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a welcome to the bill barnwell show i'm bill barnwell well here here's tuesday july second two thousand nineteen nfl season is about two months away at this point but i know that we're getting into some early fantasy football draft i think this is probably right around a good time to start thinking about fantasy and so today on the show we're gonna talk a little bit fantasy football talk a little bit about be a rookie class coming in and for those of you who have dynasty leagues who are interested in rookies for year rookie draft or if you're playing in a traditional financial lincoln just have rookies who are gonna be entering into you're typical draftable wanna talk about them and i was thinking about which colleague i might wanna have onto talking about that way then you know plenty of qualified five smart people at e s p n but then i realized oh i have a new colleague here at e s b m someone who's had on the show before a good friend of mine for a long time formerly of sb nation now up dsp on this bill conley bill welcome thanks for having me yet colleagues have you idiots gimme were formerly colleagues of football outsiders i mean you've already written you're first article for a previous ghana college football went up a what last thursday something about affect a base could count on if it takes to make each each title contender i real title contender in college football yes end that you of course i've known for many things that don't work many things in the past one of the things sp nation which i would describe as a lunatic i would say terrifying is that you already preview every college football team if i'm not mistaken oh yeah yeah i know all hundred thirty would start every february end you got about halfway this year i think you end up with kansas which is an interesting place the end in a lot of different ways but i'm assuming you're gonna be doing something similar cash adding somebody will say like i think were still discussing format now but basically you'll get batches of of previews of sorts a windy media days a free each conference start rolling out here in a couple of weeks that kind of panics conduct a couple of weeks and that's a lot of writing the do but i mean a lot of writing it to i guess and so were were rolling with it you're you're definition of a lot of writing is different from anyone else on the planet definition of a lot of writing like oh this is gonna be that bad you're still writing way more than anybody else why set the bar pretty high my first basically like sixty five hundred words there's something like that but but who am i talking to here that's you know the word couch or counter theoretical so i think it'll be alright i wish microsoft word also felt that way unfortunate 'em so today my ideas let's just go through the first two rounds of twentyfour texas having a twelve team league oh they sort of little average fantasy league average frankly having a rookie draft and i think let's go will go alternate pick by tech will go through the first two rounds i just talked about some of the players who might come up and you know think about a one relying on your insight into their college football performance which i have absolutely no insight there maybe i could help little bit in terms of their pro pro fat and sort of how they might i impressions of rookie and then in the years to come as well so bill you're the guest i think it's fair for you to start with the first overall pick in the draft who would you take a well so i immediately assumed they would to be a quarterback but you know then 'cause it's been a little while since i've played saying if their place my fantasy part which is more writing a few years ago so i would lean in torrance cuyler murray but then when you see every single list of rankings mock draft and whatever else having josh jacobs number one i feel i feel pill peer pressure this morning a into put in a jacobs in one spot so i'm gonna i'm gonna do that i'm gonna follow i'm gonna fall in line to josh jacobs because if they're christian mccaffrey in this rookie class it's probably josh jacobs i have more confidence in him as a receiver then a runner i think but that might work out pretty nicely off a very interesting comparison there i have not heard that before and i let me let me ask you about drafting as i mean obviously you know i i think she's in that first the overall spot not just because of his potential but also just the reality of he is be one running back this class who is you know basically guaranteed a starting job not me not guaranteed but you certainly in position to have his starting job in oakland and when i look at his performance she only had two hundred fifty one carries in college and of course everything upside of this which is be it'd be leonard for net argument okay if you burn a guy out in college he's not gonna have the pro level where do you stand i mean do you think it's such a small sample that is concerning or is a good that he hasn't had that sort of you know college worked with before hitting the road yeah i mean if you can avoid having like a thousand career character something when you hit the road that it really affected levy on bell all that much but it seems like that's not necessarily a bad thing but i mean he just he lives in a crowded field for a long time is this you know the the rare diamond in the rough alabama recruit he shows up just to kind of fill in the third down back kind of role yet they they had damian harris and both scarborough and twenty sixteen harris and naji harrison in twenty eighteen it was a pretty crowded place by the end of his junior year he had emerged as kind of the goto in the in the playoffs last year in the end a so he was one of three backs between a hunter fifteen in a hunter fifty carey's at alabama andy also a you know whatever it was twenty passes for two hundred something yards at a touchdown against oklahoma a really good looking touchdown he is a really nice receiving option in so he's kind of a custom made you could say custommade third down back obviously you know he might be playing first and second down to write that he could probably handle that i think yeah and i think realistically for whatever we want to say about jon gruden and how this off as it's been constructed they've still invested a fair amount in their offense of line two first round picks so not in the first top three picks them a year ago were on the offensive line a they brought in trent brown this year for the biggest contract pretty tackle in football he's gonna be playing right tackle which is remarkable given how much you typically spend the right tackle jackson's still they're running hudson's so there's a story a team that's gonna invest a lot in their offensive line so you have people around him to succeed it it certainly seems like you know even if you don't believe even the raiders necessarily believe in josh jacobs chance of having a big year yeah in the red flag for him in you know just about everybody has one of the rookie of the red flag that he really wasn't very explosive he was easily the most efficient back of all the top a draftees here is easily the most efficient overall and that's something that you know in in the research i've done that seemed to care for it a little more that's