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The power trip after party presented by bud light seltzer. Like never unsound sound for good. I have my said something. Nobody got fired. Welcome ma the after party park cattle. Whoops it's eight fifty nine. It's the eighth day of march. It's twenty twenty one. Well let me ask you a question now. My tattoo guy as was gonna finish tattooed today on the leg of dolly parton can receive. Now i want you to see what it's done because right now you'd be like maybe anybody. How much of her is done. Like the whole outline of it but you gotta you know colored and stuff like that and it hurt like hell by the way like maybe the second most pain i've ever had for tattoo and i don't know why regardless so. He sent me a text at six thirty tomorrow and said were good for tomorrow at noon. Right now my point is today at noon now. He might have just been going to bed so his tomorrow might be today. You know what i mean. yeah. I'm trying to decide and i sent him a text but if he's asleep he's asleep he's not gonna let me know. So do i go there for my normally scheduled tattoo and noon yet because do have like a paper trail that it's today. Niger have texting. Yeah then yeah. I would go today. It has to be today right but yeah because he said tomorrow and it was at six thirty a. Him but he could have just been getting home from work then because he works all night. Long where is it spring park known on the way home. Oh my tattoo on my left shin shin. Yeah he's doing these The series of tattoos were they are What do you call it. More straight portrait. Only there this big. They're literally like four inches by four inches incredibly detailed and that's kind of his sauces penis. That's incredibly. She said no q four inches. Four jets cubed mostly. I would deal with that if i had to sure. Sure by four. I can see that being awesome for trade. Put a square a square peg in a round hole. Exactly jesus it's not. Have you ever seen one a square peg or around all and there was a great show square pegs if you are if you are sending text at six thirty in the morning saying i'll see you tomorrow. I don't think you say that about something. That's five and a half hours out man. Tuesday i think it might be but it's just checked to make sure it's supposed to because it's not it's not like he's shit fish oil spill. A moral right knows that five and a half hours now is still monday. So my guess is it's tuesday. Yeah which be cool because you know. I thought i'd be dead by today. Of course one hundred percent gentleman be asleep. Boy what a beautiful day out there. The you gotta ride the hog. I haven't got. I got to get out of storage. So is if. I don't have to get it out of storage. Is it safe now. There's too much salt and sand out there. It's not very safe but you know just to write it up to the you know the market or whatever. What are you. Run takers the market. There's a lot of people yesterday and they don't care right because of the rocks shit on the road but it's just how it is. It's just how it is all right so you guys. Ibm you guys ever listened to the vets and quotes podcast. No have no okay. Support it financially. Good for your buddy those guys so I listen every now and again just to kind of catch up to see what's hidden what's land with stick enforcing you know because i like those guys. I'd like to listen to make me laugh. And they did a deep dive and this latest issue bets did on old bets that never came to fruition. I show you tweeting about the so. Hey we can definitely dive into this now no pun intended but we got gotta bring this up tomorrow because i forgot to bring this up today. Yeah brings up on the actual show. Check this out do you know how did you hear what i'm talking about. Why they played audio. Ben and this audio is so old that you were still working at the pizza place and coming here to work with us right by working at the pizza place. We don't mean you were just. They're working hard to eat as much pizzas possible. You actually were employed there. Yeah right so the best. I can figure might have been two thousand twelve. May two thousand thirteen mehta and we had this this argument on the air. Because you said you could swim at the lifetime pool down and back five times without stopping or without touching the floor and we fifty bucks and you swore that there was no doubt i was like no chance in hell that you can do that. Now keep in mind. Yeah i just lost like seventy five pound right right You were adamant like you were chance. Unbelievable i i know. I couldn't do it and i couldn't have done. We're not talking like he's not setting records with speed jesse. But that's the difference. Doggy paddle the differences. You can't stop. Is i think that's easier than you think if there's no time limit if you can really truly take your time or even float on your back for a little bit and backstroke at to take a break. I think he could do it if we give them. A specific kind of not even not a world record pace but if we gave them