GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 570: NFL Divisional Round Recap, CFP National Championship Preview, and the Browns New Head Coach


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thousand enjoy enjoy this is your ultimate stop for everything sports the golden state media concepts or podcast should did i say more from the NFL melby the NBA to 'em it's all in here golden state media concepts sports podcast cast listen and every body walking back sports as podcast network my name is chris blades and before i guess already today i wanna make sure that it remind you guys as always subscribe to the podcast if you aren't already make sure you always up up to date on the latest stuff we drop and that you never miss an episode if you can be so kind can goes a five star rating and review it's it makes it allows to continue to get better see where we can improve c. which was likes to judge don't like and had an all in all it was just very appreciated and if you are a fan in of the NFL that i imagine you appreciated the games we had this weekend especially today and i'm going to jump right into it the last game that green bay seattle game i mean that's the game we kind of expected it would be i mean as i talked about the last august seattle it just doesn't get blown out i think in i think lost out on twitter so shorter so you can't really always stuff is correct but i believe that's all that in in like in a across their careers russell wilson pecos career together i think they've lost nine total game or something like that by double digits which is absurd word that is true but it just it makes a lot of sense because for whatever reason their team can't get blown out even when they lose they always find a way to get back into it and this game is another example of it i mean they were losing twenty one two three at halftime the packers drive down the field i i drive get davante adams on a nice double move touchdown for like twenty yards out and you're just like oh okay let's the clearly the bible was good for the good good for the packers i mean didn't help everybody this weekend but for the packers and abbas got off to another slow start i mean they the the only one scoring drive in the first half they punted we put it on their first two possessions gotta feel on the next one and then missed field goal on on their last one the second one because they had one that ended the half the house he didn't get any points on that one day try to hail mary bridges it didn't it didn't work though i mean look good it just they just they couldn't they couldn't come down with it but i mean going to the half down twenty one three after two more touchdowns from the packers won by aaron jones after multiple attempts from inside inside the one if i needed to get it on third traffic able to move the ball down the field and in their third touchdown was i believe again by aaron jail yeah another another one yard run by an jones this time they were down we got down inside first and goal for a couple of plays they were able to get ah cloudy jump off side on one of their down so i mean obviously doesn't really matter when you're that close because you can move up so far but maybe it'll be a couple of short touchdowns and yeah so the seattle's down twenty three and i mean if you watch the game from earlier in the day on sunday and you know that no we save eh anybody can teams can come back and the seahawks were able to do just that not the same way as as as a game earlier on sunday it but i came on after the half got a nice drive together we're able to go down score i don't want your run by marshawn but then the defense who struggled with throughout most of the day i mean they were able to bottle up and dylan's to a degree on the two yards two touchdowns and amazon had listened two hundred and fifty yards but he completed sixteen or twenty seven average nine yards and a tent and they had no one that pitstop davante adams i mean he was a man i'm not a man possessed but he was just like a woman record jeremy he he seemed like he could do whatever he wanted wanted on whoever was lined up against the me at eight for one sixty and two touchdowns so yeah the seattle showed with him and and it was just it was just one of those things we knew that they had one guy that you need to stop and they were able to stop him because i think the next highest guaranteed of receptions was jimmy graham with three korea than everyone else only had one reception so it was devante an was really doing most the legwork in packers passing game against seattle just couldn't stop him bs going by the second half touchdown they give up another to give the second touchdown to davante adams there's another another another there's one little bit deep in the first one is the forty yard touchdown but then this is where seattle decide they wanted to make the game interesting they go down again after after the back of put up twenty eight ten announce score a touchdown this time having pass from TD lock after nice scramble which i mean it seemed like was doing every planet that's kind of where they run their offense through degrees just like adam play action dropback even tried to get people opening he hit someone like crossing routes deep rows those new amazing deep ball argued one of the best in the league with envy's not just like i right disliked let them run around for like three or four how many seconds allowed times leads us acts but when he doesn't lead this either he he's breaking off runs empty did a lot today or he's fine people down the field for for big gains i mean like today at seven russia's seven carries for sixty four yards once again he was the seahawks leading rusher twenty one at thirty one twenty two seventy seven in touch down through the air the want to lock it in and why we'll we'll we'll give the packers credit for amongst ozzy winning the game was the the fact they were bottle of metcalf i mean unfortunate mentality lock it had had tyler lockett not DJ well tyler lockett had a good game in nine for one thirty six in the touchdown but decay who killed the eagles last week though in fairness a lot of people have done that so while it was great for decay not exactly shocking but he he had like thinking what was i think it was eight phone on sixty some item he had he had the most yard network eve in a rookie debut when the playoffs is three so they did a good job on him like i said antilock was doing his thing so the seattle gotta touchdown added twenty eight seventeen in long set on locking force it three and out come down again get another touchdown this twenty eight twenty three this was the second marshawn one yard touchdown gye-gwan conversion dingo and he got sacked arrested good and then they get the ball back they forced a force the packers to pont once again after they ran nice little stunt yeah thanks yeah she king in iran he was he did nestle twist a loop around inside no one block me too fast ask him and his brother was kind of a cool moment where they combined for his on air rogers versus the ball back and like oh boy here we go the going to go down take the lead and everybody's going to have another playoff collapse to the seahawks on his record but luckily the packers defense said that they they were not going to allow that to happen as they got the see also third-down oppressive smith was gonna come with a big sack which was those vital because they said they were they were going to try to take the lead surprise i mean not that surprising because the conservative when it comes to these type of things things but they didn't go for the go for the golden gopher on fourth and eleven my two forty left which i mean i get the you're at your own thirty six if you give them the ball there is busy a guaranteed a field goal but at the same time it's like you didn't get the ball back again after that so it's like if you have the walmart as well use all four downs of you could but they decided not to is what it is to punt the ball back packers and the pack label multiple third and longs one to davante adams on a on a nice little slot fade on google media the corner with the SAT's up over the top let them get outside and there was a perfect throw i mean amrs had needed to be perfect often this season but when they needed him to be in this game he was and that was one of the examples then later on in the drive they convert a third and nine into jimmy graham which is going to lead allowed constant controversy in a lot of talk on social media in the coming days in and talk radio on those tito's TV networks about about it just because it looked like in the screen shots that he was short and in the replay looked like he was short look like he came down before the first down marker but the gave them a spot on the field field and in lambo they weren't going to overturn for whatever whatever that's worth so i know if you guys like oh bio bala that's you have you have a bouquets for that in in this specific ploughs there are many other places throughout the game and help decided it wasn't just as one play but in my opinion zero should have got the ball back with a chance because nobody was short at least come out mood wall back measuring they'd package probably go for them fourth-down maybe get it and then that doesn't really matter but just the fact they award the first down by a healthy margin to william close enough to spot and like the czech spa on it was kind of interesting to me especially after earlier in this game the referees ries had another blunder where house or fumbled and the referee literally takes the ball out of the packers players hand as on the ground but somehow somehow they ruled that it was not a recovery the packers won because they didn't that because i think they were up seven nothing have you of they're up seven nothing town the packers words that could have been fourteen nothing had had the packers lost doubt have been a big thing but because they didn't that power kept under the rug a little bit also because they had the player in the game i know this same referee off the same crew through the same referee refereed the eagles cowboys game look the second game last year which you don't know what happened there the first play jordan was returning the kickoff malcolm gangs force fumble like six eagles guys fall on it or are on top of the ball one guy comes out of the pile with the ball and they will no clear recovery which was a disaster and that you will end up losing that game they might have ended up losing it anyway even if they got that but it was just like if you if if you're a fan of either of those teams you remember that referees referee from that same situation is just like when you see it was when in the eagle situation the rule is that there's only only one team on top of the ball then that the ball goes to them you if you don't know specific player they didn't they didn't they didn't rule it that way that's neither here nor there i'm just saying the packers lost his game they would have had an argument for that for that nuclear recovery could even see the one guy i think changing sullivan had the ball in his hands if we take the wall out of his hand so they can spot it but somehow you got no clear recovery best whatever but yeah i mean that was a great game is the packers in always played close those competitive wild games in the playoffs this wasn't this is another one to add to that list but yeah is like i said if they would have blown another into seahawks that would have been very suffer down but luckily he didn't have to because they're able to win so no big deal and then the early game today was definitely really one for the history books just because the the not the titans which we will go on the next but the texans started this game came about as well as you can ask the team to start a game the issue for them was that the games four quarters instead of one quarter because it was one quarter bambu their hosts nancy championship but because it was four quarter that means the chiefs got the play three more quarters in that means the cheese could score more points and that's exactly what they decided they were going to to do as the texans get touched on the first drive on blown coverage on a thirty day they do a fake bubble kenny stills runs with feel no one guards i'm fifty four yard touchdown cool next snake was the three now and then on fourth down they blocked a punt for a touchdown oh okay fourteen nothing arrowheads a little allston right now next with us in the the chiefs were forced to punt the the the texas at the ball back they also have upon but they put tailback field upon because thousand clam game which it was turns up unfortunate for him was a big play for the texans because tyreek hill fumbles and then they recover the texans do two plays later score again this time it was too dan fails to shawn watson dan