a little more projectable if you're looking at college to pro transition in sometimes you know a guy who's just all big plays he he comes the pro suddenly he's not faster than everybody else and that's a problem so in theory then you've got a you know a nice officiency potential running past we'll see if he fails that it turned out he wasn't quite athletic enough not quite fast enough to make the most of his opportunities but he has received ability will help a lot i think yeah just sort of you know it regents his floor right where if you have a guy who writes all they do is run well if they don't run wild and you're screwed right but now you have a role like you you can carve out a role in one way or another for yourselves so i do think it raises his floor for sure i was just me too so here's the thing i was gonna take cuyler murray to cut after after hearing you argue that i should listen to the wisdom the crowd you know what i'm gonna take cuyler murray i'll say i'm gonna take it three if you don't so either way a yeah i just feel like you know he i think he's fifth currently when it comes to a eighty p for me it's a it's a matter of i i understand quarter cornerbacks and not necessarily as valuable and it's absolutely fair 'em i just see a guy who is his floor is so high because he had that running ability so you have that built in and then i think and i'm gonna ask me if you think in terms of the air raid in year one cardinals just have this this extreme possibly possibly by had extremely high pace which could be two erotic drives any lot of opportunities to score they're playing a would they defense that is gonna be without patrick peterson who is their only useful cornerback of any it seems like offer the first six games but you're not taking a couple of games the kind of get back into form so first half of the year they're gonna be running and often that plane pretty bad defense should be bad i mean that's i think an opportunity to score a lot of points a and cuyler murray is going to be the focal point of that often yeah and i'm i'm curious about the tempo thing because a cliff kingsbury dolphins last year there were there were fast but not crazy that i think they were let's there were thirty fifth and my adjusted pace a measure which basically looks at you run pass rate since since even run a lot more players were passing a lot looks at you run pass right kind of figure out what how many second person that you should have had and then compare is it a there about a second faster than they run pass rate would have suggested which is something a bud oh you they owe you kind of eliminated tempo a couple of years ago lincoln lincoln riley takes his time especially when they've got a leading they need the end the game state changes sodas so that's cuyler murray's been playing in the last couple of years i think with his with his own personal speed with the potential of a you know spreading around the ball they have some kind of interesting officiency receiver options now 'em it would make sense to raise the tempo a little bit but i i'm not sure if it's a given if they need to slow down and make sure they have the the right calls and everything else it might not necessarily be something they used all the time what do you think about deep air raids applicability to the nfl i mean of course we've seen teams you know take place okay concepts you don't have done at the patriots have done it do you think it's something that is going to have is short shelf life what are your expectations for team running the sort of the experienced example of hearing in the nfl that we've seen so far yeah i mean i'm pretty competent just because cooking murray is a pretty adaptable guy it's really mike leach is the only one who of all the quote unquote air raid descendants who has remained extremely orthodox in his approach 'em i mean he's he's got the same for the most part the same you know eight plays or whatever that he was running in about nineteen ninety nine and it works for him but i you know other guys dana hoeger sin obviously lincoln riley cliff kingsbury all these guys who have had spent time under eric coaches they've all adapted in one way or another in their own system a system still threw the ball a lot so i'm not really or center or riley in the pros would be kind of interesting but other obviously gonna throw the ball a lot i don't see that really changing but i i do think it's it's adaptable enough to where just saying the word airway does it doesn't necessarily tell us what what we thought at told us maybe ten years ago it's there are a lot of different variations now i think that's totally fair who do you have coming off the board third a this is a tricky i i had those two as as easily the top two in the board and then i think you could make a case for a lotta guys here i'm not gonna go crazy with rodney anderson yet i'm gonna say that for a couple more rounds but how about aj brown aj brown okay i think it's interesting i have a little lower here a what what excites you about aj brown well number one i think even at the pro level i think you could still scheme guys open from the slot and the tight end position is a little bit a as a you know a so he he his experience in the slot i think is a potential advantage just in and of itself at this point a an you know i don't necessarily love the tendency receiving core and that's gonna held him to a overall and so i think there's a role for him in that offense i think i wanna take advantage of pretty quick i i like they did brown a lot i was a win win deacon metcalf sort of getting all the draft which turned out to not really much of anything with the draft actually round 'em i was the person i felt worse for was the guy who is actually the best receiver on the old miss teen the last couple of years aj brown had put in a lot of work and i i hope he succeeds because he really is kind ready made slot man i think yeah i think it's tough just because you know they did add adam humphreys this off season that's kind of the snaps in the slot you know he's still gonna show up there but would like to see him as an every down player which is not gonna be the case with the first europe's that's the first couple of years and i mean there's a lot of theoretical options surround i thought you're gonna play right practice but you know corey davis is they're gonna have a big role you all lewis a healthy last year he wasn't very good got a ton of target i say like i i'm not worried about dan lewis a doing doing just a ton of damage there but david is a potentially gonna keep in bourbon 'em laney walker the're again he's thirty five coming off a serious injury theoretically he's gonna get a bunch of targets but i think for aj brown for me it's more of a long term thing but i think the talent like you mentioned is gonna play out in the in the thing is at this point and it's strange to say i'm not sure i'm excited about him playing with marcus mariota a quarterback i almost kind of want them to you try different quarterback and see on that were yeah i mean i i you know security bike it's a good thing though i i'm maybe with mary oda at times he might end up believing that a little too much is still a backup by the way 'cause he loves himself a an eight yard pass known housing that not a backup quarterback is ryan tannehill oh