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Second half the program is live, and we have had a good one already Dale Brown. Among our guests. Seth green Berga. We're not done yet. We'll take some more phone calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five. Most of the conversation today, obviously about last night and the bracket Nancy is in Jacksonville. Welcome to the show. Nancy? Well, thank you have shaved getting to call you. I'll try to listen to Pol every day. Thank you very much Bill Florida at Tennessee lady ball fan, and I understand that brackets have been leaked and at Tennessee. Yeah. What happened was this election show is coming on right now. And somehow someone ESPN got the bracket in advance and put it out there on. On ESPN you. I'm not talking about. So you're saying Tennessee did get in right? That's what I got on my telephone that they are in. And all you see from Florida is also. Yeah. By the way, Tennessee was expected to get in. That is not a big surprise that. Again, the bracket is now currently being revealed. So I'm not really sure how that mistake was made. But if you're Holly Warlick it certainly good news you're in the tournament because without getting in the tournament her. Job expectancy would have been diminished. So she's a fantastic coach she got fantastic players there. And we cruised for next year number one. So, you know, we're hoping that they'll do very well. And thank you very much. Harry is in New Orleans Harry good afternoon afternoon. Paul I like to just make a couple of comments first of all I enjoy coach Brown always refreshing to hear him at the remember doing my younger years when I was fortunate enough to coach high school football was the furthest. I got. But interestingly head coach one of the things he has to do with Fatah get into listen to coach Brown's the motivation, more beta and. A father of interest in football head coach send you to a basketball coach to get motivation. But that's what they did second report. It was a memory job for me today. And I I've never heard of Decatur Alabama. I might have seen it or read about it a couple of times, but we close Brown came on it brought me back to that Decatur Alabama. Do do you remember Paul if there was ever insurance company indicator years ago, I really don't know I've been to Decatur it's it's not too far from Huntsville on the way to Athens, which is on the way to Nashville, but I do not know. Well, I'll tell you. I think there was because a friend of mine's dad owned the shirts coming in Alabama. I'm pretty sure it was indicate that many years ago. He's sent he sent many of his, Asians and and executives to hit coach Brown speak also for motivation. So this this gentleman, all I'm not a basketball. Ball, man. I'm out an exit knows man. But I'll tell you Paul this this gentleman's head some people going to hear him speak for motivational reasons from all different walks of life. Don't you agree? I'll tell you a story not too far from Decatur though, Harry believe this was in north Alabama many many years ago, Dale Brown told me. That he was at a. Some sort of sports club. I I'm not going to mention the name of the city because I think I do remember it, but I don't wanna embarrass it. And in case, I got the wrong city, and this was in the maybe late seventies early eighties and one of the people before he got up to speak made some racial pejorative from the from the podium, and there were a number of servers in the room who were minorities in Dale walked up when he was introduced he he started off his speech by personally apologizing to all of the people that were working in the room of color. He. Ex- excoriated, the host who had offered an uttered, the racial pejorative, and you can only imagine how quickly to try to get him out of that room. That's a great story ball. And and I I'll tell you what people like that just tend to rub off on your, positively whether you know him, well, you don't he was very inspirational. And I'm glad I went to hear him talk. Even though it wasn't about football. I it certainly helped me as a young man trying to make my Mark. But thank you. I'm enjoying the shell. And congratulations to all the coach apparel. I'm happy for him thanking ball great to hear from Josh's in queens on this. Monday afternoon. Hey, Josh doing, sir. All good. All right. I'm alum of the university of Tennessee. And I just wanna talk to you about the absolute terrible officiating in the tournament. And generally throughout the season for Tennessee. When Tennessee came to Brooklyn, I was there, and you could just see the rest just shifting momentum. Making some absolutely terrible calls against Tennessee. You saw it again against LSU. I mean this ref is no longer allowed to referee an SEC tournament game because of just how bad it was reported that he was suspended after that. I mean it so as Tennessee fans, we're sitting there pulling our hair out about this officiating you, take the message boards. We're going crazy in the Kentucky game cow Zander gets to just phantom calls towels out of the game. Tennessee is without a doubt the best team in the country as long as we get fair -ficiating. And I think you're gonna see us make a running tournament. Devolved you're gonna. Take it down. They're gonna bring the championship to rocky top. We're going to be getting rowdy in New York City. But I'm just worried if I go to