College Football Week 12 Recap


For bowlers. Listen navy federal has a mission to put its members. I by making their financial goals. The priority receive a lifetime of membership benefits to help you and your family accomplish your life missions, like a full suite of financial products designed to fit your needs twenty four seven live support and access to over three hundred branches on or near military bases. Visit navyfederal dot org. For more information or call one eight eight eight eight four to six three two eight or download the navy Federal Credit Union app. Message and data rates may apply. Welcome to the solid. Verbal. For me. I'm a man I'm forty I've heard so many players say why wanna be happy you want to be happy for day. Eight estate is that won't move. Move down and tie. Welcome back to these. Celebrate a boys and girls money is tie Hildenbrand. Joining me as always over there in New York City. My man, Dan, Rubenstein, sir, sir. How are you? Like Anthony McFarland tie. I am ready to plow through a lot of what's in front of us joyfully easily and without remorse. Didn't we refer to him on Twitter as dude Farland designed gonna go with now? We can we can do better than simply adding dude to place name unless it's like unless it flows within the actual name like dude law and a semester abroad that kind of thing. I I was a fan of watching a backup running back. Freshman news five foot eight just completely tear through a defense full of five stars shirt. Welcome back to the show, boys and girls. Hope you enjoyed your save the date Saturday, Dan, and I did a little bit of an Instagram live thing. Yes. Trying that out at halftime of the Notre Dame Syracuse game. Otherwise, you know, I think we got what we expected from Saturday. It wasn't entirely uneventful. They're certainly talking points that we're going to dive into here momentarily, but not a lot in the way of huge earth shattering college. Football news, that's going to be consequential to the state of the playoff moving forward. Just really wasn't that kind of weekend. Not that we ever expected it, Dan, but any any broad takeaways from what you saw on week twelve why a big question for you. And that was guess what moments? During martial UTSA right here. Like were a turning point for doc Holliday, Isaiah greens, huge performance was that like, you know, walked me through your thought process during that game. I sat down I sat down and I thinking emoji really through. Yeah. You're still working through your thoughts about the state of college football. Also, don't forget about the big army victory over gore. Colgate. I'm not ready to talk raiders. Yeah. Twenty eight to fourteen was the final they were showing. It was it was a very eventful game. So eventful that they were showing commercials for catheters on CBS sports network dirt. That's because they know the audience just can't get up right while watching a game of that magnitude that they are just doing their service for an audience that they know they know and understand that's very quick spin from you. I appreciate that. We also had what else some notable moments here and there Harvard had a touchdown call back because they're running back. At Fenway at LA. They're running back was running into the end zone and gave a defender the finger because come on Thai. It's you when rivalry games happen. You gotta throw the records out and you got to throw decorum out. Everybody knows this. That's right. The other thing that I would just say generally speaking before we launch into your reverse is there were handful of games where you saw the score at halftime. And you're thinking, okay, how how seriously do I wanna take this? Like, I wasn't all that concerned. When I saw Bama tied ten ten with the citadel or Clemson only being up eight on Duke at halftime, Indiana up by two over Michigan got my attention. He does that there's a little bit of history there in Indiana has played Michigan very tight in recent memory. And we know the hoosiers get you going a couple of games like that. Where you're looking at the score you're thinking, I k-. Okay. What are we what are we working with here? You were like a week twelve mechanic. You were looking at your you get under the car of. Week twelve you know, like all right. What are we what are we dealing with here? We've got a valve. We gotta pump. Dwight should I be paying attention to this this this piston neither were okay? On that note. Let's get to your week twelve reverse who Marilyn Maryland, Maryland. Maryland. Puzder on the frigate Nebraska fairy, Sean from Seattle fight signed, Dan. This is Andrew from California. This is Colin and Columbus, Ohio it Saturday morning, and I'm anxiously awaiting of the greatest interconference event in college sports, the SEC FCS challenge. The citadel is doing something that the rest of the SEC can't do and that is hang with Alabama for forty minutes and breaking the hearts of every person in America, Alabama. Finally, remember how to play football old tied. I guess and a letdown look head sandwich is Baxter meeting in college park today. My goodness. Is this Maryland's facto national championship is this the urban Meyer equivalent of Michael Jordan's flu game. Well, maryland. Add letdown look head sandwiches made up and ready to go. And then they just can't have through the way they're just gonna bresca. Michigan state football game was a ten November at its finest. I don't know what is driving on my way, home from west Lafayette and the cones. Oh, holy smokes. What a game update. Jonathan taylor. Still dude just finished watching New York's one true football team. The Notre Dame fighting Irish defend its home turf at Yankee Stadium by dismantling Syracuse what for. For what? For the three points at the extra tickets the entity being I was hanging in there for that. Facture actually read all about Brian Kelly's defeat another. Second string quarterback on congratulate. My ACC coastal championship anchor Taylor pit baby. Charlotte hail to hit a coastal champs. Let's go and my beloved Utah. You are the Pac twelve south champions Levi stadium. Goes u Utah finally won the south. Thank you. Your Klay health new guy. Everyone y'all does take Iowa to win straight out. All I gotta say is. Okay. Cool folk of I ever have another son. I'm going to have to name him Lil will Jordan Humphry closing thirteen hours of watching ball here. Pay. Oklahoma state is what we love about college football. Right. I just watching college game day at life university of central Florida knights in Orlando, Florida. How many hours is am? I supposed to wait before I go see a doctor four. I can't remember after a valiant effort. No one can say that. There are a hundred and twenty nine better FBI GM's in the class of the CS caters best game of the year. Kennesaw state Jacksonville say in SunTrust park in Atlanta. Five over time. Hi, my name's Charlie. I'm in Arkansas fan. So I have nothing to live for but my wife is an Alabama fan. And now that I'm out of her ear shot. I just want to say that it is objectively hilarious that they were tying to ask time with Senate L roll tide. All righty. There you go. We twelve in the books. Don't forget the river blind will be open again next weekend. Four eight verbal one that is four zero eight eight three seven two two five. One are Taylor. Does a marvelous job cutting all of those up putting them together into one three and a half to four minutes super cut that we love to call the reverse. Yes. Outstanding job as always by Taylor. Who buddy it was probably not your favorite and of game scenario. Sorry about that. Maryland superfan Taylor and just a terrific producer, though. Absolutely. So we'll get into that Ohio State Maryland game here in a few minutes. But I do want to start with Oklahoma state forty five. Yes. West virginia. Forty one as expected. Points a yards West Virginia actually led by seventeen at half and by ten in the fourth quarter, but Oklahoma state despite four turnovers they rally they pull off the upset in an electric Boone Pickens stadium that had twenty one thousand two hundred and thirty six empty seats, Dan. Wow. Once again, West Virginia first half just making its way through West Virginia. Secondhand that's right. Just dominating. Now. I think the credit in this game has to go to Oklahoma state, especially Taylor. Cornelius four bouncing back from some early struggles has a couple of picks but gets done both through the air on the ground. A nice emergence from Dylan's donor who got it done. Even though talent Wallace was great in the red zone. It was Dylan stone or through the air who made a big difference. No Justice hill. I don't believe JD. King was available in this game either. So even through the injuries, they were very good on the ground. Round and Oklahoma state's defense despite giving up when he was thirty one in the first half tightened up impressively in the second half, they shut out West Virginia and really do. Limit them in the second half, especially on the ground. So fourth straight for the pokes. That is correct. And you mentioned corn dog Taylor out nearly as he did have to early interceptions. But as you mentioned bounced back, quite admirably. He was big when he had to be in the fourth quarter, especially on the ground. I want to put an exclamation Mark on that point. He finished with thirteen carries for one hundred six yards and that late touchdown in the fourth quarter, which pulled Oklahoma state within three points. West Virginia had no answer for him on the ground. He's a load. He's six six. He's a big, dude. Yeah. Running down the field. So he's tough to bring down. But it was just like the parting of the Red Sea with him running up, the gut. Yep. And now