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Wed. Oct. 31 - Halloween Special VI


Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of Ford -able eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five. No ridiculous markups. No hassles. Just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visits. Any today at Xeni dot com slash NBA. On today's groovy Halloween special. We discussed the latest Jimmy Butler development if the rockets can get their swagger back and severally versus west pan crossfire. What's the scariest story this who has ghosted his team? And what's your weirdest fears and kings rookie Marvin Bagley. The third joins us in studio to talk about his team. Hot star kids Wednesday, October thirty first started. Nah. The happy Halloween and welcome to the starters. Whether you're joining us live right now on MBA TV watching leader on YouTube. Maybe listening to the podcast for very happy to have you. I am Austin river POWs baby and alongside the as always he's half Scottish half nugget. It's fat leave the best first things fast. Whereas y'all crap I've got a turtle head poke it out. Who is right? It's the international evil mastermind taking it to the rack, Dr evil. Jay. Spinelli's over yonder. It is the freaky d Dunkin warrior, it's gold Weber. Freaky? Looking for tweet hashtag. We're looking for. Smell mega take stock to love another nice puns where we need you the hubbub of Twitter, and he doesn't give us hashtag auction. NBA Fowler's tweets like sheltie foresters like perhaps how far fishing? Sunshine, like Dante Exum diction, maybe something even all through. For like fog. She clear. Patrick ewing. Whatever it is. Please join tweet at hashtag Austin NBA power because that's the way I like it. Tweets. Show going to be a fun show kings, rookie Larvin Begley. The third is going to join us live in studio. Let's hope someone told them that we're going to be doing this or he's in first sticks around and the fat lever bastard, and I are going to go head to chin in a very special edition of crossfire Halloween addition. But first we got gotta play gold Weber's favorite game. And that is not have. Attack isn't that fear? That's the Jimmy Butler requested a straight from the timber wash March months ago. He's not feeling Minna show Duckie on Reeves Shamsher Anya, Bucknell Mr. night's game not pressure or the organization to really trade him here. Very beer tastes, very weird. And then we heard a report actually Rachel Nichols texted with Jimmy Butler. And he said he's banged up. His body is hurt. So he's not going to risk being injured. And he's gonna sit out and probably play on Friday. Is he running the team? I sure it does. Sure, if you like it, it feels like he is making the decisions and Tom tobacco is not making the decisions whatsoever. He does have to play basketball at some point. They could freeze him for two years cryogenically. And then he would be fine. Okay. What are you talking about fat bastard? What do you really think? The moves have to decide what they're doing. Or are they keeping him? Yeah. And are we going with the accent? I'm not sure you I think you sound like what you said. I am doing an imitation of you. You have to decide what you're doing. Is he playing or is he not Z being traded or is he not? And if if you're going to try to keep him out of a lineup and wait till you get that trite and move on from him. You can't have him in and out of the lineup periodically and decide then. Well, maybe we're going to try to him. But we're not really sure on the message is mixed from the organization becoming more and more convinced that Tom thibodeau has to go first before Jimmy Butler even gets traded. I think it's getting to this point here because we are getting conflicted reports here of did Butler say I just don't wanna play because I'm trying to force you guys to train me. Or is. He just saying I just got arrest my body here. And then we'll be good to go on Friday. Like, we're hearing two things here. But Tibbs would like just welcome back. Anyway, he'd be like all right. Let's go back you'll help our chances. But you know, there's always a risk for an injury in play. We talked about that right at the beginning of this mess, and you know, they don't like to play with them some of these guys it feels like to. So you're just hurting your long-term. Plus, you get three hundred and fifty million dollars signed up. Million dollars in Wiggins. And can that's your future? I'm sorry. It's not Jimmy Butler. Are you gotta make a move with you. He literally can't just play when he wants because he's hurting the locker room, and it might just be a short term pain that he's hurting locker room. But it could be a long-term factor gets fractured. Why are you looking at you? I'm comfortable. Go to the next one. I mean gold Weber took until December for Hussein rockets to lose five games last season. But after losing their four straight context last night to rocket are one in five hundred year even worse, according to the head coach, Mike Antoni Gerakas ziplock, Schwab, let's. Let's. Now, what do you say? Schwab us Russia like