the final four I might have to run out on the court and give a referee a so-called stunner for just making terrible calls so recipe warns can be three sixteen on you. If you keep it up room, talking some serious queens language there after that guy got wacked the other day and in Staten Island. I would be nervous snoop Dogg is in Kentucky. You're on the air. You're right ahead. Most new dog Steve is in Alabama. Stave you there? Yes. Go right ahead. How are you doing great? Thank you. I was at the game yesterday. My daughter, I've got two daughters are all been graduates. And for my birthday, they wanted to how wonderful. Oh, how wonderful made to the game. One of them didn't get to go. But my youngest daughter carried me, and we didn't have any tickets. So we got online in and got with a guy up at Murfreesboro and got us a couple of tickets for three hundred dollars on the first floor or the first level. And some of the tickets were selling for like a hundred fifty in per day about an hour before the game started. And I didn't stay outside to leap starting. I just wonder some, but there were some a few empty seats. But I just wonder how that must've black Kentucky's fans must've sold all their tickets. I'm sure yeah. What else are they going to do? They don't want to sit there and watch that game. Yeah. But what is the the face bay that TI somebody told me his lack ninety five dollars? Is that is that Sam? I don't know. I had to go from Nashville to Connecticut. So I did not I was not able to be there for the the finals. Yeah. But I I would I would imagine. If you were if you if you were patient, you could get a pretty decent seat. We we had pretty good safe. That's all lower. But I never did recognize you. I guess you were there yesterday. No, no. I just got. No. I was in Connecticut yesterday, I had to do show last night up there. So I I went from Nashville up there. I was not as the game. I I'm also district cousin of Germany Pruitt. Actually, he's my third. Cousin a really I in. I just wanted to wish him well at Tennessee and give a shout out to my daughter's for given me such a good birthday. Even a great. That's a great gift. Steve I I'm glad that worked out well and stay in touch with us. Thank you very much Dalton in. In Louisiana is up next. Hey dalton. Any Paul father? So I was wondering if we could talk about LSU basketball, sure. Okay. Well, LSU has a great team. And all and they were stunned by this investigation into will. Wade and devante smart. And I feel like that kind of sent the team off track for this game against Florida. Do you agree? No chances team off track was poor coaching by Tony Benford. I mean, he he turned. He turned lead against Florida into a six point play. That's not smart. No, it's not. It's really not. So would that have happened with will way? No. I don't think it would have. I think LSU would've won that game. In the end in the end. It would have made a difference. LSU probably would have been a two seed instead of a three maybe not that big of a deal, but their their path to the Sweet Sixteen would have been a lot easier. Yes. It would have also I feel like the referees and the officiating in that game was absolutely atrocious. And that also allowed Florida to come back, although they should have been buried in the first half who listen everybody wants to call in and talk about officiating the Monday after a game is not really a tie. We try to talk about things on this show that maybe can be helped. We can't do anything about the officiating. I appreciate your concern though. I mean, every fan base hates the officials. We're up against a break. More of your phone calls. More guest to come we roll on on Monday. Welcome back to the program and so much conversation today about what happened last night. And what does it mean? And. Bobby Elena who are baba founder who coach who has a show in Louisville who joined us last night co hosting the ESPN selection show on ESPN radio the NCW relationship body. The I trust you made it back. Probably no no worse for wear but good afternoon in great to be with you last night. Yes. I made it back in. I've missed you Paul twenty hours. We have fun up there in the Nicole northeast. Let's talk a little bit about the the field. And certainly a lot has been hashed out. But with with nearly twenty four hours to to digest as you look ahead to this ornament, which in theory begins tomorrow night is it about beating Duke or and if so who's capable of doing that. You know, everybody's capable of getting beat. They've all been beat the zone defeated teams out there. I think as we said unless they choke. You somehow magically could play this tournament ten thousand times any more than anybody else. But they're not gonna play at ten thousand times they're gonna play once and so they can get beat or there's a game plan for how to beat probably all number one. Sees the problem is it's simple to explain. It's not easy to do. And the reason I like the best, and I think most of the experts news because they seemingly have more plan Bs and CS than anybody else. They don't shoot it. Well, but they defend you to the point where you don't even shoot it to their level. They only get twenty nine percent three point shooting, which is off off the charts. Good. So even though fair only making thirty percent chances on I may still make more threes than you, and they rebounded, and they defend they