the end of west. Genius pretty far off probably playoff hopes anyway, but certainly still in the running for the big twelve which is not insignificant. They have Oklahoma next week. So they play Oklahoma next if they win against Oklahoma. Let's be honest. They affectively eliminate the conference from playoff contention at which point they would play. I believe Texas. If Texas beats Kansas, which I mean, listen. This voice is going up. Kansas. Yeah. They scored a bunch of wants in the fourth quarter against Oklahoma. But yes, it appears that Texas even with we'll see what happens semi lingers shoulder injury that he suffered yesterday and Sal sounded like he could come back. We'll get to that. But if Kansas loses Texas that puts Texas in the the big twelve championship game against I think, the winner of West Virginia Oklahoma at sounds, right? Okay. Notre Dame thirty six Syracuse three Notre Dame. Look good, Dan. I disagree. I think they looked really okay. They kicked a field goal. Syracuse kicked a field goal with ten seconds left which spoiled the shutout but cues could not get anything going on offense didn't help that. Eric Dungy got injured. Early on in the game. Tommy devito had come on in relief to be honest shirt. Made a whole lot of difference now 'cause Notre Dame played like they had something to prove. And that's actually the takeaway for me. I have seen Notre Dame sleepwalk in spots like this before over the years yesterday. They had to win they had to look impressive in victory to eliminate any doubt. They came out. They were confident they were dominant. My only real complaint was they were a little shaky in the red zone. It probably could have won by fifty. If they weren't settling for field goals and Ian book had a dumb interception down the red zone where he's fallen back. He's through it up. He's trying to make a play outside of those two, I guess broad points. I have nothing to complain about. Here. Notre Dame looked really good in a neutral cider in Yankee Stadium yet appears in book did not have any struggles. Rib wise. There was no he looked physically like, Ian book. I was I was half watching. This game half watching a couple of other games, West Virginia. Oklahoma state started around the halftime of this one. I think but. Crazy impressive. It is strange. Not to be labor any points about Syracuse. It is strange that you you look at a win over Syracuse and say, this is impressive. What they did who they did it against. But at the same time, you know, I'm a Syracuse appreciator and skeptic that if you have to look at Syracuse as one of the two best wins of the season for Notre Dame. It just means it's a very strange scheduled for Notre Dame's opponents this year. So Notre Dame did what an excellent team should do against Syracuse team that was probably a little over inflated agree. And they I I mean, what's the safeties name who was all over the place. Gillman gillman. That's an impressive player up the middle. Notre Dame is I mean short of maybe Clemson as stout as anybody. Notre Dame's secondary has been very good this year, especially the back side of that secondary. It's been a long time since you could feel as comfortable as I do about the Notre Dame defense at the safety position. Yeah. They're very good in the back. That's been a fly in the alignment for them for as long as I can remember you gotta go back to the Taiwan Willingham era before I felt this good about that set. What was the boxers name? The boxer was a pretty good safety exhibit Caskey was a good safety. But that was the Ty Willingham era that that far back tail. Yeah, we're getting old. Okay. Anyway, Notre Dame has to win next week at USC if they win they go undefeated, they're going to qualify for the play-off probably as the number three seed don't want to count chickens before they hatch. But that's the way it is shaping up here in which case, it would I guess look like a match up with Clemson in the play but v I should mention zip Caskey played during the Charlie weis. Oh, though, maybe he was recruited by. By it. He was drafted in eight. So he spans era. Saw I listen. I remember I remember zip Caskey. That's I don't remember much. But I think he is from my I think he's from Jodi with an is hometown. I think that's why. All right can wins thirty six to three they're eleven or no queues, by the way goes on the road to Boston College for a shot at nine wins, which shouldn't be overlooked. That would be a pretty big deal for this program. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And I don't know the status of Dungy. But yeah. Syracuse winning nine games is like keep Dino babies there forever. That's right. Do whatever you have to do. I don't think he will be but free him cryogenically in Syracuse. Yeah. Incredible job by I mean, babies, but the staff and the team, and you know, the the improvements since he's gotten there has been Britain pretty impressive to watch. All Hieaux state fifty two there'll fifty one Dan in overtime. Okay. You warned me I talked about it all last show the defacto national championship. I tried to name the day after your favorite concepts. You tried. I did. My heart wasn't open to it. But you tried and you were right. This game was bonkers Maryland led the whole game. It wasn't until high AllState scored a touchdown. I possession of overtime that. They actually were up on the Terrapins Maryland comes up next. They score right away. They decide to go for to to go for the win. They had somebody open. Buddy was open. They couldn't convert. That's how high state ends up winning this one snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Again, fifty two to fifty one your final score few takeaways from this game. We mentioned Anthony McFarland. The starting running back now for Maryland with Thai Johnson out incredible. Yeah. Especially for freshmen, but that first step the confidence. He runs with. He is lightning quick. And he has confidence just a total pleasure to watch. He has two hundred plus yards rushing in the first half against an Ohio State defense that really has struggled with giving up big plays open-field tackling all season long. I know they will have state fans have been pretty disappointed with linebacker play. Not to mention offensive line play on the other side. But really good game for JK Dobbins overshadowed by the fact that maybe Dwayne Haskins through the air is just he's pretty incredible and made some plays with his feet as well in short yardage situations. It was it was a bummer to watch from. Maryland perspective, you know, in big moments. Tiro pilgrim did not necessarily come through late in that game. Now, Maryland did put him in a pretty good position to win the game. But he's he is their backup quarterback with Cassim hill outs. The other big takeaway for me really rough watching urban Meyer on the sideline Yemen. Taking these bearing his hands his head in his hands. Just looking and listen to the health concerns are well documented this point he had a assist removed from his brain and has had subsequent procedures to deal with it. He was reacting. Like, I I don't I don't even know like he was reacting to such a crazy degree like he was a general in a movie learning that Illinois was now offline because of the aliens. Yeah. And South Dakota offline like, no, it's a football game, dude. And obviously, I think there's there's more yet owing on his health. So that was I was. Watch. Yeah. Yeah. And Maryland's if they're able to regroup is in a position I believe to make a bowl game. They need also considered. Yeah. The young to beat Penn State next week beatable, very beatable. We'll get enough of the Rutgers game here. Penn State did not look great Maryland is one win away. I I wanna put another exclamation Mark on something here that you said sure we talked about Anthony McFarland at the top of the show. We talked about Anthony dude Farland here. Just in recapping this game specific. Yeah. Twenty-one carries two hundred ninety eight yards in two touchdowns. Yeah. You got to play that sound wherever and two hundred ninety eight yards in one of the biggest games of your season. I think would qualify. The other thing that I do want to mention here. I'll have they won the game. But the they gotta look better than this defending the run Michigan would happily run for about four hundred yards next week. They would and they might then struggle in the red zone after gaining guarded. If their game against Indiana to we just want to go at that, smooth ass transit has just baby's bottom. Let's just do it. We're pros here. Thirty one to twenty was your final. I mentioned at the top of the show when I saw that Indiana was up seventeen fifteen in half, I'm thinking, okay. Not again, not again because I think two of the last three matchups between Indiana and Michigan have actually ended up going to overtime where is this going to be another one? Well, it didn't go to OT, but it was a little bit closer. And certainly Michigan fans would like it was a one score game in the fourth quarter. Eventually Michigan pulls away a little bit. But the story for me actually was that red zone defense by Indiana. Or if you wanna call it red zone inefficiency by the Michigan offense depends on your perspective. But Michigan had eight drives that went into the red zone. And they scored just one touchdown. They had to settle for. For six field goals from Jake moody who got the start over Quinn. Nordenham kicker because Quinn Nordine apparently wasn't feeling well or was sick. Nice debut for Mr. moody setting a school record with six field goals, Dan. Yeah. I mean good for Jake moody coming in. I mean backup college kickers are with. That's a scary phrase right there. The fact that