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Ep. 102 | Jamie Little (RWP)


The racing writers podcast is brought to you by Lionel racing. The official die cast of NASCAR. Be sure to check out. Line racing dot com for all the NEWEST NASCAR die cast race win cars and special deals. And if you're ever in concord North Carolina be sure to stop by the store in Concord Mills Mall. Hey everyone welcome to the racing riders podcast. I'm your host Kelly crandall while hope you had a wonderful holiday season and safe New Year to to be listening to episode one hundred and two of the podcast. This is our first podcast. Twenty twenty and our first after brief hiace and. I think we're going to kick things off with a good one jamie. Little is my guest today for Nascar fans. Jamie will be recognizable for her work as a pit reporter with Fox Sports Jamie is one of the folks. Were right in the middle of the action every week and does a fantastic job. She really loves the sport and you can tell what the way in which she does her job. But there's so much more Jamie little than what you might see on the weekends in addition to just being an overall good person. Jamie is one of the busiest people I know and fun fact she was also my very first interview in Nascar Asker so long story but very first interview so I love Jamie and I'm very glad to have her on the podcast so in this conversation we're going to cover her new show that she's involved with called America's top dog which airs every Wednesday any her nascar career and what she has gone on in her personal life from love animals to running multiple businesses raising two children. Somehow between all of that and even having time for a fun and unique workout routine. It's a lot of ground to cover this week. We've got some laughs asks along the way so here is the wonderful Jamie little on the racing writers podcast. You mentioned that you're excited. We've got a new show coming as we talk. We're talking Tuesday January seven so it's going to debut tomorrow on a it's America's top dog so all right take it away Jamie. Tell me kind of how this came about. And how in the world you got involved with something. That's looks like it's really cool. Yes Oh my gosh this so much fun Kelly so We'll anybody that knows me or NASCAR fans know that I may freak. I love dogs anything I can do to help them. Support them rescue them. Get the word out I I do so I have agency and you know it's very rare that a an opportunity comes along. That's not motor sports related. Or if it's not motorsports related that I even have a time in the schedule to do it and this show popped up and when I was told about it I was like we have to get it. I don't care what it takes and my agent fought for it and the timing was right at the end of our Nascar on Fox schedule so I did have a race to go during our shoot season and which was only two weeks but they they were scared in a and he actually passed on me not once but twice because they said we need somebody that can commit to every day and not have to get on a plane and fly to a race. Well they ended up coming back a hiring me three days before we started shooting so it was like it was meant to be but I just knew I had to get it so I'll stop talking about that part of it. And how you this an ops of the show so it's police and their canine competing against each other on an American Ninja Warrior style. Course so there's three rounds and showcases everything that working canines with police out in the field. So they're crawling through ductwork. They're jumping walls. They're going in the water. They're taking taking down in apprehending. The suspect bay are pulling open doors. You know by the handles and I mean climbing up stairs and you name it. They're doing it and it's showcasing. Oh casing what they do in real life. But the caveat is there is an underdog a civilian dog. Like your dog or my dog. That's highly trained. That competes against the canines every show. So it's a really cool element. These are highly trained dogs but to see them. Battle it out. There's a whole bone yard. We call it. And it's all about sniffing out this house and you have have to find the paraphernalia drugs. I guess you could say in a certain amount of time so it's really exciting and I think people are really going to see this bond between officer and dog that you never see in real life and it's just incredible so as a fan of live. PD They showed a preview for it the other night and it looks tremendous exactly Klay as you just described where they have to go through and find different things in in this course. So what was it like for you getting to see that up close and personal because that is a tremendous thing that these dogs can do. It's amazing to see how they work but you see the relationship. That's really what stood out to me. was how the owner the the handler. The police officer looks at his dog communicates with his dog a lot of times that another language and how the dogs just look at them waiting and they can't wait to work. They can't wait to get that. Go Sign to go get him these dogs what they're bred for its they live four and I know people have asked my mom. Her first