Panera Bread 2 with Monica Ruiz and Chris O'Malley


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But there's another international institution that was founded in the city famous for its arch and transatlantic flight. A purveyor of not liquid but solid east byproduct a bakery founded in nine hundred. Seven is saint louis bread. though it's official corporate history has been oddly ret con to place. Its founding in boston but true bread heads. No what's up and in nineteen ninety-three prosperous. Stl baker was purchased by french-american pastry. Chain all bon pan concept national the new ownership renamed the company the spanish word for breadbox or breadbasket and that branding extended newly opened outposts though the missouri locations still retain the gateway to the west name. Oddly the new company sold off its alabama pan holdings in the late nineties to focus on its new midwest cash cow though when something of a storybook ending the company's reconnected and reemerged in two thousand seventeen this time one must hope for good and while through a series of mergers anheuser busch may have grown into almost indecipherable sounding multinational conglomerate anheuser busch inbev essays slash v which manages international brands like corona stella. Artois and fosters is headquartered in the belgian city of levonne. The saint louis bread company sticks to its roots by focusing on its sweet and savory baked goods and keeping its corporate offices at home in the show me state. This week ondo boys. We return to panera bread. Welcome to the podcast about chain restaurants. I'm nick wagoner along with my co-host red velvet directed by david lunch. The spokesman mike mitchell. Wow had on a hat there. But i liked it instead of blue velvet instead of david lynch blue red velvet instead of blue velvet instead of lynch. It was lunch. You got it mitch. Wow what a way to kick off the show. What a way to kick off twenty twenty one. We are banking this episode. Where according to actually we're in twenty twenty one. We are enough ahead recording wise. This is our first episode of the year of our lord. Twenty twenty one and speaking of lord that that roast was sent in by his holiness josh pope. So thank you. Josh rosen boom energy mail dot com the cool pope of the two popes. He's the cool one House how is the pope doing anything. Anything happening on. The old on the old catholicism front on pope francis twenty twenty one. You know who knows who knows when someone the pope watch. Maybe there's a new pope in town. I believe it. Still pope francis this recording. This god. I hope so. People like francis people. Like yeah i mean certainly like i think and i don't know how much of it is just the optics of it. And how much of it is that. His actual policy but certainly francis versus ratzenberger. People that ratzenberger. I think was just kind of like you know john. Ratzenberger john pope john ratzenberger given out too many fun facts from the end of the bar be were just like we don't need we don't need to know this. I think got. Oh yeah i guess no. He was john ratzenberger was. That's that's what cliff did was cleveland. Thing yeah yeah you're right. Cliff was annoying with facts. I forgot for a moment. Yeah that was his character game. If you will god here we go. I taught classes. What's ucb you mean. University of california. Berkeley no no not that no. It's kind of like a little bit. Like what would what would be the equivalent of trying to explain it to people. What's like a scam. It's like yeah. It's like a mix of nexium and then playing dvd on your feet boy if you could somehow composed the embar humiliation of of alarming with also a pyramid scheme. I never got to that level of the nexium cut where i've ever got to have sex with anyone. Apparently you don't have your matt besser brand how to spoon nation lives not embarrassed. Because i know i know our guests. That's right not embarrassed at all but here comes a little drop boy. Well dropping picks out the drops now by the way our associate producer robert per singer Nice work drop gang. Hey spoon man in burger boy. I made and submitted this dropped before. Kobe hit hopefully rescinding it in for the seventh time. We'll get you to play it. Love the show. John aka million town on the doe scored in twitter. Oh okay wow fucking ban hammer really fucked up whatever that was in the In the in in a live show. I thought it was pretty good. I mean you could hear the The tepid laughter from the audience. Typical for us people laughing at me. Just fucking up. A sentence pathetic. You just froze on me wider. You just froze on me really. Yeah maybe it was. Maybe it was a four way freeze. You think that's what happened amazon. Freezing our guest didn't from yes. They're taking their heads. No no i think it was just you and me. We just freaky friday. Oh my god. I can suck my own hook all right. What would you if we freaky friday. Do you think we automatically like immediately would just slice our throats. Yeah i'd apologize to your mom for everything not explaining that. We switched bodies. And then i'd just jump off jump into the largest ravine in quincy you jump into the quarries. I jump into the one of the corey's the full corey's that would hurt. I'd probably say like aladdin. Natalie your free. Mitch i we. We have a couple a very fun. Guest here today We want to discuss before we get into that. I do want to say. I have an announcement because this is the first episode of twenty twenty one and it ties in with the chain that we are reviewing and with one of our guests today. Oh my god anyone but this is such bullshit. I can't believe you're pulling this twenty twenty one no for the podcast and in my real life. No this is fuck you. I am going vegetarian. Such an asshole. This is the year our jaws dropping. They know that the beginning of the end this is i will. I am going to see what it is like as both an individual may life. I've had vegetarian stretches in the past but also as someone who has a chain restaurant podcast and there are a lot of these chains are not accommodating to someone who does not eat meat. I am going to see what it is like. If no meek shall. I eat. I am going to see what it's like if i if Without with my protein sources are veggie for the source for the course of this year. And i'm going to see how the podcast changes and how my life changes and that will be by two thousand twenty one and will be continued for the indefinite future. We're going to find out. God you are going to be intolerable. It's going to be fucking awful. Why is that. I don't think i generally don't get insufferable out. Things who insufferable does intolerable work. Was that the wrong word. No both are fine. Okay fuck you then. I think it'll be a bold experiment and we're going to see we're going to see. Exactly what transpires will are listenership decline. Who knows. I don't think so. Because i think we have a lot of vegetarians who listen to the show and either live vicariously through it or themselves know how they can eat at these chains with their own dietary restrictions. Not to one up you. But i'm going vegan for twenty twenty one. God that's not true. But i can't believe i can't believe you're going through this. I i wish you had talked. We had talked to this over. We did talk this over. I know and i was saying what are you doing. And then he went quiet about it. So i didn't think that i thought that you just got over it. You thought you squashed it. I thought i squashed can always walk it back. I hope you get fatter. I honestly the last time. I went vegetarian actually did gain weight because i it's harder to our guest is nodding along because i had i found. It's harder to eat Few just naturally. There's more carbs in your diet. Like you can eat mac and cheese and that's like vegetarian technically but that's just like an extraordinarily unhealthy meal. Why don't you go vegan. then you do. What am i joke. You should do it go vegan. I think that would be a bridge too far a fridge. Do far if you will for me Because i think I i'm so reliant on cheese and eggs for protein. I think it would be really tough for me to completely vegan. Maybe eventually but i think for this year we'll go. We're going vegetarian only. Wow well a mad. But let's keep anything to prolong this show dental exactly death spiral. How many times are we gonna review fucking burger king. And maybe let's try. Let's see what it's like if we can't eat meat from there you know a cool so you're gonna a bun with lettuce and mayo on it. They have veggie burgers there now. That's the whole thing. A lot of these chains are introducing plant proteins. I told you that you should do this. One like the first episode of the month. Whatever it's fine it's good. it's good. I like it. I like it. don't lie. it's good. I like it. You're such a transparent liar. Just say how you feel all. I'm going to try it out. We're going to see and we're if there's a backlash hey of people are upset about it. They will let us know you see seen our mentions. No they're gonna love it. They're not necessarily gonna love it. No people going to hell. You is like a hero for not eating meat. It's going to be suck. It's gonna not doing it. But i'm not doing it for any sort of high and mighty sorts of reasons. Yeah you're you're you also told me that you were going to hunt for fun purely for sport. Just big game all right. Well good for you. Thank you mitch. And hey we should introduce our guests. They've been waiting very patiently through all this nonsense Very very excited to have them an actor from the bold and the beautiful and the rookie. Monica louise and a restaurant tour from wasserman's in hermosa beach california. Chris o'malley monica. Chris thank you guys so much for being here. Thank you out remorse. Welcome to the show. Hey did somebody say. Monica of