November Films and Favorite Actors


Hello everyone welcome to another edition of establishing shot. My my name is Ted Barron. I'm the executive director at the Barlow Performing Arts Center. We are here in the Browning cinema at the Barlow Performing Arts Center at the University of Notre Dame I am joined per usual by my esteemed and grunt old colleague Rickie herbst. Happy Belated Halloween. Are we past Halloween. Yes we are. We're in November. It's it's fall we're we're putting on sweaters and we're getting we're getting warmed up for some big stuff and joining us. This time around is our esteemed another esteemed colleague colleague. Various team steamed colleague. Dan Bergen Dan. Bergen who is one of our house manages here at the Department former art center. Hello Dan Alot Ted Hello Ricki. High is a pleasure to join you this afternoon in November you sound very untold gruntal pecan Pie Dressed up for you guys. It's this podcast. It's appreciated Catholic. Boy looked down that tie. It doesn't I. I learned that was like Catholic. School school was a big on ironing. That was that was. I used to iron my stuff all the time before school. I used to because I would. I would have to do the shirt and tie in the pants. It's and I used to care about ironing. I don't anymore I I like cooking skips a generation. My mom enjoys ironing so that that was not something that I had to do so I never really learned iron there for ICS as a horrible chore. I used to. I used to be okay with it. I went to Catholic School for twelve years and I did not iron maybe once since then all right so we're going to talk to you today. Share with you today all of the good things that are happening here at the Bronx cinema in November and then Dan is joining us as well for for our top three discussion and we tailored it To Dan's interest. Dan has an interesting background. Working in the film industry spent the spent quite a bit of time in Los Angeles is correct. Yes Los Angeles Los Angeles Angeles you were. You worked in production. You worked on all kinds of stuff stuff right movies move ins more movies movies television. What is your? What is your if you were if you were to be? IMDB which maybe you already already are. What is your most significant credit? I have one. IMDB right now and it is the legend of Cryan Ryan. I don't know what that one it was. Shot in upstate. New York. Okay and Is it a garbage pail kid. Movie sequel a wish was but It was about Child named Cryan Ryan who passed away in his ghost came up to tormentors Or helping other children catches killer. Wow Oh okay. Yeah I believe was. His Dad was very depressing. And when I got from depressed too happy to press the habit depressed going through that that as these are but Dan is one of the many people here we love to With whom we love to talk about movies Dan Keeps up on what's happening at the local cinemas as well as on the local net flicks is So where where he always has. He always has an opinion to share on things. Right right I do. You mentioned Netflix. I immediately think of the Motley crue movie the dirt which has been shown in the cinema yet but is that is it a film or is it a series. That's a movie it's a picture. It's an actual motion picture. I don't I don't think you'll pick. They're not pushing that out quite like the Irishman in select theaters for your consideration. Yeah great well let's Let's jump in on our November events. We have a couple of new learning beyond the classics Initiatives correct Correctomundo. So on Tuesdays. We will be doing review of films from Nineteen Ninety nine in one thousand nine hundred and nine is seen by many as the last innovative here in Hollywood where there was less reliance on remakes and sequels and hand on more original work and that's kind of problematic viewpoint That we're going to unpack during the series but nine thousand nine hundred nine generally is an interesting year movies. He's so we're going to review some of the films that tackle toxic masculinity and consumerism. Do they do it successfully. That's what well look at and in this six week course every Tuesday at seven thirty and by the way it's twelve dollars from the thing that gets your ticket. Gets you readings your lectures pictures beforehand in your discussions afterwards. We're going to start off with on my birthday. We're going to watch the Matrix. Is that a good birthday screening. Really care that much about the matrix one way or the other. I mean. It's a fun movie to talk about. It was Lee Hayden's birthday. We'd she'll be well she'll be there. We'll celebrate my birthday together. Okay but we're going to start with the Matrix and then we're going to be showing election on election night. Yeah that would be your birthday move. That would be. That's the IT'S A it's a birthday deferred doing being John Malkovich and boys please. Don't cry then we have a break for Thanksgiving and we're wrapping up the six week course with fight club and Magnolia so he can see a Lotta White Dude energy resonating in these cry although there is a lot of energy right but it's from a from a different perspective true. I like to think I have nontoxic Michigan. We'll we'll see scene. We'll see how do you have strong memories of the films of ninety nine. Dan Now do. Do I remember that being a fine year and cinema. Yeah except for the film Topsy Turvy which I walked new throwing down You'RE GONNA alienate Mr Herbst. I will note that We're going to give a special honorable mention to teaching Mrs Ting. Which is the last movie? Left out of. This group is a horrible mission. I feel bad about it every time I see that silly. Helen Mirren Trailer. I'm like Oh we messed up doc Kevin Williamson. That's it's not. Oh It's not rain shadow chemical. It's still worthwhile to watch. Okay then Wednesdays at Ted Have you take the lead on this this class. So we're going to be So we're GONNA be doing a retrospective of the director Abbass this curious. Tommy WHO's arguably one of the greatest filmmakers the greatest of to come out of Iran in the last fifty or so years He passed away a couple of Get my stats together. But I think it was last year he three years. Has it been three years already. Don't sixteen damn okay. I thought it was sooner. So Janice films has actually done. A fairly exhaustive gone through a fairly exhaustive process to bring bring back some of his better known films. And when I say better known. You know it's more to kind of film festival audiences and his work really never broke through. We're beyond More kind of limited arthouse screenings but they've they've produced new digital restorations of Some of his better features as well as a very large selection of short films which will be interspersing kind of atwill throughout the series We don't have. We don't quite have a plan yet for the shorts but we'll try to be. The idea will be pair up some of the shorts with features as they're appropriate But really great Iranian director Does really interesting things in terms of questioning. documentary representation kind of playing with documentary representation and not so much in a way that kind of confronts documentary or tries to sort of show it up but Leaves it leaves leaves it very open to kind of creates a shooting process where he leaves things very much open to kind of fusing together elements of fiction and nonfiction In really innovative eight of ways makes a lot of films that focus on the lives of children and education So they're really I think even though they may seem Foreign in the sense of You know kind of outside of what most viewers coming to the Bronx cinema kind of experience in their everyday life There's actually a a lot of really accessible aspects to his work in particular because of the fact that he tends to cast these non-professional child actors who are just incredibly credibly endearing. And it's a way to get around censorship. It is it is it has that was that was always a big part of it But also to address the importance of education. So what are you gonNA show so. We have Two of his earlier films to start off the traveler and homework in these are are again. Films