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A qualcomm we believe in staying connected and you can see us wherever five g is helping transform telemedicine supporting remote education empowering mobile. Pc's the invention ages here. Learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age support for this podcast comes from lexus. There are many names for enthusiast. Like aficionado fashiony. Sta foodi sneaker head audio file but there's only one way to become one by going all in that's why lexus has gone all in on the sports sedan by designing the new lexus. I s because the greater the obsession the greater the reward learn more at lexus dot com slash s Hello and welcome to the daily beans for wednesday february seventeenth. Two thousand twenty one today. The cps has filed a lawsuit on behalf of representative bennie thompson. Against trump and giuliani under the ku klux klan. Act for conspiring with the proud boys and the oath keepers to prevent the certification of the election. South dakota republican governor. Kristi noem under scrutiny for using a taxpayer-funded plane to campaign fifty-seven. Republican officials are found to have participated in the insurrection. The senate homeland. Security committee scheduled the first hearing investigating the insurrection for february. Twenty third trump releases a statement slamming mitch mcconnell restaurant. johnson claims. The insurrection wasn't armed. And millions of texans are still without power and water. I may g. And i'm dana goldberg dana. I'm good. I'm good You got through the day and get so much news. There's just so much news today. I guess it's the tuesday after a bank holiday. Maybe i don't there's a lot to cover And as you could tell by the intro and We have a great show later on. I'm going to be talking to former federal prosecutor. Glenn kirschner to discuss the implications of mitch mcconnell's remarks not the one that he released today about mitch mcconnell but the his remarks following his vote to acquit donald of inciting an insurrection. It's like they're there. It's just a circular firing squad. There is now a battle for the republican party and we are watching it. Unfold and Dan you and i will be live on the stereo app This thursday at five. Pm pacific and eight pm eastern time. Were there to field questions sing songs. Have adult beverages have non alcoholic beverages. That's your thing. And just i mean you know to just chill. It's an after party. And i really enjoyed such a good time. So if you're not on the stereo app it's free they're going to ask you for your blood type social security number and they're not really but the less you some information you can say you don't want them to use it you don't get to them. You can still get on an app and then just follow a g. and myself and have a good time thursday Yeah and you can set up an account by going to stereo dot com slash alan gill and yet digi comedy is you and alison. Gila is me for those of you. Listening allison is very cute today even though it's been a challenging day so just know that. She's putting on her best day dealing with no but you are still being adorable. Taylor divorce stuff and the department of veterans affairs and claims and things. Just it's awful and everyone has been so kind on twitter to like. Do you need any help as a thank you. I worked there for over a decade. If i can't get it done the problems inherent in the system. So it's just rehashing all that old stuff that i just want to move on from and you. That sort of applies to the news today as well. So why don't we kick it off. I mean if nothing's going to make you happy if nothing else will make you. Happy is your lead story so we should probably get there. It's do it. Let's at the hot notes. Hot notes all right. So the nwa c. p. On tuesday morning filed a federal lawsuit against trump and his personal lawyer rudy claiming that they violated the nineteenth century statute called the ku klux klan. Act when they tried to prevent the certification of the election on january sixth. The civil rights organization brought the suit on behalf of representative bennie thompson. Democrat mississippi other democrats in congress including representatives. Hank johnson of georgia and bonnie watson coleman new jersey are expected to join plaintiffs in the coming weeks. That's according to the nwa. See the lawsuit. Contends that donald and rudy violated the ku klux klan act of eighteen seventy one and that statute includes protections against violent conspiracies that interfere with congress's constitutional duties. The suit also names the proud boys. The far right nationalist group and the oath keepers militia group illegal action accuses donald and rudy and the two groups of conspiring together to incite the violet ride at the capitol with the goal of preventing congress from certifying the election. It is a word for word fit to the ku klux klan. Act just with the modern day clan known as the proud boys and The oath keepers. Trump's sycophant and child support payment dodger. Jason miller. Who's been accused in the past of giving the abortion pill to a partner hidden in a smoothie says of the lawsuit quote president trump did not plan produce or organize the january sixth rally at can't even without a laughing He's goes on to say. President trump did not incite or conspire to incite violence at the capitol on january six. That's mr miller's statement on tuesday. He also added that rudy is not currently representing president trump. In any legal matters what this says to me this has to me. Rudy might be about to be indicted because in the past trump has distanced himself from people by removing them from joint defense agreements. Jd as as soon as they were about to be indicted happen with roger stone. That's how i was able to predict the day. He was going to be arrested. That's what he did with. Flynn he did it with Manafort he did it with mcgann and now he's doing it with rudy. Yep not my lawyer my lawyer anymore and backing away slowly into the shrubberies like homer simpson. So trump faces a long list of legal problems on top of his billion dollar debt including the manhattan. Da's probe of trump finances the atlanta d. a. investigation of trump's election interference the georgia secretary of state's investigation into the trump calls to ben rothlisberger. The dc attorney general's possible criminal indictment for inciting the insurrection. The new york attorney general civil suit against the trump organization and e jean carroll and summer ervices defamation lawsuits. Some good luck fucker. He's raising money for now. It's not necessarily to run in two thousand twenty four. He's got some lawyers to pay. He's got a lot of lawsuits or not pay as we know who's he gonna stiff now at least fifty seven this sad story here. Fifty seven state and local republican officials from twenty seven states. Attended the january. Sixth rally at least fifty seven Now accord- this is according to the huffington post huffpost. Almost all of them are resisting calls to resign. Meanwhile the dick heads complaining about cancel culture continued to censure republican senators representatives that voted to impeach donald. And this just in. Us homeland security committee has announced. Its first hearing into the us capitol. Insurrection failures tuesday february twenty third. They're seeking testimony from robert. Conti chief of the dc metro police department. Michael stinger former senate sergeant arms. Paul former house sergeant arms and stephen son former chief