spells and then boom there twenty one nothing before you blink the text the chiefs then proceed to go three and out again the and it's like oh my god they're they're going to blow off the field at at home and i mean it looked like they were about to than the taxing the ball bearing drive down the field and this is where the game changed in my opinion william 'cause his fourth and one fourth and one from kansas city thirteen nine over the full one it might have been like might have been inches but like they caught her fourth in one and the decide side kick a field goal after calling a timeout and my my opinion if you're gonna kick the field goal just kick it if you're gonna go go forward but it when you call a timeout you can't call time out it also kick the field goal like you call a timeout to decide like hey we'll play do we have to run that can get us a yard and i think in the post game press conference villa brian said that they age then have plenty of life there which is almost a fireable offense in my opinion because you don't have a play any player in in the almost big-play she's at those guys had the massive laminated play sheets with color coded and section here sexually mayor bob while deputy both double-sided there wasn't one play that get that you were yard on fourth and one like come on that that's that's embarrassing so they take the field goal going for the absolute gill because if now twenty-eight ain't nothing even with the chiefs and patrick mahomes traps kelsey tyreek hill although sammy watkins cartman damian williams out weapons they have down twenty nothing at home tom is almost a death sentence in terms of like for their season but they didn't do that as i kick the field goal and then the floodgates opened and the chiefs decide k it'd be cool if we just like scored every time we got the ball in and like that's what that's what i imagine the conversation station between andy reid and petra homes you know homes like you know you know what let's try that so they get the ball next after a long kick return for fifty eight yards on the at the boy next two plays touchdown then the texting at the ball back and forth to pine this time for whatever reason they they faked upon on on their own thirty one yard line mind boggling decision because they have a guy in justin reed who is a safety who's not used to having the ball gulping dana sorenson person who who is used to tackling people had one on one they get they they probably got what they want in terms of you at one guy to beat one guy their guy didn't beat their guy bustle muscle than a turnover on downs don't mind in my opinion if you're gonna go for it there then how do you not go for it on the possession before that the seems kind of backwards to me whatever i'm not saying they don't they go for they don't get at three plays later the texans i mean the what's it called the chiefs are in the end zone and then on the ensuing kickoff will this time travis cousy the first of child scusi touchdowns of the day and then on the kickoff mm dinosaurs enforces the fumble the chiefs recover bringing down to the six and in three plays a score gannon before you know it like within i think thank within like five minutes time do the math here but within i'll give her day give or take five men probably less honestly that's how crazy this within like five minutes a game time the chiefs go from down twenty four nothing to with within one score score twenty four twenty one before you can blink before you can even blake and then on top of that so then they get the touchdown to drivers cousy after the fumble on a kickoff the texans then punt get the punt down down to the the tan the chiefs then proceed need to go eight plays ninety yards touchdown and take the lead before the half and and i mean once it was over like bobby to possession before him but like at the game's over in my opinion because you don't blow that kind of lead in in a quarter minder he threw four passes in the second quarter to take the lead you don't bought a timeline then come back and win the damage it's not obvious go i don't care who you are on what kind of mental afforded to do thank you app you lead in literally a quarter of play you're losing especially on the road like maybe at home you might have a shot but at on the road you're losing a game and on top of that he's got the ball back at the at the beginning of the second second half so it was like all right it's basically all but over i mean the tendons are like this gained in happen in like a bigger scenario because if they did did they would be getting all i mean there's still a lot of this but they're gonna get they would they would have replaced the falcons falcons fans and player asking this this would replace twenty three and just to let you know it does not that was in super bowl much bigger stakes but this is about as bad as it because at least this with the twenty three the founding bullied happened over the course of like a quarter and a half plus they have to go to overtime but there was more that went into it and this the texans literally blew a twenty four point lead in a quarter which is mind boggling how how can happen and the defense decided it couldn't stop travis kelsey because they were like oh let's double tyreek hill make sense but when you do that you then and leave traps kelsey wanna one and he won the rookie corner lonnie johnson who play kentucky last year and i don't think there was anybody in the SEC receiver or tight end that was anywhere near skill level of drivers cousy so he had never gone up against anything like this we'll until this year obviously but so he wasn't he wasn't ready this isn't his fault he he should not have ever been on travis cousy but he was that was what they decided to go with and it was a disaster mm-hmm chavis kelsey killed them all game he went for ten receptions hunting thirty four yards three touchdowns second happy with obama hamstring didn't even matter still getting opens those making catches me yeah long story short after the the texans it's nothing texans the chiefs scored touchdowns on one two three four five six seven sri possessions after being down twenty four or nothing outscored the jackson's fifty one to seven let me repeat that fifty one to seven they were down twenty four nothing thing and scored fifty one points after that to win the game fifty one thirty one like i think this i mean there were so many tweets going out about this but i think this is the first time anyone's ever been down by twenty yeah okay using candy is the first game in NFL history regular season postseason where a team led by more than twenty one points after the first quarter in trailed at halftime and i think this is one of the first time ever where a team has ever been down by twenty and end up winning winging game by twenty teams comebacker twenty one twenty points down sometimes not often but sometimes it happens but freely in this scenario areo i mean they were down twenty and end up winning the game by twenty points like they took the lead in and it was never that was the closest ever got again cletus they just couldn't they couldn't stop it it and it's like you're watching it happen and like after like after the formula oh my god the texans gonna blow this like there's after me if you'd like to know why they won the game there's no way offense keeps it gear it didn't and that's all she wrote i mean that was one of the more that second quarter one of the wildest things i've ever seen in terms of my football watching life just because it happened so fast like if you like if you were awesome at twenty four nothing like all right let me get food food for a second half you leave get food comeback and you're just like hold on what the chiefs are winning like what happened in like just like they scored three touchdowns in the span of five minutes of game anton it was absurd i'm sorry if you're a texans fan and you watch me walk through that collapsed i really am sorry because i could could not imagine watching my team due to the playoffs i really couldn't but it is what it is we get the chiefs and the packers move onto irrespective championship games and after this next and after this upcoming rake in the break that's about to happen in a few seconds we'll talk about the other two games from saturday NC who will be joining them in those games so we'll be right back after this hey hey i'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because i'm not famous but i did start a men's grooming company called harry's the idea for harry's came out of a frustrating experience i had buying razor blades loyd's most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at harry's our approach simple here's our secret we make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices aces for as low as two dollars each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class german blade factory obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee millions of guys have already made the switch to harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not 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talk about how you word what happened in that texans baltimore game so so i'm going to read this to you all right in this game one team had twenty nine first downs once he met fifteen one team ran ninety to total plays the man fifty three once he met five hundred and thirty total yards one team at three hundred one team had three hundred forty five passing yards two who eighty three one team had one hundred eighty five rushing yards two to seventeen and one team held the ball for thirty two minutes a little over thirty two minutes to the other teams twenty seven minutes and fifty four seconds so if you read if you just if you don't know anything about the game if you have no idea what happened i don't know the score i don't even know the teams us look at those stats you would assume the team they had all that was more in first downs more yards warren time possession in warm passing yards only beaten rushing yards you would assume that team would've on right and wrong that would be the stats from the baltimore and titans game and in that team the team would most of those lesser stats the only thing the titans did better than the ravens was run the ball for more yards and they are more efficient in the red zone and apparently that was enough for them to get the win because they absolutely dominated the ballrooms basically what the texans the except like their defense also showed up so they weren't able to the the rams weren't ever able to really get anything going offensively offensively any for end the titans forced a couple of turnovers which clearly held on yet they just i mean if you look at how you if you thought about how okay how the times go to pull off an upset it was going to be derek redmond was gonna have to have a great game he did on the defense is going to have to contain the mar- they did not and ryan was gonna have to make sure he didn't make mistakes he did i mean the more in this game had over five hundred total yards of offense limited that for you again or is that again he had over five hundred yards of total offense in a game where his offense only scored twelve points almost almost unheard of again he threw the ball fifty nine hand which is absurd be a three hundred and fifty nine three sixty five one touchdown to interceptions options that's two recessions were part of the big thing had twenty carries for forty three yards he was there he was i mean you you could argue he was one of the best player on the field and it didn't even matter because the titans just they just they dominated hit them like before before the ravens even knew what happened they were down fourteen nothing and they just weren't ever able to overcome it so yeah like this game titans get the ball for us together upon the next drive the rams are moving ball than they get a passive little high from working dues goes through with his hands on his picked off kevin buyer and he runs about fifty even the markets a fifteen pound for grasping the helmet opening when he goes for the tackle then titans go down eight thirty five yards third the third and goal the drug dan health those jump off the janis from the two nights tombs often get somehow gets both his his feet in for an acrobatic touchdown okay boom they're upset nothing nothing too crazy than the next drive comes on the ravens dropped the ball at a big tide the forty five try to try to run the mar- get them there the gopher do they they run with amar does not work get stuff he goes backwards actually he didn't go back and read the game yards they get and william like that close either like it was it's pretty obvious he was short of the line next play play action deep shot to khalif raymond i believed who goes i mean just was a nice little like fake out or like corner posts kind