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It's where I was and I imagine ninety percent or more of my listeners and viewers. Today were last night. How are you joy? I'm great man. That was fantastic. It was like. It was amazing. It really was live parts of that and learn new things about the dynasty, and just have everyone do it together. Was It really was great I have so many thoughts I wrote notes. For the entire couple of hours. It's I'm prone to do that. And you know, let me just start with this. A lot of people are going to naturally move into the. You know Michael's way better than Lebron. Let me say folks if anybody watching or listening to this show if any of you. Are Ever the second best person on the planet something. I'M NOT GONNA. Take a shot at you. Lebron does more good things with the basketball in his hand than I've ever seen. Michael's probably the most relentless player. But if you're number two in the world. Congratulations, I tip my cap? The fact that we only now debate MJ and Lebron we don't. We don't debate MJ and Akim. MJ and Kareem MJ and magic. Mgm Bird Mj. We don't. We don't even debate it. We don't even go there. That tells you the greatness, not only of Michael, but of Lebron. Let me. Let me repeat something I said last week that it was amplified I knew about it, and I watched it and it was worse than I thought but The fact that this bull's team, the best of sports team of my life won six titles. With all the chaos with the front office, they were fighting their front office. A Reservoir of respect for Phil Jackson. He is balancing a GM that represents some players some players that resent the owner Jerry Reinsdorf. I told you last week. Is is the cheap guy the baseball loving cheap guy? He won't give Scottie Pippen a new deal. I just couldn't live with myself. MJ carried the League and halfway through it. He wasn't being paid. He was carrying the whole league. Forget the Bulls. Just remarkable how Phil Jackson and MJ's focus and fills just moxie and intelligence could balance. What was a chaotic mess? Virtually every dynasty of my life has great ownership or great management. You know Pat Riley with Miami and the heat or or the Rudy family, or you know craft and ballot check I mean Tom. Brady didn't have to deal with nonsense all day. Remarkable what they overcame. It also, and you may find this strange. It made me think more than once about Russell Westbrook. This is why Michael Loves Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook place heart every night. Every night. No possessions off and I know you think I. Hate Westbrook. No, he drives me crazy. But there's a lot of Michael Jordan with Westbrook. When you watch Michael Jordan and Jordan said Westbrook's his favorite current player. Sometimes westbrook will do things and you're like. Are you nuts? Slow it down shift down, but then I watched Michael Jordan last night. and Michael Jordan and his second got hurt. And the doctor said you can play on it. But if you get hurt again, your is over and Michael held a grudge. Against his owner, 'cause owner was like I. Don't think you should do this. I don't think we should take a risk Michael. I wanted to go Michael. Are you crazy? You're willing to riskier career. Just sit it out. You're not a title team I thought to myself Michael Low crazy in him, and Westbrook's got some crazy in him, but in a world where players take the night off and load management. I got I gotta be honest with you. I came out of that thing and I'm like. Props to Westbrook. Old School? I get I. Get it. He's not my favorite player. But I respect the hell out of Westbrook. Something else that jumped out to meet. Can we acknowledge now? People like me? Forties and fifties who grew up with the Bulls have always known the Michael Stories not linear. He didn't win without Phil Jackson and he didn't win without Scottie Pippen, he was just unbelievable, but now a lot of the mythology. You can all acknowledge now the twenty and thirty year old. Who didn't see it live. Michael didn't do anything without. Penn Phil Jackson and you can think to thought simultaneously. You can think with one side of your brain. Michael's the best ever and then think, but he didn't win. Squat without pippen and Phil Jackson and it's OK. He's both. Remember that last night. They told you when Pippen didn't Rehab and Michael had the start the year with him. Fifteen games, they rate and seven. And by the way, he ran through Doug Collins and Stan all Brooke, and in the series against Boston he scored forty, nine and sixty three, and they lost both of them the reality even Michael Jordan admitted. You say my name. You gotTA. Say Pippen you can think two things simultaneously. Michael's the best ever, but even Michael needed the right coach and the right Robin to his Batman. So far. This is mostly it mostly through to two. Parts of it. Amplified Everything I knew it just gave you a little dirt. This was the greatest team I ever saw. It was the most glamorous team I ever saw, and it was the most relentless team I ever saw. Just nobody outworked them. Michael had a a status. He was refined. He was dignified. There was a class with him. Then I think there's a lot of really classy guys sports, but I think only Brady has that were. Brady feels like he can just by all the other quarterbacks Michael Right now. Even when he came into the League early, there was just a a dignity, and a Roy was royalty. He was American sports royalty, but but my over I got one overriding thought here. Is that in this message because people my age. No, what am about to say and I don't WanNa. Come off as a cranky old fart lecturing people. But most most twenty year olds in the media in most in eighteen nineteen year olds. There's a message in this whole damn thing. Michael Jordan's the best basketball player ever. And he had. Obstacles the hallway. That his dad love his brother more than him. His brother physically beat him up playing basketball. He got cut in highschool. His GM. Often felt like he had no respect for him. the owner would not give him a new deal, even though he was so severely underpaid for seven of his eight years. Go look at Michael Jordan's life. He didn't break his foot. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever. He fought with the Pistons. He fought with his GM. He fought with his own or He fought with his body. He fought with his brother. He fought with his dad. It Ain't easy you WANNA. Be Great. Stop whining, because somebody say. A mean tweets and It's hard Michael Jordan's whole career. Why so hard? Why so tough? Because it was rough. It was rough for him. Think about being as good looking at him as fashionable him as smart as him as great as him, he still. He signed A. contract. The owner was no in his corner that GM was the worst. Thank God Phil Jackson showed up or maybe he goes through seven coaches. Doug Collins he fought with. You haven't seen a lot of that yet. The high school stuff is brother is dad. I mean they God for Mj's mom. I mean he can get love from the boys of the family. So this idea that we're all freaking out now. Somebody said something on twitter I just get. That's why guys like me. Laugh it all the people that get worked up on twitter life's hard deal with it. Nobody wants your SOB story. It's hard. I mean Michael Jordan. Walk into the NBA. and. He walks into a room. This is where he started laughing last night. It was good to see Michael. Jordan laugh like he had guttural laugh, and he was told by the documentary makers. He's like a good team. He inherited a team that wasn't as popular as the local soccer team with a bunch of coke heads. and GM there was a baseball scout. His road, he got the living you know what kicked out been by the Pistons by the rafts by the Celtics. That's why he's great. He's not great. Despite that he's great because of that. Just just Michael Jordan is tough. And you know what you saw that letter centers. Mommy's a great kid, but Michael Jordan was about winning because he had to deal with nonsense his entire life, and so in the end you're either about winning, or you add no value to him, and I found Michael incredibly likable last night. He was worried about not being like I've never liked Michael Jordan more than I liked him last night. I thought he was fantastic. It didn't have any time for nonsense because you know what some of his childhood was nonsense. Some I mean. Good God, we think people complain if they don't get this perfect linear path. That's not the way life works. That's not the way life works I the analogous to Michael. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. God I've had I'd gotten chairs thrown at me. Look at joy me. You don't get a job at the network. It's hard. There's a Lotta Sucky as out there deal with it. Joy At I. Wait have climbed up. Both sides of the mountain up. Top. Okay, so we got. I I will say there was something. In the series now. We tend to Romanticise. I've tried as I watched it last night I didn't want to be one of these men good old days through way better than now because I love the NBA now. I think I think there are a lot of guys playing in the NBA back then that couldn't shoot a free. Throw like the guys now are so skilled and so talented and such great athletes and I've said this before. Is there a bad guy in the NBA? There's a lot of good dies every NBA Guy I know overtaxed or ever talked to. Just good guys know jerks. There used to be some jerks. This was a league in the seventies, the traveling cocaine circus. That is not an issue now again. That is not an issue. But but there is one thing we got to lighten up a little bit on the good old nonsense. That's coming up. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific on Fox? Sports, Radio Athas one and the iheartradio APP catch your free. Credit score card today. Even if you're not a discover, customer includes like credit score going to discover dot com slash credit scorecard limitations apply. We're seeing slowly, but surely some businesses opening up very encouraging. Yes, there is good news out there on the horizon. I really liked the documentary. There's a couple of reasons. because for me and people that grew up with it it. Just go back down memory lane. It's really fun. A lot of the stories I know couple of my didn't, but it's fun. I also think it's really cool. John Goulet tell me this morning. Younger people like yeah I didn't know having stuff I just I just knew they were great, so it's really cool like we're all collectively. Initiating younger people are seeing stuff for the first time I think it's a really. Communal experience that we're all enjoying. And I will say this there is we tend to. You know I it's. We tend do create. We Roll Romanticize the past a little bit too much. The guys in the old days they'll hate each other and guys, today or now all friends. Oh really so Danny and Michael, Jordan or golfing. Day off the star of the Bulls Star of the Celtics are golfing. During playoff series. Yet in hate, each other magic and bird, really close friends by the way magic in Isaiah for years, really close friends first of all a lot of guys back then they played cards. They golfed dad fun. They chased it. They drank. They smoke cigars together off season and probably season. The difference is this? Today's players are all paid well. The salary cap used to be closer to twenty five million. Now it's well over one hundred. It'll be two hundred million in five six seven years the bottom line now and you sit down at the dinner table. Anybody listening to my show that group in a big family and maybe you grew up in a big family and your folks didn't have a ton of money, and you know they'd hand out dinner and you were sitting there. Saying I gotta get a role. Because if I don't fight for the role, I'm not getting a role and their seven kids and I wanNa make sure I get that pork chop. Oh, that Pie I gotta fight for my legitimate piece of the pie that used to be the old NBA we. Michael Jordan was underpaid. For seven years, Scotty was underpaid. The stars were underpaid on the dynasty. You were wins equal revenue. Everybody was fighting for a very small financial pie. Now Auto Porter's rich. Everybody's rich. We're paying twenty million dollars a year for guys and so everybody gets a second desert. Everybody gets a third role. Every gets a fourth piece of MEATLOAF. So, it's not as desperate you know in life. If everybody gets a little more comfortable financially, there's not quite as much debt that doesn't mean you're not competitive, but they're not. There's not quite as much desperation, and so the players today if you put Michael, and Scotty and Scotty was making twenty seven million a year, not two point two million a year. You know what he wouldn't have been so angry. The GM Liked him, but there wouldn't be this in. Guys are different than women. Sometimes on this, we're all about the respect, and are we being shown love and our Egos? You know I, get it, but it's just a different world. A lot of guys back then got along and by the way you think Patrick Beverley buddies now with rivals you think Rondo is you think he I mean seriously coli wants to be buddies. Yacht is like I don't want to be buddies with anybody. There Blake Griffin get along with players. There's there's all sorts of guys in the NBA that do not WanNa Buddy. Buddy Westbrook says his best friends the ball. Their teammates. He won't talk to so this idea that current players roll softies. An old guys are all tough. It was a different world. Lot of friends back then a lot of guys that don't WanNa talk to other guys now joy with the news. On the news, this is the third line news. Well! One thing I think we can. All agree. On is a little different. I. Don't think there's any more. Charles Oakley's in the league anymore. He is a one of a kind I love so. Coming off one of the best college football seasons ever, but will likely face some challenges as an NFL rookie pay manning, said borough reached out to him for advice on transitioning into the League, he told borough to embrace early struggles, because they can lead to more success later when I told him I said Joe. You're the first pick in the NFL draft. You're going to a team that has really earned the first pick in the NFL. Lost More Games. My rookie year that I had my entire high school and college career combined through twenty six interceptions. I've played every game Jim. More never took me out I learned some things in the fourth quarter of those blowouts about what it took to be an NFL quarterback. In the next year we went from three and thirteen to thirteen and three. Now that wouldn't have happened had I not hung in there and kind of learn the ropes as a rookie, even though he took some bumps and bruises. That's Great I. Love that Yeah I love that I love not only that he reached out to Peyton Manning for advice, you WanNa talk to the greatest severed one of the greatest ever do it about how to do it. That's that's a good sign to me, but also we forget the struggles that some of these rates had early in their career. I mean just talking about it with the last dance taught what I'm. Jay came into the League. What MJ was given coming into the League? We only remember the sparkles and the shine out. Remember that you know. He broke his foot early and he. He inherited a team that the indoor soccer indoor soccer team in Chicago. Drawing more fans than the Bulls. That's insane. Think about it, I mean. Forgot paid manning struggled in his rookie year. We don't think about that. We think about is amazing commercials and his incredible career statue in. Championship Impala famer about all. I remember. Fuzzy, but I can remember like five years in with ally. Manning people just didn't know if he could play. 