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Bobby Shares The Worst Advice He Has Ever Gotten + First Concert Stories


All right. The Bobby bones post show pre show just show here on Wednesday. Hey who had the segment about someone wanted to get to of writing on them? Who is Hillary? I don't know this. But it just says, hey, Hilary, can you come into place? It says caller the callers not on caller wants to get a tattoo of the word fight in your handwriting. I'm always so weird about writing people a couple people have been like sign my arm, and I do then they get a tattoo, but tell me that their Taylor airships Hillary walk into. Yes. Hillary what what's happening so girl named I thought her name is Kelly, but it's Kayla. She called in. She really liked your book. So she wants to know if you can write fight for her in your handwriting. So she can get it tattooed. Your your thoughts. I need to see can you write fight real quickly. That's not the point the point is that how good your handwriting. I always feel like I should get with me on it. Because we know that's, but you still would have the same message and she could extend grace you. Todd right now dad, that's a bad. That's actually, really nice. You it. Do you want to get on you, Eddie? No, I'm good. But that's that's nice handwriting. Yeah. I just feel weird. I don't feel like I'm somebody that you should get permanent on your body. I mean, I understand that feeling but it's more. So to the message of the fight grind repeat? She wants to be reminded to fight in. Honestly, like your stories that of a fighter and you've been that her. So why not Hillary I told her I would ask you. But she's called a couple of times to see if you've decided yet number. I have her number up real quick. Okay. You're phone Peron radio comeback. Let me know what you've done. So what's your problem with? I don't think sort of like you don't put a statue of someone until they're dead. So they don't mess up. But it's not like you're gonna write fight. And then by Bobby bones. You're not gonna sign it or anything you just fight. And then she can tell everyone like, oh, Bobby bones wrote this fight. And then if you screw up produce them bad now just two laser off tattoos. Now, you know, there's no our do that cover it with something else. Head to I want to get rid of it. I would just go over it. Yeah. Do something else on top of it as a full band like the guy in rage. No, no. Yeah. Whole shoulder is like green. Oh, yeah. Is that what he did covers? No. But that's what I would do or you could just add foo fighters to think about that. Yeah. There's so many ways to fight for your right? So many things. Hey Kayla there Kayla, and how are you go? We're talking about you. I was just giving this note that you wanted to get me to ride on your arm. Is that true? I want a touchy that says fight, and I wanna get it like on the inside. Right. Above the elbow crease. You know, so above the elbow. Chris. Is that like near the by som? Yeah. And you want me to write the word fight. Now. Amy looked at my writing of the word fight. And she says it's pretty good. I approve of it. But where do you live? Oh my gosh. She just needs it on paper, the tattoo artists transfer it because I did it with I got joy in my mom's handwriting, and my mom didn't have anything to do with it. My sister. And I got it. She didn't want to be there for it. But she wrote joy on a piece of paper. And we took it to the tattoo artists and the tattoo artist. Made it happen girl soums thought when we got on the phone. She was creepy and freakish, but she sounds on a normal. Now, do you want it and cursive, or whatever you call the other one? Guess like his normal handwriting? I have be loving and my mom handwriting on my other arm. Your your hobby on the same. Why would you want like what's the inspiration to get me to write fight on your arm? Yeah. I am night teen, and I've I just think I've got to life, and I've just been fighting through just like mental demons, physical stuff and emotional stuff. And this after reading the book, you know, just give up you have to keep crying, and you know, fail until you and until you're out of the situation you're in. Okay. But but to the question is because you could get fight in any funt wanted in fight. It'd be the reminder why the fight embodies handwriting. Just after reading the book and the show brings me so much joy. And I just love you guys. Wrote fight. What did we praying Ronit? That's messed up. It's so wrong to write it and save Bobby wrote it no allow that Kayla. Win on your arm. Oh, come on. Love it. Okay. Listen kayla. Listen, you're actually pretty cool not gonna to you. She's point. Are you right now? Nineteen though. So this is a big decision. Like a lot of life ahead nineteen year old. That's what that's when you start dating someone in your. Hey, what does that? Oh, this guy. Bobby amount? Do you worry about that? Well, my last boyfriend wasn't really big fan of the show and needless to say that we're not together any. Draw? Tim like, she. Sure. Yeah. That's right. In the morning. Here's the thing. First of all, I appreciate you reading my book. I'm glad that you could get something from it's called fail until you don't if anyone's out there looking for a good book to read and they wanna get on themselves. I encourage you read this book apparently caused people to do that. There was a girl who fail until you don't tattoo in her by saw that school shoulder. Yeah. I didn't write it. But she got up. She had put on their goal. I like I didn't have anything to do with it. So it's it's their choice. They're having to do with it. I didn't make her right honor. No. Of course, you maker. But I didn't want to be like, hey, you should get that tattoo. But didn't did someone do when you're out of graphs too late. So I mean, you didn't mean has your face face. Shouldn't be an issue. Okay. Tell you what. But you decided underneath. So they know. Kayla. How would you like to do this? We can factor knew it would you wanna come up here. Let you can get Bobby to actually do the tattoo bodies you pay for it to wait. Yes. We have do you have a tattoo artist? No. Okay. Involving should hold your while. You're getting tattoos on you. We like Bobby could listen. Nineteen should pay for it. How did? Get out of the Kennedy to do is get his handwriting. See now. She's crying. Thank you. Okay. Good. It's it's very cool. It's very similar. Okay. Listen, I'm happy to do this. However, do you want to write it on your arm? Do you want me to write on paper? What do you want to do here Kayla? Just wanna ride it on a piece of paper. And then somehow Email it no this is what I would do. I would write on a piece of paper. And then leave you like a little gift package up here of like. Maybe sign a book for her Mike be team in pimping. Joyce assign a book for Aguirre book that in. I think all that can work out. How's that? Mazing? Okay. Oh my gosh. What's up? I'm starting to worry about her. Why? I mean, I thought she was kind of joking at first, but she's being serious. Yes. She's dead serious debts here. I haven't school. She's joking. And I'm okay with it at this point. I'm okay with it. I've talked through do you girl? Hey kayla. We have your number. We'll get back in touch with you in line all this up. Okay. All right bye. Kayla. There. It is. Okay, jealous that no one asked him to write all I do is win or anything. But even his that's true. Whole song. You don't on the word. But like if DJ calendar all I do is win. It's different cool. That'd be awesome. And that matters to her. That's you know, that's. Her ayman. I'll do it. Okay. Let's get rolling with today's show, by the way. Let me suggest you listened to the new Bobby cast with Rachel Mak who came by the house. She has a song called damage. How she was discovered in the spinning restaurant at age seventeen plane Albama how she was like miss northern Alabama. She was never a pageant girl. She just wanted to play on stage. She won the whole thing. She was telling me, it's an on the podcast and she won't care. But she was telling me that she when she was in miss Alabama 'cause she won miss northern Alabama. And she talks about where she placed him in Alabama. She didn't win, but the Alabama that's on the bachelor. Yes, they know. She knows her. Talking about what you say about that is privileged because that's off off off, Mike. Mike. She knows you would do it. But anyway, she talked about a lot of that still. Such a jam. Hey, rod. You know, what song that you can sleep sleeping on is this damage from Rachel Almac. It's really good. It's I'm I'm telling you is good listening years. Now, we're recording right now. Yeah. It is it's slow, and I know slow winter tough. But it's such a good song. History. Roll desires and walked away walking there. Oh, he's coming. Here. Here's done with us. Because it is so good. We talking to you show world. Yeah. It's it's on the podcast after show. It's just like she came over to the house at Bobby cast and already loved the song. Anyway. But we sit here we go. This is the best song it's slow. So it's tough for radio spent as long as she blew it away the million dollars aside from live. It's such a good song. Yeah. Amy, sing it. Can do can do can do Sunday. On Eddie loves on. Love love on horse. I love I love this. So good. That's all. And it's true on the record alternate years on it. It's now you're not going to happen. Okay. The new Bobby cast with rich a woman going to start the show from today. And that's it away. We go. Your buddy miss the Bobby. Transmitting across America. Right. Good morning. Welcome to the show. Moore's do you. So motion sick riding in the car, especially the back seat. I get motion sick riding the pasture. See sometimes I get motion sick driving which is weird because can't really control that people say well look at the road. Why do look at the Rowena drive? I get motion sick in an elevator. Sometimes. I get motion sick just walking. If I'm looking at my phone. I can't walk and look at my phone. It's so debilitating to be nauseous like that. And so I thought well have nothing to do with each other. But will in the end, I tweeted I wanted to go skiing at some point. I've never been snow skiing and you went during Christmas. And I was like man that will be fun since I got a girlfriend. I'm gonna go snow skiing. I don't wanna go by myself. I mean, we invited you, but I'm not going to go with the family why? Okay. Go with your new girlfriend that doesn't exist yet, by the way. He don't even know if she skis through, but that's good though. That would be good. If neither one of us keep here's the story, though. People prone to motion sickness, we'll get nausea and experienced