Pardon the interruption, but I'm Mike robot? Tony naked man, wearing only black shoes and socks was spotted walking along a highway in Kentucky. I'm Tony Kornheiser Kentucky. That's where it was you. How would you know, how Kentucky how'd you get drive? I would the pretty much make a left and I. Going west for while and get doing member I'm dating myself now, but you'll remember this remember when they would ever there would be a picture of Richard Nixon on the beach. It'd be wearing flak black songs. Laxa an bathing suit ridiculous utterly ridiculous on whether the paint TI boys and girls in today's episode time Montgomery goes rogue tie lugos away. My man Rick Pitino wants back in the NBA, and we will get to the Boston Red Sox in all their glory. But we begin today with people in Cleveland the Browns identified a power struggle between head coach you Jackson an offensive coordinator. Todd Haley, and they fired them both today. Both and promoted defensive coordinator, Greg Williams late of bountygate to interim head coach we'll on the Brown stink. Will this make them better than the -serily? Tony, and I'm gonna go straight to you know, you start examining this. And if you've covered sports for long enough, he tried to listen to people who have some direct knowledge of the situation. And in this case, I you know, listen to somebody who does have direct knowledge in complete dysfunction or words that came to this person's mind ruinous for young team. And everybody says I'm talking about multiple people. I've talked to said then Hugh and Haley completely undermined each other that was visible on Harding. All you can't count visible. All of us hard knots is not the reference point for all. But everybody saw everybody who was they don't have ratings that mean, it'll get into the twenty s a million. So not everybody saw it the point is. Yes, it was a ruined his situation. I believe that. But I don't know if this makes it better. You're also starting over which is ruined his for a young team starting over. If Baker Mayfield just has one coordinator after another after another how does that help? No seems to me that the owner here is part of big part of the dysfunction yet. He thinks that they're better today than they say that. Okay. You cannot defend you Jackson's record on. Any level? He's three thirty six and one that is the worst record in the history of the league with one team. Yeah. So I have no particular simply with. You could have been this African record. Well this sheet. Oh, you can't fed the record because they should have been foreign, oh, and they're to safety performance this year. The worst thing that happens here is to Baker Mayfield who the new GM thinks is a franchise quarterback you cut away his offense of minded head coach you cut away his offense coordinator everything earns this year. He probably has to unlearn next. It's a waste. It's a complete waste of this kid's year because nobody who staying here is going to be here next year. Nobody we're going on and on. And we just lead the show with the Cleveland Browns. Yep. How is this different? Remember how we in the newspaper business. We used to stave to tell us editors until young reporters that dog bites man is not a story man bites dog. That's a story. How the hell is this that big a deal when it's what the Cleveland Browns have been doing for twenty years? Right. This is I assume a rhetorical thing. Suckling? I'd like you to answer me. No. You're not going to answer me you please enough of the Cleveland Browns. Let's get to easily the game of the day in the NFL. The Rams beat the Packers. In a thriller, the Packers filter would've gone the other way, head return, man. Ty, Montgomery you boy, not different by what sabotage Aaron Rodgers by. Thumbing and kick the turn with two minutes left an unnamed player told NFL dot com. Quote, they told him to take a knee any ran it out. Anyway, that was him saying I'm gonna do me. It's a joke. Close quote, Tony what in the world, given the enormity of one loss in the NFL, should the pack do about Montgomery Montgomery lost the game because he did not give Aaron Rodgers a chance he lost Aaron he lost it. Aaron Rodgers not Mr. Rogers Aaron Rodgers who everybody knew would get in position for the winning field goal. It was not two minutes. If I'm correct on this. It was too old five and one of the reasons they told them to sit. Down in the end zone. Run the clock. That's right. You give Aaron Rodgers of free play before the two minute. Warning, you give him one. So he takes it out anti fumbles it. Okay. He ruins the clock. Takes it out. Any fumbles it and they lose the game. Ann Rogers, not only has the two minute. Warning. He's got another time out in his pocket. So what do they do with him? They bench him or they cut him or they trade him. They'll cut them. You don't trade him? You you. This guy has some value to the Packers more value. Not. Yes. The years ago, then he does not. Yes, they have no running backs in a guy would think a eighty eight on his back wound up being a running back and in gaining some yards. He has some value to them. So you reprimand him you should million him as best you can to professional athletes, the locker room makes it difficult. I've found it crazy watching that game. Of course. And we were on the phone talking and the number of players who said stuff to him in real time while he's doing what Lewis zone. Sheepish like, what are you doing? And if and if that, but I'm not going to game. We don't know that Aaron Rodgers wins a high percentage of these did you not all did you think our in Rogers would take the team