of capital police. Oh that'll be an interesting hearing. That will be really interesting hearing. I just want them together and put put the points together. We know that donald made made sure that the the cap didn't have backup. I just i want this. I want this all to come out. I want it all to come out and don't you forget the. Us senate homeland. Security committee can make criminal referrals to the department of justice. That's lovely we need to get garland in there now. This is more gripping. This comes from south. Dakota's governor kristi noem us a state airplane to shuttle hunt around the country to right wing. Political events racking up huge bills on the taxpayer dime is the gop darling. Travel to events hosted by among others. The national rifle association rifle association turning point usa and las vegas con- fat put on by the republican jewish coalition which is really interesting that is according to a flight records review by ross story which also reports no unnecessarily blue thousands on air travel by having the state airplane get her at her family home in castle. Would south dakota rather than at. The official governor's residence in pierre where the plane is actually kept. She didn't go to the plane. She made the plane come to her. Coa wrecked yeah. She's a she's a gem. No one's have air get the she actually of the airplane. Pick her up at her daughter. Cassidy's wedding allison which was held in custer state park. Can you imagine what the hell's that noise. It's just plain just plain here pick me up. Everything's cool also used it to go to her fifteen year high school reunion to show all those fuckers. Look at me now. From a legal perspective. Wrongful use of plane actually goes well beyond the ethics violation as state owned aircraft tires. Only they're only supposed to be used for official state. Business finds for improper travel can reach ten times the cost of ba flight. Which as you know is just a normal southwest airlines ticket that we'd have to pay for like this is. She's got people traveling with people's private plane. She's sitting there at her daughter's wedding. She picks up her boarding pass. And it's like dammit c. Sixty a middle seat again. Tim well best of luck to you. Christi now frigid temperatures and widespread power outages are plaguing swath texas for the third straight day on tuesday. Sending numerous residents into their own vehicles and fireplaces and shelters in desperate search of warmth more than four million homes and businesses were without power in texas on tuesday afternoon as a result of freezing temperatures and deadly winter storm. That swept the state early this week. The entire state saw temperatures below freezing during at least parts of monday. Tuesday and utilities have been knocked out or frozen over by the bitter cold leaving many without primary means of heating their homes. I guess Utility privatization sucks their ted cruz. Yip doing a fine job down there. Now lauren bogaerts said in a tweet that the democrats are to blame because of the green new deal which isn't a thing that has and doesn't exist as a law and many republicans are saying the frozen wind turbines are to blame and they put pictures of a helicopter dumping warm water and a frozen wind term. Had trouble is. That was a photo from sweden in two thousand twelve or two thousand fourteen. I can't remember but it's not texas however it's been shown bloomberg shows that the outages are due to frozen natural gas closed. Coal plants fucked up fossil fuel issues. All the refineries are closed in texas right now. Frozen wind turbines actually contributing the least to this disaster got a g. I have a great idea. We should use the jewish space laser. Oh and just melt the ice. That is a wonderful idea right. I mean if we started forest fires. Let's use our powers for good. Let's melt this ice. Can you talk to your people. I've talked to my people. I'll put in a call. Okay sweet because the gentile space lasers in the shop. That was circumcised. wasn't it. I think you got your space. Laser circumcise thirty three percent less effective. I just find it interesting. That gas coal and closed refineries are are being interrupted by the climate crisis. My gosh somebody tweeted will vote for What was Vote for democrats when hell freezes over and mother nature says deal like you know and there's just so many tweets from like ted cruz and and republicans take california haha. It must suck to have a state run by democrats etc and now they're doing nothing. Ted cruz do nothing but re tweet like maps of closed roads. Yeah that's because he doesn't know what else to do like he's totally fucked their grid there in texas so. There's no reason that shouldn't be able to handle what's happening right now. Last story less store we have. This is the russian ass ron john. I can't calm an asset. He's not really an asset anything. So i'm just gonna call him. The russian ass. Ron johnson on monday argued that it's wrong. It's wrong described the group as armed and accused. Democrats have selectively editing videos exaggerate the threat posed by a mob that came within feet of vice president mike pence and others reelect other elected officials. This is about the insurrection. Ron johnson said. This is not an armed insurrection. He said this didn't seem to be an armed insurrection to me. He said this to w. i s. n. When you hear the word arm. don't you think of firearms. Here's the question. I have liked to ask how many firearms were confiscated. How many shots were fired. Fucking moron johnson added. If that was the plan armed insurrection man you had really bunch of idiots so none of the host of the eleventh hour on msnbc brian williams. This is fantastic. Play the recording. Ron johnson's remarks and then said unbelievable. Comment from senator johnson which we had translated from the original russian. I love. I love these guys. Brian's got a great sense of humor. I mean this is ridiculous. Anything can be used as a weapon and when you beat an officer to death with a fire extinguisher and flagpole. That is an armed insurrection. That there was that one guy who was caught trying to transport weapons on a boat across the potomac. Yeah there were plenty of people stopped with firearms. There were people who in the crowd is. Shoot him with his own gun referring to capitol. Police officer He just called his supporters. A bunch of idiots. That's hilarious How many firearms were confiscated. How about the the explosive and cindy and blow explosive devices found at the dnc rnc. Are those not considered arms. I don't even. It's the dumbest thing and he's taken so much shit for it. And god bless brian williams. So funny i love to give him a good one on late night spin. Stick it especially with brian williams. Deadpan delivery is just chef's kiss We got some late breaking news rudy. Giuliani is no longer representing trump. According to jason miller we we we told you about that and this is coming on the heels of that. Nwa cpi lawsuits doing both rudy and donald for conspiring with the proud boys and oath keepers to stop the electoral vote. Count under the ku klux klan. Act yet another example. Proving republicans don't understand. Time is linear and biden. This is biden supports the nine eleven style commission. Although i just wanna say and i've read a couple of op eds talk to frankfurt lucy about this. Yesterday i would like for criminal referrals to the department of justice to be allowed in this particular commission that didn't happen during a wrong contra