The Disappearance of Lisa Spence, Part 2 | 5


There's a short road that winds its way through a small subdivision in Miami gardens, Florida. It's called two hundred seven lane. It's just west of the traffic clogged Florida's turnpike, but isn't easy to access. Driving west on the right side of the road are the bungalows and ranches of the vista Verde clusters neighborhood. A stone's throw away the Bank of a canal that creeps along for miles from the Everglades to skin bay in Miami. Clusters of trees and shrubs separate the road from the canal. But just before two hundred and seventy lane abruptly ends as if it was never even finished the bushes part for a dirt path just wide enough for car to access. The path hugs the canal west for several hundred feet and into an open field. It's grassy and scattered with debris tires and other trash. On a sunny December after noon, in two thousand nine police officers are in the field watching to dog sniff around. Ah, Belgium Mellon wa- named riot zeroes in on a barrel beneath some trees jewel elaborate or is heading for the same spot. It's a fifty five gallon, cardboard barrel sealed with metal caps on both ends. Right? And jewel found fast and the police know what to do next. They call in the medical examiner. Riot and jure cadaver sniffing dogs. And they may have just found Lee suspense who hasn't been seen for months. You're probably listening to felonious Florida because you're addicted to true crime stories. So am I? So you need to check out the weather channel's newest TV series called storm of suspicion, which airs Sunday nights at eight eastern seven central. It's unlike anything you've seen on the Weather Channel. Storm of suspicion has everything you love about your favorite true crime shows and documentaries. There's deceipt murder, mystery piecing together the clues, but it has a clever twist done in a way. Only the Weather Channel can possibly do a storm. A hurricane, in fact, did hurricane Harvey help solve a murder and how did a rain puddle ultimately lead to a murder conviction? Watch to see how weather can help suspects stay under the radar and also lead their downfalls. Dr Elizabeth Austin, a world renowned forensic meteorologist will have you looking at crimes and a whole new way. She shows you how investigators can use mother nature to solve some of the most difficult cases don't miss storm of suspicion every Sunday night through November eighth at eighty stern, seven cents. Only on the Weather Channel. From the south Florida sunset, Nolan association with one very, this is phony in Florida. The podcast that leads you into the dark side of the sunshine state. I'm your host advocate Austin along with reporter, one or tak-, and this is the conclusion of the disappearance of Lisa Spence. Paul Edwards was in the hot seat just one week after his girlfriend. Lisa's Spence vanished on October seventh, two thousand nine. Lisa, a thirty five year old mother of two had finished up before our nightshift at a quick stop convenience store and headed home. Nobody had seen her since. In the days after she disappeared. Investigators had learned that pollen Lisa's relationship had been rocky and that it sometimes got physical. Paul story was simple. Lisa wasn't happy and wanted to end the relationship. She made it home from work and the two got in an argument. Paul went out for a drive to give her time to think when he returned an hour later lease had packed her things and left, but detective suspected. Paul knew more than he was telling them his story wasn't consistent, and the details weren't adding up. So they questioned him. Just saying what you know yet, the stories changing times that's. Changed, and then there's the fact that is always consistent while digits by working all all. No, I did in a cone sake. You want so bad to talk. I can see it in your eyes. You know, better than us. Utterly legal watch with people are driven by work. At work. Guess if she. Other than. Sitting here. Christians that you come on, it's it's not. I think it is if he's not asking you hard questions is ask you, what did you do a certain loom, which in mice questions. Alright with Paul wasn't budging, even when the detectives pointed out inconsistencies in his story told him they'll need to verify everything. He said. Well. Eventually you could have an intercom of that murder. Murder is exactly what detectives were beginning to suspect. Already just a week into the search for Lisa. There was evidence that she hadn't simply packed up and left. There were drops of blood found in the bathroom of Lee, send Paul small apartment on Venetian street in Mira mar. It was on vanity in the bathroom and on the tiles in the tub and on the door frame. Another drop was found inside a rental car that Paul was using around the time that lease. It was last seen detective. Danny Smith says, there was no way to know if the blood was hers with Lisa missing. There was none of her DNA to compare it to. We had none of her property. We couldn't use a toothbrush. We