'cause he threw a ton of interceptions in the giants rebuilding, but I remember. Maybe it was year four, but like paid everybody knew Peyton was great by year two but I remember. A lot of doubt with Eli. Manning he threw a lot of picks for a lot of years, and he wasn't winning a lot of games and I think that again. That kind of molded Eli Manning into a New York. Nobody handled criticism in new better than jeeter an ally because Eli got a lot of it for like four and five years from the toughest media in the country New York. Well I mean I think also that was what Payton's rookie year is. May Twenty something years ago? We were a little more patient and there were fewer media outlets, and there was no twitter and facebook and Instagram snapchat and Tiktok for everyone. Share their comments and opinions about it so there there is that element of it, which is why we kind of do need to remind ourselves in times. Maybe guys do need you know. Know One or two or three years to develop into what they will eventually become, so that was rumored to be on the trading block last week, but Cleveland is reportedly trying to shut down those rumors saying they haven't had any discussions this season about trading Odell and that he is firmly in the teams plans for the twenty twenty season, browns. GM, Andrew Berry also said there's nothing imminent regarding trade involving a veteran player. Wasn't interesting reports about Beckham's future in Cleveland from bleacher reports Mike Freeman. who was told by sources that it's only a matter of time before the browns trade the star receiver. Thank you that Beckham is viewed as a poor fit with Baker Mayfield. Yes, some the browns are committed to as their franchise quarterback. Mike Freeman. Because that's what I've been told that it's not ideal. LBJ's Buzney both be Jan Baker are doing a great job to the camera, but people inside the organization. Do not think it's an ideal fit. That's what I've been told. That's why I got so excited for the O B J Minnesota because I thought Oh. This is good for everybody. It's good for the browns at good for Baker. It's good for Minnesota, but what Mike Freemen's hearing is. What a source I absolutely trust telling me it's not ideal, and he's not gonNA stay. It's not going to end his career in Cleveland. Yeah I I am also in that as well. It's not a good fit. Never was a good fit, and that has nothing to do with. Odell has nothing to do with Baker, and it really doesn't even have anything to do with the Browns, sometimes with things just don't work and I think we all suspended that reality for a little bit to try and see what would happen but look. For me at least maybe this is just my own selfish self talking. I WANNA see Odell thrive. I want to see Oh, delvina situation where he can be a star. He deserves that and the bounces have to be in a situation where they can move forward. It's not the hotels holding them back or whatever, but it's just best for everyone like you said and they can say whatever they want about not trading, and that's fine and all. That's fine giant, said the same thing, so whatever I there's no point in them coming out and. And saying they are trying to trade him if they're not I get that, but when I if when they eventually do, we're all going to pull this back up. Like why'd you say it finally? The jags have reportedly had discussions with other teams regarding running back. Leonard Fournette the two thousand seventeen fourth overall pick is entering the last year of his rookie deal, and the jags ups and make a decision on his fifth year option too soon if he stays on the roster, however rapport tweet this morning. The Jacksonville hasn't had any takers yet. He has a salary of four point one million in twenty twenty. The jags already traded nick. FOLES AJ. Claes Campbell in Ramsey since the start of the two thousand nineteen season. This is called a tank. Right. Well when it comes to something else, also kind of interesting is that he was. Kind of openly campaigning for Cam Newton last week. Doug marrone said you know with players. You're going to have friends who are like. Hey, this guy should come. This guy should come in China talks the players about the team and doing what's best and keeping a single message then a Lotta time. You'RE GONNA have to be able to communicate in the locker room and that is a big thing with me so. Maybe. Not Buying into. The tank I gotta be honest. Though four million for Leonard, fournette that seems reasonable I, if I was if I needed a running back I take a flyer on Leonard Fournette, but they are going to have to pay him because he's going to the last year, so whatever team trades for him and. That's the issue paying him right because you're not going to trade something for him if you're not gonNA, resign him so that that's that's the issue there. But I I'm it's. It's pretty obvious what the Jackson doing at this point do the news. Well that's the news. Thanks for stopping by. Lying Colin right, wrong top next hour Ahmad Rashad one of 'em. Jay's closest friends will be joining us next hour as well. That's pretty cool. Doug Gottlieb Mercedes Benz the best or nothing sponsoring him this morning. you know I was saying one of my overriding takeaways yesterday. Doug was successes hard. people see the end result but I mean Michael With his brother with his dad She's fighting. His GM had to go through to coaches. Get Waylaid by the Pistons and Celtics. You know it's. You understand I watch. We all kind of knew this, but you know even for Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player Doug. There was a lot of crap to go through. You Know Yeah I. Think I think there's there's a lot to to to bite into I've been told by people that you and I both have relationships with that have seen. All ten episodes, and that episode specifically the weakest of the episode so. if those are the weakest, I think there's obviously a lot more meat. Meat on the bones those are those are pretty good. there's a bunch of like I. The idea Jordan was a McDonald's all American. So It wasn't that people didn't respect him in high school, but he did he was. He was a late bloomer, didn't he? Even has his freshman year at North Carolina. He was good. He hit the big shot, but he wasn't close to being best player at Carolina and I I think you look around the NBA. And you start to realize this kind comes on the back of what we talked about last week with the G. League, trying to expand and having this one team of High, school kids. One I think the I still believe the college system works. Were we're just in denial of it that going to go into play for a fatherly head coach living on your own some learning to budget your time your money, and and also here's the other thing learning to become the best player on a team of guys about your age is is is a better way to go about developing as opposed to going to the NBA where you're just a rook, and sometimes you get a little bit overwhelmed, but you know look. He's a semi late bloomer. Scottie Pippen's was a manager when he showed up Central Arkansas. Dennis Rodman Southeast Oklahoma State. I think they have the savages back then like I am you and then you fast forward to now. Steph Curry Klay Thompson Quite Leonard Paul George. All these guys late bloomers. We spend so much energy worrying about these guys that are the best sixteen seventeen eighteen year old. That doesn't necessarily mean. They're going to be the best twenty to twenty five year olds. It's my especially. You gotTa go through the pain before you sip the champagne, right? These are the things you get better because sometimes your body develops, but also because you're told no, you're not that good and the best of the best decide you and I'm GonNa. Just get better and they do, and that's how they become. That's how Jordan became Jordan. Do you think? Listen the Mike Scottie. Pippen had two people in his house in wheelchairs had to beg for a chance at an NA. Is School his life? There's a lot of Scottie Pippen America who have had a fight their arse off, but I thought you know as a really a poignant story, and it makes me WanNa root for Scotty that said. Last night on twitter. It was Oh my God. This is the saddest. Pippen's getting job than I thought. They told him not to sign is lousy contract, didn't they? Well, it wasn't a lousy con again. We're looking it through the lens of today. They Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson signed a twenty five year twenty five million dollar contract in. Eighty or eighty one right Jordan signed a eight year twenty million dollar contract, and that was when he was Michael. Was the second Khatri was Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen who is still making less than a million signed a seven year eighteen million dollar deal, which put him in the top five or ten players in the League at the time, and he took security as opposed to the short term. You know windfall and putting himself potentially different. The salary cap that final year was twenty six million dollars now Jordan made thirty, two million I, think or thirty four million that last year, but Jordan was only making like four million up until the last two years when he signed that almost like the sixty five million over two year. Deal right, which is and by the way for the Bulls didn't take care of them. When pippen retired, they gave him like eight or ten year deal to get paid for nothing. To. Take care of Scottie Pippen, so we're looking at the dollar figures of today and saying. Oh, well, he. He was getting jobs like no. This is decision that players have to make all the time. It's not the the league is totally changed because of these guys that you can decide between making thirty or forty, million for one or two years or thirty or forty, million for four or five years. That's really the decision and that that started to take place. Right after the last answer that was the first lockout year. The became Max. Contract guys, so there's a there's a lot more to it than being portrayed I. I do think Jerry Krause being made out to be the bad guy, and he obviously lacked a any sort of bedside manner on the other hand like Jerry Krause at the hell of a job Jordan. Did Not want the Charles Oakley trade. He didn't want medical. Bill Cartwright Bill Cartwright was a better fit. Now Jordan Jordan go through two coaches. He went through four. He had Kevin Lottery yet, Stan back then he had Doug Colin and then ultimately it was. It was Phil Jackson, but but but my my biggest takeaway was. It's not unlike. The Patriots and Brady and other dynasties, and and maybe the spurs is the only one that we haven't seen this from. Everybody wants credit like Jerry. Krause is ego. He wanted credit. Scottie Pippen wants credit. Phil Jackson once credit, and and let's not let's not forget that. Phil Jackson is a great. He went to CBA titles then he won the six titles. Anyone's five with the Lakers Koby couldn't win without him Lebron couldn't win without him, but but Phil Jackson also ran Jerry West out of La and he lets so phil. Jackson is not the easiest to deal with and I. Think a lot of it is the ego and the credit that he wants. You know people are going to. I was saying it's it's. People, Twitter thinks she can't have two thoughts simultaneously, like can have empathy. For virus sufferers and I also can think simultaneously. We got kickstart this economy. We're going to have forty million people. Unemployed. Twitter doesn't allow that right, and it's like I can think to thoughts. Michael's the most relentless greatest offensive player I've ever seen in the greatest player but Lebron. James does more things well than any basketball player I've ever seen and I'm comfortable with that. That's always kind of feels like my takeaway. Where do you land on the Michael? Lebron stuff. I think what you're seeing from Jordan and remember. He was also the all defensive team defensive player of the year that there was. A he he was, he was what Kobe. Fashioned himself as you know the Mama mentality like that was Michael Jordan. You know that was Michael Jordan. Kobe copied my. He's copy of of Michael. Jordan and others have tried to copy Kobe which becomes a copy of a copy which is like Russell Westbrook right so the mentality of of doing anything it takes to win and win every night, and to win at both ends and look I'm sure Jordan took nights off defensive. Let's not kid ourselves. but but that that mentality is just different than Lebron spent tallies. Look Lebron wants everybody to be successful. Frankly, because of him from his best friends that he grew up with you, know all the companies that he works with to the franchises in the teammates. He wants all his teammates to get paid, and and he wants them to be represented by by by Rich Paul. WHO's his agent? WHO's