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A big week of racing in Texas started with a historic moment last on the Austin today on the motor sports hour. We will talk with a young man who delivered that moment. Eighteen year old IndyCar rookie Colton Herta. The action continues this Saturday night here on NBC FM with monster energy super-cross that'll be in Houston. Now, Ricky Stenhouse junior won't be grabbing a bike enjoining in but close the NASCAR star is our guest analysts for the event. He'll call him today to talk about is busy weekend ahead looks pretty good on to wealty with that. Yeah. Which happens to include five hundred miles of Cup series racing on Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway just outside of Dallas Fort Worth track. President Eddie gossip and his team are preparing for another wild show. And we're going to hear from Eddie today as well. The motor sports. Our it's the NASCAR America show. That's a little bit about NASCAR. But as you just saw a lot of other stuff going on this week in the world of racing. It's also opening day for major league baseball. I know your world is racing. Did either of you play little league baseball? I was going to realized I was scared of the baseball coming at my head. So just safer to wear a helmet and try to raise choice. I got hit in the face once, and I quit after that. I've stick with him safer and the sign up for an Askar America softball team. Just stick with. All right. We're gonna have so special guest or anything us throughout the hour. But when you have to drivers next to you like, I do with AJ and Parker in news. Like we saw Tuesday comes out with the twenty twenty schedule. Definitely want to get your thoughts. But let's go ahead and remind viewers of the big changes at the top of the list. The recently renovated ISM raceway in Phoenix will now take over and twenty twenty championship weekend from Miami speedway. Who's Cup race will move to March? And here's how Joey Logano. And Ryan Blaney reacted when they saw the changes for the first time. He goes there. Thank you. All right. Well, we got that's awesome. And then we go. Whoa. What look at the first race in the playoffs. That is pretty much shaken up. Yeah. I guess you feel the city they were shocked. What's the one thing? Maybe that jumps out. Well, I think the cool thing is there's a lot of many cool changes throughout this schedule change. And I think it's been well publicized. Obviously that the NASCAR kind of had the hands tied with the contracts with the treks, but everyone worked together collectively the racetracks NASCAR the industry defined a schedule that suited some of the tracks better on whether some the checks better for what fans wanted entertainment wise. And so I think they came up with a great compromise in that sense. One thing that really sticks out to me. And I know it might be more of us at NBC causing this. But I think it's a really cool deal was the two week break for the Olympics. And the reason I pointed out is that in full of one they have like a month long break, they call it the summer break and the teams are able to kind of take a little break the cruise Evelyn from traveling around the world, and they kind of reset refreshed and they go after the last part of the season. I think for us in NASCAR. This scheduled could be grind a lot of times for the cruise for the drivers rebel involved for the media. Personalities everyone involved in there for a two week break. Although it doesn't sound significant is massively significant for those people spend more time their families, and sort of refresh and then go after champ in the playoffs. I think that's a really cool deal. And I'd like to see something like that before for as we go in the future as well. One of the big shockers was I assume raceway Phoenix kitten, the season finale, which is something that to me could always be a revolving door and the Super Bowl and in many other sports do that. So that would be kinda cool if that was an option not sure if it is. But you know to have that moved to Phoenix is a great race track to put on a great show for a championship valley. But one thing that really stands out to me Daytona being the regular season finale. And that's something that for me coming from a little team Parker you being on a smaller team. You know, my big race was going into walk ins Glenn thought if I don't win this trying to win another race to make it into the playoffs is going to be difficult. Now you go to Daytona. And those teams that really maybe don't have a chance at say a place like Indy or Chicago any place like that. Now you go to Daytona. And so you know, what we still have one more race one more chance to go out there and shocked the world and knock one of those big teams out of the playoffs and make our way into that sixteen field. So that is something that is really cool and going to be interesting at the end of the regular down. The only thing I'd point out is the double header right Pocono. We're talking off camera about the fact that place can be a little physical, right? But you add in that a lot of times. It's really muggy there. It can be hot. And now you can