Grace Jones (w/ Janelle James)


And How Hello Hello Yeah you know what it is loaded. Do you know what it be? What it was what it shared? What shall what she is it okay. Susan. I. I'm adapting Shakespeare love but. All Vanek I think you're not adapting or Shakespeare play or adapting Shakespeare. Love a movie about Shakespeare. They're giving out checks left and right to black people for what for sure I. I'm so supportive of you to get in your bag take getting the hell out any big news for you won't allow top. No. We're trying to give you an opportunity to make. Oh Oh to do like a fun bit. For. Sure. All right. Cool. Seventy two ernest because you're such a a great actress that I was like Oh she's like I asked. You. Know. Natalie Portman masterclass really paid off. I believed I believed the truth. Things I would do if we were separated but folks the world we live in, we're doing zoom podcasts we're doing zoo bridget zoo tables and rooms and reads and pudge ups and punch downs. But right now, two years live eddin color is our podcast iconography Iowa debris an ammo via craighead Olivia. Do me a favor. You want. Okay. This is a podcast about icons. This is a podcast or island. I, invite on a guest who tells us someone who they think is an icon and we ask the important question does that person endure today we have on someone super cool. The talk about someone who's maybe the coolest person who's ever lived, but it's a powerful episode but before we do that, I own A. Little bit we talked about the icons of our week. We talk about WHO's moving us this week whose inspiring us this week until I'll kick it to you I. Oh Oh, who's your icon this week via Mike on this week came to me in the moment of I'll call it two minutes before the podcast. Okay. Cool I. I moved of near on two months now, and still nevertheless she persisted and refused to hang up anything all the walls. I'm finally hangings of things up on walls. Okay. Because really powerful of you actually you thank you because here's the thing about me I could go longer. No I know I know it's hard to hang because it's like a real commitment to hangs up. The picture thing. Yes, and also I don't have any frames. There's unlike bigger things that I got I got low frames. Now, I'm trying to buy frames of Michael's DOT com. I'm you know It's obviously. Up suffering I'm persisting, riding, dying and. I'm trying to hang things up but one of the things I got that I'm knocking for I'm just going to hang up raw dare I say No I said it to us. Okay. Keep it rocking. Keep it rolling. And hanging up my Truman show poster. Okay. Poster the Truman show it's going to go in the workspace desks desks, desks base area over Q and I've got offer up. Is it a Truman show poster or is it that print of him walking on like the cloud stairs we not doing? No Prince Baby. Posters I got from FC. Dot. com from a man from Australia who collected limited edition posters and prints from when you worked at a movie theater Oh. That is so fun. Yes. It's sort of elevated view who used to work at Peter and that is true. Yes. The. Physical. A little things I remember about you. GotTa. Commercial. Michelle poster I'm looking at this poster. Drew Jim Carey Jim. Carey really would hard did he? He really he really did go incredibly hard in that movie and in many other movies and that's and that's the thing s era turtles on July your Andy Kaufman man on the moods you know. Even. Like the mask dumb and dumber word. Full physicality he's he's got the range. I also okay. Here's the thing about Jim Carey that I feel like we don't discuss dream boat just like well, that's. Just Canadian swoon guy. Really late in wound guy really when he was hot, he was hot. Absolutely, How do you feel about present day Jim Carey What does that make? You feel I mean you know I'm grateful for everything that he has done. is how I feel OK-. How do you feel but present David Gary. I? Don't like looking at his art, but I'm glad that he has it for him. That's Is is not for me, but is not that's none of my business I. Know. I just like I just want him to be happy. I'm glad he's dating Jedi McCarthy. Well, aren't we all? Yeah but you know it's he's just had so many. He's just had so many ups and downs I think the beard is gone now though which is good I kind of like the beard you did not bad. I don't think it's bad. I, don't think. It. It just. Is it simply just? Like the art it's simply as. Exists as yes and I'll even throw it more use grinch. Is. Home what people are choosing to like surface. Lee Up lived black voices is I've choosing to a whole heartedly conviction uplift, Jim? Carrey. The grinch. Is You um, what's her face Taylor mom and the little girl in that movie I you know I've met she is in that movie. Gave me some sort of complex because I was like I wish I for a while. I was like older not be like that I thought that was close you could have. Oh. The girl knows not the grinch knows it was. Really. Like okay. Cool. Three to get the bridge knows. Would you still love me I want you to go full grinch I don't think you can go like like one eighth grinch. To, go full like. Damn you're not all. I'll think about it. Okay. At Taylor mobs in his girl in. Will I mean? Christine. Bransky of course as. Martha, May who've Your Yes. Yes. And Matt. We actually. Doesn't matter. I don't know. Why he does whatever well Mat Rogers. Has a song from his Christmas album. About the hottest bitch and WHOVILLE. which is like from the perspective of Martha Hoover but a song written by Mariah. Carey if. and it's something that I think that a lot. And Olympia something that you think about a lot at least for this week or. Up to five minutes before the podcast is your icon of the week. So ask. Who are they? Okay. So in kind of complete opposite of you, I've been sitting on that we have recorded in a couple of weeks and been sitting on this waiting it just been you know moving around my mind because. A couple of weeks ago on like A. Morning I was just lying in bed and decided. To Watch every single what's up with that? Keenan Thomson's iconic as. Sketch. And so my icon is Keenan Thompson who has maybe the funniest person on alive I. Think. Just been putting in work for. Decades and decades and decades of flawless work and. Dr Go he. You know let's be clear. Here's the thing every single what's I watch? Maybe five what's up with that in a row and it follows the exact same structure every time in every single time I would certainly cry laughing at something he does. I, my own panic have been rewatching psych well as sort of my journey in this quarantine. Perfection. I've started watching episodes of psych. Says everything you need to know about me a am. I re watched the episode where Gusts reunites with his acapella troupe. All my life has no what I'm talking about and he remaining members of the Cappella troupe one passed away the other Jalil white the third Keenan Thompson of course and also this revisal I'd even work even in TV I know it's in the works but like he's just good like he's perfect but he's so funny he's so funny I let her I'm like, oh, he should be in movies and like he should be you know he should be like will ferrell level famous. quick Kiro. He might not want it. He might not want. Honestly he's probably like Chilin like he's probably GonNa fat check from SNL and leg baibing. Here's a quick cue for you. Mary Fuck Kill Delay Hill Jalil White Keenan. Well obviously married, you lay hill tap tap tap tap. Think. Keelan Kill Jalil Liberal Gate I have a different answer which is married Keenan to a kill Jalil that tracks That tracks. And I'd like to ask. Wait. Debating Save Donaldson I already said I think he's the funniest man in the world if you haven't. Gone back recently well speaks funny. River speaking of the funniest man in the world like China spotlight on the funniest woman in the world. That's right we've been can be fairly. GOT would here today we've got one a contender strong contender I funny woman I ever funny woman. Who I'd even like to ask our Fuck Mary kills you if I if I can be frank. Let me but let me tell you who she is because maybe you're listening to this podcast and you don't like reading or. You can't read or you can't I don't really know. What that entails but I respect it, and so I'll usher you and with my voice, how bad I do that for you and I'll say that our guest today. I wish he was my biological mother. If she was my biological mother, she'd have had a hard and really difficult life because. They're young. As you probably wouldn't be able to have her career so way that. You're wishing that you've ruined her life is what you're saying. Well