2K Decade Teams, Dak/Andrew Luck, AB & Team USA Troubles


What's up real words fan. Welcome to episode twenty of the real underscore sports podcasts a snapchat sports pod on this episode. We are talking n._f._l. N._f._l. andrew lock injury doctor now big contract a._b. What is going on and then. We're turning our heads to the n._b._a. Team u._s._a.'s dropping out the n._b._a. A schedule was released and we're talking n._b._a. Two ks decade teams anymore so let's get it got. A football game offers football game. Yeah prius words graham. I'm your host jack. Settlement from real underscored sports on snapchat a one million followings page with me as always is my longtime best friend abe ran off abe we are counting down the days till our charity basketball tournament. Were ready to bring home the ring you say in hydrated this week i mean not unfortunately unfortunately i came from little networking event where i was drinking and having eaten tonight because i get this pod recorded but i will be carving and drinking up <hes> later tonight. We got a ring to take home this weekend. Yeah it's all crying. Maybe we'll try and get a little <hes>. Instagram live during the games of our some footage outage yeah so it's gonna be kind of up to your brother's little fiance. He has to record as our team that team mom team. Supporter means supporter to handle those activities are our main content creator but we will be <hes> hopefully getting content for the real sports fan have to they need to see this <hes>. There's russell westbrook addio. 'cause i'm interested to see myself. I think my lights <unk> clips <hes> but we need like a full game of action. Listen if i'm not mistaken last year's championship did not live streamed on facebook okay row hypothetically just under the lights if and when we make the championship i can link to the <hes> championship game there. We go. That'd be good stuff all right so now. Let's start with <hes>. Let's talk andrew luck because i'm a big andrew lock fan. Although i think your boy nick foles is leading the jags a division entitle andrew luck once again dealing with a nagging injury. <hes> reportedly was a foot. Maybe an ankle now. It's leaning towards high ankle the time of year his status for walks time to year. Yes status for week. One is in question. What were your what are your thoughts and then i i also think this affects fantasy little not definitely affects fantasy like in terms of the weapons around him like t._y. Marlin mac you're roy mac guy but without andrew luck everything changes but this is just classic perfect andrew luck timing like a little bit of a lagging injury and then it comes out two weeks later that it's a little bit more serious and now there's some playing time in jeopardy like history repeats itself every time literally every time finally and this is the crazy part. He comes back from multiple surgeries in them. Finally last year he pretty much plays a whole season he rounds in the form and they win like seven or eight straight great to make the playoffs. It's just a shame. We haven't seen him on the field. He was the greatest prospect since peyton. I was talking to a friend tonight at the event is going from about trevor lawrence. I think t- law is the next great quarterback in line. I mean him until like it. Flip a coin yeah but to me n._f._l. Wise i think trevor lines is a legit hall of famer like from day one and they played played less than one caesar. You not a lot. I never been higher on a player my life i- genuine difference between being high on someone and declaring them a hall of famer before they play twelve games of competitive. That's how high animal in trevor lawrence. I literally think you i think he is a bigger and better prospect than luck. I think he's peyton manning territory is in draft in one and then just see what happens. I mean listen. Don't get me wrong. I think trevor trevor lawrence is going to be good but a hall of famer. Let's are wrong with that. I i will actually back that up. I think he's going to be that level level. Speaking speaking of hall of famers antonio brown appears on hard knocks tuesday night they they they kind of gave us what we wanted not really they gave us. We didn't know they didn't words there <unk>. I needed them filming him painting the helmet just like back again. They'll never they'll never catch you with this. One the only your words i think the the helmet events actually happened to close to who like i would imagine that they have the majority of hard knocks filmed maybe two days because they have to cut at it and promote it so i think probably ali happen to maybe next week. We add even more but they did give us the feet. They gave us a close ups. It does not look good and the one thing that i kind of pulled from it was that it sounds like it's not something you can just stick painkiller on. It's not something that like they really have a solution for. It's just gonna come down to time and by the <unk> he's training. I am reacting to it. It doesn't seem like he staying off his feet and being smartest about it now <hes> but i wanna talk about what hard knocks something. Unharmed