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Today's episode of Area Hawaii's Ma show contains explicit language that may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is advised the day's gentlemen. Welcome to back in your life on this Monday October fourteen two thousand and nineteen is Canadian thanksgiving so if you are off in Canada if you're often the United States a lot of people off today hope you're enjoying the program sitting back with some families some Turkey back she reasserts herself and does it with a broken foot or at least a very injured foot for the the the back end of the fight I mean scene but what we know on this Monday is that she beat Michelle waterson that it was never really in doubt that it was a phenomenal performance one of her best he was a victory for everyone involved everything that was reported by us and others was one hundred percent accurate in fact Angela Hill and joined Calderwood reached out whatever it is that you do on this particular day thank you for taking some time out and joining us on this beautiful afternoon here in Bristol Connecticut and let me tell you there's a lot a second installment of their playoffs later this week you've got the UFC in Boston on special Friday show with a big fight between Chris wideman and dominant Thursday and Sunday a ton of big things happened a ton of grade fights ton to talk about on today's show and of course the train doesn't stop he fell back with the about whether or not she would make wait a lot of people saying those stories weren't true I'm not quite sure why we had to change the facts after the fact the fact that she made way was a great story supremely impressive stuff from you on she handled everything like a pro and it seemed like maybe the criticism maybe gave her a little extra motivation she needed that who knows so that was impressive and that's uses the best part of the news is that she made the weight and she got over whatever Hump there was to get over and she made it in what appeared to be a healthy state the same kind of competitor in there that she wasn't the same kind of forced at one fifteen was the Great Roy Jones junior once said y'all must've forgot and looked phenomenal in that fight on Saturday against Michelle waterson there was a narrative that started to brew that maybe you WanNa was done that she didn't have the same fire that she wasn't going on in the world of a man I know I say that all the time but there was an abundance of mixed martial arts this past weekend holy smokes one headed it's one hundred event you had because she is still one of the very best one fifteen and she may in fact be the number one contender at one hundred and fifteen pounds now could she be next for John Wylie that remains to be risk potential number one contender fight to five so a lot to discuss but the biggest story on this Monday afternoon in my opinion has to be you WANNA NJ check there was a lot of talk story and we'll talk to her hopefully in a matter of moments also of note chrome gracie losing to Cub Swanson Great Moment for Cub Swanson a guy who was on that losing streak who seemed like h words you had rise in you had Bella tour in Italy you had the UFC and tap but there was just so much pf l. playoffs up so much going on between essentially compared to how green krone is plus his lack of striking for me felt like a tough match-up but hey Kudos to cups watson big performance maybe he was fighting for his job in the UFC and I remember when this fight was first announced I remember thinking openly on the podcast like maybe it was in quite some time last year she looked good at one fifteen and seem like people forgot about that and then she had the fighter 125 against Valentina Shevchenko now all of a sudden she's she's no longer factor she comes hello everyone I'm Marie how Lonnie Happy Canadian thanksgiving too yeah yeah I think it's Columbus Day here and maybe some other stuff but really most important performance and for a guy who's so good at boxing to fight a guy who's striking is obviously not his strong suit that's why I felt like the veteran status plus the striking that's a mission everyone's like oh what a genius fight now he's a legit star but clearly there's more work to be done clearly there's more evolution to be had and cub Swanson isn't done and that was soon cassandra's Cub Swanson maybe I understand what they were trying to do he's a big name and Cassandra's a tough opponent and so from Caceres you go to come I get it Eugene Behrman the head coach over at city kickboxing on this program for months and finally he has said yes coming off the big weekend last weekend with Dan Hooker and Bradford Friday but his story is amazing PF L. Just Day to he may not be a household name but stay tuned for this story it's incredible Mike Davis said he'll join us a one forty I to here are you are you there oh there you are you see me I see you how's it going hey guys he city haven't talked to this man in almost a year he's back December twenty first against the Korean Zombie Chanson Joan I'm looking forward to talking to I've been trying at three twenty five Travis Barker of blink one eighty to one of the greatest drummers of all time huge anime fan huge combat sports fan he'll join US I love this I'm really looking forward to that he's GonNa join us on the program Dmitri's Johnson Wand the one flyweight tournament this past weekend and look very good in doing so now three zero and one championship he'll join us Florida there she is you WanNa be joined by her via phone facetime all right Yolanda unless this is gonna standing like a also there's a lot to digest here let me run down today's lineup and then we'll get to our first guest of the day I'm very much looking forward to talking to her at four Oh five pm eastern time we'll talk to Brian Ortega but did it need to happen so soon didn't need that kind of a jump for craziness second profile I know hindsight is twenty twenty it's very easy for me to see after the fact he could win that fight via first time inst- Brock lahser rematch of U. OF C. One twenty-one also Tyson Fury Braun strowman he'll join US David Michel won a spectacular fight on the price with an incredible knock knock it to the your once again with an unbelievable finish the he'll he'll kick I mean just amazing stuff out of him Ike Davis with great I thought he was broken leg till the last seconds like you we thought that it was broken and even all the tests I had before that extra page Jackson is back in December December twenty ninth fighting Fyodor a millionaire I'm looking forward to talking to 'em Aj McKee is going to be on the program he just got the number one spot in our top twenty fighters out fighting a one twenty five of Michelle Waterson didn't want to catch like if everyone was being played this was all a big ruse and a lot of people wasted their time last week it was all accurate but the could start today's show and it's with these starve this past weekend the Great Yanni and J check kind enough to join us on this Monday afternoon coming off a big victory in Tampa L. and of course drought a Sonya winning so that man right over there Eugene Mirman who's has his arm around in case you don't know he's kind of under the Radar Ziegler suffered are I prologue that was a big story going into this card giving birth four months ago now all of a sudden she's returning to action but all in all the Tampa card was away all the doctors were saying I've always broken it's it's factor but it's not you know it was really swollen so good everyone said I think that was in reference to that and at what point did you injure the foot you remember and how difficult was it the fight through that and under the age of twenty five and he's coming off a big win Cain Velasquez is going to be competing in world wrestling with every day to see how I caught that was amazing on October thirty first again to do I put on a hell of a performance for myself am I guess he's already big and on I just had on the program he won a big fight on four days notice this past Saturday and tennis whereas one of the top contenders at one fifteen we'll get an update on the neck where she stands in the division of a more but there was only one way actually it's good it's a little bit swollen by getting better and better with every day so I'm good good did you break your foot now I can I was I'm going to enjoy myself well thank you so much for doing this you on I really appreciate first things first how are your feet feeling pressure on your shoulders going into this fight to remind people that you're not done that you're still factor fifteen that you're still the queen of the strawweights we are we like it's only like very swollen I need to I need to rest my WanNa you've been in a lot of big fights you've got a lot of big stages that you fought on but we reached out to you I reported on it as well and I understand why you were so confident and defined when this came out we weren't the first reported but certainly added to the report did you think I I I I was not flabbergasted by her performance on something and also that's the they actually I got the resources day and my focus on token swung us was so bad so I I I felt lots of thing during the five you said this was never true and it was mind games did this conversation happened could you tell us what exactly happened with the way this whole story from beginning to end possible profession okay do not if it's broken it's broken like what can be worse than three four or five pieces I didn't curb the tylenol and I was like if it's broken arena chip Janko was the right choice I wasted my body my mind's eye reset my body and my mind and everything ended up working good I was very tired but you know I'm this Bible fighter who needs to put on work and feel like I'm giving everything also problem you're just trying to mess with Michelle Waterson head and throw her curveballs that true was this all mind games or was it real what you're saying here is that real it's in everything my understanding was that you reached out to the UFC around ten or so days before the fight and said it's going to be a problem but then eventually got over the Hump and eventually made the way but then after the fact because of the fact that you were coming off a loss and this was your your return to strawweight and forget about all the talk about your weight going into the fight which we'll get to in a second but did you feel like you had a little more I was not even close to these away in the fight so everything ended up and so on Friday and wait said this was all mind games that there was never virgin though right no alcohol correct that's right now frank deserve it it's not it's not how did you feel like you had to make one fifteen in order to get the title shot like if you don't if you fight a one twenty then it's hard to get a one fifteen pounds is the point I I always think of the business booth on hell of awards last thirteen we it it was hard com lots of fierce lots of blood I was even even if I understand ponds heavier and I want that five I would get the title because we've see Coninck Jeff Novitsky the southland thinking go me were you worried at any point that you wouldn't be able to make it no I told that in the most and four durant I decided to not kicking the fifth run by the you know I forgot then I'm a warrior and I was like Hey I can tell you the truth only me and I have to give credit to these thieves performance institute quality and quantity to on time or they on every day can we can we clear up the story because I have a problem because I'm in such a dedicated fighter I always put on however worth so this little bit worried that the even know if see like we all like Manley with idea of doing much weight each if some but okay good good but what about the haters is it getting annoying like people in your I smell no doesn't get annoying that does not cut ah how my body was going through charap my body just shut down and I couldn't have I was doing everything and cool us as always I can see purple and very big and very big by my actually these big salt is good it's like a balloon Conor McGregor they know my volume not who I am and like this evening point was just to prove that people love me you know and I am very do not say I cut it off I cut it off I thought what do you mean by not GonNa give me money they these people like they don't they have been after dieter they I take the critic because critic is good but not the trump people you know item get I don't get so turns on you as what we drinking their Mojica that looks phenomenal what do we have there a double double I'm grateful throwing events and what about the people online you know sometimes these you know the phenomenon they love you when you're on top and then all of a sudden you stumble a little bit other story about you know what is up to Detroit and then other people read it and they believe they believe it and they create other stories in posse rumors mentioned you know I I give it all together and that's that's the point nobody's GonNa Change nobody can deal with the emotions I do Bergdahl having they're both physically I carry myself in my I can doubt me or say whatever they want but there is there's no pressure going into that first rose fight about how hard the way cut was and all that coming back in over a year to one fifteen like on Thursday where you saint yourself they they gonna put it like one into one piece they're going to play but it was it was it was it was really painful I'm very happy expect from hammer from dodge man you spoke to espn dot com leading up to this fight my colleague Mark Monday about some of the changes in your life and your personal life did I cut it I always carry it and that's the thing and I want to spread love when people don't know about need that very emotional and I'm full of love and this is this is this is not worth it I don't WanNa do I don't WanNa be unhealthy or was it surprising once you got over that yeah like right before was before the winds change a lot of things a lot of stuff that happened in your life that you had to get over to feel different now like are we looking at a different Yana now you feel like your life is much better into Stanford to Delta gone after a long break and I I in you and you saw that did the break took after defied volumes balloting assets so I do have care I know you know if you want on with the real nice reach out will help to my beam jump on my sister the asking me don't be focused on a remorse and grow sabes or fake news or fake service that's it you even confident I went through sewing like difficulties in my personal have buckfield personalized people with unclear it was beautiful beautiful you know like what a Queens Day Thursday my weight Solo I didn't have to take the single view Mike my big was still becoming a challenger by now I know I did decide to show that I became the chain one more time in my life you called me you asked me to to jump on the phone talk about there are people who like a we copied this interview who take a few words and make on I'm better professional heuristic of my business and I was nine the show and for no reason my weight went up and and I just go the CFO giving money they nothing in shit in so I'm not focus on them I know when I was my energy on it I would I would I mean I read the article cited because like from her work and cannot wait survivable type of women I might be I home soon I go on vacation because I'm training hard entering you more and getting just better and these fight I prove that I'm the best that I'm dangerous you know and people don't know it sounds deal I need anybody they need me more than than than you've seen enough because you're the face of the class of course take like a the rights critic by the no I just I just smoked focus on it just cannot deal with business can be offense skipping for the like the second throws teasha Valentin ascend a strong message towards towards when do you think it will happen okay that's my were you told by the UFC you're the number one contender you're gonNA fight John I would not sign we agreement before for these guys before he and not focus on dump people you know the something we can be taking a break and I'm begging I know who I am and so you're sticking a one fifteen correct you you're staying at this class let's say like it was beautiful it was I wanna be focusing getting better and better and beat product person ready and I came now they don't know what's coming right the champ can be worried and bodyguard I might be back to the states ververs from DC are preparing for inside what's the looking be okay and and I hope I never wish through like join you never fought it before like are you impressed with the challenges that she poses she made it today and she made it to the league she's very fast punches crispy juicy is very very happy this is our too much drama at Att now we spoke with tanks now he's a really fight that he deserved how did this happen how did you change it because I'm strong easy fan by mind to me we I called that I was finding by the I was not I'm a warrior I I think I could be surprised by the eye contact percent and I just saw that after I just do my best you know and when people talk about you with Obama as good that they are jealous because they have their own lives so they wanna leave someone as I did I wish that was wondering big he's really yes I shouldn't say this because the always should should suffered people and this is what I said he can make the way then and it's my life goal to begin this Chile champion and all before before before tribe we shoved their songs you've grown up physically okay so it's it's a done deal there's no one else no rose not a Kobe's he's just I can read you know he's a nice guy never talk about about your kidneys could ask you on a house your friend doing back in Poland the boy who's battling leukemia we talked about doing there is other boy and yes I can ask you