and they shouldn't grant immunity to those who testify. That's what screwed up the criminal prosecutions during the iran. contra hearings. yeah who was in charge of that you remember bar nar new exactly what he was doing. also breaking now trump has written a scathing statement about mitch mcconnell calling him a dour sullen and unsmiling political hack and he says if republican senators are going to stay with him. They will not win again did he. Write that allison. Do really put your beans that he wrote this. He doesn't know what dour solan mean was miller hands down it was. This is a stephen miller joint for share. He also went after mitch's wife elaine. Chao saying mcconnell has no credibility on china because of his family substantial chinese business holdings which we were screaming about for the entire fourth. He's going to start throwing them onto the bus. And that was after trump fired. The inspector general investigating elaine chao For that business dealing but most importantly remember when i said trump may have been sabotaging georgia's senate runoff. Because he didn't want to be the only loser in twenty twenty A little bit of that. In this note he said in mitch's senate over the last two election cycles i single handedly saved at least twelve senate seats more than eight in the twenty twenty cycle alone and then came the georgia disaster where we should have won both. Us senate seats so here comes here comes. He's gonna start being. I'm not the only loser. I'm not the biggest loser It's that's happening now. it's happening now. Being come true it would be really beautiful. I know he needs to much. Mitch is not going to get rid of the filibuster. But if he did get rid of the filibuster and actually made it so that the senate could pass legislation barring trump from running for office again. It would be beautiful. He'll never do it. But it's a nice little daydream it. Yeah you're right but we don't need mitch really to kill the filibuster. I know i've got a little bit of an issue. With what am i. What am i by sexual sisters. Yes continue yeah yeah yeah. We just don't have mansion and cinema onboard. Anyway coming up next. I will speak with former federal prosecutor. Glenn kirschner about the implication of mitch. Mcconnell's comments following his vote to acquit donald of incitement of the insurrection. On the senate floor. That was the speech he made. We all watched Is did he join the house managers because that's what it sounds like so we're going to discuss that right after this break. Stay with us. We'll be hey everybody it's ag in this episode of the daily beans is brought to you by helixsleep. 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It's been a crazy weekend. It has been Although you know. When i saw a tweet from the president today it's nice that we can now actually read a tweet from the president like hey on track to deliver a hundred million vaccines and it's like. What would the presidential tweet that. I've read and i don't feel angry and upset and embarrassed for the country and so you know what that felt kind of good. Yeah and we were talking about that yesterday. To with the cdc coming out with their school reopening guidelines basically saying hey ninety percent of the students live in places that have a high amount of disease. So don't maybe don't open and you know hey. Thank you for not downplaying. The virus in giving us real science based information. It's just very refreshing. Now i know that that's bad. News people who with kids who want their kids to go back to in person learning. But it's the truth. And i really appreciate so today. I wanted to talk to you about mitch. Mcconnell's comments that trump is clearly guilty of inciting the insurrection and spreading the big lie and he made those comments immediately following his not guilty vote and you tweeted today. Quote for anyone who celebrates mitch mcconnell's pronouncement. That trump is morally and practically re or practically responsible for the insurrection. Remember there are two places mitch. Mcconnell's words mean nothing in a court of law and everywhere else. Can you expand on that thought. Yeah that's that's the jersey coming out in me So yet mitch. Mcconnell can say whatever he wants and it's meaningless because the man is the very definition of hypocrisy. He'll say one thing one day and he'll do a one eighty the next day and say something else if it suits his political purposes so when mitch mcconnell votes not guilty then stands up and says donald trump could not be more guilty. I mean he just. He's shameless and he proves every day that his words mean nothing. Obviously his words would mean nothing in a court of law because it would be up to an actual jury to decide whether donald trump is guilty of any crimes in connection with launching an attack on the us capitol. So mitch mcconnell. I think feels his grasp At sort of power slipping through his fingers. And i think he will soon be yesterday's news. And maybe tomorrow's defendant though you know. I don't quite know what mitch mcconnell might be on the hook for criminally. Of course we'll never know if we don't investigate. Yeah although i will say this His words are being used in this new civil suit filed by the nwa c. p. against him. And i know at least. I hope the democrats are gonna use that speech to cut a bunch of ads in twenty twenty two twenty twenty four. So i guess they could be useful for those purposes but yeah otherwise. It's completely empty vapid. Solis to to vote. Not guilty and then to stand up and say he was guilty is has got to be i. I don't even know how to. I'm out of adjectives after the past five years. But i just don't even know how to characterize. That feels a little like mitch. Mcconnell saying we will never ever have a confirmation hearing for a supreme court justice nominee in the last year of a president's term and then turn around and hold exactly that seven days before election. I mean come on which we know it. You're about and i really wanted to see the democrats in the majority railroad through this impeachment. But they didn't because they have class and they want to do things by the book. And and because i mean otherwise if we had played it like the republicans would have played it or like i should say they did play it back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight They could have lahey could have dismissed jurors for not accepting the jurisdictional argument that it is constitutional to to go after a former official with impeachment or You know anybody who has already said what their vote was going to be. You know well then. You're dismissed juror. I would really have liked to see that sort of play out but you know they. They follow precedent. They set up the rules the same way that they did in ninety eight and and try it. We're just doing it by the book and so you know that sort of the kind of the battle that That we face going forward. And i wanted to ask you about this too because you believe like i do that. Trump is criminally culpable for the attack on the capital. And i was hoping you could tell us what sort of evidence we might see in That might go in front of a grand jury. We wouldn't see that. But we might come out and indictments or or be shown in in criminal court of law but we don't yet know is what kind of communications going on behind the see not only among the hate groups that were organizing and that were being inspired by donald trump. But what kind of communications were going on. Behind the scenes with respect