talks related but antonio brown related. I've got a problem with a._b. Right now so like he goes into this whole fiasco how this dates back to before he got traded oakland. How football like be happy doing other things all right. That's fine and then he gets traded oakland. All the stuff happens with the helmet and and then he threatens to retire over it and he was going to have this arbitration with this independent third party to determine the ruling on his helmet and if it can be recertified or not and the arbitrator ultimately decided against his helmet and that he couldn't wear and then ten minutes on instagram saying he can't wait to return with his teammates mate's like if you're gonna say you're gonna retire retire dude bro if i wanted him to talk to walk the walk. You know what i mean yeah eh <unk> when eat each passing week where he loses a hundred grand or two undergrad. It gets tough no matter how much wealth you have. I can't even imagine he's just all talk but i will say the one. I was shocked at how open transparent end seemingly normal. He seemed when he was talking to. The hard knocks camera like he was very open with what happened you showing his feet. I felt like they would really hunker down your bully. Josh jacobs jacobs your rookie of the year pick. He actually tweeted out today. If you haven't seen me on hard knocks is because i'm avoiding the cameras. If there's anyone to avoid the cameras you have to imagine imagine it would have been a b. He was front santer josh jacobs. I get why he wants to avoid the cameras. Because obviously you can get framed as a certain way but in in this day and age with social media like your personal brand has taken a major hit by not being on hard knocks. I was kinda surprised by him bro a._b. Would never try to avoid these cameras on part. That's true like he wants to eat this up like the hot air balloon that whole thing like if he's there. He's gonna let you always. Is there like i guarantee you. Next week will be eighty percent <hes> a._b._a. <unk> like this episode like gruden's really coming into a great hollywood hollywood actor like he was he in the stall with another speech. We might have to get him back on because i gotta hear that one more time but like he he's a character man. Dan early says after every sentence literally every sentence the thing with with gruden is that this is the thing with hard knocks it highlights the teams it highlights the personalities so everyone always enjoys the show because h._b._o.'s fucking credible what they're doing but i still i think gruden's like a weirdo. He's like little guber. He's like he's trying. Too hard is but i think you going being at like trying to put on a football guy. Mentality like late nineties football when he was coming up just like you change like give it up as you as you would say relaxed yeah come on another another person who might not not not what if you agree with me. Another person who might need to relax is n._f._c. east quarterback and division winner dak prescott who do not relax get your money who apparently violated league policy by taking drugs before walking into team offices in asking for forty million dollars the year i mean he's the cream of the crop of the game managers but holy crap is he requesting a lot and i stand with dak prescott. We'll get you ready. Go rob what's up. I know you want him to get all the money so it ruins the cowboys and he's locked in for five years aw no no that's not eating arm biasedly like outside of it just being standard procedure negotiating tactics like what why does does he think he's gonna get forty million dollars. I mean the n._f._l. We've like every time a new contract comes up. It's always going to be the next biggest warmer ormoc the match the match staffers of the world and the matt ryan who like were set getting paid so much money like they're moving further and further down the list now so people don't bring up author contracts but like that's just how it's been for years. It's always gonna be the next man up. That's why when carson got his extension and i said to you it was important that they did it now because if they didn't do it when they the roles will be flipped. Dak probably got paid first and then carson would have wanted more money <hes> obviously i think jack has more leverage than carson does in terms because he's never missed a start art but it's just the nature of the game like howie. Roseman got done with carson when he needed to do it and now jerry jones having problems with that but the forty million is just i that's crazy but i think you have to look. I think it's not being reported is like the minor details of it. You don't know how much of this is guaranteed money a. and realistically that's all that matters. Carson got the most guaranteed money in n._f._l. History and before that who was garoppolo or someone he got it and like back next week but maybe dax annual that annual <hes> per year value is higher but is less guaranteed money because they're not sure if he can be that much of a franchise quarterback or not. There's one tested out so yeah. He's asking for forty million