Rocket 234: What Did We Say About Rocket Rules


hello and welcome to rocket accelerated conversation this episode is brought to you by hover end text expand her andrew direct mail yup i'm soda rush for senior video producer at polygon dot com and i'm here today with christina warren senior cloud developer advocate i think it's still you're title correct me if i'm wrong andrea democratic candidate for congress you had you had you run chance christina christina okay i mean it's technically clouds and rather than developer we've we've stopped having the delineation between the different types of advocates but it doesn't matter it's recode advocate yeah law music at microsoft somewhere in seattle where you have to decide this yeah you know i have to say senior cloud developer advocate did roll off the tongue nicely once i got my my brain around it senior cloud advocate cloud advocate cloud advocate cloud advocate dad noces me it's hard because every week i do a show i'm like welcome back to another episode of the speech on channel nine i'm your host christina warren senior cloud developer but now i have to switch the senior cloud advocate and yeah you're right it's it's it's which is a little bit differently senior class ticket yeah you know you get used to one thing and then it changes on yeah i cloud boss just club boss that's what you're the you're the boss yeah i like that that one works for me well we have a super exciting show today for you as usual oh we're gonna be talking about the big apple news that happened mmediately are we recorded last week 'em as well as of vices recent expos they on google chick saw an of course if you don't know what are third topic is i don't think you've listened to rocket before before you new listeners out there is taylor swift she's in the news again yeah there's driving there's a good it's a good when it's a it's a rich vein it it it it is i'm i'm not even gonna lie you guys i'm very excited about all topics it's it's a good week well let's get right into it on my before before we start the topic can i just give some background so we record rocket generally on wednesdays in we recorded early last week in this news came out in i was sitting here every day i just dropped the f bomb techs christina instantly this is so huge do we need to like go do it and done them from the show renault like thinking about it yeah really too late know like this is how significant it was used at channel and club apple i at are work slack oh now now while executioners will know the at channel is like the most contentious of things you used and obviously i didn't do it pretty entire slacken since just people who were in club apple but i would like i apologize for that channel however this is actually breaking news yeah also on we didn't record early last week i i'm looking at are facebook messenger we recorded as usual this was a genuine thursday breaking news oh situation this genuine this was a genuine like rocket rule the quintessential rocket rule maybe muller animal lover this is so nuclear war of rock and roll space yeah yeah any for anybody who hasn't caught up on the news that johnny i as a sir johnny i've shown that is is leaving apple yes yes he's leaving so this is of course apples designer of grew the the man who created the look anti is moving on where's he moving onto he's creating his own company a apple will will be a client they say he will still be getting paid millions of dollars a year for apple but i mean who knows how a how much work he's actually going to be doing is going to be different but he's he's doing his own thing mhm it's kind of you you know when you reach a certain panicle in your career when you like invented be i phone the way they i phoned looks just like you know what i could do whatever the hell i want now i'm gonna set up my own company and just kind of let it run itself and go baskin in in the in bermuda irish something i mean yeah it feels like he's kind of been a kind of moving not away from apple they certainly been doing other design projects for quite a while you know he he's experiment with watchmaking making a lay how do you say like yeah like a like a like a camera didn't have a collaboration with down like a few years ago where he had an yeah and he was also said that been very very involved and the design the ballpark which new apple campus which is understandable but yeah but well but that's a different type of design thing right like i mean he's a true i guess you could say like polymath designer insofar as he's not just industrial design but then that is architecture and then he so does some other types of things in a yeah there's this wall street journal article that tim cook later hopefully we get to this yeah yes leader a disputed but but the wall street journal wrote an article a basically a federal all the same things about information and bloomberg side as well which is that he basically been checked out the data day stuff since he was promoted to chief design officer after the apple watch came out in that 'em you know so for a lot of people even though this is obviously a massive deal but the the guy who the last twenty seven years is really defined the look of every apple product is leaving people up you know at the company or or close the company at least according to to those three outlets said that you know he has not been involved in day today stouffer quite some time yeah and they're still even then giving it some time sees gradually transitioning out for the rest of this year and then will be leaving for good in twenty twenty so they're they're making it a very probably for him and also do not accept upset sorry except upset stockholders just like a very natural transition yeah i mean although at this point i kinda i feel like the stock market reacted it was about a one percent drop you know when there were some other things i feel like that is not apple's not one of those companies and makes decisions based on what the stockholders are going to do milton's is probably going with some other things i mean by all accounts every single were port we've seen in the end there's no reason to believe even the reputation that that a a tim cook made to dylan byers at nbc news didn't recuse this is that he hasn't been coming into the office for years like people have he's had his own studio in san francisco and he's only come in a couple of times a week so there's a question i guess in and this seems to be what apple would certainly want the message to be even if they don't say it explicitly which is hey you know his lieutenants and his people he built a great team and have a great team who are still on board at apple and a lot of the day today step is not going to change i think the bigger question is and i think honestly like even if you are looking at the need that reporting if you just look at how visible johnny's been at various apple launches over the years he hasn't been in the videos for a while you know i i've noticed i noticed that he was not in the mac pro video end there have been some other product videos the he hasn't his face hasn't been in his voice hasn't been in an historically you know that is like one of the the goats you kind of you know things in an apple video where you would have johnny i've talking about the design in in in why so magical and this and that and in usually saying album minium at least once and it was kind of a trope and that hasn't been the case i got i wish that were my job i i guess i should be a genius and invent something really amazing if we were all like as as as johnny i but i don't get that kind of got to a point parity i mean there's ported that perfect