question was are the dogs happy like do they like doing doing it. I think once you see one episode of the show you'll be like Oh my God these dogs how they're having so much fun. They love it. And there's funny moments you. I mean in reality. Their dog's and sometimes these dogs don't work around water and they go right around the water and their owner meanwhile jumps in the water. So there's really funny things that happened but Tansu your question Kelly just as a witness. It was so special because we see these working dogs at race tracks all the time we see him all over but normally you're not allowed to touch him or pet him because they're working and then this opportunity. I got to interview them. Talk to the dog sometimes. Give him the Mike and they would bark for me or whatever and it was just a really neat experience so again it's GonNa debut tomorrow January eighth on a do we know Jamie. If it's going to be an every Wednesday thing. We kind of know what the schedule is going to be. Yes it's in every Wednesday thing. We taped eleven episode votes. So we'll be on the first couple of weeks they're putting a live. PD before us and after us just to kind of get the word out that were there which is tremendous as you said. You're a fan alive. PD I'm a huge fan of life. PD and I know a lot of people in the NASCAR world are too so hopefully they'll see in another part of this show every episode. We have an officer from life. PD that you the online PD with his working. Canine on it so and sticks. I know a lot of ladies love sticks. He's going to be in the booth for a few of our shows as well. It's funny you so you you mentioned whether the dogs are happy and it made me think of live PD. Because I always laugh when they're in clips that because they look like let me add them like I just WanNa go. Let me go like they are ready for their job. I love when officers driving and the dogs barking barking barking. He's like stop. I've got to communicate on the radio. The dogs just Komo and a high pursuit chase might chances getting out and getting this guy or really good. They are so smart. I was watching one the other day were. The dog knows how to close his own door. Yes yes axles actually coming to my Premiere Party. I cannot wait to meet him. He's like a celebrity here in Indiana. Yes that's right it was like. Oh my got this dog is GonNa get it here and he's trying to pull his own. They're unbelievable they are. They are absolutely unbelievable. So I'm kind of jealous. You've got to see that up close and personal. The gas is so cool and now like You know when you're in Nascar your reporter you're a fan of it. Whatever you naturally have an affinity for military and working for San First Responders? They're always at the track. Always taking care of us and I've just always had that instinct to go up in. Thank them or talk to them. Especially if they have a dog August and now this has opened up a whole new world for me and I go visit the police departments now and we just have a lot in common. And they're all such fans of racing so I really think this show is just. It's it's a culmination of everything that I love and I'm passionate about and I think it's GonNa be a really great show for the drivers for us for the fans to watch all right so you mentioned something that you love. You have a love of animals Jamie so explain kind of us as an especially dogs so explain kind of how that started. Yeah you could Sam a little obsessive of about dogs I am. I drive my husband crazy. He gets jealous of my dogs time-to-time but when my kids are being better you'll find me in the corner with my dog just laying in kissing my dog because they don't talk back and scream you know. I wasn't only child raised by a single mom. And there's something since I was a little girl I was just drawn to animals that was drawn to horses in particular and I worked at a staples in lake. Tahoe and I was a tour guide as a young girl and I made tips and afforded my first horse and naturally actually when you work at a ranch. There's baby animals all the time there's puppies being born. There's kittens being born. My mom just worked all the time. She wouldn't let me have a dog while a few times took it into my own hands and I snuck a puppy home and I figured well I'll put it in the closet. She won't now and when she goes to work in the morning I'll get out. She'll never know so. My mom has these stories stories like if hearing whimpering coming from closets throughout the house and it would be a kitten or it would be a puppy so long story short. I've always just had an affinity for him and now now you know with this television platform NASCAR platform. It's allowed me not just time but you know I I just I'm able to donate. I'm able to get the word out. I'm able to help animals else more so I've really found that that is my passion. I love helping children to and and if I can do both then. I'm all over it well in mentioning helping animals I know you have to. I loved what I think is to write to beloved dogs of your own but you also do work l.. It's four I. I didn't mean to short you there so four of of your own but if I understand correctly you also do rescuer. Is that right I do yes so I do some because I don't work at one shelter anymore like I used to. 