had no hairbrushes. We had no samples that could possibly possibly have Lisa's DNA on them, but they did have a close comparison, something that could at least tell them if they were on the right track. Lisa had a teenage daughter, sir, lean and her DNA could be analyzed for similarities. If the genetic makeup was close, the blood evidence could be linked to. Lisa Serlin had just turned eighteen and she and her younger brother were living with Lisa's mother on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. But as luck would have it when detect his went looking for a sample of her DNA sir, lean was in the United States visiting family in Philadelphia to that point. We, we contact other members of the family. We contact her daughter who is visiting in Philadelphia. We get detectors in Philadelphia to meet with her and take swabs DNA swabs from the daughter. They do the evaluation of the daughter swabs and they get DNA profile from there. We have to take those results to another doctor who specializes in population genetics. Sir, leans DNA profile was compared to the profile from the blood found in Lisa's bathroom and in the rental car. It's a near perfect match. Whoever the blood belonged to was all, but certainly a relative of sir lean. The probability was ninety nine point nine, nine, nine percent. It had to be Lisa's blood. So were kind of looking at the right track in terms of, we know that we have a family member and we know that she that Serlin has no the family members in the state of Florida. And there was also somebody else's DNA in the samples, an unidentified male had left blood in the bathroom and on a mob. But by itself is didn't prove anything. Maybe there would be more hope for finding Lisa by solving the biggest mystery of the whole case. Lisa's family and friends. It started getting strange text messages from her almost as soon as she went missing her friend, Richard more got when the next day he couldn't remember what it said, but he did. No, it was unusual. It was the first time she had ever texted him. And Lisa's brother Dexter vincit had also been getting messages from her. They were riddled with spelling errors and were confusing, almost nonsensical. Richard and Dexter were convinced that it wasn't Lisa who was sending the texts and detectives working the case didn't think so. Either. Whoever was sending the texts from Lisa's phone was making mistakes. One message to Dexter claim that Lisa was in Jacksonville, but her phone was being read by towers about three hundred miles away near Miami in another taxed. The name of Lisa's daughter was spelled wrong, and that wasn't all detectives examining records, discovered that Lisa's phone was never very far from the phone owned by Paul Edwards. They were often sending signals to cell towers near one another. There could only be one explanation detectives thought it was Paul who was sending the text releases phone, supposedly. Paul, Paul either receiving or sending texts to Lisa looking at it from an investigative point of view. I look and say, he probably has both phones in the car with him and he's just making these tax. But if Paul was doing it, why. Detectives believe they knew the answer. They just needed a way to prove it. So they came up with a plan to turn the tables on Paul Edwards. Just a brainstorming session sitting around saying, I don't know. What do you think shot in the dark for this now? That's not gonna work. How about this now? That's not gonna work. This is brought up. All right. Well, let's see legally for allowed to do it. It was a plan sold bowl than unusual detectives. Didn't even know if it was legal. No one in our unit has ever done it. And I'm believe even some members of the state attorney's office where a little taken aback by it because it was not a common request. The plan was brought to a judge who gave it a green light. There was no guarantee. It would crack the case, but detective needed to try something. It was going to be a complicated operation that requires some technological magic, multiple police agencies and lots of patients. But the premise was simple enough. Detective Smith was going to pretend to be Lisa and Paul was about to hear from his missing girlfriend. Felonious Florida is brought to you by simply safe home security. Simply safe is a fantastic security system providing great protection for your home, but before simply safe home security companies were getting away with a lot. 