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From the investors search bank studio boomer assize in gregg giannotti boomer and geo on the fan simulcasts across the country on c._b._s. Sports network <hes> friday morning. Yes it is the first football friday of the year. We had our opening night last night. Packers and bears errors in it was a defense of battle. That's for sure a lot of people watching game like means say a little bit boring but it was fun and watching those defenses do what they did. A little bit scary to me is a fan of the vikings. Watching both of those defense is gonna work last night but we are here here. After many many months of upheaval with both the new york football teams new general managers new you quarterbacks drafted new coaches everywhere wide receivers that are superstars getting traded week. One is finally here ear and these two teams well one positivie around the other would be a little bit of a shocker if they made the playoffs starts now and takes us aw in february and i couldn't be happier about it good morning our you don't you also got your guy antonio brown going off the end again to buy forget about that. I had to that and a lot of things going on with the raiders by the way just <hes> you know before we get sorry about last night's game. Get the yankees and the mets big series this week yanks up in boston. Obviously mets return home. Here's the thing when when you when you watch these games now early on in the season you're going to see guys. Does it have not played in any sort of game action at all and it really hurts the offense. The offense has got to be on the same page. There can't be blown assignments on the offensive. It's of line. There can't be misreads by the quarterbacks. There can't be dropped by the wide receivers. The defense is aggressive and both of those defenses last night. We're really really aggressive so they made both quarterbacks. Look average aaron rodgers at time there in the second quarter showed why he's so good that that's a blender that is like that is like on on high speed blender when you're playing in chicago and you're playing against that type of defense and the defense is not as good as the eighty five bears but they are good and they pressure the opposing quarterbacks accent is very difficult to run on them. It's just that like i have been saying this about mitch trubisky appea- if the bears really truly want to be a championship team. He's got to be the guy that's gonna lead them there. He's got to be more accurate. He's gotta be less like a chihuahua on thirty six madison in rush hour you know he is playing the game way too fast again and this is the guy that i saw last year. There were times he made plays he would break away and do something that you know he was able to do athletically but that's is not how you play quarterback in the n._f._l. And what i saw last night was a guy who has progressed. I saw that stuck in neutral and he'll get better as the season it goes on. There's no question about it but neither one of these offenses especially. The quarterbacks played at all in preseason well. I think that's a big factor. In generally the defense is going to be ahead of the offensive that is the case the timing and all of that now and rogers basically won the game with that one driver he was great where he saw marquez valdez scaling down the middle of the field where there's no safety there and then through the touchdown pass to jimmy. That's where he won the game so he was great in that game for basically a four play drive and that one the game offense will be for the packers. Obviously their defense won the game over here. Here's the deal if you know plus. There are a lot of penalties. You know a lot of stoppages stuck. I mean s._p._i._c. right now. If you are the bears you wake up this morning and you give up ten points on your home field on opening night. That's came you. Gotta win like thirty five to ten right absolute. Ah you and i both picked the packers to win. This game always covered the game. Yeah and i had to win as well but i also had the over so i can't take much credit because they did not think it was going to go this way. I know well nobody did but hopefully this is not a sign of things to come this weekend. You know what we'll have teams that we'll have good offensive game simply because it'll be playing against bad defenses. It says right that was pretty pretty impressive defenses last night. They ran you know they were running a ball. They were flying all over the place roquan smith. Is you know you could see just just is the second year now of what it means to be on the field. If you are a young player and how how it's different and how now all of a sudden you could just let it go. Oh and go play and just let your instinct takes over and that kid certainly showed that so you'll see that hopefully from guys like sam darnold. We'll see that from josh allen baker mayfield but all these people that keep talking about all we got this. We got that we got a man. It's going to take a good month before anybody realizes what they haven't offense because none of these guys have done or played in a game that has those kind of anxious moments and have played four quarters and i often say yeah you could be physically prepared to go into a game you could it'd be in the best shape of your life but we're really is taxing in the n._f._l. Is the fourth quarter mentally because you've been dealing with this now for three mcquarters right and basically two and a half to two hours and forty-five minutes in real time you're under extreme duress mentally and you're not used to that. You're just you're just not used to it and mitch trubisky. Obviously he's not used to that. Even arron rogers was not used that last night yeah i i think that last year with all the offense and the emergence of pat mahomes homes and the records that were being broken could have been one of the more exciting n._f._l. Football seasons in a while with some great ones but offensively was an explosion explosion however the last two games we have seen played in the fans yeah. It's been all defense the super