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TV's Top 5 - August 23rd, 2019


Welcome back to tv top five the hollywood reporter's t._v. Podcast unless the goldberg west coast tv editor and i'm joined as usual my partner in crime and t h chief tv critic the amazing the one and only dan fienberg. What's up dan. How's your week. Well like chris sale. I've decided to call it a season and i'm now fully on the dodgers bandwagon again for the rest of the fall through the playoffs dodger. So what does this mean for our bet. It means i will still wear a dodger shirt as appropriate. I'm in fact seeding the bet to you. I i have not done the research yet on what the magic number is for the dodgers to end up with a better record than the red sox but i assume it's pretty much a mathematical atm medical certainty and you can't see me right now but i'm totally wearing dodger blue by accident. Yes we'll. We'll put you in that jersey soon dan. I'm i'm all aboard for dodgers max muncie and the yankees coming in this weekend with potential world series preview. I am pumped for baseball but that's not why you're listening listening to tv top five. You're listening for the latest in t._v. News which brings us to headlines. Let's get things going this week h._b._o. Renewed its emmy nominated drama succession for a third season and announced that the fifth season of doing johnson football comedy ballers would be its last man. Sorry our our special guests in a few segments will be senator. Elizabeth warren we'll be discussing the end of ballers and her plan for dwayne between the rock johnson's future career plans. That's not accurate but if elizabeth warren is listening. She's totally welcome anytime yeah elsewhere. Christians does the actress who plays rosa on a._m._c.'s. The walking dead is in final negotiations to star in netflix series selena the story which is a bio series. It's a scripted his show a._m._c. says she'll continue to be a series regular on the upcoming ten season of the walking dead which typically wraps production atlanta around the holidays whereas selena is set to began production in mexico in september that math doesn't add up dan. I'm vaguely still trying to remember which one rosetta is on the walking dead that that's as far as i can go. I've now entirely run out of characters on that show whose names i remember so well fair assessment in net flicks news wanda sykes mike mike epps will star in a multi camera comedy about a working class family in indiana called. The up shaw's former unreal showrunner. Stacy kaiser is adapting b._b._c. Since book forty four chapters about four men as a drama series called sex life reese witherspoon will exert produce a home organizing show for the streamer with the founders of the home edit because you know she's not not busy enough and now she has a show on apple two shows on apple one coming on hulu with little fires everywhere and now she's got an unscripted show over enough looks and rounding out the streamers news kevin smith will serve show runner on a new he man anime series which i hear will pick up where the animated series for my childhood ended up as if i've been dealing with a thirty year cliffhanger on that series i have not fans have elsewhere f._x. Chief john landgraf tells me that hillary clinton will not be a quote significant character in american crime story impeachment. This is what i said i think last week or two weeks ago was probably correct. There's no reason why it should be her story. Yeah and file this one under monkey business one of my favorite stories of the year reporting. This one was truly fun. I laughed more than anything f._x. Is upcoming y the last man adaptation and will feature a very very very familiar face to fans of the show friends katie. The capuchin monkey who played marcel filmed the pilot for why the last man is an percent san your traveling companion but there's a catch listeners katie poor katie may not be in the series as the new show runners figuring out if they would rather use c._g._i. For anchor sand or real monkey what a bunch of nonsense if you have the choice between using a real monkey and a c. g. i. monkey. I don't really care what the liability and insurance durance issues are us the real monk let you know dan. Pita is also very upset about that. You want to know how much i care about that. Use the real monkey and treat the real monkey with respect. I think peter could appreciate that as well. My favorite part was john. Landgraf recognized the monkey when he was watching dailies for why the last man set because john john landgraf was working in the current department n._b._c. in the nineties when friends was on and he actually recognized katie monkey so to me that i love that story. Let's be honest. There are two working monkeys in hollywood. There's katie and there's crystal and they're they don't really look all that much alike. Why did we not do this as a full segment again remind me less. I don't know because it's just so much fun. No it should have been a full segment. That's how much fun it is. I don't believe we just we did that on headlines well. Let's wrap up and get into the segments so closing out the week the big trailer this week was the morning show this week. We got nearly three minutes of actual footage not just a set tour with some voiceover lots of lots footage. It's the most high-profile show that apple has so far and that's saying a lot considering. They've got a ton of high name producers and a ton of of top level talented attached but but there's a lot riding on the morning show dan. What did you think of the actual trailer. I think if you have the choice between using a c._g. Monkey and an actual monkey you use the actual monkey. There is no question here at all now. Let's see okay last week. We talked about the stupid audio trailer. This was better than that. Had it still does to me look like a lauren news room knockoff still that's. That's what it looks like to me. We could turn out to be something much better and that would be wonderful. It looks like the actors are all engaged in interesting so picture whatever better than the audio trailer last week but still use the real monkey monkey with all that out of the way. Let's dive into this week's top five number one leading off this week a._b._c. Announced the cote stars who will be competing for the upcoming twenty eighth season of dancing with the stars and one of them former white house press secretary. Sean spicer has been met with a pretty big backlash backlash. Dan spicer will compete alongside lamar odom james vanderbeek bachelorette hannah brown and former super bowl m._v._p. Ray lewis among others dan. What do you think thanks so far. All the attention right now is on spicer which is great because it means that we're not talking about whether they should be having lewis on this given certain things in his past past such as a murder investigation indeed so yes under other circumstances we would be totally talking about whether ray lewis should be on a family friendly show instead. We're we're talking about disney on network runa disney network. There are many reasons why we should be talking about that. Yeah it is embarrassing. It's stupid and the process every year on on who the heck the cast members are in dancing with stars is is honestly it's part of the fun you know everyone tends to know a couple people in the cast fast and then everyone has to look like a pedia some of the others and we all have our sort of spheres in which we know so okay. Maybe you're not a big n._f._l. Fan and you. I don't know who the n._f._l. Player