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GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 596: Hating MLB, NCAA, and Michigan State


This is your ultimate staffer. Everything sports the Golden state media concepts or podcast. Should I say more from the NFL MLB THE NBA MMA? It's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen Down when two gentlemen. Welcome to the Thursday edition the day before technically the Valentine's edition which by the way if you haven't gotten anything significant other for Valentine's Day yet you probably should do that since it is the day before you've waited this long you save your money up. I'm hoping go get go. Get your significant. Other great I got mine a blender. She's been wanting one for the longest time also. My girlfriend has a birthday. That's like two days before Valentine's Day which is very unfortunate for me. But welcome to the sports podcast brought to you by the podcast network and today's Thursday edition of the podcast and we have a pretty good show. I have a feeling that is gonNa be great show the day before Valentine's Day. I'm wearing my pink pink quarter zip right now. I'm ready. Let's get the. The love is in the air with the. It'll be proposing new playoff format that everybody hates Carlos Beltran details about the Houston. Astros scandal that everybody hates the NFL. Qb market that. You'RE GONNA hate listening to by the time it's over and then we have also the ACC big ten sec hating players getting paid. That's another thing then. We also have the Michigan State. Coaching search what came out of that. And why everyone hates it and then we have the NBA All Star game. Which I hate personally. So let's get to let's start off the MLB in an attempt to change everyone's to pivot the conversation about baseball from the Astros cheating scandal which obviously didn't work because we're about to get to that in the next segment but the pigeon pivot everything from the Astros cheating scandal to outrage over a new playoff format so the MLB has been going through different changes. They were trying to change the pace of play trying to make games go faster pretty much. They've added a pitch clock. They've added they've told batters that they can't just dilly dally outside the Batter Fox anymore. I'll those teams still do that. I mean just saying players still do that and so they have all these changes to the game they added. They added a change. The minor leagues where you gotTa put a guy on second in in extra innings to start. Extra innings of extra innings will go by faster. They're trying to get the younger audience and one new way that they are trying to get the younger audience is by changing and expanding the MLB playoffs so their possible expansion coming for the playoff for the MLB for baseball playoffs. They're considering adding to additional playoff team for each league which will bring the total to seventeen threes league bringing the number of teams that make the playoff to fourteen out of thirty. Which is that's half taft league making it it's basically the NBA at this point. They're trying to make the NBA where the NBA. Half the teams make the playoffs. You're below five hundred. You can make the playoffs stuff like that. So another interesting part about it is teams with the best record in each league will get a bye during the wild card round which is fine. That's whatever and then the rest of the Games in the wildcard round will be three series. Currently they have to one game playoffs in the wildcard round which. I don't necessarily like these wild card games or whatever. I don't necessarily like I do feel like that it's baseball. It needs to be decided in a series at least three game series so I actually like this change a little bit this. I'm not. I'm not against because it makes sense because throughout the whole season you're playing against the team three times and then you make you barely squeaked into the playoffs and now you gotta play one team once and it's a winner winner. Take all thing if you lose. You have no chance coming back. If you win then good job. You want one game. You could've just had lucky game or something like that a lucky bounce your way in a three game series as likely happen so I like that however all three games are at home which I understand for logistical issues. That's probably the easier way to go but there we go so the second best record in each Lee will be able to choose which one of the three wildcard teams it plays in the first round. That's an interesting concept because an every other league. Everything set playoffs are set. You don't get to choose who you get to play in the playoffs. It's kind of a whole point. Why seating is so important and makes winning important. If you don't WanNa play if you don't WanNA play the Lakers. Then they'll be the eighth seed. You don't WanNA play the clippers. Don't be seven or the sixteenth. Whatever how in the NBA Playoffs are set? So That's interesting. And they said they're GONNA do not a reality show but kind of like a draft type show a decision show where the teams get to announce what teams they. WanNa play which that opens up a lot of avenues for trash talking. Especially if they lose the team that they chose like for instance and this could help out some teams for instance the dodgers they lost against the nationals. They probably would not have chosen the play the nationals in the first round of the playoffs so they probably would have changed. That up probably played someone else which will get to that later. We'll I'll get into the fourteen. I would have gotten added to the playoffs. If this format went in place last year but they would have made it like a show about it in and I feel like a lot of avenues for the lesser teams. That got chosen to kind of have more motivation to beat these better teams. So it's kind of a disadvantage to your team because if you had to choose it on live television. You're basically telling that other team. Hey we're better than you we're GonNa be you. We're probably going to beat you in three games or whatever or two games and that so that's interesting the fact that they wanna make it. A reality type thing is kind of dumb. I mean the NBA did the same thing with the all star draft which it was kind of a big deal last year teen on us for a team. Lebron who's going to choose who Blah Blah Blah but hey did anybody watch the NBA. All Star draft this year. No you the only thing saw was that Janas didn't choose James Harden because he wanted someone to pass the ball okay. That's it there you go. That's the only thing about this year is NBA All star draft. That I actually heard about. I have the draft. Of course I know all the teams on the rosters because I'm to be talking about that later but for the most I did not watch the event. I did not hear anything about the event now. Obviously this is for the playoffs. So it's kind of a bigger deal but I feel like that's good for the first year but then after the first nobody's GonNa really care everybody's just going to wait for the notification to come on their phone call playing them whatever so that. That is an interesting concept. I don't necessarily agree with it. It's an interesting concept nonetheless so if this went into effect this past year. Here's the teams that would have made the playoffs. The extra teams that would've made the playoffs. You WOULD HAVE THE CLEVELAND. Indians at ninety three and sixty nine eighty four and seventy eight Boston Red Sox then you would have the eighty six seventy six. New York mets and the eighty five seventy seven Arizona diamondbacks