and as an eagles fan. I hope he gets every cent of it but i think it's a little screwed. What's being reported out there because what matters in the end is just the guaranteed money but what the conversation's nations been is like who should be. I stack <hes> zeke. Amari how much should be paid or like is he. A franchise quarterback kenny win the super. Who should he be paid like a superstar quarterback. I think we need to answer the question how much money should dak prescott be paid per. Year is obviously basically we both agree. Forty is way out of the realm. No matter how bonuses are aligned because let's assume like let's take it all together. He should be paid. Did he probably should be paid in my opinion twenty five million dollars a year so i was gonna say twenty five to thirty that range yes so i think thirty thirty s probably where they'll settle because it's the cowboys and jerry jones and they wanna lock their guy and he does have that levered. There's no doubt he can get thirty million from like i mean the dolphins or the lions when stafford steals donner the bengals when dalton scott like there's no doubt he can get the thirty mil but his appropriate <unk> pay where i would actually feel comfortable for his skill level. I think is twenty five. It's not the elite which is thirty five to forty. It's not even the great great or superstar of thirty. I think twenty five though he is the cream of the crop of those game managers he can win you football games. No i agree but the thing is is the numbers are different when zeke is on the field and he's also someone that they're negotiating west so it's like you wanna get one but you don't wanna get one without getting the other. The internet's been undefeated as usual this past week. I've been seeing memes of like dak zeke and amari cooper head on like people in a room with like a hundred million dollars just like the three of them in a room. Here's one hundred million dollars figure it out. It almost like <unk> actually is a smart guy. It almost make a lotta sense for him to take. Maybe a lesser amount because the marketing money you're gonna make just being the face of the dallas. Cowboys is astronaut michael so like because of those off the off the or below average numbers without zeke. Maybe you sacrifice a few million dollars and and and see that's the thing that what you're saying right. Now is like the main difference between the n._f._l. And the n._b._a. in the n._b._a. Players are willing to take pay cuts because in the end it really is a players oriented league where in the n._f._l. It's way more of an owner oriented league where they're seeing way more of the money with this heart salary cap and everything so players to make a statement to the owners and the n._f._l. In the league in general they don't take pay cuts so they try and get their their values values worth especially when you see what can happen post career to these guys like they wanna get every cent they can because they know they're putting their buys at risk whereas the n._b._a. N._b._a. the players feel that they have a lot of power so they're more willing to take pay cuts for other players to come play on their team also not a hard salary cap the n._b._a. But what what what players in the n._b._a. Are taking real pay-cuts like you just think about the little anthony davis wave destroyed kicker and that inevitably probably would have helped them get collided but it helped free up money for other free agents like little things like that. Yeah i guess technically but i mean it just made me thought of like brady right like brady didn't kyri didn't carry and katie takes a little bit less so that they could get the andre jordan. I think they took like a couple. The regardless of what i'm talking about yeah i guess in theory is flipping the switch a little. I don't know if you've actually seen this because it literally literally might have just happened or just kinda came out. Do you see what happened with the team u._s._a. Feeble squad scrimmage today. I didn't see what happened to the scrimmage rich but i did see the projected starting lineup and that's really all i needed to say yes so here's the deal everyone's dropping out because they wanna focus on that. Macy's is in the n._b._a. Seasons of uncertain long that their bodies are just taking a toll and then now with all the player appearances autograph signings marketing like emmy employers are involved in so many different things and just playing for your country apparently is taking a back seat especially for fiba. I'm not i think olympics. They'll probably be there so the squad is in great but ended. The day was list yeah but we still have the best team in the tournament. We're still heavy favorites by gambling blink odds but <hes> would just came out. Was that a scrappy squad of players featuring some who played in fiba world cup qualifying for team u._s._a. Zeh but a really like you know she league not very not off very good players <hes> jeff van gundy as coach. It was a ten minute scrimmage <unk>. We don't need to look too much into it but they beat the team yosef. E squad thirty six seventeen