his friend, right? That's how Lebron roles. Michael wants to win. He wants and he he will do it, and and if you can't do it, he will do it himself and he doesn't care and at at some point I hope it's discuss like that mentality is great, but what the triangle offense did and the teammates that they found around, and did was he had to trust those guys because that mentality of trying to do it himself didn't work against the Pistons. BECAUSE THEY! They knew he wasn't going to pass. You wasn't gonNA Trust. Anybody else and when he finally wanted be title. He averaged eleven assists a game against the Lakers because the Lakers tried to make him pass, and he did pass pass. John passed a Pippen Horace Grant. Those guys made shot so i. just think they're different and I think that I I. Made Michael. Jordan's the greatest of all the time because of that mentality of the of the sheer will to win that lifted everybody up whereas Lebron's has been successful, but I don't think he's wired. The same and I think that's why. Why when when I, when I talked to the Lake Kobe Brian about it. That's why he he was more of a my. He was obviously more Mike Guy. It's not that Lebron doesn't do more things well, it's that it's that that that almost killer mentality that he had at both ends of the floor and it work. You know one one national title. He won the Olympic gold medal he won six titles never lost finals and he just he was. He was unbelievable competitor. He'll show be great today. You Really WanNa. Turn in the Doug Gottlieb radio show on Fox. Sports Radio after ours. The Duggar great talking to you. We'll talk later. It's fun to talk about sports again. Even though the sports occurred over twenty years ago, so still. But Oh my talk sports on TV it's fun. happened. Here's it's crazy about it. We all know the ending. This is like rocky a almost so rockefeller went out right, but we all know the ending, and it's still good. Yeah, no, I mean titanic. The boat sank. I still thought the movie was great and I wanted five times. Yearly Oh guy. Really. Tell you tell a great story. I can no Apollo Tom Hanks to top ten. Moby to me I know they got back. I still watch it and get nervous. Okay, a couple couple quick side things. I know. You gotta go minute left. What was Jordan Man Jordan? His is read one of those ones like. Could get it I bet the storytelling was better with the Little Brown. That was that was one thing They Jerry Krause Guy. The Jerry Went WanNa lay appliances at all. Follow time all time line, and how about the the French audio guy for the autograph right? Take your shot big Boy Jordan. Just look at it like what what? But here's the here's the other part is Jordan ever look unkempt Oh God oh, God. No, he is, he is. Becky ironed his undershorts. He there's never been a pro athlete close. He walked. He is like you ever go to a store and there's like a model and they put the clothes on. It looks great, and then you get home and you're like I. Don't look good in that shirt. As that Mannequin did Mike's like perfect he he's tall. Everything drapes off Michael. He should have been a runway model. Everything drapes off him. Perfectly, we gotta go doug. GOTTLIEB coming up next all you Patriot haters. Oh, you're not going to like this at all. You are not going to like this at all third. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific in a world where everyone is confined to their homes. Society begins its largest been watch to date. In the Hallowed Library of Hulu or perhaps on a shelf of DVD's looked at in a decade is a show that perfectly encapsulates life in the early arts and launched a friendship that would inspire millions. Hi, I'm Zach Braff Donald, phasing in two thousand one. We start in scrubs, Sitcom that revealed a glimpse of what it was like to survive medical internship as Turk and J. D we explored guy love. Nearly twenty years later allowed. It's changed. We're not superman, but we're still best. Friends given a mandatory lockdown. Lockdown there's no better time to relive the series that brought us together in the first place, and we're doing it with him. PODCASTS right people. We're going to bring friends and crew members and fellow cast and writers, and guess what we're GonNa even invite some of you to call into the podcast and ask all the questions you want of the entire sacred heart staff join us for fake doctors, real friends on the iheartradio, APP apple podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts great to have you back in. Ahmad Rashad next our top next hour. Colin Right Colin wrong so this is very interesting so Peter. King very well connected guy. And his mock draft, two things jump out. He has a mock draft eight number one. He's got. Miami number three pick. Drafting just in Herbert from Oregon I like Justin. Her I've said before. I don't think Justin Herbert and Joe Borough. Are that different? You know borough played with a lot better, offensive or well, what happens just say that and better defense and better players but I think the weaknesses of Herbert you can correct and the strengths his arm and size. You can't teach so I I like her more than everybody else. He's not perfect, but I think again you can correct those mistakes. And what do you know? He's got to. Go to the Patriots. The Patriots make a trade with San Francisco and move up. Remember the Shanahan. Family and Bella check. Get along. Bill has great respect for Mike. Shanahan and Kyle another story today from Adam Schefter the niners, so Peter King and Schefter both have this San Francisco is open to dealing both first round picks. Remember when bill did the niners joy a little solid? Think. Maybe they do a little solid back. That's how the League works. That's how the League works. That's how business works. That's why you go golfing. If somebody asked you to go golfing, even if you hate golfing, you go golfing. That deals. Get closed on a golf course. So Peters Connected Jarret Stidham A. Era could be over. But this is the other thing. There's this league. Is Not about drafting a quarterback number one and dominating the league. This league is about. Lots of great quarterbacks falling in the draft to better coaches Lamar Jackson. Fell to the really well run smartly coached Ravens, lot of bad quarterback teams passed on him. Browns passed on Carson Wentz Dan Marino dropped in the draft to hall of Famer Don Shula, Aaron Rodgers dropped in the draft to a really good roster. And a patient team that allowed him to grow the Green Bay. Packers Russell Wilson, drops. To Carol and Bella check gets Brady in the six this league. They're very few taken number one and dominate the league. It doesn't work that way. This league is taking advantage of badge, em's and lousy owners and marginal scouting staffs, so you look at right now in the NFL look at the quarterbacks dominating Russell Wilson. Went to the Third Patrick Mahomes ten teams passed on him, Lamar Jackson and to the first round to Shawn Watson. Chicago took. Ryan Tannehill Aaron Rodgers dropped. The rich get richer not only in football, but often in life they make better decisions, and this league is littered. You look at the teams that are bad in this league ever noticed Jacksonville and Cleveland. The jets are always drafting high. It feels like. You know Miami's always got good pick. Why is that now? I think they I think they turned it around with Brian Flora's but. Very interesting to to the Patriots with today's health concerns more important than ever take care of your body em drive, elite, immune support testosterone support go to dry for men. Dot Com calling right Colin wrong. One of the things that. I've been fighting for years. This used to be when I when I took a job. In Radio, I said this and people hated it. Then I went to ESPN and said it for ten years, and people hated it now. I think people don't push back because they all know, it's right and they're just tired of me. Nobody does documentaries on the seventy Seattle Sonics. Nobody does national documentaries on the twenty eleven, mavs or last year's raptors or the Rip Hamilton Pistons. We do documentaries on dynasties. They're just more interesting. I don't care how you accumulate talent in the College Game Alabama's got a better coach and has better facilities, and they get all the stars in Highschool and good for them. Why don't we hold it against Alabama? Why don't we hold it? Against the Yankees that in a sport with no salary cap they can just go out and buy Garrett Cole and nobody else can get him. They could go by Roger Clements. Nobody else could afford him C. Sabathia didn't WanNa go to the Yankees. They paid him twenty million more a year than anybody else would. Why don't we hold it against the Yankees or Alabama football? We don't hold it against any. We don't hold it against Kentucky basketball or Duke, but for some reason in the NBA, if star players WanNa play with other star players. That's as row at the game. It's nonsense. Underdogs are boring and hard. Working small-market teams stink. I Like Stars cobbled together? They're not doing documentaries on the seventy sonics. You know we did have an NBA dynasty that was built organically the spurs and none you watched. The lowest they were terrible ratings. That was post. Michael Jordan. They were terrible, but they were organically grown. A. K. D. going to the warriors, the only reason they could afford. K. D. is because they drafted staff, and they drafted clay, and they drafted dream on in the second round, and they won without K.. D. I'M GONNA punish him because Katie smart and goes I wanNA. Play with those guys. I know what it is scored forty and lose at home I want to score twenty-eight have a more efficient game, not be exhausted when I go home and get a title. They're not doing documentaries on my sonics or maps or raptors dynasties. The NBA needs them. Why complain when we get them? Our next one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like. Oh here we go live in Los Angeles. This is the heard. Wherever, you may be in. However you may be listening. We're on Iheartradio Fox, sports, radio and F S One Ahmad Rashad good friends, former broadcaster NFL, great. is going to be joining us in fifteen minutes to talk about his friendship with Mj and the documentary, and all those things I'm not sure if I've ever. All these years had a moderate shot in the show. He was a great. Doc He was a legend there in the PAC twelve and went onto a very distinguished broadcasting and playing career and friends with MJ. So he was a on that NBC broadcast for years. Enjoy Taylor is joining me Joe? How are you this morning? I'm great. It was a great night last night. Stick to your. Your Declaration on twitter. Cocktail know how to be focused, totally committed. You didn't even have one after. Trite Sunday free of cocktails Mondays a different story. Reflects now. That's right. Contemplative state I need good Bourbon. You Get through it all right Colin. Right Colin wrong. I make him a lot of mistakes throughout the course of a week and let me call myself out a few times here. We go where Colin was right. Then people love super teams. This has been my mantra twenty years when I first got my job at the other place I remember one of my first days I, said in all these guys say they love underdogs one and she'll watch him. The even snarky twitter last night fell in love with Michael Jordan. There's a reason we like the avengers. There's a reason people go to Coachella. We like when you get stars altogether, and they're fascinating, and you get the glamour and the Great and the egos. It's fun. Hard work is great I. Don't WanNa Watch it. I WanNa Watch, stardom and Glamour in the thirty for thirty hat. All that where Colin was raw. I think he's great, but now Peter. King Albert Beer and Peter Schrager all saying he could fall in the draft. Listen, we know the injury thing. I still contend. He's a rare talent and I would roll the dice on the injury. If I'm like a Miami and I've got thirteen draft, two quarterbacks or a chargers where I've got a roster that could withstand a pick. That doesn't pan out. But you don't listen to Wunderlich score was lower than you love. It's not I. Mean You know Phil? Simms had a bad one. It's not the end of the world. Everything is something but the stories this morning. He's dropping a little where Colin was right. Carolina sign Christian McCaffrey to a monster deal last week. And did you hear what Matt Rule said his quotes were very telling. We want football guy. I focused guy true leader guy. It have to say that's like when Tom Brady left. New England he said Tampa showed him warmth Who was he taking a shot at Bella check? The reality is Cam. Is what I thought he was talented, but a lot of drama and distracted and Matt Rule made a point of saying last week in his way where Colin was raw ob Jay's not going to Minnesota now. My sources told me the same thing, but I did get very excited for about two hours. Because I've been told Oh. J is putting on a good face, but Cleveland's not worry wants to be ideally, but I gotta take a wrong here because I. I went crazy for about fifteen minutes to start my show and I. DO think Minnesota's good fit for ob j four, the Vikings in actually benefits Baker in the browns. They can get more focused on all the elements they already have. How many mouths do you want? Baker Mayfield to have to feed, but I'll take a wrong on that. Where Colin was right in Kelly Hall of fame, quarterback said last week in quote, he said I watch all these young quarterbacks, the AFC and it reminds me of the days when it was me, and all the legends Marino and me, and all going up against Elway and thank you Jim Kelly. Again we romanticize the past. There has never been a time in my life. Were fewer teams had bad quarterbacks and more team had franchise quarterbacks, and they're different. Lamarque and run throw. Patrick's got a great arms sodas. Aaron cuyler Murray Russell. Wilson's a little smaller than you'd like. All shapes and sizes. Big Ben's old big gets hurt, but he's these great and Brady's old not mobile, but he's accurate. We're getting so many different variations. This is the golden made quarterbacks this now. I've been watching since nineteen seventy two. This is the best. The quarterback position has ever