now at the end of the season last year. Would you put the mets in the playoffs? I think not the mets. They had a very hot summer. They had hot August but then September rolled around the fell apart. And that's why they didn't make the playoffs. That's why they lost out to the nationals. Why lost out to the other team? That I can't think of at the moment but same thing to the diamondbacks dime bags. They played in the top division. So it'd be great for them to get into the playoffs. However do they really deserve it then? Houston in the dodgers would have gotten first round byes was the dodgers would not have played the nationals and probably would not have lost the nationals in the first round of the playoffs this year. So yeah so here. My gripes it gives a chance for losing teams to make the playoffs for instance. Someone gave a outlook of what it would look like. In Twenty Sixteen. There was a below five hundred team that would've made the playoffs under this format. Because that's just how it was that year. That's just how the League was that your I don't like that so yeah. Some people have been arguing that could make more regular seasons game matters matter especially for smaller market teams that usually never like for instance the Mariners Mariners would have made the playoffs one year if this was in effect that year teams like that teams. That don't really expect to make the playoffs. But they went on a nice run a decent run and they are just outside of that wild card. It could make it matter for them. More teams could get into the wild card playoff race this way which would give more teams engaged. More fans engage in the playoffs. So I see how I see the understanding there. I see why they want that to happen. However here are two things that involve trading teams would be more conservative at the trade deadline because with an easier chance at making the playoffs. A larger chance at making the playoffs. Some teams would hold back on fire sale and selling all their best players to get and stuff like that to build for the future. They would instead trying to win now and try to make the playoffs because anything can happen in the major league baseball playoffs however it also turns into teams won't pay players as much. Why should I pay you when I have a better chance of making the playoffs when half the total teams and league? I don't need you. Mookie betts to make the playoffs. I don't need you to make the playoffs because we can easily get in sneak into the playoffs at the seven seat or whatever and do something make some noise there so it kind of diminishes players value and we'll see this actually goes through. I highly doubt it will. I've seen a lot of a lot of people like it. I've seen a lot of people hate it. I personally not a fan. I feel like I feel like is the opposite of what people have been saying where it makes more regular season games ten diminish it because I mean the regular season matters more is opposed for the teams that are sneaking into the playoffs but for but the play actual playoff games. You're GONNA have a below five hundred team playing the second best team in the National League and it's probably not gonNA end well so it's an interesting concept I kinda. I'm very on the fence about it. If it went in place I wouldn't completely be against it but right now I'm going to say I'm against it now coming up in the next segment. I will talk about something that I am very against and that is the Astros cheating scandal. We're still talking about it when we return. 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That's Harrys Dot com code. Five thousand enjoy. Are you looking for the very best? Nfl and college football podcast check out the GSM see football. Podcast get the latest football news. Both arm and off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered that's GMC podcasts. Dot Com back slash football dash podcasts? Get UPDATES I'm college. Rivalries kindy insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show eat sleep and breathe football. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. I mentioned a couple of times The Major League baseball is doing a very good job at keeping people engaged this offseason. Even if even if you don't necessarily care about baseball you've heard about baseball in the past month. It's actually been a full month. Since the Astros cheating scandal the the the the punishment went down a full month ago January fourteenth. Or something like that. It's been a whole month since the punishments of came down. It's been a whole month since red sox and Astros fired their managers and then it was just a couple of days. Later we're Carlos Beltran was then relieved of his duties as the mets manager and more and more INFO keeps coming out. It's kind of trickling out at this moment. The mobile trying to distract every by with this new playoff format to get people talking about that instead of talking about the cheating scandal but then more details came out about the astros cheating scandal. There's a Wall Street. Journal article there was more Carlos Beltran details with were about to get into there. Were more details coming out about this. Astra Astros cheating scandal specifically involving Carlos Beltran. Who's eight former Astros player? He played for the Astros in twenty seventeen. He's a former Yankees player. He played for the Yankees a couple years in fourteen. Fifteen and sixteen before we went to the Astros he was also a Yankees assistant coach. Something like that and twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen and then in November. He was hired as the New York. Mets manager and then he was effectively fired two months later. So there's this article on the athletic. That goes more in depth on it. It brings up. Aj hinch is interview that he had with the MLB network. He came brought up and Wall Street Journal article that involved. The director of team operations there Vigo in his developing his algorithm called the code breaker that they had before Beltran came. So let's get into it. So Carlos Beltran apparently helped create the system. He was a senior member of the team. Now if you think about clubhouse dynamics and the politicking that goes in to a major league baseball clubhouse he used the stuff to advantage because he was a veteran player almost forty years old. He's been playing for twenty years. He's one world series. He's a pretty accomplished player. So few players spoke out against the senior member of the team. Although one's Beltran left some stealing continued. But I digress so some players that were anonymous they were anonymous sources to the athletic and may manager. Aj hinch all said that. They felt powerless to stopping Carlos Beltran. Which if you think about the clubhouse dynamic if you're a rookie what are you going to do in that situation? If you're a rookie. You're coming in. And the you most veteran player there is telling you. Hey we're doing this. What what other reference do you have? You don't have any prior reference telling you. Hey that's not okay. We can't do that. You're in the majors now. Maybe this is the thing they do in the majors. You have no prior knowledge. About what else do so if your rookie makes sense when it comes to some of those younger guys for some of the older guys you know that this is not how it's supposed to be done and apparently this clubhouse dynamic you can't talk talk back to the veteran player I apparently and specifically comes DU brings down to Aj Hinch AJ. Hinch had a recent interview with the MLB network. He did not make any excuses for failure