The Stuttering John Podcast-November 3rd, 2020


I took you off off. Off off off off off. Off off off off off. off off Yeah, baby, my big lie hands, welcome to the world famous stuttering John podcast. I want to thank the USA singers for their version or original song my big lie hands because that's what the show is about taking down the dotard known as Donald Trump and we have a great show for you plan. There's the link, please donate right there PayPal. John Melendez Inc. Every penny helps long as I continue to try and up to production on the show. And as you can see, I'm in my bedroom in my spare bedroom now and it's going to be a great show today. Hello the world. Hello Hemlock C and Harrison Jill Carter Alexa, KK Nikki be Union goon. Elizabeth Roth go then if you don't want to you don't want to hang around mark p with your badge and Nicki be with your badge. Tri-County Sean hockey can of 25e in Harrisburg and Richard Custer and and Dante and JP Brandon Flowers and Harris and electric K. And if I forgot anybody, I'm sorry, but I'm doing my best, you know. Anyway, you're on eBay and George am Marsha. Thanks for the $10 super sticker and hello, everything help seeing people. So if you want a Super Chat paid through the PayPal So I can get my new camera and continued look better and better each day as I look younger and younger you can see even with the new light. I have less wrinkles and we have a hell of a show for you today. We have the great James Carville on the program today. Yes, I did extra work extra work this last two days. We have like a congresswoman from New York representative Carolyn Maloney on this show today and as she's in the middle of campaigning change is going to come on just briefly. She got only give me 5 minutes, but I'll take it for me being a stutterer that's about one question but still and then we have the great Don Winslow on the program. We had a little screw up yesterday. But we worked it out and Don Winslow will be here at 1:00 PST. So this is going to be a hell of a lineup so you don't want to miss this one people. This is going to be the best ones. You know what I didn't even go on my hike today. I was going to hike but I thought I had a conference call with the advertisers morning at 9. So it's going to do Thursday. Then I had to set up everything. I did Stephen grillo's Aftershock podcast just now cuz he had Gennifer flowers on and I rekindled my my my romance with her by asking her the same ridiculous questions. Although we did find out why she was giggling when I asked it. Was there ever a threesome it turns out Bill Clinton did ask her for a threesome and that's what god of the Laugh Now it all makes sense. So we learn that today. Hello Lance Rivera. Thank you for the 99 Cents. I don't care everything else. I know we're all in tough Financial Times now, I mean crap. I haven't done a stand-up gig in so long and it ain't looking any better because Florida the co-counsel going up and up and up and you know, I don't I don't anticipate I'll be doing any shows in Florida or anywhere else time soon Benny local. Thanks for the five bucks. Hello, Jaan Niki chat. Yes. I'm chewing my arm off in anticipation. This is an anxiety-ridden day. I do have to say I woke up and you know just as soon as I got on Twitter, I started reading like the like the bad news already like, you know, and I know that it's sensationalism. I know they're doing it to like try and get us on the edge of our seat. I think they're even doing it to make sure that we get out and vote. So it could be a combination of both but it says buying is up ten points throughout the country, but the swing States off the difference is narrowing and I was like, oh come on. How could that be? Then? I went on CNN Anderson Cooper and he was like talking, you know about the jet which state he was saying at Lindsey Graham will probably win, Oh my god, listen, South Carolina get off your asses and vote. We gotta get this freaking lady G Grandma out of the freaking out of a his own seed. We gotta take over and see Jamie Harrison's got a win and everybody in South Carolina has got to make sure that happens. You don't want another six years in this idiot. Please dead. Mitch McConnell Mitch mcnicholas, we gotta get him out of there too. Can't stand this prick. Let's get him out of there. And you know, let's get Amy McGrath to beat him there. And then let's get Sarah Gideon to take take main kick out Susan Collins that Trader and then it looks like Mark Kelly is going to take out McSally and level we have a chance for Iowa. Let's get rid of Joni Ernst. Let's get rid of all these people. They're horrible for our democracy. They attach their freaking umbilical cord to the Trump train and it's time they go we need them. We need all we not we have we have to drain the swamp and when I say the swamp I'm saying these Trump sycophants because they're annoying and they're lowlifes. I already saw some tape on Twitter of the voter suppression too fat white guys trying to like stop people from voting. I I saw it happening in New Jersey. They put up a barricade in front of the polling place. This is the kind of BS that the GOP and they're sick of fans are going to try and Pull and this is why faith in God a federal judge said to the US Postal Service you go and make sure that no ballot is Left Behind and they are doing that Across the Nation right now because Louis dejoy, we're onto you. We're onto you do Joy. We know what's going on with you you prick you corrupt freaking want to be mobster. We know what's going on. And now you're going to be held accountable. We are swimming today. Now we earn on and I'm telling you right now be optimistic. I'm cautiously optimistic and that's why I can't wait to have my first guests James Carville on because he is going to really answer my questions about all that's going on and all this doomsday news. I'm hanging from the media. Hello Canadian bacon six foot been Anna Collins listening and waiting in Ireland. Look, this is not just about America. This is about every country every country wants to dotar doubt. I'm telling you right now, Ireland England Denmark Norway Sweden, France Italy Germany. They may want this schmuck out of the white house because he doesn't belong there. Just like my guest yesterday Anthony scaramucci said There's a reason why he's building an unscalable wall because because he doesn't want to be taken out now Cheri Jacobus again. Got me nervous got me nervous this morning, cuz she tweeted out, you know his Trump building the wall around the White House cuz he knows something that we don't in other words. He's expecting a riot when they cheat and rig the election off all these questions will be answered by the great James Carville political strategist and The Ragin Cajun will be on here in a couple of minutes to answer all those questions. And then Carolyn Maloney will try and soothe some of our fears as well. And then we'll hit home with Don Winslow and wage on that note first. Let me play a Lincoln project ad and this is for this pertains to doctor falchi and Let's just this is what's going on here. Okay people. All right, so let me get this up for you guys. And then here we go. Dr. Anthony falchi has served as director for the National Institute of infectious diseases since Nineteen Eighty-Four. He has served the American people and selflessly from Reagan to Bush to Clinton took Bush to open phone now to Trump. Don't tell anybody but let me wait till a little bit off. I appreciate the Tomorrow you can fire only one of them the choice is yours. The Lincoln project is responsible for the content of this advertising. That's right folks and that's right. That's exactly right. It's up to us to get rid of the dotard doctor falchi serve for every president Republican or Democrat an idiot is trying to discredit him You Gotta Be You gotta be kidding with me seriously un-freakin'-believable. Let me thank Lance Revenge Camanche fuse John is a legend do what I did support John even just once I want to be a mah-jongg. Please email me last Rivera follow me on Twitter. Thanks for the twenty bucks. Everything helps with everything helps my friends. And any minute now, we'll have James Carville. He'll be here any second The Ragin Cajun dead. Oh blue Morel and Stuttering. John falchi is in a civil service position Trump cannot fire him interesting. Interesting will have to ask Mister. Kolbo about that James Carville is going to be here any second and I can't wait. I also have a Don Winslow film all cued up and down. I don't know. Love you to Dianne Marshall and let's see we play the Don Winslow one as I'm waiting for James, okay. This is the Don Winslow film. He makes the greatest of weight changes here. So let me cancel that. Okay, without further Ado political strategists The Ragin Cajun James Carville on the Stuttering John program. How are you James? I'm good, man. See that first president LSU Charmin kicking ass from the get-go Williams James. I woke up today and I got like a little nervous. So I need you to soothe my anxiety because the first thing I saw was that although Biden's up 10% in the National polls. It says the swing states are narrowing what say you I didn't who stood Journal went back into the swing States and said that didn't see any changes. Oh really? That's the one who that's the one that they were citing. Well, it's narrower than the overall wage. But there's a hope but just some Arizona's now a little bit Pennsylvania's not a little bit. There's a whole cottage industry in scaring to ship out of that crash. All right, everybody comes on to just any bad news that they can find and these guys know that they can't get clicks. If it's a little too political like one of the worst offenders have stories had poles in Wisconsin tightening said a purple bow before was no 52-43 and this one was 4943 could be a rounding error off of scary, you know. Yeah, that's what it's sensationalism. Isn't it James? Well, it's just they know that if it's bad news that every Republican a great treat it in every Democrat is all right, cuz the Democrats are so neurotic. So on edge so afraid they should be this is a Democrat. Today you don't have like history and you know, they say well would it be like if I lived in 1860s would it be like in December 1941 shipped over there. The future of this Republic is not a good job at all. Not at all. No, but are you as optimistic that we're going to kick his fat ass? I am if if I just Go by reason I feel very good. But you know if you go in and you have a medical procedure and they say look does just 90% of time. This thing goes well with 10% Don't go through. Well, well, what are you going to be going to be apprehensive? So yeah, I am from everything on know how long I'm superbly confident. But the the I don't think it's anything like 2016. I don't think the analogy is hold up. Just turn out is a normal. I think the net effect of that. It might hurt us a little bit in, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin because we have a slack in a is in a rope is probably what rule small town working class, right, but I think this real upside in Georgia, Arizona, Texas Yeah, and we have a good lead in those three states and but I don't like anything that's unknown because the known is good. Yeah, you know might be better, but I'd like to just follow my hand. And write my sack and go go home. What do you think about, Florida? If nationally Florida never runs in a close election, Florida as ours closed. All right, and we don't have any reason to think this election is going to be closed. And what what's