I wish there was a way that we could have both at the same time. I love this comic so much I every time I listen to her speak whether it's doing his standup set or just talking I. Feel Like I learned one hundred thousand more things and my brain gets bigger bigger way too big a she's one of the funniest writers in the world She is an incredible performer where my black Monday stands at. She also is a brilliant standup comic and I love her and I think she's cool and these are the things that I have to say about now J.. What an Intro Thank you a love who I and. My daughter, you could be my cool. Because if we were sisters who would also be. To too much you know we wouldn't actually be able to be it'd be was their mother we wouldn't like each other. You I wouldn't be really I'd. Be. Like our little postcards from the edge sort of by. So. Let's go fun on let best best best you. You guys had a question which was Mary killed and it's so funny because I definitely have an answer but I'm trying to get on Keanu show and I'm scared to say. You know what? That's good. That's enough. That's enough but I will say that's what we're saying she's worth. That I I agree that he's one of the funniest like. Under rated and I'm glad that you guys said that he may not want it because I don't think that's something that people understand realize or understand that everyone does and wants to be mega famous and there is a real nice show place right in the middle where where all is satisfied your ego, your performance and the money it without all the bullshit that comes with fame. So I like that when people say that it would maybe people who are trying to get into business here. So they know that's option and that drive yourself. Working and making it an actual like job and career is a pretty respectable cool thing to do. and. It's it's you pick the thing. Where is one of the coolest ways to do it? You're not middle-management Kane is not you know an accountant? He's still he's still a star like. A star. Exactly. So Yep. Yeah. So I won't answer that question. I feel like you guys know I'd really I I definitely know. I definitely will all's Also want to say with a psych is good. Thank you so good. Yes and it reminded me I was trying to pitch show like a couple of years ago where. Detective. And I wanted to say the meetings like psych like it's a comedy. Don't say site is if I'm like multiple was on for. And Hank a movie and like three musical spindle like the the. The Fans Psych. Like show passionate to like. That's why there was the movie and stuff like you could only hope to create that people were like half as passionate about as they were about sake and also such a wide range of to like everybody thought they life. was. Intellectuals I guess. Also who cares sorry we'll get through it. It's weird because I watched it was enjoyed the fans were passionate and. It was funny. But also like the mystery. Element. was good like. Satisfying I was like what's going to happen this week on also remember. Is a respective well yet because remember how like a couple of years into sites run the mental came out, which is just Syria site. And there are episodes of where of psych in. The episode where they go to British Columbia and meet art thief Kyrie use. The Canadian detective goes Oh. So like the mental list. Well no not like the Nah. He's not real. Real, that would be great. You'll never. overwrought and That's really fun. Show was over and they're still memes fresh memes be used from. Of Delay Hill sitting down in the chair and eating the put the popcorn eternal. Give over also I don't know I don't know what the White Guy's name is, but he just came out as Mexican or something like he's been. In Mexican the whole time. Yeah. Yes. So I think that's cool to like in your face and we got your money. He's been Mexican the whole time unlike fully identify Mexican for thirteen seasons. I love it and. Shout to do a hell for being on TV literature for like twenty years straight jumping straight from the west wing to psych and just like getting those syndication checks like franchise and also black Monday. He was an episode of black Monday playing. Soccer team and he was hilarious emphasis. Okay Great I. Love It. Yeah so I really couldn't answer that question. So I'm so. Okay. It's cool that you're like so connected that you're like I actually can't do this. I know these people. Call me two years ago like I want to. But. I can. I can. Also feel like Lavalin Livia of like previous episodes where we would kind of be like, oh, actually we'd load New York gossip that confirms. We can't say stuff out loud. What it is. That's sucks. Gossiping. Hill. Sorry. Just thinking about him again. Thinking about Mr I could fix that. Mega Man and you know what? You can do. Week it also one. I love. I'm just I just. I'm just GonNa comment on everything you guys. Jim Carrey is hot out of. I have my attracted to him his age as I aged so Even Weirdo. Bearded Merlin face, good Gary. Olivia Dancing I love you feeling vindicate. Just, loved meet people who are like minded and share my opinions what I really think it is I mean, of course when he was. You know. I mean conventionally attractive. But. He's also super talented. That's what I'm. Of realize that you watch he's the Oh sorry I interrupted you. Know go ahead. He is so talented both comedic, and dramatically like can just has the range but did you watch the documentary about the making of Man on the moon? It. Looked like it would make me really uncomfortable and so I didn't watch it. It seems like cringe away the I like don't. Same reason you guys talked about as art and not liking this, I refuse to look. Him. I refused to read the shit about his time. Would you gene McCarthy and I refused to look at his goddamn art like he is a pristine and my mom Great. I think that's A grace that women get. Sure sure Rigid Carrie I will. He's worth and then I'll meet him and he'll disappoint me. I love fantasizing about dating someone that I know will piss me off six. I think that would be a relationship or you guys just have to keep things from each other a not a secret hordic way just like I don't need to find out too much about him. He doesn't need to find out too much about me and that's how we'll make work John. You know very surface fuck up football is conversations is what you're saying. This is about two beautiful people being relationship. Boats I. Guess He has a easels set up on the other end of the bowel and I just never go over there. And say, Hey, what you painting because I don't want to know it's GonNa. It's GONNA harm. Relationship. Well, I love to hear that you know what else I love Ct.. Yeah who your icon tell us we are icons. Con Is Grace Jones. And I mean. Wow, I feel like that's well, thank you for coming on the. Let's wrap it up up. Yes. So okay. So we icon and iconic is all that I feel like they made up the word icon for her like. She's. So when one is when was the moment? Elite normally asks this question gs with Gray. So at steady I go caught. Your IRA goes kind of like talking back. Awesome. A Journal. We like to ask the question. When was the moment that you realized that Grace Joan was. ICONIC, when was the moment that she sort of like clung to you as an icon I think I was maybe twelve or thirteen when I saw her a video for module Bacon Guy. And this is right around the town where I discovered MTV when MTV used to play music videos and that was like one of the first music videos I had seen she was like the black woman I had ever seen on TV as she was just like so different that I was like, who is this I remember? Feeling like electrified, seeing her for the first time in like doing my own research to find out who the fuck is as broad and as you know as I learn more about her like you have when you're a teenager, you're like bit. I'm going to be like this person like she was the person. But me for a long time I just never seen anything like her, which is what I feel like everyone felt at that time. Not, that's because she was out. Previous when I seen her but I'm sure when she arrived you know. WHO and Ed? So not to go. Yeah. So that's the answer to that question. I keep going. Now I was GONNA say another skip end but also I wanNA and has been maintaining it. She's still grace. Yeah like she's like What is she in her eighties? Now she's in her early seventies now. Yeah. Still think that's she looks incredible. Still she like it still has the attitude lake right in is in a thing that I felt I'm sure a lot of people at the time thought was a character but now at seventy, we see that effort. Like she, he'll grace zones so. I love