to where they had a field goal attempt at least that's what he does against my team. Okay. So so the answer's yes. And what this guy did was he lost it. He lost it plane. Instead wanna cut him. I want to remind you could the New Orleans Saints went into Minnesota last night. They won comfortable hotel. The saints have now on six games in a row and drew Brees did not have to do this by himself. He only passed one hundred twenty yards. The saints host the undefeated LA Rams this Sunday running back. Mark Ingram says and I quote, everybody gotta come see us. Everybody went scared, and nobody we ain't intimidated by nobody unquote. We'll do you think the saints will beat the Rams? No, I think the Rams will win that game. Saints aren't going undefeated. So you've got to look at their schedule and try to say join on defeats the ram. I'm sorry. They ran Raimi's the Rams knuckling undefeated. So you think the saints can I think that you mentioned the running backs chimera seems to be great me the guy who is the cherry on top. You don't ask drew Brees to too much? But here's what I think ultimately about the Saint Sony, and we'll give me pause as always in defense like twenty thirty points at twenty third and told Davis, and you know, what you don't have to play much defense in the NFL anymore. But you gotta play that much. So I agree with you that the Rams will not go undefeated, and I think that under reasonable conditions. The saints would win this game. But not because of what happened yesterday because of the scare that the Rams got yesterday. You think that's going to work heavily in their favor. I think they will be on guard to a degree that they would not have been on guard before. And I also tell you that that at one point in the breeze Payton era when you play games in the dome. You won them all the time in the. Last four plus seasons four seasons. And what we've had this time. The record is twenty and fifteen so that's not the advantage. They used to have I do think at this point that the the Rams are going to win this one. I do this to do you just said that you know, what are you going to sit here? But I think you think the Rams are going undefeated. Now, what do you listen to this? Do you have something else? Playing in your head up is the first thing. I thought was I really not going to go undefeated. I didn't hear that part. Oh, I just testing. We got an audience you're getting older. I want to see. This is the Carolina Panthers starting to look like the team the a Super Bowl three years ago. Cam Newton is having loads of fun with his new young arsenal of players after torching the allegedly stout. Ravens defense for thirty six points. Noon. Say quote, we possess a lot of issues the defense. We have dynamic players all around the field close quote. He's talking about misters, McCaffrey, more and Samuel. And let's not forget the man who designs offense. Tony north Turner. Is it time then the put the Panthers in the same class as the Rams and the I'm gonna add another player because he's back, and I didn't think he would be back wriggled? He's really he's really into safety valve when he was talking about talking about new young dynamic guys. Okay. Listen is the old dynamic sort of sprint. Cam Newton is a great great talent. We saw this on display against the eagles. When in the fourth quarter. He needed three different touchdown drives and got all three and to put him with Turner. If he believes that north Turner can help them like rebuilding definitely begin he north turning to every day is so then then my answer to the question is that you have to pay attention. But here's my but what they lost to the Redskins. Okay. Then the Redskins are division winner visual leader. I know five and to do you trust them? No, okay. And nor do I. And at the end of that game. Newton was it was in a position to win the gang was sailing passes. Okay. Buddies head. Here's the one thing that says to me at north Turner leaves this by the way that the Panthers can't go back to being the best team in the NFC. Is that Cam Newton has been sacked ten times this she not much not know how many he was sacked the same number games last year when he to. Yeah. So so if you keep Newton upright and healthy for the entire season. Tony they're going to be right there with the Rams and the saints. Like, I think if you've looked at the league so far you have put new Inc. Oakland, and Kansas City and the Rams and L possibly the sayings in the uppermost category. But and everyone deck everybody on that. Yes. But but only says about all the other teams of this really, really. Now, we get to the Red Sox. They beat the dodgers last night behind the revitalize David price and won the World Series four games to one. This is after beating the defending world champions, Houston four to one. And that was after beating the powerful New York Yankees three to one and it wasn't four his only had to win three in that Red Sox. Second baseman, Ian, Kinser told the athletic, quote, it's not just that we won the World Series. This team ran through the playoffs. Those by all measures were the three best teams beside the Red Sox. And this team dismantle those three teams on quote will what he liked best about these Red Sox. I like best is something that can't be measured. Statistically, so I'm sure confounds all the people who wanna just sort of distill things in some sort of numbers. They were relentless it didn't matter one run. Lied to them was like there's still up three. I mean, and it sometimes they were they were down one of the game is even and you just if I click the channel on something else