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PODCAST is presented by you know the capital one assistant. What's in your wallet? It's the shipping container talking to you on Tuesday. It was a late one last night. Boys a late one not because of the heat game. I watch parasite in the bachelor. I don't know if you guys are doing up late. I went to bed at nine thirty. Oh yeah yeah parasite. I mean we get to. He became a parasite gate ladder reading tough to watch it. When you have a two year old running around ladder rewinding but all in all really good movie? Have you seen IT IN A. Why a lot of rewinding I want to get to it? I've been wanting to get to it for a while. And once upon a time in Hollywood I haven't gotten to either of a lot of winding because you're reading the whole time and if I'm watching my two year old Mrs Scene and I had to do some cooking dinner and stuff so there was a lot of stopping rewinding but as we were talking about earlier. It's nice to watch a movie re can't be on your phone while watching so that was. That was a weird feeling. I'm almost down to do that. More often get more international. I want to force myself to change. Change the language on an English language film just so I have to read the subtitles so I can be more engaged that why you always watch TV on mute. A lot of people well had to have been like you right Kris where they just learned. Basically everyone's telling them. Hey parasite is really good. I'm not maybe into subtitle movies or Foreign Oren movies but I have to watch this evidently because I just learned about how good it and maybe I'm being myopic but I think foreign film Oscar winner and I'm thinking just very like like Foo- fee but this thing in the first half of it you're like this could be a few movie and then it just kind of like. Oh Yeah this is a movie this is an arthouse. Yeah and that's why and then I'm watching them like wow. This was an Oscar nominee. I agree with it because it's a great movie but it's just it's got some thrill in towards the end. I read that I read that they're making an English language television mini series for HP l.. And they're eyeing mark Ruffalo for one of the title roles. I hope it's different than the movie because it would be if you just replicate the movie which Church Church just sort of inspired by but all right. Let's just get to what everyone wants to talk about. which is bachelor? Peter is really blowing this man. It is so frustrating strating. How immature he is? There's four women left and he's basically got the four. Yeah it's Dad's got moving quick going fine up so I think six or seven. Yeah Yeah how long does it usually last it. I I'm I'm this is only my second season that's too long episodes way to on. He's just basically. There's four women left in the foremost immature women and We'll get to this on the mystery. We're going to do bachelor with the boys. We'll get to that. You can catch up if you really interested it later in the week but we can what. I'm sorry I just Peter's just on my mind right now what's on. Everyone's mind is obviously yeah panthers again dropping losing skid for these guys four one against the flyers who we're GONNA see on Thursday and when we go for shipping container night again. They're really hesitant to confirm this whole opening of the the cats down. I don't feel like it's happening avenue that happened to you like if it's not I ended my most recent email with Chris. Cody would really like to open up the cats. All I'm saying is I'm going not watching about who opens that den. Yeah and if it's someone that's below me no see. I see a season ticket holder dolphins off line. Well that one at least a dolphin I I don't like you know at the Dolphin. Put It on the Pole Guillermo at Lebatardshow who is more relevant to open up the cats Dan. I- Dolphin Offensive Lineman or the shipping. You've missed this. This has been a thing. They've been doing lately where they claim to be more famous than the offense of land. We we resonate nationally horrible thing. I also can't name. A Dolphin Center has twenty two hundred followers on twitter. Billy what's the argument. You're making billy on behalf of the gas. Well you don't have a great Tony. Tony Great. What are the panthers giving us? You guys going out there. Like what are you guys getting to do. Are they just going to call it shipping container night and then not give you anything pushing on a run show because You know well to vote does go. Chris Cody's volunteered to drive his. Am Bony boot right now. What they're giving us our entire night? There is a promotional code that I I don't have authorization to tweet out myself. I kind of need them to tweet it out. We need to tell people that code if they're GONNA use billy you're preaching to the choir. I'm I'm pushing on all of this this but right now they're giving us hangup is it an ESPN vice president like always like we. We can tweet out the the the actual promotional code ourselves it needs needs to be all handled through the panthers so I'm just waiting for them. They said they'll do that or reach readers. Yeah we'll retrieve the shit out of it but for right now we're going there. Free free drinks free food. Here's the entire suite. They gave us tickets. The Panthers are GonNA play a game. That's it that's all the jerseys and we've been discussing discussing like being part of like the intermission entertainment but I'm still waiting on an official run of artless if you're listening right now and you're like wow. I was thinking about going to this but I. It doesn't seem like anything's going to be set up. We can set up an occurrence if they don't set something we'll say. Hey at this period out. It's just weird like that just like as you said. I think we're in the red zone right now. Like I'd like to mention what we're doing but whatever it's going to be more than free drink and free food every time you guys go anywhere where with me. It's free drink and number one versus here with us this so zooming the free drink and free food. Yeah there's there's a sweet I don't know about the free drink and free but if it's not free I'm GonNa get stuck with the TAB. That's the way that one worked right. I mean well we we follow although Andrew Marchand. It's going to be you could pal. I mean we got free food and drinks last time we let Mike. We weren't even decided the pay for my own food. If I'm going to be honest with you I mean I just WanNa hang out with my friends family and celebrate this team and us. Yes and I guarantee you. We're going to be doing something for the Florida. Panthers just are not committing to exactly what we're GONNA do and I'm like Chris. Cody will literally sweep pop. The the the ice to do that in in between Zamboni those shouldn't he be on the Zamboni if they do that usually. It's a little kid. I'm okay not stealing stealing. No you should steal from a little kid. That's exactly how that's like. It's all fun and Games but if I wanted to ride the Zamboni it's not my turn kid and I like pushing Chaman. You should run over a six year old no real harm no real just a funny video that shows a six year old getting brushing going into the boards. No Oh just you should start your own t shirt toss dude. That's what I mean but this is what you need to do. Man Look Listen To me though panthers stop listening for a moment. This is what you need to get a bunch of t shirts and just wear them all so you get through security with like ten t shirts on because if you walk in t