conan trade come that he's like oh it's magical lou williams no doubt yeah well but but even without that stuff i mean just the fact that he's not in those videos is notable whether that means anything or not something that i'd certainly notice over the last couple of years is like okay that's that's interesting whether it was indicative of not being as the day today or not or maybe it wasn't going another direction but it was kind of interesting thing where they would still so talk about the design but you wouldn't have you're chief design officer a kind of a pine which is just under noting that i don't know if that means anything just noting that but i think the big question has been not so much john gruber made this point on on a daring fireball ball where what bothers him isn't that johnny i is leaving but that it doesn't appear they have anybody to replace johnny eyes at apple i was wondering about that because 'cause even in his you know detachment from it i don't think i've seen anybody like step up to be the the spokesperson or the face of the design team in his places i you're impression is well well i mean i have thoughts about this is so one of the things that really well they even steve jobs people have criticized him for taking credit for the entire team right so when you have especially modern software development right like it's a team of hundreds of people shipping things working on the material for finding the design figuring out the heat tolerances fucking electrical work all of these things early decided by such big teams in like as humans we need to look at one person in feel like they're the leader but steve jobs was criticized for that for years in yet johnny has you know he's very much a figurehead had in that same sense you know has the design of iowa has gotten better since you know scott forestall left in johnny i've is placed in this nebulous like what was it the the head designer of apple like has the overall look of the entire operating system gotten more consistent i think so but i it just it feels like it's more of a a team vision to it so i i don't know if we need to be able to point to one person this is lieutenant for me to feel confident the apples gonna be able to continue making good decisions with the well i think i think what it is though and i kind of do agree with withdrew from this is that you had people like i end and a job to even if they were giving outside even if they were given outsized credit like let's just say that they were there is no mistaking did they had very distinctive points of view an especially when they were working together came up with the extrordinary things you know you know kind of a plane off of one another and then being able to edit and whatnot and i think there is something to be said about having someone who is in charge regardless you know like like somebody who is who has that role of you you were the figurehead you are be kind of the pacemaker for these things were good or bad and johnny i would definitely that at apple i do think did it is i don't wanna say concerning but it definitely you know makes me think that you know it raises questions i guess is what i would say if that sort of person does not exist and if instead you just have kind of a design team running you know i feel like there does need to be one of the reasons why apple has been so strong historically was because it had a very opinionated very gifted designed person 'em running things as well as you know mean a lot of people have criticized tim cook i haven't fallen through i haven't and agreed with this is much as some other type of people have made i think it's not an unfair crew chief tim cook say no he doesn't have the sort of taste and a sort of ideas and the sort of products since steve jobs that and i think that's absolutely true yes but i think you look at okay apple has been this company is you know made its name on on these things what happens when you don't have visible people in the companies that are doing those things sorry smack talk do you think well i mean why why don't you think that they i imagine they'll probably find some young designers to step up and i mean this could be a great opportunity for them to sort of show when you face then like get some energy into those those those keynotes by showing off like will johnny's leaving but here's the amazing people we have on this team yeah if confetti but why do you think that they've not done that already i i mean i personally think the the what is it this is going to go is starting from the keynote next year the commercials we'll have new people from the design team like when it comes to people go on stage to you know really represent apple at the keynote every single year they they almost like try them out and then they graduated like the i phone right like you you prove yourself so i think what you're gonna see this is just a guess on my part is them starting to k put some of the people from the design team they've been there we don't see because we're outside of apple and let them step up is more of a public face of the the designer structure the company i mean i sure hope that's what happens i mean i think that is a great opportunity now is for people with then to be able to take that opportunity in these in step up and hopefully you know that has been cultivated 'em drink during this time 'em but i think that would just realistically even i and i agree day i'm sure there'll be showing people off but i think realistically part of this too is just why people say why haven't but we had that well it's not that common you know the people who have this sort of gifts the johnny i've have is really really rare 'em the i i mentioned this on twitter on sunday a rubber brunner who was a grand design at apple a before shani ivan ashley higher johnny i've he went on a former his own company the industry group and they've done amazing you know industrial design stuff and he's actually you know they were the ones behind beats by dray an i met him at a at a pizza vendors just before for apple but beads andy set like very good naturedly like in no way you know kind of like there is there is no animosity there is no anger anything he was like i hired johnny i've it's gonna be and i assume stone like this is the guy that created the power book this is the guy that you know designed beats to has a lot of really good design worked his name and his amazing industrial designer and his own right but he knows that the thing that you know probably the thing people always mentioned with him in any sort of open or whatever is the he hired johnny but apple an i mean other than somebody like a you know 'em ran that at at at at you know braun 'em there haven't been that many of industrial designers in the twentieth century you've had the type of impact the johnny i pass right period you know it just be these are people who you could just like every generation happened like that's not actually how it works at least so so we've seen you know yeah well i mean but on that point there's been some people i was stress this is just people's opinion a we don't have any evidence for this outside of a like there's no reporting point to but a lot of people have made the observation of the failing a keyboard in the mac an you know this has every single hallmark of the knives decision and it made me a little bit dinner a little bit lighter and they ended up really really really sacrificing performance in a very serious way angling they're they're not saying i subscribe to this were just having a discussion around talking all the points of view out there there's some people out there they've put forward