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Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's popping in the culture and one of my favorite TV series ever the marvelous. Mrs Mazel is back for season. Three and and Rachel Brosnahan. I don't know where you keep your awards now. The just a high up there on my on the toilet yeah. You're not kidding. No no no no no disrespect. No no no you just love them and that is the throne toilet. It's I I I appreciate being able look at them in there. When I'm dropping we went right to their toilet? It was really so Ross before we let that all go into this. Let me try to take control again due to diligence and say what. What can you tell us about season three? I've seen five I episodes. You're not allowed to either even though I didn't sign the nondisclosure. Oh I won't spoil it. But what can we say So season one followed Midge. Finding her voice again after her whole life fell apart and season to Kinda followed the ripple ripple effect of how that affects her family and everyone else in her life and season three takes on the road and finds her Learning how how to be a comic in a bigger way for bigger audiences more technically proficient comic. You're opening bomb cash is opening for Shaya Baldwin Baldwin. which is huge? It's like this big big step. Yeah exactly and they they were big and you have zero wrong experience in stand up. Yeah as none and I and that won't change anytime soon. I don't know because I keep thinking as we watch. Pige grow and her effectiveness age. You would just say to yourself. You know what Rachel because I'm sure you talk about yourself in the third person after you win an emmy at home in the Mirror John. Good job range. It's another person. You've you've never had the temptation to just go to a club. No I mean go to a club texture. Do No absolutely not known known with you. What's wrong with you wouldn't love it? No I wouldn't. I'd never be able to get back on stage again. I mean I you know. I've I've told this joke far too many times but but I used to say you know when you when you sign up to play a surgeon on television. It's not recommended that you try to perform surgery. It wouldn't go well for anyone. I feel the same way about during standup I amy. Dan One's told me I don't even know if they remember this. But before we started shooting the series that they would write something for me to do and send me out to open mic night or something and and I fought back and forth with amy because I said I genuinely so worried that I would get up and just tank and then I would never be able to shoot the show. I would never be able to move past it. And that's one of the things I admire about Midge and and people who do standup for living as they move past it they get back on the horse right away way. I think that would crush me. That would be it but you seem so fearless. Thank you not really do you. You Get up there you know you have your manager. Yeah she says outsourced by the way also keeps getting best. She's one of those things and I was saying something to you before we started. I WanNa say it again on air. About how these there's eight episodes in season. They all look like movies movies. Each one does which means you guys. Just don't shoot this in an hour and a half a good part of the year. Do we spend about six six months shooting eight episodes but that's why they are the quality. They are the colors and the costumes and the hair and makeup and the cinematography the lighting the set design. I mean it. It feels like we're shooting a movie every ten to fourteen days. It's extraordinary. It's like nothing else I've ever been a part of and I've also never been a part of something where the crew and the actors and the office. PA's every single person in there are hundreds of people working on this show at any given moment feel interwoven. Every single person's job is so vitally important in every single person's job is seen onscreen and that's not always the case. Ace everything about it just looks amazed. Yeah so pool to keep because no no. I don't think I'd want those clothes are fitted with a very tight course. I don't think I'd want to try to get into without the contraptions underneath. You also have the cast of casts and it does seem like a family. Yeah and to do more due diligence. I think we should look at a clip from okay season three something. Let's see. I thought you chose them. I didn't want you have an emmy and Golden Globes. You can just say. Here's here's how it's done. You've got control. Can we run this clip. Please why are you mad at me. Your daughter's a comedian. So house. Oh it's the German Ed. She gave you the Liman blood you gave the pot was your penis. She was talking about staged not mine. Whoops my mother just said that Yup because penis is a funny word? I've learned this about comedians. They say funny words for cheap laughs please. If you had a penis she'd be talking about you. It's not me. Wouldn't you talk about your mother's penis if she had four hours and hours and hours well. They're your parents. Yeah Yeah parents in laws husband next question Mark Siblings. Yeah that's the whole Tony Shillue. Who so great as you're there was the scene? I can't talk about because it was in season to your father. Got