vomiting while skiing. So they're saying if you get motions skiing is not for you. I mean, how fast you can we going? I don't think it matters. I was thinking if you were like trying to go down a hill, really fast. But you'd be on like the bunny one of L king. She was Jesus singer. She's been on our show before she was playing in Colorado last week, and she would sketch Toray sale had to perform that night. Snow? Oh, Tori CO. There are so many stories like that. I go friend who and this is partially. The reason that I don't ski one I never grew up around snow and skiing was always a rich person thing where I came from. Now, I kind of see where they've made things a little more manageable and affordable now and also single, dude. I guess disposable income. I need to have it spent. But. The went and she Torres. He'll end MCI. She was out for a year of doing anything. She wore price, so bad. So L king went and she was playing a show. And then all the sudden, she tore it in. She still performed that night a private event. Mccreavy? Anyway, that was the story. I was I saw this morning. Saw a couple of Texas had their wedding ceremony. Water burger? Oh, yeah. Eddie love Waterberg. Pair of Waterberg fans, Texas celebrated their love for each other by holding a wedding ceremony in the fast food restaurant. They exchanged vows inside the restaurant with their fishy. Int- to fish. Ever. They were inspired by a friend's wedding. I was craving water burger fries with gravy. And so he said why don't we get married here? That's beautiful. And that funny. There was a girl who sold her ex boyfriend's XBox four dollars after she finds out he was cheating on her. She got that one four sell it give it away a twenty four year old woman named Georgia Jackson found out that her twenty five year old boyfriend. Josh have been cheating on her even while she was pregnant they'd been together for four years. So she got revenge by selling his XBox before dollars. She threw in the headset retail price three hundred ten dollars altogether. She is using it four dollars to buy a new kitchen knife to slash your tires. So far real or you out of that. I don't add. Does that I walk into the show, Bobby bones show? If Bruce Ramona in government news, federal workers, miss another paycheck this week, if the government shutdown doesn't end before Friday foodbanks continue to pop up to help those affected in airline news flights robbing to Newark airport in New Jersey last night were suspended for two hours to a drone. Drones aren't allowed to fly within five miles of an airport. And finally in weather news, tons of rain in the eastern half of the US's specially in the south careful on those roads. Hello show. Yes. Welcome to the show. I know it early in the morning. I'm glad I'm talking to you. What is your bone pick with me? Actually, my nine year old has a beast of with you wasn't venison beefs lately. The nine year old. All right. Go ahead. She did a report on you. And you had tweeted me and said that you would say something for her book report. And then you never did. That's not true. I remember that. I we emailed it to you. Did you? Yeah. Because we got dream dress and the name to you and never heard anything back. Oh my goodness. All right. See girls, we make something other nothing. That's what we do. Yes away. What happened? What grade they get? Tell me all about it too. He got an F. Yet. Bobby bones, got Z. She got the middle window for display for the whole month on the on the classroom. So yeah, you're you're the bomb. Yeah. She loved it and the teachers big fan. So she. Yeah. It was a shoo-in. She. Well, listen, I made a video I'll make another one today if you want, and I'll send it to you congratulating your nine year old and a class. That's right. Oh. Oh, awesome. Yeah. That would be really cool. We appreciate that see making. Thank you. Every morning like Bobby need my message yet, we tell her. Yes. I did that her mom forgot all about it. Doesn't doesn't care much about her? She acts like, and then, but you know, does care, Bobby. Okay. I'm gonna put you on hold and get all you have. Oh, I must send you a team hat. We're all going to sign it. Or are. We maybe say, we are we won't do it. I wouldn't say I never got it. Where do you live in Florida? I'm in Arcadia for love. On. All right. Okay. Well, I'm gonna send you this. You is your daughter with you right now. No. I just dropped her off at school. Right. Yeah. Just dropped her office will tell her all about this as best teller. Mom. He's not doing a job. Yeah. Mommy failed on this one. Don't hang up. Okay. All right. All right. Let's make sure that how do you put this thing on hold? I forgot which about George Bush. I guess I don't ever people in whole. I just hang up which you can push it. Now, it didn't work. Nope. Then work there. It is. Thank you very much all new phone soon. Yeah. Sorry about that. May April made whole rooms gonna be ripped out walls are going to be knocked down. This whole studio nuts in the new Bill to watch the show waiter, buddy. Just wait. A lot of nicknames. Yeah. But you know, the one that love the most course country music's youngest story. Did you put him in the country's a call fame? Like, no li- crazy. Did you see that? You told me about it that talk radio and now the museum. Yeah. Amazing. So cool. I think I talked about that. So they're doing it thing called it's like currents like things that have happened currently and country music, and they're putting a whole thing with me the crazy great, but you deserve to be there. You're young weld or some say, I don't say some say, how do you decided with he donated to the museum? Yeah. A pair of headphones for sure shoes. Right. You got. I mean, I think my dancing with the stars hammer jacket have to. They want the mirror ball on that away. They want to keep it for a year. The master twenty kids, but you know, you'll get it back which one. Yeah. So anyway today feed it. Well, the because I love country music so much we we do a segment about country music history. Bobby Jones show on this day. Guy's gonna be blown away by this ready for this. Now, by the way, it goes back to nineteen sixty three so fifty six years ago. This next song I'm gonna play you went number one on the country. Okay. TV name. It's a bluegrass song. Give you hints. It was written by and recorded by Lester Flatt, and Earl Scruggs. It was number one for three weeks. It was originally written for Paul hitting who sent the. The TV show to musicians and said, hey, can you write a song for this? Oh, monkeys artists were initially skeptical because the word hillbilly was in the title acres, Beverly hillbillies. There's no word he'll billion the Greenacres. Rebound room. Ow. Nearby early family one they shoot and the crew. Number one for three weeks. It's called the ballad of jed clampett. Team nineteen sixty three. It's a little slower than it can be shown. Do you know what I mean? I knew this was on the TV show when it comes back around with. Well of her slaying. He no there. Their kin both jed move away from there. They say California is the place you. She had to speed it up of the TV. All right. Let's get to the plot. All right. There you go. That's never once on history. That was stay. From national Hollywood Morgan number two thirty seven ski the Super Bowl is coming up in Luke. Bryan shared his favorite food to serve on the big day is caso ad in rotel, the Fritos Middleton Benitez's next thing. Oh called alcohol. You later. Here's a clip. Go go on you. Brantley Gilbert seventeen month old son, Barron is already taking after his dad. He says that his son is a doll. But he's definitely opinionated and has a timber. He went on to save you pay for your raising that I'm in for trouble because he's already showing signs and Morgan too. That's your skinny. For the good news body. Route he's driving around a liberal packages. And here's a dog crying. But he couldn't find the dog. And he was at this big pond. Let me started outside of the pawn. If I can find the dog because the dog is crying like crazy. So then he spots the dog when he's on the other side of the pond about fifteen feet from shore with ice all around it. There was another guy in a rowboat trying unsuccessfully to chip away. The is to get the dog out. But Ryan UPS driver said he had a plan. He stripped down to his boxers. He got the guy out of the boat. And then he slid the boat out onto the ice using it to Kennedy tribute his weight, he then crashed through the ice swam to reach the dog who started going to pull the dog by the caller got her and brought it back to shore. Wow. Once they were out of the freezing water. They took a hot shower at the older gas house. They went back to work delivering packages. Thanks happening. His life though. Yeah. That's amazing. The ice cracking pretty ingenious, right? He gets into vote to go and spread his way distributed. So the crack, and then he jumps in and saves at all. Take a warm shower and be on my way. And then I gotta go to four or three main street. Ryan a are right here. It's pretty cool. That's good. And that's what it's all about. Right there showdown. Head. This story comes from West Palm Beach, Florida to people are recovering in the hospital. They want to get a better view of the lunar eclipse on Sunday night. Oh, yeah. They were like, oh, they're in the backyard trees blocking their view, they're like, oh, let's go out front. Ooh. Maybe if we lay down in the street, we'll get a better view, and they got run over by a car. No. They're laying down the street down the street. Car comes around the quarter runs them over the but runs what part of their body over. They only had minor injuries. Maybe like their toes. Did you look at that though? Now, I missed a I totally should have cold window apparently still. If so, and I was at yoga Sunday night was like you should watch the blood moon super eclipse death. And I was like, well, that's cool. I will they were doing a livestream on Twitter's watch that instead go to my window. My bed blankets, but there were streaming. So I've watched their walkington fee being cold thirty. I'm also bonehead much boneheads story today. You wanna know why twenty nineteen is the year of beans? Well, listen, I pay it's Bobby bones. And like most people on to find things that make you happy is the secret to having a great year. That's why you should play best fiend. It's an amazing mobile game. That will let you do just that have a ton of fun. Best fiends is defined star rated mobile game with thousands of challenging fun puzzles tons of characters to collect our listeners have been obsessed with best fiends for over a year now, and I don't think it gets old through each puzzle is very satisfied when