that may be out maybe apples design in the post dives era could get a little bit more pragmatic matter where literally willing to go back a little more thickness yeah i mean i think that would be great i think it's gonna be hard as hell right because i this is leaving in twenty twenty but you have to think you know the the way that these design things work is that were going to be seen stuff in the pipeline for years to come so it could it could be you know for five years before we actually get a really good sense at least in the industrial design of the products themselves of what stuff looks like post died right like it released thanks the don't have his dna all over it i think the other thing to say there is that if these reports at his data day involvement has been less and less over the years is accurate then that kind of makes him a scapegoat an and unfair way i think for things like the keyboard decision when those might have thought happened you know because of other groups you know other decisions made it apple now you could argue that's been led by the you know things that he's cultivated and the things you said are important but all the report seemed to indicate he hasn't been you know like as hands on in quite some time and yet this keyboard happen anyway like me can't have it both ways you can't say he's responsible for the terrible keyboards on the touch bar macbook pros in he hasn't been involved and data day parts of the company since twenty fifteen yeah like he didn't soup into they office one day and say make those keys flats here a butterfly hidden wish for you that's my johnny i've impression very good and feel great that it's great i think i i wanna stick to really good journalistic level of what we know what we don't know here i think it would be accurate say we don't know either way it's speculation you shouldn't believe anything anyone that's what i do think would be accurate to say though is in the post i've era apple is presented with both the opportunity in a crisis right like yeah there's going to be 'em extra extra scrutiny torrance their design decisions moving forward 'em i think what i would like to see is apple moved back to a little bit more pragmatism yeah i'm not saying things i don't get rid of headphone jack those obviously a great decision but you know power management with heat with keith thickness i i would like to see the move that back little in one additional thing you know i like everyone on this podcast huge fan of his work i've read the books on his like johnny i've i've i've coffee table books filled things he's designed and make huge fan but motherboard put out a piece i thought was eminently fair saying you know these the aftermath format of johnny live is going to be a release stark environmental legacy because he really that whole era of apple devices it did really usher in things like air pods they you used until the battery a light goes dad and then after third awakes it can't be really repaired 'em you know and just kind of the disposable gadget because it's glued shutting the batteries sealed inside i i think that's all like in imminently fair criticism now i'm not saying i want apple to go back to be the was the open source pl less phone they were gonna like tired i was you know what i'm talking about it yeah i know i just moved back to that but i do think this is point for apple to to reflect on where they are and where they wanna go moving forward yeah the one thing i'll kind of say that cause and then i know we need to get onto next topic i don't disagree with the motherboard article i although i think that you know people people who were writing it come from a certain point of view where they are in the repair business in that has an impact i mean i'm i'm pro repair or or whatnot i i do think that you know we do need to think about as an industry a lot more about how we recycle and how we reviews and how we were able to dispose of these products but i don't think it's fair to blame this lack of credibility thing is completely on apple because everyone else followed suit and i and i think the their arguments you could make the this this is the direction the designers wendy go anyway 'em but i also it's so so that's i guess that's the one thing i would say i also think that no matter what happens post die like if people wanna use this as as a reasonably like oh you're finally gonna be able to upgrade grade you're you're macbook no that's never happening up yelled upgrade ever again under any staley i mean i'm just saying you know it's not but i but i do think yeah i mean that makes that makes sense enda dieter rams is what i was referring to earlier i think i said that last run last name 'cause i was flustered but not the the famous industrial designer who other than i is probably the most influence on the latter half of the twentieth century in terms of design aim i definitely i mean anyone like you see like brock obama's someone i personally 'em respect and admire very deeply but when the history books are written on his presidency if there's gonna be some some pretty bad stuff there like a radically radically expanding a drone warfare and the legal standards at the united states holds itself to protect civilians that's gonna be a chapter in the book it doesn't mean like no one's all good or all bad their their wins and losses like we look at steve jobs these days very much as a flawed but extremely important and visionary person so i think we could have that discussion about what i've legacy is with design an i mean it doesn't take away the brilliant brilliant work that he did i tell you sit there and look at that the the mac cube there is not a piece of acrylic like plastic out there there's more beautiful than that is in he truly visionary an a you know if we're if i am pointing to some of these critiques it doesn't mean that don't respect this work totally and i would say i think on for cell is probably be like most perfect i mean other then maybe the palm five guys probably like one of the most iconic and gadgets i can i can think of period five on four is like for me is like peak ice on agreement that well let's eulogize johnny as career at apple i tried to make gutless dyers shouting as i got in the middle of it filing you guys this episode of rocket is brought to you by our friends at however if you've been thinking about building on online identity you can get started with one simple step by would remain a with hover you find the domain that shows the world who you are and 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identity to day that you're again is h o v e r dot com slash rocket thank you so much however fear support of this show and relay fm this is a really fun a that was a really fun one i don't usually you know editorialize is on my ad reads immediately after doing them just kidding i do every time that was a fun way i like it i like it but yeah seriously don't you know like domain jack johnny i mean i i would anyone lee worried when i typed in his name i was like no there's not gonna be anything in here wow what how wrong i was what a fool fool me a well that's the last time johnny i will make a fool of me moving on let's talk about google's chickasaw yeah so this extra day went up in vice this week a drink saw is a part of google that is basically focused on quote unquote making the internet a better place fixing the internet they've done a lot of initiatives she deserves with places like citizen lab for example a where they launched a website called security planner that was dedicated to teaching human rights human rights activists and other at risk populations how to be safe