Kardashian Bonus Show: Season 3, Episodes 4 & 5


So following the challenge total madness which scored the highest rated season in eight years. Tv is back with a challenge. Double agents it was filmed entirely in iceland which really leads to this scenic arctic island. It's an espionage thriller and the challenge double agents features thirty of the strongest reality titans from around the globe and they're forced to kind of strategize and outsmart each other in a game of secrets spies and lies of course is for their fair share of a million dollars so the elite ages move into their new headquarters and they get to know one another as their handler of course. Tj levin details classified intel on the upcoming season and it's extreme missions episode one. The elite agents learned that they'll be battling against one another in a twisty spy theme season with hopes of earning their fair share of a million dollar prize. Basically former champions kind of find themselves in danger severi cutthroat plan emerges to kind of take down. You'll see it all. The new season premieres wednesday december ninth eight seven central only on mtv. I i'm julie. And we're the girls cows by celebs and welcome back to another marker dashing gonna show he tool high. Am i feeling honestly. I'm feeling great. A good mood so as you guys know. Today we are doing season three actually episodes four and five because four was kind of anticlimactic. We're going to breeze through that quickly. And then do a rehab of five but as mentioned on mondays episode today tuesday. Olivia jade went unreliable. Talk spoke out for the first time since the entire college. Admission scandal so we wanted to kind of spend the first couple of minutes. Just talking about that. Reacting to it. And i i'll say throughout the entire process. I mean we spoken at length about the actual case so you guys know our thoughts on that but to be totally honest with you guys. It was a painfully underwhelming. Thirty minutes of television. Yeah and not too surprised that it went that way. No neither am i. I mean like we were saying monday. I think one we were both more so surprised that she did it at this time. I don't know why but the arbitrary time land had in my mind kind of made me think she would wait till her parents were out. Don't know if there's any legitimacy behind that. But that's what. I always thought. But i think the most interesting part about the entire thing came from before she even walked onto set. So i'm just gonna read one quote jada basically said we're about to meet with a young lady. Olivia made a lot of people are going to have a lot of opinions about her story. She calls and wanted to come to our table. And we all had very different feelings about it and adrian. Judas mom said you know. I fought tooth and nail. I decided it really ironic. That she chose three black women to reach out to for her redemption story. I feel like here. We are white women coming to black woman for support and we don't get the same from them is just bothersome to me. On so many levels her being here is the epitome of white privilege to me and jada basically said. I never want to be the thing that was done to me adrian. It's not our responsibility to raise her consciousness and this is when jada says that she feels like it's a practice of compassion and willow basically said you know. I understand both of your points. I think that there's a lot of truth to both of them but kind of we may as well do that so to me. I found that to be the most powerful and most profound statement of the entire thirty minutes because the point that adrian is making. I mean at the core of it is very true and this was on a very very small scale. A pretty clear representation of that and i absolutely changed the narrative when she announced that it was a livia who had asked to come on rather than the other way round. Yes it's not always like that. No it's not and but that did make a big difference in the telling of this story. Oh no i agree you know. I don't know like what are what are we going to sit here and do there. Wasn't that much you could probably if you if you didn't watch this episode and you just guessed how it was going to go down. Your guests would probably be accurate because she said all the things you would have expected her to say and to be honest with you. I felt not that. I was looking for them to like alliterate her at all. I mean i that's not. I don't think anybody wants that if there's a difference between accountability and then just like harassment. But it could have gone a little bit deeper. It could have gone a little bit more intense. I felt the entire thing to be a little bit surface level. You know adrian. Stephanie said some things that i found when she would speak it was the most dynamic of a conversation but other than that it just felt like a very kind of surface level explanation. Yeah definitely. I don't think anybody left that having a different opinion of olivia jade even positive or negative. I think it probably stayed exactly what you thought of her. Prior to this recording The answer she gave were exactly the answers that you would expect her to give. It sounded very pre coached and it sounded very trained for her to go on. And do this which makes sense on some level But yeah there's really not a ton to say. I thought there are certain things could've dig deep ron involvement specifically I don't know if that was illegality. Reasoner or anything. But i think that was the big question that people had her. The thing people want her to talk about most and it wasn't really head on. And i think that's kind of it. Yeah i wish. I could sit here and you know. Have some really interesting discussion on it. But the most interesting discussion is about the actual case about the privilege there which we spoken about at such length so this is more of a reaction and what we were saying to each other right after we washed it separately but we were texting right after and we were like do that. Soccer was just us and then we went online and pretty much. Everyone was saying the same thing you know. It was kind of a whole bunch of nothing. So i don't know i guess you're a livia jade. It didn't make you look worse. Definitely in my opinion and make you look better so maybe it was kind of nothing gained. Nothing lost i. Do definitely feel that Jada could have just been even if she didn't want to go harder on her. She could've just ask some more pointed questions like the part about her involvement to me was the thing that everybody was most interested in because this wasn't like a secret charity donation. Not that that's okay. But there were pictures of her on the rowing. You know she was on some level in on this and she. It wasn't even. I was gonna say she screwed it but she didn't even really need to skirt it