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Food and here we are again Arado SNARF his back. We have a special guest. That isn't so special anymore. The do do not be special anymore. Yeah you really aren't special. Well you were like the first four times you're on we were like. Would we have a guest now. It's it's just like well dude crawled back into the year back into the video. We got a new setup here today. Frankly it's a lot better it is. That's better table. Yeah it's a much better table rickety. There's no big metal thing and I don't know why they made that table that we had before for it's just a regular foldout white table right but it has this What what would you even call it? It's like a full Dow. It's an I metal. I don't know what Ooh No. It's not telling you it's definitely not for anything board telling you. I don't think it's an irony web but it looks like one of those grill things like those grill. Yeah stainless steel girl things. You can put on there for vegetables with the holes in it. You know that's what it looks like to me serves absolutely no purpose because you can't prop it up it. It doesn't like standup flat. Yeah you know what really stretches my springs Chris that day stupid ass tables. That don't let you do what you want. And it has a little metal thing thing on the side. I got one for such things. Can I finish one real quick. Though I had a stretches my springs that was about holding doors open many episodes ago Mike. Yeah I hold the door open for a one Chris Harford and you know what he does when he walks through it puts his hand on the door. As if I'm not capable of holding your door for Chris and like you said on the pot guests. It's because I it's like a patriarchal thing or like I'm challenging your masculinity and you you can hold your own door. Yeah and you did it to me and I called you out immediately. I said you know that really stretches by springs Chris. I didn't even notice. I know you did it. Do like whatever her I thought it was. Thank you nothing nothing it was just like. I'M GONNA put my hand on the door because I don't respect you. That's pretty much right up. We went to to Mojo's we did go to mojos but this was coming out of the movie theater yes we went to see star Star Wars skywalker again with our wives and went to Mojo's we did an. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie the second time I liked it. Better the second and I'm sure we'll talk about it later because do doesn't really bad a chance. Give his review yet. Dude was at the first showing for screening. We went to. I haven't heard you heard. Would that podcast yet. But I'm sure it becomes out tomorrow. It came out last Friday. Yeah but no it comes out tomorrow. Yeah but when this uh-huh Yup imagine what stretches your springs. Kate everybody has occurred. Probably remember separate crest. He has a highbrow Kirk. Kurg Berg yes. He's got the fancy Ninja Bar. I got the George Clooney. Oh you do have an espresso espresso. So not really stretches springs when people take a Little Cup out instead it next to the current instead of walking across the kitchen and put it in the garbage right. I used to have one of those. I completely agree with you. I and I love it. Didn't they come with the machine because people weren't buying the pots saw Springs is when somebody takes. What are the Capos sits down? The next person comes behind them and takes another one instead. Sit on top. It's like impossible across the kitchen. The throwing the hell away. That sounds terrible. Get up closer or more gain than boosted posts. Okay but but I need it for this but now that really stretches my spring and I've been wanting to say that a lot I would completely. I agree with you that it would. Yes more than stretch my springs so coffee related springs stretching none the less. I also have my what stretches my springs. Is this Bresso because the pods cost a dollar twenty a piece. And there's not any generics yet really. There's no generics for that machine for that particular model. has its own different kinds of pod. Wow how so you can even use any other model espresso. No that's that is straight capitals. Yeah it's crazy so is it worth it. No Oh no but I get it as a gift so I mean you like the coffee though. I'm a really good coffee or is Business Brussel either they have different sized pods and then the actual war machine itself reads a barcode on it so it knows how much water to mix for for that particular pot eyebrow they have little espresso pods and they have a regular cup of Coffee Pot and they actually have travel mug pods so you get different size ponds and but you have to spend a different amount of money for each one. I don't know I've only really got the regular size vans and usually just run them through twice gives me like sixteen ounces. That's what what I used to do with keurigs. Honestly it's fine. It's fine and the coffee is is really really really good so I can't complain about that at all. Just just bugs me when I know I'm paying so much for expensive. coffees like expensive whiskey. Once you start drinking you can't go back the cheap shit. I don't know if that's true because I definitely drink a Casey's dark roast coffee not all day long. I can drink that. I really like the Arrow press. Oh yeah it's good stuff though you can take much work work a little bit of work that same thing as a French press pretty much similar. It's similar to assign to be like a simpler because I the French Press and I love it but it's very time consuming consuming. What instant gratification I know? That's the thing yeah. I don't think it's that messy it is I mean it's more messy than regular coffee pot and it is a little bit more time consuming but man. I only do it like on the weekend. I wouldn't do it like when I'm on my way to work because I wake up with very little time to get ready to go to work so I don't use it that often but when I do even like junk coffee it makes it taste a thousand times better than that. If it's brewed correctly you know the pot and all that hot and we'll see this is just a to with a precedent but at the bottom is a screen filter paper filter and a screw on cap. You you put your. I put all my stuff in. I do it upside down. I do it a reverse way. So I put the plunger and I flip it upside down put all my coffee grinds in there and then the water and I feel it all the way up to the top and then I put the filter and cap on the end flip it over and push it into the coverage through But I let it sit in there for like thirty thirty seconds. The big thing is getting the temperature of the water correctly. Yeah because if you have a pre wet your grounds yes very important it is looming. preheat the two. Because you lose your temperature when you pour it through the filters but it's really great coffee. I think and I do it if you do it. Just once it's super strong and then you add water to that To make it however whatever strength you want but I would do it twice for a big Cup of coffee and then add water to it. It's like perf everytime perfect everytime six percent off coffee toy. That's coffee. Talk on SNARF talk but anyway I like that a lot and where do we go to next we. You don't have anywhere to go. We're in the wild west here. I Love Coors Light. Oh middle of the road. I'm drinking a little more. Delo speciale special about it. I don't know for those who don't speak Spanish. That's what that stands for. uh-huh is it special. Yeah no it just tastes like Miller lite. Does it pretty much. I've never really. I have drank Mondello Delo before but now it's like A. It's just a crisp clean light. Beer okay I like coors light occasionally but it's a little all sweet for my taste. It is very aftertaste. You're right. It's a lot sweeter than other beers. What do you think makes what is what is that is it just there? It's the mountain water. I think they probably have sugar to it. We'll do you think it's the type of grains they're using. They have a different mix of rain. They use smash actually. I think this stuff's Bruton Saint Louis Cores light coors. It's no way no regional breweries like negative the the Budweiser Brewery Brews In Saint Louis. We'll do rolling rock. They do Madonna del. They do several different kinds of do shop. Shop Chop shop talk to do this once. Brewed Mexico Dude says brewed in Mexico. I believe it's yeah and I don't believe that for a second because that's not how it works. Pretty Shirt is banded. Didn't sacrifice things for that to be brewed. And say what did he go to Texas. He thought he went to thought he went to Colorado Texas. He was he was bringing it back to Texarkana he went to Texarkana then came back. I thought he was delivering it. East of the Mississippi was he went to Texarkana Texas picked. Picked up came back. Yeah but Texarkana is east on. Timmy kilmer Mississippi a thousand and once Ovalles. But I always thought the thing thing was like you went out to Colorado to get because it was only brewed and distributed from Colorado. And then you brought it back to the east coast only for sale of the west of the Mississippi Right. Yes that that was the big gimmick just like Blue Moon for a long time only get it in certain states now gangly England. You can't get that's only southern southeastern no. You can't get anywhere like in the end. It's up to the Indiana border. Now it's in Indiana. You guys cores light. is brewed in Golden Colorado. Albany Georgia elkton Virginia. Fort Worth Texas irwindale California mocked optum and Milwaukee. There you go. Wow I missed it by one. St Joe Saint Louis but Milwaukee make sense because it's owned by Miller courts. It's Miller coors so sorry yeah but I like coors original bank beer. Yeah the bank would be really good. I like those little glass bottles always has really nice throwing things. They are not as small as a six liter. AIDS grenades reneges. Yeah Slam them. Throw them out the window. What are those Mickey's Mickey's had them to? Oh that's right grenades Tony Money on my God when you were that's you can't you can't do that. That's before the legal age speaking of the legal AIDS this is a big deal in Illinois after the first and and marijuana's legal boyce recreational marijuana. Cigarettes have moved to twenty one. Yeah yeah buying tobacco twenty one on years old so there were lines around the blocks in our dispensaries. It was down route six. Everything sold out. They saw report that said the very first day they sold three point two million dollars worth. So that's just in Morris no that was like total in the state. Well that's not very much I didn't think so either. But did you see a guy posted a receipt for how much they were charging like per gram. Is it a lot so it was like seventy one dollars per gram how much Graham is no. I don't know how this bit. That hook is like one. He bought three different grams. Rams of different varieties of marijuana a grant a gram but it's a thirty seven percent tax so on that seventy one dollars a piece. He paid like eighty seven dollars worth of tax. Wow Yeah so. It's charging thirty seven thirty-seven percent tax on his purchase. But that's how so an eighth of an ounce which is like a common Saum told measurements. Herman says eight ounce as three point five grams. Three point five grams. An eighth of an ounce was not very big. It's like three three joints. It's more than that. So if he only bought Graham each at seventy one dollars. That's a lot of money. And that's what the ticket it says the receipt it just had one g seventy one dollars. I would assume that means one Moran Ram is seventy one dollars what it said on the on his receipt and insane amount of money and then like I said he paid eighty seven dollars in tax on top of the seventy one. Yes so he paid one hundred forty something no. He had three grams on there. So so each one was like seventy two seventy one dollars ended up paying like three hundred and two dollars total. Well that's outlandish crazy and it's like twenty bucks on the street exactly exactly so out the cartels are going to keep making money. It's unbelievable I don't know what the street prices but I don't have. I don't have a clue but that seems unnecessary. Like I just don't know what that's that's GonNa fix. I guess it will pull some people off the street to get stuff by feel like okay. This is what bothers me. It's like hey we're going to appease all eight people and we're GONNA make marijuana legal and I mean not necessarily also people and they're like yea like an we're gonna tax it so ridiculous because why 'cause we can we can because we're broke and it's just like what right do you have to tax something at what you just said. Thirty seven percent percents thirty seven percent. I was weird and then on top of it I was thinking after that. I'm like okay. It's legal now. Think of the millions ends of maybe not millions but thinking of all the peoples whose lives were completely destroyed. I know for the last thirty years that because of ridiculous drug laws then finally. They're just like never mind well. I thought those people were going to get But think about the people that already had their lives destroyed though. You know what I mean. So I know Indiana and Min Max did it the the Illinois have that. We've been decriminalized for a while now but still I mean they have the three strikes law and they'd anybody that had had marijuana even depending on what you had they still slammed you with an intent. Distribute the Max comes from like say you had to six pounds owns. What does all this say? You had that much on you dammit. You're getting a maximum Senate six in Indiana. If you had so much we could get life in prison. There's people that did because I mean there's people know annoy had fifteen twenty years in prison for possession. Yeah and and now. They're just like loops and they're still in prison. Aren't they know you're getting out there all getting pardoned. He pardoned like but I'm talking about chicken. The guy that was in jail from nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety five notre dame like. Oh Yeah it's just ridiculous and then it's just silly it's silliness this government man. It's out of control out of control guys. It doesn't it doesn't seem fair we'll be elected are I. Don't Know No. I'm happy that it's been legalized. My point join is just like for the last thirty years. It's just out of control than anybody can sit there and be like yeah you know. Let's make that illegal and yeah we'll send you the prison for twenty years and completely destroy your life and everybody around you. That's what yeah. Isn't that crazy aunt. I know it's unreal and and now twenty years later every all the states are just like. Oh yeah it's cool now. We'll we'll get we'll get away all I'm going to go down. The Path is here. You're now opium is just plant to is that okay. Well it's a derivative of a plan but Yeah I think it is okay. I think it's fine. I mean it does run on European. Wouldn't be wouldn't like. THC Derivative of the marijuana plant PhD's the active chemical. But I don't think if you go smoking a poppy. Poppy hoppy plant. You're going to get an opium fix. It's got to be processed in some way does it. I don't know nothing about heroin. Marijuana you can just literally smoke the plant. Well that's true Tabacchi. Yeah but you can't do that with talking with poppies or coca. That takes a lot of I think if view eight enough poppy seeds you would get probably have to eat like a horse trough. Oh I know that I got flagged at work because I bad bunch of Poppy Brad like huge at Christmas like huge and I like half my mom's role of Klatches. We call them so it's just like a wheel. Ada Crap on it and I got I got tested I told nursemaid hey I mean I crept on a poppy seed you know she goes all right. I got flag. You get retested but it was on Seinfeld. I was just GonNa say it's an episode on Seinfeld were bagels and she fails a drug test. Marley got flagged for ecstasy at the hospital when she was like eight months pregnant or nine months winning they have one of the babies and I liked They come in Mali after she'd been in the hospital for like four days. Yeah the nurse comes. She's like I just need to check like you're not doing ecstasy right and she's better for like two months and she was laughing now and obviously Schuyler I don't remember but it turns out the blood pressure medication she was on could do like a false over. Tell us the truth here by saying it was sky. Perfect perfect sexy. We're rolling rolling rolling. The E E train. Is that what it's called on the street really. I'm joy ecstasy. It was like you know you're a heavy drug user. I've never done any of that by cast here. No no no. I've never done that either. I know a lot of people that have well not a lot like one guy actually He used to tell me about it. Yeah okay sounds school. I guess you know just seems like a lot of