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Whats the Point of an In-Season Tournament? | Heat Check


NBA Show is presented by state farm. Just like basketball. The game of life is unpredictable. Talk to a state farm agent and get a teammate. Who can help you navigate? The unexpected can help you handle whatever life throws your way like for example. You're the Toronto Raptors. You're down thirty going into the fourth quarter. What do you do you? Stage the biggest comeback in in franchise history against you know. Walk Up. Poor Dallas Mavericks. We're going to talk about that in just a second. Get a teammate. Who can help you navigate the unexpected talk to a state farm agent did today about combining your home and auto insurance and now he check the hot chick discovered welcome to heat check? I'm your host John Normally I would be joined by our longtime producer. Who's just been here forever? Steve but instead we brought in a fillon. Oh my God a temp Liz back back. I did not not expect this to be the treatment that I would have upon my triumphant return. This is wonderful. I asked Santa for a special president and he came wrapped in a bow. God's Gods you're in your forty S. He's still talk to Santa. Of course I do in fact not only do I still talk to center. This is the honest to God truth. We've we've completely gone off the rails already colleen and I took our dogs who are named Blitzen and Dasher. Okay to the promenade mall right in Santa Monica gas to take pictures with Santa gone if this happened. I'm forty two years old. I don't know what to say that that's I kind of respect that in a certain way I really like Christmas. which by the way be on the lookout for the ringers favorite favorite Christmas songs story which is coming up anytime now? Are you excited about that year. Singer will I'm an amateur singer half professional I guess professional. You do really wonderful for work. I recommend you check out. Isaac lease various stuff on our ringer youtube channel. You're back on heat. Check is very excited. Yeah Derby Yoda other. We were Jason Gallagher and I were texting last night. We're almost at a million views on YouTube. So if you guys want to give that a spin you know get a little holiday spirit. This is perfect synergy It's right in the sweet spot between Ringer produce content and star wars which we have tons of hanging out and doing a lot of binge MoD stuff. Be sure to check out all of that. I want to thank you guys for listening to our program. A reminder to please rate and review US an speaking of rigorous content don't forget all the great NBA content that we have on the ringer dot COM arapahoe. New Staff Writer. We have to have him on the show. He he wrote a piece about whether Kyle Kuzma fits in or out in La Isaac. Do you have an opinion on that. I forget you haven't really been on the show in a while. Do you have a team team like. I'm a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. Sim says. I'm from Los Angeles. I believe that Kyle Kuzma or sorry. Let me call him by his proper name Taller. Jr Smith does not fit in Los Angeles came back and hit the ground running on. He got a piece titled Milwaukee is so Bucking Good Bang Incredible show on that one and this is not basketball. But I'm going to give a shout to tyler. Hynes who wrote for our year and package Colin Kaepernick's exile feels like forever. Always he's retired. He's really good coming up later in the show we're going to discuss the proposed changes to the league schedule and the format and the latest reported twists on that some new details emerging but burst lots of stuff to review from the weekend. So let's get into the news from around the League and bring in our regular contributors Dannon Haley sock. The right one of them is joining me in studio one of them is way across the country. He is not however in our NYC HQ. He's isn't a back bedroom of his in-laws house in scenic Yorktown New York literally lounging in a Barcalounger. It's heat shock coast to coast with Haley and Dan and for the two of you. Oh boy do I have a surprise joining us. Steve is out. We have a new Steve. WHO's here his name is Isaac? I BELIEVE IS A. Hey Yeah Isaac Lee Isaac Isaac Kayla is my name Nice to be prodigal son has returned caused by a cast past. Don't call it a comeback. He's been here for years. We got the band. I'm back together. This is very exciting. Yeah very excited about it. Yeah I'm really attached to St. Oh my God. He's really taken a shine to Steve. We'll see if you can work back into her. Good graces is a class sure. It's not like she's been one of my oldest friends up company we'll see. Is it as the show continues. But first let's review some headlines from around the league with NBA instant replay our gang so the Denver Denver Nuggets they go and they smack the Lakers in Los Angeles. Lebron James did not play according to Brian One horse and ESPN. He was not load managing Dan Lebron had an injury jury that you mentioned in our slack that I don't remember what was it. It was a thoracic muscles stream which I believe is in the side and a nagging groin issue too so I guess he's been playing with a little bit the thing to for a little while so injured not load manager Isaac. Do you have an opinion on this on whether he was injured versus actually load managing. It would be poetically ironic if he