shirts shirts they're gonNA take him away. I like what if you're wearing the t shirts they'll just be like okay. This is a larger person. I can't question. The fact that they look suspiciously. Lord layered for this game exactly the nation and stuff so yeah just where a bunch of shirts ten or twelve shirts and then once you get in you take them off and then at some point in the game probably during during intermission so that we don't cause a spectacle but like in one of the intermissions like if we're not if the ink isn't dry it on any of this stuff and all we're doing is kind of going to the game. Just make an announcement. The new T shirt time you start throwing the t shirts. Yeah and this is a perfect opportunity for us to mention that it is a thirsty Thursday which means five dollar our beers so even if Dan get stuck with the tab you're only going to be paying four thousand dollars I actually have an in with their host the uptown. Dale of the Panthers Really Esquire my man dougie fresh. Is that his real name or is he a dog and he goes by Dougie ask. Why did he go? Law School No why ask why I don't I don't know but it just sounds good good. He's one of my good friends and works here now. That's Dougie fresh but I have a hook. My point is is I search. Shoot him a text like hey if you need someone interviewed and come over here and you know what. I'm shooting the text rainy molar. WOW WE'RE GONNA get wrong texting Goldie. Then wow wow look at us. We actually pretty good you win. I put it on the poll at Lebatardshow Do you want to add an esquire wire to your name. Would you like to have an esquire on your name badly. I just WanNa do any of the work just like Dr. It'd be really cool to be referred to his doctor but it's a whole like student loan thing this guy's good. Though he works for the dolphins should do that. Actually I think we should start referring to you for one. Week is Dr Mike Ryan. Yeah like Dr Jerry Punch. Has Anyone really looked at his credentials. Dr Jerry Punch now. You don't know Dr Jerry. HOUSER video game character. Boxing sounds like a second level of Mike. Mike Tyson video game. It is boxing analyst. Yeah even his real name is punch really is named whether man that's named like whose last name is like drizzle missile at a doctor Jerry punches really his name it which is more fraudulent. The puncher the doctor good question. Well Dr Jerry Punch is And no way that's his name he works for. ESPN and he's on the NASCAR. beat method boxing. Okay so that's where we got it wrong. Yeah wait all Gerald Punch Jerry horsepower. He's doing that would actually help. He's actually helped with rescue offorts. Would that be. Let's go out to this interview with driver. Exit to Dr Jerry Horsepower. Doctor How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do. We're a nation of doers. What's Mike Bloomberg Berg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news and information business from scratch mayor of a diverse verse Progressive City Mike Bloomberg Rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving health care and public schools. Now he's running for president and Mike's the changing from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from divisive. This to someone who I builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results. Mike Bloomberg knows how to lead to build to deliver to do. He'll win tonight. This country Mike will get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the American can dream paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty an interesting creature that inhabits the flat arid plains of many automobile dashboard the bobblehead. It's most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the bobblehead here's how Geico not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed isn't statements twenty four seven online and over the phone. You'll not even more vigorously. Because he knows you should switch because yes. Switching to GEICO is a no brainer easy Z.. Public easy you can laugh all right. That's enough ignore the Miami Heat. Obviously getting Joel Embiid Joel. embiid is doing the surly superstar thing. I think you're talking about the dolphins game. Philip rivers that. That's what we were teasing all the time. I'm curious to see if this was a Philip rivers problem or a chargers problem because if rivers goes to a new team and he's still down one score with thirty five seconds left and no timeouts. You gotta look in the Mirror Philip. Yeah but Joel Embiid tweets out a harvey dent quote. You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain. Coincidentally incidentally Jimmy Butler instagram that very same caption in two thousand eighteen. Jimmy Butler post a comment on that Joel embiid po saying saying I know a place where villains are welcome and then Joel Emoji of shows shoulder. I don't know and then Joel embiid re response response to add Jimmy Butler damn right my brother I mean so. That's enough for us right. That's enough to as much as we love the soap opera and everything else. You get excited about that right up until I tell you guys. You're not going to be able to get him for Kelly Olympic right right up until I tell you it's going to cost you everybody Bam and Eero and everybody's it's GonNa cost cheap and beat at that age. The Godfather figure the question is was there a text sent between embiid and Jimmy Butler saying saying. Let's mess with people or did he just post something. and Jimmy just happened to harmlessly. Do the comment like do you think this is orchestrated or is this just like all right. I'm reacting to what he posts Jimmy and Joel have been very complimentary of each other the entire time when Jimmy left Joel was backing him up. And when Jimmy was down here there he only had the best things to say about Jimmy and not so great things to say about the rest of the locker room. There seems to be from the outside very much like team Ben and team Joel is that is that where you don has. Lung is directed at Ben Simmons when you don is has lem says of Jimmy Butler on social media if you put put him with a bunch of cats he's GonNa Start growling if you put him with a bunch of dogs he's going to be fine and comfortable. Is that where that comes from his at directed at Simmons previous stops. It's directed but if you want to like really analyze what he said bunch of cats Karl Anthony towns You really think you'd honest going there. I mean don't you want to do the conspiracy theory everything man don't you want dogs to Grou- like we would want him to growl if these you said he was so I could just pet them. I like like all idea behind. It's an algae. Dog Is your vicious cute. You don't WanNa dog that's like we're I'll sit. I love that dog. Hey Nobili Doug no one likes her bad boy. That's why I don't get this whole dog now but only affect good dog isn't afraid to shoot threes right and Ben. Simmons is afraid to shoot. Three dogs can be dumb dumb. Does the dog just like run into the middle of the streets. There's a car coming. Yes yes up eating your own hookah dog licking your but I know your mouth clean. They say that I don't really believe it. Yeah Yeah Dogs Dan cleaner than my dog and your freshman twice can be dumb. My dog was hit by a car two times and didn't learn the lesson either time how. How are you guys? We were having this conversation yesterday off air. Dan and I'm glad to bring you. Would you rather get hit by a bus or hit by lightning and I'm dying both ways surviving both. Yeah Yeah