The Bloody Doors Off


Hello again everyone. Welcome back to the phantom zone. Podcast of your co host charles skaggs back in the phantom zone ready to talk more of the boys season to even more right now because we've already talked about it so at episode one eighty six. I'm joined by my wonderful co host wonderful friend and someone who was very patient putting up with yours truly nonsense. Right now dj. Nick how're you doing nick. I'm doing what you're getting into the thanksgiving spirits. Even though we don't celebrate thanksgiving over here you know definitely thankful to be here with you today. I want to thank you so much for your heartfelt tweet that you you posted a few days ago meant a lot to me and i'm sure it lot to zanan jesse who i believe you. You named check there as well so thank you very much for that. You're very welcome. Nick and being as you said thanksgiving that i was probably pretty thankful for my wonderful co hosts like you jesse zan of course who make me sound good somehow even when during my usual nonsense and really appreciate all of you and i just wanted to kind of express that right now. There was one of those spur of the moment. Things that you know really should give these wonderful people props on twitter so what. I'm sure i can speak zanan jesse saying it's moving mutual. I'm sure they appreciate. I certainly appreciate you. Show that jesse janson they do. Well i know. I appreciate all of you and like i said i wouldn't be doing this without you guys because you are so wonderful zanan jesse listening that we want to send them a shout out exactly so i understand. Zan sometimes listens to the phantom zone. Podcasts so hopefully she's listing. She wasn't listening when it was just jesse to me but you know now that you're doing the podcast. Well you know some of the. Maybe it's found. Its way into her. Microphone thuds or piqued her interest. A little bit yes. It's the appeal of nick. This is why we brought him on to kind so geared up six said we're gonna be talking the bloody dole's off which you have to say like that right. So this was the sixth episode of the boy season to back on september. Twenty fifth twenty twenty written by unslinging records sin and directed by sarah boyd whose director for the show before and this was pretty interesting episode before he gonna trivia. There are certain episodes of the boys that you know they're fun and they're innovative and and magical but but there are certain episodes. The kind of you know are more the boys and kind of give it a little something extra. Yeah and i think this episode is one of those very much character development. I think in this in this episode. I mean a little back story. Which enriches the characters the very well developed. I think that was. It was great. Actually she kinda take some time to get to more of the behind. The scenes of how certain characters got where they are today. We obviously learn a lot about boys member frenchie in this one including. Hey he's got a first name sarraj so that's nice right. You finally get a little bit of background on frenchie. Who's kind of been you know not wanna say overlooked. I guess but maybe just more marginalized from time to time not one of the major players because we're obviously focusing on all the drama between butcher in starlight huey and all that to you know some of the other members of get lost in the shuffle from true. I'm glad that we actually found out that. He was christened sash. And not frenchie because you know pokes kids the weirdest names i mean you can even check with frank zappa as much as i love. Frank zappa he gave his kitson. Brady with names. You mean like moon unit. Perhaps just so. Hey don't be surprised if somebody christian decades frenchie but yes sarah alley girl phalle eager and you want the streaming. Frank zappa this. Actually ty nice to meet women. Get to a certain calculates around. But we're gonna keep that here for now shows all right sounds good. That's a good tease. But what i wanted to say was savage. Made me think of the bow sash which is actually a great form film. I'm actually founded the new wave or novell as they seem for in french so so made me think about who it nice savages a nice name. you know. Look at look at parlaying his from say a little bit here. Five years of french at school will have to pay off. I kinda think you know my parents were kinda beat me black and blue but you haven't done liquor frencham five years of well. At least we gave you that. That platform to to put that to good use erin so Little bit of trivia before we get started our topics the bloody doors off title comes from the boys issue. Sixty sixth through seventy one which was the final major storyline from the boys. And as i've we've talked about here on the podcast that it's another episode title taken from a storyline holding in my hands here very nice volume twelve of the original boys trade paperback series. So this story. Because of it's the culmination of a lot of subplots and a lot of other storylines that preceded it. I can't really talk about it because it would be a massive spoiler. What happens in this. you know. The boys only ran seventy two issues. This cover sixty sixth through seventy one so needless to say. This is the climax of the series. So i'm gonna have to burn the midnight oil to get there fast. Is that what. You're saying. Joe's since i think they probably it probably even more so once i t's that well hey this just happens to be the final meeting between butcher and huey and i'm gonna just leave it there guy for me. Granted we didn't get much of a social life under kobe's but still smidgen the social is gone where you got anything else better to do lockout. I don't think so at this time and place a definitely not so. I could probably actually. I'll have to rachel and zanu not podcasting for a while reading the boys dago lee after zone that's required. It's all right so yeah you definitely want to check that out. But i don't want to spoil it if if you're someone that is familiar with the story line you know what i'm gonna say. So there's no point me spoiling it all over again but if you're somebody who hasn't read the comics you don't wanna know you wanna be able to appreciate that moment so i hope you don't go on the internet. Look this up because for one thing they may not even follow it because sometimes they don't follow the comics here on the boys so may not even be what you know what actually happened in the books. So we'll see what happens but the chances it is. You don't want to spoil the ruin your reading experiences. I don't want my renews. Experience ruined there. You go and also the bloody dole's off was a reference to ensure. Nick knows this because hey we've already talked about it before nineteen. Sixty-nine comedy film the italian job. So this is the original version of the film and after seeing his colleague detonate explosives. That destroys an entire van. Charlie croker a character played by the great michael. Cain is indeed tastic. Our and of course batman fans as alfred pennyworth in the christopher nolan batman films pretty much any no the movie i guess or or austin powers dad or negligent dead as it turns out enjoys of course for you joys right there you go there go or inception yup or other. Christopher nolan movie because he's like his goto actor right right. Yeah so anyway. Charlie croker states in the movie. You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off in regards that van. That's where the title comes from it. Apparently garth is it really. It was a line that really resonated with garth ennis so this The storyline from the comics was like well. You're only supposed to blow up a little bit and you end up blowing the whole thing up so it's a good metaphor now also from the comics if you're wondering about a certain character that gets introducing this story. This episode love sausage. We're gonna be talking more love sausage. In the complex he's a character named vasily vazza. Vora shinkin a russian ex cop extinct commander ex superhero communist and also an owner of a bar in moscow who has a penchant for beverage made from brake fluid that he somehow passes office vodka. So yes you're russian moonshine. A basically basically basically so so he's essentially like. He's a very gregarious. Outgoing character in the comics gets along with the boys. Very friendly kinda like this big dilute to use an american term and his powers of the conches are that he's he appears to be superstrong and durable but apparently because of shall we say his endowment yes exactly being dowd. Yeah he's got a little A pretty large package. Shall we say that he's carrying. He can't run straight whenever he's aroused and apparently says large. Female breasts are as kryptonite. Yeah so very fun character in the comics but very different here in this episode. And we'll talk more about that when we talk more love sausage. Yes it's always fun to say love yes and got sexy whereas my frank zappa reference will come into play. Charles okay very cool very cool all right so we have four topics today topic number one. Let's talk frenchie flashbacks because we get a series of flashbacks in this episode. That thankfully relate to the main story as good flashbacks should and we learned a lot about more about frenching. The process like i said including his first name shares so we probably should run these down. Yes so we talk about them because it kind of covers a certain period leading up to the present day where we kind of find out. Essentially how frenchie hooked up with the original incarnation of the boys and how he met greece mallory and so on and the others so So when we start off this episode we due to flash. We have a flashback to eight years ago where we