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You look out after the last crash of thunder his past and you open the Porthole. I don't know if you can open portholes. I'm not a boat guy but you open this one an outside you notice. The seas are calm and they are milk and they're dotted only by the occasional crunch berry or mar bit here swimming in the Empty Bowl and it's our pleasure to have you. My name is Justin mcelroy. And I'M A serial enthusiast. I'm Dan Gilbert and I am your cereal first mate on this maiden voyage into the Franken Berry see of rose colored and milk. Captain Horatio says that we can Say to go up on the deck for a while so let's go A swab it out. This a meditative cast about cereal and all that really means is that we invite you for the next half hour just relaxed be stilled become and allow your brain though. The racing and pacing does day in day out. Just allow your brain thirty minutes to focus just on cereal if you notice your mind wandering to things just notice that you've done so then return your attention to cereal. It's a half hour or so you can do it. Remedy some cereal news. We're GONNA do some cereal reviews and we'll have some fun to won't be button cereal content. Dan I consider it a great pleasure to be talking to you here right now. A very grateful for the opportunity. You know me too. I think we have found a great dynamic here when it comes to balancing the great cereal ship. I'm just GonNa keep going with the nautical metaphor I can think of a different one There's here I'll continue it We are there spotted to the The telescope we We can make out an island. It's a land mass. We can't make out what it is exactly. But we know from our various inaugural charts. The name is I hop Pan flakes cereal so the island of I hop is repopulating. It's better shores of of butter and Maple Syrup if we when we last saw. It was in March when they were releasing their cereal pancakes and shakes in the restaurant. This included Lucky. Charms cinnamon toast crunch and captain crunch in both cereal topped. Pancake and cereal milkshake for him. So the interesting story here. Is that around that same time? I have was also developing the idea of a miniature pancake cereal. The idea got shelved for a bit because of everything that's going on but in the time when it was shelved suddenly this trend appeared on. Tick Tock of making pancakes cereal on your own. So people are basically making normal pancake better but making extremely tiny circles when they do it on the grill and When it's done you basically just poured onto a bowl and eat it with your Milk or syrup of choice but that kind of Was the perfect sort of signifier for I happen to their plans to make pan flake cereal. It's kind of in a curious state of limbo as to exactly how. This product will be presented because on twitter. They first announced it as just something we're working on and you look at this box and it's clearly not official kind of is carrying the normal info. You would see on a cereal box. And the only reason I'm not one hundred percent sure whether it's an actual cereal is because if you look at the trademark application that they filed it only describes the this concoction as pancakes topped with breakfast cereal so that there was the whole thing into a bit of disarray. Whether we're not sure because the box art makes it look like just nil away for cereal almost as via it was a maple version that which sounds fantastic honestly. Hope it's exactly what it is and it's available on retail shelves but this could be a case of something that's very limited overpriced in the restaurant as a cereal might be. Or it's the what you're you're describing that trademark sounds like the pancakes at ihop offered with like various serial toppings. There's also the potential that it would be normal pancakes. You eat as menu item. But then those topped with little tiny crunchy miniature pancakes sort of this layered concoction of multiple layers of redundancy but a good layer of textural contrast as well. So the whole thing's basically steeped in intrigue and a lack of certainty right now. Just gotTa wait and see what's coming next. Yeah the really interesting thing to me about. This is that there is no established. Cereal partner. Mike in a player in the game that is attached to this. And that is weird to me because you know I'm sure show. I know the the business of the grocery businesses very competitive especially in terms of like just obtaining space in. It seems weird that like a player like I hop would build a muscle their way in without you know more established brand alongside. We see these things like co branded if they're going to be of sort of major retail release. Yeah that's how it was with timid cereal a little bit after we heard about it that it was made clear that this was made by post. So since they're the ones who seem to be doing that recently I wouldn't doubt with this is opposed to product. It seems like exactly the type of wacky thing that Malta meal would do but remains to be seen. This could just be another over hyped thing the I hob Burgers were keeping the fun cereal kid-friendly cereal theme going. Tell me about fun. Fatty Serio. We'll fund is really a strong word to attribute to the serial. This is also a very very similar case of something where the ownership is very divided. Fun Fatty as you might know is a brand owned by Pillsbury which is and then turn owned by General Mills so you would think that a fun. Syria would be made by General Mills but in fact the origin of this is currently unknown. Because I'd emailed someone they know. General Mills