Oh I think I wanna be hit by lightning. Yeah sorry no rate is the coolest retire. I had a cousin that was hit by lightning until we verified that and then he wasn't a it was like an old story years ago and I remembered it as him getting struck by lightning and apparently he just it's like was near lightning gangster. Put It on the Pole Guillermo at Lebatardshow. which would you prefer if you got to live the being struck by a bus or by lightning? It's yeah good question. What if neither is guaranteed that you survive? You just have to take your chance. Have you gone bus. Have you seen some of the scars from people who have survived being struck by lightning. It like it comes up the hand and stuff. It looks like tattoos. It looks like it has to come out somewhere right. It has come out. Yeah sometimes it comes out of here is sometimes it comes out of your mouth sometimes it comes even your butt fat group. Wow really really you have right now on your phone you have video evidence of lightning shooting out. Someone's but you can assume yeah it's a theory of relativity right yeah tannehill would be good in the XFL. Wow tannehill accuracy would really. I know this is what I'm thinking. You think that the players players are like lower level players right so that would mean that you have a lower level line and you have lower level receivers. So if you're a great quarterback maybe the circumstances around you wouldn't allow how you to be and his Ryan Tannehill Great Court. Where did that come from? I like it. We were just talking about lightning. I like riot bus yesterday. About Right Tannahill and I I saw the list of the free agents. Tannehill was on there but I look I look at bottom from like you vs case keenum like the season ends before the NFL season begins adds to the XFL. Why are you forgetting means also worst pass rushes and worse corner bat? Well that's why we're playing the game. That's why we're trying to figure it out uh-huh because I believe they're all free agents in March right but the season ends in mid April. So you could have A. I don't know the rules of free agents and signings and other than the the rules should be. We'll take Ryan tannehill anytime exactly. No but I was thinking. What if your breeze wants to go out there and try things? Honor Philip rivers is like you know what because Philip Rivers. Dan is a gunslinger. And you know what happens. gunslinger bringing guns like board. Yep So he's like you know what. Let me go lace it up for the L. A.. Whatever whatever they're called wow okay the wildcats which which I have a pretty decent starter? Josh Johnson just want to know from week when he was hurt. Hypothetically speaking let's say one of them wants to or Jim. Let's James Wants to go play for the vipers because vipers already we have a quarterback controversy. James probably shouldn't do it because you know lots of lose their if you drink but I'm wondering if one of these quarterback Ryan Tannehill suits who took the XFL do we know that he's that great that he'll just win the XFL championship. I feel like Brian Ten. I like where your head's at perennials. Coming off like people are thinking is highly. Yeah no I've ever had. I was looking at the free agent list. They ranked the top. Free agents and Ryan. Tannehill is six ahead of drew. brees ahead of Tom Brady ahead of AJ AG Green Younger Guys Ryan. Tannehill is not better than these players. I mean I'd make you saw Ryan Tannehill down here for how many on that list. But it's like a business investment the Dan they ranked I. I have a take. I'm still marveling at the pivot. He owned understand what we were doing doing lightning and being hit by a at the end of that and we got to the point. Where people's but yes malays like lightning where I think that I think the Tanna Tannahill would be very good in the exit fell and I want to go down the path I sent Mica text last night. I WANNA go down the path of actually asking taking a bunch of people today whether or not last year's Lsu team would win the XFL. Dan Wants to do the the guest segment where we get a lot of experts. And I'm like we're really forcing this talking point because I feel like three weeks from now when you realize exactly how good Kevin Gilbride has got New York Guardians Cooking then. We can have a real conversation conversation. But that's precisely the reason I know you've got your convictions about this but I don't think that everyone that we talked to would be as convinced of this as you are. Okay so we'll get a Cohen. We'll get it going. We'll do the goofy thing and you'll make a joke out of the XFL one. I seriously like this league backfired. Last time you're the only person that has a bad thing to say. I'm not the only person I I was actually Bomani was much stronger on this yesterday than I was did. He Watch I didn't ask whether he wa- Foxworth was very strong on this subject and he watched all of two minutes of it telling compelling compelling I watched two minute yeah but it seems as though. Yeah it seems the people that have the strongest Mostra opinions about the XFL couldn't be bothered to Wa. I I watched some of the No. The cat McAfee was wandering wandering around with ripped jeans money. That's a bad thing. You Watch that on mute. Why why would you watch Patton iffy? Mu Dan he was wearing a Bolo was wearing ripped jeans. I watched enough to know that Aaron Murray was terrible yet. Several coats was dropping pass in week one. Dan See that's what I'm saying. Osama coats can be catching those passes from top to know that Bob stoops had an underwear model starting at quarterback naming things. How would did you know that from what has attempted? I did not know that that was a bit of a bummer. So we still have that in our back pocket. I mean the sky's the limit and device had multiple plays with both quarterbacks on the multi as multiple more than one multiple place multiple. was there some sort of edict sent out by. ESPN and Fox that we had to support this shit breath well number one. Don't call it that you ever to know. How what do you keep doing this? I think is this you just trying to be a dallas renegade. You just. Don't no one support anything. That's like new and exciting that the companies behind because this was actually pretty decent television right through here. When you're looking the perfect way to surprise the most important people in your life the only place to go is one eight hundred flowers dot com? 