okay well there there that's not sure that's i guess that's technically better yet theoretically is it really isn't like the most exciting upgrade you to upgrade oh no yeah so yeah so i i see your point though i think the talent there you know the 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bunch of guys over the last year chrishogan rob gronkowski remember caspi friday first and last on the chrishogan first quarter harrison not there anymore 'em june elemental you're older a wide receiver in glaring makes perfect sense a the thing is though the patriots track record in drafting receivers exactly what you would call ideal the first three rounds under bill bella check since two thousand beyond branch in two thousand two i think to perhaps be very good player that that will johnson jack jackson brandon tate taylor price an errand dopson i it's not it's not the most tantalizing list the right players where i think those guys would have been hot prospect not quite inside my my first baseman top prospects coming out of school who they didn't really have much of a pro career as a whole yeah and it's funny because you don't always has receiver's so it's like you know thinking evaluate receiver telling one way or another has just been bad luck but they haven't liked indeed draft obtained better receiver's but they've obtained elsewhere has it's just been like the progression to the mean not another gonna nail like six picks in a row with a lot of like they they don't lack for for identifying receiver talent even if they haven't gotten a lot of the draft so i i i like hearing my one question about him 'em you know his biggest thing is there he catches well in traffic you know he's able to a you know maybe the best set of hands that's what you heard a lot but like if you were already in traffic and the pros are in in college right are you gonna get any separation are you gonna be able to get open against better cornerbacks at the next level to where he really having a catch balls and traffic now it's the separation aspect is is really interesting to me but there's no doubt in his hand there's no doubting tom brady the ability to you know identify wide receivers strikes arm figure out how to get him the ball so maybe it will probably sixty by at least a little wary about that yeah and i mean the time you know tom brady's history tells us he's not the guy who's gonna you know just throw the ball up and hope you can get it unless you're right gronk unless you absolutely desperate situation finally open receiver so if you're not open he's talking three the football right so you might if he's not open he might suddenly be like the number six option i dunno absolutely so who do you have all right i'm excited about this but especially since it's a dynasty situation where it's not just this year but daryl henderson 'em was dynamite at memphis last year and a half lead him landing with the rams which you know have have a if nothing else proven that number one they're gonna they're gonna blocked there and figure out how to get their running backs space to run a one way or another and a you know i i do the idea of him being with a creative off as a coach who could maybe get the ball to him in some space is very exciting i liked that pick a lot of things that's really nice spot brain deland even at the backfield the little crowded right now well right now is the operative word right i mean i'd girlies under contract for a couple more years and you know you'd figure as long as he's able to play he's going to get the majority of the rest there but i mean this is often we know it's gonna be dynamic for awhile sean mcvay theoretically i maybe we know is the wrong word 'cause he could have easily but i think while he's still there coach they're gonna be fine off at and then you think about girly situation he hasn't arthritic knee a and they were they were just fine without him last year but once they fucking c j anderson with a guy almost literally a you know who is hanging out on the street you is i think the raiders third stringer for a little bit on he was great so i think if you put eight good player in that situation and it's a good player but he put it more promising player perhaps in that role well a lot of opportunities there so you know there's there's got it you'd figure it's a long term move but there's not eight there's zero percent chance at todd gurley mrs a bunch games next year and suddenly daryl henderson is winning you're you're fantastic in december the way that maybe c j anderson did a year ago yeah no that's that's the thought process entirely there he's easily more explosive just talking about you know explosiveness doesn't always translate but his physical is measurements seem to everything he could possibly do to the states suggest he could be very explosive in the pros and so you know wealthy mhm yeah i think certainly you know he's been rising everytime eight todd gurley story hits wrote a world daryl henderson atp rice's in in a point nine yards per carry last year are the top that he'd point nine yards per carry that's incredible 'em so offer me at six year old david montgomery with the bears 'em what did you think of him in iowa state so montgomery like what i was just saying about harry he's kind of the the the area of a running back to me in that you know the biggest thing you always saw pf l and you're great grades pf breaking tackles the first guy could never bring him down he was also having a break tackles in the backfield every time and i could never quite decide what that does bad blocking or was it that he's just not even slightly explosive doesn't really get to his pocket for all the broken tackled the average four point seven yards per carry last year his officiency numbers were extremely mediocre did decent at best an m i again that could have all been the line now he's behind a pro line maybe that's gonna be just great for him but you know the bears number one doesn't have a lot of officiency in their run game to begin with some rain and i gotta see it i i have to see him doing well i i just don't completely trust it i'm like the only person saying that so that probably means i'm wrong but again i dunno i mean mock draft will by the way a their mckenry headache first percentile vertical jump twenty eight and a half inches so any meaningful meaning meaningful that or any meaning to that but i i do think when you have these first percentile in anything that's a very interesting 'em how do you think he fits in in tandem with three color i mean i i like could in theory if he's the guy who can get between the tackles and do damage there 'em then you know he fits our role you've got the inside outside thing obviously i love the way they used cohen as you know as the runner receiver anything on any given play but i understand that you might still want a guy who could run between the tackles a reasonably reliably in and i see what they see in montgomery i just it might turn out he's just not athletic enough just to slow to really do the job that he's asked to do there and will see who do you have how about dwayne haskins okay i'm ready i'm excited a how how difficult this is the judgment haskins given a relative lack of experience at the college level i think the biggest thing for him is going to be that he's going to i don't like as a