been in my life right now. In Jim, Kelly acknowledged it where Colin was raw. We're all GONNA. Take A. Collective wrong on this that we always think Lebron. James is looking at Michael and Guy Michael and his head, but that's funny. The producers of this now, acknowledging that Michael Jordan was willing to do this documentary. After. Lebron James came back to beat. The warriors was holding a trophy in Cleveland and people started talking about you know. Lebron may be better than Michael. Jordan and suddenly what you know Michael was like you know those old tapes I said you could never on, you'll get run them now. Don't get yourself. Michael's like the rest of us. He's human. He doesn't want his legacy dip in. It's not good for shoe. Brand is not good for him, right? We're all wrong on that one. Where Colin was right, Kirk cousins this week. said quote. I wouldn't mind playing with no fans if we have to. I'd welcome. Because no fans equals less pressure in no critics. Inadvertently. Kirk cousins acknowledged what we've been saying is he doesn't like the pressure I mean. How in the world does he go nine on Monday night football? He wins sixty five percent of his games and Monday night football is not flex scheduling. It's not like Sunday night football where you. If you were on Sunday night football, you could say yeah. You always get in the big marquee games against the best teams on Monday night football. He's been a favorite in LAS. Multiple Times humane mean to acknowledge it, but the greats don't WanNa play in an Empty Stadium Lebron like I won't play up. There's no fans. Kirk cousins is I. Welcome it. Kind of acknowledging what we've said. He didn't like the heat where Colin was raw. I just don't get this. The NBA's new model going forward is let's take anonymous high school players to most put an anonymous minor league system, and then put on a bad team. The only reason I know who Zion is is. Duke! But Jalen Green chose the D. League over college, and it looks like this is what the NBA wants. To go to Rio Grande some rural community with a crappy coach for a couple of years. You're going to tell me Mike. Chefs get a net value. I think the G. League got better players than college basketball, but for six months for the business part of it. Planet, Duke. Kansas Dinette some promotional value. Isn't that how Zion God shoe contract? You'll make it up I. Don't get where Colin was right Lebron currently with his uninterrupted springhill entertainment business now has efficiently twenty three things. You can watch on fourteen different platforms. We predicted Lebron would go to the Lakers. Philadelphia that had a much better auster, and over Houston had a better roster. Why as we call it the mogul stage? There's the show offstage accumulate title state, and then the mogul stage. You cannot do. What Lebron is done in Philadelphia. twenty-three shows on fourteen platforms. He came here for basketball. To. And Business where Colin was wrong. I, don't like teams signing long long. Contracts and sports just doesn't make any sense. First of all a guy can get hurt second of all. You know a lot of guys. You get my tenure deal eight year deal. They lose their passion number three. How do you know what players going to be eight years from now some deteriorate some guys late bloomers some early bloomers, but I will say this. After watching the last dance documentary, Michael had an eight year deal pippen seven year deal. They were very team beneficial. For about seven years that organization. Made so much money and was paying the best duo in league history. You know Nichols on the dollar. I don't like long contracts. I think they're awful. Now as if I ever owned a team I wouldn't want one but man. Those are the two best long contracts in sports history. Where Colin was right? The Jaguars want to Trade Leonard Fournette. Folks. This is why I say Joe Boroughs Good. He's not Trevor Lawrence. Nobody was tanking for Joe Borough. The Jaguars are not even hiding it now. They made a decision last year with a Jalen Ramsey trade. Wants Nick foles got hurt early. They're like. We. We can't win when Nick. Foles were not GonNa win with Gardner Minhsiu. We gotta go get trevor. Lawrence they're not even hiding it now. They're just getting rid of anybody. That's any good why. You. Don't do this in the NFL you do this. If you're the Colt and you can see Andrew Luck and you do this. If you're the JAGS that can see Trevor Lawrence that speaks volumes about the transformational talent. In next year's quarterback class, these are good prospects. He's an all. Time prospect. Calling Right Colin wrong. Ahmad Rashad. Friends with MJ notable broadcaster, great football player, a moderate shod joining us next. In the hurt, be sure to catch live. Editions of the Heard Weekdays at noon eastern not am Pacific on Fox sports radio access one and the iheartradio APP. Hey, guys. It's Jack O'Brien Co, founder of cracked DOT COM, and I host a twice daily. News and culture podcast with the funniest person I know miles gray. What an An owner on these! Tell them more about how hilarious I don't tell them. Them about my background in politics as a political operative or anything like that, just keep going on about. The funding wasn't going to okay. That's guys you can come. Get caught up on what is happening without feeling the life drain out of your soul at the daily. Zeitgeist can find us on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts, or wherever fine podcasts are given away for Free Tommy, John Ridiculously soft loungewear and underwear. Doesn't matter what combination your where look feel great Tommy John. Dot Com code her twenty five percent off your order comic. Tommy John Dot Com by the way. We're in their t shirt right now. Or different one last night. Rashaad was not only a notable broadcaster. He was a hell of a football player played for in the NFL was a pro bowl level wide receiver four those years, and he was drafted, played it Oregon before they were Oregon. They didn't wide receivers. Oregon did not go number four in the first round until the mantra shod. All you guys know the snazzy uniform. Oregon the Phil Knight Oregon. He was great before that at Oregon. and he is now the NBA, ambassador further. Commissioner he did that show for years. A lot of US watch NBA inside stuff and an I when I watched them on NBC, he was Jordan's guy. And he took some heat for that, but in the end he gave me information. I didn't get anywhere else and I loved it and a modest joining us first of all. Thank you. You're a busy guy and I appreciate you coming on my show. How you doing man very nice it if you're thanks for having me on and I'm not that busy right now. What is your earliest memory of Michael? Jordan? Seeing him or meeting him? It goes back the first time I saw. Michael Jordan started to follow him John McEnroe was a huge fan, huge huge fan. I was living in New York and John is the one that turned me onto him. It's like hey. You gotta see this guy from North Carolina. He's absolutely great unbelievable. You gotta see him so from that point on. That was like in nineteen eighty. Three and twenty three somewhere around there from it, or we started watching all the time, John and I was watching bogey watching you know reader at home or together watching Michael do his thing and That's how I i. sort of knew you know all about him, and how great of a player that he was and then in You know obviously the April Olympics were. was another time I saw him again And I never met him until NBC. Got Basketball got believe in nineteen, eighty, nine, or nineteen, ninety, one or the other and in the summertime. Magic Johnson used to have. This game called a midsummer night's dream. And it was back in the day when all the players, all the stars from around the league with coming out to La and they would play in an all star, game. An All star game was pretty competitive. You know guys were who's about reputations, and about a WHO was this? And who was that and so for NBC to sort of kick off their their their basketball thing we. We showed that on television we went out there to do that was on new team and it was the first time I sort of been at at a game like this. This as a reporter and Michael met then, and we just sorta hit which James Numbers and from that day forward shoot. We talked bobby every week. Just about every kind of thing just became really really good friends, and as it so happened I, ended up doing basketball on NBC and the game of the week, and you know every game of the week seem to be the Chicago Bulls. And and my job was the interview to start a game and the game was always Michael. Ahmad, it is again. I'm old enough to. I've been doing this long enough that I watched the whole Michael thing. I lived through it, and but I didn't get I. Only saw a Ha a half a dozen times having covered him. Or in a game. The the stardom women swooned the Fashion Industry Wall Street middle. America what can you take me back to a moment? Where and you've been around athletes, your whole life that you were with Michael in a semi private situation and it really hit you I'm with Muhammad, Ali I'm with Palay. I'm with the biggest star in the world. Period may not even be sports. If you ever I don't think I ever felt that. You know I knew you sorta knew what it was, but from the inside of it. It doesn't feel like that. Yeah, know he just he just Michael. You know who happens to play basketball and I was just D'Amato play football, and so, what is it like? Wow, this is, but there were certain things. That I mean the factor. To Watch. It couldn't go anywhere like we've never go to a store never mall. You couldn't go in those things. People are just follow you forever I. Think One thing I remember is one time when we're in Paris. Is that we have car wanted to get some cigars. This doc store and we must have had. Ten twelve police cars in the front and the back and Everywhere we went. Guy would drive up on the sidewalk so that. When we got out of the out of the vans, it was like two steps to the door the building where we're going in and then by the time he come out, there was hundreds of people surrounding everywhere. That was the biggest one, but they were seems like that. You know throughout the NBA here. I remember in Miami you coming out of a hotel and just having people as far as you could see him, so it was. Not, only was he like the greatest player of? The team was the greatest team. It was a lot going on with that. Take you know I I used to I used to sort of saying. You know it was like the beetle. They don't have people go. WHO's the needles? Even explaining when guys like the Beatles was the Beatles. When when? You know it's funny. I, know Kobe. Kobe he was doing. He was clearly inspired by Michael. Who Inspired Michael, was it like a David Thompson I remember, or did he ever talked to that kind of stuff about you? David Thomson was one in the other one. Jeeze, I can't remember saying place for played for Denver. Played for before David to us before they were two guys that he when you. Can think of their name and he watched the way Michael Plane. He realized that is where his whole thing came from. I don't know if I think I'll call you back. Now, I. Was David, Johnson was David Thomson, and the other. Guy Was. Uh shoot well. It wasn't Alex English because he didn't jump much, so I doubt it was not Alec thing. WHO's supposed to be a great guy, but was not a very vertical player a modern. Ahmad Rashad is joining US listen. A. Lot of people speculate that Michael was willing to do this. Because you know Lebron, getting all this love and Michael's got a massive shoe brand and he doesn't want that. That brand dinged at all and it still the biggest selling shoe in basketball by far do you buy the reports that Michael kind of watched Lebron win, beat the warriors thought you know what I'm. GonNa give people a little. Let's let's let's let's get give them a little bit of my life again. I wouldn't I wouldn't fault him for it, but you abide those reports. Not at all, not at not even the. Furthest thing from his mind, his whole attitude about this whole thing is you know what I did? What I did and there it is. You can decide whatever you want or that saying I. Don't think he has any sort of. There's no competitive. Dealing him about you know who was better, and there's no competition between him and Lebron. Whatsoever. You can't draw into any conversation like that the way he comes back and says you know what you can't compare errors, is it? There's no way to you can. You can prepare areas and you can't. And he said, plus we'll never gonNA. Play one on one. So what is it? About you know one person saying this guy. The greatest television saying that guy was the greatest, but that's what sports is all out back in the day. When you don't all your buddies and you'd have your favorite player. He's had his favorite player in. We have these wonderful arguments about who is the best. WHO's not the best, but Michael wants face. Play basketball things done. I don't think that even. That conversation would never even happen. That was like Whoa. Too much saying. Put this thing out I think that there was enough time. Even when he decided to let. The NBA follow him doing that last year. There was no. There was no plan ever mistake out. Is this something he was going to be able to have? And you can do whatever you want with it. And another time went by. I guess he just Kinda with. You know, let's let's do it and see what it is and that's awesome. Just listen it. Wasn't any sort of competitive way. Let me show you who I was. His whole thing is like. I was and that's what the what and what? I am now so No, there's no competition that I don't think there's any looking back and you know trying to prove who's better than who? I think that's just four a bar conversation. People insane things like that, but I can say. That's not the reason why. A moderate shy, joining US friends of Michael the former pro bowl wide receiver. Very notable ten year career also now NBA Ambassador for the Commissioner Adam Silver. You know I was struck. When you watch Michael You know I, think sometimes we forget. How hard the road was the fights with his brother, his relationship with his dad cut in highschool the. Broke