centered around the lives of kids. One deals with a boy who's trying to go to a soccer match one dealing with School school experience. And then there's the Koker trilogy which is The TR- The trilogy of films that kind of made his name on the International Film Festival Civil Circuit and that includes Where is the friend's house in life goes on and through the olive trees and basically what it is these three film? The first film follows follows again. A story of a child living in the coca region in Iran and then that area is hit by an earthquake. Heard you get hit by an earthquake or You get hit by hurricane. I don't know if he had hit by earthquake. But there's an earthquake in that region which causes pretty major damage and then occurs Tummy decided to go back in film To subsequent films kind of looking at the aftermath of those events and then we close out with The film that brought brought him the greatest international recognition. That's a taste of cherry which one The Palm Door at the CON Film Festival in Nineteen Ninety seven not quite nineteen eighteen ninety nine but but a really great opportunity to see some of his works which really don't get screen very often and A chance to kind kind of see a side of Iran that we certainly don't get in most media representations of Of the country girl Stymie Fan. I'm Dan I have not seen any of these films surprisingly but I am very curious to find out where the friends houses so is the boy. which is there you go all right? He can't find his friend's house child. And I we go onto journalism. It might be as as a parent of young children. It might be a very frustrating film to watch. 'cause it's basically watching kid get lost so all right we've got that coming up and then we have the We have the global. LGBT GBI to Q.. Plus Film Festival returning for another year. And that's true so running from November third to November tenth this Interational the festival will is a real community base one so there are four venues that will be playing films here in the Browning Cinema over at Carroll Auditorium. I'm in Saint Mary's College at the LGBTQ center. Amish Watt Avenue and lastly the Civil Rights Heritage Center on Washington Street uh-huh and just these films are all free except the national theatre live performance And if it's at the Browning cinema breath it is recommended that you reserve your tickets online through our regular channels at the other venues. It's first-come-first-serve So show up early and get your seat to run down the titles that we have. We're starting on And we have one screening everyday Sunday through Sunday. So we're starting off with the Breakout film for Olivia Colman and other actresses who had already. When I was but the charming from last year the favourite will be starting off Sunday? November third day will be showing a foam from South Africa. The harvesters at Saint Mary's and then a film from Spain and the United Kingdom at Anchor and hope. It Saint Mary's then we're transitioning to the LGBTQ plus center. We'll be showing the film. From Vietnam Song Lang then unsettled. The story of refugees coming to America will be Civil Rights Heritage Center we we are then showing on Friday classic at Paris's burning from nineteen ninety although it was short show over the course of seven years so broadly the eighties. which is very much in vogue if you will Thanks to the popularity of pose and and that Saturday we are GonNa have a reception and be screening for Mexico. Cassandra the exotic oh about a a gay wrestler wrestler from Mexico. A loser who is very popular then Sunday at three pm we will have a screening of Kinky boots from National Theatre live out of of the UK. So it'll actually be the cat. National worded live. A captured live broadcast true. Okay so all around the world Various continents hit various stories. Told and like I said free open to the public. Come check them out we also talking about free and open open to the public After key boots on Sunday November tenth at seven pm we ob screening waves a film. That has a lot of energy and momentum coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival expected to be on a lot of year end lists and have a pretty heavy presence at some. Some of the awards shows come the end of the years and through a twenty four. We're able to offer free into the public and we're GONNA have a panel afterwards to discuss it as well. It's great. It looks a lot not like moonlight in terms of just the look and the rollout of yeah. Yeah they're trying to trying to sort of build it up in the same way the color schemes. There's a lot. There's a lot of similarities. I wonder if it's Florida where I don't know where it takes place but it looks. It looks kind of that southern conditioned I because I think move I think Florida now. I'm like an Florida project because the same. Yeah yeah that's true kind of look to it as well. Yeah so come. Check that out now. If we're going into our wrap repertory repertory films first off we are. We are really hosting. I'm a call blues. This is a MED Arcadi. Belco Indo who just got his five year visa. Thank you Drama Tura These are three world renowned super famous musicians for molly from three different parts of the country and they came in two thousand eighteen in lies scored Carl Dryers Pasha Joan of Arc from eighteen twenty S. And when they were here we said. Hey what's the next move. You WanNa live score. And and they all said like in unison right away like Blood Sport Mike. Okay as they should. That's another spe. No no no chaplains ZIP and right forward. We're jumping put aside and going right to van Damme. Yep So We are. We're going to play bud sport. We'll have captions on. And they'll live score. We played some of their recording from Joan of arc over top of the final fight. And we're like okay. This will work. So that is Sunday November tint Sunday November. Seventeen th at three. PM is it provides score score. Is it they they they figure it out. It's not they don't do beat for but they have general scenes and they play like vibes August August. Joan of arc everyone raved about it. They loved it it was it was really. Because that's I mean that's a film That need something else. I think for people to really connect with for for mass audience to connect with but yeah and they and they really enhanced it. I think with what they did plus interest. I support you. Maybe have thirty percent of the audience. That's coming for the movie doesn't know anything about music from the Suhel. You have forty percent of the audience. Who is coming for the music and is never seen bud sport and then you have that thirty percent that understands how important important like Van Damme Seagal and Jackie Chan are two west African filmgoers really? Okay Yeah and how beloved they are and I think they also know the music for them. It could really pop for those other audiences. It's an experiment. We'll see we. We also have a free screening of metropolitan. This is one thousand nine hundred ninety one nine thousand nine hundred ninety ninety. Yeah what Stillman's take down. I got us of satire satire of debutante society in in New York City. He will be on campus for a conference. Being hosted in speaking and as part of the conference weren't an opportunity for people who are attending waiting to see his work and he'll be speaking about friendship and metropolitan are they still has those social bonds at the core of its narrative. So we're GONNA give it a shop. Also Nanotech Institute we'll be screening Eight east of Bucharest This is Chris you perform boyle his film from roughly a decade ago. Five longer than But It was very popular at can. He has a new film out called the whistlers which I hate it it's just there's nothing to it But this this one this came out it was in the wave of Ramani and kind of and it's right after four months three weeks. Today's right that's oh seven NYPD. Yes I think it's business i. There's well they're all it's just there's just a real burst between like. Oh four and own nine for Romani. Romani Romanian when I'm saying Romanian Romanian directors which are just. It's a wonderful