you WanNa what's The vibe like at the gym with all this in colby stuff like is it weird at the gym these days the face off and you went down and he did like the thing interface like this that's how I knew you were trying to while you wouldn't get it what do you mean yeah was it good they see me only from the old several dozen defeating that they mean an aggressive person by north and I want us to go off and this is the only see the lawful and if people why not side like equals them in performance and I'm very happy I'm going to come up to my coaches like I said we would a message from from these boys from parents that hey the doctor's let's go home which defied this is sorts amazing you just don't like the way he talks about the team and the teammates of course I do not like we should respect each other they know that I'm going to have more and more fight their stemming from all of the war very dangerous you know she she proved that type of filing type D Jays Jesse Josh how she's very very engineered by I'm ready doc difficult relationships all the other stuff all wishing that this is not that we're live by when he all were in we'd just situations I deal our defense so I offered the hey this is speculation but I do not care you know like I said I can take I am happy we demise walkout Song Choice James Arthur an amazing singer and the was that shot by now I'd go buy them by by the way you know how I knew that you WanNa was back when you did knocking on your amazing of course and I wish them the best and you're doing amazing work and that's all I want to mention that because I think you get unfair uh-huh perform for you guys to fight in Tampa every single that every single day feeling great okay thank you that's my and my best friend who I know since we were sears is here and she has a concert where she said eight thousand she thought the bag and that's the point I want to be with these people because they make them stronger you know I know him because of that and I'm very happy it's been really hard who support each other and Corby shrimp the respect the rules you know but the he's not he's acting case Connor McGregor you know trying to Arthur man I went on the except with too much and we all are struggling you know we are having problems in we are going to be horses the growth mindset in our I'm a professional athlete it's me and my buddies Brad me on and to do I feel like a teenager it's amazing it was great it was like the old thank you so much yes and back and back well we're happy that you're back and people can be seen they control snow sent me pick it up we'll send my son Burma's near Argun thunder are you excited about this opportunity yeah congratulations you on I hope you feel better hope your foot better and welcome back I just WanNa say yeah definitely and and show videos that people opened the door for him that he he he's driving pricey cars he's he's hard worker beach and loving life what a performance on Saturday so there you go a little bit of a wink wink still stand by it all got over the hump ended up now who should Jong Li defend her title her Straw title against first she had to defend the title she's coming over to the United States in fact I think she's coming Baz much as they can so busy reverend vice I go for I don't fucking foundation counselor fight this yes you do great work for them Sir criticism sometimes online do a lot of great work for that cancer croissant you bothers me all right it bothers me you're a great person so and she'll say that she you know she already agreed to it and it's all it's all done but let's ask the people on this Monday afternoon let's let's put up a poll on my twitter page right here important grateful you know something my physiotherapist ballengee groups Choeysong Jennifer goes in she's amazing you know and that that's what's that over today to do a bit of a media tour and she's going to New York and Boston and I heard she's going to be meeting with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots taking the weight with flying colors and she's now once again a player at one fifteen last week at the top of the show I asked corporate jake to to do a poll and God I need to say thank you thank you think you think you'd see stuff off it's all the people from behind the scenes you know and Dr Amazing and very I have new sponsor as she management component as supervisor meaningful genetic I cannot wait to to to put on however in down thank you enjoy the beach we'll talk to you soon there she is you wanna check the former champion she is back she's beautiful she molded that he will be because cheer on you know because the things are from England Great Britain he'll he'll he'll he's already it doesn't seem like the Mona has he done anything to you know I pay about okay earthy dollar done bungee groups Dr at and that's great between the mother the Queen is back bow down to the queen you're wanting when you go with Yanic he's being with Gordon you know I had to give myself for thirteen leads buckner Y is a big fan of course of the Patriots and Tom Brady in particular and so they're having this big media tour going up with the Boston card this weekend all this anyway she got to defend the title we don't know who it is officially you WANNA says Sir who should she defend her title against I you Wanna Nj Tatyana Suarez Rose Dummy Eunice hurt neck and injured neck house the next feeling it's getting better I still can't go live yet so that's Kinda why like everybody's like so in a matter of seconds we're going to be joined by one of the members of that group we just spoke to you wanna a lot of you have been asking about Tatiana Suarez what's her status coming if a very big and impressive win in Chicago let's talk to Tatyana Suarez right here now who joins us via the magic of facetime Tatyana how are you should fight for the next yeah why not I mean I think I think you know I think it's kind of a good fight for her because I feel this way I feel like you thought I didn't give you credit after the win in June over answer off because and why do I feel this way because a lot of fun when we asked about who's the fighter of the year as of right now and then of course the coach of the year which ruffled all kinds of feathers but I still stand by our choices I feel like you don't like me anymore I feel like we're gonNA fight is true Tatyana are we beefing these days now come on be honest let's because you're very active on social media I love you like your comments interacting with people but you don't make the actual official prediction now the only time I ever do aw I don't even think I watched that interview okay no I think it was on twitter but anyway now I've said too much he is everything good yeah it's good to talk to you let me just click let me just address the elephant in the room cleared up now what do you mean no not true it's just me being the Roddick Yeah Okay I can I can I tell you it's good to see you again what did you think of the fight on Saturday did you watch it I did I thought it was a great fight were you surprised that you wanna look that good she said she would have never agreed to that fight if she didn't get the promise that a win would get her a title shot and so she thinks she's fighting for the belt next you think that is warranted do you think she up there in the rankings and she got to win okay so now let's talk about you and where you fit in all this after the fight against back in June you mentioned that you were battling some people tweeted that and you'd like the tweets and I was like Oh maybe touchdowns matter misunderstood what I was saying because I said the big winner of the fight was Michelle waterson because I thought that they were going to put her in that fight I know the number seven ranked opponent and she gets a title shot so yeah I think you know she gets title shot now because now she no I thought she did exactly what I that's exactly what I thought she was GonNa do but I don't really like to pick fights and stuff like if I know the person and we're really good friends or something like that and I believe in them and then I'll then I'll say something okay we spoke to her moments ago and potential title federal number which they ended up doing and I thought that you felt like I was not giving New Year props your credit whatever so I just WanNa if you felt that way I wanted to I wanted to clear it up data I don't like to like pick sides because you know it just don't like to so I just don't ever say anything but that's kind of what I thought okay white lace so so yeah I'm just I'm getting better in the meantime and you know I'll be back and I can't wait Thaddeus in what exact could you tell us like medically what exactly is the issue that you're dealing with right now so like blessing I wanna do is like start a fight ham and then have all these problems and stuff like that and then can't fight you know so my coaches wanted me to pull out my last for that but right now I just got to be patient and be smart about my recovery because the last thing I wanna do you know they asked me to fight two times since the last night I told did you know calling out for a title shot an agency you know I don't really I mean I can't fight so away why do that you know it's not oh I'm like yeah and how close you'd actually pulling out of that fight take my left arm was how did that happen initially two weeks before by hours yeah wow and you were feeling that in the fight itself right like was it was it very grateful percents significant strike accuracy highest among women's fighters and second highest overall behind the great alister over him and so of seconds here touch on us so that we don't hear that because I know that can be frustrating so an update there on her neck some stats on the number three ranked Straw contender according to the highly respected UFC rankings one of four fighters in the women's obviously pretty damn good company they're twenty to take downs landed fifth-most among women in the UFC sixty five point eight Mike couldn't even live or anything like that on his drilling and you know I told them you know like when when I'm ready I'll come back you know much of a complaint if you want to get that title shot on drudge seems like a bit of a long shot just because she didn't defend the title one successfully Asian to start her UFC career five or better Rosena Eunice. Excuse me Ronda Rousey check and Chris Cyborg are the other three but there is still the rose dumb UNICEF factor out there who looked very good in that fight against just contract and I'm trying to get in touch with her she was in Tampa you see that's why people are so high on her right now but unfortunately the neck injury or the neck issues continue to be a problem for her it seems I was just about to ask her about a timetable and then if you have to have surgery that obviously delays things even more than sound like she has we will get in touch with rose and get an update on her last week. We found out that she was inducted into the Lithuanian American Hall of fame so great honor their for Rosa Munis but ED issues might this perching smart refner make at three allowing but if those things of okay I'll let me ask corporate you need to reach enact we're hearing a bit of an echo when you speed Suarez Eighty five zero in the AFC she of course is coming off a win over answer off at UC to thirty eight back in June she he's a golden doodle golden do I have a burn doodle really yes doodle we already see we have we have a lot more in common right but I didn't because I had I had bought in so long so I decided to fight you know perhaps it does seem like all signs point two yuan being next and hard to argue that she is in fact the most famous strawweight right now in the world and then you think Tatyana we shouldn't be beefing so I wanted to get back to the neck the two okay so the try to reconnect now with Tatiana Suarez Tatyana now being joined by a friend who's that Oh what kind of dog is that right so bad so I couldn't do that I try to do you know shooting even doing like my bone marrow hurt so I had to stop that a little bit too with Jj Aldrich who pat bury her fiance corners and helps train trying to touch their hopefully sooner rather than later we will the secrets to finally show and I it was literally like they want him to fight off in October and I was like I they said if it's not like north Shot Nick should we reconnect with touching do you hear that to Donna or is it just me now okay corporate jake ric okay we're going to reconnect with you we're GONNA call you right back in what I get in trouble what is this the KGB the trouble is not two fights that you said that obviously you ready to return to which is obviously the right call you don't Wanna be fighting with that kind of injury could you tell us who they work we get a sense of what kind of matchups they were thinking for you everyday life I'm fine it just starts when I started leaking working out and stuff like that at some point you have a deadline you have to decide whether or not you'll music or fight when I got the for those were and is being discussed Keno we'll see but yeah I think you know they told me to come back within this month to see if it's cleared up of the excellent just so and I apologize if this is a dumb question but this has nothing to do with the cancer that you had back in the day right I'd let even I can't even swim oh well I know I really couldn't after it was like two weeks after I try to do like swim workout at midnight nerve and if not then we'll see some other routes but like roots and the we'll see what happens but I hope you know kind of any type of like he's okay so but it's me again recently for when just loss asked me to fight Jessica now like definitely kept fighting still I'm not even going live yet so even like he it said I had on from the time by Harlot to fight without any eighth and ninth leg unheard of the Ed's cleared up I mean I feel like it's definitely getting stronger like my left arm is getting back to normal I mean I just never know you know I you feel now we're only when you do something I mean hurts like in the morning obviously because you but like other than that no liquid been reactivated this badly in a long time like always like always aches not Russell too much it starts ache but it's never been like back in the day was nerves like this is kind of similar to what happened then but I wanted in a rush to get back then you know so that's why it took so long like took two years to get better it's like I gave it plenty of and then I gave it two years off and then I came back I was going to Russell again I started doing here and that's Kinda where Matt and they said it works for them but a lot of the athletes said they had it we're not like like grappler based Athletes Song Surgery route or not I'm nervous you know to do the surgery row I've talked to a couple athletes have had it so Yeah I mean I mean I just there's no a with the kind of injury so I I had seen noted that one than the yeah wow just for fun yeah for fun I do I do bone marrow where do you do it no that's how I found out I had cancer was I had a neck injury and that's how they diagnosed lung cancer so I've had this injury for a long time it just hasn't reading like regular mets hurts so now just hitting the noodles okay impact Mrs. Are Finding stuff so look so right now does it does it hurt nine but I'm just hoping it does not take two years to come back so okay yeah absolutely by the way you do born Arrow like archery on Instagram yes you do a great job you go back and forth the people the stories are very funny watching random old fights and things like that is it's good for your mind though I really like it it's something that's really peaceful any kind of like and stuff like that so you do a good job with that so in the meantime while you're not fighting inflammation and there is no timetable right like you have no idea when you might be able to return but by the way for people that don't follow titanic you might not think this one of the funniest follows on on instagram you're you're very you're very uh-huh what's that where do you live I live in a Tristate area let's just leave it at that a December a gal fighter but maybe like in December are no I said October because I didn't know like how bad my neck injury was in Hell I can imagine I've I've never done it before this actually archery field right next my house I see all these kids with the thing and the sound the buzzer thing and it seems really cool if not a little at least as of right now now I'm hoping like early next year okay that's the hope just like yeah first quarter of twenty twenty yes hoping but you never know you getting restless going it's gone you're listening to Jim now the gym but I don't know that's like I don't know Canada I don't go to Canada enough you do live far away from Canada Sousse to that because then I would be except for everybody so but you know now that given like I've given it time to heal in your mind I like you know bass pro shop has like archery range and stuff like that go there or mountains and do that Mike Davis taking a fight on four days notice and knocking out Thomas Gifford what are performance out of the guy they call beast boy in fact on Wednesday night I did a facebook live chat differences here this afternoon we didn't we never had differences I know that's why I'm happy all right thank you where she is whence universe cooled down like I mean it hurts but it's not like it's not numb you know but then like as soon as I shot I shot I like a kind of slower than I felt like I literally told the guy had asked him you know like the asked me about water Senate maybe fighter a like I said I think office live so I was like maybe if I give it a couple months it'll be fine and I came back and he wasn't able to so like good thing I didn't like committed but I certainly understand what you're talking about I wish you the best I hope you get well soon thank you very