because she was never directly asked that i don't know if that was a contingency of her coming on but I i appreciate it when adrian when they're a little more with with kind of like the honesty about her feelings on basically saying this isn't about you i don't mean to take out all the injustices in the world out on you however i would be lying if i said can devote that much like energy to this when in the scheme of things it's so relevant and that i think is the energy that a lot of people have around this absolutely a thousand percent. Yes yeah anything else you wanna say on that. No i think that's it. Yeah really really nothing. Tad i will just say though like adrian. She may have done this already. She needs to sit down and talk about her skin care routine because i would dream to age as gracefully as women ages. I know that wasn't the point of the video. Obviously but there were certain points. Where i caught myself and i was like. Oh my god wallace anyway. I wish we could say some more interesting things. But you guys know actually can add one more point you of course i was I don't know if i was surprised by this. I don't know if maybe they were going to say with her there. But when sh- when obviously made a point to say like you know my parents Served their dues. Or whatever she said. And i was expecting adrian or jada to be like well did they. You know two months and five months. Now that we're saying we wanted them to get more is nothing in the scheme of things compared to the types of offenses that people with a lot less money and of different races are getting so i. i don't know if i expected them to have that conversation in front of her. I would've thought that it would have been mentioned. Maybe yeah i thought sentencing disparities would have been brought up at some point or it would have been a really great thing for a living dimension on her own. Actually i guess that also goes to show like it depends. Who's doing the coaching. You know it. Depends. how evolved with the person who's doing the coaching is to make that point right. So i don't know we'll see what happens. I guess that'll be an interesting journey to follow. And actually kind of a lot less invested than i had anticipated myself to be. Yeah i feel the same way. The kardashians i would love to okay so like i said we're going to quickly go through episode four and just jump right into episode five because nothing really worthy of discussion happened in episode four other than this was when kim was doing the pussycat dolls vegas show. And she's at robin anton's house. She's practicing in the bathtub. Guys know the exact scene. I'm talking about and this was maybe one of the first time we were introduced to kim's lack of rhythm and kind of just fear of dancing in front of a crowd. Would you say yeah. I couldn't believe that she even did this. And also what's so funny in this episode as just like a quick side note is that khloe makes it a point to say You know this'll be really great for can because it will help recover from dancing with the stars and then the next scene. Kim is at robin's house and she's like i've never had any formal dance lessons before. And i'm like khloe just told everybody that you are on dancing with the stars. I know i know i i. It's just funny because with this kind of leads us to in terms of a discussion is now we talk about how they are so capable of picking and choosing the opportunities that they wanna take right like if there's something that comes across their desk can even millions of dollars we'll happily turn it down so kim anything even remotely to do with dancing. It's a no whereas here she wasn't gonna turn down the pussycat dolls. Vegas show does matter how much he disliked it. And i always find that to be like such a point as to where they are in their careers. Right exactly yes. Also by the way robinson is incredibly blunt very blunt. I know if you know that. About robert and i forgot about robinson i mean. She did not hold back and that was not just for the show for anybody who doesn't know she is the founder of the pussycat dolls And she is a very lengthy career and is very well connected in the music industry but she was not fucking around. No he was not anyway. Shall we move onto the next episode. I would absolutely love. Why don't we take a little break. We'll come back with episode five. This was a good one guys. There was a lot of interesting things to discuss anything. The jealousy dynamic that we don't see as much was very prominent here and also a very unevolved khloe gary so i know that we all kind of have our uniform. 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Cbc and sign up for ten percent off your first order plus free and get easy returns within sixty days of your ship date. That's ten percent off your first order when you go to ever lane dot com slash. Cbc add zeina before we actually start. I wanted to say one thing. Going off of the kardashian facetime conversation. We were having on monday. So since our episode. James charles has confirmed that it was kim's phone that facetime and david dove works out on his podcast. That it was courtney. So the facetime. Tim so i think they both have the same case. And then we can guess. The kylie's phone was the one that facetime travis. Just 'cause i can't imagine anybody else would have travis's contact the same way that kylie that emoji so all of you that and burning questions dying to know we at least got confirmation on some of them you know. What's so great about that answer. We both got to be right. Because i said that. I think it was courting us out. It was coordinate. And i said that i thought case was cam and we going through each one. And you're like. I don't know it could be courtney i was. I don't know. I really think it's kim but it was both it was. I love that happens don't you. It's so rare. It's usually me right doing right to. I know it's it's fun. Okay let's go into the episode. How how do you feel like hold on. Let me just do a little bit a check on you. How how's your body feeling. Are you ready are or anything you want to get off your chest. No i feel great. Okay i'm just gonna unload on you right now. I don't know i was thinking. Maybe there was something. it's ten. oh four. This is like prime time. This is our number one best recording time. I personally think. I'm in like an amazing mood because i have my water like i couldn't possibly be in a bad mood. Yeah no you're you don't do well dehydrated that mean that's like or snickers you're not you and you're hungry that's you also you're not you and you're thirsty. I'm not me when. I'm hungry or thirsty or tired or slightly inconvenienced who even are you. I don't know why you anyway. Julie is hydrated moral of the story and we are ready to go so okay i want just. I say the main theme of this