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So we'll talk to Rick and also we'll preview tonight's game for blues beat the Bruins last night through up three games to two. Raptors at the warriors game for the Braves of brought in Dallas kaikal, and it's a one year deal. So we'll talk some baseball coming up a little bit later on as well. Eight seven seven three DP show Email address, DP, Dan, Patrick dot com Twitter handle at DP show. Segued morning. Good morning to. Direct TV the audience network. That's channel two thirty nine and be our live dot com in our three hundred sixty radio affiliates around the country this program brought to you by the great folks at legalzoom. You need to make it legal make it legalzoom dot com. Go there now use the promo code Patrick save ten percent, off, legalzoom's family and friends discount legalzoom where life meets legal Alrighty. I have a somewhat inconvenient announcement to make friend BA fans and I hate to do it, but I'm going to have to interrupt all the excitement of the impending free agency period with the NBA finals going on that you actually have to watch now because with the raptors up two games to one Klay Thompson will play tonight. I don't know how well he'll play tonight. Kevin Durant will not play tonight. Kvant ING, probably will not be playing tonight but might be back. The raptors are either gonna push the warriors to the banker or actually win this thick and it would be an by the way. The raptors won the NBA championship because it feels like everything has been circling around the Golden State Warriors, and then you have impending free agency how that's going to affect not only Golden State, but also the Lakers and the Knicks and the nets and the Celtics and New Orleans. And then all by the way, the raptors are up two games to one. You know, you have several franchises that are going to get interesting in the next couple of weeks. And I get it, but sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, and we certainly done that in basketball, it feels like the last couple of years, everything has been about the next season. Not this season in front of us, and, you know, partially to blame, and or credit, the Golden State Warriors have been great. And we've looked at that as a foregone conclusion. When this season started it was already a foregone conclusion, and I cautioned you saying the only way Golden State could lose this year. Was if two superstars got her not one but two, well, you have that. And now clay is back and is that going to be enough for them to win? I expect Golden State to win tonight. But if I'm Toronto if I'm their head coach, Nick, nurse or quiet Leonard the message, I'm sending is. Let's, let's not give them that opportunity. Let's not give them a little bit of an advantage. Let's not let them think we can still win this thing. Let's we have them down. Let's step on their next right now because I don't think Kevin Durant is playing, and I think the Golden State and Steve Kerr no this and they're just not saying they don't have to, but they don't want to put that out there and say, you know what katie's is not going to be playing, I think, psychologically games are played here in the NBA finals really with any championship at stake. And you wanna have every advantage, you can I don't wanna give you any advantage any extra advantage. But clay will play Kevin Durant is not going to even if Kevin Durant is available. I think we look at this and go you're down two games to one. He's gotta play. No. That doesn't work that way. That's not the way injuries work your injury. Doesn't go. Wait what we're down to games to one. Okay. Now, let's get this calf muscle to feel a little bit better. I get the feeling of Kevin Durant. Could play he would play. And we also look at this and go, you got a guy in the Stanley Cup finals. Dan Charro who's playing with a broken jaw. Okay. He can still move. He can still use his legs and his hands. You just hope that he doesn't get hit with another pucker have any kind of contact there. This is different with Kevin Durant running up and down the floor. These are some of the best condition athletes in the world. And if Kevin Durant can't go, I don't question his toughness. I've heard and read people questioning his toughness like is he all in with Golden State? All this means he doesn't want to stay there. I'm guessing Kevin Durant got a whole lot of pride and would love to be the Knight in shining. Armor, who says, all right, guys. I'm back all when you another championship here. But if I'm Toronto you got him on the ropes if you win this one. You're going to win the championship, and you still may win that championship because I don't know what you're going to get out of this Golden State team. It is wounded in a couple of ways, but you still have a couple of great players and you got a great coach. And right now you have home court tonight, not an advantage. You have home court because it used to be had homecourt