do to racism a role. I mean that's going to seriously test. Some drivers some crew members in terms of just physicality of that race track and how tough it can be. So I think that's interesting. What as well? It'll be fun to see that that track is really rubber and temperature sensitive. So if one day is a bit different than the other or just a if it is a four hundred mile race on Saturday. How much does that change the setup going into Sunday in what teams can really figure out? Maybe they were great on Saturday and going into Sunday. Do they change the setup? Do they leave it so? Yeah, parker. That's that's going to be just a complete interesting weekend from start to finish Eddie Gossage. President of Texas Motor Speedway has been one of the track promoters talking about the schedule over the last forty eight hours. He's going to join us in a bit not just because of those dates he has an important race coming up this weekend at his track. So let's get you fired up for Texas with our top five wireless moments at that tracking start with sprint twenty fourteen. I was behind this. Not in yet. Anyways, it was behind you. There is a whole lot of grass yet flying through the trial with their and a big fire. Thinking that was wrecked in front of me. And it turned out just one car that was number four. And this was the first ever Cup. Raced at Texas is one thousand nine hundred seventy was won by our Jeff Burton. But not before what happened on that one repaid slick back to ninety nine hundred ninety seven they were very sleek. That's still won't shift getting spun out of this fromm car. But yeah, I mean, that's what we know about round as they experience for the first time, and they always say everything's bigger, Texas. So were the wrecks of the first well Jeff burn light seeing his win. He probably doesn't necessarily like seeing this the fall two thousand ten rice. Yeah. This was after the caution. Jeff Burton tried to walk up to Jeff Gordon after and give them aid. I didn't mean I was driving down the backstory like what's down going after you saw that. L number. That's always herself. I know. I was in the holder sound like a bomb went off the wall was I was scared. I was so thankful when Michael McDowell got out of this race car and went over to the annual. I will never forget the natural sound him heating walls. He said single mom doing this out in waist pants. Everyone's breath just sort of came back into their lungs. The number one any surprise. It was from the twenty four team playoff. I mean bread. Impressive move about those. And this is why. Hey, man, what's you talk a little bit more, and then stepped away the inst- they call the posers, the instigator in this situation if this side I thought it was maybe the moon, but it was a move that was validated. In terms of trying to go for a win. So I was little one there. I'm not sure if she's trying to throw a punch or just trying people away. She was she was always in the middle of it. He got Michael liba SIMS brats. In their little bit about away members. Yeah. That was our number one. What you said before you didn't know what we were gonna have said, I wonder if that'll be number one. You are correct. This is my shocked face. Yes. So parker. What gives Texas? It's flavor what specifically should fans look for this weekend. Well, obviously, it's been a little bit different since we had this repave a couple years ago. And so one of the things about this repay that we saw in the full last year a lot of single file racing. Let's talk about what happened what they did when they repaved. So you have little animation. You see back before three pay twenty seven twenty four degrees. They goes down to twenty degrees Barker there. There. There's no baking in that corner degrees optimistic at best. And then what they did. Which was really interesting. Probably why we think there's no banking the extended from fifty to seventy down of the apron is so that's where we run. Now, we run all the way down the apron, and when you enter that corner, it seems wide open like there's nothing the reference off of and it's really tough to do the same twice. And so what we saw in the spring was a lot of single file racing or I mean, the fall last year single file racing. And now it's interesting as the track is actually apply the sticky stuff they've taken the tire dragging. But they've only done it to the upper groups two groups two and three and higher. And so I think the intentions to see if we can get those out of dues to come in a little bit ad in the new package now where in my belief because of how faster going through their last fall in three or four. I think you'll be flat out from turn to all the way back to turn one. So I think this should be releasing in real test of this package if they make mobile groups. I think we could see some real drafting verse time, which become cool. There's no question. They're going to be flat out off turn to the good cars actually were still out after turn last year. But yeah, it's it's gonna make for great racing. It just it'll be really key whether that PJ won't or sticky still for Crips strip, whatever you wanna call it will allow cars to go