put pressure on the ball, and they overplay the wing, and they get steals which leads to run out such sleep easy basket, which leaves desire on going out of his mind. And then all of a sudden momentum changes and so. You know, they don't just if they miss. I can go get it. They got Barrett can go to the post. They have lots of plan Bs and CS, and I think a lot of other teams don't so I think that's why I like him best. But now, there's there's I'm probably seven teams and again in our hypothetical ten thousand tournament schedule, there's probably seven that would win it, you know, more than once or twice in there who you suspect North Carolina lost by a point and be twice during the regular year and Virginia did not play on the ACC term with boy during the regular season may have some spectacular games. And if those are shooting getting younger hunters is on his game. They're going to be a tough out, Gonzaga. It's no accident. They all the metrics. Love them. You know, as free Burger's been, you know, adamant to point out. Michigan state not only one the regular seasons. They wanted to turn men in a very very high quality conference and the big and Kentucky has come on at the end of the year with a guy who knows how to coach them to runs in bars. So no, it's not a matter of its against the word. World. But I I would always take the sealed anybody term instead of one team. Give me those sixties just makes sense. I'd probably take them against the heels the champions gonna come out of that that group probably that's hopefully, Bob them. Then with Bob seen Zion play number times. This you're doing work for a not only your one of your jobs with Louisville, But with with ESPN, and I just keep hearing people try to compare him to other players, and they they come up short because he's so overwhelming you saw him again last week courtside at the ACC for those who have only seen him on television. What's it like to look right in front of you and see him and try to describe what what what he does out there. I mean, he is he'll he'll your eyes will pop open as your physical 'cause they are short there. He's incredibly big and strong. But he's also unbelievably fact that he's really wide on steep. He's got very soft can't which is another credible tonight that big and small so those things you're there for watch for three minutes, and you know, this that, but the thing that jumps out at you. If you watch him for more than three minutes, always how smarty and he's just such a smart player. And I went on my wife's not watching replays. The huge if I were imagining it through true. And it's true that he moves towards where the ball is going faster than anybody else on the floor. He knows where it's going. And then he's got great physical skills to even if you hit note was going, and he left the same time. You did he probably beach the Maltese so quick that the fact that that he and -ticipant so well, and when he gets there if he gets his Mitch on it, you're not gonna take this is so strong. And then when he you know, if it does secure and there's broken plays. Now, you got a lot ball turnover numbers racing up the floor. He sees the court. So well, he makes tremendous facets. These are really good and willing passer. That's a pretty good combination. When your day and strong and quick and fast. You got good hand you see the floor your teammates love you. You love to play. You know, the enthusiasm just loses out of him. It you have a lot of people out there. Don't like to kind of that. This is one of those types of kids where you're gonna have a lot of people said I can't stand to it's hard not to love that gets. I mean, h he gets it. He nothing fazes him they knocking around nothing getting castrated. He's not complaining to the referee. He plays with a smile on his face. That's an easy kid to like an admire and he's also kind of kid that can carry your team in the postseason above your former coach you come from a coaching family on the other side if your game plan. Is there anything you can do other than just gonna try to improvise as the game goes on where I think, you know, it's it's again, they still be plane Bs and CS and DS they can beat you the problems you have to all these things to take care of the ball. You're gonna have to really really concentrate on moving the ball. Not like trade Jones get in your point cards face and force line ball turnover. She gotta take care of the ball. You're gonna have to make sure that you get back and defensive transition. So they'll get easy baskets, try and get your defense tack and beat him down the floor pack it in and make sure they have to shoot threes. Because that is the one thing they are not and we have enough that on that. They're not a good three point shooting team. They may have one game or two or stretch where they make a few. But they're not good at that. So and but then you're still not done. Because even if you do all that. Now, you gotta make sure the giant doesn't get to the glass. So you that's that's four things, but they're not impossible. But they're not easy. I mean, you're going to have to concentrate on every possession offensively. And they all five guys are gonna have to sprint back and give. Can have to pack it in and then you're gonna have to make sure that you gang rebound. Then if you do all that. Yeah. You can have a chance. But that's why they're so big issue might go that and