much for the for the day and it's good to have you back and I'm happy that we settled there is and there is Mike Davis how are you sir congratulations was that in fact you were you the guy I believe I said if you win you'll be on the show and he won and here he is Mike Davis joining us via the match skype there's this tweet on the ESPN MMA facebook page and I've been doing this more and more Acuna with the people and Mike Davis rallies I thought maybe was someone pretending to be Mike Davis actually how long it would take like you know what I mean I didn't know 'cause it's hard to gauge when you're in camp like you're not giving you the rest so of course it's going to hurt really bad give it any rest once I heard they fill the weakness like even during like because I do yoga as all the league even like if I'm doing like a regular pose like this arms like down here is up here I'm like okay this is like China the must've been a nightmare right yeah that was a nightmare especially because I heard I read so it's because it's a nerve thing like in the comments section me and my coach who's next to me too and I was just commenting on my phone man that was on Wednesday you're taking this fight on on but in there and was conversating if you will drop in comments I do I do think we have some evidence of this right here why do people keep asking my thoughts all my coach London they might be shot cryer through fight pieces that was bad idea now that definitely on Mike Davis Thomas Clifford solid fight so if I I mean guys taking on five days notice so a lot of Davis is this the actual Mike Davis asking breeding your birthday and someone calls you and says do you WanNa fight and four days yeah so the whole weekend was just bingeing with my family and and a couple of my friends okay jarred me a little bit and so it reaggravated select the entire fight like my arm was my faces now it's a little I think it's like really scary because you just don't know what's going me to come on the show the guy who's fighting on Saturday if so there was there was a back into that he was he was blowing me up and on there you don't know what could mess it up or you know it's it's just kind of a scary thing to have to worry about during your Pfizer armor barring and a shot is the law and a silence extra warmth and just myself kind then training on it I know like my what I do this it hurts when I hit hard hurts you know so I have to be really careful not reaggravated because the last thing I do is and I said yeah I mean I feel good enough I was getting ready for Copenhagen two weeks prior and I felt great so I took it and I understand you had to pull out of the replacing brock weaver in this my understanding is you got the call on Monday and that was your birthday correct yes birthday so what happened are you outside because of a staph infection right how's the staff feeling now is gone okay how bad was it closed he'll was a bad that's really happy for him okay well what usually at one sixty five when sixty okay so you're eating a lot of food cakes and whatnot and did you think twice or you said Tana's wars still top contender in the one fifteen pound division hoping that she has a speedy recovery and get back in there soon okay one of the other great stories from this past weekend repeat talk to him about it for a little bit than aid called me and he was like Mike I think you can do this I didn't feel you WanNa do it the healing process all over again right well and I can't imagine the pain that you're in I mean you're talking about the pain now I can manage pay that you were in in that fight against the answer off in June now I can put them on blast right here but it's okay so you take the fight and how the way cut simple simple First Day Tuesday I cut nine pounds Bam Bam went to bed woke up the next day at one sixty one and kept going from there room I was cut open given antibiotics on him for three and a half weeks did you have to stay at the hospital okay I gotTa take this fight I thought about it I immediately thought about how my cardio and feel and sometimes I panic going to five because I know that it's so easy that I don't really give it the attention it deserves so I'll start too late ready you deserve for this feed and the victory and the finish in particular was beautiful because the referees getting a lot of blame for letting it go let along his corners getting so now I'm Kinda cautious on definitely shower few drain goddess our future that's right yeah do you know who the culprit was like who gave it to you don't okay is that wasn't in the whole right side of my body I lost function of my right arm I had to go to emergency oh okay it all in one session to go back though to get repack it took three weeks I infection ever okay take notice so like you probably have to cut a little bit what were you doing on my stupid facebook chat that was when I first got to the hotel so I was kind of just is my manager I was on a nonstop from bage and I got this call I was like Oh and letter that fifty I state like New York New Jersey Connecticut is tristate area took like because I know that there's a Tri Star or whatever Oh Tristar yeah that's Jim in Montreal yeah I just got to put a brace on and I and after the fight you know so I hear you I've never experienced now you don't have too many years do this in the first place right stay young stay healthy not hurt anybody I'm literally here to have fun I love I do think that it is controversial was going on right now that whole situation in the first round he was rocked he's rock bad against no problems I felt like a little blockage in a second round but only the second round and after the second round was over I feel normal now do you feel like you're not getting the uh-huh so so how how much when you got the call one seventy three one seventy three and it was at fifty five one of them knocking down what's up with this ref though like what are you thinking in this finally what what do I have to do to to to finish this guy come on yeah I blamed for letting him go out into the third round you feel like people are focusing too much on that and not on what you did taking the fight on short notice looking the way in which you did the finish itself what do you think perfect yeah and so that must've felt great and for you you know coming off a loss I remember when you went into contenders series there was a lot of hype beaming hundred percent exactly what I was thinking like it was unnecessary right all that damage nobody needs to take that much damage in this leg because it affects your longevity this a and then you said that one of the concerns was your cardio obviously wanted to fight it went a little you know it went almost distance you've got him in the third round how was the cardio though is good was telling me you're the next John Jones he's never seen a fee like you before you got matched up with a really tough guy and CDC Yousef do you feel like you haven't quite shown us with the second round I was focused on finishing in a third round I was like all right I'm just going to stick and move and take the decision gauge the point where I grabbed him by the head and just hold him down to the ground there is no resistance at all so I tried to get on top and throw a couple of punches just finished fight actually reminded me of the Zeke city fight just on the opposite end I was I was the aggressor same thing adair but I guess the ref didn't think that was enough in let it keep going second round I just kept pushing the pace a little bit China wear them out so you get tired and what you have or maybe this is the beginning of that this is the first time we've seen the true boy in there was just the beginning of this on scene what I'm capable of doing that if it's short notice fifty five if I can have re weeks I'll do forty five okay and because I don't hit much the fighting it's just something I found I was good at is it uncomfortable for you like are you thinking of this are thinking those thoughts in the midst of the fight or you just so focused on just finishing the guy and getting it over all the way to cut it's crazy yeah wasn't and so what's better for you one fifty five or one forty five escon drudge those are the four candidates if you will we'll put it up on the page and then at the end of the day we shall update the results last week a lot away from that city I am I'm putting it all into my game today I honestly feel like a new fighter well amazingly on four days notice and sixty five I is a twenty pound cut and I can do it in about three or four days okay and I heard the crazy story oh really wow I mean that finishing sequence right there the Combo was phenomenal that was like pimp Legua sniper so one too yeah fall but he didn't that imus tough the third round us in my head I was a kid is taking a beating so I'm Gonna I'm GonNa pull back a little bit I or I won't even try to cut properly this one is four days notice I need I need to get back into that win column I think seriously in I was I just kept doing that and I was just like him hit him and you can tell that he was breaking from the punches and he show I not expecting the fall I thought it was GonNa win by decision you and your friends like you you Kinda grew up in a tough neighborhood and you and your friends had a plan where you guys are GonNa go check out this enemy Jim but everyone bailed at the last minute in mentioning my name so I was like yeah I would love to get on that show I I see you doing everybody's like let me get on okay and here you are so so let's talk about you getting this call because you ended up own outfits taking it all in a relaxing and I saw you were on so I clicked on the espn fly that you had going on and I was just checking it out man saw right and you're the only one that went to actually go train at the gym they all got in trouble what happened what happened on this this night that really kind of change your life forever story that's my change that's my life stop bullying and started throwing a hard jab is over and over hard jab new are still kept fighting so I started a little power behind him thirty okay there is a night where me and the small group of people that I hung out with the only group in school that wouldn't pick on me or or be mean to me the we're supposed to go check out a gym in the neighboring city and they decided to do Stevia which are Nasty Fort Lauderdale Down Coconut Creek at the moment right well it's an amazing story my man and I'm really happy for your success and I'm happy that you upstate New York I'm from Casco Okay Yeah now of course you're living training in Florida correct yes a drink so I went to the gym I fell in love with what I was doing they ended up getting involved in armed robbery and holding someone hostage jail some of which who just now got out after this ten years ago though no you're an inspiration to a Lotta people and it didn't start off the way you wanted to on that contender series fight against Yousef but you seem to be on the right track now and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're doing did your father pass away he was sticking up for someone at a bar and beat up these this group again I'm so sorry how old were you when that happened I was about two and a half okay so I'm I'm assuming you don't have many memories of him only one or two okay and now you've been able to turn and this was in New York correct yes and I know for a fact that if I would stay home and hung out with them that I would have most likely been involved in some way in that I would have driven a car life now that's incredible do you still keep in contact with those guys one one okay do you think the rest no what you've become that you're fighting in the around there's only one person that I believe was honest and true God as a friend and even to them in that situation so join the live chat last week and on the radio and then you've got this opportunity on your birthday no less I'm wishing the best I know there's a lot of people who are rooting for you in that. NFC THEY DO they they're out they see me they've messaged me but due to the fact of the things I've heard in the court situations and things that were passed that give myself `I hyperactive I still have adhd I just want to control it I'm all over the place and then he's all over the place so and now I'm doing so well that I can help my family what I have left and is super important to me this is an as my we were just trying to figure out what to do and Amman had to work three jobs just so we could afford to do something even go to school his name's Jordan and I still talk to him he still comes and visits me actually got out early like three years when I was about eight would've been nearby and it would ruin my life while and they is the one thing here that took me out of that side of my life and put me on the right track nations on the fight my man happy birthday to and again looking forward to what's next in a pleasure yes our pleasure there he is Mike Davis remember that name what a great story L. and then my little brother came along and then his father vanished so just meeting chance with my mom so we would always have babysitters I was Orien- believable stuff big win for him on Saturday another great story happened on Friday in Las Vegas PF L. had the first installment of their playoffs and thing or what you will do in the UFC from here on out I'm ready to show the world I have been trained to do I took in my father's life so I feel like I'm living for two people and I want to be able to achieve enough that two people can be satisfied from it so with that this is and you had you had to help raise your siblings right your your father passed away when you were young yes had he just my mom and me getting everyone I'm here to stay not going anywhere now climbed that ladder until I have gold around my waist world done Mike Davis beast boy congratulate I think is a kid I guess not kids adults and they left but they came back with knives and stabbing to death and let them Industry today and wearing the same clothes in is not a big deal but I wanted to do something for my mom she does so much for us need to get back David Michaud made it to the finals he'll be facing off against Ray Cooper former UFC fighter but the season back in May I was actually French accent Michaud because it is a French last name is it not yeah my Dad's my dad's family's ranch it's funny because well I like saying your name that way but yes Mashad and congratulations by the way on a great victory not only a great victory a couple at this fight couldn't have turned out worse for him he lost seventeen seconds since then he has bounced back three in row one on Friday and like I said punched his ticket to the finals fascinating story in his own right let's say hello now to David Michaud who joins US via the magic escape David how're you how you down is it okay if I say your name with that he's French Canadians thinkers or they may show and I'm like well I guess when when infringe yes speaking we shows oh guys that probably weren't really trading so it was it was different by two guys that are you know victories I should say but turned things around from the beginning of the season till now when you've got knocked out by seventeen second by side of what what did you body had have you ever done anything like that before well ahead thought twice before but a long time ago like just against amateur guys Donald Myself at all I was ready to get back on it and so as you just alluded to you at the fight twice on Friday you want both those fights obviously and that got you to the finals what was that like Oh yeah but they all thought I was ready to even would come up and speak to me Regio Mike Dumb American I only got one leg would sorry so he ended up having like an hour extra break between fight yet next hour for about an hour fifteen he had about two and a half hours rest Dr Rifaat in Montreal I thought Obama and we always say Mashhad said Michelle jobs and I go up there and all the I got this I'm not worried we're GONNA win the next flight we've been went to play offs and we're GonNa win the championship so I would I didn't doubt myself I live in the though that played into a little bit but the way I looked at it was just when when I saw how the schedule was where the word and I was the last quarterfinal he's the disaster I know the the format lends itself to getting back on track but that was a pretty quick fight in pretty devastating stuff yeah you know no one I want to go out there and get finished let alone get finished in seventeen seconds I was like a press conference I was blois man on the totem pole left that up to turn it around so it was it was hard but even you know right as soon as it was over we're sitting in the back talking to my coaches my corner on Mike I had at least points had the fastest finished fastest giving finished so I knew going into that next play like I had to do you have a fear of flying is that accurate yeah drove from Phoenix to New York for fight may grow from Phoenix to New Jersey how people fight twice on the same night but here's what I guess is so fascinating to me about you which I don't think a lot of people know about you don't fly right the hasn't done anything like that where it's actually to do burgess guild talented guys and I two five after Franca Arthur gyms and then next week victor hit the North Way I think we even have corporate jake then I felt like I was ahead in the second little bit towards the end so I kind of pulled back not too little break towards the end of the second but I don't know it was tough I mean I I know it was going to be tough it was all everyone everyone had tell flights bronco he kinda got cracked few his first light he liked thirty five thirty thirty six hours maybe thirty five hours a day kind of go across go straight across men I know some guys out there train out the certified finishes certified killers John Howard's out they turned people's