god. Bill clinton monica. I'm like beetlejuice. Put if you just say monica once i appear okay. Well maybe. I can dispel you by saying monica a couple more times. Monica monica. Wow he's gone. He vanished into a big cloud of come. God that was that was it goes ear. That's cannon he call welcome to the show guys I'm going to put it all out there. I know these two weeks. I know i know our guests. You have some history. I have some history. Chris and i have known each other. God now for when we i hung out probably fifteen years ago fifteen years. Fifteen years and chr-. Chris and i were both new out here in california trying to try to figure things out. Why is my first year. I didn't know anyone. I truly did not know anyone. Yes out here in in hanford eventually came out here but but chris was was probably the only person i i really knew at all and We would go to a bar right where you used to live nick. We used to go to sunday. Mcclain's all the time sending clients at the time and we did not know each other ships passing in the night. That's right this was a this was a bar that i at the time. My apartment was in walking distance to in santa monica california sunny mcclain's irish bar boston bar and actually one of the places my lovely wife nelly and i went to on not before we were dating but it was just like a birthday hang. We were there together and we just hung out for a bit wild and so like i also have some history. Some personal history with this particular establishment. We'll we can talk about more. We we would go there at like. I'd say like even at like one pm on a saturday than stay there till like stay till it closed. Basically i would say wow copper trade we. I don't know if there was ever. I don't know besides like saint patrick's day if there was ever a line to get in. Sonny's may i mean during during red sox games and stuff like that would be crowded but there was no. I don't think there's ever been a cover. Sonny's is not that type of bar we we we we would just. We would sit there and drink all day and eat you know what they had good food of that bar we sit and eat there and and it was great. They were like it's kinda divy in there's a homey but it's divey but they did at at least for a time. They had like a really really good menu like good food. Oh yeah the. What's the beef with with mashed potatoes on top of it. What's the just shepherd's pie. Shepherd's pie was great. There's a lot of good things there. Clem shot great plans. We get sloppy. And we'd sometimes. We slept over the manager's house kind of strange and i like how monica's learning this right now in real time. Did we try to work it off with at one time. Where he wanted help on like me flakes the days before we drank too much at his bar the day before. I would sleep in my car at that are on the sidewalk parked on the sidewalk by that bar. It was pretty pathetic. It was it was it was. I'm sure chris doesn't like reliving. These moments spot well for me. It was it was the happiest days of my life. Probably it's it's a different time and like you know. I certainly can't tie one on like i used to in my twenties and it's kind thing you look back and reflect on it is just like man that's That was wild. But chris monica. Your life very different. Now you you have a. You have two kids. Here's a question. I like where cova eats obviously their own. Your eating habits in this current situation obviously affected but then you also have a couple of things. Ben like on the home front from a food perspective so bad like honestly like it used to like. We all had like our stuff that we had to do like you know. Drop them off at school or might he was in daycare and so we had to pack lunches that other people were feeding to them. So i make like such. I would make so much more of an effort. Because i was like. Oh they're like watching on feeding my kid tonight. Make sure they're healthy. All these uber like healthy items every single be all and now it's like you guys want mac and cheese and hot dogs for dinner or snipe. The pantry is just so much junk and crazy. And i'm eating all with them. And so those are usually my options here to mcintyre the organic organic dog. So i think like it's healthy the pediatrician. I'm like i think this is just like to me like chicken hotdogs. And he looks at the label he goes yet. it's just watering lights seasoning and chicken. That's just like into like the shape of a hotdog. Wow no other. Ones have like nitrates. And i don't know much about sounds. Most people who are eating hot dogs constantly are not looking at the package. Or what's inside of them. I think about too hard. We've said this. But dano an in you know now. Dan all right dan o'connell he got a so so we knew each other through a friend. Scott kief kifah if you wanna nickname for wider. what's sepa. He'll probably be angry. You said that or something. He's a he's he's an angry one. We love boy series named his name mentioned. But but our dano who who you know as well. Chris got a bone and a hotdog. Recently he got he got was a bone in his dog. Yes you got a bone in his dog. Can you say doesn't matter in my in my mind. It's like the length of the hot dog was a big bone. That's what i was thinking to femur so chicken bone or something. He's been into her he. Yeah he bit into it. And i think he probably still eight around it. If i had to guess. I mean what would you do because i think you know that the a bunch of grinder ground up leftovers or what goes into a hot dog right so if there was a little bit of bone just be like. Oh well this is just a chunk that didn't get processed correctly but i think it'd probably eat the rest of it. I don't think he'll on that hot dog unless to on it. No i'm not gonna give up on a hot dog now. well yeah. of course we know. You're you take dogs down in one gulp. I know you chris. I remember when you when you moved down when you move down to. Is that hermosa hermosa beach. Hermosa beach ya when you moved down to hermosa beach. Remember at one point you told you told me to in in scott had told me to move down there with you. I didn't go with you but since then you you've got you've got a beautiful wife. Monica there with you and you got kids and now you own a restaurant a restaurant and bar down there. How how was it. Ben in in these awful terrible times i mean. It's it's not great honest. It's it's a lot of work 'cause we were just a. We can only do outdoor dining right. He gave us an extended patio that we can use so we are patio normally signals. Now now we have twelve. So i mean it's it's not a lot our capacity before was like two forty and now it's like thirty six so damn jesus today at the break down. The extended patio every night. So you can't do anything you can't put anything near semi-permanent because it has to be brought in every night to try to block the wind off the ocean and may get like structure. Bosnia would sound especially right now with the with. It's gonna start getting cold down there and just a in a little bit. This'll be the test year the next few months. So we'll see eight but yeah it's going good we're just Just one foot in front Hope to get to make summer. And i mean there's some good some good news on the vaccine front sell of let's right. Hopefully we have light at the end of the tunnel. So i'm i'm hoping i'm hoping that a vaccine works wags adding hot drinks to the menu pretty much an coffee. He lambs go. I just want. I hate at the fours the other day why i ate outside with the heat lamp. It was It worked out it worked. Great what's the force one. Quasi the one in quincy. There was one in boston. The one in boston actually just closed but it was. It's a place where there's like. There's like a larry bird sandwich in the ass sandwiches a place where it has a bunch of It has a bunch of sports. heroes have sandwich names. that's always a lot of fun Is that is that all. You have to say yeah. That's my comment and of thought and grumpy whites a grumpy whites and quincy just closed a close for good. Just the this yeah. We discussed this on a patron episode. Chris i'm inferring. You have some sort of connection to boston. Oh kifah yeah yeah. I grew up a the town over from quincy so okay same. Same stomping grounds us in restaurants pretty much. Everything mentioned on the podcast is used to so and so and we met up in new mkx. Chris can i tell them. can i tell them. What can i tell them the. Can i tell them what you did early on are. Are you gonna hate this now. chris was. Walk out how you know this. Chris was on a reality show very early on he. He was on the real gilligan's island He played he played. Gilligan on the real gilligan's island played played gilligan. on the real reality shows. Yeah yeah it was. wasn't great but it was fun experience. I said i. I watched it. Yeah because i. Because i i mean i knew you and because i was in college i think it was my senior year of college and i think scott told me and then we start hanging out that next year. We're in california. Yeah i think. I'd met you at that point so wait. What is the give us some context. They remember the show vaguely. But the real gilligan's island is like the were you how like how semi scripted was it. And did you know going in. You're going to be where you cast as gilligan like a big casting call actually in quincy. That's where i got it but they times discovery 'wow linzie worked at grayson. Quincy called marina bay. The and i worked on boats so it was pretty much best. The connection there of club when i was kind of a combination of things but it it was basically. They sold it to us like survivor with costumes. Because at the time it was just like i don't really shows back then so it was basically like the bachelor and survivor and on tbs. Very wow very funny. You and the craigslist killer both discovered in quincy. I think oh man. That's where the the list