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Here's a new podcast. I am excited to share with you. Produced by the team behind revisionist history go and see is a six part series focused on Lexus and the philosophy of Gin Gin Bhutto which means go and see for yourself an idea that stems from the belief that if you experience something yourself you have a better understanding of people and how to create something for them in this series. Lexus invites glad well to Japan to discover their unconventional thinking firsthand. Find out how a Japanese tea ceremony influence the engineering of a car window. How Understanding Samurai warriors is led to a suspension innovation and more follow the journey starting march fifth wherever you like to listen visit. Lexus DOT com slash curiosity for more stories? Like these. What's up friends listeners community. Hope you're doing well my name. Is Chris Gil Vo your host of Saddam School? I'm also the author of the book. The money tree which comes out in five days all right another news. This is throwback Thursday slash. Where are they now where we take an in depth? Look at someone who story has evolved considerably since we first feature them so far these segments. We've had a bridesmaid for higher. Who Ends up licensing her idea and writing a book. A jazz musician with a blog earns multiple six figures and more today in our latest feature. We'll hear from a South Carolina transplant. Who creates a watercolor stationary brand? That is now sold. Online and in many retailers are name is renee and it's been over a year since feature practice actually pin more than two years. Wow Time flies. What has happened since let's hear directly from her and I'll be back at the end to wrap Issad announcing a live virtual event. That's right I couldn't go on book tour at least not yet so I'm going digital on Saturday April fourth. I'm hosting a live virtual event to introduce my new book the Money Tree. Finding the fortune in your own backyard during this event. I'll be teaching sharing answering questions for two hours. This is in partnership with my friend. Chase Jarvis and the creative team so chase. We'll be there as well and maybe even special guests you can register for free and you'll also be able to watch it afterwards. Check IT OUT. Just go to school dot com slash virtual. That is once again. Side-hustle school dot com slash virtual. Your non working hours are precious and should be spent relaxing on the perfect bed. But which is the best well mattress firm did the research and right now? During the semi-annual sale you can save up to four hundred dollars on top rated brands. Plus you'll get a free adjustable base when you spend six thousand nine or more so you can enjoy the sleep. You deserve without doing any of the hard work so go on. Kick your feet up and say big when you shop now. Hi everybody. My name is renee cut solar and I am out of Charleston South Carolina and my side. Hustle is Island House Co and my previous episode. Number was four seven three. I really kind of got started with my side. Hustle as just a hobby My husband and I moved to Charleston Three years ago and We didn't really have a lot of family or friends down here so it was just kind of something to do in my spare time. And he's really the one that pushed me to create it Into more than a hobby and so I created an FC Schoff did a lot of local markets in. It's it's just kind of taken off from there. This is actually now my main hustle so since the last time that we spoke I've increased my sales. Montemar on my retailer list has tripled in size and undoing this full-time so before that I was working for a technology company in the U. X. World of of software development. But I've since left and has been doing this fulltime for six months now. I have a retail space. Now which is not really something that was ever on my road. Map or or my plan but So that's that's kind of new development in that's going on very well and I'm kind of in the phase now where I'm still expanding but I'm looking at more strategic things to do so. I'm trying to find somebody that could help me out. Part time with kind of some more of the mundane tasks of packing orders. And keeping up with email Also looking into fulfillment centers because one of things. I've realized that taking most of my time is really just packing orders and getting orders out when when in all reality. My time is spent in creating products. So it's really been a year of growing strategically and trying to understand. You know what my next steps should be in terms of like sales for my business. I I can't remember exactly when I did the the first episode but I feel like I said that I was making maybe a grand a month and that has gone up exponentially so I would. I'll I'll just say this that. In December in November of this past year I I was doing ten thousand a month. So so it's it's definitely gone up in. It's all kind of moving in the right direction. This might sound cliche but it is really put yourself out there and put your work out there like that was one of the things that I had a really hard time with and struggled with and I kind of just like kept to myself and didn't want to post anything on instagram. Unless it was like perfect and it really is just you know. Start putting yourself out there and putting your workout there along with actually doing the work Buffs behind the scenes. I've realized that it's super beneficial to actually go to conferences or go to different meet ups in your city. It's definitely one of those things that like you kinda cringe like you don't WanNa do it but once you're there at least for me I it's it's. I'm so glad that I did it. I guess the one thing that I would share is that along with you. Know doing the the connection making and collaborating with other people in your community and branching out to you know other avenues. Social media is has been huge for me and I know that a lot of people say that you know they're not good at Social Media. They don't quite understand it. There are plenty of lake tutorials and with classes that you could even take online just to get like a refresher course or any more knowledge than what you already have on social media and how powerful it can be. I will say that you know if the time when I started this three years ago. I had this list of retailers that I wanted to reach out to and now retailers are reaching out to me on instagram because of you know the type of content that I'm putting out there and it all kind of goes back to just really understanding social media and how you're talking to your to your consumers and your clients so that would probably just be the other little nugget. I would say that has helped my business tremendously. And it's it's all about being consistent to and having a consistent look and feel to to whatever you're doing so the the consumer is not confused as to what you are trying to sell them all right. Thank you so much name. Here's my favorite part of that update when she was talking about how she now has a retail space which was not something that was ever on her roadmap or her plant show also mentioned that when she started three years ago. She had a list of retailers. She wanted to reach out to and now some of those retailers are reaching out to her because of the content. She's putting out so well done first of all and I was talking this week recently. With bobby rebel host of the financial grownup. Podcast actually did an interview with her. That's coming out next week kind of about this subject about how practice makes progress. You hear that phrase practice makes perfect. It doesn't actually always make perfect. Practice makes progress and what seems inaccessible at first ends up becoming a reality. But you have to take those first steps. So in this story Rene didn't expect to have a retail space at first. She was kind of intimidated to reach out to retailers. Now she's got a retail space of her own and some of those retailers are reaching out to her practice makes progress. Be Sure you're practicing. Be Sure you're doing something for yourself. I am grateful for helping us with this segment. We're GONNA keep doing them throughout twenty twenty. Let me know what you think. And you'd like to see featured. This is our year of interaction. We've got a question. You'd like to update us about your side-hustle just come to satisfy school dot com slash questions. Today's show notes are it's honestly school dot com slash eleven eighty eight one one eight eight. Thank you so much listeners. Have a wonderful morning afternoon or evening. Whatever the case may be my name. Is Chris Gilo? This is side Hustle School From the onward projects.

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