slate of films that came out and this was this is they're they're looking back to nine hundred eighty nine so this they were looking for a film that really tapped into that moment in. This is a film that literally gives you a time stamp of When things changed in Romania and we also have via get subs Leviathan? Hi Yvonne This is from about five years ago and people might know his work through loveless which may be had a larger footprint but about somewhat similar to twelve thirty eastern Bucharest in some ways about small town politics and the kind of of corruption and connections that he hasn't broken through. I mean it's still. It's I feel like he's still kind of I mean even though you know if you go to a film festival people seek out his work but it's it seems to be. Yeah pretty wide release head now and it's I mean they're heavy films not I mean they're Leviathans. Yeah they're not the easy. And then lastly from the classics silo we'll be screening. Norma Rae in Sally Field's Breakout breakout role and this is in. Conjunction with the Higgins Labor program and the great work that Dan Graph and judy do over there right. We also have some documentaries camp this month. Let's run through those the great hack which is about the weaponization of data data collection Relevant to elections impersonal life will be screening with the Keough Institute and we will have the producer Gerald Dreyfuss here to discuss it. How diffuse a bomb on the project? Children's story is in conjunction with the KIO knocked Institute for Irish Studies and is the story of a New York City police officer who worked very hard to bring understanding to the youth in Northern Ireland and help speed a peaceful the end to the troubles we have a an interesting project with the ECK Institute for Global Health. We're going to watch. Success and account of catastrophe foretold. which is if you think of the if you think of one thousand nine hundred roughly as the beginning of AIDS Where we are today? It's roughly forty years. This is a film from twenty years ago. So we're going to use it as a mid point and say okay. Here's what we saw up until then here's the story after that and it's a great way to actually think think about documentaries is to go back in time and be like. Hey here's what's not here. Here's what was unsaid. Here's what they said well as a way of kind of analyzing the film and what was accomplishing to do and we have the vault behind votes Story of the UN Secretary General who who had a sordid past that is unpacked in the film. And of course Fridays before home football game screening Hesperian a bio pic dock. Last two. Chances Chances Come check it out of the esteemed president emeritus of of the University of Notre Dame catching up our last ones. Here we got our scrappers We have a performance of Puccini's Madame Butterfly and professor has had some of his Sunday's taken away with all the holidays during November and had grouper sport. We didn't make that a Sunday family family film. You also have some some maybe some time of trauma recovery from the October selection of watcher in the woods in return to Oz. And yeah all those good ones. Put their feet up and think about where they are in the world but also come back into the fold because we got Hercules Elise Leela instead affect both very sweet is the Bergen shelter will be. Yeah we'll come back to the return to the Browning after return to is as you will not return to is definitely not great. Okay left off your left up to the most important film that you're screening winning in November in which what is that what you're off shoot of the nineteen thousand nine offshoot. Oh that was a late editions. Jeff original list elated it. We will also be watching South Park bigger longer. Uncut nineteen ninety nine the Tuesday so there are two dates. What's the calendar the academic counter you know switches on you and rotate? So you can't say oh the third Friday of every November we're gonNA show this is the other thing But there are two dates that hold pretty constantly right before break when is holy Thursday and we showed you scrape every day and the other is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break where we try to show something musical. Something loud something brash. And so We'll be showing south park bigger longer. Uncut allowed brash musical chatty award nominee. Yes yeah yeah get out of your system before joining your family for for Thanksgiving and then that's on my birthday that one. ooh take all my kids. Cartoon to chill full cartoon tune animated. Yeah just put some noise cancelling headphones on them. They'll just see like these can't little kids although they might they might be a little traumatized by Saddam Hussein. I'm saying images depiction of hell might be unsettling to some so. We'll see how that one holds up. Lee Great all right. Well that's a that's A. That's a pretty full month for what kind of a short month for us here at the you get a lot packed in come check it out all right so now we're gonNA switch gears and we're going to talk about we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA come to our famed top three So we have an interesting kind of set of films to discuss with you guys this month In inviting our our dear colleague Dan. Bergen we. We know that he has a particular passion for a certain kind of American actor. He has a bit of a shrine shrine in his office to the greats of the last What are we say last late century? I don't know. I think it starts with Burt Reynolds. We've got burt Reynolds. Who's got Al Pacino and so we were trying to figure out a way to to Encourage Dan to join US and share his enthusiasm for his is For some of his his beloved actors. So what we decided to do is Do a top three where each of us will make a claim on a favorite great actor. And we're going to tell you three movies that that those actors a acted in and hopefully encourage you to see some new stuff. Does that sound right. It sounds good old stuff. Well it's always. Yeah that's a that's something we like to stuff through new eyes. That's right that's one of the one of the goals walls of the top. Three is to is to just shed some light on some films that maybe people have unheard of or give a new take on things that might be more familiar. Watch after Thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner. That's right that's right that's right. It's a long week that Thanksgiving week. So you get in you gotta you. You got to figure out how to spend the time with the family besides watching football so first. Big Reveal Dan. Who is your favorite actor of all time? My favorite actor of all time for a long time and no matter. How many bad movies he makes still my favorite actor of all time? And that's never going to change is Nicholas Cage Right. Who Got Nick Cage? Yes and of his above his is is the first of your top three so number three number one you well we we. We didn't really rank ours chronological because you can do it however you want you can move. You are history of cage I would. I would have to start with the moment where he became my favorite actor. I would would have to say well. He built up in the eighties. Some very oddball performances. And you know when I'm a young kids like looking guys like what's going on with this guy ice kind of these different so like Peggy. Sue got married. He talks like He. You know he talks like this the whole movie. It's it's the strangest choice healthy. See your uncle in Iraq. Yeah I believe he was reprimanded by uncle so maybe he toned back a little bit which. I can't imagine what it sounded like before. That conversation took place place and then Raising Arizona was In that time period to terrific movie and very he's very funny in that and then moonstruck which is a great great romantic comedy and he's just a bizarre romantic lead in and he's got his hands missing I guess that was in the original script but I can imagine him making that part up the one the other one would. That was a big year. Eighty seven for him. Yeah Yeah so yeah. I remember watching that movie when I I was a kid and my mom. She's watching the