a time limit like dude. You got to do this under the freestyle. Good point right you have. You can't show stroke exactly or even just well that's fair but yeah but no line on your back backstroke in at the brand. I don't think i could. Currently i'm to deb fat. I don't think i could. I really don't think i could. I mean i'll try you willing to pay any lifetime but the one over there. Yeah of course okay. it's so it's not something like adamant that you know. But i used well but i was probably the lightest ever been back then sir now. I'm a fucking human thumb. Yeah i i don't know if you gave me. It gave me a month without swimming in. I could lose some weight and getting a little bit of shape. I bet i could do it. Yeah you could do it now. You don't think so. No no and i remember because the reason the bit came up. I'm pretty sure. Because at the time i was trading for an indoor triathlon. The time was doing so. I was working with a swimming coach every year. And i knew that i couldn't do without stopping. Here's here's why though if you gave me a month and could i get not like sweat. I wouldn't get in the pool. But i could get a strategy for my. I mean my brother does it. My brother could swim one hundred laps. I bet right but Yeah if you gave me a month. I could do it. Yeah if you give me a month. I'll do it for bucks fifty bucks and i'll take on any anyone else who thinks i can't work for fifty bucks limit rewind here you said. Let me lose weight. I then like wouldn't. She used the pool training to lose weight. No i'd probably ride the peleton. Because i don't think i have bill but you wouldn't jump in the water until the day of the wouldn't that wouldn't that now. I don't mind you train and now you want okay. Yeah yeah okay. Yeah you can train with greg. Louganis don't gayness was a diver head. Yeah one of my favorite olympic said. Yeah shirt today and time as far as how long he has to do or like certain certain stroke justice the distance for a lab. How far is fifty meters fifty meters fifty down in back as one hundred a five hundred meter so wait a minute down in back five times or so down. Cattleman counts as one back down back. Sorry now i'm starting. That's double the distance. And i thought saw said to swim there. Yeah yeah i could do it. Yeah one month from today. Today is the one of freestyle the whole way. Yeah no snow no stopping chirping on your back. Yeah right yeah all right so you can do it on the podcast. You said you would be willing to drown rather than lose. Fifty dollars was probably depressed from a decision. I'd made your but yeah yeah i can do it. Yeah yeah give me one month. Let me see if i can help Let me point out the fact that you're going to do much better than this sauce. But i want to make fun of myself at this particular moment Years ago. I was still playing still playing by the way so painful. Peak physical condition. Yeah pretty much. Better condition way more peak than i am now. I made it three quarters of a lab not down back. Just just downs down. Yeah my back cramped up. Because i went balls to the wall shirt like you like. Oh this is gonna be easy. I go man fucking. I made it three. Core is the way down stopped because both my lattes cramped up hoof panicked. Ono added doggy paddled. Okay yeah held onto the edge from not. I'm not like five minutes from my heart rate to come back down to make it back down across to the shallow because that's will freak me out. It was like i was going from the shallow into the deep end goggles. On 'em watching myself get deeper in a feeling myself fail. Oh my gosh. Yeah yeah badness. there's no So then there was that was. That was the embarrassing partner. So then i had to move. So then i get out of the big pool and go to the pool. Oh god to where. When i was swimming everyone of my strokes and my the tips of my fingers touching the bottom. That's how shallow water. And that's the only place i felt safe. So good luck to you. Oh you scared the hell out of yourself all right. We're gonna call because apparently does get away on this much. The limit here. I'm so not stop as long as you don't stop your good shed water. Oh yeah he could do that because be trains. I want you gonna try. Where are you. Where are you going to train. No idea. i'll i'll double it. He said it's fifty bucks. Yeah i'll throw put one hundred you can't i'll throw fifty and one hundred bucks against it. Are you willing to do that. I'll do. I got smell willing to bet with ben as well. Let me talk to my brother as a long way. Come on phone worked for me. Baby we gotta talk dive. Mrs. he's unemployed so he's got plenty of spare time. I don't think you realize how long it is until you get in the water. That's what brands said. Call cannot die one more time. How do you dial it. Colin dav now. Is this that sexy. Bitch dav lambert. This would be da da. I don't even know if he told you we were calling you dino. Why we've called you not really no data with your brother paul. He needs your help to maintain we have made a bet that is actually