it. I love her. I I don't stay in many people and. Grace Jones like I'll. Definitely. I think it's. Cool to Stan Grace Jones. But precisely because it's like not a character, it's like because like, oh, no, this is really she really is like. This bitch like that is completely. She dated like the finest motherfuckers is in it. She just had this persona of year. Like yeah, I'm dating these guys but. At who? Don't look at them. That he's a purse. Came or identity that she was dating somebody or whoever she was Dayton at a time. So Yan as. And black signifying not only blacks but Africa's. In the eighties in the early, all the way I mean is still too now but nineties it was such A. You know as where I grew up such a it was a insult to say, Oh, you're from Africa. Africa. That wasn't long ago you know. So for her to be an, you know from the island. So at that time I still had an accent and the for her to be so fucking black Jamaican angled drowsiness. Man Eater fucking top bitchy was slapping people on TV outside God down like best. Sees this you know. So she kinda got me through middle and high school to a little bit sir. Knowing that she exists. Rules we had like Sydney Washington came on and talked about Naomi. Campbell who was also somebody. I went back and forth. Yes we're back foot. There's. Like. Also my boss and Barbados and Gino like you're from islands and like you know there's something just about like Jamaican him. Sense of self. Saying. That Jamaican. Attitude of like, what are you GONNA do? Yeah I like not that black of course back America's have hard lives, but we have a hard life in different way in a different way to kind of mold into like. Warriors Ghana I mean I've. People Laugh at me because I say if somebody's that but I've been working like physically I was like four and that's most people from. Me So. I remember by thirteen and my mom being like. So when are you going to get a job? is now. I. No. Yeah. So even now people are like how old are you? I'm had so many jobs so many life experiences and I think with bat and in Tacoma. To become something while being yourself and that self is something. That's so different as stands out in his like hated at the Tom when she came out is is amazing. Amazing Nobody can say anything about Grace Jones. It came out and that is the to get the accident that come out feels like the championship up. Episode. It's never been a deridder movement anything even though she was highly sexual, you just can't. It's Similar to Naomi Campbell where it's like You may be like cut like she and all those boyfriends were always like fighting physically in public which will come up in a later segment but like. Campbell is the original Devi at. A black diva who could just slap people and nobody s she's still gets the exists why women? It's like there is something of like a certain kind of pricing ignorant. That's just who she is like that's just or it is going to like. That's it may only iron amber Campbell is a bit and everybody's I. Yeah. A She's mean everybody. Yes. We Bet. That's that's Power Christian joined Oh interesting can meet you because I. You know in preparation for this I watched like a few interview clips of hers and like there's this clip of her on the tonight show when Joan rivers icon of kindness. And Personality A. Guest host interviews, her and so fascinating because. Grizzlies is obviously very striking and in hence and not willing to change herself, but she does also have this like charm. Beauty to her and is like effortlessness but. In. Some ways people were trying to treat her like she was a spectacle and trying to treat her because she looked a little bit differently and not like Eurocentric. Demure like people I think might have wanted black women to be at that time and I'm saying time but honestly all the time and it's so just interesting to me how deftly she's able to handle people's like gays on her and now she's GonNa be like whatever you think of me you think of me, that's a reflection on you. Alabama's and it's it's that. Makes me think because I, that's something I used to have, and it's gone away as I've gotten older and I'm trying to get back but feel like the gays that. You know that celebrity but people who are in the public eye the gaze at his honest now is so different. That I've kind of retreated. From even being myself because I don't. Although Grace Jones had to hear people's opinions white about her. It's not like individual motherfuckers in Mississippi. People were tweeting at Grace Jones. Being like you. Bitch or whatever like exactly and so it makes me upset that the Internet has kind of made me retreat into myself a little bit. So that means maybe I should get off but that's. I forgot the point. What I was saying. I do think like similar to Naomi again, just like there is something about like. 'cause you know I was I was reading this thing and she was like, Oh, I have like six siblings like you had to just kind of like fight to be heard and like there's something about her whole demeanor where it's like this is not this is like who you are. But at this is also like how you like but come. Grace Capital Grace Jones like I don't think she would've she's like stunning and striking of course. But like the whole career comes with like the personality like in addition to like the talent or whatever. But like. It feels like part of the reason she's like Sajjan icon is that there's so much like myth around her and so much of like in aura around her that feels like. she had she had to be like that came she became famous in a time where you can have myth and mystery and everybody doesn't WanNa know every move you make nobody seeing you go to starbucks and YOU PAJAMAS So she, you're able to have a character, twenty, four seven because you are able to plan when you are going to be seen now that everybody has a fucking phone and. Again. The Internet is not It's not kid in have like a not. If we can have like a grace, Jones now it feels like someone who like why the next one would was trying to be like Lady Gaga who is a Grace Jones does not lake grace. Jones's like Ms. Ready to work with me so many times and she's just like it's not. She grooms herself is like all of these girls. It doesn't feel authentic it's not like them styling themselves. It's on them doing the work. It's like they're trying too hard to do what? Grace dead right automatically. Yes, and they're also trying to like. Bring back an era of something. Yeah. Like do something new it authentic like actually be like. I don't know. That's and grace. Jones I will say that's one way I'm like her in Bat. Try Hard really turns. Me? Don't like people like that who are. The pursuit of fame. I hate you if I could see you bending in a way or becoming someone I, hate it I just I can't stand in office in an office and it makes me. Not, trust you. So yeah I think also just the idea of like if there were to be a new grace John, this is my this is state. How it and agree disagree but I do think that. They would have to also be like an activist at the same time like you know what I mean like. You'll be hard for me to imagine that what are you trying to say what is your message that type of? Music. Or like Greta Burgers, the New Grace Jones. Berg. Mike Little Baby. Yes yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Those my mouth is I gotta take. Apologies Greta. The grace apologies to the listener. They're now you said that you got you psych saw her Like on MTV and in music videos released a fan of her music. My Jamaican Guy. For a bumper is iconic. Sometimes be like pull up to the bumper and be like, what are you talking about? Yes she had a song on Boomerang Soundtrack. I can't remember what that was, but I did lie range. With you. That is I totally forgot about that is true. For you. This e Eddie Murphy, who is like your grandfather's age have sacked I'm so sorry I put you through that The Dad but you were just like he's old you remember. Yeah. Because I guess Halle Berry was his love interest is she was very. Young and it looks like, can I say like pre nose job but? It was. It was definitely. John Anna situation where she was like second. Li like she was like ugly. and. So yes, they will you came. He was. Not. I was just like Oh if if it's this. No I mean I definitely looked at the movie in a different light after watching. Yes and also mind like young like a socially aware. Like things about this. Slaves. The rhythm was was was hot but also you know I was young when she was like deep were music roof like the club the club. Aaron. All that stuff I was. I wasn't it Yes. So yeah but. Definitely. More about again