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Hey history lovers. I'm Mike Rosen with retro pod. A show about the past rediscovered. In one thousand nine forty seven MAC Brazzale a farmer in Roswell New Mexico discovered. Something strange he found metallic rods pieces of plastic and silvery paper scraps that he couldn't identify. He called the sheriff who called the military who Carter the debris off in armored vehicles. If you're a conspiracy theorist, or you've watched a lot of fi, you know, who a lot of people think left all that debris. Aliens. And they think the alien gear was hauled off to be studied by the government where the secretive location known as area fifty one. Of the many mysteries surrounding area. Fifty one. Max discovery is one of the earliest for decades the government denied the place even existed adding fuel to the very elaborate theories about secret government, experiments on aliens and alien technology. And while you'll never convince a believer that area. Fifty one has nothing to do with aliens the real story of the mysterious site. Maybe just as weird and just as dangerous. In nineteen fifty five president Dwight D Eisenhower approved adding a strip of wasteland to the atomic energy. Commission's vast desolate testing grounds in Nevada that spot was designated on the map as area fifty one. It was used at first to test the new high altitude U2. reconnaissance plane and later other top secret aircrafts, including a spy plane that flew faster than the speed of sound and a stealth ground attack jet. The top secret nature of the location fueled the conspiracies around its purpose. When people reported seeing strange lights in the desert around area, fifty one probably from all the experimental planes being tested. The theory emerged that it was alien spacecraft. The thing is area. Fifty one was the location of plenty of government cover ups. They just didn't involve aliens. For example, the debris that MAC Brazzale found at his farm was part of a government operation the air force claimed it was using high altitude balloons to try to detect Soviet nuclear tests. Other officials have speculated that the debris came from crash bomber that broke up over New Mexico possibly with a nuclear device on it. A source close to the investigative team told post reporters in nineteen ninety-five, quote, everything we've seen so far points to an attempt on the part of the air force to lead. Anybody that looks at this down another track? The crowd that believes something wasn't quite right at area. Fifty one was also buoyed by lawsuit filed by workers at the facility, they reported health issues and even deaths related to their jobs. Those two are explained by sketching decidedly non alien activities. The workers claimed materials like anti radar coating and other classified and hazardous substances related to the basis. Experimental aircraft had been burned in open pits on the base men who worked there reported clouds of smoke instead inhaling the smoke resulted in respiratory issues cancers, and even strange rashes that looked like fish scales. But conspiracy theorists can take heart anyway area. Fifty one's totally terrestrial secrets. Don't mean the truth is out there in two thousand seventeen the Pentagon officially confirmed the existence of twenty two million dollar government program to collect an analyze anonymous aerospace threats UFO's the program generated at least one report detailing alleged unexplained UFO sightings in the US and numerous other countries. The report is four hundred and ninety pages long. I'm Mike Rosen walled. Thanks for listening special. Thanks to cleave and junior for reporting the story for the Washington pissed and for more forgotten stories from history. Visit Washington Post dot com slash retro pod.

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