To see you perform for the first time and and there he is watching this in our even though it season three now he's still yeah attitude about. Nobody has a better horrified face than donation of yeah this season. We're definitely feeling the fallout of midges. Big secret getting revealed to everyone I think. Even you know even though Midge and a have kind of tumultuous relationship I still think there's a lot of mutual respect there but it's been a little bit harder for rose to come around mom. Yeah well there's a lot in the season that people can learn about both of them but I'm not going to say. Is it as much fun as it looks to. I mean find sometimes the wrong where we shoot so many pages a day. Were we just want to bang out and make sure we have everything and and we're always short on time you know we. We're always so envious of shows that have a blooper reels because they have enough time to make mistakes but we have so much fun together and we have so much fun getting to talk about the show and and even when it's the hardest were were constantly being pushed and challenged. And we're so creatively satisfied and creatively satisfied as a group route. And you can't really ask for more than that. No it's like okay you well. We won't go that far. Still now that when success obsess happens which did pretty quickly in season one does that change. Everybody's attitude not to have more have a little more swagger when no if anything I get it up the bar you know this. This is a group of people who are consummate professionals. They've been doing this forever. Tony and an Alex and Marin even Michael and you know we all know what. It's like to be a part of something that we're really proud of that. Nobody nobody ever sees more or doesn't get the opportunity to be proud of it as we are. And I think we're just counting our lucky stars at the show found an audience that we keep getting to make it gets the getting to work with this group of people we feel so genuinely lucky and we just WANNA keep making sure that it's just as good if it's not even better the next season than it was before we could feel that because it can't change in more onto something else that's happening even though on forbidden to say look at you just everyone does to me and the coroner so you ever see yourself when you started saying when was it you were born outside Chicago. Yeah I was born in Milwaukee and Move to move to the Chicago land area and I was four Grew up in the Chicago suburbs and always knew. I wanted to be an actor but didn't always please know that it was a career always wanted to do it but it kind of felt more like a hobby and that at some point I'd have to find a real job. What was that first? Step up toward it actually happening. Just when I started looking at colleges and thinking about what I wanted to study I realized that there was nothing I wanted to do more within this and and I can't remember who senator where I read it but I but somehow it stuck with me thing that someone had said about. They're not being an option to have a plan. B There is no such thing as a plan. B If you're going to do this you have to do it all the way and and risk big and maybe fail big. But you can't can't. You can't have a backup plan in the back of your mind otherwise you'll go do that because it's so hard sometimes especially when you're first starting and I I dove in. Did you support at home or your parents saying yes Rachel you can do it. There's no plan B.. I think they think they were more in support. Important having some kind of no no parent wants their kid to come home and be like I'm going to be an artist of any kind. You know I didn't they. They would have preferred preferred that. I pursued something more practical and become a lawyer doctor but those things easy as pie. Hi Doctors Plan. Yeah exactly yeah on the side but I think they they did a great service by by not handing everything to me not handing the tools I needed to do it. They basically said if if you WanNa do this then you're gonNa have to make it happen and you should probably take some acting classes and you should probably start babysitting a lot to pay for those and they wanted me to prove it to them but also I think to myself and I'm and I'm really grateful for that now. I read somewhere that when you were in high school you did. You're on the wrestling team. I can't imagine you do L. L. Outfit. No you know it's funny that's become everyone's favorite fun because you stopping stop and say really grew up in a really athletic family. My Dad played tennis. My brother played hockey. My sister played soccer and we all ordered and skied. No one did that but I but I had a lot of friends who joined the wrestling team and been doing it since junior high and always wanted to do it and And I love off the fact that it wasn't even though it was primarily considered a boys sport actually divided by weight class. So if you weigh the same you might have a different skill sets but but you're you're competing against one another in gender has nothing to do with it. I loved it. It was so hard in the workouts. WERE INSANE BUT I. I really enjoyed that. It was both a team sport and individual sport at the same time I wish I could have continued with it but I made musical Michael and then