'cause I just travel apple too much. I started a thing. A couple years ago on the NASCAR circuit called a shelter surprise. So like on a Saturday if I'm not covering thirty race all to show up at a shelter with there's always a needs list or a want list on their website so I'll go and buy everything on there and then give them some money. And then I go in and showcase some dogs that are in that shelter that need help need adoption. I started doing that in an pedigree came on board with me and loved it and I did it again this year so I literally just show up fans of helps me like. Hey I'm GonNa Pocono let me know. I was sheltered. That you guys believe in you. Think they're doing good work and they deserve something so I did that. I think eight or nine times this year and it's just been awesome and I've learned that so many any NASCAR fans. They're all about dogs. They're all about animals so they really WANNA help or they're really interested in a dog that I post so that has been a lot of fun. I look forward to that on the race. This weekends show and I think another thing and I believe you're doing it again this year. My research is correct the Westminster dog show right which is almost right before Daytona yes. Oh my gosh all in one week. It's the Super Bowl. A dog shows in super bowl racing all within a week so yes I was so excited I begged my bosses since I came to Fox. Please let me do Westminster. I'm like I'm your girl. I'm just begging you whatever it takes but the problem was it the first weekend of Daytona. So it's really hard to take me off those duties because it's not like we just have extra pit reporters to throw in there so last year they were able to figure it out and get me to do the show nights white straight to Daytona. So we're going to do it again. Talk about the elite of the elite elite dogs. You you don't know what it breathes supposed to look like until you thought of this dog show so it's pretty special so that was something that you pitched to Fox that I want to do this. Yes yes the squeaky wheel gets the grease is something that Rusty Wallace taught me years ago. And I keep that in the back of my mind if you really want something you need to say something so you don't regret it and it pays off. Sometimes you need you know oil that Wiki way all little bit more than once but it worked out in my bosses at Fox or so great like that. If I want to do anything I'll give you a chance to do it all right. So you already filmed America's top dog we know there's eleven episodes of that coming. You've got the Westminster dog show coming up then we we go to Daytona. You're also at Super Cross over the weekend. I don't think you were working right. You were just attending supercross over the weekend. Yeah I was just attending. I have a big relationship with Toyota. And they're a big sponsor of the series so they wanted to have some fine and do some social media stuff to kind of show what they do since obviously they don't have a dirt bike. They're not manufacturer for dirt bikes in this series. So that was fun and talk about making you feel old though I used to be the young girl there and supercross twenty years ago and now you go back and it's like you don't even recognize the writers because they're just so young they're all new and but it's so fun there's a lot of the familiar faces running the programs stop so yeah. That was a lot of fun. So what Jamie is on your schedule this year besides Nascar on Fox. I mean you're like you said you're doing Westminster. We got the NASCAR portion coming. Is there anything else that you've got your hands on the. Maybe we don't know well. I hope that everybody tunes into America's top dog and I'll be back for another season about that would be great but other than that in for Shannon or atom on race hub. I love doing that. Hosting getting is just such a difference. I don't know it's just such a different skill that you use hosting than being a pit reporter so I really liked the challenge of that usually do that a few you times in the off season but other than that. Yeah just focused on the next four and a half five months with NASCAR on Fox. It's been too darn long. I can't wait to get back. Are you in general. Someone that likes to be busy because it seems like just from social media you are always doing something yes I drive my husband crazy crazy if I sit still for longer than like two weeks. I'm just one of those people that I'm just program that if I'm home I have to be accomplishing things. I've checklist I have sticky notes as you. You can see. I've sticky notes all my death. I have notes for everything yes I just I love to get up early and things don. I go to bed early and I'm home for two weeks. I have to make a trip. I have to travel I just. I'm programmed that way I guess and I was GonNa say I think most people that follow you know this but you. Oh and cody also have franchises. What Jimmy Johns and then nothing blunt cake? So you're busy doing that. What in the world possessed you to get into that kind of business? I all my gosh. Well it was actually my husband's idea