episode revolves around kim and her relationship with the siblings as she's rising to fame. However the subplot. Here is caitlin and chris's relationship which i cannot fucking believe they were ever married like i know i that a lot but this episode specifically i just feel like they were at each other's throats the entire time. My dad used to say that a lot watching the show. Yeah he used to compare it to john gosling kristoff. Donna left field. That's interesting yeah he. He always said that we would do so fucking funny when you really think about it. I guess i kind of see it. I mean they just they just really do they really just the core of it. I don't think liked each other. Forget about love. I think on a certain level. They loved each other. But i don't really think they liked each other. Well i think as the show went on. They drifted farther and farther. Apart in their differences became so much more apparent in the things that they didn't like each other were so apparent because ceylan had to be dragged all these things that she didn't wanna go to do all of these events and press and airtime that she wanted no part of and with chris she was constantly like putting out the show where caitlyn's negative behavior was portrayed for the rest of the world and there's a lot of moments as we talk about in these episodes. Were were like that was really cringe worthy to watch caitlyn do that and i'm sure even at the time people were watching that having the same opinion they just started to grow farther and farther apart. He and i think the kaelin also associated a lot of chris's behavior with by intensified superficiality. You know yeah and also killing was super super conservative. And i think it's really hard to be even then hard to have a platform like this on a show like e with a family like that and still maintain your conservative values. Oh especially we're talking in two thousand nine when sex is always sold and can to celebrate sex really sold than it was like. Sex sells was kind of what everybody ran. With and chris was on that bandwagon. Caitlin was not and it just it just a lot will get into it. But i just wanted to set the scene with telling you guys that yes anyway. So the first real scene there. Out the house. Kaelin playing with her helicopters corneas. There was scott. And her confessional courtney saying that nine four. The magazine she was on the cover of is throwing her party to honor her first cover. They're all they're all getting ready. And you can just tell how again like i said. Kris and caitlyn are not getting along briskly criticizing. The car's gonna pick us up in cases like why. Don't you have a car. Just drive ourselves in chris's gas expensive accounts like sewer. Those earrings just everything. It was every little opportunity to get annoyed at each other. They took yeah this episode more than any other one too so they get to the event throughout the red carpet and interconfessional and chemists saying that one of them is doing something that's important they all go they all support and tonight is quartzite which keep that line in the back of your mind as we go through this episode. don't you think yes yes. Just one funny anecdote. It's not really discussion. Whereby pres- hilton is there and he walks over to chris and chris goes. I don't know whether to hug you or kill you and you can just see like it was. They were very much on their rise to fame here but they were show really figuring out where they stood with immediate in terms of how much of it is playful. And how much of it are we supposed to be offended by like they were struggling with any press is good press verse. We are upset about this especially that specific for us. Yeah totally and then you know again. Caitlyn's upset in corneas in her. Confessional saying that. Caitlin is mellow. She likes stay home. And courtney things that. Chris is really selfish when it comes to caitlyn's needs which that's a whole other conversation but it was interesting to hear courtney kind of set the scene in terms of her mind set on the whole thing. Yeah very interesting okay. So next seen kim. And chris are at this meeting and this is when we really get introduced to the faultline kim and her business ventures. You'll see in a minute but basically kim's interconfessional saying that she's been working with new fragrances for about a year. They're finally getting close to releasing. Kim kardashian perfume her first one ever. Two years ago they trademark. The name dashing. At is going to be dashing by kim kardashian. Just keep in mind as a total side. Note that we. You guys may find interesting before k. K. w. fragrances kim had created seven different fragrances. So this was her first one and her. Last one pre k. K. w. was in two thousand fourteen. And do you remember. This is like such a niche thing. But i know some of you listening will remember this. I don't remember exactly the one she did. Media's kim kardashian love. I don't remember it. Buy for so many years. Kylie was obsessed with it was the only perfume that kylie would wear and even when she was doing her house tour on her app anytime she gets that perfume. She'd be like i swear to you. This is not a promotional thing. Kim's original perfume is the same one that us now. that's so funny. I do vaguely remember. But i can't remember which one it was. If i looked at it i would find it. I just didn't know that. I was gonna say that until right now i would have put it in but you know it's funny because i feel like a lotta times. We think that we don't think it's true. You know they start to capitalize because they know they can make money from it right but fragrances is really something that kim has been doing for a while. It was one of her first and she nowhere near paris hilton. Any paris hilton has made a ridiculous amount of money and perfume kim. It's not her first rodeo k. K. w. is definitely not her first rodeo with perfume. She has way more experience with it in any of the sisters right you know. What else is a really funny thing to keep in mind. As the episode progresses they end up not calling the perfume dashing. It's just kim kardashian scorpion. We got their way. I don't know if the glamour away or if it was in production somebody was like i actually hate that name. They changed it. But it's just a funny thing to keep in mind throughout this episode. Absolutely guys will see this. I don't know we'll talk about it in a second. Khloe in courtney were really going at it. Yeah anyway so nexen or back in the calabasas house and ceylan his drinking a smoothie out of the blender in the living room. And chris i feel. You're always slurping goes please. Chris don't criticize. Chris's please talk to you about one thing kim says what and chris's basically saying that she feels bad because everytime time goes out with