is. Maybe you don't know who the disney channel. Star is a cetera et cetera. That's always the process so the game of how are these people. Stars is always what the game is with sean spicer. What you are looking at here is a person who did and one hundred and eighty two days on a job that in a perfect world verges on anonymous. I do not not know the names of the three people who served as press secretary under barack obama did that is because they basically did their jobs period sean spicer spicer in one hundred and eighty two days was directly responsible for lies his holocaust denial and not in a casual way. He was dismissing aspects of the holocaust. Not i think because he is a nazi or anti semite but because he is stupid sewri pardon me that is what what he is famous for that is what he is a star for for one hundred eighty two days of lying to the american people and poisoning the discourse in a way that will never be recovered in any of our lifetimes and a._b._c. is giving this person a platform to do the cha-cha and for for us to go. Oh look at him. He lied on his feet screw that he does not belong in this show and he's not going to bring in any audience to the show. That's the other thing because he's nothing. He is not a part of this administration. He is not a person who has direct political ties to this administration. He is the puppet who stood at the podium and lied for one hundred and eighty two days. That is who he is that is what his stardom is based on. I am not saying that he should be brought up on on war crimes and brought before a tribunal if he wants to get a job at a think tank or with lobbyists or whatever by all means it is utterly embarrassing that a._b._c. is giving this guy a platform and beyond so. I don't really have any thoughts about this. I mean you're not the only one who feels strongly. The big bang theory co-creator bill pretty tweeted quote spicer lied repeatedly american public in literally defended hitler actress yvette nicole brown said his casting was quote very problematic attic and others have threatened to boycott the aging unscripted series longtime host hamburg john also responded to the controversy with with a lengthy statement in which he basically said he told told the shows exact producers to see dancing with the stars as joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably divisive bookings from any party affiliations and went on to say that he agrees to disagree with the casting and hope that people would kind of tune in meanwile sean spicer gave an interview to the hollywood reporter's rick porter and was asked about it and here's quote he said i hope it will be a politics free zone. My hope is that at the end of the season thomas back and realizes with what a great example it was of being able to bring people of diverse background together to have fun with each other engage in real. I don't care this is all just like it's just like it's all spin. It's it's like give me a platform. He what's also interesting is that you know. Spicer runs his own businesses. He has a political consulting firm that supports republican candidates for office and is also an advisor to a pro-trump america first and he said he's not restricted from political activity during his time dancing with the stars which just i mean listen and just don't do it like kerry burke a._b._c. disney. All your higher ups this is this is a bad idea. I also have to add incidentally the tom bergeron bless him is being completely disingenuous about this joyful respite from politics nonsense look at the people who have appeared on this show. They have had rick perry dancing. They've had tom delay dancing. They had tucker freaking carlson dancing. They had geraldo the rivera dancing. This is a show that does probably appeal to a middle america segment that is probably i believe more conservative than other parts of the country but then pretending otherwise is foolish and silly but this is more overt. This is is more ridiculous again any person out there who did a job for a hundred and eighty two days where they're only achievement was lying and getting things wrong so either lying or just being dumb and being factually inaccurate would not think this hugely but yes would not think that those one hundred and eighty two days were worthy of being described as a star or even worthy of being described as having done the job at all like one hundred and eighty two days. I would dot put that job on my resume under normal circumstances. It's ridiculous. Yeah i get it. You know a._b._c. wants to appeal to large swath of the american public in the way that you do that. Is you bring in contestants that that check different boxes and i'm sure he you know spicer checks a certain certain box to your point for middle america for the trump crowd but it's also like it's politicized a show that doesn't need to be when you look at a._b._c.'s. A._b._c.'s larger objective which we've talked about n._c. On this podcast about how they really wanna bring women back to this network they want to reclaim their spot as broadcast number one network among among women. I don't think sean spicer is come up with that but i am here for james vanderbeek and look. I don't watch dancing with the stars but i am all in in on the beach but i'm not gonna watch it for that. No this is a show that is that is designed for recycling and in sean spicer. This is a major hunkin garbage. They've decided to recycle for absolutely no benefit of any kind that i can imagine yeah. It's just become the latest hot button problem for a._b._c. and they still we'll have the rookie issue going on investigations that we haven't heard anything from who knows at this point dan. I can't talk about this anymore. You want to move out. Let's move onto the second talk. Let's let's move on number two batting second this week. Let's check in on the state of late night this week james according to a new two year contract extension that will keep him as the host of c._b._s.'s late late show through twenty twenty to court and joins jimmy kimmel samantha b trevor noah and conan o'brien with contracts through two thousand twenty two stephen colbert bill maher john oliver thorough signed through two thousand twenty on their respective networks and jimmy fallon and seth meyers are staying put put it n._b._c. through two thousand twenty one however joining n._b._c.'s late night lineup will be youtube breakout lilly singh who will take over the one thirty five a._m. Slot previously occupied tied by carson daley joining us to discuss what to expect from sings new n._b._c. Show is now jarvi teachers digital media editor author of this week's hollywood reporter cover story on broadcasts outcasts. Only female eight nine host love natalie hi. Thanks for having me welcome natalie first question. Can you sort of parse. The only woman in late night claims claimed 'cause. I know that there are not necessarily asterisks but it's kind of figuring broadcast in broadcast. It's because the space is an expanding space. So what is the significance gets a of of where she is coming from at this moment yeah absolutely so she's lily is currently the only female host on a broadcast late night. Show <hes> there. There have been women who've hosted shows in the past famously. Joan rivers on fox a number of years ago over thirty years ago but there hasn't been a woman in broadcast late night in a really longtime so that's kind of the first kind of historical thing. That's happening here on top of that. Lily is the first bisexual woman woman of color to ever host a broadcast late night. Show