was actually load load managing. But it seems like it's an actual injury. Oh you you're believing he's okay. He's the cash tag washed king. Okay I was wondering how you're going to throw shade at them and you figured out a way proud. Have you They've lost three straight. The Lakers the Denver Nuggets on the other hand after a slow start and lots of hand ringing by us have won six straight. They are now second in the West. Halio Shaughnessy honesty. Were we wrong to discount or downplay them early in the season when they were off to a slow start I remember myself saying that you know their defense was very good in their offense was kind of what was lagging here which was surprising because they have all these offensive weapons so no. I'm not surprised that it's coming along however I do think that they need more stability on offense. Yes and this is something this brings me to my next point. Dan Nikola Yokich he also got off to a slow start. There are a lot of people who who questioned his conditioning and how he came into the season and now all of a sudden he's absolutely crushing. It is the first center in NBA history record at least five triple doubles in four consecutive seasons since Yokich had been tied with Wilt Chamberlain who I understand from being Philadelphia was very good now. He's really killing it but I wonder about what Haley was saying about. So you've got nickel Yokich and you you've got Jamal Murray. But could they may be used some more top line talent. 'cause they're super deep but maybe they could use like maybe an extra guy yeah. I think think that's interesting because if unless you find the perfect fit for that guy you're going to tilt more one way than the other. So you know. Kevin O'Connor reported for us a couple of weeks ago that they might be Kevin love team. And that's an interesting fit. You could do a lot on offense with him next to nickel Yokich. But if you're building a deal around a big salary like say Paul Millsap. He's been really important player for that defense. That has Haley. Noted has been much better this season than a lot of people expected. So are you then going back to the days. Where the nuggets team that could score one hundred fifty on somebody but we're going to give up one hundred and fifty you want you know? I think that's kind of the concern for them. So that puts you in a position where you're thinking more of like you target a guy. He's been big on the idea. That drew holiday needs to be saved. Is he somebody that would make a a lot of sense there. Haley what do you think about that kind of matchup. Get some movement in your offense and get some scoring. I liked Jamal Murray. But I do think that he's still so young. Long inconsistency is such a big part game. Last night against the Lakers. He went over six from three. He's worth six points. Eleven shots he's not GonNa be you're consistent guy get get a veteran like Giralda. It's interesting because they let him grow. They are so deep right and that is their biggest strength and yet it is potentially in the playoffs as we saw last this year. And we've seen with teams previously could be potentially a detriment because in the playoffs. You're going to need certain people to take over and last year especially in that Spurs series where they barely only got out of the first round. It was nickel Yokich looking around waiting for somebody else to help him. And there wasn't really that like second or third option for them so we'll see what happens with the Denver Nuggets but so so far so good for Denver they're killing so far so good for the Toronto Raptors Holy Hell Down Thirty in the third quarter to the Dallas Mavericks. They came back to beat them. It was the largest comeback back in Franchise History Kyle. lowry absolutely went off in the fourth. Quarter Nick nurse through a full Corp press at the Mavericks and force them into several several turnovers. Because of course nick nurse did that. He of the box in one famous box and one in the in the playoffs. The Raptors have won five straight. Dan They improve to twenty one in eight. It seems like the more starters they lose the better they fly. Yeah I mean maybe we should have seen this coming. You know for years in Toronto. The the best lineups raptors could throw out no matter who was around him. Was Kyle lowry three and four guys from the bench. So if you remove all other starters and everybody is a guy from the bench you know all of a sudden Rhonda Hollis Jefferson and Terrence Davis and Chris Boucher and everybody else wind looking pretty damn good and I think that's been really encouraging thing for for Toronto. The last handful of games during this winning streak lowry had been injured. He had a fracture in his thumb comes back and he is crushing. Shing it right now. Twenty three points in the final fourteen minutes last night's game he's taken like eight threes game during the stretch. They need him to be a real generator of offense with Seok them out with gas. It's all out. He's got to do a lot of the shock creating and he's been fantastic since he's got back here Haley. I wasn't sure what to make of this team. When fully healthy now we know when fully healthy? They're going to be right right there. But what did we miss. And I'm using the royal. We hear about the Toronto Raptors because yeah they lost but they're still obviously