about possibly getting a sample of the cereal and I know other cereal bloggers like Earth cereal content creators like Gabe did as well. And we're told that this is not a general mills product at any sense because apparently Pillsbury has a difference in ownership between those who make like the competes consumer packaged goods versus look to Cobra and and stuff and I don't really understand it exactly but they told me that I need to reach out to hometown foods for more information so I don't have in my back pocket and a good buddy over at hometown foods but maybe many of them are listening. Could give us a better clue as to. Who's making fun for cereal? If I had to guess I would say this is a post product as well because they look remarkably similar to the timet cereal again. The birthday cake version and since that was only available in Canada it would make sense for them to use the same shape as something. That is more recognizable to an American audience. Which is fun. Petty so hometown foods is a holding company. Oh that is owned by a private equity. Firm called Brentwood partners. Oh up hometown foods Pillsbury Hungry Jack Martha White White Lily. Jim Dandy Arrowhead Mills and Pillsbury Fun Feddie. Which they've established as a separate brand companies from the sovereign state of fun ferry on. This might be another case they might be making pamphlets also for we know right so basically this is a case. I don't know ask my dad. He's somebody else could make fun. Which is ridiculous in the end because as we know with any cereal the bills itself as vanilla or birthday cake flavored. It's probably just gonNA taste like sugar and not necessarily be worth the the layers of corporate hierarchy that that come with it I am. I'll be honest slightly more enthusiastic about our next news story and I think probably even more enthusiastic than you And that could just be because it's a very slight bit of variety with license heroes who've been getting lately but I don't know. Are you talking about baby? Yoda cereal indeed. I am so I'm curious as to how you see this as being different than any other license cereal before we say anything about it. I think I may just be happy. That it's not rings is that is that is that wild? I mean I know that this is not a a deviation from the The the traditional Star Wars Syria although Syria pieces in star wars or more like Can't even make these things out looking at them here to reconfirm. It's like I don't know. They're very oddly shaped impressionistic. Cereal pieces along with the Marquette's yes so previous releases of star wars cereal from General Mills. Who Have you know? Trucked out that Syria for all of the new trilogy films I think they're like starship shaped corner. Please share bearing. They believe but they had a number of Margaret Shapes including lightsabres stormtrooper helmets. And things like that and they also had these green iota marshmallow. That are the sorry another baby Yoda marshmallows ago. And they're the only ones that appear in baby iota cereal along with corn puffs so assume that this is probably like a kick scenario paired with just marshmallows. It's not particularly exciting to me I don't really like licensed cereals that just add most anything as we're probably going to talk more about every the corn buff pieces. I don't know maybe they'll like kicks. I'm sure they're they're not as big as they look on the package. I think baby yoga on the packaging based and look bigger. Perhaps well there's also the case that the star were cereal was supposed to be fairly flavored and sure there's a weird thing with thirty flavored cereal that if it's a licensed cereal the fruity flavors. Probably going to be pretty bad. When I think about that I immediately think of Super Mario which just had to be one of the worst series that I've tried in the past years I still. I still think I accidentally got three boxes of that on Swedish Day. It also interestingly Seems to as near as we can tell continue the trend of star cereal just being called Star Wars. They have stridently for very long. Time now refused to delineate these these these cereals as they come about man that is why the exception is when they first started these. You can look back through the boxer and it's really amazing because they had like episode one serial at episode serial. And if you look at the Mar bits. It's the same that they have been doing for. I think they made like ten billion of them in there like worlds. Just keep just keep putting different stuff on the box in rear end. But is the same Margaret Star Wars which is called Star Wars. I think as meant to be like Oh long term for the clone wars where they just keep making it the exact same and they're protected sort of isolated area there. The machines and molds necessary for making these specific Margaret's says the man delorean at the bottom of the box but I don't think this is the first Syria with the subtitle. I don't think this is star. Wars the mandatory cereal isn't even baby iota cereal by definition it is star wars. Sweeten corn puffs with marshmallows. And that's it. There's a fourth story here unprecedented. But I'm thrilled. So this is a another fast food. Pairing for cereal and it comes from Weiner Schnitzel which is a chain that does not exist in my state and I absolutely no familiarity within order food but The news came second hand that they are adding fruit. Loops is cream and milkshakes to their menu. You can take that as you will. My experience with Fruit Lips. Flavored shakes extends to the Burger King Version. Which was actually really good. Not a lot of people talk about