his foot getting knocked to the ground. Having to deal with multiple coaches you know like there's I, understand the reservoir of not animosity, but the chip on the shoulder. When you first met him had he eclipsed bad or was, was he still going through that sort of Amun? Approve the world. They don't WanNa mess with me. Who is the Jordan you met? That one and I think he's been that one for quite some time and I think that's something that can not be coached, and he's not the only person that I think. If you talked to Magic Johnson and Larry Bird spoke Kareem or Dennis Rodman for Mata and talk about. There was all always a place where they could. Be Somebody. You know whatever that was going on in your life and whatever's going away? It was the basketball court. That goes you to prove who you were now. Sorry, guys, you know, have that competitive spirit that they were going to go I'm show you. I'm the best you know. There is other guys like I'm the best today you know, but great ones are I'm the best time. You know there's there's something that you just can't teach. Michael had that. Put your foot on their throat. Kobe had that. Put your foot on their throat. So there are a lot of guys would just different. They weren't just great, but they also have that killer instinct. Were competitive about everything and Michael Competitive about everything. He hates to lose and golf probably as much as he ex losing it anyway, so, but it's it's. It's just the way it's people's make up. You know and and I guess you can have it at all. level. There's probably a lot of hitting. Lose do anyway. There's certain guys that hate to lose the very to do you know I? I found a commitment there. Yeah I found Michael incredibly likable last night I loved when he was laughing when his mom was reading the letter, and it was really joyful. Laugh I laughed when he was told that the the Bulls when he joined, the team recalled called the traveling cocaine circus and he just. Bali left. I you, you get a see Michael. I get the intense Michael I. Get the Riegler Michael, but he just he really was easy to laugh. I found that such a likable quality, and that's probably the Michael UC. What did that? Great Colin yes. Yes. Now! What this film does, it lets you see Michael that him. That him and before that, you never saw that. He's ever let you see that. He. Could see. He was to three feet away from. You never got to get inside. That I mean just anybody out there, but for this and I think that he's also like. This is the first time that people. Every fans everywhere are like a fly on the wall to see him as he really is. And that's. That's a little uncomfortable. Don't write, but it is what it is what it is and I think that's the beauty in this this documentary is you see the sacrifices you get to see the guy reacting like a normal person before you didn't never saw that. Here never let you see that now. It's like hey, man. I'm happy in my life. I've done whatever I've tried to do and moving forward with every everything I'm doing. Look back and see that you know what I was like. Everybody else, but I was just committed committed to try to be the best. I possibly be, and and as far as. He's the most committed person I've ever seen we would we would. Here's an example. We would have every game during the finals. There was a bunch of sort of hang out. It was like A. Howard. Why Plane Buckner myself in Michael? We get go smoke cigars and talk about the game. From the minute. It started to end it and we'd be talking just talking and his. And There's no. That's still like three four in the morning. At six o'clock in the morning Michael was in the gym. Y-, never missing, never missing. To mazing. Real pleasure for me Ahmad. Yeah I just I just found Michael Michael so likeable, and it was so nice to see him laugh And I just can't wait to watch the the remaining eight episodes. Thanks for coming on our show today. Appreciate Him, and you are very very welcome and you. From coming from. Oh. What would you go to high? School Tacoma Stadium Mount Homa. You went to mount to Homa. And then you you. No I went. I went to a very small school on the coast of Washington in a small town. That's largely overlooked even on maps, so you went to mount to Hamas. Real football school they had they had some real good teams when I was a kid growing up. Where we wasn't inner city. Port Washington by Aberdeen or what I know a West fortieth. On track meets in Westport before and I. Bet you want him. I bet you. Thanks man. You're very welcome. Thank you a moderate shod. How about that isn't that crazy? He ran track meets. Track me to use to invite all the schools. He was the guy had to be somebody not many of my home down. Here's joy Taylor over the news. On News. This is the third line news. No they tried to talk me into it. My coaches did, but I played football and basketball and I just wanted to hang out. I think I had a girlfriend or something didn't want to do it plus email at tracks miserable. It's just running. This since Basketball Shang track is really fun of you. Do sprints you but I can make the football players run track for off season training. It's just hard. TRACK PRACTICES JUST WANNA. Run all Dan be exhausted. What do I get at the end of it a fourth lace? If you're fast. Forty niners have two first round picks in this week's draft two first round picks. But with no picks in rounds, two through four San, Francisco is reportedly opened to trading down both a thirteenth and thirty picks on the table, and the forty niners happened fielding calls for both selections their their best bet at number thirteen is a bit of quarterback like Herbert or Falls out the top ten, and then a team that wants to move up would give up. You know several picks get that, but they might also be tempted to stay at thirteen if one of their top evaluated receivers are available, judy or drugs or CD lamb, and that's certainly possible so. there. There are some scenarios where they could move, but they. They're on the table, so they likely will. They traded the second their second pick to the chiefs for D Ford and the third and fourth round picks the broncos manual sanders. They can keep one and move on and get a couple of seconds or third. Absolutely, that's good. Teams do very flexible, which is crazy that they have to first round picks after going to the Super Bowl. This year well-managed team well to. has quickly become the biggest car in this NFL draft with many still having concerns about his history and he drops. The Patriots could reportedly be a Greve and trade up for him. They currently have the twenty third picks. They've done their due diligence onto us. It'd be starts to fall. New England could try and move to get him. Peter King's mock drafts. Draft has the Patriots Trading with the forty niners, the thirteen and drafting to. I am pretty positive that if this were to happen that be collective sports world. Boston area. Would literally their heads would explode. I I can't. Even I would. I would call. I would check up on nick. Right immediately. I'm sure he would not be. As well as we have a history of this joy, lot of good quarterbacks have dropped a lot and and Marino dropped and Aaron Rodgers dropped, so it's not going to be the first time. There's definitely a precedent for it. Despite the fact that was regard the way he was before his injury, but to go to the Patriots of all the teams is what's GonNa? Make people freak out. If that ends up happening either way, I cannot wait for the draft this weekend. So like the rest of the Sports World Wayne Wade was watching the last dance last night, Chicago native and as As it was airing. He tweeted man MJ had it. He had bad. It's he was chosen to be the ghost. He also said in an Ama with bleacher report this weekend that he was nine years old when Jordan and the Bulls won their first title ninety-one, and it solidified his desire to play in the NBA and win a championship himself watching the. First episode of the documentary I mean I'm Jay was my favorite growing up for lots of reasons, but the dock documentary really reminded me of what's actual for eight minutes is because sometimes we throw that I like this youth ago. He's goes. She's the go and just kind of becomes something. Say you don't really think about what it actually entails to be. The greatest of all time at something, the the beyond, say documentary on Netflix. Had that affected me when I watched that just watching her go from having two twin. Than doing one of the greatest live performances of all time at at Coachella and the it showed all the work and dedication that she put in to make that happen. and. This is what it is for me. If you can watch that and not at least be inspired to want to do something, but then be great it really wanting to be great is is the feeling I had watching it. It's just like. It takes so much. Relentless is a great word. You just if you want to be great, you're going to be doubted and it's just you better. Be Relentless because. It's actually better for you. If everything is handed to you. Always telling that your perfect, it's very hard to take continues to manage manufacturer motivation, right? Good Point Joe with the news. Well. That's the news and thanks for stopping by. Heard. Mass Brown former North Carolina coach, and now current north. Carolina Coach Friends of Michael. Jordan will join US last hour. Matt Miller around the corner. He does a terrific job bleacher report. NFL draft writer some thoughts onto a. what's the Wunderlich Score? Mean what a what a guys in the League think about it, I always think it's something. It's not everything it's. It's something it's not nothing but. Nothing is everything so we'll talk about that coming up. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon. Eastern nine. Am Pacific on Fox sports radio. And the iheartradio APP get your free credit scorecard today. Even if you're not a discover customer, include your Fico Credit Score. More hurt your credit. Check it out. LEARN MORE TO SCOTT COM. Slash credit scorecard limitations apply. He's the NFL draft Scout. BLEACHER report PODCAST is stick to football his name is Matt Miller covering this sport for over a decade and this is an interesting draft. The you ever? You have a ninety nine score for chase young. How infrequently in the decade you've been doing this? Have you had a a ninety nine score for player? Who who of the others been? Yeah, chronic doesn't have a very often. I one I ever did Andrew Luck who. Perfect as a prospect outside not having the strongest arm, so Andrew Luck Ninety nine easy know. move on after that I was actually a huge believer in von, Miller and Patrick Peterson and so both those players I looked at them, and said this is this is the premier player for that position I? Don't remember going to send you one better from what they do with the corner in and outside linebacker. They both got ninety nine then Saquon Barkley comes along. And I know you should never take a running back number one and number two overall, but with saquon everything you could look for signs, the speed athleticism, the character, the lack of an injury history, so think on also score and then this year. Really want wire to wire. Chase young and you. I think two years ago when I started looking at the twenty twenty class cassette. Even then it would have been the number one player, so he's a very special athlete. Special Football Player, who not only comes with a a really high floor us. We ready to go but I think he can continue to get better in the NFL, which is pretty scary. To as Wunderlich score came out whether it was thirteen or nineteen. It's lower than want. Does that matter at all on your grades? No it really doesn't. It's lower than you would want. You're right. I think to A. He's more of an instinctive players. This isn't a Tom Brady who's GonNa? Take a five step dropping. Scan the field and make something happen. It's more of a moderate quarterback. He's GonNa move around and you know we would have called it backyard football ten years ago. He's GonNa. He's GonNa Drawback. He's GonNa Scramble Scramble around a look for something to happen and I believe that his vision on the move is good enough to make for the fact that he's not going to sit back and analyze and process what he sees in the pocket. You six foot tall. He's play on the move anyway. Just like Russell Wilson just like Tyler meritas. Just like Patrick mahomes those I think he's going to be just. Just fine regardless of what that Wunderlich score is. No one in Alabama seems to worry about it when they had him come in a half to replace Jalen hurts winning National Championship. I don't think he's GonNa be that big of an issue now I've been told for years Matt, Miller bleacher report NFL draft Scout. I've been told for years by my GM friends that after about the seventeenth pick. Pick, there's usually sixteen to seventeen guys that are really elite players with very few limitations, and then from mid I do about top third very talented guys could be pro bowlers, but there may be a limitation somewhere in their game. If I said to you, you don't even have to name names. How many guys are in this draft that you would bank on? It are pro bowlers vary early. Four maybe five not very many because I think we're the strength of this year is offensive line, and that's a really hard position to transition into. We're just now seeing Laremy Tunsil and Ronnie Stanley become the players. And they were drafted four years ago. So I think you know I'll name names I feel good about chase. Young feel good about Joe Borrow. Jeff Khuda. Simmons. After that receivers drafted in the I. Don't have a great track record. And tackles drafted in the first round takes them awhile to acclimate transition so if you're betting. That in this class. You've you've got a crystal ball that I would love to borrow because you're seeing something that is not there yet. What about boroughs arm does it worry you at all or his hands is? No because you know with hand size when I look at that, it's doesn't have trouble with fumbles me. Chant. He has the strongest army in the NFL. Probably so I. Don't think there's correlation between hand, size and arm strength with borough. No, he does not have the strongest arm, but he throws with