it trump and giuliani and other people in trump's inner circle. We got a little flavor of that toward the end of the impeachment trial. I always have to put air quotes around the word trial because we heard about that The statement by believe it was kevin mccarthy right that was a little bit of hearsay but it was introduced by stipulation where you know while the capitol was under attack while the insurrectionists was trying to stop the vote certification donald trump is doing nothing to protect the people in that building instead he saying. I guess they care more about the election results than you do you know. So we're gonna. There's obviously lots more of that kind of stuff that we would get that we would develop during the course of the grand jury investigation. But you give me thirty minutes and the evidence that's even publicly available. I'll walk in to a courtroom and convince jurors beyond a reasonable doubt unanimously that donald trump is criminally responsible for launching the attack on the capital. Any two things you need an act and you need a guilty mental state. We've got the act. He organized and distributed the july. Six rowley right. That was trump production. He saw everybody air. he saw they. Some of them are wearing body armor and helmets burying makeshift weapons. He got them all riled up and then he gave them one command. Get down there and stopped. what's going on. They followed his command to the letter. What did they do. They went down there and they literally stopped. What was going on. You know you are presumed to intend the natural natural and foreseeable consequences of your words and your actions here. They carried out his command to the letter and they and they used violence to do it. And that was not only reasonably foreseeable. It was inevitable. Indeed it was donald trump's intent. There's the criminal act right. He used them as a weapon to attack the capital people. I am so tired of hearing people say criminal intent is so hard to prove spent thirty years in courtrooms military and civilian proving intent or trying to prove intent. I was more successful than i was not successful. I lost plenty of cases to intent is not hard to prove the law. Says you prove intent. You infer intent by. Somebody's conduct their behavior. Their words what was donald trump's and ten from start to finish it was to lie to people about the fact that or about the claim that they're election was stolen from them. Their vote was taken from them. Their president was taken away by the people who are down in that building. Certifying falsely certifying. Joe biden's win his entire. This entire orchestration was launched from a platform of fraud. The big lie and there is not a person in the world who will believe donald trump actually subjectively believes the big life. of course. he didn't so fact that everything he did. He did from a platform of fraud gives him criminal intent guilty guilty. Men's raya mental state from start to finish this thing is so plainly criminal and all we need is the department of justice to step up. Bring the charges and litigated if we lose in front of a jury and i don't believe we will but if we do there's no shame in that because what we've done is we've fought for democracy. The president of the united states launched an attack against democracy. How can we just let that go. Yeah it's it's not about winning or losing it's about having justice take its course as it should Through an independent department of justice. And i think. I think that merrick garland comments about the insurrection when he was nominated by biden point to the distinct possibility that they will be investigating that. And i i you know in house. Managers presented a masterful case. That i don't think any jury would come back with you. Know would acquit on. I mean that was just it was all there was an airtight case. And so i. I tend to agree with you. The only thing the only reason apparently that He was found not guilty was because they had question which was settled at the beginning And shouldn't have been a factor however here we are and so it's time to move forward into the into the into the department of justice criminal investigation and other places that should be looking into and there was no constitutionality question. This is the fourth time in our nation's history that the senate held impeachment and trial for somebody who left office so there is precedent at in fact. It's uniform precedent. It can be done. it has been done. They voted to do it again right so there will never be any legal precedent because the courts will not wade into political questions. There's something called the political question doctrine which is why you don't see court opinions on impeachment. They don't have. It's not just a word. I always mispronounced. They don't take these kinds of issues up. So the only kind of precedent we will ever ask is political precedence and historical precedent. And we have it so mitch. Mcconnell and the and the forty three insurrectionist loving republicans do not have jurisdictional leg to stand on end. They know it and then let me go back to college for one minute. Because i am excited about. The prospect of merrick garland being our next attorney general. Because you know first of all. He cut his prosecutorial tease his public corruption. Tease on prosecuting. Marion barry the former mayor of washington. Dc in his infamous crack case. That was in my former office. That dc us attorney's office so and you know he did a good job. Cut his domestic terrorism prosecutorial teeth on the oklahoma city bombing case because he supervised the oversaw the investigation and prosecution of what was the most significant domestic terrorism incident in our nation's history not only today but arguably ever. It was a different kind of incident than the insurrection of the capital. So when i love. There's a quote that is attributed to him And he said we back during the oklahoma city bombing investigation. He said mark my words. We will hold every single person accountable. Who had anything to do with the oklahoma city bombing but we will do it in a way that honors the constitution and that gives this old prosecutor will goosebumps right. But here's what merrick garland is. He is the perfect marriage of a public corruption. Prosecutor and a domestic terrorism prosecutor and what donald trump is is the unholy union of public corruption and domestic terrorism merged into one ugly criminal ball. So i have to say. I think merrick garland is the right man for the moment. Yeah i concur. And i think it's i think it's fascinating that for four years trump lawyers argued that trump can't be prosecuted criminally. When he's the president he must face impeachment and then when impeachment time comes the senators. Pass the buck back to the criminal justice system. It's just absolute hypocrisy. I do have a couple more questions. I do have to take a quick break. We'll you stay with me. Sure all right. Everybody will be right back everybody gets. Ag for the daily beans. The second of the podcast is brought to you by cal if the past year has taught us anything that we have to deal with unexpected stress throughout life. And we know it's important to practice self care but taking care of yourself shouldn't add to your stress know what i mean the great thing about. Cbd though is it helps you feel better without having to make drastic changes to your teen super simple to incorporate into your life. 