S2E41: Im Too Rich


So evil dragons ahead of the lots of fun but to get control lights before the main press has to be gone retrieve off family heirlooms. Westlake. Let's go lure, Enjoy a plane to Bela take a seat ensure tail light Quest beside off. Hey everyone, welcome back to the end. Today's episode is pretty exciting for us. It is the end of our first I guess kind of first name real Homebrew Ark and possibly the beginning of our second home brew art to Homebrew arcs in a row. So grab a drink take a seat and enjoy as we bring episode 41. I'm too rich previously on the side quest in the group managed to find the mushrooms safe Kim's mom. Only to learn that it was guarded by a giant frostwyrm after a long fought battle. They defeated the frostwyrm and got the mushroom and prepare to head out of the cave to save Tim's mom off off. Hey everyone. Welcome back to the side question. I am Toby pack your Innkeeper and dungeon master. I'm JD. I'll be playing Peter for the evening. She'll be Lou Gehrig. I'm Felicia and I will be Alex today because he's not here. Apparently, he's here. Just playing someone differently. Hey JP said I was Lou Gehrig Jeff Thompson airplane Tim horn as always and you are all inside of an ice palace. Just kill the great beast and you're getting ready to leave. You got the mushroom that is needed to save tens. Mom remember you on a Time Clock you got to get back to her with this mushroom so that you can administer her before she turns into a ice statue. Zaric when we get started. Can you give me a survival Check Yes, and where we going to take a little rest be a bad idea, but I don't know. I don't remember if we discussed it or not. I have used all my third third fourth and fifth spells Zach. What's your survival? Check 26 26,000 you looking around as you getting ready to leave here the that creature the worm that exploded it has disrupted the Integrity of this Cavern. Network and you can see cracks starting to form us some bullshit right? There are numerous take ya know now resting we must leave let's go. Oh, yeah, totally we gotta say bomb it back up that river. Is there another way there is no other way and always has a back door. There's no back door to the Spire. How many dungeons have you been in Peter, O those jadi takut not Peter in my fear is the husband to fill it right off that mentioned before is it sounds like a great guy? Yes. Yes. How are we going to go swim up the river? Yeah. I don't think we're very good at conflict with what we use house so far. It's not a very fast. It's not like roaring. It's like a stream really look. Oh, yeah. He motions a good phone number. Say we take well, we had to climb up out of this ice crevasse don't you know, you guys got out of that. So you're up top getting ready to head back the way you came and that's the word for you. See all the cracks starting to form. We're off the campground that he has their know you're heading towards the campground. And so I so with my new things I basically get a plus two to my Athletics and an extra five foot speed back with swimming and if I use that in conjunction with the belt of lifting I can at least swim one person at a time without hardly an issue probably is just exactly how far think. Well. That's the thing if if it's not too far and you have a constitution of at least ten which everybody does and it would probably be it was seventy feet wage. Was it? Okay? I don't remember. So how far how fast can you swim good question? So is it normally half? No, there's let me look up swim. I can technically swim I technically would have a speed. So it's normally 4550 with that arm bands suck triple time so fifteen so I get to go 20 feet triple time with that 10 feet to his swim speed to his swimming actually. What if we do this do we how much rope do we have? We had at least a hundred feet, right? Yeah. We did. Why don't you take the Rope under and then everyone else can crawl along the Rope under the water? What if Ellie holds her bag of holding open and then spins around and grabs a bunch of air and then puts it on her head. She breathed me that she would still suffocate you what I say. You won't need to wait know. What's the plan? I thought it was to do the Rope thing and I'm not sure time are we at the river right now? Yeah, and by this point the rest of you can see the cracks forming and it's like starting to shake kind of I don't know that we need triple time because it's only gonna be helpful to Tim until he gets across and then it's going to take just as long for all of us to get through. All right Tim. So you get up there you get the hundred feet of rope. Give me an Athletics check to swim wage. Okily dokily 26 that's that's fine. You managed to swim at this rope all the way across like all the way under through the tunnel and back to the other side. All right, find a good place to secure the rope and I make sure well. Yeah, I just secure the Rope actually everyone no one has to roll with the rope that you can just walk in early. Just pull yourself through this tunnel. That's beautiful. That's all ye I have a plus zero. Yeah the Rope changed everything and you guys get to the other side and you may still like this whole cave is starting to just Rumble more you hear crashing from deep inside like pillars or are crumbling whatever happened with that that worm that you fought it if he caused a ripple effect through throughout this spire. Yeah, we gotta get out of here. You mean we have to go through that really small hole. That's probably going to crush us now and fast. Hay khong Like fuck go Everybody Run. Hey, you guys get to that whole who's going first? I used to mentioned or I will go first since he's the other side of the home just appears on the other side. Come on. What falling from the ceilings or yeah, absolutely. Nothing big yet. Nothing big. I'm imagining that Tim got their first cuz we were running so he probably would go out first. Well, I was going to I was going to share everyone else kind of role as that throw them if I had to Athletics acrobatics to squeeze acrobatics. Okay choice to go if it's okay guys. I'm I'm basically pushing you through you don't really have a choice. Okay, I'm grabbing you and manhandling you through this. Oh, I sort of help pull you through the other dog died fourteen. I'm Peter as you start like squeezing and crawling through this space you feel like this this shutter and you the ice it almost feel like the I scrub. Down on you, you're not stuck, but it's crushing. It's movie. Garmi Yo use all your strength father pulled. I'm going I'm going if you want to give me if you want to pull doing Athletics check twenty. Yeah, you you managed CLE reaching her hands out to you as you kind of squeeze through here you get to her she grabs you and actually pulls you out. I'm sorry never seen your a week led to your first. Oh my God. Thank you. Thank you so much. That means a lot coming from you know, I'm glad you're alive to his next song next or if you want to go zark. No carrots. There's like a freaking 34 his body and shit so easy, but with the shift of the Ice Age you find like you just crawl through no problem. So even better now, I'll go next twenty seven. Oh, yeah, that's fine. You get through as well. No problems. All right. All right. This is your chance to roll month ready for me to screw it up 30 30. Yeah you as well you guys that's great what gave you so much trouble last time you have just slid right through no problem makes running easy, but it wasn't bad. The rest of the trip is fine. You get out some some where things have fallen some caverns of Club. Up, but you managed to get out to the top where you're in that Cavern where you saved the Pegasus and yeah went fought those ice trolls. Let's get off here. He you guys are going to leave. Where did you live all your dogs and stuff? I don't know hanging out. I don't think we taught it outside just outside. They're just hanging in for a party. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. This is going to be turned into like the the merchant quarter, right? You guys talked about building like the shop and stuff off charging people to go inside like having like a donut shop outside of this like this spire entrance. That's right. As you guys are walking up to the dogs. You actually see stuck in the snow that Pegasus that you had saved and it's like standing there super proud. Hm. So so Peter we'll we'll follow Uma and just dead. Reach out to sand and and try to just pet it and just like you're such a beautiful. amazing Pegasus suddenly Peter has a memory of trying something similar in the cave and the Pegasus goes to bite your hand again. That's true. I did try that. Yeah, fuck she doesn't like me guys. I don't know why but missus she got a 19. I'm fairly sure that you're not supposed to just touching people's faces whenever you want. But this is that's a good point. It might she might look like a horse but she's got intelligence. I know she does she nods and she's beautiful as long exactly Peter will put his hands down like suicides and just and just try to look her in the eye and just like you're a beautiful horse or a horse. She'll she'll like Stomps her her hook down on and and turns away from you. All right fine. You made a mad. That's fine. Whatever. I didn't mean horse and you know, I didn't but that's fine. Let's do a pegasus that's going to make a difference. I'm not saying that to the Pegasus I'm saying that's a month. Someone of the cave told me that your name was Cass Camisha. Is that right? It nods and it kind of bowels to all of you and like spreads its wings out. I think she's introducing his dog loves me, but we will curtsy back on Chante I suppose. Hey