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They don't have leases phone, but they are going to need it. All they need is a phone. That's when programmed with her number basically a clone. We told me the idea to text Paul from phone that we purchased that would look like it came from Lisa, I completed quarter and I asked for the personal telephone information from Lisa Spence, and we didn't have her phone. So we had to go through the phone company to say, what what's the basically the ID number for her phone give us transfer to this particular phone that we bought. They had permission from a judge and now they had a phone that was programmed with Lisa's number. And then it was a matter of just logistics how we're gonna do this. We're going to call them. Do we send him attached DUI, do surreal, how are we gonna work workers? They decided a text message was the best option, but what would it say and how do they make it sound like a message Lisa would send it had to be genuine upon speaking with her friends and family. They all say she never tax. She if she does, it's very quick. She asked how she speaks normally the person to person and how she speaks on text or phone. And they said that sometimes she'll get were wrong, so it would have to be short and it would need to have a mistake, a grammatical error or a misspelling. He settles on six words and plots out the rest of the operation on Thursday, November fifth, two thousand nine. It's Showtime. It's a massive surveillance operation. Nearly every detective on the Miramar force is involved. The county sheriff's office and the US Marshall service are assisting an airplane circles overhead equipped with infrared sensors and capable of taking images from the sky. They suspect policy at the home of his mother and stepfather just a half mile from the apartment where he lived with Lisa. I knew the car he was driving in. I knew that he was staying with his with his parents. So we set up on his parents house Suming that he was there was a big assumption. So was worried in the sense that we were sitting on the wrong house. He's driving around somewhere and we have no idea where is that? They take a gamble and set up the surveillance on Paul's mother's house. If he's there, they'll be ready to track him. The moment, the Tex-Mex dissent from the Miramar police station detective Smith types it into the clone of Lee suspensive cellphone. Just wait till I got better. It's simple cryptic and contains one error God, instead of get. He pushes send my chromatic when he saw tech, Steve, pretty much freaked out. The trap is set and they watch and they wait. Not knowing what what, what Paul had done to Lisa. I figured one of two things that happened one. He could get his car and drive to where he possibly placed her or to pick up the phone and call me and say, by the way, Lisa is not missing. She's fine. She just called me. Paul didn't call detective Smith. But after several hours they're gamble pays off. Paul finally steps out of the house and into the surveillance operation. He climbs into his mother, silver, Toyota Camry, and drives off for the next six hours. Police will track every move. Paul makes reporter one or take a describes the surveillance operation reading court documents about how the police wanted to follow Paul. It's clear that they're not skipping any step in. They're gonna make sure that they're not gonna lose Paul, and they're talking about having seven, eight up to ten Miramar detectives ready to follow him. And even more than that, they have US marshals sitting in cars ready to follow Paul, and they also reach out to the sheriff's office which has this what they call a fixed wing aircraft, which was high tech, especially going back to two thousand nine. This aircraft can retire altitudes and still record video. Way down on the ground. So you come away knowing that once they see Paul, they're not gonna lose him. So I wish we could say it was. It was like a like a Spielberg type of thing where we just touched something and the map would come up. But it was me with a laptop computer and Google maps up and radio that was essentially, but. We were able to all communicate and follow him. To where he didn't know that he was being followed. Paul's six hours under police surveillance were seemingly random. He drives to several locations stopping and driving again. And he went on maybe a five or six hour ordeal where he drove around to bunch of different cities stopped came back home when to a friend's house drove around some more. And at the same time, we were either surveilling him where we had a real support that was watching him. So we knew exactly where he was going where he stopped as the day turns to night. He's not making it easy for police to keep up. They have no idea whether Paul even received the tax they sent from Lisa's number, but he sure was driving as if he knew he was being followed. And the way that Paul was driving that night was extremely Radic. We believe he was on what's called a heat run, which you believe that you're being followed by the police. So you make a bunch of turns u-turns, go down dead end streets and see if you're being followed. So without the cooperation of all those different agencies, we wouldn't have been able to follow him. As well as we did over dozens of miles and through several cities. Paul leads them from place to place. He goes to Amun Tura near the senior living center where he works as a concierge, but he doesn't stop. He drives past the crowded high end onto our a mall, but doesn't stop there either. He returns to Miramar stops at a friend's house, then goes back home. Then he's on the move again driving to another friend's house in Miami gardens while he's doing all this, everyone relaying back where he's at and giving information like Molly just drove by some dumpsters. I make a note. Lets check that dumpster. Let's check this open field from Miami gardens. Paul filing drives back to his mother's house and doesn't come back out the surveillance operation ends at exactly midnight. Paul never responded to the tech sent from Lisa's phone. Still Paul's drive on November. Fifth, seemed unusual and detectives began the tedious task of retracing his movements. They searched every place he stopped. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. But in this case there were a lot of haystacks. They didn't even know what they were looking for. They canvassed empty lots and fields in Ventura and Miramar. The search was turning up nothing. It took them weeks to move all the places Paul stopped before making it to the last. Toward the end of the day, he had gone to the home of a woman he used to work with. She lived in your two hundred. Seventh lane in the visa Verde clusters subdivision and Miami gardens. It was dark when Paul got there, but the aircraft flying overhead was tracking his heat signature into the house. His co worker had asked Paul to fix her stove. He stopped by three or four times a November and early December to work on it. Most of the times if she would call him on the phone or he would just call moments before to say he was coming over. We didn't know anything about the residents or the resident. Ultimately, after the surveillance operation, we went back in our investigation and we stopped at every area that he stopped or drove by anyhow homes that he stopped that we went and we spoke with them and the people that we spoke to very cooperative the. Female in the area in Miami gardens was darkwa positive. She stated that Paul stop by because he was gonna install some sort of an appliance at our at our apartment said it was weird because she had asked him to do this allow ago and just out of the blue. He just happened to stop by. So that was one of the areas that we were concerned with an ultimately the last area that we that we looked, obviously it's about a ten minute drive from Paul's mom's place, and he stayed at the friends house for just nine minutes. Her house has a fenced in backyard that butts in open field next to a canal. She tells police that during one of Paul's visits, he had stood in her yard and asked if it was well lead at night. She told him at was she had floodlights and security cameras. The field however, is dark at night. The sandy grass lot is empty. Save for piles of debris power lines and clusters of trees. If you look to the east hard rock stadium home of the Miami. Dolphins looms over the Bank of the canal, just two miles away to the west. The canal disappears into a flat Florida horizon. Few people would have any reason to visit here. Perhaps occasional workers who show up to survey the land, cut the grass, or remove trash. We try to whole bunch of fields throughout Avin shoora Miramar. Hollywood. It was time now to go to an area over by Miami gardens where where he drove to public data on the map, we noticed that by the canal there's a large area looks desolate. Let's go check it out. It appears the whole surveillance operation will come down to this field. If police leave with nothing, it was a massive wasted effort. The search dogs riot and jewel are sent out into the field just like other dogs had been at locations. Paul stopped on the night of the surveillance and this time there's a little bit different. The dogs picked up on a scent really quick and they almost immediately were able to alert on a fifty five gallon barrel that was pushed up against some trees riot finds it first, but jewel isn't far behind. These dogs are trained to signal or alert if they find a scientific dead body, given their reactions to the barrel. Police are certain, that's what they found. So it's basically like a coded cardboard, but it has metal rings on the ends where you can actually make make the the barrel. Airtight while looked like it had been outdoors for while it was still intact. A group of workers loads the unopened barrel into the back of a white truck and drives to the medical examiner's office there. It's carefully cracked open. The gruesome discovery inside officially turns. The disappearance of Lisa Spence into a murder investigation. Hi, this is Sean pits from the flowness Florida team. You spend a third of your life in your sheets. Are you getting the best possible? I know I am because I sleep and she's from Brooklyn in dot com. I bought my Brooklyn in luck sheet bundle. Over a year ago in the sheets are still just as soft and luxurious. 