begins and ends. I am not the craigslist killer for going to say. The sentencing must be very lenient massachusetts. Been recorded this podcast on your guess but mike you probably the most your honestly probably the most famous quincy person. I feel the pressure of represented one hundred percent. I mean it's it's it's it's tough the quincy quincy. I've looked at the quincy. Look john adams. John quincy adams john. John number one mike mitchell number. Two john quincy adams third. I think so. I think your past him. I think those progressive ads bumped passed the president. John quincy adams. Wow we don't besides that. I've looked at the list. It's it's it's I think like one of the pilots who dropped the bomb is on the list. It's not like a. It's it's it's how it's not a great that we're that's who claim as some of our famous people so i think it's like a grim. Yeah i think it's not a I think i think the list is not great. Yeah like i think. I think it's i don't think it's anything to really be proud of that. I'm on there. But but hey john adams john quincy adams those are. That's good company. No slouches centuries but those are both Two of the two of the early. I guess i guess you'd call. Jeff adams was a founding. Father was quincy adams founding father. Who's he was a son. He was his son so he wasn't quite as a toddler maybe founding toddler but both in that era where those their reputations kind of age better than some of the other guys I think for sure you're saying that. The yes they they were. They were better than a lot. Of the shitheads back. Then you're saying one hundred percent. Yeah i think so. A monica i wanted to ask you as an actor and this is a this is a question i'm always curious about and especially your on a your your your recently on a soap opera which i know. The the production schedule is very compressed and compact and and you don't have a lot of time for everything what are your. What is your onset eating regimen when you are when you are working usually. I don't know what the situation is going to be with food. So i always brings style that you know keeps against in albany and then i kind of just like every time i have breaks. I dislike raised crafts. editors play. It's a place where i like. Don't really know where the food is the actress. I don't say anything. i just like. Wait time done working to bears. Is boone somewhere. You know what i mean. Like i just like i feel like rude like at the when i was in the beautiful. I never knew where the jerry was because most of the people that work there there you know four days a week long and so they just walked over the growth and get something from something there. So i don't know where the like muffins and stuff were i'd ever been asked like twenty episodes. They've never asked one so thinks bars or whatever. It's it's hard to onset anyways. We've we've i've i've said this before. But why will it. As an actress specifically they will like the get cancelled around. And then like you're your herded into. Yes where you have to go. And then like they're always they'll they'll let you go sit in the green room or a trailer or whatever and then you got to be ready by the way like just like you're you might be up soon or whatever so you're always kind of on edge when you get a work anyways but i've never i've never i've never once the shows the difference between you and i- monica is just that i've never once ever brought lunch or anything. I've always ordered some insanely heavy meal and then fallen asleep in my trailer or it makes you tired if you meet some of those foods in the end it's exciting because it's like a free dealer just out. They're offering us whatever we want z. Go crazy sometimes. But it's not an idea totally totally makes you tire. I feel like there's been like moments on camera where i'm like. I feel like people at home can watch me and see that. I might fill filled up with shit. Jesus christ you could just nervous. I'm nervous like you can see the sweat coming out of my forehead. I it's a natural thing but it just no. And i imagine when you're because because i'm rarely on camera in any capacity but you know it it's it's very. It's very different when you have to be conscious of your image and also like this is how i'm going to be like this on camera. This will be me on camera for you. Know that'll just be like. I don't i don't have that much control over. What's done with this and occasionally wags a very. It's a rare thing. But i mostly what drawings of on the nightly news. Right sketchy sketches so so but also on the food front You are monica monica. Your vegetarian yes right. Yeah and chris delete everything i yes so what does that. How do you decide on on dinner in your family. And it. Sounds like your your. Your kids are eating meat. But like how how does that calculation factor in when you got one of you eat eights beaten one of you. Does it usually. We'll try anything something that we both really want. And we'll try to do two versions of it or we'll try to keep like the meat separate from the from the other stuff usually road. I'm always really insecure about cooking meat. Because i can't taste it and so i just think that chris is being polite being like no good night. It's like dry or terrible herself. I dunno anti. I just usually eat vegetarian when we all eat together. So it's not a real big. I go out places. He ended up liking my mule more. Because i feel like they have the working bit more on the vegetarian meals. There's this more flavor depending not everywhere the interest a how long have you been. Have you been vegetarian at this point on. I was like -tarian still sort of eating fish and stuff for a couple years. Like i think maybe since fifteen years maybe Wow yeah yeah. So i this year. I didn't really grow up eating fish. So i've never liked loved it but here and there i would have something with fishing or i've try fish but it's been like a big. That was something that wasn't like hard for me to give up. Because i don't really care about that much me. I tried giving up a couple times. Ip college but you know you go out and you drink and you want jack-in-the-box in your way home so it's like one hundred percent. Yeah wasn't telling after college. That i was like kinda just didn't want it anymore so i wouldn't say some like hard for me. I miss certain things. Like i miss. Like bake it like the house is certainly things like that but not enough to like wanna eat at. Yeah but jack in the box bacon. You're really making me regret this decision immediately. You're going to be so bummed about taco bell beyond. I'm like so mad at them. The potato thing is a terrorist so much stuff -tarian it's like such a bomber. Yeah at they're doing adding more things than they just nosy offering black beans instead or you can just add beans her i'm like i dunno Toes dada was the thing that i got since i was like. I don't know. I've i used to eat that like when i was like a little kid. And they are crazy they they fucked up so bad i. I'm still mad about it because there was the yesterday. They they nick techs chamber on there was the someone posted the new The the new vegetarian deal. And it fucking. It's bad it's a. It's a bummer fucking plan. I'm so pissed busy. They didn't as not as not as fucked up to say it's the worst thing about twenty twenty one to take your texting need a group like well read of all of these items online not every taco bell. Tommy just select stores. Not all why. They retired a bunch of inexplicable to me. I you know who knows because brands that they talked about what we we revisited pizza hut under under quarantine with our. Who did we agenda dangelo right. That's pizza with your an and they similarly are kind of in. I mean pizza was never up to the the the the same standard as taco bell. But they've they've they've similarly are are in dire straits right now. Pizza hut introduced the beyond meat. Pizza they've introduced that as of this recording. So i'm guessing that's the plant protein. They're going with with when we're gonna win taco bell eventually introduces it but getting rid potato stuff makes no sense. I fully agree with you. Getting rid of all those those veggie options. Let's just those one of the best things about taco bell. monica user. You been vegetarian. For as long as i've known chris i know i was thinking about fifteen years. There was something in the air decided. Well actually jack jack in the box the last time a pet jack in the boxes with you about fifteen years ago. Yeah that sounds about right. I guess the next day. I could not from drinking but still i have not been revisited as i think. We're also sleeping. I slept in my car. That meant to you. It was funny. Because you're very handsome. Man and and i would always be like man i can't i'm terrible with women you'd like me to like what the fuck gilligan thing really rubbed off on you but if i started being a vegetarian fifteen years ago when we met you you'd probably be able to see my jaw line. Today is my guess what it is true that when you first started coming vegetarian like a lot of people weight because why like you feel like you can't get full without the meat the protein. Okay you like over overcompensate with a lot of heavy stops like a 'tatoes in bradley. I eventually balance out. Eat more. S a great. Wow why sounds like a blast. Enjoying i'm telling people that have been carried because immediately excite. You may both defensive. So don't even say i don't tell people at Dimension mention feeling half do people feel judged by it a lot. But i also say like in but also i think part of the reason. I think people say they're vegetarian and vegan people say like oh you're vegan will. That's that's what you say that vegan say that all the time vegetarian say that all the time. But it's like we talk. How many times a day do you talk about food. Like food comes up so often because we have the eat multiple meals a day. And if you're in a workplace or family situation naturally what you can or can't eat is going to be a topic of conversation at some point. So maybe it's maybe it's not that vegetarians and vegans are insufferable about it. But maybe you started also mitch. I don't watch the nfl. Yeah let me just watch wrestling instead. No union wags. They don't they the. Wwe has no union. While maybe by this maybe by this point andrea angle. We make some progress with how i love talking about. They've been talking about. Maybe some sag after movement there. We'll see we'll see. Hopefully those wrestlers get to unionize. Chris i gonna ask you. And i don't think i've ever asked you this even just in our friendship when we were hanging out but was did they. Did you eat weird when you were on. That island was like or do they just feed you food like face. Styles army rations. 