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Oh welcome everybody or a very podcast. this is. What are we even going to call our podcast? Keeping Kissel cast. That's a good question and I felt fine. And then he said everything's live and it was like and then everything went. I know yeah it was weird it went from like feeling totally fine and in pumped till like Holy Shit. We've been thinking about this for a long time obviously for everybody's list that's listening I would actually say this is a lot more The entire keeping kissel brand was all CECELIA's idea this is something you've wanted to do for ever At least like two three solid years of China here eight actually and for me all I wanted to do out of this. Whole deal was podcast. The reason why I wanted to podcast is because for those who don't know Cecilia. I mean you know her on instagram. But she is wise beyond her years and cease like you are. You are so magnetic. I don't know what it is but maybe we'll tell you all their shit he pulled tell you all their secrets if they get to know you and actually become in your inner circle or allow you into their inner circle they open up to you. I'm all bullshit you're all real and it's a really really cool. Thanks yeah this first episode. I th I think would be great for people to get to know us how I mean. I've got an episode in mind for us to talk about how he met. But more people to get to know you and your story My goal is to kind of interview and keep the train on the tracks but that was my thought that I think that's a great idea. I I guess maybe start start from the beginning. Everybody always asks what your heritage is because you look so unique. I was are you. Cecilia Kissel So my dad is German and My mom is Bolivia N- so I'm I would say fifty fifty and my dad is actually a Mennonite so I would probably say he's hundred percent. German. There's no said something funny about men and night Women and how they dress hotel yes dressed. Oh yeah so. We're coming back when we were in school and all of the mennonite girls Which my my dad. And my whole family left them in a colony though they're not They're not practicing mennonites. But my dad grew up that way so it was a deeply ingrained but At school all of the mennonite girls would wear their dresses with their runners. And that's trendy. Now Yeah and we didn't make fun of people than it wasn't like that but it was like a an obvious difference. Obvious difference would show up and wear that for sports days. The only the only sports they were really allowed to do was Track and field because their lives were to Pre committed to their lifestyle and working the farm and in the kitchen and those kinds of things so they wouldn't be able to commit to Sports true but they could do track and field so you would see all of these young ladies in their dresses and their runners running track and field and they usually beat everybody in New York. No we were in Toronto. And everybody's literally wearing floral print dresses those white Feel or Nike shoes. Cousins were ahead of their time. How they really were. And you grew up in northern Alberta. I mean a lot of people know him from Flat Lake Just outside of Saint Paul Bonneville area you met in Bonneville yes but you grew up in Hines creek what I was born in Fairview Alberta but my my dad's family all settled in Wordsley Alberta. Which is even further from grand prairie but then We I I grew up in Hines Creek. Yup and what are some of your fondest memories of growing up Growing up in the country in the country just like being in the dirt all the time. You do say that a lot being just on earth for our kids. Oh yeah having your bare feet in like garden soil or your hands like picking out carrots or potatoes fresh for supper. There's nothing like that You know it's funny because there are a lot of kids that think that fruit or vegetables literally come from the grocery store. Yeah but it's like I feel so blessed to be able to teach the girls like that food comes from the planet and it's our job to care for the planet for sure. I remember vividly as a kid watching One of our neighbors when she was when she was on the combine. And going around our acreage. I actually go to our garden. Which was we had a huge garden like this wasn't like she was stealing or anything but she would go into our garden. She break off a piece of rhubarb and wash it in the rain barrel. And then edit and you ever sugar No because I never liked rhubarb unless it was in rhubarb critic treat this snap it off dipping into the Little Cup of sugar so mean. Grandpa always had a great garden. Grandma Betty had an incredible. Herb leaves are poisonous. Did you know that I thought it was just point? Seta LEAVES NO SERIOUS DOUBLE. Check THAT. But pretty sure. I wonder how much you'd have to eat to Croak. I'm not sure I'm not sure. Can you go out? Is it actually really poisonous? Pretty sure Dr believes 'cause point Cetera. Leaves is bad for the cats. It'll kill cats. Yeah which is that cats like the moment they see them. I saw eager up on there. And he's like you know like he's chewing it and you're like why. Why is that even thought? Well you know me and how much I care for those cats but I know you're super passionate over the moon over the star worlds very