work. A lot of work bill. Yeah just like dealing with the consequences of Yep so I have here. This is completely off topic. What you're talking about but I have here Rotten tomatoes it's best scored TV comic book. TV shows okay from twenty nine thousand nine from two thousand nineteen. Yes so okay. Shows that we're out in twenty nineteen eighteen. These are the ones that rated the highest Except for one of them there is a lot. There is one that they threw into this thing that I think they just throw it in there so so people could see how terrible the season was I guess But guess what the highest rated comic book. TV Show was of twenty nineteen. The the boys rotten tomatoes. No didn't even make this list actually really find it hard to all right dude. What do you guess conjoined Comic Book? Well all right I have no idea the watchman. Oh Watch has a ninety. He's six percent rotten tomatoes score deservedly so yes absolutely not started yet the one let me see the one. You guys haven't seen watchmen. I highly highly recommend it. It's phenomenal. That's next after my darkest darkest matter I got the my darkest matter matter the one that It's actually tied for first because this one tied. It is daredevil season. Three was that this year. That's twenty eighteen i. I don't know where this thing comes from. It says from twenty nine thousand nine hundred season three dollars really good but it's it's at ninety six percent as well like January February timeframe it came. You know it's like you said it was twenty. Two thousand. Eighteen ninety. Five percent was arrows. Most recent season haven't seen it yet that was at ninety five percents ninety. Where's it at ninety? Four percent was Jessica Jones. Okay I didn't and finish it It was good I enjoyed it. Another ninety. Four percent was swamp thing that was good. Okay Yeah Yeah. It's it's a ninety four percent rotten tomatoes score I it. It was fine but it didn't does not deserve ninety. Four percents really know they fucked up the end bad. Yeah it was like okay and then it was fine. We we tried to like kit. In retrospect I wanted to love it and we tried harder than we needed. I think it could have been great. I think season two would have been phenomenal. Had they been able to do it all the weirdest path it's because they cut down the episodes annoying she was telling and and the dad was annoying. Whatever he knows you could tell the actors knew that it was ending and it was like or that they cut the episodes down and it was just like okay? We're done just been something. Waco or ninety one percent was legion finished watching for the season one yet and I think you're talking season two so yeah I have. I've never watched it Let's see why no ERC ninety three percent. Ah didn't see it that I don't know it is Is it on Netflix. Let me see what it says. It was flex I I haven't seen it. I scrolled past. Yeah I haven't watched it. But that's like a obscure comic from the nineties kind of I've known a- herb. It's an image. Comic Eighty. Nine percent was darted soaps. Gary probably haven't heard of this. I haven't heard of it. I have the very history thing dark matter sure. Do you know the show Nope I don't either a scrappy crew of the Raza though. The sensibility of this three season is in sci-fi wonder based on dark horse comic by the same name what it excel that utilizing it's few standing sets completely obscure obscuring it's tight economics hammocks concerns while telling a tale. Tell they're basing this off critic scores because the highway obscure yes it is. It's critic scores is. This is a user reviews so that's eighty nine percent dark matter and then there's an eighty eight percent for DC's legends of tomorrow and then coming in in last on this list is the walking dead at sixty four percent doom patrol at. Yeah no doom patrol no the boys which which they obviously just overlook that should be when since. We're since so. That was a little bit of looking back. I got at one from rotten tomatoes as well if we want to look forward to two thousand twenty and we can talk about the most anticipated movies by month. Who of twenty twenty? Do you guys want to do that. I do okay. I've seen that dark matter show. I started watching it. It's it's really good. What's that on Netflix? On SCIFI SCIFI. Show okay okay. I HAVE THE SCI-FI APP. That was pretty good another one that I'm that flex I've heard from Maggie Anzac. Actually they told me love death in robots on that flex flex is really good. You know you'd never even heard of it. You've mentioned that I haven't seen it but then you talked about. I watched the first episode of part of the first episode and it looked interesting every episodes like different. It's almost like a twilight zone. Type thing wherever episodes vignettes different story. Yeah and different style. Filmmaking style. Different everything really. Yeah so it looks interesting. I haven't gotten to yet so if we go most anticipated movies of twenty twenty twenty starting in January. We got the grudge. No nope we got. He go no where we both love. Oh bad boys. Three bad boys for life number three number three. I watched that I thought I'm not nat excited as some of our friends to see. I hear all about it. On New Year's Eve people are really excited about it really. I liked the first I too. I can't say that I have like the stick out in my mind is like anything that I thought. They were. December thirty sent. The trailer doesn't look great. My opinion they're good like time-waster movie well Smith Breath and I'll watch it. I'm not going to see in theaters doolittle. which is one? I'm very excited about. I think it looks out in January comes out in January make anywhere seventeenth. Couple watch the trailer. It looks amazing trailer. I'm just not excited for man. Oh my looks pretty. Good I'm I'm UC it the gentleman. Which is Alex? Oh It's a guy. Ritchie movie is. That looks good. I'm in for that. I Love Guy Ritchie. Matthew mcconaughey is good. Charlie hunnam looks like Matthew mcconaughey character is Matthew mcconaughey and every other movie. It looks like a good movie. Matthew Matthew mcconaughey is the exact same person every time okay we then the last one is the rhythm section. I don't know what that is so it's email assassin. Acid movie with Blake. Lively Jude Law is based on a novel. A female assassin movie with Jude Law Baked Blake lively stars of the latest troubled female assassin movie based on the paramus Panama's hip hop hip hop hippo novel by a Mark Brunell Himmel easy ones. She plays a plane crash survivor. Who wants to get to the bottom of a disaster? That killed her family. I know she said on a path of revenge. If you were okay with that although that clears it up that makes sense there. We got to order. Originally we gotta ask. These bans on a path of revenge movies. Also I mean look John Nixon better than anything and that was over a dog. My parents were just talking about one with Gerard Way Ler true. Yeah the big the black balloon whatever is Gerard Way. What's the balloon and song? Does he think this on yeah visit. He's the lead singer of my chemical romance. Yeah it's a balloon. I don't know I'm lost year. Who are ways easily the lead singer of my chemical romance but he's also the writer of umbrella relic Adamy really a something about black parade? Oh Black Parade. Yes for not Blackpool. I was thinking of baby. Blue macy's uh about that whole love stopping Mabaso. Zoo say has me a song. I don't know that the Google doubts who was on the Joe Rogan podcast that that is related to Gerard Way and they'd never met each other but he was a famous dude. I don't remember remember we were. You're talking about. He said he's like Oh. Yeah he's a cousin of mine really. Have you met him. No go okay. He's a super team. Oh yes but whatever. That's fine February. BIRDS OF PREY. And the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn. It's going to be a war. Aw horrible it looks terrible. I don't want she's not wearing skimpy outfits. Refuse to It doesn't matter. The movie itself Looks Harley Quinn. Okay here's a question for you. One of the cast members in this movie is journey. Ernie smaller do you Jesse. Small edits related to Jesse small. It got amazing if that was the case how many people L. D. known people how many small it's can be famous from. Somebody's gotTa look that guarantee. Is that what you're doing. I I am but I guarantee you. She's related. It's probably his sister spouse. Well he's gay so it's definitely not it's spouse spouse parents siblings Who are looking for it Cherney smalley I have that small small small balance balance. Oh it is his sister told you knew it nailed it. Wow One it so can you give a little. And so who Jesse smile at is. What is Dave Chapelle column? I don't remember juicy small. EA Jesus the juicy small EA smalley just the Doodo not put around his neck by a bunch of white guys in Chicago on the South side. Yeah but he had to stop for a subway sandwich before he went to the police. Favorite part of that. We're not doing it justice but it was like in Chicago white people talk like that. That sounds like something I would say the That is the greatest stand up special. I've ever seen it's really really good. And here's the thing so this guy was on. What was that? Show higher hire empire long running show. Apparently very good is what I hear. Never watched it. And it's like a soap opera. Yeah but like a primetime soap op right on Fox Yup nursing and He was a main character. I was the demographic shift claim that it was a hate crime. Somebody trying to hang him and kill him and beat him him up. It turns out it. was you know he was claiming. It was a mega mega hat. Mary trump supporters right. So he got about a hate crime so he got arrested. He was is in the clink but they found now kind of gave up on it. I think they think they're like. This is going to cost a lot of money so these police didn't want the bad press because what was going to happen they're gonNA restless guy for obstruction of justice. Because it didn't happen. Yeah and if they banned him from Chicago didn't they. They should sue. Oh him though for the million dollars or something I don't know I mean the cost of time for the detectives for the all of the police force for the trial l. but also like whatever. Don't do that. Yes like. Don't spend that money. Don't investigate much like just let it go right like like because if it was not a famous person somebody came in and they said that they had a subway sandwich and then the next day they found out it was bullshit. You think they're spending ten million dollars to investigate. No but part of that ten million dollars is probably also to satisfy the media because it was a celebrity so therefore he's going to bring it up more and more and more. If you don't in the cargo I'll go doesn't want people thinking there's yeah. Yeah exactly so people doing hate crimes. He brought it to the attention of the media. Right off the bat. You have to do something. Then yeah I think it was more just sheer the obnoxiousness now if he would have come to have south Chicago him he's in Chicago the most heavily democratic. What would already sitting make you think you could get away with that though? Because he's from Hollywood and stupid. Have you heard him speak. And I haven't he's the best thing about. It was the next day like all all the people that were like. I stand with us. Yes it was pretty much bullshit. Yeah a lot of them. Said you know. We're going to leave that up to the authorities but they just want to be incredibly politically correct. Because you can't say like I don't believe him because it was if it was a hate crime that it'll come back it'd be like well then you you didn't think it was a hate crime so do you hate him too right now come on anyway. Journey small okay. Do you think she was part of the crew I do. I'm going to go on record and say I think that she was on. She was in on the ruse other. All right we're on February the lodge other that is a downhill. Starring Will Ferrell and Julia. Louis Dreyfuss yes so that is directed by NAT Faxon and Jim Rash La both. Okay okay. We'll have you seen the trailer for I have. It does not look that good now okay. It's serious combat. Gets very serious. Because what happens is like there's a There is a Avalanche on this mountain resort. But it's like it's done on purpose and there's warning signs all over that say we're going to do like You know put us. I called controlled controlled avalanche. That's what I was trying to think of the game cool boarders two and they do it. And they're sitting out on the control deck eating breakfast and they didn't know what was going to happen. This avalanche comes in he. He keeps telling US fine. That's not coming towards us. It's not going to get to us. Well then it starts to get towards them and he grabs his phone and leaves. His family runs away like completely like takes off and leaves his family there and then nothing. Nothing ended up happening to them but his wife knows what he did. She's like you left us there. And that's Julia Louis Dreyfuss so you left us there and like ran ran like a coward. What were you doing? And then they have security video of him like leaving coming back and grabbing his phone and leaving again so that part is kind kind of funny but then it gets really serious about it gets really serious though about their relationship and and like their relationship is falling apart before for that and it just gets into like marital stuff that I don't want. Well it's a remake of the two thousand fourteen Swedish comedy-drama Force Majeure Fax ex- Faxon is as he related to Matt Fraction because he's a really good calico crater moving on and Jim rash is the guy I believe us together together in community. He played the dean. Oh Okay and like no. That's the Dean wasn't he. He's a British Guy Eh. No no the dean was like that little bald guy that looked like moby. I thought he was the principal looking moby. Oh no you're right that's deemed. Yes Jim Right. Yeah you're right. Nat Faxon is on. He's been a ton of movies to. He's very funny. He's got kind of a buck teeth. Front teeth narrows down now. What actors do all right? So we're still in February. Sonic the HEDGEHOG nope fantasy island. No it's a remake nick fantasy island it but in movie form that sounds like a terrible idea. Does the call of the wild with Harrison Ford. We saw the trailer for that call. Call Yeah I mean. It looks fine anything I would watch whatever the invisible man which is a universal monsters. One it's you you know. It was being made when the mummy with Tom Cruise they were GonNa make that whole member realize yes. Yeah franchise kind of workout dark. Yeah What they call it the whatever they call it they were GONNA do like Dracula Frankenstein? And but they're doing the visible men onward which is a new Pixar movie It doesn't look that good now. It doesn't that didn't know VIN diesel movie bloodshot. It's a comic book movie. We a valiant comics assassin relaunched. Series unstoppable super super solar powered by nanno machines. Blood shots past asked is a mystery to him and he's on a mission to find out who he is or what is contrived. I've seen the trailer. It looks okay. I don't think I go see theaters. But I'll all deaf tell you what like hearing things like when you read what something is about and you just read it out loud. Sometimes things just sound awful most of the time. I don't think that right these. It just sounds ridiculous and so when I've explained our comic books or things that we've written and stuff and when you explain it to somebody out loud and say it you know a lot of times people are like I don't know it sounds kind of funny and even to me it will sound funny you know but when you if you were to watch it or read it in a book it's completely different and it. It can be really good because there's a lot more context to it than just what you've read but most things man I'm like. Gosh it sounds like so dumb and then you watch it. You're like me and I was also really liked that but I don't know it's just something when you read it out loud that really really. I don't know if I'd ever watched that all right moving on because there's a lot of these a quiet place part two saw the trailer for that Blue Line which looks amazing. While the April we got new mutants coming out. That looks bad. ooh Here we go guys. Peter Rabbit to the runaway great. No time time to die the new James Bond movie. Yes pretty good. You're GONNA watch it. I know you are old world. Were don't WanNa see that antlers antler's that Harry Russell and Jesse Plamen starting a supernatural thriller about a small town teacher and a sheriff brother who find themselves in a waking nightmare. Okay see what I mean about reading as I said to keep going maybe we got a black widow. We got legally blonde three God. You're shitting. They're