like our myth and her. Presence then not more but equally as. I. Went through a period where I was like like a couple years ago where I was like really obsessed with studio fifty four because just like It was just like a doomed proposition from the start and but like the people who went there like Grace Jones were just like they were all like, Oh, you had the time of your life when you were at I fifty four. Police. Say That I was born in the wrong era I also went through a studio fifty four fifth. Phase hour is just like if I was in seventy. You know I. I mean anyone who truly knows me and I even start centers they say you would be dead because. We all agree though His girlfriend and it'll be like we have no idea where the girlfriend went after this. No I think I think I would have I don't think I would die but I do think I would have like Oh deed after spending a night with Liza, Minnelli at studio fifty four and my parents would be like come home now a local. would-be. To tell the tale. Yeah exactly. Yeah. I was there I came close to death Sarah Schulman actually died I just fried eggs. Oh. Robe mind. Brain would be so cooked. If I had lived through studio fifty, four era like just absolutely destroyed. Infers in like a documentary About Studio fifty four would just be like little shrivelled like the old lady and Spongebob yes like involves mom. Yes. wrapped. In for big sunglasses and then Siri like in the documentary they used me as transition because the rest of I interview with. So unused I would want them to like I would I would want them to show like a gorgeous stunning photo of me at studio fifty four with the lights. Flashing in the back and the most gorgeous outfit and then led transition to me and my I like all wrinkled being like it was the best time of my life. That's My flashback scene is me on roller skates. In the club I have on a bathing suit top I called both sides of it to the side. So my breasts are free. Radicals. And then you flash the president MARTINIS are. Behind me is my skates that I. would be like. It'd be like a flashback of me like railing lines on on riding a horse running through the club. As men lines. In cuts in my house absolutely shivering facing away like like like face parallel to camera and you see amounted horse head in the background of. Somebody want a memory have. You know something like that. Oh boy those when it's Love us. That, we have never. Experienced do you think after quarantine? Okay I've been having this sort of back and forth by line do you think after quarantine we will enter of like space of excess or one of. Retreat. Okay, I've been thinking about this a lot too and I truly don't know I can't tell because I do know that I will wanNA party but I also think that I am like too smart to be just. Like. I do. Do I dunno I do think. I do think that they will be an access, but it won't be. Bad before I. Unfortunately, I hate to say this is literally hurts my heart will be i. don't think the excess will be for us I, think it will be for our children. So I'll, be dead. On the fucking. Just boob literally be a hundred. Die Here right both sitting. Status Out I. IT'S GONNA. Be Because I read this that vice article that everybody else read the Guy who like in two thousand twelve predicted that collapsed is going to be twenty twenty and we run cycle of fifty years. So if we're the if we're the sixties right then it's going to be like seventies eighties. So that's like. Not. Really us. I'm so past that my kids are GonNa be. Out At the club not happy not also, you know like they're going to have to deal with like. The actual collapse of. Earth Probably Sell Reich. You know what? Yeah exactly. It's like you know what actually you deserve to go do as much cocaine as you want to seen. From the Matrix to. Wearing leather arriving on each other I. Guess I don't know I have no idea, but it's That sucks that I'm GonNa miss both. Right and born at the absolute wrong time. It's like I missed I missed the seventies an air with twenty forties thousands, which was excessive in its own way. I came up during the Now, saying my party era was in the early two thousands which was excessive in his own way I I came up through the bottle popping era. That was. You know. The the VIP in bottle girls in the puff daddy's so we had I. Feel like. This is the for US generation. Yeah. I was GONNA. Say I. Have Never had firs except like ironically on like white girls who live in Bushwick, which is like annoying I know knowing what's the point? Right. We don't have any handed down I. There are going to be. Well. Rich people right now are definitely already have like definitely having parties. Yeah absolutely. Oh. Yeah. They're living. That's whole different experience than we saw some video of all these like Tiktok kids having like a big party at of their like Tiktok mansions and I got so pissed at. So those kids who are still. Play Beer Pong like why? Why I feel like one of the parts of this pandemic is the people who are doing they're supposed to do is having to watch the people who are still living as if nothing is going on, it makes you feel like what the fuck why have I been in the house before? Limb I sacrificing for if you're being annoying. April's Olivia I. Oh, and we all have stuff they were dealing with especially now, who doesn't it is time for therapy guys I've been in therapy more than once in my life, but my current stretch were about a year in and it's just like. What off. Yeah. Very a year in with my girl. My girl, who's age I do not know but she's very helpful. She could be twenty-seven. She can be forty two we don't know I love her to death. She's helped me with a lot of stuff she's helped me work through out of stuff, and so I would highly recommend finding someone to talk to you're looking for someone to talk to you. You guys should check out better help better help is not a crisis line or self-help professional counseling done securely online. Here's how better help works I. The assessor needs to get to know what you're looking for or what You want to work on and then they match you with your own license professional therapist. They have a range of expertise if you have a specific issue, which is Great. 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She's supportive and encouraging as well as challenging with questions that can delve into things you had not considered in the past she's to work. With so visit better help dot com slash my icon that's better H E L P dot com slash M. Y. I. C. O. N. and joined the over one million people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional fact Sony people have been using better help that they are actually recruiting additional counselors in all fifty states, and of course, we have a special offer for all of you get ten percent off your first month at better health dot com slash my icon that's ten percent off your first month at better help dot com slash my icon. Hey Everybody Michelle again, telling you about brand new late night podcast midnight snack right here on forever dodd as promised. Here's a sneak peek of my most recent episode with Queer is own Tan France? 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Who you know more apropos how SORTA you're talking about because I was super cool and she loved that but it's just the word itself is hard to say I really want to say can I call you something else I'm just laughing because when you say the name on and I was about to dig my heels in and talk about how much I hate that name I was like there's literally no maude who can make or break my comedy career and then when you know shut apoptosis. So. PEOPLE'S CODY KOREAN HIS DOCUMENTS Oh Hey forever dog listeners. It's Michelle Collins. Here you may know me from my Sirius. Xm Show the Michelle Colin show or from one of my many cancel TV appearances and guess what I have an awesome late night podcast called midnight snack right here on the forever dot podcast network. So every Tuesday Thursday I'm giving you my take on current events pop culture but just mainly things really get to me over the weekend or just the little things in life. 