to prevent the answers legal practices. But what he mentioned that Carlos Beltran's sway over the clubhouse. Help explain the inaction of hinch and other coaches and players. No one wanted to challenge Carlos. Beltran what you're the manager of a baseball team. You're supposed to be the top guy in in that clubhouse how were you challenged threatened by Carlos Beltran at all? How now of course? I've never played major league baseball so I don't know what the actual clubhouse dynamic is there. I know teams want veteran presence in their for their experience and to help young guys through through their problems and some issues that they go through. Because hey happens to us ever happens to everybody in the league happens to everybody like I mentioned. Some players mentioned there in their first year. They didn't want to challenge veteran. They didn't want to go against the status quo or the status quo that they thought was in place because they were just there's rookie. They didn't know any any better. Was that excuse can only go for so long but you know what? I'm saying so another interesting part of all of this new information that came out. Carlos Beltran played for the Yankees and fourteen two thousand fifteen and two thousand sixteen before joining the astros in two thousand seventeen. Multiple sources said that Carlos Beltran told the Astros that they're signed stealing methods were behind the Times. These methods were of course different from the camera in the outfield thing. So what basically? What their methods were they had. Like the The walls this goes to the Wall Street Oracle Wall Street Wall Street Wall Street Journal article. That reported that the whole scheme was organization wide with the Director of team. Operations Dared wcgo developing an algorithm called code. Breaker in Excel. This algorithm will help decode signs more quickly. This was legal as an event scouting tool and it would have been illegal. It would continue to be legal if they do not use it during live games. And that's why it. Apparently they were doing they. Were using this code breaker in life games but apparently Carlos Beltran comes in and says hey guys are in the Stone Age. Let me show you. What what. What twenty nine twenty seventeen looks like? Let me let me show you what the future looks like young old men or what. I don't know I try to make that sound cooler than it. Actually is so apparently Alex Cora. Who's the red sox fired and Carlos Beltran decided that this method was not working? It was too slow so they decided to to themselves and what came out of them. Doing it themselves Cameron Center-field buzzers potentially banging on trash cans a quicker method to get the information out to the hitters. As they're hitting so this of course kind of implicates the Yankees this kind of implicates the Yankees. A kind of thing. It makes me think that the Yankees were kind of doing something like this before the Astros did it. And that's kind of what is being said here. Carlos Beltran came in after three years with the Yankees said. Hey this is old news. What y'all doing change the method up astros finally breakthrough win a world series. Now what is absurd of this all is of course the AJ hinch thing. Aj hinch saying he didn't like it he didn't like he didn't want his clubhouse doing it. Blah Blah Blah. He broke couple. Tv's or whatever but he never stopped it. And apparently this is organizational wide with the code. Breaker the Excel Kobuk. Codebreakers file sorted organizational wide. Maybe hinge felt. He wasn't comfortable going to the higher ups and complaining about their veteran player cheating. In this way I just don't believe it for a second I think. Aj hinch Kinda is involved in this way more than he's letting on none of the Astros players have even spoken about it which will change because pitchers and catchers reported yesterday and spring. Training is beginning. Which means they're going to be around the media a lot more so there's going to be a lot of questions. Lots of questions that Jose Altuve AAC Carreira George Springer. These guys are going to have to answer another interesting thing. I read and I like this one because it doesn't completely exonerate my boy but two members of the two thousand seventeen team stated that Brian at one point approach Beltran. Ask Them to stop. But Beltran disregarded it steamrolled everybody and just continue doing it doing whatever doing which. I'm happy about that. Because my voice my boy prime with gear drudge. Stop it which makes sense. Because he's he's he's one of those old school baseball guys who doesn't like people celebrating home runs so I was very shocked that he was even involved in this but apparently try to shut it down now. Of course that doesn't mean he didn't take advantage of it but he tried to stop it. At least I'll take it. I'll take it. That's my boy. Would we come back? We will go to the NFL. And we'll talk about the stacked quarterback market that is coming to free agency near you when we return. Check out the show vits built on the Ma from UFC. Two extreme cage. Fighting they got the fights covered. Check out the GSM. See 'em podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to in about some of the biggest names in MMA past present and future when it's the fight game there's just one show to check out GMC. Podcasts DOT COM backslash. Mame Dash. Podcast don't forget to let them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gsm See podcasts. Dot Com for more INFO. I cannot describe it you guys how stat was. Nfl QB market is. It is stacked if you needed. Qb This is the best year to need a QB. Not only from the available quarterbacks. In Free Agency available quarterbacks that could be traded or from the draft. We have pretty good quarterbacks coming out of the draft as well so if you need this. The best year to need a quarterback the best. So let's get into it so of course. We look at the quarterbacks. That are GONNA be unrestricted free agents. We're looking at Tom Brady. We're GONNA Dak Prescott. Teddy Bridgewater Drew Brees Ryan. Tannehill Jameis Winston. Marcus Mariota Philip Rivers. We look at quarterbacks that could potentially get traded at some point which is just cam. Newton came Newnan David car and then we look at the guys who are getting drafted this year. Which is JOE BOROUGH TO TUNNEL JUSTIN? Herbert and then they can long term here a year from now Trevor Lawrence. This is the perfect time to need a quarterback. So let's get into a Tom. Brady is of course. We'RE GONNA headline this. Qb market he is the biggest story in the NFL. I'm actually kind of sick and tired of hearing about already. And he hasn't even officially hit the free agent market. He's he doesn't officially hit it into like twenty seven days or something like that things like the first day of March or something like that. I'm not one hundred percent positive on that but he is forty three years old. He's an old man. He needs a lot of weapons around him. He needs a great offense line because he can't move that much he's a great offense line and he needs great weapons around him which he did not have either. New England this past year and we all saw how that happened. They still made the playoffs because of that elite defensive they had but once. They made the playoffs. They didn't get anything done offensively They couldn't get anything done. They just through to try to get involved a lot more than he should be involved. No Events Ataman. He's just not a top tier receiver. He's just one of those he's like. Welker he will did you those catches but he's never going to be the