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I've one gene here. Welcome to the tapping a podcast for every single week. We answer the most common and uncommon questions about tapping an EMT seeing get the most out of your practice eliminate sabotage and take the actions that you want. I just want to remind you that in the back catalogue was a lot of really, really amazing stuff and to the interviews that I did in the last couple of weeks are really exemplars of the quality of the people are showing up on the show. So I'd really encourage you go back Depp, Assode, three sixty four and three sixty five so if you get a tapping, podcast dot com, the entire archive is listed, there, click on the links for three sixty four three sixty five three sixty four we talk about grief and what grief is a really comprehensive way beyond what you think it is it was really instructive interview, and I've actually some of the stuff that we talked about in that interview this week, working with clients. And there's this really interesting tool cO getting to the bottom of it. That's episode three sixty five so three sixty four group three sixty five getting to the bottom of just. Really great interviews. They're saying they're absolutely free tapping podcasts dot com. Gee mantra, still, you welcome to the tapping Hyun a podcast record of the live to tape from Williamsburg in Brooklyn. This is episode three sixty six originaly. Aired June fifth two thousand nineteen. I've won a hopeless find you will work for you are in whatever time of day your chance to listen to this. Thanks for spending a little time with me today today, we're going to do a little midday tapping. The reason why this podcast came about is get notes all the time from people who have downloaded the ten part guide to eliminating self sabotage with tapping an EMT an in the first day, I give you two audios one is an early morning. AM tapping to start today. The second is a PM tapping to end the day. And so I thought it would be appropriate to give you something for the middle of the day, as well which will make a difference. If you haven't downloaded the beginning indata, tapping, yet, you can find them by going to tapping Q and aid dot com. Click on the big blue button and sign up for that free ten part guide again in day one, you will get both of those Audio's. There's actually a third bonus audio waiting in there for you day one. If you happen to be listening to this currently on the web. Site. Will you need to do is just go up in that right hand column is a big blue button, there, click on that and you will be able to get access to the beginning of the day and the into the day tapping. So as you know, every single week we have been thinking, folks from all over the world who've been listening to have been supporting the podcast this week, I'd like to thank the folks in Cyprus Miramar Nicaragua, usher, by John and Gola and Algieria. Thank you very much for listening or wherever you are in the world. I really appreciate it also I want to send a huge shoutout to all of the financial supporters of the podcast every single month. We take ten percent of those donations. We use them to make loans through kiva to make donations to small business owners all over the world, this month were supporting it collective of entrepreneurs in Rwanda, one of the tra- preneurs is named guidance. I'm pronouncing that correctly. She's going to be using the loan to purchase sugar salt and rice as she continues to grow her business to take care of her customers, so that she can send her kids to private school. If you would like to support the podcast, all you need to do is go to tapping Q end A dot com slash support. That's tapping Q and aid dot com slash support. Not only. Will you be able to help us as we continue to support entrepreneurs all over the world, but you'll also get a chance to receive some amazing bonuses like bonus podcast? Tap along scripts time with me all sorts of things like that tapping Q and A dot com slash support. I am a huge fan of taking a break in the middle of the day and resetting on days like today, where I'm recording this, I'm seated at my co working space in my co working space, in Brooklyn here in Williamsburg is just two and a half blocks from the East River and I grew up in Wyoming, I grew up from water. So for me water is still magic and boats are still magic and lots of days at lunch, I will take my lunch and I'll go down, sit on the bench, and I'll just watch the boats float by and just enjoy my lunch in listen to a podcast or something like that just to, to take a little break. But the last thing I do before I return back here to the office to continue my work to do my client calls to do whatever is, is take a few moments to do a little tapping to reset in the middle of the day. And I think this is something that we don't do enough, like it makes sense at the beginning of the day, I'm going to meditate. I'm going to tap. Going to set my intentions, at the end of the day, it is super valuable to take some time to do any of those things as well to unwind to disconnect so that we're able to sleep better. So we're better the next day, but the middle of the day is just the middle of day. And we live in a busier and busier time and often times were eating lunch at our desk or were grabbing a bite deed as we drive from one meeting to the next or we're not really being present to ourselves in the middle of the day. So that's what this is, this is a chance to reset a chance to give yourself the ability to move forward in a way that is simple and direct gin if you have not done so ready, if you download the tapping QNA