movie and she's like wait wait she found out he was like in his early twenties that this guy was fifty years old. There are always shoveled. Look at Danny Aiello was also share. who was like forty? Yeah she's probably forty at the time Danial was perpetually sixty five Here's probably thirty five when the movie came out but He's ageless than the wrong movie. has like a thing of it being like is it. It's it's hard to believe it's set in present day because there's such an old world tradition to the to the very old fashioned a wonderful movie I've seen recently okay and I still love it. Holds up So yeah he's building up here. I'm watching his movies. Kid Vampire's kiss was. I think might be his first movie. That can be qualifies. Bad Bat crap crap praise. He doesn't eat a rat and COCKROACH HE CHICAGO. That's right for you know. And any rather the method man he is. He really apparently really ate a cockroach. He does a lot of cool things in that movie. Tries to You know he's a movie about Have seen seen the movie. Yes He he thinks he's a vampire so then he's trying to kill himself with with the stake to his own heart but he can't seem to do it himself on. It's it's a little bit of a has it's actually an interesting companion for joker because it's this is he delusional or is this all or has he really vampire I always says there's I count Dracula when I was a kid. similiarities unwitting vampire. Well then so he kinda built up a little. Bit Watching Chin is is is performances I saw David Lynch's wild at heart and I was totally sold. Because he's channeling Elvis in and I love Elvis so That's what sold it for me for him. As far as you know movies just wild at art crazy. goofy wizard wizard of Oz. Yeah Yeah it's stopped David Lynch in Strangeness Shocking Violence Fouls in the characters get blown off or beaten in Willem. The phone is easiest. Which is saying something Thanksgiving movie for me like in College? That was one of these movies where we were. We were done with with classes and we weren't going more going home until the next day so we had used in horrific. Yeah so it was like let's go let's go see it at The WESTCOTT cinema in Syracuse New York. which no longer is there like? Most of the theater soon replaced by the Carousel Mall Cinema. That's that's right that's right. Dan is as central New Yorkers Syracuse points so yeah no I saw wild at heart in the theater and it was it was pretty. It was for lack of a better word. Wild who has a lot of fun. I I saw it in a weird circumstance Was that great aunt Mike. We're at our our great aunt's house in Syracuse and The pay per view movies like kind of pay per view where you could order a movie and had been out in the theaters. And you you get it your choice. Just get it for twenty four hours. Yes something like that and it was like one of the first kind of pay per view and we're like let's all watch a movie and I'm just like I'm seeing that one like all right. Let's watch that. And you know with the family and my great aunt and my regular ant this Kinda like this whole oh movie goes by is like wow. This is a bad idea like did you sound like the Elephant Man Guard. I saw this to my. Oh my Italian family at one the palm door take your love watch. You know. It's it's a guy for yeah exactly the guy from moonstruck so yeah so we watched it and I was just like you know and it just Nicholas Cage. He sings Elvis songs in it. He's fighting. He's given off one liners. He's just you know it's just it's just classic. Yeah so I I would. I remember and I haven't seen that film probably since nineteen alive but it comes at you hard. That's what I remember. Because he's not. There's like explosive explosive. Violence right right. Exactly yeah so good. Sorry grandma alright. we'll come back to you for your other two Ricky who have you chosen as your you know. I had a tough time. I'm someone who doesn't quite follow actors like that but I was thinking who who do i. Who's really an old faith wall and I decided someone who I've been thinking about a lot? Because of TV turn is John Goodman and thinking of his arc from Roseanne to the righteous gemstones and made me realize oh his movies actually have a lot of civilians for me through time and to start off with We have a movie that I watched way too often. And because it was when we had a descrambler on our satellite dish. So you could just go to the viewer's choice channel and it was on all day. It just repeated which is kind of like watching heart only seven days a week twenty four seven so I watched this movie like eight times when I was in so you great in which one was and that would be a sea of love them. Yeah it's it's right around the same time classy Prequel to basic instinct exactly but Harold Becker directed at I think of him as the guy who directed vision quest first first and foremost and it's outlets without malice mouse too but it's Al Pacino's return to acting remember that Weird Eighties Ladies Hiatus. Yeah it's definitely like well. It was his he had. He had kind of revolution revolution. was there anything after that or was now no took four years. I didn't think that was so revolution. Just really did him in and then there was. There was a lot of media hype around this as his comeback and it worked. It was a huge hit Ellen. Barkin plays the potential them fatale in it Really liked barking at this Husky Voice Laker. Her voice is Great. I really like this when she was in his own. At this point because it was like a new energy dickens. She's Able Sea of. Love is not a Joe Esther hearts screenplay right but it has to you. Yeah that's the thing about the big thing right. Yeah it's right there and John Goodman is really good in in it and I'll explain why he plays a New York City detective and he runs a sting with Al Pacino defined find someone who is killing people based on Personal ads in the paper. And so there's a fingerprint imprint sting that they're running Albertino goes on a date with someone and then John Goodman poison proposes waiter and grabs a glass touched it run. The fingerprints will find the Crook Brooke and my my point is John Goodman here like he has to absorb a lot of energy coming off of Alba. Chino who's working working really hard after four years of slumber. He's giving it his all really chewing really chewing scenery. But this is something that you can see in John Gunman officers. He can take so much up against him and make a an really blend it and smooth it as in Roseanne as in the righteous gemstones. So he's able to react very well and can serve as a cushion despite himself Being able to offer a lot of gravity as we'll talk about and some of his future so sea of love go back to. I mean. It's not a perfect movie but I think it's actually and I like the song stuck in my head. The last like three days after thinking about this I started to watch I started to watch true stories actually recently and didn't get very far with it. He's he's earn. Yeah he's in that one but he's he's really he's really great in it for different reasons. I think he's actually more of like the leading man as opposed to the character director. WHO's the best friend who kind of or the sidekick which I think he does very well? Yeah when I remember Watching Sea of love sin this guy would be a great pal to have you know very likeable. The beat with this guy and this is what's the other one that would those thinking of around this time. Oh well is it because the other thing I was thinking about related to this is does he do a New York accent in this in this film because he typically does his John You know. He's kind of standard John. John Goodman yes. It's not a heavy one but he also he's in punchline around the same which I think you know when when he gets caught up in the accent it just kind of throws He sometimes they make in place southern. He's missed that my favorite. I remember when I was young. Punchline was like Oh. Here's the movie about Comedians. That's it's not a fun so remember punchline now even when their performance standup like nothing about the movie was funny and it had good people people in it right. Yeah Sally Field