well so a lotta. I know there's no question it's significant. It's just all about making. I'm sure that we get enough of the things that are i and unprecedented in because it's important and also youtube star to really hit a platform like this. I mean can you talk talk a little bit about just where she came from and what makes her right for this job. Yeah absolutely so lily has been posting her comedy on youtube hoop sense two thousand ten. She was a girl in toronto who just finished <hes> college or was about to finish college and needed a creative outlet and she started riposting rap videos and tutorials and comedy that really spoke to her experience as a indian in canadian woman and it caught on people loved it as she found a huge audience not only in canada but also internationally especially in india a lot of young young people really took to her honest brand she she's very forthcoming about her struggles with depression and with being an then indian canadian woman in the you know what that means for her and her life experience and so she kind of blew up and over the last several years she's gone on tour. She was the subject of a documentary that aired on youtube. No surprise there. I mean she became the face of ole recently you know she's started to kind of make these strides ride's not just on youtube but but off youtube and he threw in crossing over exactly <hes> she'd recently devoted more time to acting head appeared h._b._o.'s fahrenheit four fifty one adaptation a small part but was trying to do more of that type of thing and then that's when and b. C. have reached out and <hes> <hes> you know the thought of her for the show because she had already kind of proven that she could do the sketches could do the interviews. You could do a lot of the things that you would need a late night host to be able to do well this. This is obviously more your value than ours. What was your awareness of her. When n._b._c. made the announcement where you like awesome i love her or were. You like who knows no. She's she's one of these youtubers that has really established herself a made a name for herself so absolutely i was aware of her and made a lot of sense to me. I mean lily is not like some of these other youtube creators out there who you know do outrageous stunts and silly things to try to get all the likes and clicks. She really thinks of herself as a comedian. Dan is an artist and she has four end yeah. She's and she's more creative more thoughtful about what she puts on the internet so n._b._c. was going to take a bet on a a youtube creator. She's the one to take the bet on but let's talk about. It is a big bet. I mean carson deal is pretty established. Obviously yelled at that post for god. What was it like seventeen years. She's but i mean this is a big bet for n. B. c. i mean what are they doing to kinda. Help raise awareness. I mean i remember when that release came in and i i was like yeah. I only know her because you've mentioned her. In a number of meetings here is so eat. Let's unpack that a little bit so i i've lily is not the first youtuber to you ever have this type of an opportunity grace. Helbig was given a show on e after chelsea handler left that didn't even air for a whole season. I don't think so there have been attempts attempts to cross these craters over and it hasn't necessarily worked so you're absolutely right that this is a bet that n._b._c.'s making that she will bring a certain amount of her digital digital fan base over to their network but it's challenging the show airs one thirty five a._m. So i don't know how many gen z. kids than millennials are staying up till one thirty to watch late night show on linear broadcast television especially when they probably are cord cutters who watch the clips the next day anyway last. That's part there. That's the big part is the on linear broadcast television part. Maybe like fifteen yes so i think n._b._c.'s pragmatic about out the fact that the reason to bring in someone like lily is because late night has largely moved to online. It's all about those youtube clips. The next day it's all about going viral quote unquote and and kind of having a starting a conversation that can last many days after the show actually aired on television and that's something carson daley really didn't do last call was on like i said seventeen years not a lot of people ever talked about. It had a youtube channel. I wasn't even aware of until i started reporting reporting the story meaning he didn't have the same presence online as fallon aura a james corden or some of these other late night hosts and so once it became became clear that that show is going to end. I think n._b._c. realized they needed to find someone who could kind of establish that brand and that you know build. A community is how they've kind of referred to that off. Linear television will one of the things i found interesting in your cover. Story is the person who said that specifically. She hasn't been one of those youtubers who has quote wrote gone viral. You know she's just built up audience steadily and organically over time. How basically is she planning on bringing over what she does on youtube to n._b._c. Entity can you do that. I mean it's a great question. She did tell me that while she wants this to feel of a kind with what people know from her that she wants to feel elevated. I just feel like a youtube sketch so she's. She's very much thinking about <hes>. She's hired a writer's room so she's got the half dozen people now helping her hone her comedy for late night. These are people who come from the tonight show and the late late show and the kroll show and alternative no so these are people with you know a a t._v. Experience and what's interesting about that is that lily largely does all of this herself. I mean she has helped now. We know camera person and editor but she's she's writing all her own sketches for youtube. She's coming up with all the ideas basically on her own so this is the first time she's being given resources and i do think it will be interesting to see how how it goes now that she'll have a team of people who were going to kind of take her sensibilities and adopt them for late night and maybe elevate them <hes> and edit them and kind of work to create the best possible product. So what do we know about her. Actual show and i'm sorry what's the title again called a little late with releasing the title but this is going to see more of these sketches that have you know one of the interesting things to me anyway about late night is so many of these sketches have become t._v. Shows of their own for networks or for or digital plays carpool. Karaoke is a prime example. I think it's nominated for an emmy and that started as a segment on corden but what will youtube subscribers were familiar with lily. Will we see what what she was doing on youtube on her show sketches and things like that out so so lillies sketches on youtube kind of fall into a couple of different buckets. She does some kind of comedy sketches. She impersonates fictional versions of her parents her who her in job indian parents that is very popular with fans. She also does a lot of these kind of comedic music videos where she'll dissect what makes them migos rap video so great and kind of do her own video. She did a video recently about like what if bollywood was rap videos and plays on those kind of different cultural stereotypes and kind of disconnect between the you know the music she listened to growing up in canada in toronto and you know the music of her you a culture so i think we will