blocks off Franca he's big guy he gets on top people get them off the fight in all of July finished vegas is easy everyone everyone from the lab just mostly drive vegas that's easy I always light said you know they did that just could be on TV twice that's all I began to twice so I look at things but yeah it was tough man whipped up a little map this is the map right over here of your travels I mean this is unbelievable stuff you're like John Madden what why why do you why do you do where does this after the flight China the first way trying to conserve well winning because things with if you don't win tough man between rounds try not to like get a break with not play yourself get too cold not claire self get stiff and I was used got hit a couple of times tell yeah it was it was not Ma'am I can imagine that's why it's not a very common thing in the sporting more to it's working out pretty well so far yeah and did you ever like when you said that you went on a family vacation have you ever been on on a flight or did you did you remove aw how how long is that trip from Phoenix to New York What is the I think if you went straight through if you just have a beeline with all the PFLP toward bags that'd be nothing but I'm going to be driving Phoenix to New York City for December thirty years normally leave a couple of weeks early gamma manager seeing who where I would go next you know like has good wins but like I was in a good spot and PF L. Opportunity came and we said you know they're all of America can hit all of I could drive everywhere this is this'll be best for me and Nope I wouldn't be able to train for weeks when you have a panic attack like it takes it added new for for days like two three days after you still feel Austin it's it's more exhausting than those two fights were auditing after I have my panic attacks just he can't do anything like found ways around it after slash lot in February that was part of it February in Phoenix at the airport may they talk about air you go in and its former pilots he talks and then they take you on a plane and even just getting on a plane stem from I always kind of had a fear of flying lake since high school he tried to fly on vacation one time the player above your shoulder over there oh that'd be that's my sister she's well that's an older photo she's She's again rivers restaurant and I was having panic attacks weeks out like three four weeks out before I even had to get on the plane looks like it's not even green crabs remembers second round there grinding against the fan sales driving lead my next star crapping was weird so but the continental United States so yes statement nice little cruise across the country and beat people up and by the way who's the young lady the connects with anyway you don't get that next paycheck I like no matter what you gotTa Win GotTa win go to it and the second hour I felt like I had one the first round big and cramping cramping before I let my back was cramping in the fight hamstring cramp on top and half guard I was going to pass that wasn't going anywhere that was tough but yes like where I'm at now before good all in had a panic attack and then when I was wrestling in college I heard talent I coached about it let's try let's try all argue shot you know we'll trade yourself before the plane actually took off no I didn't even I wasn't even able to get on the plane there were I was for for a long time taking some fear of flying just you just would much prefer you're more comfortable doing it I mean I guess it'd be it'd be a lot easier if I could fly yes but at this point that was like a thirty four hour drive 'cause Miami's Pretty Marcel though yeah drove from Phoenix Miami like it's just it is per day of you know people like woodrow you up we'll give you some stuff will put you under what it's not even that I have panic attacks just even thinking about having to do it so like it's been so long even Montreal I drove from Phoenix Montreal I fought in Miami Florida for Titan. FC Diego Lebron I think she's in the National Guard And Right now I'm at my at my mom's house I came back South Dakota droll wars went from Las Vegas win that million dollars well I mean I don't I don't have a lot of one ear how many profiles we're talking we're talking my math is correct twenty three pro fights I believe do you think that you have made a combined million dollars this far no not even not even close now dromey had what three UFC fights our blue oversleep whoever's drive with me but now by the mates money this past weekend Made some money in July what would happen to your life if you got that million dollars one more have you allowed yourself to think about what life would be like it's GonNa be too many more problems just less less worried to me because I don't plan on buying anything new anything big just buy a house and what it is you know I'm not too worried about it anymore I don't even it's not even like a question anymore just if I play we yeah there's no there's no way there's no way it was even close to that this weekend and make some money to make more money off these two fights this weekend that I had next morning INC drove over Phoenix got my dog's got some stuff bone came up South Dakota Snow Pineridge and you don't mind the driving like you don't get bored a million dollars on December thirty first this is what the format does it lends itself to these these stories and train all in Tennessee year North Carolina with my buddies Scott Holtzman and Brian Block. It's good chain melt there and then finished who fights this past week I saw before we got to. You're still icing your face so I'm sure you're a little banged up a little tired today on this Monday afternoon but I'm sure you're very happy had out of all my enemy fights not counting the sponsors that have been able to get him so have you have you allowed yourself to think about how things went and getting ready for that that cross country drive once again back in in December two to New York City so thank you for doing this David all the best to you on December thirty be the same guys from the last two seasons because it feels a little stale they gotta figure things out and the elephant in the room I mean ugly situation on works what's going to happen you need to get one of those big RV's like John Madden or see and punk had back in the day like making a lot of money I looking forward to it watching it on ESPN two of course awesome thank area nice chatting with you absolutely there is David Michelle absolutely embarrassing you can be focused on the on the actions inside the cage you can't be just dismissing altercations think that needs to look at their situation for next season I think that they have to look at the roster needs to bring in some new faces as you know I I I enjoy my life I like I live right now it's got an apartment go my girlfriend got my dogs I don't is not helping their their their status in the sport and they're doing things from what I understand to try to distance themselves from the their previous regime the WF regime but they need to figure this out because it might be too late I think if they don't figure it out sooner rather than later in an ironic by the way on three days yeah can pull it away and start saving open after that million that will start talking about from cool do you think you have made in your entire career there's this whole big media day where you wonder if there's going to be some sort of announcement the dominant Tim Media Day it turns out that it's just one big love fest ego trip just fine you could talk to the media can do it every three days later you know we're getting into physical altercations got to figure this out can have this and can't react the way in which the that are happening out in the open embarrassing figure it out clean it up do better be better and once and for all address these issues he did the subsequent statements by the NFL and members of their team matchmakers executives were embarrassing doc moment there great stuff there congratulations to him and the playoffs resume this Thursday all right let's move along now and say hello to our next guest the thing I'm in favor I want more opportunities I want Morgan is Asians but at some point enough is enough let's be better anyway it's my little Friday involving two managers Abraham Cowan Elliott bill a subsequent story by a great young reporter named Michael Dell they need to address this situation this is not helping them the wwe they've finally announced it brock Listener Cain Velasquez to in Saudi Arabia October thirty first happening in a matter of days we had Canaan Studios had eight K. David Michaud one of the stories that has developed here this season for PF l. and this is what we saw last year with Lewis Taylor when he the when you were sitting in my studio was this already a done deal where UK fading me as they say in the pro wrestling community did you already know that this was going to happen we're going to debut on smackdown show in my thing I think my thing is like cutting in and out big yeah we're good core project all right big story on Friday because the sport is a great sport that is that is giving itself opportunities to people like David shod getting chances to do great things it's National Guard right now she will look like that she breaking out to yeah as this younger over thirty I in Saudi Arabia Alto Cain Velasquez are you there I'm here I'm here how're you doing I'm doing great congratulations how did this happen so quickly looking forward to it that was always my my ultimate goal this all came down really bad from from brock acting the way that he title after a million little talk about the RV but before yeah it was it was a question like it'd be nice you know I could just drive for twelve months and let me ask you how how how did negotiations go was this a quick thing they they reached out to you because sometimes these things are long and drawn out and we know that you had to deal with AAA how were they no no I didn't know but for me it was something that I wanted to do you know there was people say more money more problems but I don't think most people have ever been people that I know so we'll see I don't what happened with AAA AAA so I'm still GONNA be able to compete in one of their shows is El Toro now he's a member of world wrestling entertainment just like that appeared on the first smackdown on Fox and he's going against brock listener in a matter of days it does in going in and just physically attacking rain the Stereo and dominate is son What I did in the first match and so to be clear you have signed a multi year deal with WB it's an exclusive deal right you're only competing for them you're the ballot or Friday had it made like thirty five hundred laundry card that didn't pay anything they see the bright for the company amazing why can't Alaska's Dora Dora and yes I'm only competing in the WB part of the WWE Universe in again get my hands on them all these banned Yeah Cave Alaska's saving me right now this is amazing stuff now let me ask you on that so it's just to me it's a great opportunity to come in and be part of the W. W. Roster did you talk to anyone else a w any other promotions yeah of course I did have somewhere nice to stay that's about it the simple things in life well this is a great story and I wish you the best thing I wanna wish you again a congratulations on winning the just thinking he just beat people up wherever you can like hell no man I of like this is that I wanted I cannot wait triple A.'s choosing so so yeah you know like they don't have one more modification triple eight and they you know the game degree yes that is accurate and why did you have to announce your retirement so and so let me ask you you have officially because I thought we just put up the statement that you put out on social media you have officially retired from mixed martial arts in the US's that accurate couple weeks ago in case you forgot this is what he said when I asked him about his wrestling future this is the one that you are he's not the exact war but this is as you know like probably less than a week we got all ironed out in it yeah you know here we are I'm excited just can't wait for this opportunity I'm not gonna be I'll never say never as far as well as the back to innovate like I love her Bay I love the Salvia which like a synthetic marijuana and they got high and stayed home and drank that night I went to the gym I don't like to smoke it who to have this rematch again with the Broccoli or for me to dream match so I cannot wait to get in there you know especially and you know that goes back to my high school days with my going on right now with with what he's done in the past and you know I wanna go in there and make an example out of him uh ultimately just to go in there and brock you know go in there and mess them up and a lot of emotions so having that that close tie with triple A. and talking to them but to me you know w w made them all sense and Mir perspective oh great it was great yeah you know just give it a go she you know it was about a couple of in that role to treat this Monday night raw from and from that man just had it you know like him Bronco it in awesome that's been a lifelong dream by So happy to do this obviously there's something that I wanted to get into the WB It'd be just the pinnacle of pro wrestling so something that I was always coach John Rustad my brother Velazquez who kinda showed me the ropes and got me into interesting I maps you do with the honors wear wow this is legit this what an honor this is the day before our wedding we can't see you so that that is awesome you know that you just gave me to give light to go ahead and compete one of their shows for so many years and you know obviously there's a lot of people say you know a lot of people intimated things when I first got into the sports they cannot just go around and just be people around and people tell them apple downloading and on stage you know just WanNa thank all my all my coaches and all my teenage bears other states that that push going to fight him you know how they were my team was the only one team winning the support you need of this mode of voted for fighting You know I love to compete I love to go out before I love to fire up to wrestle so these are all things that bad I've always been low just something that that I've always just get in me and things that I love doing so glad that I get to do it and go to limitation chamber that's where it all started you know just being in the moment having fun the UFC brass try to convince you to stay when when you inform them of your retirement like did you speak to anyone or was it your management spoke to them and if you did speak to them did anyone try to convince you when you step back until like wow I'm already in wwe in like two months oh yeah it is crazy no it definitely is but it's just it's just you know mediums just about taking a shot at it you know like I recognising that that passion for wrestling Yes yes I would have yeah you know it's crazy how how it all works out but I can't wait for this opportunity this is for me is just a lifelong dream coming true is it a little surreal that it's all happening so soon I mean if you didn't realize that you had this gift to be a great professional wrestler do you think you would have stayed longer and the UFC and continued your MMA career I definitely would have rematch with AAA now here you are in wwe on the smackdown show you've got your match with brock it just seems like everything has been like supercharge and this is all happening so fast is it a little crazy in your debut happens somewhat soon you look phenomenal and then the second match is even better than the first and even like you were in the studio a month ago and you were getting ready for the second but you still have the third the leading fighting but hey I got to do what I love this sport if everybody if you didn't have this opportunity if you didn't find this can I even do this and we know little baby steps and it's been crazy right but I'm taxi stay in the AFC I talked to Dana right away he he called me up and then he was throughout this career tissue onto like degrade things to me you know I'm I'm happy but I'm sad as well get like this kind of help each other to to help promote each other you know came into the ANC you know over to Ha You know first meeting Javier Mendez who in the guy behind the my host fighting career the most go those feelings of you know I started intimate and same thing you know I'm learning something new beat a student of the sport talk thinking Dander call me all my teammates there was kind of you know my my brothers have helped me hey man this is what I'm here to do you know what I mean like it's crazy when I'm here doing I'm I'm loving it I'm having fun amazing charts the most amazing person that one of the most amazing guys that I've ever known in and also you know Dan that's what I've always done it just Kinda you know it's more just doing what I love to do I think I think that's what the most important thing is what about anything else but this just looking at the match and just be the kid again that kind of started at all for me and then from then on it was like okay go in Anaheim it's great resume is perfect wrestlemainia but it's happening like I said October thirty first in Saudi Arabia why is it happening so soon initially when I saw the debut and I thought all right this is going to be great wrestlemainia rematch you got caned brock you got whatever happened back in almost ten years it all comes down to what happened between Rock Ramos Stereo and Dominic Your Stereo what's far as like UC or working with the AFC that's ever GonNa add like there's a lot of great things you can do back and forth One of those easy schedules where he just shows up like once every two months are you going to be like Rhonda where you're at House shows and every week on smackdown or do you have one of those you know those