that we made in two thousand thirteen and power trip. Oh yeah exactly and we never followed the long pay. Payoff it is it is fifty bucks can sauce swim down and back end at an official sized pool down and back five times without stopping so ten lengths of the pool at at a fifty meter length at any pace any pace. But he's got a he cannot stop even once and can't flip onto his back and take a break. He asked her freestyle the hallway without stopping. I mean yeah. I would think he could if it's at any pace that's just like i. It would be similar to send like. Can you walk my. Oh yeah i can walk. A mile of it can take me twenty five minutes. I could do it but this is no doggy. paddling either. Essentially be more xylitol and moving in swimming freestyle without you. Don't need to explain. Swimming could not the of walking. That's not the same thing. Actively swimming is not like all right. Now you're going to tread water for a little bit. You're gonna doggy paddled for a little bit or backstroke. This is full on freestyle swimming. Ten consecutive laps. Plus your brother. Even your brother can't drown while walking. Which is what is so. Ten laps is what two hundred fifty meters. Yeah i got a second here. He's twenty five meters things. It's fifty. well yeah one. One length is twenty five or so yes fifty would be a lap. Yeah okay so again. now we're back to a hassle. Yeah five hundred. Five hundred meters fifty. Still the take today. You would say the you would say the not. So you're saying one one blanks so swimming one way. Twenty five meters so back and forth. Yes is fifty fifty or if he's doing five laps. Yeah it's two hundred fifty. When i'm seeing different olympic size pool believer back me up on. This length is fifty meters. Yeah so just one point. Maybe that means down in back. That's not really showing when somebody listens to this podcast. If you work for lifetime we need to find what the length of a standard lifetime. Fitness pool is end to end. It's twenty five white wide wide if you were if it is five hundred. Is that change your mind at all. I still think he can do it. All right they go. You got you got faith in your. I'm shocked what would be your strategy. Westland swam at all. Oh god a longtime i. Can't i mean honestly ten years twenty years probably ten. He's he's got a month. He's going to do a one month from today. Oh he's got a month to yeah. I think so all right if he can take as much time as he wants. Yes i i. It's going to be difficult swimming. You know ten laps or five laps or whatever the hell we agreed upon super kimbler easy but but faith. How many could you do. How many laps can i do. Yeah i guess one of my training sections. I did an hour. That was thirty six hundred meters table my half sunday more than two hundred and fifty. Ding-dong this about two hundred and sixty milliliters. I don't know what your liquid get. Hell did well okay. What will you teach me how to swim. Sure where are we going to go swim today. You can join me today. Can you teach me how to dougie. Where are you going to swim. Lifetime limit. I'll go there. My house was stopped by correct. They would be a tournament on yesterday. main events. Yeah i was the previous sunday if it was last night. I don't know i didn't watch it. I was I went to canterbury yesterday. That's the first time i've played poker in a long time. I've been watching too much. Wtt and lingo martensson is way too hot. I know we talked about her this morning. That hawk was really out of out her when she was in studio a handful of months ago. At attractive lady yeah. She's a ten and a half. Did you win money or are you going back to roulette. No i i was there for a long time. I only like eighty bucks all in all it was worth the the entertainment value. i guess. How's your band danny. Games morning fire lit as the kids would say. Would it help if sauce wore some kind of bandanna or maybe some kind of skullcap when he swam lab. Well yeah you got. You have to wear a skullcap but you don't want to have anything that increases drag. That's not right. But i don't have any hair or balls shave your head not gross. No i'm not doing that. Shave your balls shave. Your manscaping dynamics scaping sack. Is this swimming. Sooner it's in public depends on. Who gets loans. Changes his pouch shaping peanut pouch for fifty bucks if i ground. I think you should do it for free. Offer you double that. Don't dobbs you hear that zach shit pants it in the morning show. I gotta tax. I didn't hear us act. Not wanna know that texted you so no text me. Why is wandering the hallways the target back on the shit. All right well dob. You're you're an american treasure. And i love you got neither now appreciate it to all. I'm going swimming. Today i'm out. That's what i'm hoping for that right there. Right trained to. But i'm busy before we get the final beth and everybody placed their bets. You have to get a handle on exactly how far this distances. What down in back. Five times means it'll add lifetime park. No which lifetime would