making on movie. She's fifty years old. Yeah at some point. She's gotTa Find Love at some point did she it does she. Is She going back to college. She still have a bar I did she still ever. I'm going back to Harvard. Define me a man. I don't know let's read the description. We've been fifteen years since we last saw elwood's in legally blonde to red white and blond and like why wouldn't we want to see her again. It's it depends. Sometimes since Oscar winner Witherspoon had a hit comedy movie. But if you told us this was going to be a smash we wouldn't object. Has she ever had a hit. Comedy Movie Um legally blonde was that a hit the yeah for sure who like it was a big movie. So you're either too young or you were deployed. I've seen it knows a hit. I never seen it. We got a new scooby. Doo movie called Scoop while. That's original with Zach. F run faster than the furious nine. I'M GONNA man. You guys are tough. Crowd artist foul. Ah a traveler. I've seen it several others it looks. It's peaked my curiosity. That one looks cool in June. We got wonder woman nineteen eighty-four Four. So armee that's a Disney movie correct. I'm sure I'm sure it is that it doesn't say but Judi dench and Josh Josh Gad. Scared is good some popular fantasy book series about a young criminal mastermind who kidnaps ferry in hopes of ransoming assuming her to an evil Pixie in exchange for his father. Now that sounds good description. Yeah now that sounds good and I like Josh Gad. A Lot I hope he sings in it man and he is so good as he is he sings. It's okay in frozen too depending on what screening. You're at a different person. That's things in the credits. There's like four of different ones that sing the credits. Oh really just kind of cool. Yeah the one screening I was in Josh Gad. Was One thing and man. I don't remember. He's a great singer. I say we stay for the whole credits just because the music was great. Oh really is that the time. Is that what you were talking about. How the music wasn't wasn't good? It was good actually find myself listening to it quite a bit lately because it's good looks. Amazing what Roman looks really good. We talked about that a little bit on a couple of weeks ago but yes looks very that one. I link looks better than the first one. I'll say I agree because I think they got the hint that you shouldn't turn everything into a dark volcanic world we gun talk gun out six fucking movie. They're gonNA screw up. Maybe they'll get this one right. We gotTa Talk Gun. which we've talked about? We got July. We Got Free Guy which we've talked a little bit about. That's the riot. Renoir is a top gun coming out in July. June should have come out on Fourth of July twenty six six fortunately weekend yeah pretty much pretty close July June July third is free guy we got millions to we got I talk to. I would watch that. I like those ghostbusters afterlife till July. Tent can't Christopher Nolan movie. Have you seen the trailers for that trailer for that. I thought it looked neat for which movie tenant I'm going to watch. It was before Star Wars. I thought it looked really neat. Like yeah it was interesting. It's like a time timing wine me. Anything has come in for Timea stuff Disney's jungle cruise starring. Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Emily Blunt Betcha. That's good I that's That'll get a solid thirty six percent. That's hired so the Caribbean. Because you know they've made franchise off that right. So then how they wanNA make a franchise. This is off the jungle cruise read Oh jungle cruise ride. Yes yeah it's a famous writer. Disneyworld cabinet disneyworld one like one time in my life. You're a horrible twice. Thank you are horrible. You take your children at Disneyworld today in July. Take out a loan to go there i. That's not true with expensive. The one percenters centers. It's not it's like four hundred dollars a person for a week. Yeah I mean I don't have a true so but I would. It cost your tickets for tickets. That's not including your. It was in this argument the other day so let me follow it through to. Its logical conclusion. If you're willing to go somewhere else for a week vacation we dealt you've never gone on occasion. Yeah I went to Iowa. That's not a vacation. That's FUCKING I. It was it was on vacation so you never gone on any sort of vacation ever paid. You Stayed The hotel with our entire family. I don't think so man. God Lord the chiefs. I don't say with our entire family. I I mean. We went to Wisconsin dells with. I wasn't for a week. That doesn't count. I mean it kind of goes that's expensive. Yeah it was probably just as expensive as Disney. I agree with you I. I'M NOT GONNA. I can't go to Disney for like a Friday Saturday but anyway here's the deal. Here's the deal if you're going on vacation occasion for a week say the hotels cost about the same as what hotels cost about everywhere. They're more expensive now the truth actually you can stay in a hotel for one hundred dollars a night on Disney property. That's decent cheever's off property and better. Yeah definitely yeah so you can do that. So yes. You're out the tickets which say is about Out Four hundred dollars a person for the entire week for all your admission tickets. However that's all your activities for the day so whereas you go to Wisconsin dells? Say you stay there for say. You're staying there for five days. Because that's an average length for a Disney vacation to be brought five days but you're going to go carts that costs money you're going to go to mini golf. That costs US money. You'RE GONNA go do this. That Costs Money Disney four hundred bucks per person for the week that includes all of your activities. That's everything that you're doing except for food food you're going to spend food here or there. It doesn't really matter. It's the same. Bouts is a little more expensive at Disney than it would be a somewhere else but there's ways around like we can bring food in you did because you have to very bad for snacks. We had a backpack snacks in the morning. Your kids aren't hungry so you just feed 'em full of Granola bars and Cheetos and cheeses and then by lunchtime. There hung among the Amman meal. Eat One meal and my summertime their shot and they don't really care what they eat and then go back to the house and they swim for like twenty minutes and then the parents drink beer till he can't stand up straight because we're so tired five o'clock in the morning and do it all over again. Ever and flights are are actually really cheap to Orlando so comparatively. Yes they are. You can fly from your mischief. In my cheap are co to complete fly. Round trip from BLOOMINGTON TO ORLANDO. Oh direct for seventy five dollars round trip frontier airlines. You just can't take you also have to pay for your baggage. Okay take that in consideration. What do you consider cheap for an an airline tickets that cheap but you still have to pay for your baggage? Okay South West. You don't have to pay for it is included but anything over fifty pounds. You gotta pay for your bag your bag Samarra Samarra dollars per bag right each way no twenty five dollars each way so if you bring two bags you're at fifty dollars each way. So you're one hundred dollars for baggage fees and seventy five dollars a ticket roundtrip. That's dirt cheap. But she anywhere you slice it. Yeah yeah no that is free parking Bloomington so hours so that changes all the time so that might be the time you looked at it so three hours like that. I mean I've looked at three different times. It's been that price really seventy five dollars. Take that away. You WanNA fly southwest. It's about it's about one hundred seventy five dollars round trip from midway southwest clues baggage three hours lions of or eighteen hours driving drive which is done Christina last week. Yeah both both ways. It's better to fly. I remember you talking about that. That does guys job last time because jet was last week flu. Actually time we went. We drove that time because he was what three or four months old. The only reason why we drove that time. I don't remember what strollers bring all this. Yeah I just WanNa bring all the junk and then we ended up bringing it the next time we went and it wasn't a big deal. I highly recommend Disney August. We're so July Moebius. The first of the Sony Spiderman Franchise Movies August is bill. And Ted's face the music that I wanna go see the hit. Man's wife Audie. Guard that Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson. Kay how are they making a sequel to a movie. That wasn't that didn't make any money. Because Ryan Ryan Reynolds Nelson. I'M GONNA make this move and you're like okay. Yep It was hit at the box office. Okay Monster Hunter with Paul Anderson stripped a script with Mia Jovan each and Ron Perlman. I don't know what that has Ron Perlman. I like Ron Perlman Perlman. You peaked my curiosity. You're the conjuring the kings man another another king another Kim every movie yeah. It's a prequel equal to the kings. I started. Let's see where we October. Nothing exciting there snake. Eyes snake is does that make yeah that's a GI. Joe Movie I was just going to say is that. Gi Joe Thing Yup November we got the eternal and Godzilla vs Kong really they. Also I am a sucker for those movies. We do get a couple of big ones in December Godzilla. zillow movies man. I like him. We Got Denise Villain Waiver on the waiver making Dune in December. Oh really yes. Hi and one hundred percent in and listen. This cast all right Timothy Chaumet Josh Brolin Oscar Isaac Javier Bardem Jason Momoa Dave Bautisita in Zendaya are all eleven. Yeah do I wonder WHO's playing people. Yeah Yeah Yeah Dave Batista's like I don't know who they also making uncharted movie with Tom. Holland Mark Wahlberg like the Mark Albert. Joining us right into that. We've got coming to America with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall the remaking. The we talked about that a long long time ago that that's it that's all the crews to forget it. I like the Kurds not Douglas. Nope no star wars. Just one marvel movie he to Blackwood. What's your Sokolac Eternal? An eternal as right is that it may the internals. November November is this way is black. Widow may blackwood okay. I got to write something down. Real quick sorry all right. So that's it. No that's all of them. That's that's that's next year in movie things to look forward to What else you got during? I'm writing something down. I was going to get into what I was watching in real quick. I just remembered what I was watching so I wanted to write it down before I forgot. Ok write it down and start talking about it. Oh okay well it was a movie look into you. Do when you do what you're watching. We could talk about star wars again. Okay Yeah because we do have to go over that with you so I saw an HBO. They came out with is to new movies. One of them was held boy. One of them was detective Peach Piquionne. Okay Yeah Yeah and I watch both of them last night. I haven't seen how boy we talked about Dr Pitching show. Did you get a little bit. Don't waste your time withheld boy. Turns out you're right it's bad. I mean fucking horrible now I would not say it was horrible. I like What's that guy's name the actors great? Yeah David Harbour yes. I like gym is held boy. It's not quite the same as Ron Perlman Ron Perlman is hell buoyed. Maybe just because he was the first one to do it and I think he looks good and acts like I think he'll boy should act David Harbour did a good job but the movie just doesn't do well It doesn't flow very well. It's kind of weird. It's all over the place. It's it's very like sporadic and all over the place it it just was Do they portray him as a teenager. hell boy. Yeah no it could take some kind of is right. He's like younger. He's portrayed younger in like the books and they Kinda do that with Ron Perlman made sense now they they show like the beginning. Yeah of hell boy him being created in the thing you know into who he was but I didn't really take it as him being a teenager. He's he's kind of adolescent the spirit guide whatever her name name on the where she pukes out the ghost. Yeah if if that that could have went away could've done literally that you know. It sounds like a suicide squad moment now like hand them which I was learn and my kids are going to get better. It's going to get better and I wasted an hour and a half or two hours of my life. I'm like wow. There's some scenes just like with any movie. There's some cool scenes and I like some of the stuff. Oh boy does have a hard time holding stuff together anymore. It didn't it didn't hold it together. So yeah you don't. Nobody needs to watch that movie. It's on HBO Right now if you have. Hbo Hbo. You can watch it. But I'm so time limited so I don't Miss my precious time on it now. Don't detective Piquiachu was better than I expected to be. Yeah I thought it was a fun movie. I liked the premise. I would never watch it if you weren't going to watch it with your kids. So Graham saw last assigned was with Graham by myself. I surprised that he would WANNA watch it. He's really indigent. Anything animated basically real life stuff. He is not interested in. I think just notice he could chew and thought he knew he knows what that character is. Because the boys big pokey amount so I think he saw that and wanted to watch it. He fell asleep right away because he was super tired anyways and this was at nine o'clock and he fell asleep and I. It caught my attention and I started watching it. It's a good movie. I had no ending. Read any yeah. I haven't seen it so it has. I'm going to spoil it. Echo spoiler spoiler pretty good ending. Yeah I like I I enjoyed it. I mean I when I stopped the movie I was like. I'm glad I watch that. Yeah to be honest I mean it's nothing I would. I don't need to Rewatch it. No I probably will watch it. If my kids weren't into watching 'cause I know radio WANNA watch it once. I told Grady it's on on their. We'll watch it again but It was worth three watchable too. I've seen it several times caches. Watch have you ever like sit down and you you know I kinda just catch bits and pieces. Yeah I got you know. It's it's pretty good. I I liked the very opening because I guess I wasn't. I didn't think about it being in the pokemon world. I didn't think about them living with POKEMON. You know what I mean right. I knew nothing about the movie really. I never followed in to what it was about. I don't really know anything about POKEMON. I don't really need to and he but I liked the fact that right in the beginning he's like there's a pokemon out in this field. He's like you gotta go get it. He's like but remember. It needs to choose you too so he throws the ball in box it off its head and then it sucks up into the ball. He's like I got it. It worked and then it's like flashing orange. She's like soft flashing green vise flashing. Green is it supposed to Flash Green and then he tells them to run away he starts running it blows up and the thing comes out running after Hits them with a bone in the knee and I thought that was funny. That's pretty good. And then it runs away like laughing. I thought that was cool. Because I guess I didn't realize that it had to choose use U. Two and it can bust out of the ball because anything I've ever seen a pokemon. You just catch them in the ball. If you're not play pokemon go. They bust out of the ball. All the time noxious. No I've never ever played don't I don't want to don't care to. I don't know it used to be when cash was in preschool. Because there is a pokey stop at his daycare so we'd always go a little bit early so he could catch stuff the pokey stop and then I drop them off at Preschool. And then I'd get there a little bit early to pick him up and I would go go on the other side of the church and do the pokey stop and catch a couple of POKEMON and they come over to pick him up for him right. Yeah Hey cashed look doc. I'm playing this game. Four you cash no was interest super boring game no point to the game at all. Why did why why did it take the world by storm? Then I don't know I think it's one of those. Things hits the parts of the brain the reward centers of the brain. Yeah I guess catching things just like slot machines kind of those reward centers. Yeah anyway what else do you watch so I finished a little show called the witcher. Yeah you finished. It finished. Not Oh you haven't house. Did you finish it to holy did you. I'm on up until like four or five man. You're missing out. What happened to me? First of all the holidays I haven't watched anything and then like right when I was able to start watching coaching stuff again. I got Djeddai Fallen order which we'll talk about later. See and that's what I need to get to know. What do you mean no? We'll talk about it later. Okay well no I mean I love it. It's just like it's such a time