advantage. But tonight you're just at home and I don't know how much of an advantage that is going to be. But speaking of that home court the biggest news in the NBA finals had to do with one of the minority owners who was involved in a sideline skirmish with Kyle Lowry last game name is Mark Stevens. And he's a venture capitalist. He's worth a lot of money. He gets nice seats. And apparently he's allowed to put his hands on some players. He's a minority owner here and put his hands on Kyle lowering and also. Had some kind of exchange within where us some colorful language the Commissioner said, you're not gonna go to any more of these games this year and we're going to sit down for next year's well. Or we're gonna find you five hundred thousand dollars five hundred thousand dollars to a guy worth two point three billion is what you know, that, like a couple hundred bucks to. So Mark Stevens is not going to be able to be court side. And then there are people who have wondered did the Commissioner go soft on this owner. What I've liked to seen more. Yes. Because it's an owner even though the minority owner he's an owner. And this is a Commissioner who is always found a way to find the players side of this not that he had to work hard to find Kyle Lowry side of things. But he was it was quick, and he said, you're not going to, you know, the warriors said, you're not going to be able to sit courtside during the NBA finals. Which absolutely he can. He should never be allowed to sit courtside. If you don't make him sell his interest in this team, which I think they should strongly, consider doing them. I don't know if there's any other history with this guy, I don't know anything about him apparently feels like if I've got a couple of billion, I'm a big guy, and, you know, I'm almost on the team. I've seen a lot of these guys in the decades have been covering sports. Hey, I know. I we're good friends. Hey I like to yell at the players. Hey better not come over here. Okay. Tough guy. Guy. So he's got his billions. But the one thing, a billionaire one is to be relevant. They want to be known when I take that away from this guy. He's just another venture capitalist. That's all it is. All right. Mark. Thanks. We have some nice parting gifts for you. But if he does, if he's allowed to keep his part of the team, he never sits in the lower arena. You can go to the games after a year if you want to do that, but you never sit courtside again. But I would I would strongly look at consider taking away his his ownership here. I would this is. You got to protect the players. You know, we've all been there at the zoo, when, you know, you got the lines of the Tigers in the pound on the glass, and then you're like, hey, watch this. I'm gonna I'm gonna really disrupt Hayes gonna get angry here. And then all of a sudden you go, he's not gonna do anything to me. That's what this guy, probably thought. Hey, I could push this I'm gonna get in his face. Hey, he's, he's in my building. This is my team. I'm so close. I could almost play. Okay. All right. You know, if anybody was going to be upset, it would be the husband of the woman who was run into she's the one that took the charge this guy like what happened to him. Not if that's your wife, okay? Got out of the way Kyle Lowry handled it beautifully brilliantly and not everybody would have imagined if Kyle Lowry. Did something imagine if he got suspended is that fair? There. And that's what the Commissioner I'm sure had to vet out, make sure we got both sides here. But here's Kyle Lowry talking about Mark Stevens. And what kind of punishment? The guy like that shouldn't be a part of it shouldn't be a part of our league being honest with you. That's my personal opinion. That's just how I feel we've had situations like this before. And it's you know the leagues done the right thing in protecting the players in protecting the image of the league. All right. I'm with ya. But I've seen some columns today. USA today said the Commissioner went soft. You know, this, this really sharp man, who is the Commissioner of the NBA, and he doesn't rush to judgment. I think he factors everything in. I'm sure he did is due diligence. I was told that he spent the entire day yesterday on this topic, and only this topic to make sure he got it. Right. Because when LeBron says, hey, you got to do something about this, like the players are involved in this and they're involved in the, you know, their word means more than in any other sport. The players are involved. It's a players league. And even if it's a minority owner, I'm going to have to really put put a good punishment on you. And I think the Commissioner did that I would have no issue. If you said today he has to sell his share of this team. I'd have no problem with that whatsoever. Do I think that's a harsh punishment? Yes, I do. But I do think what happened as an owner as a fan. You'd never be allowed back in the building. Again. I'm guessing. Right. As an