kind of thing so then you go from Hines Creek into Bonneville and what grade you dates confirmed. They are poisonous. It is yes to eat ten pounds of rhubarb leaves. That I think like you can't feed it to animals or horses or things like that. It affect them differently and dressing Well just kill me. Random knowledge up here When you when you move to Bonneville it was for High School. What grade was that great eleven three and eleven or not? It was the choice. I made a choice. I didn't move When I was in grade I chose to stay and finish my year. My family moved and I stayed. Yeah Yeah and I guess I don't know if you want if you want to reveal this about your how many siblings you've got and kind of the five And reach two years apart Yeah we'll I'm excited to see them over the holidays. Yeah of course yeah. Yeah I'm I've never been more nervous ever at not that I had many many girlfriends and maybe only had like two serious girlfriends before but meeting your family especially just in your family background and now actually spending time with Yvonne and Areco Getting they're buying was an especially vence. Was everything that I needed. Because like your dad at the time wasn't that I wasn't as concerned but a super concerned about Yvonne. Somehow I had such a deep respect for my siblings so it was like really important to me that whoever I chose to spend my life with Could integrate into my family somehow Just because I think a lot of families can split up over that if it's not or Distance I mean. Our our lives puts a lot of distance between our family Between your family my family just because it doesn't allow as much space For us to give the time that relationships need to grow your we love our families endlessly. We spend as much time with them as we can but we sacrificed a lot for your career. Yeah we'll of course. I'm how I'm obviously thankful that you do that but I miss them a lot. Especially young so my favorite memories were when you first started dating. I would come and we were just watching movies. Yeah the House. It was so interesting because my family from outside looking in was seemed to be very together right now in your family coming into. That house was such a special thing because everybody cared for each other and we would absolutely I would yeah I don't know if that's like super common but It is in Malaya movies. We I would like to say we don't fight or have like our disagreements. You know. We might be confrontational and go at it. Head on but we don't avoid the issue and Flow through it pretty quickly and then there's just like we all kind of just enjoy each other's company for sure at least that's how I feel so when I when I came into the picture. Did you tell your family about me before it kind of met everybody or did you know what if. I remember the bash. I'm pretty sure we were friends. And My dad told me about you as an artist like he had saw you know that this guy was going to be playing in town and he loves country music so I think he was sold. I knew he was like an easy. Sell 'cause he just loves country music but for me Yeah I would not make that association I for them because it didn't matter to me I just like to. You still doesn't matter to you now. It really doesn't. I just love that you love what you do that. You're passionate about it so I think people would find. This interesting is that I thought you were dating a lot sooner like a year. No why months and months. I mean. We'll some of the things that we're doing would do the with me if you're like. Oh Yeah but we're two years apart so I'm two years older so you would have been seventeen would have been nineteen. My friends were in university. You were exiting highschool so which which. I never told you that. You didn't know that right that you thought we were dating. No no no yes. I know you didn't know that. I thought that you didn't know that. I thought we were dating when we definitely were dating because I was telling everybody in my circle that you're my girlfriend. Yeah you were. I An. I was not doing that. I thought we were just like I wasn't seeing anybody else necessarily by the time you thought that it just wasn't I think a conversation and then When you're nineteen. I don't think people your slightly jaded and I don't think Once you're out of high school that you're quick to commit to a relationship right and so for me. It was like. Oh Yeah we're just we're just fleeing. We're just doing this. This was more like I just was not a person I wasn't like in that mindset. I wasn't eager to settle down. I was nineteen. And then you're like so. Many states are percents shut. It was it was. It was love at first sight on. I get a million times. I do get it because if somebody if somebody was behaving in highschool the way that we were that would have been dating one hundred percent right but when you're like the at the age of university people are playing the field more. They're getting around. They're getting out. It's like nobody wants to label anything you know. So those two years difference. Although they make no difference now they did make a difference. Then do you remember some of the things that you had said like? You had your own checklist of things that you needed for someone to be. Oh Yeah like your husband. Yes