'cause i think yeah they. They made us out horn team for two weeks before and then they gave us not a lot of food. So i think the whole thing is to get like a producer trick to get the drama going. Ge tired edgy hungry. I mean otherwise if was getting wrong laughing at with it's like it's not really that much content there. So that's that's that's sounds about. How hollywood treats people the terrible same. Yeah yeah so you were so you were the you did have to like find food and stuff like that. That's kind of despot. Thought it was gonna be like fishing and stuff but it was more like solve this puzzle and find. That's how it can work in the wild. Sometimes obstacle forces are on a lot of deserted disappointing. 'cause i really thought it was going to be like a survival thing but it was. It was more. They're trying to get people like argue in date and stuff like that. Yeah yeah. I think i think i mean i remember before sir. Being old enough to remember before survivor premiered season. One the the hype going that you're like. Oh my god can make lord of the flies people are gonna kill each other realize how scripted it was going to be and they didn't realize how much isn't it isn't people just like foraging and hunting and trying their best to stay alive. It's all pretty. You know it's pretty controlled and as you guys know now. We have kind of similar rules with dough. Boys where you gotta quarantine for a couple of weeks and we send you army rations before you come on the show. that's right. We like drama wags. We want people to be exhausted and angry when they guest on the show late naked and afraid i more like tnt. We know drama over here at dough. Boys right yeah. We're certainly not very funny. Tbs i what are we talking about a real gilligan's island and while we're talking about a people's credits monica do have to ask your your many credits including in addition to the birthday boys in the shows that i mentioned also you're also the the star of a of a viral peleton ad. That was. Yeah it was. But those were wild times i was about. I think there was last year at two years ago. As of this This episodes releases roughly when that when that was going around. Yeah we we shot at lake come in september Came out november. Had been out for like a few weeks and it was just people that i knew like because it was literally on every commercial break of every show and so everyone had seen it. Like what you watched. Everyone has seen it so by the time you will started making fun of like having taking issue with it. Everyone could join in on the conversation because everyone had been forced At somewhat so i didn't fly with like central big deal because it was like. Oh yeah i know what they're talking about pretty much. Is it clear during every commercial break during sports working environments at the oregon. So no be playing behind me. Wow i thought in my initial reaction was like. Hey monica good. Good for her cited i was i was excited for you and then it turned into a turn into crazy crazy storm quickly quickly after that but i did not at first i had i had. I had forced to work out by her husband. Here's i wanna say this too is like peleton is like every i a bunch of like a few quincy guys who have peleton's now and be like they're so insanely popular right and also like that controversy and quotes probably helped that company on top of all of it is like the the it helped them sell more bikes probably on top of short-term disability on top of everything but but how how was it for you when when when that okay mountain and and and where people were people unkind about it to you how how was it you know i honestly was like a final read. The comments read all of the articles. That are coming my way then. Okay because it's like we had like two little kids are constantly like slapping my phone in my hand. If i'm on it. So if i wasn't looking at my phone everything was normal. It was weird. It was like we were at denny's denny's was going under like it was badly. We walked in one ranger since she was like. It's casually like okay like sat down and we're eating with our kids. And i know he's quickly quickly. Why was this the denny's that you put an order that disappeared. I was at the culver city. Denny's no it. Okay now hold also wondering. Follow up question. Have you gotten a refund from that. Denny's visit as of this episodes released in two thousand twenty one. I probably will have. That's fucking bullshit keep forgetting. That's fucking shit. What sorry monica you're talking about your denny's denny's travails your your family. It's cash only knows the word so we're there and it's just like it's a sad scene like it was it was. Would you agree pretty said. We just went there because it's like oh there's a huge manual kids came like hasselhoff easily. We can easily go something that they'll eat. Yeah and i remember. I was a woman deir salad start as i love like branch from restaurants and she's outlet as he got recalled knows like okay so we just like a bad situation and i was like the kids were throwing food on the floor and naked mass at realized that she was there by herself. Coming into maker. Clean up this mess lake buses able and clean up the floor song like before. Meanwhile i'm getting messages for my agent. Like oh ryan reynolds wants to help you run on the today show. And i'm like literally florida daddy's leg funny like this is going on on my phone. Basically and like this is like the west really really now at people approached me like now at people recognize was was on your tanzi all when i was walking my dog. And that's the guy across the street and the ad is huge cameron. I looked at him. And i did a double take and then all of a sudden he was in my face. He messages sprinted over so fast turned down us next to me who was funny because she she came in from my dog and she was like some guy was with the karen. My nashua thanked with confronted. Says putting on shoes take stopped would have been. You just been branded the guy from the commercial they would have like had acted you as the man who bought the bike for his wife. Which which which which was. And it's so hard to book anything as an actor and so that is such a crazy thing for for people to be so crazy about it but in the long run a good a good thing right now not look back on it as a bad thing to you now and i think that i wear kind of played it was i sort of just was like. I'm just going to wait for it to go away. I'm gonna wait for it to blow over because every single news outlet that you can imagine every show contacted need to come to an interview now want to the guy that played the husband did a bunch a fine with it by. I really feel like i was a part of that. Conversation was happening. I was reading anything i was like. I protect myself not read any of this stuff. I felt like if i would have chimed in after this conversation. Taken place about you know everywhere that some people took Than i would have seen nudie being too light hearted about it right joe dismissing that were triggered by that idea so i was going to say anything in that. Finally a bunch of random interviews or like articles came out where they acted like they asked me questions. They were like made up responses. I was like who did. Who will this answer by saying. Like you should see some of the funny. Eli like fun facts about longer. None of our true we my sisters. I like doubled overlapping but i had the press. Some of those fun facts. I apologize some that unflattering and you can yes. The only reason i did that today. Show is because ryan reynolds was going to be there. And i'm like thirty more focused on him than we're interested in talking to him so no keep my interview brief and it'll just be my opportunity to kind of just like i'm fine inside the full follow commercial his after his commercial aviation jin. That was like the that you like. The implication was it was the same character in like a bar setting pasta and had divorced the husband. It seemed like right. Was that the implying. I just want to tell you that you will get similar. Backlash from being on the doe boys. That's right don't read the ear wolf sub reddit. That's also just general advice for anyone. This is something about millionaire with. I didn't really know much about politics on. i've never. It's actually even seen one of those bikes in person. Your salt lake been sent. Obviously but never on on a pallet on so when people were messaging me being. This is exactly my story. I i realized that like the concept of the commercial for people that already owned bikes. Wow like they they will like this. Is this really resonates with me. But it was like if you're trying to get people to buy bikes. They're not really getting the whole academic sense tracking a whole year of being consistent and being excited about kind of thing but you know people that had bikes were like. This is exactly my story. I love it. So