incredible touch anticipation, and if you don't have a Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes type arm, you've got to be a little bit faster on your processor. You gotta see it a little bit faster than than what the defense can close it down. I think Joe does that and also like. Like we were sent to it. He gets out of the pocket so well. These incredibly poised when pressure is is always downfield scanning looking for open targets so many times this year he made plays on second platform or third platform where you had to get off his spot. Move around. It's still make the throw, so I see him having a very very good ability to do that. I think that's why the the lack of a great arm is going to be okay for him. What if ninety nine is chase? Young is Justin Herbert, low eighties because I know you're a year. Okay on them. You're not that high. Yeah, I put him in exactly as an eighty nine show at eighty nine her, so I've come up a little bit since the last time we talked I think we're harbor. I'm always going to be a little bit afraid that he's going to be the guy that makes me look very very wrong because he has the tools we haven't seen him. Put it together yet, so I know as we talked about last time he gets somewhere. Maybe it's Miami where they can put it all together for him. You know where he's. He's throwing on rhythm. You're letting him. Use his mobility a little bit then. I think he could be a good starter. Because some level, you have to have outlet traits. You have to have armed. Get them you know mobility, and he has that, and that's something we. We can't say that about two. We can't say that right from. You can't say that about. Jalen hurts you. Herbert from a just a check. The box of what a guy has in terms of traits trait wise. He's the best quarterback in the class. It feels like the offensive class. Is Way deeper than the defensive class, is it? You're right. That's something I actually hadn't noticed that, but you're. You're right. I think it gets lost because we're all so excited about chase. Yang Jaffa Khuda and idea Simmons. You know four of the three of the top five players defenders, but after that I think there's significant draw to their Brown's good player defensive tackle from Auburn but he's a nose tackle, not gonNa have twelve sacks in the NFL. He's GONNA BE A. A difference maker on first and second down. You know with the corner CJ Henderson's good corner. You can be a good player, but there are some holes to his game with the office of classes before quarterbacks drafted in maybe in the top ten picks definitely in the first round. There's GonNa be six receivers shafted and I show it. We four tackles draft in the top fourteen picks, so it's definitely deeper this year. The early look at next year, though is that that's going to even out next year's class on defense, or he looks like it's going to be very very strong, and we'll hope to to get balanced back a little bit. By the way WHO'S THE BEST TAC? There's a bunch of tackles. I like WHO's your favorite? Is Jack Wills at Alabama. I know he played right tackle, but as we to the left-hander, so he's still protecting the blindside. Footwork is so good. Yes, one of the little nuances that kind of gets lost in evaluating because it's not sexy, you can't. It's not a forty. Five of the combine tristen works this easy to digest and understand. It's the little things that he does and just like Jerry Judy Receiver. Not that big, not that fast. Everything right and I think that's how Jack Wills is to. All right, good stuff! Matt Miller Good Luck to you. Thanks for coming on buddy. Appreciate it have a good week. You Bet whether you're working from home or on your fitness. You want to hear your music, not your roommates. An array cons wireless are the way to go fifteen percent off your rake on order at by CON dot. Com Slash H. E. R. D.. I love it. What a show! Usually are shows! In the last three weeks we had the Tom Brady's going to the buccaneer show I drove in that day, and it was like Dr Right. That's an easy one Today was one of those shows where you just you had so much on the on the table. the Michael Jordan documentary was fantastic, the first two parts it's it's going to get really interesting because I believe the next. Part they're talking about the Pistons. Yes that part four and boy that is. I'm telling you man those. Were you know you don't like the US military? Metaphors, but those were wars. Does word physical battles remember the NBA? Their legislation at the time allowed that, so if people, the players were tougher back then well, if back, then had no hand check. And today had a hand. Check will the game. Today would be different because you'd be elbowing. Listen Menu were getting elbowed and leaning on guys and pushing 'em. Somebody pushed you in sports for two and a half hours. You would get feisty, too. So the rule change the rules. The NBA said finally. These guys are too valuable to tackle. We're not gonna let hand check 'em. We're going to free up. This is what hockey did no more clutching and grabbing WANNA. LEARN STARS BE STARS, and it makes for better hockey, and it makes for a better basketball if you can't tackle Lebron James, mack, Brown friend of Michael, North Carolina coach, our three next be sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon eastern not am Pacific. here we go our three absolute, absolutely loaded live in L. A.. This is the her wherever you may be. However, you may be listening. We're on Iheartradio Fox Sports Radio One. And Sirius, Xm channel eighty three. Very interesting. So Ahmad Rashad was on a while ago. Been I said we know that Koby fashioned his game after Michael, who did Michael, fashion his game after and I said. I get David Thompson. Who Played at NC STATE? And moderate. Out. There was a guy that played for Denver and I couldn't think of the name. Ahmad has texted us. It was Walter Davis now I remember the Walter, Davis Great Player, he also was tar heel Walter. Davis broken the NBA very good very quickly for the Phoenix Suns. He played for Phoenix forever number six. And, so he was a Tarheel, and so it's interesting. Who Michael Jordan drop with in a lot of younger fans won't remember Walter. Davis was this long wiry explosive player from. I think like. He was from North Carolina and went to Carolina was a very good NBA player for Phoenix, and then Denver and then David Thompson who was wildly athletic. David. Thomson is I think he got injured. Was the first like. Forty five inch vertical guy that I remember. He was like in the seventies. He played for NC state. So that's kind of cool, so am I got back to US and He had said a guy played for Denver, but I remember the Walter Davis so much in Phoenix. Because those Phoenix teams in the eighties. They were handful fire. Call with Alvin Adams and Walter Davis and Paul, Westphal and they beat my sonics every time down in Phoenix. At least joy Taylor is joining us, so the documentary was great last night. It was great. Yeah I mean. We've really been looking forward to it. Obviously, but it was. It was incredible. It's nice to have something that we're all collectively watching together. That we can all agree on sports, fans not like you know. Tiger King right right. Wine which are great shows, but you know we're all watching this together and uplifting. Yeah, two things that struck me. Let's start with Michael. I was really struck because I saw behind the scenes footage that you know I didn't get to see. Did you notice how his first year in the NBA? He's a kid and it's a bad team. and. It's a bad roster and it's a bunch of coke heads. But how refined and how polished, and how smart third practice in he established himself as the guy among twenty eight year old veterans who had made a lot of money. Michael was very polished and that's what happens when you go to a university. And you hang out with people that are interested in a lot of things and Michael Jordan Love College and between is good parents, his great coach, Dean and the College Experience Michael came out of college, refined and smart and polished and capable. A month in. Of being a superstar in the league. The NBA's latest model does not project that way. They want you to go high school to G. League and play for the Fort. Wayne, mad ants in a D level coach and I've said this before I. Don't expect High School guys to go to college for four years because the money's too great and I I like to get guys paid, too. But the idea, there's no value for Zion to go to Duke. You Watch that last night Michael Jordan was ready to be not only physically, but emotionally ready to be the star, and that's parents, and that's Dean Smith and that's the college experience I. Don't understand marginalizing it that it has no value I've never understood that it is a wonderful six month platform. To take a young man and say we're going to mature. Yup a little. Around global citizens. We're going to give you now. We know the team's not great, but we're going to prop up and let people see you and. I think Kentucky for a year is better than the Rio Grande. Valley Vipers for six months I. Even though you're not gonNA, get money. I just think it's a better experience so I was really impressed by. How Refine Michael was. The second thing is. you know as as twitter is prone to do There was all this sympathy for Scotty Pippin all this is terrible as contract now first of all, Scotty grew up, his dad had a stroke, and his brother got paralyzed in junior, high or high school. It really. I I got a saw spot Scottie Pippen. I covered him a Portland, but let's not go crazy here. The owner. Of the Chicago Bulls, told Scotty do not sign this contract. You don't want to sign an eight year contract, Scottie dead secondly. Scotty was underpaid. Michael Jordan was more underpaid, Michael. Jordan signed an eight year twenty five million dollar contract in nineteen eight. It lasted to nineteen ninety-six I want you to think about this. That's the best player in the world, and he was the best player in the world. Halfway through his rookie season, so for seven and a half years, he won four titles. Four finals MVP's three regular season MVP six scoring titles. And you think Scotty was underpaid. Michael Jordan carried. The, league remember this. Forget about the Chicago Bulls. As joy pointed out, they were less popular than an indoor soccer team in town and overnight. They talked about this last night. Fill the arena. You could go Barack Obama's like you. Didn't have any money I couldn't afford to go, but they were charging three dollars to go, and suddenly it was twenty dollars to sit up in the rafters. So he not only made the bulls rich. The League was it just exploded with Michael Everywhere. Michael went I'm by the end of year one everywhere he went. so listen Scotty. was underpaid and it is very modest. Childhood looks like didn't grow much money. It's it's really amazing, but Michael Jordan's the most underpaid athlete ever and I know that sounds absolutely crazy. But can you imagine? Could you imagine like take anybody? Take a job earl. Winning four super bowls. And four MVP's any of these young rookies and not getting. I mean now the NFL's Kinda got it slotted. Here's what you make but I I. I understand the sympathy for Scotty in his life, but you know the Bulls tried to talk about it, and Michael's contract was brutal. Now Michael had enormous shoe revenue, but you know still you know in sometimes in this happens a lot in life where sometimes? You get paid for what you've done I think if you own a team at smarter to pay people for what they'll give you, not what they've done, but in the end Michael was very well compensated, and so a Scotty, he just had to move There's been a story out there regarding Michael Jordan. Would not let these tapes out. And then he watched, Lebron holding the trophy in Akron in Cleveland and Michael's got an enormous brand and you know he's thinking i. don't want this to Ding my brand. I people are starting to say Lebron's the greatest of all time, and I asked Ahmad Rashad Michael's friend. Are these reports true. There is some sense that you know Libron is starting to get elevate. I, mean we never talked about Lebron better than Jordan all the sudden. It comes back on the warriors three one. He's unstoppable. He wins in Cleveland. Everybody starts talking about that. Maybe that's the best player is that I asked a moderate Sean why MJ decided. Okay, let's let the tapes go. Now at all, not at not even the press, the furthest thing from his mind, his whole attitude about this whole thing. Is You know what I did? What I did and there it is, you can decide whatever you want or that saying there's no competitive dealing and him about you know who was better, and there's no competition between him and Lebron none whatsoever. I mean you can't draw any conversation like the way he comes back and says you know what you can't errors, is it? There's no way that you can't. You can compare Ariza and you can't. And he said, plus we're never going to play one on one. So, what is it just as four superstation about the one person? The Greatest Television I was grace. But that's what sports is all out. You know the other thing is because of social media. Now you can actually tweet Lebron James, or or tweet Damian Lillard. Back then it was you know you could I could I could tweet any sports caster, any music star I could tweet Mark Cuban, the owner of an NBA team. I could tweet at silver. Back when Michael Played there was no social media. You didn't have the availability. Not all the games were on television. So you know when Michael came into your town, you've seen him on the national game of the week, but you didn't get every bull's game all the time, and and and and frankly you didn't have social media to connect with him so there there is a. Stars felt. A little more special I mean I live join. I live not that far from Hollywood. I can go to a restaurant. Craig's in in in Hollywood. I can see Tom. Hanks I. Mean it just Tom. Hanks's on twitter Tom. Hanks's on instagram. I get little bits and pieces of Tom Hanks every day, and you can see him out in public, but sometimes with Jordan, Martin footage last night and it was like. You know he came from the mountains. A lot of people like this is the