her and with the kids or just her caitlyn's always board and interconfessional. Caitlin is saying you know sometimes it just drives me crazy so often. It's not her coming over to me in my life. It's mu going over into her life and chris. I just want you to have a good time in kansas. But i want to have a good time doing what i wanna do now. What you drag me to do. Which like i said. It's not that this is an atypical problem. I think you see this a lot of times with couples that have different interests. It's a thing however it was able to work for a long time when chris's schedule wasn't the way that it was. They could kind of just glide a little more but now that they're going to so many more events and it's becoming such a huge part of their life i think caitlyn has this mindset of like. I didn't sign up for this like good for you but i don't know why i have to be additionally dragged into this. I also think they've gotten so much worse at communicating with each other because it would be such a normal and understandable. Thank for calendars they hand. I'm gonna sit this one out. Why don't you go without me. But i'll be like or i'm going to go. Why don't we take choose over cars. I just wanna go to support courtney. And then i'll leave early like there was no common ground or no compromising with the two of them. They just both wanted one way or the other or their way or the highway and it gets like frustrating to watch to people when you can so easily solve a problem that makes them both happy exactly. But i mean that's a trend. We see a lot in showed in general in reality television but specifically specifically with caitlin and chris. I don't think that it was just because of the show. Of course it was magnified and things were dramatized for the show. But i mean they're divorced now for a lot of reasons clearly but i do think a fundamental inability to effectively communicate definitely contributed to the downfall absolutely and by the way if my mom walked into our living room and my dad was drinking a smoothie straight from the blender in the living room they would have gotten divorced right then in there. Oh i was gonna say. I mean i think. My mom was rolling in her grave when she saw that. Yeah yeah no. I think it's my dad. Would just no not to even remotely attempts that right most do. Yeah okay. so next. Seen korean chris rats smooch. And chris's telling corny about the fight with caitlin and. Chris was frustrated. She's telling gordon hundred over her being so bored and miserable every time she goes out with us and cornelius kind of defending gaylon saying she doesn't want to have to go staying that caitlin is just want to be going to clubs and chris saying that all caitlyn wants to do is play with helicopters quote again quote this saying man woman quote a married to a six year old man that wants to play with his toys. And courtney says again quote okay. And he's married to a fifty something year old woman. Who wants to go to events in clubs and courtney basically just suggests that maybe chris Doing some things that caitlyn likes. And if caitlyn sees her making that effort maybe it'll be reciprocated. Gray point courtenay. Do you have any thoughts. On courtney being i'm not gonna call it the voice of reason but do you have any thoughts. On courtney advocating for caitlyn here. I appreciate her role in this as that. She was right in what she was expressing took. Chris i do think that sometimes when courtney does this it's more about not wanting to take krista side than it is about taking caitlyn side. I was. I was hoping you say that. That's exactly how i talk. So next thereafter perfumery. Which by the way. I've never been to one of these. I've never been involved in the process of making perfume. It just feels really fun you know. I can't go to one of these two allergies. I do have allergies. It's not why it's because everytime high i think about how are smells created and it can't move on from it so of. I walked into a perfumery with them. Showing me all these smells like. How the fuck did you replicate the small strawberry. I mean i don't know but no sense to me. So they're there and basically from their conversation. The woman who runs the perfumery pulled together different sense that she thought him with love and they're really excited. They finally figure out this way and they pop champagne. They're celebrating and you know it wasn't really so much about the perfume as much as it was for me at least i can't help wash this in without thinking here. We are eleven years later. Kim has a very successful not gonna call it a perfume empire but perfume portfolio and this was the start of it like. There's so many times where you're watching the show and you're like holy shit. This was technically the start of her. Run in with the beauty were honor. This was their started acts. And it's just cool. I also think taking that one step further. I think this was the first thing that they did that. Somebody was buying just because their name was on it. And that's a big deal. Yeah and you're really kind of witnessing the trajectory of that specifically in this episode because of the dynamics that go on. But yeah i just i always think about how many people have gotten so successful right not just in this field and so many different fields. And how much do you think. They wish they had on video on such like lengthy video their first experience in that not field. And they don't and the kardashians as much as i'm sure and a lot of ways. The show was an inconvenience and it has been but it was their greatest gift not only financially but also think about the memories. They're going to be able to show their children that is. That's a replaceable. Oh yeah there's really there's no there's no comparing it to anything else. There's nothing that they could have accomplished without having had the show. I nothing and i don't think that they forget that. No i don't think so either. Which is why the show actually went on as long as it did. Yeah this is really good. Let's take a little break and we'll come back. You guys know how much i love this company and especially right now. Because i find that going to the grocery store is honestly one of the most anxiety provoking activities so being able to have meals delivered to my door is a total game changer. 