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I think it's safe to say that thirty three times stabbing someone is overkill. The first person that you're gonna look at someone who's in relationship with the victim because that's a a. Very intimate type act. And if if a random stranger want someone dead, they normally going to stab them enough times to kill them, not overkill. If this was the work of Paul Edwards, the text message coulda frightened him enough to check the field where the barrel was found and detective Smith believes Paul did just that waiting until the cover of darkness. I don't believe he thought she was still alive. I'm fairly certain of that. I think that him leaving and driving all these areas possibly one to to make sure that he's not being followed until alternately goes to the area where she was dumped in Miami gardens. And Secondly, when he drives by Miami gardens, I imagine he's probably looking for police lights, crime scene, investigators. Fire engine. Something that would show oboe. She's been found and I don't know what to do at this point. That's just my speculation. There was very little doubt that the body found in the barrel was Lee suspense, but the head was missing and the condition of the body made it impossible to lift fingerprints, detectives needed proof. It was Lisa blood and tissue samples were sent to a lab for DNA testing. The condition of the body made, even that a challenge. One big step that took some time actually took the most time is identifying these remains as Lisa because. The fact that the barrel was secured so well was good and bad, good because it preserved everything where were animals weren't able to get to Lisa. It actually preserved her body as it was. The bad thing is because she was in that barrel for so long, and it was close to airtight. The DNA and they're degraded to the point where we were unable to get gain a Sam or I'm sorry, we were unable to get a DNA profile. So it took multiple times of bone marrow and taking some of her femur and taking some long leg muscle. These are all parts of the body that whole DNA the longest. And it took having to go through basically everything that we could to to get an accurate DNA profile. There were also rings found in the barrel. One of them was a toe ring that was still on the body and Lisa liked wearing jewelry. Detectives were traveling to turn it out as part of the investigation to learn more about Paulin, Lisa. So the us the opportunity to show a picture of the touring to Liza's daughter, sir, lean. The ring is unique and surly recognize it immediately. Looked at it and said that that's my mom's to- rang I, I know for fact, that's ours. So that right there was very important with with one being able to identify her and two for core purposes saying we have a victim in this is our victim that was one of many different little things that we're able to use identifier. Back in Florida. The identification gets stronger. The DNA from samples taken from the body in the barrel are compared to the DNA of Lisa's daughter. They're a close match. An expert concludes the body was indeed Lisa's, where will to positively identify the remains found in the barrel as Lisa Spence. Obviously, you can imagine how important that is when it comes to trial, we can't have a trial for homicide if we can identify the victim. So that was very important. Kesse George lives across the street from Paul Edwards and Lisa spent on benishi street. She's lived there for about ten years. She's friendly with Lisa, but barely knows Paul who seems to prefer to keep to himself two days after Lisa was last seen Kesse is heading to church. It's October ninth two thousand nine a. Friday. She notices Paul is driving a new Toyota Highlander SUV it strikes her that he's driving such a nice car and thought Lisa and Paul must be doing well. Kesse doesn't know the highlanders rental. She leaves for church at about six PM and returns at about nine while she's outside talking to another neighbor. She sees Paul's white SUV backed up into a spot in front of their apartment building. It isn't how he usually parks. Then she sees Paul loading large garbage bags into the back based on how Paul was holding the bags, Kesse suspected. They were heavy at the time. She thinks maybe he's taking items down to Miami where the annual care Byan festival called carnival is taking place that weekend. The next time she looks across the St Paul and the SUV are gone. They're back the next morning and this time the scene is even more suspicious. When kessel wakes up Saturday, the son had just come up. She looks through the blinds of her window and sees Paul's SUV's back parked straight in how it usually is. Paul isn't around, but the back door to the SUV's open and kassy's small, white cooler and a bag sitting inside. And there's a container sitting on the ground next to the SUV waiting to be loaded inside. It's the barrel. And somebody else had actually seen the barrel inside pollen leases. Apartment police had learned that Lisa used it to ship items back to our children and family and Trinite at sixteen hundred miles away. A friend. One of the few that Paul allowed inside his apartment had seen it there. According to Lisa's family