you still might not win. Because I mean, he's he's gonna find a way to get a rebound somebody. I forget about going the interviews together. So forgive me. But it was some other analysts made a great point might not even on our show last night. I don't remember making Myron Senate. He's the kind of guy that you know, if the game is close in a time out. He can just say, hey, Z. I need you to and then fill in the blank, I need you to shut down Johnson. Then he'll do that. He'll he'll sue his father's face. You won't let the kid catch vol deny on the whig. Hey, hazy, we get heroin on the glass, and he'd go. Click and he'll go get the next five rebound. You know, we getting no points in the paint. They'll find a way to get the ball in the paint and muscled up between two defenders and scoring traffic. I the only he's not going to do is. If you say, we're really not making any threes, he can make it. But I mean, he certainly not exceptional at that. So but all the stuff I mean, he can do all those things and. So you know, whatever the game needs you can look to him and he can provide it for you way, surrounded by pretty good player. Maybe it's the first pick their maybe I mean, he was he was a national player of the year last year in high school, and he's the real deal. He's wall he can score on the cash and and into system. Sure, but he can get in the ladies drives south they play well together. Trae Jones is the perfect point guard for the team. He's been he is uncanny involved offended. You cannot shape that guy know has had his ups and downs. He's not been great. But came radishes like your fourth us player. You got pretty team on your hands before you go. Bobby Tennessee Kentucky from the SEC both on the to line. A lot of people think one one one one or both has a legitimate shot at getting to the final four. How would you assess their chances? I like, you know, I love them. Both the numbers say Kentucky has a better chance there there. Ten members fit the profile of recent national champions of adjusted offenses in just justed. Offensive rankings are both in the top fifteen. Tennessee's offense is in that group. Tennis's defense is just outside it, but it's not so far outside that it's crazy. And you know, you do if still use the eyeball test a little bit, and I love Tennessee's grit. They played tough. They play together they play well they mesh together. Well, they have a, you know player of the year caliber and Williams, so he can put you on his back and carry a little bit. So they think they both have really really good chances. And you know, of course, it depends on matchups, and blah, blah, blah. But I know thank you the go too far in a limb to say when when we list those teams that, you know, have the best chance that dukes, and the Carolinas Virginia's Zach is Kentucky's definitely in that list. And I don't think it's much of a stretch to Tennessee in there either. Also, so yeah, I mean, I I I think they both have a very a chance to make deep runs federal fours. And maybe win the whole thing before you go. I know you're doing the. Alabama game in the NRT. And you've done a lot of NRT games. And I'm really interested. Because when you don't make this field in Alabama was close, but not really on on the cut line. What's what are those first round games? Like because so often team who should be winning easily fails to show up. Yeah. You make it very point, by the way. And I'll tell you story later, privately I'm not doing that game. Found out Lewis game Thursday or thirty into Moines. Every hard to do. Delusive into specs. That's okay. Let's let to know your questions are really good one. Because I talked about that with people the first game you play. Yeah. There is some motion Hegel. There's no question if you can't get past that. That's when you see a team lose probably should be full FTE played that game players are players, man. And you you realized the crowd gets into it like in other arenas. I've been you know, they it's not part of your season ticket plan. It's so that you'll get a bunch of fans that haven't been able to come to the game a lot, and they're sitting three rows off the court for the most passionate fans you have. And so it's not as big as droplets allow crowds. And then you win the game. And you know, you start thinking about, hey, it'd be pretty cool to go final four New York and play me Barton and all of a sudden the people rally, but no it's not every team. We actually Fimat guest that the best analogy would be bowl games. I mean, you know, certainly, you're gonna get excited if you're in the the playoff the fourteen playoff, and if you're in one of the New Year's polls, but you know, there's some others. There's some. Teams that are not happy there a lesser bowl game. And they don't come out and playing their best. But I listen, I, you know, it's part of your job as coach get your guys ready. And I I don't listen again. I know your football touchy. I don't mean to to to you know, a the Smerch football. But frankly, it's a lot harder to get me on IT that isn't a bowl game. And there's only sixty eight NCAA teams in thirty two. And a teams that's one hundred three fifty five the bowls are what seventy out of one thirty or something he was four and a half. So you not even not even a third of the basketball team. So yeah, a couple of things just became eligible. All we were talking for. It's if you can get them