see a lot of that kind of thing happen in her. Show a lot of these kinds of sketches. I think we'll see her do impersonations and she might bring some of those characters too late night. She's also you know she speaks a lot about her personal experiences and so she's not necessarily going going to delve into politics the way that we've seen stephen colbert or a seth meyers delve into politics but you could expect effect that she'll talk about social issues and she'll make commentary on those issues from her own personal experiences and will there be in regular interviews as well of course or not regular interviews. Yes i mean she structuring this very much like a traditional talk show. It's only a half an hour but she will have a monologue that might kind of evolve into kind of sketch comedy as it goes along. It may be her standing there talking for five minutes straight. There might be a throat a prepackaged segment or sort of audience interaction something like that. She'll have have gas on to interview them. She might have musical performances. There will be some other prepackaged bits throughout the one interesting thing though is that this is not going to it'd be semi live. She's not going to be taping this on at four pm on a tuesday afternoon. The episode will air later in the night. She's blocked shooting all ninety six episodes of her first season during the fall starting in september so the initial run of shows this fall will be pretty up to date but when you get into the spring and late winter it those shows we'll have been taped many months earlier so she will really have to stay away from the kind kind of current affairs politics what did trump tweet last night type of a monologue commentary for why they chose to want to do that. Yeah i mean so lily didn't want to give up her youtube channel and give up the work that she's doing elsewhere so it was part of the negotiation with n._b._c. that this allows allows her to devote a few months to the show and then you spend the rest of her year working on. She's got a production company. She's producing a bunch of projects and might starring aren't some of them. She has now time to do that. In the spring she can continue to work on her youtube channel. It was kind of a scheduling thing and it does seem a little weird but you have to remember that carson daley the last few years of his show it was all these prepackaged segments ed sheeran video of him performing and some club somewhere and carson and would just throw to those segments from like a green screen he wasn't actually hosting and and so this has always been a time slot where you can get a little bit more experimental with the format of the show and what works best. I love you saying that. We have to remember that as if we have to remember that that is truly the first time my heard anyone talk about what carson daley has been doing in a while. I had an ideal carson. Daley was doing carson. Daley did some very good interviews and periodically. I really would watch them on on the youtube youtube as the kids don't call it but i never actually watched it because one thirty s past my bedtime past my bedtime too but you know yes carson. Daly's showed did not break out in that way and so you know i think the big question for a little late is candidate break out in a way that last call didn't and do that when it's it's not going to be on current affairs politics driven a lot of late night as do we have a guest list or people that we think will be first people to be featured on the show. We we don't have a guest list yet but in talking with a number of people she'd like to bring on. I think we'll see a mix of more traditional celebrities and kind of more her friends from the youtube world so you know on the kind of more traditional celebrity front lilley has struck up a friendship with dwayne the rock johnson over the years he <hes> is he's a big supporter of hers and was one of the people that she called when she was weighing whether or not to take this job so it wouldn't be surprised if he popped up at some point i she's also very close with hassan montage josh. There's some youtube talent like j. Shetty who's kind of a motivational speaker. She's got this really good friend humble. The poet who's a fellow toronto youtube a youtube creator. I think we'll see kind of an interesting blend of different types of people. Yeah sounds really really interesting. Well a little late with lilly. Singh debuts news monday september sixteenth at one thirty five a._m. Natalie thanks so much for joining us. Thanks for having me up third this week. It's been another busy week for h._b._o. Max warner me is forthcoming. Streaming service has its first pilot slate and it's pretty impressive looking at the pilot orders the streamer dreamers teaming with jessica jones show runner melissa rosenberg for a prequel series based on alice hoffman's practical magic books which were of course the source material for the one thousand nine hundred feature starring sandra bullock john wells producing a young adult drama called red bird lane which will explore eight strangers who arrive in an isolated house and realized that something sinister and terrifying defying awaits them and the orders is perhaps the most interesting one. It's called generation. It's a half hour romney exact produced by lena dunham and it's described. There's an expiration of modern sexuality that revolves around a group of high school students it was created by a seventeen year old named zelda barnes who will co write the script alongside her father father daniel barnes and exact produce alongside daniels husband ben. It's i mean i think she might be seventeen year old. She might be the youngest person to co create not scripted show. I'm not sure but it's pretty interesting nonetheless and then of course let's take a look at the feature side h._b._o. Max its first major acquisition and it's a big one. The streamer picked up a a movie called. Let them all talk an original comedy from steven soderbergh starring the sector. She might have heard of dan meryl streep. I have heard of her. I mean it's a busy week of news. I mean to me the most interesting. The biggest takeaway here is that h._b._o. Max's doing pilots which we know most streamers don't typically we do netflix doesn't do pilots. It's usually script series across the board. Amazon has been doing pilots. I mean they have their development. Process seems to be much slower under jen psaki than it was under owner roy price. You get to vote on our pilots that don't mean anything but yeah. It's you know it would it's curious to me that they would spend millions of dollars shooting pilots for stuff that may not get made for that may not go the distance yeah it is it is funny and it's also always funny to remind people of the amazon pilot process that existed for a couple of years it still kind of boggles the mind that that was the thing that happened. The thing that we thought was a good idea and the thing that they abandoned and now it on paper but like it didn't really matter like they didn't take viewer feedback into account. They may pick up so it was all lip. Service was it was ridiculous and i don't think it gave anybody anybody. The additional attachment to any of those pilots that i think ideally should have been the reason for that. I think in a perfect world that system would have allowed people to be like ooh. Oh i saw this early. I voted for it. It got picked up because of me therefore i will continue to watch it instead yielded some shows that people like very much sean shows that people forgot