and I'm so glad that he did it because you're always looking for a plan B and it's interesting since we started the franchises. I can't even tell you how many people in Nascar have reached out to me and cody asking about the idea because racing is forever being reporter being on camera being crew. Chief driver doesn't it lasts forever and I think people are starting to realize that more and more that you need to start thinking about another option. And that's how I've been and you know. Let's let's do something fun so with this opportunity opportunity. Let's say I get replaced tomorrow. I have something to fall back on something. That's fun that I could be part of. So cody came up with it and it's great because it frees up his schedule to be the kids when I'm working and all that Jimmy Johns we have two of them in Vegas and then we opened nothing bundt cakes. Here in Indy. An Indiana people the hoosiers. They love their cake. So it's been really fun and it's been a really good experience and successful so far. What goes into something like that? What goes into I mean you're a hell of a pit reporter and TV host and all this but what goes into running some franchises I know well I have to give all the credit to my husband? I'm really good at the PR side of it and talking about it and pitching it and and all that. But it's really fun to work in there. When I do get a chance but the reality is that every day stuff day to day tasks? That's my husband and we have a great manager in Vegas. That helps us with that. But you have to be on board with it and believe in the product and the products are amazing. I really they're fun. They're good they're quality and we got into Jimmy Johns first off because they're supportive racing comes back to that loyalty in racing. So cody found them. Looked into it. And it was a great franchise to be part of so. We're looking at expanding Annenberg. Osama looking to expand your in Indy. One of the notes that I got from Eric again when we were discussing getting you here and and talking to you on the podcast. He said that one of the things that I should look into. And this is how he phrased. It is her unique Fox. NASCAR travel fitness routine. I said I don't even know where to start with that. That is quite a description so I'm just going to hand that to you. What exactly does that mean? I know. You're you're big into you mentioned before we started talking working out and whatnot but what exactly as a unique Fox. NASCAR travel fitness routine. That is so funny. Good Job Eric. He always comments posts about it. But yes my husband and I work out. I was sandbags technical training so basically like firefighters police military. They're always carrying heavy objects. They're always having to run and fight in combat with all this stuff on them. So this company brute force created a sandbag so your whole core is always tight. You're always moving sand around. So every movement is is all about your core strength and I started doing. I thought my husband was crazy working out in the garage. I had to go to classes at the gym. Like most people where you just need to be like told what to do. I started working out with sandbags and I've never been more spits. I've never worked out so little for such results so my workouts are like twenty minutes going back to what Eric Fox said. I can take this stand out a roll up my Sam bag. Put it in my suitcase. And then when I get to a location just go buy sand for like five bucks at Home Depot or lows and so at my sandbag so. I do that if I'm on the road for like more than three days. I'll do that now. I feel terrible about myself. No no but you you know that I could say yes. But that's why like Lady's always asked me about it because it's it's one thing that you can use and you incorporate a lot of different movements but but you don't need the weights you can pack it up and take it with you but yeah after we're done with this go on my social set. I posted a couple of videos and you can see what it looks like. Yeah Oh my goodness so oh speaking of travel in Nascar. Of course. We're a little over a month away from being packaged atonal. Shed some insight Jimmy. Like what's a typical week for you. I know you're obviously going to be at the race track Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and what all goes into your week leading up to the race. Maybe your preparation for your duties on pit road. And how does it get broken down of. You're going to cover on pit road just everything that goes into when we see you at the racetrack especially on Sundays. When you're calling the action what what goes into getting to that point well being a reporter in Nascar as you? Well know. It's I always tell people it's not a job. It's kind of a lifestyle because you can't get away from it that you always have to be at the ready for breaking news stories. You always have to know what's happening. which is the exciting part of our sport? So you get to the racetrack on Friday and most likely there's been a couple breaking news stories throughout the week that you better know about and be ready to cover when you get on air right away so a Monday is unpacking and all that