owner, I have. You know higher expectations for you. Like a fan is one thing. You're one of the owners. So I wrapped it up. What I expect out of you and therefore, my punishment is going to be more severe. And if you say he can never go to another game again, if he does go, he can't sit courtside. You want him to sell his shares in the team. I'm fine with that because this is different when it's an owner. Here's Steve Kerr are no Steph curry addressing this situation. You don't wanna see that in our game and hopefully they didn't happen. I don't necessarily think reflection of how we handle business here as a war is organising a franchise. We we have a high standard and do things with class and professionalism. And I know Mark is apologetic and whatnot, but handle the situation on the for I said, the organization going to do that. And and just want respect for the game all the way around fans owners team, you know, players coaches, everybody. Because there's so much good happening on the court. They want to keep the spotlight on that. Yeah. Unfortunately, it's not the NBA finals has been about free agency, impending free agency, and now you have this guy who hijacked the NBA finals. Now, I don't know how much of this is the topic tonight, but then probably not much because he won't be there. But this unless they have an interview with the Commissioner, and get his thoughts. Is there any update on this? I think that it's kind of business as usual. There's a game tonight and you move on with it. And this will be just one of those brief moments there where we go. You remember what happened in the NBA finals in twenty nineteen member? When that owner got in there. I think that's what it's going to probably amount to hopefully, and then we move on. And we actually focus on basketball coming up tonight. Poll question. Mclovin, Woody half for me poll question is sponsored by man versus food on cooking channel Friday. Todd wants to take a shot at the pull this morning. Oh. It was an eclipse, whoa. Which would you rather attend? Bruins blues game six with the Cup of being in the building a chance to watch title happening before your eyes. Raptors warriors game four where the series only becomes three one or even two. Okay. Bruins blues in Saint Louis in Saint Louis where they've never ever won a Stanley Cup. I know most people make more ten BA, but still, I'm going to go there. Yeah. I mean the all you got the Cup. They're up three games to one. That's it. Question over tougher done. Yeah. Waiting club. What if you get to be in the front row with the selective I get to sit where Mark Stephen seats are or what have you got to sit next to Jay z, which I don't know, if you guys saw that headline. It's been problematic of what the celebrities at the basketball came. I don't understand this and somebody's got to help me with this that you love somebody so much that you are going to send out death threats to a woman who was sitting next to beyond saying, Jay z and was actually finding out what they wanted to drink. What is this topic beyond says fans, you know, I, I don't know why they had a problem with this is that the owner another owner's wife. It's a main owner's wife offered to get like a scotch and no, I like a vodka soda and acid. Jay Z wanted a lime. Oh, and she reached over beyond, say, and beyond say, it's just randomly looked displayed. She looked displeased. But we have no idea if it was because of that. She might it was really loud good. But yeah. You imagine if somebody went to jail for a death threat because this woman said, do you want a lime that, that's what she said, and it was loud. And she I guess was leaning over beyond say, like tear you to that. And all this was was he she was saying, do you wanna lime with your drink, and because she couldn't hear him? Yeah, but we all know what that's code for. Come on get with it. Live with your drink. They wanna live with that drink. That'd go. Okay. All right. You know what? I'm not down with the, you know, the new street, Banak Euler here is that what was the other code with the, the woman with the nice hair, the that did she have a song lemonade about. Yeah. Yeah. So lime lemonade. That was a shot really hip. Right. More of a lemon NADA. Now, remember, the there is a leering in there where she was talking about some woman's name with the saga lemonade. Exactly. Yeah. But what's, what's the lyric? I don't wanna get. I'm not touching. This just say it don't you, you clearly what it is. And you're trying to make us look it up just sing the song already. There is a line in the song that has to do with somebody work with the nice hair. And who was it was it, and it was another singer? Right. Or somebody. It's like a I don't know. There's, there's code word for somebody, and maybe they add or of Becky with the good hair. Are you go? There you go. That's it. Yeah, so you got the beehive and they're all upset and the, you know, man, I didn't realize there's this much drama with ownership