number one target or he should not be the number one target and as you saw in New England that didn't work out for them. They got Antonio Brown for a little bit and that one game was glorious but got rid of him for obvious reasons. So it's going to be interesting to see where Tom Brady goes. There's of course rumors that he can go to Dallas. There's rumors that he could go to the Oakland. You got the chargers that could desperately need him the colts. I've heard the colts a little bit there. So it's going to be interesting where he ends up more than likely he's going to be back in New England because Bob Kraft is not want to get rid of him. But you know who doesn't want to get rid of them probably especially with all these. Qb market here. It's one bill bell check. I also think Tom Brady's GONNA ask for way too much money to get any of those any that help that he desperately needs. We'll move on to another guy who's GONNA ask for a lot of money and deservedly so Dak Prescott. Now I recall at the beginning of the football season I was off. I was nowhere near the Dak Prescott train. I was kind of like. Yeah he's okay but does it deserve all that money. Let's be real here. Does he deserve piles and piles of cash that he's asking for well. He proved me wrong this year. He completed sixty five percent of his passes. Average eight to eight point two yards per attempt through thirty touchdowns Scott Eleven interceptions. He was ranked six in just a net yards per attempt four. Qbr NEVER MISSED A game. Due to injury. Which I'll knock on wood for him right there and he's looking to become one of the highest pay play the highest paid players in the NFL. He's probably more likely to get franchise tag by the cowboys. However Jerry Jones usually get this guy if Dak Prescott is the guy for the cowboys he would have been signed already so I have a feeling he might be going somewhere else to get paid which he could go to many places like I mentioned. The raiders chargers colts the saints. Maybe who knows speaking of Saints? We'll talk about Teddy Bridgewater. Twenty seven years old had that horrific knee injury early on in his career. With the Vikings the saints went five and with Bridgewater as the starter when drew brees went down with a thumb injury earlier this year. He completed sixty eight percent of his passes. He averaged seven point one yards per attempt through nine touchdowns and two interceptions. He settled for a one year. Seven point two five million deal to return to New Orleans. He's an interesting quarterback to watch teams. Could jump on him. He's a great game manager. Now I know some people. Use The game manager as a as a determined to some quarterbacks. But here's the thing you can't have a Patrick mahomes you can't have the homerun guys all the time. Sometimes the game managers. Good enough to win Ryan. Tannehill is a pretty good game manager. He led the Titans to the AFC championship game. Sometimes you just need a game manager. Alex Smith is a good example. He'd been to the AFC championship for the forty niners and for the Kansas City chiefs. He's done it multiple times. He is capable quarterback before his injury but Alex Smith is a game manager. It's not a bad thing to have if you want a guy who doesn't make a lot of mistakes especially if you're a team that has been spurred by mistakes like the Tampa. Bay buccaneers could be great guide. Half next up drew brees. He's forty one years old. He's missed five games last year with a thumb injury. As I mentioned there's No drop-offs statistically though seventy four point three percent on completion percentage on his own ends attempts the average seven point nine yards per attempt through twenty seven touchdowns four interceptions. He's already stated though that he's either staying in New Orleans or retiring so that's more of a retirement watch and but that that affects teddy bridgewater thing if he retires do the saints go after Teddy Bridgewater. Of course you have the Season Hill thing. That's been kind of going around for some reason the past couple of days but I highly doubt that will happen so do the drew brees thing is probably the first domino is either drew brees. Tom Brady. That's GonNa be the first domino in this market because if drew brees retires Teddy Bridgewater probably get signed with the saints. If you get signed with the saints and that's one team off the market and all these other guys will probably start falling because I guarantee you. Some teams are probably waiting to see what the status Teddy Bridgewater is going to be because drew breeze comes back. Teddy Bridgewater gone more than likely he's going to go to a team that could use them like. I said the Tampa. Bay buccaneers next up Ryan Tannehill thirty two. He completed over thirty seventy percent of his passes average over nine yards per attempt in season. He's the second player do that other than Joe Montana. He's the most accurate quarterback in the NFL this past year. Titans are very unlikely to let them walk especially since he started halfway through. The season led him to the easy. Afc Championship game. They probably won't commit big time money on him. For the long term he might get franchise to act. We don't know that's another domino that we're waiting for drought. But he had a pretty good season for the titans he kind of looked. He looked not the best in the playoffs but he got the job done once again. Another example if you if you have a game manager quarterback you can still succeed now. Of course the time success kind of focuses on Derrick Henry which is also a free agent so they have to resign Derrick Henry. And that's probably going to be the main goal this offseason. They see how much they dare Henry for. And then they can focus on Ryan Tannehill next. The number one and number two draft picks from so long ago. There's twenty thirteen draft Jameis Winston. Marcus Mariota James. Wins both twenty-six by the way James Winston for the Tampa Bay buccaneers? He threw for over five thousand yards. Thirty Three touchdowns just insane. That's a fantastic year. For any quarterbacks every thirty picks any actual fumbles who was GONNA pay all that money for a mistake prone quarterback that it's an interesting concept because he has shown spurs of being one of the best quarterbacks in the league but he's also he's also known that he could be one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. He is such a stigma here in the NFL. We don't know I don't know anything he's GONNA re signed by the buccaneers or it's just a wild card. I don't even think. The buccaneers resign. Because Bruce Arians seems to not not like him that much then you have Marcus Mariota. Who completed less than sixty percent of his passes. He was sacked thirteen and a half percent of the time that he was passing the ball. He got bad for Ryan Tannehill after the titans got off to a two and four start. He's still young. He still has talent and he's potential more than likely he's going to be a journeyman backup from now on. I can see the Patriots. Picking them up maybe being back backup for the Patriots but other than that. That's pretty much it for Marcus. Mariota as starter. He can be a pretty good backup. Quarterback in the next ten years can definitely see it. It's not terrible route to go down. Next time we have Phil Rivers. Who was just notified that he will not be a charger. Which we've kind of already known that the charges are GonNa move on from Philip rivers. He is thirty eight years old. Couple teams will probably take a chance on him just because of past success through twenty interceptions. Last