in ten minutes so they beat them by almost almost twenty points and this was the squad justin anderson he went to u._v._a. Reflects her chris <unk> florida scotty hopson decline jeffries john john jenkins <unk> tra- som- randall he was a stanford boy travis trice travel somewhere off yet chasing <unk>. Whatever that is there's zero m._b._a. Really benched players on that squad. Let alone starters and they just blew out out a team of what's burs be competing for a gold medal the summer so is that is a re concerned with this not concerned at all like that i want. I bet you that team that g. League team could compete in the actual olympics because that's just how good and dominate the u._s. Basketball but let's talk about what the the u._s. is putting out their relatives of what they have to wait around. I feel like we're we're skipping over that very quick. You're buying no stock in the in fact they lost by twenty points to a bunch of scrub not when it comes to the rest of and how it affects them going into the tournament you can get i don't know i think that it's gotta be concerning like the line about poster. My snap story today is i mean big. Men are p._j. Tucker in brook lopez's us that there's there's definitely better players in the world at the foreign five than those two yeah but in terms of depth or isn't another team like the u._s. us <hes> they won't have any trouble. I don't think is it's kemba. Kemba back out now on plays the most important when it comes was international play. We've seen over. The years and kemba is going to be far beyond bribery. The best player in the tournament isn't he but <hes> the pressure yeah. I'm not sure if he might have dropped out but i saw a quote like he would give up his m._v._p. Trophies getting gold so you would say that that's for the camera but now this is the difference though like tina say these guys they've lost interest because they've been so dominant international apply but it it used to be a major major major honour to play for your country potentially bring home hardware. I'm not i'm not screen. What is an m._v._p. Trophy mean to like theoretically outside for marketing purposes. It's an individual warm winning gold for your country. I actually by the i believe ah i mean maybe for greece because they would never win but like exactly i don't know. I just think that he's just same for the camera like it's it's a legacy thing in the n._b._a. Sir campbell is not necessarily projected star. Darren fox has has been the star so far in training camp so it's between him fox spider the true rookie of the year from a couple years ago he will be at shooting guard and chris middleton at small four dan. It's kind of like a mishmash of tate on jalen brown. Brook lopez like this squad is not anything anything. That's gonna be like starting five compete for a playoff spot in the west. I don't think so kemba walker donovan mitchell chris middleton jason tatum tatum brook lopez. I thought you just said the fox well a guy that that was the other projected starting lineup <unk> ox human yet but the vox. I don't think so fox spider christmas mpg tucker brook lopez yeah. It probably makes the playoffs but it's you do know how good the fox's yes. I know how good the air fox's but but you're you're talking like him in cambodia like a crazy disparity. I think your your mobile down this road. I'm being serious jack jack jack kemp. Who's a first team all n._b._a. Player when this year what do you mean he was not first team. All india google it kemba walker. Yes kemba walker was that first team all n._b._a. First of all n._b._a. Off the top of my head is staff <hes> jaanus hardin and a a big man. I would assume get it yeah. Kemba kemba is nowhere near all right. We gotta look look this up all m._b._a. What what made you think because because he was alcohol wait for all right. Yeah okay never mind okay so i'm gonna walker was a third team team guard all right here. This is where i was coming from edward the whole if he got on all n._b._a. Team he would be eligible for the supermax. I was under the impression. It was a couple months ago. So gimme a break milwaukee summer that it was for the first team he made that looking back and thinking that's pretty stupid <hes> but yeah he'd be urging regardless. You're comparing. Let's get back to the root of the auto before we get into it. Which i'm fine with <hes> i do notice that even dumber than that whole situation is that kevin durant leonard both didn't make the first team yokich was the fifth spot <unk> paul george in yoga so <hes> yes the to me the disparities i didn't. I just admitted that i was wrong. Okay and people do that in life like it's important thing to do is important trait to have understand understand where you're wrong. Now your term. You just said that. There's not that big of a disparity. There's not kemba walker and yaron fought. There's i'm not saying dying that i'm not saying come is not better but i think this year this third year <unk> league there will not be a crazy difference in in the two <hes> for all right so you think that darren fox's a chance to be an all n._b._a. Player this