again. It was date night movie that my parents had to get a babysitter to watch you. Because he drag you along all right so Do I get to choose one. Yes please so I had a hard hard time choosing. Actually you may not think so because I was actually I had a runner up Who who I felt obligated to choose and that's rip torn Because he passed away this year. But then I realized I was going through ripped horns movies The ones that I feel most strongly about our particular kind of movie that don't necessarily lend themselves to a podcast discussion. It's more of like the late sixties right kind of pseudo documentary Weird metaphysics that I that I like or his his role on the Larry Sanders show which which is TV but defending your life which which is defending. He's Great Independent. Actually I mean there's more but you know so so so he would have been good one and rip rip You we lost him this year. Ip Rip Taylor. All right passed away. What kind of any rips out there? Yet I'll rip your uh-huh Kellyanne Billy I can't tell them apart Okay so So instead I chose a an actor who People have heard me go on about at length length and that would be another another prominent white man Charles grown so Charles Grodin has pre actually a a really long career He's been making He actually started in the late fifties in his first roles But but I think the first rule that most people associated with is the doctor and Rosemary's baby which I think led to some other opportunities And what I would say is is I really. Strong kind of breakout role. Is The heartbreak kid. And I'll and I'll Couch this with just an observation of I did watch an older episode of Johnny Carson. I love watching Johnny Carson especially the the the longer ones that were rental. Well when it's yeah exactly what it's before before they cut the show to an hour hour and a half and there's a great episode that he's on right around the time that he had Just wrapped the heartbreak kid and he was he was he was famous as a talk. Show a hosts as a guest on Yeah Carson and Letterman. Where he played this he would kind of play? This very cantankerous persona in really get into it with especially with Letterman. They'd they'd get into fights and stuff and then the audience would would go against them because they don't think they're not in on the joke. That's right that's right. He's just that he's playing up so I grew up this like you because I didn't get it because he was unsure with this guy but But he's incredibly. He's he's one of the funniest actors in my estimation in part because he does he can both do this really dry humor summer where he just you know he really limits what he gives you but in the way that he limits his performance. It it kind of it kind of opens up more and then and and then he can also kind of really blow it out. And that's what he does in the heartbreak kid where he plays A newlywed who's just married a woman who he quickly realizes houses when he's travelled when they're traveling together to go on their honeymoon that he absolutely cannot stand her And so while he's on his honeymoon he Spies the young cybill shepherd who also happens to be vacationing at the same resort. where he and his wife have gone people all the time? So so then he schemes to leave his wife and Startup relationship with civil shepherd. So it's a it's a Neil Simon Script it's it's directed by Elaine. May what's funny but Neil Simon you thinking about how you were a young boy who really well that was because he was sophisticated. We talked about this but this one. I didn't discover this until later. There are a ton of Neil. Neil Simon Neil Evans. Yeah it was in some ways it was for for wider audience. It was like the more accessible. Woody Woody Allen because Woody Allen was such a particular thing and a way to identify with your divorce fourth grade teacher. That's right that's all right so yeah so anyway. So but no but it's actually. Let's put Neil Simon aside. It's a film directed by Elaine. May who interestingly casts is her daughter Jeannie Berlin in the in the role of Grodin wife the one that he can't stand playing this very unattractive character In Jackson Oscar nomination for For the role. But it's a film that I actually. I often compare to the graduate in that. It's a similar moment in time But it's not quite as cool It's a much it's kind of uglier version of the graduate story Where you know this this whole idea of Sexual Liberation in the late sixties and early seventies is kind of empowering people. Here you hear it just seems wants to be it it seems to get very regressive and just kind of ridiculous and it doesn't it doesn't necessarily change the world in the way that you know the graduate seems to aspire to Interestingly the graduates directed by Mike Nichols Elaine. May's longtime comedy partner but Really lots of really uncomfortable scenes of humor when I tell people about how much I love this film and they've seen it. There's like I don't get it because it's because it's more of like what you're talking about with the talk shows of just really awkward kind of confrontations. But it's great one of my favorites of all time. I have a confession. Yes I've only seen the Ben Stiller remake. ooh I love Charles Grodin Charles Grodin but I never saw the original. It's been well it's also. It's a film distribution wise. It's had its had a really weird distribution process it was on net flicks when Netflix had that period where they suddenly had everything on then it then it went away and it's just never been available again is is it on video originally made it. I think it was MGM. But I think they lost rights to it or something. I don't know it's a it's got a weird writes history to like film again. It's one of the strengths. I I forget but Yeah but it's not it's not part you would think that film like that with you. Know with Charles Grodin and cybill sheppard that they would have made it more widely available. But it's not so anyway Dan. What is next on your cagey list of Nick Cage? Alright so let's see so going in order of my next a touchstone of the Nikkei's career so after a while that Har t You know did a lot of movies a lot of hits and misses which is the usual in his career but He got into some romantic comedies. Like Honeymoon Vegas. It could happen when you Comedies like guarding tess. McLean and they were modest. Hits Missing Andy Ammunition wanting to Jon. Lovitz and Dana car trapped in Tara's around bad movie these are all like VHS thinks that sat on the that sat in the video store shelves. Exactly they give them away on the on the coroner's please take these away. So we had that that that that era there and then he won Academy Award for leaving in Las Vegas all his years of his fourteen. Thirteen years of hard work paid off. He got he got that Oscar But that's not the movie I'M GONNA in a pick because as much as I like his performance in it I think he was better in the rock wound do do what about the Iraq Do you find appealing. I think at the time You know I suppose like I always. I loved his work and then all of a sudden the rock comes along long and he's a big action. You know it's the big action movie and it's like Oh all of a sudden it's like He seemed like the least likely guide to become a big budget aged million dollar movie hanging on the shoulders. Yeah because he's very quirky. You got you know like you said it's hits misses all over the place with his career a little bit everything everything. And then he's in the rockies paired with that Harrison in Sean Connery You know to fairly sizable names. And Yeah he kind of of a he just he. He's not your typical action guy in the movie like he's a built guy. We always is but alone. He's not yet not your Schwarzenegger. Or even Bruce Willis like that whole in your Joan and we're coming out of that in the in the mid nineties. You're not you're not. You don't have that as kind of the model. Ah You know these big muskie exactly action heroes. I mean Schwarzenegger's. Well even Schwarzenegger is now go at that point going through he was like. Yeah this is this is like his downturn punctual. Just like the Jeff Goldblum man