there with the Golden State Warriors. That's why had all the actions in the crowd at the game. I know what did you say to you? How dare you lean across beyond say, okay, easy there? What did you ask him if he wanted a long time? We'll come up with a poll question. Adding Todd has another one, the one that I want, I'm going to I'm going to criticize it. Okay. Klay Thompson tonight, more likely to have a huge game. A hopelessly average contribution in game four does it have to be hopelessly, as that a pun, then I'm not getting is at a well, everyone. Because everyone talks signed Klay Thompson coming back. He's gonna put up thirty point whenever the words are gonna even the series two. What's the number between hopelessly average in great game is like twenty six and a half? He averaged twenty one. Hopelessly average would be like, you know, he fifteen to eighteen points to me would be averaged for Klay Thompson needs to get at least twenty would if he had eighteen and he hit six threes and the game winning three. In that case, I would have to give him that would be a big game. That would be a big contribution, if it's a game winning shot. And I haven't read anything where anybody said that Klay Thompson is going to have thirty points and they're going to win because I don't think anybody has that expectations time. But why hopelessly like hopelessly devoted to you from Greece? I don't understand that. I all I, I don't know. I'm kind of play enough just the hype Kevin Durant outlet Klay Thompson. It's coming back. So might as well make it. But I didn't. Okay. Can you get an article that says that people expect him to have thirty points tonight? I'm at I'm talking less about his exact point, and more about how Klay Thompson coming back means the series as even to do you think of positive thing for the warriors chances that Klay Thompson coming back. I think it gives them a better chance to win. But I'm not on the bandwagon to say that it's automated, which I believe most people think that Klay Thompson playing it's as good as to two after tonight. I believe that most people think it's a win for the Toronto straight up tonight. I think the words are gonna win too. I'm throwing. A lot of people think that I don't know who thinks that because we don't even know how healthy he's going to Quinnipiac poll up bigger. But maybe that's the poll question. I Thompson playing tonight means the series, even I don't know how healthy is if you said he's of course. Yeah. And he's gonna get thirty tonight and it's a foregone conclusion they're going to win. I believe that the warriors Clayton wants Klay Thompson hits the court they're going to even Sears. All right. We'll take a break did the NBA get it right? With this punishment. We'll discuss we had a good discussion prior to the start of the show. Eight seven seven three DP show if you'd like to be involved in the program, you can also tweet us at DP show. Email address DP Dan, Patrick dot com. It's a meet Friday. It's twenty after the hour. 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Products available in every state the NBA get it, right. Eight seven seven three DP show. Did they get it right in the punishment for this minority owner, Mark? Stevens five hundred thousand dollar fine and not going to be able to attend the games for a year. Yes. Pauling. I'm pretty cool with the punishment. That's pretty strong for a guy, the money's no big deal. He's got that's pocket change to Mark Stevens. But if you are a big part owner the warriors you, you show off to all your friends. You got your courtside seats. You're the man for a year. You can't do that. I think that's a pretty good punishment for him. Now, I would have made him do an interview out of made them go on this show or sportscenter where van pelt or one of the good shows and, and tell exactly what he did why he did it. And what he verbally said to Kyle Lowry. Make them repeat. It make it say make them say to the entire public so because otherwise he could just dodge this for a year. Yeah, I you know, the Commissioner said he was. Trite. But, you know, you're contrite where all of a sudden, you're looking at do I have to divest my interest in the Golden State Warriors, and I don't get courtside seats anymore. I'll go back to what I said about these owners these billionaires. They just want to be real. There's a lot of people who have a billion dollars. Not a lot of people have teams you want to be famous. You wanna be Mark Cuban Mark Cuban has maybe two billion dollars. But he's more famous than guys who have a lot more money than he does. And that's what they want. You, you can buy a lot of things you can't buy fame. It's a little more complex than that. But, you know with this owner, and you just I can't let him if I let him in the building, then he's going to be up at a suite that would be the only way on allowing him to come in. And that's after this year suspension, the apple I got a bonus punishment for marks even he has