suck. Yeah I'm ready for Type sock though what's something like that okay. Yeah so the witcher's the after four episodes I've seen or five I think five I'm just going to you. Learn T. O.. overvalue blame. ooh Yeah one of my favorite bands of all time. It's a really heavy metal. Like screaming band is called trivial. I'll listen to them. All the time their lead singer he's big on twitch and he's been remaking that song on because a lot of people thought he was the voice singing it 'cause it sounds very similar to him he's like no I didn't he's like but I'm going to remake it because I love that show and I love that game so oh he's been on twitch doing every part on his own and remaking it into like a metal song that's awesome. I spent literally thirty minutes today watching him sing. That song over over and over again is I mean if your which your fan anyway so when I first heard it I heard the same thing I I listened to it multiple when I first heard it I was like that's kind of Corny. You know but then when I heard him singing it then you know the songs now the why and my tie into the show like I just. I don't know but it's like it's such a post credits. Do you think it will catch up with the public. I don't I don't think so either. To be honest I don't and that's what I was very inside baseball so what I was going to get into is that it is a little bit it. It is a little bit sporadic to the way the show is a but you can't hold it down to one thing. There's a couple people that I've talked to. They title women that I've talked to. They learnt into watching anything like that and they've watched they love it it so it reminds me of like what you said where it feels like a game it does. It feels like a video game where you go from. Side quests to side quest to side quest and then meet up in the main quest and continue what what is it. It amazes me perfect. It amazes me that they could pull that off. It's an amazing show. It was sometimes. It was a a little aggravating because I was like you know what where does she play into this and why are they doing this. How's it all going to come together? It does it. Does it. Takes some time in the thick of it right now. It's extremely confusing. Jump all around. Well you don't realize they're jumping around time till about Bob Bob episode four or five. And you're like wait a second. Fuck this is like sixty years in the past. Yes that's the part I didn't like I didn't care for it and I don't like until it pays off towards you know until you start knowing what's going on towards the end but I don't know I freaking love Henry Cavill as giral. He's brilliant rolling. God I didn't know he was that good. It's Garold Garrelt. Then I say that. No I they say Gerald Gerald okay. I'm just trying to your no. I just didn't know he was capable of being that good at acting and the eighteenth I mean they are very well choreographed. It feels very real relate that to. Yeah Yeah I like yeah. She's a very nice one thing. I don't they definitely accelerator. Assets quite a bit the the Canada through some Racial people in there just because the game is predominantly white people base. Because it's in supposed to be in Polish type. Yeah because the guys Polish and wrote it so not a lot. I talked about this a couple of shows ago but this movie is based before the the game. It's it's based on books. The first two short story books. Yeah yeah which the like the witcher game like the witcher. Three I guess is his way after all of this happened. Yeah I just wanted to make sure you knew that. Because it's that's why a lot of people could say I've only played the witcher games and I think it has nothing to do with any of that because it technically doesn't. It's happening well before any of those happen so I had this big plan. I bought all the books on my phone three. Actually my I pay too big. They're all Polish castle. Do at least you know Slovak. Not Polish okay. No I got through the First Book and Fon Order came along and you lost Israel life just life in general happened at times game. Yeah I'm nowhere near as far as you are so finish. Finish the Richard. Oh yes I am done. That is my new priority is the only got like four more episodes. So because there's only eight right. Yeah yes us dig it predominantly like three more ABC's the last. Oh you finished five so think. I've finished five. I can't really remember. I'd have to go back and look. Have you seen a dragon. Five six six Nazi dragon which is better after the six one okay. The last two or phenomenal. Well I think all of the first ones are phenomenal. I've really enjoyed them. Greatly the wedding not the wedding feast. Yeah yeah with the Queen and that was four for back in time. No it's back in time. It is yes it is back in time. See that's the whole thing. It's all it's back in time because then all of a sudden you realize that that's Prequel. This is where there because it's like the girls gramma gramma but she's like the one thing that bothered me about this show about the only thing that bothered me about the show. Is that everybody. He's around so which look down upon. Obviously because they're kind of like freaks you know but all these random guys are just like can't wait till I could kill the witcher sure for I can kill the gray wolf really dude like you know what he's done like everybody's like Oh this great wolf or gray wolf guy like white wolf is the White Wolf Anyway. Whatever they call the Wolf Guy? Yeah but the mind so I think maybe there's periods of time whether they look down on them and then there's periods of time. He doesn't come famous after the wedding also sold before. He's a butcher advocate when she's not a bunch of black right he doesn't become very very very popular until after the wedding feast where he saves the Prince. Who but every person that has met him has shown of doing something spoiler? If you guys like the rest of the story big time no not at all it. Just like everybody knows of his like what he's been doing. And everybody's like man you've been in doing so many monster hunting crazy things and then there's always this one guy like man I could take him. No you cannot no you can't he who are like you literally just murdered six people in front of you and you're GONNA stand there up against Iraq like wait meant to take out the witcher it. You're shut up like that's not real. You're not going to go away anyway. Continue your you. You're Ooh I was looking at you now. Do you WanNa talk about something. Yes I do want to talk about something. I want to talk about the fact that the witcher has sixty percent critic score on rotten tomatoes. Are you you can I hate critic. It was like forty something percent like when it first came out. So that's improved A and B because honestly what could get it. The first episode was a little. Like what's this going to be. Your episode was pretty strong it was at the second half yes yes definitely anyway. Ninety three percent audience score that looks sense. Only sixty seven critic reviews fifteen thousand five hundred forty five audience score so if you like anything to do with like what. kind of swords and sorcery. Yeah yeah it's kind of like you'll like the willow. Caroline game of thrones you game of thrones and willow met is not because willows. Got Like Incest Mejia's yeah yeah. Like game of thrones e but like less political drama and less. Like less. Khaimah thrones is very. What do you call like a soap opera? Yes it is your witcher's Lhasa that yeah there's there's a little bit more like soap. Oh power forward and definitely more action forward. It's like Jerry that Chris has. The perfect guy is like playing video game. Where every episode is a aside psycho GEICO and you're watching the cut scenes? Yes exactly right. which is why the video games are so awesome? Yeah I think it was recently voted like number one which it is considered on a lot of lists as the greatest video game ever made. I agree with that. I mean I never played it all the way through. I played a lot of it. I never played it all the way through either just because I quit because started again though I've made a commitment. You don't have enough time in your life. I'm going to do it. I mean I get such a quit playing gwent because I stopped all that because I didn't have frigging time huge. I did every single game. I did everything everything except the gwent everything. And that's fucked up my life. No that's much my life my My hundred percent Finish because I I didn't get one card from the bloody baron which screwed me on that achievement. Which I'm Mike Achievement? Whore are you? I don't know you gotta get all the achievements. I get a lot of them. Yeah I know a lot of people I I'm not I'm just like let's get through this. I don't care about achievements but I do like. There's certain things I'd like to get everything like anything. Like character builds a character. Oh sure you know. I like to go to my way to find that stuff. I don't care about like the xbox achievements. Yeah but like for example Arkham Games like I let him get the river trophies. The ridler isn't even get all the achievements. There's so many achievements like they have achieved achievements. Sometimes for the stupidest people do. Sometimes you'll look at a painting and it'd be like painting painting achievement satisfied. Did you get the in fall in order for throwing people off cliffs. Oh we have should have. Because that's all you do people a lot of people off cliffs dude. Yeah it's way easier that way turns out we stand by a lot of cliffs for some reason. There's clips everywhere. That game is everywhere. Might as well call it. Djeddai cliffs cliffhanger that I it might as well be called. That is what the that's kind of. Thank Jed eye cliffhanger. That's tapped description so for me you and finish the no. I'm like right there. I didn't even know what's going to happen. I'm already passed the point where I know exactly what's going to happen. So can we spoil another show won't know spy show oil witcher so no but we have a show to spoil. It'll be heaven. Will the last episode of SNARF talk we have not seen the last two episodes of the Laurean Mando and now we have finished. The season is over. We must talk eating British axe. Everything I can't foreign none of them are British for they all have British accents. It's really a bunch of them. Do who who did maybe Canadian Nick McNulty of a British exit brokered. They're like another cigarette guys. We need to find Nick Nolte on a Saturday night have have him record bellied up. EJ cars go get by class. Get Nick Nolte get them real fucked up. Let's have him record this show. No Yeah Yeah okay well Spoilers ahead you guys have had like two or three weeks though so there's plenty of times and so in the vein of the witcher. Sure where I think some people are going to miss it. It's not for everybody and everybody's watching them and Warren. Everybody is and he pulled that I know for a fact do not even like star wars just are loving the Mandala really. Wow so I just WANNA learn new fans in. I saw a report today that Disney pluses losing subscribers out the Wazoo because main delorean's over to be honest there. Don't there's nothing out. They should have had so much in the pipe to start releasing releasing like at episode six or seven of the main delorean before it was over there are you show on shingles. They need something. I don't know underhand underhand like the way that Netflix does it. It's nonstop hitting you with new content that you have to do that because then you'll lose subscribers until a new show comes is out if you want people to stay on your APP and watch the Shit. That's on that they thought it was going to have the whole back catalogue of Disney property built in. But then that'll keep a Lotta people they will but there's a lot of people you know you hear it. Online people are like. Oh everybody's GonNa drop it you know that's not true not everybody's GonNa drop. They're going to lose some but first of all not everybody but a lot of people have asked so I did. I got a year for free. Yeah they don't they don't care they're not not in that mode right now. They're in the weirdest see how many subscribers get over five year period. Yeah absolutely their metric isn't the first year or that's for for six months and they're going to have so many subscribers I mean they have long. It's completely irrelevant. Because Ereli got ten. They they probably got at this point they probably already have twenty or thirty million subscribers. Oh I guarantee you even after discount. How they've been losing millions and the last week? What do you mean? Losing millions. People are canceling their subscription but millions. Who cares it's irrelevant irrelevant? It's a`relevant to them. I mean I don't know irrelevant irrelevant. You're seeing elephant. It doesn't matter though. This is not the game. They're playing now. It's a long billions of dollars. They really don't give and they have one or or to a pieces of original content. Honestly how much do you think the Laurien cost them to make. Because I guarantee you did not cost him then. He got regard nicely. Show I ah. It's not like it's it. Looks like it's super expensive. So what is their original content mandatory Jeff Bogu experience which I can get past the first time. That's a rough watch. I never never never even got I. I tried to go back to it the other day looking at sneakers. There's a fucking show it gets because that's one of the better episodes in episode. Oh God it's rough. I went back the other day. And I'm like okay. I'm going to watch the video game. He's just so awkward with the people that he's trying to talk to. There's this one on barbecue. When he goes down south these pitmasters and he walks up to them and they're like out in the woods barbecuing drinking beer and something and just like standing around? All of them goes up. Have you guys ever go no. He goes owner. Because you guys Ever seen deliberates. It's feel like I'm in deliverance. Right now I'm like that's really awkward. Yeah you've been kept in a bubble really just called all hillbillies is that yeah but anyway and he was joking clearly but still for sure. Come off like it's not funny but anyway I think he's funny and not that instrument show anyway to your question. There's mandatory that. There's that no well Christmas show on for with Kristen Bell. I don't know the nursing home. I've never watched it. But I keep seeing papa up documentaries but that's about it not much. They should be launching at Marvel. Show right now. Yeah in percents. They should've had falcon and and once they do. Once they do. They're going to have shows are twenty one. It's not so thank you. Obi Wan Slater for twenty twenty two. How the guy got a long ways to go something casts casting indoor? You are cassie door on door and and or and or de looks pretty cool. I mean oh I'm in for that for with that. Big Rogue one you'll like Janai fallen order just really. Yeah men learning right so we're talking about mandatory So last really enjoyed the last two episodes. I specifically enjoyed the last episode which absolutely was full of drama intention attention and Easter and every Easter eggs and everything that you want about star wars and just continually. Don't get right and this gave it to a big time. And I I like the whole scene owes standoff. I like being caught and thinking like it's it's over. I loved how Mando gets like injured. And then the robot or like the joy that he's talking to he's so great golly they're talking to each other and he's like I've never taken my helmet off in front of a human like a living being before and he's like I'm not a living being a living based that's not right. Yeah and then he just takes his helmet off and it's takeaway directed the last episode really. Yeah that was a little odd that moment. We didn't look quite right right. Well I think you Amanda Laurean why I never understood that like what do you think that. He didn't look odd. How would you look after wearing wearing a helmet forever? So so I I mean so. I was surprised but by that ending with with AH I g comic book if you read it that particular droid model will sit in the in. The depths are off the side for years to collect knocked his prey so I really thought that he was one that killed Nick Nolte. Oh yeah yeah so. That's where I thought they were going and he was going to betray him. He was gonNA steal. Because you don't know where I figured out what was the hand what joy was come. Yeah Yeah I although I didn't I knew I thought he was troopers. It you find out that he's a nurse droid before any of that ever happens and then he disappears and then they get hold. Stay on the ship. Yeah they get trapped and then He. I didn't see him coming back to rescue baby yoga. Yeah I didn't see him doing that. I really really thought that he's the one that killed. What