you get in the best part is it. Everything's always different. It's fun to solve feel so good everytime beat that level, and they're even leaderboards and the game. So if you share it with your friends and family, you can always see how everyone's doing. And of course, make sure that your head best beans can have some intense competition between friends and family, but it's all good fun. Right. Take the best beans challenged. Now. All you have to do is download best scenes for free from the apple app store or Google play. Today. That's friends let the our best beans F. I india. S fiends. Your buddy, Mr. Bob. Transmitting across America. Right. Let me run this game by name the sound all these are sound you hear in the office. If you're walking on the official here. All these sounds. For example. This will be the first one. We think that is. Calculator. It's a stapler. Tough. Nail. Here. We go. Sound number one name to sound? Your answer down. You'll hear it again. Hey, you want to leave it? I'm in for the win. Amy, water cooler water, cooler Eddie water. Closely something else. All right name this one. Hear it again. Yeah. Mostly. You'll hear it again. Please. Yeah. It's a tough one. It's definitely hear around the office for radio another best one for game. Oh, man. I'm in. Amy, take dispenser. Taper spencer. Eddie punching holes. Take this out ready. Name this office sound. Can you know that one I'm in? Maybe is it dry erase marker and the racer. I said using the dry race board dry racist. Oh. Lunch box Aamir tied. We're going to sudden death of the two are you ready? Yellow, right? Write it down. Oh name that one. But in the world. Possum right now. But I'm not sure it's it for the win. Okay. Go ahead. Amy the top of pop pin like. Let guys when I'm writing memos. I write them on my typewriter. Let's the keys typewriters pendulum balls hit each other. I love it. Yeah. Are every bit again buzzing with your name? Oh boy. We're now speed round wasn't with your name. If you know it. Trotter. Shredding bikers shredded. All. Money. Yup. Good. I worst vice you ever guy. Let's go to Nikki in Massachusetts. Nikki. Shared media by shoe guy. And you look at it now and go I was wrong expect than you'll never be disappointed as a pessimistic way of thinking, very pessimistic. Yes. And I don't expect the worst. But also don't expect the best. I just put my best effort out. And then I just see where the chips fall, but you expect the worst you're gonna get the worst really. We're we're very much built on our expectations. If you don't think you're going to if you don't believe in you. Nobody else will you know, what I mean? Nicky who told you that? I must see they get fired today. Give me the number. All right. Let me talk. Let me get that uncle. Well, you don't live by that right now. All right. That's good. Yeah. I don't I don't like that one very much. That's so pessimistic, Amy. What's yours? Mine. Was don't have a big airport. Welcome party. When you bring your adopted kids home from another country like because it could be overwhelming. And while it was like, good advice, probably for them. But I heard it from multiple people they adamantly thought you should not do it. I read it in books. I saw online I heard him podcasts. And we had it anyway. And it was the most amazing day ever. My kids loved it. So Amy's adopted two children. And I mean. This up a little bit for people have no idea. What about well? Yes. We adopted two kids from Haiti and they're older. And so they yeah, they have a lot going on. And it can be, you know, over simulating a lot, you know, happening if you have this huge airport greeting, and you I think you just have to take it. No your kids, especially if they're a little bit older, and you've gotten to know them and know your circumstances. And then make the best decision for your family instead of just like taking the advice of people that were pretty adamant about it. I had heard both things. But I think I heard more so not to have the party and the big airport. Welcome. And we did and y'all there, and it was amazing and awesome. And I do not regret. It. Worst advice you've ever received much box. Oh, my dad and my twenties don't worry about saving money. Now, you're young you got all the time to start saving. Well, start saving your dad told you not worry about saving money. He said you're young right now, you don't need to worry about savings. You don't need to have a fallback because you're so young you have time to build that later. And so you dispense crazy spent like crazy, do you blame him now being broke? Yeah. Because he set me up for failure way back win because I was out having fun and not thinking about oh in ten years. If I have a kid or not much of fallback money. No dad, I'm not young anymore. And so when do I start have you started trying, but no I mean, it's hard. It is hard. And if it was easy everybody would be doing it and ever have huge accounts. And once you get in the habit. It's hard to go the reverse way. You mean once you're spending Senate spending? It's hard to be like, ooh, I'm not gonna spend. I'm not going to spend. I'm not gonna spend so shut up pops the worst vice ever received when I was first doing morning radio probably like twenty two or twenty three. And I think this goes for just about any sort of job profession had another morning guess at me down and say, I want to give you some advice. What's that said, you should really just try to low all the time just trying to keep your job and lay low don't don't ruffling fell. And I was like, okay. I'm just going to lay low. How long do you listen to that about four days, but I look back and that was the worst of is. I coulda got because you're never going to be. You never be great fantastic something if you're just doing the status quo. You're never gonna be dynamic if you're just doing what everybody else does. Now, there's a risk involved, and you could actually also Peter out. But had I listened to him. There's no way I would be here. That's still be chilling. Probably nothing probably cut by now. But my vice everybody else's if you wanna be different, and you wanna be dynamic, you have to actually ruffle some feathers at times, you gotta pick your crazies pick your crazies. So that's my vice Eddie mine's kinda like lunchboxes. My dad wants told me if you ain't got debt UN living. Wow. Like now like my goal to from nineteen is to get rid of all my debt. I've had my entire life because of that advice. Like that come on. Yes. Crazy ever tell you that he's serious. He just met like don't let me like mortgage. No human like, don't, you know, stress yourself out over debt. Like if you ain't got you in living live your life. And then you take every later. Here. I am take care. My dad later his rock. Yeah. Yeah. I was never that way. No one ever gave me money advice. I have no idea. Right. What to do with money? Grow up super-poor. So I never had that talk with anyone. So no-one said, hey, this is what you should do if you ever make money. So I've always been scared to go into debt. So I don't have any so smart. So it's been like, I don't buy it unless I can pay for it. That sounds like such a good life. But I never had anything on time. Like there was never a credit card to buy cool stuff. I take out one lone one time a college for one thousand dollars, and I bought clothes and a PlayStation. And then I paid it back like three three a student loan. Well, I didn't need it. I need to for word forever. Whatever you wanted. I didn't know how worked close the like for like work events close with it. It's kind of an investment, even sure. And then a little PlayStation for you. Jamie in Virginia. Worst advice you ever got. Oh, they tell me at work all the time to under promise and over perform, and I just think that that sets your bar so low right off the bat, my vice would be to normal promise. And then overperform, right? I mean, I'm gonna tell you what I can do for you. And and I I want to perform, you know, I want I want you to be proud of me. So why would I yeah? I think kind of the basis of that is always surprised people with the extra that you're doing, you know, I think the under promise is a little misleading, but it's really like say what you're going to do. And then always do more than that. You know what I mean? Right. Yeah. What do you do for a living? I'm a banker. Interesting. Do you ever get to go in the vault? All the time. Yeah. See proposed that only I know. And it's money. You know, all those things on TV vault is full of money. Today is it like a pharmacy where they have every dollar accounted for where every pill accounted for. I mean, not in her like serial numbers or anything. But you know, we yes, we counts every dollar every day Perth hole. There is in your volt. You know, it can it varies. It depends on how busy you are. So if you wanted ten bucks is there any way, you could skin ten dollars that someone noticing just ten dollars. No way, there's care everywhere. And that would be honest with you couldn't throw like some of those or some fireworks over in the corner the camera over there, and then you ten bucks a little handwritten. I oh, yeah. When I get back yet doesn't work like that. Well, thank you for the call pre share that with us. We have a good morning guys. Do. All right. See later. Their advertising that they need someone. Driver of the wiener mobile. That's cool. I would never want to do that. I can barely parallel park. My car trying to drive the wiener mobile. It is long special classes license. I would assume class w for Weiner. Funny. Thank you. All night's not that funny. I was going to say that it out. I did. I weiner. Yeah. All right here, we go. Why didn't know you're gonna say that? Okay. Oscar Mayer is hiring hotdogs to drive the wiener mobile. The one year paid position starts in June and includes benefits and clothing. The company is looking for outgoing creative friendly enthusiastic college graduates for the one hundred percent travel position. It does not say how much it pays. But I'm telling you, I would not drive that thing. I'm so curious how much it pays right now, especially because they're not telling us probably not much then what whenever I used to work at a marina and dry boats. All the time. I was petrified. That one I didn't hook up the trailer. Right or the two I was gonna hit someone with the boat out. Forget can you. Imagine me driving this big. Oh Weiner than up in the top of that thing in the little glass. Careful everyone. Bob is driving the winner. What have you saw some texting and driving the winner? Right. Because everybody's gotta be texting and driving now. So I saw that how about this over to Morgan number two right now, she's twenty five