rookie he's got he's got a lot of lessons taylor and i think that's the best way to put it he learned a lot last year i mean he he he adapted as he went but especially in a game against penn state in the first half you could tell like they were sending extra pressure they were blitz and a lot more than they had i think to that point in the year and you could tell he he was surprised by it he he had gotten to this point in his college career without really ever being pressured all that much because they haven't played as a redshirt freshman very much he probably had based on how much pressure in high school and so he just got to that point in his career without really having the the the live reps against a whole bunch of pass rushers interface and it took a little time now a state olivia alleviated that problem by it happened in throw a whole bunch of receiver screens in ohio state with amazing at the screen game last year a so i recommend you know washington up instead install that immediately engineering in one of his receivers with a nice touch i thought but he's still adapted and i think he's got a lot of lessons to learn and i think you'll learn him i think he's got a lot of the skills you want it just it's gonna take a little while and it's gonna take some mistakes before you gotta figure out everything that it needs to do yeah i think absolutely i think it's more about they future handle this and you're one just because i mean this is they sort of lame duck team you might say in terms of you know jay gruden basically after make the playoffs he's getting fired 'em this is eighteen invested a ton of money in alex smith and he probably is not gonna be able to play again obviously i hope i'm wrong there but you know he's serious serious injury there and this is i'm working on my weapons arsenal rankings for you just thirty two teams i think this is probably the worst group of receivers in football josh jackson is paul richardson and now they had a term car in a tree queens might be might be a slot receiver this year as it possibly i mean it's just it's not hey it's a group that haven't had any success at the pro level and they could change of course but you know i mean he's gonna have chris thompson is a very solid receiving back a couple of useful tight ends and jordan reed and vernon davis if they can stay healthy but i do think there's gonna be a work in progress year i think he's gonna win the job if not at the beginning of the year certainly are you know probably in the first half of the season and then 'em i think we're gonna see some ups and downs but you know like you said overall i think you know he showed enough and i ohio state but i think he a lengthy trial offer a couple of years now washington quarterback i do think the type that i mean he's gonna lean heavily on the safety belts 'em and you know that's maybe you don't want to get to the point you don't wanna go to like a sad breath sam bradford level of a just immediately throwing the three yard passer whatever every single time but it is still he's gonna make the smart call even even though maybe in a in a rebuilding year whatever you wanna call this for washington 'em you know even if he gets a chance proven self you almost want him to make aggressive mistakes occasionally i don't know if he's gonna do that he might lean a little too heavily on those on the on the on the check downs but overall i mean the the talent is there they he's got a lot to offer will just will see a pick and ruining a in a year that i got very promising optimistic outlook really washington a franchise matter buildings develop players not unwarranted giving their history i think it's fair to say i'm at eight i'm gonna go tj hopkinson 'em and it's not about his rookie performance but you look at history rookie tight end tens of struggle in this is a league where i think there's been four tight ends make history you i've had seven hundred receiving yards in their rookie year so it's not as if you know i'm expecting eight hey really impressive campaigns of rookie but i think this is they eighteen that wants to run the ball 'em they're they're moving away from from going three wide and then in checking the bar as much as possible and matthew stafford has had some success in years past on even tight ends in the red zone with a wide variety of tight ends and i think just you know this this is an often that a over the next two or three years is going to build around hocken sends unique skill set so a position where there is not a lot of useful tight ends out there were liber looking at a very thin crop a after recent retirement and injuries 'em hopkinson even if he only has you know six hundred yards and six touchdowns that's still a starting caliber at tight end and fantasy with a lot more upside i think it's great that yeah the touchdowns obviously the key there and how they used him in the red zone is gonna determined his fantasy value because i i do i mean i just i always have a problem with with drafting tight ends at high 'em you're just thinking back to the names that were still on the board at number eight 'em end the fact that you know in in the research i've done i think like college to pro transitions and whatnot they're they're really it feels like you've done on earth as a good tight end you can create a good tight end you don't necessarily have to spend spend a top ten pick on one so i i was impossibly unique last year even at a school the same always produce good tight end uniquely good and so i think he's got an interesting shot but i yeah i i i it wasn't overdraft whether that means you take him at number eight in rookie dynasty drafter her all year i don't know but i felt like an overdraft me at the time but that's what i would say though i mean i i'm not i'm not the lions that's not my fault they took enough to justify by yeah yeah i think it's up to the bottom of the first round made the same pick i think i would be you know equally as excited i mean the fact that he finished leaving when you know the top ten reactional draft that's that's on the lions on me fair that's very fair i we were putting him at eight when he was the number eight pick i saw symmetry if nothing else this nice investors who do you have a nine here's where i i jump on the rodney anderson train line wow okay on rodney anderson here this is all enough this is i'm talking about over drafting i so i know of what i speak here but 'em rodney anderson was awesome in twenty seventeen and he would have gone quite possibly in the first round if not for that whole he might have constant injury problems thing but adrian peterson was hurt all the time in college to and then he he didn't end up having much of an injury problem moving forward either so it's kind of see whatever you wanna see situation with him and injuries but in terms of production he was dynamite in in twenty seventeen he made such a difference that oklahoma team and being able to just eat up the clock when they had the league late in games and then as they did not ask baker mayfield the do a whole heck of a lot of the in those situations because he was so good and so i'm really really really high on his officiency potential he's got really nice open field ability it just is he injury prone does he have chronic problems and he's gonna be out of the league in three years or