#847 - Opera Singer Moonlights as Home Improvement Contractor


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She was trying to get a part time job as a server to hoping to make ends meet and thought, you know, if I can't get hired here. What can I do? So in search of additional income. She then starts moonlighting as a home improvement contractor calling herself of practical DiBa last year. She earned an extra fourteen thousand dollars on the side making it easier to pursue her artistic career. I'll let this be a reminder. You too can reinvent yourself. You are smarter and stronger than you think if TGI Fridays or anybody else out there turns you down it's their loss. And the next time you experienced rejection get out your toolbox, or at least unless you're like me because I don't even have a toolbox. I would be a terrible server Anna terrible home improvement contractor. But that's why I found my calling in other places. You do you gotta do whatever's best for you. You can reinvent yourself. No matter your situation, and the opera singer remix is coming right up. Stay tuned. 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Terrapins came to New York City to live the stage artist in performer life star struck by the bright lights of the Big Apple. She had high hopes of being an opera singer performing all over the city, but like many artists before her. She said out to get a waitressing job to pay the bills while she pursued singing, gigs and voice teaching work. Should be simple. Right. But our confidence began to waver after receiving a steady stream projections the final blow came when she applied for a job at the three Michelin starred TGI Fridays in Times Square. She was turned down and left feeling like nobody would hire her as the old saying goes if you build it, they will come maybe so terrorist shifted our attention to what she could build the skills. She already had in her toolbox, literally. Because you see Tara wasn't just an opera singing diva growing up in her home state of Virginia. Tara learned her way around said toolbox, and she spent much of her free time helping her dad but remodeling projects even though she had these very useful skills. And a lot of knowledge there were still. Some resistance. You see Tara really wanted to sing be known for her skills as a soprano on the stage. She wasn't keen on starting a business that wouldn't directly further these goals. But then she receives him advice from one of her friends. He told her that sometimes you just have to do whatever you can an order to eventually do what you automatically want. He also said that fame is transferable if you can make a name for yourself doing something a bit different or unconventional people will take notice of you and be more inclined to support you in what you're really passionate about. She took this as a cue and the practical diva officially took to the stage at is the practical diva as a branding with one hundred fifty dollars. Tara purchase marshals in printed up some simple cards to hand out. It hardware stores since she wasn't sure if this was anything that would really take off she started out by listing her service on thumb tack and task rabbit both. These were started platforms would allow her an opportunity to test the market without having to make any large investments like advertising or building a website. And since she was. Lying on their large marketplaces to get clients. Finding new jobs to take on was a simple as screwing in a lightbulb terrified that she enjoyed the flexibility at offered because she got earned money on the side while focusing on her main priority of teaching lessons and performing in the beginning. She'd get hired to do odd jobs like hanging TV's and curtains, but she soon found herself rolling up her sleeves for more large-scale projects like remodeling bathrooms replacing tile and counter tops and hanging like fixtures. As with many starter platforms tariff found she was limited by the amount. She could earn most of the clients who use those platforms. We're looking to hire the contractor with the lowest bid quality and craftsmanship were often more of an afterthought. That's when she discovered home. Homeadvisor. Unlike thumb tack and task rabbit could only work on homeadvisor. If you had a contractor's license clients on his platform looking for more experience, and we're happy to pay for it since it was obviously something she enjoyed and was good at Tara decided to get that license. So she could get more quality jobs and offer her services at a higher price. Today. Tara gets the majority of clients from homeadvisor and through an abundance of word of mouth referrals. But what really sets her apart is the fact that she is a handywoman in a male dominated field. She has found that women who hire her oftentimes more comfortable having her in their home than a man interestingly, as well, what her friends said early on is privy to be true Tara is finding that being a contractor sets her apart in the opera world as well as she puts it sopranos or a diamond dozen. But sopranos who are also contractors are few and far between the lessons. She's learned starting her on business have been instrumental in growing her career as a singer. It's taught her how to be more marketable how to sell herself how to determine appropriate rates for what she offers and how to secure contract. Speaking of rates in money tear earned about fourteen thousand dollars in her first year, working part time thirty six thousand dollars or second year still part time, and is now averaging about four thousand dollars a month IGT profit with the move to homeadvisor. She was able to secure it more high quality jobs and income with fewer commitments. She started out with about ten jobs a week. And now averages just two to four depending on the workload. If you'd like to do something like this terror recommends getting one or two clients quickly. So that you can get reviews and Adam to your listings and while thumb tack and task rabbit or great starter platforms. She definitely recommends home advisor for more quality jobs since thumb tack and task rabbit or lead-based. They charge a percentage for each job. You take homeadvisor on the other hand charges. A flat feet. And once you built up a record of several jobs, you'll begin to get word of mouth referrals and can grow your business organically tear has now launched her own website for the practical diva and is expanding her business to hire two more artists slash performers to split her workload. So she can focus more on singing. He's intentionally choosing to hire with her industry because her goal is to change the conversation from starving artists to succeeding artists and ask for her opera career. She still hopes to sing in concerts around the city and all over the world is practical diva is hitting those high notes. Isn't this fun? I love everything about this. Especially the branding for practical diva. It makes perfect sense that a lot of people would prefer to hire handywoman. Once you have that branding. It is extremely memorable. Good for her as well to think about how she can expand hire some people also that she's not doing all the work all the time. So that she doesn't ended up becoming a full-time handywoman, not pursuing the dream that she has being an opera singer. And it's also totally true. By the way, about fame being transferable or thinking about that about what her friends said to her. If you consider the Kardashians, for example, or a lot of these larger than life figures. You know, the joke about them sometimes is like, what are they actually do, you know, and everybody's like ha ha what did they actually do? What skills do they have? But meanwhile, they're making tens of millions of dollars. So in some ways, even if even if their job is being famous, essentially, they have really capitalized on that. And essentially transfer that fame from one industry or from one project to another. So I think this is actually the first time in the history of satisfied school that I have mentioned the Kardashians unless I'm mistaken, but I guess there's a first time for everything. So just call me, the practical podcast or that would be a diva, but sadly that branding is already taken. All right listeners. I hope you enjoyed it. Inspiration as good but inspiration with action is better. If you want to see the show notes for today's episode, including links to terrorists work just in case, you need to hire your own practical diva sottile school dot com slash eight four seven thanks so much. I'll be back again. Tomorrow much more is on the way by name is Chris Calvo, this is side hustle school. From the onward project.

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