I was a little girl. I remember reading this magazine Article and it was about Basically now how we would word it is like manifesting your dream and yeah but at the time it was like Prayer work I would say like a religious aspect or connection about like dreaming to fulfil to fill those you know to fill that And so yeah it is. It said to make list like a detailed list of like what you want your future spouse. I was probably like twelve and I wrote it out like in detail. It was like I want a man who plays the piano. Yes so you said that to me which is funny and I and I bought a piano. Yeah and you do play the piano. Not many people know that And you do it beautifully Thank you I wanted. A man who had blue eyes and light hair and who was kind and gentle and Obviously respectful and it went on and on. I don't I don't think I added the hide in there but like had I. I'm sure you know like obviously manifestation work had you asked about height you definitely would have wanted. Somebody told kissing height. Oh thank you I I I mean for me and my dream girl although I never really thought about it I didn't expect to my wildest dreams that you being as exotic as you are songs Ronnie White Men would be in my league. I thought I'd I'd wind up with somebody very normal very normal. No not even close. I would wind up with somebody very Fiat. And I mean if I if I describe this person anybody who looks this way is going to get very offended because tread late. I just thought I'd get the the beauty is in the eye of the beholder is such a real real thing. Yeah he really comes down to like your own preferences and who you found attractive as a kid or who is kind to you how they We put attachments to those things. Or you're very very personality. Based oh my gosh yeah. It was for everybody watching Because this is a youtube series as well We've got some great some really killer stuff that Cecilia designed merchandise. Yeah be kind just an important thing to read every morning but he wants a modern there. We're GONNA switch to wine and maybe some whiskey a little bit later. I wonder how much wine you could fit in one of these. I wonder probably two and a half glasses. Two thirds of a bottle maiming. That's pretty decent. Who got you the Cup that said this? This might be wine. CAITLIN CAITLIN assists. They're gonNA have her and Jason on our podcast. Actually all couples. We're GONNA get well depends on. How many people we we get listening to this day. Yeah but back to manifesting my dream girl your dream guy so we finally do get together and a lot of people kind of how do I say doers? A lot of negativity around how fast I fell for you and the fact that I asked you to marry I think people really struggle Remembering what puppy love was and when that transitions into like true love and then I think people Forget what it was like to be young. I think that's one thing I've really committed to myself in this process of parenting is that I won't forget. Yeah like I remember my first break up. And how like downright brutal that was and so when the kids go through their experiences I WANNA remember that and hold onto it and hold space for them to feel all the feelings because nobody did that for me and from my experience with you. I don't know that anyone did that for you. Too and space for my feelings. Yeah Yeah I never felt feelings your feelings but your feelings of love to your feelings for me. It was very like The attitude that it could be squashed that it could be removed that it could be taken away like that. It wasn't real and it's like I don't care how old you are Your feelings are so I wanNA swear. But they're so fucking real of course and like not only are they still real But I would almost say the younger you are the less jaded you are the more raw it is. Oh absolutely. Because you've you're feeling these things for the very first time. Yeah you just think future generations. Don't respect children or their feelings in. It's like you are just as much human as a child as you are as a forty year old fifty year old person. Of course that's not okay. Yeah well I know that you're gonNA do great job. Were were both going to do the best. We are best young kids. Yeah but anyways to move back to People not being in support of our relationship. Nobody got it. We got it. I mean we've been together. We've BEEN MARRIED FOR EIGHT YEARS. Going eight and a half years going on nine. We've been together for nine. Almost yeah and hallows after nine ten. What are we GONNA do for a tenth? I have no idea. Where did you get? I don't know but it's GonNa be good Tell us have. We been together total while we met March fifteenth. Two Thousand Eight. So yeah I mean. We've been together that summer's when we really got together. Yeah says at twelve years by that summer I was telling everybody you're my girlfriend by the winter. I think we enjoyed Christmas together. I did come to your Christmas that year. Right of Oh eight okay. Yeah Yeah and so there is a lot of pushback I mean. I don't know if you've ever been so serious about someone I have no idea like. I don't know your here's your history. I two girlfriends in high school I broke up with a one of them. One of them broke up with me and the newest like super attached. I don't know we'll know because