excited to play. I mean, we've alerts the fans here just rally they made it to the elite eight actually. And she see tables, Mississippi State and have one of the. They have one of the public great run. And if you get to New York makes sense, you're great. I mean, I've been the NCAA took it over a run it just like in the NC double A tournament. So the mechanics of the same the players treated, very well. And so once you get closer to go into New York, I think the Seattle picks up. But you're right. I game. You gotta make sure your guys have their heads in the right place. Well, enjoy demoain. Cold mortgage morning. Can't be. I mean, if they are the people listening though, you probably victory vacation plans to hit the Iowa for March. So maybe I'll see some of the listeners. Bobby great to talk to you. Thank you. As always taught you always enjoy take care. You got it. Bob on joining us. We were together last night and another cold place. Connecticut. I I had all the hot spots. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five and we are coming right back. Welcome back. Glad you with us. So let's continue with more phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five Mike is up next. Hey, mike. Hey, paul. I'm a big UK fan, and I was really disappointed with what happened at Tennessee on the seating. And I'm gonna tell you why. Okay. I first of all, you know, they they they played your championship game Saturday instead of Sunday. But in the past when Kentucky's won the tournament what we did on Sunday never matter. They always, you know, always the president of the committee would always say well though, Sunday game you guys need to play on Saturday. And I really thought that, you know, even though Tennessee, you know, they didn't they got beat by twenty by Auburn. I thought they deserved a number one seat. I know a lot of Kentucky fans will be unhappy with me for that. But in the past they have not taken into account. That's Sunday game. They say, hey, we've got well. Larry my Comey disagree on when I talked to Menard near last night. And he said what he is supposed to say. But he also said this it's Hennessy a beaten Auburn. They would have been a one seed in the west, and I. I agree with that problem for Tennessee. I mean when when you're when you're leaving the bracket when you're putting spots in the bracket like they have to do there's no margin of error. So Tennessee wins there one they they lose. They get. I still felt like they they came out of it. Okay. Though. Yeah. I think they did. They got the number five, but you know. I think Michigan state deserve the number five. Well, I I agree with you. But I still, you know, Kentucky fans word disappointed that Tennessee didn't take care of all. But I mean, it kind of negate what I I will say I think it hurt the league because there's a lot of prestige about a one seed and last year on this day. The the SEC was really, you know, the talk of the industry, and it's hard to even though it could be at the end of the season with three number one seeds from the ACC. It certainly changes the perspective a little bit one other quicky pollen. That's you know, the big ten every year. They get right up where the ACC in the most scenes, stop and think about this. They've only won one national championship since nineteen ninety three. The FCC. Good football is one six national championships. Anyway, thank you, Paul. Thank you very much. Great to have you on. Let's continue Keenan in Louisiana. Hello keen nice of you to call. To call. Oh, man. I wanted to ask your paying off them. Sure. Based on talent alone. I'll far you think LSU can possibly go and turn. Well, let me let me answer this question. Two ways on talent alone. They can win the championship. But it takes more. I mean, I mean, raw talent wise, I I would put them maybe in a class of their own. But talent alone is not going to win you in NCWA tournament championship. I respect that. Now, do you think that LSU two losses against Florida are more indicative of their real potential than their wins over Kentucky and Tennessee? No. I mean, I just think we need a little more sample from LSU than we saw Friday against Florida. I mean, they by the way, I mean, they weren't they weren't commanded. I game until the boneheaded technical by Benford. So well aware. Yeah. I mean, I just I, you know, I'm not trying to I don't know the guy, but you don't you know, you got the lead protector, particularly don't get. I mean, only it was almost a seven point play. So I mean, he he to me is the X factor in this tournament is you have to. I mean there there is an element of of coaching that that's incredibly important in may not be so much in the first game. But that turnaround if I've studied this before the great coaches are the ones who win on short. Rest at meaning the turnaround where the gape where the game planning is on the fly, and you're doing it all night long. And that's where the great coaches for really shine a lot a lot of coaches can be prepared to win with seven days. We're in this case five days preparation. Thank you for the call. Jeff in Kentucky is next. Jeff. Hey, paul. There could be on the show. Thank you very much. And you do wonderful job. Appreciate. Avak make one or two little comments. Okay. I think Tennessee got screwed. Okay. They should have been on seed. Okay. I feel you know, and I think Alabama definitely got screwed. If