bowl and then last night. I don't think that's going to be a trend. I think that's more of an anomaly really than anything else but i was watching his game. This is the super bowl all again no offense in this guy and the one thing i will say in watching these games last night defensive linemen defensive lineman pressure with four you know whether it be <hes> clark or or mac or any of the guys that were on the field last night for either one of those teams. This is why you know you gotta you gotta worry about teams like jacksonville in houston and <hes> the the chargers you know even the even the forty niners have got this awesome defensive line now and this is what everybody wants. They want pass rushers. They want interior pressure. They don't want to have the there were some blitz and going on last night of course especially with my pet and as we know from his jets yup but it's all about the pass rush in the pass rush got to both both quarterbacks last night at times mitch trubisky just like he was like out of sorts like this should have been easier to him but it's he'll get better as the year goes is on but last night was probably a wakeup call for him and matt nagy score three points in your opening game against your longest rival in doc. The opening of the season in front of the fan base was crazy. Your team that won the division last time in the big question mark going on with the bears fans was the kicker kicker and the kicker goes out. He makes that field goal in the beginning and they're cheering but nobody thought the rest of the offense was going to be that bad trubisky did have an opportunity in the fourth quarter two two minutes to go. He had alan robinson allen. Robinson was the only bear really had a good offensive game seven catches over one hundred yards last night you know he sees him in the corner of the endzone however he's double teamed and he forces the ball in their throws that pick with two minutes to go. I mean if if it's a better throw a better decision there maybe have another opportunity or maybe the end up scoring the touchdown to tie the game but that that was the mistake after as poorly as he had played the entire night he had an opportunity and he took too much of a risky throw to his best wide receiver and that cost now is it. I mean they never got down there again. And that was the end of it. Remember i asked you the question the other day and had mitch trubisky and that's seven quarterback list yeah about whether or not you know he's ready to take it to the next level and win a game like last night as poorly as maybe aaron rodgers in the green bay packer offense played last night. They won the game on the road sure there's no you could call it an ugly win. I called game on the division vision game fair with the new head coach and the number one defense trying out the eighty-five barriers before the game and a lot of credit deal with they won the game and you know. I'm sure that when they wake up this morning i don't care we score ten points and the thing about it is aaron. Rodgers didn't turn the ball over the right right. Absolutely some saks place <music> almost did right nobody did he did fumble and ended up recovering himself but but it was it was very close but yeah he he won the game himself at least offensively with dr so we get our first look in in real games with the jets and giants coming up division games to start the jets and bills was the giants and the cowboys and the jets in the offense that we want to see from them. There is a lot of expectation on both sides of the ball but i think especially especially offensively for the jets not only because it's a new head coach who's an offensive guy not only because it sam darnold and his second year not only because seattle levian bell. I mean there's a million reasons why the expectation level for the offense is very very high and if they come out out and give you a lot of people are going to be unhappy and you wanted to why the expectations are high because adam gates has made them hi i've watched watch you know the jets do this show and they put it out there on the on the on social media and all that stuff and you can you can watch adam kind of break down the film of sam darnold yeah and he is so a few of sam darnold and saying so many great things about sam darnold and as i have but i'm not as coach right one. I think the media guy says something. It's another thing when the head coach starts talking glowingly about your quarterback and you know he has been really over the top in his praise praise of sam and sam's abilities now. I don't know if he's doing that because that's what the jets want him to do. In order to sell season tickets or he's actually doing that because he wants to put extra a pressure on salmon wants to see how he handles enter and totally one hundred percent believes it but he has now lit the fire. If you will of expectations for sam darnold you know my buddy bob glauber from newsday wrote an article yesterday and this goes back a month ago. I think at c._b._s. Seminar he interviewed me about sam. So what do you think about sam. I said well sam's gotta own his football team. He's got to be the man and i think sam understands what i'm talking about. I don't mean he has to be raw ronal that other stuff that that's not my point my point is is that the fifty two other guys on that staff or on that team on the roster the coaches the players that are around him every day. I've got to watch him go about his business as a professional. You don't have to be era guy but you gotta be able to get into people's faces. You've got to be able to own your team. You gotta be able to live up to the expectations at your coach your owner your fan base. The media around here of all put on you is a ton of pressure in that young man. It's his second year and he has got have to own this team. It's gotta be his team. Tom brady is not a raw raw guy but he'll be he'll go off on the sideline every now and again but yeah it's been around for twenty years so this is the beginning of sam second near and unlike mitch trubisky last night. You know if the game is online at the end of the