of situation is only catch the game because ryan tannehill only two eight yards we'll get to that in a second the shakes marlon humphrey runs runs the download if you for a touchdown mom play forty five yards next the ravens are down fourteen nothing and this is basically what they avoided all year was getting these big deficits and you could see that this team is not acquit whether it be if you wanna say it's the mars a passer but i more sites just the weapons that they he has to the ball to they're they're not going to play from behind they're a team that runs their offense through their running backs and they're running quarterback and tight ends they have one fast receiver i mean you still he's been he's indecent share but hollywood brown's in atlanta to injury and outside of that they don't really have a whole lot at the receiver position then they got like three a very solid tight ends but as the eagles can have the same struggle with like if your best plastic as if your best pass catches are tight ends then you're not really that difficult of a passing offense to stop because they can only because unless you're minding them up on the outside side they were the all mainly worked in the middle of the field you can you can congest the middle of field in playmate coverage on the outside enforce the beach you and the ravens couldn't do that consistently also also i mean the more missing passes here and there but like i said they didn't even have anybody too young we have too much outside to throw it to and i mean the ravens were able to cut fourteen point deficit a little bit they got it to fourteen sex with two field goals though a lot of those those are two very long on drives with the where they would have dropped the ball down the field they kind of stalled out on down they kind of struggled on third down all night really i'm trying to see if i could find year they were not take the back it unreachable that bad they were eleven eighty third issue was fourth down which is more on the second in half where they but even in the first half they had the one third down convergent they tried and they weren't able to get coming out of the halftime aforethought again you try to quarterback sneak but for whatever reason lamar went to the outside world margot's the outside when he could've just went forward i mean and i'm not i'm lamar's the one of the most electrifying players i've ever seen especially this young or this early into his career so i'm not gonna tell them how to run the ball because he knows how knows what he's doing but that his decision there to just go forward on quarterbacks knee which is what most people do and try to go around the end and he tried to stop the style try to double back daily work did not work at all and then so biggest apple matt fourth down on the next drive they get another touchdown after derrick henry rumbles on thirty one for sixty six yards which was funny because earl thomas had those comments earlier in the week about how the patriots in racing interested in china tack loan like we're different and that sound good until you tackle guys exists four six five to fifty play after play and just naturally you're going to be like no i don't want to do this and that one got hit in the backfield bounce off like two guys and ran through the military defense and and outran almost the entire team to the end zone and then he got the ball no he didn't all year so then they tried to give it to the next they gave him the next play after that he got three yards and they threw incomplete than he did his best tibo impersonation nestle jumped as even know the funniest thing is that if you wash their play mark nolan covers marks marielle standing on on those on the right side wide open waving his hands like pillow derek please don't the ball it worked out chords caught it got as well feed and suddenly matter but it was just funny on you to watch just just mario waivers arms k. someone on the ball here that was funny the get that then the next the next dr i play play the market sacked get stripped fumbled the that titans get the ball back named six plays later they're in the end zone this time on on a gain of speed option earl thomas overplayed to derrick henry and their cannon jose off tackler in the end zone and it's twenty eight six and then the games all but over i mean the titans of the titans radio score one touchdown but it was never it was never really in doubt there's never any doubt after they went up twenty one six it was like all right yeah this game's over just because like i said the the ravens offense offense is built to ground pound and then passes the an alternative not pass their main thing 'cause they're emotional their best plays he's in the game came a couple of how a lot of them came with the mar- using his legs like breaking down whether designed or not just like breaking the breaking contain breaking pocket and running the that was most of the now's most baltimore's best offense in that game that works better when you're not down double would they just mostly gain even found themselves and it's unfortunate that this is how the season end just because a lot of because like we talked about in the last podcast martin martin have a good game last year either so she'll be like oh he just not a big time former oh did we crown them too soon of see i told you he was really a running like all flash and it's gonna come out in the coming days and weeks and months do off-season until the mark and prove himself again even though like one game it was not a season make he's still be the best player in the league this year he had a bad game are tom radiata bag game last week against the same titan steaming yeah no one's saying that he should no longer be a quarterback like it's just like just it's it of this game unfortunately allows people to to confirm the bias that they already had about lamar just because they are i don't think he's that good so me lately plays bad again and then be like see told you guys and i'm like you couldn't say anything for thank what they won twelve games in a row eleven that he played in so they've they've been waiting three months to say get these takes off and unfortunately the more you're giving me ammo by not playing that well but regardless it's good season from and a better season for tannehill who i mean just some of the some list asks asna schemer kind of absurd i think the not i think the titans i will start with derrick henry dare can we went for one hundred eighty yards thirty for thirty for one eighty two or one of you four you thirty mom sorry i did that was last week thirty four one ninety five he didn't score this week but he passing touchdown so there's that so derrick henry is the first player ever with a hundred yards in back to back to back games for three straight games playoff or not because he did it last game of the regular season in these verses chrissy playoff games and i mean who's gonna say that can do it again against the chiefs the titans of the first team to win two playoff games with under a hundred yards passing since nineteen eighty eight and lamar is the third player ever with three hundred yards passing one hundred yards rushing in the game and the first ever to do it in plow so that the game was a record breaker for various reasons and also the staff at CBS put up towards the end of the game as the only teams to win multiple games in the same postseason with fewer than one hundred passengers with the miami dolphins in ninety seven ninety nine hundred ninety two and nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy-three excuse me and the pittsburgh steelers in nineteen seventy four fund you enough so it's three straight years and all those teams won the super bowl and tie titans has seventy one yards passing last week and eighty-three tonight i think they got up a little bit higher yes and they got up to lowe's they got up to ninety one i believe none of the fence eighty-three because the sack so yeah defense for eighty three so shusha games were tanno hasn't yet to do that much they've done everything and art again have you ever keep that up probably not but for now it's working if it's not broke don't fix this i'm imagining they're gonna try that same formula though i do believe ten who's going to have to at least least try though for over a hundred yards next game against the chiefs from that was shot so that was that was a game and easy surprise the weekend i mean i i said head i wouldn't be surprised if we're on here and talking about the titans winning i would not surprise even times when 'cause they they were able to do the things i thought they would be able to do if they were going to win which their cameras gonna run the ball well got some turnovers they were able to stop the lamar and their running game even though mark ingram was hurt so that probably helped a little bit and then tannehill did they just enough and that's basically what happened though like i said i didn't expect them to dominate in the fascinate didn't win by double digits but like i said i wouldn't be surprised if they won and then and then even less surprising about most the vikings niner's game earlier on a day on saturday where the niners dominated basically from start to finish i'm at no point did you really ever believe that devices were going to win i take that back maybe a tightly the top seven seven after the niners went down the field basically pretty easily almost article i mean i knew shannon's giving a great game plan coming into this wanting that's so equity add yeah would on the field eight hundred sixty one yard touchdown pass from jimmy g. to kendrick born then the then the the vikings came down again came down the next drive yada got a touchdown this one indeed pass to stefan digs who made a nice nice nice catch reason and then they force the punt on next driving then then the after the nine is a reported the vikings bonded on one of their seven from thirty one two three four five six seven yet one of their seven three and outs of on the day this was a big issue for him all game i mean when you don't have the ball you can't score south part of their issue and the night has made the most of that because after their three now where they got sacked on first down cousins did by armstead than they try to run a couple of times then go anywhere they punted the niners came down scored even though they they they fumbled but it got overturned because i think your depot's down and that that hurt because i've been a big momentum swing and then from there they ages can we stop seven coleman and he just kinda ran all over them the rest of the drive to get into the end zone then they then they went three and out again punted then they got gift gift from jimmy g. right before half he does interception kendricks we try to donate your seven two earlier in the game but he the kindergarten this one you're go okay maybe the vikings tied up they wanna be able to have the field goal and then that was basically all she wrote because they didn't score again the rest of the game title not nice came out have got feel then sherman picks off richard sherman picks zovko cousins on a on a great play by him he he he was all over the playing man coverage kirk cousins not what the end do not even know where the ball was when the balls in the air but sherman joe sherman did he called it the a few plays later democrat running to the end zone again and he was great all night right for them i think he went over one hundred yards and that's the issue when you play a non asean because they had because he had twenty two for one oh five two touchdowns most of the fifty eight yards and breed only had seventeen but coleman both average four point eight yards a carry they only did the one care but he's the guy that you know they run the ball stitches like one of those things where they just can ride the hot hand let me so difficult to defend you don't come into the week you don't i know who's going to be the guy you get the way to the game and then who thank like coming home this game think oh maybe ten coleman this guy next week up the no it's like breathe game or this is the most games the game jimmy does like three hundred yards four touchdowns like their office can beat you in in different ways and that's that's encouraging such great play car that it can make it easier on jimmy g. and that makes it easier for them the office to move goes germany really he was he you had to a little bit more than ten to help not even that much you only through the nineteen times hundred thirty one yards a touchdown interception and two sacks but he didn't really they didn't really need them do that much defense was dominant never getting after kirk all day sanctum six times the one interception the the one we had a one fumble on upon that that definitely helped the swing swing back whatever momentum