stuff. You're kind of you look at nodes you go on the sides kind of listen you re twitter and to see if there's anything going on that day Tuesday morning we have our conference call. We go around the horn. All the broadcasters producers producers talked about the past week and then we talk about the upcoming week story ideas things we need to look out for and and then Wednesday is kind of just chilled. Try to take take a day off the family thing if you can do that and then WanNa Times it's doing interviews. You know promoting the race coming up and then Thursday's travel day and then and Friday we're on the air. We usually hit the ground running Friday morning for practices qualifying with Trucks xfinity and Cup the first half of the year. We have all of those series and then Saturday same thing. You're on the air all day and then Sunday is race day so throughout that time you know in between shows on on air. Whatever whatever you're talking on crew chiefs engineers drivers and you're trying to make mental notes things that they say so you can use it throughout the weekend and then Sunday morning? So what happens is like Saturday night our producer. She'll send out a breakdown shop. Pit Road Shalva broke down into three spots or like for Daytona. They'll be four pit reporters orders and you get your little chunk so you get like pit out and then the next section and then you know next section and impeding so you get your guys and then Sunday morning right in the garage opens as you start going and talking to every crew chief you get their story. Lines hopefully remembered or made notes of things that happened throughout practice. If they were really bad really good something broke whatever ever you follow up so during the race when the camera's on that car you say I can add and then you tell the story and I liked to wrap into what happened that weekend was it really go. Was It really bad. They overcome obstacles. Whatever and you just try to story tell? And that's it's a combination of of the whole weekend so that's basically how our job up goes. There's a lot of information you have to keep track of all weekend long and you have to be on top of things one of the things if my memory serves one of the things that I I've always been impressed with is one of the things you have to do. Is You have to. Hey if you've got to you've got to walk up in that whole or an asset crew chief. What's going on and memory serves? I believe I believe it was you who came into the three Holler at Talladega last year when the deck lid happened Danny Stockman was kind of losing his mind. A little bit and and you just hey you had a job to do came right up in there. I believe Bob and irony in there. How long has it taken over the years to get comfortable with the fact that sometimes you just gotta go walk in somebody's Holler even if they don't WanNa see you? Yeah absolutely and and that's still. You don't take those times for granted you don't take those relationships tips for granted. It takes a long time to build those relationships. And like you. I mean we all have our Goto guys our Goto crew chiefs. Danny Stockman happens to be one of those guys and there's other ones that are they're not really go too but breaking news happens and you need to go right to them shack. Now's hands down hardest. Ever the only one that's ever kicked me out of his Holler. You're just put that on. The record not surprised. Yeah Yup you try to ask him. What's going on? Yeah we'll talk to you next month kind of thing but but you do have to be able to go up there and those guys are so great. They know that it's our job. We need to go straight to them and get the story. And that moment with Danny Stockman had broke and it was a big big deal for that team on a problem. We were going off the air in like three minutes at that point and I wasn't going in there to bombard him and say what happened Blah Blah Blah. It's hey tell me your side real. Oh quick so I can say your side before going off the air so you guys don't just look like blatant cheaters. What you have to say about it you know? And that's our job and our responsibility to try to get that other side. So Danny Stockman. He's such an emotional guy loved him. I'm going to miss them in this series this year. But yeah you have those moments that are pretty intense sometimes. Yeah he's awesome. He's a great guy good character. I'm like you I'm GonNa Miss Having them in the cup series. But I'm sure he's going to be just as entertaining in trucks. Jamie is there a way to describe. Like I'm assuming and I could be wrong wrong. Is there a way to describe what has to just be a rush being on payroll when it's live pit. Stop Time and you're trying to process all that information didn't keep track of who your reporting on. And what is it like in those moments when those cars are coming at you you know who you're covering and then just trying to get all of that out because it's fifteen eighteen seconds of a car and that Pitt. Yes I think honestly. I'm programmed to work best in those situations. The more voices in my head the more intensity the more more chaos I just. I'm better there than just covering like one car. I feel