Trump says he is open to an investigation of his postmaster general


Good Morning? I'm James From The Washington? Post, in this is the daily two. Oh. Two for Tuesday. September eighth. In today's news shots were fired on the India China border for the first time in decades more than a thousand right wing protesters gathered outside Portland. And the West faces an extremely dangerous fire threat after historic weekend heatwave. But first. The big ideal. President trump expressed openness on Monday toward an investigation of Louis de joy his postmaster general who's facing scrutiny after former employees of his previous private company said, they felt pressured to make donations to Republican candidates for which they were later reimbursed in a Labor Day news conference at the White House trump said he should lose his job if it can be proven that he did something. Wrong the president was responding to questions about a Washington Post story from over the weekend which found that over a decade while the joy was CEO of new breed logistics employees said on the record they were urged by the joy and his top aides to contribute to GOP candidates, and then they were reimbursed through bonuses a that would be unlawful in North Carolina and under federal law. To joy spokesman said that he believes he's always followed fundraising laws and regulations late Monday night congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Democratic Chairman the House Oversight Committee said, her panel will launch an investigation of joy and she called for his immediate suspension. She also suggested that he committed perjury during a recent appearance before her committee since being appointed, the head of the US Postal Service to joy is come under additional scrutiny for his severe cost. Cutting measures that critics say are wreaking chaos and causing delays prompting accusations of political bias especially after trump threatened to block USPS funding to limit its ability to process ballots for the November election. In his wide ranging forty, five minute news conference trump also said his administration will end the coronavirus pandemic through operation warp speed, which seeks to produce vaccine in record time though the president's stated timeline clashes with that described by experts in his own administration, the president claimed the vaccine could even come during the month of October just weeks before Election Day which is eight weeks from today, which would also be a tremendous boost. His reelection hopes however many experts again in trump's own administration cautioned that such. A rapid timeline seemed overly optimistic. The lead scientific advisor for Operation Warp speed. For instance, told NPR over the weekend that a vaccine is possible but very unlikely to be available back over or November trump's former FDA commissioner. Scott Gottlieb said on CBS's face the nation Sunday that a vaccine for widespread use will likely be a twenty twenty one event if a vaccine were created before the end of the year, he said it would probably be used for targeted populations like healthcare workers or nursing home residents. From, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend the number of Americans who died of Covid nineteen from just under one hundred thousand to more than one hundred, eighty, six, thousand as infections more than quadrupled to upward of six point two million. Trump also used that news conference yesterday to push back on the Explosive Atlantic magazine story from last week that detailed his alleged denigration of troops and military service generally according to the Atlantic's reporting the president dismissed. Americans. Who Died in war as quote losers and suckers trump said the story was a hoax. Then he attacked late John McCain at length McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam in two thousand fifteen trump said publicly that McCain was a loser and then he prefers people who aren't captured. But trump said yesterday that his animosity toward McCain is longstanding and philosophical and shouldn't be viewed as evidence that he does not respect veterans or troops. Trump also tried to distinguish his relationship with the top military brass says not so great. In. His bond with troops on the ground which he claimed is better. He said soldiers love him. But the top people in the Pentagon don't like him because he's against forever wars and the Brass WanNa keep defense contractors happy and profitable. So he put, they can keep making bombs and planes. And that's the big idea. Here are three other headlines that should be on your radar. Number one India and China accused each other today a firing warning shots during a confrontation at their disputed border frontier in a market escalation of tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbours. Standing Protocols observed by both countries forbid the use of firearms such protocols did not prevent the two countries from engaging in their deadliest violence and nearly fifty years in June when soldiers armed with clubs studded with nails and metal rods clashed in a remote area of the western. Himalayas twenty Indian soldiers were killed. The number of Chinese casualties remains unknown both countries responded by moving thousands of troops as well as tanks, heavy artillery, and fighter jets to. Areas close to the