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That you long to hear who's Frank. Never never met him, we are just two friends screaming and having the time of our lives can't you tell from this amazing chemistry. So please check out and subscribe sloppy seconds only on the forever dog podcast network new episodes every Friday. Wait what he goes to Grace Jones is doing in quarantine. Grace is in a farmhouse. I think she greenland and she lives in France or specifically Paris now maybe. She's left flow. She's flew flew into the country, the countryside, and she has her lover whoever that is at this at this time and to sheepdogs love and she. Has Of course she. Just to come out just to come out, go to the edge of the cliff and stand side by side like in the morning like that kind of she dog vibe. And She has horses she does that. That not the taking care of them just the walking next to them strikingly and Yes she's just kind of waiting it out I. Maybe she has an in studio in you she's doing. Some music whilst there I just I don't think I think she's like hiding out she is seventy. That's true and she she reminds me of Tina Turner who like move to a castle. Turner doesn't she live in Switzerland or something with like very wealthy husband like Huge. That's what I see and want for for grace. That's what I'm hoping I hope she's doing manifest that for myself. Yes I might as well. You know. She wasn't just a musician. She was also an actor and we reference to her role in egg which definitely left. All Psyche I don't know if. We're the better for the worse. But she also was known for her I mean screen presence and her acting roles. and. Conan the destroyer Anybody Watch James Bond's I of course, have never seen a James Bond movie so Of. Course one of the facts of this podcast that I've never seen a james bond kind of refused to So No is the answer to that question. I WanNa say I WANNA be like work but eh, on the other hand I'm like you're right I don't feel like I'm missing about much. I. Jones's appearance and on Youtube Oh. Yeah. I. Feel like it was like the James Bond movies like especially the older ones were always something that like if I was if I was at a cousin's house or you know like all the adults were in one room and they just sent this all off to another room and then like on. TNT or like spike, there would be. A James Bond. Commercial like that or Baywatch and I'd be like in between commercials. Have watched this at some point I mean also, you could also look very early ones. We've Roger Moore Inches Marvel races they. Like I hadn't I hadn't seen the original James Mons until like a couple of years ago and I went into it knowing they would be racist but was still shocked like open mouth shot at how So it's yes it's interesting to watch him in that way like. What was allowed on television is very office. Just blatant racism. Yeah. Just there I like I said I went in like initiative is by. Our. Socks. And just yet misogyny his whole in fact that he's not hot at all is also Hilas so upset. So upsetting also that these. The lower is in such. It's it's. Bad writing as well, which is the painful put while the writing could at least be kind of good. No. What are the good James Bond I said Sean Connery the new ones? I. Like the ugly faced Guy, the newer Craig. Those are just more. Is. Face you. And I think people think he's I. Don't know I think he looks like a man but like He looks like he walked through. Okay, well, while the twin peaks fire walk with fans. Rise up. Up And Take Greg as your own. Would they announced Daniel Craig's is a new people lost their mind James Bond is los beheaded I mean Roger Moore was not the if anything he's the most handsome even with an ugly faces. So weird he at least has presence the other ones which is. There was another one in the in between like I can't remember so remarkable. Sean Connery Draws Timothy Dalton. But isn't the one people don't like Timothy Dalton Yeah. I mean like listen. To this. Yeah. Of course but no Pierce Brosnan was supposed to be like the handsome. Long speaking of Halle Berry. In one of his movies I know that but the fact that this guy could pull holly berry and her p the fuck. Hot? Pierce Brosnan is. Pulling Holly Berry Hot. He's not he's hot. Older White, man Okay we am I wrong today fuck on a bed of diamonds in that movie isn't that one of the things? I don't think he's that hot is. Diamond because that would hurt you know sure but like many people are hot, who's hot enough to fight calbury on a better diamonds. Okay, this is a good question but who's also like an actor 'cause like I know 'cause like, okay. No, I'm just I'm just I'm just setting the rules looking. Game. WHO's also Niagara? I was GONNA say. commit. Okay Go. Nowhere. Okay. Okay. Maybe I'll say this. Okay. Let me know. Let me know. Morris. Chestnut in his prime maybe. Give me better my head. I said let's get an Waie. It's very and that's why it's always controversial when they when they Whoever they cast his bond because you gotta only not only be handsome perhaps the Bible of someone who can for somebody on the bed. Okay. How do we feel about like Winston? Duke. Instinct. I don't know. No I actually think of Harthill. I think he has to be a big you know. Olivia, this is just like my i. don't like your fantasize. No I just think Libya's. Biggest Diamonds. So. Just kind of opening up to the world if Winston do fuck man about of diamonds that could happen. Okay. Sure. What's his name from? No that's not it because it's not like it's not like. Denzel either it's like. My answer. Okay. See Like I. Wish that Henry Golding, was like a slightly better actor But you. Better diamonds. beefed. Up. Now, he has to be beefy. So now he has to be I'm using. We gave him we give him. If you're casting somebody in a marvel movie, they go on the Marble Diet. Sir. James, bond dying. Maybe. Let me go ballistic Guy Henry Golden. He was in the one in crazy rich Asians. Okay so I'd have to see him. Acts Go didn't see that movie you gotta be swamped. You know what? I mean. You guys watch the good wife noticed you said Christine Baranowski. Episode See. You know. There's there's a guy on air. That I, anyway, this is going the point is. The podcast it's mostly just like thinking and big yourselves. This backing out of it. Back into warn you this is my show. Okay. I mean Pierce. Brosnan is hot is WHO'S THE GUY? Can you describe him I just? He has a really deep voice. God, what is his name? I have a picks. He's all my screen right now and I can't figure out who? among. Oh. His name is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Talk. Game. Everything. Obscure actor I don't think I. Don't Know Geoffrey de Morgan. Well, maybe this. Is less about how he lives in how he acts the characters. He does gibbs me I can pull Halle Berry and fuck on a dime is all okay. Pierce Brosnan. While hot is Kinda solved in a way he's not giving me. Better dogs like I said, he's given me thousand out threaten. He's giving me balcony bed with light drapery rounded ninety nine eleven sort of like, yes pillow we. Love seeing that. Yes of course, cons ask. You have some have you named your person who you think could do. Is it maybe takes his prime? He's in Morris Chestnut in his prime. I would do is I don't know if that's it. Really Anyway always prove that is that is really hard. That's true. This is the thing about being a little bit right. You have to be highly varied. You could be a stub of a toll. Here's the thing. Is that Grace Jones Code Fuck, Halle Berry on the bed of diamond and we'd all say we all say, yes of course, that's exactly what should be happening here. Is. No male gravestones? No with that energy. And not that there isn't any men with that energy, but they don't become actors. Right. You get. You turn into like David Bowie or like prince or something like that. Damn. Why are male actors like fun and now who's fun? That's a male actor. Yeah. Or like interesting or like dresses in an interesting way, like thinks that he's Vaughn no not that kind of fun. Not Onset Pranks Fun. I'm talking about like much. To watch like. Wear engine clothes or like say oh it's Ezra Miller. Roma. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Sam Rockwell. I think he's interesting. He's got something. He's definitely like odd. I just best. Okay. So maybe less. Rb because I feel like I loved him so much in his early career as he got more successful Iowa what's happening I? Don't like this for you. I don't know what he's done lately that I just know him. Yeah. Early on I only know early on billboards that Sam. Oh. Fun. Thing you just forget I feel like my last fun Sam Rockwell Movie Moon. Yeah, he's funding the way way back, which is a movie I saw in theatres for some reason. Very good but he's funny in it so. That's why you saw all of you because you are yourself. Yeah. Sure. Yes. That's true. Actually Yeah. I mean pretty funds ill Like fun roles. That's true. The same this take themselves seriously he could. Be Nominated for playing Dr Anthony Fauci Lake. Hang. Tag Resistance. Like Hashtag one, five minutes on SNL can get you in. The fucking. Dude for much of his career he could. He has. Every excuse to be a gigantic I've never heard anything bad about him. Other than his you know Brad Pitt. Bad to say about you. Brad Pitt Peck Probably like. It would either be like somebody who is friends with like some random Indian director I think it'd be like some weird musician. it'd be like we'd be like back. No you know randomly popped into my mind I was Brad Pitt where pink India R. E.. I don't know why that's just what I thought. Brad Pitt loves black people. Way What do we say pick in what was? Hard. Oh as as I. Know probably disappointed by choosing somebody from the rat pack. Bullshit. Like Sinatra. My on is. Audrey Hepburn. We'd like okay off. Her. Whatever rather that I'd rather that than what I bank you. Dare. You my friend George Clooney. Ba-. Funny. Your famous friend is an icon P- so stupid. When we were doing oceans while the La- Walk Olivia, let's do an episode where I pick you, you pick me. We'd have to get a third party or else. We'd just be talking about ourselves for an hour I can talk about you for an hour via i. go you for an hour, but I don't know if you WANNA listen to that But I think I know. Sergeant I'll go. Now I was GONNA say back to Grace Jones. I. Frequently. Just pull up pictures of her and Dolph Lundgren just a Latin back up every Reagan at that was what I was. GonNa talk about. Well, this is a good segue into people's Court Bang Bang the gavel. And if you thought my ham fisted segue wasn't going anywhere but that you're wrong lydia talk to us about people's score. Okay People's Court is what I hack into EBSCO host via middle school somewhere in these fifty United States that has their password public and find in old magazine, Article, Journal, Article Newspaper Article about the icon in question Today you know Grace Jones been in people back like from the seventies like we have she has been in these pages forever and. So. Part of why Dolphin Green is famous is because he dated Grace Jones and like that's how he got his role in rocky and so we have this article from nineteen eighty, five, December nineteen, eighty, five talking about their like kind of psychotic relationship and they're talking about being at club so they describe the okay. So they describe Grace Jones's Amazonean and Dolphin Greenwich, her six five and a half Viking lover taking to the dance floor. And they say they start fighting on the dance floor and Dolph twenty-six Finish by ripping off grace's trademark which sent her to the showers the ladies room actually and gave him the decision on a Tko. So what does it all mean? It was just a scene says the thirty two year old singer slash actress who adds that such quasi violent horse play is commonplace in their lives. We we were pulling punches were very bourbeau theory physical. We fight about a lot of things like going to bed I like going to bed late he likes to go to bed early and we make love passionately as we fight. This thirty two years old I her. Twenty six year old of fighting in the club has led at an going to like fuck it off. That's like her whole energy. And then it goes on to say like this scene is why sly stallone was like this guy and that Dolph Lundgren was just like a security guard and like a martial arts instructor before and like he engraved Matt and she decided bring him around and they were like this is it. This is the dude. Psycho. I love it. That's just might. Say. I Fighting I mean to this day I've had. Now was too much about myself, but I have found out especially in court not enough the had things time to think about things. I've had boyfriends told me that I always WANNA have sex. I will I will be mid fight and say, do you want to like I do I like it? I like the whole fake tussle that you do when you're in a in the beginning of a relationship where you like play wrestle. I'm so I saw it in in eighty. And that's what I think you know Romances. But I love the idea that like, oh, we fade fight. We just start Shit I had my best performances when I have a tax fight right before I go on stage like I just I am addicted to that. Type of drama a net. It's not good but I'm sure the sex was amazing. Yeah, it's it seems very obvious that Grace Jones doesn't like take up with men who are bad in bed like at all it just like why would she ever do I exactly the for the for the. Honor of climbing on me Grace Jones. You Bet, oh, fuck in bring it like come on. Listen she wants what she wants. She's GonNa get it. and. That's what I've always liked about her she just she's just she just is he just is Eh you know I try it and smaller dose. It seems so much were. It seems like so much work to commit full-time to that lifestyle himself like no, just just to like. The idea of like I agree with you on. ME. It is. Like somebody's got to concede and you've got to be. Fine. But do you can you just? have to concede you know I don't know if I'm like hot enough to be like think so like you know I if my face more angular. But that's what I'm saying grace. Jones would not say, am I hot enough a Grace Jones was say I am hot. You know like you are damn. It's not even a wonders. Okay. This is reminding me of shoutout ready for this articles. Appeased by Jasmin Hughes that was about like learning how to break her own hair and in quarantine and how he was somebody. Identified with the section allot. To. Basically. Tar herself to like devalue physical experience because she wanted to like value her mind being an intellectual more. Girls Sue breath road hair dedicate time to leave them like looking hot. All the time are more rapid and and I'm not interested in that type of person and went up both Olivia I posit you your gray why not both? To because I know why because I'm Lee Hello all I will say I gotta go look that up because I feel like that's what I did when I got into comedy like when I first started comedy I would dress up more I would dress more feminine than it could that's really who I am or at least who I was at that time, and because I wanted to be seen as a comedian and not as a female comedians I stop doing. And once you stop, you realize how much work it is, and then you become. Much work to be beautiful all the time it really is and it best not the focus of your career. That's why you can't compare yourself to instagram like their job is to look like. They're not looking like that like, yeah but they're not but he at least actors. At as. People, their sole focus is looking good like you cannot tell your whole job is to have one poor. And the poor is your mouth and As. Or even just like like the the. Editing of the photo like dislike all of it just. Can't even be bothered to learn filters not I'm like I feel like my skin isn't good enough to pose I'll just. As. I don't want to I. Don't want to I feel like it's such a hold of all down you know what I mean. So I just don't to. Good light like when I try to pay those. Girls Hair you know it's like, oh, that's why time lapses because this is taking me seven hour or ever tried to get my hair like fluffy in a way that it's not going to be because like my mother isn't from Sweden. Right. Right and at this point if it's not hitting me monetarily. Want to spend the time they are getting paid to look good, and that's why it's okay to spend that many hours doing it. But if it's not affect I mean I'm sure we're still an Internet entertainment industry I. Know I could become a work feen and get a whole other level of money by being more attractive but I'm too lazy like you said, I don't I have no interest any more at this point now once you get a team and all of that shit sure why not who don't want to be beautiful town but by myself back, that's Best. That's the lesson of. Hot Kumail he got that Marvel team behind him got Jack. That's good for him and money motivation I I, mean I started saying to myself tapes like as before I slate like Hey I'll lose weight for his role but I won't lose it before I get. Tell me I got to lose it, but I'm not going to be walking around in for no reason you fucking. Anyway. On this. And I vote. Yes. On playing a little game. One that we played earlier except we're GonNa do this one with a little twist Yep. It's time for your old favorite Fuck Mary, kill. But this time of doing it with people, we're going to do it with moments of Grace Jones is life and personality and public persona. So we're going to gather these moments and really play a little game has hundred now. Sure, perfect answer Okay so are three moments. TO MARRY TO KILL Okay Guess. I will start picking I'm GONNA, say Number One I'm going to say like the influence how about that? Already you know give us an answer