only time in my life. I'm going to see Michael Jordan. People you forget the world we lived in when Michael? Jordan broken into this league. NBA players flied commercial. You were on the same flight potentially Scottie Pippen. Can you imagine being on a flight in the seventies and early eighties? Sitting next to Kareem abdul-jabbar. Guys flied commercial. It's just it's just. It's just crazy. Stat that means some of your players. Phil Jackson six seven. When he broke into this league, he had to fly coach. Phil Jackson. Was Flying Coach. Coach guys got their own private jet lines now. Mack Brown's around the Corner Carolina football coach. Then he went to Texas became a legend back to Carolina rebuilding it again, friend of Michael. Jordan stories coming up with Matt Brown. Be sure to catch live. Additions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio Athas S. One and the iheartradio. APP Well. It's great to have you and I. Our show emanates from Southern California of us. USC FANS the most heartbreaking loss on the history that program. It's that Texas loss, but the good news for me. Is Mack Brown who? Who I love a one that national championship at Texas. He's in his second goal. Round is a college football hall of Famer with North. Carolina at one point had twenty straight winning seasons. Really Legend. I mean I he is I mean I follow college football for a long time, so I remember the Carolina days. Everybody saw the Texas days. And what are you know? He's Got Carolina winning and they are recruiting like crazy. A top five class in twenty twenty one here we go and mack. Brown is joining us first of all MAC. It's just great to talk to you. Thank you for coming on her show I. Know You're busy guy. Well thank you and thanks for having me on and looking forward to catching up his funny when the travel across the United, states and people come up and say I hate you. When did you? I can tell pretty quickly that that's their problem. Yeah, that's the Greatest College football game I've ever been to and I by the way I sat in the middle. Of Texas fans. They had so much grace. It is such a wonderful program and we all just knew we were. We were witnessing history. We knew let's start with that. Go back to that game, you know. When you're on that sideline Mac. This was a prize fight for the ages that this would be talked about beyond the moment. I thought it would be because both teams that won so many games and it was a clear cut. Number one versus number two which we haven't had a lot of the time Colin. A problem with with. All of our playoffs at the end, but it was clear, and it was clear for a full year. Both teams were averaging fifty points, a game and two hundred fifty yards, rushing hundred yards passing while I think sixty something players played in the NFL off of those two team. Wow, Do the great quarterback to ever play so yeah, we thought it would big game. That would come down to the end. Even at halftime we were hit sixteen to ten and we guys. These guys WanNa Bunch of games now. They're not going away. so really fitting that it came down to the last drop. Is just I was on television. Somebody ran in about three weeks ago two a month ago and it's it's goosebumps. I mean. It's like watching an old classic Ali Frazier fight so I'm watching the Michael Jordan documentary last night and your friends with Michael. I really I. Love Seeing Roy Williams. It always feels like to me. I'm looking at a picture of you and Michael taken about a year ago. That Michael still has such deep love for Carolina, do you? That's what it feels like to me as an outsider it. Is that the reality of what it is? Absolutely he We have the George brand shoes for football. Which only Michigan Oklahoma Florida and North Carolina have. So. I mean we talk about him daily and we even have a Michael Jordan experience room and our new fieldhouse and He's got a wonderful quote in there that he gave us last week, and he's been so gracious, but he loves this quite so much and he was. He finished right before I got here. And then we watched him with his is run in Chicago and he would be back in Chapel Hill a lot. He's always so graciousness. It was so much fun for me last night. Because Roy, Williams is a really good friend right now off the hall of Fame Basketball Coach on our campus, and he was assistant that to seek quotes, Smith talk last night, and and go back and understand how. Valuable he was to that sport and hey cared about people and how he would be one of those guys that tell Michael Jordan No. You don't need to stay. You need to go you're you're in a position? And how many coaches would do that? I thought that was one of the real telling things for me last night. The other thing that was telling is that It's easy for us to say here, but in Chapel Hill there is no question. Here's the best ever play. And we and we can say that because he what an incredible athletes he compete! So hard, and he's such a leader, and that's the way still is probably my last year and I said. Why don't you give these other schools? Michael Jordan branch hits should have give them these you start winning. You start winning some games if I. Well, he's right. Keep them out. You know if you ever had a football player. I mean Vince. Young is arguably the best high school football player I've ever seen. Is there even a football player you've ever had. That was at least in terms of relentlessness and in competition and improvement. Had didn't have to be the greatest player ever, but mirrored some of Michael's qualities. I think you start looking at Cedric Benson's. You start looking at the rookie. Williams you start looking at Derek Johnson Roy Williams some of the Best Aramco some of the best ever play at their position but the combination of this guy. The way competes the way led. The fact that he won six championships. I mean. These are just unheard of things so He was a freakish athlete because to get all those things in one person. That's just unheard of you know. It's funny. Scottie. Pippen physically was a late bloomer Michael was kind of a late bloomer. Dennis. Rodman was and we see that all the time in football. I want to talk a couple of guys in college football I love to and I would draft him. Despite his injuries, but let me tell you let me ask you. If you ever recruited a high school athlete and you passed on him. Because you were worried. Heck, he got hurt at the high school level. He's going to hurt. Get hurt at the college level. WOULD YOU BE? What's the balance between? While this to a kid is great and man I'm worried about the injuries. If he's great enough but I think he can win the Super Bowl. And the medical team says he's going to be fine with our modern medicine and move forward and drafting. That's some great ones calling that we we took. That were hurt and they ruined their knee, and we called immediately and said that I'm sorry. You still got a scholarship at Texas. You still got a scholarship at North Carolina. We're moving forward and. with with modern medicine. As long as the doctors say, he'll be fine. you just move on and and I've talked to a lot of scouts about two, and said would will this matter and they've said the scouts will only look at his ability. The medical team will get the analogy of whether he's physically ready to go or not, but that will have nothing to do from the evaluation side of his draft. A Kid I saw him in high school I saw him in San. Diego I went to a high school football camp. Quarterback Cam I saw trevor Lawrence when he was seventeen, and I can remember telling friends. I'm like I think that's the most talented high school quarterback I've ever seen. And he's in your conference now. Vince young similarly like eighteen years old. Just look different this kid just he has a whip You get to watch Trevor Lawrence on film. Joe. Berle's obviously very good. The first time you gotTA. Look at Trevor Lawrence is a high school or college player. What was your first reaction? That he the first round draft choice and that he gives Clemson a chance to win the national championship. If you could go back and look at the player that makes a difference. In? The best teams in the country is the quarterbacks. And the best team have the most highly rated quarterbacks and and Trevor's in that group. I could not believe early this year back after our game where. They. beat us by one point. We'll start being critical of him. I guess. They thought we weren't good, isn't. Just beat him up, but he played great in that game I mean he is just a freakish player. He was the difference with his feet against Ohio. How state and I think that's what happened to him after mid season if he started being the dual threat player where he could beat you with his speed or his arm, and when you spread those guys out with tall receivers, and then you've got, APN is running back and then you've got him. That can run the zone, read the quarterback counters, and and can scramble. That makes them very difficult to stop. Carolina's Mack Brown Hall of fame coach joining us. Mac. I mean there's a lot of very very encouraging news on the corona vehicles in the last forty eight hours of declining flattening rates. What would be? The last day. That you could start your training for the season. Is there a cutoff date July, fifteenth or something like that? Where if you started after that you'd be concerned about your kids health? How we talk to a lot of the the coaches have talked to trainers and medical people and I think everybody would like to have six weeks, but they feel like we could live with four. Back to the old days. They didn't even have summer school. And you were at home, and they sent you a workout program and said show up in August and be shape. So. All of the coaches are really encouraging their their players to being shaped. Help yourself help. Help. Help the fans help us get our game back. Because if and when they tell us they'll tell us some point. It's time to come back. Let's don't say oh gosh. I wish I had worked harder. Yeah, let's let's be accountable. Let's be it shape, and and our kids have been incredible I've just It's been really heartwarming to watch one of our players running. In the hallway of his apartment complex, because couldn't get outside. It was storming and and watching kids jogging with backpacks full of. Books and they just they. They've been really incredible at. This horrible virus or open, pandemic and getting some positive things out. You know Mac. It's funny I whenever I hear People Complain About Young Kids Timeout. My kids are so much smarter than I. was there so much more? Curious and empathetic. You went back into. College coaching in my theory is it makes you feel yom? There's nothing better than being around young people as you age, we can all sit in a golf course, but. And I, you deal now with these seventeen sixty. You're a great recruiter. Is. It is part of this selfishly. It just makes you feel young again being around kids. An. Absolutely, there's there's no reason you wouldn't hire an older experience coach. That's one. Theresa she you'd think he doesn't have the energy or the passion. or he can't relate the to young people. and. Apple younger right now, and I felt for years because these guys just keeps me stimulated and they get excited. I love watching them, and and they're so bright like you said our future so great. These young people out. There I hate people saying Oh, they'll be okay. We're just. Sitting around wanted to gripe because they're. They're wonderful. They're smart. They're driven. And I came back into coaching to be around them. They around the coaches, and and that's what I'm missing so much we're. We're in a relationship business than what we're kinda grieving. Right now because we can't get out and be around people you know. I like to hug. I like to laugh. I like five of them. I cut up with them and we can't do any of that now zooms just not the same, but the, but the kids are. They're picking me up I'm having our players. Calm me and text me okay. You hanging in there, we'll be back coach. Your things going to be fine thinking here. These kids trying to pick their coach up. It's amazing. UNC The tar heels. Mack Brown as good a guys. The sport has I'm so happy I think everybody's happy for you. You know her. I had herm Edwards on last week. I love what he's doing it Arizona state I love what you're doing at Carolina and thank you so much for taking time for our show. And I love you I. Love Your Show, appreciate. You have a meal, Mack Brown that's cool I'm looking at a picture. Right here I'll show it to the audience I show you this picture. Right here is that. Mack Brown and Michael. Jordan right there. That was taken a year ago. I gotTa tell you I found Michael. So likable on TV now. There's going to be a couple of episodes. You're not going to be nearly as likable beaten up on Scotty barral, but you know what you. Play Hard Michael Problem, with you I would rather have somebody be offended with Dr this year because she got really mad at me and I said, I'm giving you the authentic me. I'm not a phony. When I mad at you I snap, so don't make me snap. She didn't like that answer, but. I would rather have somebody be honest with me and not feed me a bunch of bull. Right and Michael was like turn around and go come on. He was snapping at Ron Heartburn burning, snapping it coup coach. And what are you waiting for? Less? Go site all right. Tell me what you're mad at me about. Let me fix it. The worst is passive aggressive. When somebody's mad at you in the house, and they're all moody for like weeks, just confronted. It can never accuse MJ of not being transparent. He's authentic. He's real and. Care about winning else. You're useless doing. Joy tender with. The News. This is the third line news. Well. Someone, who did not come across very likeable to? The premiere of the last dance last night was GM. Jerry Krause he was widely already considered the the villain of the Bulls Dynasty story, but that was. Hurting much verified last night, he was said to be resentful, but he didn't get more credit for the team's success. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were both very open about their disdain for crowds and even mocked him in front of the wrestling team. His relationship with Phil. Jackson also deteriorated when Jackson didn't get compensation he wanted and krause made clear that the ninety seven ninety eight season would be Jackson's last. Some some pretty some pretty notable lines that I think will stick with US moving forward Jordan telling Jerry to get in the. Layup line and have to lower. Lower the rim I mean it's. We're seeing really raw behind the scenes version of a very. who glorified rightfully so dynasty so and we were living why these dynasties and my take away from. It wasn't necessarily just that that Jerry Krause in the owner had these situations with these players. We all know dynasties end. That's the way it goes. It's either from injury or egos or age right, but they're going to end eventually because everything ends eventually. Is Not that I thought. They were GONNA win ten championships, but it is when you're watching that it does give you a great deal of frustration. When you look at it macro, how could you ever let your ego become bigger than? The. gyn That's how guys are i. mean the Lakers ruined it. I mean Shaq and Kobe and you had you know you had west than you had? Phil and everybody wanted credit and bus family and it's. This is what you women don't have to deal with this this is this is the. Ruined dynasties that's why the Brady Bill Belichick thing. It's like it lasted twenty years. You guys crazy. Not Nagai's can't last five minutes at. They're not. Somebody's not getting credit. Yeah, the male ego is a mystery, but I will say even with that. It was remarkable that they helped that altogether for as long as it did. Because you just look at the situation I mean it's just so embarrassing like the way that that Scotty was handled. Even even the owner talking about like he's just absolutely not going to. Renegotiate sometimes you just have to look at the bigger picture of things, and and I'm with you like we have to take into consideration. What was going on league? Then it sounds like such a small number compared to what Jordan was being paid, but yeah. Jerry Krause have not come across great and I. Don't I don't know how well that would be received in today's game, you WanNa talk about eras that that behavior would not last in today's game at all. No matter how much winning you're doing. Players made five million now they make thirty five million that changes, but also I think fans and media would just destroy the front office. We're very hard on front offices when they are dysfunctional I. Mean Look at Look at how we cover the Knicks like we've no tolerance for how things go wrong with them, and they don't have the Bulls Dynasty going on so. It just wouldn't work. Joy Ted with the news. Well. That's the news and thanks for stopping by. Heard lie. Were you done by the way? No I had two more to go I was going to say why did I thought to myself? You paused, and I thought joy. Taylor is give Gimme your stories. I don't know why. I do there was my? Jimmy Butler. The NBA is helping out his he he teammates during the NBA does. He sent portable basketball hoops, each Miami player and coach, so they would have access to one while practicing while the facilities are closed. That's pretty cool He's also donating some of the same baskets. You centers around Miami to be used once the centers are open again. kind of interesting though. Though I feel like if you could, you had space. Wouldn't you get hoop? So maybe he's, but you know what I will say. Sometimes you know there's a lot going on. Maybe guys just getting into a little bit of a from having to wait, and this is just a little emotional boost for everyone like hey, you know. Don't just settle for the situation. You know just being being encouraging, and now we're all. You said it in the I think in the meeting or maybe on the show earlier, but. then. Just make you miss the NBA. So. Yeah I just. I just you know, listen man I. It's it's nothing against the Amazon prime and Hulu and all this stuff. I'm kind of over it like I was telling a friend yesterday that when you watch the net flicks at a lot of dark themes, I mean. Let's let's be honest. It's a lot of murder. It's a lot of chaos. That's what they sell. They package and produce IT I. I am so ready for uplifting sports and winners and competition can only watch I'm now. I told my wife yesterday. I'm now watching movies. I've passed over for three years that I don't really WanNa Watch and then halfway through him I'm like God. Give me an NBA game like there's a reason. I passed up on these movies for three years now I'm watching them and I'm like. They're just not that good I I. I've Gone I've watched half of about six movies in the last month. And just right now supposed to be the start of the playoffs. You know we had this incredible situation with the Lakers and the clippers and feels like a historic run, so yeah I'm I'm missing it and hope they get the season it finally now we're. Done. The Patriots are the latest teams unveiled new uniforms for twenty twenty. No idea all of these uniforms at it's actually a good way to get free publicity during the virus. Well this year's primary blue. Home Jerseys have been alternates since originating as Russian Twenty Sixteen, and the Road Jersey is new with an addition of blue and red stripes to the white uniform can't see it. How is it? I really like them. They're really modern. Looking I I I think it's a nice update to their uniform. You turn around. You're compatible. Turn this around here. Very prehistoric gorgeous! See Got Some solid thicker stripes on the side boring than the previous ones. Yeah they just have like. Strong look I like it, and they're also also use red uniforms with the PAT-, Patriots logo on the. Helmets. New uniforms around the league this year. We liked I. Think you and I didn't love Atlanta. I did like. LIKE CLEVELAND Can I like those I didn't really notice a dramatic difference in Cleveland's, but apparently I I was told that was wrong. They are really different. I like these do Tampa's Atlanta's. It'll grow on me, but I I. Of all the updates these are my favorites coming up next. Good stuff joy with the news coming up next. We're going. Do trending up or trending down. We're GONNA. Take the primary figures in the MJ doc last night. Do I like Amore? Do I respect them more. Do I like him less after that sneak peek, and behind the scenes, look at all the players and the the leading figures in the MJ documentary. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon, eastern nine am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio One and the iheartradio APP. On F s one relived the two thousand seventeen college football double overtime thriller between. Sam, darnold USC Trojans and Texas foxsports presents greatest games tonight at eight. Eastern on F s one in the Fox sports. I was at that game. That was good. That was a good one coliseum was let that was very good. All right last dance finally premiered last night. We're GONNA play. A game up down sideways, trading up down all the key characters or storylines. Do I feel they were well represented. They came across better. Or even joy here we go. Michael Jordan trending up trending down or sideways say trending up, I thought. Listening To his mother, read the letter he wrote from college and him laughing was incredibly likeable and relatable. We're all poor in college. Asking his mom for money and stamps I also thought when he had he belly laugh when he was told that. He had never heard this before. The Bulls team he joined was called the traveling cocaine circus. Listen Mike was tough, but I I don't get to see the laughing. Michael ever get the businessman the smiling Michael Occasionally, but I thought he came across as softer, likeable and kind of funny. I agree. Doesn't a song chose hostile? Good Scottie, pippen, turning up, turning down or sideways sideways listen his his his childhood stories incredibly endearing. His Dad had a stroke. His brother was paralyzed. But. Smith Michael didn't shy away from calling him selfish where he basically said I WANNA have fun summer I'm not going to Rehab and he had surgery too late. Let me basketball is a team game and he was underpaid, but so as Michael so I, think we we're we're. We're exaggerating How Bad Scotty had it? He was the best number. Two player Divest Robin in the history of the League was recognized as that and I did very well for himself. Let's just say that financially. Steve Kerr trending up down or sideways. I thought he'd try it up. I mean first of all. He has aged much second of all. He sounded like a coach even when he was a player. I did think. I did think he took a shot at Jerry Krause which I didn't know if he would do when he said Jerry did a lot of good stuff, but he could not get out of his own way. Which I thought was incredibly honest. Because I think Jerry Krause Past. Yeah, he's passed. So you know a lot of times? Somebody passes everybody you know just says nice stuff, but I try. Kerr was honest about it and. He looked every bit the coach. You're not when I watched that. It's not surprising. He's a coach. Yeah, absolutely Phil Jackson trending up down or sideways I thought a big trend up the fact that Scottie Pippen. Didn't react until later he could have been furious and he just made it work. He said Scott was going through a lot. I, just I think the ability to manage krause and pippen and Jordan. That was a well compensated babysitter for long stretches in Chicago, and we always knew feel great coach but i. Really good in this so far, does master. Jerry REINSDORF trending up down or sideways down. So, he chose to keep Jerry, krause. Over bringing back Jordan Pippen and Phil now remember this when those guys left, right, do you remember who won the East when they left as a bunch of crappy teams from New Jersey? They could have brought those guys after you win a title. Your sex just bring the band back. Michael was still unstoppable, so in the end Reinsdorf was to consume of the future, and they still I think would have blend east. Jerry Krause turning down or side. I knew it was bad. I mean we read the I lived through it. I read the stories eat. You knew it was bad. It was worse so petty, you know. Somebody said it was kind of cruel, but at some point one of the guy said he grew up is the is the short fat kid, and he never got over it I thought he came across as needy and childish and juvenile. He's a baseball scout that reinsdorf liked, but he you know He. He deserves the criticism and again he made a nice move on. Scottie Pippen nobody's denying that will. If you're a GM for fifteen years, he got to make one or two great moves, but the end the fact that he couldn't get along with stars. As Star, driven league suck it up and get along with people. Yeah, you can only get so much credit for putting it together. You gotTa keep it together to the Bulls Dynasty up down or sideways. As I. Think it's exactly what I thought. I I didn't learn a ton. But I think it was It showed the glamour of it. It showed the relentlessness of it showed the toughness of it and it showed Michael Stardom it. Just took me back to talking about this team twenty years ago all the time, so it felt the same. The truth, slash mythology, trending up trending down or ending case trending down. We got to get over this Michael Jordan was cut. First of all Michael Jordan was five ten and got cut from the Varsity. He then came back the following year five and a half inches taller and still growing, so he was six three and everybody's like is way taller now, and he's a guard in high school at six three and for the record. Michael Jordan was a high school. All American it's called a McDonald's all American. Let's let's slow down Scottie. Pippen was a late bloomer Rodman was a late bloomer. Most people I know in my business or a little late bloomers. We didn't go to prep schools. We didn't go to Yale. Michael was a small kid as a freshman in high school some and then he popped and grew like five inches. I think I was telling you this joy. So high school. I was like five seven. My junior high school when I left guy just got my license. I came back four months later. I was six two. So boys. You said you stopped growing. It held. I probably eighth. Grade I've been the same height since then. Girls stop growing generally way earlier than always do so i. I grew five inches in one summer and It was funny watching Scotty Pippin so Scottie Pippen was a little guiding dribble the ball around, and then he grew in all of a sudden he was seven, but he was still he had guard qualities. We've heard this about Anthony Davis so. So with boys play basketball especially if they're little guys like five eleven five ten, then all of a sudden get the six five. They handle the ball as long as they're dribbling throughout the growth process, Anthony Davis handles the ball really well at six eleven and a half because he was a guard at one point Nippon. I seven inches in one year so I think that methology is a little overplayed, but. It's. Fun We got was always hoping I'd get that extra. Yeah. Well, my my daughter was little basketball player and I always I don't want her to be six five. That would be maybe a more difficult life with clothes and everything, but she stopped growing kind of like eighth grade year. Five, five, eight, five, seven and a half if I answer to. A complete use that big growth spurt. With today's health concerns, it's more important than ever to take care of your body. Eat right and sleep right. I have a supplement every morning em, drive elite, go to drive for men DOT com. The code is heard for twenty percent off At strong, which I can't go to a gym anymore and elite immune help, which these days is everything? Take your drive. Thanks so much. Everybody thinks to mack. Brown Ahmad Rashad what a fun show that Anna, Monday. tomorrow Russell Wilson and the seahawks. And legendary broadcaster Al. Michaels stops by hope. You enjoyed our Monday, we'll see tomorrow. It's the her. Hi I'm Esther Dame's I've made my life by writing songs like fireworks by Katy Perry Super Bass by Nicki Menaj. What's my name by Just to name a few? And now I'm having an absolute blast sharing some of the knowledge that I've learned with upcoming songwriters on Sunland on NBC. 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