the viking trying get back to the the niners this was this was later in the game remember when fumble was was now this was trying to think and also before this was twenty one she is when it was twenty four time upon the wall back to the vikings to maybe thought okay maybe can get someone mental here make it a one score game they shares upon then the nine and get a field goal and that was it was already over but that just kind of ended whatever hope the the vikings hackers the tubes and after i had to go three and out three now go backwards on both drives and they had two other drugs ended on downs and yeah this is the this is the niners team that if you're a believer in the niners which i mean you have to be at this point this kind of the game we expected them to play dominant run the ball well jimmy you just does not just does just enough that front four gets after kirk cousins i mean nick bosa was a was a monster he was all over the place all game per arguably eighty one of the best players on what he was one of the best players on the field all night all day all night whatever you call it yeah so this i mean this so now everything set niners packers they already neither did the packers they smoked on before don't think it'll be that easy this time but i mean i know the nice house feel confident going in and then you've got the titans and cheese to titans beat the chiefs earlier this year actually funny enough with haenel so they're not going to be scared i mean they've just one two games on the road with one more game on the road and i know you're not going to be scared and can be playing as well as just about anybody in the league or especially left in the playoffs right now now he's been dominant been impossible to stop the chief of the run on so it's not gonna be simple for them but we'll see how it goes but yeah that's that's i mean great plows i'm expecting to great games again next sunday that will be talking about come this time next week and yeah humming that's the playoffs have been great so far my opinion like i said i'm inspected slowdown this weekend we get to pretty good games i mean people probably are going to be mainly amy picking the chiefs in the niners but i feel like an either both teams could win both games like i wouldn't be shocked either way to break down later in the week but i think there's there's no there's no there hasn't been any given us this entire postseason people thought the ravens titans was a gimme people thought the pay patriots times gimme peachy some people thought saints vikings was a gimme so yes there hasn't been in my opinion there's been no gimmes because there have been multiple titan teams that have come in thinking they're going to win and win easy and that's not what happens so that's the thing i love about the one game playoff it is very unpredictable and the these playoffs have been unpredictable i mean no one if known could would have assumed that when ryan took over in like week seven that he would be marching marching into area for a chance to play in the super bowl back in miami funny enough leah so that's been great and after after break we will be talking about the college football shame should that is coming up on monday so when you be hearing this that we happening later today and i discussed that who's who's gonna win clemson or clemson LSU we'll tell you who i think's gonna win right after this break and why right after this break check out the show that's built on the MMA from the UFC two extreme cage fighting but they got the fights covered check out GMC MMA podcast get the latest news on past or upcoming fights join us as we've talked to and about some of the biggest biggest names in the past president future when it's the fight game there's just one show to check out GSFC podcast dot com back slash m dadge podcast don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visagie SMC podcast dot com for more info we are art back here once again i'm a s mc sports talk that's mc test network doc so both these teams LSU in clubs from coming to his game feeling differently i mean the LSU is coming off of a record performance almost from judge borough seven touchdowns in the first half eight touchdowns in total excuse me deficit was unstoppable four touchdowns over two hundred yards their defense was stifling oklahoma was never comfortable can do anything and then clemson had to fight they were down they were down double digits at the at the fight claw back guys coming in non line of due to injury but they they showed the heart of a champion reverse dave stave off a house state nearly get the job done there at the end with the big pick so yeah they come in i mean both coming also undefeated clemson hasn't lost since in since no didn't they think they've won willing twenty-five i know i know traveled lowest twenty five now i believe you've got to think before they had sean no no the kelly bryant kobe bryant every year physicians third year seven vinick to use yes so then kelly and they lost they lost the team that year i think in the playoff every year they've won like twenty five zero and they've been here before they've been on the stage before they know what it takes to win and they're gonna get to LSU team who i mean outside of the fact that they are they've been dominant all year and unbeaten like five top fifteen team top fifteen teams joe birdsville unstoppable maybe been the best college quarterback ever i mean in a season ever we'll talk about the next hot in the next segment but they got their defense arriving in the form i mean ever since granddaddy got got healthy they've been they've been killing it so this is going to be i mean if clinton people gaga coming out state was probably going to be one of the better games games in the year and it lived up to the hype and i think this one's going to be though i think this one will probably have a little bit more scoring in and just because i am not sure much like with what people thought with the mark jackson and the baltimore i'm not sure how you stop l. shoes offense because unlike baltimore for these guys also have three legit receivers have jomar chase who i mean what the have okay and totally have a quarterback doc who including the gospel pile has done for over five thousand yards in like fifty five touchdown passes they have two thousand dollars tomorrow cheese and jason jefferson and a thousand thousand yard running back and clyde edwards allaire who is actually going to be healthier now because he he he wasn't he didn't even need them to do that much against oklahoma now he's had some time off to heal up and get right so he'll be i would imagine he'll be more useful and he's going to be one of the factors i believe l. shooting justice inc doesn't case because clemson has a great pass defense so in case they're able to who stifled a passing a little bit of they're able to run the ball with allaire now out of use them just because like i said they he's been big for them while years they're going to need them getting this game and then almodena decide they have well they have the jim thorpe award winner when grant out whether you thought you deserved it or not is a different story but he wanted you have christian fulton corn was going to go in the first round was likely got derek interestingly junior who may will be the best defensive back on his team as a freshman and he's an amazing this entire year you got good good pass rusher jason was giving was making hurts is night and night is making hurt his night a nightmare in in the in the last final game and they've got good players on all levels of defense but i mean clemson office no actually trevor longs we know about that which is the craziest craziest thing is that job borough i mean this has been a little bit talk i call saw some articles about joe borough is having the best season ever for a college quarterback and may not even be the best quarterback on the field come monday night which is great thing about but like yet dr owens is if you forgot because he's got off to a slow start but like he's as good as zayn quarterback in the country so he's not gonna he's he's not going to tribes ET an who's one of the best running backs definitely is one of the most explosive running backs in the country to stud receiver isn t higgins and justin ross and on top of that they are mismatches i mean much like like the hell she receives are by just more so because of their size just both those guys are overlake six three six four and they just they big run good rousing and get the jump ball they give trevor loans a lot of wiggle room in terms of he can throw it it doesn't have to be perfect in those go up and get as was evidenced last last year when they when they when a beat them i put the beatdown alabama that kinda shocked everybody but i mean like like i said they've been here before the dunn's before so i don't expect them to be afraid of the moment but they may be catching LSU LSU at the wrong time because like as i said l. she's defense is rounding back into form into what people thought it i was going to be obviously they were hampden they were hurt a little bit this year by granted playing through some injury but since he's got back with think he got a fishy healthy quote unquote the text the game they've given up the up seven points ten points in twenty eight points the oklahoma bombing the score sixty three to me matter and author in all three of those games councilman jake fromm and then dan hearts had their worst like asking games of the year arguably arguably in the last three games so term lawrence's better than all those guys but is going up against a defense that is playing as well as you would hope for this time the season and then that coupled with offense that is i appreciate rate and passing passing success rate this season joe boroughs from being seventy percent of his passes has over five thousand yards fifty five touchdown six picks i mean the gun funds is no slouch either they are third in passing success rate allowed and they're also third in this act rate so they because they're good pass coverage average they allow their past they allow passengers to get home because they can cover guys pretty well and i think their their biggest weapon on defense is going to be he's gonna be the x factor if he plays well then cups in clumps is gonna have a shot regards just because they're clemson and they they have very players but like he's going to be a big deal because does he can play in center field as he showed in last game where he got the rivers able to track down the ball near the sideline and pick off justin fields oregon pioneer the line where he's been like one of the best pass rushers in in terms of like i think he's what like i'm trying to see the second team in stacks or something something no legal team stacks with six he leads the team in total tackles i would ninety seven also has three picks on the year six pass defenses forced fumble like he's he's been a great great whatever you wanna call linebacker safety whatever it is he's been great and then on top of that though the though the like the elite pass rusher they have a bunch of guys can get after they have i think what is it like to ten guys in total that have at least two sacks ex- latest down the defense going they're venables bring a lot of pressure so he could bring people from all over linebacker safeties corners whoever doesn't really matter he's gonna bring pressure he's going to try to get joe borough issues that joe boroughs been very good under pressure he's very good back there escaping escaping the rash a moving around on for keeping his eyes downfield finding down the fears you showed in the last games as he showed all season so there need to find a way to if they get if they let him and get into the backfield acfield they're gonna need to find a way to bring him down because just getting pressure on him like he's not gonna phase butch not gonna be phased by being under pressure and now elsie he has he's been very accurate this year i don't expect that to change and then he has great receivers that can even help them out in in the case of maybe he doesn't throw the the greatest ball he is getting receiver that can go up and make plays for him so the just just the pressure is going to be important but i the reason why i think simmons is going to be that big because he can do a little bit of everything and you can help take away a layer who's been a great threat for the LSU out of the backfield the issue with that is then you're leaving he's not blitzing or not like so then that hurts your past a little bit so you gotta you gotta pick your poison are you going to china blitz and get pressure on borough get the bottles quickly or you're gonna try to play coverage play man in play zone whatever you wanna do and just hope they your corners and safeties and linebackers and cover