you rather do it. Anyone but then you gotta pick one. We're going to look it up online. Exactly which one. You're talking about fifty meters one way but not every lifetime is olympic. Spends on plymouth. Yeah fine find out what the plymouth pool is. Yes are you a member. Know what the fuck all right. Well i'll have to get that finagled. I'll get that done a figured out. Yeah i'll ever lifetime power trip feats of strength should be something you guys do once a month. Yeah can you imagine right during festivus embarrassment sweat. We need this on lake tonka and you swim five hundred meters straight out into the lake to a boat. No yeah wearing a white vest so of my own. I went to lifetime not long two weeks ago. Something like that. And i decided i was going to go ahead and bench press because it's been a while and I had to put the twenty-five on us so fucking embarrassment. Like jesus christ man back in the day. Nothing but plates right shit. But i just took the bar and i did just to stretch out and i'm like it ain't going to be much more than that. Was the first saturday played like we're back in high school when you were like football. Football football man million years ago. Who was the best bench pressing was. I was so good at it. Because i have such small. I've such little arm. Same thing for me was squats. I'm short so i could just power through our three. Had the school record for awhile to puck and courtesy. Innisbrook it. But i can squat with the rest of them best of him. You know what. I'm starting to doubt you of because i was leaning towards that you could do about fifteen minutes ago but I would argue that when i was younger. The thing i was best at when it came to athlete with swimming. Because i grew up on a lake. I could see that. I was super fast at swimming and i was never on the swim team but it was a super fast swimmer and i could swim all day. Not tired man. When i get into the pool now with my kids just swim in half a lap. And i can start to feel it my lungs. Swimming endurance is a different kind of yes county bathroom. It's the best work. It's because it's because it's lo- Low impact but my point is is. I'm not a swimmer. Like i was twenty years ago. I think i would struggle to do ten down and backs without taking a line. My back Break tread water break. I think that's going to be tougher than you think. You can do. It kind of depending on his heart. Exploding saw points for real. Because it's you're gonna be huffing and fucking puffing man you're puffing him water like you're talking about he start to panic a little bit and you're like fuck this fifty bucks nothing to me. You just call lifetime which plymouth one all right so you got. He called me two point. Eight six meters or twenty five yards. That's nothing twenty five yards so he would so down and back. He's he's swimming. Two hundred and fifty yards. That's two and a half football fields. Yeah without stopping. I still don't think he can do it. I don't either. I'm with you. I think your heart will explode. That'd be that's that's a great. That's a good point just in your heart explodes. We should put the money in escrow fund. In case you'd ass away because otherwise it's gonna it's just gonna feel fucking thirty like shaking down. Thirteen feel bad about shaking down the cash and say hey a sorry for your loss and this is super awkward because this is at the funeral but yeah i'm gonna need you to drive this tesla home one. The one thing. I'll give you give you some advice. And i now it sounds so stupid so simple but trust me when you get in the water. You're gonna think you think you're not going to think about because it's it. It should be automatic. You have to rhythmically breath yet. No that is you think that you can hold your breath longer per like stroke before you turn your head to the side knocking. Alas for fucking two hundred fifty yards. Yeah ause let me give you a little to the last time. I was in the water which was like a year two years ago. I couldn't believe how my brain forgot didn't like turn all the time on like on time to get your breath and then once you once you miss a breath you're fucked sauce. Check this out. This is true to think about this. That's true david carey and tried to hold his breath when he was stroking he died. Yeah why don't wanna michael. Hutchence held his breath when he was broken and he died. Yeah can't hold your breath dude. That won't must have a spotter. I'll be by go in. Yeah yeah. I'll save you will you. Yeah of course. But i'll be laughing. I'll pray drown hardware. What's what's your level now with two hundred and fifty yards six six to seven. I think i can witnesses it on. A scale of ten yeah. I'm confident we'll go. What's the total ledger here. That's what that's what we gotta figure out right now before we wrap this up. 