wasn't really but they're passing game is the answer against his eagles team because the eagles are awesome stopping the run I mean what they've done against number one running back so far this year pretty incredible he's got some weight behind him and he just he's a he's a nice compliment to cook cooks slippery type burner whereas they give to Madison he just goes week against the needles secondary that a banged up be facing two receivers found eggs and Adam Cleland who are both very good and see those receivers played really well against the eagles last year feeling eight the eagles up last year F- he goes most you want to run the ball but they have tavis Mary so like having added cooking at Madison of two other guys that have high yards per carry but today in the slot play great in the slot against the jets which is typically determined I mean he was good when he blitzed still like the against mills if I recall yes and I think he'd beat Darby for a touchdown yes but he was killing them last year and that was probably cousins best game of the year last uh-huh we we we have got a little too little off the rails on our great stadium I would rank that on and then Craig James would be your top backup really I guess any spot they are kind of so that kind of shows you where they're at still owner wise Yeah I mean I in Wednesday's practice Douglas it's been playing pretty well on the other side I think he's been helped out by he's been the best corner and there's been weaker corner the teams to pick on but even still at least he's not the corner to pick on and then Orlando's Kendrick didn't practice due to illness hope I'm assuming it'll be fine offensive line yes is not so great I was looking at some of the numbers today both from pro football focus and football outsiders and basically yeah bears I mean he just rolled over and died in that game as he always does that's my point with this record thing like he he c comes up small in the biggest moments consistently so that's also we haven't really seen him in coverage yet you don't Jamison crowder let him do anything okay but again I know so yeah so we'll see on that one it seemingly Sidney Jones back at corner this week so obviously the secondary is fixed now and they're attacking by the way Oh yeah so yeah because he was a full partic- he is GonNa be stupid and try to like pound the ball into this eagles run defense right it's funny we're making fun of him but at the same time like he's their answer not he not him that's I agree if the Vikings are not passing all day than their dumb and I think there's a chance they would be dumb I think there's a chance they are gonna run too much Because that's Zimmer premier like strength on strength matchups that's the vikings rushing attack against the eagles rushing defense. We already covered that right the vikings edge I don't really see it against the eagles because he didn't get any room to run and wouldn't release and that guy that guy's really good people were rightfully killing leflore for like continuing washers in Everson Griffen and Dino Hunter Against Lane Johnson Adjacent Peters again that's strength on strength the two battened Fewer than ten carries a game but I mean there are running aim is impressive in in terms of the running backs are very good in the past Fletcher Cox of old he should have a big game against these stiffs on the inside so they use the first round pick I think eighteenth overall ninety did was I went to by the way if you've gone game pass and used their search feature no it's awesome so like you can just look you can just type in Viking things sacks weeks one through five and it'll pull up all the sacks that they had and gave up so I just watched all the sacks that they gave up so far this year don't really have any carry so I don't know Jim Schwartz mentioned those two guys to like a mirror Abdulah ad I don't think you remember the guy's name I can't either but he cited their yard wants to do right Atari fired flip he was like he's not running enough and Zimmer seems pretty antiquated in would kind of be won't to do that and another thing I think that kind of might go against the Vikings passing a lot in you highlighted this goes well in your matchup column even asked him twits about it to me is a two match ups where that heavily favor the Vikings in one Serbs Hanson we already covered that the receivers against corners and then there's the eagles in theory interior defensive line against their interior offensive line and Fletcher Cox is anything at all I think that maybe plays kneels hands so the way that I let me let me just take a step back here the way that this matchup is there are two does better than it right now first of all I'm shocked at how well centers is playing in pass protection against this vikings defense specifically coming up that had for carry numbers but I think they have like nine carries combined so I don't know why you mentioned them but the running game is impressive but they should just totally get away from that this like some point he's not good right now it seems like he's kind of like decent Kelly Kelsey like in theory the underside center athletic but clearly not actually to them that that that makes absolute sense has them six in run blocking twenty fourth pass blocking so not the desk passed protecting unit there so when cheer they're they're crazy if they if they just try to hammer the run yeah it would be a gift to the eagles if they if they do that and the heels will have potentially and the interior of their offense of lines things is the takeaway that I that I got from watching the sacks that they gave up and any any kind of metric you use to look at the Vikings offensive line there like PF has them fifteenth blocking and thirty first in pass blocking football outsiders like five point nine per carrier something he's two hundred twenty two twenty five pounds so he's nice compliment look that big just watching him but right now pat L. Flin another guy they use the relatively high draft pick on recently have to look that up where he actually went round pick he sticks in nineteen th on Garrett Bradberry yes stinks which is right under center he's not good exc there right guard I think his name is Josh Klein wasn't that the guy who was almost needles player one time the Patriots traded like Eric Rowe Jocelyne but then like you got waived in an injury area he actually wasn't included in the trade anyway he only on the espionage in podcast network because you really do run the risk of of having some big play by those two guys they have eighty five sacks combined since hunter entered the league the things but against the you