nice to meet you. She hands hands down his side. So all you stuck out here. Could you do you need help getting somewhere or do you want help getting some money? She shakes her head. No and she kind of like gestures her snout towards your Shield. Oh, yeah, it's my family crest very well-versed in pencil or she stands like sideways and like off takes the same pose as the Pegasus on your Shield like wings out up in the air. That is uncannily beautiful. It's a very good likeness. Is there something that I can do for you. Do you she gestures her snout towards you like leans it forward a little bit. Do you want me to become a writer? She shakes her head? I'm very confused. I'm sorry. Hey, that's in your Shield. Maybe is is 6 to 6. Her head is a family member of yours. She nods really like an ancestor none. That's awesome. That's a Amazing. I've got this shield from my father. It's been in our family. So generations with a Von leitenberg sui back in you know, very old days off. One of my ancestors used to be a the writer of Pegasus. She she kind of like bowels again, and then she she reaches her snout towards your hand. I open my hand like she touches the palm of your hand with her nose. And you feel this warmth. Go up your arm. Oh, what? What was that? Did you get you might be drooling so sorry. Oh, it's what's that when you look on your on your forearm, there's actually a tattoo of like the the Pegasus wings on your phone. No. Holy shit. Sorry follow. Jeez not meant to be rude. What is this Peter? What is this? And she'll show you her arm. It looks like you've been you've been chosen by this pegasi. If I had to guess the same thing with the palm of my hand happened with my God. So this is just this is this is a God. No, I'm just saying that she was chosen by that page as I I'm saying Elliot you hear this noise coming from this Pegasus. That sounds like laughter. Hey, it was a good question. I'm not everyone's versed in Pegasus little she starts to see how it's a good see how it's funny though. All I know is if if showing laid eyes on this beautiful and this beautiful being she would love it. And so whatever it's doing I think it's a good thing. She like perks up at you and like like like does like a turn like stamps around in a month. Like a happy stamp. I think that she's flattered by that. She should be because she is a beautiful being and Sean loves beautiful beings. And so therefore I do talk to Ellie, will you give me in arkana check? That's what we're looking for. No, Peter nailed it 30. I'm Walt Peters talking about this you kind of get a glance at this tattoo and you recognize it was like an Arcane tattoo. Like there's like some Arcane power within this tattoo off. Going to say anything Ellie horses. That's totally fine. She'll tell her later should just she smoking right now wage. Oh, yeah me too a With what? I just don't get closer to a horse's. Yeah, right. I can Retreat it. Right you absolutely can he's not stopping me from doing. Oh, he know he's not stopping you said, you know almost thank you. The the what sorry, he always says, thank you. Very good meal. Thanks Neil. I love that. He's still sleeping, I think that's up to is magical by the way. What magical how like I can do like your spells now? I think you're that hover who for slave. I mean, I could be so honored. I took a flying gift horse in the mouth. But hey, it's your life. She looks at you confused. Like she doesn't understand what what you said. I don't think anybody understands that I think we would be honored if she joined us. Hey, maybe she can fly us back tomorrow get that mushroom there ASAP a or maybe not us. Maybe just you, I think I would have to tell her the stores and see if she agrees. I don't mean to interrupt your fascination with this pray creature. We must make haste if we were to save Master Hortons mother I couldn't agree more is Eric Dead Snow. Just this is not just some Looper know. This is a magical being it's still an animal know it's not maybe in the same way that you are an animal but it's much she's much more than that. She's not in it either but sentient and she understands she's basically talked to us, but she understands my dogs understand off when I talk to them. Well, they're still animals. Can you please That's true. Also, if it if it can understand us then you know, we saved so like it or if Avery she she's off Master hoarding all due respect, but I don't think you're going to be able to convince that creature. He tells you anything, it's Lifey it looks you attempt. She looks easy and she she nods like and like Bauhaus down and spreads her wings. She truly a creature of Honore. when you say that again, like she like stands proud like like pus her chest out just like super tall it Cassie. So, you know the way the Nord over I say to the Pegasus doesn't respond to you. Okay. Anyway, I start helping zarak with the dogs. Maybe you could talk to her and see if she would help us get this mushroom to Tim's mother faster. I can definitely ask I I turned her the job and I sincerely thank you for this this gift. I'm I'm honored to have the mark of the Pegasus. I'm not quite sure what it does, but I'm sure that in time I will learn and be worthy of it. Hopefully this might be quite a lot to ask but my friend here has had another is very ill and we came on this quest to find an herb to help cure her. We finally found it. But now we're running against time to get it back to her and save her. Would it be possible for you to Ferry one of us? It would be a great gift in in a great honor if you would back to not over. She nods could could possibly be a Healer friend Peter. He's the one who must administer the medicine. She shakes her head you only take away. Can you only take one Rider she shakes her head? Could could I go with or he had a friend Peter she shakes her head again. Could you show us who you would be? All right with so gestured to you and Tim and Ellie. Hello. Hey shaking her head. No, she avoids eye contact like she's not looking at her like you don't want them to read so it's okay. If I don't go we have to go see that lady in town and she can make the potion. Right. Well, that's true. I okay. You sure are pretty sure nothing special that needs to be done. So it's just a potion. I don't have to be there for it. But just you and Derek you'll make even better time than we did on the way home. Would you would you go? Oh, yeah. What I what I go? Yeah. I like riding horse like creatures probably as much as Horses I imagine and I'm going to fly and save my mom. I don't see a downside to this proposition at all. Yeah. What do you think it would be okay to cast haste on her page so you could get there faster. I'm I don't think that that would go over. Well based on the fact that she probably is fast enough already. Okay. Okay, that's like not even trying he cooks good food and then go ahead and put in salt all over and not even trying it. Oh my God, you gotta be. Okay. I think they're already the best. That's exactly right change like you know, right? Okay. Yep. You didn't have faced any more like about your I think you're right. I don't not to keep rubbing it in but are you going to cast fly on it too? I'm just I'm just kidding. I deserve wage. I'm joking. There's actually a good idea. Hey, this is a great idea. I just don't think this any Pegasus would be acceptable to take something like that because they think they're already blessed. They might have magic of their own. What if they have like a way to cast haste on themselves. Yeah. They're definitely this crazy magical in some manner. Oh, yeah. She kind of nails down for you guys to get on her Pizza. Can I have the the mushroom? Yes, here you go home pack it so safely in my bag really be really careful with it has to be in that shape when you get there. I'll keep you safe. Thanks for everything p d be safe on the way back home. Will be fine. I think I hope all right the party again. You're right. It's we've got to save his mother and this is the fastest way. I I agree it is I truly hope that you don't run into any any issues. We'll see you guys soon will be fine. Good luck to him off. Right? Let's talk and horrifying. Let's get rolling as you guys get on her. You can't sit how you normally would because of the huge wings. So there's like a gap between the two of you she starts Galloping and then spread her wings and flies up into the sky. It is so exhilarating and you can see the huge Spire to the right to the distance and the whole all the forest and the mountains and things that you came through. It is amazing. Oh lose my grip. Well, I guess it's just me good thing. I have the mushroom. We will find their bodies off. The way back to seat and plummet 70 feet can heal them later. Okay. Yeah, you all take off Sarah Kelly and Peter. What are you doing? I'm going to lash all the dogs into one chain and then put one sled behind the other. Okay, when it's it's one slight idea. Awesome. Nice nice. So you guys start back you're going to have to Camp again because of the distance it is a way I can I get a survival check to set up the camp. Yes. Also. Can I just take all the watch and stay up? I see if it's one night. Yes, Alex. What's your survival? 