a very good team in super deep. Yeah you know. I like to separate myself Elf. Everyone else's opinion noted when I'm right in forgotten when I'm wrong. I think that last night's game is a perfect example of a contrast the mavs and I'm not putting this against them. This is just for contrast purposes. Lost Aggression last night. The Raptors are a team that has never lost aggression in all the games that I've seen them play this season. That is the kind of players that they are even using of their one emerging star this year. Pascal Siaka he embodies that. Kyle lowry embodies that Dan. You were just talking about. Kyle Kyle lowry and four guys from the bench. That's why they perform so well. It sounds like an easy answer but they are always aggressive. They're always aggressive. They're really good I was wrong about the Toronto Raptors. They we are currently what in fourth place as we record this. Things are going really well for them. Everything's pointing up. Maybe not going as well. What happened in Philadelphia Isaiah Thomas? I'm sure you guys saw all this. We talk a lot about these fan. Player interactions this. One was not great. So Isaiah Thomas ended up going into the stands to argue to Philadelphia Fans. All three of them Isaiah Thomas and the two fans were ejected from the game so. It was asked about it after the game he said Fan gave him to middle fingers and said Fuck you Betcha three times and then as Isaiah confronted him he said why would you do that and he said the fan said to him. I'm sorry I just wanted a frosty now. What happens is in Philadelphia in the fourth quarter if an opposing player MRS chew consecutive free throws everybody understands gets a frosty? I WANNA say a couple of things about this first frosties delicious. Who doesn't like a frosty second stopping an asshole? If you're in the stands like frozen fast food item that costs. I don't even know what it costs. Like a buck fifty. As a reason for you is not licensed for you to be an asshole in the stands and I say this not just about Philadelphians who I love and part of their charm is being assholes but for fans hands all over the league like yes you bought a ticket it is. You're right as I have said on this. Show Tabu Haley. I think you should do. It is your God given ability as a Philadelphian however however there's ways to comport yourself and this is not the right way to comport yourself. Yeah no I completely agree and I hate that. There's a rule that he automatically that is a Thomas automatically got two game suspension. I understand why it exists but at the same time. What are we going to do if somebody comes in here and starts talking crazy like that? What if Tyler sometimes comes in here and says all at stars a high chance of Tyler Times coming in here his name so we're not supposed to like approach him it just? I understand why it exists to keep everyone in check at the same time. I always feel sorry for the players. In this instance because they're just defending that it's a weird situation so I got suspended for two games. It's GonNa Cost Awesome Thirty Two k the NBA statement was two point about. It's a bummer. NBA Rules State that any player. Who deliberately enters the spectator stands during a game will automatically connected in subject to a fine and or suspension in terms of discipline for the fans? The seventy sixers have banned the fans who were involved from the arena for one year which means not just no basketball games. No Hockey Games concerts nothing and also so it turns out that the two guys were in the seats. Don't own the seats. The season ticket holder. Dr Who had those seats had them revoked for the year and is getting them refunded so some people thought on twitter that it was This guy sold them on stubhub. POB was like hey how can you possibly know who's going to buy your tickets. I I reached out to the organization and people over. There told me that they believe that it wasn't sold on stop. Hobbit the season season ticket holder had given him to these two frosty knuckleheads and these two knuckleheads were being aggressive. So Dan where do you land on both. It being suspended for two games is costing him thirty two thousand and also these two guys being banned from the arena for the year if we're sort of trying to both sides things. I like that I've been set up to be the guy who's pro saying fuck you bitch three times somebody. Yeah you really got you. Love overly aggressive fan behavior. I'm a big fan of cursing. I'm a big fan of saying saying mean things to people know. Yeah I mean. I'm not shedding tears for the guys who got thrown out and are now banned for a year. I think it's a little bit much that the guy who gave his buddies the the seats gets them revoked for a year. But also you know if you have buddies that are assholes this might happen and you might be rethinking the way you would be interacting with those assholes. The Isaiah Thomas Imus thing is tough because you get why that exists right. Malice in the palace happened. And there have been instances where you the League wants to make sure they have nothing to do with anything like that in the future. Sure this was very clearly not that it was Isaiah Thomas Very calmly walking up and talking and like a measured tone to somebody but still you know you understand why that existed. I think it's it's a tough