they essentially needed so much from him six field though, that's eighteen of their thirty one points. If my math is correct. That is correct beat Indiana a team that has been fine. The thing that has been feisty. They've got your boy Stevie Scott large, man, I had had an enormous first half for the hoosiers. And the big thing with Michigan. Now is I mean just big picture going into Iowa State is at the time, we're recording this fully don't know chase when of inches status. Right. There were early reports of a collarbone injury. That are not at all confirmed at the time recording this. I know Jim Harbaugh mentioned some some x-rays and procedures came back negative. So hopefully, good news for that. Michigan defense that at times really struggled both with and without winna vich David long was picked on a little bit. Which is a rare thing to say in that Michigan defense. So that is given Michigan's hopes right now to to beat Ohio State to get a if they are able to do that get passed northwestern in the big ten championship game in. A potential playoff scenario. Somebody like win avenged on that line is extraordinarily crucial. Do we just want to keep it going? Do. We just want to keep those smooth transitions rolling dimension. Northwestern. Let's go to north western twenty four Minnesota fourteen. The cats the cardiac cats in. Have now won eleven straight. You got a good night's sleep. Didn't you tie hours dog full eight hours? I'm working on a full charge over. I love it. I love it eleven straight against opponents in the big ten west. Minnesota was very mistake prone in this game. Northwestern capitalized. It's what they do. I also thought northwestern look pretty good in the front seven which they'll need to keep that going regardless of who their opponent is in the big ten championship game. Whether it's state or Michigan. They're gonna need that to sustain them your final here again was twenty four to fourteen. Yeah. And if there was I guess anything to be taken away from Minnesota is that they have shown some fight. The defense started out looking pretty good. You know, it'd be Fresno state looks like a disaster for good chunk of the season. But improved a little bit these past couple of weeks and I do like Minnesota skill position right now. But the story is northwestern just playing sound football bowser has been a nice addition that backfield since he came in and started getting the lion's share of carries Clayton. Thorson not spectacular. But, you know, always decent. And that's listen. How many teams raise your hand? If you would like an always decent quarterback many would sell good for north western as they move into the the big ten championship game. And they played Michigan tight the first time. They played Michigan. Yes, they did and north west and Notre Dame tight and Notre Dame tight. This is a good football team. It doesn't always show up in the box score the way it does for some others. But this is a team that plays really solid team football ultimate grower. We'll see let's go to Penn State twenty Rutgers seventy. Okay. Let's let's just do this real a place it. Well, look, you could look at it from one of two perspectives, and it will move on. If your glass half full, you could say that trace McSorley became the winningest quarterback in Penn State history. Moved ahead of Todd Blackledge, Tony Sacca. He also is now one of three big ten football players to have gone over one hundred total touchdowns at puts him in rarefied air with drew Brees who did it almost exclusively through the air J T Barrett who had a little bit of both at Ohio State. So he's in he's in exclusive company. They're the defense for Penn State was really sound in this game not hard to be sound. It's rutgers. But again trying to look at this glass half full if you are pessimistic you could say that Penn State's offense real bad is it will. Yeah. It looked real bad. There seems to be obvious regression now over the. Last month and a half. How much of that is due to trace McSorley being a bit on the shelf remains to be seen. But they're really limp into the finish here and that game against Maryland next week is anything, but gimme I think we are going to get reports after the season ends like oh trace McSorley played without a spleen collarbone. He played without a kneecap and a half since September twenty seventh after the season ends, which is what it appears to be Penn State appears to be an above average and nothing more big ten power right now. And that's okay. Now that you're down here if that's your down your tie, not bad Nebraska, nine Michigan state, six in in the snow in the snow. This is one of them games is going to leave scar tissue. If you're Michigan state fan. The good news. Is you can spin it as how? Nebraska looked really good on defense. Maybe if you want to really try and play the spin game. Michigan state is a ton of injuries. They had a bunch of dropped balls. There was a snow to contend with not a good offensive showing either way here, Dan. But at a bare minimum at a bare minimum at least we had rocky Lombardi against Adrian Martinez. Drew? We had rocky. We had Adrian Nebraska did it big win for them at home. Yeah. Michigan state's offense is bad. It is full on bad. And I got to imagine at a certain point. We're going to have to see something adjusted in the offseason, whether it's coaching whether it's scheme because they're failing their own defense, perhaps more than any other team in the country. And that's a tough thing to say because there are a lot of those situations around college football good for Nebraska going into the offseason. I'm no they have another game next week a believe it's the Iowa game. But going into the offseason having been there last home game with a win over a really good defense is not insignificant. Also, something that I saw pointed out was kind of cool in a very sad situation. The the Mike Sadler. Sam Foltz a few years ago that all the points scored in this game where special teams and this was the first matchup between Michigan state Nebraska after that tragedy. So something cool in honoring kind of way. Through a pretty bleak Blake situation. So hey, good for Nebraska, and they move. It can go five and seven with maybe surprise when next week over Iowa. And that's from where they started out tie, huge success, huge success Iowa, by the way, docked off Illinois, sixty three to nil Gipp and then to round out the big ten Wisconsin forty seven Perdue. Forty four triple overtime Jonathan Taylor. Tailback get this thirty three carries three hundred twenty one yards and three touchdowns including the eventual game winner in triple overtime. He was ridiculous. He was I watched a good chunk of his game this morning. It's it's incredible below that he's had to shoulder and his health has been good enough. His production has been far more than good enough. And certainly a disappointing year for Wisconsin giving the expectations. But I I can't imagine anybody has anything less than floored by Jonathan Taylor tailback and similarly David Blau an amazing game in a losing effort. The play it again. What the hell? Yeah. He goes for almost four hundred with four touchdowns is is the produce offense. Essentially, don't get anything really going on the ground finds Rondell more a bunch, but yeah, fun. Listen this game was either going to be ten seven or fifty to fifty. And I'm just glad we got the more entertaining option. Let's move over to the big twelve the nightcap on Longhorn network if you were able to tune into a pirate signal to catch this game on your chrome cast or ipad. It was Texas twenty four Iowa State ten Dan Texas, playing defense here holding Isla state to just two hundred ten yards Brock Purdy. Couldn't get going. Didn't have enough help around him. But no, you know, David Montgomery suspended for a half. Because he threw that punch last week Iowa State just could not get the spark when they needed it on offense, the other point of note here, and this is going to be significant now as we look. Ahead for Texas. Maybe not next week against Kansas. But if they do find themselves as it seems they will in that big twelve championship game. Sam etlinger took another shop before halftime. He was out is the same shoulder. He hurt against Baylor. Apparently didn't break anything the xrays came back negative. But they're going to give him the MRI. Now, they're going to check on the AC joint again going back through the cycle here to see how much damage there is. And how long he'll be out if at all, but definitely something to keep your eye focused on because we have not heard the last Texas now in two thousand eighteen my it is he could be another trace McSorley, we find out about how. He was that's one of my fa-. We can't really do a fantasy things for an offseason thing. Right. But a great fantasy thing is finding out the truth about an injury in late January, right and semi Ellen gourmet have had a scalpel left in his shoulder. Or at some point. Also should be noted Texas ran the ball ditches trae Wattana comet occurrence. Yeah. Both Watson and Ingram. Did a good job. And I'm trying to figure out a way to phrase this. Because we have our dudes that we give out every week. And we talk about you know, Anthony McFarland. Bubba little Jordan Humphry hell, Jay Humphry in terms of the physicality of playing the receiver position in terms of catching the ball going up and battling for a ball. And then once you have the ball fighting through arm tackles, shedding guys there may not be a singular singularly better physical receiver than they'll Jordan Humphrey in the country. Maybe more talented route running maybe more, maybe faster, maybe better hands. Whatever little