1517 you can assist Peter you have like yeah that gives a plus for somehow. I have a job. I can help please. I will be seated 29 you're able to get the all the tent and everything set up and it's fire going and time time for First Watch. So is Eric Yee. Going to take all the watches. Yes, but first I must pin down the guidelines. No one is secured the 10th. Sorry my bad. How do I do it again? Please stay inside. Don't mess with my dog's. Okay, it feels like you're just talking to me. I am I mean we're looking at each other. We're about two feet apart. Peter is not trying to set up anything. You tell Ellie to not mess to their dog. She's putting whipped cream in the feather and the nose of one, huh shit. Oh, okay. She's probably cleaning the mall with prestidigitation off if they're clean. They go faster. That's what I heard. That's good. Let me do this. Let me help you. Please don't curse my dogs. I'm not cursing your dogs. I'm just making them cleaner. Well, I won't thank you for going to wash them. That's fine. Zachary dogs, okay, did they need any healing or anything or they're fine? They they waited outside for us. Okay. Well, let me know if they need anything. She'll be happy to help. I will check them while I'm also doing watch I'll take watch if you want to check whatever. I'm just trying to be nice. You really hard to read off. Don't let anything on fire. You take what I will check my dogs. Let us know if you hear anything out there. Okay, I will still take the first one while they're going to sleep or just check his box the whole time just check the dogs, I guess because now I'm concerned about the fucking dogs for of the dogs are super clean. Like their coats are so nice. They're they're not dirty anymore. Literally. They smell like roses song. They're they're just Immaculate. Oh, yeah, because it's in a rose. This isn't going to stand out in a in a Tundra with some trees and snow there. No, man. No, I took my my my code all over them smells like okay first watch Ellie. Nothing. Nothing happens her a I don't light anything on fire. Either way there if you're taking the rest of the watches while Peter sleeping in L. He's going to sleep. Yeah. Yeah. I'll do the best I could take a watch if you Like whatever you just yell that from the 10th. Yeah, I hear I wake up hearing them switching watch and I want you to be on for a shot. It's like it's so beautiful. It's so beautiful. Okay, Zach, you're taking next watch Ellie. Yes, you fall asleep sweet you wake up inside of a shack. It's very nice. There's candles on the walls. You see like a cauldron off to the side. There's like skull fetishes bulb hanging up. Nice leather chairs like it is it is so nice in here warm super warm familiar. It doesn't happen before you see. Okay someone sitting in a leather chair. It's a man. He's in like a complete white like suit looking thing actually show. Show you a picture of him. I still want to see this. So she's sitting there. He's got like white hair this white soot. He's got like rings on his hands and just look super rich and he puts his hand on a table and like the what's this drill his fingers? What is the like is this have a name like tapping his fingers, but is that like just all it's called like the I mean, I don't know what this means it dropping. I think it's crawling if it's on a piano. He's playing the folk and piano Lounge. Is he playing a piano? That's the truth, you know, so a person it's probably a massage is they telling a fairytale about the waterspout? Oh, yeah. Yeah it it's probably the motion of the spider. Okay? Okay. He's doing it on the table. He's like drumming his fingers. He Busy Spider like impatiently know like like calmly and he smiles these you hello. Hello Ellie. You know my name I don't know yours. Who are you? I know a lot about you. Please have a seat. Okay, I totally think this is just a dream. Would you like some tea? What does it what does a t smell like you of course it he like what kind of tea is this moves his hand and a t, flies in front of your nose to sniff. Oh, it's delightful. Thank you so much very flowery, like oranges orange cents in here. Oh, I loved it the hint of of lavender deliteful, of course, of course, I like your jacket. Oh, thank you. Yeah, I've brought you here for a reason. Okay, you have something that I want and I have something you need. Well sounds like we should make a deal. What do you have? I'm all about making deals dear. I've gone to wash your family didn't leave you money. It's all yours riches beyond your dreams. And that sounds wonderful. What do you want? I want your magic. Can my magic? Yeah, you don't need it. Do you know you can't take my magic know I I can take it with your permission. You do not have permission. She sips her teeth. Did you need magic when you have money? Whoa. Whoa, that's a really deep question. She is like really having a hard time putting wrap her mind around it. Yeah, he smiles bright white teeth. Is he a vampire? Okay, cool. Is there any chance we can hear this month's? No, not at all like a dream, right? Yeah. I'm asleep. I can't I can't just give you my magic over. I think you could India because magic magic will always be there for me money. I can run out of where it can be taken from me. I will give you so much money. You will never run out. Magic, however, any shows you a mirror and you see like your grotesque self? Well, actually turn you into this. No, no you however that up daddy issues and mommy issues and all of that. I can take it all away. I can make your dreams come true know my magic book. Keep me young beautiful forever. So I'm keeping it. All right. Well, enjoy your time as a hag dear. We will meet again. Just what was your name again? I am Darius Darius. All right. Well, I'm not giving you my magic no matter how many times you come visiting me in my dreams. Do me a favor. If you change your mind off break this goal and I will appear and he liked us call flies towards just like this little miniature skull and it just floats in the air in front of you will take it and then you took a sudden you hear like fading here. And then you wake up and in this tent so weird dream Drive the school in my hand, huh? You're holding. The skull Zack would hear her like make that noise when she woke up. Are you? Okay? I did you give me the school know did you take it from a dog? No, I didn't take did your dog have one of them possibly? Why are you decorating the most schools? That's that's beside the point. They find them in the wilderness their dogs. Oh, okay. I'm off. I'm going back to sleep. Can I roll a nature on what kind of scotus? Yeah, absolutely. Well, that's a good idea. 34-game son. You recognize that as a pygmy School. Kick me off like small person. Yeah, like little fake creature. Yeah. Yes bright kind of you go in to make a cup of that. No, I know I just woke up and it was in my hand. That is a pygmy scope. What does that mean creature not an animal but a creature of Legend part of the Fey like gnomes thought I would just showed around could be offensive to some people. Oh, I'm sorry. She like put it away. I don't care what you do with it. Is it is it good luck or bad luck? I don't even look you look is what you make it. Oh, okay in that case. I think this is lucky and then she will turn over and go to sleep. Awesome. Tim and off just Pegasus is fucking ripping through this guy like wind is like pelting ice shot eyes snow pelting your face like it is flying so fast. Yeah. I I'm just going to like cover my face with my elbow and like tuck in as much as possible. Okay, she actually flies through the night. And you get back to North over as the the sun is coming up and she lands in the middle of town have we made it IHOP off gently like respectfully. We're back everybody. That's just us. I just start wave at no one's outside. Yeah, there's people outside this morning. Like there's people out doing chores and stuff. All right. No hurry know how long is the biggest they're waving at you you see Hadley standing on her porch, like like gyrating and like waving at you hardly. We we got what you're we were looking for a way. I see it and you'd help us right in front of me Jim. We got a how could you see it? It's in my bag. You got the head of that mushroom you're looking for well, would you waiting long? She like licks her lips bring it here. You know we go inside, has it. Yeah can can we go inside? Of course come inside. Let's get this going. If it's too warm, you can leave your clothes at the door. We live in the snow. It's a greenhouse Tim. It's never too warm. It's a clear house actually not sure what a greenhouse she'll take much room and like go over to like a like like a Alchemy type State station and the whole time she's just like gyrating her hips and like like careful with that choice. The only one we have. I know how to handle a mushroom dear. I'm going to need you to like, you know, pay attention what you're doing their adley see real important, you know, my mom might die gets it all going off and finishes the push and and hands it to you. It's this is what's going to cure her fingers like grains your fingers as you're grabbing the potion. Yes, that'll do the trick. What do we owe you in money will say one gold. I'll give her a gold. She smells it off. Thanks. Good thing. I didn't keep that in my breast pocket. Let's go. Thank you. Kindly a walk, you know to say you just as polite and thanked her and then he books he books at home. You get to your house you can hear the the bustle of the morning breakfast is being made. Everyone's doing stuff as I walk in. I look at PAW Tim and I just like not in my head. We have it what we need. It's not good to him. I don't know if it's enough hit has to be. Where is she? I start walking back to our dog. He'll he'll walk with you you get back there. And in the the time that you've been gone on the ice has spread across it's like going up her face only half of her mouth works right now dead. I didn't go upstairs with him just so it's clear. I respectfully waited in the the living area. Awesome. Can you hear me your your life your wake up Joe in courtesy, aren't you? Just calm down. There he am I supposed to just bought