did you think of a very controversial Jason? Today I wash it last night. What was Larry? What was controversial about uh-huh people didn't like the fact that that they were portraying the stormtroopers like with a sense of humor that much humanity to them? I guess Whoa also great because they sit there. They're shooting at a can inhibit didn't like it poking fun at the Old Star Wars stews precious at Star stormtroopers. It's great I thought. So there I if they were really like kind of odd guy. Who's in the army? They AH THEY SHOULD BE. They should kill the heroes of these movies. Lions why is it off okay. First of all this is when when this movie takes place post just revenge return during the five years okay. So we're still in clone stormtroopers right now. Not necessarily. How do you know I know that? Because starch overs were phased out directly after The they're phased out except for darth vader's Five oh I directly after the last battle so as soon as he ever took over their office doubt. I don't know if that's true. It is okay so there have no idea recruiter stormtroopers at that point. They're all they're all phased out give. Who are the stormtroopers on there are? There are people bill that have been taken over just like fin out there. They're not kids they're out throw recruits. They're all people signed up stormtroopers. Come on look it up. Compete okay anyway. Because that's this Bertie. I always didn't like is that I didn't give in cartoons are clones clones. Are there bad asked warriors. Yeah right there like the best of the best fighting force your Jingo fat and then it turns and then they're stormtroopers and then they're you know desirable. Oh Com stormtroopers the the problem no because they stormed area and they just they just keep stormy these keep sending thousands and they're and they're they're cannon fodder Bader is what they are. Yeah troopers the purge troopers in the death troopers. They're they're a little higher quality. I agree anyway I yeah that's true. I thought it was funny and I spent the entire time listening. I'm like who his that. I'd like Jason. Today Kiss Yeah I. I couldn't figure figured out so after the next morning I heard Hawaii's back in Washington last night. I figured it out because this is Larry at the realize when he's doing he's like no they didn't likened punching the baby. That was hilarious. Shut up. I thought that was pretty good. Honestly I thought it was funny and the other stormtroopers stormtroopers like you've just punched at times. How do we know it's not dead at? What was the other stormtrooper they? I saw an article that Said who both of them were. But the other guy wasn't it's that The nerdy guy with the FRO black. He's a black guy fro glasses. He's like a nerd. Oh like the British Guy yes well. That's not the IT. Joe Yep okay I like the guy. Yeah that guy's yellow one okay the rest of the episode was great. I loved a breaking bad dudes character. He's great off my guess. I I like the payoff with which we all know. It was coming a baby. Yoda doing some sort of force. Something any blocks locks a whole flame thrower guy coming in the door. He just keeps the flame away. I thought that was really cool. And like you. You really like a connection with eight. and Z sacrifices advises himself. Absolutely like what the fuck. Why do I have to give a shit about this guy exactly? It reminded me terminator two honestly because he gets down into the lava and he's like melting away. I wish he would have just given a thumbs up as he was like dying. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger does like. That's what it felt like to me and I'm like I I don't need you to have a connection to you at all. That's considered a very popular movie in in pop culture. I know I'm surprised that they didn't tie tie that part into into and do a thumbs up because they should've I would else. I mean the seven Samurai in the bag the ugly all this stuff that we talked about before with this particular. But the only the reason you couldn't do that is because he blew up because he was blowing up so took if melted away into the the magma. Yeah they get confused as why you need a lava boat. I don't know when they have anti-gravitational devices. Right well then Chris I mean I mean they have them all over happy everywhere everything. They have hover bikes. Yeah they have everything thing. So why do they need a boat that literally goes in the lava and has a droid with a gigantic obviously like idol. Yeah like the the river sticks. Yeah like a Gondola Gondolo. Yes I don't know I thought the same thing in Raisa skywalker. Because when they were in the desert on the desert planet they were like a ray and Finn and all them are riding. anti-gravitational like speeders and the stormtroopers that were following willing had a track on the back in the sand and the Mike no possible way that can be as fast as something hovering driving a will no friction action whatsoever going through just besides air but you're going to paddle through sand and catch them and then like stop and flip a stormtrooper off off. I don't know I didn't agree with that either. Same thing with a volcano boat other than it was cool looking I guess on the giant. Rtd to huge radio astronomic. Yes and Astra Mak which was pretty cool that he like got really big in mandatory anyway. Yeah and then it leaves off on it like a killer. What do you call it any cliffhanger ending cliffhanger ending where he cuts out cliffhanger suffering? Well Yeah you're right not a cliffhanger because the stories wrapped up nicely. It's just a teaser. Going forward the villain lives. Yeah spoilers. He's got the dark sabre from Gideon comes out cuts himself out of his tie fighter interceptor. Whatever it is this with the dark sabre yes which is a storied? Manda Laurean Gripen cracked which it wasn't actually originally Mandal Orion right yet. No it was mandatory and he was created by Cray by mandatory. Who's the only Jeddah not not tarf Yar visible sorry founder House villa? Yeah who gets accepted in the manual. That was his Djeddai. I weapons weapons. And when he passes degen I keep it because of a such an original weapon and during the wars day go in and steal it from the jed had I halls and bring back mandatory and then it becomes a symbol of the mandatory and leadership and it becomes falls in the hands of the death. Watch the keyword. There is the symbol of demand delorean leadership. But it's always been part of House Visa Viz law. Yes so anybody that's held held has been part of House of his love. The well it gets taken by data watch which is still part of House visa. Yes but no it is. There's there's part of it before the leader. The leader is visit from house visible. But he is the governor of Ken Cord. Don which is a moon commander. I remember how come I remember the show. It's pretty it's pretty amazing anyway. So eventually though doesn't when eventually darth Maul darth over death Wa kills the mandatory leader takes over the and he wields he actually rules manual or for a while. Yeah Yeah with the dark sabre and yes another Lightsaber Obi Wan I read about this then obey won't kick spoilers. All of this was spoilers. If you haven't seen the clone wars which I'm rewatching now here's the deal. This is why I have so at this backup. That's another thing coming on Disney pluses another season. Another season of I read. It's might be the best star wars thing. The lost the season because they they already had made Dave Sloan. You're headed done and ship. Had it wrote how many seasons are there of clothiers seven six or so like twenty some episodes each. There's that's the problem I've had is that they're all like twenty minutes. Yeah they're really short. Oh they are. You're twenty two air on TV so there half an hour ten minutes commercial break so if you're streaming that they're like twenty dollars so you can choose your some. Oh yeah episode. You could lay in bed before going to bed. You can chew through four five it gets it gets repetitive. It does like a little bit. There's some key episodes need to watch but most of Ah I mean here's the deal all right it's not all advancing the greater story line. There's lots of individual episodes that are what these but the overall needs to be. I mean they definitely pick up on the overarching storyline. Later on in the run. And you'll start to get more and more that are more specifically focused on moving moving story. Ford that's where they change when they went to Star Wars rebels rubbed a really really really focused on moving an entire narrative. Forward right worse is like like it's more you know. Clone wars. I think was made for all audiences so it was made for something that me and you could enjoy but it was also made for some kids could watch right like as a Saturday morning cartoon. Although it wasn't a Saturday more I mean it was a little more serious than that but still i. I think we're we're rebels. Separated itself was definitely. I mean while it was still considered probably an older kids show it was definitely more definitely. PG thirteen yeah. It was it was more with an adult audience in mind whereas the new one stars resistance is definitely with a younger audience but she can you get a lot more out of rebels than you would watching clone wars. I disagree disagree completely. Yeah you've always told much of the I mean I love both of them for different different reasons but no I mean clone wars. Choose through way more story. I think everything with Hennequin you get everything with the Soka. Ohka you get everything with Darth Maul. Basically I mean I know. They all make appearances in a second. When you get tons of Obi Wan stuff you get a lot of iota? Hey clone wars. I mean it's great. That's what you've always told me. That closed doors walls rebels but I started rebels. I I've watched the first like eight eight episodes of rebels so I I think it's better than rebels yell at ton Mardi go. I know that's all said I. I've got a lot more to go but I don't think it's better than rebels. They're just different. Yeah it's one is like a more familiar star. Wars Universe and rebels is like Oh this is all new is completely really different. Because it's original demand Laurien is original. I like the original story clone. Wars was there like rogue one. I agree in clone wars there to bridge the gap between stars clone wars and revenge of the seth rebels. You definitely the funeral like Oh and rogue one two in that same van all we can do all these different things because this franchise. There's A. There's a lot like there's there's what is it they're seventeen eighteen years passes between Revenge is a settlement in a new hope. I mean it's that's a law that was like twenty. I I think luke soulsby seventeen or eighteen in nineteen I think he. He's young. He's yard so twenty years that passed between two ever take yeah so okay So we like the mandatory. Everybody likes that. Dr Taber is going to be huge the next season. That's I think that's going to be a key part of the next two seasons and I just can't say enough about the frigging score the show. Oh man like the music is just so great and at the perfect times. It's just like the perfect thing is happening. And then you hear like don't don't Yeah it's yeah and there's so much it gets you really fired up and there's a western feel to it what they wanted. I mean that's I commented on guys post that I was in the army with this was like after six episodes. Were already out. And he's like. I'm so surprised nobody's talking about how this is just a spaghetti western in space cabinet on and I was like everybody understands this like we. This is the way it was already take care. Everyone said that this is what's going to happen. Like if they they based the series off Spaghetti Westerns. Yeah Yeah it was not. I told him when I was like this was never hidden like this was what it was going to be. You know he was like nobody's commenting on. How many troops? It's going over with the with the WESTERNS. And then he said something about Samurai stuff. I was like yes. That's exactly what to say. Well I feel like what they wanted with Joe and signed with the cartoons. I just feel like they're going to move forward with star wars movies. Just nobody needs to be touching the mother than John Farrell. Yeah just nobody needs to be messing with. Yeah and they need and when I was going to bring this up last time and we never got around to it they need to move on from Kathleen. Kennedy I agree further big picture stuff. Just give everything John Kennedy no or give it to or give it to to they say or or give it to slowly now no give it to Kevin you you base your yes I would say Kevin Feige or he can't do every single show but that is put out between marvel marvel anymore. You just give these are doing it. He's doing star wars. I mean he's signed up. Who Kevin he is? Yes we talked about it on the PODCASTS. Several Times Kevin Smith. I don't buy oh I have no old memory where we are jumping on here. Super Confusing Kevin Feige. The mastermind of the Marvel Universe is now working on star wars. That is a fact act so I got a question. Probably brought it up. Started at all IRONMAN BOB low. I can't file above. You know I definitely think it was Kevin. Fight you from the beginning well. I shouldn't say that I think Jon favreau started it with Iron A.. And then after they did that movie. They're like get some going on here. Yes I think Kevin Feige still produce that movie though iron man I think so. Let's find out. I guess I don't I don't know for sure I mean he's a producer. I mean he's not a yeah. I get it. But he is the overarching mastermind of what happened. And that's widely known. He said Eh where this was going to the script. Yeah he outlined I should say. Isn't that unbelievable. I I find that completely unbelievable that one mind. I don't think he did IRONMAN. But Oh yeah film Ironman Ironman. He produced it. He produced all of them. Okay Schloss is that dude. I remember seeing that movie theaters and I was like the only person there other data have. Well yeah at the time. Nobody you cared about it. I know I did. You are everyone Chris. I hate to break it to you but nobody got reliable movie. Well Yeah but most we've encountered people junior. How do they get him away? He just got her prison. Most people even comic book people were like Iron Man really like like you're doing this. See I loved Ironman from a couple things. A bunch of the video games marvel ultimate alliance. Video Games I liked him in that and then from the comics. Obviously like I was a big fan of the civil war run in the mid. Two thousands was a huge part of that. Obviously so of course. Yeah no I mean and there was an iron man movie animated before that I think of that aware of it. You made it up anyway so yeah. I just can't believe we have to wait till October other EAP. I'm just glad so. Glad they didn't drop it all all in one shot me too I am too. It made it a lot better. I I've been such a proponent of like give me all at once enjoyed it so much but but hanging over it across the board. I'm angry I I like the weekly saw because it gives me something to look forward to and you don't win at all super fast by being a good which ought the new and you hold subscribers. Yeah Yeah you hold subscribers to see everything else you you're not meant to consume entertainment. It takes somebody years to to make like an innate but people are watching. No you've done it. Oh for sure. I've done all of us but I do but I agree like eight hours. You can watch everything somebody has put together that took longer than big budget motion. Picture the movies right. It took them four times longer to put this all together and create. Because it's an eight hour moon then you're just burnt through it while you're sitting on your couch like a lot to do. ooh eating cheetos naked in a beanbag. Yeah and just scoop cottage cheese out of a bucket. Yeah like that's what we do. That's America's Eh Frito Schizophrenia. Eat Rochester that yeah that would be good Saracho cottage cheese with FRITO. Maybe a little bit of dill pickle relish. I remember I came home one night. I love that came. Aim One eight after a bender after being a mom and dad's house and they had this big tub cottage cheese. Remember taking the TUB out. Eight in the whole thing with with saltine crackers occurs in and getting sick as hell and you had a month later when he pooped. But if you're if you're that loaded with alcohol the hammer or an when you eat a whole cohort of cottage cheese. You are going to get sicker than shit. You're not you're probably GonNa not put that Shit in my hair. We're having high rug all over my hair. That does you don't have hair. It doesn't make sense for you. You don't have hair. Yeah you eat it. Yeah it's not conditioner good. Take us for some reason. Ah like literally picture