was that just all bad luck and he's gonna find moving forward yeah i mean you know the the the pro fin there it's tough though i think it's quite possibly yeah 'em i mean you know put it in the mix and his former a colleague maybe that works out for him to where maybe it means he's carrying like eight times next year yeah you know the the the bengals could restart nixon he's still the third and fourth circuit deal i mean you know i think theoretically they could they could be fined mixing depicted going a different direction at mixing gets hurt us something i mean there's you know a running back opportunities have a wave of he's in his third year i think it's like all right yeah you you know what i mean it's probably a play for years from now but it seemed like irritate oh no no no doubt about that but i i like his potential yeah if you're gonna protect protect on the guy who you think is maybe the best running back and one of the best running backs in this draft class yes 'em so then from me ats i'm at ten here not gonna go for another tight end i go there's like two of them left maybe three i guess yeah 'em i'll go mile sanders 'em with eagles i think there's just you really impressive often they're a and it used bigger logic gonna be you know they're they're not a team that hands out a lot of big games to individual back they've had for for a twenty plus games in three years doug peterson as a as their head coach and play caller but they are team that does rotate their backs a lot so the the flora's higher for sanders and that's where a lot of other guys did a very effective oftens obviously any team that you know i think you would figure there's a really high floor for sanders i don't let there's these stealing of hey you know david montgomery or daryl henderson here just because i don't see him being the guy in a way that those guys would be right but you know could be a regular as a rookie i think absolutely i mean he could play very meaningful role the state team that starting josh adams and a window smallwood forever meaningful games last year at going down the stretch so you know it sanders proved sees useful player he's gonna get rats there's there's not anyone you know blocking him as the primary back in philadelphia even if they traded for joining our yeah he is the exact opposite pickup rodney anderson every possible way in terms of feeling implore i think you know he was well he was kind of the opposite of saquon at penn state last year he was super efficient something they just they they never really had a at penn state with with say kwan running the ball number one the line was better last year which helped but he's just he's he was not an all or nothing guy who's gonna get the five yards on first down and whatnot and he was gonna do okay in the open field but you're right i mean they they opportunity should be there and i and i think he's fine i don't see him being in amazing back at the pro level but i could absolutely carve out a niche all right so let's get the final two picks in the first round andy rest of the second round after the break here on the bill barnwell show in a moment an interesting featured in the flat iron planes many an automobile dashboard and the bullpen it's most agreeable and will not alone witnessing despite having no brain function when bobble head is how guy code not only saves people money but also gives you access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone you're not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yesler switching to geico is a no brainer easy easy to kind of get whiplash right back here on the bill barnwell show on bill barnwell vsbn i'm dr michael connelly vsbn my a new challenger jerry in they build bottles yet again 'em i would just drafted mile sanders at ten who do you have coming off the board at eleven so i'm gonna be after taking a major major risk there nine i'm gonna smart in instead of going with andy isabella i'm gonna go with jj are cigar whiteside 'em again he's like he's with the right team i think end the it's it's it's a pure question of can he posted up pro defenders he could post up gel his defenders 'cause once he got space there were just there is nothing in college defender could do the him a in a lovely just law but up to him and let him go get it kind of thing that sounds like a pretty good red zone target timmy i will just will see like maybe the the the skill doesn't translate but i could easily see him carving out a niche yemen eagles clearly wanna have these big red zone targets they have zach ertz douse goater all sean jeffrey i mean i think it's more they it's more of a year to and beyond play i could see him being in the long run the eagles replacement for all sean jeffrey they have a lot of guy jeopardy the twenty twenty eight twenty nine i think yeah yeah i mean he hasn't injury injury history they would save about nine million on their cap i mean we offer him next and they you know they're gonna leave the cap space there just on carson wentz a lot of guys coming after big races next year you know they're they're they're very good at the cap they they do a lot more than just about anybody when it comes out of cab but you know i think they're eighteen who you know if they're gonna make a move jeffrey has some per year he gets hurt you know this would be logical replacement for them in that role yeah no i think that's a long term i think he's a really really interesting prospect so that twelve i think i will go with hollywood brown a number i love happy is still on the board i don't you know i i when he got drafted a lot of laughs all but this is the worst possible fit for him in terms of the ravens terms they're often how frequently they're gonna run the football i don't know that i agree with that i i just think that you think about lamar jackson this is a quarterback who we know you don't throw the ball to pretty much last year but we knew at louisville he threw the ball deepen can do that you know reasonably well and this eighteen that's gonna have a running game he's gonna have a lot of one opportunities to get downfield yeah i mean i think that's the bottom line is this is kind of an old school kind of thing where if you've got a really good run game and you confront the safety for a half seconds a this guy's really super fasting could probably get open deep 'em and so i like it in ever gonna like it if they want wanna to incorporate more rpo's type stuff of just like the guy guy on a quick slant or out of the slaughter however you wanna use them just see what the real quick moving the quick throw he's really you know he's he's a really good receiver he's he is under size there's no getting around that he might have a lot of injuries by the time his pro career is over we will see but i super fast superquick 'em and it seemed like he could do a lot of damage with an offense that a is going to force teams to mind the run whether they want to or not right i mean the dv comparison here i think it's the sean jackson where you have a guy you know if you're focusing on the run in you have matched up against the safety or you're you know you're playing three deep in cornerback sort of you know piece in the backfield you'll lose i mean he's a guy who is gonna get open downfield and you know i think lamar jackson didn't have a lot of that's what