this in her mouth supposed to drink it. Yeah, it looks like it consent though. Well, I mean like you would know she would drink it. All right. Well, you just say, I have some here that supposed to carry a home. She like takes her Crystal e i c sharp hand and just like tries to put it on yours. You hear her arm like ice like breaking a she's trying to do this. Don't move. Don't stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. I'm going to I'm just going to need you to drink this so get ready Tim on the count of three hoopers. What time? Okay, here we go one who firt to hoofer. At 3 Hoover, right Texas are they don't ask this liquid touches her lip. You see color coming back on the ice starts to melt away and took like five minutes. She's all the ice has been melted. Well, I'd say that took about twenty years off you their mom. Are you doing to me? Oh, hey, I'm retired. Yeah, was it any trouble to get the mushroom? Oh, no trouble at all. Just a just a quick John out of town and we came right back. It only took a couple of days Bonnie ROM. Everybody Maza Craven and kisses you and just loves on you. Oh not in front of the kids thought they they're adults now. Well, this is the horn house. Hey, if we didn't hear popping and my through growing up, you know, we want to know the birds are the Beast Uma side. You hear Tim Tim hasn't yet? But yet but one of the Hortons is like speaking to you. How are you now? I'm a good and you good you're looking for a mate lot of friend. Am I could always use more friends. You're right. Pretty oh that kind of mate. No not in the market, but I would be your friend. But and also thank you. I think this is how early would she would do it much rather than this. Look if it's cuz of Tim honestly, he's the weakest of all of us. Well, right. Which one are you? I'm John Sean Johnny boy. I think I remembered him and Don Rickles on Jake John Bill Tom Jack Sam Hal Jim Tim. You know, I'm about Tim's age and that's kind of it's a big gap there, you know, like older men, not really no not for like relationship purposes personally and and that's not often you get to see what think you're wonderful and one of the other brothers comes up and like pushes him. Yeah, she's here for me and he like like perks up and stuff like flexing his pecs like in 50 first off like that guy like Sam. Yeah Samwise gamgee. No absolutely not. We're not this isn't happening. I've set my boundary now, please respect it. The easier way, she'll everyone stops they're doing and runs to the back. And what do you do? I do not follow I will step outside and go see if the Pegasus is still there. Okay, Tim all off. For your brother's come in and you all start like lip Bonnie, they all start lifting you up and like hugging you and just oh I'm going to go off. I'm going to go tap a keg part time for celebration. Yes, of course tap two of them three three of them. I'll start the donuts to yes make can you make 3 dozen I owe make it as many years of town needs. We're going to feast all day. We're working. I was going to start cooking. I'm going to start going crazy. You know, I'm gonna need some help him who's nil off. Neil's my I guess my new cooking assistant kitchen buddy, I pulled out. Hello. What is that mobile? It's a Talking fruit to Tim. You know to be rude, you're real smart guy. Yeah, I don't be rude. His name's Neil. Would you say he kneeled it Tim? Who's babe? That's my mom. You show some damn respect. Oh, I'm sorry. Hello. Jim's mom doesn't say much. Does she what she just had an ordeal a Case you forget your no deal. Yeah, let's go cook. All right, I start trying to get retrieving all my cooking supplies from him. I know before I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know how I keep telling you. You can't talk when I'm retrieving items. Remember? Oh, yeah, let's show me. I don't know what you're saying. I just told you know, you didn't I don't know how to cook. I need you to show me how to cook. Oh, you don't have to cook. You just have to keep handing me supplies e o you want to juice me into The Breakfast Club. Oh heavens. No kill, you know what to be Juiced. Yes, that'll destroy you you'll be nothing but your appeal know it's just a secretion. Look squeezable. Never been Juiced till you've been Juiced by Horton. We're not doing that. Like I show the juicer. It looks like it'd be like a death to him. Don't put me in there smashing. Just give me a couple of squeezes page. Going to do that a nope. We're not that kind of friends, you know, you could hold my things and I'll put my hand in your mouth. But that's as far as we are going. It's all weird. It's already far too intimate for a fruit and a human is just saying it's weird. This is the perfect relationship for tip perfect. He can actually be in a loving relationship with a piece of food. Yeah. This is actually pretty awesome. I'm not gonna lie. It's getting better. Okay, is that who that mushroom thing was for wait what the Babe mom the mom and the other room. What what are you talking about? I'm psyched corn flour and stuff off. Mushroom in that place in the caves. Could you be more vague there deal? Your father thing in nearly killed me. Well, I mean you talking about those giants. No, I'm talking about the big thing the big I don't have hands. I don't know why I'm gesturing but I agree. Well, I guess the only answer I say is yes, I did what I did because I had a goal in mind and I succeeded at it. So I'll be just as big as you in describing my Adventures. Oh great. This is Tim. I've never had a friend like you I've known as long as you like as like I've never been pronounce up. What about the last guy? You're with I found I found you know, your friend was dead your old friend. Oh, yeah that goes new. Oh, I'm not your friend know he was a friend but like we've like we're going on 2 days now or something. Where did he? Oh so you can keep track of time. That's good to know. I'm going to always ask you for the time. So keep track. Okay, also, you know, okay. So where did that guy find you then a outside? Hold on. Stop talking. I need a whisk give me that I should stop talking. That's why we're going to stop I said stop talking. Okay, where did you meet that last dead guy? He that that's Eric guy. He dropped me in the cave and not with me PLS Eric had you first I told you I helped him once he'll deny it, but I helped him. What did you do again? I'm a robot. Oh, okay. Well, that's good. Where did you get the rope from one of the Shipmates? Oh, okay. Tell me what your shipmate see. Oh, yeah. I was on a ship forever ago off on the remember the stuff when I'm awake though. But okay, they sell you're not good at keeping track of time. I mean, I'm days ask me what day it is. It's what day is it two months. You're really bad at this. Oh, yeah. I was on a pirate ship for a while. I used to keep their treasure inside of me. It was a good gig. Oh like with like real life pirates. Yeah like our I'm a pirate like pricing they saying chanti Toons in the like yeah, they found me in a jungle. I think hold on a second. I need to get some more utensils and Angel pulled on and the truck. Me alive, but it's why did you why would they do that? Did you deserve it? You know, they tried to hide their treasure but their treasure was in me. Oh God. You still have their treasure? I don't know. I think he can't not talk while you get your hands as much I think you're totally right a hundred percent. Well, how did the Pirates? Where did they find you dead? They found me in the jungle. I think that's why I was bored. Oh, so okay. Well now that we know where you come from Neil you seem to be, you know, some kind of a wage and creatures some kind. Yeah. I'm free talked about need to grab some butter here. Are we done talking about me? Are we just kind of cook now or did you have more questions one last question? Okay, go ahead and and ask it. What do you want out of life meal what your goals? I just want as many people to reach inside me as possible. That's dirty. But okay, I mean going to respect someone that knows what they want. But but I mean, I'm not going to do that for you. So, you know if you want to give me my stuff back and I'll I'll hand you off to the next person great. Let's go ahead and do that. Why are you you're the next friend to abandon me, huh? Well, that's you are the one that wants this. Hey, this has nothing to do with me a tell you what you can get rid of me. I'll give you your stuff back. But can you take me away from this cold place first? Okay. Sure. All right. That's that's what your goal life is. You got it buddy. Nice anything else. All right. I'll just watch you cook if that's okay. It sounds like his life goal is to become a parking meter wage. That's what it sounds like now just a storage box in like a warm climate. He wants to be a temporary storage box that like a beach that people put their stuff in and they were supposed to warm. Yes. He used to be a peer on the pier just like a Pure Storage system on a theme park, New Jersey. Mountain bike. Is it Tackle Box on appear somewhere that says gol ghuma you get outside and you still see the Pegasus standing there. I walked back over to her wage and it's just anchor I truly appreciate that you brought it here and it sounds like they were able to save his mom. So mission accomplished and I hope to see you around sometime, but I wish you the best. So thank you. She nods and like stems a proud again and then takes off I'll go to the bar. Okay off the three of these Eric Ellie and Peter you wake up. It's morning. I imagine you're going to take off. Well here. Let me help around Camp Road Survivor home. This goes on top of this. Oh and if you color codes she should