that we've got but just like the influence like she. Basically, every single person who is like, cool. No every pop girl like for the last forty, thirty, forty years. Has Been trying to do too like Salange Yeah Oh my God for sure and everyone in the Middle Lake your lords you're now Rogers Robin goals. You're like, yeah. I mean Lady Gaga. The Lady Gaga Katy Perry like They'll want what she has. That's one and it's also not even it's like it's just like she said, it's not even there. Mimicking or taking her style their style. Race Jones dressed. As she was only. came up with his every single fashion house was like please. Can you should? See. Also, not only war but war it in a way that they probably the bitten it's a which makes him. Okay. So influence I'll. Just for fun like. Like the high days of disco like Studio Fifty Four, making a scene at the club, like all of that Kinda wrapped up. And then I'm GonNa just say like. Working, in the abstracts here, Say. Use It like personality is like I. Think. Yeah. Like not even like wearing a mask just like being who you are absolutely all the time. Okay Influence. Personality Disco. Olivia yes. Mary Kill Okay I am going to marry personality which is I. Think at times going to sometimes be a rocky ride but ultimately like Alike. Rewarding in like kind of like a no secrets kind of thing like good I'm going to buck disco. Just like one crazy night of passion and mayhem and whatever, and I'm GONNA kill influence because. Those girls, those other girls who cares I. Oh. AM GOING TO MARRY THE INFLUENCE because. You know me I'll of power away. I'M GONNA. Fuck the personality because I think would just be like. Just we just get in there we. Just. Have a good time real straightforward everybody's comment. Then we leave. And unfortunately, that means I'm going to have to kill disco. I JUST WANNA, make sure I don't go too hard and pass away. That's okay. That's totally okay. Ju Now to close. Yes. What are you GonNa Fuck Mary. I am going to influence because I like power and the fact. That there's nobody else like her anytime the same comedy anytime. Someone can mimic you. That means you're the thing you know what I mean like if you're doing something people like Grace Jones you doing Chris Rock you do in that that's influence and that's so. Powerful in in hot to me. So fuck influence I'm going to marry personality same. As what she's you know is going to be like she said, Iraqi row but I just think I'll won't be board, which is the death of me that's death to me is being And Kill. Was this. He'll disc on four last days. Ella. You'll be on the radio and engine. killed this go. Only. To be reborn something else like race jokes that Jones did when this go down, she came back out of it so much. All right we'll reimer. Have our verdict still WANNA. Say. Words. On Grace Jones Olivia would you like to start? Yeah, I was. Doing my research and like. I think five years ago. She headlined Afro Punk Katie's out at Afro punk in two thousand fifteen when she was like sixty seven or something, and you know that's not iconic that I don't know what is like just like. To be like still kind of surprising and interesting when people would forgive you for not being that at like when when you get older I think is again a testament to the fact that this is just like who she is and it's not a game it's not a character it's like this is her personality and like that to me is kind of ironic. I will say and I liked Madonna and I, and I have been a lot of her concerts and stuff, but I think it's Interesting that people always tell Madonna to sit down nobody knows Grace Jones to go away and it's because we kind of feel even though she's done it well, but Donna is A. And that. I don't know what the word but she piece together different personalities makers. She's not great. You know what I mean and the the the the personality is now on twitter it's really Fortunate inch. Not. Let see that but anyway. Travel when people who thrived on mystery and so suddenly revealed to be. Incredibly. Fair exactly. So I on. The point. I am I think. One of the things that I think about with Grace Jones when she first comes to mind is so many of like these iconic images has also been part of a lot of them were photographed by. Her now ex john-paul Goud sexy name I don't even apply. There's another people article that I didn't use where they talk about their fights and it is like. Bloody like. Bloody. Yes. But they were together for a long time a really long time and The father of Greece Jones's son. WHO's also like? Can I say it hot the Best the best. Her she is not even like she bopped around, which isn't a bad thing but she managed to have. long-term hot relationships like bats. She's had lovers. If I may say so did both Me That's the dream yet. She like those images just I think are so ingrained in like what? Also just like a time felt like and looked like and she set so much of the ascetic tone of think like late seventies and eighties and things that are even like still copied today definitely some of those photographs are. Unfortunate. I think there's clearly like a A. Man's gaze. Which? Go modell Klay ceased. To she still. Don't. Yourself. Scary. Very much a white male of being like, Ooh, black woman. Will but she just did set so much of like Oh tone and literally I think is also part of the reason why he is seen as an iconic photographer. Yeah. Oh, for sure. Yeah. You know like she elevated people's careers and senses of art understand a white man up behind the Asheville do. As we still. Like a never ending literally. Many of them but like. Boosted, his career like was his muse like like. Boost Eddie like any world obviously was like a figure in his own right. But like their careers were intertwined Keith Haring, who is like obviously iconic like painted her like. was amused for ischemia key and Google are like she was is a big deal was a big deal. And is the reason why people felt like inspired to create an that is not Romar. Galvani, come. Now, if you're like a literal Muse, if you're someone's literal mold, not even one person but like multiple people across like years and years and years, but also still having your own career. Yeah. Exactly. Not just like the sideline like Bianca Jagger like. No offense but like. Bianca Jagger Kate Hudson famous. Yes. Exactly. No group you know groupie no fabric slide she's out. Right. Like catch up to me and I might sit for your exactly. Yeah. If I like it which I might not. And I will slap you. It's my right. Probably, it'll be bloody day who a lot of these john-paul. Gouda pictures. Well Anyway. She was subject to like fetishism but also like still endured in what's her own thing and wasn't unafraid to say like no, this is like because I have word than I value I'm cool as hell I just think that's great us. So she's she's yes my leg warmers. I very invested in non-manufactured. Cool. Always feel. So I've never really paid attention to the industry and I still try not to, but I always feel and A. Has To do with me being older but the people that you're told are cool inevitable. And it takes a while for you to figure that out at Gratiot is has always been cool like she is what I think of when I think about word and I think it's bestowed on too people now. Back to just like the now of at all and. The social media and like the art of this of it. All ready for this odd take social media fake. Can crack any image. You want because of like, I, feel like this combination of like aesthetic an algorithm like anybody who feeds into it becomes like. Interesting or by. Even. They're really not. NERDS joking I'm. Yeah, it's a little. It's interesting to watch I I'm trying to be out one to while while staying on the sidelines. Willingly by choice. I'm very careful about what I. Do. And how I present myself. That's what I love about you. I'll think we're shows that that Bo. So it's a conundrum, but I'm living in difference. We get to account for that. Yeah Yeah. Is this is this the show almos- almost okay my bet. Should we vote I'll I feel like this is one of those ones where it's just you know. Yeah but we vote on. If. We think this person's going to be an icon or not. So. I'll start. I'm going to go with an eye. That? Yes. Yes and you know. I mean I brought. So y'all. Hey. So I'm waiting on wait for somebody to say no no, I could never fight. Yeah. Outbreak courts. Unless, you do it. Be Very, grace of you. Please be my so we just. Okay well. The. Yeses have it Greece Jones. An icon. Before we close. Play quick little. Room. So Room is the game where we pract a vehicle room vroom do you get it? Do you get it? Okay Love