their running backs and receivers and tight ends which which i mean maybe it will work i'm not gonna i'm not gonna sit here and say that it won't work but it just simmons is going to be there little chesapeake in terms of they can put him anywhere you're like i said d they can put him on the second can put on they can have them blitz come off the edge come with the middle wherever and doesn't really matter but administering see how they i deploy him just because he's going to be basing else you've asked to account for and what he does and where he is may change what LSU wants to do pensively nice if you get to decide the ball they don't really have the elite pass rusher easier even chase on was great in the last scheme against oklahoma two sacks was constantly in the backfield constantly made dan hurst life like like i said a nightmare and and do you have to do the same thing as trevor lawrence who was not the runner that jalen hurts is but his ozzy much better passer and against knocking can refer the moment i think he's i think i saw a stat where he's lost like in the last six years including this year i'm use to total games between high school and college so the no matter how down or how far ahead l. she gets if they do get a big lead on them the never going to be out of it dabbles a good coach LSU so like well coached team and experiencing also they were in the national championship they're defending champion so they know what it takes to win here so it's not gonna be is not going to be issue for them but it's interesting to see how how these teams will be able to match of catholic the effectiveness of both they're passing games will be was important because that's i i mean and both i mean it's just like that's the thing they both these teams have great everything's like really it's like the south evenly matched like on paper so i expected expected to be a little bit high-scoring to be close game iron expected to be like take the i think els clemson one twenty nine twenty three three over is to take that bumped up a little bit to say like into the thirties like thirty five thirty one or thirty eight thirty five something like that i think think i think it's going to be a score and i think the one of the other keys could be in the red zone where else you kind of isn't as awesome red zone obviously with them they just can score from wherever they don't have to get in the red zone of score but if you can if you can get them into the red zone and hold them to to feel bose instead let them score that'll be big just to help your own offense out a little bit but he that that's going to be one of the case l. she was in terms of success rate is sixteen sixty i inside opponents ten eighty fifth incest right on i and goals in one hundred and fourth on i'm neil goal line so their team the dozen isn't that good once again to the red zone but like i said they don't really need to be because they can score from anywhere else on the field so so that'll be important PC how they do in the red zone and then and then third in third downs going to be big more the when clemson as the ball just because they've been a solid team nothing too great on third down and they were five or fourteen on third down against ohio state which is not as good as you would want to be an issue defense has been green on third down the only allowed thirty percent on the season which is nine best in the country and they've only been allowed twenty five percent over the last five games which is like i said when a there defensively rounding the form so red zone for dallas offense and thirty down for clamps enough going to be the two big keys and if whoever gets the edge whoever ends up winning probably that often have success in those areas just because i don't see this being like a high turnover game if need a quarterback turned the ball over a lot they don't really like the ball on though they're planning to good defenses defense so it wouldn't be surprising but that's not is back that expect like a good game coach well played high scoring enough though not like complete like fifty thirty five fifty shootout kind of thing but high school they both these offerings are too good normally a great offense great defense especially especially in whether it's like pro college at on edge on like this i mean we saw that literally last year with in alabama like even like the older clemson thompson alabama shots were there like he was able to do some pigs he hasn't turnovers here and there but he was able to score points and get yards on alabama and this is probably as close as to that alabama defenses clemson has played recently kinda lash it at a alabama cup guys out with injuries and stuff but i mean l. shows the more battle-tested team in terms of this specific season they be in great teams throughout the different points of their schedule we'll an-and clemson hasn't played as many good teams but they beat everybody in most teams being beaten by a lot i haven't scored under like thirty eight point since september or something like that so i think i if i have to lean i mean joe burning out of his mind LSU look the best in the country for like a couple of months now well i think it'll be close but i think as you probably wins but this is one of those games risk it's a toss up like the comes from wins am i shock no NFL she wins and my shock now if you the only thing i'd be shocked by if clemson wins by a lot of clemson won by double digits that would that would genuinely shock me now because they are incapable of just because l. shoes off so our expecting to get blown out and their defense plants along with them to get blown out either but that's the only outcome i was shocked muse clemson by double digits but anything else anything between their clemson wing closed usher win close else you win by a little bit more that wouldn't shock me because i mean joe boras playing out of his mind right now so you sometimes you gotta ride with the hot hand and that's what i'm doing in this situation because it doesn't myself show borough i don't think it's possible least that the cause of the NFL's gonna be completely different but at the college level someone's got to stop them before in order to make me a believer that it can happen because right now i don't believe so that's where i'm at and speaking the job borough in my next hour and talk about is this the best cod quarterback season we've ever seen some people say yes awesome people say no i'll tell you my answer and why i think that right after this break are you looking for for help your fantasy football team checkout GMC fantasy football podcast get today's best advice on who start to sit even who you should draft from sleeper perplexed a red hot lineups they got it all covered for you that's GSM see podcasts dot com backslash fantasy dash football dash broadcast we'll cover traditionally additionally dynasty few PR even i dp when you need fantasy hope there's just one showed up don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter wither visit GS mc podcast dot com for more info hello oh you've got you s sports are casper but so is playing the best quarterback back ever in terms of legacy dust once if you folks down to one specific season now in order to complete this he needs to win on monday so if he loses all out the window because in order to complete that you have to you have to be a national championship a national champion in my opinion unlike NFL where like in the regular season you can you can have like amazing stats like the tom brady heavenly they went like eighteen in our different pay many years essentially what the broncos some of those years where he had great viruses and number has been they didn't end up winning the super bowl and he might have argue been the best quarterback ever in those seasons godfrey was different in requires you in my opinion to win the national championship so job our needs to win and probably played pretty well all in this game i mean he's played well enough to where he has the body of work already set where he doesn't need like he doesn't need like seven touchdowns or anything like that play well though for another three hundred three or four touchdowns i think that firmly cemented him as the best quarterback ever but yeah i mean when you look at the stats here as of right now magassa we talked about in the last segment he is at five hundred hundred in five thousand nine hundred five thousand over five over fifty two hundred yards five touchdowns six interceptions he needs only three more touchdowns from time epi record held by colt brennan for the most touchdowns in a season where he's which was fifty ABC's in two thousand seven and he's done all this while beating five teams in the current top thirteen which are oklahoma georgia florida auburn in alabama and obviously if he puts up a good game against a clemson the now be six that'd be sixteen he's done it against in terms of had some of the best teams he's done against the best competition that you could imagine all these teams and always quarterbacks that he'd be vying against would have to do this because they'd have to win national championships so you gotta play team national championship but over the course of the year is he's played good team after good team and passed every every single test with flying colors probably i mean before last week is greatest performance was ousted alabama game where he threw for a bunch of yards ars ranch is still ran for like sixty seventy yards something like that that just the i don't talk that had a had a good amount touchdowns in that game too so he was great but i think the to other quarterbacks going up against this honor if you will our venture two thousand five and cam knew in in twenty time dan now the issue for both those guys is just pure statistically they don't measure up at all like for vince young the team went thirteen no and he put on one of the greatest bowl performs obviously in their roles ball against you see i'm running for that touched on top of the fact that iran for the game winning touchdown he was great at every other point throughout the game he'll be one of the greatest teams assembled up to that point in in college football and that year he finished third in passing efficiency due for a little over three thousand yards and ran for another thousand so a little over four thousand yards total combined for thirty eight touchdowns the only ten picks and cam newton on the hand was he took a team that before before him when he and five and after him when he and five and he was basically the the the biggest addition to that team want them took them to fourteen now finished second in passing efficiency and his was higher than vince young he was at one eighty two point one on vince young was that wants his three point nine due for two twenty two thousand eight hundred fifty four yards and ran for fourteen seventy three so so for so forty three hundred total and had fifty combined touchdowns i think like thirty thirty passing twenty rushing shing i believe is around the numbers i will double check for you guys but yeah thing was around thirty thirty passing uh-huh and twenty rushing and then i think he he he had he had only had like six or seven six yeah you he had so let me i mean they're yes i'm pulling them up here so the one year he had thirty touchdowns passing seven interceptions and then then he had like i said the almost fifteen hundred yards rushing in twenty more touchdowns and then even to humana receiving touchdown to just for good measure i still remember the play where he is like he runs through defense like stiff arms like patrick petersen guy who is one of the best corners new generation wasn't cod instills in the brow and churches off with us down and look like any middle becky was patrick running slow motion it was an amazing play i mean everybody has those hasn't remember that one for cam those are probably the two best at least in recent memory i don't i don't know about an eighties and seventies and stuff like dabbling in recent memory the best quarterback season then probably just statistically the best quarterback season just because of obviously offenses have gotten better over the course at the time so p players putting more and more prolific numbers and staff and stuff so it's only fitting that are these regular get to be broken and the grazes whoa continued to happen further and further down down the line but i think in my personal opinion assuming xuming again this is assuming she wins on monday night and jeb caps off his heisman trophy year with a championship i like like again another assumption i'm assuming workplace well tomorrow 'cause i mean will i'm going to sunday night so i'm shooting his while on monday because he hasn't played poorly in a game this season so i don't expect monday to be the first time it happened so soon he plays assuming