and friends. It was very common for both. Lisa and Paul to send back goods clothing, maybe some some food products to the family members that are living in Trinidad and the the us that Beryl as basically the conveyance for all those goods. There is a very important witness. We were able to meet with a friend of leases, and this friend is one of the few people that were actually allowed in the resident shared by Paul. And Lisa evidently Paulo is very over protective of his property over protective of Lisa. He didn't want her hanging out with anyone, but there are couple of female friends at least had that were allowed inside the house. This particular female remembers being in the home. Shortly before Lisa went missing and ultimately was killed. And she was inside the residence and remembered seeing a fifty five gallon drum that's described exactly as the one that we've found. This is body. Police are closing in on Paul Edwards by January twenty ten more than two months. After Lisa's disappearance. Paul had hired a lawyer and he would need one. Police suspected that the blood of an unidentified man that was found inside the Venetian straight apartment belong to Paul. They needed proof but hadn't found enough reason to convince a judge to order Paul to contribute a DNA sample for testing. With Lisa's body found they had enough to get the warrant and detectives headed out to swap Paul's mouth. On January twenty. First detective Smith knocks on Paul's mother's door. Paul, you're on speakerphone with your. Thank you. I want to. Bilbao easing your body. So they're allowed to take your body Alice war. So they're gonna take it to the police. Quickly. All the call me. Okay. When the results of the DNA tests come back, it's looking bad for Paul Edwards. His blood matched the blood found in the bathroom, and it matched blood on the mock detectives believed. It was used to clean up the murder scene. The dots had been connected. Police and prosecutors believed Paul attacks Lisa in their apartment likely with a knife. She had many defensively on our on our hands, which obviously lens to the fact that we know it's very common for someone who commits stabbing to actually get cuts on their on their own hands. The fact that he had cuts on his hands when we first spoke with him. Another red flag. Interviewing his co workers and friends. They say they met with Paul. They asked him, wise hands were bleeding or not bleeding, but why he had cuts on his hands. And he said, I was just cutting some chicken and accidentally cut myself. Those are things that you don't cut yourself on the hands multiple times because you're cutting chicken. He stabbed her more than thirty times mostly in her chest stomach arms. He removed her head and stuffed her body into the barrel. Lisa kept in the apartment for shipping the reason that he did it. I don't know. He's a pretty decent sized guy. He's strong and I would venture to say that looking at the injuries of Lisa's neck that a lot of what went towards the decapitation was probably strong stab wounds, and it just kind of went from there. He loaded the barrel into his rental SUV and dumped it in the field next to the canal. Despite extensive searches Lisa's head has never been found. on April fourteenth, twenty ten. Paul Edwards was arrested and charged with killingly suspense. It took more than five years to bring Paul's case to trial and it lasted for a month, but it took the jury just three and a half hours to make its decision. They found him guilty of first degree murder. Paul's lawyers noticed how nice he was to them. His demeanor didn't match the violent way. Lisa was killed. Joseph Carey and James represented him. I remember when I first met Paul immediately liked him because he reminded me so much of my father. My father just passed may be. This is July. My father had passed may be seven months before we tried this case in July of twenty fifteen. And so Paul reminded me so much of my dad, very straight laced, very respectful. Think the entire time that I represented him, he only ever called me miss James, never by my first name because he just felt like I had, I had a role in his life. I was his attorney and I deserve the respect of the last name with the title of which is something like that would have done. Father was in the Jamaican Constabulary force. So they had a lot of similarities. He's very straight laced, very clean cut. He was also really spiritual guy. You could always find Paul quoting scripture or wanting to discuss some bible verse that he had read, which was something that I liked. 