win their side by side and find a second and third group because what's going to happen is is coming through three and four with this aero package. There's gonna be such a draft because you're not going to be lifting that going into one you're going to be carrying a ton of speed. Whether you're looking under somebody or somebody you're trying to roll the outside the break markers and trying to find a spot is so difficult to try to figure out how to slow the car down. So is a water group that if somebody gets under you, you can just move up a group or or two groups and hit that stuff still carry that speed off turn to because the big thing is on the bottom as you're starting to exit the corner the Bank. Thing that they say is there falls away. So the core gets really tight. So if there is side by side racing all that call on the bottom lose the nose and kind of meet at the same point. So I really believe this is going to make for a great racist weekend. Well, you know what else? The biff is back not exactly this weekend. Greg biff, although announcing today he will return to a truck at Texas in June. The first time he'll be back in NASCAR since twenty sixteen. His takes laps this weekend though, in that fifty one to in practice just sort of knock the rest Russell. And you know, what I can tell he's going after the big money because that June race the summer race. They're doing is the start of that Ganda doors deal with giveaway. Big fifty thousand dollars to win each race five hundred dollars. If you went all three. So he knows how to pick him the well and went on a limb there with fifty one. Yeah. That's I hear that gigolo truck. So they former he's to raise champion is going to have a good shot at it. Let's see him back coming up next. The state of Texas will always have a special place in his heart last week. Indycar winner from Boston Colton hurt a joins us guess where he took the trophy. Here's a hint it's kind of like onus back yard. But with forty seven thousand people looking on. Just garden goes for three in a row at barber motorsports. Park Sunday, April seven on NBC, and this may on NBC go for the biggest win of all in the Indianapolis. Five hundred NBC sports, the exclusive home of IndyCar less weekend IndyCar made its inaugural trip to circuit of the Americas. The state of the art road course in Austin, Texas, eighteen year old rookie Colton Herta was looking to finish near the front, but thanks to a late caution. That change the race. Colton had an opportunity to take the win. And he would not let it slip away in only his third career star Colton pulled away during the final apps and went onto his first IndyCar victory. Big moment for him, his father and former racer Brian and for the sport itself with the wind causing her to join the group of youngest winners in a major motorsports series. That group include nascar's Joey Lozano and Formula One's max for stop and among others. So in forty eight hours. Hours. He turns nineteenth youngest ever winner. In IndyCar distri, Colin her to joins us from thirty rock in Manhattan. Now, these two are going to talk racing with you in just a minute. But let's start with the reason you're in New York City today. What have you been doing been doing a bit of media? You know, obviously with the Steinbrenner's having such an influential role in New York City, and and obviously New York Yankees got some opportunities to do media here with the with the wind, and you know, I love spending time in New York City is one of my favorite cities in the world. So I always always don't mind media here. Congrats on that win. Really the moment. You got on that racetrack Koto intesting you were fast row out of the box with something about their racetrack. That really just need your style. I've been I've been wondering this myself to they has to be something assery something, I think it's maybe my -bility to drive a loose race cars through fast turns obviously, I always had really fast sectors in in in in the first section of the track through all the speed stuff. So maybe that was a bit of it so loose it's fast as we all know rights. That's a good thing. Yes. But I guess this is kind of a simple question because you wanting your third start. But I was just is if there was even just period from an Indy lights car into it any car, the differences speed difference downforce physicality. I mean was there even a time where you're like? Oh, no. These new cars are a lot faster. Oh, oh, yeah. Man. Deftly stor. Definitely more physical and just a big step up in personnel as well, obviously instead of working with one engineer in Indy lights now, I'm working with you know, five or six guys giving weekend. So it's a big setup. All around the cars are yes. A lot quicker, and yes, you do feel that. But the transition period, I feel like this is something that I'm very strong with them very strong with, you know, getting up to speed very fast tracks, and I think transitioning through through different cars, I've done it. So many times in my career now that it's kind of a strength of mine. You're twenty nineteenth been slightly impressed in the Rolex twenty three race on curious are there different