beat verizon at Thomas but I think the rule is there for pretty legitimate reason. If you have buddies who are assholes in Philadelphia high chance of that. All of my friends astles as I said. That's part of the charm are moving along to some other news Dallas Mavericks before they ended up coughing that lead to the Toronto Raptors. They were rolling their rowing without Luca they beat the sixers on the road. KP had a career. High Eighteen rebounds. Looks like Luca is almost ready to return here gang according to ESPN. He is set to practice on Tuesday. Newsday he could play on Thursday hilly. Good news for the Taos Mavericks. Yeah of course I mean what I was saying before about what they don't have that the raptors have can be made up by Luca coming back you could does. The law is the leader. Yeah the leader. Yeah he's a pretty good player. Unquestionably the leader in that he was very good before he went down. He'll be very good when he comes back. Dan As our resident fashion east of here. I wanted to throw this past year. He's just he's just a good looking man everybody There's a report. Luca might sign with Jordan. He normally wears Kobi's. I'm big Jordan Fan Myself. I'm sure that this was on your radar. Oh Yeah I mean as somebody who's constantly paying attention to what sneakers people are and are not wearing. This was a big news for me. My understanding is that Luca might have signed with Jordan specifically out of a denim affinity like they have the same kind of taste jeans. I'm not really sure if that's it's true or not but that's my understanding so if that's the case like listen I mean I know solid so your all of your stolen washed and other sorts of washed endeavors. I look forward to seeing what the kids look. Look like the signature so full on Denham outfit. That's GonNa be the whole bed. It's going to be great. Isaac you're wearing some denim in nine meeker had as well You're excited about Luca potentially signing Jordan. I'm I'm excited for Luca doing anything to this point. That's my guy. You should just text him. Congratulations because you guys are tight. You have sleepovers. No I have not been invited to look. Don't shoot Suare yet but If I ever do seem in these streets adapt. I'm sure that he'd be thrilled to see you. Guys especially after a loopy. Sure to check that out to other other things that happened in Texas that I wanted to run past you guys pop pop thing. So he was asked about a plus minus and he had a delightful Gregg Popovich response whereby he called single-game plus minus a hoax and an analytical fantasy. He mentioned that. Patty Mills had a game where he had a gazillion points and no turnovers and was yet a minus in double figures and it really rubbed the wrong way. Here's the quote that he gave. He said I always felt the kind of got snuck in on us. One Year we came in and all of a sudden one it was on the stats sheet there. It was plus minus. Nobody said anything. Nobody asked anybody as far as I know. That's a horrible thing for players. Because they look at it and they wonder why my boss has has been a lot better than that guy. Why am I not playing coaches nightmare? It's an analytical fantasy. Let you chew on that for a while. Dan As our resident numbers nerd. Defend Yourself. Okay so pop has a point in so far as relying on single-game plus minus to say well this guy was plus ten. That means he's better than that guy that was minus six. That's not necessarily true because that stat doesn't account for who else is on the floor game context. What the Line of the other other team was playing all sorts of stuff like that now over the course of a full season or over the course of multiple seasons? If you're minus gazillion over like two years maybe you suck and if you're plus a thousand in a five game stretch maybe you're doing some pretty good stuff on the floor. Then there's other ways to regularise it out in to average it out over who you play with and Yada Yada. There's very various advanced versions of plus minus that can tell you a lot about how a player is contributing or taken away from his team whether it's an analytical fantasy I don't know I love that phrase analytical fantasy I want I kinda cramped to put out an album called analytical fantasy that would become a beautiful dark twisted analytical fantasy. That's exactly right. Zach gets getting the lab Over the course of your your holiday break and come back with us in the New Year and let's get fresh Pop has always been pretty reluctant to embrace a lot of the stuff like. He's still arguing for the wife. The three pointers ruined the game. Even as the spurs like circle the drain offensively. They've been ahead of the curve on a lot of things but they're also been he's pretty touchy about some stuff so I understand where pops coming from but I think he also might need to lighten up a little bit Haley Wrap this up for us as I resident cool person but also as our residents smart person. He'll today getting roasted out here. Did did pop get this right in shouting down the NERDS. You know what I'm also going to say to Dan's point yes. Pop is old school but any age also called as a worthless stat two years ago and I also want to say that of course I'm not Super Big Fan of advanced analytics when I feel like they're getting in the way and also analytical fantasy sounds light like blogging and