happened is is the Congressional polls much more optimistic, then the national polls which are much more optimistic than the Statewide both. They all going to have to converge tonight. I hope they're converging a good direction. But do you think that we will know cuz I know you said that we'll know by 10:00 tonight. Are you still sticking to that? I am sticking to that? Yes. Now what you have to say to have some chance that you'll know that it's going to be closed. I don't think it's going to be closed. I think I think would rather the Network's declare it they have their own kind of wage do it but guy said I know can look at two counties and tell you which way it's going to go. Yeah, which to Well, I probably look at New Hanover and North Carolina. I really love close at Gwinnett in Georgia. You need you need Stacy got to think fifty Seven and shove. So if you get sixty in Gwinnett, you can be pretty golden Duvall in Pinellas in for Florida that both kind of 50/50, you know, something will come in early June and that's where the villagers aren't some got 68 something. It's not if he gets sixty and something he's done if he gets what James I'm sorry. He gets sixty and something home county. He's done. Okay, so and and then how about Texas? We got a shot. Absolutely and real shot in Arizona. Probably a favorite. Okay, I'm just going through all these states. Like how about Pennsylvania? That's always scary to me. We have a Five six point solid lead it could get cut by reading astronomical flight will turn out but I think it's going to be comical turn out across the board. I look at Eric areas fifty-fifty County. So goes Erie County several go Pennsylvania. Nice big in Pennsylvania that vote election-day proportionally more most most state. So you're going to see you know, they'll be some incomplete stuff, but these qualities are going to be able to tell you. Pretty pretty clearly what's going on and like why do you think Donald Trump? Is it? Is it is it that he's confident that he's going down. This is something y z building this unscalable wall around the White House. Well, first of all, it's probably needed. All right, I mean in downtown Washington all the businesses are boarded up same thing. Like I've heard that's truly been Raleigh North Carolina it off. No, I think it maybe think there's some political value to it. But I am very very very very afraid of violence. And you know, it's not the problem with this election, you know, you don't unless I just want to win I don't give a shitt. You know what I mean? Forget it you gotta win this by five or more. It's not just winning is not good enough job to be deciphered because look I'm in Mississippi these yahoos think that there is zero chance. Did Trump collude because everyone there knows the trunk. So it's gotta be fake media fake Poland fake everything and they're not they're not they're going to be shocked and disappointed and angry and it could be could be not right now James. Do you think if Trump does lose like we all hope do you think he's going to leave gracefully or you think this is going to be a court fight and will it go to the Supreme Court which scares the academy or something? They gotta have something to go to Supreme if you want to buy more than five. Everything to go with it right away if they start were decisive election shit be a lot of trouble in this country. So I think I think we're going in by Melissa Bachman if we do, I think it's going to be fine. What Trump is Trump first of all and just this is just a gimmick. He isn't profound criminal legal Jeopardy, very profound from the New York State Attorney General to Manhattan da long should the federal government. I mean people don't realize that mullah basically said I have enough you got a laugh enough evidence to convict him on obstruction of justice. So Trump is going to try to do is negotiate leverage in negotiating way to block all safe passage. So he says he's inside all these people and he Hotel thousand people unless you give me a guaranteed that you're not going to bite meet in advance Hatton the Asian economic me and your cage is not so then Brian's got to go to the to them and took a look, you know, the FBI Homeland Security says if you're going to die him this 10% 10 times increase in the likelihood of violence in this country. I know he's guilty. We own know who's guilty, but the deal is have a sealed indictment and if he if he wants to do Trump T and he wants about tax cuts and deregulation and I don't know whatever he wants to talk to them as long if he mentioned violence. The deal's off and I think that's is much of criminally is it is big mistake that we made by not going out to these Bankers Life. I don't but there's some attraction to that deal. I mean people just want just get out of my face out of my life. I'm just almost I can't take it anymore. I can t James. I mean, it's it's it's just you just like Obama said it's like, you know, it'd be nice for people to wake up and not have to read about what them shit. This guy is said or done. You know what I mean? That's just the sight of him. All right drives people me. I don't know boss. I don't even care about football anymore. I watch Or endings that are all series. I don't know if I watch 5 to remind me to tell her she was playing on TV. My entire life is built around OSU football. I don't even know. I didn't even realize that the Breeders Cup was this weekend, I'd forgotten about it and I just want to I can't people say oh you gotta watch this on Netflix. I can't concentrate on anything else except this election. That's it. I don't have any I'm just say I hate being like this, but I'm just a consumer. Oh man that, you know can't believe the world that he's living in and I can't believe you know, my children must students and living in what they did not go through yet lunacy of the sky. It's like and then you get the tendency Borgata guard against this is to say how could anybody How is it possible to look at Justin Bieber this guy? The people are and we gotta be careful not. You know got to be careful not to spike the ball too much has shoving their face cuz it could be dangerous. Yeah, I know but that's just but that's the scary thing James, isn't it that now we like now we live in a country song. We have to worry about violence like, you know, if if they're guy doesn't win. I mean, did you see that bus the Biden bus and all those Trump supporters harassing it wage it idiot kid, whatever they were laughing about it and approved of it. I mean, it's just Now, I think that people are massively. Coming out and I think that the country is on the verge of telling them exactly what we think of it, which is not very much to say at least I do I'm kind of optimistic. Yeah. No, I mean I am too but do you think that how about the Senate? I mean, you know, tell me what you think about is McConnell going to lose is Graham going to lose our lives right Grand might I mean I talked to a pretty well said thinking of black share could be 31 or 32 that's astronauts 28 problems astronomical. But you know, as I said on television last night if Circle I was sent is a toss-up in Texas presidential is a toss-up. How do you lose your not this is not Yeah, and and and and you know, and how about Susan Collins? She's gone, right? Well, they have something called ranked voting in me. Yeah. No. I know. I am in the Angus King people believe that if it goes to rank Road including College really has stuff. It will probably go to rank vote. I don't know probably dick as as a kind of a Bernie bro. And but I think it's a she is seven people put put getting a second, you know, is that your phone James? I think we have at least a Savage there and and there's somebody else that I can call you right back. Okay, I'll call you right back. I'm doing the interview, okay? I love you. Okay, go ahead. Is that your wife youngest daughter? How old is she James Frank? You should never Express she didn't I don't know if you know kind of like politics. She'd like hate it when people come up and start talking politics with me, you know, and and sometimes having lots of I don't know situation which go too much goes I just hate Donald Trump. I can't depend I'm right. Yeah, like, you know going to graduate school and interior design and they're kind of Sorority Girl and you know, very protective, you know likes nice things and clothes and I'd pool man. She like like a would work out. Well. Yeah, you know, I have to say James all my kids are so so upset with this guy and my two oldest it was my middle child. She's nineteen. So she voted is our first first time she voted and she's an activist that UCSB getting out the vote to all the college students across Across the Nation, but I mean this song In seriously, the the youth hates them and isn't that good for us? Because I have a big young share of the vote but bigger younger. Yeah in my daughter's missing. My oldest daughter is a Muslim activist. Okay. She's like she assured me because she didn't think I'm Progressive enough. All right, but my youngest is just really I've never I've never been very social and You know, but to take the block off of you James I have to ask you should we be as concerned cuz I'm seeing this already like the voter intimidation off. And now the federal judge just said that he wants the US Postal Service to look at and find all the ballots because because the sickest corrupt want to be mobster off the joy. I mean, can they are they trying to rig this James of course, but not Grant but great grandmother was a postmaster and my grandfather was and my dad was Big you know it one of the set of things in American life whenever we put something in the mail forgot about it and ninety 9.9% of the time. You know the checks in the mail. Yeah, if it was in a value or get it probably line, but cost to this every institution that we have a hard Express how much the senior military takes his got? Yep did say And that's more than anecdotal evidence. I mean look at what they've done to the justice department. I mean, it's just totally totally clueless. I'm just for yep the morale in the foreign services. Beyond zero, I mean, sometimes you have to avoid this how could anybody really be for this guy? And the truck Matias is a very good piece by a really smart guy named Ron Ron Brownstein. He's a very close friend of mine in Atlantic and you know how long the people that are just scared to death of the demographic Geographic changes that are coming to the country and just traditional race and gender role in at all topsy-turvy and and, you know date they want to restore minutes make America great again and yet in this country god dude that took well nineteen fifty-eight when you're high Watermark, if you're a woman or a black person a gay person or you know, Anybody, you know Tino T next person or whatever it is and they are scared to death of this and that people not not like a daughter that brought transformation was that they they understand the country of being transformed. Yep. They want to be part of that Trend transformation Cog and that's what's at the root of all of this is that there's a it's going to be bad in Texas because These Guys these people that did one every election there are come back to it Texas rural whites have always held the power in the state and I suspect tonight, you know, because Texas is that's not that long are percent you'd be surprised how what the low percentage of people are actually employed in all in gas industry. It's not anywhere near what you you would think, you know, there's not that many minutes log. Borno State but