Oshkosh watch. Swagger confidence confidence. Shrajah? Isn't that weird? Yeah. We don't speak fricken mumbo jumbo. Okay. Go swagger. They've lost their Slager do by this said defense. That's what their rights right now teams that are actually doing to them what they did to other teams lost just going into the paint and scoring or just putting up three point is. I think a lot of it is to do with the transition of players. But also they loved just Jeff says Delic in the off season defensive mastermind, and I think that's honing them right now that had some injuries as well and suspensions Chris Paul James Haden's still at right now he's probably back sometime over the weekend. But it's just a bit of a slow start in Houston. I think they'll be fine. I still like their offensive power. But that usually bails them out right now, the defense is just a bit of a mess. Yeah. Watching them having flashbacks of that fifteen sixteen year. When James harden wasn't an all NBA player and enjoyed Howard was there, and they went forty one and forty one where they didn't show up on the defense. I think it's a sign that we're flashing back to that. Because if they just don't have everything locked in. Then they have it really, really. Bad defense and part of it is that they're saying that they're hurt. Oh syn. Oh, I envy them. You'll get and I was thin one. I would double down on the defense being like, okay? No James harden for a lot of this. No, Chris Paul because of the suspension they've really had the two of them in there and games, we get that. But defensively there's a couple of things not only, you know, the replacement for Trevor REEs a was James Ennis. Okay. So he has a plate. That's a tough injury. But teams are also like we saw in the playoffs. They're going at mellow getting him in isolation. They are targeting him and going at him and Capella, I think they've figured out if we can pull him out of the pain. Score inside it will. And that's happening as well. So you think they're scoring on the other four guys. I wouldn't blame it on cappella. It's basically. No, I think he's getting he's getting put into health spas. Why said the teams are switching and then you just get them take him into the equation. And he's not by the and then it hurts the rebounding and obviously interior defense. So yeah, this is I mean, they're in the whole here. They're in a big hole. It's not the wizards in the east where. Yeah, you'll be fine. And you're in five hundred you're in you may have to have forty five forty six forty seven wins again to get into the west ws. Yeah. And then you want to be better than eighth, and what the warriors in the first thing, we're gonna agree with that. All right. Tough stuff. Gold weather. Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley having long story history of fight. Last night. They wrote another chapter in book Beverly for new spot near Westbrook's leg the tour de Jong. Eventually that really got hit what they flavor it. One foul too. The. I think this was an opportunistic dive by Patrick Beverley, there was a ball there. There's also a guy who he hasn't beef with. I think there's only one guy in the NBA that he has legitimate beef with its Russell Westbrook. This goes back years and it goes back for win. It was the postseason. He basically injured. Russell westbrook. So yes, the ball was there. But also a guy who he despises is there and he'd over the ball cudgeon Beverly plays harder than probably most point guards in the league. But this is a special special game for him every single time that he plays. Russell westbrook. I think that they was even they do I'm Patrick Beverley, you just think this is thirty. Yeah. He could approved. I think he could have put out of good. Who is there? We talk about diving and whether or not study where you're going for ball in this case, especially when you slow down the replay. I think Beverly has a chance to avoid Westbrook and here it is right here. And he doesn't do that. He his into him there knowing full. Well, it's Russell Westbrook. He got the flag at one I think that was probably about right? I didn't think he does have to be objected for it. But it was certainly not a basketball play nice from us work quite well as well walking away from the whole thing as well as a little bit. But yeah, yeah. What are you going to do you go for sure? But I liked this was a build up within this game. You go back to these last couple of years, and then the one that started in two thousand thirteen but in the game Westbrook went scored on Beverly he started pulling out rock the baby. Putting that little baby to sleep. Beverly then scored on Westbrook. A little bit later in the game. He did the exact same thing. Westbrook's explained doing that though. Now the game. Of course, I think it's I love this. This is I mean as long as no one gets hurt and you're right. We could get into whether or not it was truly dirty no-one did get hurt and it's fun having guys just like a little bit. I hate you. Yes, we. The same father. Excellent pronounced. That's exactly right. Okay. So let's hear from you. Guys jump on Twitter. Hashtag the starters. What do you think? Is it weird or not? This is definitely weird coming up next. Look who it is. 