you go by the way that they did the slack shin this year. Our Bama was in the thirties in the rankings, by the way, they said that they placed them, and they didn't even make make the cut. Yeah. Well. I mean, I don't think now data out saying down the stretch didn't help themselves. No. But I think by the way, I totally in my opinion. Alabama got what they deserved. Okay, tennessee. I mean, listen, everyone has a different opinion of this. I felt like Tennessee needed to to do a little bit more the head that lost to Auburn that we could go, and they they had a great resume. But you know, they they do have a win over gone zag. But you know, it's it's fairly convoluted how they do this. So I'm not about to to to to debate the the metrics, but to Tennessee's metrics don't quite hold up to to a few others. Thanks for the call. I mean, I think they did pretty well to get where they did more of your calls. Eight five five two four to seven to eight thousand. It's been a busy show. We have another hour and change to go. We hope you'll stick around ten you. With more calls more guests to come. As we've got a busy show Dale Brown joins us suited Seth Greenberg as we get ready for tomorrow the tournament begins Tuesday night. That's a check in. With Cody Kentucky, you are next up. Hello coding. We're doing great. Thank you. You know, what we complain too much about this this year? I think they did a lot better than they have these past few years on that team. Steve laws hardest of course, you know. But I think Tennessee losing knob or you know, kind of you know, into too good as well. Did you say earlier that if he would have won? They would have been the one thing that the west. Yes, that is correct. Well, they kind of I guess about losing that game. But did hardware too much because now they're playing in Columbus, and possibly a little boy was in the way, they would have to go all the way to what is. Yeah. I mean, I think I'm in San Jose. I'm that's area. Listen. Nothing. I'm world traveler, but I've been to the west coast few times this year. I don't care. How old you are? Or how young you are is especially when you're six eleven it's a tough trip. Yeah. Even for France. It's tough for no. Land standpoint, Tennessee, the only way it could have even been remotely better would have been to end up in Columbia, South Carolina, but not much better. Yeah. Well, that's a little bit overrated. I heard someone say well, man, we're to bad break for for Tennessee. They could end up playing Cincinnati and Columbus. There's there's a difference between playing Columbus and Cincinnati. They're not exactly the same city. Know, how far they part exactly I think about three hours. But you listen, I mean. In the same state. I think that's a little bit over that's a fan situation more than anything else. Yeah. Yeah. It'd be good. You know to get away from everybody, and you know, go to down tax Bill and possibly to k- the city. You know may be good to be away from the state and the way in your life, messing, Tennessee. Tennessee's a resilient team. They've had one or two off off days this year. But. In terms of the cohesiveness of that team. It's it's hard to find a team any better than that. Oh, yeah. I got I got the you came up on four for a rematch of. I got wanted to seize that have lead eight they probably won't end up that way. But I hope it does. I wanna see the big teams get through and see some good match ups hope south. Thank you. Yeah. That would be great so UK in Tennessee again in North Carolina again, just. What hot snoop is up next? Hey, snoop. Hey, how you doing? We're doing great as good Paul. This is Paul. Yeah. Did you meet someone else? I could get you ran out. I kinda liked you show. You weren't there on everything. Thank you. Thank you very much for look I got a question to ask you may. Way. You think about Kentucky they'll make it to the fan of for. I think they've got a. They'll make it to the elite eight. I'm still undecided on whether they can get past North Carolina or not. Yeah. I mean, they've been doing good for the last has since the FCC turn red without they had a good game between Tennessee, but it was a match up. You know, Tennessee one the first one to Kentucky one the second one. I think that means right there. They could have won the third one. I mean, you know, when they had a reason they run by eight with three minutes ago. I mean, if I had said to you snoop. Okay. I'm going to bet you straight up. I'm gonna give you Kentucky. I'll take Tennessee you're up by would you take in the bet? Quite natural. Yeah. Yeah. I think so. That doubled doubled the bed. Yeah. I mean, you gotta realize Craig Tennessee. You got off in the Harbin did Tennessee. They hate blue. You know, Tennessee out, you know. Well, I mean that was an aberration. I mean I- Auburn shooting empty it was I mean, I could not believe it. I was saying I mean, they weren't even. I mean, they were just I I'd like to get somebody to tell me about the farthest shot back from Auburn. They were just give me the ball throw it. Everything was going in. Yeah. Me on any good teams. But they waited, you know, so far, you know, there's the middle court, you know, and he didn't better and better. You know, the way I feel it me snoop. I sincerely apologize revenue cut this. But we will talk to you soon. One more hour to go.

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