Jordan, Humphry physically. I think Mike. Be on a level by himself. He is just he's crazy. Impressive against a pretty good Iowa State defense. He he stood out. Which is I'm just I'm floored by some of what he can do. You know, who he reminds me of hope do you? Remember that game? Twisted. Metal for the old PS one shar. Of course, do you? Remember, the big old candy van sweet tooth too. That's Jordan Humphry. He. Yeah. There is something that through chaos. He somehow is the one generating even more than very around him. I love it. Twenty four to ten your final. Texas winds at night at home big one over I and shame Machel pretty good relief. That's right now. Okay. Oklahoma fifty five I'm laughing as I say this place. Oklahoma fifty five. Kansas forty points, polka Williams two hundred fifty two yards on just fifteen carries on the ground. He also threw a touchdown pass. Dan. Did you see that forty yard touchdown run? He had. I did. He's a he has. He has. Turbo. That's turbo Williams right there. He gets after it. So okay. Cuyler Murray gets his usual five touchdowns, but forty points, surrendered to Kansas is an awful lot. That's a bit of an issue now moving forward not just against West Virginia next week, which will surely be a shootout. But certainly as they move forward maybe into a playoff scenario into a bowl scenario. This defense is not really imprint improved initially after making the change at defensive coordinator. But it's still very much a liability for the Sooners. Oh, yeah. They I can't imagine. Against either Clemson, Alabama of Oklahoma ends up in the playoff. I can't imagine that defense being good enough to win lie. It's even seems lesser than where they were last year when George was able to to win that game in overtime. It's it's problematic. I it's not the worst thing. It's not like Kansas came out and scored thirty in the first half because that shows, you know, an unwillingness to to to buy in I suppose, and there is something that is a little bit troubling about being unprepared for game. So at least they did a pretty good job for the first three quarters again, though, this is Kansas map and to allow that sort of fight back in and to to have to to play Keiler Murray. Four full-quarter's Oklahoma is really good, but they are really flawed. And they it's nice to see them urgence of Kennedy Brooks on the ground sermon, you know, has done it the past couple of weeks, and I guess there are two Kennedy's in the big twelve emerging at running back and try. Play next week. I the best I could do is fed Kennedy's not bad, not bad. They're getting they're getting fed. But yeah, Oklahoma's really good. And by the way, it does appear as if less miles will be the new head football coach at TASS. I did like that. Jeff long came out the athletic director for Kansas and said, listen, you're not gonna see leaks or handling this in a very professional way. Going after our guys I think you're going to be really impressed with the process of what we're doing you see him in private planes, and all of that like high level strategizing gives you less mile. Yeah. I mean, it's tracking package via UPS. You can just go online and get up to the minute updates on. Yeah. Where this whole negotiation stands. No seems to be the name. So we'll have to keep our eye on how you feel about that. I like it do you? Yeah. I mean, this is a Kansas program that's been down and out for quite some time. I wish it were someone younger than less miles. But I think if your hands is fan, you don't have to worry about less having a good year and then wanting to go elsewhere like he's probably gonna stay at Kansas. If it ends up working out longer term and at a minimum if he can get things going in a good direction. He is more of a transitional coach, hopefully to someone who would be there longer term younger, you know, that sort of thing he cut a deal, by the way to let LSU keep five million dollars of what they owed him, which that's a nice guy. I don't know if I'm willing to cut that sorta deal, but you know, nice, dude. And you know, what maybe it's the situation of walk before you run, and maybe less miles and not the long term answer. But that program needs a lot of infrastructure help just recruiting and hiring. And just general day to day stuff that has been lacking for quite some time, and you know, maybe less miles is that dude as a as a bridge sorta guy Kansas state Twenty-one, Texas Tech six, Dan. Okay. Yeah. This is about a hundred percent on brand for K state to win. This kind of key. Just big someone's going to blow the doors off them. They come through a big defensive effort here. They hold Texas Tech to one hundred eighty one total yards the nightmares continue for tech in Manhattan, Kansas. They have not won there since two thousand eight just in terms of this season. They've now lost four straight there. Endanger of missing a bowl game the need to beat Baylor next week to get the six wins, which they can do. But Baylor's certainly not a cream puff. Meanwhile, K state also in a similar position of needing one more w to get to bowl season. K state needs a victory over Iowa State. Got an easy one top names right in Ames, Anita victory over Iowa State to get the six wins. Yeah. Quietly. Pretty nice season for Alex Barnes whose over thousands yards. And yeah, maybe just a a letdown situation after kind of. Starring back against Texas. But not pulling that out and Kansas state. Yes. With some of their depths. And this is true. A couple of teams we've talked about whether it's Minnesota Nebraska from the depths of September October two at least making a bowl game. Even if it is, you know, if they decide to go in a new direction from Bill Snyder at long last, just revitalize reenergize, whatever good for good for the cats and finally in the big twelve TCU sixteen Baylor nine talk about a game that's gonna leave scar tissue. Michael Collins hurt Michael Collins hurt, Grayson mole Stein. Yeah. I think it's pretty close fifth year senior came in for Collins after he went down the big story for TCU has been just that they've had thirty six players miss significant time this season due to injury, as you know, there were ready questions about TCU headed into this season. Given some of the turnover to have that many injuries. This really just a non starter tough to build when you're constantly rebuilding from week to week. Yeah, they get Oklahoma state next week for their own bid at bowl eligibility. Maybe it's a letdown spot for the pokes after the West Virginia win who knows the good news for TCU is Jalen regular exists and scoring that was just a ridiculous. I think it was on a screen some sort of tunnel screen type play broke a bunch of tackles and just turned on the jets. So there is a silver lining and that silver lining rhymes with Megan maker good for good for. TCU needing basically him to exist in with this came over in the ACC, Clemson thirty five Duke six. Fourteen to six at half as I mentioned earlier clubs had looked extremely out of sync in the first half. So at that point. We're all thinking does Clemson have a Duke problem, right? It was just there for us. Then Clemson comes out they rip off twenty one unanswered. They win comfortably Clemson plays South Carolina next week. If you had a chance to listen to the interview I conducted with Larry Williams from tiger illustrated on the only moments pod back on really. Yeah. He predicted that this game will quote, get ugly and said that the Gamecocks fans he knows are not very optimistic about this matchup next week this palmetto bowl as they call it. So Clemson now building to their ACC championship match-up with the Pitt Panthers, which we'll talk about next here. But any bigger takeaways from from this Duke gained Dan, not particularly may thinks the has been crocked that was that was all that. I mean, it was it was a really nice performance from Clemson who. Yes, did struggle in the first half, keeping drives going travec. Ten is. Excellent. Trevor Lawrence has been protected pretty well. Which is. Has allowed him to grow. And the only other thing tie the spread in this game. I think closed at twenty eight and a half, and what is thirty five minus six now. It'd be twenty nine raw. Okay. Locally front door cover out there. Yeah. Oh, you just scared. So many dogs tack. That's what I do pay thirty four wake thirteen. Listen lays, Dan when your patent or doozy. When you're in command of this pit offense. You have a luxury few others. Have you can either demoralize your opponent by gashing them on the ground with Quadri, Alison more you can pick them apart with Kenny pinpoint picket. In this one Dan Kenny pick it threw for three sixteen and three touchdowns pit shakes off the rocky start. They outscore wake thirty one two three in the second half in so doing wake joins an exclusive club. Actually, they're the founding member of the Kenny Pickett threw for three hundred yards against us club. This is true. I would also point out that Pitt who had been abysmal defensively for a really strong chunk of the season has been aided by actually decent enough defensive play outside of the shootout against I wanna say it was Duke two or three weeks ago pit is held teams to I think I saw fifteen or sixteen points and four of their last five including Notre Dame. So that's not something to sort of sneer at Pitt for making improvements across the board. And maybe I'm wrong about this just because I love the odds of this ever happening. I believe it's Qadri Alison Qadri were confusing. It with former Pitt receiver Quadri Henderson. Okay. Which what are the odds? But yes, all of a sudden and hall even in a week where they don't really do a ton. They they have become gravitational players