year he finished fifteenth in the any over average. Twenty second in the League in Qbr. He's old got the lack of ability and he needs a team with a strong offensive line to see kind of in the same boat. Is Tom Brady? Except he doesn't have the lore of Tom Brady. Then the other quarterbacks I mentioned you have Cam Newton who David Tepper is waiting for his medical before. He makes any decisions on him. David car which is a lot of rumors. That the raiders. My move on from day from David Carr may look. They're looking at Tena Hill. They're looking at Tom. Brady south like that and then I'm running out of time. There's so many quarterbacks I can't even talk in a ten minute timeframe like I'm a minute over on the segment. But YOU HAVE. Joe Borough you got you got just herbert coming in the draft as well. So the Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals. They gather guys probably lined up then looking way down the road next year. Tank FOR TREVOR. Trevor Lawrence coming in in next year's draft it's insane quarterbacks Glor- this is the best qb market. I've ever seen and I'm excited to see shakes out. I'm waiting for that first domino to fall and then we'll have constant news updates and you're going to be tired of it by the end of the summer. You're going to be begging football to be back which had already is watch the XFL anyways in the next in the next segment moving to college just college athletics. In general we'll be talking about the double A. Trying to stop player from getting paid. Are you looking for help for your fantasy football team check out the GMC fantasy football podcast get today's best advice on how to start? Who to sit even who? You should draft from sleeper picks. Red Hot LINEUPS. They got it all covered or you. That's GMC podcast. Dot Com backslash fantasy dash football dash. Podcasts we'll cover traditionally dynasty few PR. Even I impede leaves when you need fantasy help. There's just one showed up. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. So in case you didn't know throughout the whole football season of clergy football season there was a bunch of different states specifically California. They started out. They add a pass a new law that collegiate athletes can make money off their name image and likeness then other states starting passing that and then pretty much. Most of the states have passed it but with like different quirks and different changes to the rules depending on depending on the state so the NC double a. of course doesn't like that because the instability is known for their amateurism and their players playing for the love of the game and playing for their academic scholarships and stuff like that and so yeah zero. President Marc Albert went to the US Congress to discuss the important issue paying college athletes or allowing them to make money off their lightness. So there's one US senator. And I put this in because I thought it was interesting Marsha Blackburn. Who's a junior new? Senator from Tennessee said this I will tell you there's been little if any transparency between James Wiseman University of Memphis Annual Organization. The way this went about the way you arrive at your decision when you talk about Student Academic Success Wellbeing Fairness. This has been a failure for you and the way that you have handled. This is of course bring up. The James Wiseman thing that happened for Memphis earlier this year where he received money from Penny Hardaway. Who was the head? Coach of Memphis family received money from him or received a house or something from him before he was even before Penny was even coaching for Memphis but he was considered a booster for Memphis and this was deemed as illegal an illegal act by the NCAA but no one really told wiseman or Memphis about it. They just kind of brought it down when wiseman finally got onto campus for Memphis and then it was kinda brought down wiseman was suspended from the incident which I don't know why he was suspended from the NC double but he he left and now he's just kind of training for the NBA draft. Because he's GonNa be the number one pick he's going to be number one pick in NBA draft. So why would he waste his time with the incident? So that's one issue. She demonstrated the perils and strictly parochial interest in rules regarding amateurism specifically the forthcoming name image. Likeness reforms the incidentally now find itself desperately trying to undertake before a cascade of state laws through college athletics into an unprecedented state of decentralized chaos so into what arguments was their arguments about this arguments against name image and lightness law involved messy recruiting inducements and outright pay for play system so basically if you want to get a player you promise them some car dealership or whatever promises them. Hey if you come to this school I'll give you a million dollars for your lightness to be in commercials and stuff like that. Who's going to say no and I agree with the way on this front just because it will become unfair. Recruiting would become impossible especially if you are a smaller school. But here's think recruiting already impossible. I actually think this would kind of give the smaller schools at bigger shot. Because then they don't have to rely on their own money their own athletic budget. They can rely on their boosters to kind of help out remember. Smu Of the eighties. They were there. Boosters were huge there. Boozers were the reason. Smu got as good as they did their booster. I mean coaching had a little bit to do with it. But the school had nothing to do with it. I mean it's the eighty is college football in the eighties facilities. Were probably bad. The field was probably bad. Fans probably ravenous because it was Texas but at the end of the day. It was the boosters giving these kids kars giving them houses giving them payments and then they became a competitive football team in the old smack southwestern athletic conference where everyone cheated. If you didn't watch at thirty for thirty which you should. It's the best thirty thirty they have is my favorite where everybody everybody's cheating so. Smu Just came out there and cheated better and got caught multiple times and then they got the death penalty and Yada Yada Yada so it actually gives a chance for these smaller schools that are big time donors to actually become more competitive now. Here's my here's my thing you will have to regulate this. There would be have to. I don't know how you can regulate it but there has to be some way to regulate the making money off. Names imaging lightness because I do agree. It is kind of unfair because all these big money making schools there boosters and stuff like that they can just pay for teams and stuff like that. So I'm proposing that you kind of have like a cap on how much one player can make which so they can get endorsements and they can get Jersey sales and stuff like that but after like a certain amount. Maybe like half a MIL quarter Mil. Whatever I. That's not up to me. After they make certain amount it gets cut off and then of course bi yearly basis. Of course he gets cut off and then any more money they make goes either to a trust fund that they get when they graduate. Or I don't WANNA say goes to the school. The school doesn't deserve it. I mean if it's Jersey sales and I guess the school can have it. But it's like a commercial or something like that. And they make more money than they were allotted over the cap then it goes into a trust fund that they can then get when they graduate. Which means if you I mean and I mean