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While talking about merrick garland and i wanted to ask you work there for a long time. Now dc attorney general carl racine. Who is different from the dc. Us attorney is looking into charging trump with incitement insurrection. I'm wondering how The the dc attorney general has jurisdiction to do that when it would usually be the. Us attorney that would bring those charges. Can you talk about that a little bit sure. First of all a lot of people probably don't know is that of the ninety three. Us attorneys around the country in the territories night Ninety two of them do nothing but the traditional federal prosecutors in dc. I was there for twenty four years. We were the traditional federal prosecutors at the dc us attorney's office but because the district of columbia was chartered as a federal city. They never had a district attorney's office so they don't have local prosecutors so we are one stop shopping for all prosecuted in the district of columbia both federal cases and local cases. So now when the dc city government one home run they. They had it more that used to be the corporation counsel's office but at some point they have their own attorney general for the city for the city of dc. But they don't really have much in the way of criminal jurisdiction we have a memorandum of understanding. When i say we. The department of justice attorney's office in dc with the dc city government. And they take some relatively low level misdemeanors and we take everything else. Their main criminal practice is juvenile matters which are not considered prosecutions. They're considered like adjudications to see. Someone is delinquent and all that but they do. Have i believe a misdemeanor. Rioting statute that they can handle they die. They don't generally we generally do it. All the dc office. But that's what karl racine. The attorney general for the city of dc is talking about perhaps deploying as a result of what happened on january. Sixth i i go back and forth on whether that's realistic because look my former office is investigating the whole ball of wax. Everything that went on during the insurrection. And you can see were returning indictments on the proud boys and everybody who was unlawfully entering the us capital. We're starting to bring conspiracy charges. So the case is being built in the grand jury indictments are being handed down. I think it unlikely that carl racine will take a little piece of it at you. Know the the rioting peace and try to bring separate prosecution. I think that would be the two offices working not against themselves but you know anytime you get multiple jurisdictions investigating the same crime it becomes really challenging the coordination so. I don't think we're likely to see prosecutions coming out of college scenes office. Do you think it's more likely that whoever biden selects as the dc. Us attorney would be bringing those sharks. Because i know the current dc us attorney wasn't initially looking at charging donald trump. Or you know any of the leaders the kingpins etc Although i know the doj is looking into rico charges and other are there certain things which would you generally include those insiders not insiders but insiders at that's a word and So do you think it's more likely we'll start to see that once the new. Us attorney in the district of columbia is read into the case and brought up to speed under merrick garland when we're looking at a few months down the road do because let's face it. We still have the bill. Donald trump lackey as the acting. Us attorney in the district of columbia guy named sherwin and michael sherwin. Excuse me tim shea was his predecessor. Another bill barr lackey. So and remember tim. Sherwood is the guy who brought the mike flynn dismissal home for mike flynn and donald trump. And he's the guy who sat on the criminal referrals by the senate intelligence committee. A bipartisan committee referred junior and jared kushner bannon and sam clovis four and prince prince for criminal investigation and undershirt wins tenure. Those cases die now. I hope they're given a relook. So handful of people have thrown their hat in the ring to be the new. Us attorney for the district of columbia many of my friends and former colleagues. I opted not to throw my hat in the ring. That's a longer conversation. But so a great former prosecutor gang prosecutor named on early chatter betty through in fort A guy named matt great put in for it. And here's a really interesting one. Jonathan kravis put in for it if that name rings a bell. It's because jonathan craven one. He was a former homicide prosecutor in my office but he was the lead prosecutor in the roger stone trial and he was the guy who walked off the case and resigned from the federal government because is ethics and his conscience did not allow him to take part in what bill barr was trying to both he has put in to be. Us attorney in dc. So it's going to be an interesting process. Yes definitely a normal. Usually what happens is the people apply and then the senators from the states in which those. Us attorney's offices reside interview the candidates. And make a selection dc as we know doesn't have senators yet. so who who interviews the dc. Us attorney candidates. Eleanor holmes norton and she is the one who will make the recommendation to the white house and in depending on the administration sometimes. She was completely ignored and disrespected by the white house and sometimes she was fully respected in her desires and her recommendation as to who should be the. Us attorney who she was supporting was taken very seriously and what. What is her job. she is the web. The non voting member of congress from the district of columbia so it that was that was just to appease the see like how. 'bout we'll give you representative. But she doesn't get the vote. Well did come on now. Why don't you just say that. She should work in the cafeteria. That's absurd much like the delegate of the virgin islands who we saw there. You go eloquently. A at the house management team to house managers blew me away. That was a master class of prostitution but one of the things that i think we should continue to fight for in earnest is getting full representation for the citizens of the district of india. Yeah yeah i wanna to do that and i. there's a couple other things. I wanna get set in place As far as you know passing the john lewis voting rights act before we kill the filibuster Because we are just one heartbeat away from losing the majority over there in the senate right now literally and. And so. I'm all for it. I just think we need to get our ducks in a row. Wise make sure that the people are represented properly and And then you know then move forward with that. That's just my own personal little opinion. They're finally we've already seen this. Civil suit filed by the nwa. See just a day or two after mitch. Mcconnell said there's going to be a lot of Civil suits and criminal prosecution so the acp filed their lawsuit. But how likely do you think it is. That trump will face these criminal charges for january six. And we've already discussed who should bring them. Probably the dc. Us attorney's office. But how how likely do you think it is. He'll face criminal charges at the federal level. I think i would bet one dollar of my own money. That's my betting limit. I'm not a betting man. I would bet one dollar of my own money to donald trump will end up as a defendant oath in state courts end in federal court. I think merrick garland with the public corruption piece in