have frenchie in his apartment. Getting high shock his mates and possibly fellow members of a certain. Menagerie twat nicely. Put shaw cherie and j look on and fritz. She's going on in a very Tarantino esque way about the golden girls and talking about that kept him going while i was on the streets so Take a deck that you appreciated This little kind of pop culture reference that the pop culture obsession. That fritzy has for this. Shall we say you know standard network television sitcom. Yes you what chose. I've seen probably one episode of golden girls pretty much. I mean my grandpa was a big fan of the time by the extra kinda got to see one episode. But yes i did kind like if you will the tarantino nodes which was kind of fun the fact that kept him going while he was on the streets and you think to yourself s. american television. I'm sure other things on as well. Aside when golden goes and. I'm sure you have a remote. You can switch. The channels are like twin peaks. Perhaps maybe what you're hitting in. I'm guessing not yeah. Good catch there. And actually i loved it and i think it was kind of a tarantino meets danny boyle because once again my trainspotting references coming here and eventually and we will. We will have to. I'm to you. And i may be on the podcast. We have to talk about your viewing experience trainspotting. But i know. I know it's on my list. I'm getting get to swear. I promise i will hold you to that. All right yes. It was kind of a tiny boil meets towns union. Because obviously these folks are doing nothing. Will david getting high like. How do they get make their income to buy the drugs and stuff they just robbing banks in getting probably dealing as well thing yeah side. Yeah 'cause i guess that's what we gathered is frank. She kind of made his way as a pusher indeed there on the streets and to get where he was because this seems like actually a pretty nice apartment but it seems like a decent apartment but but yeah and and i don't think we've ever seen frenchie soba to be honest. I wonder though constantly. Oh so now. I have to do this because you brought that up on. I gotta go to the soundboard there. You go just for you. dick thank you. i had to bring up. But do you think reacts. You've ever seen aside from these interrogations french she's ever radi soba. Say because he's so outgoing so if you know if he isn't high i mean he might be just a naturally kind of upbeat person. Yeah but but if he is high constantly that's gonna be one hell of a comedown right eventually. That's going to. It's going to be pretty brutal whenever he ends up going through withdrawal but for right now he seems to be at least. He's a high functioning addict. I guess yes that's true and we of course we get jay which you mentioned obviously we don't see imprison days. Yes something must have happened to this guy which is probably why he's not around. No yep but Apparently doesn't happened in this episode as we find out. We'll talk more about that here in a minute. So so that's kind of like our introduction continuity wise to to frenchie we pick up A little bit later not sure exactly how far later but in another flashback. We have grace. Mallory coming to interrogate frenchie. Who has been arrested and is sitting in a police station which could very well from the scene. Where french is about to breaking. They brought to break into the To the institute and fringes like. I never get caught flash back to him in cops yep so i guess that was a complete lie. Needless to say so. She confronts him about his arm robbery charges because well hey they decided well you know we wanna go rob a bank. Who wants to rob a bank right. So it's again. It's a very almost tarantino esque kind of thing that they went off to to rob a bank and he got busted and so now he's facing twenty five years in the slammer in prison. But grace as it turns out is very impressed with frenchies engineering ability to counter a superpower. And so she offers him a way out of this. She says well you could. You can either do twenty five in the slammer where he could work for me and fred. She doesn't really go for that. At first he denies you know her offer refuses it so she makes him another one and she threatens to lock up his friends. Cherie j at a supermax security prison. Unless he works for her and this one he he also kind resists at first but ultimately he cares about his friends and he goes along with it. Yeah i mean i guess. The deal-breaker is keeping company with folks like the aryan brotherhood's and folks of this nature and yes j. would probably not do well in the company of the aryan brotherhood's and cherie you think is being a gorgeous gorgeous woman that she is. I wonder you know she hurts. You probably i mean. I'm sure she can defend herself. But don't see having a good time with those kind of people either now. Orange is the new black as they say. That's meet up with the hyper of the situation. Exactly so So we pick up a little bit later for the say five years ago now so sometimes three years after this doing the math we see mother's milk showing frenchie and engagement. Ring telling him that he and his girlfriend Are getting engaged. He plans to propose in so grace's there so this isn't we kind of see the first incarnation of the boys that took place. You know the original team. I guess before the series started the two things to say about this first off. I'm so glad that butcher changed his hairstyle as time went on because there with the kind of licked cow look. It's like a cowgill all back like that. Don't suit you. Butch looks much better now. Secondly being of the part of the latin culture is a little bit. More bedhead is what. You're telling me. Because i kind of spiky kind of look i because he's yeah y- kia going on your house. I i used to do my hair up that the way. The butcher hasn't now when i was a drummer in the band and have has spray. Your drummer is indeed. I used to. I used to play the drums to lindy very very cool. I i actually. I was in the glam rock band for a couple of years. So i had the hairspray in the eyeliner and everything very embarrassing pictures on facebook of me in my hand metal days though i need to see those pictures to see but yes i was kind of i kind of had the billy bush and going on to a certain extent of and granted. We're talking colorblind. Genetic there's no but but that it's pretty close pretty close but that said thank you. John was very big compliment. But that said it was. It was great to kind of get to see this as being of the latin persuasion. Being italian in the french and the spanish in europe with the three big latin coaches an italian exactly the same reaction high own notes to the news of your buddy getting married. Like oh big hugs. Everyone's gonna pa. The we're planning the stag party and everything that and that's why i could relate to fringe in that moment and i loved it and that's one of the things i find interesting about his character. You know he's so likable. Amazing even if it only when we talked about this that he hangs out with so shall we say unsavory characters very much. So yes the worst of the worst of the worst. These undesirables these narrative wells. Take your pick wherever you want to. However you want to describe them but but he seems a little bit more of a An idealist a little bit that he has very upbeat personality. He seems like he wants the best for the world. And for those around him he re jeffey cares for people. Yeah and so. It's kind of interesting This character and we is great to that. We finally learning more about him. True in this in this in these flashbacks Much needed in my opinion. So we so while this is going on. A character named lamp lighter shows up and this is lamp. Bladder played by shawn ashmore. Who may be slightly familiar to x. Men movie fans as iceman and of course you found the following is well. He did a great job. That said charles. I'm a huge fan of that. You found the following. I am not a fan of following but my mother in law is a huge favor of the following because she is a huge fan of kevin bacon and so shall we say slightly fanatically upset with kevin will have come to the Up my wife lori complement me. Here's a part of the biggest or so they tell me so we here. Yeah exactly so but So so layup ladder shows up. And i find it interesting. That shawn ashmore after playing. Iceman is now kind of playing a more pyro. Ask nice very well played right like so. You know with the whole lighter and everything so so lab ladder in this. I guess he shows up in costume. So he's got like the torch going like a very almost druidic. Yeah medieval medieval kinda. That's that's a great description Torch that he's carrying in this. The leather hooded robe. Like something out of aero. Perhaps i was expecting to that. You have failed city. Yeah pretty much right. We'll have avoid on data and felicity nattering his ear. I guess so so. Grace talks to lamp lighter and apparently there's a she's trying to threaten him for some reason that we don't really know about that that apparently she's trying to range that he's to he's a member of the seven and that he's apparently going to tell grace in the boys everything that's going on at the tower and he's seemingly she seemingly. She's threatening him with some photos. Apparently some blackmail fotos now being suspicious. Mallory orders french follow lamp lighter after leaves and free. She agrees to do that and racist him. And then the scene cuts and we kind of shift back to the present day where we find out some more details about what happened. What transpired after that in. Apparently it's caused a lot of animosity between frenchie and grace as a result. Yes which was actually alluded to. I believe in season one. Because i believe french. She