that the cowboy cultures as a percent of the population is way down and so they're going to they're going to lose power. But if I'm right off they might lose it overnight. Don't get yourself a good sweat. And then they're going to say goddamn just not enough Texas. I grew up wouldn't you know? No, it's not. I mean, I think it's maybe they'll pull it out this time but its last leg. Well, well you've been in politics for a long time James and and this really irritates me that you ever seen something like this with the GOP in Texas was trying to throw out over a hundred thousand ballots cuz it was curbside voting now. I know the state judge found it but then I went to the federal level. I'm not sure what happened was is that the judge denied it but it just denied that the people had standing it's a little more complicated than that long and I think that a three-judge panel upheld it was about George W bush. I think they upheld it and now to ask informal to call on Bonkers in the fish sauce. really crazy so so are they going to throw these? I don't know. I I wouldn't put it past I mean but that's unbelievable. Isn't this isn't the country supposed to be out about every vote is is, again, I don't I haven't dissected it. So I don't know what there's something that says that yet. The voting place has to be a structure and is a tent destruction. All right. Now you need reasonable judge, but you go out of your way to allow votes account though your statue, but I remember it's a building. Is it a building that I struck up, but it but if it comes out that I don't do anything. Hang on the power. That they power does not Advocate very easily. It's oh my God. It's so sick gyms. You know, I think I think it was you that said that if we take North Carolina, it's over. Are you still sticking to that page, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio you going to win? and how we probably cause you could it's fine, but I'm running, you know, we're probably ahead clearly in Pennsylvania had somewhat in North Carolina ahead somewhat in Georgia, but I think it could be Florida is squirrely but the numbers are you know, so many people voted so it's hard to tell but it has been a little Improvement in Florida and Ohio would probably down one which doesn't mean much you know, and with the turnout is in Cuyahoga Franklin a Hamilton. Really be the whole ball of wax there. And if you if you lose Pennsylvania, you can't carry a lot. Sure and how about Michigan comfortably ahead home in Wisconsin too o nice. Well, that's some good news to hear. So it's just like it's just crazy. I mean you've never seen something like this before. I mean has the GOP try to cheat this badly ever before in your lifetime James. Well, first of all, the Republicans are not even like a party anymore their personality called And the chairman of Texas Republican party is kind of Allen West who is African-American really crazy right ring served in Congress. I think for how long a term of three and I mean his freely really out there. So they're not they don't care what the governor says that the Republican party is not really a nice kind of hierarchical party and it you know, they would get the kind of stability and you know people that you ought to start a meeting on time and it is just nothing like that anymore and took a lot of Republicans know that Ian Harrison has a question and thanks for the five bucks James. Are we taking back the Senate as well? If so will Dems reform the Supreme Court Pronto month? Again, I'm just going to tell you what. Oddsmakers say 538 Senate ticket to seventy-four seventy-five Seventy-Six percent chance that we run the city. I mean I could go through every seat for you to truth or dare say generally break for one party of the other and what you hoping for is tonight. You have like a 1980 election. We're just everything falls. Yes. They won't do it Pronto. But Biden who said that he's going to have people look into the federal courts. and I guess with a institutionalist would say somebody had like say that I hope they get the message in stop these and same rules. But I you know, they have just a lot of Democrats are so you know, we won the popular in the popular vote and said my eight elections and they just stole a collection of us may never whole branch of government and people that run it a terrible thing. Just helping it happen. The United States is just large numbers of people stutter have no choice of the federal judiciary. And you know that that's a terrible thing. Let's see. I think it through West ask James about Republican crossover votes and thinks it'll be significant the wind say NBC Wall Street Journal poll. And I think the CNN poll was so had not getting a 8% of the Republicans. Well, there's probably seven eight more percent Democrats in the country environment is getting ninety-three ninety-four percent of Democrats. So that that is significant, but you know with some Republican crossover can help in some it's going to be very little Democratic cost. There's very few people that voted for Hillary just open Trump that that pretty rare breeds. Yeah. Yeah, and and and and it looks like the independence are all going for Biden you gotta be careful about using word independent because it depends how ask you if I asked you a job. Republican Democratic independent A lot of people have an independent cuz it just well, okay, but if you if I say are you a Republican or Democrat or what and you have to offer the independent answer is going to be much lower wage. And then if I if I if I teased it out you might as well. I'm an independent I said, okay. Well in the last You know seven elections how many Republicans you voted for? Well tell you truth not okay, you're not really an independent all yourself independent. You can call you, you know, it's old joke about you know, God bar clutches suggested. Call me an ambulance, nameless. The guy said okay your nameless. I got to get you taken this and you know, I don't want to keep you too long. But but what what was your feeling after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and the like the very next hour Mitch McConnell is already, you know, trying to get another Supreme Court Justice picked. I mean, did you shake your head and go really? Yeah. it just you know, once I started the two thousand election, they said we do whatever we don't we're not even going to hear about it and it just it just Do something about it? And you know everybody Bahu and it on T and they write editorials and okay. It is nothing but the ruthless lentulus exercise of power. They don't give a shit. You gotta understand that these they don't they don't sit down a supreme court and like look up crap and law books. They do whatever they think is in their political than that party's political interests. Just what it is. Cheese and what's your take on Donald Trump saying that if he gets re-elected, he's going to fire a doctor pouchy course is your father. She hates doctors home. Of course, you know upon doctor Birds Hill fire fire anybody. He doesn't write democracy. He look at the people around him that just all affect. This this is the alpaca idiot, including him. He season campaigning and talking about not paying the microphone man. I mean you just you know, and and some stamps and did some kind of study browser been affected 30,000 people. and 702 died and he left these people like in Omaha land the plane left and Fries in 13 of caught pneumonia to took him three hours to get out. They did the same thing in Butler County Pennsylvania. Howard. Stern is right. He hates his supporters. That that's the same. You know, that's a single most brilliant observation his he can't stand those people and he can't stand that he has to rely on him for his freedom. Cuz they don't think ten for ten minutes between him independent country. So he just he uses him. He laughs at him. He you know, remember we know he said it because General Kelly and General Mattis refused to die out. He likes people at Della would to die for their country of suckers. I do that stupid James. Do you want to stick around a little bit or do you have to go or what your DM? I'll give you 5 more minutes and I got to go. Well, well, I have the congressman coming on from Carolyn. I really got to go so we good. Hey James. Listen, thank you so much again, man. I'm a big fan of yours, you know John Max loved our last, you know it, you know interview, please come back after we win. I'm so nervous. I can't see straight and like a deal. See you. All right. I'll see you James the great James Carville and I don't want to keep the congresswoman. I don't want to keep her waiting cuz I know she's got a short very short window while she's on the on the road campaigning. Yes. Well, it looks like she didn't win. I'm in New York going to Paul and the turnout is great. It's a huge this morning over two million people had voted probably another million today lines are there. Spirits are up and everybody. I've talked to his voting for Biden. Awesome, but we know that we're going to win New York Carolyn. I'm concerned about Pennsylvania. You know, what do you think? Well, I think Pennsylvania is very close. I think South Florida is very close. It's very close a lot of places, but the polls have been calling it for Biden. I'm not there so I can't really talk about it. But practically every single pole in America has said he's going to win said he's going to win and those two critical states, which if he wins the game is over. He's one if he takes Florida and mom takes up Pennsylvania. And then it says it's looking good Michigan's looking good. So it's looking good. The only thing is that some of us who lived through 2016 whatever you post said Hillary was going to win. We we still have a little bit of a nightmare or concern about that. Hopefully the pollsters have perfected their their their their their their page. Passion have a more accurate read this point, but it's amazing how how every single pole practically in the whole country is predicting abiding wage except for one. Yeah, and I know and but you know what really got me nervous Carolyn is that they like the Wall Street Journal poll like was like biting up 10% nationally, but the swing states are tightening and that like scares me. Well, I think it's it's scary because so much is at stake. And I'd like to make America normal again, you know back and putting people first and saying foreign policy and working together with our allies and and moving forward. So there are a great deal of steak. This is it's amazing. The number of people that are voting off the number of the amount of intensity in the selection when we had early voting. I I couldn't believe the lies they were unbelievable people were waiting in line five hours long and it's all across the country. I'm hearing so I think that ultimately the American people will decide Bond thing that we must be patient with is every single book has got to be counted and we can't make any determinations anywhere until every single vote is counted. Everyone's voice has to be heard and wage. We know since many places for the first time have early voting and voting by mail. We've never had open voting by mail. Do you had to be sick or have some big reason why you couldn't vote in person. So these are all new things that are happening in some states like New York that haven't done it before so there there may be some slowness and taking all the steps that you should take to open the ballots. Each one is open separately and reviewed by all campaigns and and processed appropriately. So I think there