the domestic terrorism peace and the love of democracy peace. I don't think he's gonna let this go and he should. So you know. The civil suit is one thing that was just brought by the nwa. Cb on behalf of congressman bennie thompson. And it's a beautiful thing. I mean i love to see those defendants bunched together. Donald trump reg- leoni the proud boys. And the oh keeper spoke about birds of a feather weight. This jim slots together in the courtroom defending that soup because that is not a frivolous suit and i predict the judge will not grant the inevitable motion to dismiss and then discovery. So we've got something to look forward to there as well yeah agreed. Everyone sorta needs to hunker down patient. This administration has already proven they can quote unquote walk and chew gum at the same time and I have. I have full confidence in in merrick garland as well and whoever is appointed as as us attorneys a not just in dc but but across the nation of course except in delaware was a delaware seat. But i got to tell you that. That's another thing that gave me patriotic loose fox. Yes for the the the nor the expectation is an incoming president will ask for all. Us attorneys to resign so he can then appoint us attorneys. That share his law enforcement priorities and his philosophy but at and joe biden. kennedy said. yeah. I'm going to do that. I'd like all resignations. Except to john. Durham because i don't want to even give the appearance that i'm interfering into the investigation into the fbi opening an investigation into the the trump campaign while joe biden was vice president. Right so to leave. That alone is a thing of beauty and then a thing that is inspirational is leaving alone. The us attorney from delaware so he can complete his investigation into joe biden's son i mean if you're not inspired by that dedication to public service in joe biden then you don't have a pulse or you're not a patriot or you don't understand how government is supposed to work because he could he could fire them And people could complain and goes. Hey i'm the decider. We just think about all the things that all the people that were fired inspectors general. Us attorneys the trump administration. And how he didn't he didn't care It's it's nice to have someone that cares. And that upholds upholds those. Those long held beliefs in independent justice. So well i appreciate your time today. Glenn can you tell everyone where they can find. You can find me on youtube every day. I'm in the process of finishing up. Today's video which is about the lawsuit brought by congressman thompson in the nwa cpa. So i'm just glenn kirschner to matt irs over on youtube Over on patriotic. If you wanna come over and and support our efforts in our content you can sign up to become a patriots We have team justice that resides over patriot on twitter facebook. Not wherever you. You get your disinformation on. Probably they're not giving this information. Never once thank you so much former federal prosecutor. Msnbc legal analyst and justice matters guru. Glenn kirschner. I appreciate your time today. Everybody stick around. We'll be right back with the good news. Hey everybody it's in the segment of the daily beans is brought to you. By plush care. 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I need when i need it with plush care. I do not put off seeing a doctor and neither should you so make your appointment today. Go to push care dot com slash daily beans. That's p. l. u. s. h. c. a. r. e. dot com slash daily beans plus care dot com slash daily beans. All right everybody. welcome back. It's time for the good news. Well we're okay looking forward to this good news today. Everyone if you have some good news to send us anything anything at all any good news. Please do at Daily beans pod dot com. Click on contact. You can send us confessions corrections. Good news pod pet picks pixel your kids. Your grandkids your happy place. We're starting to get some happy place photos. Now and i absolutely love remember the one yesterday of the porch with that tree all it up a solo so beautiful. I love those too. It's meditative to just look at them so send send us your happy place photos as well. We appreciate it Art i'm gonna kicked us off. Dana first one is from robbie pronouns. He and him. I just wanna say. I've been listening. Since i discovered you on opening arguments. Thank you. I really enjoy the show but my confession is that i don't enjoy your music. I'm sure this is a very unpopular opinion. I'm sorry other than that. I love the podcasts. Keep up the great work as an apology. Tax sent pictures with the former puppy winston. Lola the killer parrot are polar bear khloe and the raccoon. Rhodesian ridgeback peanut. I think we might be missing. Some pics sure slim might. We'll get him though but look at this baby. There's one here. I mean because there's an adorable cocker spaniel that i think may have. We'll see where the cocker belongs. I want to see all of these animals. Now robbie that music was gifted to us by my one of my favorite bands of thirty years. They might be giants. They also did the theme to the daily show with jon stewart. Back in the day and the themed malcolm in the middle. That's who you're listening to just so you know But hey they're not for everybody. I get it well. I don't get it. But i forgive you. I happen to love the might be. Giants does not mean. I've loved everything they sing. So there you have it a right. This next one comes from anonymous and her and turkish van. The entire great plains has frozen over and get no apology from the forty fifth news in these red states continues to be about. Fbi rest of the privileged class. Who could afford bus and plane tickets to go. Destroy the capital and then vacation in mexico reminding us that our lily livered. Senators voted to acquit. The orange menace behind my mask. Continue to go up the fresh fragrant air provided by your msw beans with the deepest gratitude with deep cold the furnaces producing significant dry heat. This has opposed a problem for my long haired lady never before. Has there been any to worry. That my petting her would cause a stinging spark among god and make us both sad to have to maintain yet another social distance. All playtime has produced some new challenges as well see below. I ordered unscented dryer sheets so smart in my next delivery with hopes of providing some relief to my best friend tax now paid. Let me say thank you again for the daily effort you make to keep us informed of the truth and truly does exist in this nation that truly does exist in this nation. This poor kid has done little static. Cling is like it's collect even the feathers toys onto her. Oh got useful for though. I love her tail so sweet. Yeah we get this one over the santa anna's come through you know you touched your car door massive shock. Yeah it's an touch the cats don't just don't touch the cats. Don't touch when that happens. That should be the name of podcast. Just don't don't don't kick the baby all right next up from not that millionaire stephen i wrote back in november sixteen year old cat had passed away while after three months of living in what felt like a very empty house adopted a pair of three month old kittens from my local animal shelter. They're brother and sister have named them and cop after the purple on the show bear in the big blue house. My house certainly doesn't feel empty anymore. Enclosed or two pictures of them. One is a rare photo of them calmly. Sleeping not enclosed. A photo