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It's a thursday. And let's visit with brad thompson of the fast lane. I'm dan mclaughlin. This scoops with danny mac and is always brad. It is great to visit with you. I did not have the chance once. The cardinals were eliminated to visit with us. We were doing every monday. But hey i thought this would be the perfect time to get you to actually talk baseball and be serious. So how are things going with you. Dan they they're going grade and To start out on a note. Don't tell anybody you talk to me. They picked today or tomorrow off of work. Okay i know but that's how much you think of me is that you would actually do this interview really. This is all about me on the low key though i don't want to. I'm doing radio on days. That i took off of the radio. You know so Yeah don't tell anybody okay. i won't do that. You can hear brad daily. Normally when he's not taking his vacation days on the fast lane on one zero one. Espn i gotta ask you brad. First of all the cardinals and major league baseball. It's kind of a holding pattern right now. But one of the moves that they did make was with colton. What were your initial impressions of them. Not picking up his option and saying for all intents and purposes goodbye colton long. Yeah and he just from a player perspective right. My initial response Far was disappointment. I mean i. I looked at colton wall. And i know that maybe he hadn't quite evolved into the hitter that they were hoping that he would evolve into that. We've seen the best baseball from colin long. Still believe there's more they're young enough. His writers prime defensively the best at his position around the league and so disappointing to lose that piece or at least the idea of potentially losing that piece. I i really did think dan. I'm interested to know what you were thinking about it leading into a. I really thought expect them to pick up his option at twelve point. Five million i. I think that it is very evident. Even without the landscape of what's going on right now in the middle of a pandemic and everybody's spending is going to be tight. I didn't see them picking that up. But i did see them. Restructuring somehow someway bringing back on a lower age. Maybe a three year deal you know for for far less than twelve point. Five million dollars a year. I kind of figured something like that might end up happing So i was. I was a little bit disappointed by. What did you think was going to happen with that. I thought they'd pick up the option and then at that point that would buy them time as to whether or not they would keep colt long or to your point. Restructured the deal but to the greater point. I think what it shows is that the industry is saying yes. Is he a good defensive player. He's outstanding six seventy five. Oh opie is not going to cut it. They're trying to get better offense and teams are saying we'd rather have sluggers maybe than defense. That's kind of the way. I read it and they felt maybe all right. We're gonna be stuck with this if we pick it up. And and that's what baseball kind of telling you across the board is. That's what we're looking at now. I gotta tell you As just a baseball parent. I do trend more old school than i do new school but i i love baseball. I love the game. Whatever it ended up taking the shape of. I don't love the fact that we're taking the value off defenders. I don't love the idea. Maybe we're building more one dimensional players. But i do understand that you need opiates you need bang for your buck and the cardinals desperately more so than pretty much other any other team. in in the national league i believe the th the pirates last year with the team that had a lower opie s in the cardinals and You really don't want to be in too many conversations. Currently with the pirates. They needed right. They need some bang for their buck. But the question is going back to the idea of the postseason and spending money. Can you get that back. Internally right is going to happen from tommy edmund. Taking over at second base while he'd be able to provide more He kind of took a little bit of a step back off. Pensively this year but Just like you. And you. And i've had these conversations off air. It's very hard to Get a good read on a player after a crazy. Twenty twenty schedule and what the cardinals had to go through. So i still believe that. Tommy edmund is a good player and can be better than he was last year. I think he'd be better than he was two years ago. But i just wonder where the the pop and the o. p. s. and the iso and all these advanced ask the cardinals need so desperately. I just really wonder where it's gonna come from if they're not looking to spend cash this all yati and ueno. Do you think they come back to saint louis man. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one and Anthony salter and i we We tend to do little side side bets on stuff and this one. I've been very very true on. I think we got launch on this one that yati and ueno or both coming back. I say 'cause i'm ever the optimist he says may because you know he's looking at the numbers look look in had What what teams are looking spending it on all the rumors that are floating out there. Man believe Keep seeing goutierre molina being attached to different teams and who might be interest- did now. I don't know who is going to want to pony up the multiyear deal. Maybe it's the team that just looked at him and said that's the missing link like we need him. We need that guy on the field this entire career. The value that he provides in so many different aspects of the game. I'm sure that there is a team and or teams that feel like they're that missing link away. Maybe they do it out of the two. If i really had to bet on it of the one that i believe it would be back. At least quicker. I would pick wainwright. I think it's an easier deal to get done. I believe that ueno is showed over the last couple of years that he's okay with Taking maybe the lower salary throw some incentives in there. He just wants to. He wants to play baseball but he's going to have suitors as well. We've already heard. The braves. Are linked to adam wainwright and no shocker. On that right at raised like the one that got away for the atlanta braves. They'd love to be able to have him there. Bring him back and this isn't just a. Hey full circle look baseball. We brought this guy back to end his career and he'll tip is braves hat. We'll go rhino done. The last couple of years. I mean he was your ace last year. I still believe that the cardinals pitching is gonna be a strength next year dan. I still believe that rotation is going to be solid. The bullpens is going to be really good. But it's a different look when four five year rotation are gonna be battles for who wins them and your third spot in the rotation is going to be a guy in miles. Michael is that is coming off of a surgery where he missed the entire year so far from certain that they could really use. That went right back. It's interesting to with carlos martinez Talking about this yesterday. You don't know how certain guys reacted to co vid. He was not wearing needed to be this year. I prefer him in the bullpen. But he is in the final year of his deal. That's always something to think about. Then you have You've got daily leone. You got oviedo and woodford who i would think would be at memphis and then there's a wild card in there may as a starter and alex. Rae is how do you think some of that shakes out in the back. End of a rotation well. Tha- that's the most exciting part about spring training and I i wish maybe i was talking about offensively. Who that juggernaut. It's going to be this year. But i think this is. It's going to be the battle for the last two spots. If i was just picking two guys based on sheer talent. Ed than i wanted to see in the rotation it would be gabor and raise like i would like to see both of those guys round out the rotation. I know that the cardinals already have another lefty. And kim in the rotation with two left wouldn't be bad and gombar dump to me Like i i love I like ponds as well. And i enjoy what he has. I think that could be a back. End of the bullpen guy. They can just come in and overpower people. Think has proven that he can give better as the game goes on he's got a wider array of pitches and with raise like. We were all picturing a couple of years ago of him. Being the ace of the cardinals and i still don't think that there is that thought of a one two punch a flirty ray is going to be there. But we haven't seen raya start a full season in the big leagues ever and everybody's gonna be on innings limits and restrictions. Or at least they're going to be very cautious coming into next year. So that's where. I think there's a little bit of value and more value. Not even just talking about the upside. Now i'm talking about carlos martinez now because we've seen him at the best right. The the upside is there. He can be very very effective starter. You're very effective year. Point at the back end of the bullpen. But i'm trying to think of a guy where i could go into twenty twenty one hoping that it's a full season and i could try to ride through a full season with him potentially being on the last year of his contract and potentially being a penalty him being a veteran guy. I would feel a lot more comfortable from an organization point of leaning on him. Say here you go through. Take the ball. We need you right now as opposed to doing that with some of the younger guys. Do you see the cardinals. I'm gonna throw to crazy names out there. Taking a flyer on a a cesspit is yasser el puig those kind of players in trying to bring them in on a one year. Deal in and catch lightning in a bottle Puig has been a name that's been kicked around a ton over the last couple of years and cardinals fans have had a lot of interest. And you know the front office and you know ownership very well I don't think that they're they're gonna take a flyer with him with some of the current off-field accusations that are thrown his way. I just don't see adding the bad optics to who knows. If this pans out. Like i i i don't see it. Maybe you know if he does all that stuff gets cleared up and he's