year yeah. I think that's why i like. Pardon me i mean i think in term. You think you'll get wrote. He'll get votes <hes>. I seem in third team boats this year though the only the issue is that cameras in boston and damn fox they got literally a singular national televised game so they won't make the playoffs so it's talking. Let me read you some of the names. Let me read you some names. That got left off the list. This year that were just burner thirteen but you asked about votes like bradley beal got no exactly carlisle gotta vote. He did get a vote or two who have fox or lower. It's it's not a matter of who would i rather have obviously i'd rather fox few forward because he's younger neural editing kyle lowry right now you will think darren fox's better than kyle lowry is right now. No i think i don't even allow that good but he was a championship. Boycott fox's the next x coming of magic johnson because you you obviously watched. You watched fox play this year. He was spectacular and he will be related. But the key word is will i cannot cannot i cannot take that comment. Though of kyle lowry a championship point guard that he was on a championship team. If you're putting on fox in that situation i could easily argued that they still win. The ship lowry played some great games with fox news better than lowry this year. I don't think you can like larry came up again. The plows he was huge in game six for them thinking opened up like the first eight points of the game <hes> one of those games he did. I forget which one but like. I get in your high on the air on fox in that's cool. You're living in the moment. That's fun but it's his second year in the n._b._a. He hadn't he did this year. They were they were very very much in it and then they concentrated some pieces they were never making the playoffs jack no they are making taking it but the seventeen seven and four only three turnovers a game shooting and go from that to getting all n._b._a. Votes next year. Can you just you just say yourself. Kyle lowry outta vote and he said next season. Damn fox could be a lower level so yes easily. You could see that i don't now i know upsetting. I would take the going forward because he's younger so i'm not saying that we're adequately next year. Who would you rather have <unk> as your point guard our okay. I completed without a doubt. I completely <unk>. Remember this conversation that you think that the aaron fox will get all n._b._a. Votes what's next year. Yes next topic. I posted on my snap story. <hes> the all decade teams and i so let me just read off the teams real quick. The eighties was magic stockton jordan within bird and who is that who's the fifth do not the picture. I can't determine case picture. Isn't that good. Do you know that is the picture we do. No i i just i can't even our might be karl malone. No i don't know who it is anyway anyway anyway. <hes> the nineties squad was jordan pip been a keen that there's karl malone. Oh is that stockton again. It was mikhail in the eighties to thousands was koby dunkin a shack lebron and the most recent twenty intense steph dwight katie lebron and harden so the biggest outrage after i posted was about dwight howard being on the scout i'll get to that. I was pretty defendant of him. Being on the team and then someone kinda pointed out that he was he got traded lincoln year towards the his good years where towards the end of the two thousands thousands yet. I think the only argument from being there is that <hes> it looks like they wanted the have a center on the team on each squad and i would say obviously we're getting away from the traditional centers but even within the decade you probably probably is still the most dominant center i i don't know i mean you wanna throw anthony davidson. That conversation is i mean. Technically is a power our ford and yet eighty to me hasn't done enough. He eighty es may one playoffs or two in his career <hes> he's. He's a frigging birkin incredible player but <hes> do i was i mean she was three and fourteen in two thousand ten so that's the first year of the decade ended. <music> ended s when the injury story averaged he went down every or twenty and then seventeen he played less games and then he got traded to the lakers. Now is kind of just the start of the downfall from there that was early down all but like he was still pretty good. He just was still putting up decent numbers but he wasn't dwight howard yeah yeah. He wasn't dwight howard so that is definitely an argument for for the four squads to me. My pick was the two thousand so you get shock <unk>. Who's just a a dominant player in ball time you get lebron is the second fireball time you get kobe. Who's the second a score of all time you've dunkin. Who's the best power forward of all time and you get a. I get you constant buckets. The only the only bad part is you don't have jordan on their team. Okay so i'm gonna go with the twenty tents and i think i think you're and i'm sure the real words. <unk> will appreciate that pick 'cause. That's the those their favorite players but i i just don't see it all right well. I'll explain so maybe