get a bonus because she knew how to do it. Last time you spoke to. Oh, yeah, that's right. She did help pack. It really well brings it up to a whopping plus the three folks. Hell. Yeah nine you feel like you're doing pretty good. But you're like pack and stuff wrong. You get it all packed up and somehow it doesn't fit back in the litter like it did before you can't just like objects on top of the clean ones. I can just clean all the objects if that's what you want. Are we ready to go yet? We'll see there in alphabetical order first by size and then my alphabetical by color. I really think we should get going. What if this is Tim's mom needs more help. This is entirely wrong. If you don't pack the pack right you can fall off. And then what will we be doing? We be gathering are objects wasting time. We must do it right the first time. Okay, we hurry up. Okay, she starts putting box down can't just tell me which one goes on top of the other. Yes are objects. We have many objects. Okay, none of the boxes. They're all involved sex like equipment. Let's just bring up a bunch of objects like who needs to we have objects. You know like a hunk of metal and never know when this is going to come in handy. You don't need this. What is this month? You get me back to shut up faster and go you have a spoon with every region printed on it still have the mounted in a case it bring them with you. Why do you have to bring all right. No, that's okay. I live on the road. These are some of my objects objects. I admire your objects wage complaint as lovely as you are you are you objectifying him. I have an objective you define what objects? Yeah, don't forget. These are my things my objects rubbish through your objects. I live on these dog sleds when I need to we must serve and not get mired for it. Can I help at all? Just tell us where it all goes that goes in in the bag on the pack Peter just starts out in the bottom. Heaviest things on the bottom. You guys get it packed up just fine that's just watched this slide and then all of our dogs last to the main line, so you want to be on the backside. Yes, you will be on the backside. Okay, and Peter were goes and settles in I'll take a nap for a look here. Don't you don't need this? Okay, you guys take off travel for most of the day about halfway through the day off and you hear like a bunch of bird noises all over the place and it's up ahead on the road. What is always a sound like sweet we can do a great birds. I was going to say Alex could do a great bird. I can't just doesn't doesn't need you like the back end of the thing. You are you yeah, that was good. That's really good. Yeah, that's exactly it. I just did the hey you look over here. You see them standing on the side of the road waving you down. You see this person inside of this like Contraption there there you can just see their eyes off of the smell thing. They have like this bird cage on their head and all these bird cages hanging from like this metal thing that's like surrounding their neck. I'm in front of them. They have this lever that they like it looks like they can like walk like turn and there's no contact. We will continue. I'll show you a picture new Realms have been so interesting. There's there's what they look like, you know, you know the most interesting job We found in Marat was a three like was a three legged man. That's like the most interesting who had who's actually just a one-legged squats just a one-legged even worked with the plug is this guy so often you see like bird feet on this person hears a lot going on but this is like a belt hat in one thousand one like is turning on America's immediately racist. Don't make eye contact your starts rolling up Windows. Well, he's just getting a bird can't even his he's all covered up. It's a total complete. He's just trying to get into he's wearing a bird feeder. Yeah. Yes. Thank you complete costume. Yeah, it's just like a copy of a bird cage off. They're waving you down. Are they going to stop my dogs? Are you going to get on the road? Yeah now stand in the road and wave both hands. I'll put the birds are so pretty. Oh God. No keep driving go faster. He is in the way song Hello Dolly when you say keep going dry faster, you feel your skin starting to like get hard drive faster. I mean, let's go help these people these people. Hello. Or do you keep going. Okay. Need to run down. Are you are you going somewhere? We're headed to Nord over they grabbed the the little hand wrench in front of them and like start cranking and you see the wheels around them start spinning and another bird like cage shows up in front. You'll go into neutral over a there we go. Who are you? Who Who Am I who are you or Peter Peter? I am cricketer. Nice to meet you cook Ur. Kaka. Kaka. Kaka. Kaka. Kaka. Yes girl. Thanks again roll sense motive. Can we ride with you? Yeah, you can actually roll backs. Are you what are you trying to send them to know if he really needs to go there or if he's trying to steal from me? Okay. What kind of birds are they Birds we're talking, right? Yeah where the birds talking for him. The noise was coming from you look on the front of the like long like the circular don't even know like that's like a little like, it's the part of the Takeover s a lazy Susan apart from a waste of money within a Birdcage. Yes, that little circle there. The noise is coming from inside that Circle so so is it him or the birds that are talking? It's coming from inside that Circle. So yep. That's where you hear the sound emanating from you don't actually hear from specific Birds just from that. We gotta Twenty-One. You can't really read this person surprised you have Birds sense motive can everyone nature and see if the animals like want to get away from this guy? Yes. Yeah, you see some of the birds are chained up to this thing. Okay, are they in James? So I don't buy he does not know how to keep birds. Why do you have so many birds? Why are you wearing this wage? But nevermind. I got a 28 I should check the birds look fine. Like they don't seem like they're like, yeah, they're healthy bite being in this freezing cold. What do you need to go order over and over? I mean sarek? We do have an extra heater. What's your name? Ali dead? Last name double duck duck. Yes. What's your name? Don't have a duck a duck is super upset. That's too bad. I was looking to get a fucking Tracey. I'm sure yeah a duct. Yeah, not a shit. Yeah. Are you a bird? I heard he's just gives me did you just asked if I was a bird? Yes. Oh, well. I'm not she is clearly. Not a bird. Thank yous Eric. Can we ride with you? You must wage its charge, please raise the priest priest, it's Ten Gold Tangled. Yes, of course, they grab that rent and buy turn it again and that goes around and you see a huge like McCaw standing on the edge of one of these and it puts its head forward and like just sits there. And please I guess I'll stick my hand out. Absolutely. Not no and dog. Are they all they're yeah, they're ten. Yep. Okay, right. Right. Right. Right. Does he have any birds of prey? Yes, there is a falcon on there. Somebody may get themselves a bird dog. Are we safe? You will be fine. Okay, if you were startled yell, I will hear you. You know, he also has butterflies to home. I saw that. Yep. She has like a butterfly thing, you know, like on his waist. They're both of those. Are you like butterflies? I love butterflies. So beautiful. Oh, no, thank you. Oh, what do they cost? Actually every free? Why are you giving out butterflies? I don't have a dog. Could be good if you're hungry because they're free. But oh sorry, could you excuse me? Just for a second zarek? Is it safe to take a Butterfly House guys? I do not know take one see what happens the very least. You could eat it. I don't think you should don't take anything. I took ten goals from the man who was a bit of a steak Yeah, that might that might be infected. I don't know what that is a woman. I took ten gold from the woman. Please be careful. I don't want a butterfly right now because we're going to be traveling fast over fly away. But thank you so much for the author talking to Chris. Of course make a correction. What is your name, sir? Mine, who are you talking to you? So you you you you you I am Derek Derek Derek off their last name. They turned they start cranking the wheel again. What is its name spin? Yeah, the whole thing spins and another Bird shows up on the front lines are down normal, Krakatoa. Cracker, girl. Yeah, are you going to help beat up? Now the priest will help you with praise praise. I even this one here. Let me help you out onto my sled priest priest you go and he sticks out and I guess going to buy anything. No, I'm okay, but here please hop up on the sled feel like hop up and and stand off and just sit down with legs crossed. I love how you momentarily was like a drug dealer. Hi there very much. You want to buy something, you know looking around looking to score. Yeah, butterfly Somali. I have one of these Shimmer Birds the dust from that. Hm, it'll make you fly sun. Go go go. Okay, we're ready. Imagine the dogs like this very is this a is this a human? What what is this? I couldn't see there's too much cage in the way and made it birds as you start driving Peter Paige this they cranked this will and and it spins around and one of the bird sits and faces you Are you hungry? No, I'm okay. I had breakfast we're making food you want some what are you making? I don't know off her was there before? No, I'm okay. Like I said, I had breakfast you watch as one of the birds like like hops around chain dangling from this this metal page and like starts regurgitating food through that like seize. I knew that was