emotions of winning the Rolex twenty four to winning your first any car race. Or is it kind of just feel the same because it's all happening. So quick. Definitely winning the the Rolex was cool. But I have to put the IndyCar win above it. You know, this is something that I've I've looked forward to for for my whole life ever since come into the track from my dad was recent Indy cars and being a little bit little track. Rotten Sixers old some years old going around the pits and stuff. So definitely definitely IndyCar on IndyCar on top. This is the look forward to for a long time. And after the race, you talked about how it was winning car and all the names of one before you even be cars, or anyone in particular that we out he graduated you that you couldn't believe that they were reaching out in and it was a really cool moment. Anyway. I think the coolest thing that I heard was the captain congratulate me Roger Penske. Obviously that guy's done a ton. Not only in IndyCar, but in all of motor sports. So to to be congratulated by hand means a lot. Absolutely. Yeah. And you relationship with your owner towards a fourth slightly younger than than our P a winner in the in the sport of the series. Do you guys have similar similar interests? Yeah. Definitely, you know, he's twenty two. I'm I'm eighteen I think we consist of eating pizza and playing video games. That's the normal kind of young young person what they do. But no, you know, it it is it does help because I see George Moore's friend than boss, and it really helps our relationship as a team owner and driver. And and yeah, I think we get to joke around a lot more than than maybe me. And Roger would do. There's a rumor out there that you might have the mohawk return for the five hundred is this true of hookah. Yeah. For the table that don't know I used to rock mohawk when I was maybe six or seven years old. And I I don't know. I thought it'd be funny to bring it back. I might bring back. I don't know though, we have to stay tuned to find say Butte. That'd be all. I got a good main doing the mohawk. That's the next level. I look at you guys off actually surrounded by great hair comb, your in that club to Parker AG does all have great here. But something else that people may not know about you when you're not winning races. You're playing the drums is it? True. You're in a band called the zoo. I'm gonna punk band, actually. It's something different. You know, obviously we spent so much time at the race track. And so much time focus on this on this one thing, and you know, he spent nine months out of the year doing it. So it's kind of nice to to kind of step away. Sometimes, and you know, you get that occasional Monday or Tuesday off. So you can you can kinda just hang out. And that's just something that kind of draws racing off my mind. Okay. Real question is then who wins in a drum off willpower or you. I've heard this bunch. I've never heard we'll play the drums. He could be amazing. But he could also be terrible. You know, I I'll go ahead and say me just because I'm high on confidence after the last race. So we'll go without one. Well, you definitely have the celebration down in terms of your Austin your KOTA celebration. It was it was good that the answer this. This was trying to come up with the what is that? What is that? I don't know. It's just like the most Texas thing, I could think. On the screen now. It's yeah. I don't know. It's just came to be as always walking out. It was like, you know, what I'm just going to just going to send it. And then this is funny moment to I guess, they hand you the wrong bottle there. I did they controversy here. Yeah. Oh, yeah. There it is. Like, this is real and Justice. Like, no, it's not and then. Yeah, they ended up swapping ended up swapping the bottles on accident. Whoever's handing them out gave gave Joseph that. However, the is twenty five twenty six the Martin elis and then the champagne for some reason, but. It was all right. Good catch. Good catch. Yeah. That's the trouble with being eighteen almost nineteen and win a race. I think he'll take those those problems that way to tell them. Good problems have. All right. Well, best of luck to you down. Barbara Motors heart. Thank you very much for takes. And whoever knew you take a trip to victory. Those are two titles of zip songs by the way to victory lane this early in your congratulations. Cool having Colton with us Texas Motor Speedway has seen share of wild moments throughout the years with one man watching over it all track president letty gossip joins us next to talk about what he plans for this weekend. Speedway. Schweiger? Distraction become too. This is the place where hep loan faces have been bloody. Nobody loves good old Texas emotion more than track. President Eddie Gossage. He joins us by phone from the site of this weekend's NASCAR race any. What's happening right now outside your office window at the track in preparation for this weekend's event. This weekend too. There. Now, we've got we've got some truck practice going on in the news that kind of prize everybody. Greg biff oil out on a track in Kabul motorsports truck, and he's turning people have