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Feb 18, 2020


hello and welcome back to sort and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Tuesday February. Eighteenth coming up. On sorting scaled daily on Sunday police in Milwaukee discovered the body of a missing mother and her two daughters inside a garage unit in Los Angeles. A prominent therapist was killed inside her hills. Home in Georgia. A fourteen year old girl was fatally shot during what police are calling a targeted home invasion. Finally in Minnesota a jury found Christopher crews not guilty of the two thousand fifteen murder of his wife. Janet pigment crews all this more coming up on sort and skilled daily Cnn reports that the bodies a missing woman. Twenty six year old Amari banks and her daughters five-year-old's a night ivory and four year. Old chimeria banks were discovered inside a Milwaukee Garage on Sunday. The three are believed to be victims of homicide. This fall is another family. Tragedy Is Amara had recently lost one year old son are Zell to respiratory illness. Amora was reported missing by her family on February ninth. The last reported sighting of Amara and her daughters was around noon on February eighth. Amar's mother Valeria spinner banks. Told W I T I. The last time she saw her daughter was on February seventh at ourselves funeral. After Funeral Amara sister dropped her and her daughters off at home. Amora was reported missing quickly because she was a very reliable person who always returned calls still at that point in time. Law Enforcement did not believe the situation was life threatening and no amber alert was issued until one week later on Saturday. Amara banks boyfriend twenty five year. Old oursel- ivory was taken into custody in Memphis Tennessee on a charge of being a fugitive from Justice Memphis police then informed Milwaukee police that ivory in custody Milwaukee Detectives flew to Memphis to interview on the same day and the information he gave them led to the garage where the body for found are not been charged in connection with the deaths but he is being extradited Wisconsin to face a charge of aggravated assault. The causes of death of the three have not yet been released. Autopsies are expected to be performed on Monday. Our next story brings us the Los Angeles. Abc L. A. Reports at thirty eight year old. Dr Amy Hardwick. A celebrity therapist an author was killed in her. Hollywood hills. Home on Saturday. Officers responded to the house at approximately one fifteen pm. After reports about a woman screaming they were met in the street. Behar's roommate who said that was being assaulted inside her home. The roommate was able to climb over one of the garden walls to reach neighbors residents and call for help. When officers entered the house they noticed signs of forced entry an struggle in particular on the third floor. They found harake lying unconscious. Blow the third floor balcony with injuries consistent with a fall. An ambulance rushed to the hospital in critical condition where she later succumbed to her injuries. In the course of the investigation the Texas learned that hurricane recently expressed. She was afraid of an ex boyfriend. Gareth Purse House and in the past had a restraining order against him. Police learned the restraining order. Expired and Harvard saw the suspect two weeks before her death surveillance video also pointed a purse house and he was arrested by fugitive task force. On Saturday afternoon he has been charged with murder. This next story brings US DOWN. Georgia W MAC Tucson reports that fourteen year. Old Healy Adams died on Tuesday night February eleventh after being shot during a home invasion. Koita county deputies. Responded to a house in Granville just before nine PM on February Eleventh. After a report that a team had been shot in the back. He was rushed to a hospital but pass away from her wound. Healing her mother had only moved from make into Kushida one week before the incident they were living with a man. Her mother is believed to have a relationship with surveillance. Video captured the suspects arriving and the scene. The video shows a light-colored sedan pulling into the driveway just before nine PM and four people believed to be three men and a woman exiting vehicle. Two minutes later they can be seen running away from the house toward the car. One of them apparently carrying a bag as they run away one of them. Fires two shots. It is not known it. Haley was hit by one of the shots. Deputy say that the home invasion was targeted and they believe the target was the male resident of the House because after entering the house the suspects allegedly yelled demands at him on Saturday. The sheriff's Office released additional information about the suspects. I they announced the arrest of a suspect. William Bill tyree who was a known associate of the Ghost Face Gang. No information on whether tyree was one of the intruders as for the other suspects authorities have now stated they include one white male and one female the investigation continues and we will keep you updated as more details become available. After the break. A Minnesota jury found Christopher crews not guilty of the two thousand fifteen murder. His wife Janette. Hey I just wanted to ask how many of you have credit cards. I'm sure that most of you have at least one. 