much on my. Oh i don't know either way out one. Oh yeah yeah yeah then. They sent me one. They sent me one after the today. Show on my face almost went on a morning show nikolai as well. We don't need to bring this up again for this. Well we don't have to get into it but you know we do have to get into this week's chain panera you. That's not fair. We i we. I used my anger is a segue we i. Of course again. We i have you panera. Bread with our buddy bill oakley back in the day founded in missouri in one thousand nine hundred saint louis spread and still operates in saint louis bread in the show me state as far as i know now owned by all band pan which i which i was not aware of so how about that and over two thousand locations in north america hears this. How about this for a little. A little fun fact. That just talks about how decayed our infrastructure is once the largest provider of free wifi in the us. Wow narrow bread a chain restaurant while could it be. Could it be libraries. Could it be you know public parks. Could it be municipal governments. It could be our country the place to tell to tell someone. Bad news is yes as a mesh wi fi. That's what that's what we notice about about. Panera bread is that it's a. It's a place where you were. You tell someone something. Bad is what we bill oakley type we've talked about this as well is just like so. It's a lot of breakup. Happening at at at at panera bread for whatever reason But let's Diagnoses being shared. It's it's grim times as of right. Now there's nothing going on. Because the panera bread i went to hey should be in there right now. The orange buffoon Yes the former president. Donald trump the man i refer to as the orange buffoons should be in there getting news that it's over. Yeah he should be. Hopefully this record. I don't think he's accepted it yet month. Maybe you're on squash soup. Today's before i hey. Speaking of autumn squash soup. That was one of the things i got. Oh jesus i did. I got a couple of the vegetarian. I ordered. They have a. They have a solid app from at pariah will say i use the app to order and i ordered as i'm doing this vegetarian thing. I ordered all from the plant based section of the menu which also includes dairy eggs. It's not just. It's not purely vegan you know they're they're being fast and loose with the term plant based on the app is very solid and i liked. I'll say true vegetarian already. The vegetarian autumn. Squash soup. That soup. I wrote i wrote down in my notes as i was eating it. Now we're talking because it's damn good this rich and flavorful. It has some pepitas garnish on top. Which was a really nice time greek. I immediately very quickly. I was like i'm gonna eat all this because a lot of times. These chains okay. I'm gonna take a few bites. And then maybe i'll save this or maybe i'll toss this of it's bad because we're usually ordering more food than one person would have normal sitting but i had. I had the whole thing i was like. I'm eating this whole thing because it's delicious. I thought it was great. Did a no monica. And chris did you guys get anything from these soup side of the menu we did. We tried to on squash soup aunt on french. Attached to begin with the sandwich bill. Yup let's talk soup. How're them soups. I liked it. I thought i thought the arm squash soup was really good. It was it was sweet. Like it like I'm not sure if if if there will be good with southern like salty. I don't think. I had a bright earnings-related grilled cheese and say jan miss too. I feel like we're gonna best two trips so yeah we want to try to breakfast but we also wanted to try the lines. I think chris was near one later in the day. So i think we had like two or three times in one day your way bigger than expected at way options for me than i expected like normally i have two auctions jackson visa kind of easier but there was a lot lot to try to. I the french onion soup was pretty good. it was We get into it or just kind of do escalate okay. I thought that was really good. Flavor just didn't have the bread or the cheese on top. I don't know if that's dining in or what it was. I was my only because he can pretty much. That is that that to me. That takes away a lot of the fun of french onion soup though that i i need some. Yeah yeah you're being too nice to it. I feel like chris i was it wasn't it was still had a good taste to it. The flavor was good. I agree. I was offended for him. I'm like what is that here. Another container with the rest of it blows up bad about things. I you see like all look like that's not what i would suppose was. Was there any cheese in it at all or no no no cheeses. Literally just the bras now. Tam but like i said i can't i can't really bash the flavor. Well i gotta tell ya and also gonna say this right off the top nick. It was surprise. But i also eight vegetarian from this restaurant. I got no meat. I think a single piece of meat at panera gal. And i did it for monica. I did it because i knew you were the guest and nick mentioned maybe eating vegetarian and he said he was gonna go all from the green menu and so i did not get a single piece of meat in this order. I don't know if i think eight vegetarian. I definitely do not eat vegan. 'cause i got i got some cheese but if i'm going to start off with the soup i got. I got a creamy tomato soup a cup of it. Because i did a half and half with a half classic grilled cheese and that came with the french. Get which also. I put a french. Forget in my order which is ninety nine cents and i didn't. I didn't realize that. So many of these things is also just come with a french. Come with side and so i had like four or five pieces of of french spaghetti in my in my bag at the end of the night. So i am. I am envious of you mitch. Because i had an and when we say french baguette. It's like a mini bag at. It's like a little guy. But it's like a pretzel stick. Nah not quite pretzel. Sticks breadsticks sized baguette. And i lost my get in the car. And i couldn't find it. This is insane. How did you lose a beget. There's a stray. Get somewhere in my chevy bolt. I have no idea where it is. I check the center console checked under the seats. I don't know what happened to. It is probably near the the seat belt. Light yes same. That's probably on the driver's side. You're being too nice to him. Where the fuck it up again. I don't know where it is gone. I somehow lost a mini baguettes. Somewhere in the car hosa. We're winning with it. I wasn't even eating it. So i took out all the items one by one. Just sort of inventory everything because it was. I was eating in the car. Yeah yes. I was eating in the car but it hadn't been into the band yet yet and as i was putting things. Aside it must have gotten lost in the shuffle clearing. Lost it in the car in the car. I don't know. I would not have thought a man could lose a bag yet until it happened to me. I misplaced it. I don't know where it is not like a great. I know he's the bread. Yes when you find it super but that on top. And i'll have something right there you go. We accidentally sitting on it. That is a possibility. no it's seen it. When i stood up. I think it would have seen a swish baghdad. At that point. I don't know what to tell you. I don't know how you lose a bag in the car. i don't know either. Hopefully i'll find it at some point in the future. But i'm sorry you were talking about your soups and you've got somebody that's on the side yes and did not lose a single beget just to let everyone know when you were taking inventory already. You already were sitting down. Yes okay and you just don't know where it went i think monica's probably onto something. It's it's probably between the seat and either the center console or the seat in the door and it just kind of wedged down there where. I can't see it but what i understand like losing a french fry. Carbon beget dropped my phone before in the car and not been able to find it and that's a bigger like you know and then bought a new phone you never but it's a phone is obvious. I mean a yet is disposable. I'm like all right well. You know whatever this thing's not worst case it's going to get like they were like a monica. Chris saying it's going to get a little stale. It's not like it's gonna. It's like a piece of meat. That's gonna rot. Stink like yeah. Yeah so it'd be old beget rolling around in your car. Somewhere right you'll find it. I'm sure at some point. I hope so why because i got. I got the creamy tomato soup. That's what i got. Yes and also didn't lose that and I'm going to say this. It was my by tonight. Why how it doesn't work with soup. Though my my slurp of the Session said slurp. It's hard to wrap slurp sip of the trip. Sip sip sip is you. Don't sip soups You know what slurp. I mean not not few things raimondo. burp versus We'll we'll we'll figure this out. Put a rain check on this. But that was my favorite thing. I loved the tomato soup. The creamy tomato soup we got into it was fantastic. My my mom. And i put in a big order to pinera and And and she she. She suggested that tomato soup matab some sort of sandwich with it. Here's the i'm gonna get into it right now. The downside is is that the classic grilled cheese and it was just like half grilled cheese. Was maybe one of the most disappointing things of the night. That was one of the got that did not really that it. It just was like it. Just wasn't that hot. It was it was too cold. I it just. It was a little bit too cold but the bread tastes good in in the cheese was just very kind of plastic. It just it just didn't it. Didn't it didn't work out. You want a hot hot fresh grilled cheese dip in the soup and it just wasn't. That's not what it was. It was it was it was. It was a bummer. But the soup was fantastic and it comes with croutons like these kind of crusty croutons that we threw in there. But i'll tell