includes back the Red Sox were up three runs. They were relentless they stalked all these other teams. They knew they were going to win every game. And Tony that's a personality. That's something that cannot be quantified. And so I think sadly, it will go largely unmentioned. Well, I'm gonna say this. And I'm not gonna say that Dave Dave Roberts made every mistake or all the mistakes or even many mistakes. But I'm gonna tell you, Alex. Gordon, MC any? Okay. I'll give you that. He went through this. He did some things you, and I well, I probably you too. I never heard a steam. Here's before last week. You have heard he's played for all teams in the division. You know, he was very important to the series. Whether he's MVP or not is up to question. What is very important wasn't MVP. Here's what I'm rice is the MVP says another we'll get back to that horror pitched price. It was brilliant to pitch them in game five because he knows that the people in Boston have seen bad stuff. And they weren't sure. So he was. And he was holding evolved e for Boston. I love the fact that he threw sale in in the ninth last night sale could have pitched five innings if he had to instruct out fifteen people, I just think that core. In addition to what you said in addition to the statistic of getting so many runs with two outs that the moves were always, right. Those records here the right people. Let me just mentioned some guys who are going to be around for a while. And been attendee in Bogart's and bits and Bradley what you guys in their early mid twenties. Who's the third baseman that kid is twenty two years old turned ever since Denver's devas? So Tony they got the players will this credit the GM there, by the way. There's no question about who the MVP is. Okay. It's a guy who the story line before the playoffs. Started was he may be a bum. You can't pitch and second. You can't handle at the top of your rotation and in the World Series, engaged two and five. And you know, he was like who said that everybody we all did this was to. But it's not true now. So how does that guy? You're not getting. MVP? Here's one other Phyllis the other thing that core did in the nationally games. He took his put them in the field. He had so much faith in Martinez. Martinez. Rewarded the faith? Let's take a break. Copy Martha Broncos right that the chiefs are bending the rules shut up. And is it time for twenty to cut the jokes cut the criticism and hit and ju-. Look a little bit of love will you? We're not going to cut the jokes because that's what I do around here. Jones by space. She knows best. Tracking the domestic doesn't bunny. You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to love songs due to something. Although scurry off what's utterly fascinating about the dust bunny. Is that ov- o- they'll not actually essential creatures when they Kyko not only saves people money, but also has a ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating. It's obvious to them you should switch because Yesler. Switching to Geico is a no brainer. No is the dust bunnies. Only natural predator on the lung doesn't on his run along. Male time, you pick the topics we change them to things we're actually interested in. Everyone's happy. Don't see first. Let's first the Broncos saying the chiefs linemen are blocking too far downfield on RPO's legit beef. No, I will say to the Broncos shut up. Get your kicked by the Kansas City Chiefs and your division. I understand it hurts because you basically, you know, they're a better team. This criticism has been out there. I remember when back when I was covering the Redskins. They'd have something to say about Andy Reid and his lime and he was in Philly then in blocking and there's more run pass option now. No, it's not legit at all. Here's what I saw on red zone, which I watch. Religiously every time they turn to the Kansas City game Mahomes was throwing the ball and somebody in a red jersey had his feet in the end zone. So it didn't matter who was downfield blocking because that guy was in the end zone. If this is a legitimate beef strategically you get it on tape you set off this and you tell the referee Jokiel cow. Four, and that's exactly the way that works other than that is going to result in most of the times with Mahomes. It ain't a run pass option. He's throwing the ball. And you're at his mercy. So shut up. Andrew luck has five straight games with at least three touchdown passes. When you guys gonna stop making fun of him. And admit that he's as good as ever I'm not making fun of him. He's back. He can throw a real football. He's having a really good year three. Yes. He has his team sting Rian five. He has twenty three touchdown passes. Just one behind picks. You're sainted Pat, Mahomes eight picks he's ninth in the league in in total yards. Look the best that I can give you on this guy. He's going to one hundred fifty six straight pass attempts and not be sad portent. There's five years. Leaking sacked ten thousand times he was lying was Archie manning in the first few years, he was beat up so much that I wonder Tony I wonder if he can get all that back. Eight is not crazy amount of money. If you touch. The Tony they're not as good as they were when he was going eleven and five his first year. They've already lost five. He's all the way back to back. Marging? He's not all the way back. He's close. Okay. Close did the Cavs dumped Tyron Lou too soon. This is just dumb the dumping of tyrod. I don't care if the Owen five and says, it doesn't matter. Of course book is t-. Lou didn't wanna play the young studs didn't wanna put a young point guard