like that's when you can fly up when you have all the time in the world and you have one car but it's when you're just going going by instinct and that's when you're covering three pit stops at once we're showing three out of the four cars are yours on the screen. You have to know what they're doing to change the car what they're complaining talking about you have to do it quickly singly. And oh by the way you have to know if something happens that they just drop the Jack you have to be able to see that and call it and that doesn't always happen but those moments sir what you live for. I mean and it's hard to replace and I think that's what is part of making the off season or offseason so difficult for me because you come from a world of such intensity city so much fun so much interaction that you come to a dead stop and then I watched somebody else. Cover the series and it's so hard but those are the moments that make it's worthwhile and why I've been in pit reporter for so long it's an adrenaline rush. You can't get anywhere else and I never want to let go. That's an interesting point. So after a year part of the the season after the Fox half of the season is over. I'm I would think that you know I. You're probably taking a deep breath but then you know the rest of the season goes on on. So what are you doing that. Second half of the year. I'm obviously paying close attention. But it's gotta be different from being in that every day Friday Saturday Sunday life to all of a sudden. You're you're not needed for another six or nine months. Yeah you know I always tell people when Sonoma's over and then we watch the next race it's it's like going to a high school dance with your date and then watching him leave with somebody else. It's like seriously and you have no part of it. So when I get to go in and host race hub up in those times that I love because I get to interact with these rehab crew chiefs and drivers on the set and I can talk to them about stuff and what's going on in the sport but it is hard to sit back and and watch not be part of it like oh I want to be in the middle of that. I love when there's confrontation. I love nurse fights. I love when there's just drama. I mean that's just the fun part of our job. I hate when it's happening and I don't get to be part of it at all but the second half of the year. We got the businesses. I try to be with my kids all the time which I drive them crazy. I'm sure but I'm doing animal stuff. Rescue stuff still traveling. I do speaking engagements slaughter those types of things so it keeps me busy but you don't have that consistency see every week of being part of such a great aunt adrenaline rush before I ask a few more raising questions. You mentioned your kids. You've got two young kids. So Oh how in the world do you find time to make sure you're giving them attention when you know in the last twenty minutes that we've talked it's been all of this other stuff that you've got going on. God I know it is a lot and I think the hardest thing about just being a working parent mother or father is finding balance. It's so easy to just jump in and be so focused focused on racing during racing season because it consumes you but then there's other things and other jobs and other shows and things that I need to be part of two but that is the most important portent part is being present when you're at home and my husband does a good job of trying to keep me balanced in that way. He also picks up all the pieces. So I can do this and not lose my mind. an exercise is another thing. That really helps me balance it out and my kids like to come out in the garage workout with me. So that's always fun but my daughter's three and my son is seven and and my daughter is fears and nuts and you may never see me again when she's a teenager because she's in say oh boy sounds like you're going to have your Dan School payback's you know what they say about those. Yeah and if they're anything like you. And Cody I have a feeling. They're going to be very busy as well. Probably doing just about a little bit of everything. Yeah I think I created monsters in that regard. What are we doing? Where are we going? What's on the schedule? What's on the agenda and my mom's like you created it so going back to what you we're talking about there with the second half of the season so obviously? NBC takes over. You guys are of course still paying attention. There's studio shows and whatnot but when it comes to You know really keeping in touch with what's going on. Are you still talking to folks in the garage or do you just completely step away from it and just watch from afar. What what's going on in terms of making sure that you know you're still keeping those relationships and making sure you're up on what's going on and know all the information of you know when when something may happen? I definitely have my list of friends in the phone. That are crew chiefs drivers or whatever and I'll reach out and just check in with them. See how things are obviously Isley hosting race up like I said help so much. Because you got Larry Mac there. And you've got Jamie mcmurray and Regan and different people and crew chiefs and