brought up the lamp lighter story. Saying you know this is going to be lamp lighter all over again and So i teased it so much like. When do we get to find out. More about this lamp lighter character chose. I believe you mentioned that lamp. Lighter is actually not present in the comics. Yeah it's it's interesting that yeah limp ladder you know for is more of a character that i would probably describe as he's he's more of a frame of reference than an actual character in the comics. People mentioned him mention things that he's done but we only get to see him here and they're very very little in the comics so his president is like a waiting for godot assay. Even rebecca in the hitchcock film. Rebecca yeah yeah. I think that's a great comparison seriously because he yeah he he just seems like it's people talk more about him than actually to him in a series so you feel the presence but you don't see him if you will right you know we we kind of feel more the effects of things that he's done more than actually seeing him. Do those things. So we pick up with another flashback. Where should we cherie calling frenchie telling him that. Jay is dying from you guessed it an overdose yep so Frenchie who as we member is supposed to be following lamp lighter instead ditches. The assignment and goes to be with his friends so he chooses his friends over his commitment to the boys once again a combination in various hot is in the right place. Exactly exactly so which kind of shows a little bit though of a good person. That frenchie is that he's more loyalty people than causes. Yeah which is good So but apparently So he goes to help revive jay and we find out that apparently that because he wasn't he was with jay instead of lamp lighter life lamp lighter that night apparently burned a bunch of kids and the whole thing with sideways has created that animosity. Because frenchy wasn't there to either one stop it or to at least report about what was going on about it. Yeah and chose you i. Vc addiction is a terrible thing and it can lead to terrible things but it's almost as an insult to injury off. The french is revived him with the adrenaline. Because of course and good drug den has a dreaded and but looking at you pulp fiction exactly. Oh once again. You're trainspotting. But what i think is tad insult injuries. We find out the n. Died three months later an overdose which kind of adds insult to injury situation when he could have been elsewhere in japan. It's been haunting frenchie. Ever since and it's he made that he made a good decision but ultimately it was kind of a futile result because of that it's caused this. This strain their relationship with grace and caused that friction. Now that that the team in especially frenchie is having to deal with the present day when friend. She is has revived. Jane is about to walk out the door. Saying i'll be back soon and stuff where you cool with. What french did that. Point and jay. I'm outta here. i've got stuff to do or would you have a where you more insuries bowl. Pock saying he should have stayed. It's a good question really. I'm more inclined to say that he probably did the right thing. Now obviously that's causing some some ramifications down the road. But i think he did the right thing and you thinking sherry must be a responsible adult. I knew i. She is at that point either. Well cherie can watch as easily as frenchy could. That's why i don't know. I mean as much as i know the best friends but i'm thinking news like him leaving him alone. I'm leaving him with cherie. So i can kind of go about my business. I don't care. I'm not leaving to die. There's somebody watching over him. So that was my. I was just wondering because i'm sure they are. They are people like also talking about this. Like he shouldn't have gone or he should have stayed. You know it's one. Those is a positive. If you will say it's a it's a conversation piece within the episodes. Well you know if Li listeners out there listening to our podcast. Thank you for doing so. You got an opinion on this once you write to us and we'll tell you how to do that baiter after we finish our discussion so stay tuned because we'd like to know your thoughts on this one all right all right anything else about frenchie before we move on. I think we're pretty much parents. Go that i just love the fact that we got some more bones to this character that is already so loved on the show and flashbacks. Done right chows. Unlike with aero right air was probably the worst episode after dinner. Episode arrows probably the worst offender of this The recent memory because there is so many flashbacks that were so unnecessary in that show and didn't really to the present day at all. You're like this is furthering. The plot it was more. Like the case and i know we're digressing a little bit. But it was more of a case where they I wanna say that they. It's almost like they were obligatory flashbacks. That he felt he had to do. A flashback whether it mattered or not because that was their gimmick is. Oh yeah we're on. The flashback trend more flashbacks. Right down and we'll see how that worked out right all right. So let's move on topic number two. Let's talk about the other members of the boys including frenchie and their encounter with lamp lighter in the present day at the sage grow center and also running into a character by the name of love sausage so so Yeah because apparently the team's mission in this is to after getting some intel from starlight that storm front hat store fronts. Laptop has a bunch of emails between her and stan edgar about this facility. The stage grow center and specifically talk about. How they're close to a breakthrough. Whatever that is the team the team decides well. Maybe we need to go. Look at this place you need to check it out so they kinda stage in opt to break into the facility and try to get some information and also retrieve anything relevant important potentially of a blackmail nature i'm guessing and That could be used to expose their activities. So they stated his opt to break in and They with an. It's interesting because the boys do this with star lights help so starlight kind of officially kind of joins. The team almost which is kind of interesting. Because obviously she's still a member of the seven. Have i to receive assignment on team boys if you will. So what did you know them thinking about. What did you make of that. I mean we're gonna talk more about starlight later in third topic. But but i kinda wanted to talk a little bit about her interaction with the boys breaking into this facility. It was kinda like seeing we here the second time because she is very much in inverted commas agreeing whole when it comes to stuff the boys do. And because i obviously starlight and huey very similar in that regards never killed anybody clean lebron regular stuff or etcetera and she probably why they got on with each other. No surprise exactly. I mean it's the track but if you have some of the traits that will attract to of goals but but it was it was i in fact i was so curious to see. How is the newbie going to fit in with these rough and rugged characters who have seen who flirted with death and disaster multiple occasions so you think this house is going to play out and now in starlight having a christian background she would be comfortable doing the shall we say slightly immoral activities. A little bit and he's like okay. Stop at a soup on our side. She's going to help us. But here's the thing chows. They use her to burn through the m the gate if you will. Whoa the which offense offense. Thank you and your and you see. The scorch marks on people are going to say. There's no way it's not super happens if super naturally you think unless they it looked like a perhaps a acetylene torture something. i'm like. Oh this was done by a blowtorch idea. I don't see that bates like would figure it out. Is what even screens and everything. I was like not very discreet. But that's just me but doesn't it also you have to think that hey their cameras all over this facility right. That's right it's like you know blanking out anything so something. Somebody must have caught something on tape. You think yes that's right but that aside you know it was. It was interesting to see. Because we know how butch fuse about soups and emerald talk about this as we progress in the this review but i think that deserves its own segment the confrontation. There's because there's kind of a back and forth confrontation throughout the episode your clean starlight and butcher and you wisely decided to make that topic in fact i think it definitely deserves talkin about but yeah. And then they get to the year two they. They're able to enter. And i don't know i got this kind of auschwitz by charles are being. I went to that megyn because like experimental. Joseph mega thing going on yeah. The angel of death looking at the angel of death for sure because the fact that these experiments on people burning the evidence. I'm like yes. I went to keio tras. Wealth the super soldiers. You know so it's m. k. o. tra- meets love that. You know that well actually going from the band's for ko traded brands. And i was like that's the thing then aim from no. Yet and it was super soldier. Experiments meets nazi death camps. That's the way. I kinda perceive it i mean. What did you make of that whole so. Probably probably in london lines of it well. It's the red skull. Super soldier program is exactly. Yes i mean. What do you make of that whole. So what you know ethic. It's very interesting because this facility. We find out that they. These are kind of Adults that were giving compound v. Yup not given not giving it to them as children so as a result some of them have very untraditional powers. Or