superstar it's not a lot positive man he was like you know go ahead and do this this awesome I wish you the best and yes and I was like what the Hell's going on I couldn't believe it you know like he messing with media like hell so I got really heated I just can't wait to go in there and be his ass but what he's done so this is I mean it's also fast because of because of Brock's actions maybe into this you know the person that I am today is being a UFC fighters so grateful for that and into them rex really have to show up to the big events as of right now I really just focusing on getting better you know knowing knowing the sport in and out fake they just for the AFC general to you know thousand platform myself L. DO whatever I can to go in and just obviously they gave always get better get more comfortable so that's on our as ray down on the ring and you know doc is just recently just Kinda hurt him there and then I saw vaca- to practice right just getting shopping the tools with my AK brothers you know constantly just getting better so so we focused on hymns practicing stuff so that I can that I could do in our in our match I'm jiving you know that kind of pushed me to go into the fighting and up you know after much in the air of wrestling with this I knew what I wanted to do and then I got it her you know I'm GonNa so this week I'm GONNA go out to Orlando Performance Center Orlando Right Yeah so somebody do with it in a vast do it doing more matches than than it's all good but I never looking past my my opponent and that's that's brock left and right now you know Austin but you know doing kind of a Stone Cold Steve Austin back brace I like it the attack them on Monday night raw you know just got him out of the out of the standard started messing him up and all this all this is going on you know train everywhere I'm GONNA train with Ramos Stereo this week you know hasn't coached me a little bit all you have to go to Tampa to train at their their performance center you just GonNa continue to train in San Jose I'm GonNa do a little bit of both I wanNa Kinda go everywhere the Dana White who got me my first white in the AFC and I have to go it is so big thanks to him a big thanks to the Cheetah's Dominic he's a guy who's been learning wrestling here and there but he's very young as well and and drop Ma'am Okay and just getting better all around in this for that's that's my goal and Yeah I mean I'm down to do whatever match do sorry I'm wondering about that you know with the brace it's all good I'm sure without a it'd be good as well just for aw lesson band and I'm going to do it Viva Lhasa that's right now by the way speaking of Brock he has yeah man I this is going to be an hour axo advocate myself ready and what about the need 'cause I saw you were wearing the brace when you made your debut are you still going to have to have okay good well I much that's how no no I won't why not I'm already have a great match I have a great fight and to entertain the people that are watching all right well said Cain I wish you the best this is crazy just ready for her for anything right I'm very into the sport as well coming in but man I'm I'm ready to learn and what about the mask are we going to compete with the mass so who knows down the road if I get another fight I think it's very possible because it's just something yeah man it's something that I love you know Nair to have my mashes rock I'm there to being in a fight with him and that's it you know it doesn't matter where where it is work okay so we are we are embarking on a new journey a new chapter for Cain Velasquez this is WWe October thirty first in Saudi maybe of all places Kane versus brock to unbelievable how do you feel about going to Saudi Arabia are you okay with that Cain man China in a wrestling ring it's an unbelievable thing but a testament to your hard work and skill and we're all rooting for you hopefully you'll you'll you'll find the same kind of success the story I did not expect this at the at the beginning of the year that Cain Velasquez would being WBZ and that we'd see Kane versus brought to this soon Toro's dead that's it was not bad story dormant right now okay the time is right and you know how you know how retirements in combat sports and anime go people were tired of the time and then they come back do you think deep down you'll have another fight would you be at DC tacky and then we could have like a enmities managers well yes yes my dream oh comfortable and and best as I can be you know for for this match Beclau- writing on this oh so as to be in you know the best shape out to be just checking in with with dominic as well see how he's doing but but yeah I imagine it's again just trying to as a smell and even boxing you're mistaken because enemies roots will forever be in pro wrestling and here's another example that all right so that's a great story now it's talking about another great story a project speaking so ten through six here you go ten Ricardo Ramos Nine James Gallaher eight Sonia Don off line to then then he beat right yes maybe put your your your way out tempo that would change things up a little bit okay but now we we all becoming after that song but you know they aren't on the road who knows key one that we posted on ESPN DOT com this morning we counted down the top twenty five fighters in mixed martial arts right now under the age of Twenty Ah so so down the road who knows will you come out to the song that I I don't know the name of top of my head but I love it and then then then men all right I'll go I'll go wherever you go I'll be your guy no problem bro thank you all right thank you good luck to their he has cain Velasquez the news member of world enertainment also on that card by the way Tyson fury going up against Bronze Stroman unbelievable if you if you thought that the World Presley had nothing to do with Emma May as your last fight was the one against Francis Gano again like I like I said before I'll never say never man so seven Jimmy kroute six the aforementioned macy barber so that's ten through six do we have five through okay Kabibi please say yes with the masking Davey now I'm Gonna I'm GonNa go in and compete as myself okay so I love train to compete I love going to practice and learning always learning in perfecting the craft and the and the getting this deal it's an amazing thing area thank you so much to you you've been there I would say along the way as well hey matter and I'm I'm glad you know I'm glad there's people like you that are out there are there are helping fighters and and wrestlers out there and five why did we come out with this week while macy barber who's someone who's talked about being you know the youngest champion in UFC history she competes on Friday against Julian Robertson both of those alley where have you gone hopefully coming back soon you could see the tireless over at ESPN DOT com slash may but number one number one is the undefeated fifteen nope tied for four Aspen ladd and Nasrat hotpot Assad three Edmund Shabazz Ian. To should've Sean such a long journey at the same time it's pretty crazy did you even know that you are at the top of this list honestly no I I kinda just I'm looking one step closer to the mini accomplishments and achievements that I have that I'm looking forward to to accomplish in you know it's it's been such a short journey Ford to win this million dollar tournament and and really going at it you know showing the world what I'm capable of doing I kind of played last few years of my career I mean I think we can all just say the mindset of a twenty one year old kid coming out of college partying and just live life versus okay the what's your mind is capable of doing in getting the job done and man I'm starting to figured some things out starting to see footwork read footwork there's there's a whole another side of this game knocked out Macapa I'd I'd bet my Cogan is AP watch a Yo bet the single impasse first round and sure enough sixty nine second send it was over with so I it's just in that Jonah in that in that form of entertainment that you found in MMA we'll miss you over here but I know you won't be too far away all the best to you my man keep it up and again congratulations on now it's just amazing what you do as well thank you so much I appreciate and get DC to to join you over there he's almost done all right I want to see a DC CAIN tag team. Israel's are on that list Angelie just fought this past week and crucially I believe we have the top ten and we have the top ten years ten thirty six here's ten through six that's fina fighting for Bell Tower that man right over there Aj McKee number one how does it feel my friend I literally asked me to stop training now like I literally in the gym all day all day all day like I'm I'm literally Jim Right now from here I'm going to go to metro flex go to other Jim so just sitting down and and really grinding you know really putting in one hundred ten percent it's phenomenal to see what I'm doing I told my dad before the record was and you were trying to break it yeah that I have it on record and every day ever recorded at a much I told my dad like this is it it's funny when there are a lot of people don't see and starting to figure it out and it's showing now what do you mean when you say the last couple of years you were playing and now you're taking things a little more well what do you mean by that fight in like an hour and a half what's going through your mind during that stretch it was surreal if he lost it showed me hey you corner being over the age yes I corner them a couple times when I was younger do some cage work it's it's like a drug man you just you gotta live eat live eat breathe it in sleep it you know you're GonNa make it your lifestyle if you you expect to be the best it's crazy you know him being forty nine years old m near fifty and he still trains with us every day it's it's phenomenal he is he's a one of a kind person other son fighting on the same card and you're in his corner for that fight what were the emotions what were the thoughts going through your mind as as your corner not only are you corning your dad but you're about the so you know and and just going and getting the job done wow so you're actually so you're last fight you ended in eight seconds knocked out Georgie Caffeine you're actually gunning for the record you want something for him to shoot for because his his brother's doing so well do you WanNa see your dad continue to fight or you good now the best now the last was super special because not only did you get that ticket knockout but your dad of course the Great Antonio Mckee fight on the undercard both of you one very special to have it came to visit me at the energy just in that arena at the form was surreal man I had been there for me everyone with me so I knew people don't like people don't realize what he does on the ground his Jujitsu is actually pretty good but his standup even better he reads movement really well and coaching he'll let you do what you do and then add to it instead of trying to teach his way and that's hard to come by nowadays man that that's literally this is what I need to do this is my job this is working out three times a day putting in extra put above and beyond you know so my dad only like fifteen sixteen but that wasn't a different you know being older really seeing what the sports about and how people can get hurt it's does you know his his coaching ability hands on grappling ability as never met anyone with the knowledge in the sport that he has a lot of got a job to do and I I I said I wanted to start the tournament off with a loud statement and what better way to start it off with eight eight second knockout was was that the first time you ever in your dad's the smartest way to he found the smartest way to take care of his body and be safe and for him hey that's why he's forty nine years anyone just athlete so he's just a loving person you know anyone that knows my daddy's a straight shooter some people don't like him because he's too much of a straight coaching that's literally helping people evolve and that that's just what life's about you know helping people involved you're much different than he was like at times he was criticized as oh the people there just ordinary basic fighters one-two-three Jab cross hooks so he's kind of switch the game up you know he takes his ask files like y'all I'm going to get boats or SAS knockout in the second short but it's just speaking what you wanted to fruition on you have your team your family and God you know I think this is a substantial amount money so let's let's continue to take it serious and go full force into it and and use us both of our decisions and grind you out you're going in there and start seeing guys in eight seconds was that a conscious decision on your part like I don't want to be anything you don't fight like your dad you're not the same Dan will you after I'll think that's it but Yes yes yes singer for me let's Go Yep L. nighties a company's DC and Kane as they go through the entire w tag team division Oh would it be a dream Okay I'm in whatever you need definitely you know he still wants to go fight I think he's got a couple more with this million dollar tournament being great now maybe after the tournament have a job to go do if he won it just set the tempo and he went out there and finished the guy manage set the tempo so right when we got in the back man I had ot in the back suitor and that's that's just POPs there's little brother Mason hey what's up bro yeah that's the future future man he's already pulling jokes view and this is how it all has evolved well I had to learn something at a young age this is entertainment as much as a sport this is entertainment doing it and I can't wait people just stick around and enjoy the show you wrote yourself a million dollar cheque when you were twelve why yeah appeared than Delatour and I think one day I'll show that that's that's not the case that the fighter makes the organization and it's about it's about the skill later to apple couldn't have fallen far from the tree in this particular regard and that's knocking your dad you just have different style your flashier you're a bit of a showman was that a conscious decision or is that of course there is no other choice I mean it kind of caught me by surprise honestly I wasn't expecting it just because I know how some people think UFC is morrison you want and they give me what I want so it's just keeping the fans happy and always interacting with whom and given back you know so we did this top twenty five list and there's a lot of U. of C. and he can still compete at his age I'm sure if he was making the money I was making he would he would go fighting a little different for me I have the wrestling Russian and I just wanted to go in there and be comfortable and pick but then I've always remember like number one my lucky number men and it's like you're the one you know I know that one a lot of these guys you know I told him I smell fear on them I'm looking forward to going in there and making examples man eight seconds sixty nine seconds I'm looking for successful honestly I was nervous at first I was shitting bricks why because I wanted like pick number four you know I wanted to the bracket would be yes definitely hands down off fights been finished out of my ten finishes seven or eight and and when I drew number one I said fuck it let's have some fun you know let let's see who wants to this fight and when I picked their compostable he picked me I already knew he when he finish every every round of the tournament I'm I'm really looking to just make loud statements no one's even seen my groundwork I don't even have a belt Jitsu but I guarantee amazing what a story that you gotta you gotTa check with you when you fight for the million dollars it's common that's why I picked out opposite side of the bracket the day when my dad hoisting all these guys were fighting there fighting for fifty dollars they're finding wrestling choosing e so for him with his wrestling back he wants segments he found is on this list there's a lot of famous people unless but your number one and this was a panel that put this together are you surprised by this because let's be honest sometimes the bell tour guys don't get the so you know it's about the skill and the people have to respect it at the end of the day regardless for me man I got mini goals my first goal cashing in a million dollars another level and I'm just now starting to actually see what I'm doing you know my dad's consistently told me Dude by the time you figure out what you're doing in a fire left hand from hell and I just thought get it there as soon as I got into his chin turn the punched over that was all she wrote it was like it was like white on rice but I've been a streetfighter been a fighter I just love the fight so it's a supply and demand for me I'm trying to give the fans what they want which is a good show they give the organization what a under twenty five twenty four years old twenty five in April so you are the top dogs in our opinion enjoyed that and good luck December twenty first against air compost in Hawaii. I want to be a millionaire man who doesn't want to be billy you still have that I do I do my dad has it wow that is who knows man in the future hopefully some guys get bald and try to take me down and see where AJ McKee's ground gamers should AJ McKee be considered the face of Bell Tower ECKART myself million dollar check when I was twelve so having having that being able to accomplish and conquer my first world title at the same time as it's phenomenal man I'm looking forward to when you and your dad didn't disappoint just a couple of weeks ago so congrats on the win congrats on everything you're doing congrats on getting the number one spot on our on our poll there number one yes sir all right we'll talk absolutely there. Aj McKee Aka the mercenary no matter moments we'll talk to another