coming. I'm definitely not hungry. Thank you though. Hey, hey priest. Yeah. Yeah, make sure those birds don't feel full over my objects. Yeah, that's a done deal. Sorry. It's objects. It's my objects know forever and clean. Yeah, they're they're going a lot and we will be nice and Thursday. We are driving. Nevermind l e. Yes. Hi. Good talk. The whole Drive is like that. Oh my God. We're road trip ever. So annoying worst road trip. I wish I could roll. I wish I could roll the partition up between our sleds off. So you never let a beautiful birds with you are beautiful birds. Yes. Yes. Yes. What else what business do you have in town looking for trade stuff? So you sell things yes, I offered you stuff already found. What else do you sell? What are you looking for? I wasn't really looking for anything, but I don't know. What just tell me some things you have to offer. They they reached into a pouch and pull out this like this like Crush leaf. Oh that looks like a crush Leaf. What does it do? It splashed? It's what God. I don't know. What spash just a drug is talking about a drug. Oh, I don't do drugs. Are you having are you don't know so you've tried them know I don't do drugs. Have you tried it? No, I haven't tried it. What else? Do you have? Any authors? I suggest you try it. This may be your only chance JT. I mean Peter. So what try drugs I'm dumb sees Life by the horns living up. That's I do not feel like that's a show-off in simple everything in Manville birds of a feather bro. They flock together. Yeah. We're not birds of a feather not traumatic experience all beauty without drugs not met again. Same time Tobias ever off. Do something in game. He's never Ledges wrong always trust. We need to fix a zipper. Are you kidding me right now? Bullshit? Yeah. No. Thanks God. We got some some some scour. Oh, no. No. Thanks. They pull out like you see like a powder substance want some. Oh, no. Thank you. I'm done fine. They snort it. Okay. Oh, what what did that do to you? Oh you want to try. I just wanted I want to hear what it did to you. We also got some some Elven abstinence since Did you say abstinence absence ocean chefs is a very it's a very strong substance. I am only really interested in God's creations. Like what what search you put in your gum and walk. What does it do? You want to try? No, I want to know what it does. It makes you feel good and strong. Oh, okay. Thanks. How bout you ask? Well why I'm wasting time. You said you were selling things. So I wanted to know what you were selling me. You want to buy maybe if if you offered something that I'm interested in his right is no fun. Sorry, hey lady. He says well tripping balls. Hey lady. Are you okay? Oh, yeah, you've reached red hair. Thank you. I think they might be on drugs. Can I feel it? Okay. Thanks. Peter o my hair. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah God do I see their hands? Yeah their hands kind of like they have like these Talons at the end of their fingers talents. Okay, I'll use it to make a nest. Oh, just how do you get it? So soft, you know vitamins off whatever vitamins. You know capsulized humors. What are you looking for? We got play playlist. We we got pets. I'm good. Thank you. Thank you so much. Do you sell just in town know we travel travel travel travel? You don't want to even try free sample. Why were you up at? No, thank you. Shut up at the ice Spire. What? Well, you're like on your way towards the ice Spire. What are you doing up here? Where's the ice Spire? Well, I hope you're not trying to go there cuz I think I I think we pretty much collapsed it but it's not there a couple their accounts are how far is it away day and half the day and a half. That way. Oh you want to try anything? It's free is Eric. Yes guys giving away free drugs just takes the drugs are always free at first, but then they charge you the afterwards. Are you yelling that up to us? Oh, no, then I will take free drugs they're dead. Do you want some scour we can we can do it together all of us. What ask our oh it's it's this this powder. It turns all your bad feelings of the good feelings and thoughts mayor bad feelings. It's a good feeling stop. I mean, he's like a car like the back. I can't I guess I can't really see what I do have a lot of bad feelings this song reliford. He says a bird on a chain. Do you absolutely neighbors? It's all in its Talons L. He's ever done drugs before has now role of fortitude to like being vegan straight-edge back. There has some objections 434. All right. It has no feelings are still there. It has no effect on you know, it wasn't a bad trip though as it no and you actually feel great. It improves responsiveness bap. Press his thoughts and kind of just leaves you like you're not addicted or anything. You have any negative effects. You just feel really good. Oh, okay that dude squawking just kind of starts fading away. Yeah, you have to be so close to me know your cozy. No no warm one foot tweet. There's enough space. I can't I don't have a seat belt. I have to hold on song don't stand so close to telling me smells like roses are you cuz he's rubbed his coat all over his Rose. It's not like roses. It wasn't intentional smells one of the Birds flies on a chain and you see him start cranking that crank in front of him and the chain starts getting longer and longer and this bird lands on your shoulders Eric and start smelling you is it what kind of bird is it? It is it's in the picture. It's that like pink bird with like the like small and oh, okay. Yeah, I shoot a way you do. You smell the intention Hobbs land in the lady. Know if flies back all this goes on for the whole day drugs off our way. We want to test let's do all the drugs. You want to try the other dress try mom. And the rest of the day goes by this thing off by the end of this your your heads. You have a headache from all the squawking like this. This guy doesn't stop talking you get back to town Tim and Emma are bringing out different places you end up you all actually end up at the Horton house. I'm at the end of this day Zack. You probably go home. I get my money from an order to get it know all tangled. Oh, yeah. No, he is. He gave me some gold. Oh, that's right. That's right. It did it. Did the right. Will you be here Thursday? Next day or two. Let me find you. Oh, yes, find me and they like run away. Goodbye girl. I'm gonna glad they're gone. They were really loud. At least you'd be like bring those metal cages on over here. I got some trees for those birds to perch on. She's no longer. I who am I intend you hear them approach? You hear the squawking actually hear the squawking in the middle of town at the loudest thing. You've heard. I immediately go outside to see what the hell's happening ucle Peter and Zurich and this like that bird thing with all the birds walking running away from them. You guys would also no speak English. Well, the horn house also has a I imagine a lot of the townspeople are around now too. Yeah, cuz no beard. Yeah. We're having a celebration you get right there. You see it's like drinking and stuff. There's an ice chest of odd. It looks like things are going really well. What happened to him? Oh so good to see hugs. You know, you're here to eat vegan big old bear hug. He's like everybody have a tree cry mom's cured. Everything's everything's great place we're going to do. So we're going to do some mock just need a little bit. It's going to be amazing. It's going to be fun way to watch that. There's plenty of donuts inside. Well that stuff and and just so we're clear. Am I the only one seeing that weird-looking guy over there? Cuz if it does the case wall too much to drink we picked up a Travelers real guy was real they picked up a hitchhiker. Okay, I got you. I got a I'm going to walk up to those drugs. They pay their Fair olives and I get real Stern with him. What are you selling in? My toe? He's running around. Ikeja. Two. Yeah, I'm fucking fast a picture of those people who wear them giant mascots and you can just with your little if you just rubs, I'm not going to chase. Okay, he ran after them. He was like running to the to the app and I owe ya people got a reason the dogs that scared him know he's not going to run. He just likes to Tim's too happy and he's loving what's going on at the house and everything. So yeah. Yeah. Okay the goth kids show up for the party. They can have a beer. That's fine. That's that's the whole point. This is come on in and get yourself a beer. That's absolutely welcome. Hadley's there. Of course people are playing games. Like literally. This is a huge celebration. They brought the mammoth out what the Manas out Maggie's name that as a man or two fresh Mammoth milk. We're about to suck right from the T. You're going to join us. Come on over here. Oh, yeah. It's a great time. It's tradition. Show me. Too Short, thank you. So mush. It's it's not it's our it's it's terrible Chase tradition. You're not too short those teats are almost to the ground. Excuse me. I believe he's talking about the mammoth. I mean never turn down a nice new experience of food. So absolutely let's go. I'll try it. Yeah. All right. You just put this novel in Harry bit right here in your mouth. Absolutely. You walking away takes two hands to hands. It's big. Oh my God. This is delicious. Think about six inches in diameter really weird, but I like it told me up there. Can I get a taste of 16 centimeters metric system never got off yet yet. You hold with one hand here. And then the other you you must stroke with the other the base. Yeah, you pull towards yourself, right? Yes, but not too much because you don't you don't want to spray yourself in the face. It works their way to