Jurassic Park. Right Ri- right witty and intelligent. It's dumb Offset the muscles. Yeah like Nick Cage. Plays a biochemist team. He must have some serious degrees from highly steam institutions. You it's kind of like. He's the reluctant action hero. He's you know. He's he's clumsy he's just the way says he introduced himself like I'm Stanley goodspeed. Like like deliveries and I was really really drawn to even more then because he's in a different he's in a different arena here or any still making it his own. Yeah I remember seeing it that summer when it came out and we were actually. We were at a graduation and we but it was out of town where we had to like. Kill Time between the graduation ceremony and the dinner that was afterwards. Let's go see the rock. It worked out perfectly and it was an I just remember being just a lot of fun. I mean wasn't didn't take it too seriously and he was probably the most engaging thing about the I don't remember anything else about the filming something nothing about Alcatraz because that is the rock as well John Mason. Who Late actor Jon? Spencer says he's the only chance we have got yes to be. He has to go with this guy. Who is the only guy who escaped out of Alcatraz ever So he's got brought back into Alcatraz with with with Nicholas Cage because Nicholas Cage can disarm the warheads that Ed Harris is holding there with eighty hostages. Ray to blow up the rest of San Francisco if he doesn't get his demands and his demands were like actually reasonably like he wanted like better care for veterans or something like just like kill monger right like he. He has a pretty decent view of like how society should work. Saw something like that but he really wants Michael Bay's he wants. Uh He wants to. He wants to he wants the vets treated better. You know everyone can agree with that. He just goes about it and quite a very poor way that needs to be taking needs to be taken out now. Is this the only not to seal a thunder from future fixes. This only Michael Bay Nicholas Cage. You have in your less. It's the only only Michael Bane. Nicholas Cage Phil. What about CONAIR? No Simon West It's it's very very yeah. He he didn't produce it Bruckheimer. Okay so then took me sixty seconds is yeah. That's Antoine Fuqua. Say Yeah somebody like that but yeah but he's the sent me only bay did bad boys before the Rock Church and I was like Yeah I saw the Rock and it was just you know just all the while action just entertainment. One liners stuff blowing up. There's a pirates of Caribbean S. Situation Underneath Alcatraz where they're going on like railcars. It's crazy that Ed Harris Ed Harris gives it is all Sean connery does what he does. Please Sean Connery and Yeah Yeah so those nineties action now absolutely plot the trajectory of all those nineties action Philly. And you know in which was within one year period I think it was the rock than CON air. Then face off all were within at least fourteen months or something like that and quick face office. That's the whole order. That's a whole other podcasts. Talk that's all it podcast. They're talking about what's going on as you add Travolta in there you gotta Jim Again. All Right Ricky. What's next on your good man list So the next film I would throw in. Is this from two thousand and one. That's Todd Sohn's is Storytelling so I I saw it in two thousand to a sophomore in college allege and my mom always said Sophomore Year of college Nothing is new and there's no end in sight and storytelling is the perfect movie to see hip during college. I think I saw Sea of love during Sophomore Year of college so AH is broken into two parts. The first part is fiction which is a a workshop being seen in a creative writing class in in college With some Blair probably most famous for having sex scene. In which rather than edited. They just a large red square aware over the succeed in order to knock in. NC Seventeen Rating Then there was actually a part three autobiography which I remember when it came came out it was like oh I heard they did the spud they actually shoot or whatever but they did But it was a james. vanderbeek is a closeted football player and it had its Own Pretty graphic sex scene and and that didn't make the final cut of the film and then part two which is most of the film is non-fiction is what it's com and is a crummy suburban New Jersey family so this is very similar to previous films that does exactly familiar territory and the storyline is filtered through like Albert Brooks as real life life. Like what happens if we made a movie about a an all American family you know. Real life starring Gruden exactly and not at my list good phone. That's a good one for me. This movie really sets like Oh what is New Jersey. My Mind New Jersey to me. How's complaint and you're next to New York but for me I'm like okay? Now I get it like even if it's you know Jersey means something other than Jersey here and why John Goodman and because he plays the patriarch in a family and I would put this in the basket of villain roles and I think John Goodman does those very very well and Julie Hagerty is a really great wife and think she she does a lot for for the film and again his role is to really absorb and play the heavy. And if you think of him in Roseanne as the affable dad trying to do as best this is okay. What happens if we just see that at the more sinister are unlikely level? Like I'm trying to do my best. But I'm tying into this machine and Social Plug that kind kind of makes me miserable and makes the world around me miserable. And so the fact that he is able to turn his stock from his past characters into this role that is really. I mean. It's not that big but he he moves has the story along in a very nice way and it something where I would again. Praise him for taking roles off scripts that are bizarre if you think of What he did with Congress and whatnot again just like these are roles he probably when it except if you really could see films for what they can be in their potential and I think you did a very nice job. He's taught zones is an interesting director because he's someone who Who I've kind of gone back back and forth with in terms of whether I like or dislike his films because you know? His films are so provocative that it's very easy to just kind of dismiss them And I think I did that for a while. But then I had the chance to meet him once and actually have dinner with him and he is one of the funniest people I've ever met and it actually turned me around on my take on his his films since then I've a greater appreciation kind of knowing where he's coming from and I think even if you are someone who doesn't like the end result AH for me. They don't always work the mechanisms he uses and the way he thinks about putting stories together. Very clever and I think worthwhile even didn't like Dachshund is revisiting sewri later on and and this having things that are hyper self reflexive onto themselves themselves It was it was very clever when you're a sophomore clever gets a very far away when you're young and in college but if you go back to marshawn government it's like oh he's great always been great they are all right next up on my list of Grodin films is probably the one that most is the one that was maybe his biggest success In terms of Kind of reaching a wide audience but also I mean. It had a lot of critical acclaim. So I'm going to see the going to the movies with friends in high school because this came out I think the summer after my senior in high school and and we read a multiplex in everybody wanted to see die hard and I said Nah die hard. Just sounds dumped. I know where I wanNA see something more substantial ask so I made. I made the highbrow choice to go by myself which might have been one of the first times I've done this but certainly not the last To Go see a midnight midnight run instead the wild movie to see by yourself. Yeah yeah but it was a it was and then and then missed out big time well and they and they realized that later I said you know I said Oh it was great because it was also at a point when I was a huge Deniro fan so I wouldn't