'cause I'm woman the faith. And so it was it was it media report with Paul because of that? The two things just didn't jibe to me the way Paul presents and his demeanor that was unwavering the entire time that I interacted with him and then the gruesome rage filled nature of this killing, adjust the. They didn't seem to go together. But the jury didn't agree Terry doll as a sixty eight year old, hairdresser, grandmother of six who moved from Detroit to Florida in nineteen seventy six. She was on the jury. Terry was convinced by all of the heirs Paul had made after the murder, leaving behind blood in the apartment and on the v. spelling sir, leans name wrong. The barrel leaving his phone close to Lisa's when he was texting. And she believed Paul's background as a prison guard, gave him knowledge for how to cover his tracks. So how he could Mara her like that and then cut her head off. And I, I think he cut her head off. So the harder to identify her body if it was over. He knew he, he do how to try to get away with murder. So I'm glad you know, I'm glad he's in jail, and he deserves to be in jail to me, he was guilty without a reasonable doubt. The defense also argued that police targeted Paul early in the investigation and never looked into other possible suspects like the man Lisa was seeing behind Paul's back at the time of her disappearance. Shuki Lopez Sakina told police that he and Lisa were planning to run away together. They had even talked about getting married and he was one of the last people to have seen lease alive. Paul's lawyers told jurors that chicane could be the one responsible for leases death, so they weren't happy when they learned that chicane was missing and they were even more upset when they learned in the middle of the trial that he was dead. In fact, Shaquille Lopez had been murdered. It was less than two years before Paul's trial. Chicane was shopping at a store in Miami gardens. The same city where leases body was found as he and a friend left the store and headed toward their car. A man walked up to them pulled a gun and shot keen in the neck, killing him. There were no surveillance cameras around. Chicanes friend told police, he recognized the gunman, but the man he identified had strong alibi and the charges were dropped. Phyllis. Cook also represented Paul Edwards. She says, chicanes murder, came as a surprise, the defense team and the fact could have strengthened Paul's defense. We did not know he was dead. We did not know he was Mark. It just seems a little bit suspicious to us that that particular case was not mentioned before. Certainly. I believe the jury should have known that he was not just that he was deceased as they believe, but that he actually murdered. The murder of Shaquille Lopez remains unsolved today. Paul's lawyers argued that the police focused on Paul and Dolittle to checkout chicane story. Detective. Danny Smith says that's not true. They verified chicanes alibi and he was quickly ruled out. We met with him and we were able to get his alibi for the time that we believe that she went missing and checked his cellphone records in compares into the cell phone records that we had from Paul and Lisa and they didn't match. Ultimately, what brought down Paul Edwards was the same thing. He used a cover up, vicious crime, a cell phone, and it's chilling tax from the dead. Paul's lawyers say there's no way to know for sure whether Paul ever saw the taxed but police suspect Paul was so terrified. He led them straight to Lisa's body and the evidence fell into place from there. The resources and commitment police put into cracking the case was a surprise to Lisa's mother, Margaret Spence. Lisa was far from her home in Trinidad, and Margaret doubted police in America put much effort into solving her murder. In my opinion, I of league. Seeing the Trinidadian. But then he missed short time, you know, but then it's our food, the four years. And you know, I thought nothing a modem in island needs the fries and stone them with these detectives was so popular with with us my father. And I in me. Me that just giving the none of that me the family. But of course, there. On magnum and I didn't see how. You know, you got those. I appreciate it. Like on. Much memory. I think about their minute writing. All right. Again, beating all come, none. Cray attack. I think that's still still. Paul Edwards was sentenced to life in prison for killingly suspense. This year, the Florida Supreme Court refused to consider his final chance for an appeal. Thanks for listening to this episode of colonial Florida. The conclusion of the disappearance of Lee suspense next week, we'll go into the darkest corner of the sunshine state that we've explored yet with an extraordinary new story. It's one of Florida's most notorious cases when Marlene more answered a late morning, knock on her door on Memorial Day weekend in nineteen ninety. A clown delivering flowers and balloons was smiling back at her, but her delight instantly turned to horror when the cloud pulled a gun aimed and fired police jumped on the trail of the killer clown immediately. But the investigation went cold for twenty eight years. Our reporters have dug into the case and found never before revealed information that will leave you be wilder. Why did it take three decades for police to finally make an arrest in his terrifying murder. Listen next week for the killer clown of Wellington. 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