you will see it. Steph curry the greatest shooter of all time one of the one of the top two or three point guards of all time james harden one of the best scores of all time kevin durant may be the best scorer of all time lebron james and let it be noted that you have lebron james in the two thousands i haven't been the two thousand ten and beyond when he won every single one of his championship ranks so i have prime lebron adnan to white howard who whether or not you agree with he was still very good in the early two thousand so to me. I see the best three point shooter of all time one of the best scores of all time maybe the best score of all time the best player of all time and dwight howard and i'm looking at it as shack is gonna have ninety eight points per game. He's this going on do i. I think that's disrespectful and and especially in this plan it's just the game a._m. To today's. I don't think you're shooting that. I don't think you're three point percentages net great yeah i would agree with that. I think the matchup of staffing is hilarious. No one's playing defense point shooters kobe bryant who wasn't that reliable of a three point shooter throughout his career. Yeah i would agree with that but then you yeah now that i've talked myself into it. It's no doubt the twenty times now 'cause the owner's flippers defensively were playing the best. Were the best defensive team in this match up like kobe's you know he's way better defender than harding miles better. Don't get is not miles better than durant other. Durant's developed into a great defender. <hes> shock is a better defender and <unk> while you have prime lebron to thousands lebron was a true defender. Defender twenty tonnes lebron. Was i mean he was a highlight defender leaped defender miami but i think that's what's funny about. This conversation. Conversation is that we're totally overlooking. Eighties nineties are heaven ninety nine hundred ninety s or cuties for sure they wouldn't do anything but the eighties eighties like you have magic michael larry bird yet. You've actually the three players who made the n._b._a. What it is today along <hes> but i i just think the two thousand squad <unk> for whatever reason i'm hi i'm super high on shack and then you get koby lebron on the whatever reason you're high on shack you can't you can't you're out one reason why your hi- on shaquille o'neal numb i think more because he's the most dominant at the position compared dared to compare it to the floor obviously but to me it's a no brainer all right so we'll good offense beats good defense and i think i my team as the best offense. We'll touch on a real quick but <hes> as as i get instagram d._m. From someone the rails words fem jake jake. Can i please have the uncle drew background. A name is jack. Thank you <hes> real quick note to k also released a classic six squads as they're naming them six squads so some fun teams thirteen fourteen clippers chris paul b._g. Lob city essentially de'andre <hes> the only nine two thousand ten blazers lamarcus aldridge brandon roy everyone if you're too young to remember roy. I'm sorry the host of seven kevin gilbert arenas antoine jamison crown butler squad oto three stefan marberry shawn marion and the fifteen sixteen calves kyri lebron. Just just real quick wit squatter. Would you be most excited to play with. I think that they just botched this on. I mean i think the i think the best team on here is fifteen one out thirteen fourteen spurs. I tim duncan parkridge no yeah no. I think the fifteen sixteen calves this is the best team on here and the spurs pry right there but like you're gonna give me the oh two. Oh three sons with stefan marberry but you won't give me the o. three o. Four with steve national russian the second second seven seconds or less so the one that team is one team. I'd wanna play one thing i liked about this released from two k. was outside of the cairo. Lebron and the duncan coed team the top four didn't win a championship and it just seemed like a more fun retro squad that like everyone they were like fan favorite for teams right like a re like agent zero brandon roy lob city to do that rowing like some some t. mac natkin yeah that that would have been a great addition. I'm trying to think of other ones. I would be most excited to play with <hes> probably sleepy three because obviously my favorite player and lob cities fund although i do struggle to figure out the alley of function into <unk> year it'll be it'll be fun when we get some in game is a final thing n._b._a. Schedule <unk> we might have to go live stream on a to k gave me all the time and then we're going to move to verse the royals words sports fans who who can who can win n._b._a. Schedule was released. <hes> some marquis games open the season. You've got some lakers. <hes> not lakers gobert start but it's pelicans raptors noted not lakers game yeah lakers. Clippers is the second game of the doubleheader. Some some other notable ones the night after your sixers open at home against kemba walker in his third team all n._b._a. Status <hes> the knicks. Let's go to the nets for game. Two christmas