deniro was the in terms of relative relative to Bruce Willis. Anyway he was someone who has I was much more interested in seeing in a film. And it's a film actually when I've gone back to it you know it's it's not really a it's not as if it's some kind of art house film I mean it's a it's a it's a road movie Hollywood. Yeah it's it's got action it's comedy it's got all these things but the best thing about it is the dynamic between the two actors I was looking this up. I was surprised prized to see I didn't even realize they made sequels to to me to TV with the guy from perfect strangers. Really wasn't the Non Bulky League. I think was so baker. I was watching Peter O'Toole which he was talking about his work and he's like he he was the finest actor comic actor with whom I've ever worked in Baker. Yeah okay. He's got an interesting little turn in the leftovers where he plays himself uh-huh playing himself so Anyway so midnight so it's Charles. Grodin is a guy I think. Think he's embezzled money. And he's skipped out on bail when he's been caught so deniro is has been hired He's not a Chi- he's a former cop so so he's kind of like a bounty hunter he is about it so they those exist. I guess Like Dog Bounty Hunter So he's a he's a bounty hunter who's who's been sent to recapture him and bring him back. And so you know what whereas most movies would be about the pursuit of the person that you're capturing this film centers on the journey back back because while they're together they sort of drive each other crazy in particular. Charles Grodin drives him crazy with his kind of constant talking rocking and questioning and just the the exchanges between them. So it's a great feeling. It's a Dan. Bergen one of my favorite movies movies. My favorite body movie without a doubt like yeah the same for the interplay between them is this. This is incredible as Charles Girls Performance. One of my favorite favorite favorite comedian reform time. I mean he's really funny. Are you doing the litmus configuration. Now he's trying to do the count. Count China the limits conflict are you doing the litmus for just the way Deniro plays awesome and it's a you know and that's an Azzaro goes that's kind of like its first real comedy. It's he's coming off of stuff like the mission angel heart so he and he's kind of going off the rails a a little bit in terms of you know some weird stuff and this is kind of coming back to the mainstream although he had just on the untouchables too. I guess the before. Oh yeah which was bigger but so you know. It's it's he's at a point where he's such a you know an established actor. Yeah exactly and been mainstreamed. Yeah and he had have been light. Light in. The movie was still playing a heavy Brian. He still he's still de Niro he's the arguably he's the straight guy to to Grodin and you know comic figure it's not quite but it's not it doesn't quite fall into that easy breakdown which I think is what's one of the things that's good about it. I confuse midnight. Brian Midnight Express very different. Don't show grandma got got in my head is like I don't know which one's which anymore and it's just forever it's always I have to think okay because yeah anyway no different movies. Well I mean that's a movie we like you see. It's heartwarming at the end. You want you want to see more of those two together. Yeah exactly so you can understand why they would try to make a sequel. I had to look it up another midnight. Midnight run with Mark Baker. The Great Christopher McDonald Shooter mcgavin Played Jack. Yeah he's Dan. Dan Haditha was Eddie Moscone. Isn't he in the original is Joe Pantoliano Joey. We plants bail bonds great joy early. Joey Pants Air Trauma. Whatever the because they Jonathan Jonathan Banks? Thanks but it's like an. What's this last Norman truck that's it? Yeah he's I think he's. He's got a role in midnight. Run a little bit got oversee Beverly Hills cop mature Martin Brest movies. Yeah which are no more. Apparently it's big on Wiseguy. That was this other thing. Okay it anyway moving on what you have your third cage okay. Where does the cage match in the cage match ends unfortunately in two thousand and two but I I wanted to continue on but So yeah so after you know. He started his He he had his big action trio made some other big budget. Movies gone in sixty fifty seconds which was the dominant thing and city of angels. They were hits but they weren't very good. Captain Corelli's Mandolin which apparently was neither. Yeah and then You know he had underachievers from some big name directors like he did win talkers in world. War Two yeah yeah windtalkers. John will eight millimeter Joel Schumacher the market. That was bad snake eyes diploma some people love it and not one of my favorites and Bringing out the dead bringing out the dead it's considered probably a lesser lesser in the Scorsese Cannon. But it's got your friend. John Goodman talk actually. I think people want to revisit and reevaluate after Casino and yeah some people remember when remember casino pretty recently had like around the time. Time of the Scorsese movie communitize. Gosh Oh China Dan besides the guy from Michelle Walk in silence. When Michele Waqa starred right and silence seemed to be then like there was a lot of casino reappraisal roof casino? Well I think that's. That's what is going to happen with. Irishman is that now will be the time where we're like. Okay let's go back to preempt dead and think about talking about interesting it's about the well. It's the time paradox to you just pop forward. Yeah okay so what is your so that brings brings us to adaptation reputation which is one of my very favorite nominated Oscar up his second Oscar nomination did not win this one but He should have because there's not one Nicholas Cage in this movie. Two very distinct different Nicholas cage is in this Phil. When you're nominated for playing two roles does it say as blank and blank the exit I think so I think if you look him up Charlie in whatever whoever the other cough Donald and it was funny because out oh how people this off but the screenplay nomination also said for Charlie Kaufman Donald Kaufman right? Who is now a real human being kind of like well the Coen brothers editors I forget what his name is the picture of a old like minor? Old locksmith or something. They have a picture of. I forgot the name that they use but So yeah so I mean I love everything about adaptation For those in the audience who haven't seen it because you know people don't talk about it. That much which I found you know like as far as the Kaufman movies attornal sunshine and and Being John Malkovich. But you know as yeah and and and So he plays screenwriter. Whose Face Charlie Kaufman? He plays Charlie Kaufman who is facing severe writer's block adapting the book the orchid thief by Susan Orlean. His life is further complicated by the rival of his twin brother. Donald as further goes along the film seems to be adapting itself using the cinematic cliches that permeate Donald writing at chair. Charlie abhors so so basically He's playing across himself two very very different characters Charlie's the more you know. He's he's really into film film whenever His brother calls it the industry. He's like he's very much into it. And dials just like a happy. Go Lucky Guy I would just all of a sudden says I think I can. Well let's do this. And then and then he ends up selling a script a terrible script for a million dollars in which for which further infuriates Charlie. And the film. You know it's kind of as it goes along. It's kind of a adapting. You know his his whole movie apparently may may possibly be. Based on Charlie Kaufman Heaven hard time adapting the orchid thief or he maybe he never wanted to adapt the orchid thief to begin with But yeah but then there's like there's there's a car chases resolve stuff that round rounds it has to be has to get gene to an actual Hollywood movie and it's it's you know. We had my favorite of the Charlie Kaufman. When when when this came out we had a screening was when I worked at Harvard average and we had a screening with Susan