app, which is absolutely free. It's not add sponsor. There's nothing in there. It's free. You can get it for both apple and Android devices. If you download the app, not only we have access immediately to this audio, but in the tech section text t e x t if you click on text button. The written out script for this will be there as well. So if you want to in the middle of the day, you can just click on over to that, and just tap along to the script really quickly without even having to hit play. So let's just do a little tapping to present to let's do a little tapping to put ourselves in the mindset in the middle of the day to reset to this happen. The side of the anti speak. Depressed for me. They have a nice big deep breath for me. And just have from point to point repeating after me. This is my chance to reset. This is my chance to re ground myself. In the middle of the day, it is so easy to be rushed. In the middle of day, it is so easy to be overwhelmed. I give myself a few moments to just rebound myself. I give myself permission to be refocused on where I am. I give myself permission to take pause without feeling panicked or overwhelmed. I acknowledge in appreciate everything that I've done so far today. Even if I didn't get everything done that I wanted to do. Even if everything didn't go as planned. Everything that happened this morning is done. And I appreciate the fact that it is done. There were some things that didn't get done this morning. I give myself permission to be easy with myself. They were even things that I have voided this morning. I give myself permission to be easy with myself. There are lots of things I wish would have gone better this morning. But the morning is over. I can't change what happened. But I get a chance to start again. I get a chance to refocus. I get a chance to resettle myself. I get a chance to be in this moment. My intention is to be grounded this afternoon. My intention is to stay in flow this afternoon. My intention is to do one task at a time. Being as present as I can to the task. And doing the best job that I can. Knowing that I'm not going to be perfect this afternoon. Knowing that, I might not get everything done this afternoon. Knowing that, there are even unexpected things coming this afternoon. I give myself permission to be in the moment. And if I do that my afternoon, we'll be successful. If I do that my afternoon will be everything it needs to be. Even if that is imperfect. I give myself permission to be me to be present this afternoon. Nice big deep breath. I think you'll be shocked and amazed if over the course of the next week every single day at lunchtime. He just take four or five minutes. Tap on that. How much more inflow you're going to be in the afternoon, how much more productive, you're going to be in the afternoon, how much gentler, you're going to be with yourself in the afternoon as you navigate, whatever comes at you again, all of these audios in the tapping scripts can be found absolutely free in the tapping QNA app pego into your apps store and just search tapping Q and A. You will find it go into the tech section. And this is when you're gonna use regularly, you could even start as one of your favorites. So when you go into the app, click on that favorite tabernacle be there, right at the top every single time. So you can over the course of the next week, just half on this. I really challenge you to do it, if you do let me know how it goes, send me a note. Jane GE in Lia, tapping, QNA dot com. What we know what's useful. Let me know what you noticed by adding this t- routine. If you know some. One in your life who could use something like this, as always we appreciate it. When you are in Bassedas, the most common way, someone finds a podcast or new audio is from a recommendation of a friend there. Lots of people in your life who could benefit from this who are really open to doing this, who I will never be able to reach without you, reaching out. So it's a resource that already exists that is free. Police pass it along, you can get access to our entire archive by going to tapping podcast dot com. You can get these free audios, and you can get all of them coming to you, every single week in your apple device in your Android device on your computer through Stitcher through Spotify through Penn Dora to that smart. A L, E X, that is sitting on your kitchen countertop. You can tap along. And listen along while you're doing other things. If you have any questions if even comments if you have something you'd like us to cover in the future love recommendations from people just like you some of the best podcasts that we've had over the course of the last couple of months, and a couple of. Really amazing interviews. I can't wait to share for you. Over the course that few weeks came because of recommendations from people just like you, and I never would have found this topics or those people's without his recommendation. So please, let me know questions comments anything you want to share gene, GE in Lia, tapping. Q eight dot com. If you're on the website, just click on the contact link up top I love hearing from you. And if you have already downloaded the app, you can send me an Email, even voice message from right inside of the app, tapping a podcast, this is Jean mantra. I hope you have a great day, and I look forward to talking to you, real soon. Bye bye. The topic CUNY podcast is copyright Gede mantra, steadily tapping and eight two thousand sixteen. All of us expressed by guests are those of the guests and not necessarily of gene mantra deli. Orc tapping QNA.

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