to show up and sit courtside a game five in Toronto. See how that plays out next to Drake. Yeah. Wherever oh those Canadian fans, they may not give them. Hi fi. They'll give them a strong shunning. Yes. I doubt that they'll probably by a beer man versus food. Don't miss an all new season man versus food on its new home. It's cooking channel premiering July second. Our host is Casey web taking on epic eating challenges six ghost pepper tacos, thirty pound bagel sandwich. Endless sushi in Sacramento, and much more new home new season. Same Casey man versus food on cooking channel stream live and catch up on past episodes on cooking channel app. Anybody think it was too strong of a punishment, or to light, mclovin? One thing I thinking about it. I actually asked her audiences. Can anyone think of an incident there's been barely any incentive for players have ever been hurt by fan? In fact, I couldn't find one in north. There was Monica Saleh's. But in North American team sports, as far as I could tell it's never even happen. It's not as like. It's not like this societal plague on athletes, that's -sarily that their risk. I mean they are at risk his dangerous. And I hope I'm not jinx Gani one, but it's, it's more the exception than the rule. And I feel like the media's making seem like this is a this is a problem that is. I don't know. I don't know how much of a problem is they're close in the NBA. But, but mclovin you have an owner, well, if he wasn't, but people were calling for a lifetime ban way before they knew he was an owner. Okay. But if he's a fan he'd gets a lifetime ban. But also, right, probably, yes. So why, why are we going to be more lax on an owner than we would be a regular fan who may do this? But it's really an owner by being a part owner. That's the other thing. I'm not quite totally sure of is there's a lot of part owners. Okay. He's a minority owner. He's an investor. I have to treat him what you're saying. I have to treat him differently because no, no, you're right. You're right. You shouldn't if you're going to ban a fan, then you're right. You should ban their own. Yeah. It seems like well, it's easy to ban. Dan? I got a ban of minority owner, like it, it doesn't I hold him to a higher standard here. Yes. He and if you look it seems like the line between fan and player that sort of imaginary boundary is, is blurring over the past couple of years, where there, there aren't incidents of players being hurt by fans but there's a lot more interaction between fan and player that gets ugly. That seems at least we're catching it now on camera more. I don't know if that's a sign of the times, or just the age that we're living in. But, you know, Russell Westbrook. It's certainly had tons of incidents with fans were they he feels they're crossing the line. And if an owner can put his hands on a player, then I don't know that, that's a good precedent to allow. Yup. Oh, yeah. And it's usually verbal, it's usually we see a fan yelling, and we at home watching TNT or ABC can't hear what's being said, rarely does it get physical, mclovin said, there's no really physical incidents Rian fans and players. That's why this one was so shocking, even know this. There's an old dude giving Kyle Lowry. A little push Kyle is gonna make it. He's going to be okay. You not didn't dislocated shoulder. But usually, we just see angry fans yelling stuff and players walking, right? Past. That's why this one stands out. Well, they're lucky that it was Kyle Lowry, who was a professional who handled it in a professional way. Even when you look at Russell Westbrook with that incident in Utah, I can't can escalate, so quickly and then all of a sudden, and I know you can say, well, okay, yeah the mountains at the palace. And now that's the exception. It it's so quick. And imagine if you're an eight competitive mode, you're trying to you're in the NBA finals, you're going for a loose ball next thing, you know, you have some guy in your face saying things to you, and then pushes you out of the way. None of it's acceptable. You're you represent the team. I don't I don't care in, in what capacity. This man is representing the Golden State Warriors, and he has those seats because he's representing the Golden State worse. He invested in the Golden State Warriors. I don't care what degree you are as an owner, you're still part of that, that organization and I got I have to hold you to a higher standard. And that means I would sit you out for all the next year. And I would if you come back, you're never allowed in the lower part of the arena, and I would strongly consider making him sell his interest. Yes. Mclovin, one thing that sort of hinted at two, I do think that cell phones, make it seem like the problem might be worse. I'll betcha in the seventies and eighties. The fan interactions were just as ugly. And I'll tell you Philadelphia was famous. I bet you they were even uglier but nobody ever had. You know, unfortunately, what set a Russell