drivers that come in and just is kind of fill you in on what's happening. And then of course we have one of our Kelly Hamilton. She's an amazing producer. She's at every single race for us. She's the one that gets all the stories or race ace up all year long but definitely the second half in. So she's great. She's got her finger on that. Pulse all the time and lets me know. What kind of bins? The outs the rumors all that kind of DOC. So I definitely try to stay involved but not as involved as I would like to be I. I wish I could still do a handful of races. The second half or just be at the track for a reason or another all right. I want to ask one last thing Jamie. We'll wrap it up with this. Of course again. We're a little over a month away from cars being on track at Daytona. It's been quite a busy off season and we've already got the big things we know. We're going to happen this year with Jimmy's final season. And we've got some driver changes crew chief changes on my goodness. So much is going on so kind kind of break it down for me. What has been stuff that already caught your attention that you are looking forward to covering in the first half of the NASCAR season? I love changes. I think that's what makes the world go round right because you never know if they catch lightning in a bottle if they get the right driver crew chief combination. You don't know what's what they're capable of so that that is a lot of fun and covering them in their first race. There's nothing like your first race as crew chief and a cup series or with a new driver or a driver being new when it's the state-owned right. It is the Super Bowl and here throw you in their more eyeballs in. You'll have all year long on any other race and let's see what you guys can do. So that's always fun. And but I think our rookie class is really impressive. If it's anything like we saw extended series between Christopher Bell and Red Egg and custer were in for retreat. And they're all with good team. So I expect a lot outta them their crew chiefs coming over with them. I think is GONNA be awesome. Jason Ratcliffe being back in the Cup series. Can't can't wait for that and you know something that I was just reading about the other day that I'm really excited. Is Jerry Baxter working on the forty three with Bubba and their history together in the truck series series. I think is going to be awesome. I think Baxter has such an awesome personality and him Bubba together are going to be like showtime so. I'm looking forward to that. And then obviously the penske changes. I mean you broke up to I I don't even I mean two championship winning crew chief driver combinations that have been there for years and years and now they're within the same corporation competing against each other. So I think that's going to be amazing to watch. So you mentioned Jerry Baxter. Quick and I. That was something that I was discussing on on serious the other day right after it was announced and it got me thinking because I completely agree with you I think Jerry Baxter has a great personality. I mean he's a veteran. He's successful. He knows what he's doing. I think the first half of the year for you guys will be interesting in that regard because he hasn't called a cup series race in a very very long time. It's it's GonNa be quite different from the truck series. So how does that kind of par lay to know he. He Imbaba when trying to get that forty-three team Turner now absolutely away. And that's the fun things that somebody that will probably follow up from the first race in throughout and check in with them and see how not only Jerry's adapting to this car on what they're doing doing and how to get up to speed personalities people they forget about how important chemistry is and relationships. Are I mean you could put the best engineer. The best crew cheat the best driver but if they don't see eye to eye they don't respect each other they don't get along. You're not gonNA get much so I think chemistry is huge. And that's what I'm I'm excited about. Seeing these new combinations especially at penske will they recapture that chemistry that they had with their other crew chiefs and the other combinations. So I can't wait. That's what's cool. Who about our first half of the year Kelly as we get to cover all these new things? It's exciting people are just talking about wins and performance not the championship. All the pressure is on them yet. And that's definitely different than covering the championship like I did with the ESPN for so many years. Yeah you've gotten both ends of the spectrum in that regard and with the pence I mean I wrote a column for Racer Dot Com. That I hope is going to be published here soon. The penske staff people I think media like your eye. You raise your eyebrows like why. Why why would you do that and then I like this is this is just Roger? Penske like good is not good enough. And how is that internal competition. I'M GONNA be over there so last thing I promise. I swear this is the last thing you take all the time. Listen we could talk all day last thing though. No honestly is you've covered Jimmy Johnson for very long time. This is going to be his final