that defense has have to pay attention to. And that pit backfield. Good for them. Florida state twenty two Boston College twenty one nice to see Anthony Brown back out there for Boston College after he got the streudel. Yeah. We could go by Clemson and had to leave. But look nice to see Florida state get off the Schneide here. They can still qualify for a bowl if they beat Florida. I don't know if that's likely, but a big time la- Hassi, I believe. Yeah. In Tallahassee him either way. A big time throw from the Andre Francois. Final two minutes of the game. A seventy four yard touchdown which gives the Knowles the lead and the win they needed something. Like this. They needed something. Like this even if they don't qualify for the bowl they needed something positive. Like this that they can use that they can build on moving forward because it has been a rough go for them this season. Yeah. Camakers with the nice game. He had the big run. I thought Florida state's defense really was the story, especially upfront can stay Jay Dillon. Brian burns had a nice game. And even though Francois did make a couple of mistakes. Good to see him. Spreading the ball out getting newer guys involved. I think it was it was Terry. I want to say it was a taste Ontario, tomorrow and tear, Maureen Tehran. Yes. Who who came to play? So. Yeah. Florida state early on in the season with how they had looked especially along that offensive line though, are covered there were like three nine four eight type conversations. So I guess relative to perception in September. This has been at least it a year that has had its moments. You know, I'm I'm kind of on the fence for how I should feel about this. Because I remember when we did our Florida state preview. I did my best said, seven and five acres. Seven and five. Yeah. And got a couple tweets like, you know, that that might be a little bit aggressive and I hedged because I'm a weenie and lo and behold here, we are it's been it's been a rough go, I think it's been worse than people expected. The line hasn't come together. But hope to say, the least the say the least. Yeah. Florida's state getting a win here, though, not rooting against the Knowles just saying it it ended up being a little bit worse than we expected here. Hopefully, they can build on this and keep going onward and upward. I will say I mean this has nothing to do with their season. Specifically, they I think they really flubbed their uniform redo a few years ago because growing up a Florida state fan from afar is loving worked on Peter work and anybody named Warrick really such a great look that is now just I just I'm not a fan. I it feels like a very nineties baseball redo and Florida state can do better. I just it's not very. I I don't like it at all. I don't like the black and maroon thing not like the new I don't like the new fawns. I just. Yeah. Count me out as a fan of these looks. All right. Little ninety nine percent visible going on today. Yeah. NC state fifty to lawville ten. Here's the takeaway from this game. The takeaway is that Dan dockage aradio guy in Indianapolis works for ESPN former basketball coach he says that Jeff Brom is going to be announced as the next coach at Louisville on Monday, November twenty sixth. Okay. That would be soon that will be soon. So that's the Monday after thanksgiving. All right. I mean. Not my I go to college football source notes. So I will wait and see to to see what happens and just because these reporting it doesn't mean it's not true. It's as well. I mean, it's on the internet. So I hope somebody out there funded a kid's college education body, yachts traveled around the world, and maybe earned one of those like crazy platinum American Airlines free first class travel for life car, whatever betting against Louisville this year. I hope somebody named that yacht. Like, the the whisking Patry. No. You know, there's something. I really hope somebody had the foresight to just say I'm pushing everything against Lowell if you let it ride from week to week. Yeah. Yeah. Unbelievable. NC state your ultimate eight and four nine and three program. Georgia Tech thirty Virginia twenty seven in overtime. This one's going to sting for UVA. They give up a safety that you have a special teams touchdown. The also fumble. Punt return, a really poor effort from the who's on special teams, Bronco mendenhall cited as much in his post-game presser. Meanwhile, Georgia Tech very quietly seven and four they've got Georgia next week which isn't a favorable matchup. But nonetheless, it did feel earlier this year like the season might come off the rails. It very much hasn't. They're gonna go to a bowl game. And they've quietly been pretty good. I think they've won six of seven after starting one in three they didn't win a power five game until they were into Tober. I wanna say it was the game. I want to say it was Louisville. Maybe I forget who was it's just easy assumption. If you're going to say who who like really broke their streak of playing poorly in. Do they play it might probably liberal? Yeah. Good for tech. It's going to be a tough match-up for Georgia. I I'm not terribly worried for the whole dogs but nonetheless, good turnaround for for the rambling wreck and the final two games in ACC play. We head Miami thirty eight to fourteen over Virginia Tech. Offense tie, second half off it'll gloss over Mukasey Perry. Having a good game the defense coming to play do not go. So I'm in Virginia, Texas, I cut by tax very bad Miami. Like this was a whoever lost this game. Which is now Virginia Tech, that's a dark place. Sorry, but Siamese bowl eligible Miami's bowl eligible. There's a little less heat on Mark richt to. I don't think the heat is fully real. But certainly concern Israel and a nice meaningful for him not necessarily meaningful for the season statement from the from the canes and finally North Carolina wins forty nine to twenty six over western Carolina. Let's go over the Pac twelve Dan. Okay. Here's here's where we're at. The apple Cup is going to decide the Pac twelve north love it. And the winner of that game will square off against Utah utes Utah knocked off Colorado thirty seven we had snow for this game. Yeah. It took Utah until the second half to really get moving. Here's where we're at with the utes. All right. You know that they are used to starting a quart. Her back that is a backup at this point. Yeah. Seems more a feature than a bug. Yeah. For Kyle Wittingham over Utah's backup is secret starter. Yeah. Secret starter. Jason Shelly is the backup. He isn't committing turnovers. He's not blowing you away statistically. But he's not committing turnovers. At least not yet. He's got the defense there as a fallback, which is usually very consistent for the Utah utes. And I think the combination of those two factors is what gave Utah another victory. Twenty three points, the Victor your funnel. Here was thirty to seven Colorado just could not get anything going offense, and Utah wins the Pac twelve south Utah, a pack twelve south for the very first time since joining the conference, and I know you had reserved compliments for Jason Shelly. But whenever I see a quarterback make deepish plays in the snow rent. I admire that because we do not see that all that often. There's a reason why we make in a monsoon. Jokes because it's not dissimilar from in a blizzard. And I don't know what qualifies as a blizzard. But Utah does a really nice job going at Colorado in this sort of pseudo rivalry game. And I mean, you mentioned the the apple Cup and Utah playing the winner there in how many people will go to Santa Clara to watch Utah, Washington state. I understand these fan bases will travel for a game that they have not been in. But if you were to pick a two team duo to get the Pac twelve not super excited about the energy and the attention the Pac twelve championship will get right. You can't do that much worse. Realistically, we're talking dozens of people aren't. Yeah. I it. Listen Utah's a great story to keep the winning going without Zac moss. And and Huntley Tyler Huntley and was Oooo just other than the USC game, which they probably should have one just demolishing. The competition. Short of Cal. Barry, strange qualifier. Incredible incredible story to have a transfer quarterback. Come in there. We'll we'll talk about that momentarily. But yeah, you look across the board. It's like, Alabama Georgia. I could play divorce Jack. But I won't, you know, Oklahoma, Texas rematch. Right. Right. Right. Clemson Clemson pit is hard to say in that play. The Washington state Utah rematch which was a pretty good game and Utah had shots to win. It. Not not the same thing with with Utah, Oregon and Washington and Stanford's definitely having step back years, by the way, a blizzard if my meteorology classes, go, yeah. Please. With me. I want to say three hours of sustained snowfall mixed with thirty five mile an hour sustained winds. Okay. So not quite on that level. That's correct. Have you ever been to Denver boulder? No. So I don't know if this is true elsewhere, and it may be I just know 'cause you're a weather nerd you'd be interested in this. The only place I've been in the country. It's basically mountain Florida where there will be a legitimate snowstorm one day and the next day. It's fifty eight and sunny like there is something crazy about whatever's happening in the sky above that general region. It goes it's sways very quickly. And I love everything it's very confusing for me when I'm there. Okay. Let's. That's it. Well, sorry about was. You mentioned was UIs sixty nine to twenty eight was the final score over Arizona Gardner. Minhsiu threw for four hundred seventy three yards and seven count them. Seven seven touchdowns. He leads the nation now with forty three hundred twenty five passing yards. He is tied for the most touchdown passes with thirty six and he's one of only six quarterbacks with a completion percentage. Above seventy needless to say Gardner men's shoe has worked out quite favorably for the kooks. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. And I think one of the impressive things and there's like that qualifier of like, well he throws so many times. So of course, he's going to put up the yardage totals seven hundred thousand total seventy percent is nothing to sneeze at. It's nothing to sneeze at and please don't sneeze at people, by the way. Right. Come on. It's flu season. He stone. I believe six. Or seven picks and given the pass attempts that he is put onto his resume. That's an I hear in this system. Crazy impressive. It has been. I don't know if he is New York Heisman worthy. I, you know, I I'm just guessing at what actually defines that. But I don't think you can have a conversation about the grouping of the best quarterbacks in the country without Gardner. Minzhu? Absolutely not. They also scored fifty five points in the first half. Stay they full on. I mean, I don't know if you have the somebody got murdered. I don't know what what sound. Yeah. That feels fitting in this game. Amazon ah got thrashed. They just fully got thrashed moving on the other half of the apple Cup Washington. Forty to Oregon state twenty three Washington scored twenty eight points in the first quarter. And then basically threw it in cruise control. I I'm not going to pretend like I watched any of this game. It's very difficult to watch Oregon state's defense. I think they're going to improve their getting transfers, then I think Jake Browning is now the winningest or he's thrown the most touchdowns he's been there since two thousand three he and trace McSorley on that like they had that collision course last year that seems like they've been around forever. And you know, nice to see miles gas can have a nice game. But again, it's this Oregon state defense. That's all good for Washington setting up. I love this matchup by the way the apple Cup. Yeah. It's great Washington. Secondary is such a specific strength against this Washington state passing attack. I it's I think it's Friday night. I wanna ride a night Friday night game, and is Oklahoma West Virginia Also Friday, I believe so. It's going to be like the stretch of games that we have coming up this thanksgiving weekend, and we'll get into it. I think we're going to our show earlier this week. We're gonna drop show Tuesday night. Yeah. We'll talk meets. We'll talk thanksgiving foods at the end. We promise will rank whatever you need. But love the stretch of games this week. All right. Let's go to UCLA thirty four. Oh, USC twenty-seven. We'll start with the positive here. Joshua Cal K. Josh alley. A monster mega game two hundred eighty nine yards on forty carries in the upset over USC. Anything more to add on what chip Kelly is doing. Now back half of the season for UCLA. I saw and heard because I watched most of the second half. It was something like fifty five sixty scholarship players for UCLA. That's that's a low number may be a team with as much talent. As USC has. I know use that sort of same line and correctly when they were having their own scholarship issues. But yeah, Josh Kelley to eighty nine against USC one sixty one ad Oregon in autzen Arizona, he goes for one hundred thirty six cow that really good Cal the fence. He goes for over one hundred fifty he's definitely I almost positive more games over one hundred yards than not as a transfer from UC Davis. So for a team that definitely had it struggles the first half of the season with the new system, and I think they finished three and three going into Stanford. I wanna say. A huge bright spot. And that's in even bigger bright spot of beating USC. Yeah. Yeah. What? Just you talked to Ryan Abraham was doing the Clemson show, and it talked to Ryan Abraham USC football dot com about the state of affairs. Southern Cal what's going on with Klay Hilton. At this point. I know we got the vote of confidence a couple of weeks ago. But gosh things have changed a little bit. Now with this loss. They're five and six they need to win next week over Notre Dame to make a bowl, which is very possible to rivalry game. However, I don't know if it's likely given where USC is at is USC going to make a change. It's looking to me. And this is not something that I've heard from anybody. This is just a guess it's looking that. It's like it's trending in that direction. And I don't know how closely you or anybody not particularly focused on USC. Listen to the show with Ryan Abraham. But his big point was USC does not want to make a change. They might be forced to given the level of competitiveness and the pressures that might be put on USC by some big money boosters as they renovate the Coliseum. He mentioned a couple of those posters are spending a lot of money on sweets, and thus wield some power in the future of the program. Right. They don't want to make a move. And there was a story that Lynn Swann hug clay Hilton said see you Monday, at least indicating that he won't be fired during this show. But the. Say it's November. If you want to take this opportunity to react to a clay Helton firing trust in case, I won't hold it against you. The bigger picture issues with USC, and this is from watching them. This is from talking to Ryan Abraham. It's a pretty down offensive line year in the fire the offensive line coach couple of weeks ago. They shifted the play calling the play calling has been pretty stubborn with a true freshman at quarterback who has been counted onto just sort of make big plays downfield and not necessarily count on some playmakers shorter in the offense shorter down the field. Whatever. Defense has been largely pretty good. And sometimes that's not enough when the offense has struggled scoring three points at Stanford. They've had I don't know four or five games where they haven't scored more than one touchdown in the second half teams are just out scheming out coaching, and it appears Klay help just has a ceiling of leading USC to to being pretty good. And I can't imagine that's acceptable to most people who are emotionally or financially invested in the success of USC. So I my sense is if it's ugly against Notre Dame. If this USC team looks listless because it could also be a situation where they just feel like they're backed up against a corner. And they're just going to take the biggest swings. They can against Notre Dame because they got nothing really to lose chair. If they just look like they want the season to end if they just look like they don't want to be within the same program as clay Helton in the staff, I think USC is going to be forced to make a change talk to me. About Oregon ASU in thirty seconds. I can probably don't ten. Good offensively for a chunk of the first half and ugly. Pick from Justin. Herbert I say for the first half because one I went to sleep at halftime, two super lad, I went to sleep at halftime because of my two out of three bad outcomes theory about staying up late and three they scored three points in the second half, which I believe was four pun some muffed. Punt to field goal and interception. A dropped touchdown wide. Open touchdown drop. I think Justin Herbert has had some pretty bad luck. In terms of both play calling an offense a scheme and stubbornness and drops and general receiver talent Dila Mitchell's incredible. They finally did get the ball in space to some of their faster. Dudes in the first half, take the free Orage. They did. And then shut it down. No killer instinct against a decent ASU team and barely survived. Sure. Whatever move forward. Okay. And Stanford cow, by the way is rescheduled due to poor air quality from the wall. By the way, it is crazy out in cal-. It is. I mean, just talking to my parents in southern California seeing the images in northern California with the missing persons report, not to go too far away from this. But it is affecting college football games. Yeah. Like we. I know we have a lot of listeners out in California and everywhere in the state, man. I hope you are doing. All right. I hope you're people are doing. All right. I hope your possessions and your life is doing. All right. It's it's pretty terrifying to see what's happening out west. And I I know I can speak for both of us. You know, we're thinking of everybody out there. It is terrorists. They're typically terrible. I it it's it hurts is a Californian to say. All right. Hope everyone is safe. Let's go to the SEC. We saved them for last. We had a lot of comments come into headquarters here about cupcake Saturday, Dan. Yeah. And I mean, it was like miracle on thirty four street postal workers. Holland in the sacks of the messages to the courtroom. It was it was a slow afternoon. So I was willing to engage outside of six teams in the SEC everyone else played a non power five opponent. How you feel about it? It doesn't really bother me to be honest. I would always prefer a high level clash because it's insurance thing. And because at this point, I see everything through the lens of what makes for an interesting podcast. And certainly as a fan, you always wanna see high level match ups between two teams that maybe have a chance to win something something more. Sure. But you want you want heightened stakes? You know, we talk about November being are absolute favorite period of the college football calendar. And we want the entirety of November to feel that way. But there are a lot of SEC teams that are trying to schedule topnotch opponents outside a conference