game and it's at home against division rival. You know you gotta go win. It sure got it and if you go win it if you go in it and you do it unlike mr bisky did it last night and he does it here now all of a sudden that's part of the process process of being the man and owning your team and everybody looking at you. You don't have to go out there and tell everybody how great you are not saying that you got to do it on the field. You got to do it in the meeting rooms and you've got to be so damn confident in yourself. That confidence is going to raise. Everybody's level around you and this week. One game is important because it's week one division game all of that apple also extra importance with the way that the jets schedule lays out early on you know they drop this one then you're thinking about. Maybe being a hole in a whole that's going to be tough to new climate of but there's reasons to be excited with the players at the jets have acquired via the draft and free agency and how much of a new look team. This is from the four win team last year. The one thing that i really wanna see and i think is going to be a major factor with this offense. I think sam's gonna be alright. I really do as much crap as levy the honor bell. I think he's in shape and ready to roll. I think he's gonna be alright but who's that guy that next star or someone. That's going to help out sam darnold. Is it going to be rob again anderson again. Is it going to be jamison crowder. Is it going to be quincy and noon well. I thought that it sucks that chris. Hernan suspended for the first four games because the rapport between those two guys at the end of the year was spectacular but robbie anderson had a great stretch at the end of last year. Can he now mature into a guy who is looked at as a legit it number one wide receiver. That's a big question for me or is it going to be sort of by committee with those other guys but i think that sam needs. He needs one more guy out there to really step up and have a breakout season for him as a past time on don't forget about him. I mean he is. He is really good player. He's an under the radar signing. I know he's has injury issues but at the end end of the day he's a guy that kind of brings you the same thing that levian bell brings you he can catch out of the backfield so be interesting to see how they deploy william and the point that you're making about the wide receivers as good but we don't know yet right why because they haven't played now we haven't seen them since last year and we have not really seen a a offensive game plan put together and what adam gates is going to try to do to the buffalo bills in our defense so this is the fascinating part. It's it's opening night. We saw both teams offensively last night. Just look like they got pushed around a lot of mistakes a lot of penalties the offense of wine and the bears may have had their worst game in the last ten games. They made so many mistakes. It was ridiculous but hey this is. This is opening weekend the n._f._l. Now the say all that other stuff the san antonio brown stuff now so i don't know if you saw this but the captains of the raiders yeah collectively got together after practice yesterday and they wanted to john gruden's office and they are the players that have witnessed the nonsense that has gone on for the last five weeks with the raiders and their and their training camp in the frostbitten feet and the helmet and the missing preseason games and missing meetings and missing practice and that's why mike mayock had to find antonio brown because he's one of fifty three he may be the best of those fifty three but he has to be treated the same way and mike and mike mayock doc was pushed to the brink late in training camp he said either. You're all in there. You're all out remember that whole discussion of course and that's when the fine came and then antonio brown obviously isley as we go down the you know the road here of history puts that let her out on instagram and you know put some really tough words to it and then comes word that he threatens mic mac on the field. The players saw all that yep so the players wanted to see jon gruden said hey coach whatever you guys decide we are with you and then derek carr goes onto say that you know it's hard to defend the indefensible. It's hard to sit. Sit here and support antonio brown. We all want him on the field. We all want him to be a part of our team but the things that he has done <hes> just basically we. We can't defend so the players to tell you that he is out on an island and is i don't know if he's bipolar. I don't know if he's tri-polar but he is basically basically cost him third himself. Thirty million dollars guaranteed depending on what the raiders do with him and if they suspend him all those practical guarantees that the raider gave him a new contract after they made the trade with the pittsburgh steelers those guarantees go by the wayside man. His idiocy is going to cost him a potential thirty thirty million in guarantees. Now the raiders have the leverage now because of his actions they can suspend them now. They can still keep them that doesn't mean they're gonna cut him but they could suspend end him and wipe out all those guarantees meaning that they'll have that leverage over the top him over the next few years if they decide to keep them yeah. It sounds to me though that they if they end up going on after those guarantees that that's going to be something that's going to be a mess for the raiders. It's gonna drag on for a long time because then then you're talking about you know jon gruden rude and mike mayock having to go to hearings appeals and dealing with that so that's another layer of it but you cannot defend anything that antonio brown has done however the raiders to me who have preached all this and mike mayock since getting this job preached the culture and the accountability and all of this stuff went out and traded for a guy who was visibly insane and also quit on his team the last week of the season when the playoffs are on the line so i'm. I'm not defending antonio brown's actions. This is ridiculous a raiders