member of Bell Tower I it's GonNa be too late you're going to be light years ahead of people and I'm starting to read footwork I'm starting to read movement and set people up it wasn't just Oh Georgie out uh hopefully he's got some time to get prepared in Charlotte pulls up his bag of tricks how did you feel about how that whole draw went did you like being a part of it you think it was the first round it's I'm the face of belt or for sure it doesn't matter who they put in front of me at this part in this moment of my career I'm GonNa run through I'm on go from one of the youngest guys on the roster to one of the oldest rampage Jackson but first let me tell you about our good friends over at ancestry you know with that kind of confidence that that they do I could do and he hasn't laid out there so drew his number I knew it was coming those kinda surprising having a Manual Sanchez duck but it's not the first time nor the second time he's ducking so it's all good tap a lot of Brown's out blacks are catch catch anyone man I'm such a scrambler no one's really see any of my ground game so attention you guys are you surprised at you you got the number one spot or are you would you have been almost like insulted everyone under twenty five of course I'm number one I'm beating guys in I I love a man I love everything that you're doing you're a great showman your great fighter it's a lot of fun watching you fly like when you're on the card always have to make a point to watch you in seconds I threw a jab at Georgia saw George did he was uncomfortable he was standing southpaw he switched back to Orthodox so I said Okay but though the jab across Osama throw the job okay I heard a song there and then it went away I got excited it sounded different has corporate jake actually listen to my criticism it does seem like he did now dispose Irish for Finite Boston okay interesting so little Irish for Finite Boston even though we're looking at AJ McKee's stats over here interesting I like it way to keep me in off your ancestry. DNA Kit again ancestry dot com slash MMA for more kind of funny we did an ancestry pan that is special stuff so I had to reach out rampage who's been very elusive I've tried to get him on the show many times over the past few months but he has unfortunately turned me down and learn about your story by combining the ancestry DNA test with billions of historical family records ancestry Dina gives you so much more than just the places you're from ancestry connects you to the places in the world where your story started using precise geographic detail and clear cut historical insights he made a living and what the seldom ancestries unique features and record collections can give a more complete picture of people from your past how they made out last week that he's returning on December twenty ninth against his old friend Fyodor Milenko in Japan of all places how great is this rampage going back to the sent the box and Voila I learned a ton about my family history this stuff is fascinating you could go back hundreds of years it's incredible so right now I want you to go to ancestry dot com tree and build a your ancestors become more than just a name they've combined DNA results with over one hundred million family trees and billions of records to give you more insight even the school attended how about that. It's so easy to get started now for me all I did was I got a box I spit a little saliva on this too insure genealogy and origins only ancestry could tell such a rich story with unique features that give you a more complete picture about a person like events that shaped them how slash MMA that's ancestry dot com slash anime today for twenty percent off your ancestry DNA kit that's ancestry dot com slash Emma May for twenty points you can even trace your ancestors journeys over time falling how and why your family move from place to place and to amplify results you can sort of free trial on answers well you know who wants to fight their favorite fighter but you know as my job justified in Beltsov sending me to Japan just to see how things going how's life you know we're we're getting to the end of the career just wanted to see how you were check in I haven't thought about all right you sir longtime no speak no speaks yeah why have you been elusive why have you not wanted to to be on the show a couple times talk to you why would I talk to you I have never talk about are we are we gonNA fight again breath feeling I'm all too familiar with but here we go on the show right now I think he's he's with US rampage are you there you're American ear I can hear you oh you do your fighting this is appropriate right is exciting stuff rarick site how do you feel about fighting fear after all these years read after we talked to Jamie t whose dad is a fighter as well now we go from one of the youngest fighters on the roster to one of the oldest fighters on the Bell Tower Roster and we've found I've been out about all of these years so it's always exciting for me to see another fighter who has honor and loves fighting in saying that how come I love the way he fights man he go out there you know win-lose matter echo that fight he excites the fans and that's what I what I thought we got past all that are we you know I love you when I got nothing to talk about well sometimes it's nice to catch up check in your affinity for him I didn't know he was your favorite but that's that's great here were you ever in discussions to fight him in the past no never you're never cross you don't have to cut any weight I mean how much these days ex girlfriend I don't have a girlfriend married remember okay actually why how come at face offs you never seem like you were we're travelers that's true that's true well it does seem like there's a mutual respect there because of course you guys were part of pride for all those years and I've heard you talk about he goes out there he goes out there on a show and he goes out there and win do you have a good relationship with him yeah yeah we have we call people's man we doc it was hard for me to turn his fight that he's your favorite fighter baby years I do love excite the fans you know he has killer instinct either he's GonNa Knock you out he's GonNa get knocked out all you're going to need you sued crafts and behind the stadiums and stuff and they believe that is that true why you don't believe you don't think they don't know how to shoot crap not with it I just didn't know that was part of the culture in Japan I didn't know they played that game or in Russia well you know and for the first time since that baiter fight you're frustrated that has to feel like an exciting thing right after all these years to get a chance to get a win I don't like you know I didn't WanNa put out because I wanted to fight in In Japan and he knew I was injured in but then after the fight he said ooh out yeah yeah yeah we'd be we'd be cool we we see each other man we would be shooting crabs no people don't know that about men us that's like one of my favorite shoots ever it was back when you fight you have C. One forty four I know didn't end up the way you want to remember we walk there we talked about the early days we played against each other meantime somebody call my name and and right around that same time and it looks like I was looking at that young ladies bread but I assure you I wasn't looking at seem I think your your manager Tiki posted something on his scam where it seemed like your attention was elsewhere throughout the press conference a bit camera I can recall okay okay okay that makes a lot more sense that makes a lot more since the photographic evidence I don't think tells the real pictures I wanted to being back in Japan like did you feel like people remember you from the early days did you feel the love did you get the red carpet treatment filed it everybody know I love fighting in Japan and those are my favorite fans I'm not GonNa lie I love Japanese fans everybody know that there's only thing I was frustrated about with your but it was like three matches in a row where I beat you amazing you got no I think actually made that part up I was wondering if you remember it because I don't remember the way you were light-heavyweight right no one and what wait is this GonNa be at heavyweight okay so that's a good I mean I feel like that's something you need to know I think I know within within time but it but for me honestly it don't matter Gretna didn't get a chance to make it to the arcade trip yeah do you remember when we went to the arcades together independent right we played tekken that's it you haven't had a fight since September of two thousand eighteen how come so long are you sure what do you mean almost thirteen months oh wow how come so long old around with youth so is this it is you don't come on the show you don't WanNa come on Via skype or facetime so I it's been awhile since I saw you just be laying low I just be at home training playing video games national that's not the reason why fights I I don't notice in that but I I enjoy myself getting back in Japan the only thing that I'm K- I kind of it yeah I'm glad you did you you know glad I wasn't even even looking at their young lady breath church Hersher now what what was the only thing I was frustrated about this fight Dana white new I was injured going into that fight and how they one pull out because I don't like to pull out that's why I got four kids anyway I don't it was a long time between fights I was wondering what was happening hence the reason why I was reaching out you know ah well he didn't get a picture of what I was actually looking at it was it was it was a fan or somebody on the other side they were taking pictures and they wanted me to be I think my heart down like I accident like why would you say that when you when you know I was injured like I told you that that I took them on this that this fight is in a cage or rain because my whole pretty much my whole career I was training in the gun and fighting in the cage and retirement fighter you breaking that news now do okay how many more do you have left in you I'm in Townsville going back to Jovana just Japan that's it I wouldn't mind just honest fighting in Japan that'd be nice but you still have a couple are you sure well that's what your record states that the fight with family yeah yeah left at least man you know I'm not I'm not ready to lay down yet okay well you ready for me to retire no but means just the lines on the side of your head like this look at something a little different were I probably new to you yeah well I haven't seen you I mean aw speaking of which how's how's the the love life going these days but we got I'm not saying Shit you but my love life went to a drought yes but you know I didn't want that for you I didn't wish that for you I don't know I don't know constraint about the comment out today and is this happening in a cage or ring I don't know man you WanNa call it I need it that day so I wasn't you know I thought it'd maybe I had to punch his chance to win but you know I knew it was a chance I was Gonna win that fight they said that my heart wasn't in an and that's that's when that's when everything you know sit with men USC within he said I don't have a ring at my gym it's huge him right it was a rain so to me it doesn't matter the new look so you've got the big beard and you got the line ah I don't remember if you be checking on the I'm the best but master around right right but coming back to Japan I wasn't I I knew I was going to Be Victorious over a wrestler that just loved to wrestling and Hump on you and stuff with a with a bun like kids here like they have it too easy and they've he he's not as hungry as I was at his age you know it is as I was that'd be that'd be saying too much shit and then people begin mad at me like the truth hurts and Shit right that's true who could forget when when asked I think I think he's fucked that up himself to what happened you just you know I don't know I think it's grown up in Orange County so you'd rather not comment and I'm not asking for specific just the state of it I didn't cut nine convents it lesson you asked me about my life the five tell you I was gonna I was GonNa fight because I think the car had got messed up I think somebody has pulled out on their car but you know see see what look look look see what what happened was on on the other side where y'all can see what I was thinking of somebody somebody called out rampage rather than saying you buy your home for dinner I just WanNa know is it going well not going well when I talk to you he wanted when he told me when I was really excited about it but you know when you have kids man you got it Kinda like like ruined him what do you mean I just don't I just you know just like you know like spoke up I'm sorry what about your son your oldest son is he going to fight we'd be seeking cramps Oh yeah man we get down we bet we minded most ambitious Japanese yen would be in the back like my dues from the hood I try your best guide them on the right path and and when you listen to it you just gotTa let them learn hardway so is he getting in trouble it'll be called you you know we called her up on three and all that yeah I'm not they're not no not fix that okay yeah right he ain't it is I mean I talked today about okay I just didn't think they may be in the first place so so are you disappointed about this I'm disappointed in is Karapatan over over fighting fucked you wrap your map around he's nuts walked away your son Yeah Okay How's she doing doing great straight as student lamb basketball she's she's two different basketball teams with me you know he'd had Hungary too easy for them so you know it was always it was always his decision I was hungry I didn't I didn't really like my surroundings so I wanted to do something and better myself and get out of those around us and stems living here oh is that what you mean yeah he gets a little trouble here and there but you know it was like he was like too much like too much like me but and these actions and the choices they know they you know the path that that he's taken but I'm not disappointed that he's not I was and he also has something that's mom and things I don't understand you know you know I I was a little bit more hungrier at his age and I was hungry see that question all those years ago remember what I ask you if you were in love Yeah Oh really okay is he good well no I don't know I listen to music and that's okay I told me so the rampage fighting lineage now with you I think so because I I was I was thinking Raja how are you watching the sport these days or you kind of just like laying loan doing your own thing our going to a moment okay except yeah that was how is that lovely lady doing and she okay you still in contact poke check on talks with really I thought we watch the Congo better fight you think he poked in the eye right I saw on your instagram yeah and he's offering that's why I want to talk your punk cat what do you mean I'm I'm giving you and you should I mean I was going to make a joke that you had the opening but you drop the ball in that one a little we're losing a little bit on the fastball ramp you know what I'm saying I wanted to goes and I wanted to do certain things you know he he I think he he'd rather be rapper he wants to read is unfortunate when when people like try to try to do something like that like what why wow do you think she'll be fight or maybe no folks now she she might have been a basketball player but now she upset back there but now it's its own news okay well I haven't talked to you since I know but I didn't WanNa talk about it all right all right I'm just is also might get in there but I don I don't think no I don't think that unless I unless I go to Japan have some more little babies out there you know that I know I still love you and it's good to talk to you again I'm happy that you're coming back December twenty ninth in Japan against the Great Fyodor Emily Okay so we move whereas we we moving on some that I you know it's like it happens but it just you know have them grow up in Japan and start trying stuff like that you know maybe who knows I I kid Sir I thought maybe your son would be exempt from that kind of language no no okay dawn person exempt from the Carolinas my daughter I don't tell it's not fair it's Fyodor a million co what a great matchup for longtime Emma may fan so them fade or here all right it's the old rampage would've would've been ready with that one no I'm tired of jumping all your nose wait wait wait I don't know see that's why I don't like to just like the time you need you be fucking up my life with interviews okay what about your I hope so all right thank you rampage thanks bye-bye Rampage Jackson joining US returning to action on December the I really appreciate you taking some time out there's a lot going on I saw even nate Diaz was that your show just a couple of weeks ago in Brooklyn right yeah yeah he was out there for that rules and everything and it's just wrong it just it just wrong right like why you got your things if somebody is when you down on the grounds up like that and so yeah us right now on the program what a great honor this is travis how are you I'm great man it's an honor to be on your show oh well thank you desire honor and I know you're really really busy these days so I famous guys that I can remember who would go to a UFC event and show face like when I would watch boxing everyone was in the front row there'd be Brad Pitt and George Clooney and I feel like you were one of the twenty nine th all right let's move along now very excited about this this is a huge honour wow this is incredible so you probably know this man as one of the greatest drummers in the history and from blink one eighty two he's a legend of the music scene he's the inimitable the often imitated never duplicated the man who needs no introduction the Great Travis Barker of music he's also a massive mixed martial