Westbrook. There's a long history in Philadelphia of similar taunts towards players. It's just now that their cell phones, we see them. So I think he's always been this. I mean, I, maybe you could tell me they're always been this problem of heckling that gets oh, the language. Yes. And there are a couple of go words. Certainly with African American athletes, and you, you can be down on the field has I have been and you hear things and these players turn deaf ear. They turn the cheek and they do their job. You know, these are the people that will get on Twitter and criticize you I mean it takes talent to do that. And no. Bravado there yelling. They're protected. I can say whatever I want to you, and you can't do anything about it. Well, yeah, we can do something about it. These leagues are doing something about it, and they should because you should protect these players. Yes, it might not be a new problem with fans yelling at players, but society has changed a lot in the last fifty years. And so you can't really say, well, we used to do that back in one thousand nine hundred seventy so can't we still today? No, there's a million things that were acceptable in one thousand nine hundred seventy that are no longer even remotely acceptable. Yes. Mclovin. I we were at that falcons game where the. Eagles. I heard things that I couldn't believe and I was up high down low. I guess I don't think senior right? Of course, publicly you can't say anything. But I'm telling you the fans at the eagles games are still saying them. I think that the athlete understands there will be some kind of language verbal exchange that comes with the territory. You don't expect you can't put your hands on an athlete. Okay. All they came into your territory. They came into where you're seated. Okay. And then allow them to get back on the stage and you can't be upset if a player comes into your lap, you're courtside. And like you said yesterday, this guy, William Stevens, if his wife or family member was accidentally run into by cholera, you could maybe maybe understand a quick out of your mind reaction that was even the case, the person he was sitting with did not get run over not get hit. So there's not even that to fall back on. I had some phone calls on this topic eight seven seven three DP show. Rick in New York Rick leads us off. What do you have for me? You guys doing today taking my call. I think they got it wrong, personally, I mean if this was made a regular fan. I mean, I think I'm on permanently banned guy should be held to a higher standard. He's a part owner as a minority owner in. I mean it just seems crazy. I think example should be made like you don't do that, at all knock called for. And I mean that's just my opinion on a guys. All right. Thank you, Rick. Yeah. I agree with you that I hold him to a higher standard and take away the thing that he loves the most he wants to be relevant. And he wants to show up and I got courtside seats here, who's with me tonight, all of a sudden, you're going to be sitting at home, just like me tonight. Daryl in Missouri. Hey, daryl. Not quite sure that they got it, right. On the ownership thing, you know, five hundred K and, and a year suspension is good. But why doesn't the NBA or all these shows put up something we screamed in hollered about the girl getting hit by a ball and why don't we put boards up like in hockey? So these guys are still going over Daryl, you can't do that. You can't do this is what these people pay for. And how many incidents do you have where somebody's running into the stands, but thanks for the phone calls. They're not gonna do that. You know, this is this is a rare incident that happened. It's how it was handled. That's why we're talking about this. But I don't think any fan is going to say about a ball game. Hey, would you put up a barrier? So I can be protected. I was looking back and mclovin was at saying, there's not many incidents where fans get physical players. He was seventeen years ago that it was a Rockies White Sox game. And a couple of SOX fans ran out attacked the first base coach Tom gamble. Remember we covered it. We had him on. It was like my first month on the show with you. And it was just the nuttiest thing I'm watching the video and the entire White Sox. The White Sox guys are looking, and there's these two dudes with no shirts on just punching Tom Gamboa, and then the entire Rockies lineup. Just envelopes. These guys beat the crap out of which was great. It was a father and son. I believe the kid was like fifteen. And by the way, I looked at the where are they now didn't work out too well for these guys didn't now? They kept on getting in trouble. Yeah. Shocker shocker. The White Sox beating Tom Gamboa's, at least of the problems. Let's put it that way, m in California. Hi, I'm Jay, what do you have for me? Hey, good morning, Dan, blah, a long-time listener twelve twelve time caller. So I'm I'm sort of the other opinion. I think this is a huge overreaction. I've