pick. He gonna run here in June. The second truck racing yearlings when he'll be a little time on the track. Unders it's been a little while. So the biff is back for at least one race. But we're getting ready for big NASCAR tripleheader trucks on Friday night the series on Saturday afternoon in the Cup series on Sunday. It's a big weekend for you guys tripleheader. But one thing I noticed coming into this weekend. Is you guys prep the trackable differently? You put some that sticky stuff down. You put the tire dragons up on the top side. So I what precipitated this was did you finally listen the drivers. That's why you went up here. Here. Well, it's always a dangerous thing to listen to the drivers. But no. Our engineers at speedway motorsports. Decided? We should probably put some PJ one down taught at the drivers in NASCAR. And and did it put it on the race track. And all four turns didn't go down in the first groove because you know, they're gonna run that in themselves. So she could help help them move up the hill a little bit better and tom'll tell you know. I mean, the best thing in the world for as you know, for racetrack for asphalt is to give it time just takes a little while to age in and be and be the best it can be. But right now, we're two years old two years into this pavement. And so the PJ one something we've never done before here and see if we can help it out a little bit. Released their twenty twenty schedule. You got some interesting thoughts on that. What is what is your outlook for next year will for us? We get some help. Because our November race is now an October race on. What is important? There is the first weekend in November is deer hunting season in Texas start of deer season, and that's almost a religious holiday here. So we've heard from the years that if we could get it all out of November. It was sure help them to avoid having to pick one of the there. So now it's going to be Tober twenty fifth and then spring race remains the same place as we've been for twenty three years now. So it was really interesting. I think NASCAR did a real good job of giving. Everybody a little something someplace got a lot of something. But you know, everybody kind of. Game in some manner form and for the sport as a whole so interested in what Poconos doing with the double header weekend. I've always said great idealistic with your money. So. We'll see if it works out real well for for Pocono, and then others can can get onboard. But you know, we'll we'll watch closer what they're doing there. And how he likes that? Just that's my question. Now, do you your fan of the double header you think it's it's a tough thing to pull off as track is that what you're thinking. Well, not concern about I mean, work is you know, what you do that doesn't bother me in our work hard. But fans this weekend, we've got fans from all fifty states and fourteen or fifteen countries at last count. You know will come for double header made it helps maybe it doesn't. I don't know. And and then you know, we've heard from talk about amid weak race. And I think that's one bit tougher for the folks that do travel, but you know, you just wanna you want to do this for the fans in. So we'll we'll follow Pocono does. And we'll see how it works out. Seen some of those video highlights of some of the past emotions that have happened at Texas. You've been there for so many zero specific moment in all the racing series. That you've hosted there that really stands out will be this great moment clearly from us all you had the our land victory lane incident the very first Indy-Car race. And you know, you had to gosh, Jeff, Gordon shaves to just be fighting everybody around here all the time. Jeff Burton, and Jeff Gordon. Jeff Burton and Brad Keselowski. But no, I gotta be honest to me, you know, people might be surprised but under Sapir racing fan in a great moment involving Jimmy Johnson seven-time winner here. Here's one of the most racist. Jimmy, and and Brad Keselowski and killing off turn four late in the race is November race it was dark and brand was trying to get into. Jimmy passion with probably about eight laps to go and bracket into little full wheel drift sideways and Matt forty degrees. But he was he was trying his best to say off. Jimi. Jimi was running hard. And it was just a great racing moment. So any it's just what a little over five weeks. Got something else. Coming up Kyle petty charity writer you excited you've been on what since the very start. This is twenty five years twenty five years and this year is you know, Chris 'cause you're gonna be with us all the, but at least a good portion of it. I'm so nervous. We're going to go Seattle to to the keys. We're going to go. As far didn't go from one corner of the country to the other corner of the country. I cannot wait. I love my motorcycle being out there on the road, and with particular a bunch of friends. So this is this is always one of the highlights of my years to the cow, Katy charity ride. Well, for anyone watching at home, obviously says wanna be apart, and you donate you spread the word the awareness. Kyle petty victory junction, all the proceeds go to just so awesome