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ESPN THEY DANCE. Are we getting Joel. EMBIID call today. The first I heard of it was in the middle of the night last night it was like. When did this happen because I didn't hear about until like two or three in the morning? Trade deadline already passed. So we're not getting Joel. EMBIID this season. So it's going to be a Philadelphia Mess for while Joel Embiid is open. I've been to a Just like an open bidding right because he's under contract until twenty twenty three right Chris yes so you would have to impress the sixers. Here's enough for them to send him within the conference. I just don't see this have enough pieces to do it. which is a fairly shocking thing to say? Because it wasn't but a year go that we were talking about. They don't have any assets to get even Jimmy Butler from Minnesota that Josh Richardson wasn't going to be enough to do that. They have have the assets now to do that. And I'm of the belief you guys tell me because I know it's scary to invest in someone with Joel embiid's injury jury history but you tell me whether you would give up right now because this is what the trade would be. Would you give up any chance at honest to do Joel Embiid as soon as he becomes available. Do you take your chances with Jimmy Butler and Joel embiid and that's enough to build around And you nuclear core. You're young players because there's no way you're getting Joel. EMBIID cheap and you have no guarantee that you're going to get Greek freak. In fact if Greek Freak wins the title this year. You'RE NOT GONNA get free Greek Freak. If presumably if you get Greek freak you. It'd be an unrestricted free agent. So I don't think you're giving up the flexibility ex- ability because if you're moving pieces for Joel embiid the salaries have to match up so the money is still going to relatively. I don't think you can do. I think it's pipe dreaming to be. Joel well embiid Jimmy Butler and Greek freak. I think it's pipe dreaming I mean I don't know the salaries stats pipe dream. And just because you have to give up suffrage oil and beaten. Philadelphia's incentivized is to send them to to Miami. I think the real question in this hypotheticals would you want Joel. Embiid over what you have. Which is at flexibility? And some some of these pieces. I mean. Let's I answered Yes to that Joel. EMBIID is a better player than Bam on a bio. But say this is. You're you're shooting for Greek freak. Jimmy Butler Joel. Well indeed. That's a weird roster at very weird. It's a good defensive Rosser but who who shooting what what are we what we exactly that all for as Nice says this heat team May as and as much as we love watching Duncan Robinson. Shoot and how they use spacing and share the ball. They're bad at defense and bad defense gets beat and the play offs bad at defend average. Bad they're defensive. Numbers have been very disappointing. This season but They've addressed that with the JAE crowder and Andre Iguodala which who put up another monster two point effort last night crowder trait. Yeah Jae Crowder. Also doc look at his shooting numbers the whole step back and tested three thing. I don't think he's GonNa. I was when I saw what he did last night I was. I didn't look it up. I was simply simply gonNA come in here and ask you guys. Hey have my eyes been lying to me because I do not trust Jae crowder when he shooting threes. I like his game. I like how hard he works. But when oh I think of Jay crowder I think of a lot of clanking threes. I think of a guy who is a tween from Marquette who got forced to the three point line because of the way that the game evolved and then started shooting threes and missing a lot of threes as the spacing of the game changed. What kind of three point shooter is for his career offers career fairly fairly respectable round up to thirty four percent not terrible not terrible that average? What's league avid hasn't league? The average gone up now to thirty five and thirty six percent that he's like he's not a great shooter and look with Memphis. He was a terrible three point shooter. He was twenty nine percent. So this is is an ascension to the mean. Guess what's happening with Miami. You can't really count on that but with the dollar we poke fun at the points. But when he's been on the floor the Miami he'd have been pretty pretty dominant. I think outscoring opponents thirty five points in the forty minutes that he's been on the court so they hope to address at defensive need also Bam out a bio is the most versatile. We'll defending big man in the league. He can do things out on the perimeter. That Joel embiid simply cannot do so. I don't think Bama Bio is necessarily not that you accuse some of this but if we're looking to fix the defense with Joel embiid I wouldn't point Bam out of violence and we need to replace them being emotional with this core that we have right now but I don't WanNa Risk Yawn. I don't WanNA give up Bam and hero for Embiid with that risking your honest to. That's you're basically punting on everything Riley just done with having this core with all the not blunting. You're getting one of the best players in the league. You're guaranteeing that you're getting him where Y- honest is just kind of like a hope that you get player better than Jimmy Butler which is what everything thing is built around right now you gotta get someone better than Jimmy Bucking. This hypothetical that we're just getting Joel embiid because team building and team building. Whatever they just don't think the Philadelphia Seventy sixers would send Joel embiid here in order to be a champion for real? The Miami Heat have to get a player better than Jimmy Butler for sure and that is what they are trying to do. why wouldn't the seventy sixers trade him to the heat. It's not like they're right there and it's not like they have like there's a rivalry between the fans. But if you can get the heat's young Mike if you can get Bam in hero and you can get If you could get shooting around you're going to have to. You're going to have to be that much better of an an offer for Philadelphia to say okay. We'll trade Joel embiid within the conference. I'd be more concerned like a team like Golden State if Golden Joel embiid they will get him over the Miami Heat they have better assets Like you could hold up. Bam outta bio and tyler hero and a first round pick. They have more draft capital. They have star players to make the The like they could just say Okay Klay Thompson we'll give you Klay Thompson and then boom you lose. I'm just saying like if this is truly an open bidding war the Miami Heat even though they've done a lot to build up their assets over the last year. They can't do that to the point that it can blow Philadelphia a way to say okay. We'll send within the calm. I know embiid is skilled but I just still. They'll look at that. As you're you're taking a guy who would have been dominant more dominant in the league. Ten years ago I I know I know he shoots and I know he has like he can shoot a three the and if you need them to but I just think I think he's probably the same three point shooter. The Jae Crowder is isn't he mike. Isn't he about thirty three thirty four percent. Like it's not. It's not not great but it's not a big man. I just feel like Bam is more the modern center. Where Joel embiid? He's just so big in the injuries. Keep Jae crowder. That's all you care about do it. Why are you so what first career career Joel Embiid is a thirty two percent three point shooter? Aw Yeah he's shooting thirty three percent right now. He's in love with that three point shot because it's available to him and he doesn't realize that it's always going to be available to him because he's not good at it and also just I don't wanNA keep acquiring guys like have had to talk myself into this whole Jimmy Butler thing and Joel. EMBIID is one of my favorite like him. When he's on you though go straight up lean into being the most unlikable team ever? Isn't that what started this conversation. I know a place that welcomes villains. Isn't that word started boarded with Jimmy Butler. That's a pretty decent identity. It's a bizarre Rosser construction. And I'm not willing to like give up the form to use a Cliche cliche in order to get because I don't think that the upgrade is that tremendous over Bam and the other parts that would be included in that trade. I'd rather sort of see the landscape landscape of the NBA and the next disgruntled superstar. It's interesting that you don't think that it's