of them curled up in my underwear around my ankles as i'm sitting on the toilet Yes welcome oh my goodness yes. All the babies are sold camera. Yep no commercial hosts cameras so sweet. What beautiful little babies. Congratulations absolutely This is from anonymous pronounce. He and him thank you for everything. You do beans queens. I'm not sure if this is a confession or good news. But i hope it ends up being the best news when it's all said and done i'm a single father joint custody trying to finish up the world's longest divorce going on for seven years. Oh i was complaining. That mine's like been over a year. Wow buddy s well technically divorced. There's still some things that need to be worked out one of which is vaccinations which seems ludicrous. During a pandemic or any other time for that matter. Oh my god. My ex wife is an anti vassar. Vaccinations thing oh anti-vat it. Yeah my ex wife is vaccine. Who is a master. It moving goalposts and finding loopholes so the issue keeps getting pushed out. The difficulty is finding an expert witness willing to help me. Counter arguments and protect. Children is severely deflating the whole process as you can imagine extremely expensive but if i can protect my children from preventable diseases it's worth it in the yet so. I'm hoping this is the year that it's all done and i can do. I no longer panic attacks with every email from my attorney. I also haven't had confidence to date. I was really feeling on valentine's day but if match with someone incredible and had planned to meet this week that's awesome dating during the pandemic on top of all my baggage hasn't really been much of an option but maybe this is my good news. We have a ton in common. She super cute and best of all haven't had much of the normal anxiety. I know it's not all good news yet. But i'm hoping and i just needed to get this off my chest for reading. I paid my tax with our old man dog. Oh thank you again. I wish you all the best and look at dog goes out the the the best snout anonymous. I'm really proud of you for opening backup in no matter what happens. It's a it's a step in growth in for you to open up to meeting someone new so super proud of you. I'm sorry about your ex-pm antibac- sir. I really hope you can get that figured out. Because obviously you're the one working with science and facts. So congratulations there. Yeah and send us an update with up to hear more about this. As as 'cause you're gonna win this for sure. And i just wanna i just wanna i wanna keep track. I wanna make sure you're good. Everything's okay and i also want an update on the date that you have this week to me to keep us in the loop and this dog. Oh what honey. All right next up from donna. Pronoun she and her. I've never married or had children. So i have instead grown very close over the years to my nephew and nieces there. My pride and joy. I love to brag on them. My niece katie. Once said to me when she was about seven years old that she knew what she was going to be when she grew up. I said really. What's that and she grandly answered. I'm going to be either an actress or a neonatal nurse. I giggled so cute. I just love that girl. So we carried on for about thirty years through her ups and downs of what she really wanted to be when she grew up. And she's one of these kids that came of age during some of the great recession of two thousand seven when it was difficult to find jobs much less than you really wanted but she persevered and this morning despite the weather. Chicago got clobbered with overnight. My katie girl graduated from the chicago. Fire department academy. We're able to watch the ceremony on line so fucking proud of her. My heart just melted as she saluted and then elbow bumped mayor lori and the fire commissioner s. Go chicago strong. Attach or some screen shots. I capture the ceremony. One of katie saluting on stage and one wider angle of the room. They are massed of course. So you can't see any of the cadets clearly. But i swear kate was one of the ones standing straighter and taller than anyone else in the room. That is fantastic. Love mayor lori. I've met her at a couple of hr events in chicago. She is fantastic. I love that. She's out and proud and these pictures. Oh your knees congratulations. That's so wonderful. Congratulations love it. So good loving right. This next one's both side. Chick pronounced she and her good day beanie babies. I have a quick little note to share with you. I my main man wolf blitzer. I'm secretly loving kaitlan collins. Taking over jim acosta's position. Because my name is kay lend so every time i hear i hear him. Say my name i selfishly. Pretend wolf us talking to me. Any loving clean up on aisle forty-five keep up the great work wealthy and i haven't set the date yet. He that's awesome. Yeah that's right. Kaitlan collins took over jim. Acosta's job there. That's so so cool. I love her. she's so great. She's such a great reporter or the other person i live on. Cnn is abby philip. She kept me going through that election. Week next up from c. pronouns. He and him. Hbd and the rest of the community of beans. I have a good news a quick confession and being of my own to put down assuming we're allowed to do so of course you're allowed to put down beans also with my good news. My parents got their first round of the vaccine or scheduled for the second dose in early march. I've been anxious about them since cohen. I hit the news last january and between this and competent government. I'm starting to remember how not to be not up a knotted up ball of angst now under my confession every morning when edgy starts to show with hello and welcome to the daily beans for insert date here. I can't help but hear. Hello and the voice of mrs doubtfire and picture. Ag with cake on her face. Well you know what see. I'm gonna do that tomorrow for you. I occasionally even join in with my best worst. Mrs doubtfire impression and finally might mean like everyone else. I was profoundly disappointed with the impeachment. Managers didn't call witnesses. But then i remembered the sedition meetings with sydney pailin. Mike flynn the twelve twenty meeting between trump. And taro since revealed to be an informant inconveniently picked up at his as he landed in dc the giants if trump tower meeting Trump international hotel but. Yeah the racketeering and counterintelligence investigations and now the agreement between the department of justice and spasms so my being is that part of the decision to call witnesses to protect evidence for the ongoing criminal and counterintelligence investigations and not potentially contaminate the jury pool. Yeah i said that yes. You have the same beans see. I'm sure the impeachment managers would've been judicious in their witness election. But i'm also sure the opposition would have been happy to try to spoil any case department of justice is building. Yes a little further thing there See on that. Bean is the reason that they didn't tell us that they didn't want to taint future. Jury stuff is because they would have had to admit to an investigation being ongoing which they do not do and he says here in lieu of pot pat tax. I wanna share my favorite beverage. Since i miss last week. Stereo chat angels eh. It's kentucky straight bourbon. Whiskey finished in port wine casks. And it's absolutely delightful. Oh thank you for keeping us company in the mornings while we're giving the news while the news all the context nuance and fucks. It deserves. thank you i love. Angels envy is a very smooth