you sitting here looking at you. Hand pulls just switches cheeseburger. uh-huh that's GonNa be the next character that we have drawn. Is You smash and cottage cheese on your no. I still pick take the picture of dude beanbag chair eat entire telecom fees with salting. It is pretty good. He said he was making to be make the just position. The cottage cheese thing right right in the censored version sold out. Your guys is picture. You love picture a love picture. We're not in love in the picture. No well we're getting love Ono. No no with the puck with the podcast in love with each other and their pictures you are. I mean if you look at what the go the goats looking at us like yeah. Yeah I mean I mean I'm in love with the sound of my voice in the picture that's what the love is right. That's right I love his. The represents the love of our fans I think so have the love we have for our fans loves that we share in common for James Cameron. Yeah Yeah Director. I did do the whole. Titanic thought it was Billy Zane here. We were nude we. We got that drawn before we met. Billy Zane we did so. We had quite a crowd. Ron Jerry were quite toxic and causing quite the scene. Jean what is seen not bad. We were like we had like fan. Very funny we have fans here. We had more stopping just to like we had like a little bit of A. What do we call it like a schedule going? You're right we did. That was something that was something and that's not the picture we the expected to get back. No we specifically told them we didn't want to have really too much idea what what it was right and what we got back for like this is the greatest thing in the world. Uh the next day when we looked at it could have been a little bit right away well at first we're like holy cow like you do this really well then. We walked around a bit and kept looking at it. Like took a little bit different like avenue. I was hoping for some we. We can hang on the wall over. PODCAST hanging this up in my office. No you specifically said that and you're like you can keep this and Berry it's so it's been been in my office in my office. Well that's much better. It's a much better drying it gets quite the attendants over joker right. It's awesome wait. The other day pass listener and sponsor of the show. David seen top up show picks sent us a video club of his daughter sayings breath. Yeah something really. He said so the difference between me and you do you know what the differences between me and you and then she said. I'm not wearing hockey pads. He says he's just the video of his three-year-old. Yeah and he says. Do you know what the difference between me and you is it does. I'm not wearing hockey pat. That's it's really good and she knew it right away. I'm sure she was prompted but either way it was phenomenal. Where are we talking about? Oh well originally. It was mandatory so we finished that everybody should be watching it. If you haven't washed ashamed. Get on Disney plus and check it out where we have for timing. We are at an hour. forty-one Dude Dude. What are you watching? WPRO darkest matters his dark materials. fucking far you in. I got one episode of go and it's very PG thirteen issue. I really really disappointed in it really. I mean it's got a good story but it's like it's definitely was. It's like a kid that was made for young adults and kids and it takes a dark turn towards the end of the last two or three months. I actually wanted to finish tonight and then I'm coming Leslie. I don't think I'm GonNa Watch it. No it's not I enjoyed it enjoyed it. I mean I don't dislike it but saying something. It's not a must see though so my next I. I actually postponed the third season of peaky blinders to watch this one. You shouldn't have. I know because I'm really disappointed. You need we get into now. I can't get him to overturn. I've tried I tried. I tried to watch it. I can't I I can't get into it Jerry. I don't know what's wrong with them. I don't know either. I really feel. It's so good. Is that the acting so good. What's that guy's name to shoot so good? We can't remember his name. Thomas Shelby what is his actual. It's Cillian Murphy. Who Played Ukraine from the original regional? Dark Knight Trilogy. Yeah scarecrow. But he's been in so many other things that he's awesome. He says incredible actor his brother. Arthur shelby shelby. Maybe but I don't know his name in real life an incredible actor and then when Who's the guy that played Bain? Tom Hart Party when Tom Hardy. Solomon's Solomon Grundy's no. I was GONNA say Monday. I didn't have have you seen him yet. Yes so he gets more prominent died Tuesday as the ones they buried. It was Eh born on a Monday. Just go out on Tuesday buried data lead stay right and something happened on Thursday right and then a Friday Saturday Sunday something anyway when when he gets more prominent the show just like. It's unbelievable. The most recent season I would say isn't quite up to snuff as the rest but the ending they tie the beginning and the end together so well that it's worth it like the whole all things worth it because it ends differently than the rest of the seasons. I will say because then coming into the next season's going to be like completely different different. It's just GonNa be completely different. I think and it's it's such a good show. It's a little bit one note. Yeah because it's like the same shit all all the the time but it's so it's just so good it took me. It took me almost a year to watch it though so I watched the first two seasons right away and then it took me like a year to get back into it and then I watched the third season and then after I watch the third season it took a year before they even put out the next season so it it was a long process for me to watch it. But Gosh I'm so glad I did so by Star P blinders back up tomorrow night but you said once you the fourth season the season dude the fourth season where it's at I really WanNa watch the watchman you haven't seen any of you should do that. I should do my next one. Yeah you should I tell you finish. We haven't talked about yet. Oh Yeah Oh yeah we talked about Mando. What what else I watch them? So we need your review of Star Wars Yeah I'm sure you guys spoilers. Lots of spoilers. If you haven't seen it go see it The beginning's a little slow from from what I remember The ending is great She's Appel patine which I did not see coming. I and I think they were looking to have the luke. I am your father type of a response right. I think you're right. Everyone everyone it makes sense. I think you're right. I never thought of it that way. I think you know everybody went man. Why you certainly did? It makes no sense it it so I don't think it does either looking looking further into it. I read some interviews with the writer and and also with J.J. Abrams because he co wrote with another guy they picked some random dude. It was like the guy who didn't know the guy who did like Justice League that's who they got to rate like you. While the original Justice League looked a lot. Zack Snyder's looked it's a lot different than the one they got. I don't know I wouldn't -bility Auger Chris -Tario okay go out and I'll finance so that you know that that's that's cool but it wrapped everything up awesomely because they put some things in the universe that weren't there yet like training princess layout I like that. It was hoped that whole because everybody the twins are supposed to be incredibly powerful and they were in in Laya chose not to pursue life. I like that a lot loved it loved and then her dog thing like her lightsaber come out of north. Oh it did she. I mean I guess he didn't pursue it. Yeah no she. Didn't I mean yeah. She accepted the fact that she was. She was a jet. But she didn't pursues Jedi staff. She was the general before she was agenda. She yeah okay before we get into that because the poverty thing I want to get back to that yeah because first first of all the guy that wrote that also wrote for Superman and Justice League But he also wrote Argo. This is really good. I thought That'll alright co wrote all these. Anyway I don't think it's necessary to the plot on the movie or I think it's actually a detriment to raise story overall. Well L. D. Hey. Jj had to do something from the last Jedi. I because I think who's act. Who is the director of Ryan? Johnson was tall but according to the pot of that movie. According we talked about the last episode Chris had said that. Jj came out and said I was involved with all of the last Jedi. Yeah and what what was going on with it like remember. He wasn't supposed to direct this movie. They originally had three different directors blessed I really think they probably. Jj Back in two short up after the failure in the fans writing up against it was the highest rated critical rated star wars movie of all time. What last yeah? Yeah well of all the new ones clinically rated critically rated critically good and it was like ninety five percent rotten tomatoes. Bullshit Shit yes it is. It's hi now. The Fan score was low. Critics rating movie was all over the place. How could it was? It had a lot of plot the problems but it also had a lot of J. W. Bullshit. Yeah the the one thing I really wish they would have brought back was the boy at the end. Asha with the rebel alliance ring or call it using the force okay. So here's the two things I was going to get to the Palestinian thing i. Jj Jay was asked specifically when a big talking point since the movie why you gotTa make her a palpitation. Jj thought was and it makes sense after you hear to go and and it makes you also ate like makes you also think about it less of a critical fan and more of like somebody's got to actually make these movies and JJ is like well this whole franchise from the beginning to this end. This whole span of nine movies is about Skywalker and palpitations. And so I wanted to end. It was Skywalker and palpitations. And you go like yeah okay makes sense. I mean I guess that makes sense but I mean you don't need to do it that way it's overly as simplistic and then with the force could he. He brings that up too because it was drug we talked about to any basically says what we were going for was to continue that yeah thread with thin being obviously forced sensitive and somebody else being forced sensitive and he goes obviously we. Maybe we didn't emphasize it enough to get our point across. But he said you know Luke skywalker says specifically. The force is strong with our family. So you need to understand that the force is stronger with all of these people that we've been following the PAO teens right in the sky. Walkers is stronger stronger with these people than necessarily with other people and that's why we're following them but yes I think it's a bit of a misstep there but in but like I said when they said she helped that makes sense because they talk about many times historic universe. You know whether it's great light. There's Great Nardi awesome great darkness. There's always good like that's the thing about the force. There's always a balance there. There's always a balance where we're there. That's why she's she's a pelvis she go either way and they're hoping politics hoping for her to go to the dark side and she didn't. which was I thought? That's how they turned. Ben Sold back to the light side was of really good way. I denied see Harrison. Ford come back because he said he was layer that turn it back correct. I mean essentially really it was either implanted. That memory to him or he himself. It doesn't matter. Harrison Ford came back as a hassle which he said he would never do in a million years. Ya at which data I loved The second half I love their minute of it and now there's also some Easter eggs in the second half. I think they bought Dade head pictures of Darth Malik which is from nights the republic. No Statue of him. And there's another Lord I didn't catch. I didn't catch that at all. I didn't catch. Did you catch some of the Easter eggs in the voices of four center. Yes they do a so Catano a saga. which is that scares me? Because I was specifically asked somebody asked and they didn't they didn't necessarily think think about it ahead of time I believe is what they were saying but they were saying basically no that doesn't necessarily mean she's dead which is awesome. I love how brought every jet anybody who pretended par traded jet. I pretty much in that universe. Now I I didn't know Canaan Garrison Erin. I don't think so he. I don't remember. I don't think that he was no he wasn't I don't think he was. I enjoyed the second half a lot more than the first half. Now you to back and are- watched it. Yes what do you think I loved it. I liked it a lot more of the second time I watched it. Yeah I thought the first of all you worry less about all the little bullshit. Yeah you do points bothered you the first time absolutely the The eastern not these. The macguffin chases the national treasure national treasures point. Be Plot point that that's not even the slightest didn't bother me a second. The second time I watched. No it really didn't at all. It was actually kind of Nice. Yes because she just kind of you know like bounty Hunter Girl didn't bother me at all. I actually caught a lot a lot of stuff. I missed the first time that explained a lot of stuff looking for when they went to college. Isn't kitschy or where they where they find the bounty hunter girl that wants to kill. I think it's just could but anyway Kevin Smith is an actor in that our own that part he got to play one a guy that was being led by stormtrooper Being let off by stormtrooper. But he's got he's hooded and you can't see his face So he played a role in the movie and he put a big post up about being part of the Star Wars universe. Now you know like not just voice over but being a physical right portrayal. I didn't catch it though. He put up a still image of his like frame. Basically and I never I was looking looking looking at in catch it. I thought a couple of times. Maybe that was the one but he must be in there so so fast that really odd to get her Keri Russell. Kurt Russell's I think she never see your face really. Yeah I find it it really odd to get Keri Russell in a role that you never see your face that they're obviously gonNA take more than character. I think so I think they should story is what it really does. The bond hundred character the reds old hellman borrower that. Yeah Yeah I liked her. Yes I did the to do to. You'RE GONNA get the backstory between her and Paul. How Somewhere you know. Listen I'm sorry the thing I liked about it was at the and How they buried disguised as light sabers in ended that I attended was very nice? Then I'll show had a yellow sabre those so I explained that to amy amy at the end buried it and then she turned me. She's like why is she doing that. Like what's the deal. That was like listen. This is the end of that era. ARLY cannot around that and what he means the end like. It's the end of that era. You can't either. You keep those little. It's not it is is the end of that era of the palpitations skywalk. Yeah except she's a skywalker now. She's not she's says she is. She's not she's a penalty. Well Yeah I suggest that doesn't help anything. You okay. So she's not both well but it's it's the skywalker Saga not the pulpits and it continues. It continues her story does skywalker. Don't I duNno I duNno I all this guy. Walkers are done I guarantee you. You might see luke camelback is Marcie. Campbell Mark Hamill Awesome Luke skywalker. He'll be BASCO mark skywalker Luke back. But it'll be in the capacity of like a voice voice or a force ghost right away and all skywalker are dead at this point. Why don't they just do so Caetano all they need they will? I think it's coming. They absolutely will. We have so how much more time in our lives and in Disneyworld. All of this shit is going to happen. There is nothing that won't happen that we're talking about right now. I I guarantee you and the next by the in thirty years I think two things happen with the fans not liking the last year I that much and I think Disney really do. We need to take this step. This one's also very divisive much higher fan score. Yes but in the letter better really no. I don't think online thinking about it more. I need to see the second time. It's in the same vein as drag you Jerry. I think with Disney plus. I think they have a lot more avenues. Instead of having a blockbuster movie every single year to fans have to go to the movie theater I think with the mandatory paying hang off like it is that they can prove we can have a TV show. Like game of thrones like anything else star. Wars is better on the small screen. I do too but they make two billion every time they make a movie I duNno was Rogun was so strong I think it they need to just do it more indie style. Originally I guess people I want