Orlean? Actually who introduced it. I mean she she clearly had a very good sense of humor about what the film was. Even though you now the character who is Susan Orlean is not the most attractive care serve so yeah I mean you know in recognizing kind of what happens in that process of of adaptation. But yeah she was great. Yeah I mean caged. He's he doesn't have too many. You know of his signature crazy scenes in. And he's pretty reigned in Charlie and Donald. Let's fly a little bit but he's still you know very very distinct you can tell the to if they're in a room you can tell which which one he's playing you know and he does a great job you know it's good passing that off almost here's Michael Keaton in multiplicity four Michael Keaton so oh man I think pan and scans yes yup Yup VHS Pan and scan. We've got to get all the Michael Keaton Shift over to the shift over the Will Ferrell kind of knock offi adaptation using section. They are. I don't remember the exact title. Yeah it's like another Kaufman movie but could vary really attempting. If you put his name on a people would say oh. Yeah Yeah Great. All Right Ricky. What is your a final good man film so my final? One is a remake of the nineteen fifty film born yesterday also called born in yesterday. And in this Melanie Griffith plays the role. Originally Priced by Judy Holliday. And won an Oscar for that spe- Moscow's Oscar's Don Askin Don Husky Johnson. The Great John Johnson. When you say his name when you speak his his name or served on justice he's knighted is taking over for William Holden's role and John Doc Goodman plays the role originally played by Broderick Crawford and that is the role of a rich businessman who wants to who relocates to Washington? DC in order to Buy Out some members of Congress in order to make himself richer a kind of fill the swamp as it were and he brings with him his wife Melanie Griffith who is a showgirl vegas showgirl. I can't remember a showgirl Girlfriend who ends up getting Elisa doolittle by Don Johnson and this movie was panned when it came out we saw in in the theater when their fifth graders. Now my best friend and I don't think anyone else came reasonable because it remakes. The original doesn't really. Do you win anything with that. Pretty flat pretty level touchtone. It's like Disney it kind of boilerplate Disney like easy going romantic comedy. Yeah and it is Yeah so But they didn't do anything with like gender or race or they just do it. Pretty Flaccid remake of it but John Goodman is great in it And this is why people skirt check out again. He plays the villain very well but here he he plays the affable villain who needs to be able to be Both deliver punches. That are kind of soft you know he needs to put down his wife enough. Also like take heavier punches on the backside and I think it's really hard to play comic villains and do it very well shooter. mcgavin wears Alfred thing about Wesley Snipes is another person. Who knows I do that? I think very well To find the comedic elements of Ellen's and and really bring those out and that's it's one reason among many that. I think you should go back to this with me. Back bad movie doesn't work could've been done a lot better but John Goodman screening is that King Ralph el-farah John Goodman Post King. Ralph four years later I think. Yeah socking in the theater too. I might have seen that in the theater but it didn't he was it's getting kind of everywhere that Roseanne cachet. Yeah yeah that's true. Every man kind of stuff. Yeah in broad appeal I would if I were doing a goodman list I I probably would have thrown in one of the COEN brothers. Movies actively avoided myself bad raising great and and and I've been wanting to go back to Barton fink. I haven't watched it probably in twenty years but curious loosen. That movie's just yelling. Yeah yeah running early. My I believe I recognize him from revenge of the nerds coach. Yeah I was reading. Curtis Armstrong Place booger writing his biography. Because that's what I do. Yeah And I think he by belief he he said John Goodman partied like no one ever encountered in his life pretty much lives rash the hotel rooms and just just a wild wild guy can't believe believe it probably isn't coming back he's not just Sexual problem isn't it. It's got everything everything everything we do. That we really don't need to go back to Okay so my so. I had a tough time again choosing grove because there were there. Were so many films that I love that Gruden's as in I've I think I've mentioned before which is another. Elaine may film He plays He has a smaller role in that. He's not an enough. He's not enough. I would say yeah. He's great because he has this especially this scene at the end where he's on the phone trying to sort of save the country it's just he's great Great Muppet Caper. He's Ah Miss TV's love interest and you believe it you believe it grow in. There's a great scene in which I I don't even know if I watched the whole thing. But Beethoven second where he's skipped right to the second. I can just remember watching it with my wife's niece when we read like a Family Party party she had it on and I walked in the room. There's a great scene where it's like a pie eating contest. Or something. or He's dislike veraciously eating pies. They need him to rescue Beethoven but he won't stop eating the Pie. Just plays it really well so so I'll try. I try to throw something a little less familiar which is a film from a few years ago. By Noah. Baumbach everybody's hyped on Noah Baumbach right now because he's got married story coming out the shock zone married married with the atmosphere. Yeah featuring that guy who's going to be fifty movies this year. But this was actually in the film that I'm gonNA mentioned also features Milwaukee's Adam driver and that's a while we're young which was the film that comes out? It comes out after Frances. This high end before Well what's it's Francis High. There's this mistress America mistress America and then The MEYROWITZ Uh Stories and actually I think this is. This is one of the better films in that group of kind of fell fell through the cracks. Although it actually did you like in terms of box the office it did you know it made its money back. So Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play a middle aged couple who are kind of they reach a point in their life where they they've never had kids and they're sort of reevaluating their life and then he's he's a documentary filmmaker who has a screening of one of his films where he connects with this younger knbr. Couple played by Adam driver and a man defrayed say free. Don't say your name and they really take the they tell them how much they love his work and they've built up a friendship and Ben Stiller starts hanging out with With the other couple who are in their twenties and he starts kind of getting into this very the Stereotypical millennial world circa five years ago. We're like they're having beach parties in the streets in Brooklyn I and everybody's wearing pork pie hats and which is a running joke But Charles Grodin plays his Ben Stiller's father in law law and really just kind of comes in in a fairly you know Set role where he offers kind of comic relief for you know this perspective respective of an older generation kind of looking at you know the choices that steelers making in his life and kind of making jokes about it but it builds up to this kind of farcical goal awards ceremony that he that they're attending and Grodin is just he's just top notch in it. He's just kind of in terms of what he does well as a comic actor but still pretty but very low key in the process but yeah and it's good to see him like after all these years still he still got. It disappeared appeared for while I came back in the movie the X. Randomly. Well they remember his he had the talk. Show the talk show that which was brutal but it was on for years. Yeah because it was the thing was is. You expected him to be funny because of what he did. He suddenly became this serious talk. Show hosts like Brian Williams

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