bourbon. Fantastic all right. This next one comes from james pronouncing him. Dg's reaction to the cat named mouse prompted me to send the story of our cat named mouse. It was a very quiet cat and couldn't now she just had a four squeak of a voice. We adopted her as a two year old stray but just a couple of hours. After we got her home she disappeared on us. Who searched all over for three days. Put food out put signs up in the neighborhood in case she got out etc but no luck in my head. I was like could read them. Nope okay three days later into the search this signs for the cat. Dana have a moment. I was like you guys for signs out for the cat. Okay three days sometimes. I'm just pretty you guys three days into the search. We had a friend over to help me with my friend and i drove past a billboard about apartments and it said leasing information. Call this number. And i was like i said. How do you lease information. I mean once you know. don't you just know it. How did he just had a moment. Yes please send us your moment's send us your moments. I would love to hear them anyway. Three days into the search. We had a friend over to help hunt around the house and we heard a scratching sound coming from the wall in the basement. Not knowing what else to do. I got a drywall. Saw and cut a hole in the wall and immediately mouse face popped up. Unfortunately the whole was too small for her. So i had to push back in to enlarge it back. Did the trick. She spent three days stuck in the walls after getting into the furnace room and not being able to find her weight and because she squeaked living in the wall was afraid of the other cat. We named her mouse though she could open a serious. She grew up to be a serious football. The picture we had her for thirteen years never lost her in a again after the first time. She's beautiful she was beautiful for my god. That wall just kicking back in some installations. She doesn't look like the brightest cat. And i don't hear any derogatory. Looks like she's she looks. She looks like just continually startled. I just imagined her head popping up in that whole that's cutting the wall but so glad you found her terrifying and that's scary like it gives me chills to think that the cat got in through the furnace is up on the wall and couldn't find her way back. This is terrifying how terrifying. You couldn't hear me out. I know that's weird thing. It's like a human's worst nightmare. Being stuck somewhere hear him screaming. Oh the baby the cask of a monte auto. Okay that's it. Thank you so much for sending these in now. I really want to hear. Everyone's like dumb moments you've had because there's so funny me too. I'm gonna do. I i would love to hear about some sort of leap analogy made like when i found out that the the postal service logo isn't a bird headed man with his pockets turned out but is an eagle. I was like floored. I was also in my thirties. So those are the kinds of things. I would love to hear about so send them in. I don't know if you saw someone twitter the other day that sort of like rocked my core but like this little piggy goes to the market. Oh yes it. Oh yeah. I post that i found. I didn't know that the little picky wasn't going shopping. Like i felt a little piggy had their little trader joe's back and they were just going into the market and it gets some food for the did not know it was so terrible. There's a big difference between a piggy going to market and a piggy going to the market and that piggy the because. It's the big toe right. He's the fattest pigging he went to market. Oh no i. I was today years old. When i learned that well that day. I'm so sorry we've proven that for any of the listeners but yeah this little piggy went to market the so picky stayed home that makes sense but so does this little to the market and that one did it is home. Yeah i thought it was just going shopping now it. It stands to reason though because kids. Nursery rhymes ring around the rosie. Or fine you know like. They're all really ashes ashes. We all fall down. He he is singing. What the fuck is happening. When the bough breaks the cradle will fall down will come baby cradle and all. I'm surprised any of this turned out. Okay jesus christ. No i know but we're all yeah. Hey it's like the smiths upbeat music To do girlfriend in a coma. I know no it see you and you're like yeah what fuck morrissey that guy hate them. Just dick right wing outright weirdo and what a shame too because such great music. Anyway that's the show any final thoughts before we get out here and you have a final thought. I can't give you any information. Even though alison prior knows what. I'm talking about did something yesterday. And i need a collective good luck. Just put it out there just to collected break a leg. good luck. hope. It works. And i'll let you know if it comes through. That's it just put out a university. last minute. did a finnish nice. Hell yeah okay. Everyone do whatever it. Is you do to send out good vibes all right until tomorrow. Everyone please take care of yourself. Take care take care of the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been ag. And i've been digi the beans. The daily beans has directed written and hosted by executive producer alison gill and engineered and edited by mackenzie mozelle and stubborn audio. Staff writers include dana. Goldberg ammika carreira and gil are copy is written by jesse egan and our marketing manager executive assistant and social media directors denied fact checking and research by alison guilt dana. Goldberg and aimee carrero. Our music is written and performed by. They might be giants. Are web design and branding or joel reader. Moxie design studios and our website is daily. Beans pod dot com. Hey everybody do not miss our daily beans after party on the stereo up. We're going live every thursday at five. Pm pacific eight pm eastern dana. And i wanna hear from you our last stereo show when a little bit like this and We're here doing our live after party. Daily means after party is what they're what they're calling it. What kids calling it these days. It reminds me of the thirty rock episode. Where liz lemon was like out with tracy jordan. And he's like are you going to the after after after after after party and they end up like on somebody's roof but yeah just finished watching that. Vote the vote to oust marjorie taylor green from. I think i was incorrect. I think the last time we were here live. I said that she was only thought she was only on one committee. She was on to committee. She was on education and labor and also on the budget committee education education. She's on the committee of educ. She was was because she got voted off of education. Yeah and eleven. Republicans who voted alongside democrats to oust her from the seats So we're gonna see how the backlash of that plays out. Because as you know mccarthy was would about maxine waters what about sewn so they get to keep their committee seats like they committed like they wanted other people to be executed are believed that nine eleven was not real or what like exactly. Dopp stereo is the app for life social conversations. We wanna talk directly with you. The listeners ask us questions about news politics anything and you can share your experiences and opinions and we want to hear it all so download. The new app called stereo and join us. Live this week thursday five. Pm pacific linked to our show in the description and join us over on the stereo up.

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