you what i like to do. Toss those croutons away. Get that baguette. Why for you. it's not possible. Lost somewhere in your car. You have that beget your pieces of the beget and you dip it in the creamy tomato soup. It's fantastic. oh that's great. Yeah that's delightful. Yeah i've a. I'll say as size this was touched on earlier. But you get sides with basically everything and so you get that many bag at the other sides of the chips which i think are just solid. They're crunchy oily kettle chips. You can get an apple. And i like that. You can just get an apple. It's great yeah. Well how many chain restaurants can get an apple is aside. And then the other one and this i think is a sneaky. Good side option here the tomato basil cucumber salad. I got as one of my sides. It just it's very simple. But it's just naturally flavorful and acidic very light about half of it. And then i took about half of it the next day and toss it in a salad. I made it home and it was great. So i i think there's there's lots of good side options here and they're generous because you pretty much even if you get a cup of soup you still get aside. Tossed in for free. Which a lot of places won't do wow action. No interest justin cater. I also got a small broccoli cheddar mac and cheese which basically almost belongs with the soups. Because it pretty much was just broccoli cheddar soup with some mushy overcooked. Pasta in it. But it was oddly. Delicious i mean lots of chatter. It had carrots in which. I don't think it needed but it was. It was oddly very very tasty and this was another one where i just decided. I'm eating all of this like two bites in. Eat this whole thing. So the soup and the mac and cheese. I think we're really the highlights for me. Let's talk about more. Yes i got that broccoli cheddar mac and cheese. Wow what'd you man. I got a small broccoli cheddar mac and cheese. My mom was mad. When i pulled it out of the bag because I had not told her. I was getting in the order. And she's afraid that. I am overweight and gonna die But i i pulled out a bag and She was unhappy and then she tried it and she was even more unhappy because she didn't like the way it tasted. I don't know she thought she thought that it just tastes kinda like watery knock. She'd rather have a box of kraft mac and cheese. And i and i thought i thought that they were bites where tasted like that. But then i also got a bite of like broccoli and mac and cheese. And i thought it was good. Yeah i like the cheddar flavor. I thought it was. I thought it was better than a box. Mac and cheese. Which is maybe damning with faint. Praise but i do like a box mac and cheese we we we we didn't. We did not eat the whole thing but we took a few bites of it. And i thought it was fine. It was not one of the standards. And i do have a couple of standouts so That that that tomato soup being one of them. But the the mac and cheese and the and the grilled cheese were were. The two cheeses were not the did not show up That's a bummer. Let's let's hear more of your order. What else did you guys get. Oh okay so in the morning we got. So would we get that a got an ag sandwich on brioche read. I thought was delicious. Didn't need salt. I always think like breakfast sandwiches from places like this as a place. You'd grab something like at the airport when traveling deborah ever have any flavor. i like. they always eat. Salt may always eat something and you kind of just eat it anyway. I feel like this one. I have been disappointed. Felt like i needed to find like a packet of sunday to season it Their hot sauce or anything like that is really good but i chose scrambling the most of their eggs. They came over easy on. That agree and i wasn't sure if i can say can you over medium So instead of being like difficult. I just got it scrambles and i thought that was really. I think that sandwich comes with megan. But i just said i wanna just agencies. They do make an cheese on chabad house. What you bet your bacon. Yeah that was those pretty good. I probably Disappointed in that. Actually look good in the picture but The combination shibata. Just doesn't i don't think that's the best bread i totally agree and brioche. I should've issue. But i figured monica was gonna bite her which is really good a yeah i definitely would recommend the brioche over the edge I actually went in and picked it up. So i don't know if something's are available when you go in based on what they had available in the late bakery section but there was some souffles. There was a forty zoo. Play on that reserved being play. Yeah anyways We didn't we didn't see them as an auction to order that. Like wanting to like doordash or anything like that. It wasn't even on. The menu was action. It was an option. Look at postmates Tried to order it. They said it was unavailable so anyways. Maybe it's in the store but they had lovely bakery items really good grabbing orange stone. A cinnamon roll you. Everything was really good but weren't is really good. Because normally i'm not crazy about finding he said the same thing they're kind of dance kind of dry mid if there is the option. Take anything also risk. Yeah right i. There was a place that had like orange zest So tasted really good. It didn't taste like like super artificial whine wasn't that dancers can sophon while you for breakfast. You guys you guys. You guys are being kind of nice. But i just going to go out and say it. Scones are bad scones. kinda suck. There's never usually order one. I just i like orange flavored bates items usually for some reason. I just thought like this. Try it and bring it home in. The voice law automatically eat anything. That's like sweet or that. Looks like it might be sweet so just out of surprise. It was really good. I never worried yet. I'm generally a skeptic. But i will say that i've had i've i think there's a maple scone they have it like a maple glazed stone. They have at at panera. That is pretty darn good. I i will say though the the sweet treat. I did get which was pecan braid. Which was free with the app. I didn't love it. I thought this was very much. Not worth the calories. It was it was unfortunately super dry. Kinda like a rubella. You know it was just like it. Which isn't my favorite kind of dessert. It's just too. I like a little bit of boy. Snus with with with a sweet pastry and this was just it was just too dry. Starchy was unfortunately did not deliver. It would have rather had just like a maple bar doughnut. I wonder if it's time of day too because we could be breakfast until ten thirty. And so i was there at eight thirty and i looked. They open at like six thirty in the morning. Imagine they're probably making. Muslims baked goods like bread morning. Someone right so if you're if you're getting in the morning they'll probably not going to chase that great with the end of the day right works. I don't know if they're begging Are they made in store or is it delivered like us. That's a great question. I'm honestly not clear on this. I've heard last time. We did this last time. we did. panerabread Someone who worked there informed me that they were still baking. They're they're still doing their baked goods in house while Yeah so like like like cookies and stuff were. That's that's why that was like a good bet to get there because it was something that was baked at that store. But i don't know if that's still the case here. In the year of our lord twenty twenty one it sounds like a knick you and you and chris both had a little bit of a breakfast catfish going on this catfish the picture look good but then you got the you got the pastry and it was in a in it. It wasn't what the picture was up to the expectations like me on on on on tinder. I use a picture from two thousand nine hundred pounds less classic case of a breakfast catfish for you both. Yeah inventive for sure. I agree the calorie thing If i'm gonna have six hundred calories. Yeah i would so much rather not have gone. I guess probably my least favorite hush right at one hundred percent four scone if we're judging it compared to all guns out says it's pretty pretty good top every which tastes like. They shouldn't be that many calories. They they feel like they should be more healthy than all. The kinds of lak- bran a bunch of safe. Now it feels like all that's in there and you're like oh yeah. Fiber now was english refresh. I think it's english english. I answer. I hate anyone blame now. This responsible for this wise. I was just thinking like the beginning in your car and then going missing. That's not the first time something happened where it's gone in your car and gone missing right. All right we'll be back with more dough voice three to one happy new year. Wait a minute. The ball that dropped in times square is actually a big ball of cubes. Nasty that's right alert. It's two thousand twenty one. But harry nuts are still gross. Step into the new year with the tree standing taller and shave your boys with man's scraped that's right happy. New year's from our sponsor manscaping the best in men's below the waist grooming offering precision engineer tools for your family jewels. And it's here to help you have and it's here to help you have clean balls in the new year. Bring in the new year with the right tools for the job. And that's manscaping. You know and i love manscaping. 