al wins i think you have to say in my opinion and this is the best season quarterbacks ever had does he has a chance to break near the chance to break the the pattern touchdowns record for a season he currently holds the record for completion percentage percentage in a season that seventy seven point six socio is how much higher or lower that goes up he currently is he's he's at the two hundred and four point six passing efficiency which is higher than the current FEMA's record and he will be number one after after like will who i think he's already currently number one because that was better than him was to of but he didn't on the played enough games aims to qualify for it technically so should be number one and he's he's already set the record for that assuming that doesn't drop down drastically so you're gonna have all kinds of those three three touchdowns or more he'll have the record for most passing touchdowns in a season and again it's not like when cold brainless at hawaii is like on a random good hawaii team mm-hmm this this this he will be saying record only national championship LSU tiger team which is a big difference and i mean the one the one thing that i would have to knock isn't the right word but one thing i think will will hurt him and maybe we'll bump a gala cam newton up to racing just because of the sheer level of town that he has around him again not his fault because you can he's he just has we have he didn't recruit these guys these guys just decided to come here but like i said yeah i guess didn't lasted me has two thousand your receivers a thousand year running back players on defense that are gonna be you NFL throughout the secondary linebacker defensive line as richer edge rushers lays multiple i mean he's going to have i mean tight end radi son who's not gonna not whenever he decides to go to the NFL who's he's going to get drafted and that does not his fault i think the team around him hurts his case a little bit just because the vast how talented those guys around now eligible had a lot of talented teams before a no quarterbacks ever looked good so there is that so gerbil his is different in that regard where he's taking the town around him and maximizing it well like i said when you look at cam and his team that team was eight and five before got there he gets there and then f. after these there in five again and like you look at if you go back look up the look at that roster i mean it's a good cod roster and yeah i mean NFL success knock contest it doesn't really matter but outside of nick fair let none of those guys were really like superb or college players like the there's one guy josh bonds was linebacker who still league michael dyer who was the MVP that natura chamber of game got so he had some off the field issue see kind of never panned out he's his leading receiver is the just a guy like most of those most often skill players on a team miami miami to the league for like warranty years fizzled out well borough has guys that are going on both sides of the ball that are going to be the first second third round draft picks and potentially plainly i mean you never really know how long they'll play in the league but like just didn't have the chance to go second maybe even first round if he has good combi tomorrow as was the betsy ran the country this year he'll be a first round pick when he when he ever he decided to leave ariza layer is going to go a little bit lower but he's still very good college running back nice that defense has two guys in the second half is going to go in the first round down another gun secondary was a freshman that could very well be a top five top ten pick whenever he declares good good good would address her and jason is climbing on the first two rounds linebackers in phillips and queen good defensive linemen that are good good like i think his name tower clark like there's a very good players on that team outside a gerbil but he's just been indian has made it all work so i think that'll be some people's knock on jobs how talented the LSU teams compared to auburn team but side-by-side staffer stat number two number assuming job boral out she went on monday job rose has everybody beat in my personal opinion i mean though for over five thousand yards though for almost sixty touchdown touchdown passes have doubled up single digit interceptions said completion percentage record possibly sent a passion efficiency record possibly like he's going to have records all over the place and then on top of winning the heisman and win a national championship i mean for one season i don't think there's any quarterback desmond better in my opinion you may be disagree with with me you're more than welcome to i'm i'm not the not the beyond terms of college football and stuff so i'm more than welcome to have a debate with you about this but in my opinion in job borough is the best again assuming you assuming he caps it off for the championship this the best season we've ever seen from a quarterback in college college just but you walk into disagree after this next next break we will be talking about the browns the browns have a new head coach who it is and how they got there i will let you know right after this are you looking to get your college football beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school steam if they diaz mc college football podcast is your ticket to all things college football join us as we talk college football from the national championship the college rivalries rivalries the ball game to the heisman trophy so which converts is the best we've got you covered for the big ten as he's the big twelve the pac twelve ACC ACC and everything in between download the GMC college football podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud google play or anywhere you find audace just type t us nc in the search bar and we're back here again and see sports podcast run by GPS so the browns they will last domino to fall and everybody's waiting to see who they were gonna end up hiring the head coach they had had a litany of interviews from jospin awesome daniels to robert sil- defense coordinator for the forty niners to jim schwartz to greg roman i believe to eric b enemy brian debacle the bills off with coordinator all those guys they went through them decided now we don't make any would not we don't like any of those like some those guys but we're not gonna pick any of those and they settled settled sounds has a bad connotation to it but like the picked chemist fancy the offense as a coordinator from the minnesota vikings now a lot of the NFL is a what have you done for me lately leak so obviously his last performing at his office last performing performing performance now great ones were tied points against san francisco went against robert saw the defensive coordinator who's also for the jobs i know richard sherman had something to say about that on twitter earlier today which was interesting communion rod for his guy so not surprising and again one game and does not a season make you have to go off the entire body of work and this year minnesota vikings offense has been quite good and he's gotten career career year level plateau kirk cousins this year so i'm not surprised and also it has come out that the without see john dorsey building paul deepa desta was the main gaas along with the hazards hell we make decisions and policies deep edessa was who's a guy who tried to get them the big sean mcdermott over hugh jackson back in two thousand sixteen oz he didn't do that seattle it's worked out for the the bills and for the browns and then last year the inland side of things wanted comes the fancy but the john dorsey he decided that decided that they weren't going different directions and go with freddie kitchens and thus and thus that didn't work out either and now here are now that here again john dorsey out of the building parties paul deepa desta is still there and he finally gets his guy which i mean offer the bounce out of thing is a good thing in terms of like at least it sounds like everybody's on the same page because seems like from in the least i mean there's been allowed dysfunction with cleveland over the last twenty years so it's not just a new thing but at least recently there's been in seems to be like dysfunction often turns is seventy sounds like from this the from who the people wanted this is from this from seth weaker sham i'm a senior writer at ESPN he he tweeted out the body for dessus stuff so if that is in fact true and it's out of there was some conflict within the front office awesome who they wanted the fact that they have a guy they all university agree on granted is not that many of them and he's up to higher GM but the guy that they university agree on and off the coast will help pick the GM so the gym will be an agreement with that guy being the head coach that's important could you want from a a top down you want everybody to have faith in the coach if you don't you have we have situations they've had within the firing guys wanted to years in and or you have situation like jerry jones obviously different with the cowboys because he's the jerry jones the owner and GM but you have guys that'll that ouseley was portrayed by jean slater an interview during this week about how guys were going behind jason gareth back talking to jerry jones taxonomy like hey i can do what i want kind of thing and just like when you when you have frictions in the front office that that kind of situation allows you can possibly have you can have guys that would go to the g. m. moore the owner who ever talked bad about the coach because also that GM or that player personnel i mean that person now guard that football operations guy also doesn't believe in the coach that you can talk bad about them and that's not doesn't doesn't create a cohesive team and like i said us want unity from the top down and sounds like at least in some degree they might have that this year with with everybody being on the same page on who it is that they want and getting a guy that seemed like they like last year and they're going to come they're going to go with this year so oh that'll be good for the browns do i know how good of an off i mean the head coach comes fancy will be not at all i mean no one does so you don't raise hard to say whether he'll be good or bad add but at the very least it seemed like the the front office and the ownership will have faith in him which gives him more time i think the biggest thing with the browns they just haven't had the i i to known no has instant success there so because they have to get impatient and they fire people in the newer overturning coaches and quarterbacks and all this other stuff time and time again like if you look at cauti- an- and this is his third years ago i believe in the first year the team was not good i mean they had what the number two pick last year the number twenty seventeen i think they had a number two pick ended up they ended up trading with the bears oh no way no one seventeen twenty eighteen twenty okay that was that was three years ago before he got there got south africa how how they picked in two thousand eighteen there was like a top five talk to impact so it takes time to build a successful football team baby people want to situation like matinee flora did where you have an all time great quarterback and have different pieces of us need ask them a little bit to the defense here and maybe a little bit too often they are then boom you're albertine like that doesn't happen that often or guy like doug piece where they hit this hit on all cylinders one year and then boom you win the super bowl with the backup quarterback mike tomlin back in the day of the even hugo said this was because you have someone bill college players still there so i think the fact that kemps fancy has the faith of the ownership has a faith of the front office while allow him to struggle coming that's been the biggest issue with the browns they're been as much as they struggled recently they've just been too quick to get rid of people and i mean maybe maybe freddie capable in the right guy i mean he probably wasn't in huge occupied by either but it's like you never know if you don't give them two three four years in my opinion like ozzy the giants samson pat shurmur at least he had been head coach before so you got to expect there like MC head coach the first time if he doesn't have a good year this first year is that surprising no and it shouldn't be surprising to anybody that's associated with the brown just because because he's new team was seventy eight lash or seven and nine six and ten browse this year but names isn't then yes i think the bible six and ten this year so he's not coming in the team of talented yes but it's not like they were world beaters i mean they ahead hi speculations but the expectations are don't don't