existed and some shows that were canceled after one. It really ultimately had no purpose that it was supposed to have at all and that's silly so yes. Some of these sound relatively interesting. I i feel like has practical magic been developed for t._v. Before feel like that's a thing that someone has done before it wouldn't surprise may i mean because this is the era of reboots and remakes in revival so the other pieces that that a little curious as they picked up a number of show straight to series already so oh you know a greek mythology drama a new take on dune. I mean all these pilots have really established producers. John wells is been around forever. He's very very very good. Obviously melissa rosenberg. Lena dunham has tons of experience but i would be curious about why these are pilots versus not straight straight to series order like when you're when you're gonna go the distance on a big high end show like dune take that to me feels like something you would wanna. Get right before you spend. That kind of insane ain't money which again going back amazon again was perhaps the worst thing about that process under roy prices that they had this whole development thing where they're like. We're going to put them up and you're gonna get to decide oh but we're also going to give one hundred million dollars to woody allen to make six episodes of something. There was no way of understanding why one thing was getting in one treatment and another thing was getting another treatment and i don't think that did anything positive for amazon in the creative community so i would think that there would be at least some concern about h._b._o. Max learning from those lessons or failing to so i would be. I would be worried if i were telling one group of producers here. We're giving you a straight to series order in another group. He really established creator telling john wells we. We've seen a couple things you've done before e. R. come on but please make us a pilot yeah and i mean it's also important to remember that h._b._o. Max the creative team running that is bothering biden and kevin reilly who both come from the broadcast cast world where pilots season was a regular staple of course kevin. Riley is the guy who came out at t._i. Years ago with a big illustration beamed up on the screen that said r._i._p. I pee tombstone instead r._i._p. Pilots and and now he's making pilots for streaming service that needs to launch with with with a suite of original and he also established t._b._s. Was going to be a comedy brand and now they're gonna have snow piercers so the best laid plans kevin reilly afghan ugly or something to that effect. Apparently you know things change yeah. It's it's really curious to say the least and this will be something that that we continue to monitor as you know the as more details about what they're going to do with h._b._o. Max emerge and you know just a quick reminder. It's slated to launch in beta in the fourth quarter of this year. Originals are set to debut sometime next year on the platform warm. I mean stay tuned. I guess same same stuff but yeah. We'll see who the cast for some of these <hes>. Let me say again if the choice is between a c._g. Monkey the and the monkey cast the monkey so by that metaphor then you just give this you give these shows a pickup. You don't do pilots the if if you have the real monkey yes yeah okay well. Let's move onto our fourth topic of the week up next. It's time for another show. Runners spotlight segment number four this week. We're thrilled to welcome one of my favorite producers and show runners jason tatum tease top-five look jason. Thank you so much. Thanks for joining us thank you. Keenum's is the creator behind some of tv's most beloved family dramas including friday night lights and parenthood. He started his career on my so called life and counts. It's the former w._b. Networks roswell and boston public and about a boy and rise among his credits most recently shifted to focusing on shepherding other show runners with work on who's the path pure genius and coming this fall almost family on fox. Jason get started. Almost families based on an australian series called sisters. What was is it about. The premise of a family doctor winds fathering dozens of children's that did that appeal to you right. What was interesting was we were sort of before we even found the format. We were interested in this world of twenty three and me. It was just kind of like so many stories that i was hearing people were hearing about suddenly finding the person you thought was your father was in your father or a million different sort of variations on that theme and it seemed to be something that was so compelling pelling to think about that like what if you found that out. What if you've got your family wasn't your family and it seemed to be something that was particularly something that could only it happened now today. Contemporary story driven by sort of medicine and technology but became really about you know emotional story about family family and so that's what we were kind of interested in finding something in that world where we can focus on sort of identity stories of identity and then and we found this australian format sisters which is wonderful show that was <hes> very much right in the wheelhouse have what we we're already looking to do and i worked with anne weisman on it who <hes> i've worked with now on several shows including the path and about a boy whose voice was so wonderful for this because she brings such humor to her writing and honesty musty and motion it felt like the perfect match for her and so that's how we kind of got into it and then we just started exploring. You know like oh you do when you do an arbitration letting yourself be inspired by it but then thinking about you know what store you want to tell about it and that's how we started it in on it. Well what was that process. Like what aspects of the plot the tone the cultural context etcetera do have to change from sisters. Well you know it's really a wonderful show so it wasn't isn't so much like what do we need to change here. It was more driven by what is a story. We wanna tell and i've done a few outpatients you know and one the thing that i find that's really important is to honor the source material but not be beholden to it not feel like you're gonna use it as a crutch uses an inspiration <unk> but allow yourself to go where you want it to take. You and i think there are certain things just totally. It's a little bit different than the australian format. Some of the plot moves are are kind of different and it still. I think maintains a lot of you know the sort of heart of of what was in the original one of the things that i love about so many of your shows especially friday night lights and parenthood is there's so much heart. It's all hard most and i wonder you know the story lines in parenthood that were based on people in your family. Obviously you know you're married. That were a lot of the storyline from friday night lights. That was a show. It was praised for having one of the best depictions of marriages on t._v. I wonder what this one. What's your experience with twenty three and me and and some of those genetic testing road i don't have any personal weird experience dance without it so it's not like something happened in my life where i it inspired me to tell this story. I think it's more that these stories are are inspiring me because hearing about them hearing about suddenly being thrown this curve ball in your life in the case of this show you have these three women