that much of an upgrade while acknowledging knowledge-sharing have hard it is to get a player better than Jimmy Butler who is young. So you're saying it's not much of an upgrade while I'm sitting here telling you hey a guy I better than Jimmy. Butler is the goal. There aren't that many of them available. This guy might be available. This guy's never available and if you believe in all that culture stop then you believe that Joel embiid here. They would build something around him. Yeah that would make Joel. EMBIID look better than he's ever looked in Philadelphia. What's what's the problem in Philadelphia? Because you're saying flatly that he's better than Jimmy Butler which I tend to agree. But let's just dissect this for a second because the Miami Heat are presently better than the Philadelphia Seventy sixers. It's an absolute tire fire. He's the best player on a team that we were told that you have pieces around him with neuters my you have to when they had JJ redick and they had Ilyasova. They were a bounce away from beating Coli Hawaii Leonard that you have to surround that guy with shooters and aggressive shooter. No he can't be the guy taking all of the threes and they are. They are poorly built built their poorly built basketball team where they're sitting there at the trade deadline fighting to trade for Glen Robinson just because it wild Joel embiid is complaining about the spacing at every. Turn I'm worried about the injury. History Irish get outside of underneath a hoop like in today's NBA. Like this isn't a slam. Dunk I'm not convinced. Convinced I just find it interesting. I'm not convinced either. I understand why it is that you can argue either side of this. I just always am interested when Miami Heat Fan develops allegiance to player of the moment and then refuses to Trade Koran Butler for I think I just think two years from now Bam. Am might be considered a better player than Joel. Do you think payroll is going to have the self control of Joel. embiid out there to pass on him because he's seventy four and hope that yawn is false to him. I mean mean. Pat Had the self control to not give up like an like removed some of the protections on a first round draft. Pick for Danila going all right which I think would have really made this eastern conference interesting. So maybe I'm not entirely. You have to give up all lot for Joel embiid so much you have to Sorta you've spent two really tough seasons building up these assets to this point you're going to throw that all the way not necessarily throw it away because you're using them to Joel embiid but then then where do you go from there like. We're we're saying that you have to surround Joel embiid shooters where the shooters. They're sending the shooter's away. If so you in this pipedream you have Jimmy Butler. You have Joel embiid. And you had the financial flexibility to add Greek freak that that is one of the more bizarre rosters. I've ever seen my life. Let's call now on face besides Bringham. You've got Mike you've got them Being able to get all guys that I. I don't know the salary cap well enough to know. That sounds sounds to me. That sounds absurd salary. Cap Work so you can have three Max players. Let's act like we haven't seen this. We've seen this with the Miami Heat. We've seen this with the Golden State Warriors. I know there was a the the salary. Cap Isn't exactly what they expected. I would here's what I'll say. This is really pipedream radio. Here's your forgetting the Bradley beal thing I I think Bradley beal fits this team a lot. Better you're going to be able to trade for him next year. I don't know if you've been paying attention to what he's been doing this year. He's absolutely cook a better fit. They're so terrible is incredible but it's been great. He's been great for them and he was hurt by not being all star but he is being punished because Washington Ashington is a shit show and has been for many years and they allow one hundred forty points. A game and Bradley beal is out here getting a lot of numbers. I was trying to get them to one twenty five so they could lose every game. One Forty Two one twenty five for rank in the disgruntled superstars that I want to go after in in terms of building a team around Greek freak and making mess attractive to me. It's easily Bradley. Beal over Joel embiid. Why can't we just get a grunted superstar? The great thing about facts. They're proven like the fact that crude crude oil contains impurities base oil. Made from natural. Gas Is Ninety nine point five percent free impurities and the fact that pennzoil is the first synthetic motor oil made from natural gas. Ask Not crude oil. It gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil based on secrets boy test using sap five thirty get a twenty goes show pennzoil full synthetic purchase two twenty. Three twenty terms apply details of PENNZOIL DOT COM slash oil change offer pretty crappy thing that Joel embiid just into the seventy sixers by the way publicly. Yeah I mean the the post he has in the heat arena. He's definitely doing something so this this this is all just coincidence right. They're they're trying to tell us he's trying to force his way to Miami. The player only has enough leverage. And the fact that he's under contract until two thousand twenty three. It doesn't even have the conventional like I will sign an extension with only one team type of leverage so as much as it's a pipe dream for fans acquiring Joel embiid. I think it's equally equally palpably even more so Joel thinking that he could force his way to Miami. I saw someone say this on twitter. That Jimmy Butler is the X.. Right now who's sending texts to Joel embiid knowing knowing that he's never gonNA actually get back together. Which beat he's just trying to ruin the Kerr relationships love then he's just inserting himself doing little messages? That's going to upset the new relationship. Not Not actually ended up in I. I saw nick on twitter video from his show. First things first came on and he was ready. He was taking Joel and beat the task as you rightfully really should be. These are two teams have might match up in the first round of the NBA playoffs Miami and Philadelphia and Joel Embiid is not using a burner account years publicly. Luckily flirting with the Miami Heat right now which is already a toxic situation over in Philadelphia. This is making things so much worse yet to take got into account when you're looking to acquire Joel doing the necessary things. You gotTa make an ugly superstar there but this is due. This is several weeks too late. The deadline passed. What is going on in that locker room that he's going to be doing this publicly when he's got no way out right now? No Way. Can I sneak in dolphins thought before we get to some calls here because we haven't mentioned dolphins in a while. I was just looking. I know we've discussed. How much cap space they have and all the draft picks but compared to other teams? I was looking at one of these grids that they do. Sometimes were they show all the teams where they're at in terms of cap space and draft picks. This is not this is something. MBA related it. Made me think of it. I'm looking at an MBA type grid thing anyways. The dolphins are as far away above. Everybody else I know. We knew that. They have a lot of capitalism draft picks but comparatively with everybody else in the league. Everybody was bunched just in the middle of this grid. Then you just see in the top right corner like