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Sitting down with a big pint of ben and jerry's back here in my basement and quincy and watching myself up on the screen. So do me a favor. Grab a pint of ben. And jerry's punchline ice cream anywhere. Ice cream. Sold or find a new flavor. At ben jerry dot com. That's b. e. n. j. e. r. r. y. Dot com. do it baby. Welcome back to dough boys we. We're here with monica. Louise and chris o'malley we're discussing pinera and hey let's get into the rest of our order. I will say as stuck with a vegetarian side of things. I had to items that were that that would be called maine's and one was disappointing. That will start with and the other one was was surprisingly good. The hobble is the first one. This is already the description. Cilantro relying brown rice and keen. Wa- black bean and corn salsa salsa verde red grape tomatoes avocados crumbles and greek yogurt. And my thought would with with this many components especially as many wet components expected it to be less dry but it was still surprisingly dry. And i think also because of the fed and the greek yogurt. It was more mediterranean than mexican for something called a baja bowl but he won't sorry no this it has. He's barking at nick like the dog. Barks the terminator drunk. You no this. actually this. I mean this is the description of the of the. Bob overpaid him from the menu and it had it had some components they had the black bean and the corn salsa and the salsa verde. Nick met your admit that you're t eight hundred. I'm not a t eight hundred he he's just he's just mad they're doing dope. Boys podcast sucks. But i just. I felt like this this too much going on hunger pasta. I would say Just to just a few too. Many components didn't seem healthy for something that was trying to be healthy. This was like a bad kava bowl we were. We've reviewed kava view times more than the one time there's some nerds that year when you say in go potch. They pump their fists. Yes one hundred. I also had the bobble. What did you think why we're really lining up here. i'm how we're in sync. I did i did. I didn't hate it my i. I didn't even realize i thought it was sour cream. I didn't realize that that was greek yogurt in there it has both. That's what's weird. It's just that's the way it's got a wait. No it doesn't have both know the greek yogurt greek yogurt but my issue with it is that that bowl is six hundred eighty calories without any protein in it right which is why is it. That is it the avocado. What's going on there. And also this is one where i was like. I wish that there was chicken. And i mean like in that would put it. You know it probably add two to three hundred more calories or whatever but that that was one rows like this needs some sort of protein in it just by itself it. It just kind of like bush bowl. But i didn't think i didn't take i. I thought the flavors of it weren't bad. I didn't think it was yes. I have had the mediterranean bowl before in atlanta There was a panara across the street from the hotel. I was staying in i would. I would go over and frequent that pinera pretty often i would. I would usually do with chicken or the the mediterranean bowl. I think with some times. But i enjoy the mediterranean bowl in and then the bobble just is not as good. It's not as good taste. And i thought when i ate i wasn't crazy about it and i quote it in the fridge because i just took a couple bites and i'm like i don't know it feels a little wet which is weird because you said yours was dry. Young felt a little like wet weirdly just like it was almost over coach. What was face about one eye. Goldilocks the both of you. I got the idea. Just right. I know but i i had the next day because it was in the fridge and you know it has everything and it was good so i don't know if it was just because i had so many light ugly. I'd have the soup already in. Italy likes that. I and then when i took by maybe it was just like a flavors. That kind of clashed or something. But i enjoyed it. The next day capt like the the way that it was would it came like fresh was very similar to the way that was like out of the fridge. So wasn't like something like to even stay out right now. I just looked. I looked online. The baha- the bobble with chicken only seventy calories morris. it's seven hundred fifty calories. Oh interesting and then. The the mediterranean bowl is a is a little less but still kind of i. Six hundred thirty calories than seven hundred with chicken Which is kind of higher than you. Think when when you're thinking of like oh this is kind of like a healthy little bowl meal not crazy. It's i'm sure you think the career it's confusing. I could be the fat in their avocado. I think it'd be pretty caloric but yeah it's it's i will say because this is a work lunch sort of meal. This is not a thing you get for fun. This is like okay. This is my work launch. This is the the the team order or this is. I'm getting this on my lunch break. And from that standpoint. I'm like i'd rather have a bowl from aaa or a bowl from kava you know versus what this what is offering is the one that i thought was. Surprisingly good of my entrees was the cheese flat bread which is their pizzas there. Flat bread pizzas are new offerings. They've been running these ads a lot. And i thought this was a pretty darn good thin crust pizza. I was like this is. This is better than expected. It's just a simple tomato sauce. Lots of cheese crust had a good crunch to it. I wrote down in my notes. I was surprised. Should i be because it's panera. Bread bread is owed slaley. What the hell. I'm just like that was just my. I'm trying to write down my gut reaction so he can remember it. You know a few days later when we actually record and and that was my thought it was just like a question for you. Yes why are your notes boring plagiarize. I thought that interim insight to it because panerabread of course they should do a flat bread. Pizza well bred is their business and i thought this was a pretty good flat bread pizza. I don't know our guests. Are nodding along did you. Did you similarly get this we margarita. Yeah i i thought it was great like the great. I mean it was good really good. All right Every bite was good. It seemed gas in away across. Which is i like that. So that i mentioned redoubt about it too that a lot of sense margarita pizzas. Because it's the fresh mozzarella basil everything like slide off in the i. It seems like a lot of times. that this one did do that. It was like that ingredient for kind of like chops smaller lay that the the basil wasn't like big leaves. It was like all was that. I don't know it was just it. You could buy into it and not all come off together. Which is let's go gap. That's huge i. I'm not in along too. Because i also got the margherita pizza. Wow all three of us got the pizza and guess what my mom and i. We both thought it was good. We the tomato soup. This was our favorite thing. I i want. I went light on the basil and also just to comparatively for that whole pizza. If you ate that whole pizza it would be just as much as a bobble with chicken. Mean seven hundred sixty calories which is crazy right like that is. That is the confusing thing about about that. Those bowls i i don't get it but in that ball again. Was it rice brown rice or in their race in keene. Joaquin came chemo. I think he was surprisingly high in calories. Interesting remember correctly on right after. But hey if. I'm if. I got to choose between the two i'm gonna go with that margarita. Pizza it was. It was really really good as far as like even chain pizzas or whatever you can get it. It's ready in ten minutes and it was and it was. That was impressive. I in my mom. My mom loved it and i was shocked. I you're right nick. Maybe you're right. Maybe that dull notice right. Should i be shocked. I should be shocked. But i was. I was shocked at how good it was. It was it was. It was really surprising. It one hundred percent agree with you mitch. And that's the. That's the rundown of all the food i got. Is there anything that that we haven't touched on a modern christian. The two of you. Yeah we got. We got to talk about the souffles right all signed by you got a couple. You got different. Yeah oh yeah. I got the album which which i. I used to get back when i lived in boston. Massachusetts actually go to the one in. Quincy i remember loving that sandwich. While the one on hancock street that was that was kind of our members kind of knew when i was younger when i was fifteen or sixteen. It was like a brand new place. Remember that only the. That's the what i want to last night. Yeah and and you know what chris. I don't know if i've ever stepped foot in there i. It's because when. When i when i when i when i started when i was i think that was i think. He came around when i was in college. Or you know. Like when i started going to college so probably it's it's twenty twenty years old. Maybe okay yeah i was. I remember being in high school still. And i worked at marina bay which is right around the corner. I remember feeling like it was really good. Because i was like the first time i was like earning money i felt made me feel like an adult kenna. Goldensohn you'd like a sandwich lagging as that is upscale restaurants around a little bit. But i have like i'm always battling with the style. Joe versus quality going down over the years and so i. I got the same sandwich that used to get. When i worked at the marina and i would say it held up celebrity good. The flavor was good. Yes i mean. Places like deangelis. Mike i mean. Of course there's deangelis right next to this pinera and angelo's and chris johns. We've we've yet to review. What chris said is basically kind of what the whole park is is the nostalgia of of going to a place in whether it actually is good right when you eat it now but i ten times we went to boston. We have to hear. This is my favorite place and then it was of like a whole number was just added. North end that that is is delicious. That lives up tonight. You been there now but are twice. I had a great time. Were you about to speak. Ill of deangelis chris. No i was wondering. Because that's the one place i haven't been recently. I had such a fond memories of so i was kinda. I was wondering if you've been recently. I haven't been since i've been back but they are also one that i feel