online on how to protect yourselves in the horrible online community but basically what this extras they is detailing is a company that is kind of obsessed more press than with results and the even with in jake saw they're just you know the you're you're lack you're labs standard garden variety of sexism and racism and just kind of very toxicity yeah toxic toxic behavior heavier that i part and parcel of kind of some of the the the wider examples of bad behavior that we've seen at google such as james morris letter about how women shouldn't be in programming 'em because because they're tiny brains that's my summation so i would advocate for this topic this week i think it's really interesting a lot of different fronts like a project drink saw in case you're not familiar with it it it really has been a factor fantastic press at google in they do a lot of really interesting things like they do vpn's a the the kind of distribute to people in more authoritarian countries he's a said they can look at the news uncensored and get information there a they do work with like entire radicalization a dead one rather controversial thing where they were a basically looking at a how to kind stop isis recruitment in dan jap a kind of showing people videos and testimonials from people that got now devices to kind of give them a different perspective and all this stuff that's out there online so it's certainly little bit of factor for 'em for google to get some very good cross as far as being like look technology doesn't just ruined the twenty sixteen election we could do some good things to weaken internet right 'em like anti harassment at you know a conversation outsiders it's posted block things like that yeah exactly a lot of things on press freedom yeah so i mean search a very noble things a kind of turns out i mean i mean i i'm sure christie you also have a lot of friends at work at google somebody women i don't hear great things i i wish i could i know some women have great things to say but i i i hear a lot of very disturbing story a good friend of mine kelly alice has put out many disturbing stories about her time at google so it kind of didn't surprise me at this a that there were a lot of a burning term behind the scenes 'em before for a coat voice one opinion on this like what did you think about this crash to the interesting i obviously smiliar with the projection jack salt and some of the things they've done but i didn't know anything about their structure or anything like that and it's obviously disheartening i think you're 'em about the problems that are happening i mean it's bad when it happens in any part of an organization it almost seems that i don't wanna see worse but there's there's this sense where it's that much more disappointing when 'em it's it's the part of an organization that's a sensibly dedicated to try and make things better right now 'em and i like it's not okay ever in any situation but it just makes it that much more apt imagine like if you have these social causes behind what you're doing that to make it you know had yet another level to to whatever's happening about was you know kind of interesting 'em lorenzo wrote his piece on monday and then 'em they they put out a an email she immediately was given a copy of of right after maybe a few days is when i went up and he got it on wednesdays 'em you know basically he got a copy of internal mail saying you know disheartened by by but i'm hearing in in were were going try to make things better 'em that right there the fact that he immediately gets access to the email says that that a lot of things with the culture are good because when people leak at least in my experience having been like a journalist it's usually not because they hate the company and it's usually not because they're trying to be hurtful but it's because they feel like they don't have any other recourse do that yeah that that's the only way they can get any change happening and so the fact that you know so it kind of goes against the whole thing of like oh you know i'm i'm taking responsibility i'm disheartened and things are changing for the better it's like clearly that's not true across the border else you wouldn't have you know people who work there now still in communication and wanting to get the word out so i mean i is disappointing to see what's happening but it's also you know is clearly from the other types of things but we've covered not unique to just google or just it to chickasaw unfortunately i mean i i had to i had to thoughts about this on the first was kind of this instinctual feeling of you can't go out there and you're purport to solve the world's problems problems with the internet and digital culture online if you're team structure in their leadership has the same kinds of a bias sees the cost a lot of these problems in the first place right like you've gotta have everyone's voice involved you've gotta have a wider perspective if you're going to address this the the device story it starts out two days after the james dom or a memo google is in crisis in two days afterwards a window leaders google chick saw sends out this picture of him basically in black face after having participated in a basically a tribal ritual 'em which seemed very 'em it seemed a little out of touch given they fire the the company who is trying to give out the moment so on one hand it's like of course if this if this institution is not going to get take take getting wider perspective seriously of course this is going to happen it's going to fall apart and there were some parts of this were just really really disturbing when they had the air to the crown prince and the middle east like they're asking to just be called hussein email chains like that just really really doesn't seem right to me i it didn't seem right so many people there at the same time one of the things i really really really really learned in my time in politics is that there there's no organization that is perfect in you have to be willing to engage in flawed systems if you want to improve them so it's also and i don't work on that team so i'm just surmising my thing here but i personally seen well intentioned team kind of get in the pursuit of purse of perfection in kind of nit pick everything be institution itution is doing to death so does that make sense i kind of have this like you need to have a better leadership culture but at the same time i wonder if you know this is a very lofty goal here to go fix internet's problems slums you wonder if there's a static behind the scenes because of a perfectionist some say it's so hard because in theory even a a company that was toxic if it had if it is looking for these projects that are doing good end using google's money for that probably some good will end up getting done manner i guess what i what i feel about the culture there is that it kind of reminds me of what we see a lot in the game industry where because people are very passionate about games and about making games they they will put up with a locked to just get a foothold in that industry and that could result in be companies creating abusive work situations because the people are so passionate want to do good things or want to make games that they could be taken advantage of and it works setting 'em which is i think just kind of a a widespread problem with us companies that that kind of are fueled by worker passion yup yeah and i mean i think there's there's an interesting kind of i guess complication kind of wrinkle with chick sought to did a lot of other companies and all other departments and companies don't have which is that a lot of ways it does act as a think