'cause you're worried about even he's gonna die. I'm not going to. i'm not that fucking on. Its shape that's what she means Okay i'll say it for you to know. Can i read the text. I just got. I don't know if this was supposed to be private or not but Three minutes ago. Donald lambert just texted me and i read. I take back everything i said. I realized that swimming takes effort. Which paul is totally lacking hits a lightbulb moment that he realized that this is gonna take effort recounting. What a deck all right. So i got fifty bucks fifty bucks anybody else's money. Yeah who i'll take. No no oh come on one person. Does anybody else want to take his side. And then you can bet with them on the other side i in the last fifteen minutes. I flipped from. I think he can do that. I realized how far it is. I just don't think he can do it. Can we can take action. Yeah right. i'll take anyone's way. I would bet all of the money if he could do the things that we talked about it. If you could tread water take a break or doggy. Paddle oregon. I think the easiest safety net is to lie in your back in backstroke and take a break. Then i think you could go the ten laps without touching the bottom. So i i have to do this you to be faced all american style. Roll and turn and go. You can't hang onto it for a second push off of dolphin kick as far but if you're in the middle of the landlord you can't go vertical and stop and catch your breath. You have to keep swimming. That's that's i think. So here's a size that i have for you. Corey who or zach or brienne if we're on agreements that he's not gonna do it. You wanna side on which lap gives up all great. That's a good bit something. This is something we could. Do you know week or two long. I'll be up until the point swim. Hang it other people we can get the whole power trip crew involved in this will broadcast this right. I mean hell. Yeah why not right. It's it's i think it's within one hundred yards. So it's it's between laps two and four where he would say i i am you wanna you want to hold onto this and think about it because all aside bed would want to think about it. But that's my rain right now. Is it somewhere between before. One hundred yards taps out right. How long do you think it'll take six years. How long would it normally take someone Average time like a normal non professional swindler. Roughly a ten or so minutes No chance you can tattered or do it in five to six some you know yeah more cardio enthuse people can do it in seventy eight. Yeah if this is ten minutes straight. If you have any idea the lung capacity during but i can ride the peleton at a high rate of speed or forty. That's what i'm saying is this is not the same. This is a different kind of law. I like this is an accidental. Half a gulp of air in your lungs. You're if we're over we're ten minutes is inaccurate time. Guess it's that. I'm willing to bet almost any amount of money that you want that you can't do it all right and i flipped from sauce can do it to name your price and fifteen minutes. I like it. I'm so glad they brought it back. Because i completely forgot we had at the day. We did it so all right. We'll revisit it as we closer. You're going to start training. Yeah maybe a little bit percents. This is the thing percent chance he gets into a pool before he gets into a pool. Who i think he will the week of. Because you're gonna do the pelleting get cool. You're going to lose some weight and try to get in better shape next four weeks and that will help but i wonder if you actually swim before you actually swim. If you were still single. I would say pretty close to zero that you're gonna get in the pool before him but your your jenny myskina say yeah your ass in the pool. Yeah good point. Yeah here is. I'm just thinking out loud. This is the most likely scenario over the next four weeks about a week and a half from now. Sauce comes into the morning show at five thirty five in the morning and he says yeah i got in the pool i lasted half a lap. I'm out there's no point in doing it. Because i couldn't make it a whole lap. Let alone tens in. That's not going to change in the next two and a half weeks. So i'm out. My alarm will go off on thursday morning. I'll check my email on the shitter. Vin mowed my fucking exactly. Eddie one hundred. I'm like finally sauce came out. What is what's what's your best athletic attribute or skill set. I'm actually pretty good at swimming. You're good swimmer. I was always doing that as a kid. Just like yeah. Did you play any organized. Sports no i was on the dance team. How yeah that's that is the stay in from you know all the team members competitive dance. Yeah what was that. Like the chicago for real. That was always the thing and We can god damn line dancing chicago so but now i'm not a fan okay. So you can be a good analysis you know what. What's the word damn analyst. Jesus that's what i heard online for this This whole telecast. We're going to do of sauces swimming challenger. I'll take that challenge. Where the broadcast i gotta learn how to do play by play play by play at the bowling league. Apparently i can't wait. I wanna probably right now. Man movie is it That will ferrell starts sinking to the bottom of the pool. An and that's