how the trilogy of Burger King Cereal Shakes which also included. Good lucky charms and cinnamon toast. French were very very solid. So there's zero percent chance they'll ever try this wieners tussle product just based on geographic proximity. But if you have tried it anyone who's out there listening in their service area. Please let us know These look delicious. I think I would still eat them Did they do say cereal? Blizzards Dairy Queen would do that. I can't think of what nuns bringing to mind. I mean they've done tons of candy but I don't know that I've ever seen a serial blizzard. Yeah I can't say for certain either I Dunno with a moderate lactose intolerance. I probably shouldn't even be thinking about wizards but yeah tation there You know what I'm I'll I'm going to ask our question of the week early now and and we'll we'll talk about Question of the week later. But what if you'RE GONNA make a serial blizzard which is of course just blending ice cream into of a food product until it's extremely thick so thick in fact that you can turn it upside down. If you were going to dairy queen. Dan Yes I have. Did you know that they have to turn the blizzard upside down and get it for free? I've heard I've heard I've never true. I've never seen it go awry yet. Yeah they only have to do one though they. If you're buying like Abe Liz I wanNA hear about your. Your hot takes care of us. You've put spoon to ball and actually gone the extra mile and eaten. Cereal your thoughts. Yes folks just for you. I actually tasted this cereal but on the line it's actually cheerios. But it is gluten. Free Cinnamon Cheerios. As we mentioned in our previous episode. And this is the sort of thing I that We in maybe you liked thought was just going to be a downgraded version of CHEERIOS CINNAMON. Oat crunch crunch line. We're big fan big fan. Probably one of the greatest innovations than cereal in recent memory but for those cheerios fans and cereal fans in general who cannot eat gluten. I think this version of Cheerios. A surprisingly a very good standalone product regardless of your dietary preferences. So if you're familiar with any of the recent limited edition you might know that they have this way of thickly. Powering them So I from the very first time you taste one. This is different from the crunch line. Which is very sticky and sort of encased in this fine chainmail of of sugar glades but the cinnamon. Cheerios are more like strawberry. Cheerios or the chocolate peanut butter cheerios. And they are very very thickly. Dusted WITH CINNAMON. Sugar Flavor and. There's something interesting about cinnamon cereal in that no to ever seen by tasting exactly the same which is interesting because it's just one spice right. How many different versions of it can be but from cinnamon toast crunch to cinnabon? Cereal to cinnamon frosted flakes and now gluten. Free Cinnamon Cheerios. I think we've once again tasted a whole new. Take on cinnamon for breakfast These are good. They are probably like a four out of ten in the actual tasting the cinnamon spice level. It's not really there in the foretaste you kind of get this. Blend of cinnamon and brown sugar primarily along with that very very much needed grounding out component of the cheerios the the actual spice flavor. Only sneaks up on you in the after taste. So it's a very very diverse experience from I to to you know the final taste of the milk and I think whether you a limited diet or not you she they try these or mix them with two years of crime cinnamon version for a very nice textural carnival if you will experience You know a great cinnamon cereal. My favorite to remember and I think this is another that I don't think has been replicated But it was crunchy starters which was very really is based on the Swedish chef from the muppets. Release for a year in eighty eight An eighty nine that had briefed come back in ninety two according to Wikipedia But that was a very delicious sediment cereal tenements great pairing breakfast. Yeah that's that's one that makes a lot of lists of these random serious that were only out for a limited time that everybody wants back because taste at once. And it's a landmark. Could you tell much difference between like a gluten free cheerio and regular you know I think most cheerios? Just the base cheerio. Experience tends to be gluten free and it's only getting to the various additives that makes a difference so the base cheerio is very much intact. What about poor DAN ABOUT SPONGE COMPENSATE CEREAL? Spongebob cereal. I will say outright I have to give it some credit for not being the worst licensed cereal because again my base line for a bad licensed cereal is Super Mario Cereal and I find that God. You've mentioned it twice. We stop. I want the world to learn from its mistakes and we have to speak truth to power but when it comes to licensed cereals. I find that there are three different types. There's the absolute trash. There are the passable filler variety. And then there's the actual innovative ones that bring their own flavor to the table. Spongebob serial released for the sponge on the run movie coming out soon alongside the Seabury pop tarts which we talked about last time is exactly the same. In terms of overall flavor composition as a number of past Kellogg's branded vice serials like frozen cereal or finding dory cereal and that does not have a unique flavor to. It's still very much a serial peace and Margaret Experience but it also does not use corn as the only ingredient in the actual cereal pieces. It is a corner not blend fashioned into these little hollow squares so the same squares