I think they left up onto Tony. Put on a catsuit. You don't say to your husband your family and friends let Russell Russell. No not these couple of cocktails. I still think it would be a great idea without the thing went and the headgear again. There's still take time today. You know no Mara. Neal's the dream I sneeze here too so you you start and you go to. NYU Tisch school. So it's a thing. What was I saw that your first movie on the movie critic I never saw the unborn? Never did all the way separate. Yeah it was. It was a very very small part. Yeah I was in high school and I I got an audition and my small agents at the time kind of made it sound like it was going to be the big audition the biggest opportunity I'd ever have in my whole life and I skipped school and missed a very important task and wet for it and then somehow ended up with this part. My mom had to be on set with me and I was playing. I think high school or maybe a college student but but I was definitely the only person of that age On this everyone else was like much older and I got sewn into this little top but it was a great experience. I had no idea what I was doing. You know someone said to me that in order to act on film and TV you should just mumble. All your lines go public but I have to work that because she did series TV right. He did like one here. Gossip girl here something else there. Yeah yeah it was cool wall. It's kind of like learning. What is I loved wanting to do it? That way I was in school and learning ton And was getting little opportunities to pop in and out of various television shows and films that were shooting in and out of New York sometimes a line here a couple lines there and and it was a great opportunity to be able to try things and and sometimes feel like I've failed miserably and then go back to school which is such a safe place and say I tried all this stuff that I thought I was supposed to do and none of it worked. Please help me. I feel so lucky that that it's it's been such a a a slow a slow burn so we've talked a little bit about your movie career. That is now your producer. Yeah you're getting to produce your own stuck. Success is good when you can do that. It's been fantastic. Your mission statement as a producer. Well well I you know right now. The project producing a film called. I'm your woman that I'm also starring in which is being directed by a wonderful wonderful woman named Julia heart all she stevens Stevens she did? She's phenomenal and co-producing with Jordan Horwitz. She and Jordan wrote the script together and I'm really just getting started would but part of what I'm hoping to do is also producing that. I'm not in you know I've been given this platform because of this project that people love so dearly and I and I'd like to share it. I'd like to be able to help uplift and center artists who deserve a shot in a piece about platform men who might not have that opportunity elsewhere That's something that I'm really excited about and still trying to figure out how to how to do. Well it's exciting hiding scary at the same tournament for all you know really a good thing because we know now that you're not going to pursue not going to do another another thing where you're a standup comic ever. It's just there's no did you take inspiration from any of the women comics that do this. I looked a lot to a woman named gene. Carol who's kind of a lesser known early female comic. She's certainly one of the pioneering nearing comedians. But I originally thought that Midge was inspired by her later learned that that's a true but but she was A. She's so good so so quick and was three steps ahead of her audience at any given moment. And there's there's a brilliant brilliant clip that I feel like became the foundation for Midge where Jeanne Carols dropping jokes left and right on some some show. Maybe the ED Sullivan Show. I'm not sure. And and she drops a joke so quickly that the audience. It doesn't quite catch it. And she waits a half a beat for laugh and then immediately goes come on come on come on run. It says says the joke again and I was like Oh my gosh I think it is her two gene. There's definitely a lot of Jing Carol. Well this is the first time you've been on this show even though we've talked before so you don't really know that we end a little song and since you have such vast experience in musical theater I go. I don't know what you first musical role ones fumble in the scarlet pimpernel. y'All that was it. DUMBLE member will. Is there. Some mm song that's in your heart my heart. That's a lovely way of saying that you know. I don't know why this song came back into. My mind. Signed my heart recently but my dad is a big Jimmy Buffett fan you and we grew up on my dad would drive me to school in the morning and and it was kind of a special time for us to spend together and we just blast Jimmy Buffett so cheeseburger in paradise favorite. So give me a little bit of it. Okay so it goes a little something like this. These words it's been awhile Zucchini Fettuccini and Bulgar Auger. We on a big warm bun and a huge hunk of meat did did a cheeseburger in paradise parrot. They look at that with your. It's great to hear thank you so this is so nice.

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