graduate. Because if he wants to be on their high horse and claim that academics are the main reason that we don't do this then. Let's keep them on their. I guess you have to graduate from your college to get that money if you leave early for the I'm of course of course if you leave early to go to the NFL but come back and get your degree or online or way down in the future. You still get that money still enough on. You can still get it. I'm just saying if you leave early for the NFL. You will not get the money until you come back and earn your degree. I don't know how they're going to do that. But that's one suggestion. I have because it. Kinda because of every player can only make a certain amount of money than that kind of evens. The playing field. Where for instance? Trevor Lawrence can't get a million dollars from some random Clinton car dealer meanwhile Joe Schmo from South San Jose State is making like five hundred bucks for coming to a restaurant or something for kids party or something like that kind helps out with that. You know so that way. Yeah the player could hypothetically still do the million dollar deal but most of these players are too young to understand. That waiting is great. So they're going to go for the amount of money that they can get right now so they might take less just so they get it right now. I'm of course kind of downplaying. The intelligence of some of these college athletes because I mean most college athletes are very smart but I still think there should be a cap on it or something. People smarter than me are the ones that are gonNA make the decision to or in the case of the people that are not as smart as me are going to be making decisions and is a very interesting on how it's GonNa go how it's going to be governed because it is happening. It's going to happen whether he likes it or not. Your team's some teens might leave the AA because I know some teams especially in California or four that they're okay with that impair players. I believe should get paid at least a little. Bit especially author lightness. I don't think the players should get paid from the college or anything like that. Because they're already getting scholarships food clothes academic help stuff like that and a free education stuff like that which I know some people use that against this argument is like so. What if they're getting. They're not getting paid for their services. I don't think you understand that. They still get stipends every month and stuff like that. But that's all fine and Dandy but they still don't make money off of the Blank Number Sixteen Jersey Clemson House. They don't make money off of that. And I think that needs to change if you make a Jersey or make a lego figures on the way that these are things I've seen by the way if you make something like that then the players should get a cut of that. Money should get paid for his likeness and we should have an incident like football game because I good Lord. I haven't played fourteen for the longest time. And you know what I kinda want better graphics and I want APP state in those little teams to be in because they're not in the game and joining fourteen and I want them in the game. Dang it just give it to anyways so. I don't think they should get paid but colleges but I do think they should get paid for their names image and like when we return. We add more fuel to the fire about player fair. The fairness of players as one coach left program to join Michigan State. When we return. Are you looking to get your college football fixed looking to get the latest news on your favorite schools team the Diaz Mt College Football podcast is your ticket to all things college football to win us as we talk college football from the National Championship? College rivalries the bowl. Game to the heisman trophy. So which conference is the best? We've got you covered for the big ten as these these big twelve the PAC twelve. Acc and everything in between download the GS in the college football. Podcast on Itunes Stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere you find God gas just tied Diaz Mc in the search bar longest time this Michigan State. Coaching search was looking like a disaster. Now of course earlier in the week Mark Dantonio retired and left Michigan State. Kind of in turmoil. Now some fans agree. It was kind of time but the timing of it was kind of terrible since it was the day after signing day or the couple of days before signing day and he got he just got a retention bonus of like five or six million dollars in January so he kinda made out of band like a bandit now a new source has come out and said that Dantonio wanted to coach in the twenty twenty season. Then he would retire and pick his own replacement you a crown his own replacement however apparently. Michigan State didn't like that they went out and hired a search firm so they could look into finding a new head coach after the two thousand twenty season after Dantonio retired now. Apparently Dantonio found out about this. He was upset about it and he abruptly retired near national signing day. Now was this matter so I mean first off it's February. Most of the coaching hires were made in December January Usually coaching hires now happened. In February. That is the worst possible time because I mean the laugh. Recruiting class has locked in on the letters of a tent. You do not want to be looking for a new head coach after that has happened because those players might be loyal to the former coach and they could leave because of what happened. Michigan State then went on to hire Mel Tucker. Who's the former Colorado head coach coach Colorado for one whole year? He was in the initial talks for Michigan State Head coaching job. He actually tweeted this just five days ago while I am flattered to be considered for the HEY head. Coaching job at Michigan State Football. I'm committed to Colorado football for Hashtag. The build of our program is great. Athletes Coaches and supporters Hashtag unfinished Business Hashtag go buffs. We are Hashtag relentless. Hashtag culture has built. That was five days ago and he up and left in the middle of the night because the the notification for him getting hired happened at like one forty at night one forty in the morning which in their time zone. I guess would be like twelve thirty or eleven thirty one to I. I forgot but yeah. It's just an odd timing. He turned down initial interest from the Spartan. Like I said in the tweet Michigan State head count coming back repeatedly probably because they had no better option. I was hurt. Hearing Bret. Bielema was an option. I was hearing Abo- Pollini was an option I was hearing butch. Jones was an option. So that Kinda struggling state was Kinda struggling there so the deal that was impossible to ignore for Mel Tucker was doubling his Colorado. Coaching Pool Salary Pool and including substantial increase to Michigan state strength and conditioning staff budget amp program resources which will more than double talkers. Colorado salary so of course speculation about this began after Michigan State Swung and missile. Luke fickle who he was perfectly fine with staying Miss Cincinnati because he has a great program there they signed three or four stars which is unheard over a group of five team so let. Let's go more into Mel Tucker? Who izzy why is this a good fit or is it? A good fit at all? Mel Tucker began his coaching career at Michigan State. On Nick Sabin staff in the late. One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety S. It's been on National Championship winning staffs at Ohio State and Alabama. He