they're either not in control of their powers or they're just Psychologically unfit to be used as super soldiers or superheroes by bought so consequently they're kind of just kept away hidden away from the world here. The locked away in a lot of places in those unfit alliterate burns right. And those that are they're kind of also being used. As part of the continuing experiments we find out to refine compound v and develop it so that it'd be better used by vodka to make more super soldier super super heroes and apparently supervising. This is none of them storm front right which should raise like every red flag. You have imaginable right. If you thought she was a nazi. Yeah pretty much right so yeah so getting your mangle on and It's it's not good. Needless to say so yeah so apparently. She's she's the one kind of connecting working with lamp lighter. Lamplight the onsite person overseeing this program which is why he's no longer officially a member of the seven he's now he's now in charge of this facility and in fact because i believe he star lights took his place and the actors with similar powers because i suppose marketing wise they have to have the the guy that has the firepower of the light hours light. Exactly yeah so. I suppose that's why she fitting into cobra from the from lamp lighter that whole human torch thing maybe or star fire if you will a little bit higher from from a marketing standpoint yet probably works pretty well so so the team breaks in and they run afoul of assorted prisoners including like well. Hey this one prisoner cindy who breaks out of her cell and apparently she can just Just completely crush things with her mind. This is a competitor. Catella kinetic powers in is to the nth degree. Right so it's kind of like the harsher use of telephonic powers. Right this is it just like moving up a coffee cup across the room. This is more like well. Hey i'll just take this guard here. And i'm gonna crush him chris head. It just clenched my face boom. He's place pretty much and so so. Yeah there's a whole big sequence where cindy gets out a little bit lamp liars trying deal with her and pleads with cindy to let him live while the boys meanwhile try to convince city that will. Hey we're on your side. You should be working with us and we'll get you out of here but But cindy's like not sure who who to believe there. She sees she sees the suits as well. 'cause obviously they are putting costumes to blend in with the with the staff and ends like dress because she has obviously beef with lamp lighter. And he's like oh you say you're not his friends but you addressed like him and so she agassi. I guess makes psychological connection of suits bads either like these people and that's why she turns on him. Yes she ends up leading the prisoners out and kate wacky chaos ensues as the whole place goes into lockdown mode and. I'm actually surprised. This character was invented for the tv show. I know he. She has in the comics. She's something different. Yes and another parody. Playing her is likely supervisor of the stunt crew because she's a stuntwoman apparently. Oh i didn't know that. Because i was actually reading it a little bit and notes about this anything. She's like the supervising stuntwoman in this in the show. And so she's a that's and so they got to play this captain. She does so well. I read it was. I don't know why. Charles maybe shaved heads but it made me think of how many maybe think of hammerhead with with powers they kind of take so to our doom patrol discussion days. Doesn't it tightened talk so many more check out. Talk the titans so They come across later. An asset vomiting patient who knocks lamp lighter down almost melting. His face kimiko sampler from the patient. So he's like okay. I guess i'll go along with you and get you that access code to get out of here and so we have another patient pleading with butcher and starlight not to let them get hurt and you know the so essentially this whole episode turns into a base under siege episode. That's right where we have the characters as i remember keeping my they're still on mission here. They're trying to get information on the facility so they ended up going to like this security room or something to get in. Get some Records or something from there. I can't remember exactly what. And meanwhile one of the things that that goes on as their kind of locked away they ended up having this conversation lamp lighter and frenchy about the event that happened in the past and limp. Later tells frenchy well hey. I didn't know that there were kids in the bed when i set it on fire. Yes i was intending. To burn grace mallory. Not the kids and so lamp lighter calls frenchie out and says well you can stop me since you were supposedly following me that night right. And that's where we find out that no he was somewhere else taking taking care of j. Yeah and that's when we so. He then reveals to feed people like mother's milk. That's where he was and then in fact it was so the jaden die of overdose a couple of months later and like. Why didn't you tell us it wasn't your kind of cross to bear. It wasn't the most. You'll volt kind of reveal that the regardless of how long french in a minimum of known each other. There's still a lot of things that they don't know about each other which is always an interesting interesting point. Yeah i mean they've been obviously working together for closely for years but but they still have secrets they keep from one another. Which is it was an interesting money. Up yet is so being the boys being the key particular. Tv show things take an interesting turn. i so suddenly as they're locked away in this room a giant elongated penis breaks through a window and proceeds to choke mother's milk. So i felt at mmediately felt horrible for mother's milk. This is happening to him. Yeah we find out you know this. This is This is essentially the boys. Td version of love sausage. So like i say completely version because the back of the convex left sausage may have had shall we say certain endowments but did not have an elongated penis that was stretchable. Kind of like mr fantastic's or elongated bands or plastic man. Hey they they went the extra mile literate. This was a plastic dick. Okay the hashtag plastic dick this. Actually that here is where my frank zappa reference comes into play jobs because there is a song. Frank zappa which is actually an italian coated thing go. I'm mean jetta which means i have a big penis to put it cleanly. so yes. Frank zappa even wrote songs in italian Heritage but yes interesting interesting so so you can sing that for us. Get you know. I couldn't i mean papa back recited basically in going on progreso dingo naming get on discounting. Oh interesting all right. Well great. I guess i guess everybody can look that up on the youtube and check that out later was actually pulled over while listening to that song so i have to ask. What was your reaction to this. This this moment where a giant has just breaks through the window for one appeanas breaking through a window and then to trying to strangle mother's milk. Okay who is very big powerful dude. Okay i have to be honest. I'm not a fan of kind of pure out humor as i mentioned the next up. Everywhere you know what have you. But you know. And i've actually seen stuff this crazy on scary movie if folks will recall and maybe the i absolutely hate which i was. I was kind of forced to watch in a drunk stupa. A with folks one evening at a party and their carry the parody movie of screen by the way has in fact the scene where a penis goes all over the place. And i'm like okay. This is scary movie all over again. So you know what charles hydros road with. I just said thank the lord. It's not breast milk. I guess thanks for small mercies right. That's true this episode. We don't get a breast milk reference. So i'm actually happier. But i bring on the dome gated penis. It's fine with me as ridiculous as it might be. But it's the boys you know. Yeah exactly they've talked so thankfully can meco pushes through the door knocks love sausage with a pair of brass knuckles so and save the day. Save them so that's good right so So we find out that. Apparently you the after all this after they escaped the facility a grace confronts frenchie and he tells her that well hey. I knew that i wasn't welcome at the funeral. But she doesn't care about that at all. All she wants is lamp player. Is they've got lamplight that's all. She's focused on. Who apparently in the back of navy lance gray strasbourg gonna on him and land players suggests that they both be like. Let's just get this over with. Let's just you know He's like my misery right because they've they've been burned by this for so long. Never ended exactly what you say that right so cheapie doing of affair like you said now. Interestingly frenchie speaks up at this moment and begs for lamp lighters live saying it won't help grace and she'll just be ending lamp lighters which causes grace to lower gun and wondering what they purdue what frenchie proposes to do with lamp bladder now instead of killing him. So what did you make a frenchie standing up for lamp ladder. Will i you know. I can see both arguments because off. I suppose having talk to lamp lighter because he museum kind of labeled him as a child killer bickers burnt these kids but then lamplight goes out. Saying i didn't realize they were kids. Granted that does not make you any less of a murder of innocent people be adults or children. Of course you care with children. it's even worse by think. Franci understood that he killed these. I think what what what irks french-ill towards angus in so is that he killed children and he thought this most out of pleasure because he knows people like homeland