there may be some attention to call the race early, but let's all be patient. Let's respect everybody's vote and wait until every single state every single City and County Council all the the ballots that people have made such an effort to to do and to make I'm really touched by the number of people are coming and Walkers and you know, they're standing. Yep. And all these long hours cuz they want their vote to be counted. They want to be part of this historic election, which hopefully I'm a Democrat so I'm completely and totally behind Vice President Bush. I think we're going to pick up a lot of Independence and a lot of Republicans. What do you think about the Senate? I think the Senate is very close. I'm in the house. And the good news is that we believe we're going to pick any up anywhere between five and fifteen new seats eight nine. Thirty Thirty seats that we we we flip the last time so it's going to be a solid Democratic win in the house. The Senate is very often. Even the leaders in the Senate are calling it too close to called. They're very very close in many states and we're just going to have to be patient and allow the people to vote have their voice heard and we'll see where we are. But I'm always optimistic. It's hard to be in this field and not be optimistic. I I believe we're going to win the presidency the Senate and the house. We are able to move quickly with expanding and protecting health care and National plan to combat covid-19. What time is the Green New Deal protecting our environment the Equal Rights Amendment ratified? I mean I could go on and on with a unified Democratic majority we can get a lot done very quickly off for this great country. So I'm I'm exhausted but a static and happy and I feel very up because the people I'm talking to course people know I'm not I don't think anyone else would talk to me but they're all telling me they're voting for Biden and they're behind him a hundred percent and I'm never in my life seen such commitment and enthusiasm for an election and we've had some great Democratic candidates. But this time it's different people want to make America normal again, and working in a coherent way to help people help the save our environment protect women's rights workers rights lgbtq rights grow the job. Please jobs back to America and I grow the jobs are infrastructure. We keep waiting for the infrastructure believe me in a democratic congress senate and presidency will have a massive wage good paying jobs to restore our infrastructure and move us into the twenty-first century. So I'm optimistic not only about this election, but what it's going to mean to America and to the the American people and the economy of our of our great country one last question cuz I know you have to go but if and well when by and wins and when we took the Senate will we add more seats to the Supreme Court? Well, I support it. I support it. I think they didn't play fair when President Obama he months that he was trying to get his appointee to the Palm Court. He was a very respected jurist from both sides of the aisle and they completely ignore it and they took this and jammed it through three weeks before an election that's unfair. Now, if you look at the history of the Supreme Court, it's not cast in stone. It's grown involved and and I think that we have to move forward cautiously up Vice President. Biden has said he wants a a blue ribbon commission to come with pros and cons and the and and you know and look at it in a way that's very thoughtful but I think that there's a lot of arguments to move forward and and if we had a good bipartisan commission, maybe we could get a bipartisan support to move forward. I would say after 9 a.m. When this country was unified and determined we came out with a technician that came out with roughly 51 suggestions about how to make this country safer in a bipartisan way. We moved forward and and enacted practically every single one of them and it did make this country safer. So I think it needs to be looked at debated analyze, but I think it's on the table obviously and and I will follow the procedure that president has put out there. He wants a bipartisan commission similar to the nine-eleven commission is completely dedicated to coming up to up a decision. That's right for the country. Will we will we know the outcome by tonight? I don't think so because there are so many paper ballots. Let me get this phone is ringing but we have so many ballots out there. Not only are we going to have the ballots that are going to paper ballots now because of whatever problem that you might have at the voting booth, but we have you know, we have so many we're going to have more I predict we will have more people voting by mail than we have voting today and and with the with the early birth, which Most states have put through before because of the Covent and and the covin is brought a lot of A lot of challenges and I I would say it's absolutely changed everything including elections. We prefer the first time at least in my state. We have mail-in ballots. We have early Bangkok. We have all kinds of another difficulty is that conducting an election is done on a state level. It's not a federal. It's a federal election, but each state has their own rules and guidelines and in some States. They're they're saying if it's postmarked then you can have seven days to get the ballot in cuz the males of slow other three days, so you're going to have you're going to have account until as I said, every ballot is counted and right now some states have off days after the election that if it's postmarked before the election, it can be counted. So we won't we won't have a decision. I don't I don't think unless unless there's a cock. Blow out and and then it's so obvious but I think that we should respect everyone's ballot. We should be patient. We should respect the process and not let the state election boards count every single ballot and I don't think we should jump the gun. We should let every ballot be counted. So the election is absolutely dead accurate and a lot is riding on us. So we we have to be and we need to listen to the American people and respect their votes. I agree and just let me page. Where are you right now? It looks like you're at somewhere in Manhattan. Well right now I'm in Long Island City Queens am going I am going to Manhattan. I'm forgetting to the bridge to get over to Manhattan to close some polling sites and check on the on the on the election process, but all day long. Been very liveable problem. Haven't been problems. There's been respect. Everybody is social distancing patiently waiting in line for their turn to vote. The wage board has many many volunteers and professionals helping people to vote. There's a special privileges given to anyone that has an ailment or the elderly to help them to the front of the line in a very orderly process that respects people respects the ballot and is respecting our democracy. And and we stand alone when you think about Iraq in terms of countries that have a peaceful transfer of power. There's so many we take it for granted we take it for granted but there's many countries that have never had the experience of having the expression of their citizens and the peaceful transfer of power. It's usually a revolution or a coup or you know, some some upheaval that that makes them Change but in our country The Ballot Box is our is our determination. We don't have revolutions. We have elections are much better off and that's we're going through right now historic one the largest most exciting one and most consequential one and and and and my life and it's a great honor to be on a show and it's a great James Carville. He's he's always so funny and so wise and so you you gave all of us a treat today to get him on the show off. Thank you Carolyn and have a slice of pizza on me. I'm in California man. Do I miss that New York Pizza, which is the truth. We've got the best food in the world. World cuz when you live in New York, you don't have to go to where the whole world comes to you about the restaurant and its really great pizza Greek your name Chinese You Name It We got everything. All right girl. Thank you so much for coming on. Okay, let's let's be posted and be glad to update you anytime you want on what's Happening where particularly in New York on the about count? I don't think New York is going to get through this ballot count. It won't obviously because we have a three-day period that you can cast your ballot you can you have passed it on Election Day, but a three days to have it come in if it's late in the mail and we're getting reports spent on the news and I'm getting reports to from people calling me in Congress about delays in the mail, which is causing some problems. So we need to look into that a lot to look into but right now I'm looking forward to a successful election and and I hope my candidate life President Biden is the next president United States and and Makes America normal and great even more great. All right Congressman. Thank you so much for coming on thank you for having me. All right, have you voted I voted about a week ago. Good tell everybody to vote. We still have more time before the polls closed. Everybody's got to get out there and vote if you haven't already. All right. Thanks. Thanks so much. Come back again soon. I will anytime. All right. Thank you Carolyn. Okay, bye-bye. I take care. All right the great congresswoman from New York Carolyn Maloney before I bring it on Don Winslow. Let me just pay the bills Don. Just give me a minute to just do the sponsors Speed Weed. They took over in La sativa, Indica Edibles CBDs and it's awesome the weeds great and you know I can log Enough about speed. We'd Gino just gave me my delivery. And you know, I'm going to need something I cuz I'm freaking super anxious about you know about this election. So, you know, let's just hope that that we could win but Speed Weed. And I go there if you want some Quality quality marriage Awana and also let me just say as you know, I am a betting man. So I will, I will tell you about my favorite wedding website the wait is finally over football is back. 