sports writers fan fiction which is delightfully nerdy so. I'm really glad that he dunked on everyone by not to on everybody all right that was was NBA instant replay. Before we go to the main event let's take a quick break and to our customer segment with the Google Assistant. Let's have a two minute. Debate on who each of us thinks thinks will win the NBA Championship. This year. Isaac K Google set a timer for two minutes. Okay two minutes and that starting now all right it is if you and I have not really ever talked basketball before. I don't know which team you like so sure so do tell me who do you think will win the NBA championship this this year. I am fairly confident that the Los Angeles Clippers Clippers Clippers of Los Angeles are going to win the championship this year. I don't know if I just jinxed it for us or if I Nafta knock on some wood somewhere Kawai. Paul George. Yeah well rounded roster. It is filled with a lot out of good redundancies. They're good embattled on the wing depth on the roster and I really believe that they have a chance to have a good chance this year. Now there are. There are two teams in Los Angeles. I'm wrong you don't like the other team no not at all. I don't recognize them as even though they are the predominant team in Los Angeles I do not ever heard awesome amazing that you don't like the Lakers that you do like the clippers that's a bold prediction by you I like that. You're going with the clippers. It's incorrect however okay what you need to be doing is focusing on team in the east and it is not as Cram wrote about the Milwaukee Bucks who are so good they are good however the playoffs as we know different animal. Of course you need a team that's built for the postseason. Sure you need a team. That's big in beef right thick with to see with the point guard. Who can shoot presumably that's such overrated? It'd frankly Team that spoke to play defense. Okay and that would be your Philadelphia. Seventy Salau okay I would never have expected this from Johns ahlers learning things about Saudi chess. Yes I've decided to pick the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers to win the NBA Championship. It feels like they're do. Oh sure I mean. When was the last championship with Moses Malone in 1883 which was very recent? Yeah very very recent L. E. Eleven years before I was born I was gonna say how many years before you were born negative eleven. You did the math for me. But I'm hopeful I'm hopeful that despite the fact that they've had struggles recently as we talked about it and headlines despite the fact that you disparage their point guard. Ben Simmons who had if he hid last year in the playoffs and the assigning dunker spot. I think Brown's GonNa Coach Them Up. Okay he's hit. What two threes this year? It's before so I guess. Improvement baby eighty steps all right. That was the Google assistant segment. Let's go to the main event so as first reported by WHOA load and as we've discussed on the program some potential alterations to the League format and schedule the NBA is discussing a one million dollar per player their purse for the winners of the proposed thirty team in Season Tournament for the twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty to schedule now in order to enact this Haley the NBA would need two thirds of owners to approve so twenty-three votes at the Board of Governors meeting in April there are some other things that have been proposed like having the seven and eight seats play in and then receiving the final four based on the regular season record. We'll get to those in a second. Those seem to be less hotly contested than this proposed in season tournament. Now part of the schedule part of the regular season schedule would go towards this midseason tournaments. So it's not like teams will be playing more games. In fact the proposal would be the team's most teams would play seventy eight or seventy nine games. There's a scenario however unlikely that a team could potentially play eighty three games but this idea of incentivising players to play in this tournament it by giving them a million dollars per player. Is that interesting. Do you think it's enough motivation. Do we like this. The average player makes nine million dollars the central roll. Unfortunately I wish this was a thing for WNBA players because then it would really matter but just like in. The context of the regular salaries doesn't really matter. I'm all for changes ages. And I'm all for reducing the schedule and if it's only three games at first great there's only three games but I don't think that this tournament is weird enough to matter or to make it interesting right now. It feels like a gimmick and gimmicks. Don't work in the NBA. All stars like got so unpopular because everything about is become a stunt. They're going about this all wrong. I I think you're right that it's not weird enough. The way that work as it would start in mid-november and run through December division games for home and four away would be used for the quote group stage. And then there'd be six divisional winners plus two wildcards for the knockout round. And then the quarterfinals will be at the home market. Semifinals and finals would be at a neutral site Dan. Devine there's been some talk hear about a lot of players to hills point about the average player making