years old. That's where the segment came from. Brides are replacing their wedding bouquet. There you go. All right. Brides replacing their wedding bouquets with cotton candy. It's the latest wedding trend, and I love that idea. Visit look cool. Yeah. The pictures awesome. Think of a giant pink cotton candy thing in a bride walking down the aisle with that instead of flowers. You know, we only associate flowers with it because we've been told to associate flowers with it. Yeah. I'm okay with kind candy Evanson a picture of it. You have one up. Can I see it? Look so cute the dog. Look Inna can match the dress. Yes now, and you can eat it. I'm a fan of it until it sorta gets wet or something gets in. It gets all over my dress. And it's sticky, and you can't do anything about it that it's really pretty and maybe for the picture maybe Eddie laugh because Morgan to with her weird pronunciations. What did you say? She's abo- K K. Very interesting. Okay. Okay. Well. Auto. I would also say bouquet. But again, we're not right. It's K or be oh, you could also be said I'm just taking on for you right now. Yes. Yes. It. What's the food? You eat at all garden. I tell you. But I love it lunchbox. What's the truck that picks up when they're hurt family to Amblin? Boy, and whenever I'm gonna wash my clothes. You know, that's washing powder walks about we all say things based on how we grew up. What's your throat, though? I don't know. I think my allergies have started. Because I've been doing really, well, my my thyroid it's been great is that what's always like in your throat when you talk thyroid. Yes, really your throat. I ROY is area. Right. But what causes it to cause? The gist of you have like a bad thyroid. It could I call ROY them. Yeah. The Royds active now. Thyroid is in your throat. It is. Number to think it was just in your stomach and your thought. Guess did. Morgan number two. Thank you very much. We post a picture we shall hung yet. It's up on Twitter, Bobby bones show. You can check out the bride with the cotton candy bouquet. Five. It's time for the good news. There's this guy that owns two restaurants in Salem, Virginia. The jerk house and cheese cheese steak factory. And if you go in with your government ide- during the shutdown you get a free meal. Yeah. I've seen a lot of people do this. It's awesome. You go, and you show your federal ID they hook you up because this is going to be another week. They're not paid as a midnight last night it again, they'll be no payment for government employees. Yeah. So you go in with your government. I d you get a free meal and two meals for the kids. So you bring to kids with you. That's awesome. Yeah. You know what? And I go through the airport airports that travel on and I just want to hug the TSA agents. And I can't because then they'll put me in the background. Right. You can't touch them. Right. I want them. How do they live like, I don't understand survive? That's it. That's the problem. Nobody's got back. So yes, that's what's his name. I don't have a name just says the owner of the cheese steak factor in jerk. Hell go the jerk house. Okay. Thank you. That was telling me something good. Have this king-size sharpie? It has brought so much joy to my life. Do see me over here. Mike and listen Martin about. Yeah. You love it. I love it. This is not a normal size sharpie. But just for our listeners the little things in life. Make me happy times already. This is the fattest sharpie I've ever seen you love. And I love I have so many lists surrounding me right now. Like, I make a list of we're gonna talk about on the show today. Do you get them seeing things tomorrow? Eliza countdown, and I said over here with the sharpie and one in works the whole list out. Oh, so awesome. Do I love lists? I love crossing things off lists somewhat say that I'm a bit weird. Cd almost almost city. Yeah. To certain things like you're not someone that is like counting, lots of things or like can't step on a crack or you count. All your steps and stuff like that. Will you maybe sometimes it gets XL escalates overtime? But you're not there yet. But you have to like shuttle your cabinets in your drawers. I don't know. Do you have to certain number of times, or you're just moment? And you're done all the only things that bother me are lists after Mark everything off the list. Right. Cannot move. That's why make list because I know will not leave to the list done. Secondly, have to wash my hands all the time. I don't touch doorknobs ever rarely and I try to always have sleeves even in the summer. So I can cover my hands. Unlike shaking hands I think we in western culture, have really missed the ball on bowing or checking winging because you know, how a passenger taken our gross hands that have been on our butts or touching doorknobs other people's hands. But touched and the touching hands passing germs. But no, no, I don't think about that kind of stuff. He'll sit there and just not live it. Let's go over to Morgan. Number two. Now. For the national entirely would number two, thirty seconds. The Super Bowl is coming up in Luke. Bryan shared his favorite food to serve on the big day is caso add in some rotel and Fritos case. It was rotel been awhile that stuff. Yeah. We used to write that once at a Super Bowl party, Jacksonville, Arkansas. They put the stuff that makes us about bathroom laxative. Yeah, dip, well, sorry, guys. Call it. So and I guess I do too. We've caught cheese dip in Arkansas. And yeah, they put and I didn't mean for some reason I didn't need it. But I think it was like David spec south and someone ported in there. I don't know who was running to the bathroom. And I was like what's happened with everybody, jerks jerks? What else won't you never to until Tim penny chose the next single office album. It's called alcohol you later. Here's a now. How come call you later way for? Go go. I mean, it is catchy. Alcohol you lay it is? Catchy. I what else mortgage to Brantley Gilbert seventeen month old son bear, it is already taking after his dad. He says that his son is a doll. But he's definitely opinionated and has a temper go to bar. Go to bar. Already. He tells this. A Bill amount twice kid jail. He's kid, I guess seven tattoos. Showed up. Morgan number two skinny. So just being very deliberate. Here we have a lot of new people that are listening to the show. Now, we have a lot of new cities that come on. And for example in Chicago or San Antonio like they're new to the show. So what are we going to do over the next this week next week? It's a whole segment of get to know the Bobby show. Okay. You have this. Yeah. Everyday. We'll have one segment where people just get to know us a little bit better. So today's question is what's the first concert? You ever went to ready? I concert you ever went to Amy route. I Amy grant, oh, tell me more. Well, I think I was probably like eight and my sister is four years older than me. I thought she was super cool. She loved Amy grant, clearly I loved Amy grant and shoes I guess at the Franklin center in Austin, Texas. We got to go those pumped didn't you sing Amy grant one of your score productions fifth grade talent show me, and my friend, Kristen and highly we saying. In the year of fourteen thousand nine D, two when Columbus sailed the ocean, blue, whatever that was I'm Galileo or something I'm Galileo even on that kiss. No. I did a spin, but we didn't have cordless mic. So we'll get tangled times. So Amy grant is someone that you've medical times since then. Oh, yeah. You brought her in one time to surprise me. You blindfolded me? And she came the bird box special way before way. Way way ahead. And so that was super amazing. And then one time you, and I are some awards thing. And we went up to her because you like Moore better. I don't know she Vince was there, maybe Vince Gill, and you were talking to him. And then I was just standing there awkwardly like Bobby like, let me talk to Amy, but I didn't. And then you're like hugging them. And then she looked at me and was like hi, and I stuck right hand out to like acre hand song. Amy's first concert was Amy grant. Yeah. And she lived on the road. Mine was my first ever concert was at magic springs theme park in hot springs, Arkansas and our church group watch diamond Rio, and that was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I was going to watch a real live band because I listen to meet in the middle ten thousand times on cassette. And so. We went, and I remember I was twelve I think sixth grade. I don't have a cool story about getting to hang out with diamond Rio. I went to a Blake Shelton video shoot once. And I think it was on the dogs and the lead secret, I'm real was there, and I talked briefly, but he was in the video, I think planning Blake's banned. Yeah. And so, but we didn't hang out. I concert Yuma. I. I I would like to have that'd be fun to have the men right have him this because I love meat in the middle reminds me of going to my youth group at church because we would listen to this. We go to rodeos we listen to all the time. It's my first ever concert diamond Rio at magic springs hot springs, Arkansas, which the museum apart theme park watching them play. John les box concert. Oh, spring two thousand I was eighteen years old. I was a freshman in college at the university of Texas. It said Antonio and they announced Tina Turner at the Alamo dome and San Antonio. And I was like I got a. And you love. Tina Turner and some guy named line over g was opening for her. And I mean, I wanted to poke my out it was so boring. Some guy. Awesome. Yeah. And not only let me say this. I'm not just saying it because we worked together on idol now. But he's like is music. Awesome. I understand that. But I was ready for the main course of Tina Turner her twenty four seven tour. I mean, come on. It was a mazing right there. And it was just like. What? You didn't know Lionel Richie like saw song like coulda fee forever. No idea now. He didn't know he sat on the stage. And I was like oh my gosh. Can we get on with this or something? Like, hello. You know that one is it me you're looking now. But I thank you. Yeah. Man. What concert? Wow. He was amazing. I went with girl named Lauren. And I went with my mom and dad because my mother, Hugh, Lauren Lawrence girl back in the day. Wow. Serandon? We'll just take her. May not known for years, you know, middle school and high school elaborate, she friend or girlfriend or what? You know what I'm saying? That was my concert. Let's go to our video producer Eddie at his two kids. Eddie your first ever concert. It was middle school outguessed, probably ninety two assault. Clint black south Padre Island Convention Center. This kid. Even more importantly, this