Alabama case in point, you know, it didn't work out this year with the Louisville game. But all in previous years for sure they've been scheduled in all sorts of teams USC you name it now Vanson. Yeah. Alabama LSU you mentioned that she was kansin. There are plenty of examples. You're Georgia Notre Dame where you've got top level SEC teams going out of conference when they can't schedule prime opponents the SEC schedule as a whole is also a murderer's row top to bottom to schedule a game. Like this. I understand it's not gonna draw headlines. But I understand it. And I don't think I have a. I'm with it. No. I I understand the frustration from fans of teams that play nine game conference seasons in conferences that have nine games. I understand the frustration. But nobody's forcing anybody to play nine games. Nine games is probably the better situation for the big ten and Pac twelve and now big ten now that they have ten teams. I get that. I get why a dis want more good games. They want higher level opponents in their stadiums to sell out and make everything look attractive for their TV partners and the SEC's in a specific situation. I don't think anybody played more than one FCS team this year other than Florida, but they scheduled Idaho in Idaho has an FBI team since moving down to believe Idaho's in the Big Sky now through so I get it. And the SEC is taking advantage of the rules. This is this is a sport that we love that we never confused with being fair. So it's just one of those charming dumb things that SEC. Teams and programs. Whatever are able to get away with having this before rivalry week. And if other schools could I think a lot of them would that all said tie because I'm fine with it. That all said here are the list of teams who lost to SEC teams this week. Are you ready? Yes, I'm I'm throwing a bone at our our brethren. Elsewhere. Yes. The citadel you mass rice, Idaho, middle, Tennessee, Arkansas, Tennessee, liberty UAB omiss. Shad do. Don't die. Sorry. I'm I really gave my all their an emotional divorce Jak here. There's my recovery. Okay. Yeah. Sorry. I really wanted. I I think I did a pretty good time. A pretty good job timing Chattanooga there. It was good. It was very good. If you happen to catch. Oh, man. You're right. It just takes so much out of the did you happen to catch any of the Bama game where they kept saying to his last name incorrectly. No, I missed that. That was on that was back and forth. Mute for me. Apparently, the SEC network missed the memo tongue of tag Avello Lozano now on the SEC network. Yeah. Some injuries rally. Bama, by the way, some injuries to talk about here. Now, they've got the iron bowl next week against Auburn. And they've obviously got the SEC championship game against Georgia. They won fifty two seventeen though tied ten ten at halftime. So yes tied at halftime. They come out and blow the doors off the citadel struggling somewhat with the the triple option that the citadel was running. I know there's going to be chop blocks. That's just a a reality of it. But Deontay Thomson Alex Leatherwood on the offensive line and acquitted Williams was dinged up. I think a lot of these guys are guys that would would have come back if needed but to see to out. They're running around. I don't think he had his knee brace Damian Harris left the game. So, you know, there are some key guys who who look dinged up to various extents but hoping for the best for other health. Let me run through very quickly. What transpired around the SEC? Okay. Did have a lot of these matchups again, not headliners but important to at least dignify here. Auburn wins. Fifty three to nil over liberty Florida wins sixty three to ten over Idaho. By the way, Emory Jones played and got significant time in that one. Which is probably exciting for Gators fans. Didn't watch any of this throw Bazzaz ten for sixteen for one hundred seventeen yards in two touchdowns. Hey, I'm saying one twenty-five tie twenty-five. Yeah. All right. Not bad. Right. Oh, idaho. But yeah. Georgia sixty six UMass twenty-seven, the dogs led forty to thirteen at half and Justin fields came in and saw some significant. Action as well. Yeah. If they're at eight times, but made the most of it we at LSU forty two ten over rice. We had Kentucky struggling a bit. But getting the job done against middle. Tennessee your final. Here was thirty four to twenty three by the way, if Kentucky gets by Louisville next week to get to nine wins. And if they win their ballgame that would get him to ten for the first time since nineteen seventy seven not insignificant not insignificant. And it was believe the first time Kentucky scored thirty points for some FBI team since we won. I believe it's been since central Michigan Joe borough completed a really healthy percentage of his passes against rice, the dude God, the receivers think was Sullivan is enormous. He is literally enormous, and that's always fun for me to watch Trayvon Williams. Had a nice day for Texas. Am as they listen UAB's had an incredible season. You have it's a different level. It's different by the way. I think it was Bill Clark. Who referenced who called Alabama the university of Alabama at Tuscaloosa? Yeah. Love that love that vandy. Ole miss got weird late. I did not understand that call where it appeared. I think it was AJ Brown came down with the touchdown. And then the ball sorta rolled out into Vanderbilt players arms, and they just called it incomplete. Alright. South Carolina, not much to talk about against Chattanooga. Auburn shut liberty quietly strange season for liberty. But yeah, they got shut out by Auburn. So there's that I really liked Mizzou last week. I think you were either leading towards Tennessee or took Tennessee, I ended up taking Mizzou. But that's because my initial leaning was Tennessee, right? Yes. And I really did think that they were gonna be overvalued after that Kentucky game, which they were. But I'm still optimistic about Tennessee long-term. But yeah, Mizzou really just they they laid the would there, and it was it was a nice day for Roundtree on the ground. Congratulations, by the way to Nick FitzGerald. Who is now the third player an SEC history with fifty passing touchdowns in forty rushing touchdowns. Can you name the other two? Tibo has to be one of them. Right. Tim tebow was one. Yeah. Because he was there for a long time. I mean part of me wants say Manziel, but he wasn't there for that long. So Dak Prescott. It is Dak okay make sense. Finally, let's go to this one. You see f thirty eight Cincinnati thirteen UCF look really good in this game. I'm not going to sit here and read off stats for you. But they look good. They did they torched a good defense. They want going away. They've got the nation's longest winning streak at twenty three games in all of those games. UCF has scored at least thirty points. I am not going to sit here and beat the drum for UCF to get into the playoff. How ever however if everything goes haywire in the next two weeks? It's not the craziest possibility, you know. Like, we talked about how the circumstance. Dances benefit Notre Dame this year in their playoff chances. You could kind of make that same case for UCF. If we ended up having what seven teams with two losses the hard truth about this season. Dan, is it there just aren't that many compelling storylines outside this Alabama slow March towards Clemson? Right. So if you match up the nation's longest winning streak against presumably the best team in the history of college football, Alabama that would at a bare minimum at least draw some eyeballs and be an interesting storyline to write about. It's an interesting case to at least mentally explore UCF is really good. And I was specifically impressed defensively. Because I I want to say that the early Cincinnati touchdown was a the just zero yard drop on a fumble. Touchdown. So that was an important step for me because UCF's defense was the liability last year and has been a time. This year, but we were sold on UCF's offense. Specifically the nights were just they were very very good against a good Cincinnati defense. So they run away from a college football playoff ranked team in Cincinnati nine and one. That's impressive. Gimme that's more. Impressive than Ohio states win against Maryland will state currently head of UCF West Virginia lost. They will be falling. Washington state. Did nothing to tell me that they deserve to fall. Let alone. They should probably rise LSU is disqualified in my mind, right as they are team. That's been shut out Oklahoma. I would probably still keep ahead of them their losses and bad and is looking better. And they just they're arresting. They are intriguing because of Cuyler Murray there they have to be in that conversation because he is probably one of the five most dangerous players in college football at any position. But if you were to tell me, okay, it's Oklahoma at six was at seven UCF at eight and UCF lays waste to whoever in the American championship game. I guess Houston's without Derek king now. So that changes that calculus a little bit a little bit of an easier win. If that's what we see. That I will. I'm I'm fine. I think Kirk herbstreit at a certain point during the game was like there are five teams that stand part for sure right now. And if you wanna put UCF in that six seven eight conversation, there's not a compelling case. I know people are going to be like strangers coach will join a for instance, they've they've tried. They've tried to try to power five conference. It's not the easiest thing in the world. I'm fine with UCF taking that next step up and being in a position should Michigan loose northwestern. Should Georgia lose to Georgia Tech. Should Notre