who find out as an adult that they're sisters and i find that to be an incredibly appealing idea yeah because it's brings up all these questions. What does that mean. Does it mean like because we're biologically connected that were sisters or not we want to embrace it to we don't and of course all three of them have very different point of view on that when we started out the show about whether they want to embrace or not and what they think of it but what i find to be really beautiful about it is is it's an excuse to tell a story about these sisters in about this family ultimately. It's not to me all that different then the territory that i was wanting to explore and fry lights and parenthood. It's just a different way in and it does give you kind of like a fun way. In you know like we we get to sort of because it's not only about these three sisters there are lots of others and we start to explore that as we go to episodes and start to meet other people that come in who are related to them and it gives the show such a sort of sense of excitement and sort of like <hes> you know you don't know what to expect next and i and i really liked that about it but i also like that. Really what we're sort of going to be able to tell is the story about unconventional family. Is there a version of the the show that could have been done without timothy hutton character where he's kind of i mean i don't really know how to phrase this. Were you know looking at what he's done. It's effectively effectively. Medical rape is their version of the show that could have been done without that could have just been like these three people come together and they find out through this twenty three minute lists list your name of who you're related to and you know i know people who have met <hes> family members that way was that something that you guys discussed about and kind of maybe backing away from that <hes> i don't know how to phrase it but kind of gross part of the storyline well. This was this particular story and how this particular story gets launched and so rather than shied away from it. We wanted to tell it in a real and honest way and so what you've seen in the pilot is the launching the jumping off point of it and and we take that subject matter you know very seriously even though there's a lot of humor in the show and there's a lot of heart and lightness in the show about you know stories about sisters and them coming together and and there's comedy in the show but we do take the story of what leon beckley did very seriously and we want to examine it. We want to examine what was behind his choices in what he did at the very beginnings of when he was a pioneer in that field what are the possibilities to be able to. They do now what people know now were very different. It really was the wild west it was very beginning of that field and we want to sort of delve into what was behind his choices as we want to show that there are serious consequences for his actions but there's also the complexity of the story which is as the sisters find each other and they need each other and maybe they find each other out of a terrible deeds that somebody did they find themselves so i find the complication of that interesting interesting and i think the story of broad friday night lights one of my favorite characters and frankly lights is buddy garrity now he didn't do anything as terrible as that as as what leon did but he starts out as a villain in the show and he starts out as somebody that you just look at as the antagonist over the course of that show you start to understand him and see him as a husband and a father you see him for all's foibles. You seem as a man and you come to see three dimensional person and you understand them in a way that you never thought we would. You never might imagine we would investigate that guy in that way yeah on the show so i think there's a story here to tell about this guy a guy who doesn't really at the beginning understand the moral implications of what he's done but it doesn't mean he can't get there in time. We'll all sorted bite on the buddy garrity analogy there because i'm i'm intrigued by. What do you think the length of time was was required for. The buddy redemptive are like do you think you could have done it. Flat out in one season. You know did a require three four seasons before you feel like people were ready to embrace race that character i think liam i take a few seasons. You know i mean and i think that's okay to me intelligent. The beauty of it is everything that happens after the pilot you know the pilot launches something but it's the tip of the iceberg. It's just the beginning and there's a lot of people who say like oh something will never live up to the pilot pilot so great and to me. It feels like the pilot is just the beginning and the exciting work is to really start to delve into and and get an eighth these characters and watch them evolve and change and grow. I think that will be a very interesting story to tell him interested in telling the story of leeann julia and seeing what happens how can she forgiven does she forgive him the complications of having somebody who has has betrayed you in such a way that you still love and you know you can say it's black and white and i take away all my love for this man but i don't think that's true either so i think it's it's very complicated in a good way. Now you've been sort of very we're gonna talk about the other different platforms that you're working on and floating around at this point but you've been a proponent of broadcast television and your last series rise lasted only a season. I'm curious what takeaways you're able to gain from that show in that process tests and sort of what we're network television is now versus. Maybe where it wasn't threatened lights rage. I don't know there's a very good question. I mean i was very sad and didn't continue to be honest with you and i thought that it had all the ingredients that those other shows you mentioned had and had we been able to continue you know the show would continue to deepen and television is the landscape is changing constantly. Broadcast television is in one way. There's a lot of opportunity now in broadcast television to find a way to crack it in in a way. I also feel like i still love what i thing is the potential for a great show on broadcast television but you know it's challenging if you do show anywhere it's not just broadcast. It's challenging that there's i mean you guys probably no way better than me. How many shows are out there. How do you give your proper attention to a show and to me. That's what i think i and other creators. There's are probably thinking a lot about is like those questions of like when you think about doing a show taking something on how does it separate itself from the pack. You know the big opportunity right now. Intelligent is such an expansive world and you can do a show about anything and all the barriers that used to be about oh. You can't do a show about that. You can't do that. You can't do make that move into show. That's all off. You know anything. Anything's on the table now you knew show about anything and anybody and that's wonderful. The challenge orange is just the incredible amount of televisions. It's being done and how to do something that you feel is going to break through. You know there's so many shows like i watch now and i'll watch them and i'll be like oh that was good and i don't watch more than two or three episodes and that is a new phenomenon anon- like if i used to be founder show that was good. You'd