manifest themselves on sundays you either win lose expectations on we have much of a factor in terms of how you play on in between the white lines sixty minutes on sundays so i think i think also probably those those those lower expectations coming into this year probably will benefit comes fancy and the browns just because of the fact that new last year people know not to overestimate what the browns are going to do yet six in time for US but they are not going to arrest me what the browns could be what they could do so i think that that was not hurt them last year was that people mccain assume that oh we're gonna make the playoffs they're going to win the division blah blah and i'm just like let's see them play together win some games for four years assumes that things and then ozzie when he got off to a rough start it was a big day on the news and there was internal and external things and then we have a season that they had so i think this faith that the front office has in kim's defense he should at least by him some time to work through the growing pains of being a new head coach and i'll see people that put around and we're going to be very important for just to have some other coaching only been coordinator for a year and a little bit and then yeah he's only been this is first of all you laugh took over after they find it after they fired on d. filipo mike zimmer in the vikings did so this is only this is the first full year now seems a good first full year i mean kirk cousins was was had a career year and i think the biggest thing the two biggest guys that will be impacted by this are baker mayfield nick shop without awesome seeing what down was able to do in this offense should have nick chubby cited though ozzy they're not the same type of player of the same exact things but nick chubb is is capable of carrying ball inside outside also catching the ball out of the backfield is what they did with donald cook and then baker will be helpful because the run out of play action listen the minnesota purpose f is from the US from cody schuch at w. f. n. y. cody is browns writer and kim's fancy and appropriate for minnesota led by kim's fancy you clashed on thirty one point four percent of their drawbacks with kirk cousins which is fifth most in in in the league and baker mayfield heights caprice presented differential differential differential in the NFL player actually was ten point one percent in terms of percents better when they when they used play action so this is going to flashing every t- offense and that is at least based on this year some that baker mayfield does well on something that the browns should've you more and that's that's that's the thing that vikings us a lot this year and with an i mean with the guy like nick chubb that flash is going to be effective because whether or not they running the ball well and this is another the thing that the republicans won't be more analytically driven and the emily's will tell you don't need to be successful running the ball usually action and have it work work as evidenced by the clip of russell wilson talking to the CEO's africo near last week against the eagles which i talked about on the podcast cast he was talking about how whenever they play action the guys running wide open and the CEO's couldn't run the ball worth a lick last week against the eagles so player she did nothing that's dependent on how yeah well you're running the ball just the threat of a good running back and a good running game will will have play action work and they have the receiving tight ends to be successful doing oh yeah so i think those two guys chub and baker mayfield should be the most happy because they're going to be utilized in ways that i believe should make them successful and then thus we'll make the browns and their office for successful i mean it's not the sure some things up off the line for short some things missile defense but i think at the very least them getting the guy they wanted whatever that means is good for the browns could you don't wanna qassim the path of years as evidenced by flicker sham they've been they've got a guy who maybe not everybody was onboard on and that has led to some issues so so at least in this case you have a guy that analytics guys wanted the i mean they all have football guys because they'll have GM but like the ownership wanted so at at the very least that's a good seven now he's got to figure out how good he's going to be and we will find that out next year but the various he does things that the browns it should be good at or the browns the the browns players should be good at and that should then make the offense better and then opposite team will be better and everyone be more happy now we'll see we'll see what happens with odell if they trade him or not i don't think they should but i mean if they do then obviously that things defending the vikings had digs and the'll in this year mainly mainly digs because the was hurt but they had their issues in the early part of the season with noggin the ball enough but everyone was happy by the end so i think they may go through some growing pains but eventually i think jarvis in odell and whatever other receiver they have the iron joke who and nick job and maybe cream home if he's still there should be happy with that writing and then it'll be successful and bake will be happy and i won't we happy in cleveland and they may actually be above five hundred for the first time and over to them i don't even know how many years has been and other only team to not go of hundred you're better in the in the in the last decade which was quite shocking but also it's the browns not that shocking so we will see how that turns out for them and after this last break we're going to talk about phantom and simply bandwagon fandom and while i am not a bandwagon fan i think they may be honest something about way about the way we enjoy sports and i was playing what i mean by that but after is right after this break check out this show built around the women from the invicta f c autour one championship we got the fights covered it's the golden state media concept's women's MA podcast the latest news of coming fights discussions of previous matches joining us as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's emanate podcast the bad on the d. s. emcees got after my so what exactly is it named as as defined by wicky how on the ways of identify a bandwagon fan may ryan fans are defined on sports fans who have shown no past loyalty to a team and own support them when they're doing well now most sports fans out there aren't bandwagon anyway fans most of them are die hard loyal fans throwing through i know i am for the teams i root for i imagine you guys out there same way free team that you for but but bandwagon fans now marietta fans have been around for a while but at least in my eyes they popularized with lebron bomb tom was one of the first players at least in this generation i can't account for the generations but in my generation that accumulated a fan following knowing that went wherever he went so i knew people nice glass which teams when you switch teams in the opposite switch back when he went to the cavs now they're laker fans all that fun stuff and and during that time a lot of them got verdict you'll that shunned all that good stuff for jumping teams even though the only reason why they were fanned the caz in the first place was because lebron but after thinking and more experiences in in life in sports fan i began to realize they may have been on something and this kind of thing really hit me because i'm a okay see thunder fans really hit me when when over the summer when the whole question of went down and poor doors yet traded and then subsequently rosca traded and then they got back like shake alexsandr danilo gallon are like a bunch of pigs and blah blah whatever whatever but it hit me because i was like why do i support that team like walk you're gonna have to ask myself during that time 'cause one i was just annoyed that they made the trade and he's given to his needs but secondly it was because i was like all right i've never been oklahoma city i don't know anybody in oklahoma city abn affiliation to the team no affiliation to like the fan base anything that was a famous because i liked k. d. in college i thought he was the best player in the country which he was he won't player of the year going to be great in the pros rose and i wonder follows career so then i became a sonics fan and then thundering because at the time i didn't have a team because i was what came to he's somewhere on this i was like oh seven i was twelve eleven twelve thirteen i thought it was like twelve let's talk so i have a team i was a nets fan when i was going on because my dad's a nets fan but lake after the after the kid and richard jefferson and bits car and all those guys kind on a disappeared and i disappear blake team i was like all right i don't have any of these team outside of that anymore so i really thought much then katie brought me back so that was the reason why but at that point as has been very well documented cases no longer on the like he went to golden state on championships now the nets like melissa melissa there and it was because of this sense of loyalty that we are sports fans have to these teams that don't that care about us now think about it we think about why you're fan of whatever team you're fan of it knowing because like your dad like them or a cousin like them or uncle or grandparent or you're from the area you live in a certain area like all right i'm gonna roof with local team bala but comes when you're a child and as we know when you're a child you believe things are things that you wouldn't do as an adult but sports fans the only thing we're not really allowed to change your mind your mind about the way you view the world about your opinions on mike politics mummy working like all all all the sports is like all right you may decision as a kid now you're stuck and i'm like why is that and i was thinking about the thunder i mean i'm still founded fan is worked out this year because it seems more enjoyable to watch and it's been like the last four to five years and i thought what about like the way like the bronco fans had done it and i'm just like maybe bandwagon fans are onto something because in theory what's supposed to be fun and enjoyable and escape from the normal life do you sit down for a couple of hours watcher team hope that you win if you win you're happy to lose you're not as happy supposed to be underfunded enjoyable experience but for most sports fans there sports fandom is not fun more enjoyable dimension thunder fan i've watched the team not make it out the first round the playoffs last three seasons since katie left before katie left is autumn lower three one lead to golden state warriors the home team that really could beat them in the west before then i saw them not make files because serge ibaka plan on one leg with a calf injury the buffalo the year after that it's all of them not make the playoffs because of an AD double clutch three that he barely made and the entire team basically behar for most of the season for that i saw russ therapist knee because pat beverley and dove is need during a time out for loose ball and that was one of the best team thunder i've ever had they were going to the championship that year you cannot convince me otherwise once they were they were going to they beat the rockets easily they were going even after trayvon they were gonna beat the grizzlies would it be like the spurs or whoever it didn't really matter pod would be in the heat because they would have been better prepared for better prepared for that stage agasi before that again they get to the finals they lose even though they should have been up to of after lebron foul k. d. on a baseline jumper to endgame that they didn't call in the missing i'm not i'm i'm not bitter at all as you can tell leander's like inga on and on and i think about like most sports fans that's all they if you think komo sports fans memories of their team ninety percent of them are bad agonizing memories like if you're say you're afraid of the texans like this this loss today i'm sorry to bring them back up again so soon but you're up twenty four nothing in a game that if you win you have hosted AFC championship game in houston for a shot the super bowl and you globally and you don't just like blow lead like slow like like agonize dislike it goes on and on the hugh blow it almost quickly as humanly possible in that you gave up twenty eight points and a quarter four touchdowns and a quarter boyle doubt that you will you allowed forty unanswered points and were outscored fifty one to seven over the last three quarters like that is a collapse of epic proportions something you may never get over it's going to be hard to