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You're getting into the spirit. Even though you were born after the first. You sort of know the references somewhat somewhat. Appreciate you coming by. And this is great time because you're kings are riding high right now we were talking about them on yesterday's show because they're five and three. Now, what what do you think has been the key to your kings like sort of hot start here? I think no everybody's objective is to win. All right now, we're coming together. I know as a as a time, we're actually know learn each other every day watching a lot of film where we travel. And I think the chemistry right now. Nobody between us is is amazing. We're doing a lot of great things out on the floor. We're learning from each other. We're making mistakes, but we're bouncing back from those mistakes, and you know, just having fun at the same time. And I think when you're having fun and just playing hard, then no everything else will come. So we've just got to keep it rolling is a part of the fun. The pace you guys are playing that. Right. You guys are getting up. And that's definitely a part of you know, me personally just being able to run and in the rest of the same just getting playing moving the ball playing defense against stops to be able to do that. No. It's been it's been no great basketball. So far. It doesn't hurt that you have probably one of the fastest guys in the league at your point co position deer and FOX I it's been cool through these first eight games or so to play with them just the speed. He can play it. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I'll be able to to to play with a garlic, though, pushes the the pace the way he does guess up down. And I was just this is always fun. It makes the game more easy in my opinion. To just get on and get easy buckets and get stops on a defensive. You know, is is always good to have a guy like FOX can push the pace like that. So this has been your dream to make the NBA your e games in here or so what's been the biggest surprise being in the NBA or just men or however you want to look at it. What's shot for me? The biggest adjustment was is really just you know, the traveling. Really? Yeah. That's what most guys say, no real different is different know in college you you'll go play a game somewhere. And then you have like a whole week to prepare right, right? Recover. And then you go play again. But now she play, you know, we played last night. And now we fly fly to Atlanta get ready to play tomorrow night, and it's just non stop, and you still got to be ready and locked. And so I think that's been the biggest judgment for me during the summer. We saw the video went up on YouTube. We saw you were hanging out with shack. I think it was some suits involved. But you're getting some tips from what was the best tip? You got from the big diesel. You know, just one thing that I that I learned when I was around him. First of all I'm known for since I was young. Those like, no, no, I've I've learned different things. But from that from the last time, it was just being able to to save money in and be smart. Make the right decisions all to floor. You know, that's pretty much the one thing that I took and try to you know, us today and going into my first year that's a guy to listen to right? Honey, he's still making money the general he's making mad. One another interesting besides basketball. Of course, is wrapping you've got I mean, we just saw you got a single out here. What are you rap name is b three five. That's right. Here's victory. It is or you can go get that right now is a free plug for you right there. Are you the best rapper in the NBA? Yes. Oh, no. We're hearing some right now. So slow this skill guys. Now sort of dabbling, and of course. Yeah. No about you know, something that I've been doing since I can remember playing basketball. Obviously I and and when I have my free Thomas is always been music. So is definitely I want people to know that I'll take a, and it's something that I like doing IV can tour of a shack in the season. DJ now. That'd be that'd be pretty cool. All right. Well, seeing as it is Halloween today. You obviously got in the spirit here. We thought we'd end things off by playing a little Halloween game. Here. What we're going to do is. We're going to show you a current NBA player in costume, and you have to try and tell us who it is some of these might be easy. Some of them might get a little more difficult. Right. So the first one we'll throw it up here. Who is this player? Yeah. You can remove your pen. So we got someone in an Aaron judge. Erin, good. That's pretty good. How's it? Good. Looks a lot. Like, he looks a lot like. Okay. All right. Your next one here who is this Austin on. Dane, Dave Miller. You'll also good rap. Give it to the all right next one here notice wants tough. It's a big dude, you know, him actually. Well, I think he played maybe highschool Balsam fir year. I don't tell. Andre. Talk a lot