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422: Selling During Coronavirus - Rajiv RajNATION Nathan


you're listening to the daily sales tips podcast and I'm your host Scott. Ingram show today. Raj Nation is back with an incredibly thoughtful tip. It's a little longer than usual but well worth the extra time. Here he is. This is an interesting time for all of us in my lifetime. It is unprecedented. I have never seen something. Where every major sporting event or large group gathering just cancelled not even every major sporting event or major sporting event but even the minor sporting events. Everything is getting cancelled and there is a shock wave that is being felt throughout the business world. Of course I'm talking about the corona virus and there has to be a shift in how you sell in the age. Let's call it or in the time of this pandemic now. Hopefully this recording will end up being a blip on all of our radars and will actually be highly irrelevant very soon but we do have to prepare for it being relevant or for this idea that Croatia virus sticks around for a decent amount of time. At least a few months maybe six months or longer and it has to change the way you sell and I say that because it is something that everyone is feeling right whether you have actually physiologically contracted corona virus or not. We all feel it as I'm talking to you about this right now. I have like a certain uneasiness or in my stomach which I've had all day in the last couple days because it's on all of our minds and were confused. Were concerned were scared. We don't quite know how to act as a result or what is the appropriate way to act as a result. So here's my take on how to sell amidst the corona virus. It is foolish to ignore it. Okay if you've got a buyer on a demo call don't try to skirt bye without acknowledging it thinking that. Oh if I don't mention it it's not a thing in they'll forget about it and I can in a sale without corona virus coming up ZIP potential blocker to the deal. No it's not gonNA work. You have to get out in front of this thing and I would recommend. Start your call by asking them. Hey how is this? Impacting your company. How is it impacting Your Business Unit housing to your job specifically how is it? Impacting the way you're making decisions right now. You need to get out in front of it. Ignoring it is not the answer you need to for lack of a better word. Embrace at least the concept of it and try to work within the confines of this right rules are changing for the time being. So you need to talk about this with your potential buyer and as part of that you need to appreciate the psychological impact this is happening and as a result you have to temporarily augment your value proposition. See in a normal environment. You are most likely selling to one or a couple of the top three needs in maslow's hierarchy of needs so if you picture maslow's hierarchy at the top of the Pyramid. The three top levels are esteem love and belonging and self actualization so in a normal scenario in a normal environment. You're typically selling to one or a couple of those three needs esteem love and belonging self actualization but right now. Our two most basic needs as a society are under attack so the base part of the pyramid in Maslow's hierarchy or physiological needs and safety needs right now. Those two needs are under attack without feeling secure in our two basic needs physiological and safety. It is nearly impossible to think that any of the other three matter. That's why it's a hierarchy. You have to have one to get the next and the next the next so again. If our basic needs are under attack it is going to be nearly impossible to try and have a message and a value prop that only speaks to the top three needs. Because they're not going to matter in this in the face of this so you have to augment your message to fit the current buying scenario to fit the current landscape you have to augment your message to fit the times even if it is just temporary if you are doing outbound prospecting. Your emails should speak to the situation. And how your product kind of fits within that situation you should speak to how. Hey amidst all this stuff here are some things that we know are top of mind. For Insert buyer group. We believe what we have can help with that. And then in your demo discovery calls again you WANNA bring it up but you need to relate what you're talking about in a different way you need to augment your messaging to better suit one or two of the basic needs of Maslow's hierarchy physiological needs and safety needs your messaging must augment around those so for example. Let's say you were selling benefit software to HR whether it is an outbound email or a call or a demo call and you got to present something to them if you're selling benefits software to HR. Can you make the case that this is a time when their staff? Let's just let's call the company the buyer here. Acne can you make the case like this like acme you know this is for lack of a better word of crisis the pandemic you've made your employees go remote which is a great right. Everyone's working from home but your staff is also confused at this point. I would bet and time where they're confused and concerned they're honestly they're thinking about the security of their own future. So this is a time for you acme as the employer to stand up and show your employees that you're not giving up on them. This is a time where your employees need to know. That Act me has bear back. It's your job to make your team feel secure and investing in the software is a vote of confidence right. See that is radically different behind what you might say when things are gray when there's no pandemic you have to change the need. You're selling to the psychological need you're selling to. It's almost like the pyramid has been flipped right. Physiological and safety needs are not given right now so you need to augment your messaging and sell to one of those two needs if you're gonNa make connection and you actually get through and make some deals happen and make some leads come in during this difficult time for more about Raj nation and a great place to comment on this topic is either on the website or will ultimately link to Raj his Lincoln Post about this. Just click over to daily sales dot tips forward slash four twenty two. Then be sure to come back tomorrow for another great sales tip. Thanks for listening.

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