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And just to give you an idea of Dawn's work before I bring them on. I'm just going to play you. I think his most recent film he makes films and this is one of them that I have already done. So I'm just going to I'm just propping you up here Don so so here we go. Let's let's play a Don Winslow film page, then we'll get and that'll have gone on. people talk a lot about Midwestern values Here in Michigan. We lived those values. things like decency honesty and respect treating everyone the same but we're hurting in Michigan right now in our factories on our farms in our hearts off than basically paycheck-to-paycheck and then some month let the credit card bill go Michigan's the worst right now. We believe when we look someone in the eye and tell them what we're going to do we do it. We don't say one thing and do another. Here in Michigan. We believe in the golden rule. We believe in paying our fair share. In Michigan, we don't pound our chests and blow our own horns. We just get the job done. We suit up show up and get to work. We take responsibility here in Michigan. We don't believe in paying off pornstars to keep their mouths shut about who we really are and we don't think much of a man who disrespects women off. In fact, we don't think he's much of a man at all. Michigan deserves a president who tells the true Michigan needs change Michigan deserves a president who cares about all of us. What do you mean? Okay, Michigan deserves a president who believes in things like decency honesty, and respect. I'm Jeff Daniels, I grew up in Michigan lived here. Most of my life still do. I voted for Joe Biden. Love it. Love it. Great film The Great Don Winslow on the program today. Hey, Don. Hey, how are you John? Thanks for having me man. Hey great film man. I mean, I love you work. Thank you very much. Thank you said it was a pleasure to write, you know for Jeff who's a great guy and a straight shooter. And you know, I I went to college in Nebraska my wife's from Nebraska. I lived there for years. I understand the Midwest and the Great Plains and loved it. And so that was that was a work of Love. Yeah. Yeah, and it's so true. I mean it, you know done I mean, you know, you're a bit older than me, but I mean in my lifetime, I have never experienced such a horrible human being as Donald Trump and let alone such a horrible president. I mean just just the lack of caring for for any human being except himself and the lack of compassion is is is horrendous. That's terrifying. It's offensive, you know, I was watching a documentary other night about White House photographer who was the White House photographer for Bush and for Obama and in photo after photo both those together, as you know political assets you had all these moments of warmth and compassion you saw them with people hugging people touching people relating to people I haven't seen one page one photo of that with this guy know and I love that in that film you use that very for me. It was a very emotional emotional moment when Joe Biden hugged that you know, mentally challenged kid and and you know, and it was so emotional cuz you said, you know you okay and the kids know and but Joe gave him a big hug. I mean that's the kind of guy that we want to be our president and not the Grab & Bar the pussy president, you know, not a narcissistic sociopath which is what he is dead. You know, listen, I mean buying you can agree with Biden disagree with Biden. This is all gone Way Beyond politics. This has gone beyond left or right. This is about right and wrong is a fundamentally decent human being fundamentally decent guy and and that's what we need. So badly right now know I know and and I I just hope we win Don and you know, thank you for doing the Lord's work because you know between you guys Lincoln project Midas Touch and really American cheese in all these great things that you guys are putting out and I know you've been working non-stop and you're an author by trade, correct? Yeah. Yeah, right books, you know, and really that's all I ever wanted to do I wanted to be is is I write crime fiction. I tell crime stories, you know, I never intended to be a political person never intended to do this, but these are strong. Jumps and shame, you know you refer to Shane Salerno my my agent my partner and a Wrangler in his own right, you know all the sequel to Avatar and Armageddon a shaft and you know, we just decided to get together and do this because we felt it was our responsibility. Yeah, you know, that's the same thing with me down like normally this podcast. I mean it it normally was an entertainment comedy podcast what you know, as soon as I, you know, prank the president and and realize just what a horrible and you know and and immature and person he was and how and how disorganized his administration was and how bad he is for the American people. I said what I'm going all-in. I am doing a political podcast and I'm having this many smart people on this show to you know, try and inform people about the evils of this man and the Evil Dead His administration. Well, thanks for doing what you're doing. And thanks for the pranking. I think it was or well who said you know, every joke is a small Revolution and this is a particularly thin-skinned wage guy. We've got the White House man. He's he is the the ultimate condition out and can't take it guy. You know that schoolyard bully that the second you punch him in the nose. He goes running to teach her and Thursday. And so I think the jokes are good. The pranks are good. It gets under a skin. Oh, yeah. No, I know and you know that irritated the crap out of them. Yeah. It was great and I laughed I appreciated you. So it's it's nice to be on with you. So so what do you think man? I mean like I don't know like I I woke up this morning and oh I saw on Twitter that was trending girl was Biden up by 10% in the polls, but the swing States and narrowing and I just started to get this knot in my stomach like oh, come on how I mean I could people even how could it even be closed on? Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. Listen. I am I am optimistic guardedly, you know optimistic, you're almost after 16 afraid to say these things out loud, you know. Yeah it for fear of jinxing it but I'm optimistic but I agree with you. I I can understand 16 how some people voted form. You know, I think that that my party the Democrats Democratic party stop talking to people. Yeah, and we were talking down to people and I think we were so convinced of the righteousness of our own position. We didn't bother to sell it and didn't bother to really communicate with if I don't think that's the case now and I think people have had for years to find out who this guy is and what he's done and what he hasn't done wage. Any any of the promises come true, where's the infrastructure plan? Where is the health care plan even as well, which I opposed. He didn't build he repaired a few miles from Mexico certainly didn't pay for it. No, you know, I guess a lot of golf got played and and done isn't that the apocracy off when Obama was President Donald Trump said, why is he golfing so much if I was President, I would never have time to go. Meanwhile, he's got more than any Modern Day present in our history. It's unbelievable. I hate God. I can't I can't get the ball through that windmill or the Clown's mouth or anything, you know, but I mean, this is really odd. I mean isn't this just like jaw-dropping that like and then you see like these guys in their trucks at the Trump legs and you know, and and trying to like, you know knock Biden's bus off the robe. Old and and he encourages it. Yes. He says he's those quote Patriots did nothing wrong acting like thugs and brown shirts, you know, and why that alone is Jim teachable is beyond me. You know, I don't know. I'm so sick of the insecure American white guy with me, you know looks like a but I'm so sick of that guy, you know grow up. Look at the world the way it is, you know, like I was shocked. I just did a friend of mine's podcast an office. He had Gennifer flowers on remember to learn a new Jennifer did a play with Jennifer Samaritan. All right, so she was saying how the clintons were off such Liars you couldn't believe anything they said and she just voted for Trump and I'm going okay. Let me get this straight you're saying the clintons of the biggest Liars, but you don't off. But you voted for Trump. I mean Don this guy's lied more than anybody ever something like twenty thousand laws in public. I don't think we can tell the truth. I don't know who he recognizes it. You know, I think the truth is whatever comes to his head at the moment, you know, it's like colorblind people, you know, some of them cannot see the color green no matter what you do. I don't think he can see the truth, but for for Jennifer to say need to vote that way I feel badly for her and a little bit ashamed to tell you the truth. Yeah, I was I was just but just had the mentality of these Trump supporters, like even even at the pub hang out with like I'll say, you know, and there's a certain amount of probably the majority are Trump supporters and I get the plenty of arguments because you know, some of them like the, you know, push my buttons off but like even when I even when I say Trump lies twenty thousand times, they'll go well all politicians lie. They lie on both sides. It's not the same. Yeah, it is not. In fact the case his lying is is you know pathological liar has become almost a meaningless phrase and it's almost an excuse that sort of lets the person Off The Hook em, you know, no it is not the case, you know, and and we need to realize that and and hopefully today we act on it. Yeah, I mean God I hope so you said where are you going to be watching? The I'm in I'm in Rhode Island where I grew up. We live sort of outside of San Diego part of the year and in Rhode Island a little sort of Bruce Springsteen town on the coast here. So I'll be in my living room, you know watching it. It's where I was the night that Obama was first elected and and one of the happiest sort of public nights in my life. So I'm hoping for another night like that. Yeah. I had a party in my mansion in Calabasas and I had everybody all over and I literally had tears in my eyes because I couldn't believe that we finally got off. Were the racial hump did an African American president? Right and I and I thought we do it again in 2016 by electing a woman but unfortunately that didn't go off. Although I'm not too sure that was a legit election. I I you know, I question a lot of the trickery that was going on there. And that is my fear now done. Are you worried about that? I am too. I'm worried about beating, you know, listen to these these guys have shown us over the last four years Trump and his Republican, you know, the invertebrates of the Republican Senate have shown that there is no limbo contest that they will lose they they will go as low as they need to go. I put nothing beneath these guys and so that's a worry for me as well. So, when did you decide to start doing these films like, you know, and what was the impetus for it? You know, I think we started with some stuff on police shootings and then with Bill bar and we yep. We got an audience people seem to respond to it. And and so we thought okay, let's let's keep going and see if we can reach more people here. So I guess yeah, and I'll tell you everybody knows about you because when I when I had Anthony scaramucci and we had that and we had that mixed up and I thought you coming on. Yeah, he mentioned you even before he knew you were supposed to come on. He's like Don Winslow is doing a great job and I'm like, wow, you just mentioned on he supposed to come on right after you it's funny, you know, cuz we we kind of Slam, you know scaramucci in these things and and he was nice enough actually to ride and say I still have your books on my shelf even though you've been Railing at me, you know. Yeah, look, I mean, you know, it's it's been Shane and me we've been a team for a long time on a lot of things and it's been off to do this and I think you know after this we might just you know, step back a little bit. Let's see how tonight goes. Are you the actual one who's editing everything or do you have an editor and Shaq? Most of the editing and we have an editor. Yeah, but Shane does most of the edit. Yeah, and and then do you write them or Shane entire item? Yep, awesome, man, because you've done like a lot of the Swing States, I believe Thursday. Yeah, Pennsylvania me a lot of them. Absolutely. Yeah, we focused, you know lately on Pennsylvania and Michigan because I think that's going to be the game in May wish so we've really been been focused on a Yeah, and I'm just so freaking nervous because I don't know if you saw today in Jersey. They had you know, trumpanzees putting up blockades in front of the polish boots. And then you have another one where guys are yelling and calling people expletives who are