take as an as kind of a a policy arm you know an end you know 'em jerk cohen who runs a chick saw he works for you is on the rices team for policy planning staff and then he stayed under hillary clinton and you know what's kind of considered one of the the pioneering people you know in the idea of of diplomacy end you know we obviously you know people like beer great examples where we want people who were technologists and people who have those experiences to be part of policy antibi part of change this is an example of of a group trying to kind of do those things and i think adam points out how you know you could again you're gonna have the best intentions but that doesn't that means that everything is going to be fine that you're going to be able to avoid some of the things happen other places and i think you make a good point shoots moon that when you have people who were working they're out of passion that can sometimes 'em maybe be hide or obstructs other things that are happening yeah or people kind of maybe not not pay close attention to what they think is like the greater mission you know we just gotta get through this because the mission is to put up with a lot if you think well indians i'm doing a good thing in all balance out i i do have to say i feel like the way women are treated like if you're if you're technology team doesn't have women on it to me that is a sign that company is doing something wrong but you need the think about like actually that's true in any industry journalism where oh i guess we just don't have any woman made editor you know or or politics i can't tell you how many democratic events i've gone to where there are no women in the room right i mean it's it's really a barometer that there's something fundamentally wrong what their culture there an you know if you have limon dessert in this particular group in droves it's i i just think it's you you gotta get your house in quarter before you decide to go fix entire internet because that kind of that problem is going to end up in the things you're designing designing right like accidentally allusions is gonna come through yeah any other thoughts christina no i mean not really i mean it just a a on i'm always here for the hot sauce on sorry for but he's under who's having to go through anything but that's you know traumatic about experience and i hope that you know i think sometimes the the benefits of these things even though it could be painful for the companies and the employees involved when these things become public is that you know maybe maybe makes you more accountable and hopefully that'll here because i do think even though i don't use any of their projects i do think a lot of work the jigsaw is doing is important and we we want those things continue but we want that to happen in an environment that is obviously not toxic young mhm this episode of rocket is also brought to you by text expand her firm are friends that's my will give you a productivity a boost with text expanders turned the things you type austin into snippets and use them everywhere you type companies use text expand her four teams for customer support reports email end anywhere else that they need consistent and accurate text if you if if like me if you listeners if you ask me if you have similarities with myself you're always looking for ways to be a little more productive unita text expand her it'll handle all year repetitive typing tasks leaving more time for what you do best christina what is i think the most i want i do double fang question this is an amateur of questions like cobra questions i wanna know the most i guess useful snippet you've designed but also the most frivolous oh gosh okay so the most frivolous is 'em i have the various ascii a motor cons mapped shoe various things so i can type in astra's astra shrug and i'll give you meet a short guy and i have other things that'll just automatically answered the various ascii motor cons i was just like out a glance the same thing bogies map to the slack away soccer most she's worked so that i could use the minneapolis having to you know use the the different key command for the apple mucci thing i can just you know use the m a double colon a double colon colon colon 'em like whatever that's how in los angeles and then the most useful a couple of different ones so 'em i i have some things tied into various apple scripts where it will grab things for me in run on certain things but i think it probably an and i think i might i might have mentioned this on another episode to but i'll mention again 'cause it was really useful when i was doing microsoft out the tour this year and i wasn't a bunch of cities i had like a whole sealife so command line script where i would execute a bunch of commands to spin up a vm with a certain imaging with certain you know like configuration points and whatnot and generate ssh key in and do other stuff in i had that map to like 'em five character so i typed in you know a couple of things b m an dot that script with immediately come out and that was incredibly useful because what i'm doing a demo in front of you know hundreds of people i don't wanna hashing memorize that right now i don't wanna miss a step i don't wanna have you know a a a a an error someplace when i'm typing live where it doesn't compute so that was really really useful just being able to have like a a short shorts a command to run what am i scraps is really useful right well if you want to be is useful is christine you can visit text expanders dot com slash podcast to learn more about text expand her that's again text expand spender dot com slash podcast to learn more thank you so much text expand a firm smile fears supportive of this show and relay fm all right you've all been waiting for oh god it's time okay i'll go swift situation on this as i said earlier a rich vein is rich main taylor swift i had left her first record company at the first company she signed with the first label she signed with big machine a to sign a contract at universal and when she did so she left behind basically the the masters the rights to her first six albums 'em end now what has happened is that the man who owned big machine sold at an sold it to a man named scooter braun mhm a lot of people in the rocket industry have strong feelings about in both directions yet a lot of a client's such as justin bieber who love him a dummy i'm said jimmy more demi levato who love him and then the other a lot of other people are basically on on the side of taylor swift and feel that they have been bullied by him that he's been just kind of a a a toxic force in the music industry and now he owns the masters the taylor swift verse six albums so she posted a tumbler post a basically it was very i think what variety said it was very emotional and i agree give us a very kind of sad that this is how it is a man who tried to destroy my career he owns the masters to my music instead of me v artists you made that music 'em in the music industry is now divided yeah well the one the one thing you left out a was that win in taylor left big machine to go to universal one of the reasons she left is it they should have trying to come up with a deal she'd been trying for years have been public figures at she'd been trained by her masters on she is the songwriter and all of her songs so she has the the you know the the songwriting credits but she doesn't have like the masters to the the the actual recordings themselves end and so she she gets like a portion whatever their plate or license or whatever but she doesn't get all of and she wanted to have no control over all of it in there had been you know protracted