was the first purchase concert tickets. My dad was like, here's my credit card this by whatever. And I used to call on the dial phone, and it's busy too busy. And finally got through bought the tickets, and we went. It's funny that most of us went to country concert because of where we grew up in how he grew up. Yeah. Amy is from Austin, Texas grew up there. And so you went to see Amy grant, which was country slash kind of pop at the time. Yeah slash Chris. Yeah. Yeah. Eddie's from south Texas mcallen, and they love Clint black out, Texas. We loved all country down from Arkansas. So it was anything. Tina turner. But Morgan number two is from Kansas Morgan twenty five or head of digital. What was your first concert, sin twain? That's a big one. That's where was that. Gas station had to be like Arrowhead stadium or something right at the Coliseum. If I remember correctly because the arena, that's there. Now didn't exist when she came. But I still remember I reached up and touched her hand into his wearing her leopard outfit with red lipstick on. And I will never forget that moment you had close enough seats touch. Yes. How rich were you not like? Like. So he did country contras, and Kansas is like the thing that you do. So that's what you pay for. What you spend your money goes. Twain. Well, that's been get to know the Bobby show like that. All right tomorrow. We'll do another one. Fran and Georgia. What's happening only? Bobby? Pretty good for fan. What's going on? I just wanted to say on the car. Listen every morning. I love you all and I just wanted to. Well, how would you describe us to the new listeners are listening now like give them a little a little tidbit of how this is a new show? Man. You're just also down to earth and just I just love everybody on the are your attitude your porna- vs. I mean every yard amazing. I love listening to you all can listen to your home. He has a new framework bring it this morning Franprix sheets you where you live in Georgia. Oh, I love avenue many times many show in Albany. I appreciate you. They put up the Oscar nominations yesterday. I go through a couple of big categories because I haven't seen many of these Black Panther for best picture black clansmen bohemian rhapsody, the favorite green book, Rome. A star is born vice those are all the best pictures. I've seen Black Panther thought. It was great. I've seen a star is born thought it was really good. Boy, they're giving all the nominations. It was good. I don't know. That was really it was really good. But it's almost like it can't live up to the height. Now. It's too long like nine hours. It was good. It was really good. It was it was really good. It was really good. It's really long maybe almost being nominated for too many things that happens sometimes might be what do you think about this? Because you've seen a lot of these movies. What'd you think about stars born? I thought it was good. Not great. I thought it was really good too. But not great great. But when it was when it was out, everyone was talking about how good it was a cool things about it was really good music. Awesome. It amusing gray. Great. And then you learn that Bradley Cooper went up and Eddie Vedder for awhile heard that in like learn about he's been Pearl Jam learned. Real dog was in it. And he really saying it had to learn how to play guitar. Yeah. All of that and Lukas Nelson. It's his band, and he's in the movie could they be doing what you said how they are making more mainstream movies. So they're just nominating. Some more people will watch because you always say in the past that they nominate these movies that no one watches a lot of these are still that. But I do think that it was good enough to be nominated. I do it's just getting so many nominations that. I don't think people can watch it. Now, it just won't live up to it. I mean, I haven't seen it yet. But now, I'm like, wow. This is going to be amazing. I know should be nominated the fire fest documentary. Crab. In you watched both, right. And which one do say I should start with star with Hulu and then go net flex the net. One's a little more dynamic and dramatic. But it's because the people who did it like went. They were also in trouble. And they kept themselves out of the trouble story, and Netflix, but it's better. So watching both it doesn't matter. It's crazy. I'm gonna watch them us. Wanna throw me a festival now? I saw let's see I did not see bohemian rhapsody the reviews. Terrible the reviews were terrible bohemian rhapsody, and it's being nominated for everything. But I'm excited because I love Queen. I think they're probably two or three artists in our lives in our history that would still be relevant today if they came out, and we're a new band. I think notorious g would be one because. I think his style was so different that you put it on. Now. People say, oh, that's fresh same thing with Queen their sound was so different. You put it on radio. And like, oh, look at this new band that being said the reviews weren't good mighty saw that. Yeah. I mean, I liked because it made me go back and listen to their music. Yeah. Love it again. But it just wasn't great. You think great either known by panther thought. It was really freaking awesome. Yeah. I did think I love superheroes though. At thought it was good. I thought it was almost great. None of these move. None of moves that I've seen the trip along the away though. But I didn't think it was really good. Everybody else in the other ones. No, I was gonna single one Mike these any of the other ones. That's all. I think Roma is on Netflix. Yeah. At Netflix movies. Nominates a Netflix movie. Well, that's cool. Yup. Check it out. It's about fire fest. With a live. The favorite though, is supposed to be really all supposed to be really good. Vice wasn't getting good reviews. What is chaining? Gained weight and actor in leading role Christian bale. Vice Bradley Cooper stars born. I can see Bradley Cooper. He was so good movie. Like, I'm into that. You know, movies mid-may four times stars born really through different generations. Oh, wow. I've seen the one with Kris Kristofferson that was wide and know that way Remmy Molly is in bohemian rhapsody, Freddie. Mercury. Right. But he is I science with mister robot. I science. Like, I live. I throw by what's the higher thing of I robot? Mister, that's that's where it all comes together. That's right. An actress from robot the wife lady Gaga stars born again, I thought she was great so good in the movie that I forgot she was lady Gaga like the meat, dressing or or guy. Yes. She was good. Whatever good luck. I do like it. They're putting some normal movies and their though Black Panthers. The first superhero movie nominated for best picture. You know, what should have been nominated for best picture was the Batman? With Michael Keaton guy that no no the guy with. The guy. He's ledger. Oh, yeah. That should have been nominated. Great movie. It's a little old though, not he. Day not year. Leger win fair. Well, they I know I think he probably should've what he. I know a healing. He won best supporting actor, and he'll never know that. And then or maybe he does he won't. Yeah. He's wait till he dies to give him an Oscar. He died before the movie he'd have the movie because he was so into his character. No so dark that I mean, obviously had stuff going on. But I don't know. I mean, we don't know I didn't documentary. Did you? I don't know. It was happening. I would assume that the joker didn't make him just do that. But I think it some of it being so dark. He was the Oscar nominees were not justified by Panthers. The first super movie to ever be nominated for best picture this Roma from Netflix has ten nominations and the favorite, but oh, you are the fable or favor right anyway. Twenty four th and ABC watch the ninety first Academy Awards, I will be hosting that'd be awesome. Who's hosting LSU keys grabby? Oh. Oh, who's the bloody? Oh, yeah. Because that's because Chris rock or what's not Chris rock, Kevin Hart. Kevin hart. Yeah. I thought Alicia Keys build ever Kevin Hart differ show is somebody really there's no host. No. 'cause Kevin Hart's got in trouble and trouble. All tweets, they pulled them. And then he's like you're saying there's a chance for you on the table negotiations. Are absolutely not. Oh, no. You know, this is not the bachelor this. No, no, no. Oh, good. So you can hear the show in its entirety after it's done. Just search for Bobby bones show on demand wherever you listen to podcasts. IRA DO, that'd be awesome. But wherever you listen, also, I do show from my house in last night. Rachel wa- Matt came into episode of the Bobby cast. Rachel Womack is her name. She's now related to leeann. We'll MAC, but everybody's like Liam, amac. Helium Amax daughter a lot of people. I don't know. They don't know our names are still differently. But I I've never met Leonora MAC. I've never met her. I would love to meet her and just tell her that everyone thinks I'm her daughter, but she does have a daughter who's in country music of resellers. But Liam Womack, and I get our hair done at the same pace. So all the pretty great. So you can hear that she was discovered in a rotating restaurant. There's this other part to where you know. She was miss northern Alabama. And she wasn't a girl. She just wanted a place to perform really, so she I knew that. There was a talent portion. I knew that I had a unique instrument. I played them rhumba. And by the way. No, it's a humongous xylophone marimba that thing it's like as you have the big sticks. And you play the big xylophone. Oh, she played that I had a lapel Mike and I sang and so when I was competing for miss UNH. I played flash. Dance. What a feeling by. Irene cara. She played that on. It's great. It's great so go and search for the newest episode of the Bobby cash. Just search Bobby cast episode one fifty three with Rachel while MAC is is a lot of fun. Check out her song damage strain that too. Soon. Ball show. Britain, georgia. What's happening? What's up just to work? What you do our dermatologist Georgia. Do you do a big old pit bulls? Now, we're not Dr pimple Popper. Unfortunately, unfortunately, skin cancers and stuff like that. Maybe didn't you do it skin cancer on my face? Yeah. Yeah. No, no. I mean, I have some spots that are issues. My mom did. But and I have like this kind that she had this basil cell, which is really common, but it's hereditary and can be in your skin, and I I have kind of skin. So I have to watch out for it talking about. Yeah. You go on the sun. If I do I'm wearing the like, a really high SPF, and I wear sunscreen on my face every single day. And then the I I don't like go layout are going to be