stuff like rules. I mean skywalker. Saga is Great. I'm glad it's over. I mean I'm all right with it. Honestly like I. I'm honestly honestly. In retrospect now that they've made these three movies it had which they wouldn't have done it that way I wish they wouldn't have brought back Luo Han and lay. I wish it were brought back. Luke skywalker I I. I would have been happy moving the whole story into a new forward direction and not having any of this. I needed Luke skywalker closure did you. Hey turn of the jet. I is the ultimate closure. I wanted leave Skywalker with his green light. Saber hacking people up that I needed or wanted like you. I completely agree with you dude. Because from the books that I've read about him continuing his like becoming a Jedi master and doing doing what he did and training people like. I wanted to see him be the best of the best throughout at least one movie showing his capability ability and then and then we could see as decline. You know but I didn't want to see I didn't want to see him. Be a bomb on an island throwing throwing a lightsaber away. Drink and tit milk off a student of so sources war. A goose scammell. I don't know what else you'd call it. Where do you get goose Kennel along? I mean they could do that. It'd be great to do in a series stories are an animated series. I hope they do for nanometer movie. Why don't they make animated movies? They should make an animated movie with with Marquette Voice. Because you can't really act anymore back then boy well I could take it back because they seventies joker joker generation Russian. That completely agree but he's can't take corvette summer. You're seeing it no you know. He's really good at Cock knocker. I don't James Strike back. I didn't really realize when they ever seen Jane Silence. Okay I didn't really realize that when they were making this new trilogy at the the very beginning I know they teased it with Han chewy. That was a big thing but I didn't know that that was the main focus of this and I think it needed to be. I don't think so he really. They thought he was going to play a lot. More instrumental part in the last Jedi. I mean he was horrified by what the he doesn't he didn't do them justice he doesn't like it he's never he's came out and expressed concern but he's never really said like I freaking hate these movies but he does he he does. They did him don't they. They done did him dirty dirty and they may lay of the hero of the entire side. All I mean it's Today's Day and age though. I really wish they would have done like I said. Just Luke skywalker packing pizza. How annoying is it like that? The number one headline that this is getting like all over his all about how people are pissed off because they clearly made Finn and Po in love with each other but Disney's is too chicken to make them gay. That's like a big thing going on. No Man that's no that's like there's headlines all over specifically searched the roster. Bring up billy Dee Williams and Harrison first of all. I think it's ridiculous. Because he's clearly hitting on that chick the whole entire movie. Well him and rose have of like. I think it's more of a disservice that they did. The two rows gave her treatment terrible. That's her explanation. Terrible Yep Yep a jar jar treatment think fin loves ray. I do yes absolutely absolutely what he was trying to now how they said it wasn't Jay. Jay said he was trying to tell her that he was forced sensitive. I said that I said from the beginning. Oh that's JJ says. I Guess Asoka would. We came out of the movie and we all agree on something. If we're moving forward star wars can we move on from. Jj of course just just like let's leave that. Let the past die the kill it if you must. This wasn't this wasn't the needed. I like how you did it I did. It was good. Wasn't the trilogy I needed. And I liked. I enjoyed aspects of it and it was fun and they were fun to watch. Listen so this is what we have and I love it for what it is. I agree and I'm glad Agai main but I don't care I'll watch them all again multiple times six years talk to them. Mm to the kids about it. You know of movies or seven years of movies and you know we live in a post marvel world now and we need more. Yeah I agree. I don't think a star I don't think star wars can be a marvel movie though. I don't think the style is the same. I don't think it needs to be just like you. Look at it and you go like the mandatory and you got rogue one get the clone wars again. I completely get that super successful books. Three a New York Times bestsellers. Well and you're like come on guys remember when Disney de took all the really kick ass books that I read as a kid and what not all of them I mean Gene Timothy Zahn came back with a whole new series of books. On like I said there's a there's a new throng coming out. It's already out. There's there's a there's like three of them out there is the new what's it called throng and then there's two more sequels to it. That are already out pretty. Sure there's also aired of the Jeddah which is Luke Skywalker Skywalker from a new hope to the empire strikes back. What how he's training himself because he he has nobody has gone? He has nobody to train him right. Self trains I know it's awesome that that would be a good show. I like the dynamic. Okay are we moving on from this. Sure yes uh-huh I one thing. I got super emotional. I got a little bit emotional about it the first time but the second time watching to the movie after Laya dies and when they come back and chewy finds out about it. Oh Yeah how can I get emotional about a big Gary Animal. Getting all worked up about this but I started thinking about it like holy cow him. Hon- I got like as soon as that happened like in and Chewy sees them die. Like I'm like Oh man I feel for this hair even after that anders growing but he goes like kind of he gets mad and starts doing stuff but then him next to the X.. Wing any like falls to his knees like this is the last person like that he could die. You know what I mean. I don't know oh just got so tied up in that and I was like. Oh my gosh told their metal from a new hope no he gets a medal. No that was yes because he'd never got a metal yeah. He was awarded a medal. Then no metal or Hans Mental had that they've said head that see what I read was that he was awarded a medal after the because they just WanNa hear what they said. Yeah it's Hans Metal Layer that makes more sense than him getting new medal but either way I'm glad he got a medal. Yeah no I felt that I feel bad for that fix up. And the force awakens gets killed just walks off the plane and lay runs directly up to ray and Han just into just kinda walks by you remember that scene. No it's completely they've you've done no. I don't remember that at all at the time when it all happens feel bad. Because he's like screams that moment within they come back in the Falcon to that planet. They land the plane and she comes running out and like lay comes running up to her and they're all hugging and just in the background. Just huge searle. It by really really really. Think that she'd hold it. You go back and rewatch that. This kind of message does a lot of problems. But it's didn't you think it's it's the best one which one Jeddah. Oh that's the force of one. Force Awakens I'm talking about. I thought you were talking about the last Jedi. The Force Awakens One. That happens right off. The Bat isn't it no. I think. The Force Awakens is probably the best one really so I'll have to watch them. I talk about member. Bury's that one no. I've never seen so much either. So they go back and they talk talk about. That's what that particular but really close to that. But how the Hollywood tugging at heartstrings Nicole member berries very solid Blah Blah but I think the force awakens has a lot of that they all do. Yeah of the Post. The previous movies too is kind of as you go back and watch the second or third time which I've seen him four or five times you go man that second new hope. Oh My oh my God it is the last day is empire and this movie is return of the Jedi. One hundred percent anyway is exactly like return of the Jedi because just like on the forest moon event or they have to go down there with a ground assault to take down the shield generator so they can attack the death star and this one they have to do aground assault to take down tower so they can't launch the fleet in the space. Yeah it's the same. It's all the same. Basically Luke goes is to emperor to the to the Throne Room to get turned to the dark side. Just like ray goes to the throne room to get turned into by the emperor and Vader. Peter Saves Him Saves Lulu killing the hour. And then Ben Ben Solo vader's grandson. Say's it's kind of brings her back to life but she is all she. Yeah this is one thing. I didn't mind at the time but it Kinda gets annoying. That's I am all the Jedi. Why it's like I'm all set? I don't know I just think it's like a little. It's a little arrogant you know. No I don't know. Why does she get to be all of the Jedi? They all live within her last one. Except for maybe Oda see the last Jedi. I don't know it's a movie that's called the last Jedi her anyway Still is a very enjoyable movie i. They're all enjoyable movies. They are but I've been watching the PREQUELS. I'm not there better movies. I'm not let us critical of like attack of the clones and I are better movies. Think the free closer butter because one thing the stacks you have fucking lightsaber battles yeah. They're they're fucking lightsaber Bentley. In I really love the lightsaber battle on the the death star ruins between Kylo. Hello and Ray. But it's really short. Yeah it's like ten minutes and it can skywalker and Obi one going after each other. which is a solid ten minutes of conine style battle? It's a pretty long long but I do love how they portrayed because the real life tired yeah that they can barely lift up there. I think think that's like the culmination of the movie rights like feather light so it doesn't matter but you're hurting yeah. I mean when you're swinging anything. Anything remember wrestling. He wrestled right three minutes or two with around two minutes. Two minutes is long two minutes. You're dead like you go from ready to go to two minutes later. You've expanded every ounce of energy out of your body and then you have a break and then you have to do it again. That's exactly what that would be like six run but anyway yes but you're right they don't you know yeah you look back at like attack of the clones are or even. The Phantom Menace Darth Maul double bladed. Lightsaber never came amount music. And now apparently everybody has double blue light sabers. Yeah like a big thing though. It is well. WHO's everybody I mean? Temple guards had them. I mean all the inquisitors have them but when that came out that that was huge out there was like whole staff is cool. WHO's everybody that has those uh-huh main characters like in. I don't know everybody hasn't who like every inquisitor Wizar- oh I thought you were talking about like main movies like no not really he's not mall. And then you see ray with one vision vision but darth Maul started it. That was the first double wave. Oh isn't that. That was a big thing for Jorge Luis unless there was some in like no nice liberal report it would have been after Vitamin Mattis. Yeah I don't know if there was any books Not Not that I remember the first one all all right but she dual wielded she did. That's not a dual wield though in the movies Anikin Anikin did it yet. It and then he get one of his arms cut off. He did by count do that. Because that's actually a Djeddai form of lightsaber battle. I mean according to fall in order that's nonsense according to to the legends books like rather than kill your enemy. You're better off cutting off their hands. They can't fight you anymore. It's a one of the things they talk. Make Sense. Yeah that's what I do in knife fights. Yeah I immediately cut your hands. I stabbed him in the ice th wrongly to go they still have their hands. Dole's it's a commonality what I've been watching what what nothing. Because I've been playing. Stop Star Star Wars Star Wars overdrive. Right now okay. I have been watching. Occasionally the clone wars have been watching the witcher some other stuff. I started watching. I watched touched attack of the clones. The other day loved it by the way. Can you do what's up. Finish the witcher. Yes that's where I'm doing next because I started playing jet iphone order I've been super deep into it. I don't know if I'd be out there listens as a Gamer Is Not what I expected it to be at all but I'm enjoying showing it greatly. It's it's got a great story so far the stories really really solid. It's not a super long game. No it's Kinda got a semi open world concept where you can do some exploring flooring it's it's pretty. It's a linear story. I've heard is pretty big. It's a big huge. Yeah it's huge maps. It's a linear story. There's not a lot out of reasons to go exploring outside of the main. Quests you WANNA get lightsaber. Yeah but they're worthless honchos and yeah now I mean if you want to go back and like stems stems are like health. Yeah things which I got all of them now you can get up to ten. I don't know how many you have but Go seek those out. Yeah because that makes the game a million times easier. Yeah but it's fun game. I mean there's a couple of things that I wasn't expecting looking at all it's like a I thought it was going to be more of a combat focused game but it's more like Prince of Persia like acrobatics and jumping and timing and real puzzles puzzles. Like those I do too. I mean I I enjoy. It is a puzzle based game and it's a very running and like wall running and swinging acrobatic based game. I'm still getting my combat kind of interlaced inbetween pitfall yes pencils lightsabres sons and like. Oh it's really honestly it's very some of the principal Game it's some of the newer or assassin's creed it's got off. There's a lot more free running than says creeds. But you're right I it's it's on more tactical base. You've got to think about your next move to where you're going to run to where you get the differences in existence creed it's it's really truly open world and this is there's clear defined paths. Yeah this is where you're supposed to go and it's a lot of like jumping in timing and jump this point. Hit The wall double jump. Grab that rope swing over there. Hit that Wall Tomb Raider Prince of Persia. It's just like that. If you've ever played prints of I never or tomb Raider Tomb Raider Crabs and dungeons. Now there's lots of dungeons though lots a Ha- cliffs to cliffs lots of close Laura Croft. It's beautiful the game looking overlooking some of the vistas. I really enjoy the acting. The main actor that plays the Djeddai that Cal cal is Cameron Mowing Monaghan. The guy that plays on Gotham pleased. Like the joker. Gotham yeah that guy. He's he's that guy he's good. He doesn't super good job. I really really What else does he shameless shameless? Yeah he's kind of actor actor right now. He's really popular. Yeah he seems like he's the he's gay in shameless. Yeah yeah that's I'd only seen a few seasons of that but that's the game combat wise. It's it's a pretty challenging game honestly is it. Can you pick like y'all for sure easy. And I'm on Jedi Knight Mode which is just in from the bottom. Yeah there's two modes Jedi master and something else above that. I couldn't even imagine something above jet I I cannot even imagine playing it at a higher level the playing in it now it's grandmasters bullshit. It's done the fight with the the ninth sister on Sheikh Sheikh second sister on cheek well the big the big one. That's not reality seven times better than that I have not you have been the cause. Sheikh twice awesome. No I have not. I've not played not gone against her yet. Oh boy you've got a long Sea Knight Sisters Action Comic Books. Yeah innovator count so you fight the night sister once yeah okay. ZOPPO ZIPPO and then you go back to cacique a second time and you the second time you go back is when you get like a lot of the final abilities. Anyway you climb the mother tree. It's just Avatar Avatar. It's just like Avatar you right around a big giant bird like creature like Avatar really exactly the same anyway you get up there then. You have a really wicked difficult. Fight with the ninth sister which is like a gigantic Djeddai inquisitor and it is brutal fight and everything after that. Why are you fighting another Jedi? She's wizard Wizar- she's inquisitor so she's Need to what you need to read the Vader vader down. It's so it's the newest fater comic book. I'll buy Arbil and it's really good in all these inquisitors out there and pretty much starts off foam right after death and then tells you takes you almost all the way up through to not