who won't bright think twice about killing kids. If they're in the way and so i can see why would stand up from. I suppose maybe it could be the argument of your only. What are you going to get if you killed him. What satisfaction is it going to give you. The you've killed the guy you killed him. Is it going to bring your kids back. The answer is no. But i think that's. That's the argument. He's trying to make is do you lower yourself to the level of the execution of the murder of your people. It's i mean. Granted very discussion. But but again it's also friendship being the idealist here. Yes that the. There's he sees an alternate solution here. He's not just looking for revenge. Interestingly enough now exactly like we can like you know like turned a blind eye and let grace kill him. Yes i think he was. You said yes you as being pragmatic about it saying we could use a chat like this in the grand scheme of things so it could be both the idealism of your lowering yourself to the level of the merger of your family to this guy has potential. Let's use him for other things to get revenge on the system. If you will the gonna listen to the constantly. High frenchman right. Of course these the guy with good advice. Apparently it's very shakespearean. The fool is the one who tells the truth. I guess to us having no nice very nice reference. Look a nick being all sophisticated here with a shakespearean reference interesting right so anything else about this topic before we move on now though was a problem factor was so happy to see shawn ashmore again because he is a breen acta no matter what he does and i remember the time. Oh my goal. that's true nash. More and so. I was so happy to see him again soon. I'm pretty much talked out on this one and this you had anything else chows no i don't i don't all right. So let's move on topic number three and this. Is we kind of tease. This a little bit already starlight and butcher which i thought like we talked about deserved its own segments because now obviously these are complete opposite personality Starlight butcher and when starlight shows up at the beginning of this episode when she first started hanging out with the boys in this episode she goes to their safehouse and knowing that she's being tracked frenchie cuts out the tracking chip out of her neck as hueys looking and huey nanny or trying to pass themselves off like well. We're just friends now and french. He's not buying one wit and he's working with this cutter too. Well hueys trying to keep the bleeding down until he finally gets the chip out not to mention here. He can't play down too much right there with his friends. Oh no i love it. Yeah it's it's typical huey. He's very cool about it. And obviously he still is showing deep feelings for her. Yeah at this point and then. I don't think that's gonna change. But wow this is going on butcher kind of giving the side i from across the room and making comments here and there to the point where starlight confronts butcher about. You know she. She starts an argument with him about asking. Why does he hate soups so much and she. She really gets on his nerves. She tries to push his buttons really. She tries to compare to home lander before they can kind of continue this discussion. They get interrupted when storm front shows up the facility. It seems like schumer wants to get a rise out of him right. I mean i don't know if that's her intention. But it seems like she's crying to get a rise out of him. Well starlight has this very jaded perception of butcher knowing how which are treated hughie and butcher. Meanwhile doesn't like starlight because one. She's a soup in too because she's involved with yui. Yeah so there's this this butting of heads between these two and it's not until later in the episode where after hughie gets injured severely. They're desperate to get him to a hospital. Yes so they hailed down his car to get help for huey and the man inside the car gets out threatens butcher with a gun which big mistake right and instead of butcher doing something about it. Starlight uses her powers to push him away but accidentally kills him in the process. So this is a big moment for her. That she's in accidentally caused this humid's death she's lost her virginity if you will when it comes to to the killing thing. Yeah i have to use that reference. Charles because i mean it's it's and i know that's what came to mind just like huey in season one right or to use a certain title from the first boys major storyline. She kinda lost her cherry. When it comes to killing. That's right and so it's i guess she's virginity and no surprise. Her reaction is similar. If you will to hear his grunts okay. Here's like in total shock. I think she's initially she. She says new in the car. I would have cried. Had it been some time ago. I would've broken it's this. She seems to internalize that moment. Yeah well i think at this point. She's after being sexually assaulted by the deep and knowing what she knows about the knowing what she knows that you know being confronted by in threatened by home lander that. She's lost a lot of her navy today. It's almost like another day. The office how almost right and interestingly in an almost seems this is something that kind of gets addressed in this episode. That in a weird way butcher in any kind of bond with one another because they kind of have a they kind of find common ground here talking about you to end the in a lot of ways there are a lot of like as it turns out true and even though it initially starlight points out that some homeland and butchering not so different in york. She says has been on. The minds of a lot of viewers is human home nandor not so date so different the two sides of the same coin. It's curious that they seem to be bonding over huey. Because obviously discussing the little anecdotes about the fact that he uses children's shampoo or the hughes axe and. Hey if she says being diesel smells like tell vin diesel that he uses accent. I wouldn't say i muster up. The courage tobin diesel. He uses a bad deodorant seriously but maybe email event from from a distance. I don't know like act. Sox vin diesel. Well it's kind of generally know that access but sorry acts. Don't sue us so but but it's kind of weird because they bond in the kind of come disagreement that well. Neither of them is good. Enough for huey young person in right raisings. Yeah obviously we talked pre and our previous episode. We talked that. Butcher has an affinity for huey. Because he's kinda like his brother. Yeah that's right. And anne feels that you know she because of her experiences. Maybe she doesn't deserve to be with huey even though she was just snowboarding. I think is just as noble as right yui if you will. But she fears. I think now that she's almost tainted having experienced what she experienced with. The seven and having just recently killed somebody for the first time. She fuels tainted compared to huey granted. Kyrie's actually killed people himself as we've seen in the previous season but but but also i don't think any has seen that she hasn't seen him kill anyone and he hasn't told her right. So so maybe that will come out. Eventually we'll find out yeah Maybe can help one another with that. You never know. Just just stay tuned. But but i thought it was very interesting these two and if it's kind of weird that this accidental death actually brings these two to at least some sort of common ground like i said some sort of more like a compromise. I guess where they were they they kinda detente if you will well. She's kind of missed earned her boys credit in the his credit. Yeah the street cred. Yeah exactly and not just because of the death. But the way that she's processing the devon in handling it may be going afforded to her knees and cried aids butcher probably would have not given it at the time of day but the fact that she pro says is it the way she does in the caw and everything else i think. Yeah so it sounds like. She earns a little bit of his respect. Yeah in fact she actually calls him on it saying they're looking at me like that. We kind of respect. I don't want that look. Yeah but he's still giving it anyway. I guess so so. It's it's kind of a mutual understanding that they reach here and we'll see where it goes because you can certainly turn the tables on how butch of you soups. That not all soup so bad but now it's also a question of well. How does this accidental death. This exit murder was the ramifications. Wh how does it affect any going forward Yeah we'll see what happens right so anyway. It's just that was Something we should really focus on for a little bit. It was all right topping number four. Let's talk about you guessed it homeland. There wouldn't be a boy's discussion without homeland. Eric and this season certainly that one without storm front. So are two crazy kids after hooking up in the previous episode well are literal power couple. Decided kind of you know. They're kind of in the throes of whatever it is that they're doing. I don't want to call love lust at this point. Maybe it's love for homeland. And maybe not so much for I from but we'll get into it. Yeah we'll see how plays out but so they go do what you know Couple does go fight crime right so they catch a robber. Episode begins and they They kind of flirt with one another while they're debating about what to do about this bad guy. She's happy grouping. let's be honest. Yeah that's a pretty. But she's feeling about stroking his genitalia through his pants and home later understandably getting quite aroused by this and apparently to the point where as he climaxes home later crushes the robbers head and so blood sprays all over again. Remember this is the boys so comes with the territory right