the Dolph. This should be. I say all this to say this should be an insanely fun couple of months for Dolphin fans because there's hope and we have a lot of potential. The team could look extremely different in four months. Yeah I think you look at players Chris Jones who may not be in Kansas Kansas City. If you start looking at their cap situation what they might have to pay Patrick Mahomes that becomes interesting. It's a fun time. I've been there with the team with the most cap room. Most those draft capital and exciting. You got you gotta get the players but this is a full on reset. The likes of which Miami Dolphins truly haven't seen. You went all the way in it. You've had bad teams and you've had decent draft slots but this was the intention is to reset and rebuild this franchise and in a way that Joel embiid is publicly flirting with Miami to kind of doing that to already leaking out doesn't WanNa go to Detroit. Had such a great time in Miami from the color of the shoes to doing events with Dan Lebatardshow to appears to really want to be a mind often citing but does he wait a year behind. Tom Brady or Philip rivers. Dude there's this can be fun off so this is the most fun. NFL offseason just because of the names at the quarterback order back position that are available and Tom Brady is going to be able to talk to any team. He is going to take meetings with other teams. Philip rivers is flatly going to be on another team. Always set for years is how quarterbacks never recovered retire. It doesn't seem like he's GonNa Retire. They did the public farewell with the chargers. We close the book on he could. You're right he could still have a change of heart but it seems as Philip rivers once a play. They probably wouldn't have a farewell like Qaddafi. All we've said is that you never see any quarterback good quarterback in free agency and their six ole after angry at one of those one-season got that sense. I don't know enough about to his hip. Do you guys like lie. Good point that is a good point. Yeah what are they telling me. I think his third emory was clear like it seemed like he was doing well. I gave as good as possible. It stinks that a guy like Philip rivers isn't going to probably take take a one year deal somewhere like he wants a couple if he is going to stay. He's probably with a dolphin. Sign a quarterback for like Tom Brady. Why would he come to the dolphin draft and then and sign one of these guys? You have to make sense because why would Brady WanNa go from playing in New England to coming to Miami where he does not realistically have a shot at winning. They'd have to he would. You'd have to see. Oh they're citing this guy this guy this team. Actually I kind of think. Also Brady's the type of guy that thinks that his presence instantly makes them a title contender. I think that he tried to. He'd want want to try to win a ring like he wouldn't go to a team he wants he wants. I do think if he leaves New England. Stick it to the wrong. so He's going to. I know it like he's already saying. Give me more weapons in New England. So he's not gonNA WANNA come on the market. That's devoid of weapons. However Miami has the most yeah cap space? Yeah obviously they'd have to allocate some of that Tom Brady. I don't think it makes sense for Tom. Brady to come here them to build around. Tom Brady for one or two sees that. There's anything they're doing you think. There's anything behind him. Having struggled in Miami and thinking maybe his perception of the dolphins is slightly better because of how the Patriots have struggled. Just truly vindictive like yeah. I'll we'll play you twice a year and make you regret this but I don't. I honestly have no idea what Tom Brady is thinking no one really. Does this whole Tom Brady situations little odd back back in doing. What's the betting favourite on where he ends back New England's abetting that's gotTa be after all this affiliate Brady seems to be the last couple years a guy that he likes some attention? He likes thinks that people are wondering where he's going that commercial with Hulu. He likes the the idea of people being really building to this and now he's just going to be like I got you. I want you staying. Would you want Tom Brady. Honestly Yeah just for the fun like just because then we would be this like wherever he goes is going to be like circus. Got It sir. That factor. I'm with you that if you're actually trying to build the best team possible he might not be the best option. Yeah you would build with younger talent to grow alongside whereas if you get Tom Brady there. You'd probably have to get more veteran presence. It'd be just assume I think Chris Jones is like the free agent named possibly the could look till I heard his interview on part of my take. Dude seems legit crazy like bonkers and fun. Yeah I'd want that guy on my team he's like. He talks so much. Nonsense to opposing. quarterbacks it's if you have the time check that out Let's go to some calls. Yeah all right. What do we WANNA go to? We got a guy calling from Kato. Got A guy calling from Virginia. We got a guy calling from South Carolina. Fort Worth Atlanta fact. K Town dropped off. So no Miami calls Uh About Oscar. RETO hoskins those from South Carolina. He's like I'm from calling from Columbia. I'm like US getting till from Columbia South Carolina. So he wants to talk about your dream breakfast esque until you're on the air fellas morning. Good Morning So so I'm originally from Miami but I'm stuck here Columbia now but I was just thinking like what's your dream breakfast. 'cause for me I have to my right. My Dad's from Nicaragua. So we do rice and beans with some eggs Some guests a lot and some not as or L. telling my mom I'd love those staff with to get an cusick. We'll let you every day for my life if I could. Wow this sound good. I like Colin Powell telling her because Not to Kim familiar I I did live in Miami for five years. I went there for college. I went to Saint Thomas University. Oh Wow yeah win for history and psychology and ended up as a county account so anybody out there. You could still become what you don't want to be. That's IT Theros Qatar. You don't see now when we dream breakfast. Are we talking about if I could only have one breakfast for the rest of my life. This is what I'm going to eat because it's consistent or like just my ideal well if I could have one breakfast tomorrow like the best breakfast I would choose. That is a tough one. I I guess you can have in your dream breakfast tomorrow. Different answers if you're just giving me a chance to have crazy good breakfast. I like a crab eggs benedict eggs benedict with the crab cake. Instead of the lobster eggs again key west a good a good like cooled eggs benedict is probably something I would order. But if you're saying this is the breakfast you can only have for the rest of your life then. I'm not GonNa go that because that's a little too rich I I'm a two guy anytime I go to a breakfast joint. The two two eggs to pancakes or French toast. Whatever we're in the mood for and then two pieces of either sausage or Bacon? That's my Go-to just standard records. I've never heard of two two two before. That's like a standard thing. You've never been into like I hop or Denny's or most places have a two two two special crazy. Yeah Kristen's rights. Thanks man. I love it all right. All right does crunch almond milk. Oh man no. I'm not a big milk. Okay Myself Scottish or you. I'll regular milk but only after I've