get over until they super bowl sunday my get over thing about the saints saints fans have washout team google's on the last play of their season three years in a row two thousand seventeen minneapolis miracle pure luck the guy has happens though with on the tackling and take the guy capable of of bringing down stefan digs on the after that the the rams game goes over ten in overtime after the pass interference call that was blatant and obvious they didn't call i know saints fans probably still aren't over that and i understand why i wouldn't be over it either and then they lose in overtime after the pick and all that fun stuff this year they lose losing over time to kirk cousins because their quarterback didn't play well and yet is like the last play their season is watching colorado we'll push off on their corner in the down in new orleans major so that's the way their season three years and after something and we decided that we have to deal with the sports fans who was the dodgers if you're a dodgers fan you wash team get to the world series lose get to the NFC s and lose get to the NFL ESPN lose you've seen your best pitcher in one the best pitchers of all time full in the biggest moments year after it doesn't really matter situation it's going to happen and it's unfortunate if you're if you're back to houston if you're astros fan you watch them lose a world series in which they lost four games it at home then they get home of ange lost all forgive homes lose the world series me does win one of those four games in the world series no kate happen uh-huh who else fear brown van you washed your team many years ago leaving go to baltimore the team comes back and now has been a laughing having stock in the league for twenty plus years and like no no end to that inside rarely because this is supposed to be the year and then they were still a disaster different coaches different gm's than quarterback doesn't matter all the same who else mets i'd as mets fan as well so i pay attention a little bit have one eight six find different ways to disappoint you by july or august every year when a couple of years there the late two thousands of losing on the last game of the season to where if you win the playoffs when he i remember tom glavin i don't think he made the first inning leg you're just a complete disaster even when they do play well the NFC yes they get their jobs makes one of the greatest catches of all time i am no one even cares because caused bunch almost strike three on the outside corner and they lose in the NFC s at home is what it is um uh-huh yeah like i'm saying you can go through your sports fandom and unless you're like unless you're like a boston fans been born in the last twenty years a majority of sports teams have been disappointments for most of your life that is the fact that is a fact like most eagles fan i've watched them disappointed when it disappointed at this point win a super bowl one year where he basically took our entire fan base selling our soul after our starting quarterback got hurt so that we could win with a backup quarterback in the neck creating zone disaster was really worth it i don't know but i would always prefer it happened super bowl and most fans to but again that took basically are tired traffic this quote unquote song ourselves to get to bowl because as you've seen with our team who read by injury says then and i'm just like that was they've been around they want NFL NFL champions before they've been around for forever the ios app one super bowl we're about to be play the fifty four super bowl and a couple of weeks they've won them the most any franchise won one dollars equals his six six and has been fifty four so that means forty eight hundred years if they were around for all forty all fifty four hundred both forty years they've ended in disappointment for you seventy six super bowls and one seems the patriots who only really been really this good for twenty years so before then they weren't really much afternoon who knows what they'll be but never talk more talking about a twenty year period where they've won six and that's a lot six is a lot of super bowls were one of one like what three it will make three in four years and that's a lot and then but before then they were they didn't win anything or anything for awhile energy you're supposed to disagree i mean again all those teams and stuff are great but you think about sport to dislike you will go through every season and hope your team does not disappoint you in the most heart and gut wrenching way that's basically all you're doing a sports fan because you ninety nine percent of our seasons any disappointments us hope that your season doesn't end in the worst possible way and very rarely does that not happen like generally speaking like your team finds ways to lose if your team is good enough to make the playoffs they find ways to lose in excruciating waiting most don't just get like blown out of the playoff especially in football obviously maybe maybe bush might get swept or whatever like are you a chance danced in a one game playoff very rarely do team just give blown the doors blown off and you're like okay radish on fair rail you did have a shot at you you just found ways to screwed up and then you'd have to live with that for eight months the next season starts and hope it doesn't happen again the ravens well did they got blown are low blake was a great season all for nothing having literally nothing great season you go four months go fourteen into everything's great go get your by come first playoff game divisional round home game and your team in the team's doesn't even show up just like what like what i do deserve this i mean think about thankful the falcons fans out there think about them for a second they watch her team go to a super bowl gave up twenty two three on the painted patriots you're like oh my goodness we could really do this if you're if you're saying oh we could really do this and then what happened you know what happened i know what happened and it's just you can't erase that like that's part of NFL history in part of your team's history four forever there's nothing to do about anytime anybody anytime you mentioned into anybody oh you're focused s first thing i think of and that's an happen even after they want a super bowl i think that's going to be the people remember about the falcons that oh they would team the twenty three lead in like a quarter and a half to lose the super bowl in overtime and like that happened and that's gonna remember for and she's like why do we put ourselves through through this sports fans what's supposed to be fun with severe sports are supposed to be an escape why do we put ourselves through this agony year after year after year for what what is the purpose and that's where we're bringing back the bandwagon fans bandwagon fans while being ridiculed for doing this may have had the right idea hi dear what is to be fun and what is fun winning bandwagon fans support winners or their team when they are winning because 'cause that's when it's enjoyable to be a sports fan when your team is alwin eight to start the season what about fun why you tune into watch those games we have to explain lina to me why don't we do this to ourselves i know don's at my dad died spend they one on one on a record franchise-record losing streak and yet i know him and other draughtsman's retuned in week after week thinking i was going to get the win ended didn't happen for a while this is like why do we do this to ourselves house why what's supposed to be funds was supposed to be enjoyable and we lived through and most of our time as what's fans is spent disappointed appointed and heartbroken and it didn't have to be this way if we didn't shun bandwagon fans in the beginning and more of us could being conveyance it's too late for me to parliament for too familiar for most of you out there but it could have been that could've been us we could have been filed in the brown wherever he went he kept one's own supporting our team when we start out for now and then won't be lose four straight when our eight four four we go back into hiding because more fun that way i said it's too late for me out there i could ever be a bandwagon fan i'm too deep into the stuff at this point now by do believe going forward more especially the younger generation we more bandwagon fans because people like players like you watch sports sports because you wanna watch players unless you're like unless you live in a sports town or it's like like philadelphia or boston in warlike loss and not me ninety dollars sanders who they don't they don't really have the lakers you live and i guess like minnesota or or something where like there's sports the big thing they i think there'd be a lot more bandwagon fans because you're kidding like oh i like this player that let me go root for them and that's okay i understand why they would be like that 'cause you're watching the sport to be entertained into be happy what makes you happy walking your team when i'm watching your player do well so i get it so when you see a bandwagon fan at their you hear about a bandwagon fan don't shun them don't wear to them listen to them understand what they're coming from and why they're doing such a thing and maybe you two will be like all right it's too late for me but i did it and i think that's where i'm at right now i get it i understand why bandwagon fans are baying writing fans it's more fun to be a sports fan that way we didn't sign up for the heartbreak we didn't sign up for ridicule we didn't sign up for the agonizing defeat in and the discipline that comes with that we didn't designed for that that's not that's not why we can't stand these teeny became fancy teams you wanted to watch a sport that we enjoy and be happy doing doing it doing so doing and yet that is not how we spend most of our time the way maggie fans spend their time and i get it i get why people are bandwagon fans i didn't it took me a lot of come around i get like i said it's too late for me i can't do it just personally i just in my mind and my i brain the way i'm right it just wouldn't work but i get it and i will understand we're not ready to them because i like okay i just i just get it that's the way we should we should sports fans it's more fun that way honestly it's one but it's probably too late for you enos too late for me but if you're into a bandwagon fan again just just a pat on the back into slaves are yellow come on let's go watch his game together who cares who really cares at the end of the day it doesn't matter when they became a fan of halley became a fan of why they became a fan you're all the same thing who cares this watching game together and hope that team wins it's not really that serious at the end of the day it really isn't this so they weren't they actually the hard way doesn't make the wind from them any less enjoyable and doesn't make any listen to abu for you either like i could care less if they are bandwagon eagles fans when they won the super bowl how we're just thinking about the they won the super bowl i don't like none of that other stuff matter to me they want to i was happy for that i could care less about who wasn't use fans and said they were now if they won't like why does that why does that matter why does that matter to me it shouldn't let them be fans away they wanna be fans i'll be fan the way i want to be fans hands ensures that way but that'll do it for me here today on the g. s. m. c. sports park has been by mc podcast ask network as always if you haven't already subscribe to the podcast makes your up-to-date on all episode that we drop makes you never miss one view can please give us a five star rating interview it's very appreciated allows leslie what you would you guys don't like and all that fun stuff social media were on social media find us there fouls on twitter fake instagram magas on facebook we can talk about their if you have if you're a sports fan in one event about the stuff thirteen put you through i'm all ears we're all ears so we've been talking about it there you can read anything show even tell me about why you think um unconscious gonna beat LSU and while they're gonna win by twenty by twenty points all that fun stuff we can talk about on social media so you find us there and as always i i have been kris blades until next time piece out you've been listening to the golden state media concepts sports podcast god cast part of the golden state media concepts and podcast network you can find this show and others at WWW dot jesus awesome see podcasts dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google play just type in jesus mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even weird you're news you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program

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