better about that. I don't go on this often. But I don't even use sunscreen on your daily moisturizer doesn't have any SPF in. It daily moisturizer? What do you what you guys are aging? This is something y'all need to be focused on. I wish I knew this when I was eighteen I started a long time ago. But that's yeah. The sun on your face is a big deal. Eddie, probably not so much you. Yes, you're fortunate. Your skin is not going to be prone just starting. But I mean, you still should protect. You don't have to worry about that. But lunchbox your Irish you need to get on that sunscreen like me, do you sunscreen? When I go to the beach or the pool, but nothing daily I'm talking like, this is what they call like even from the parking lot into the store like getting those UV rays. What I go straight. Rod Oscar esker, ask our caller. Ready? Yes. Amy wants to know question. What should should we be putting daily SPF on? Absolutely. You always wanna protect yourself under certain. Sunglasses sometime I wear shirt and a cap not anymore. No, you definitely need to wear sunscreen, should but that's something. I should be better ever. Google those truck driver images. Okay. Yeah. So the left side and their face. Me one ton through that per the window because they drive trucks. So they're in there on the boats, all the Google it and the left side of their face is way, more messed up than the right side. But they weren't worrying some protectant. Britain, very true. Give us a tidbit here. What do you mean tidbit of? We're talking about your specialty. You can you can add to this. Yeah. She's right on a lot of skin cancers. We see is are on the left side of the body because mostly a lot of people drive. You know, you have farmers here. In Georgia truck drivers, you see a lot of it on the left side. That's crazy that it's more left side than right side because of the amount there in the car and getting exposed even airplane in your super close owes an airplane, and you're closer to the sun, you out of your mind right now. Whereas out of your mind, you're closer to the sun. What did you walk? What? If you want logs toward the equator is that worse when I was on the equator, I loaded up. Yeah. Brittany really closer to this. Well, I mean, you all are when you're in there yet your thousand closer. Is that a thing pretty when pilots come in? And they're like we needed to check me out. I've been closer to the side. No idea. Says nice so. All right. I know you didn't call for that say what up is there anything else you'd like to say. I just wanna say Chris yet, you guys I listen to you every in white wire a lot of travel. So like this morning drive, two and a half hours to different location. And I listen to you guys every morning, I've got my boyfriend hooked on yellow. He hates listening to the radio because he hates commercials. But he loves you guys. Look, I just wanna tell you. Thank you. I'm just him. I've normal job. I work driving our day. So I listen to you guys every single morning. We appreciate that. We would be able to do this job if he didn't listen. So there let's see what don't ask her while. I have what do you like that? We do you'd like us to do. More of my absolute favorite thing is Amy's more than corny. Okay. So that we do everyday. So anything that you don't like. No, I love everything come on Britney weaken, accept it. Come on. I don't have anything that. I don't like. Okay. Commercials or if he does. Well, here's this Howie. Right. First of all we've always play the same out of commercials. Like, there's never a more or less. We don't ever elevate commercial link. Secondly, willing to be on the air because our sponsors pay for that. Because ends up paying our salaries. So we could play no commercials. But then we wouldn't be here. You make the call. Okay. Play come. Of it. Love it or hate having nice day Britney. Thanks for calling until you boyfriend would say what up right? Thank you. She said by goes. Thank you. Don't be rude. We gotta get our guest here. It's time for the good news. So during the Korean war this guy named norm. He served as one of two hospital Corman on USS point Cruz, a massive aircraft carrier. But you know, he would care for a lot of the sailors and do things, but they were walking by one day and heard a baby crying in the trash, can I guess with like been left there by Korean orphanage that didn't care for the baby got rejected? So they threw it in the trash, which is horrible will when they heard the crying. They went to dig and found out my gosh, this is a real baby. So they took care of the baby for three months, and they named the baby George and then a navy surgeon ended up Dopp, ding, George and renamed him. Dan rea the baby. Yeah. Rename? Well. This is just Georgia, Dan, by the way, we'll get a name. We'll name waited. Maybe it's a family all these are all Americans. They were just carrying for three months. They didn't know what to do with this baby. And then the medics came like parents will win the real parents adopted this baby Dan was the name in sixty six years later, they reunited and Dan got to meet norm and thank him for saving too many names here who's norm. And norm rescued the baby. Yes. And then the baby went off. Let me simplify this to begin with go ahead. The story is okay. Go ahead. Norm rescued a baby out of the trash in Korea. Then the baby got adopted the baby grew up sixty six years later, the baby met the rescuer and got to thank him for saving his life. Now, we're story. The names though, it made it personal Philip came along. Now. Dan. Yeah. The Philip changed his name to Pete. Now. He's in Dana. All right. All right, Amy. Thank you, go. That was telling me something good. Your buddy the Bob. Transmitting? America is about. At a friend that was going to target yesterday. So here temocratic card, I need new curate because one of those you make and you good stuff. Right. Yes. Well, my friends in Amy at target. God. I'm like, hey, what are you doing? She's like well getting Bobby new curate, Mike what why should go ahead Aaron through here? But evidently, he made tea, and he thought it tasted funny. So I thought I'd help him out and get him a new one. And I was like, okay. This is really weird everything has tasting odd to Bobby. He probably doesn't need a new cure. It doesn't taste right. But but I don't think it's the Curic. I think it's your taste buds. Something's going on in your body. That's making everything tastes weird. You took a sip of a bottle of water the other day, and you said you couldn't finish it because it tasted funny. It was flavored salt water. I drink the entire bottle of water, and it was just fine. But I don't wanna waste it. So I drank it. And so now, I'm like, we'll take your Keurigs if you've done. Oh, okay. Awesome. Well, so did you try the new Curic get no just clean a few times? That's all right. I'm such germaphobe. But something is wrong with me. But I think the cure is also broken, although not water this morning tasted funny to he. I went to. Dr again yesterday, I'm worried about sawdust taste. Yes. So I go, and they do all the blood tests on me. And he's like, dude, you're good. You're healthy even the little thing because it had like a cholesterol problem or something. I'm thirty eight. I shouldn't have cluster. All problem. You're good healthy as a horse, and so did all the blood work. And I'd actually put what I have been diagnosed as on the internet yesterday it on my social because I have PTSD from a couple instances, I have anxiety like crazy, I have insomnia. But his thing was dude, you're having Zayed's so high that you're not sleeping and your whole body just going haywire. Yeah. And so I think that could be what it I don't know. But I got off all my anxiety medicine it maybe my body. Still just struggling from coming off of everything. I don't know everything tastes funny. Don't worry about me though. I am more because these are things that are weird stuff. That happens that you got pay tint to do because it could be something. I don't know. I like a disease or top it. They could off it. I'm fine. Okay. You got tested for all the things like a blood test full-body cats hin like like, you need it all or have you thought about going to natural Callisto? My goodness doctor if I have to hear about an oil. One more oil that's going to change my life. The only oil I need pinzel get that motor running. They make sure you have that in their this read an article says, you may be getting bored with your go-to food items. Maybe you're too boring. Mix it up with free pebbles in there. It's it's it's citing the same thing every day. Right. That's lex than that. But I'm worried you gave her the broken one Keshishian star tasting sawdust. Well, if she does in than it had your thing. But no, I'm good. I'm going to worry about me. I I'm healthy as a horse, Gordon my blood tests, but I go back in a month or so there's a new medication supposed to take weirded out about taking it. Another miss Minnesota on nothing right now. Okay. Okay. There's a reason medicine exists. And I agree. I love medicine. I'm just saying you already had a wean yourself off of it. And then I know how a lot of this could happen in stuff could be going on your gut and then medicine messes with your gut. This is the doctor yesterday. Okay. Is it gonna change my demeanor? If I take it he says, no is it going chance of addiction because I have a lot of addiction in my family. He says no okay now like all right? Let's rock and roll. That's what I tell him. And he says, I give you the lowest dose. He said I'll give anxiety. Okay. I'll give you the lowest dose said doc, come on. Don't you like a baby? I said let's rock and yet don't tell them. So don't give me the lowest dose like if I'm gonna do something. I do something. So he gave me the middle of dose. Started at Noma started today. Okay. Yeah. I'm curious about your demeanor. That's why I had to get it off any my ADD Mads changed my demeanor. Good. It changed my demeanor. I wasn't the same person. I was focusing waiting. That's awesome. So you told your doctor told you something, and then you're like way way dot I go hunting p. Yeah. And he was like, okay. Bobby's like, I go I go hardcore he said, I can put you on the lowest dose, and I said, why would you do that? Because like doctor and I said so well. He should. What happens not bones? I love you go to the doctors tell you until you what I'm gonna do. I don't think it was like that. I think it was. Well, okay. If you think you need more, I trust you, listen, I know your body. I don't mess with that stuff. I don't mess with pills. If I don't have to sleeping pills for awhile that destroyed me. And so we have a relationship where he knows I'm gonna take