disputed, an unmarked border, which is known as the line of actual control despite numerous rounds of talks, tensions remain high apart from fighting a war in nineteen sixty to India, and China, have largely resolved flare ups along their twenty two hundred mile border through dialogue in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five, four Indian soldiers were killed in the eastern Himalayas Dad was the last time both countries acknowledge the use of firearms at the frontier. Number two. More than a thousand supporters of president trump including some aligned with white nationalist extremist. Gathered in northwest Oregon on Monday night in a show of force against left-wing protesters, creating more tension in a region that has been rocked by weeks of protests, hundreds of cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, and RV's hoisted trump flags for a cruise rally through the suburbs. Of Portland, some members of the group then drove that fifty miles to Salem, where they gathered in front of the state capital armed with rifles, pistols, knives, and clubs. The far-right demonstrators at one point charged into a smaller group of Liberal counter-protestors knocking at. least one activist to the ground. The event's organizers said, the show of force was designed to convey to the country that Oregonians back president trump following weeks of violent clashes between protesters and police, as well as between protesters in pro-trump counter protesters in downtown Portland, the were also families with young children and adherence of the Cunanan conspiracy theory in front of the state capital, some identify themselves as members of the proud boys a self identified Western chauvinist group that the F. B. I. says has close ties to white nationalism. The Portland rally caps a holiday weekend that saw fresh protests and political demonstrations erupt from coast to coast some of which became violent on Friday and Saturday nights by the end of the weekend. The number of protests in many cities had dwindled with only scattered clashes between demonstrators and officers. Number three. After one of California's hottest weekends ever observed a severe fire threat encompasses most of the state and extends over large portions of the western United States, in a shocking example of weather whiplash parts of the Rocky Mountain states are bracing for a sixty degree temperature drop and accumulating snow within forty eight hours of triple digit heat. The creek fire in the Sierra National Forest California about two hundred, ninety miles north of Los Angeles grew, from I, being detected on Friday night to consuming over eighty thousand acres as of last night. The unusually strong winds and California threatened to knock down power lines and thus ignite war wildfires that's prompted the state's largest utility PG to play power cutoffs for more than five hundred, thousand people despite the record heat. The shut offs started overnight for some customers and this explosive blaze The creek fire was generated by what meteorologists call towering. pyro Cumulus Nimbus clouds these triggered lightning that spawned fire tornadoes at least ten people were injured from fire with more than two hundred rescued by the California air. National Guard after evacuation routes were cut off and you're Fresno about fifty hikers spent a second night, a wilderness resort sheltering in place because all their escape routes have been cut off by the creek fire and rescuers don't think they can safely reach them. An older man in that area also died due to a medical episode after ems were unable to respond do the conditions. Further. South a separate wildfire that's raging in San Bernardino County. was forked not by a freak storm or a fire tornado. But by gender reveal party, you can't make this stuff up the Eldorado fire in San Bernardino has now scorched ten thousand acres and only seven percent contained investigators have determined that the fire was caused by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device used it a party on Saturday morning in Eldorado ranch sadly, this is not the first time. One of these gender revealed gimmicks started a massive blaze and twenty seventeen. An off-duty border patrol agent shot a rifle at a target packed with an explosive as part of a gender reveal. The idea being blue is a boy and pink a girl that excited a fire in Arizona that consumed forty, seven, thousand acres. Tragically, the weekend blazes in California have pushed the area burned so far this year in the Golden. State to more than two million acres. That is the most acreage burned on record in a single wildfire season since modern record keeper began and what's terrifying. Is. That this is even before the most dangerous part of the fire season usually begins September is typically month you expect the worst fires in California. And that's the daily to to for Tuesday. September. Thank you. Alison fulfilling and last week while I was on vacation while I was off I, took the time to read every comment that all of you submitted as part of a recent listener survey. As always we really do appreciate the feedback and keep doing all we can to make this is useful and helpful for you as possible. Thank you for listening stay safe James Hillman. I'll talk to you to Molko.

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