be like there you seeing from the rooftops about it because you don't want to take away that's right and now there's so much stuff that is worthy of our attention and you know none of us. Have the ban went to watch all of it so when you look at it from the point of view of the person producing and creating being in finding those things you're looking for well. What is it about this. Show that makes me watched through the end of the season versus the ones that are like well that was good but it doesn't engage me in that same way you recently signed an overall deal with apple taking you out of the broadcast system where you've been with universal television and since friday night lights what was it about going apple who we still don't haven't really seen a whole lot from we don't have a launch day. We don't really know what any of those shows are going to look like it. Remains remains the you know one of the biggest multibillion dollar questions in the t._v. Landscape look your reunited with your former true jack head of production michelle layover there was that at the appeal of going to apple or reviewing certainly being able to work with michelle and jack and jamie who have not worked with but have been talking about working with for for many many years so the creative team is fantastic. I was excited about the challenge of doing something new. I've loved everything i've been able to do it universal and to work with them for all this time but you know the idea of being toward the very early part in the beginning of something that seemed like it was a good fit for me creatively and seemed like what they are wanting to do. Their feels feels like it's a line with the kinds of shows that i have done and i like to do so. I'm really excited about it. I'm also you know starting slowly because i still have almost family and two other projects and i'm still working on very much involved with and those projects are away. There's there's a show for netflix. Which is we start shooting in a few weeks in its wake is directing the first episode you worked with on <hes> i work with my first show and my so called life and one of the other producers is matt reeves who i worked turn on my the first screenplay wrote the pallbearer and so it's like an insane gathering of everybody i've ever known in my life just goldberg eric who worked with on the path and hinderaker who worked on the path and pure genius with me created the show and then many many other people it just was a weird alchemy where all of these people working together and it's. It's a really beautiful show. I'm so excited about it. <hes> hilary swank is starring in it. Josh charles's co-starring and it's about the first manned mission to mars and hillary is the commander on on the ship but the thing that's really beautiful all about it is it's really a love story between her and her husband just charles and trying to stay connected to her family from a distance so i'm excited about that one and then you also have on the spectrum of pilot at amazon so you've got business at amazon netflix and apple. It's pretty rare in this climate. Yes you know on the spectrum is a show. That's in israeli format. It's a absolutely beautiful show and it's about three young adults with autism who are roommates and it's a shown that really just about their lives trying to figure out how to find work and love and and friendship and be as independent as they can be and there's humor in it and it's also sort of at the same time kind of heartbreaking and <hes> we've we've cast actually three young actors with autism to play three leads and we start shooting a tune so yeah. There's a lot going on but there's also also it's all very very exciting and obviously that's a subject. That's very close and important to you. I don't know if you wanna talk about that a little bit here well you know when oh i did parenthood included the storyline of max braverman who has asperger's and that was inspired by my son who was about a little bit older than max ax when we started that and now he's a young man and he's about to go into the age where all these characters on the spectrum are and so the theme of of independence and coming of age and figuring out is <hes> very kind of relevant now because i'm thinking a lot about it you know with my own family situation but the great thing about that show is like if you think back about when you had your first apartment man and you were trying to figure out what you're gonna do with your life and who you're going to be with. Everybody is a method point so you know i think it will be extremely kind of real way. It'll be very much a real way to connect to it whether or not you have a connection to that particular population you know i think it's going to be really exciting to do that will now before you guys were on the stage today. <hes> there was a beverly hills nine o. Two and renewed or whatever the heck it was on the podcast. We had josh schwartz. Who's bringing back gossip girl. We are in an era of television in which what is dead is never in any that's right and it happens that the property is that you've done best with are these properties that really are almost inherently easily rebuildable. All things considered like a friday night lights. You could just pick up with any group the kids right any coach you believed in. Is that something that ever goes through your mind you know. I don't need to tell the coach taylor story anymore because then we'd have to go through with all these people but i can tell l. a. story in this universe that would be comparable in theme and scope it's not i don't think about it every day. I think there are actually doing a movie of friday night lights which i'm not that involved in but i think it is it. Is that what you're talking about. It's not it's not television. It's a feature but it is you know doing doing another friday lights with another team in other coach in another town so yeah. I think that is an idea that could be replicated. I'm so happy with what we were able to do on friday lights. You know jumping in to try to do it again. It's not like i walk around saying if we don't be done that episode you know i feel very lucky that you know in a show where we almost got cancelled after season two in that writers strike season and we got to go on and not only do the next season but to through season five. We knew from season four that she's in five was i was gonna be the finale so we were really able to do anything that we wanted to tell. We we really have in that show in the right way and so you know it's not like i feel like i want to redo that and it ended. I mean i'm obviously very biased here but it ended perfectly. Thank you <hes> as did i think think parenthood which is to me one of the most satisfying series finale as i've seen that's not safe seen everything but talk a little bit about. Maybe going back to parenthood and doing whether it's a special update something about where the braverman cz are now. Is that something that you've considered. I you know i love that idea because i think their stories left to tell and what i'm interested in seeing sort of like that you know next generation. Where are they now. I mean i'd like to see where max braverman is. Now you know and amber and had an all of them you know so it depends on like so many people's schedules schedules kind of coming together but you know it would be pure joy to even if it was just a one off do like a two hour or something like that and it also also read it in comic book form as long as it existed in some form and you wrote it. We're gonna