common Sexton, and he put JR Smith and he put corporate back in the game. The two of them are combined like seventy years old. I I don't care about that. They're going to be terrible all year and t- Lou. You know, what I tried to reach t Louis yesterday to congratulate him for being out of the mix of stupidity and arrogance at the top in Cleveland, so in Cleveland right now, there is no more. You jackson. No more on doing Hugh looney. What I would say to Terry Francona stay inside. Don't go out. So I've Rachel tweet this. I'm look I got emit something I've made two predictions this year. One would be the Lakers would win fifty. And I don't think I'm going to get this is right. My other prediction. Was he would win do any five or fewer fires right? Not at this time. But it would have been right on would have been right. Road rats fifteen million dollars coming and you're away from Dan Gilbert, God bless Rick. Pitino is planning to immerse himself in the NBA with an eye on becoming a head coach you like his chances. Well, he can't go to college on a high D one level. We understand that to be true. He's a great coach. He's in the hall of fame and he's done coaching. He's in the hall of fame because of coaching. Well, now he wants to coach. Now, you know, what he got up the next day and decided that was a dumb thing to say. Can you sell them in the pros short? But his record in the pros is under five hundred under five hundred was better with the Knicks wasn't Boston. If in the first job not the second job because he didn't get Tim Duncan in lottery threats. What happen if I was the Washington Wizards? I would certainly be ten. The line. Listen to Mr. Kornheiser. Here's the problem. And unlike you, we are both people who love Rick Pitino guests. Yes. The thing Tony is. Now, these young guys who run teams, including the Los Angeles Dodgers when they don't even want the manager decides the dodgers. Basketballs got some of this to you have voted Stor to the numbers they want to make all the decisions, and they don't want an old school icon like Larry Brown who didn't get back in or Rick Pitino coming in to like, you don't have a job within the next year now female, stick one last break still to come the bucks a pitcher starter for next week's game against the band third off the other books. Tonight's showdown of unbeatens is still a big deal if Kawai and Jaanus aren't playing no because they're the two biggest after bucks. So you don't consider us. The biggest star on either team, sir. Winston was. He was. Happy time. Birthday. Andy Dalton for all the talk of dolphins playoff failures. He's still Cincinnati starting quarterback. He's having a good year Bengals a five and three and seventeen touchdown passes. Target third. Most in the league six of them with AJ green. It was Dalton who drove the Bengals into field goal winning range yesterday after the bucks tied the game with sixty five seconds to go you failed in that game. I called you only there about the tie turned the game two point conversion and all doing your rent zone is flawed. My none is good as my red zone. All the set the direct TV Renzo anniversary, Madison. Bumgarner on this day four years ago. You pitched five scoreless innings of relief. Just two days after pitching complete game shutout one of the most impressive World Series pitching performances ever. That was great. But you know, what we missed the week ago? The fiftieth anniversary of dick Fosbury unveiling the flop in Mexico City, resulting in Olympic gold medal and changing the entire sport by jumping probably dip with a sixty eight of Mexico City Smith and Carlos Bob Beamon George Foreman. And it's a lot lot. For those two trails to the top ten for Texas. The longhorns went from six to fifteen in the most recent eight people after losing glass state on Saturday. The will of these rankings subjective. Because the only rankings that really matter begin tomorrow night with the first college football playoff committee rankings the problem for the big twelve getting into the playoffs. Visit it Oklahoma. The conference's highest ranked team has already lost the Texas. A lot of teams. I keep telling you that is the only team that's possibly not gonna lose. And they can lose LSU at nightclubs as going to lose lose every let's go to the big finish. It's still at the bucks. We'll start Wyan Fitzpatrick over Jameis Winston is that the right call after four interceptions. His performance is the only call urban Meyer. He plans on coaching next season said news. No, I don't think he should have been coaching this season. I think they should have sat up for the whole scene. Okay. The Ciccio raptors at the six zero bucks tonight, but neither Kawai or the Greek freak. Boy. What are your thoughts? Thoughts. No two Greek freak is in concussion protocol for why plant the game is diminished. I'm still gonna watch plan RAFI the walkie plan rest. Terry path Morten Anderson to become the NFL's all time leading score. Is that a big deal? I want plan rests tomorrow Ryan rest is it a big deal yet thirty every night twenty third season. He's going to the hall of one patriots bills. And I wouldn't even spec. Totally just Gordon is going to be disciplined for charter this out maybe a quarter, but that's not gonna stop beatdown. My sixteen point game. Most confident cheese. Bills roadside trying to better the next time. I'm Tony Kornheiser. Thanks is close enough Clinton to Bill. Don't you? So Mike wilpon Saint time tomorrow knuckleheads. And now, we send you to Susie. Copper in the Monday night countdown in.

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