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Twenty percent off their order when they go to safercar dot com slash cbc or enter code a cbc at checkout. That's the car r. A. dot com slash. Cbc to get twenty percents off your order. Sikora dot com slash cbc. Okay so this is when the shit really hits. the fan. Chris walks into dash courtney enclosure there and she's very excited telling them that she just finished closing a perfumer. Kim they don't really see that interested and chloe asser. The name and chris says is going to be dashing by kim kardashian and chloe goes. Excuse me you don't think it contradicts itself. Having our store being called dash and we have a perfume called dash together. And chris says with all the first fragrance that kim came out with be dashing and then the second fragrance do girls. We've already discussed with. Everybody is going to be dashed with three sisters employees. Says how the hell does that. Make any sense dashing. And dash seriously and interconfessional khloe says my sisters and i have always said we were gonna do a clothing line together a perfume together a makeup line everything that has to do something that we could incorporate into our stores and chris. I think when you have a chance to hear our reasoning and what we have the whole picture and interconfessional corny says how did they go years and not mentioned the perfume deal that's shady and basically coordinated saying to chris. You know when we hang up the phone at the store every time. Lily says have a dashing day and chloe goes well. We're gonna need a commission because our name is a trio. Chris has now you're gone too far. You're not getting commissioned on kim's fragrance deal closes weller you chris. of course. I am on her manager. Employee says this supposed to be done from day. One the three of us and you come in the picture and go ahead and get her own deal first and then it's the three of us. Fuck that shit who the fuck is gonna want. Secondhand purview chris. I disagree and i'm usually right with these feelings. She says no. You're not. Chris says yes. I am close. I will sue the shit out of the issues. Are you insane. And then khloe gets up and storms out. Why don't you give your first reaction than i'll go I think this was obviously so much more about jealousy than it was anything alison. They were able to grasp that the first logical thing that they could be mad about without having to be mad at the fact that it was really just the situation more than anything else. Because if we're being honest like it makes perfect sense for him to do a fragrance called dashing and then the follow up to be one with her sisters call dash that is extremely logical to me. And i also think that the way it was portrayed to them obviously could have been better. But it's not like kim didn't emphasize the point that she wanted her sisters to be in a perfume deal as well. It gets salad. She was trying to leave them behind. She acknowledged that this was something that you know. They all wanted to together. And even though it wasn't happening immediately right now down the road. She still wanted to leave room for that to happen. Yeah it was. It was just a failure. In the way that chris communicated. Because you're at any sort of foresight and not like tunnel. Vision would have realized. Wow this is as best thing to do right now. Kim is the one that sells the most things have her get her foot in the fragrance world and then we can kind of go from there but you see that a lot with khloe early on she. She didn't really have that big picture attitude that she's grown to have. Now yeah she she has a temper and the first thing that kind of sets her off she she just snaps like the whole thing is honestly. How was chris supposed to know what plans you have for your perfume. Obviously kim should have been the one to tell them knowing that they had already made plans together. It was saying that they had talked about for years and years. And kim going ahead and doing that should have been the one to set them down a big lesson. I know we've spoken about this before. This is something that we wanna do. Mom got me this. Deal to really great opportunity. And in the contract for the fragrance. It says that you know depending on sales of this one we will come out with another and that one will be the three of us and we'll call that dash. That would have been a different conversation. But it's not chris's fault that that conversation didn't go down that way. No i agree. And i think the other thing though is going on here which we see happen in the next scene but like yes. It was exciting for him and it was exciting for their brand in general but chris was also excited like it's not like she has closed so many deals like this. You know this was a retail deal and you find this a lot in the earlier seasons. She's going to that her girls for a sense of validation and they just really don't give it to her and i know everybody has a different relationship with their parent. But it's frustrating as a viewer because like you just want them to be happy for her because she was so excited. Exactly i do. I do agree with that. This next is a good one too. It's chris courtney kim and either at lunch and basically came saying in her confessional that it escalated and she feels like they just need to sit down and talk out so chris starts out and she goes. What's the drama that using the name dashing. An khloe says. Because courtney and i work every day the store and we let him take the credit talk and all the articles about dash. Everyone thinks dash only hers. Chris i think you have to stay united and realize that anything that either one of you does. Bills the whole kardashian brand. That is a very poor line by the way very important. Yes and interconfessional. Kim sang my sisters. Need to really understand that. I have to do this. Perfume on my own and then it'll lead to a perfume with three of us and kim's trying to explain to them you know we're working in this perfume deal about doing a second perfume at the dash perfume for the store and closes. I don't want your charity. Work and christie's there's no charity work. This is a long term plan. And kim says dash could not get a perfume without me doing my deal. I and that's what you have to realize closes. That's not true if they want you. They want you corny says. Do you want us to ride on your tells christmas. Like we've worked too hard for you to kind of like begrudge what we're doing and according to get over yourself and chris gets up to leave and cording goes obviously leaving. You don't wanna hear. We have to say and her. Confessional corny says my mom and kim are like the dynamic duo when they get together and they always leave Out of the equation. So chris and kim both leave. And there's so much to talk about here. Why don't you go first okay. I have a bunch of things. The first is chris's line about building the kardashians brand coupled with kim trying to desperately explain to them that this is a long-term fran as a viewer is so frustrating because i was really bringing myself back in two thousand nine and love korean khloe now did i like khloe then like she was so unlikable some of these because you just wanted to shake her and be like put your own stuff aside for one second big picture and she had an inability