year. You'll get that first half where it's going to be fresh in everybody's getting the emotions are going to be high. Start the season What can you share with us? Abou- just your interactions with Jimmy covering through the years and and the type of person and champion that he's been for our sport. Jimmy is exactly what you see. I mean he's just the most quality human being and it goes way back before being a stock car. Racer I mean he was off road guy. He raised dirt bikes from San Diego. Like he's remind neck of the woods. My Guy like the people that I grew up around. That is Jimmy Johnson and I first met him when he was I think he was racing. Asa and he was at a test in new SMYRNA. And I was down there with supercross dot com and Rick Johnson Johnson and they introduced me to this guiding Jemmy and I met Jimmy and and we were all talking and all of a sudden you had to step out and take a phone call and he came back and it was. I think it was the sponsorship for McDonald's or something he was working on a deal will little. Did we know that like three years later he would be in the cup series for Hendrick motorsports and then a few years later. I would be covering him at that moment. Just amazing like how the careers have been what he's accomplished. And we can't lose sight of that if he doesn't win another race if he doesn't want another championship this year. Who Cares? The Guy is one of the greatest of all time to a lot of people. He is the greatest of all time as a seven time champion. There's nothing he can't do but even beyond that it's just the human being that he is. He's just quality and anybody that's ever interacted with him. Knows that Jamie honestly we could talk forever. I mean I could pick your brain on numerous things. We could talk racing we could. We could just keep going but I I just just got an email about that the other day. Yes but So the new show. America's top dog will promote that again. It premiers January eighth on on every Wednesday so eleven episodes really looking forward to seeing that and I appreciate the time again. We can talk forever but I appreciate a little bit of time to dig into the the craziness of your life because it is fascinating as so fun. I mean just all of us to cover nascar but yes I know especially this time of year. There's so much to talk about. It's fun I appreciate appreciate you having me on and I know as a dog person you'll be watching the show so let me know what you think. Absolutely I can't wait. I can't wait as a big fan of PD. and seeing those dogs. Before I I'm fascinated to get get to see them in action now so I'm excited call. Thanks Kelli thanks Jamie. All right. We're back here to wrap things up. Thanks again to Jaime for the time. America's top dog premiered married last week on. Am Eight. And there's going to be a new episode as I said in the podcast multiple times because I want you to watch the show. There will be a new episode every Wednesday so be sure to check it out and and let Jamie know what you think. She's very excited about as I'm sure you heard in the podcast so make sure you follow her on twitter and let her know what you think if you're a fan of live PD. As as you heard Jamie. And I discussed. You will definitely enjoy America's top dog because it is tremendous what these dogs can do so tune in this week as I believe it will be the second episode this coming Wednesday. That should be January. Fifteenth on the AME network. Before we say goodbye this week I wanNA thank racing for their continued support. Lionel has all of your die-cast I cast needs covered and with a new NASCAR SEASON FAST approaching. Make sure you are visiting either. Their website Lionel racing dot com or the store in Concord Mills Mall to stock up on your twenty twenty die-cast Leno racing can also be found on your favorite social media platforms like twitter facebook and instagram. So give them a follow and let them know how much you appreciate them. Supporting the PODCAST. Because it goes a long way we haven't had a review in quite a while. We've got tremendous ratings. I want to thank everybody for giving even five stars along the way. If you'd like to give some feedback please do that either. A in the review section of the podcast wherever you are listening or you can send me some feedback back on social media on both twitter facebook. That's at Kelly crandall and that would be very much appreciated so before we return next week with another new episode so please rate review and if you're a new listener make sure you are subscribed so that every new episode will be waiting for you as soon as you wake up and as soon as it's available to download and while you're add it spread the word that the podcast is back for twenty twenty and make sure your friends have subscribed their rating reviewing and spreading the word so we can keep growing next week. The guest is going to be tanner gray a fulltime driver in the truck series now with DDR Closley and we're going to get to know him a little bit better than his journey to Nascar with an NHRA background. So Tanner Guy will be next week on the racing writers pot yeah and.

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