watched that video many times to do barely touched him sitting with his left arm two seats away fairly touched. His shoulder was wrong. Absolutely should be reprimanded in punish. Yes. To me. The punishment is kick him out of the game period. That's it, Mary. You kidding me? Chest bumps account. Larry does this team major more violence. No. But it but the chest bumps are agreed upon MJ. That's with your teammates this. Why would he push you? And why would he have this exchange? Or why would he be saying, you know, whatever he said to Kyle Lowry? You know, that's, that's the big issue here. It's not how hard it was. It was, you know, the, the act itself is what we're talking about here. You should not be putting your hands on a player. I, I mean, we can look at all the worst-case scenarios here. What if you poked him in the eye? What if you you hit him and then all of a sudden you provoked him in? He decided that he was gonna hit you then. He's the one in trouble. So you just you can't have it if it's a fan. You're gone forever. Right. I think most of us are in agreement, if this was just a random fan, Golden State, and they did this, the fan is probably gone band. So why should I hold this minority owner to the same standard? If not a higher standard. More phone calls in our play the dam to this. Everybody's got it to do this. I get one for my wife drop off, the dry, cleaning pick-up, some milk figure out something to get out of the house, so I can relax, here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. The good thing you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. 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Steve Levy of the mother ship was there last night leaves will join us coming up next. Our play of the day, brought to you by Dollar Shave Club helps you take care of all the things you need to get ready to go in the morning. Look feel and smell your best right now. Get a Dollar Shave Club starter set with everything you need for great shave for just five dollars. Get yours at dollarshaveclub dot com slash Patrick more phone calls on the suspension of a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors Terrell in Los Angeles. Joins us. Hey did big fan six three sexy sexy to forty five. All right. I'm more interested in the language to fan us because if you remember they took entire team. I mean, I'm sorry to owner us. They took an entire team from Donald sterling based on a conversation. He had away from the court. So I would like to know if I'm more interested in what he said as opposed to what he did because I think that's very important. Well, and thank you true. I love the voice from what we have been told it's very colorful language. He was cursing at Kyle Lowry. But just the whole interaction with another player as an owner, I can't imagine somebody else doing this, because you're on the floor. You're right there with the players. And then all of a sudden you feel the need, or the obligation or the privilege to be able to say, hey, you know what he had done that in Toronto if he was sitting courtside in Toronto. Would he have done that to Kyle Lowry? And the answer is no. You get all puffed up and you got your. Side seats and you know. I'm defending our territory literally, you came over here. And you have something to say to Kyle Lowry. Jeff in Detroit. Hi, jeff. Going on Dan to meet Friday. Maybe put a ribbon air for your boy. I listen, I just worked at tiger stadium, and we had to deal with India's, like that all the time, not a Bill owner just sit on the different level because you're looked at as you know, you're the owner, you know, do stuff like that. And I didn't tell you just like you just got in the saying he was a studio gangster, you know, he would never have done that out in public or if he was in Toronto, but by him being on TV by man. And I think a lot of had with the fact that they were losing and old boy was scorched them. So, you know, he's gonna send a message himself, I believe it should be a little bit longer but suspension because you're the owner thank you. Jeff is always great to hear from you. Have a great weekend. Yet is a meet Friday, traeger, meet Friday. So the girls are all fired up. I'm having potatoes today. We're putting some, some potatoes on the trigger. What are you season with air? No. A little garlic. Oh, yeah. There you go for the blood. Yeah. That's what I'm getting I got that. And the danettes get some kind of steak. I know we've got a gigantic pork tenderloin. Our small. Okay. I don't feel so bad. And then I walk out to the kitchen and fritzy goes, it's national Donut day. And I said, so he goes, we got doughnuts, and I go, great, thanks to make fado shaped like a Donut. I'm trying to work into the, the whole Donut thing. Yes. Yes. He just crushed us Moore's Donut, and it was awesome. I like when you cut it in half. And then one of the backroom guys goes just eat the thing, I took a quarter just going to have. And then I took another quarter. And