quite present day but it's okay and even in clone wars venturous apprentice store. Count Duku right. She isn't Seth Ninety more. She quit being assist but there was an inquisitor right. No no yeah. She redeemed herself. So what's the difference between forced sensitive soldier that does usually wield lightsabres that haunt jet. Did I yeah. That's their jet is what they are. Okay Yeah yes. They are because grand. INQUISITOR from rebels was temple guard. And so it's a really fun game It's like not amazing. Yeah by any means visit that by Gameplay wise I think the force unleashed I had a lot more forced powers where you can pick up a storm to see and that's what I want. You don't get a screw with them. I'm a little bit and so there's not much for stuff in the gather. Is Somebody memory. This is this is a a a a paddle on that loses his master and hides so so he shut himself off to the forest and he's relearning the forces he's going through the game so that's kind of the whole point of it is that he's learning everything so he's not a true Jedi yet. I night he's relearning. Everything a lot of the force powers you use are based on lightsaber content combat so different lightsaber. Tactic moves right right. You do have poll and push and double jump. You get later which is very helpful in slow. You could slow time. Paul is the greatest. Because you just pull just like shoot up stabbed there. I mean is that based off the movie no I mean. The movie is based off the game. Never let a game series since Atari really yes never heard. They had one a big one for experts. The xbox three sixty at the Santa Time Janssen time. Yes that was a super really popular. Oh really and you slow time and you do a lot of wall running and it's puzzle based room. I'd never heard of any of these. So this honestly isn't like a combat heavy game but the combat and you do pretty difficult. They don't make it easy. You know zero like a Yank in jerk. What does that mean is there? There's a bunch of pull and push rush the snow you can pull people to you and then stabbed them. Hold droids to you and reprogram them. Have you done that got The I haven't done later on you can pull the those big attack droids like the one in rogue one really. You can pull them to you after after you get their life almost down. You can reprogram them and they'll fight for you know shit sweet really. Yeah I just found that out the end. It's very helpful but they have Turns out that's very helpful. Part of the game. Not a lot of regular stormtroopers. A lot of them are like the regular stormtroopers reflect one laser bulletin you deflect laser right back at one shot and killed him and the more nice annoyance anything but but later on they have they have heavy artillery guys with shields with yeah and they have flame troopers and they have a shock troopers scout troopers they have. I mean maybe maybe. Yoda defeated aflame trooper so troopers captains with the laser sticks through the most annoying. They are extremely difficult very difficult like they happened early in the game. And then you're super pissed off when you're like twenty hours into a game and you're at the end and you're still getting your sp by are these guys on. It's not really. It's not a bossy. I'm on the same you. And he's not a button. mashing game no no no. It's a timing game very taming. The back seems very much like the witcher three. You have to think about what you're okay can't go. XXXXX ex- Mash Smash Smash. That's what force awakens is used for some. has this one very much like when you do get later on the game. You can upgrade your lightsaber. Combat Strength So you deal more damage. That's helpful you do get a dual bladed sabre which which is very nice for certain things. And then at the very end of the game you can oppression spoils but you can do all wield only for one move but it's a very devastating move Do all wheel. Dr Morrow Yeah But honestly once you beat that one boss I'd like how later in the later levels of the game. They've got to get to the point where they're like okay. I mean clearly. You're you're good enough at combat to get through this so we're just gonNa Kinda like lay off a little bit and let you just kind of play. The Story Ori which I thought was smart on their part. They don't just make an annoyance at the end that you've got to keep defeating like all these people right you know. So that's kind of cool and at the end to you kind of realized that like I can just run by all these people. Yeah there's really nothing no reason I have to stop and fight them for the most part. Really Yeah Yeah. I mean when you're exploring area initially and following the storyline you have to fight your way through it. But then there's a period of time or something happens and you got to move back through the entire map. So have you finished you finish the game. Then I'm very close like I'm on the very last sequence sequence. Yeah Yeah and you're not unbought halfway say not quite half finishing on on so you've been once once and back back actives up. Oh yeah you're about halfway so I plan on getting a lot further ahead on New Year's Day but a bracy said he wanted to play so he threw a fit and my wife made me quit and then Bryce didn't WanNa play and then I was just pissed off so I just I have come to the realization that this will probably be the last video game overplay. That's not true It has it will love issues. I understand that that's why I don't play video games anymore. Yeah I don't know how I can do it anymore that I sit down to do it. It's like the end of the war. So any I had the discussion talking about this video game coming out or that it came out and I was like man. Sounds really great this and that. And she's like why don't you get it now. It's like there's a reason why I don't get this team I was like. Do you understand what it's going take for me to play it. And she's like well. What do you mean like hours of my time just sitting here staring at a TV playing this game? How's that GONNA pan out well? You can't do that okay. So not getting ema the and and here I am still not without without that game. The more you talk about it is like I think tomorrow. I'm going to download the game and play it but you have an xbox one right yeah you can just have mine when when I'm done but you can just can't you just download it. You'RE GONNA pay for it all right. I mean but I have the disk. You don't need the disk. The play do yes but if I give you the disk you don't have to buy it. I know but I'm saying like couldn't you just do that tomorrow and you don't it doesn't i. Need the disk to play it you you do. That's howling so download it off the Internet needed disc. Yeah but you pay for it right so if you buy if you buy the disk disc you still download the game but you still have to run it. The RUB is there. You can sell it right and I always just thought I see what you mean. I wanted the disk. And that's when I didn't realize that like if you just donald the game you don't need anything you can just play you. Just play yeah and now I don't ever GonNa buy a disc I've never been buying disk. I haven't bought any. I don't know why you would because the disks if the disk goes bad. You're you're screwed. Yeah so what I do. Is I have an external hard drive life. And when I'm done with the game I moved to my external hard drive and it's always there because for some reason my xboxes two terabyte xbox yes those mine nine one addition so I do too but I just got rid of it. I got a new one. Oh you did an xbox one x I think it might be four terabyte. It's it has to because Second Gen X.. I bought it because I wanted to say one. It's an original expert but it's like they just switched like three weeks ago because I wanted a four K.. The old one won't play four K.. I'm not switch until you have to have a four K.. TV correct so. What's the difference? Don't have one. Yeah you know. But you're GONNA use your Amazon Point. It comes next week. I know that was the joke. Very you know what you should not finish that game to get that. I got a seventy five inch video whore five inch yeah man. Yeah Buddy I was going to go for the eighty two inch. Should the half my brother. My brother always had over eighty inch. TV vacuous can never got my. You've been in my house. My fifty five is gigantic. And I couldn't imagine aged seventy two seventy five seventy five. Let's minds I've got a fifty five inch TV and it's not that gigantic compared to your room is bigger her the size of the room only one room in my house. So that's what makes it look like fifty five inches Sony. Top Line to forty refresh. It's death for gaming aiming I mean but now a four K.. Two four rushes past. You don't need it for KS. Changed at all now have AKA. That's they do ooh. They've already been that like you can barely discern a difference. Human Vision can barely discern any differences from over four K.. So leave ADP to your forecast up to four K.. You can see a difference. Rarely ten eighty P is more than what you're saying is there's A. Yeah so if I do this like if I squint my eyes they don't take a bigger TV. Honestly if I play a video game I cannot read anything I know. I can't eat it. What they make the text so small? I have to stand up when I saw like an old person. I stand up in France to make aiming chair Miami Maggie me I mean. My Wife's rocking chair goes in front of the fucking to you. have to and there's a buffet on the bottom. I sit there. Oh Man. That's why a lever a pill put my parents don't gotta get up Bumba Pat. I got them Hambro rolaids Jerry. I got him. Do you want to sit in rocking chair for three hours. Straight playing GOP allowed allowed to. I already said that so well. That's not even have the game apparently either high because my wife my son overruled me. He threw fucking fit high. He wanted to play kids overrule everything. Everything is so. I got to a point where I could quit and save the game and I'm like go man around Plano mother fucker. Yeah and then you go then the John and the dead going. It's a hard game that'd be it's it's a hard game to stop playing. It is very because like the the save points are spaced out just right. Yeah that by the time you finally get to first of all. It's not like an auto save feature which is infuriating for auto safety. There's no Auto Save No. You have to manually point win so when you do save from humanely save it regenerates every enemy on. Okay listen to how this works. That sounds here at addict. There are save points out the map. Okay and if you get to a save point meditation points and you do a jet meditation Okay and and at that point. The game is saved from that spot. Yeah at that save point. You can either upgrade your Jedi abilities. If you've got enough skill points or you can rest which regenerates. It's all of your health and stem packs right but the RUB is if you rest and regenerate your health it responds all the enemies that you've defeated which which I'm fine with because that's how you earn more skill points so if you go forward like through level a hard area and then you're like I'm going to go back and save just in case you have to go backwards ackward to say. Oh you can keep going forward but say if you went through a hard area and your health was really low. Yeah and you're like I wanna go back now and just save all all of the rest of your health. It responds all those enemies. Here's another interesting factor. If you save okay so most of the time what you find is you just save and you don't oh rest because if you die you're going to go back to that same point anyway right and then you're going to be respond however if you go save and you go through a level right and you get killed you go back to that same point right. But you've lost all of the X P that you've built from that point forward. One of the nightmare to get back is go back and kill that enemy that killed you and they will be glowing yellow and the first time you strike them you will get off your xp back and all of your health back and you will go to a hundred percent health. I mean that makes it better that they just take it away completely right but at I i. It's infuriating but kind of get used to space them out close. Thank you can Xp Farm Pretty Fast. If you wanted to you can but if you point to doing there's not I mean if you if you aren't too early in the game you could. You guys really aren't solemn this game to me. It's fun I like it. It's nothing like amazing. I mean everything you've talked about gets me aggravated. Hey you like you get to stab joining the thing. That really ticks me off and so that you can slice a animal and the game into or droid or -joyed but not a stormtrooper. No no that's true. Now that pisses me out I wanted to be able to. I mean you can pull them up in front of your face with forest poll and stabbed him through the heart with its. Yeah but you can't cut them into good. Yeah Before Sally shooting guys on fire. Yeah they would incinerate. Yeah sure you go Dauth Amir which is where like Darth Maul. Some people are from. That's creepy planet. There's a lot of creepy places you go like when you go back. Go Back Cacique the second time. There's a creepy little forest that you go underground forced to go into. It's Kinda scary. Yeah the Chateau Yep doing. That's originally from no the old republic. Oh really yeah. I don't remember that it's the first time you go to the shadow lands. Yeah there's like five or or six planets he hit two of which you've heard before can she can which is the wookey Home Planet? Yep and Dafa Mir which is darth malls home planet. And then you go later on to a couple that you haven't got to yet. I won't spoil them. That's fine anyway. It's fun wanted to check out. I think twenty twenty hours at least twenty five hours the main story east. It's cool play all right Jerry get it yeah. I'll have to get it all. Go go by yourself. Eighty five inch four K.. T. in the basement fit in eighty five inch anywhere in my house. But I do. I could probably good. You could fit on the wall where your TV is right now. I don't think so. Yes absolutely so. We have eighty five inches diagonally. So I understand I just we blow up my TV. So I can get a new one. How can we blow it up? Like like ruin. I don't know just like a lightning strike. Throw something at it. Cracked the screen blamed. Your one of your kids. Yeah crack the corner if you correct the corner of any of those taper battle. Just stick a screwdriver in like in a seem in Krakow it. And you're like Oh man it's like what and then you walk in and then you you walk in the room. What happened? Who did this? You get a new one. I had one my last year because my older got struck by lightning. I did the same thing I had to replace to video. TV's from being struck by lightning man. You guys that was when I I lived in town lasagna. and My home homeowners insurance replaced all that. Yeah it's pretty great by Renter's insurance right because I'm a renter right. Of course you're well. I Dunno I think that about sums up this episode it was all about Star Wars again which is fitting because of the season it is the star wars season. It is and it's pretty much over now. Yeah now now that we got your review. It basically is. We've talked about man. delorean that's done is a skywalker is done. Your review of rises skywalk all in order following orders whereas Don Volun- order story line by the way it really does like it deepens that period of time right after order sixty six is Leeann. It's a period time after that It makes the fall out of that. Well it makes you think about the perspective of the jet how they got portrayed and you realize that dinghy they they dig it portray wasn't the clones fault that there were clones from like rebels. If you're watch rebels just see that that you know there were some that didn't portray trey the jet. I in there are few and far between but yeah they were able to take out during their chips. Yeah but the story is really good. It's it's probably worth Earth plan just for the story to be honest. It's really solid story here at that. Yeah they don't overwhelm you with cut scenes very few there is very few actually just lighting levels over cuts on. There's a point where I like cutting scenes just to watch but they're annoying like gets in the way of game play and there's a lot of times they do over game play which I really like like over radio. Oh yeah that's pretty cool a lot of a lot of it. That's how you're GonNa you're exposition is like while you're playing really are talking to you like that that's cool. I think we've wrapped up right. You good the dude. I'm good right for SNARF. Talk Number Fifty eight while I Chris. Oh sorry I talked over you know. Sorry I I no no please oh you go you go I think you should okay. You're older I've been Chris. I'm June for you. Uh mm-hmm the.

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