get pictures jokes on you guys. Oh, you don't ever forget that everybody. We are all my brothers and stuff. Cheers and we drink look at these Mooks the time you guys are missing out this fucking delicious. Welcome to Lord over wage watching you. I want to try some of that dude. What the hell man? Yeah. Everyone's just having this just such a good time. Pizza mom's out there as the night progresses Tim's dad like stands up. Hey, everyone quiet Sam, Tim. Tell us the story of what happened. You brought back the like the Tusk like the mandible. Okay this creature. Well, we find ourselves bravely going down into the depths of the icefire when they come across. The the biggest ice centipede you ever you ever did see their e like I'm talking like 16 to 20 meters. Yeah, I think it was, you know a big anyway, so we were fighting this thing off, you know, I didn't know he hits pretty hard but you know, we take it and we got yo, that's what Peter is here for Thursday. You keeps us all healthy throughout the bad old. Thank you Father. Yo. You're welcome. That's what shelling would want. And then we got you know, our local, you know, Ranger over here is Eric is was instrumental. You can thank him to everyone cheers you got over here if it wasn't for her Lance, we wouldn't have been able to you know, even get any kind of a wounding done to this thing's I'm telling me that was colder than the Frozen North Des and the Twilight of the old Solstice Theory she hit real hard. And then and then I said like a performance to like get in the glory they cheer for you. And then we also got red here. She was instrumental. She actually can wield the power of fired her hands the arch nemesis of a centipede such a grand creature couldn't stand it searing heat everyone cheer her fire. Her fire was amazing. That's right a month and then with my strength of curious and the fierce competition of having to win this battle. I smashed a 40-metre till a 20 metre tall ice Fire & Ice. The creature and it and here's what I have is proof and I show its mandible or whatever. I have Tim's what ended it Tim. You're officially a man. Now who said that my dad. Yeah you before you've slain your beast. That's right. And I slay I slew the biggest one even though I'm the smallest here. All of you guys can go and suck at 8 when they all cheer me a lie after the speed ones cheering Tim's dad actually approaches you hello. Mr. Horton. Hello, Alec. I I believe I owe you an apology. Okay. Right well and he like that again. Thank you. And apology felt better having to my own life was great. It was absolutely not an apology at all. Yeah. He did. He apologized this close. Oh, it's because I didn't even not even close. No, you just acknowledged that he should yeah, that's like doing worse. No nice way worse like, oh, yeah, I should say thank you for that. Yeah, so the party goes on into the night. What are you all doing? Getting massively drunk. I literally don't know cuz I'm black out drunk. So I have no idea. I don't I don't wish like you get a decide. I wish to break have problem into our festivities, but I do believe I am owed some payment since you returned you think about me all of you. Oh, yeah. It's 10:00 right off each. I think. Yeah, that's fine here and so give you ten and your drunk friends. Let me go. Hold on Tim Tim. Hey, Tom is your money for you sir? Who the fuck is this? Who are you see a tab? Looks so fucking drunk. You've never seen him like this ever before and he's talking really weird. He has on a subject. He has an Oliver Twist on that. Is it actually is it actually the Ten Gold? It's like it's like let's just call it fifteen. Just way too much. I will take this keep your 5 because I have Daddy pushes the guy. Hello Governor talk like that. It's fucking rude. My name's Alma o m a boy. Hey, that's pretty good. That's on the just like it Haley. I've been practicing say rubs off say God. I'm the strongest man here and I make donuts am the strongest man. I make donuts say I cannot tell the difference. Oh my God. It's incredible. Cheers to that like page one starts drinking again J Dobbins chairs the night the night goes on. The next morning everyone wakes up. What's next? I'm still sleeping. Peter is is up early saying his prayers to showing Yeah, Tim is off the Pearly and holding a huge Boulder above his head every one of those are better Fighters. Yeah, as a matter of fact, it's the family Boulders in the backyard. Yep. We're all lined out. You all have your own Boulder as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, we're not even just holding Boulders. We're starting to get kind of crossed with each other throwing Boulders so you can go throw in the farthest and it's getting eat it as a matter of fact, it's uncomfortable. Well, I imagine that everyone every month would take someone's challenge exact. It's exactly what it is. Yep a hundred percent. Sometimes we don't even have to do it for an hour because we get the challenges in you know, then it's all whoever wins is done, you know. Hey girl, Yeah, wake up. I was opening my eyes wage. Good morning. Good morning. Is it really bright in here? Hey, I wanted to know know there's no lights on at the moment. It must just be your cheering to me is my head just hurts. What's up? Well, I just wanted to tell you about the guy who visited me in a dream and asked to take my boss tricked. Do you happen to know anything about what kind of creature could do that? I've never had a dream like that. Was it real estate know it was definitely real I got this weird thing came as a souvenir do your dreams get you souvenirs. My dad generally not. Can I roll something nature song? Same thing that certainly it's a pygmy school like you recognize it looks like a pygmy skull. I don't know how you'd get that. I don't know how you could get something physical from a dream. It probably magic items solve every sure. Yeah, what kind of creature can like take someone else's magic? Oh well problem after another day something that has magic probably probably so why did he give you the school again? He asked me he said he would give me as much gold as I could ever dream about in exchange for my magic and not a weird. That's really weird. Also, you can just marry a rich man and then keep your magic. Different Aldo that's what we do. You're so right and she just like puts the skull away with purpose. Anyway, he's not there very often, you know, just just don't make any decisions without my discussing it first cuz that's that could be really bad and like we saw you suggestions that instrumental in the fight with the worm and we wouldn't be able to do that without you and we wouldn't be able to do it all if you didn't have magic and yeah like its it would have been impossible you saved his mom's life because of your magic. Hm kind of all I'm good for huh? Well, no, it's I mean, you've got the fashion sense as well. That's not magic. That's just a lie. She will hug you that pet pet. I really feel like we're bonding. This was really good for us. Anyone else just hear the studio audience ended off. Like some like most sex offenders. I I did not hear it Dave matching you go down and get some breakfast. Yeah. Yep. Yep. It's like five silver cool. I'll give him a gold cuz I don't carry silver when you I will accept that as half payment for mine. When you go to grab a paper both of ours. There's like double the gold you had in there before Oh, no. Yeah, I think my golden do you need help I can pay for bills. Nope. Nope, the opposite. Actually, I'm too rich I'm too rich usual. Just I think she called Multiplex. Did you put your gold in here? I mean, maybe let me check my bag. I not pay Zurich. Did he get the gold back? Are we friends? No, I am asked me for gold. So I think that he probably wouldn't have given you yours back. My looks to be in here. I thought maybe cuz I didn't I don't remember much the last night at least going to look around wildly for her home for any red eyes or her coven mother or whatever or Darius or whoever Rolla perception check 27. You don't see any red eyes or anything of the like you looks very suspicious like uncomfortable. Are you okay? Yes, what now that we're good friends, right? Did I do anything stupid to get some gold last night off? I don't know cuz I don't remember if I did anything stupid I ever owned. Oh, okay. Okay, and then she wants to ask him and and the rest of the party so she will finish up her breakfast and run off to Tim's awesome. Okay, you guys get tense? It's bustling bustling tense making breakfast. You hear him talking to someone in the king of friends in here. Yeah Neil the egg. Most definitely came first God. I don't even know why we're discussing this. Oh, hey read what's going on? Thought that they come first. Hi where you say? So you say the rooster did it makes no sense? No roosters. Don't lay eggs, Neil. How could the egg appear without a chicken dude? It doesn't wage. It it's like saying that the the items came first before me. Okay, I'm sorry red. He's so rude. What can I do? I am. Sorry this guy. Can you believe him? Thank you. Hey Kim house silver were you last night? I don't even know the definition of the word. Are you I'm going to tell you what Tim put inside of me. No, I do not and I will leave the room. It was a loony wage. Also. I love the idea of Tim and Neil having more progressively complicated philosophical discussions that we all just walk in on, you know, they're like just like just like fucking witnessing. They think intellectually about just the oddest of subjects. It's I just think it's kind of sad that Neil wins most of these conversations. It's probably cuz he's from some magical tree. You see Charlie the fabric of