of course so blood is spraying all over them. And you know see that direct metaphor for what just happened of course and they just continue to make out and get star frank. It's really turned down by this to the point where they start having sex in an alley way. The same alleyway covered in blood. The dodge of sex and violence probably here is probably probably is suitable. Yeah so so. Obviously things are going famously with these two right. Now they're doing they're just fabulous right. Wanna yep sure it'll turn out. Well they'll big deal right so later though well storefront is off at the facility as we thought we were talking about was under siege staged grove. And she kind of helps to kinda take out some of the unruly patients that get start escaping while this is going on home later kind of feels a little abandoned hookah. She kinda blows him off because he's right. I've got to show you my trader. And she probably knew she reads as you have sex with you again in the tray. The kind of thing i think. That's the way she reads. It is as i have a surprise for you and you can surprise me all over the place when i get back kind of thing okay. It's nothing it's nothing that can't wait till later right. Yeah because she's thinking it's just another rough and tumble in the trailer. If you will own the trailers iraq and don't come knocking sent ago. Sounds like a country song right. It does right so hopefully they're not really dealing with this. Well burns down. His trailer in anger actually had hoped bouquet of roses sets up. Yeah yeah so he to try to do this. Big nice romantic gesture for her exact. Thank you for a wonderful day. Hugs and kisses homeland as like. Yeah you know something. Very lovey dovey something not so violet. Bloody mess cut away and he kills rejected at this point so because of his emotional immaturity he lashes out angrily burns down his trailer. So storefront finally shows up home later accuses. Her of lying claims that well she claims well. I went to meet with my social team and the tower so she lies to him about the facilities. She's keeping that from him and you know homemade or says well i went to the tower there so he gets more and more annoyed with her to the point where he starts choking her but then he stops himself. Yeah so things not going that well at the point at this point and you must see a concerned look on storm fronts faces like have i got my into or sure say am i. Am i in over my head with this relationship if we can colder relationship. Yeah so so. What was This sudden relationships kind of hits the rocks pretty quickly. They hook back up later at the very end of the episode when storefront joins lander in her apartment. And he's refusing to hear her apology at this point says well i'll tell you everything from now on and shows him a photo of her and an elderly woman that she says is her daughter. Chloe who apparently died of alzheimers a few years ago. And this is where we get to the much needed backstory. Here that in confirmation of what we all suspected right that she was born in nineteen nineteen in berlin. This would be like roughly at the end of the world war at the end of world war. One yeah yeah. That would make a hundred years old pretty much. And she was with himmler and gurgles. So there's a good crew to hang out with. That's fun people exactly party. And she. Apparently she met frederick vaughn who married her and gave her the very first successful v injection about the injection. They fell in love. Frederick gave her daughter and Apparently his genius was what later made homeland her and show on the whole thing of homeland being the savior and is it. Any surprised at home number is blonde. Blue eyed it's the aerienne superman. Yes exactly so so. Apparently she's all in on home later. All this kind of she doesn't come out and say it but you kinda piece it together. That she was writing him to put him in a situation where she can manipulate him and bring her into bring him into her confidence so homeland but Storefront says well. You know we're in a war for the culture. This is where she gets her full racist on here. She says the other races are grinding them down. But they can attack or fight back with rb of soups. That's apparently her plan is to start this like super powered race war because hey race. War isn't enough right. We gotta add superpowers to it also plays into the whole nuts national socialism narrative of the uber. Mention the superman. If you will yes exactly. So storefront tells home later that he could lead them and he's everything that they've dreamed of like you said he's the arian archetype. Is everything the blonde. Hair blue eyed. Exactly you know. What's he won the super idea. Yeah exactly the over right. So this is why. She says she's in love with him and now they neither of them have to be alone ever again and they reconcile at yes which i was so that he would actually break neck. At that point. I was actually going do it q. Kill this holiday seriously. do you want a few times. They're stronger language involved. You said as i said. I'm a watering down. Big time because this is drugs in most iconic. Don't was kill her already. I was hoping his eyes light up and blasted off but remember we still got two more episodes to go so we can't kill her yet not to mention she you know. She mentioned gurboz. Who was of course the head of propaganda for the national socialist party in so screw token silver tongue devil and she is just a silva tongue because she plays into his ego. I think soon as she says you were born to lead us. She's playing his song. She literally took a nickel pop in the juke boxes playing his song like i've talked talked about. He's a master manipulator and and obviously she learned a few things from old. Herman exactly hanging out with the head of propaganda. Yes i guess it rubbed off on her. Yes go figure right so Talk about a social influencer. More like a nazi social influence her. But there you go so that's where we kind of leave off the episode although we do get a little postscript where we find out that store to try to kill cindy in the episode by electrocuting her only she survived right and we see her hitchhiking along the highway so presumably we will see cindy again. It's not spouse trouble right. I'm sure that'll go well. Oh of course it will go swimmingly right so all right anything else about this episode that we overlooked yeah. The thing that was was was was interesting. We're seeing across the deep hookup with a train and we see they still have some of our brotherly bond because hey brother how you doing. You know kind of hugging each other. And i think it's more of a one sided though. I think the deep wants to hang out with a train. Yeah but eighteen doesn't really want to hang out with the deep. I suppose so and then of course he's like do you want a fresca and as you told me i've never tasted fresca and spurs if somebody offers you frisk guy. How whether it's good news bad news but some frisco and so off they go to the of the collective side out. Apparently dance browse likes fresco. Oh good to know so Just putting that out there. So i'm okay with fresca exactly my favorite so i would rather drink. Hey sierra mist like drinking right now more seven up or sprite so just putting that out there. Yes we get. Basically adrian being taken to the church. The connective in meet together. I think with the head honcho of the head of the of the change. The collective at this yeah we. We introduced to a certain grand vision. Nick as alistair at donna. The head of the church now so and someone who may be a little more important as in the next couple episodes. We'll see so that was interesting. Yeah and then. Of course the other thing. I wanted to mention was May and an her pussy because they finally discovered the they didn't find the black box from the plane but they find i think the memory drive or the flash drive will whatever age from. There was like a camera. Camcorder kind of thing that the deep Because the wreckage being underneath the ocean presumably went to go down because of his ability was able to swim down there. Retrieve the camera exhorted view of my connection. Yeah yeah and so we see some voyeurs. Their cash yes. I talked to some fish. And we see some of this found footage and we can see could be very damaging yukos for homeland. It doesn't seem to work. Welcome as relationship. Either though it doesn't because apparently they've elena her lover finds out about it. She's naturally understandably horrified by this but myth says well you know. I've got some plans to blackmail homeland error to that. He'll leave them alone or else she'll go public with it like. I'll give this the cnn. If he doesn't the us alone every cnn but began so. But it's there because we don't know how things are resolved between elena and maeve when it comes to this big reveal but we know that the footage is there which will grow. It's a yes probably pretty important. So it's another. You know another pawn that chessboard to be played as we get to las lost episodes of this season Exactly all right so So that's our episode. Do you have any favorite quotes. Oh well i actually had one which which really kind of stuck with me. Which was actually frenchie to 'em talking about the latter happiness like the bachelor party i will throw you what's your stance about. Transgender ship is strippers and strip radio. Her she's with or without nuts. I feeling as we with our discussion that you were going to use that quote. So that's good. Yes that that was hilarious. That was that was pretty funny. Frenchies the over like hugging him. And yeah just like hey man. We're going to get that bachelor party. It's going to be great and so we're very infections you have any Let's see. yeah