Dame lose to USC should, you know, Oklahoma loons to Texas stay need, they need a lot to break allots v in the conversation. Finally, let me just conclude with this. We had Boise state winning forty five fourteen over to Mexico Houston winning forty eight to seventeen you mentioned Eric king out for the year. He's got a torn meniscus of bummer. Oh, did you see the ad Oliver thing that was weird. Right. So the case you missed it. So Houston played Thursday believe they blow out too lame. But at Oliver's not playing, and then I they show I saw some of this on van pelts. He is not playing because of a knee injury something like that. And he's on the field beforehand going out for passes jumping out of the air and catching one handed pass whatever and then puts on a jacket. Like a it's a cold night in Houston. He puts on a jacket on the sideline wearing like a warmup suit and major Applewhite head coach of Houston goes after him because those jackets are reserved for players who are playing in to keep them warm. Go ahead. Oliver going after the guy that you're sending out Heisman horse riders. Like, you're sitting out with the highest profile recruit in the history of your program. I understand maybe there's more to what's going on very strange. Very strange berry, by the way, solid. Verbal jacket shirts available. If you go to stolid verbal dot com slash store. Still available for a couple of days. Oh, you work. Very confusing. We jacket shirts. Like, there's something new. But yes, the the style is there's a jacket on shirts. Memphis with a strange win that just got weird at the end against SMU. That was Friday. I believe temple comes back there down. I think they're getting shut down at halftime against USF. They come back in a very strange weird. Game navy gets a win, which we haven't said all that often this year. I believe they'd be Tulsa. There was I mean, we we wanted dedicate a good chunk to Colgate. Army right. No. Are we? Okay. So Colgate actually sort of makes it a game. But they don't cover the ten eleven point spread. They lose by a couple touchdowns and loses their first MAC game. To a not that good. Miami of Ohio in a pretty ugly game North Texas, a nice comeback win against FAU. They were able to get it going on the ground, which it's been a very different season for the mean green. You mentioned Boise. A really nice win. There. Elsewhere. I mentioned the UAB thing Marshall women we led with it. So we might as well talk about it again is Ahah green nice. He's back. He throws for nearly four hundred yards in a couple of touchdown. So cool to see doc Holliday and his team succeeding in cuckoo Setsu at is called conference detained. Can I interrupt you for a second lease pleases I- breathlessly go through this? We do some dudes. I would love to do something. Could we got this week let me load Madurai list? I mean, you lied. We can just say Anthony McFarland open shut. But there are more Josh Kelley who we mentioned UCLA Jalen regular little Jordan Humphry corn dog our guy, Taylor Cornelia, Oklahoma state Barrett. Pickering the kicker Nebraska, responsible for all their points ally. Gilman at Notre Dame was all over the place. Jake moody for Michigan. They need that guy d Andre Torrey. I just mentioned North Texas. He was guy on the ground for them that pit defense. I mentioned David Blau, you know, in a losing effort Jonathan Taylor tailback. I mean, he's should be retired. But you go over three hundred we've got a we've got an earmark you a little bit shot lobster at Boise state who we just mentioned Puka Williams. Mr turbo. That's I mean, I guess California firefighters that's a bunch of dudes. And I don't know I women dudes and women women dudes. I don't know. Utah state. Did you see the end of that game? Oh, yeah. All back. I'll man the fail. Mary. I like we laugh, but what a dumb like Mike bubbas been through a whole bunch this. You know, the season started in a pretty awful way for Colorado state on the field. And I want to say Preston Williams was the receiver. He steps out of bounds. Catch is the hail Mary doesn't count. Because of if you're not forced out of bounds. You can't just can't do it. You just can't go out of bounce. So Utah state is able to survive as they move forward in the mountain west ODU drop seventy seven points. Upstate slow start. They get it going in Georgia states. Arkansas state quietly as turn things around after a bad start to the season Vada, you know, San Jose State actually has been playing with some fight out there in the mountain west and Nevada gets buy them nicer for J Norval, and the wolf pack Troy ugly win, but they get the win as they have not lost in the sun belt's with as much as they've been through change in personnel. Wise, the Trojans and man somebody nail Brown come on doing right. All right. Carl Pollini two in a row tie. All right settled down on. Let's talk about week thirteen real quick. Okay. Let's talk about week thirteen while you catch your breath. Let me go through. BYU beat to Mexico state and Fresno, a nice emphatic win San Diego states offense is so bad. I tall thought points, San Diego State. Yeah. All right. So here's Bill. Let's talk next week. Here is what we're looking at. We have to come up with a name for this. Maybe not this show. But on thanksgiving you've got the egg bowl. Mississippi State at old miss then on Friday, you've got Nebraska Iowa, Oregon, Oregon state Homa West Virginia and Washington Washington state the apple Cup then on Saturday. Listen to this Michigan, Ohio state, Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina. Clemson Notre Dame. USC? You've got a bunch of rivalries here. We've got Kentucky wolfville NC state, North Carolina, Florida, Florida state. Arizona state Arizona BYU Utah. Perdue Indiana pit my. Cami Minnesota, Wisconsin, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, vandy LSU, Texas, an UCF, south, Florida, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and probably a bunch of other games that I ran out of breath say, but right needless to say week thirteen is going to be a biggie. It is rivalry week. We'll have our own name for it on Tuesday. Dan, but exciting week ahead. Not just a week thirteen. But as we get into conference championships in fourteen mad one thing, please. Because it was like outside of Colgate. Army which legitimately was interesting. Lee high vapor is left. Three thirty four to three. Yeah. Yeah. And the other thing is Holy Cross. Does the impossible tie riding the wave of Gordie Fiqh bomb? That's his name. Right, right. They go to the Hornets nest that is multi sport fields. No and a twenty point comeback in the fourth quarter and beat Georgetown by one. So rivalry week comes a week early in the patriot league. But Colgate going to the playoffs of the F C S on the F C S level, which I want to say starts next weekend. We will be covering that game. We covering that game. Okay. Listen fund show is said week twelve in the books. Save the date Saturday in the books. Thank you for calling us at four zero eight verbal one don't forget to find us in reach out via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Go to the sub Reddit at red dot com slash are slash solid. Verbal created by ballers four ver ballers we've got a loaded week coming up here in week thirteen as we mentioned earlier we're going to put. That show out on Tuesday. Because a lot of folks are going to be traveling on Wednesday wanna make games on Thursday games on Thursday. We want to make sure we have some hashtag content available for you in your travels on your way to thanksgiving dinner, or wherever Dan do you want to by the way, this is half serious? Do you want to actually react to any coaches? Who might get fires record? This like we like there are legitimate candidates. I mean, we we talked about clay Helton. I don't know what's going to happen with Larry fedora. They're sitting at one and six in the at this point. I don't know how safe he may be we already know about David Beatty. I don't think anybody else Bill Snyder. I guess is a possibility. But I don't know if it'll happen like it'll add think it'll happen more on that will be a regal retirement as opposed to a firing. Right. And that won't probably be announced before the season ends. I think Rutgers is that's that's situations. Done for Chris ash is what it sounds. Like, I don't know about lovey Smith. But I just like that we're mentioning these names. So we can close to give ourselves some. Yeah. Ahead here because to Sunday's there have been firings that have happened literally fifteen minutes after we hit the stop button the Mike MacIntyre. We haven't really mentioned that story at TV outlet in boulder. I believe it was either Denver boulder mentioned that he would not be the coach moving forward. Then there were conflicting reports that no decision had been made. But it's certainly not looking great as nave loss. Now. Now, six straits, SEC wise, I can't imagine anybody is in full danger. So, you know, especially with Derek Mason and Vanderbilt getting a nice win in overtime against ole miss. So I think in terms of power five jobs were pretty safe. All right. Well, listen Wong show here. That's okay. Long show today. But that's all right. Get ready for week thirteen. Thank you for being with us here on weei, twelve Dan. I'm going. To let the fine people. Go. Let them go. I need brunch. I'm gonna make some breakfast burritos. Ty Hildebrand for that go there. Dan, Rutz C New York City, thanks again for bearing with us here. And we twelve will catch all in a few days. In the meantime, joy the rest of your weekend. The early part of your next week in meantime, stateside pace.

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