that were in the other cereals now it just works to serve the analogous advantage of spongebob. But it is those squares which are very very similar to lucky charms so overall if you like lucky charms it will say you'll enjoy the cereal but the markets here are they're nice. They're they're good in terms of Mar Margaret Innovation. That you can tell that they were not all shapes that existed already. There were just Changed in color to fit the spongebob brand. We've got spongebob. We've got Patrick. And we've got the pineapple so if nothing else. It reminds me of spoiler alert for those who have not seen the first spongebob movie. But I wouldn't. Spongebob and Patrick. Nearly meet their end as dribbled up as dried up shriveled up shapes they sort of look like these markets do yet the frozen to Syria was not bad. The pieces were were actually a pretty nice compliment to the MAR beds. I think what is just the corn and Marquette's that's can be a rough combo. There's like not a lot of texture to offset the hyper sweetness and shocks me. That cereal manufacturers don't just realize now that is your golden ticket to me exponentially better than it ever could have been before it's true to true. You know you only to abuse lined up for this week. I had a quick hit aucoin immersion that I wanted to throw because We've been talking about it serious. I'm still trying to get people to send me more of Po box fifty four hundred West Virginia two seven zero six. Maybe we can make the segments international cereal corner especially we finally tropical fruit loops. That are unexpired people. I'm dying here but a very dear listener um who. I have withheld their identity. Because I didn't think to ask him if it would be okay Sent me a box of WEETABIX MINIS CIA ship. Yes so dino. We'd've evicts I do. Yes the very challenging experience of trying to eat this measured wheat brick before it's too soggy or to dry. Yeah the best way I could describe. It is if you had a shredded wheat and condensed it to where there was like less erronous in it And you were sort of like you said racing against time very hardy. I would say a very big hardy of flavor That was very nicely offset. I thought by the smaller shape. I think traditionally weetabix are much bigger than this And also the chocolate flavor Was was really nice to And I actually really enjoyed this one. I thought it was. It was very hardy. The chocolate was not overpowering. Lee Sweet but My mouth watering just thinking about it was It was a very good. I enjoyed Several bowls of it on my last Cheat Day so so highly. Recommend if you are. A listener in that neck of the woods can score. We'd Vicks. I would take go for it your normally when I eat weetabix I just in a good way. I feel like a grazing cow. Almost in terms of the the texture and the the general mindlessness of the the palatability there. It's a project for sure. Sh Dan what are we? Ask Our our listeners. Last week to your call last time around we asked what is a limited edition. Cereal variety that you cannot believe has not been made already. Okay Okay so you sit in your responses and we are going to share Some of those with you right now. Hello Dan and Justin. I would like to propose my idea for currently non-existent cereal spin off. I urge you in anyone who may be listening to consider simply toast crunch in a world. Where DRAMA CAN FLOM? Chaos have taken over nearly every facet of our daily lives. Perhaps it is time to take a step back from cinnamon toast crunch French toast crunch or even as Dan mentioned gingerbread toast crunch and move on to something a little more realistic clean. Why were we toast? No need to fuss with any toppings toast crunch a little bit of call in all this chaos. Thank you for this podcast. It helps me sleep every night. Hi Dan dressed in. This is Leah from Philadelphia. I would like to suggest a burnt maple golden gram I think the slight bitterness of the maple combined with its sweetness would go well with the current Graham Flavor. I know it's not unlikely parent but it's one that I would really enjoy seeing and tasting. Thanks a lot Have a really Nice Day and I hope you're doing well. I hi Dan and Justin. This is Corwin from Ohio. A spinoff cereal that I am. Frankly quite surprised hasn't come about yet is A lemon flavor of cheerio lemon. I think is such versatile flavor. You could obviously go the route of sourness with it of Tang. But I also think lemon has the possibility of being gentle kind of sweep flavor. I think seeing cheerios take on a lemon flavor in the style of perhaps eleven bar or other sweet faintly tangy lemon desserts could be a very powerful addition to the serial. Thank you for the podcast. I think toast crunch be really good. I'm a fan of all these ideas but I just feel like toast crunch is would be a really powerful cereal. Yeah I mean my go to answer for this would be gingerbread toast crunch but I don't know that feels a little too obvious for me at this point. I might look for something more like a cheesecake. Cereal I WANNA see how that would work. Yeah I would be nice. Actually I'd say cheesecake factory should have a line of Cereal. Really good idea. I'll be shocked with that does not happen So we already told you the question we'd love for you to answer this week If you want to tell us about your dream cereal blizzard and on over to bowl dot rest and you'll see the option to leave a message. Plug a microphone into your computer. That's ideal but you can just use your phone Just make sure you try to keep it chill respect the tone that we've got going on over here we sure appreciate it and let us know what