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Welcome to all Kevin Friday. Where we take the audio from one of our remarkable TV episodes and put it here for you on the podcast. Hope you enjoy them. You can look at the videos. All of the past ones at blog dot Kevin. I can vary dot com slash video, but for now on with the podcast. Welcome to the remarkable leadership podcast. We are here each week to help you lead more confidently and make a bigger difference both professionally and personally. This episode is sponsored by thirteen days to remarkable leadership. A free leadership video series based on Kevin's book, remarkable leadership sign up by going to remarkable podcast dot com forward slash thirteen days and now. Here's your host Kevin Hi. I'm Kevin I can vary, and I'm here to help you. Reach your potential as a leader and a human being welcome to remarkable TV in the remarkable leadership podcast today we're talking about the power of the break. Are you ready? Well, let's get started. Do you remember elementary? School! Do you remember recess, playing tag and swinging on the swing and the monkey bars and it was great right well. Why did we do that well? We did that because the teachers wanted work some energy off of us, and they wanted us to be able to refocus, and they wanted to give us a chance to socialize. Right. Well now as adults. Maybe we don't WANNA play tag or Go for a swing, but the reality is do we need to burn off some energy? Sometimes we need to refocus and is socialization something we need. All of those are true. Maybe the break isn't such a bad idea. Let's talk about some reasons why breaks are so powerful, shall we? The first is that we will be more productive. You will be more productive if you take breaks. If you take a five to seven minute break every sixty to seventy five or maybe ninety minutes, you will get more accomplished per hour now. Productivity isn't just about raw work accomplished. It's about work. Per Unit of time, and you will be more productive per unit of time. If you paradoxically take a break once in a while, you'll be more productive second. You'll have better ideas. Stepping away from the project stepping away from the computer, stepping away from whatever will often allow your brain. Find the new idea. Walk Away with a question in your head and let your brain try to close the loop while you're taking your break. Next breaks can help us have less stress. They just help us. Relax a little bit. which is one of the reasons why when we come back, we can be more productive and breaks also help our physical health. Are Back. They can help our legs. They can help. Our eyes were staring at a screen for a long time. So give ourselves a chance to stretch to move around. I'm not exactly Mr Desk Yoga Man, but you could be, and you certainly can stretch your back and stretch your muscles and get up for a walk, and if you're not walking working remotely, you could even go say hello to someone else or have a quick cup of coffee or a glass of water with someone. But often we are working remote, and especially, perhaps now you're working remotely and so, what about remote goes with this idea of breaks? Well oftentimes when we're working remotely, we need brakes even more. And here's three reasons why I. The work is always there, and it's always staring at us and sometimes in the evening. It's still there I think we'll just get a little bit more done, so we keep working, and maybe we don't take a break. One of the reasons we end up taking breaks in a workplace is someone else will come and say hello. Catch our eye or something else and sometimes that's distraction, but sometimes it gives us a chance for a break. We're working at home. There may not be any of those right another reason you break word home is guilt because the work is always there. We feel like man. I ought to keep added it want make sure I'm getting as much done as they're getting done. And we started comparing ourselves to others, even if we have no clue how much accomplishing and we set a high bar for ourselves, and so guilt can slip in. And third discipline we feel like we need to be more disciplined oftentimes when people go and begin working remotely. They're worried if they will actually accomplish a lot while they will often depending on the kind of work, they can accomplish more, but it's through brute strength. We still need to take breaks. You. Take a break. You catch your breath. We come back fresh and rocket out. Let me close with today's tweet. Taking a break isn't for slackers, your productivity will soar, and your stress will sink. Take a break already I just mentioned the power of the break. When we're working remotely, my team largely works remotely, and we are the only of the remote leadership institute. And Remote Leadership Institute Dot Com where you can find a tremendous amount of resources for remote leaders, remote team members to help them be more successful and productive, and we'll go take a look and I hope we'll be back next week right here. For another episode of the remarkable leadership podcast end remarkable TV will be back. Hope you'll be back to until then be remarkable.

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