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Not Guilty of the two thousand fifteen murder of his wife Ginette pigment cruise. Christopher was on trial for felony first degree murder genetic died in August of two thousand fifteen according to contemporary reports nobles. County deputies arrived at the couple's home in Brewster Minnesota at around two forty am on August nineteenth responding to nine one one call made by Christopher Christopher reported that his wife had been shot as they laid in bed from the nine one. One call quote. We were in bed. Her Bang got up. She was shot back door. Wide Open officers responded and found genetic deceased of an apparent gunshot wound to the chest the other people in the house. Christopher and the couple's young daughter Bailey were unharmed according to trial testimony investigators. I began to suspect Christopher because recounting of the events of the night. We're not always consistent. Christopher said that he and his wife were snuggling asleep in bed when he was woken up by the son of a gun shot he saw jeanette sit up in bed and say. Oh my God and described. Her whole chest was covered in blood and she was gurgling. Christopher told investigators that he picked his wife up and later on the bed but officers at the scene found the story troubling for several reasons. First there was minimal blood on Christopher's close if the couple had indeed been lying in bed when she was shod. Why did blood splatter over Christopher? And how did he remain clean after moving his wife's body on the bed when according to his own description her chest was covered in blood? Another puzzle was genetic ability to set up and speak after being shot in the chest. Investigators were also troubled by the fact that Christopher did not try to administer any medical aid to his wife and when he called nine one one he did not request an ambulance for his wife during the call with nine one one he was not in the same room as either his wife or his daughter and when the dispatcher asked him to verify his wife was deceased he did it by glancing through the door finally. Christopher made a point of telling authorities repeatedly that he found one empty shotgun shell in the room and no weapon in fact. There were two empty shells in the room and they were lying right next to each other. Suspicions only increased when detectives received the autopsy results from the medical examiner had been shot while sitting up in bed and could not have uttered any words. Investigators asked Christopher to come in for a second interview on August twentieth during this interview. Christie was asked why he did not grab a loaded gun. He kept in the bedroom to finish family. He replied that he considered it but he decided he did not need a gun when asked why he didn't request an ambulance first wife during the call. Christopher insisted he did until the recording was played back to them after the second interview detectives accompanied Christopher to a shop which was located half a mile away from the house they found two shotguns there and boxes of ammo ballistic tests identified one of them as the gun used to shoot. Janette they allege that Christopher shot his wife and in ten minutes that elapse until emergency personnel responded drove to the shop and left the gun their canine search found no trace of an intruder despite ideal tracking conditions in March. Two Thousand Nine Hundred. Christopher Cruz was arrested and charged with First Degree felony murder of his wife. The prosecutors argued that Christopher killed his wife for one hundred and fifty thousand dollar life insurance policy in the summer of two thousand fifteen. The Spider Lake resort in northern Minnesota. Went on the market. Christopher stated the resort multiple times and loved it wanted to buy it. The problem was that he didn't have enough capital even if he sold all he had he would only have five hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Christopher knew that his wife's life insurance policy was worth one hundred fifty thousand dollars on August Seventeenth Christopher called the cellar and seven hundred thousand dollar offer on the resort. Christopher's insurance agent testified that pending the investigation. The insurance company was not going to Pay Christopher. Still Christopher called him every three months to check on the progress of the payment the agent told Christopher he can redirect the payments to the couple's children which Christopher did not WanNa do during the trial. The defense argued that Christopher did not provide medical assistance to his wife because he was in shock and had no medical background they claim the offer of seven hundred thousand dollars verbal and not written and therefore was not a real offer. They also argued the key. Nine track could have failed. The intruder left by vehicle. The defense also hire their own ballistics expert who testified the shells may not have come from Christopher Shotgun. The defense witnesses included the victim's parents and daughter genetics. Father testified the he had known Christopher for more than twenty years and did not believe a man with such reputation for being honest and reliable would have committed such a Crime Bailey cruise. The daughter testified that her father was very upset at her mother's death and held on all of her belongings. The jury found the defense's case convincing unanimously finding him not guilty on Thursday February thirteenth. That's for today's episode of sword and scale daily. We'll see you back here tomorrow. And until then stay safe soared. End Scaled daily incongruity media production. Your host Ryan Williams Research and writing by garb rock executive producer. Mike Day if you like the show subscribing leave us a review if you have any feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sorting scale at Dot Com.

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