nine million dollars just preferring to take that time off which is kind of wild to me rather than competing for a million dollars per player. That's basically Dan Devine money would you. Would you be resting or trying to grab another million on top of the millions that you already make here or at the ringer. If I was the kind of player who was expecting to be playing until June I would say I could give a shit about this million dollars because I am probably already making fifteen or twenty or more than that and I know I have like seven months of competitive basketball ahead of me. I I get the idea. Cash Cup is something that it's a simple idea that you can make compelling Jason Concepcion in the NBA. Desktop guys have had sort of talked about this as an idea but it needs to be way more cash we need like petrodollars was like get some oligarchs in here and funneling money into it and maybe that's kind of what we'll jack it up but this seems like you're trying to tweak something and you're trying to put something yeah but you're not you're not opening up the piggy bank enough and you're not as I think he's right. This is like let's complicate everything with less reason for there to be investment in it from anybody's perspective. I don't get why anyone gives us shit about this at all yet and to your point about the purse. If you're like the Miami Heat and and your Kendrick Nunn in that money matters you Jimmy Butler is going to be like dude. I'll give you two million dollars but we need. You don't need you to play these extra games. I'll give you two million dollars to skip it. I like that. You're spending Jimmy bottlers money here. I don't think Jimmy Butler is given away that money I think to play you play you for it. I'll play myspace about right now with Bam. Didn't we talk about the sponsor did did listening to my favorite. He will give away that money he will give away that money. All you must do is win is basically you and I don't know each other very well. I think your basketball fan as of Basser time. We've done this bit today. I might do it more. There's still some show left as a basketball fan. Do you look at this and go. Oh it's exciting for me to maybe watch a team that I like potentially win a million dollars each No not at all. There's no incentive for fans to even root for it others within like the entertainment of watching basketball which by the way we're in the regular season there's basketball on all the time yeah. I'm not sure to dance. Dan's point here like about making this interesting and like maybe making it more complicated than it already is. I've looked at this a lot and I'm still not sure you're like functionally in mid November to December if they're going to use regular season games count toward this quote unquote tournament. How is that different than just having having the schedule being played like dance just like yeah? That's my point. Exactly you're making my point. Yeah this is an idea. That's gone back for years and years and years. So it's not just the response to the recent ratings downturn or any of that stuff but it feels like they're really grasping at how do we make the first two months of the season or like a month and a half into is the season compelling to people who know that nothing really matters until April and that's a hard sell. I don't think this is going to do that. I so I think if you're talking about how do you make a compelling for fans. I don't buy that. This is going to do it if you're talking about what's a compelling reason for the owners to get on board for this. There's that big question of is this gonNA generate enough money to at least break us even when you're losing three or four games or is it gonNA make more money for us and I don't think anybody's made a compelling argument that that's going to happen and for players a million billion dollars is awesome. But you know what's cool all the money that they fucking already make and they're going to continue making throughout the postseason so like somebody has to explain to me why this matters. I've yet to hear a single argument. Besides it's good to do different Shit. Sometimes I don't understand why this differentiate matters I love when dan gets worked hand motions. Everything is wonderful. Okay but guys. It's the holidays get positive. Okay just Chris Second. There is a reason to think about a tournament. Ask any soccer fan in your life. These tournaments are very fun but the MBA is not getting creative enough. Nobody cares because these guys are already competing against each other all the time. I'm telling you I don't know if it has to be against the regular teams or some variation of that but get the euro league in year in your. That is how you make this. Finally early can't be limited to NBA teams. Euroleague would be fun G. League would be fun. WNBA weird. I'm actually doing three of three tournaments Now it's just not working. We've already just come up with more exciting and interesting things I will however say and previously we. We mentioned this on my big hope had been that they would reduce use the regular season schedule by ten games. Right go to seventy two or something like that. Now we're now we're talking about something that is good for everybody across the board. This isn't right the the owners won't go for this and maybe the players would neither