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Massacre of Glencoe - Feb. 13, 1692


Here's my Blake to tell you about another podcast. You may enjoy it is the end of the world with Josh Clark. It is a ten episode series. All ten episodes are out there in the world now for you to binge. Josh Clark is co host of Steph, you should know and for the end of the world, he dives into X stencil risks. There's ways that we humans might accidentally wipe ourselves out with the same technology. We're developing to try to make a brighter future the end of the world with Josh Clark is waiting all ten episodes. Find it on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Hi, I'm eve. And welcome to fifth day in history class a show that uncovers a little bit more about history every day today is February thirteenth twenty nineteen. The day was February thirteen sixteen ninety two. It was the dead of winter in snowy Scotland, but at about five o'clock in the morning more than one hundred soldiers who had been quartered in the homes of members of the MacDonald clan and glencoe Scotland murdered the people who they had been staying with for more than a week. The soldiers went from north to south glencoe gathering troops killing McDonald's and burning down homes as they forced a murderous path through the blizzard. The soldiers killed around thirty eight people that day and even more died of exposure after the attacks ended as they had no homes. The glencoe massacre was a terrible outgrowth of the glorious revolution. And Jacob is rising in Scotland and the late seventeenth century. King James the second of England. And the seventh of Scotland was Catholic and Protestants weren't so happy when he gave birth to his son and heir James Francis. Edward Stuart who was set to be another Catholic in the line of succession. Between this and his other perceived wrongs to Protestants he wasn't going to be able to keep his feet on the throne much longer, civil unrest and anti Catholic rioting were on the rise. So in sixteen eighty eight a group of higher ups in England invited William of orange a Protestant to take the English throne James was deposed and went into exile. And William and Mary became joint monarchs in sixteen eighty nine but not everybody was cool with William and Mary as rain. Some people were still loyal to King James the second and the house of Stuart. Those people who support it King James the second and his descendants and one at the house of Stuart back on the throne became known as Jacobites. Obviously William and Mary weren't too keen on people who aren't loyal to them. They figured that the Jacobites were ticking bombs and they needed to do something about them. Since many Scottish clans were still loyal to king. James the second the new government tried to get the clans loyalty by offering indemnity to all Teves who signed an oath of allegiance before January first sixteen ninety two. And if they didn't take the oath, well that would force the government to respond with fire. So the chiefs took the oath, but logistically it was difficult for them to actually sign the oath because they had to have a magistrate or Shariff as witness and winters in Scotland could be cruel. Some clans were also already tied up in an oath with James Stewart. So they had to wait until mid December to be released from that agreement. Alistair maclean. The chief of the MacDonald clan was one of many chiefs who didn't make the January first deadline. He would have made the deadline, but there was no sheriff of bailable to accept his oath at fort William, and he had to wait until January sticks. Either way. The other teams who missed the deadline were given indemnity but Alistair MacLean wasn't instead Scotland secretary of state order the McDonalds to be punished with the utmost extremity of the law. Soldiers in Archibald. Campbell's Argyle regiment were sent to slaughter the McDonald's, but they didn't show up with guns. Blazing. The soldiers arrived at the McDonalds homes in glencoe in early February asking if they could stay there because fort William was full. The McDonald's agreed to quarter them as was customary and the soldiers stayed in the McDonald's homes for twelve days, but on February thirteenth as the blizzard raged through glencoe the soldiers began killing their hosts and destroying property committing the massacre. They had been ordered to carry out. The Campbells who were a rival clan of the McDonald's made up a lot of the soldiers. And the Campbell's have said that they were responsible for the atrocities that day, but it's been said that some of the Campbell soldiers may have told their hosts what was about to happen. And years later, the Scottish parliament declared the massacre slaughter under trust. I'm eve Jeffcoat. And hopefully, you know, a little more about history today than you did yesterday. If you like to know more about the glencoe massacre and other tidbits from history. Listen to the episode of stuff you missed in history. Class called six impossible episodes by request. We'll see you tomorrow. My name is Danny Shapiro. The host of family secrets three years ago. I took a DNA test and this test meant to be a fun exploration of my family history turned up a massive family secret. I wasn't who I thought I was join me, and my guests in the journey of family secrets wasn't a family secrets on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or ever you get your podcasts. And if you want to read about my family secret, my new memoir. Inheritance is available. Wherever books are sold.

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