john brown in that role last year but i mean that that's that's the logical you know it might not work we might have just been john brown will find out right exactly and so you know if it doesn't work doesn't work but at least i could see how this would work through the ravens in theory 'em what do you have the first second round who do have it thirteen well let's just stay in baltimore 'em really like justice ill and i think they're gonna be carey's the to go around yeah tomorrow so what does this like really another nice officiency guy a whip potential tential explosiveness i would say 'em you know he he he obviously got hurt a dental last year i believe but he was a really really solid back for number of years at oklahoma state i i liked the potential there okay well then i'm gonna dive for running back at fourteen is well i'm gonna go devon single terry a con buffalo because i just look at that roster that chart this team in transition right you gotta figure i mean it's not you know they're not finished product 'em i i look at the shawn mccoy who is bad last year wasn't healthy in the final year of his deal wrong side of thirty on his way out i think it's fair to say they've said the right things that he's a starter blah blah blah this is a team and also started nathan peterman week one last year so things could change a you know half the line what they're gonna say for the entire year and then it's frank gore behind him i i like having frank gore frank gore's 'em residents will think of a nice way that the you know he's got a lot of wisdom to bring to the position yeah it's great it's great he's there as they mentor and he played well last year but i mean frank gore's nonni long term player for the bill tj yeldan might not make the roster i mean i i could see i could see an opportunity developing their quicker than perhaps it might be some other players who were taken in the first round yeah and he proved as much as he could possibly proven florida atlantic 'em yeah win win lane kiffin first got there in twentysix well first of all i mean given inherited him he had he had average like six and a half yards per carry more i think as a freshman allow a but a kick ass he's starting to figure out what he had he started leaning more and more on single terry single terry almost two thousand years yards as a sophomore a last year like everything kinda slow down forever you and his stabbed at a little bit too but he really he seems like a really really smart runner a solid solid athleticism and good vision in the end it you know like you said he'll get shots there's no question about that yeah and the bills team and obviously i invested a lot in their office of line this year i think for new lyman coming in so the line should be better than it was a go so i just think you know i i think at this point i'm rather take a shot on a running back who has you know starting upside very quickly as opposed to a one of these wide receivers who are sort of the wide receiver three spot for their team yeah how about we go back to route to number fifteen on that but we go back to receivers okay deebo samuel deebo samuel ever san francisco at say ineffective offering fifteen i'm super high on but a who who would you compare deebo daniel to in terms of i think well what i like most about saying it's it's it might be a tricky comparison but what i like about female is a versatility you know he's one of these six foot two ten something in that neighborhood but he showed that he could be a possession man when they needed a possession man he you know he did the jet sweep stuff you've got a lot of different things out of the backfield and he was a terrifying return man a beginning of twenty seventeen when he a he got hurt halfway like just three games into the season yet fifteen catches for two hundred fifty yards in the first three games that year he basically south carolina should aloft nc state but he returned for a touchdown turn that game around south carolina shuttle off the missouri the next week or was losing to missouri the next week when he returned for a touchdown in in takes a jet sweep for a touchdown i think he's he's really really dangerous i think they can figure out a role from it hemmer they they should that's a good offensive staff and i think obviously there's competition and there's a lot of guys who could play a role in that often but i think he could especially with his return capability you could make an early impact not surprised many details memory of what deebo samuel deter missouri a no of course not chris there's a really interesting office there and that you've a lotta guys so you figure their best row might be in the slot a manual could theoretically be on the block trent taylor jordan mathews dante pettis 'em but like you said this isn't oftens that has had success you know even without out of the quarterback in years past and you should be able to find are offered samuel even if it's not necessarily a in every down player or as a primary a player this is to me i think a little bit of an overdraft even though he's likely to play god just in terms of his his actual nfl draft selection soon but you know they're they're they're certainly upside here and they certainly a dynamic player who you know could be innocent player on the sending off in twenty nineteen yeah or a year earlier i it looked like you're just the way he had started twenty seventeen looked like he was an absolute first round pick a man so then you know he kind of he got hurt then he was a little even still really good last year but he wisdom mortal last year 'em and so i guess he slipped a little bit but his his upside very very high yeah speaking of missouri i will or sorry not sorry a lot of big names are just drew lock is some sort of yeah drew lock is in denver and then a i believe thee a yeah i believe no offense is playing with the denver broncos is optimistic nor fancier again early returns of tight ends are not promising typically you're accepting a lot near one but joe flacco who's gonna be the start of this year love stern tied up something you did with dennis pitta over and over again in baltimore an i dunno i mean there's a beer is it not crazy to think drew lock but also enjoy thrown off a little they you know they premium athlete and a guy who i think you know it's gonna percent serious problems for an inside of defense is only half see where i think you know a a the images of obviously someone who could cover tight ends but the chiefs have someone who cover maybe they do now tyron matthew so i'm going to retract my point about bmc way tight ends but i do think a lot of upside yeah he was more of like the normal a tight end then i think he's actually smaller or at least no bigger than that hopkinson but they use talking some a lot more receiver type ways i think they line them up light a little more at least when i was watching i would they did 'em and then an intent was more of the the the typical i were tight which maybe that means he's he's he's more likely to find a a role he's maybe lower ceiling but a more likely to make a contribution but a yeah fuck i see i thought you were gonna get what you're locked because we know the joe flacco is going to be hurt soon and that's gonna give him an opportunity but 'em but yeah no i i could see thought that they had their i