to see the faces light up, and yes, I'm going to be out there cycle now. Now, I know you helped me here. I know. All right Krista is also on this raw gas. I'm telling you, you know, first of all she's dick on a black leather from head to toe. With. They're just a lot of fun to have along with US F all glad have them. It's awesome. We know you have a big big event this weekend. Tripleheader we can't wait. Thanks for taking some time on your busy weekend for for catching up with us. Eddie utter plenty town, thanks for having us on in Kiel. All right coming up. If you cross is exciting to watch wait until you see it from the ties of a rider, plus a chat with Ricky Stenhouse junior are deaths supercross analyst this weekend in Houston. Stay tuned. Tale. Back tired, swift one. Speaking. Great footage. That is one of the wildest rides in motorsports. Last week the stars of monster energy super-cross for in Seattle where Marvin MO scan earned another win. But it came with a price after he made a critical mistake row Shaheen and Ricky Carmichael have more. Well, it was definitely coach Vershow finish here in Seattle. And this is why moose can you? See the Red Cross flag out at Martin moose jumps through that rhythm lane instead of walling through which is what it is supposed to be according to the rule book when an injured rider is, Dan. That's why that red flag is out there. He got the win his second of the year, but Ricky it's right there in the video tape. He did it. Yeah. A rider of Marvin scans caliber. I mean, it was playing day wasn't like the guy. Just threw out the Red Cross flag when he got right to him and your Marvin new skin. You can't make those kind of mistakes. I'm telling you right now, this one is gonna sting. I am really disappointed of his lack of awareness and the Red Cross flags. I mean, you just you can't make that I'm trying to parallel for for people. And you just can't morbid is credited with the win. But it will definitely chase things in the points. So. Instead of being seven points behind Cooper. Now. He's fourteen. But what it also does is it closes Eli Tomac akin rocks up in the point. Yeah, they're all within a race in the teens is going to be exciting. A lot of racing. Let. It's like we said it a couple of weeks ago. Martin moose gain wins and sort of close Guezzaz point stocked for this for the incident just really disappointing. And if he comes back and lose the championship by basically less than seven points. He's going to really think about that. And what the medical cross fly is one writer is down in injured the doctors come out and work on them. And when you when you see that flag, you have to roll every jump. You can't jump from jump. The jump and Marvin moose can never saw in just kind of road by and he knew it right away. He saw the video after the race. You could just see he knew that he was going to be penalized for and it was just disappointing because it didn't. Because of that it wasn't like you won the race. He won the race outright on speed. It was just a mistake that he made that Dr seven points in took it from as we saw there would have been a fourteen point lead that he that it was to a seven now back to fourteen. So it was. A great ride that was kind of MIR by just that incident that he mistakenly knew that he made someone else he watches a supercross races every single weekend on NBC is nascar's Ricky Stenhouse junior and this weekend he is in a little more Ricky Stenhouse junior joins us via the phone. He's already in Texas for his day job NASCAR. But tell us what you're doing this weekend down in Houston. It's gonna be fun. I could take a double header on Saturday with practice and here in Fort Worth. And then jumping on a plane Houston to deuce and commentator Ralph kid this Houston triple crown. So it should be fun. I I've done the. Once or twice in the extended his back in the day. So I did I did show little bit trying to figure out what any points as you had. Did he give you? Oh, yeah. He said. Just say, hey, just act like you're watching the race on the couch, some buddies and react to what you see. And makes you talk about it and have. Rickie gonna let you on the bike in practice a start. We saw that what tears. We did two years ago. I'm not gonna do that. I would like to route ID round and my house quite a bit have my track at home. So get out on the pit bikes and do some lacing around with buddies. But you know, I think I'm I'm always up to the professional again. Well, just you know, this what told you about the booth? That's how we treat this show as well. So we just hang out here. We take Jacob beer spot. I would've talked about your day job for a second in terms of your race team twelve points right now, you had a six place finish at Vegas. We're going to attract that I think is maybe the more sick most similar to Vegas. What's your confidence level in seventeen car for Texas? Yeah, we're, you know. Most of everybody knows our program action felt like is is the program that we started with the most over the last three years still rusty or anything, you know, this. It's kind of, you know, taking a turn for the better and feel like we've been competitive at