I know what love is so I never said I love you because I should probably mention that the first time I met you. And you don't remember meeting mean this is like a funny story because which I was going to do. Actually an episode eight. But that's okay. Let's tell everybody know whatever. It just came up so I met you. You don't remember meeting me. We have a short story in a long story of it. It's funny because you ask the you. You tell the long version of it. So we sat out in the grass. And like I went to. What was it centennial? Bonneville was hosting a centennial for the province of Berta. You're right you're performing. I didn't know that you were performing. I was just there with friends and you were friends with my friends so we just all sat and hung out and I thought you were so sweet but that was like it. There wasn't like instant connection clearly. Not for you because you don't remember and We were just with a group of friends and then you performed reason why. I don't like this story. I remember everything. Bread has steel. Remember up like but I have a feeling that if we were to go back and that like if you fell in love if you're smitten then the. Us You were fifteen. I was seventeen. What would that have done? What would that have accomplished our? We definitely would. I don't think would have nice school out of relationship then Yelich head. It would have never worked. I know so if you had like connected to me then. What would that have done other? Everything happens for exactly so I don't remember you at all from that. We went backstage after you had invited us all backstage but you were like really good friends with one of the girls that I was really good friends with. And so that's how that worked out and we came back and hung out and I remember you talking about your current girlfriend at the time right and you were like smitten like it was like the sun and moon rose and set on her behind. It was like wow and I in in it resonated with me because I had been dating guys. Were like Maybe jocks or jerks or whatever and the I just thought they would never like they when they talked about women it was like the ball and chain the old lady like it was very negative and you stood out to me in such a big way and I I remember thinking I didn't think to myself like Oh i WanNa be with that guy. It was like I want someone like that. I want someone to talk about me that way. When I'm not in the room I want someone to swoon over me that way and here. We are what I remember meeting you. I guess your time. My first time March Fifteenth Two Thousand Eight the Bonneville Eggs society or pro Rodeo was bringing the chuck wagons into town. I know that you've got the last pair of tickets and so I went with the same friend. Yeah so Yeah I remember when you came in. Is this on TV. You see what? I'm doing right now. So did eight Bonneville and they're bringing the chuck wagons into town and so I did the dance. Yeah And Clint was in the van to support her Kelly. I didn't know you were playing. I didn't really like I remember you want. It was just down dress pants and a slate. Silver Gray metallic metallic Almost like a tube top. Yeah shoplift strapless top. Just unbelievable. You're tanned is could be you move beautiful green. I literally it was like it was like Like a Tom and jerry or a looney toon episodes like Ruga feeling. I'll tell everybody so. During the dance I played peaceful easy feeling the eagles and I sing the first part ways. Berkeley any rings lay. Yeah Yeah where where was your skin in Soho Brown and then I walked off the stage and I asked if Cecilia would dance with me yet and he had his band continue plan playing and so at that point. It was a big risk. I talked to the guy about that. It was going to do it before you did intermission intermission and they kind of all dared me. And they're like yeah. It'll never happen right because your way out of my league. I mean it wasn't a team and so but you said yes and I'm really thankful that you did I mean can't leave guy hanging I I did have a boyfriend at the time I know yeah and I. He was Super Nice so like I knew that he was in like a jealous type. I knew that it wasn't going to be like gossip. This or that like he was a very chill person to chill. That's how it ended. He didn't care enough but you know but it was that moment. That was a huge turning point for me because then we started facebook and I just couldn't get enough so one of the greatest gifts that you ever gave me. I think it was for maybe our five year anniversary. It might have been my birthday. I don't remember when I got it but you had printed off all of our facebook letters. I did that. Yeah my office right now. Are you kidding me? There's probably three hundred pages. God that gets a staple it together did. I is a book. What did they tell me? What did I do you you? You wrapped it all within a burlap like a string. Yeah like those kind of standings and then you put it in a box with tissue paper all around it and was just every single one of our basic our love letters. I did not know that I did that what I do remember doing that are so happy that she did it. That's so sweet was it? Did I give it to you and I did that scrapbook? No that scrapbook was was way earlier way earlier. We should