then it took another quarter, full yourself into thinking you're, you're being held by eating a quarter of a Donut and you eat five quarter tastes just to taste. I wouldn't be able to I wouldn't eat that doughnut if I wasn't on this diet. But the fact that Allen RIT guy slash chef is putting some potatoes on the trigger. Yes. For a couple of donor for look like those hostess cupcakes with you know that white icing that curls the crust the middle had. Did you have on? I have my IRA not yet but yeah, I'm into that man doughnuts. Look, it's national doughnut day. I don't know what that means. Whatever happened in national flannel day, paulie. We haven't we just didn't pay the service fee. Oh, yeah. Because it was a scam where you have to pay to have it marketed. We have our own marketing tool. We have a national radio and TV show. Okay. So we do have national flannel day. I think it's the first Thursday of. November it every year is national flannel day because I just think we need to remind people of that, that we did. We did submit the paperwork. Well, no, we were going to, they were. And here's the thing, I there's this company that you could get a national day for, and they kind of control and how much they call us for a national debt about ten K by ten large, but will they'll do is help market it they'll put on their official lists. And then when people see it's national Donut day, and they promote donuts it helps we don't need that promotion. We can take care of it ourselves. So we save ten because we're not really benefiting unless we're putting out our, our own flannel shirts here. Like what did we get for? We didn't around. I remember Eddie Bauer had national flannel shirt day and flannel shirt season. Yes, is great. And I was happy to help Eddie Bauer. Yes. And, but this would be the third anniversary ocassional platform shirt. Okay. Well, then we don't need to spend ten grand. That's right. We will have our own designated national flannel. You. Basically just released the whole press release that they were gonna charge ten grand for anyway. I know thirty out there you go the first the first Thursday. What is it? I think it was the first Thursday of November. Okay. Even flannel shirt season starts September. I, I was gonna say for you. Does it ever truly end? Not really. No. But, you know, when you go deep when you really get focused, right? More phone calls coming up. Eight seven seven three DP show, your thoughts on the suspension of this minority owner goes back to what I talked about it. The begin big beginning of the show that here we have the NBA finals, and we're talking about other things other than the NBA finals. Now, we are talking a little bit about clay and coming back tonight. And does K D make an appearance? But then it's also about, you know, I'm, I'm hearing that kyri is really interested in the Brooklyn nets, and then the nets trade Allen crab to the hawks to clear up some more money here. And now all of a sudden, who. Who else do the nets going to bring in? There's always drama with some of these other teams. And then with Golden State what's going to happen with Katie? And then you now have the owner of the Golden State Warriors, their minority owner who's been suspended for a year and fined five hundred thousand dollars update. The poll results mclovin, it's sponsored by man versus food on cooking channel, I would love to, but we haven't selected why didn't you, did you want to do that? Would you rather be at any help us? We got distracted with all these side topics just do did the, the NBA get it right with this suspension of the Golden State Warriors minority owner because we have got a couple of tweets wondering about. We got a Carson Wentz versus Dak Prescott tweet which we get all the time now that Carson has signed people are wondering where you put him in the pantheon of young quarterbacks, which we could save. Well, I think he's better than dot Prescott. How about Goth I think he's better than Jared Goff, but Jared Goff and Dak Prescott are going to benefit by Carson Wentz his salary. Oh, you think awful be next in line Prescott? They they moved the timetable up on Carson Wentz which was interesting. They didn't have to visit deals, not up until twenty twenty I found that. Interesting. We'll discuss that all contra also the controversial finish last night with the Bruins and the blue Steve Levy will join us ten years ago. Bryce Harper was on Sports Illustrated. We'll talk to Tom Verduci about that. I am sports broadcaster. Anne, Marie Anderson. I'm Olympia and Holly mcpeak were both former athletes business women and mothers, and we want to help you create a life, you want using sports like a boss. Whether you're an athlete entrepreneur or parent, we want to help you get to where you wanna be well good, because I either got too many kids. Or I'm over scheduled overwhelmed. Honestly Holly half the time I feel like I'm screwing it up. 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