fan. I would be livid with this guy. However if you're trying to change a culture that's the last guy on earth you should be trading for is antonio brown so they deserve a ton of criticism in this and if they end up now trading away khalil lille mack who was one of the dominant defensive players that game seen in the last five years trade away him and then bringing this guy and after cottam before he plays a game. I mean that's-that's organizational malfeasance so you know you know what i think they did here. They also brought in bonn tells perfect and richie incognito and they trade for antonio brown and and give him a contract to pacify yeah i think they had holes on their roster. They wanted to take fliers on players and they wanted to give players in some cases second third jordan fourth chances just simply because they don't have the players to man those positions and they figured this was the cheap way out and i'm talking about the other two not antonio brown and we'll we'll give them an opportunity community to kind of get their lives right. That's why you didn't see much of reggie incognito or montas perfect on h._b._o. Hard knocks. I said we're not putting these two guys out there because it's gonna make us look ridiculous how about vaunt as perfect as one of the guys that separated mayock and antonio brown. That's how far antonio brown that perfect is a voice <music> of reason out there on the practice and i'm going to tell you the personality of mike mayock has not to take any flack or any crap from anybody but remember who hired mike mayock jon gruden gruden jon gruden did so by virtue of extension good cop bad cop <hes> you know he's doing exactly what group wants to do. He's he's look you've got. You've got the whole this guy accountable because i got to be very careful. I got fifty two other players now. Those fifty two other players. I believe took jon gruden off the hook. Now they went in there and they talked talked to him yesterday as captain instead where would you coach whatever you decide to do. We're good man. Knock on wood. Knock on right so get rid of the guy suspend the guy what ever it takes whatever you do. We've got your back as plight. What's today. That's great. That's great to hear. What did they think was going to happen when they traded for this guy they they gave him in the world saw that he was going to be a problem now that i think it was going to happen before the season started no but at some point when he wasn't getting i i remember talking about this. You know whatever team he went to that first game where you only get targeted four times or whatever throughout the whole game. He's gonna lose his mind. He's going to throw a water cooler. He's is going to be kicking stop on the sidelines and crashing his quarterback. I thought it would happen midseason. It didn't even get to week one. What did the raiders expect when they traded for this guy you remember when the yours yours just got hammered when they traded him and said they got nothing for him in house but they got they got they got hammered. I don't believe that the giants got hammered not often frodo beckham junior and the steelers getting how're ultimately. You got to get rid of these guys outta the locker room now. I do think that there is something to be said about. What may occur doc is talking about the culture and lock them. Every general manager in every coach wants that that's why cattlemans doing what he's doing that the giants that's why he got rid of certain players that didn't want to hear any missing. Listen guy said he didn't bring an ear. He you know they do this in hockey they do. I don't necessarily know that they do it all sports but where you are where where the game is really physical nasty like this and the and the and the physicality come into the game football and hockey they try to do that. They try hi to make sure that the guys that they have that roster and the way that they build the the room the locker room. It's going to be supportive of of the team in all the worst or situations because that's when it all becomes a revealing attribute to your team whether or not you're good because when you're losing you got locked. Lawyers lawyer said the media talking off the record. All these things are shown up in the paper. You know you got connections in the on social media and also the crap. I i would not be surprised that the raiders decide to move on. I wouldn't be either but i think that every all the focus is on antonio brown i mean i just think that you know the rate deserve some criticism and you're comparing dodo beckham junior at this point. I mean odell beckham. Junior's boutros boutros ghali compared antonio brown at this point about those two guys the del handle himself poorly antonio brown. This is this this dwarfs. The terrell owens craziness craziness where he was doing situps in his driveway. What antonio brown has just done in the last three weeks coming in with frostbitten feet after arriving in training camp to training camp in a hot air balloon and then refusing to practice because he couldn't find a helmet that was not older than ten years old to play with and then threatening to fight who'll do punches general manager in the face before week. One is is the most bizarre behavior i've seen from a single player that is on a roster probably in my life and and you haven't even listed any of these social social media on top of all of this stuff including him instagram ing the fine notes that he got from mike mayock say no yes hit yesterday and yes that he punted the ball and yelled at may find the for that bleep. You know what i mean. Yes totally insubordinate and i'm on mike mayock aside here. He's got to be the hardest. He's gotta be guided holes the player accountable. They're fifty two other players that are looking at them in every coach out there that is listening to this. I think applauds that's exactly what the raiders are doing right now. No real real. You're gonna be out thirty million bucks. Boomer and geo fame ended up with the patriots for dollars. Go when a super bowl.

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