bring that on here we should. It's so good it's still in Nashville. Yeah but when it fast forward over the last ten twelve years. We've been together now doing this. Podcast as we kind of wrap up this episode and how you grew up in Hines Creek in the Bonneville unit. I met a little bit and I think over. The course of these episodes will let people know more of our journey water. Some of the key things that you want people to get out of our story and the things that we're going to share is it. Just get to know US better. Because we've developed you know I guess a fan base now who care about us in our journey or is there something deeper that you hope people will guess things. I think the biggest thing is like we all want to inspire others. Maybe we don't all but I feel like our generation is like to initiate change and growth in You know to just inspire someone would be such a blessing but furthermore To connect to connect with people in a way that if year like drawn into one no more. You have questions or things that we can shed light on or if things that worked for us in our relationship are currently working as parents as You know just human beings or I miss experience. I hope that anybody who listens to this. Even though this is our very first First one out of the gate more of an introduction. I hope that we can find some topics we can talk with everybody on obviously on instagram. Keeping it Kissel or your Cecilia. Kissel mind Brett Castle and say if you want us to talk about something. You really want to know how we do this. We don't like to should on anybody and says that to us all the time not tell you what we think you should do. But just say this is what we do. If it's going to help you great if it doesn't help you that's fine but I think that we could really help out a lot of other couples with some of the Shit that we've been through the struggle that sharing is caring and I think that if you have time and energy to share with people One of my favorite things about social media is people telling me their stories. Yeah I find it so moving and when people comment I do my best to like minimum like the comment which at once. I've read it so I do read every single one and The ones that really moved me over respond back but as we end see so let know what our mission statement is here so keeping it kissel. The lifestyle brand focused on supporting and celebrating family. Equality and unity why those filigree pillars so obviously family is the most important thing to us Obviously before we had children family was like meant a lot to both of us but now that we have children holy shit next level next level stuff So anything we can do to support them and to teach them how to love and share and care and all those things The second point you said equality equality That's a big one. That's a huge one for me which I'm sure we'll dive into furthermore to be equal to your partner to be immoral As human beings. I don't care who you are. I don't care if you are the richest person on the planet the most successful person on the planet. We all have the same heartbeat. We all have the same blood running through our veins and we are all just people and if we could just treat each other like we are equal because we are nothing makes you better than me and nothing makes you less than me if we can do that. I think we'll all be better off. I agree and then lost his unity. Why is that so important you together? We're stronger while everybody. I really hope that you're going to enjoy these conversations back and forth over. I don't know how we have no idea how many were going to do. We have no idea where this is going to go. Take US take us all even chair. I was super resistant to do a podcast. This is a very new to me. This is very fresh. This is exciting. I'm in a different head space because I'm like why not. Why not me? Let's just wing it and give it a shot and see what happens. Go with the flow and See we're serious. See where we end up. Well thanks for tuning in everybody. Make sure you follow us. Keeping a Kissel and INSTAGRAM CECILIA KISSEL and Brett Kissel on instagram and visit our website. Kissel DOT COM. That's C. C. Design also showed up to We should call her like Like of I don't know what what should we call becky? But just you be in this whole ensemble of everything. Keeping Kissel The executive producer. She's she's a she's our assistant great friend. She'd all things branding this. But we gotta it's episode. We haven't figured it out yet. But we'll tell you all the big podcasts. Have a have a big producer and stuff like that show to Ethan. Thank you very much. Ethan Burke for Piecing together Becky for everything and Hope you enjoy the next one to come up with a cool sign off. I think until you answer. Crickets keeping KISSEL DOT COM. We'll see they're not sucked until next time until next time what is it. I'll see you on the first the first time ever go the first first chance I get I chance to see you. See on this irst. None of it was good. No no we'll work on. That guy's fail okay. We love you know. See secret to this smile inning. Complicating fact it's easy to describe perfect. Saw The perfect day could see in a couple this morning having coffee with her.

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