of people were scared of that. All right. Who's this? Batman. A little more difficult here. I don't even know who the. Second-year player plays in California. They also arapahoe. Also went number four effort. Lies. Oh, doctor evil. We get it. Right. All right here. Final one. I believe we got one more who's this? Yeah. Some people watching. Funny. You say LEGO some people think this guy might be the goat. It's not my player. The Bronx, Jay. That's horrible. Marvin bagley. We can't thank you enough for coming at you. Especially on the show like this. Generally weird. But it's not even this is this is exciting to see you guys like this fishing. All right. Lots more still come when we come back. The fat lever bastard tonight step into the crossfire for a special Halloween edition of CF. Don't go anywhere. Very sexual gentlemen. We'll go get questions at the end of it. All I declare a winner because I love. Hollow? Lena type of very scary stories of these tell me what did the scariest story of dish MBA? She's here we go. Thank the two and five Lakers messing with LeBron's legacy. Rob blink Magic Johnson Jeanie Buss kidney. If you're going to mess with the bronze career all come down there and make it try Jimmy whoever I got to make a trade. Brian James is an incredible player is a specimen, but he will run out at some point don't waste lebrons curry turning into. Okay. Okay. Going with the Washington Wizards. It's very very scary. Very heavy. Very heavy. Indeed. Yeah. One in six after loser. The grizzlies come on come on scariest part everybody, including myself baby are expecting Dwight Howard. The tone season around. That's scary. That's scary to all show have feared action. Second question. It seems like some of our favorite players are gone. But they are still dare who is the NBA ghost Whoopi Goldberg. Goes is rockets sharpshooter Erik Gordon. He's lost his Moshe. Oh, shoot. He's nothing. Shock about him. Baby thirty percent from the floor. Twenty three percent from three. His PR is six point six. This guy's one six land of the year two years ago and usually can score. He's lost. His Mojo be has really have airborne. Erik Gordon pussyfooting around the pick Austin powers. It's Karl Anthony towns this man is entering his fourth season in the NBA. He should be getting better. He is physically having the worst season of if it's career he's having he's averaging four less points. First season don't play with me Austin. No. This week director dodgy on the nobody was asked to miss things that people think are scary upon the thing on the list, which change this. Do you have any? Veered I hear my wife's fear of fearing bugs. Because once she sees a bug. The night is over dinner throw it out. The Hanky panky. Yeah. That's gone to. I know you might say you are jets sexy bastard, Sanchia real or not even this yet sexy man, and I am very afraid of Mr. Gordon's cat be let pussycat has me scared baby. It's not Mr. Biggles, but his cat be. I hate this cat hates me, baby. I don't get it. Mill just sexy. This cat wants to know for the do sleep. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Fired match but the win. Win. What you liked to have another go because you go fat again, never go back. We go back Dr evil Jay's very solid play. Clear to you to fire the pun gun or plenty laser and go nuts with the hashtag. Austin? NBA powers. Hit us up with that. Hashtag trade investments. Oh, yes. Some very good answer. Very good answer. The show Marvin Shockley the. Mike. From gutless city Shaoguo. Austin powers fall. I show Pachulia. Very good. Yes. Mr. big worthy biofuel people. And of course, some people say. Well done. All right. Let's check last night's pick 'em results. Everybody had the bears. Everybody had the grizzlies, and they got the w the wizards are the lizards nothing. But ELS right now with that squad every night. Why don't we do this because the loser? Whoever's in last place at the end of the month has to do something weird or I don't know dangerous like even diverse sometimes that nearly killed Lee. So of course, we're coming up to the end of October. This is an important night year. Wow. I am the only one taking the pistons on the road. Everybody else has the nets. I guess what's important here is if the pistons win trae, we'll have to pay it off if the nets we'll be tied, and we'll we'll go one more night, very. Yeah, we're going to shell at bet. You can guess this play. It's a as our from Justice wins to Dwayne Wade. That's what I call a very thick and solid play. Really good at it. You're really gonna. So at Geraldine and CNN the represent Mavericks game on Friday night. Very good sign, and he's a friend of yours. Oh, yeah. Get out of here and this Kathy and Masta cheats at the game last night. Fantastic fan sign. All right. Thank you so much. Thanks to Barbara Begley, the third for swinger by this crazy crazy show. Hope you enjoyed a happy Halloween. We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for joining us, folks. Remember, we have got the best crew and television dealing with these guys.

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