reality Ms. Starting to leave off. Where are you off to a well our next stop was going to be hands reached right? Where are we going there? I have I have family there. Oh, you're breaking up here to like we're cousins eight. She told you she had to go kill her. Mom. Just Peter there's oh it wasn't passing. Oh right off computers there. Okay. I want you to spend time with your mom. Well, well, I mean, it's only fair is fair. You helped me. I'll help you. It's it's time to help you with your more hands make light work a I really appreciate it. Thank you. All right, so let's pack up and go home. All right, you got it. Exactly. Are we doing? We're finding my real mom and then killing her cuz the opposite of what we just did put him in her sure. I could do that. Oh, okay. You're just get you stay here know showed us. Okay was just killing people. Okay? Well, that's true. I haven't made up my mind. I haven't actually met her yet. So wage right now. We're just your your your part of the family reunion. So we're just going to go meet her and it's not unprovoked. Okay. I'm going to meet her. That's fine. M-hm. Should we advise Eric? He seemed nice enough. Yeah, I see no reason be I don't know how we're going to get across the Frozen Wasteland thoughts on this way. I can I can come up with another character no tears that there is no other guy I can think of that'll get us across this here. Northern rail me she did you bang Job, very good Yelp review. I'll do it when we get back. You mean he didn't give him a Stars yet. I'm a small business owner. You are driving a letter. Yeah, you have to do it. Yeah, I'll do it. I'll get to it. Where is he right now? Anyway tradition you said all you have to do is go over to the Old Stone and put on the Stars off my God. It's right. Yeah, it's far away. Okay fine. I'll go right now. Yes right now start pushing me. Stop it. Go faster. He's at the end or his house. He's probably at his house with the dogs with the dog need a rest. Well, I'll give them a five-star review. This house is number 7 on the map and say that he sings if she met him extra. Do you all go to Derek's house plus dad jokes. Oh, yeah. Yeah. What does he like moved away to start that business at the icefire like everything's just gone down. Businesses at the I. He's going to start to do the tours without a suit. He's he's kind of running. He's stealing idea that business caved-in. Oh, it sure seemed very true. Okay, you're right about location. Well, it turns out you're here is Eric. I'm right here. I've been here the whole time. Is there a guy already paid you right? Yes. Well, that's that's right. Oh I was so I was so distracted here. I gave you ten more gold. Now you totally prepaid me masturbo. No, I don't think so. I don't remember ever paying any gold a you've definitely paid me and you said keep your chin up chip. I think the front office. I don't think that was like, I don't think I'd say anything like that. He suggested I would it's like that I would expect you to punch me in the face. Thank you very much for governor page him Tim, you know mocking my accent what? Yeah very drunk and you kept saying like Governors shit. You see you see him touching his face and nobody punched me in the space. I mean I may have once but this is Mark. Hay sarek since you just finished up a job. You're in between jobs right now. I was thinking how would you like a job? I am in the market for more work wage. We need to go to hagg's reach. I know the way can you bring our whole party with you? Yes, 250 miles now. It's not that long. How much would that cost? It's only twenty gold. Wow. Bargain. How many days travel are we talking here? They're ten days. If it's dead, there's no weather 12 days. If there's a storm go per person or Twenty gold total. There's no I aspire to Traverse. We will do better in the wilderness, but there are dangers. Oh, okay, so we should prepare better as what you're saying and encouraging it, right? All right, what would you recommend us bringing? You need more cold-weather gear? We won't be climbing or swimming. But there are trust trust rules and their winter wolves and there are witches. I mean, I already got one of them we are going to hags reach. It makes a lot of sense I'd say just if you know how to prepare against to which you're doing one up one more than me one of us might cause I haven't met a creature yet that I couldn't punch into submission just saying I haven't been a credit. You couldn't put it into submission either. That's exactly right, you know, you can always trust a horn on that one month. So we leave tomorrow tonight. Oh my dogs need a day. And then we can go. Okay, The Day After Tomorrow will say you take the day in between sessions. You can buy your items or things. I'll I'll let you know what's available for purchase in this town. When you get to the exact place. He has all of the dogs ready to go. So before we go to xerex or at sometime Kelly would just love to leave a message with a dream message Mundo. Oh, yeah, we still haven't heard from him and he's like part of our team. Let's do that right now. Yeah, true that. Okay. Can you print your message how its twenty five words? Are you doing dream message or you doing the one where he can actually talk to you suck could prepare twenty five words would suck. It's like less than a tweet. What is it called? I don't even know say that. What was it sending? Yeah sending you send the creature mental age of twenty five words or fewer and it can respond immediately with its own message with twenty five words or fewer starting now. Hey Raymundo, we are going to hagg's reach and I love to hire you to help me kill. My mom done possum remained. Oh, you are getting all of your stuff ready for the next part of your journey going to be on math. Heading to Jama Jama Juice. And all of a sudden you it it says you have to like accept it. Not really but like you hear all sudden like you here Ellie talking in your head and she says those those words and you would know in a way for some how you would know that you could respond. I can respond immediately. Yeah, you have to respond immediately. Okay. Hello Haley. It has been a while. Can't talk now. I am too busy. See you soon. Goodbye. How many fifth level spells is Ellie have a day two or three sounds like someone just got fucking the keys or anything. You just you you're about to be ghosted. Oh, well, I'm lucky. Oh guys, you can send another one like you're going to be sleeping. So you'll get your spouse back. Yeah, I can send two more. That's true. That's true. I love this song. But hey Raymundo. Where are you going? Why does it feel like you are breaking up with I was going to say us but I run out of words, so stops it with. It's twenty-five words, right? You got more. Well, she's deaf there. Okay heart emoji. Haley my friend I am not breaking up with the group. I am very busy having to yamas much-loved Muchos or more cheese. Oh, hey Raymundo. I only get to kill my mom once I would love your help dagger Emoji off with a heart emoji and a smiley face and if there's an emoji with a puppy dog with really big eyes Haley I am very interested in a cannot come in person will send an emissary. heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji Peach What the fuc? Okay, that's the last message that you get from beginning to wonder if these magic messages should have emojis your first place. Yes, they do but it's more of a feeling very it is that's kind of the person actually sound like to be audible write a piece sounds like hey, dude, that's gross. I can't believe you would send that. He has no context to know what that means now. That's okay. That's the last thing that you hear. What do you do with this information? And what is you do busy with whatever what time is it time to go? Yes. So go talk to Uma, okay. Hey, hi. What's up? You seem down. What's wrong talk to Raymundo. Did you talk to you know, he's not here and that's the point. He said he's too busy to help kill. My mom with me. Nobody intercepted that message, right? No, that's good. That's probably good. But he said he said, okay, so I asked him like three times and not only did he say he was too busy sending an emissary. So not someone to come help it sounds like he cares. Oh that was like a nice thing to do. Yeah. I mean you probably wouldn't send anyone. You said he said he was too busy taking care. He would have just been like I'm too busy fuck off and he's going to yeas something. Yes mere yes me a place. I don't know. It sounds like a place. I know there's a place called you unmask that it's that the one that sounds right? Maybe he has more business. I don't know. I mean he he had a a reason to be with us before we were trying to help him all it was helpful for him to have us there. Maybe he just moving on. Sorry. I know it's hot. Nope, it's fine. It's fine. I'm excited to meet his Emissary and she'll walk away. Just know that it's okay. Bye. I'm sorry. What were you going to suck? She did like she's like hangs the phone up the fuk. Sorry. I thought you were needing Emissary might not mean friend. It could just be a professional so just be aware of that. Don't get your hopes up that it's going to be like an amazing person. Okay. But be glad for the help very true. Thanks. I talk to you like I helped very much. You didn't thanks. So awesome off. You guys all get to the sleds. The dogs are ready to go. Zach's got it all set up so you can take off and that's where we're going to stop. It was a sad ending off now that you're on your way in the channels and all been told dragons us making catch up on Thursday and the slight west side quest off.

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