spent three seasons as defensive coordinator at Georgia before taking that Colorado job at twenty one thousand nine hundred he led the buffs to to top. Twenty five wins in five and seven season but things were looking for Colorado as they signed their highest class since two thousand eleven thirty fifth in the country it was like seven the PAC twelve or something like that however but I mean that's good i. It was his first real recruiting glass. That's a pretty good recruiting class to get when you're a first year head coach. This sucks so hard for Colorado. Because like I said a couple of days ago it was terrible timing for Michigan state news. Terrible timing for Dantonio to leave and arguably I mean of course. You're seeing here Michigan State's. I ate higher caliber program than Colorado is so terrible timing for Michigan State especially in that top division. Your in playing Ohio State Penn State Michigan every year playing Iowa every other year. Wisconsin you go. You're in that tough conference. You lose your arguable. Your best head coach in school history. Lose him and February. Who you can find. Luke fickle turned down. They get Mel Tucker. Which by the way is a great hire? It's a great hire for Michigan stick. Mel Tucker is fantastic higher from Michigan state but it sucks because he was a great hire for Colorado and he did a great job Colorado and is only one year he was building upon it with that thirty fifth ranked recruiting class. And now. It's kind of out the door as Colorado is now struggling to think of who to hire at this point. Who Do you hire this point? You pretty much have to hire from within because no offense Colorado but some names. I'm going to name are not going to jump from the team there at to join Colorado especially some the teams that are head coaches currently. They're not going to spring for this Colorado job. So we're going to get into it here. I have a couple of coaches. This first coach is probably the least likely but I thought it was interesting that he was mentioned at all. Then we go into the insider guys that could get hired. Then we go into. The guys are coaching other schools. That could come but like I. I highly doubt it. I highly doubt it no offense to Colorado Colorado. I love it. I love the Buffalo. I Love I love their mascot. Love everything about it. A Love Colorado Great Stadium but Yikes what a terrible time. It's not even it's not even about like Colorado. It's about the timing of everything because what coach after just working as his ass off to get a recruiting class is going to leave and come to a different school work with completely new kids and then go through the whole recruiting process. Basically what the kids are team. You have to recruit the kids on your team to buy in. It's just a difficult situation. So this first guy. I'm talking about Kansas City chiefs offense coordinator coming off a super bowl win and like I said. This is very unlikely. Eric is the all time rushing leader for Colorado. He played on that one thousand nine hundred national championship team for Colorado. He could be spurred by the. Nfl Do not doing too not getting any NFL jobs. Due to being Rooney ruled or whatever however I think this job is below him because he easily could be a head coach in the NFL. I also think even if he does take it. It's going to be a short term option. Because he would only be doing it to become a head coach in the NFL. Of course things can change. He could have affection for his Alma Mater. It could help them through these bad times but I highly doubt it. I just don't see it at all next. Tyson Summers Easy Defensive Coordinator for the for the buffs. He has passed head. Coaching experience at Georgia. Southern wasn't the best when five and thirteen and it was fired midway through his second season then another name. That was interesting meet. Darren Cheer Verani. Hope I said that correctly. He's the wide receiver coach. He's one of the top recruiters in the country. Now the only thing this is why is interesting to me because that sounds all really familiar to me could be potential daboh sweeney like higher for Colorado and no offense Colorado Colorado. I mean I'm from the area. I am not Colorado. I'm from Clemson but Colorado is kind of weird. Clemson was all the all those years ago. Clemson hand pretty high expectations. When Tommy Bowden got fired or Tommy Bowden down. Clinton had very high expectations. They started out ranked eighth and they got blown out by Alabama had a very disappointing year lost weight for us. And then Tommy. Bowden dipped out. And that's why we hired Davos we but this could be an interesting situation especially in this time of college football whereby trying to find that new Dabo Sweeney that new coach odor on this could be the guy. I don't know anything about him. I just know that He. He is the wide receiver coach top recruiter in the country. Which reminds me a lot of Dabo? Sweeney now here's the guys that are head coaches currently in group of five schools and they could make the jump but a highly doubt especially with these programs. Brian Harrison from Boise state. The only reason he's involved because he's unhappy with the mountain west and with Boise state due to funding and how they treat football program and stuff like that then. Yeah Troy Calhoun of Air Force. You can see him jump. He's got a great resume. He added eleven win season last year with Air Force Craig. Bohl from Wyoming. Who had a couple of great years? That's a that's an interesting one. As well then. Former head coach Mark Health and former former Oregon head coach Mark Alfred and current Fau and former Colorado DC. Jim Levitt could potentially also guys Jim Levin was in the running for Colorado head coach last year but he lost out to Mel Tucker. Mark Helfer coached at Oregon. Did Okay for a couple of years. Then kind of fell off could happen. It's going to be interesting to see what Colorado does in my opinion with way that college football is going. They should hire the unknown guy and just see how it goes. Why not why? Not due to all the evidence that I can do at or drawn. Dabo Sweeney when you're in a place like Colorado. You need a great recruiter. We'll see how that goes up next. We'll talk about the NBA. All Star Game Rosters and the overall game itself out this show build around women the AFC INVICTA FC Dallas Tour Championship. We got the fights covered. It's the golden state media concepts women's May podcast. The latest news of coming fights discussions of previous matches joining us as we talk to about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's game you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast. Why do I keep talking about All Star Games? Oh my God I keep mentioning you guys that I really don't like all star Games but yet I keep talking about them. I don't I don't know why I guess I guess all star games or just a fascination to me because at their core also games are very intriguing because you have all the best players especially in the NBA where it's the League of power teams. Or whatever where you have Paul George and Kawhi Leonard playing for the Clippers you got Lebron. James Davis playing and then and stuff like that you'd have these these power trios or power duos takeover the league especially recently the Mount Miami. He had the big three of the Celtics. Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant So these power teams. All-star ridden teams are becoming more and more popular during the regular season. I guess that's why the All Star Game so interesting because you get to see how they would actually play with each other. See if there's any chemistry see if there's any recruiting going along lying last year Lebron drafted Anthony Davis. I and you know there were some. There are some talking between them in the locker room. There's a picture of them talking in the locker room. And then look where it turned out. The Lakers are one of the best teams in the Western Conference. You have a bra on. Anthony Davis to the best two of the top five players in the NBA playing together on one team. So yeah I guess that's why it's interesting. I'm trying to figure out ways interesting because to me. I mean last year it was like a hundred sixty to one hundred fifty five or something like that. This new all-star game format doesn't really do anything for me because it's just kind of overall is just kind of confusing and I mean it's cool that everything's for charity but it's still overall just confusing to the general populace. I remember when it came out. Everybody was just confused about what it was. And why we're doing this and stuff like that Will I be watching? Probably not just going to be honest with you. I mean it's GonNa be interesting because there will be Kobe. Bryant tributes I might want some of that but knowing the NBA. Everything will be posted on social media. And I'll probably see everything from social media so that's that so let's get into the roster's Let's just mention the rosters and you know talk about a team. Jaanus Janas ended NEWCO. Of course Joel Embiid Joel. Embiid PASQUALE SIAKA Kemba Walker. Trae young pretty solid starting five right there then. The reserves of Khris Middleton Bama Dabo. I don't know what that name is. Rudy Gobert grow bear. Jimmy Butler Kata Lowery Brandon Ingram Don Mitchell. So that's that's team. Yawn says let Tian Us. Then you go on to team Lebron Ya Bron. James Anthony Davis Co Leonard. Luca touch it chaves heart. Good Lord what is your student. What did he do it? First off you have a bra on James Quiet Leonard on the same team. That's just absurd. You're going to have those two on the same team. Then you add in Luke Dodge and any Davis then you add James Harden. What on Earth did y'all is just not. I understand the Janas on choosing James Harden. I understand that he wanted to go past the ball. That's why he got trae young. Which get a guy who has ball? It's one of the those guys get the past bulk. Straight young makes maisy passes just outrageous passes. I've seen and make so outrageous passes but then boy just Lebron James Best Player in best player in league possibly greatest of all time. Anthony Davis number three player in the league debatable. One of the best players in the League Kawhi Leonard Number. Two Best Player in the League debatable. Of course Luca Dodge. Who's the best young player in the League. He's better than trae young. Which still salty about the Hawks drafty? Luke dodgers just a train into the Mavericks and then drafting trae. Young which trae young is a phenomenal player. Don't get me wrong. I just thought Luca Danni was better. And he is. And he's continuing to do magical things for the Mavericks. He's been injured recently but he's back he's GonNa play in the All Star game. Then you had James Corden the mixed the best scorer in the league whether or not you believe it or not. He is the best score in the league. These stats back. It up his play back it up. He's the best score in the league. You can't you may you may complain about his fouling techniques seizes technique of fouled. All the time or you complain about his general play style. You can't deny that he is the best shooter in leak or one of the best shooters in the league. Oh and then by the way. They're six guy this guy on the reserves. He's on the bench. Sorta Damian Lillard low Lillard Lillard not Leonard Damian Lillard then Ben Simmons that's a guy could pass Jaanus it's not like they're going to be struggling for people to pass. Then you got. The joker got Jason Payton. Chris Paul Russell Westbrook one of the best scores. Oblique if team will broaden is an score two hundred points overall of course because of the stupid format they don't score two hundred points. I will be disappointed. I know they're not going to try because of the NBA. All Star game. They never try. I know they're not going to try. But good Lord if they do not win an score two hundred points than what we doing here. If I was team abroad I'd be like we're coming in here in scoring two hundred points because the other teams can play defense. We have the best defense. I'm not even I haven't discussed defense at all. Because the All Star game is gonNA play defense but team. Lebron could potentially play defense for like one quarter and win seventy zero in one quarter because the only thing I see going on for team Jaanus Janas making a cool move or something like that or Trey. Young shooting it from half court. This was a real basketball game. That is the only thing I see going for team. Janas Sayaka good player have washing that much. Joel embiid he soft according to Shaquille. O'neal Gobert Defense Kyle. Lowry is okay. Brain Ingram's button. He's getting better Donovan. Mitchell pretty good but other than that are you gonNA rely on trae young shooting for half court every possession. Because you're not going to get you're not GONNA do anything. What do you call abroad? James Anthony Davis Acquire Leonard. You can even get past that frigging all you do. Just stick their arms out. And you're you're you're not getting pass them. The overall wingspan of that team is insane. Then you had James Harden Russell Westbrook Loca Donncha. These guys who can score from anywhere. Ben Simmons who could pass you the ball efficiently and has the best court vision out of everybody else Chris. Paul who also have greed core team. Lebron Lebron James has assembled the greatest team in NBA history or in the draft era in the NBA draft. All-star draft era or whatever I don't and now of course I say all this team Janas is going to win because the all star game and nothing. None of it matters the point. The point barely matter the points matter for charities. But just it's absurd. The absurdity of how good team Lebron is is just getting to me so hard right now but that we'll do it for the show. Thank you listening. Everybody Remember Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I don't have an ad read. I'm just letting you know it's tomorrow. Get something anything. Get a card gets a flowers. You can pick flowers from a bush. That's better than nothing Do anything crazy. You don't have to do every kiss from K. Or whatever just a couple of flowers card car get a plush bear or something like that just do something goes a long way This has been the GMC sports podcast like rate review. Us review me. Tell me how terrible I am especially with names and speaking even though my whole thing is speaking follow me on twitter at Strickland Underscore Josh. Then of course you can follow. Gmc Sports on twitter GMC underscore sports. Elsie y'all on Sunday. We'll maybe I'll recap the all star game. Probably not but thank you for listening to everybody and I hope you have a great Valentine's Day if you actually get something you've been listening to the golden state media concepts sports podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. Www DOT g s MC PODCASTS DOT COM download? Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play just type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even queered news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program in.

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