trying to vote for Biden. I mean, it's really really scary and they're in their Trump flag trunk, which is odd by the way, it's voter intimidation, which is legal it is it's a federal crime. But but look, I mean what it is is fascism. These guys are brown shirts, you know, we look at movies of a 1930s Germany. Look at Italy that's what was going on voter intimidation. They sort of ugly displays threatening violence. You know, I have a Biden sign in front of our house has been vandalized twice stolen twice. I sort of, you know, explain the math by every time they took doubt lunch time. I put up to and everything it took down two signs. I'm off. For isn't you know, just sending a signal guys. I can do this all day. Yeah, it's not a problem. So keep that up and then they stopped but yeah, it's it's it's ugly but it shows you who this man is. Yeah. I know and it God, you know, it's true. It seems like it's just really dumb white guys off. I mean like and Trump loves the poorly educated like he said and this is what is his core of supporters are look we've had a 400-year head start off like us right. If you can't win the race after four hundred years with a 400 year Head Start, I'd suggest to you the race isn't the problem. You give me a 400 your startup afforded Your Head Start. I'll be Hussain bolt. You know, I mean, I think it's some point we don't we have to look to ourselves, you know and ask why why aren't I getting where I want to get but I think that these people and they were chatting it at Charlotte's Berg, you know, you will not replace us and and that's their great fear and then you hang out at Trump's last rally where he's quoting General Robert Lee a confederate general, I mean I guess he's really just trying to attract all the white supremacist in this country. Is that where we used to talk about him blowing dog whistles. It's not dog whistles anymore is everybody can hear it off. You know, he's he's blown frequency. Yeah, it's it's a bullhorn, you know, so yeah again he is who he is, you know. And again, let's hope let's hope this ends. And what's your take on Billboard? Have you done any films on him? We've taken a couple of shots at bill barlick. I mean, he's a classic enabler. He is, you know, a trump was always whining earlier in his administration about wanting is Roy Cohn now, he's God, you know again, I have no respect for the man, you know, you can't find a spine in him. He is completely suppan totally complicit in you know what this guy wants to do. Hopefully, we'll have him out of there. Oh God, I I mean I mean well out of there then you know, he might also be facing some criminal charges. It seems like a lot of people in this Administration already have been indicted and a lot more to come when you say you're the most corrupt Administration we've had since Grant or Rutherford B Hayes, you know, and I think there probably are more to come. You know, let's let's see what the southern district of New York has to say about it. I know and then I had James Carville on and he was saying that Trump is probably going to try and negotiate like if he loses money somehow to get out of those indictments those pending indictments if he loses gracefully, do you think that's going to happen? I don't know who knows what this guy, you know, my my opinion don't go away mad. Just go away. No, I know. I know what should take on his spawn. Have you done anything? You know, you know, have you done films? I'm not return home. Homes, and I just get them all mixed up sometimes. Yeah, me too. We've done a lot of them. You know, we've done a lot of tweets. Yeah, look, you know, I mean the the the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree wage. Uh, they're punks, you know, uh, big Brave Hunters, you know who have guides Drive helpless animals in where they can execute them. They lie, you know, it's interesting. I mean this this guy from that marriage has two adult sons and they're both Fredo. You know, it happened. I know I know I know I was I always referred off work is Fredo. Yeah, both of them, you know. Yeah, you know in Michael or sunny there. Yeah, because Don Jr. What's going on with this guy. He seems like he's on like he's doing drugs. Yeah. Well, there's no argument DNA. Because and he non-stop tweets about Hunter Biden. Yeah. Yeah. I mean last I checked on what the Bible not running for president. No, I don't think he is and neither is Bernie, you know, and neither is Hillary doesn't seem to matter. These guys know they keep them in that way. I guess. I don't know. I you know, it looked and then you know my old man taught me early on that one of the best ways to go crazy is to try to figure out crazy. That's true, you know Spike off, you know, you chase your own tail around doing that. It's true. But I you know, I just like I follow Don Jr. Just to see what idiocy he writes because he can't spell I mean he obviously is very, you know, the the Apple fell very close to the tree cuz he can't spell either. He spelled radical the other day r i d i c l e and I'm like ridiculous. It's like, you know, if you're going to try and you know tweet something like beating up on on somebody you might want to spell radical correctly. Yes spell checker. He probably has a stash, you know, look at these things. I mean to me Donald Trump is is is Mussolini with Wars hair and a less command of English. I know I mean, but you know, I remember when he's actually said that in 1775. We took over the airport's yeah and believes it off and then and then they claimed it was because his teleprompter got wet and he couldn't see it. My my fourteen-year-old kid knows. It was no airport. She said 75 or yeah, like there was a word close to that right like in 7075. We got the Airedales or something and that was his mistake. I don't know, you know, I mean we laugh about it John but dead. But it's so serious, you know, I'm a historian by education and by inclination and and to have a man in charge of our country in the most powerful person in the Western World be ignorant about history. is terrifying Yeah, who knows nothing about our past? How is he supposed to direct our present or future you know, so yeah, we joke about it and we should it's funny but it's no, you know, it's it's like a tragic comedy, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's it's Aristophanes, you know, Cloud Cuckoo Land. Yeah, I mean cuz it I mean it is funny. I mean, he's the Alfred E Neuman of you know, like of a president but it is scary because he's in charge of the nuclear codes. He's got yeah, he's got the button, you know, he's got the football game so, you know, but look, I mean just look at the damage he's done to this country and four years. Do you recognize this place know and that's but that's the scary thing. So then so then I'll explain to me. Why these people in the in the trucks and the what like don't they get that the country's falling apart? Yeah, I think part of it is is what Trump is good at is The elevator pitch, you know, he's he's good at slogans. He's good at simplistic answers and I think sometimes particularly in times of great anxiety people people crave simple answers, you know, uncertainties tough uncertainties tough on everybody and these are extremely uncertain times. I mean you and I haven't even talked about covid-19. It is bungled response to that and even as I say bungled I take it back because it wasn't so much bungling. It was immoral neglect wage based on wanting to get reelected and keeping the stock market High. That was the reason for this response. So when I say bungling, you know, I think that was probably a misnomer but I think you know, we don't know what's going to happen with code number buddy. Does people would most people out there doing their best but at times of uncertainty I think people do crave that short simplistic response and and they're all lies coming out of this guy, but unfortunately a lot of people buy them. Well, you know speaking of covid-19 don't know if you know Glenn kirschner, you know him. Yeah a little bit but I don't know him. Well, he's you know, he's a frequent guest on the program. He said he's like a 30-year prosecuted he is convinced that he could convict Donald Trump of something called depraved-heart Murder. It's where that he knows that this thing is going to kill people but he does nothing about it any and he Compares it to a case that he one where a robber is chasing a woman and then as he's chasing the woman the woman gets hit by a dog. Are now it's the driver of the car that killed the woman but it's was caused because of the robber, right? So essentially Trump is the robber. He knows how lethal this thing is but he's doing nothing about it because he doesn't care about the people it's killing. Right right, he cares about that stock market and and his own re-election and his own ego, you know, it's again, it's it's horrifying, you know, so if we're only that is that where the one thing that should disqualify him from being a resident but it's not the only thing that we could you know, I'm not going to go through the laundry list. We all know it, you know, and again, it's not right or left. It's not democrat or republican. I mean this guy was done for me when he made fun of that disabled report. Yep. That was it for me. You know, I mean, I wouldn't, you know, I'm a Democrat and I would have voted for Trump any wage. I lost all respect, right? Yeah. Yeah, and you know, I'm a stutterer and and honestly what Donald Trump did during those debates I'm convinced of it cuz I know what happens off as a stuttering they told him to interrupt by because they knew and I know this in any stutter of would if if a stutterer gets interrupted it makes them more anxious and they stutter more faith. I didn't know that. Okay. Yeah, and that's why you saw Biden was struggling a little bit and it wasn't because he like, you know, he you know, he, you know, he lost his cognitive ability it was because he was looking for a replacement words and phrases because he knew he was going to start her on the ones that he couldn't say and unfortunately in this country and were even in this world people person see a stutter as a weakness. I think that the vine people did a really good job getting out in front of that. And and turning it into a positive and and showing his compassion with people with the same issue, you know, and so by the time those debates came about I think I think the viewing audience was prepared for that and understood exactly what it was. Yeah, and here's another question for you. I mean, I know you're busy you have another film that you working on. They'll be done our last film dropping soon. Yeah. Well, please me and I'll retweet it. As you know as I know I'm sure you but here's the thing. I'll never understand because many of the Christian groups of come out against Donald Trump, but yet I can't understand why the evangelicals still support this guy off, you know, even though he's broken every Commandment that there is I don't how can you explain this religious backing? I don't get it at all. I don't know. I think it's a case of people supported him and 16 and now they don't want to admit that they were so wrong. I just think that that's it. I think that the the abortion issue is part of it. I think for for some Christian who you know who who can't seem to read his history. By the way. We we put a sweet up today, you know showing things he'd said, you know that was pro-choice, but I think that that's part of it, but I also think it's people getting their feet dug in and not wanting to admit it. You know, I've talked