starlight When she first comes into the The kind of sanctuary the safe house and she's like looking around going. This is where you're living talking to huey. And he's like yeah. It has its charms. The rats are like pokemon with have see that. Made me think of my friends. Actually play pokemon pokemon go but he yes speaking to that by the way. Okay yeah. we're talking a lot about the end. This episode. I probably is point. I hope she's now. I really hope she was better. Be talk about pressures on Butcher a huey had a good line where he said never go into shark-infested waters without shum. That was a good one too. Yeah do you have any others now. I was pretty much the one that stuck out with me. And lastly i would've say starlight to billy butcher pretty Pretty interesting Conversation here she says the only good soup is a dead soup and butcher replies to that your words not mine knowing knowing how are what we although how your feels about about superheroes so yeah ask becca how he feels about superhero pretty much right right all right And music. We did get a couple of nice little musical moments. One disturbing when Home lander and storefront got it onto happy together by the turtles. Yes and then also thank you for being a friend. I believe it was at the annual that that was the golden girls team. Yes and by the way. That was a nice touch right. And then Orinoco flow by enya which was very weird. I mean i love annual but there was like i'll never be able to listen to and your game without thinking all right so what you're rating for this one. I'm gonna give this eight and a half exploding bodies nice. Well i'm gonna go a little higher than you on this one. I love this episode. I thought it was a lot of fun. I give it nine out of ten love sausages wreck all right so phantom zone news. I just have one little thing to talk about Just really quickly got some word that apparently black lightning will be ending with. Its upcoming four season. A little sad about that yasser. I really really enjoy that. Show apparently get replaced though by a painkiller spin off. You know the spinoff at nobody wants seriously seriously. That's the plan while raiding. Yeah exactly right so that kind of deserves this. As far as i'm concerned epic fail on that part. No offense if you're you know no offence to anyone of cool character but of all the dc superhero shows. I wanna see. Painkiller would not be high up on the list. I in fact. I mean really greg berlanti. You can do better. Yeah pretty much. Unless i'm kinda one. I've been thinking about this. A little bit mean kind of wondering i wanna get your thought. Maybe on this i think all the quote good superheroes are now being saved for. Hbo max a high. Yes and berlin is only getting the leftovers. shall we say it's either through because he's lunch standpoint. I mean to be fair. Getting superman and lois but you know with with rumors that this may be the flashes final season everything's moving. Everything's everything's shifting away. Things are changing. You girl grease coming up right. So i'm just kind of it's you know i kind of wonder what like notable superhero shows are going to be added to see. W at this point. I think anything. That's that's really anybody anything that anybody's really looking forward to is probably going to be appearing on. Hbo backs instead. It makes you wonder way when where greg berlanti is going to go from video from here on out. Because it's like scraping the barrel at this point you greg move your heads literally to find something interesting right. Well they do. They are going to have star girl which they pick them from show. It's fantastic show and that's a great show. We talked about it. You know here. On the fan of zone when jackson was my co host talking about that. So no problems with that. It's a great show. It makes you think wet is when is mr blonston. You team here with the transition from the again that was but again that was a cast off from dc universe so the question is what what you dig. Exciting thing is is The cw going to add at this point. I mean unless painkiller resent overnight sensation could be. It could be fair. I mean it could be popular but I think the lightning it is It's quietly by judging by the twitter reaction. I saw when the news broke. I don't think it's going to be anything. Anybody really looking forward to seeing as yet maybe coming in from it. Just not even watching it. Folks might almost refused to watch it because they might be school coached by adding loss black. Lightning right they may be pissed off essentially. Yeah exactly so Just thought that was interesting. Do you have any other anything else. News wise you wanna add. Well charles. I know if we mentioned this. But you know what about Because i heard that in the movie. Verse wonder woman coming to to tv screens in on christmas day. If i am not a wrong or christmas. Easter yeah this was. This was a nice little christmas present. We got from warner brothers. Was the announcement that hey just like you know. Milan appearing disney plus wonder woman is going to be brought to. Hbo max they're streaming service and even better than milan. It's not going to be a premium to pay. It's not yeah. It's not going to have an additional charge on top of the. Hey the amount of money you're already paying for the service you don't like it should have been for milan. i agree. I'm actually gonna watch it on disney plus next month because you'll get free for disney plus folks. Yes you wonder woman. Nine thousand eight hundred and they are going to be releasing in theaters. Although i don't know what theater's gotta be open considering. How are kobe rates are skyrocketing out of control very true so Christmas day joe exactly exactly so and oh by the way my wife. Laurie and i have already made our plans. Because we'll be spending the day with my parents but in order to watch the movie without like a billion questions from my parents so that we know so we can actually hear the movie ya. We're going to be saved not telling my parents that exists and we're going to go home and watch it on tv later that night. Yeah so we so we can actually enjoy it. Well i mean. I'm so looking forward to this and we know it's the parents but no but i mean you know come on it's cowgill dalton that kind of stuff and then later after we watched it once at least will let the up. I'll have it on for my parents. Let them watch it. They exactly yes so i think. That's pretty cool. Muses christmas with wonder woman and so so it's not too bad right to sneeze at like. I said it was a wonderful christmas present from border chance. I like play a words job. It was a it was a wonderful christmas. All right so Do you have some family from dave proctor yay wherever that real quick Dave thank you so much for writing and we really appreciate it so he writes in about the bloody dole's off says digging out. Starlets tracker was disturbing. How did they get it in there. It's a good question. Maybe i would think she was probably aware of it right unless they knocked her out. I suppose not to mention the medical stop when he took it out was worse than the one glorious boston. It's because it's like no sanitation whatsoever. It's like right home later in storefront going after criminal in handling it in the most disgusting way these two need to be put download rather harsh judgment from dave there. I kinda agree with david. Go starlight called butcher on his bigotry so often people don't see their own bigotry untrue. Yep that's true. Lamp lighter frenchie really wants that guy but now all the patients are out mayhem. Erupts is it does. Except when he don't need it starlets. Batteries go dead. Yeah guess you needed a energizer butcher even caused like such crappy power. Right right The deep tries to recruit a train. Tesla no alistair at donna. I see what you did there because grand vision. Nick who played alastair. Donna played nikola tesla in The was it the nikola nikola tesla's night of terror episode of doctor. Who i was trying to remember the exact episode title there. Get it there in a minute. You know it will slow tonight. That's all right by the way. Happy fifty seventh anniversary doctor who yes indeedy. So but we'll see that for another podcast. The search zone podcasts. Although i am wearing a doctor who t shirt today. It's beautiful t shirt at our french houses. Sporting they're very. It's the who. Who got like paul mcgann as a roger daltry. You've got Tom baker is pete townsend. Got david tennant's pete best and I think you've got over here. You got that smith. Is john entwistle. It's beautiful teashop. Happy birthday doctor. Who all right and Dave continues the head of the church is eager to have another recruit. Have some kool-aid yup or fresca. Maybe it's kuwait favor flavored fresca. I don't know we get a little peek into the history of lamp lighter and butcher i think it probably means lamp bladder in frenchie. But it's alright. Starlight is having a difficult time realizing that good people sometimes have to do bad things. I just hope. I don't have to kill anybody in this lifetime. Yeah i'm not planning on it personally so anyway although you know obviously get tempted but no you're not all right. It's not going to be the hero not the villain guys all right. I love. i laughed at this. He says prehensile penis question. Mark exclamation mark question mark exclamation. Rehan saw their prehensile. Pena's very alliterative of dave very clever. Yeah starter butcher. Finding common ground is one of the things. I pointed out live. Lighter has remorse and maybe a bit suicidal observation. That's fair and lastly says so. Storefront comes clean homeland error and he start making making out to the golden girls theme is this because she is older than dirt we. She is over a hundred years old. They are yes she is but is also a nice call back to lou. Tiring canoe chats about the golden goes. Yeah so he closes. Keep up the good work. Work fellas stay well so thank you dave. Thank you very much. Dave and i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving exactly. I second that emotion sir. So yes i hope you and your loved ones are well and hopefully you have a even better. Twenty twenty one. Yes indeedy so if you want to be like eight and please do write to us at fan zone. Cast on twitter. Chenab zone cast on facebook instagram at phantom zone. Podcasts we love to hear from you. Please like and follow us. Share the links if possible. Because obviously we'd love to grow our podcast and get more listeners. And more people contributing to the discussion knee. Sharing is caring right. Sounds exactly. I love what you did. You did that so nick. Working gonna find you and all of your wonderful work when it comes to me. I if i'd like to say we've heard from from. They broke the. I want to hear from gamble at some point. Who really from procter gamble. Proctoring lag that said when it comes to me. I'm sure he gets that joke all the time. I'm sorry dave didn't want to add to that. 