negotiations between her big machine she wanted to buy things back and the only way the big machine so that she could have her masters was if she signed another contract andrew each album she gave them she would get an album back in that would be the only way she could get her masters back but she wasn't given the opportunity to just spend in this case scooter braun spent three hundred million dollars to buy a big machine and basically the most valuable part of big machine by the vast majority is taylor swift masters yeah she wasn't given the opportunity to just like write a check she said okay if you wanna get these then then you have to sign contracts and do these other things i found that out 'cause i in the variety reports i read that people were saying that that was part of the he said she said well i mean the situation know even even a scott or shut up who released his own like this is the truth he showed chew copies of like what her terms were signing a contract to renew and what his terms were in his church which they say were final offers was said but it was kind of i will and they could kind of drop things at any time but it was a ten year agreement and that 'em it was you know one album to get one back on her lawyer has also said and no one from you know burr shut us camp has disputed this because and be like the way his language has been has been really specific but no one has disputed this it says she was not given the opportunity be to buy things outright with cash in what friday just saying this is undisputed is that wins got rid of who'd been trying to sell this legal for a long time one of the things he had like majority boating share right so he can make the decision of yourselves her doesn't 'cause it's a private company one of the sticking points would be that he wanted to remain involved as ceo of the label know even if it were one of those scenarios where she came in and like try to be like you know like like a fucking horse but and be like here's five hundred million dollars because he owns the majority of the label and has the majority of the voting shares she can't just buy it right where he would be because he would be like well i so wanna be ceo right yeah so so you know i think that that that but but but it is not a contention that she'd want it to get her masters back how what what the the part of contention is is how oh what that really meant an end if she really took the chances she had to do that that's in dispute but the fact is she won at the masters and that she ended that that have been part of the negotiation when she left mhm well so a lotta it's cause a lot of of tweets to happen in the heart of i think the other contextual backstory story for this is that it's a it's roots are really in the kim crash in an konya west versus taylor swift drama f i don't even remember what year twenty sixteen when a team ten years ago wow is already ten year i know and i know a an end if we wanna be honest it really goes back probably justin bieber being just come oh my god so this was of course this was a when konya west released the video studio a where he portrays himself in bed with a bunch of like wax figures of taylor swift i make an adult which really disgusting it will go oh low konya i mean everybody that he portrayed in that like he had hillary had trump he had you know anna wintour yet taylor he had a black china his 'em not black china amber 'em a he had a a like so many people is really gross just like naked bodies the drama of that was than the taylor came out and said i never agreed to this this is nonsense andy kim card dashing released an instagram video showing or playing audi ostensibly have the conversation between taylor and konya where taylor is allegedly being told about the video in say no no no it wasn't about the video is all about the song about get off the line while with information you need i believe that at i notice the song was on the line was i i think taylor should still have stacks why i made that bitch famous ends a and she apparently agreed to it there's there's audio of that she's disputed parts of that i think we all think she probably agree to and then she heard the whole context and it looks like yeah oh no you didn't make me famous chicken and then shows how they're going to deal with it yeah yeah so okay this is the context of which win i forgot the ghost in rockford label dude wrote a a blog like saying my side of the c i went through all of it i read it all in the first thing i was thinking about what exactly that simone like known konya thing and the kim car dashing going hey i got receipts on this and then just playing the tape a firm that reason it seemed kind of credible to me and i don't know i i i like taylor swift by have to say i kind of i i didn't really come away from that feeling of pathetic about her reports a situation from thee connie west songs that you out in this situation from this situation with the music block like she's like oh adding a chest own it now this person bully based on x y and z and then you know he's like showing all the legal stuff there and i'm like well it seems like this is really unfortunate situation they're trying to get as much as they could from her she wrote that note saying you know i'm gonna bet on my future instead i i don't know i just i i i kinda walkaway not liking anyone here i mean i think legally obviously they have they are in the right here yeah i think i honestly they don't have anything wrong with taylor is posed 'cause it's not really it's not it's not doing anything it's just being honest about her feelings of being upset that she doesn't own her work because of a contract she signed when she was fifteen and i think that i mean one of the variety posted i read did raise the question of like what is the endgame here like what is her goal by making this public by qena bringing this problem two lights and i honestly don't think maybe this is life of me i don't think that there is a net game i think the shoes just upset a by not owning her music that's yeah yeah i mean i i think ideally like look i think that she legally and knows that she doesn't have like the stand on right like she's not threatening to sue anybody she's not being like the sale shouldn't go through 'em i think that a you know every entertainment lawyer that's been quoted like the financial times you know had some good articles friday nobody's being like oh taylor has a case get her her her masters here but this has been a big thing you know prints famously you know had a a universal you know the beatles no michael jackson bought their masters and that was you know huge contention and it's been a problem with a lot of artists face where they're not able to own the masters for their work and somebody else you know there's been a control kind of their legacy in profit off those things on taylor at least is in this scenario where because she is a songwriter and all of her songs she has you know a little bit more ownership then then some other scenarios but it's still really unfortunate but i mean i think it's not like she can stop the sale right like it it it happened in this guy has it what she can do though is make a really big think about things make people have other conversations an i mean i think if there is and then game she can she can make she works at try to make you know scooter braun persona non grata in in some of her circles and with with some of her people you know in kind of force people kind of choose sides you wanna do business with hammer do you wanna do business with me yeah i mean which i dunno this is taylor swift i love personally i'm like you know like this is