good to go maybe do Says i don't see either just because it doesn't feel like he wanted to play baseball anymore. It's kinda just walked away and this doesn't feel to me like a cardinal kind of player. Somebody that just Up and laugh on the road and said done done packed up my crap. You could send it to me if you want or or not i. I really don't care. Maybe he has a change of heart and maybe he really wants to doing the end. Your your point is is very well taken is that if they're not gonna spend a bunch of money. Why not take a flyer on a high upside guy. I just don't know if either of those guys really fit the profile of what the cardinals would be looking for in more aspects than just. Could you provide some power. So we know max rock we know miller we know wong guys that can play second base are gone so mondo sosa would be in this conversation. I was looking at some of the names Tommy lewis stella Cesar hernandez who's a switch hitter jonathan. Vr terrible year last year career. Seven twenty-seven ps to any of those guys excite. You looking forward. Not more than the not really more than tommy edmund. To be honest with you because The only value that they could come in with bringing some of those guys in. I'll throw another name in that mix who has had some power potential coming off of a one year deal. He probably wouldn't cost you a lot of jonathan scope yup Who hit thirty two bombs a few years ago albeit in baltimore at twenty plus. So i mean he could provide some of that thump right there but The the added a i would think of bringing in a third baseman. Or i'm sorry. A second basement is didn't have to fully lean on matt carpenter and presuming. That's what they're going to do. Heading into twenty twenty one over at their. So you could shift tommy edmund back over there or maybe you could jump. Start one of the younger guys. I know that Everybody wants to talk about nolan gorman. I don't really see that happening early on in the season. But montero's already on the forty man roster maybe he's another guy that they do but none of those names like pop out so that's what i am. Sure that the the front office. I'm sure mo and gershon and you know. Everybody are kind of crunching these same numbers and working at the same way. Any of those names that you popped up jonathan. Vr communist ally through in scope like. Are these names going to make us markedly better or are we going to spend more money and be right around the same. Because i know that fans he like about the financial side of it. And there's a misconception all the time the cardinals don't spend well there's also like spending smart right and i just wonder like how art is. We do have a bunch of money coming off the books after this season in martinez. Potentially i mean assuming you don't pick up the the option at seventeen five and i don't think they will and and carpenter and fowler like what wo- what value is really to throw money at it at the middle and guys when you have some other players that you can get some looks at. I feel like that's probably the struggle that they're going to have this entire offseason. Finally is your name out there that interests you anybody that comes to mind. You'd say i'm gonna spend that money. I'm going to get that guy. You know what. I got to george springer in trevor bauer springer. I'm always concerned about any astro. Bauer eyewear loved. Bring him in. It would be so much fun for us. I don't know if he would do it. I don't know if we could get him to calm down a little bit but yeah oh either one of those guys and then of course franscisco door. Of course right. everybody wants him though. Yes i think we all know that. That the cardinals probably aren't going after the the top bat on the mark or the top pitcher on the market with those two. I will give you a couple of realistic names. That i think and i'm sure that you take them around on your show. I know we'd kick them around on the fast lane. Michael brantley is one thing that he's a little bit older. I know he's astro but he was also an indian before and i feel like you had a track record. Just proven. he could stay healthy. He's over an eight hundred psi for his career and at his age again. I mean it's not gonna take more than two years potentially in pandemic be able to keep them around. They know the astros have been doing a little bit of work trying to keep him and the other one is jock peterson. And you and i have talked off. Air of just being a guy that provides a lot of pop you'll never face a left handed pitcher But that's fine. Because you've got some guys in your outfield mix. That probably shouldn't face right. Handers all the time so i think that that player makes sense also but it always comes down to the market and what kind of value you can get on those guys. Hey brad is always appreciated. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the off day. And thanks for doing this. I appreciate it very much. No brom dan. I appreciate you having me as always enjoy your weekend as well. That's brad thompson. This is scoops with danny mac.

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