had a bunch of cereal flavor. Yeah what is your guys. If you're toast IOS crunches probably the best milk for milk and also cereals where you can actually eat it raw. Nobody will look uh-huh yeah. That's your chocolate MOCHA regular milk and cocoa puffs. Yes because it turns into chocolate cut off regular milk and cocoa puff. Now now if you guys aren't counting calories diets would you guys go home milk. Or what's the whole milk percent even if you're just you prefer it. Yeah I'm a whole milk. Okay one percents. I'm a whole milk. I if I if I'm not I do get two percent but I like wholemeal stuff. Billy Clinic didn't look to water order your whole milk. lactose free guy. You ever go to halls Chop House in Columbia actually even heard or that. It's a steakhouse by the capital. I really enjoyed my sake that I had there. I like I was in Columbia South Carolina a few months ago. Great Steakhouse check that now. I have to look it up because I literally worked for the county and it's like a block away from the salesman. Go there yeah. I also worked for the Columbia Firefly's local miners. Have I do Bel- and that's where Tibo played played. And I I just got a job with them too. So that's has two jobs to work down here. Awesome and congratulate Oscar. Ito Thank you. Do you like steak all right well. I love steak. Steak is not overrated rated on the set with Chris over that take I considered myself apart. Cody cover until that moment. We'll get you back. Then gotTa let him go. He's on the firecracker correct. Yeah now I'm looking at the call here. There's a guy who's going to Disney for the first time it's GonNa be a long call airport food prices school. Yeah that is. Some Guy Wants to jump on the bandwagon. No I mean that's just. TV show Indian. So where's David from Toronto. And all right. Where's Heff S.? David has been sending me. DM's for like a month telling me. I'm calling tomorrow to talk about this. I'm calling I'm like can you just call already like just call tomorrow. He's like I'm going to call today today. I'm calling today I'm calling. He's sending me messages like first thing in the morning. I'm calling today I'm calling now I'm calling. I'm like okay. Call like go ahead and here we are waiting for David. There's a lot of pressure on this next call to be the next David from Toronto. Really Yep who does he want does the next caller wannabe none of it in Toronto. Thank you talk to these people who got the most potential. It'd be the next David from Toronto. I'm a little bit day. All right we've got a good name. Yeah go ahead I love day. Do Oh boy. Hey My name is today but I don't want to get caught up on that so I look like Russell Westbrook with a bigger heads last longer. Space We and if I could have five sauces come on my fingers. It'd be honey mustard ketchup barbecue sauce puddles and sauce and ranch tall. And I'm a three swipe or for the older. Wow three swipe see I told you could call this good So I WANNA talk about why airports charged so much food that you are talking about this yesterday on the lower and like I did some research because I had read a blog post like a couple the months ago about this So there's like some like statistics about this There's this thing called where airports say that the restaurants and like the little stores like the Hudson News or like the Wall Street Journal big data star have to charge what they call a street pricing. Which means that like they can only charge like maybe ten into fifteen percent more than what's on the street The issue with that is that people either don't comply with that and they don't really regulate it so that's why you end up getting like dishonesty water. They usually costs a dollar causing like five dollars. and then another reason that they end up charging more is because The storefronts I have to have a higher fees And more so they have to dedicate like ten to twenty percent of like what their revenue is to these airports that they like X. requested Something that they actually end the what they call the airport council international concessions benchmarking survey. So yeah. That's pretty much what I wanted to talk about Have you ever talked about the you sound like you work in an airport in your price culture and you're trying to defend your this is is that what's going Camilli. That's not me. I'm just saying the charge seven dollars for water because you can't get water anywhere else and if I have to pay seven dollars this whole twenty percent eh business I mean guess what. Twenty percent of seven dollars is more than twenty percent of three dollars. So that's like what they call captive audience like you have to. You're there and like of course like you said they make you throughout your good water before you come in But but yeah so actually also said like added forgot to when Mike and entered my call. I was a little nervous. So let's say I'm in Ann Arbor Michigan but in Mexico from Mobile Alabama which is the senior bowl and the home of Mardi Gras. Really I have one of my one of my cousin went to Spring Hill so I went to Oh night that. Is that where you went to school. School no my dad used to be In the administration. They're really not many people know that nugget about it being home Mardi Gras. Yes so I was asking bodyguards king in twenty seventeen You can actually see this if you like Google my name or my instagram so instagram. We called all doppler. Okay my instagram is just say oath J. U. S. T. S. A. Y.. Oh probably like Because my first name is lobby which is within Oh people pronounce it. No shots fired up And My name is dial I used to go by that one. That was little. I don't see any underscores or anything. No it's like just. It's all lower case J. F. T. S. A. Y.. Oh I see you know so. That's you know that's like not just say always thought. Oh Yeah I do see you now. I thought you were private. Yeah it all right now. I'm looking at you. Hey down yes I did their yard beyond that. Yeah congrats on that. By the way when it's a big day appreciate it may twenty fourth. I'm super excited Austin Texas. Wow Awesome we thought. Your name was Oliver at starbucks Yeah it's Some people they just didn't dry rough twenty. Fourteen awesome to the city are really what city mobile. Yeah King of the Mardi Gras you get to keep. That actually really entail getting a key. Actually haven't gotten the key to the city and I got a proclamation. But what are you know Literal key to city right. It's just figuratively so no so the mayor says so. I gotTa Commission just little like Billy and the mayor said that that was my good out of jail free card need to flash it. So it's been in my car ever percents Just in case But yeah pretty much. I don't. There's nothing really. That seems Irresponsible actually all right holiday a really. Wow Hey can ah day or no. We're not that close yet. You can call me. Dial it I sure billy all right cool crown. You're wearing and is this the homecoming that was the crown now. This is for Mardi Gras the crown out war when I was getting guys crown he looks like royalty allegheny that it looks like royalty. It is a good crowd and we'll get up all right. I Biological Day. Aren't they really shy about correcting people. I liked him. Can you share with me. His His instagram just say Oh no just just share it just copy. How do I do that copying copy and share? Let's go yeah should follow this. Let's go out to Marc and Fort Worth going to Disney for the very first time mark mark. Let's say let's start here. How old are