Fifteen Steps For Democracy


Voting is the core of democracy. So are there some simple steps to take to make the united states more of democracy. I'm bill newman. And this is the civil liberties minute for starters. Let's make it easier to register to vote allow same day registration. Stop voter purges. And felony disenfranchisement mail in voting a norm as it has been in five states prior to twenty twenty allow. No excuse necessary. Absentee ballots give adequate resources to the. Us postal service. So that ballots can be timely. Delivered make early voting a permanent feature of our elections increase the number of days of early voting and increase the number of polling places. So that voters who are voting in person. Don't have to stand in line for six or eight hours in the heat or the cold. At least replace the seventeen hundred polling places that have been discontinued in recent years. Make sure there are an adequate number of drop boxes reinstated protections of the voting rights act. So that people seeking vote are not discriminated against on the basis of race. Make sure that there is a paper trail for balance so that we can have that votes are counted and that recounts when necessary can be conducted accurately and fairly in a word. Do everything possible to allow every eligible voter to vote. And then count every bout. We can do this. It's not that complicated. We just need to find the will to make our country afar better democracy. The civil liberties minute is made possible by the aclu because freedom can protect itself.

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