would never take drew lock the way you bill appreciate it 'cause then he is about an accident in the morning after that then then will talk okay so andy isabella i i know who people are going to compare him to see all the figure this one out yeah yeah who should people actually be comparing andy isabella he's super fast like that's number one like i i understand the box is going to get put in here andy the fact that he could be eight dynamite slot receiver 'em is it it's obviously we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna fall in the stereotype a little bit but he is super fast and i think he could be used in a lot of different ways 'em early and i could absolutely see him being a near the line of scrimmage security blanket though in in cuyler murray is gonna need some of those and then so i do think that's maybe the raleigh plays early where where he's he gets a lot of touches but averages like nine yards per catch something really on a but their role for him in that often you know they're they're gonna distribute the ball to his many different guys if they can if if cliff kingsbury is a college overall production is is any indication they're gonna need a lot of receivers in the end they're gonna figure out whatever matchup advantage they have if it means a whole bunch of guys catch thirty passes and nobody catches hundred i think that's possible in that all fence and he could absolutely benefit from that yeah i think obviously you think about larry fitzgerald i think he's gonna be the primary guy even this year and his final season i think christian kirk is gonna have a big year are gonna have a great year yeah yeah and i think it's about that in the long term could end up in the slot i think he could be the primary slot guy but you know this is a guy who was his forty time is ninety six percentile of his fast like easily loosely by any definition finish and he is extremely fast so he's got deceptively fast no no he is straight up fast so if you hear those comparisons just know a if you're if he's being compared to julian edelman or a walker those are bad comparisons harrison smith right 'em but they certainly a lot of upside i think the great great office were him i think it really promising fit their 'em do i reach for my running back here yeah no cause you said you're gonna think drew lock i'm gonna trust you i don't think you're aligned 'em i i will take paris campbell in indianapolis 'em i i i feel like it's probably a year to play 'cause they are locked in with health and in devin funchess but both those guys of injury history is and this is a guy who i think his football floor is so high because it's gonna be a factor on special teams who's gonna be very useful player 'em and then you know it's like he's gonna get buried on the depth chart and be inactive for twelve weeks out of the years i think he you know he's he's basically guaranteed at a game they spot and so when you're guaranteed at signing the roster and having a bunch of guys who in front of you who have been injured in years past and you have a very good quarterback i think there's a lot of opportunity there yeah he's he's super efficient you know the highest office was really strange last year and that they really don't even go deep all that off and so all their guys had high efficiency level in four yards per catch overall 'em early the top couple of terry maclaurin i think still did just fine from yards per catch standpoint but he'll and campbell especially johnny dixon at certain times they were more efficiency they're really good at being efficient and campbell is the leader of that group i do think you're watching ohio state last year made you really you became one of those like the old school football fans 'cause you have those receivers they'd be blocking underrated skill they were so good at it and i think that you know it would be a shame if they didn't figure out how to use his his screen ability blocking ability in one way or another and that offense absolutely we have expects the go bell hoosier this'll be a catchy math eighteen nineteen a ninety right right and i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm a man of my word i'm gonna pick a joe flacco backup that's not really selling me on when you say joe flacco is backup though well no i you know all the upside the people talked about drew lock was number one it was obvious and 'em it was i i felt like i had a defense a lot this last spring a big cause his numbers his officiency numbers really work pretty mediocre overall a all i can say to that a number one they improved every single year 'em in his it's career numbers were dragged down by the fact that he was thrown into the fire in a horrible horrible offense in twenty fifteen that no freshman quarterback could have possibly succeeded in even baker mayfield would have struggled to do too much in that offense in twenty fifteen but he did improve in twenty sixteen he did improve and twenty seventeen in their last year with a new offensive coordinator trying to break in you know more quote unquote pro style aspects in shorter and more intermediate ralph and all that stuff he loses emmanuel hall halfway through the year and not even halfway through the year he's playing he's lining up against alabama with a bunch of freshmen wide receivers he struggled for a couple of games and then he was great down the stretch with those freshmen receivers they torch florida they torched yeah well tennessee you which doesn't say a whole lot but they look really really good again down the stretch so i think i i if he fails we know exactly why and how he will fail but he learned in grew every single year and i think that told me as much about him as his gorgeous deep all did you buy let's not let's not let's not throughout it is amazing such a pretty deep ball can't believe he would take drew lock over daniel jones who would say top six nfl quarterback and the judge said they're not even gonna play him for three or four years so we're talking about took him six or whatever to just sit him to redshirt him a few times i've heard i've heard that one about pretty much every single quarterback in the last true you know he'll be playing by the end of september i feel pretty confident robert yeah his bad their starter is thirty eight you're forty or forty six years old or whatever he's gonna be hurt so there's gonna be a chance yet oh no so sad 'em i'm i'm gonna go away alexander madison here where i just think it's opportunity here is really strong because you've got in front of impasse a bit of an injury history has not been great has apparently been fine offense of line that's been bad but we know this team wants to run the ball they just hired gary kubiak being offensive david visor so they're gonna be installing a lot of the dolphins which is actually been very friendly torrance running backs in the past and if you're one dalvin cook injury away from being the starting running back on a good team we were they what might be a very good running game that's a lot of upside there i think he's very underrated in terms of his opportunity not knowing much about him as a player so bill what do you think of him as a player he was extremely efficient and not even slightly explosive a perfect end so it's hard to make it back and like i said i mean efficient efficiency does