wrapping up here a little bit and looking ahead to the future you know you've shepherded shepherded a lot of writers in your career and you continue to do that with almost family. You know you mentioned the people that you've worked with many times but i wonder you know in this climate. Were show runners like yourself or getting these big overall deals and a lot of them are because you are able to so skilfully help groom and mold the new wave of of show runners of tomorrow. How do you balance like. How do you decide like this is something i want to write for me. This is something i wanna. I wanna shepherd another writer on. I mean what's what's the balance like well. Look look you know. Everybody has their own way of doing it. My way of doing it has always been. It's about very much being driven by the particular idea hi dea and not trying to go for like being like a volume business. We'll you know when you talked about. All the shows that were coming up. It was is a fluke because you know there are three shows out of developing three. You know so normally when you develop you you know you have to law of averages. Nothing thing actually happens. T._v. is a business failures so you know it just it worked out that all of them happen and they were all projects that i loved you. Know away is inspired by an article written by chris jones for esquire believe that matt reeves brought to me years ago and it's something that we wanted to do and have been passionate about for you know for four or five years at this point and it took that much time to define the right team and to get the timing signing right and bring netflix into it as a partner so i really try to come at it from if it's a story i need to tell i have to tell then i would do it and then it becomes a question of its story that for me to write or is it for somebody else but i'm not really like looking to be in like the volume volume business. I'm looking to just sort of do the things that i'm deeply passionate about. Thank you so much for joining us. Our guest has jason and almost family will premiere on fox on october second. Thank you jason. Thank you so much. Thank you number five as usual. We wrap things up with the critics corner. This week's new arrivals include the third season of thirteen reasons. Why a net flicks the final seasons of power and the affair on stars showtime respectively the fifth season and final season of h._b._o.'s ballers and youtube turn showtime comedy on becoming a god in central florida dan. It's pretty weird mixed this week what it is. It's a it's a strange assortment of things things. Some of them kind of high-profile shows that maybe aren't necessarily in my critical wheelhouse so the final seasons of power are in the affair or both going to probably go by without my interest or anything though i have seen the premiere of the new season of power. It's very eventful. <hes> <hes> that much. I can actually tell you had been long enough since i watched the show that windstar screened it at press tour. I was shocked to discover that apparently turtle from entourage is on the show and has been for multiple seasons now so goes to show how much attention i've been paying a man so true and apparently the affair contains a story line that is is in a post apocalyptic montauk in the future so i'm sorry what bears apparently a storyline in which anna pack wouldn't plays somebody from the main story storylines daughter and it is set. I think twenty years in the future after an environmental disaster in montauk again. This is only from press releases that i know these things and not actually from watching it. I seen the premier power. I had not seen the premiere of the affair. I have also not seen any of thirteen reasons why on netflix because it has not been made available to critics you can in just draw your own conclusions from that and i suspect they're probably going to be somewhere resembling correct and i'll probably watch a couple episodes of that this weekend out of self self hatred but if you don't hate yourself and i strongly recommend not hating yourself you really might enjoy on becoming a god in central florida on showtime. It's a dark comedy about multilevel marketing schemes which does not necessarily sound like the most sexy of story lines but it's actually very well handled and kirsten christon done stars and is quite wonderful. I would expect that she is going to be in any conversations or at least golden globe conversations for this one and i i think when it's funny and kind of quirky outlandish. I think it works fairly well. When it becomes a little bit more serious it becomes a more conventional anti-hero crime thing that doesn't interest me as much so as i've told people when it's actually humming and moving along it feels a little bit like a female centric breaking bad with a pyramid scheme twist when it gets too dour and bogged down in its own stuff. It feels a lot more like ozark but if you happen to love ozark you might like either variation of it. This is also a perfectly fine time to catch up on a lot of things that have had finales recently some of which are among my <music> absolute favorites this past week was the finale oppose which michigan which made me cry and it totally could have been a series finale finale and honestly i would say perhaps felt too much like a series finale but it won't be and you've been renewed for season three. Yes it is definitely it is not the series finale but it will set a bar where whatever they do is the series finale a can't end the way that it did which probably a series finale could've done but also would have to exceed that and that will be a challenge so pose less show that actually did have a series finale. This week was f._x. Baskets forty episodes utter gem of a series. What are your favorite one of my favorites louie anderson just simply giving a an alzheimer performance in the show and he already won an emmy so i can't say oh not getting enough respect that it is a wonderful performance in a show that's really full of great performances kalfin akkas wonderful in two roles martha kelly amazing deadpan and the finale wild f._x. Only announced it was the final season about two thirds of the way through the season. It's fairly clear the jonathan crystal new either that it was coming to an end or that it could be coming to an end and it is a completely satisfying finales that brings the series around full circle. It's not a show. That's going to be for everyone because if it were a shelter for everyone who would probably have run more than four seasons but you should give give it a look. It's really worth checking out and i'm gonna miss me some baskets well. That feels like a good place to wrap things up. We'll be back next week with more headlines and the latest news and hopefully another show runner spotlight segment. Thank you for listening to t._v.'s top-five the hollywood reporter tv podcast. If you like us you should definitely subscribe to us on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. If you really like us rain us. If you really really like us writer review of us you can always talk to either of us on twitter. We're happy to converse converse chat here. Complements your critiques etc and you know just because this week we didn't do a full segment on a monkey. If you want us to do a full segment on a monkey next week or in the future and you have questions comments or concerns you can email us at t._v.'s top five the number five at t. h. r. dot com until next week lesley until next weekend.

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