to which obviously on a lot of other insecurities and jealousy and i get it but it was very frustrating to watch. That was the first thing and the second thing is it's not just about business. It's about the closeness of can crisis relationship and how businesses kind of amplifies that and. I think that's something that court khloe get frustrated by at sometimes. Typically courtney at it sometimes specifically khloe for different reasons absolutely going back to the first point khloe always during these seasons especially the funny crazy one so you were always rooting for her. Because she was so much fun to watch but she had these moments where you were like she so overly aggressive and just doesn't get it where you kind of wanna shake her. But it wasn't because you didn't like i think it was actually because you liked her so much that if she could just grass these other areas of life it would be easier for her and more beneficial for her. I also think that she was a lot younger at the time. There's three for your age gap. Which doesn't seem like that much. You know comparatively. It really was a lot at the time. And i think her age shows in a lot of ways and yeah i just think that she you know because this wasn't the area that she wants to go into and she was kind of in it because kim was in it in terms of fame. She didn't know the space as well as candid. Obviously in a lot of the first couple of seasons were her really adjusting to that. Yeah you're not wrong about the age thing. We always forget that now because once you get into your late thirties. I think it's all kind of the same but in your twenties it does. It does make a difference. And i just it was like it's crazy because you when you watch the order seasons now and something really big happens even the tristan thing whatever it is and chloe always talks. I've worked so hard to get to this place where i handle things differently and if you have never watched the crashes from the beginning one you either thing she's foolish it or to you. Just think she's saying the line that everybody who's been to at least one meeting with a life coach says but when you watch it contrasted with these episodes are like holy shit. Khloe went through another life because this woman and the woman now are two completely different people of course at the core of that they have a lot of similarities but she really has worked through dealing with her anger in a way where it only doing herself. A dislike service now. It was only doing herself a disservice at this time to be so resentful to be so bitter you know yeah absolutely and i also i think more than anything else. She had to get to a place where she was happy. Uncomfortable herself in order to get rid of that rage because so much of it came from insecurity comparing to specifically kim. But also courtney and there's a lot that went along with that. And i think that the the first couple of seasons the show especially pre lamar was her really struggling with that but not wanting to admit it and it just manifested itself in a way that was just sheer anger at times when it could have been so differently handled wait. I'm so sorry to interrupt deduc- judge appetite house tweet. Kim wrote this is forty and judd. Quote tweeted enron. I don't remember this part of the movie. Just now he did that Eight forty fucking funny. Can i send it to you. I think this could be post. Yes of course because obviously he directed this is forty. Yeah him familiar jet avatar just a chance to throw in liked it. What should we keep it in that much of the caption be like like an what. What do they call it. Bloopers outtakes posting okay. We can decide if we want to keep someone within. Probably not but yeah. I think it's sometimes if we end up wait a little note to our audience. We end up keeping any of this in just want you to know. I always fight harder to keep more behind the scenes. Julie always thinks it's going to be born to you guys which she's right for some of it but i would have kept in more than matthew mcconaughey formatting because i know to us it's so boring but like i would want to know the behind the scenes of a social media. Count that i follow. I think is fun. You really putting me on. Blast here Well i just want them to know that if they wanted more. It's not. This is not a meeting. And i feel like i have to let put that out in the world. Okay fine if you guys want it will keep it in. I'm not gonna fight what you guys want. I can't imagine anybody caring about our behind the scenes decision making process. Obviously me as a human being. It's like an and i'm like who the fuck would care what we do. Have our we get so many emails and messages of people being like would love to know more about the behind the scenes. Like you know stuff like that. So i figure if we have we can cut out most of the bullshit if we wanna keep in like forty five seconds people can fast forward if they hate it but some people probably do care. You know okay. Okay okay. I don't mean to raise my voice i love you are unified her. Never okay. I don't know what we're going to cut it and what we're going to keep. We'll see how this one goes. I'll do a clean cut in case you want to the entire thing just in case not Guys it's fun. I'm having such a good time. I feel like the crashing bonus show is like only the people that are like the real kind of not necessarily. Jeez they really cares. I feel a little bit safer here. You know i feel that way to dauphin like somebody could be scrolling through our stories and just randomly swipe up on an sap rocky Audio graham and like totally introduced to the brand. They've never listened to the podcast before obviously always want egypt so tree better the next just in general but like i feel like here are some much more safer space. I do feel safer here definitely. Okay so next seen Really quickly. Chris basically goes to the park to fly helicopters with caitlin anything. You wanna add there. No again i just ask. How were they ever married. I really don't know. Because chris and robert had so many more similarities in terms of their interests like not kaelin was a very wealthy person on her own very successful career totally different than robert but still very successful yet. She didn't appreciate glamour in the way that robert did. And i think that chris was drawn to roberts appreciation of glamour and appreciation to like more of the types of luxuries that cheated whereas caitlyn's luxuries in the things. She wanted to spend her money on like a really nice dirt. Bike are really nice drum that chris had no interest in at the time. Yeah definitely definitely correct. So let's take a little break and then we will come back with the last few scenes told you guys about this before but the drink works. Homebuyer bike is our gift of the air. So you can gift