arts fan he is a practitioner himself boxing do Jitsu does Emma May in his own right he's the man your shows I watched every embedded I watch all the countdowns I'm obsessed with it I love it this is your favorite sport yes by far okay all right yeah I hear that I something weeks and you don't have a torn retina was which is a blessing so only love him boxing but loving Emma May and then I would always watch. UFC fights bella toward fights strikeforce fights breath and I walked into John Raise Jim in Los Angeles and I started boxing tonight and I never really stopped ever since I started in that led to the trend I grew up with was really really into it and I started boxing when I found out I was having a son started boxing immediately like my first child the name just started going to a couple of them when my my schedule would allow me to but Yom obsess I I literally watch every fight I watched all it gives you the opportunity to back your guy well well anybody they watch anybody that watch a in this like a new thing can clearly see I'm not that kind of guy but it also is like it's not an accident when these extra finger going somebody knows somebody knows and stuff and then the camera really wow and I'm just curious you said you started boxing when your son was born what does one have to do with the other the first wave of people who said like no you have seen as really cool how did you first fall in love with the sport how did you get introduced to it you know can do that you can't do that well that's not on my I don't know who wants that offense and came to the show the next day it was awesome so you have been like you were one of those guys you know from the rampage fighting you have Sierra and even before that like you're one of the I guess like before that I never really didn't boxing MMA may I think that was a pivotal moment in my life where I was like I want to get in shape I want to be here on Gracie's academy in Beverly Hills when they had it was close to where I was living in Culver City and now once in a while I roll Chris Light who who lives just be in great shape for my son and and how to fight in hopefully also you know teach him how to fight in my daughter so you buy me who also worked at that Kademi wow okay and so like for you when you're watching these like what what impresses you most about why were you drawn to it was there something in particular drums and they don't hate me back yes can you sympathize like have you talked to those guys friends of yours who are high level fighters and I wonder if you have found the Ron is the real news why were you I you know into it attracted to it everything the lead up to the fight knowing how much hard work that this guy was hoping he's looking at Uh poking him in and psalms like going this is and it's not go beyond five seats she could buy like a great athlete and she's like twelve years she's really tall really big for for a twelve year old awesome it I've been obsessed it it helps me like prepare for a tour it helps me like even on tour from foam like been out there for a while we all trained in Maine really okay so not just boxing you do Jujitsu as well right yeah I roll with a I used to the dominant cruiser Nate I don't know I just I compare myself a lot a lot to them and it makes me work harder in I'm very fortunate I hit you too fast for everybody to see and be like oh he's not is booking a minute hose I'm like well why is he even knows that's illegal too yeah on my toes so let me tell you about my friends over at ancestry DNA ever wondered where your family comes from you can discover more about the Agean walking down a pretty much walk down those same aisles like leading up to the ring but out to play a show I was like I can't imagine going out there knowing someone L. and whatever I don't know just watching the lead up to a fighter just knowing like my friends are trading forte goes in a training camp already or it's Sorta like them you have to perform when the lights and I'm sure there's nerves involved in exile have you ever talked to them about how they deal with that and if it's the same types of feelings and yeah all right we'll through it is happens live in walking out there in in not just to play a show to that dominic yeah how did you guys meet I think we just met through mutual friends okay you know stand in the middle of a ring and fight somebody that's crazy do you remember the first event you ever went to I think the first one I went to is GonNa you know trying to kill me yeah sued I lost you oh it's okay someone might be calling you right now that happens yeah I invited him to the gym that I trained at out here in Los Angeles and we trained together a few times okay now like when you say he beat on you did you guys actually spar no no he actually is exact words was like try and sleet me like try and knock you've trained with him right wouldn't call it training I got I got I got beat up by pretty well now he was really easy on me but mental warfare and all that stuff that you go through when you're going out to your quote unquote fight Oh for sure I used to dominick Cruz about it just like I cannot imagine common ground like obviously you're going out to perform you're not going out to fight another person but there's a lot of pressure on you there's a lot of eyes on you you're on your on center stage is a spotlight is dominant cruise your eyes favor okay he was their second fight you've C. One thirty two in Las Vegas Yeah Okay were you there supporting training leading up to the fight was always I think I was really obsessed with that because they're trained like that when I get ready to go out on tour out so I had I had like fifteen minutes try and knock him out but his foot work is so crazy and he saw lose and you know one second he'd be in front Lebron come we we got everybody's names is horn well I wish you the best and hopefully it won't be a year before we speak again in just the high competition level is she's insane it's amazing success that just kind of like drew me enough I've never been able to kind of get it just been fighting for like nineteen years and I've I don't I've never like Pokemon by that like never the guy into combat sports or martial arts anything like that I wasn't you know I've always just been into drums and music kind of you know to me the next minute he'd be on the side of me and not down on the ground and his wrestling is just another level and when you were a kid in high school like were you an athlete as well I'm not trying to be a fighter I just im- obsessed with the sport I like it in the form of keeping in shape in it's much much I run a lot I run about three to four miles before every show and am boxing keeps my hands really really fast in elbows the state of your body right now after all those years of drumming what is it like I'm actually okay I figured it out is there is there a fighter too right now that you're very high on like no matter what you're doing you have to watch this person like do you have a favorite fighter too right now that like this is must see TV you know the fast twitch muscles going whereas I used to think I'd be getting ready for a torn lifting weights do something for me whereas actually it would just slow me wow so you're watching prelims and things like that yeah you know it was a bummer I missed this weekend's prelims but caught the main events wow tang yeah I mean that's what keeps my mind right on tour wow that's where no one bothers you know I mean once in a while better and more exciting to me than just heading into gym lifting weights and running on the treadmill and the other members of Blink one eight hundred fans as well I wanna see that Israel out of sign you Pala cost to fight hope that happens so yeah I mean I I watched no matter what like the cubs any time they're fighting of course I like strengthen the sport that I have never miss an eight fight I love him in Nick you have cjm's just walking yeah hit pads do a little sparring so you Travis Barker just waltzes into one of these twenty four hour gyms and just starts hitting pads that's it GonNa make me really really stiff so when you're on the road in some random city are you still able to box for you do all that beforehand yeah actually stop it a lot of the never miss a John Jones fight love John Jones of course dominant cruise makes his return I'll be watching I appreciate it I really look forward to your show like the Monday following the fights to kind of get the recap wow that means a lot I was such a big the figured out that battleships in boxing is probably the closest thing to Dromey so like twenty to thirty minutes at a time dog together we'd watch the fights from their happening or or I'm just like fighting for my satellite to work when I'm on the bus yeah I never I never miss it by blink fan back in the day like the the song miss you like my wife now but we dated and then we broke up and like that song offers like holding pads maybe they're a little excited they wanNA spar and a little out of control it would ever I G- I guess there's like points and saying like whatever I sparred with traveling I got the best of or something once in a while I'll give up but I always tried to remind everyone look I'm a big Fan of the sport I love boxing I love him a May swats fight this weekend was where the gray I pretty much don't miss a flight that's amazing you really know your stuff pulling out little bit they'll walk in my dresser who's fighting you know they have no clue but I try and everyone on we have fight night on the on the tour to solve though and like I felt like it spoke to me and like I was a huge fan I saw you guys once in concert and the fact that you guys are still doing your thing and that you're not like and correct me if you feel otherwise I don't think as opposed to relevant right now do you know what I mean yeah yeah I feel very fortunate very lucky very blessed to to you know to be in the situation and not just like oh it was fun because we were fans of yours in the ninety you know what I mean and I'm wondering how you guys maintain that like how did you become almost like a character of of yourself because that's you what I love so much about you guys right now is that you're not just like a throwback ban relevant act people still respect you for who you are today wrongs and not just become legacy act I think that's been our goal from you know from the time we started our band you know what once you get past that however to be the case with a lot of the bands from the pop ends from the nineties like people love them and they're happy to go support them but they don't view them in the same today as they did back then they kind of just view them as nostalgic you spent blessing we have amazing fan base and still really enjoy what we're doing anytime I think of you so impressed with your Ark and I apologize if this is too personal but I'm just wondering if I can ask you about the plane crash and how you've gotten over that like mentally do you still will feel haunted by it are you over I can't imagine going through something like that does it still does it still haunt you do you still have nightmares about it how how how do you deal with that now every September eighteenth at at eleven fifty nine pm you know I reach out to their reach out to me so there's cost reminders suggest you know obviously like I lost three of my best friends I turned out to be the only survivor in the crash so you know to my best friend's moms hit me that were that you just described you know being able to make new music that still charts you know we still have singles that are relevant people still react to the new sauces especially do the so yeah like like September nineteenth was the day that crash in every year I know when it's coming I feel you know besides one hundred percent after it happened couldn't help but but not change it you know besides like the physical harm that endured I think I always try to send them flowers or just touch base and say hello but yeah I mean I don't think it's something that obviously changed my life Romania I one two three years Kinda determines whether you're just going to be a one hit wonder you're going to be a band with the long longevity in a in a long career the place where I feel one hundred percent comfortable going back on a plane and you're bandmates fly yeah they fly oh man sixty eight percent of my body was burned but losing like people that were close to me I don't think I ever forget that in still don't fly I get it over with but I also I think when the time's right I'll do it I'll never say never do it but I haven't come to the ninety day trip from from New York to London wow and so there's never a moment where you're like this this is too long like let me give it a go let me try I haven't no I I'm on a tour bus one hundred percent of the time and then when I go to Europe I take the Queen Mary two ever consider that or you'll never go on a plane ever again there's absolutely moments okay every seventeen hour bus ride I do I'm like oh I should just fly having just one hundred and ten percent at everything I have everything I love everything I have a chance to still do so you have not been on a plane since what I also know that I'm here for a reason and you know I seize the day I cherish every moment make the most of my second chance that I've been deep but I was living really reckless before my plane crash so it it really you know Kinda pump the brakes in for life since then without a doubt I mean I can't really put into words in a exactly on on how much it changed me yeah I do it solo but I mean I really I really make the most of that time I produce a bunch of other acts you know a lot of younger artists in N. just yeah I mean I got really lucky you can't really tell it was mainly from my feet almost to my waist down was burnt so you know there's no physical bus ride out there but I can also stop every day in Rhine in encounter practice leading up to the start of the tour which is Kinda cool outcome for like if the tour starts in New York they'll fly out to New York whereas if the tour starts in New York I I drive out there take like six or seven day you know okay wow so I guess that kind of makes it harder because you have to go through this alone on the boat you're by yourself or at least you're not with them right you have to kind of go through that journey by yourself people in general so oddest bring studio out your laser focus 'cause you have zero distractions is just you have a gym and you have a room so I set up a stories in three months so you went from recreational doing drugs to all of a sudden like having morphine in having all these drugs I had to take agin right yeah being for like twelve years vegetarian since I was thirteen wow and did you get the blessed Tattoo after the crash yeah apropos it makes sense yes sir as I mentioned nate was at your concert I know he stuck it from me and put things in perspective you know went from like abusing drugs to being in a hospital in burn centers that got out about thirty something sir first time I ever saw nate or nick fight I loved those guys men I didn't know them but I felt like I knew them felt like someone I grew up with it hasn't it hasn't prevented me from doing anything I run every day box every day I still play the drums so I'm I'm blessed you still kitten there a practice packed kids so I don't like Dr Everyone on the ship crazy and then bring a studio outstay really productive you feel like you have a greater appreciation around next day to be there how did you meet him how did you link up with him had you become friends I don't even know how I connected I mean I was always a fan see happen I think Israel versus Jones Oh yes that would be easy yes I'm from scars are cool those were those were tattoos floor I had you know tattoos scars were were collected in in yeah I'm fine human maybe a stupid question but I'll ask anyway do you have a prediction for November second the BMX title fight Nate Diaz Hoary Mazda who you going with scars on my on my face some of my hands and kind of see they're just like discolored or whatever but now you know just really reevaluated my life the way I was living wow and how's your body now you still have the scars from the Burns has a healed completely if one of these days we can actually meet in person yeah that'd be awesome thank you thank you all the best to Travis Travis Barker of blink one eighty two yeah both my kids watch all the flights with me wow it's awesome and they both trained growing up I just felt like they had no like the you know fellow Vegan I love that guy I love the way trains and love you just all the triathlons and yeah he's just a great yeah I just wish for the best they'll both be mass so I never say I wish someone would win in someone would lose I don't think that's cool okay can I ask you before you go but I never really make predictions I think that's just going to be a I mean we all know again we're getting a real fight when those two meet it comes around yeah they're fans Travis I gotta say this was a huge deal for me I really appreciate it I can't believe I'm talking that it was no longer the minute I got out there I pretty much was cleaned the only thing I did was smoke weed but I stopped everything else just kind of I would be wild I don't know if that will ever happen but I I love how it's feeling like it might happen yeah you follow their back and forth on social media on the show man it's awesome the alias no idea thank you thank you a means a lot and continued success to you and the rest of the band I'm still following really big deal after the UFC Carter hope you watched it and that featured Dmitri's Johnson competing in the finale of their flyweight tournament and you know I always feel bad making any kind of predictions because I I hate saying like oh I want this person who this person to lose obviously I want to win because he's my boy okay speaking of a great thrill how about one championship