every month onto the bigger restricts that we've ran. So we're looking forward to it. We you know, every team is attending like adjustments and tweaks to the car to the bodies and playing with Dr versus down fullness the crew cheese kind of tune in that in throughout the weekend. So I knew that he's had a lot of fun being able to tune the colors in the mind just with bars and springs, but you know, how much downforce you add to your car. So we've we've had a lot of that we've been successful and had some speed after Mons. A lot definitely Florida game to Chang. Hold throttle down with a longer. Well with that said Ryan Newman's new addition to your team. How is that really helped you in just the Horgan ization? I will teammates. I think he with his background, and, you know, the engineering tight mind background, plus being there on every fill brings a whole different in you know, to made and personnel driving Matt night, we had different conversation different ways described the race. And then you bring in totally different ways of describing that also feel like. Own feedback that you know is beneficial to helping they consume the right thing. And you know, he'll he'll say things. Due to it's been it's been really good. So looking forward to seeing how you know the show per game of all that's after mines game. We had a conversation at the shot and just trying to improve our race cars. I don't know. Ryan gets on a motorcycle. But you guys both have similar interest in tractors right? You talk about tractors. We do actually just got two minutes longhorns to Gabri and say, we've got new addition this week they came in on Tuesday, and we had to leave. So unfortunately there at the house, but you know, ask I got advice on on animals. Okay. All right. We're keeping track of all of and you can track what Ricky is doing with supercross. Keep video diary for fans this week and going back and forth between Fort Worth and Houston. Thanks Ricky for joining us. Not a Brown. Venture me. I'm and look for a in recent awesome. Yeah. I think the best advice for Ricky is whenever Ralph says Ricky because it could be Ricky Carmichael, Ricky Stenhouse somebody. Yeah. Being asked a lot of questions as part of a NASCAR drivers job. But what are the questions they wish they didn't have to hear? They will tell in another visit to rest basement when we return. The NHL speaker star shined bright on star Sunday, I at twelve thirty eastern on NBC Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers take on Sean Katori eight and the flyers last night at eight hundred goal in regulation and the only goal in the shootout win over Toronto. Then at seven thirty David pasta can the Bruins faced Dylan Larkin and the Red Wings NHL. Star Sundays presented by AT and T last night posture not had his third hat trick of the season and five points in a win over the Rangers. As NASCAR broadcasters. We are privileged to go to the track and ask drivers all sorts of questions will since its opening day in baseball. We had two routes basement where some of nascar's best reveal that the questions. They're asked are not all home runs. What's your least favorite question to be asked? You're so good at awkward. My least favorite question. What's your least favorite question? This. What's your lease? Question. Your next one. Strangest direct message you've ever seen. Exactly least favorite question Kia. Are you related to the Wallace's? Got all the time you related any of the wood brothers because people thought I must be related to someone else. Could I have thought about that? Yeah. You favorite track? It's like the first thing. People usually ask. What is your Bristol though is? Let's say I'm out eating dinner, something, you know, some sites talk to me, which is fine. But they always say, well what your favorite track? I've like you could ask a question that right? This is our time. You can't think of something better than what your favorite. Yeah. But now, they know they don't ask Bristol chick. When they ask like, what's the best advice your dad's forgiving? Oh. That one gets. Gets pretty old after a while. I didn't realize that that that's such a constant thing. It is it is. But they I mean, I get digits. William William Kucher is. Yeah. Superlatives hating superlatives. We're like, hey, tell me think is like the biggest door goodness. Okay. So you wanna use this against me to air on national television. Tiffany pre-race superstitions. Never heard really do. You have any. My least favorite question is. How do you think you're gonna do this year do this year? I think we're going to good me too. These favorite question. There is no police favorite, man. Lock them. All. Such a simple question. But yet makes a whole entire content have a least favorite question as drivers that you would let you always hated win a fan walk up to you. Especially like on a Sunday morning. Be like trying to win the day. Can I used to say no eleventh place? That's what I'm going for. So it's enough where I don't have to do TV interviews put still good enough to keep a job. You had one until his answer. I don't know that I I would say the I would go there Jones. What's your favorite