need, and he was like the lowest I really gonna help though. And he's like, well, it'd be good. I'm not here to test. I'll have time to run your little tents. Let's rot line rail rock and roll dot com on so I did that I don't know what's going on buddy. I wake up in sweating the night, at least once not crazy. But sometimes my when I'm talking like, my words, just collapse. Like, I'll be like how can I say what you told me this morning because that's weird. Go ahead. Bobby said, he was dizzy driving into work lug Goodman, good one hundred. He hasn't started. Hey, that's bizarre to work this morning. I'm kinda dizzy drive into day and to drive in. Okay. Driven rock and roll. Rock and roll. Yes. Anything else? Amy. I don't know alignment. I'm if I find you a. I don't wanna go to your Listrik. Doctors gonna bring crystal ball and put it over my genitals. And be like, no, crystal fall. What they do. Like. Okay. Do you mean? Being very close minded is like take the orb put it over your scrotum. What what if it worked what happening here? I'm not in that. All right. Allie in Texas. You're on. Hi. How are you? Do you? I want to share with you that I had done on the nineteen which was the same night as the finale of dancing with the stars those true. And yes, and I was so invested in voting for you all the other Mondays that I basically just pushed out my baby whip dot NY phone in the recovery room voted for. Did you know one by one vote? You did. Thank you. We haven't. I don't know. They don't tell you. How many votes you went by? Or what the deal is? Appreciate that win. Where do you live in Waco, Texas, Waco, Texas? Well, I appreciate the call. Thanks for listening to the show anything you'd like to tell her new listeners about the show. It's a new thing like to ask callers now. Oh, wow. Yeah. You might become addicted just because you kinda fall in love with each person 'cause they all have a different story, and you'll just level need for a different reason. Wonderful yeller our friends go. At alley. And how's the baby doing is? Maybe healthy. He's perfect. She's a lot of my life. Now, bobby? Little aries. Nice to well Allie. Thank you have a wonderful day until Oliver. We said what up? All right. All right. Bye, Tracy later. There you go. Have you done any test? Yes. But my sister disagrees with what I came out with what your sister things about. She studied. At thoroughly. She's read all the books. She's very into it. And when I told her I never she's like, that's not right doesn't right doesn't right us that you get a number. And it tells you basically also listened to the audio version of each number, and that's a good way to figure it out to what number which what are they about? You. Remember, whatever like I've done a seven and three before I've tested, the seven and three. But you know, what they mean? Because the numbers meet anybody. Yeah. I mean, I have to look it up. But sevens are typically Spacey. They forget. Yeah. That's that. You're right now seven is what she thinks. I am seven is what she thinks. I am the other one what number you three and a one. Okay, three is like the one who just does his way all the time in the one his way all the time. So basically, I just do it. My way. Interesting. I I wanna get more into it. But man, people that are into our sue was asking. Yeah, I'm only clearly partially into it. Because my sister, I need to dive. Test. Yeah. So I need to know. Well, we would learn actually if we all did it. We would learn how to work together. Better the lovely, which is the way that that I think's real life. If you learned someone's love language, I think you need to know someone's love language, like, you know, because everybody's different in how they accept love. And what things how they show love like for me, the lovling which thing was so much more violent than the than the Ingraham, touchy who cares about that, the love language thing. Because I one of my lovling which to give its was two things time because I have a lot of it. And if I just give time I feel like I'm giving a lot. But someone else may not notice that they may want words, I need words of Africa Mason. So if I'm just giving time someone else may not even know that's how I choose to give my love language or gifts because I showed through gifts you're at that. And so that's how I go. Hey, I care about you. And also, but if I'm dating someone, and they need words, I need to know that. So I can actually been a bit and go this is normally how I do. But I can give you what you need. So you need words is your co worker. Why are you whispering? You're you're the gift giver? But is that also what you need them return? What do you want in return? What do you what do you want to receive acts service? Yeah. That'd be good. What? I got a letter. House. That's like, you know, doing things for you. That you watch that tidying-up showing up Lakesha. Yes. Rekondo on Amy, but to watch the show because everybody's talking about it. Yeah. And so it's this woman teach you how to clean your house. Yeah. To get organized, and it'll free up all these things in your life. And I'm only seen the first episode which she went in and helped this couple and they've got two kids and just the wife continues to shop choose too, many clothes, and what she had hurting. Okay. Well, she she does things by category and this one in the first episode she focuses on clothes, I which is a major category. So this woman had to go into closet m has been and they had to put every single one of their clothing items from jor closet anywhere on into one spot. So they chose a bed. She put all of our stuff on the bed, then she had to go item by item and hold the piece of clothing up and see if it brought her joy if it didn't bring her joy than she needed to. Thank the item of clothing for being in her life, and donate it. But if it brought joy, she got to. Keep it. And I mean, it must've taken her days days, but I was very gel. Like, I was like, okay, I need to do this. But she's very adamant that she doesn't care close are spread out another closets or other rooms because sometimes you have Steph spread about the house. Doesn't matter. Bring all into the same room and go through that process in hold it up. And if it brings you joy, you keep it. Yeah. Talk with it. No, you feel it. You just feel like does this. I'm holding this. She was held holding a pair pajama pants. And she was like, oh, yeah. These these bring me joy, I love these people in the held up in the she's like, I don't really feel anything with the shirt or whatever. So she looked at the shirt, and she was like thank you for serving me for the time. You're with me, and then she donated to think your clothes, but yes. And then once it was time that she serving or they end the I don't know. I don't know. I don't know the exact words, but then once she collected everything she was going to keep she had a fold it. And she had a folded in such a way that all would stand up. It's like this method of folding that would honestly take me hours to do laundry. And I don't have time for that. But she acted like you need to make the time for this. So would you recommend tidying up? Yeah. I think people would really be into it watch the first episode of a show called you on Netflix like a we just nut letter Stocker one. Yeah. I watched the first one to what did you think about that? I was a same way. This is weird. But whatever I'm my watch episode to just to see because some people are diehard about I'm done with it. I won't watch another one. It's about a dude who stalk in this girl. But it's like the girls like heads up, dude, you're psycho. But sedating, and he seems like a completely normal. Do great looking guide. Yes. Do we start by look? Yeah. Did you guy from gossip gossip girl? Yeah. Ritual Magara told me about it. I was like she came over to the podcast last night. And I was like isn't he so good looking like does a guy from gossip? What about the girl? And the girl. She's all right. She's pretty hurting guys. Like, you look at them, and you go he's so beautiful. You ha- you need him to be beautiful because that's the story. It's like guys. So good look in the can't be crazy. He's crazy. We'll have all stood wonders why single because when he looks at things he looks at the dudes he talks about how hot are. And how goodly not one mention of the chicken the show. He's worried about how the dudes look. I was struck by the dude he was like, wow. That is really hot gonna bookstore. You're going to keep watching that. I may watch another one. Yeah. Okay. We'll have you seen it. Looks like up your alley. No, I refuse to watch you or John to seem to realize. John israel. What's crazy part? That's a it's a story. She's just getting over a break. Like, you have a you brought broke up with thirty John. Say. If you did break up like got out something you didn't find to be positive. Yeah. Well, I just like am really scared that I may enter a new religion that may be similar this. Like, I just wanted to make you can't do online dating talking about. What are you doing? You. Can't do. It is dirty. John has I crazy to me that that's how it went down at all started because she accepted a thing from online dating and then look at her life her life was complete. I mean, look at what happened dirty John is a podcast, and it's a TV show now on Bravo. Yeah. And it's a real life story. It's a good podcast Honey Britain plays. The main woman that real life. Happened are in California. Listen to Dr death podcast. Yes. Dr death. That's I I don't even know that. No more online dating for people nowhere to the doctor. You can't trust anybody. In fact, next October. I go to I'm going to be like, I need all your credentials to see her degree. I wanna talk to professors this guy into the TV show you or whatever he's a book. He works at a bookstore. You can't meet people anywhere bookstore. Such a safe place. Like, what is happening to this? I'm only on episode two of Dr death, though. So I don't even think it's gotten crazy yet has it though. Yeah. Just wait. That's how it wasn't John episode to cave is a little nutty. And then by the end, I was like what? Yes, crazy. I can listen I told you go to bed. I was like I am listen dirty John saga, scrubs the other day. And I was like during not even be here. Let me just tell you. I know you think people are bad. We just had this commerce. Do you believe that? Yeah. I do believe most people are good most mama's qualify for sainthood too. Right. Tiffany interns, forty five today, you know, her as Kelly capacity by the Bill. So I'll give you a fictional TV restaurant or bar. You name a TV show. For example, say by the Bill would be the max, right? And you say by the Bill. All