this is the taylor's with the i'm like such a die hard fan of is like potato of a pulling my music from spotify well yeah well you know there's nothing i do better than revenge is literally something that she wrote a you know in the song better than revenge of the album speak now like she she's not wrong right i mean like literally like i love it when she goes no holds barred but i mean legally i mean she she screwed up a lot of people saying well she should have just bought the label and they're not wrong but i'm not convinced that she is necessarily in a position to buy it 'em yeah we lot to ask someone not just like spend a lot of money to buy you're music back but also by a business and then keep it running no that's a whole job well no i mean totally especially since again the value of the business is the masters like if if the masters warrant part of the business sale it wouldn't be worth three hundred million dollars it wouldn't be worth it would probably be worth thirty million dollars right like honestly like the public what it would be worth and so you know you understand why obviously scooter braun wanted it right because this is a highly valuable asset 'em i think the his wife was pretty gross to get on instagram and be like don't bring kids into this one like nobody what he brought their kids into it scooter did post up his instagram stories reposting somebody like one of his friends who like photo shopped her into a a an image with three of them in the fringes spot at taylor swift like oh like i'm sorry dude like in he put that on his instagram story and then his wife is all like don't bring the kids into this he's a good man i'm like nobody brought you're damn kids into this lady lady who cares that you're kids like people are people are are calling you're you're husband out yasha a a yashar like put up an amazing kind of tweets from but he kept up a couple of days a that a the covered all the drama and all the celebrity back and forth 'cause yeah that was pretty sorry odds i have noticed in this is purely total just from reading the articles that i've read it seems like a lot of the people that are citing with taylor on this are prominent women musicians yet a like i've seen justin bieber talk about scooter braun in then demi levato exception to that but like whole see 'em i really eyelash making that up a right yeah a lot of a lot of the women musicians are picking sides taylor and support out or at least supporting her publicly yeah or at least they're supporting idea of you know if they're like hey this was a completely valid business transaction artist should be allowed to own their masters yeah yeah yeah so it is starting an interesting conversation and of course there's like the music industry side of it which is like what if this you know upsets i guess the the status quo curtis the structure that exists yeah that's the better we got a no i mean yeah i mean that's interesting thing right like like one thing that hasn't kind of i mean some of the industry pieces they've mentioned it but you know she signed with with universal she signed with lucian grants who's the ceo of universal for a long time the rumor was that universal was going to buy big machine an i have to thank and this is just me completely coming out of like this is just me guessing i have no knowledge of this a not take this is back as it is not but it would it would mean wouldn't seem on unfeasible overheard i think okay well if universal who have just signed this nine figure deal that if they by the label then i might have the ability to buy my master's from universal when i do other contract negotiations and if yeah right yeah whereas i think bank like it it really did reach me from her post wasn't they sold it was the he sold this guy mhm yeah it's very it's very personal well so before you asked me what i'm doing this week's among can't tell you how much i liked your a you're influence their pictures you took and posted on twitter this weekend you'll a gorgeous thank you we should talk about them but before we talk about them can i tell you this episode of rocket is brought to you by direct mail get an easy to use email marketing app designed exclusively for them back to help you create and send greatlooking email newsletters can i tell you about it yes tell us about it i will tell you the email marketing is still an credibly cost effective way to reach her customers and grow your business ended up for the past fifteen years mac users around the world have trusted the direct mail app to handle all of their email marketing needs designed just for the mac which means it's fast easy to use and works great with other apps and services that you go back 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download and get started listeners of this podcast conceive a ten percent off all of the full feature pricing plans so head over to direct mail mac dot com slash rockets to check it out that is directives male mac dot com slash rockets to get ten percent off when you opt free full feature plan thank you so much direct mail freer support a rocket in relay fm now let's talk about how beautiful beautiful i am you looked really gorgeous most factored in the lighting was amazing thing on that i was wearing my grandmother's closed at my favorite part of this is like there is but there were certain irony of like you know this is like a bs it's like influencer picture you're taking out entirely in the disdain for the entire thing comes through but ironic way so i just i school so good it take you to set them up i'm just curious 'cause like influencers famously like takes them forever like well this is you're process how long did it take you to take them on it not that long we we ran around at the hotel for about forty minutes or so but the one a lot of the ones 'em we like we just took pictures of each other me and my friend tire burden a an then we got random like we we look for victims basically to take pictures of us together in the hotel an a everyone who did was really really good like there's something about wearing a bunch of vintage clothes and asking people take pictures of you like it brought out the photographer in all of them they were like changing angles angles and like suggesting poses for us her getting on their knees like it made everyone and artists and i think that i i have lifted people just by looking so good so i liked playing well may i love it in the hotel like it was great so if you don't follow me on instagram at doom quasar a at jfk they turned the old dwi terminal which is gorgeous nineteen sixties terminal a which was featured in leonardo dicaprio film catch you can in july ridiculous luxury hotel and they restored the entire interior in pitch perfect golden age of travel nineteen sixties ascetics so like really like bright red carpets and chairs it's the highest ceiling the swooping building with strange archways like arched pads everywhere 'em it is so beautiful at the lighting is great because it's just all windows m s it's just so at the hotel and they also heavy rooftop pool in a bar anta we went to all of those places and the best part that we did not go to 'cause we are fools is they have an actual dwi plane behind the hotel that is also what bar and oh my gosh like up the the air the gangplank whatever they call the stairs come out of an airplane a yeah i don't believe dangling that's a pirate ship you're a it's definitely a gang playing i'm getting a call from from airline mr airline and he says it's been gangplank so if you wanna fight with mr airline fine and i will fight with mr what mr airline riano was the fight you okay i'll tell her mr the airline