track? The also what do you how do you go bathroom one in the car? I don't know. Why people look at me? And this must go the bathroom in the car. But. What do you do? I don't know. I've never actually done it. So why we faction how do you go to the bathroom Krista? Well, that's what he does. He. And they're never winning like four times before the show. Start the way. Okay. Only one time of the Usak midget flight funny story day, one initial cave when he Lapresse. Well, we had a red flag came up three goes past. Just hey, you're leaking. We're back to go green. That's just be the drive you freest hundred. Hundred mile race in your only time is a twenty lap race. Kids about this. We're in you work on the car. To a what a six minute red flight the nine minute race. So I used to do the work on the car jumping right as you had chance to race only twenty race it when he goes after. When he goes after I built up. All right. There were said we're gonna let this conversation continuing there were several worthy nominees for the global motorsports. Star in the week from first time winners to dominators, which driver or rider. We'll get the non find out next on the motorsports. Our? This week. It's two honorees for global motorsport star of the week. We know that soon to be nineteen year old Colton hurt. I became a youngest IndyCar driver to win a race last Sunday at circuit of the Americas. But it was also a record setting day one of his bosses George Steinbrenner the port the co owner parting Steinbrenner racing came IndyCars youngest winning team owner ever at age twenty two. Think. Yeah. Those guys are definitely disturbing. Looking at the road ahead at the Texas two step this weekend with supercross in Huston followed by the NASCAR Cup series in Fort Worth IndyCar. Returns april. Seventh from Alabama here on NBC and insa returns, April thirteenth at one beach. Also here on NBC 'Send so little bit of scheduled to get you caught up. And I think that means it's time for fantasy picks, and it's going I be all really we have to get people ready. So you're gonna watch the NASCAR race who should you take as your driver's. I mean. Probably take these drivers because this is the right hick. So yeah. Lauren trick junior fast Giuliano. Kevin Harvick won the fall race air. Cam Rolla being quietly fast every weekend. Kurt Busch has had a lot of top ten top Christmas your team there for Texas is worries from one of his favorite race tracks. Because I know this because I asked him what that's will stay question. Exactly. I won't give you Kerr push being a great pick that I almost picked. And I thought about it. And then I did. And I picked these drivers so Cal Bush, of course, Kevin Harvick you got Jila Gano. I have basically old Team Penske because team has been very fast. I broken record. I know on this show, and then junior added him as my second GR card because I feel like off the eighteen car the one that showed the most speed is a nineteen. I know anyone the five hundred but I just believe that he's been the closest eighteen and this weekend. I think we're gonna see some typical mama half Racine in more than two and three or four different for this could play strength apps. Apps. This appointed in there. I didn't put myself you. So well, I didn't do very well in the races or in fantasy when I had myself Vinci's. So I did I. Yeah. I I went to for weekend. Got this bracelet from a monk. And I'm hoping it changes everything. So it's changed my fancy pits as well. Yes. It has to do with anything helped. Okay. I'm saying of changing everything. Okay. I'm not doing. It's you guys did have three of the same picks the nineteen twenty two in the four five hundred went out there. Yeah. And just thought that they hadn't really shown any speed yet this year, but this is probably the weekend. Okay. Kyle Busch went in this three of you. He went. In Harvey to one in the fall both went with Kevin don't forget to rota world dot com for some insider tips as well before we say goodbye today. This is the final show for our longtime NBC sports producer Ricky diamond a nearly forty year career. There's wreck. In the control real. This forty year career covering everything baseball hockey basketball NASCAR. We're gonna miss you Ricki and congratulations started working near. I hope it's not because of me, man. I apologize. If it is. I will say that since I first came see a couple years ago, Ricky has been one of the most helpful people in my ear throughout every show. And telling me guiding me to not do things, I probably shouldn't do in. Therefore, I think he's the only reason I've been able to stay on this network as long as I have. So I'll miss you, buddy. And it's been great working with you. And I soon as we started talking, he's probably shaking his hand. Like other talking about me. I don't know the camera now, thank you, Ricky such a such a great career, and we're going to miss you. And this is this is the last show. And I think it was nice to have potent her to on thanks to Gossage Ricky Stenhouse, and again, thanks to Ricky diamond. Thank you for watching have a great weekend of racing.

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