know those two edge rushers you don't WanNa be just dropping back every on every down and hope what he can do a pass protection so flipping around eagles offense versus Vikings defense how did the Eagles attack this defense yeah I don't know in Twenty fifteen so you look at like four seat four full seasons plus four or five games this year and they times and he had eighteen catches on those nineteen targets in your analysis would you say that's good how many add that up here he's horrible in pass protection yeah horrible and I posted one Gif of him getting lit up by Nick Wykowski I didn't know why guy who's killed them in the past Zakar so the last two games against them he's he was targeted if I recall nineteen is really one of the few things that was working for them offensively so I mean they're going to go back to him again Alshon Jeffery is going to be matched up against Xavier Rhodes all day airman on the other side again you're relying on ankle already give you something I believe him I think he can do it why not was handled that Area Smith impressment pretty well in Green Bay now part of that is they could also run the ball the packers do not have a very good run defense right but you know against that pass rush you WanNa Kinda keep them honest at some point you're gonNA throw a lot but I think they'll move the pocket and do a lot of those ah too but it's not good so if you Jim Schwartz has been blitzing a lot more this season than we've become accustomed to and I think he vikings into long down at distances and they can at you know the effort mentioned moving Brandon Graham inside to face to get one matches again so I think it's GonNa be a they're going to rely heavily on those two tight end sets I think they're gonNA WANNA try to neutralize griffin and hunter on the and so that's kind of a big difference here they're gonNa have to pass more than they did against the packers one would presume in this game so yeah it's tough we might see that you know the pass protection skills or lack thereof of Dallas Cook and might be encouraged to fire off some blitzes the the bears but it showed up like multiple times where he just he just I don't know if he can't block earth it's too it's company really kinda prohibited them from making any real noise in the playoffs we'll take our final break here before going into our final segment NFL pigs against the spread here the right guard and have Fletcher Cox on the inside there as well that is that is the spot where they can win also by the way Davin Cook is for as good as he has a runner and even as receiver six yards per carry so far this year just historically speaking they've always been good against around so you WANNA be able to run a ball against them is easier said than done week sometimes even a third bonus episode on Tuesdays and talked to influential people around the world attack like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and other tags like founder of lime scooters the CEO our NFL picks against the spread. I don't know if Mike Francesa will be joining us this week we'll see has yet to be determined these lines come to you from outside with play action in you know get that running game heavily involved but against the run they I think it's they've given up three points there I mean as they always do they're going to have your follow Alshon Jeffery and that goes back to the days when Jeffrey played for the bears saw Tun of Abbey Road so that's going to be the match do we usually do here and Jimmy the giants are on the road for Thursday night football to play the New England Patriots Patriots are seventeen point favorites beyond me we've also been talking a lot of reporters academics about the major pressing policy issues in tech like facebook's content moderation doing great he tubes harassment plan or lacquer ed like eighty five sacks combined is is a huge number they gave the number two run defense in terms of Devi Way yes so you look at that pretty good and I think back to the not an easy situation like this week it's a really good roster that they have the quarterback aside it's just a really good team except Seles Get I mean we saw what he did to Harrison Smith US NASA Soul in the NFC championship game and then even last year in the loss of they added draftkings sportsbook sponsor just a partner of espionage and so I figured I'd use those lines that are posted starting the NFC says we always I if I have to pick one I'll go pats same Thursday night and they cheat so above and whether or not the government should break up Amazon which maybe it should and then every Friday I sit down with executive editor bone and Paul Miller for chatshow cover the latest in Tech News and product reviews Golden Tate now so I mean that's small yes so so they'll go off for sure but yeah I mean with all those injuries even still I think they got the number right on that I think Vegas did a good job coming up seventeen I don't know which way to go on that one but no see ah that's the biggest spread the giants have ever the it's the biggest The giants ever been underdogs Evan t point ever since I guess free from that organization and would not mind him as eagles off into coordinator I truly believe that's a like it's a good it's good for bringing our other reporters from around the words that show is party listen to it you can hear all that more if you subscribe to the virtuous wherever you get your podcast would love to listen and join us so again subscribe to the virtuous I do I don't care if you play in New England your plan in New York Subic number seventeen big number big number Ashington has lost a lot of you know talented coaches over the years that were formerly under him McVeigh McVeigh you know they wherever you get your podcast we'll see there we're back here on the radio episode number eighty four Brindley Young Jimmy Kamsky here with you to make it's too bad for him in the sense of like he didn't deserve to be fired right I that's not it's not like dig Gruden was holding them back it is great for him in the sense of he is now seventeen the big number the big number it's a big number seventeen seventeen is hard to cover odd number to cover in the NFL it's Washington three and a half favorites in Emmy Dolphins are coming off their bye who he got I love love washing as ups that that gives them a big advantage next team now oh this is an interesting game in the Salafist Game I love this game in the sense of the the number one pick is at stake here John No Evan Ingram I think sterling shepard might be someone there's other like they're concussed and he's GonNa be out

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