one or get one for yourself. It's the perfect holiday by basically this homar makes over thirty bar quality cocktails the push of a button so we have one at home. We love it. It's very easy to use. You basically just insert your favorite cocktail pod with everything in it as real ingredients natural flavors and premium spirits. And then he just pushed are so in less than a minute. Your home are perfectly makes your drink. You can make an old fashioned margarita. Cosmo moscow mule. Long island iced. Tea whatever it is so check it out. Drink works dot com and just for our listeners. Use code drink to save fifty dollars on your home bar. trust me. This is a gift of the year and code drink. Saves you fifty bucks at drink. Works dot com. that's coded drank only at drink. Works dot com cheers. Character is a registered trademark of curate. Green mountain inc. us under licence drink. Works pleased dr responsibly. So next where. Accordion chloe's townhouse scott's there and corneas basically saying we haven't even told scott about the kim perfume ordeal. She couldn't get into it. And courtney says. I can't believe kim things. That's ok close. Scrutiny is. mom thinks it's okay and close basically imitating. How kris came into dash telling them scott like you guys have to do something so accordion khloe were saying. They kind of joked about suing her. But they're obviously not going to do their own. Sister and scott is like well. Why don't you just kind of pretend to sue her. So scott calls disguising his voice and so funny. He's like yes. Hi this is kim kardashian. She's like yes the she. And he's like. I'm calling from the law firm goldstein. And fuller on behalf of chlorine courtney. And they're dying because it's so clearly scott's voice but kim is kind of believing it they're really impressed with scott. This was kind of you know. I think our first introduction to the todd's cranes voice or a lot of scott's other prank calling voices would you say scotch about dishes for us. And now i know he can do any actual impersonations but he could have made up all his own. I don't wanna get into it. There's a lot of things he should have done anyways. The rothe really impressed immediately. After i hang up. Chris calls courtney and she's delivered. She's gonna tell me what's going on and they're like what are you talking about increases like. I just got a call from came that she got a call from an attorney saying they're going to sue. You better explain this right now and close. It was a joke. Oh my god scott gets on the phone. And they're just. It was just one of the very classic kind of kardashian scene. Where scott scott's presence adds to the certain element of levity that would have been locking without every scene. Scott is in is just better. I'm sorry just as yet with the exception of his drunken years. Well yes with the. Although the show really took on a life of its own during those years no it is but like when you go back and you look at those times like no no person that watches the show no matter how much you like scott or no matter how much you dislike scott enjoys watching him shoving one hundred dollar bill on a waiters. Now that will always be cringe worthy to watch. Oh no that was yeah. It's hard to move past that. Somehow we have which is remarkable. Yeah so next thing. Back of the calabasas house. And chris goes into kylie's room kyw's on her laptop and chris's asking kylie howard day at school was entirely goes. Good hectic. chris goes hectic. What does that mean you just said it. And she used them pervert context to Atar she's like it means like crazy. You're really busy and colleagues like oh yeah She's so funny she's such characters really fun to watch on these in these early days. Yeah very much. So she's around eleven or twelve year and basically earlier. In this day. Chris had went on this motorbike ride with caitlin kind of disaster and chris just saying to kylie no. I was trying to bond with your dad. But i. It was kind of a disaster. That's know to come to you. And i need a little silliness and chris has also telling kylie. That doesn't think caitlyn thinks that chris can do the things that caitlyn likes to do and kylie goes. Father likes motorcycles. Motorcycle plus hot mama. Plus dad equals chemistry and Chris kylie has a good point because when they were first married. Caitlyn bought her a harley in these on fun with it and this is a stupid scene. But one chris going to kylie in this moment and also kylie's just like enthusiasm. She was such a character from such a young age. I like love the seat. I just watched love washing them. Young and kylie just coming out of left field like who would the idea to save. The whole day was just so good for me. I know and the other thing is i. Don't think highly lost her personality. But i do think that you know you go through phases when you're growing up because at a certain point at a young age are not thinking of your surroundings in terms of how you look compared to the rest of your friends and so once she got to that age where she started to have insecurities about her lips in about some other things that she's been vocal about like her personality didn't fully change but it shifted a little and that was sad because you were witnessing like this really lively girl who was full of light and so bubbly and just never came to her mind kind of become a little bit more subdued and so the innocence of her here was just fun to witness before she had any of the cares about the way society viewed her. Oh but that then that happens to all of us and it's funny because if kylie were to look back on this i don't think she would like oh. I was so cute and bubbly. I think she's like oh. My god i was such an annoying kid like the same way. We would all look back on ourselves at eleven years old whereas anybody else will give you. Watch the video of meat. Eleven you dig. Oh my god you were so cute. I can't believe i got to see this. Whereas i'd be like oh my god. This is mortifying yeah. No of course i. That's very much a Part about growing up. But i'm just saying like it's so rare now actually. It's impossible now. We don't ever see kylie. Do anything without a care in the world when she's doing something it's very calculated because she knows the entire world is watching it won. The entire world wasn't watching year to even if they were she wouldn't have known it so it's just a fun thing to go back in time about also sometimes in does seem like she does things without a care in the world but in a very different way. Oh yeah we'll just in a very tone-deaf out of touch with not very like fuck oven walkway right here. Yeah okay. we're in the homestretch here. So kim walks into dash and she's asking the girls the register if they want to see her new perfume bottle and can basically says accordion. Khloe