because it would be a potential reduction in funds but such a long grind of a season and you're getting players who were load managing anyway and again as I've mentioned previously like the dog days of March suck. They suck for the fans they suck for the players. The coaches just reduce it a little bit. I do however I want to talk about Haley's point about being positive here. It is the holidays. I do like these other ideas I do like the idea of having the seven and eight seed in the nine and ten play in. Let's start there okay. Explain that to me. They're gonNA play in like the wolves. Have you seen the major league baseball ball or the national football league. Okay so we saw bro definitely not understand but what I wanted to say was the compared to two years ago so the wolves and the nuggets was the most fun game of the season. Where either one? That was amazing. This is the way the upped the ante for everyone. This is the play offs. It's not a mid season tournament where you're getting a million dollars you are the stakes are literally the stakes. For the entire reason. We play this game which is get into the playoffs to win the championship. Can I just applauded applaud for a second because you wanted me to explain. Explain it yourself you gotta give yourself some more credit. You did a great job please please. Well well actually me and tell me in the future And you're right because a couple years ago I covered when the nuggets and the trailblazers were coming down to the wire and those two had played in Portland basically towards the end of the season. Yeah for that that eight seat. It was super super exciting. Dan also I also like the receding idea the final four based on the regular season record regardless of conference. I think this is a good start again. This is one of those things where I feel like I need compelling evidence that would matter over a longer period of time. Sometimes that means yeah you. Instead of warriors rockets being a semifinal. It's a final like an I get that but a lot of times. I don't know that I would look look for the teams in the same conference to be a more compelling matchup than one from us one from west I don't like would you rather have had the western conference finals last year. Then Raptors warriors and And I I don't know I don't know if I would have wanted that. I think I'm a more on board for this than I am for the tournament but I feel like I'm still not convinced. Maybe I missed the old man shaking fist at cloud. I kind of feel like once you get to the playoffs. The playoffs are pretty fucking cool. I don't know that I need a whole lot different in that. This generally speaking. I'm more on board for this one. I think they're trying but I'm with Dan and on the whole that they're not quite there especially not with the tournament But we'll see maybe it'll get voted down and they'll come up with some new proposal all right. That was the main event. Let's go to everybody's favorite segment that we haven't done one is in a little bit. It's time for good call bad. Call a full call here art. I one for you guys. Have you seen this Haley. We start with Haley. Always the bucks. Do this bit pre-game in the hallways where they act like. They're pro wrestlers and they beat the shit out of each other and then like they try try to pin one guy down for the three count and the whole bit. I suspect that Robin Lopez was the originator of this. I don't know that for sure but this this feels like his kind of thing. Good caller or bad call with them going full. WWE before game. I love fighting last night. I was watching youtube videos of professional cyclists fighting each other off off the bikes. So fucking call good call. There's a lot to unpack. They like us to keep the show short and quick. I WanNa I do like twenty minutes on you watching youtube videos of dudes fighting each other and Jason length fighting each other of bikes. Yeah amazing amazing. Yeah habits of one Halio Sean. Come into a heat. Check podcast near you soon. Dan Devine your wrestling fan. What say you I say? I really want to learn more about Haley in the dark watching youtube videos of people fighting like eating beans out of a cannon whatever the fuck that looks like that sounds phenomenal to me. I'm on board for it but I feel like as as long as nobody's getting like you know the people's elbowed winds at breakneck clavicle or something like that. Imagine the headlines would come out if it was like yeah they were just rough housing a little bit. It's like you're fighting your brother rather on a on a bed. You'RE GONNA power bomb on the couch. Then all of a sudden Wesley Matthews out for the season like keep it fun. Keep it safe everybody but yes of course. Wrestling is wonderful and now everything is wrestling so why or not keep it fun keep it safe is for this segment just to explain it to you. It's called how bad call me if we're gonNA keep doing what I want you to do. Here's the site what is that. Yeah call our call that they do this. You're acting like I didn't originate this segment with you guys This is an extremely bad call in my opinion pin. You guys are pro basketball players. Don't be even remotely approaching a scenario in which you could get injured like your body is your job. So like don't put that endanger allow. God I like. I'm not like Haley Bro. Shaughnessy who's very