'cause i'm sure he probably going but when it comes to me i do host whisky and cigarettes show where he played traditional country. Today's country everything else in between for more information about that where we can. You can tune into the show. You can accept. Oh also podcast wise. I do host the happiness in darkness. Podcast way we discussed superhero movies from mabul. Dc was imaging. If you'd like to join me to discuss your favorite superhero movie. You can email me. Happiness dot this. How itchy la- dot com. We're on facebook twitter and instagram. Also i do hope or co host. The stat of ios podcast. Zang sprouse. Rachel friend discussing all the movies from won the oscar for best picture from nineteen twenty seven wings to present day. If you'd like to join us to discuss your favorite best picture when you can email us at goldstone. Dockers dot com. We're also on facebook and twitter. And what about you shells. Well as for me of course at shell skaggs on. The twitter machine skaggs on the instagram and facebook charleston hilliard ohio and my blogging geeky things dim coffee in hot. Where talking about all this stuff. We're talking about here on the phantom zone including the boys. Star girl watchmen all kinds of exciting news. News about other podcast for the southgate media group including deep breath where i talk next up everywhere. The doctor who podcast where jesse jackson and assorted wonderful special guest companions. Join us including a certain dj. Nick this past week where we talked aliens of london world war three from the christopher eccleston era. So you might want to check out this nurse. Haven't already if you have thank you for doing so. And in addition to doctor who torchwood adventures big finish audios and more so. I hope everybody checks that out. It was again. Hey happy seventy fifth or excuse me. Happy fifty seven. I'm jumping ahead of myself. Sorry i was in the future. Eighteen years down the road it was. It was a good year anniversary. This empty fifth child seventy fifth anniversary was fantastic. Fantastic and then also ghost with the twin peaks podcast. They do as an sprouse where we talk all things twin peaks david lynch etcetera etcetera. And right. now we didn't get an episode out past week because sadly zan was feeling under the weather so we did not get our criteria in rundown of of the criterion collection of the elephant. Man as we planned so hopefully. We'll be doing that here shortly. So thanks for your patience and then what to figure out what to talk about after that. So we'll see what happens but any suggestions drop us a line about what you'd like us to talk about ghost with twin peaks podcasts than tun. Talk tines podcast. Which is kind of on hiatus right now as we wait for titan season three and doom patrol season three. We did get the reveal of star fires costume today we did and chows are actually also like to take this moment to having the honour and pleasure being titan talker and i want to thank everybody for just liking the facebook page. Because it's enjoying so much love of late and a big. Thank you out to everybody. Who's supporting the talks. Podcast on facebook. It means a lot to to me. And i'm sure as much as it does two chows jesse so thank you for these convos influx of likes when it comes to talk talk. It seems to be very interesting global phenomenon. Isn't it indeed. I've just been watching it. I'm like do my stuff on paper time to another grinchey likes wow. They're pretty good. So yeah we definitely appreciate it. So if you you listen to us on titan doc in addition the zone podcasts we really appreciate you and All the license support because we're like almost like heading toward three hundred likes on facebook. If i recall correctly yes and we're very very great. It's just pretty pretty impressive. As far as i'm concerned all right you guys are awesome for doing this. And then last leona mentioned drunk cinema the unexpurgated podcasts. They deal with zan sprouse. It's pretty simple really. We watch movies together as a kind of commentary style fashion and we drink adult beverages in have adult language and discussions in. If you've listened to our very first episode where we watched batman nineteen eighty nine. You know that was a pretty interesting discussion that we had as zane gone a little too carried away a little bit. She wasn't drinking fresca that she was not drinking fresca. Exactly that was a very special fresca but it made for great podcast trust me. I hope everybody that listened to it. Enjoyed it a. We're just a brand new podcast. Everybody would definitely appreciate it. If you liked. And follow us on social media and also shared our links an create your friends to check us out. We definitely appreciate it and coming up episode to we'll be discussing fairest buehler's day off which is a particular. It's one of my all time favorite movies than if you've heard us on ghost where we we kind of do the fairest lines. A lot. A lot of references. So so this is kind of one near and dear to our heart. So we're starting up. Pretty strong we did. Obama nineteen eighty-nine then ferris bueller off. And we've got a nice little this here that upholding top secret list of things that were coming up with plan for the near future so hope everybody check it out. It's gonna be a lot of fun right from folks every checkout folks. Deputy checkout drinks in the mobile because chosen zanjeer provided so much entertainment. I thought it was hilarious to be honest when i was actually doing my shopping. Charles i was listening to you guys and i was kind of laughing when i was getting some folks like. Do you have a condition some the uk laughing stop. Yeah there was well. That's that's the point we were trying to just entertain people and have fun and hopefully make you laugh so if if we did that we did our jobs and the world needs a laugh in this day and age and vote especially right now so it's nice to know that drinking was not in vain so hope everybody checks out at us drunks in next time on the fan of his own though episode. One ninety seven. We're gonna be talking butcher baker candlestick maker and this one congressman congresswoman. Excuse me victoria newman. Schedules a hearing against ve ought with lamp lighter as the chief witness and i'm sure that will go well of course it's the boys. How can home later in storefront manipulate ryan and maeve in alina break up over her. That rather awkward videotape so We'll see how that plays a plus much much more nick. I wanna thank you especially tonight because you were kind enough. We're having shall we say charles was having some technical difficulties in forgetting to start the record button as we are got about. Maybe a third into the podcast. So wanna thank you so much publicly. Thank you for agreeing to restart the episode and get all hopefully at recorded as long as mp three skype or doesn't screw me over today. Will it was a pleasure. Heck i saw that as a dress rehearsal you know. We kind of like rehearsing okay. We're good to go shoot. Start shooting so it was all good. And it's such a joy as always to podcast with you know i suppose even though i mentioned we don't celebrate thanksgiving over here. The spirit of thanksgiving has permeated me as well inside. I'm super thankful to you for having me on. Enjoining you scrape discussion in a big big. Thank you to this never supporting. It means the world so just thank you so very much and of course chosen. Thanks again. Full you thinking to me in having me join you well. I certainly can't add anything more than that. Because you pretty much summed it up perfectly. Yeah how you know. You're you're more than welcome to share our thanksgiving however virtually it may be but we considered you one of our family so At least know that we you know we want to share our thanks to you as well and we have to hope that you're coming up will be a much better year for all of us his hoping for sure. Yeah stay safe out folks. Be thankful for our health. Be thankful for safety. And in the meantime though then come on back for episode one ninety seven as nick returns with me talk but you're baker candlestick maker. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. As we hit the penultimate episode of the boys season two as we're building to that very special climax only without love sausage. Just keep that out of your mind and it. We'll see you next time right here. The fan zone podcasts. Good-bye everybody show off.

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