that breaking news funny than two can play this game so she kind of puts the testers out for the customers to try korean. Khloe come in and they are not down with that at all. They're kind of just fighting. And kim says we're not triplets. Were not joined at the hip. I'm allowed to do whatever i want. You guys are not as women. You don't know anything about business closes. Are you in business with us then. Says you know what you're right. I'm gonna talk to mom and our attorneys and get out of our partnership because there's no reason that the three of us have to be in business together and kim storms out. Which again watching this. In retrospect you wanna shake accordion khloe and be like you have no idea but you recognize. It didn't matter because they ended up going into business with her. But like i would imagine as clear courtney watching this. It's cringe-worthy because kim and kris were just so unbelievably right right. I'll kim storming out saying she's going to dissolve their partnership. Agreement is cracking me up because of the dramatics the dramatics and Clearly that did not happen. Also when you really think about it though they are lucky the way things went for them not just in terms of their brand and their business but just in terms of being sisters and being able to maintain the relationship throughout all of this because not that they've had so many fights for you could be like this is relationship ending but family and business do not always mix well together and it's really a miracle that they were able to stay so so so close throughout this. Oh beyond so. But i think that that is a testament to chris. I think all in all of them would say the same thing and you even saw it in the scene which were about to get into you know. Chris is not down for that and she recognized that a very early stage that the business was important but the business would never exist if the relationships weren't so foundational and she drilled that poison and to a point where that same idea will then be drilled into their children. You know of penelope north ever go into business together. I think it'll be the same type of situation. Like i really think that is something. She has been so excellent in passing down. I was just about to say. I don't even know if you're gonna get those. I was just about to take off if todd. Jeff yanni had kris jenner as a mom. None of this would've ever happened. But then i realized that is not a universal thing at all but certain and the camp. Dj yeah of course other. that's hilarious. That's not a universal thing but they're definitely somebody listening in their car that will get it know anyway so next scene basically chris just saying that the perfume battle has gotten out of hand and she decided to bring the girls together to a meeting face to face according and chloe did didn't know cameras coming kim's to know they're coming there in this private room kim oxen last. Nobody's talking and basically chris kind of starts to get emotional Cry she's like. I do so much in a day i can hardly keep up with myself and just want you guys to be proud of me and this was genuine. This was not bullshit. She really was saying that in chem is like mom. We are so proud of you. And chris says i just don't feel like you are every time i try to do something i feel like one of you is getting mad at me and chloe says no. I'm not mad at you and she starts to say i feel. Your mom is doing it all but she looks over. And she sees courtney crying. They're shocked all of them myself to coys like are you crying. That's the weirdest thing i've ever seen and in her. Courtney says i really do appreciate my mom. And whenever i see her cry it just makes me sad. And they're all kind of getting emotional. Because i think once they saw this wasn't like a petty thing and there was actual emotion minded corny. Kinda said to them. Listen from our perspective mean khloe just felt like it was never properly explained to us and if you came to us and explained it rather than mom coming into the store kind of screaming and cheering about it we would have been more receptive but that was the first we were hearing about it. Which kim agreed that that kind of could make sense and chris says i won't let that happen again. I'm gonna keep you guys in the loop. I feel really bad. And her confessional. Kim says i really don't think this fight was about perfume. I think this fight was about the connection that my sisters and i have and interconfessional khloe says. I admit that i might have reacted a little too quickly to kim's perfume deal but i do know the county might not have my best interest at heart. All is well that ends. Well hawk head. Yeah but this wasn't a bullshit one like this was actual in my opinion in actual real seen. That like was so important. Because chris needed to say this like it. Would courtney and khloe constantly do in these earlier. Seasons is they lack that lake inherent empathy and compassion emotional intelligence for chris that kim just has to be caught and want some could argue kylie as to so it's frustrating and i like when this happens because they actually get it like now that i like to see chris cry but you could tell like something shifted for them right. Something shifted for horton. And then when something shifted in coordinate lend like snaps khloe in place but yeah i do agree with you. I think this was like a very legitimate. I think it was a legitimate fight. And i think it was a legitimate ending of the fight. Yeah i lost less lasting back at the house. And basically chris calls caitlyn. Energy says meet me at mulholland. I'm gonna take it asphalt we love. So they chris. Caitlin meets her and chris's driving caitlyn around on his motorcycle. I there's no way this is actually hurt. Have been a stunt double no. Yeah i thought so too but you never know. There's no fucking way but it was a fun to kind of drove off into the sunset and say very full house. All's well at all. This is a good episode. i loved it. i love this onto. yeah. I really liked that. We freed ourselves of having to like recap episode if it sucked okay. We can do to at once the mazing when we once we decided that. Yeah because you guys have heard a really long ramp for me about how much i hated the eye surgery. No one wanted that no see. We're we're effectively saving the audience. I would say it Everything's for you guys has nothing to do not Anything else you want to mention about anything general. No i think that's it. I think so too. Will we love you guys so much. Thank thank you as always for listening Is i will see you on friday for bravo. Physically can't wait. And i think that's agile and i will then see you again on. Monday are so lucky. So grateful thank you thank you. Thank you and love you guys.

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