will be waiting 'em he'll he'll meet you tomorrow office story about my parking garage it's gonna be great okay and it's connected to the jet blue terminal you could just go there and get a drink and then walk up a beautiful brand being jetblue i am not being paid for this but it was just a really fun day so we just bought like a a room for the day 'cause my friend was flying out that afternoon so we we got there really early in the morning had breakfast took photos when the pool you'll 'em got her very drunk and then i put her on an airplane and i so i love that i recommend free day stay okay no 'cause i've been thinking about this because it it opened right after i lost his in new york end i i read about it and i was like okay this this this this sort of kitsch stuff that like i look for so next time i go to new york i might actually like plan my jfk layover whatever enough time to hang out at the hotel i am one hundred percent thinking like okay if i come back late maybe i got a room if i'm leaving maybe i'll go to the airplane airplane airport really really early so i can go hang out at the hotel sell 'em yeah it was a lot of fun i'm kicking myself i'm looking at the two flights i'm taking the summer and they're both out of fricken newark a oh why are you finding i had why else would you fly out of newark cheap but once you add in the super fee any kitchen newark it's not take the train we boy you to make better just and i know and i'm trying i'm coming and not little arta but like wow laguardia's really easy to get to when the remodel model is great thank you for tuning in to rocket are show about airplanes ironically at airports i will say when i lived in prospect heights i did like laguardia 'cause the super easy they get you but i'm just saying like i dunno also secondly just saying we really after year year of travel genuinely could start a podcast about airport but this is true my god i've such strong rian at the helm evil that you have done this week well what have i done a so so a q one was my most successful quarter in a political fundraising in my entire career of you to more than double that number more than doubled it an i q three is gonna be even stronger so a lot of rocket listers helped us out without a i really appreciate that i would give a shout out to one of them right now that was talking to just stay today kim stems angel pazar oh angel thank you very much for supporting her campaign i said tomorrow's the fourth of july so when you're a politician you're human machine i am walking not one not two but three parades got a going to to barbecues i don't even want to think about how many hands i'm gonna shake tomorrow a but it's gonna be great especially getting it'd be ninety degrees get staggers even do like parade hey barbecue parade barbecue or is it gonna be like a three parades and then to barbecues a it's gonna be parade parade barbecue parade barbecue so on that's not the cause and you get to refuel in the middle exactly lay yeah and they needed to walk off the meat you get what you eat and sleep and just being lazy tomorrow really so yeah it's gonna be great and all of this right after i moved into the tire house so just full of energy let me tell you oh boy vino what are you up to well i don't have works tomorrow but i'm going to barbecue with some friends so that should be fun 'em and i've been working on stuff that i can't really talk about but things are good just had a lot of kind of work stuff nothing overly exciting citing 'em a for the listeners but fun things nonetheless and speaking of my year travel 'em were now in the planning stages for next year's you're travel a i won't be in as many cities next year but i will still be at a quite a few so but we we've nnounced on the the next a year of a microscopic like the tour and those tour dates are alive now so ember last year we were in seventeen cities this year will be in thirty oh my go and workplaces yeah i will not be in thirty oh man like solid but like it's yeah but it's exciting it's a lot of stuff is pot is legal in seattle addressed it yeah oh yeah or one percent okay yeah liquid that oh yeah no i mean they they're they're everywhere i mean i'm just saying not not not that i know from professional experience or anything right right i just seen him around you know right yeah well okay what am i doing so i wasn't influencer last weekend i had i swear to god something important unexciting just say now remember oh no i remember what it was okay so if you follow polygon youtuber you might have seen are four game series overboard a the most recent one which came out on last sunday has jacob bottle on who is now in spiderman far from home so if craven more of that action and also wanna watch us play a fun game together a go to youtube dot com slash polygon also i think it yes i can't remember we talked about this but i i am going to be at san diego comecon year because polygon tcl are hosting a party together night 'em yeah that's gonna be awesome the guest list is full sorry there is a wait list it's like two thousand people out of it but i will be at comecon a so rocket rules will apply if you run into me a i will buy you a drink i'm feeling i'm feeling good right now feeling wealthy i compile you a drink hopefully it's it's amazing prices are like they're a but yeah those were the exciting things that have happened to me this week have you ever been to san diego comecon before i have never been a san diego period okay you're gonna have a great time but also it's a lot are you just it's one of the parties are you going to try to go to college and try to go i'm going to solve yes good of the party okay that's a good that's a good plan the plan a 'cause it's a lot i don't wanna fight i don't wanna i don't have but you're gonna have a great time you're gonna have a great time enda yeah that that sounds good oh i'm gonna be orlando next week so i don't know if i'm gonna be on the show but a i will be going to disney pre although lucky dogging arguing gutter galaxies edge galaxy isn't a yeah actually i we we should that y'all do my best it'll be on sunday so i don't know if if a but the lions will be like i imagine they'll be freely little bad i've got gotta do some us some 'em works and videos for work so at the very least you should go there in you should do the thing where you get to build her own lightsaber and then you get to decide like are you like you get to decide what kind of lightsaber you making the crystal and the handle and he gets walkout yeah i see what christina warren it's lightsaber looks like that is those information i need all right all right i will i will do it for the pod end all imagine that i'm i'm obviously like you know gonna be on the dark side but i will will will see what it what it looks like i would also be on the dark side i'll just don't that so all right everybody where can we find you online christina so you can find me online at sold underscore girl on the twitter's instagram's an actual using instagram this weekend 'em when i'm at disney so yeah be tune in for that it just see what lightsaber i adult myself i'm brianna what about you a you could find me on twitter at a developer brand new on facebook excellent and of course you can if you go support brianna dot com support brown dot com on young three yeah thanks to the rocket listener said a disappointment really means a lot to me heck yeah you could find me on twitter at jim quasar an instagram to a an youtuber dot com slash polygon is worth and videos lives thank you so much everyone for listening to this episode of the rockets if you liked

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