Them. Vehicle for an actor who we still has knock on their do who? Why not let's give them my Oscar. So we try to write a movie come up with the premise of a movie to give them an Oscar. Okay I have the list up Yes. should be asked do now if he wants to play or beer producer. Yeah. So out, you can either choose to play and one of us will drop out and you can come up with your own movie. It's a minute. It's thirty seconds on the clock as thirty seconds qualities like Islamic luck or you can be the Hollywood hot shot producer and pick which movie you'd WanNa Produce and make in order to win this actor Oscar tell us why. Oh Man I'll be producer. I I have to list up and I think I have a good option for us that I don't think we've done. Okay. Let us win. Tandy Newton an Oscar. So, under who? Do you WanNa go first I just got. Yeah. Yeah I, I think I am okay I'll give you thirty seconds on the cocker ready set go okay. We're going to follow Tinder Newton in a modern day drama that's going to take place in real time as she goes to try to find. Forget. So it's sort of Venice back but in real time and better because tanning noon, we'll also play a recovering addict and it's recommends London extent. Tough. We're going to get to see her be a little bit more natural sprayer down, but still hold acting chops to get home. Okay Olivia. Thirty seconds on the clock time begins now. Okay. So Tainting Newton is the lead role in a new Jordan peele movie it's about. About like, Oh, I'm losing it. It's about how it's. She's a mother in it and her kids are mixed just like they are in real life and they don't know they tried to fucking kill her. Losing Steam here I'm so sorry I. Don't look at me like that. I got to excited about Jordan I. Give Up I'm sorry I, concede honestly that was my worst showing I just did Bellas back. I know I got so excited about Tanny being Jordan peele movie that I fully lost the steam. No I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can do it. I feel like Olivia, just just the Jordan peele angle I know and usually you. Finish the sentence. I couldn't think of a plot I just started. Yeah. I don't have his mind I mean it could be. It's George I won't trying to help you workshop. No. Yeah I do you think it is it's like a Jordan peele movie. That's about. So it's about blackness maybe they move into like an affluent black. Or something, but he's mix. And so it's like a flip of like. And I do like the mix kids old in that they look like they're pat bear look they look like they're whites. People think she's adopted her own kids and so that passionate passive aggressive drives her crazy is she becomes a killer. It's kind of when. People. Are Trying to take her kids away for him or the black neighborhood also like don't really think she's like they maybe the. They'd start getting involved. Some shades days years ran away with this guitar credible. Now so Your yes. I didn't understand she goes to look for her son, but she's also a recovering addict. So we learned this about halfway through the movie she's recovering addict, and so then the stakes get raised as well The Sun is accessible and so he's missing we find out halfway through the she's a recovering addict, which is one why she offense but also gets harder because as she gets deeper into the world of drugs she becomes tempted maybe even has Anderton magazine real time raise time Okay. So. Two hour movie that takes place over two hours. Cool. I mean. This sounds kind of like a crash which was overrated movie that won an Oscar. So maybe. They can. You can do it twice. Something like that maybe. Crash meets Ben Is Bank needs like Victoria. I. Think. That's you know in the room a great pitch. Pitch and if I lose, it's because I helped you make your pitch better. I feel like I os is. A more. Awful. Movie a Jordan appeal trail off is is just Here I'm trying to put this. is working. because. She straightforward longline was faulty. You can't. Going to have to pass on that that's Okay Tired what's happening? I, am tired I had to. Okay. I told you this I had to get a new phone my phone got cooked. This morning absolutely would not hurt on. So I had to drive to two different at and T. store to get a phone. This is my goddamn face. Pilots, he's in isn't over I'm still open. Thank you. For sure I am. A script. Yeah you're constantly WANNA. Hear you is this and you I got notes even though I've never been a writer and and so come on back. Yeah I'm I'm Olivia's managers so you can just send she could send. US So on and so. It's a whole thing. It's what we do. A work. Out also. Circle back. Lord. Well. Put a pin in this perfect episode of a perfect Gasden. On. Human, my favorite part where we go, do you have anything to plug and I know you do because there's a whole TV show. So Denial d have anything to plug. A mean. Thankful and blessed that I do during the day pandemic. But yes, go watch the. Now. Season two of black Monday time. If you don't have showtime, they offer a thirty day. Free you know I don't believe in paying for things right now either so you can go on thirty days in the both to seize it. So slept off really is is so. Funny Jokes on jokes it was my best and most favorite work experience. Don cheadle Regina Hall. What else can you ask for an amazing experience Also, I am currently writing on Central Park, which is animated show from the guy who gave us Bob's Burgers, on Apple TV I just recently got to write a role for Whoopi Goldberg and. People Norah Jones a singer. It's all kind of happening I. Don't know. Is the musical. It's Berry beat. They saw my stand up and they said, this is the happy check we need over here and so here I am. And just spreading chair and it's getting. Good reviews check that out go on Youtube and watch also like people have been doing and Andrew Netflix special. My netflix. Court especially but I really enjoy that people are finding like my old Aska sketches from one started comedies. I Love I've really serious watch the. Conic you in. Go Watch. By a gay go watch all the things that I couldn't put out right now without getting dragged hellfire. It's I. appreciate it. It's still. Yeah and then follow me I'm trying to get my socials up. Gone years with big, it's not important. You instagram nodal but has been a marked improvement I'll say. No because I'm trying. The other day are killing me. You very much so. Yeah follow me on Instagram Dame's comedy. I mean I'm doing Steven Spielberg level of. Level storytelling on their. Follow me on twitter to can't standard but I need you know I figure. Quarantine I'm not going anywhere doing any shows one i. get my numbers up online I guess I don't know I just WanNa feel like I'm doing something. Please just follow me I ain't talk about shit. I'm trying I'm trying to make people laugh during this very horrible that in itself is commendable and inspiring. Okay and everybody I commend inspires, me Olivia. Who you know Did. Me Okay. I'm. Speaking of Whoopi I'm just making a reference to the classic Film Ghost. Also. Well, it's not out yet but I'm coming out with a podcast called you in danger girl Oh my God. Based on what he's iconic lines. Yes, and it's about. Crazy dates. Red Flags and erotic thriller. Look out for that I absolutely cannot wait incredible. I'm so glad I brought up ghost. So now that now I know that that's happening. What am I fe I love that movie Oh my God. I was sleep with Patrick swayze doubt dead version. Anyway. I. Mean. Truly same like. God. I would just have his ashes in three. That would be robin one out on his ashes. And we're GONNA rough this one out and say goodbye. You know. Thank you guys for listening so much. Make sure you like if you subscribe it, you share it. You tell your friends, you give us five star ratings because when we went on hiatus, people got mad and didn't believe it was hiatus. So they started giving us lower ratings and now we're down to four point five. Four point five podcasts, there's we're giving you the five star energy every Goddamn week giving you five star interviews star guests. Oh, spoiled who everybody that down voted this go to I o and a Libya's Ben. FUCKING MONEY HOW that. Penalize people during a pandemic because they took a break down these fucking anyway. Anyway give me some money to just even thinking about it. You know what to do. Hit the five stars Fi larvin models. All right. Thank you guys for listening a mile and I'm Livia by by. Forever do now. This has been a forever dog production executive produced by Brett Bom Joselito and Alex Ramsey. For. More original podcasts, please visit forever. 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