to Christians and and I've said if you read your own book, You know, have you read whatever you do to the least of mine you do to me in regard to to these kids On the Border in cages. Yeah and home and I have had very Frank discussions with people and I've been very blunt. I said look, I don't share your beliefs. But if you're right, if you're right about religion and about the universe and God and Jesus and all of that I fear for yourself. Yeah, yeah because really and I know this sounds extreme, but to me he is the Antichrist. I mean, he's everything that Jesus wasn't. Well, I mean look, I'm not going to quote the guy in in terms of his assaults against women and what he said, we all know what he said should have been over right there. Yep, in terms of crack in terms of paying off porn stars and and other Mistresses to keep their mouths shut over right there. Yep, you know and so the hypocrisy is absolutely awful and speaking of hypocrisy then you have people, you know getting on Biden cuz like sometimes he'll hug a kid or whatever. Yeah. Yeah, but that's in public. I mean it's not like anything on the various but just I'm sorry. I interrupted you and I apologize. Oh, no. No, it's okay. I can handle it cuz it seriously does it get any lower? Then falsely accusing someone of child abuse. Does it get any lower than that? Somebody said that about me we're gonna dance we're going to go, you know, and I'm not a violent guy. I'm a cupcake but somebody says that we're going you know, and and so what a what a horrible horrible thing to say and to do when it is so clearly off. Yeah, and and the thing I was going to bring up is you know, he was accused of raping a thirteen year old kid, you know in Jeffrey Epstein's years, you know, and it's pedal mentioned I mean and and it was pretty descriptive then she filed a case against him it went away. Thanks to at least a bloom. I don't know what was agreed upon but this guy is sick. I mean literally sick. Yeah. Yeah, it's bad guy. He's a bad guy, you know, so we will all like just woke up our courage tonight and and stay positive, which I think we have a reason to be and hope that this this nightmare is over and hope also that this has been a long day just an exception these past four years in the American Experience. You know, that that we go back to at least trying to fulfill our democratic ideals and Our Gang. Terry and ideals and what you think of him tear gassing people so he can do a photo op holding a bottle upside down in front of a church home. I mean and you know, he never read the Bible. Look again. I I'm not particularly a Christian. I've read the book a few times. You know, I'm sure I could quote more of it than than Donald Trump could but again, it's just show business. The guys are reality T star. He's not a billionaire. He owes hundreds of millions of dollars and Deutsche bank's about him loose right and demand their money. So he's not a Christian, you know, it was a great moment where I forget what interview was saying, you know, you respect. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I do. What's your favorite Biblical quote? I know. Well, I want to get into specifics, you know, keep up with one. No. No, he couldn't even come up with like John 3:16. No way. I could not you know, nothing The Lord's Prayer anything. So, you know again the the the conservative Club. To vote for the sky I I fear for them. But but that's the thing that people are so forgiving to him like Sarah Palin when interviewed by Katie Couric and you know and when she asked what do you read Sarah Palin didn't have an answer and that was like a real gotcha moment. Like wow the the Trump Bible question where he could not one verse. Why isn't that like a big gotcha question he can't even name that you read a book. No, I don't. I don't even think he read his own book know he's certainly right. I know, you know, you know has he read a book, that'd be another great question not since green eggs and ham if that you know, listen man if she said Horton Hears a Who I'd be happy, you know and keeping your promises if if Trump came and said, yeah man, I read Horton Hears a Who and it really influenced me. I'd feel a little better off. Yeah. No, I know. I know it's just I mean it's just insanity. And what's your take on Mike Pence? Well, listen, all these guys are spineless in a worse, you know, it pants Rubio Lindsey Graham Ted Cruz all of these guys, we know what they said about and we know what they really thought much about him. We've got her I put it out in video and now, you know, they support him president Pence would be a disaster. But God has asked her, you know, I thought he was smarmy in that debate. I thought he was condescending in that. I thought he was everything that that women complain about men be in that debate. I like Kamala Harris a lot by the way, that's no secret. So, you know, Mike Pence, please. You know any of any of those guys have no respect for them at all. And and and I'm not one of those people who hates Republicans automatically. Yeah. I'm not I you know years ago, I subscribe to National Review so I can read the opposing point of view, you know, but they have over the past. It's really since the Obama election, but especially over the past four years have disgraced themselves as a as a party. They they should shut it down. They should fold up that tent and go away and I don't know let the wigs or somebody be the next party because they had totally disgraced themselves. I would not vote for a republican for any office at any time for any reason for the rest of my life known know I mean look at and I had an army major ex-army major on originally. I don't know if you've seen him, but he's great and he just said Rand Paul Brandt Donald Trump call dead. Rand Paul's wife ugly. Yeah, and yet ran Paul is a Donald Trump bootlicker like yeah, how do you explain this? If someone is something my wife, you know, I do the dance, you know what I mean? Right right. I I think I explained it. I one word cowards. They're cowards. You know, they looked at the polls. I think this guy's a lot of support. I can't go up against him and get reelected and they sold their souls and in my opinion, they they sold their manhood to their person hoods, you know what I mean? They again no respect whatsoever for know and be in the same room with them, you know, God I know and it's just so obvious done. I mean, like look what like Donald Trump goes and appoints the Postmaster General when he knows that the wage is going to be lot of voting by mail due to his pandemic and I mean, it's right in front of our eyes this Louis the joys like a wannabe mobster, I you know, I mean and then he destroys 700 sorting machines. Yeah. Yeah right in front of our eyes, you know, they look they don't even bother to hide it and talked about the other day and said, hey go back. Vote twice, you know, and then then he complains about an unfair or crooked election. They they don't even bother to disguise it anymore. You know in my my hope is that you know in that early voting and today that that the vast majority of Americans have recognized this see it for what it is worth say not my country I've had enough and and then you know, I don't know if you saw what happened in Texas the GOP in Texas is trying to get over a hundred thousand Houston votes thrown out because they would curbside votes. Yeah, and the state court said no and I don't know what the federal court has but it's just it's still what I think it's still out. I don't know. I haven't even seen the decision but I mean since when is is it American to throw out votes? I mean, these people are spike said the cowards they're cowards and and listen. I mean they don't care. They're they're fascists. You know within afraid to use that word. I'm not afraid to use that word. You know, I'm not afraid to use the word fascist on how to pray to use the word Thug not afraid to use the word cradle because that's what it is not afraid in fact to use the word traitor. Yeah, no, I I he is. He is the biggest trade that we've had since you know, Benedict Arnold and at least before Benedict Benedict Arnold slipped. He did some good things. Yeah, he was a war hero before he went that. Yep. I mean at least you could say about Benedict Arnold is okay, you know, he was a traitor but he did a couple of things before he was a trial can't say that about Trump know I know I know so you're so you're in Rhode Island and then and then you live in San Diego. Yeah, you know when you come out here often typically right around this time of the year up until about June but do you ever come down to La? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah sometimes you know on a San Diego guy, you know, so we've got that thing going it's like, you know, Boston New York kind of drive over e and by the way, I know you're missing New York pizza, but you know check out San Diego fish tacos, which is Nature's perfect food. Oh, yeah. Well what The place that you go to there you can you come on down. Yeah eating live, huh? Where does Shane live play Shameless in L? Yeah. I'd love to suck, you know go out to lunch with both of you guys. I mean still it would be fun. I mean there's a pub in Calabasas that that's a new one on me is oh, oh no, I go to pick up Pub in Woodland Hills Sagebrush Cantina is in Calabar Sagebrush. Cantina is in Calabasas. Definitely. Yeah, man, you know come down the highway sometimes God's country and I'll take you around San Diego. We got some great places. Oh, no, I've taken my kids to SeaWorld a bunch of times. Yeah. Yeah, and I stood there and I and and I've done stand up there and my band played they're cool where you didn't play the Belly Up. Did you and Solana Beach? I played the fourth and be doing stand-up. I don't kill them. More and then I forget where I played but here's a sad part that I played on game 4 of the World Series in 1998 and I was in San Diego and the Yankees swept the Padres and current bitterly. Yeah, and no one came to my gig cuz I knew how a big Yankee supporter. I was I did the same thing. I had a book signing in Laguna Beach one time and the Chargers had a playoff game and I was supposed to be there for 2 hours. Nobody came after one hour. The store owner left and asked me to lock up. Irish Catholic boy I am I did I sat there for an hour by myself. Well, where'd you go to college University of Nebraska? Oh nice. Yeah. Yeah. It was great. It was great and I still have close ties there. Yeah. Yeah. It's a Nebraska native. So oh cool. That's where a good friend of mine lives. You know, Larry the Cable Guy took the Cable Guy. I don't know him. But of course I know of him. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you know what he is probably one of the nicest guys in literate that's good to know. He's one of the funniest guys in the world. Yeah, Dan Whitney home it just real name. Well. I don't want to keep you too long, but I have to say something though. It's much better communicating like by phone or talking to you cuz because texts and emails always get like, you know, never really translate how you're really speaking. You know what I mean? I know absolutely what you mean. It's so frustrating. Then with texts and email culture, you know, and and I'm convinced that the more technology we invent to communicate with each other the less. We actually do it. Well, you know, I know where we said he doesn't understand why people text it's like they did that in the beginning with telegrams and then we invented the phone. Look I absolutely agree with it. Like I can see a text like 10:00 here. I mean I'm running late but I have this conversation with my wife all the time. She'll text me from upstairs wage, maybe talk, you know, he'll down the stairs or something or why we just don't get up or she'll exchange ten tax with someone to arrange a meeting. You know, how about you put on the phone you'd be done in 20 seconds. I just want to tell you that you're getting much love in the chatroom. I know you can't see the comments. I can't see him but Maryann, thank you, Don Williams dead. You're amazing videos of good as gold on is one of today's Heroes a mark be nice to finally have you on here done. I mean you getting a lot of love or Suzanne Gabourey. Thank you for your grand efforts. So, I'm just telling you that's why I was like, I know I was very persistent and aggressive and getting you on down but it's just odd. That's the New York part of me of Staten Island Boy, you know, so I was listening to stand it. But I tend to be a little reclusive it is true, you know. Yeah, but I was just like I found this guy on I love his videos and I've had the Lincoln project guys on I've had the Midas touch guys right Gotta Have Don Winslow on I appreciate you have this has been fun. Let's do it again. Let's maybe we'll have a celebratory passion. You know when this whole God I hope so. Are you going to be you know, drinking some wine tonight or something know you actually have a drink pounding coffee since 5:00 this morning. And probably will continue with that but who knows how long this is going to go on? You know, I know yeah, I'm so nervous. I'm I'm cautiously optimistic that same here. You know, I I spent most of the day outside. I spent most of the day hiking on the beach and around these little reserves here just cuz I was so edgy and just wanted to be outside and moving, you know, yeah, I'm going to do this. So yeah, I'm going to go see my kids now and my two youngest grab some coffee then I'm just coming home and then just having the beer and the TV and the computer and just hoping that we win done same here man. Same here. We'll keep a good thought right? All right. Thanks so much for coming still enjoyed it. Thanks for having. All right, the grace awake. Is there anything that you want to plug? No? No, sorry. No, no, no. No, but what's the next video that's coming out yet on my Twitter thin see it. I don't want to spoil it and how and how do we follow you on Twitter? John Winslow Twitter? Yep. Winslow everybody. All right. Thanks so much. Thanks. John appreciates been been fun. Yeah. Thanks to swap out my fish tacos man. Come to San Diego. I'll look you up. All right off the great Don Winslow on the on the program today and you know, come on guys. How could you have I mean what a jam-packed show with great guest we have James Carville on we had representative Carolyn Maloney and then the great Don Winslow you see this is what I do for you people I do it because I want you to be informed and I want to have smart people on like Don way smarter than me and and and and and people who know what they're talking about and know what they're doing and I think we had dead. Three guests at all do and you got to check out all the Doms films because they're awesome. And he does great work. Seriously great work and yep. Yep the world what a great guy loved on. He's got a lot of a lot of loves here with our chili lemon. I you know, I get it you want a super chat but I didn't get paid next chat. I will I get it. Look nobody has to you know, you know, I'm never going to like force people took a guilt people into donating to the program. It just every most dollars go to a piece of equipment what I'd like to do down the road is to get a phone bank, so I could take phone calls and then you know, and then I'll be able to actually talk to you people while I'm doing the show, so I'll hang out for like 10 a.m. Minutes and then you know, I'll probably end this around too. So here I'll put my link up just one last time. This is the PayPal link. This is the direct donation so easy, you know, if you want to just say, you know, I'm going to you know, you know, I'm not going to do this stupid chat, but I'm going to do this There's the link and like I said every dime helps them, you know, and don't forget. I'm on patreon / Stuttering John Durbin been really impressed with you guessed the past few weeks off. Thank you, Julian. Lamden awesome Ian Harrison. Hell yeah phone bank. That's what I want to do, and I need to get a new camera so I look way better. Good as gold I just started my second month of patreon with you. Thank you very much. This Thursday beer on the balcony. Hopefully it'll be a celebratory beer on the balcony off with Opie from Opie and Anthony if he still does the show. Aaron Hawk, tell them the deal when you're super jet. Yeah, you know, you know YouTube takes a certain percentage but so does patreon so so I get it and I get it's easier for a lot of people Robert name is John looks better live. It's true the camera. Ladies do not do me any justice at least the this this MacBook Pro Camera if I gave the the a 5100 that house parks and told me to get then I will lick Rico Suave mark p first exit poll results released next hour. Robert Myers, I have something on my on my bottom lip. I wonder what that could be. Sebastian broke out. Hope you are on fire tonight. Biden will win let's all hope people show. He want John. How much did you spend on that bedroom that that was about three million dollars on that bedroom. I think we all know. This is a green screen. Bye now. Durbin John is your ring light a little too high. Yeah. See that's the weird thing because the stand like you cut gets up about a foot-and-a-half it probably I have to figure out how cuz I can't lower it anymore. So I don't know what to do, but I would rather it come down a little bit, but I'll figure it out. I'll have to put another. I don't know. I'll have to get the you know, they do have a taller stand. A toy list and you know that I'll I'll put up. so Robert Myers, I knew that because the bed was made good as gold. I miss your old house with the stone fireplace and piano Nicki be are you going to live or visit with how tonight probably yeah, I'll probably be on with how I was going to ask him to come on, you know today, but I will go on first going to see my kids. I'm not going to hike today because you know, I'm too stressed out man, you know taking I'll take today off. I usually take Wednesday off I'll take today off and I'll hike off a hike tomorrow, but this is a stressful day. I really want to I really want to turn this country blue. It's it's way too important. So, let's all hope that we can do it any local. Hope to see everyone over at how sparks live stream. I believe he's doing a 12-hour stream. Yeah. He is. He's a trooper he is a trooper. Yep. The hours on the air house barks. We'll see Mark P house. Just hanging out on his couch right now looking real casual, but haven't heard from you yet. But I I just did how do you like that? I just said I haven't heard from them and How just text me and let me say yes, he asked me if I'm streaming and then Sean how he can the 25,000 I guess blocked, you know, some of the trolls on here. Yeah, they still exist. So I don't really care if people want to devote their time to talking about be that's their loss. Let's see. I'll take off my link. Hopefully somebody donates to the PayPal. So there's the link. Let me get that out of here. So, let's see if we have any other questions. I have six more minutes. I will leave it at 2:00. Let's see Lenny Trujillo Melendez and Grill at 2024. That would be a sterical good as gold. We are holding our breath as a nation until we turn blue. I'm yawning up because I'm tired. It's because I've been talking for like I did I started Grillo show at 11:30 and now it's been talked pretty much mm half hours Karen RX-7 you guys love today over there sending you John kisses. Thank you. Thank you very much. Karen wage, Aaron Hawk. You gotta pay the troll toy. I I hear you Aaron Ian Harrison. It's crazy way to go how yep, I was a great dude a Great Wok do man I'm going to I'm going to need that coffee. Go pick up some coffee for me and the kids hang out with them for a little bit. Talk about the dotard and just hope that we can go Blue. Scott Weiland, do you think Trump will try and flee the country? That's a good question. So here's my take on that. I think he might have to but I think that he's such a proud egomaniacal react that I think that he might just say, I'm Teflon he thinks he's like Gotti like Teflon Don D world. Yeah, everyone hit the thumbs up button for John good as gold so you're not on again until Thursday. No, I don't have a new show till Thursday at noon PST. Aaron Hawk wage. Would he flee to Russia? Probably either that or Saudi Arabia the UAE? I mean Yemen cutter. I mean, you know, he'll go somewhere where I have enough money to live and age. I know Robert Meyers Trump will go on a state visit. Yeah, and send Air Force One back without him Sebastian bear Galt Biden will win the majority. Yes. We all know that Argentina Tony macaroni could be. Scott Weiland, I think he's going to resign Odell check. What's for dinner Jaan love you for dinner today grilled chicken with rice wage. Put some a lot of lemon on the chicken. Maybe a salad. Oh and a stuffed artichoke cuz I love my stuffed artichokes. I had another one last night. Oh man. Do I love them? It's almost a meal. Ian Harrison Trump's only got like five years tops of his life. I agree. I agree. I mean the doctor doesn't exercise. He eats like shit. I don't think he's you know, I don't think he has much longer on this planet. Benny Loco, I predict an OJ Simpson style car chase for Trump. D World how long until the first result comes in it won't come in until the polls close in that state. So the results will happen first on the east coast and the polls close and I believe 8. On the East Coast so we won't know until 5:00 here. So that's why I have some time to to visit the kids and then I don't know. Let's just hope we could take this dotard down really scaring the crap out of me took. Yeah, be nice to see Trump and his spawn just you know, get all put behind the good old put behind bars along with Bill Burr just be awesome to see all these corrupt lunatics be behind bars. Just so sick of this family. I'm so sick of them that stealing from kids Charities DD what happened know I've been out of pocket for a minute know came back on the show. I think last month, I think help, you know, you know when the time comes and he wants to come back. He's always welcomed. There's no, you know problems. It was a fight or anything. It's just he's He's trying to donate a time to his book. All right, I want to thank our guests today. I want to thank the great James Carville The Ragin Cajun. I want to thank congresswoman Carolyn Maloney the representative from New York. I like to thank the great author and filmmaker Don Winslow, and I want to thank God Sean hockey count of 25 and Nicki be for moderating. We all pray for you. Nicky be you're going to be fine. You're going to beat this cancer, and I want to thank my sponsors and Craig Phillips 4647 Canoga Avenue, Woodland Hills if you need if you need a house, they're just contact me off doing the listing and I probably see you today on house cream. I'll see you there. After perel. Thank you Ian Harrison great show John. Thank you. D. Well great job job John many thanks for all you do. All right, buddy. Thank you so much Stuttering John saying and get off your asses and

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