you think your your dream blizzard. You can also email us their male apple dot rest Dan You had a harrowing serial adventure and Before you tell your better story I would like to also share a serial escapade from my week. Please please because I think you're yours is Has a lot more job. I JUST WANNA share mine is kind of Nice. I made Made Rice crispy treats the classic But I Found this new recipe that Alton Brown is not new recipe but on Brownie video this week. he's been doing a series of like quarantine recipes shooting himself but he Us Freak. You're being you. He toasted the rice in A. I know right right so man I I was. I was watching this before I went to sleep in bed with Sydney and I literally was off the bed. Just like you maniac. You Madman how could you? How could you do this And he also added this. This is really a game changer. he brown the butter first off the brown butter and then sprinkled some kosher salt in there before melting the marshmallows. And with it absolutely I mean they were out of Control. Good can't I can't recommend that enough to even just toasting the the Christie for a few minutes for hand. Wow really really nice how it's like the sequel to hot butter. Cheerios treats hottest treats hottest to treat was actually my nickname. A yeah the experience I had as people might have seen on the cereal EST lead. Twitter was there. I was pouring myself an innocent bowl of chocolate peanut butter cheerios. Because I couldn't get enough of that sort of powdered cheerio effect that we mentioned earlier but I kind of does yelp out loud almost when this happened because two big chunks happen. I was pouring the ball and I looked down and you see all these stories about people who have found weird pieces of cereal or they found something weird and their bowl and you know all of us have maybe had the moment where refound to frosted mini wheats stuck together but these were chunky bricks of just chocolate peanut butter flavoring. The the dust itself about the size of each one was about the size of an egg. Yolk. I'd say Houser but fully dance and I couldn't help but take this as a sign of good luck and being presented with an object of such raw power. I had to taste had to know inside of it. It could have been an egg yolk inside for all I knew but I took a bite and it was basically like the sweetest sand I've ever tasted. I did exactly that. Same Texture and it was smack in the taste buds sweet but it wasn't the same flavoring that was on the area. I think this was a powerful moment for my cereal career. I like to think that all my time is a serious blogger. I've served generated this gravitational pull and that has brought these moons to me and given me experienced. I can share with you now. Congratulations I guess is the first thing that I should say is a huge moment for anybody. you know the serial anomaly that I love is when you get the occasional Puffed piece of cinnamon toast crunch dealer talking about like inexplicably. There'd be one that is just as a big pocket of air in the middle of it. they're so light and crispy allowed to see those. It's like when you get a slice of pizza with the big the big bubble in the cross the big bubble off bobble phenomenon. That is most intriguing to me and probably always will be until they experience it for myself is the people who post claiming to have found three pop tarts in one patch. It's a very tenuous subject because at first you would think anybody could just fake bat. But I've tried I had so many. Spongebob seabury POPs. There didn't know what else to do with so I tried to see how likely it is to shove another pop tart into a pouch. It only contain a two and it's downright impossible so I think all these photos of people who found a triple pack have to be real. I think the the pop tarts twitter. The official page has joked about it before. So this seems to be Either something that the is just a factory mishap or it's something they do. Keep you know. Buzz happening around the pop tarts experience. Or perhaps this was an accident and somebody out there is only getting one pop tart pouch less sad. Since I I saw this. I've wanted this to happen to me. It's gotten to the point where I'm willing to eat. An rulli number of pop tarts just see just to finally hit that moment where I pick a pouch out of the box and feel. This is too heavy her Thank you so much for listening to our podcast We hope you have enjoyed yourself. We know we've enjoyed making it for you like we set our shows at bowl dot rest if you head there and you would like to support the show. There's a button or you can do. Just that just click on the button and you can Pledge a Bucker ten bucks or whatever you can to the show half that goes to keep seriously at going and half of that goes to local food shelter here in Huntington West Virginia So we sure. Appreciate that If you'd like to support the show in another way we have a t shirt if you go to mcelroy. Mc E L R Y DOT COM. You can find a beautiful seventy wall shirt. And then shirt was designed by emily looper who is also our editor for the show who would like to thank as family As well as Christopher risky for the opening theme of the Sun scheduled to come out tomorrow. Thank you Chris. And thank you to you for listening. We appear feel a little bit. Calmer now or sleep your goals were hope. You've attained them Be sure join us again. Next time until then My name is Justin mcelroy for Dan. Bear as always. Don't forget to drink the milk. Well I love that intense. Love your claim in this life. I love that the secret you're taking.

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