translate for the most part but you do have to clear a certain bar athletically and it's just it's really hard to figure out if he did not throwing will find out really quickly and he could end up it turned out to be a steel you didn't do much in the passing game econ path i mean he had whatever like twenty seven thirty three a passing to embody only average like six or seven yards per catch something to that effect which you know it is fine if it was second in four news getting six yards out is great but yeah no he he really he's he's he runs stronger than he looks he doesn't look very big but he does you know he has to ten to fifteen or whatever and i hill at least he will have a chance i just can't tell if he's athletic enough metzer right but let's get to the final few picks here in a second but first i wanna talk about are powell at ziprecruiter guys we find you ziprecruiter before if you're in business of any kind i always bring up sports teams would be example i try to make it you you know a little native to the things talking about on the show but you don't have to be a sports team to get the benefit of ziprecruiter if you're in business needs a higher anybody for just about anything i would say you should go to ziprecruiter and find that person because ziprecruiter in 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about twentyone a i just realized that somehow we've that we've gotten this far without picking either damian harris or d k metcalf in and now i'm torn a string players to be torn between you know sony michelle had an established himself a lap down the stretch last year i think damian harris he would've been like tenth on her list there's something to that effect 'em but it's really hard to figure out what harris's opportunity is going to be in that often so i guess i guess give me the ball who's gonna give me the guy who's gonna catch like eighteen passes for five hundred seventy five yards this year in seattle you don't know about that big bill i yeah i will see like he really does one straight very fast and if you were going to be a guy who who you know is still has a lot of work to do on his roundtree you know playing in the good old fashioned play action all fence a run run run play action oftens i should say a on a team that really does think you gotta run for three quarters before you could run play action off of it that really might be a lovely spot for him because he can go he can run go rouse like nobody's business and joe maybe that ends up being a really nice spot brand especially early on now there's not a lot on that roster i mean it is tyler lockett and then it's all a lot of guys who you know it promising college receiver should beat out so mainly opportunity is there for sure i'm gonna go damian harris happy 'em just purely based on sony michelle's me which we know is not you know already had a miss time last year at that you're already one underwent a minor surgery this off season i mean you know when he's there i think he's going to be the guy by bill bella check is not someone who has been particularly a in love with any one particular running back in years past if if vending machines hurting damian harris plays well damian harris will get gary so on even if the shallows back i think you'll be back for most of the year i think damian harris could have meaningful role in year one and then you know depending on on the shelf have any meaningful role in years two three four is well yeah i don't love harris is upside overall at least compared to some of these other batter but i mean he's he's super smart and here's another guy who is very very efficient in in and big enough to be pretty durable down the line so yeah and of course anytime you land in new england you know you you carve out offer yourself you could play that role for a you know in in pretty big games and big opportunities so yeah i i it wasn't nice spot from the land and 'em i will say like he he really did seem to get josh jacobs is rise off you seem to be a kind of a zero sum thing in harris had the fall a little bit but he's still a good back yeah absolutely so you're last village twentythree we're having with their final selection and are in a rookie draft i i wanna pick emmanuel hall 'em knowing the receiver in the end all receiver in college football the last two years who was also hurt all the time 'em but i'm gonna go darwin thompson because darren thompson landed in kansas city and if anybody can figure out what to do with potentially explosive awesome running back slash receiving threat is probably gonna be kansas city mom that's fair what would be what do i do parents winning for them right on these same direction and technical hardman because we figure maybe the chiefs don't we signed tyree kill yeah that's what i mean a receiver for kansas city might be a safer about long term here i'm gonna go the opposite direction i'm gonna go a recall armstead with the jags just because they're not the team to know what to do with any running back right off i decided by leonard for net has been bad as a pro and has been on the outs organization for a while now and the guys behind him and he's also been hurt for most of his first two years in the league and the guys behind him are jeep alfred blue thomas rawles benny cunningham guys who have been you know on the waiver wire in both the nfl in in fantasy football so if whenever that gets hurt wouldn't shock me if i suddenly playing meaningful snaps for me you know jack question it's not gonna be good but it does wanna run the football yeah i mean he's another guy who had deficiency he clearly officiency bar will just have to see who we see everything else now he's not gonna catch many passes for you i don't thank 'em but i mean he he could get between the tackles and get you four yards on first down that sounds great that sounds wonderful to me as a giants fan a but we'll see bill splendid happy one will have you back on more during they build up the nfl season and during the season where can people check out you're working people follow you on social media plug yourself to a people only ridi sbn because maybe well now you could buy my single yes peon pizza still pretty high on the college football a page county up through the national title contenders but overall on on social media find me at e s p n underscore bill seattle change like three letters there but i thought it worked pretty well i i would go squad on it in in charge you for you my friends i i lost my blue check because i changed it so this is really just pour planning all along from me but i'll well are you worried about other bill connelly's stepping in it pretending to be apparent well there are a lot of squatters i'll say that much i have no chance of getting anything that people can remember what just using my name is long as you don't leave vsbn you're good that's right i i can't now i'm stuck yeah you're stuck here forever i guess idling all right bill it's a pleasure having have you on board with this being left out here on the show absolutely all right thanks so much to my guest today yes fans bill conley and by the way guys sp day auction is upon us yet again an but they brand new lineup of e s p n monday night football analyst just announce you could go behind the scenes at the 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