right, Luke's diner, Luke's diner. Luke's diner? No idea we're going to Gilmore girls Gilmore, girl girls. Now, I tried to watch it on Netflix. But starting from the beginning and can get all right central perk. Oh, and that's friends. Most Habur n-. Knows. Welcome. No, no. That's most restaurant alive. Yeah. That'd be down the street. Does it's the Simpsons. Lows polos Manos bringing bad. Here's the ELS guys. Here's here's my problem. Here's the problem that I have talked to me is that if I try to say it to right on people make fun of me. No, I live in Texas for a long time. Consider Austin my home, right S. And I was the only white guy my group, you know, what you were in my group. And if I started to like say, everything super white, and then go also bottles, we will make fun of my get it just so you do it to Eddie. And it's kind of weird. So that's why I don't do it. You talk normal in the avocado. But you know, what he's actually Mexican right? So weird when he does it. My thing is I could said lo spoils or mono. That's perfect. But then if I'm like, hi, ever, buddy. Let's go to most boils model. It just feels weird. I got stay. Brand. All right. You stay there. That's why don't you just? So, you know, but I didn't know how to say it. I'm okay. I don't want people to know that you know, span though, see muscle annals. Yeah. So a bit. A little bit. All right. But so what's name that restaurant? Lows polos her mind. Don't forget case teased, it guests. I no big change for me. When I was like all had the cheese dip, excuse me, sir. You mean the Gasol? That's what I. That's what I said. That's what I said yet here. Okay. Continuing on with the game. The peach pit nine hundred. Yeah. Correct. Beverly Hills nine of doing. Doing the land for lunchbox. Mosaic. Yeah. That's what named after Roseanne. Monk's cafe monk's. Cafe. Does anyone know this one? No, no, I really don't monk's cafe. Oh, oh, Seinfeld. I don't know this as a restaurant on it. One. More guest Alamo freeze. Alamo freeze bell Friday night lives. I have a friend who's watching Friday for the first time. Now, she's like, it's the greatest got my husband starting it. But I'm like, it's so old. Good, bobby? It's and I'm jealous of my husband starting like Eddie was it all having because Eddie was like, you're ending right? Started fresh remorse position. I couldn't believe my husband had never seen it. And he was he played Texas football. Like, you know, just felt like it would relate to him and be a good wholesome thing. Like nothing nobody's dying or getting their head chopped off. Something like you can relax too. And he's really liking people think it's just about football. It's not just about about lies about life and how fits in life but ball. Yeah. And it's crazy how much less Texas cares about football or any Varta, Texas. You need to watch it. So yes start that. So many shows that now. Yes. Whatever. The five documentary though. That just Friday night lights. Clear is bull hearts can't lose. How many five to be awesome? And you don't want it to end. So great when it ends. You're like you want more you want more lunchboxes, right? You want more get it, Bobby? But if I've watched can't continue to watch the office over and over again. Need a break four right now. Again, stop with the on the wrap around crazy what I'm trying to start the office for the first time. So I'll do that in you, do I'll watch it all started. It's for your own good. Me on ethics. Yeah. We good. Same east pile of stories TLC is taking on the Super Bowl with a six hour marathon of Dr pimple Popper it'll air on Sunday. February third that's Super Bowl is from five to eleven pm. So if you're not into football, take it on over to TLC are you excited about the Super Bowl at all? No. But I'll be watching it. But at least I know I can flip to TLC or go to another TV. If I wanna see something different. I have no interest in that Pippa proper show in the gross. I mean, I think it's mostly women like that. Right. I don't know. Many dudes pimple Popper. No, I'm not going to watch it. But I'm not craving it or anything like that. About auditing. That's a big one. But it's not like, I crave it and seek it out. Do you get satisfaction from popping pimple my own only league? Amiel pop. Mine listening right now, do you have any? Do you you're so you're back? Why don't we tell America? We've popped it live on the air before this when I did ill like puffed Dahl. Sighing so satisfying. That's that's how I women boys. Yeah. Thank you. What else? Okay. So there's a restaurant chain called villa Italian kitchen, and they created a gender revealed lasagna they have like two hundred fifty locations across the country. So if you have one near you, you could get a lasagna and what they do is. They put food coloring inside the cheese. That's in the middle of the lasagna, cellular diet pinker blue, and when you cut open the lasagna. That's how you find out the sex of your baby new fund way interesting within that lightning fire. Yeah. Shooting the guy like the store the whole mountain or whatever. What is that from all that it was a viral video? I think he was like a border patrol agent or some got burnt down like tons of acreage because he was doing gender reveal. Is that part of a show? None of. Talked about it here. Pretty bad. Yeah. All right. What company just started selling used tissues because they say that they'll help her pair you for flu season doctors haven't really signed off on this. But this company says that when you expose yourself to already infested tissue with germs on it. It's going to help you stay more healthy, it'll build up your immune system. However tissues or eighty dollars a box. Well dollars a box for used tissues. That other people have Sinise did. Yeah. That's gross eighty dollars quite expensive. Now, I would never do this. I don't even like touching doorknobs. But that being said there is something to people going. Hey, exposure therapy like the exposed to it. Because if you take a little by little we'll hurt you and hit you all at once. They've commercial had the TV commercial ready, you tear your muscles to become stronger. You learn to fall to become a dancer. You call us your fingers to become a musician. Why is your Munich any different introducing tissue powered by the human body for the human body this flu season, keep your immune system feeling like your immune system. Veve? There you go in that crazy so crazy eighty dollars to. Yeah. Because now that, you know, this if you're into it don't pay the eighty dollars, just get your friends to sneeze in a bunch of tissue. We should bought a boxer show spin the wheel who asked to run their self clinic. No way. So funny not doing that is not doing entertainment value. I'm not doing that. Helps your immune system. Dog shockers on our dog. And we'll keep you off the show sick. You get shot with the doctor. You could have the next day. You know that you're out for a week because you the flu maybe longer. Okay. Thank you very much all points. Thank you. You got everything to argue with them about things right to do a bit while might be removed from the show. Why don't we do this? We're maybe you get the flu. We can't do the show. We can ratings go down, and we all suffer smart versus not. So smart. Says we could know we could still do the shelves. There's no way they would let that happen. It's not my my pool. The show just be off the air or reruns. They'd rather that than us try to successfully do this. They don't drive out maybe Raymundo ruin it rubbing on it. Maybe raymond. It will be the only one they would let go. He can he can do. He would be like the host, right? He's the only one they would trust my car's broken down. Ramona's good, right? Motor can do his own show. You guys of credit just bit one hundred dollars credit run our own show. Yeah. I don't care. I would let you cares. But no, they wouldn't let you know. All right, good. That's my pile. What's happening today? Gonna work out. What do you think mostly way are walking? Because getting my steps takes up a lot of my time challenge. Yeah. How much longer we have to go before you win money? February something it how many steps today. Are you getting? Active days. I have to get fifteen thousand one hundred ninety two power days to get eighteen thousand three hundred and that's law. There's some days. I'm if if my husband is talking we're in the kitchen on doing laps around are marching in place because I don't have time to just write. You know, we do this show for me. We're sitting here kills me. I really need to get up more during the show. Your husband get annoyed with all the walking for no reason. While my kids are kind of in on it too. Like, they'll get embarrassed. Because if we'll ride scooter, and where to stop light, I marched in place for that. And they just roller is like a mom trying to get her steps. So anyway, what about you today fresh? Yeah. What you got going on? American idol this weekend. Gotta have fresh. Good. I'm Morgan out of three. I'm looking at my calendar. Here have my shoulder is in really bad shape. Still. So I'm gonna go and have it worked on a little bit where they just heard it. They just like they crush it. I'm sure that's not really what happens. That's what it feels like my heart just go, and they just crack my shoulder, and then I walk away, and it feels a little bit better for like a week can have that done this podcast stuff. Which by the way. There's a new podcast up new Bobby cast, Rachel wall. Mac came by the house. Search Bobby cast if the show's over and you listen to the show. Ritual. Matt came by the house, sir. You know, she was discovered at a rotating restaurant in Alabama she's up playing and she's sitting there and they're spending around her, and it's a rotating restaurant, which means like the tables are moving on the outside. But I would be stationary. I noticed this guy the bar and then at the end of the night he comes up to me again. And he says, hey, I'm Jim I'm from Sony Music in Nashville and literally thought he was about to kidnap me. Like, I'm like this is catchy. I don't know. He's not definitely not who says he is. She was seventeen. So. Yeah. Listen to that Bobby cast baba Cassie award winning Bobby Cass might I say write music podcast of the year of a ritual. Amac, she's in the class at twenty nineteen that's such body cast wherever you listen to podcasts. Oh, you know, I got co Ed soccer indoor tonight season debut start of a new season and on that would take a nap today. What time the game it eight PM? Ooh out. Till eleven get home in bed by ten. We had to shower boom sleep don't have to don't tell her. I have a great day. Everybody. Show.

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