you? Yeah fascinating Mark Mark. Arche is your moment. Summit mark is your name not mark. Mitch Steve Fort Worth Man. Jeff by that went. Well wow off here was it di- or Deo at remember. What lobbies Joe in Atlanta or Bruce in Virginia? I'm over Joe's really Bruce Gruesome. Virginia's you're on the all all of them. Good morning guys how Ya. This is the energy we needed BERNITA. Bring Hey Bruce I I well so I've been listening for a lot of years. We've talked about that before on the local hour and honestly I've never really had an NBA team to call my own. I'm from Virginia but I don't really identify with wizards at all I've been a fan of the NBA for a really long time. Always super respect a day. dwayne Wade And I just wanted. It's a share with you some Some of my Miami Bona Fides to see if I can You Know Jump On this Miami Heat Bandwagon. Now that you know Mike Ryan's got me so stoked on taming even more so than I was when they signed Hassan whiteside contract. Wait a second. The wizards were good. Though would you be all over the wizards because they're terrible no because Even when the nats one this past year I was just kind of like Oh cool. You know because it's great but like it's not like it wasn't like a thing I mean I'm from Richmond so I have a I actually kind of a tangent but like I met Chipper Jones because they're triple eight Braves team used to be in Richmond. Virginia and so like I had more more identify with the with the braves but but now in Birmingham I can't Larry Well I was in a I was actually actually a little league at the time and my team got to go onto the field in there and he happened to be an minors for some reason or visiting. I can't stop enemy. Ah Yeah I can't remember exactly why I was like I was like nine years old and It was really cool. Yeah yeah I also got Marcus Giles. Marcus this child's and TV Lesser Giles. Yeah Well Marcus at second base productivity. That was hard to find fantasy. He was no Brian Chris yet. A great job and Chin both boomer gals at the child's family has great yeah synonymous. Yeah Sorry Bruce. Yeah absolutely no. It's all good so I just remember how much of a really bad reaction a bunch of people got back when the big three was going on. And so I I just wanted to see you guys being gatekeepers and the Miami sports scene. I kinda wanted to see if my Miami Zona fide are Are enough to really like let let me you know where some of that super sick like My uniform vice hats and stuff we got so Obviously listened to show forever not forever ever but for you know like every single day for like the last four years I dated in College. my girlfriend went to University of University of Miami. And so I actually. He spent two summers in Miami with her I've had the meat sweats at one of those One of those Zillion steakhouse thank you. Thank you resilient. Takeout dam. That was tough for me. Sorry sorry local hour right right. Look Lo fi. You're trying to make a case for yourself and you come into our home and cursing episode South The cussing I will I will I will. Oh well you know Moskva all did the same thing not that I'm on his left he was I I obviously know that guys G is Probably the biggest con is For me for my Miami Bona Fides as I went to Virginia Tech Marty Smith Yeah. Oh yeah good point thank you is your case. I feel like we've heard your Bona Fides. And they're solid bona fides but now wanting to do is just say your favorite thing about each of us. Yep Wow Mike Ryan I actually My favorite things is your Your like wide ranging of in college football takes I really honestly like love your the ACC takes even being a guy. Like is super like that. Chris the work. It's she's talking about me me Chris. Chris Cody I I like your Were shooting at my favorite bits. That you do Yeah Roy It's Roy Stop Ten. I really would love to hear one of those again one day and Billy Gill will my favorite thing about you is When you have a really long and winding story and then it actually has a really good payoff happens like I think like five or six times and it's like it really? It really was the payoffs are great when they come And then every once in a while when when Dan Dan cut you off. It's also pretty funny You know I like what's up boys Ah I said you think you wanNA give them on. What's your favorite thing about Greg? What's up hey what's up? Boys the attack by boy. You gotTA still go boys. What's your favorite thing about Greg? My favorite thing about Greg cody is hard network gals like come on and Dominique. I used to love soup of the day but it doesn't do that anymore. I like it I like. It went dominates the hype man for How about Bruce? What who's Bruce Rate? No not you bruce the other you AH sleepy security. I was Stephen. Now that's a strike against says all right. Let's vote Komo. There's five of us in here. We are going to caucus. Oh this isn't like a public thing now. I was leaning. Yes all right. I'M NOT GONNA we're deciding. Governor is allowed on the bandwagon. We have five votes in here. Billy has voted. Yes no no. But we're I thought we were doing this secretly so then he doesn't know who eight eight. Let's just all take three silence. Look at each other. We have to tell each other with Roy. Tell me with your eyes yes or no I look at my us. You can just nod. Okay Roseanne through Aspen. Tony Chris. You can announce it the way I read votes through is I think we have three nose into yeses. Wow I think billy really was he s and I I got yes from Roy. So you're saying now I am saying now got a new team said I should have known it was it was a bad side and when I was on hold my windshield wiper flew off of my car. Why don't we we start with this? Let's start what happened now. You're changing the back end. So Yeah Dr Driving Down on driving down the highway and I just all of a sudden I hear like a cleft lip and then I look and my windshield wiper is just like the stem attached to my thing so the windshield wiper blade literally just flew off and behind me So I had to drive a couple of miles before I found a truck stop that had a replacement window wiper blade as anything that that crazy happened to you guys while you were driving like no contact with a bird or another car or anything pieces of your car flying off. That was killed me like it was wild the wheel. A tire came off my car. What woking kept going elling enrolled away from your car? Yeah another car no. It isn't caught obviously tidende or when my I had my I breaks replaced and I guess mechanic forgot this. Oh my God that's horrible lawsuit. Yeah and the tire rolled into somebody's front yard and his stories like this. The smacked another door. Yeah yeah that's what happened an interesting even though I was on the turnpike wait overshadow. Bruce's story yeah come on. This is a guest. I mean you know you want to join the club that's true. Yeah so he's outright. I appreciate you bringing it man I really do and thanks crews still out though Silimo from now. Won't Bruce have okay. Here's the thing saving money with. GEICO is almost better than playing pickup basketball. Because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never never passes the rock. He constantly bricks threes. And who completely hack you. And then put his hands up and say no foul no foul with gyco. It's easy need to switch and save on car insurance no need to fake. An ankle sprain. Because you're absolutely exhausted. So switch and save with GEICO. It's almost better than sports.

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