this past weekend had two events there century events if you will one of which aired on TNT which is joining us right now on the show how cool was that amazing love having the celebrity fans on the program and was definitely a huge fan of there's massive fan had all the okay six of high kicking and hitting they're not into it like me but but but yeah they definitely love it they love Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I've been seen it back and forth you know but both you're taking shots at each other so that being exciting client and by the way are your kids into it as well so far would it be fair to say this was the best one for you yes it was I think it was the time difference man is fresh off the plane coming home from Japan fresh off the plane literally minutes ago a true mench joins us today on the program I wanted to have you on thank you so much for doing this. Congratulations man dance area appreciate a man it was it was a good fight yes okay and how are you feeling I see the is a little bit de-devious everything went to one of their concerts that was really cool so thank you very much a travis for doing that and also Chris Light who he mentioned Jitsu coach for helping to set that up as well that was a great it's no longer new right it's all kind of more familiar the nerves are gone you don't have to prove yourself to anyone you know all the people you know everyone behind the scenes like you just feel a little more comfortable now after warning Japan every day and then I would train it you know. Apm American time and then go to bed around b. m. p. m American time which would be like okay right here in this hand man I feel good what do you think it's broken I'm broken when I hit him I so you know George Marshall is ease awesome yeah I I love him fighter too I love what he did have been asking mm-hmm yeah we support have been at every fight of I've been able to to be at depending on my schedule but yeah he's great any time you train and then you get back to all tied maybe ten o'clock at night get some food you've got to go back to bed it's it's a lot of work show with this whole setup on re-fights yeah one percent I mean especially when having you know my coat my main coach in in the corner you know me James Antonio Sunday get bond gone eat that's fermented basically draws in water into your sins any causes bloating pain gas puffy there how are you feeling afterwards I feel good then forget no injuries just a little sore as usual you said walk around like one hundred thirty six pounds we what are you talking about with the antibiotics I didn't know this what were you dealing with I've been diagnosed with CBO after defied Already acclimated to this to that set a time while so so you actually stayed on American time pretty much yeah I did I did I was going to be at six thirty and fight isn't in the works not cost or D. as mas well like one fight like a dream fight for Travis Barker's one fight before it's all said and done that you really want for my first fight Wakamatsu species small intestinal bacterial overgrowth basically testing gates or growth in bacteria so whatever up in the morning Glory Breakfast Between Eleven thirty twelve o'clock in afternoon and they get back to army obligations shale but Abed in do it every single day so I think it was like seventy nine o'clock pm there's no but I wish it in America time now is there also something to the fact that all right now we've done it three times over the new organization this whole CBO battle and then once I'm doing this once attests word again I hope I get my weight back to where it should be which is like you know one forty the to kill the bacteria antibiotics for a long damn time when I was when I was in Japan I finish this uncatered not alive to understand we travel that far and I usually go up ten days out at in you have all the obligations and then at night supporting and wishing you guys the best and your inspiration everything you've overcome is amazing and it's great to have you as a fan of not only the sport the shows well so thank you so much for doing this I really appreciate it you know I've been I've been on three rounds of antibiotics this training camp and in a previous wind antibiotics as well so I think I'm at the end that I trained for Wakamatsu and in Manila then acted a- came home has brought injuries to the CBO tested again like US Nevada ix it in three days before the final KC all staff at in non back home two weeks and then I test again for rolled my hand low bid or trying to him job actually hit him back here again ear so this oil paint human I've been my wrist back and forth not good of the three fights in when I test on the twenty second I believe we're clear man how do you contract develop something like this so back to normal day after the fight I woke up one thirty four point two so my bias I'm just small right now really really small how did you find out that you had like it affected your performance like did you feel weaker out there I mean I don't feel weaker but I mean there's things were going five rounds and then what to Florida in I try to clean up my diet and it just kept on being painful painful painful out to e how big meal a healthy Komo on for movies as reflex stirred Sidon dollar this war since March and the antibiotics to regulate uh CBO and then if it's still there background antibiotics so I'm hoping this time I don't see both Introduced in these back into my diet weight unbalanced it can be caused by stress because my life seems you know and yeah I just don't know Oh man do you feel this so after I got back home from Japan actually Thailand I had like we order pizza because about to go to Florida it's like six hundred sixty two and next on my summer she jacked up just Jack Up and as I conduct unusual whatever want Simitis crunch whatever want John Saxon and then I did I did twenty eight fifteen days of side effects in the ten days of flagellate than I did thirty days or I just feel better when heavier wow by the way has anyone ever told you that you have incredibly white teeth I mean this is something else thirteen on these passing gas like that interesting instinct just passing gas lets you nauseous something's wrong I gotta go to see a doctor in saw Dr did appreciate it strips or are those things called you know like the the white strip do you use anything I mean it's just unbelievable those are true pearly whites right there the bigger it's just nice to have a little more weight on because even after I was learning need battle with Danny I just the cage like my ribs are bruce out have need battles in the past typically it's it's almost sort of formed IBS which era Bowel Syndrome which I do not have okay sometimes you're by just gets a gut for all that's air bypass my round so usually typically the first fights it's hard to get adjustment this is the best of our foulkes I'm getting used to being small in you know look to stole sample blood sample all that stuff in your body our time digestion carbohydrates and the talk another doctor in office in there like how did this am when I came back to the corner I'll sit down which which which would you think we're we're sitting here having food law conversation during the rounds and I'm also going to justify still there and I'm like what the hell okay what else wanted to know like this she said she would every antibiotics be got all right let's do it then now we're at the end of that and hopefully Trojan rioting water conclave Brandenburg taken online song amish huge fan like I love kickboxing way more than mixed martial arts when I was like I dunno showed up like you might have CBO let's test for that in I tested on antibiotics never done a professional one I respect they do man Eneko do a lot a lot of damage brain trauma in I like I like you know really if I had an event Oh my God it's kick boxing so much better because the strike and so much cleaner like it's just cleaned striking If I had the opportunity to go in life and I tried to take care of mine yeah I mean I'm blinded by them to be honest right there like I'm standing right up it's unbelievable you should be very proud of those what was my vampire one which took place in on TNT Angelie and Shannon depend this fight with sick Christian Lee take on doggy that was an amazing and those guys did so much damage absolutely not in once I like watching wants four it's all said and done I've done a kickboxing fight before fight Christian lead to that fight on two weeks notice man puked his brain dow adding going back that same night to watch kickboxing Georgia what was the scene like for those to look like a big deal what was the like due to a sick I mean the whole the whole week is out we started off with that defense I can sense I can sense that he has understanding of distance now what about this built that they gave you how gigantic you haven't scientists right caboose at all I mean even when Wada got behind me and put me to buy triangle and ask twists toward all Jim I less rid so man I got visit line in brush my teeth twice a day a floss in our retainers all the time so I appreciate that I think teeth or reporting things it is it sounds to me I'm not GonNa lie it's Oh my gosh it's it's it's my favorite one I'm looking at that words wow aw moving wrestling and avoid getting hit with the wrestling Clinton so may one day but nominated too much beating who's your favorite it's nothing to flashing but it's a high level of understanding distance in control in never overextending in he legit I wanNA watch through Egypt a weight wise do you know how much weighs twenty two pounds I wasn't weren't pound how much is the UFC one in comparison the old one that you had invest which is also were fifty six we tagging East sports the first day the second day we had shoeprint or five that was fantastic and then we have mind enroll you know I'm used to walk around like one hundred and forty pounds now one thirty six and I'm still getting I feel like they'll ass I got used to it but I the only thing I was into I really didn't get into this until much later in my life and the abuse I would imagine on your body like maybe your arms your wrists bringing it back from from from Japan home did you take it on the plane with you you didn't check on I ninety check this trained will make it happen just because his his arm sense of distance and he has real good is in his combinations are good I'm everything he does is very basic it felt like a different kind of deal was a one off because it was the one hundred event or is this going to be more of the norm going forward Oh this is this is not boxer of all time Georgia Trojan wow by far and you got to watch him was that your first time seeing him live no second time senior mice in live in America not online or something like that like fell bigger it felt like a big deal I mean TNT now in the pro wrestling business synonymous for many years of the Progressive Business NBA. Of course I think the old one was twelve pounds so my twelfth ride yeah so this is a this is way heavier it's beautiful can you wear around your waist tried man I don't I mean I don't think I can't I was out walking in the back of the Rena with it on my shoulders I was like I take this this this thing is you know we want one Chechen gets more North American audience than we not wait one champ comes to North America they're going to be broadcast some more on TV uh-huh kickboxing k one event over mixed martial arts event I'll take the K. one mixed martial arts so why don't we do oh fuck no dinah him yeah yeah I met him I said if I ever come to Italy I want to train and he was absolutely come out in his marriages to me me but it it was in a suitcase nobody you out will it wouldn't draw attention to me being on TNT. I don't WanNA finish more norm going forward obviously champ she made this deal with not going to be sure more live events obviously when serious so we get you in the shopping online y'all have ninety my bloody word it and he goes Dan this this house like Jeff Label so what was it like during talks I think I think that we masquerade garden I think they sell the place out I mean if you bring some high level just martial artists over there you bring so this was not a one off everybody can expect to see more on T. is that going to happen in twenty twenty that's that's so you would have more Americans than actual Other people like Japanese Chinese Korean I think we had Chinese marine on a Japanese Italy Brazil Filipinos I mean we we had a whole stew of I think you disappointed are they talking about MSG for the debut I mean they thinking about from what I've been told her on during the rules meeting and just it's literally like we're finding a you know with all the best in the world tour I thought North America interest in this event is it fair to say the one championship kind of saved your love for always loved mixed martial arts no matter where were you married man yes you got three children come home from training camp and literally on Japan playing the world champion of Evil Twenty Nineteen Dolgin in street fighter five and then the next four days later not to give people you know on a gentleman from Russia we had John from Brazil Italy just all over the place in different dialects and different interpreters astle Babatunde but I'm joined the trips over to Japan and Singapore Manila they're beautiful they're beautiful places in there's nothing like a spiracy different you're I'm always going to let mixed martial arts more short so the net so just to be clear for the fans at home you're not the flyweight champion you're the Grand Prix champion correct talk one of the things when I was at the event this weekend is Larry sent back in and seeing how diverse so many cultures are here and then we had I'm GonNa say somewhere along the East area we would obviously you'd like to be on that card right or are you enjoying fighting in Asia and don't want ever fight here in America dude I that is correct on the fly World Grand Prix champion not not to fly what he championed that that's eight areas and when is that I mean that's the obvious next fight right and when I was growing up watching and stuff you have a grand prix in a certain weight class at the end the person who won the grammy will get a chance to fight for the world title on format the winner gets to fight for the belt and then if the promotion wants to another Grand Prix defining that's they do so with this yes yeah a straight dude but it's early so now why don't you go to a professional to do this why would you do this on your own kids I'm lazy and Canal me the ticket to fight not a dramas and I'll probably be twenty twenty right now I just got them finding three times in a year Abidi he'll get my health be at van will start training get ready for that now it's all well good it's great you got the bill to your three know what a great year it's been for you what bounce back you but what happened to the beard Pistola by the number one contender no no popularity contest you take the best deal eight seven seven guys in division you do a Grand Prix the coast so I mean I think it's a big arena symbolic place in everybody's fight there before so I wouldn't be surprised if image cheese but one of them I'm actually enjoy finding an Asian trip the Japanese fans are amazing just a coach or a soft but if I between you know on North America Again A. B. My my crunch my handicap teaching me how to eat my food and how cook it or whatever but if I learn how to do it myself than I can be my own Dietitian in knowhow food digested breaks down this food wise this coverage is better than this wise this protein but initiating so Canadian I think is giving me a new pep in my step to to fight more I mean accompanying ads journal Japanese sports okay several quick quick they'd and so that's why I keep on practice practice makes perfect all right so so you are human after all you're not superhuman you mess up your beer as well but by the way you look like young Dj here like not like Super Young WC DJ like earlier I don't mind it felt a little like a throwback nobody's home you got you got an hour and a half to yourself you use give born when you use like you're not out I think I'm GonNa get myself a fade Messed up and so now this is what I got oh shade take twenty years off my life and still look good yes and by the way you're an A. W. Fan I hear based on your social media yeah I I am so I'm the brothers unfortunately Eddie Alvarez couldn't compete on the card but I talked to him recently sounds like he's getting better so congrats on everything man great year for you and I really appreciate you doing this after Oh so you actually tried to style you mean to do this yeah I try to Stoller here I started up with the aid you're not here that's your guy all right well big things happening over there congratulations great event I saw the online sang victory over Brandon Vera Angelilli of course and crucially installations to him and everyone involved that was really cool stuff over the past couple of days Saturday and Sunday as well now next up on the program this is very exciting I've been trying to get this man on the a closet wrestling wrestling fan so awol's watching it and now it's just sitting there me my my wife Desi we're sitting here watching it not only he is enjoying but his entire team city kickboxing out of Auckland New Zealand is unfortunately perhaps talking to annoying people like me so without further man and then the thing is like when my hair say the longer it gets looks like people care my face and so what I WANNA do is make it be straight like a like a Grand Prix I'm you know I love with me I'm happy I'm happy I'm never going to not fall in love when I'm eighty five years old if I make it that much so for quite some time and let me tell you he's very elusive he doesn't like to do a lot of media he doesn't like to do a lot of interviews but a by product of this

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