pro. Violence is very very Stayed take here. Good call for me. This is just good fun. You Hate Fun Fun. I'm pro fun. Isaac as anti-fun this violence. This is how we roll piece guys dividing lines to Boston. We Go Romeo Lankford. There's a mass live story about. How coaches and teammates drive him everywhere because He doesn't have a driver's license. But that's not what I bring up here Haley a detail in this story that I think some people might have skipped over one of Romeo Lankford supreme game routines chiens. His ritual is to listen to Selene Dion. Good caller Brad. Call Romeo Langford New Albany High School's own which is just across the River from Louisville Kentucky. Look at that should be treated like a king. In all aspects the power of love and Louisville could call good. Call Dan Devine you. You noted residents Celine Dion Fan. Apparently he committed to Indiana with my heart will go on the song from titanic so this is an ongoing bit it. I love it. Listen man whatever gets you pumped up the Canadian. Sean is what gets you there. Romeo Langford go for it. Isaac closest thing we have on this program to musician it. Basically you played in Vegas just like celine. Dion had a big show in Vegas on the Strip you and your ice cohort Jason. Gallagher playing the Vegas trip. You're a big musician. What say you about None of what you said is true. But I'm very pro getting in touch with feelings and what better way to get in touch with feelings. Then swing dion the Queen of Canada. Good call from you. Great Call I know you. I know you're new to the show. But we try to. Yes end the bidding. Go See Isaac on the Vegas Strip. It's an amazing ticket to each his own. You WanNA listen to Celine Dion. Listen to Selene Dion. That's a good call for me. Another one forum Boston Brad Stevens put in Taco Fall Taco played the home blowout versus the Pistons. The crowd was chanting for him now. This is what I want to ask you about. Brad's daughter Kinsley told Brad. It's time to give the people but what they want in other words put a Taco in and he did good call bad call listening to his daughter get call always right. They know what they're talking single time. They're right Dan Devine and as the father of daughters back home as a father of God no of course of course Taco Fall is an entity unto himself himself apparently conducting the Boston pops. Tonight I got a press release about that seven hours ago so Taco fever is spreading all throughout the Boston area. Get yourself checked to get a flu shot but yeah you gotta listen to your daughters. Do the right things. Unless they're they're wrong in which case you don't listen to them and you say Chevron you can't do that just generally not nothing specific here. You're you're spitballing. Hypothetically hypothetically like if you had a daughter named Yvonne and she was really wanted to rock a chair into a wall over and over again you just say like no. You can't do that. You have to stop it. DADS on Westwood. Here is what has to go record a podcast in a back bedroom real quick. Hypothetically is a good call bad call. I mean this is a good call but let me just throw in one other thing here. I don't know if you saw the video that getty posted yesterday but Tommy Heinsohn pronounced Taco falls name as Takhot Lice. Kako fall culture. I don't know what that rhymes with. There's nothing that rhymes with Taco rhymes with TACO. So I feel like that's a bad call by Tom Heinsohn by not pronouncing his name correctly. Tommy Heinsohn has been on the Mike for one hundred fifty years so the fact that he's still out there doing it. God bless timing heinsohn necessarily. I was going to be bad. Call on this. Because we don't go in. Mm for nepotism here at the ringer and Brad Stevens. Just like giving into his daughter. I what are you doing here but then once you mentioned the Boston pops Dan Devine now. Now I'm in now. It's good because I I love any kind of Pop Boston. Pop philly pop them in did you guys know that I can do at Tommy Hinson impersonation really well you the right. No you guys got to get me drunk. I feel a microphone. You have to do it doing it. I've got to leave something. What a teaser teaser? Fortunate last one and this is just for Dannon Haley Isaac. You're out good call or bad call on the performance of one rookie rookie Isaac veteran Stephen Contract. You that we'll find out. That's a bad call from handling Dan. Devine what do you think so so I'm GonNa go with good call all I think a lot of promise. I WanNa hear him singing at some point you really feel like I land on him but I like it. I'M GONNA go good call to I think a couple of more rats. Yeah yeah come on get the rust off. And he'll be okay. I WANNA thank rookie is failing. And we'll call him. New Steve Steve's filling in for the old Steve is typically really well done by you. Dan Devine thank you so much Halio Shaughnessy and thank all of you. Please rate and review us if you would be so inclined please read all all of our content on the ring dot com listen to the ringer. NBA show and the Ringer podcast network. He check will be back next week and we just want to say to all of you out there happy holidays. Thanks for doing this seriously. We really appreciate you guys listening to us. That means a ton and we'll be back next week uh-huh yeah.

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