day is out. I mean anything that you're i think and i think you might agree with me the thing i'm i'm most excited to the most the thing i'm most excited for. Is there like revenge games or the return games like cairo. Back in boston is going to be naughty. Even chris stops when it comes to the knicks will be gone jimmy in sixers. I'm curious to see what quiet reception is when he goes back to toronto. You don't actually think he's getting it. Do you know but that's what i am curious kind of see what happens and then i'm. I'm not standing ovation. I think it's a lock <hes>. I think that i watched the raptors fans cheer when kevin durant torricelli so i'm kind upon the air on them. It's a front they're putting out there sweetheart <hes> and then obviously the battle of l. a. I think is going to be awesome. I'm going to trying to because the ravens play the rams in l. a. on a monday night right before thanksgiving. I'm going to try and go out early and see pelicans clippers in staples apples. Are you like it. They gave i on the pelicans like something like twenty national t._v. Games i think i think he's going to be fun on but halfway through the season. I don't know if like the appeal still going to be there. Maybe well i don't know i think that teams fun general lawn. Those fund drew holiday holiday ingram josh harley dave they have team yeah but like i mean obviously i'm most excited for the battle of l. A. <hes> sixers victor should handle business might wanna move on tonight too just like another game <hes> but like i'm most excited throughout the season as a by a sixers fan as the sixers sixers bucks matchup 'cause. I think we're both in agreement. That were there the two front runners for the eastern conference in just to get a preview of that when we think we're going to get it for seven games is really exciting other other games. I'm excited for like maybe not as much as rockets thunder the return of ross but like that's not exciting because it should be a blowout. Yes we a blowout end but you know it's interesting. What kind of reception will chris paul back in houston yeah. It's a really good question. I don't think it'll be great. There's also a chance. I guess they're not trading before the season but there's got no. I don't think there's did i think he might be a mixture yeah. I think there will definitely be mixed reaction because lucky was the team that could have dethroned the healthy warriors. It just just didn't ball and yet. He decided to stay out in that outing. It wasn't there. I think that i mean one of the games james <unk> out the boxer playing the hornets in paris. That's kind of cool. You honest is like the international star. I i'm excited for kyrie's returned learn to boston. I think it's gonna be actually borderline repulsive. I think he's gonna get some the coldest reception of all time and then obviously a d. back nuance. I don't think it'll be levels. Near the cairo gots now that i think not i think i think he'll take it the hardest i offer share but i think poisoning might get it pretty bad in new york too he will he definitely will <hes> speaking of porzingis us all on lifting weights. He's he doesn't play the games still in the spurs dude. I mean that's only one season obviously towards a._c._l. <hes> yeah but now it's actually been almost two <unk> like almost two four years. It was like it was like twenty games into this yeah. It was a mess over one hundred fifty games a regular people out yeah. That's that's the scary thing him pless luca. Luca could actually be nuts like he's legitimate seven what seventy seven after after seven foot it really doesn't matter to me with literal guard skills great shooting ability catch and shoot ability an unbelievable rim-protector he he can defend out in space on the perimeter and moves feet like there really isn't much kristaps can do i kind of wanted exam except my feet up in his home country shrouds of that and some of us that we won't talk about but i was kinda hoping that dallas got the free agent this summer just to see what they could do. Like kristaps will be good from night one insured. They'll play yeah theoretic yeah. I didn't think too by the way out that it would be to- bias before it would be jimmy. I thought that dallas would be an interesting landing spot for tobias but they estate put they brought in south carolina. Now they had seth <unk> narrow. The death has played for them him in the past down. That's what i was gonna. Say lucan chris opposite fire combination. The only issue is they're supporting cast not even like bent supporting uncast like the other three possessions pretty brutal and the language barrier. I real sports fan. Thank you for listening to episode twenty <hes> the rayon episode mark. I think he's twenty one now. Marquel faults episode trying to think n._f._l. Twenties ed reed episode the greatest safety time brian episode. The brian dawkins episode. We appreciate as you guys listening. <hes> stay tuned for more podcasts. You're up every monday and thursday. Thank you real sports. Fan have a good weekend <music>.

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