like when sound of silence starts coming on. Yes right yeah. That's we might need an underwater. Kim just in case starts floating the already. We're good we'll have it as much it's going to be a snuff film. What a fight. Yeah i think i should be. I think i'll be able to do it. I really do all your on. All you guys don't think i can so Yeah i can do it. I hope you can for your sake. I but besides him. Being ben i doubt any rest of you couldn't do i know for a fucking fact i could you make. It seem like that. I couldn't do it no way again. Forty years over twenty years ago. I would have bet my bank account that i could do it now. I don't think i could do. And that's factoring in if i don't think i have to think i'm a better swimmer than you and i don't think i could do it. Yeah i mean. I think you without draining. What year were you born. Eighty two okay. Nineteen eighty two dash. Two hundred twenty one. Do you have a particular song casey. Give yeah the distance spy right. She's this will be extremely ironic. If the song that distance is was overwhelmingly on there goes on swimming the distance turning now anyway. Good for you paul. Yeah we're all rooting for you. Know you're none of you are live by. I won't die. If he dies he dies right. That's damn right about how about just as a As like a an olive branch to saas we get just a smoke. Show female to be lifeguard. That just in case you struggle. Some just ten died just show. Smart cowboys were speedo that overman. Or whoever who's in the sandlot kid with the wendy pedic on. Have wendy engage. Give me mouth to mouth talk. I only do it down below to do it. That's how i was taught swimming. Instructors do intend to twenty nine like is like this tire inflation stem arafah tire. Get along and get to put your mouth on that to blow it up. Didn't work ever. I don't know. I blew up one part of him. It was the weirdest thing. No yup and then a deflated. All right. that's gross. I'm getting closer to betting that he taps out before we do it. That's the thing. And if i want to side bet like you have to if you if you tap out before it goes like in more than fifty bucks. You have to do a swim. Sued fucking shoot for something like that founder. A whole calendar h. o. l. e. fraction a fraction fraction man. You killed it on that dude. Seven seven can't get feel for that. I keep the record did corey rosie get eight because everybody gets different question but still. Yeah but it was good. Yeah yeah that that. That's a couple of did not think you'd get guest. You would get four in. The great lakes was one of the four. That i thought you would get so you got seven and you didn't get one that i thought you would absolutely get so. I'm using down when you're in that eight nine range a big dipper thing right so i just it one two three four and then i just assumed it's one two three. You gotta well done record. We think it's i thought it was eight eight. Yeah i got it. Yeah rosy niner tied. I don't know if rosie got ready. You still hasn't paid us. Yeah no nobody many money. Today and again i continue. I probably will get twenty texts and tweets and emails from people today saying why not give the money to the guy who if he if. Nobody guesses the right. I get that all the time. I don't know i don't think that's anyway. I would just volunteered in every week or here. Here's the fatal flaw. Because again you got to play devil's advocate and try to figure this out. Throw me in the box. And you give me ten questions and i know that if none of you get it right i get the money. Why wouldn't i just get zero. Take the money never or or maybe get one right and then tank case. Somebody thinks i'm going to more communities changes the game and you also don't want to say if somebody gets all ten that they win the money because then then it's completely on youtube that aren't capable of running the table right. Try to come up with absolutely so far. I think the games perfect. I don't i i think it's super fair for both parties. The person that's in the box doesn't know who they're winning or losing four. Today you had no white. We told you it was a sweat but you didn't know who had a chance of winning or money. You thought i would get to write but you play it straight up because you don't know who you're helping or hurting. Yeah and the rest of us way more fun now. Yeah i just i. I don't think that this needs to be altered at all yet. And i'll tell you what if there were running odds during the game i would have bet a million dollars that you were going to win. Because i didn't think he'd get seven. I didn't think ten right. You know what. I thought that was going to be. If we were going to that last question. I would have absolutely taken that site but we didn't school at the last four goddamn killed it. Thank you killed all right. That'll do it. Thank you mick michelob. Ultra organic no shelter. No right thank. You might seltzer. Lemonade seltzer seltzer lemonade. Drink up shriners. Yeah peace out.

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