like i should go too soon because the them in pacino's are are borderline. I've said this. Before on the show. But now i have to be protective of like region like regional chains. Because they're going to go out of business it sucks. Why co well. They're either going to go out of business or go nationwide and then kind of like lose their charm. The quality goes down. I mean we're kind of seeing this with dunkin' to some degree it just kind of they kinda over expanded a little bit but again. Who knows chris that you bring up a good point in that. The pinera was hopping as far as cova. Tom scotto there were there. Were people inside there. There were few people inside seating. And there which i guess is allowed but then next door that the angelo's maybe was just the lights were out. It seemed like i. I don't know if it was closed or if it just was not nothing was going on there. So i mean it was. It was grim looking. So so pinero has definitely won the battle on on hancock street there but there's also an applebees right next to which is also have never been in. Nick the applebee's north. Quincy i've also have never been in so and another chain. We have yet to review the biggest one. We have not yet reviewed applebee's I i got. I got i got a couple more things. Yes that pizza though being the big one and then And then i also. We got a couple of drinks nick. We got My mom got the plum ginger hibiscus tea. And then i got the blood orange lemonade which i got a large on that and then she got a regular but they just gave us two largest and they're huge. The drinks are huge. And then when i tasted them i regret getting a large because the hibiscus tea i took. My mom's was too watery. It's zero calories but just like was to it was to honour down and tasted like nothing and then the blood orange lemonade like they say. All the ingredients it's made from on the on the fountain like they have like the lemonade fountain. Which are nice. And they're fun to look at. Nick we've talked about this before but yes My mom was this tastes like like like a tang like an orange powder. Drank and i agreed with her. It was not It was not very good. So i i got to give an example of that. Blood orange lemonade. I don't know. I don't know if it can have ups and downs depending on the bachelor or whatever you know what. I mean Yeah i needed a new batch in needed needed needed a new batch in gremlins to and needed a gremlin stewart did it didn't agree to and then We i also got a greek salad. No meat but usually when i go to pinera. I'll usually do the greek salad with chicken with with grilled chicken. And i think it's i think they do a pretty good greek salad and last night in the same. The greek dressing is good. And you got a piece of french bread. You can dip your french better than the leftover dressing and There's some good amount of data in there and onions. And the i honestly. I think as far as as chain restaurants go. It has one of the best greek salad you can get. Wow i mean can you think of anything that's better i can't i mean maybe if you go to a specific a greek place like daphne's maybe but but you know i mean that's a yes as far as as wide chains. Yeah maybe hard to do. Better than pinera deangelis also had one but they're getting destroyed by pinera guess And then finally for dessert because we had the babo bobble as well and then for dessert we got a candy cookie. Which is an ems cookie. But it's just not eminem's just called candy cookie. And it was a little bit undercooked. I would say like the center of it was a little battery which is okay. I i like to have a softer cookie. So i don't mind but it was. It was not. It was not great in the in the candies. Were not eminem so a disappointment but the pizza was great and that soup was great and then this morning i kept it till the morning. I ordered an everything bagel sliced. I got a sesame bagel on sliced. And i used to app and i just wanna say the great too good app. The app works great. The that was the only mistake of the whole thing is that they gave me a sesame big onset of everything bagel and it wasn't sliced mutt. I sure that they would just out of everything bagel. i bet you. That's what it was. And then i got child and onion cream cheese with that and i thought it was once it was toasted up. I thought it was okay. I think dunkin's still better. But i feel like all bagels. Now are just like if you if you get a bagel from. They're all hard. They're all you ever go to a bagel place. I think it sucks though because chain it just never works those those those. It was hard last night too. I put it in a plastic bag till this morning but it was hard last night when i got it so a little disappointed but overall the highs were pretty high with mayor this time around i was. I was surprised. I agree and and one of our guests is nodding along is there. Is there any more food to cover before we get to our final thoughts so you guys get it anyway. Draw on it this was. I wrote down this stuff that i could eat. So that's a ballast. Oh surprise yeah definitely to its credit and i will see if that factors into our final thoughts here so we'll go around gay closing argument if you will about panera bread and then end by giving it a rating from zero to five forks monica. We'll begin with you Huggy i i kind of expected it to be like just sort of standard but i would have to like add to it but as i don't want to add to it because i was laid one born rated on like exactly as comes. I didn't feel like i needed to do anything to it or that i would. I wasn't being asked about it. I thought everything that tried pretty much. I would order again. I don't think there's anything. I might not get that nigerian in. Might try the greek Instead of i want those flavors Because i wasn't crazy about the way that the key what was talked to just outrageously i had bari. Arlo bet But everything else. I thought so good and our kids took bites light everything which is kind of unusual because they don't really like to buy the things that they don't recognize or like they'll smell it now so that was interesting that they wanted to take multiple by. It's all the stuff that that's always a plus if your kids will eat something that you're eating And i thought their baked goods. We're really good too. And there was a lot of baked goods. I wanted to go back and try something once because you know the ones that we did get the rolling stone. I really do it so like basically what we had was the time of day like early in the early in the day like i would have to say like four and a half as a vegetarian. And you're gonna know this next year all these playwrights sorta admit you never expect food to taste good because you're omitting something usually or on backwards. Monica and shock. Honestly like i was like this is a place i would actually go back to with locally do on everything so good and i was surprised that the flavors so good. It tastes really fresh. Baked item. So yeah wow four and a half. Orcs hyper ashra. Monica chris your final thoughts and your fork score a see. I thought everything is really good. Too I thought the bacon egg and cheese on tabatha was good civil flavor. The scrambled eggs is gonna good texture. Not enough began but But the tomato is probably not the best call on me so i really won't put on them Franchisee soup was missing the key elements and and then The chicken was good at held up. But it also made me kind of It wasn't quite as good as i remember. And i think that made me a little sad that my sixteen year olds sixteen year. Old self was not a my taste. Buds quite mature enough to carry. John was overall. I thought it was good. I wasn't disappointed. Because i haven't been and probably we over ten years How you think quincy wen. Yeah yeah yeah. I'd be quite time sense in the last ten years. So maybe slow when you're with the job or something that's pretty. Yeah right I would say three and a half force. Wow three and a half four still a very good score and mcmahon spoon. What do you think well nick would like. We said before this is the place that you you see. A lot of people giving other people bad news or it's it's like it feels very much like a like the catheter cafeteria or something. Where there's there's a sadness to it. I'm gonna say this. The quincy pinera end. Look people got mad at me. Because i said the seven eleven. That quincy had the one of the nicest seven eleven i've ever i've ever seen. It was the the seven eleven. It took over tedeschi chris. I don't know if you've ever been in their bills. It's on bill. A brown Adam street but right right yeah. It's it's it's super super nice. And i'm sure there's better seven elevens. It's just the nicest one i'd ever been in It is it's crazy and it's it's because it was a former like i used to be like a supermarket. Basically it was it was it was used to be. This place called curtis farms which which a few of my friends worked at and then and then it became a tedeschi. And now it's a seven eleven with a tedeschi deli in. It was just the nicest son. Seven eleven. I've ever been in. But i say this too about the quincy pinera. Why look there's a bunch of windows. There's light in there. Every every panara ben into doesn't there's this big open windows which they to every other pariah bentiu just feels like a waiting room and it was so strong right. There's something about it but the but this being an when it wasn't it wasn't that depressing when it should be the most depressing because it's a depressing time but the food also was the food kind of its apprised me i. I enjoyed my dinner last night. Which which to me. I always just going to pinera to get that greek salad with chicken. Because i'm like this is healthy enough. This is a healthy enough option for fast food. Place when you're working or you're in some that you don't know or whatever ray it's it's a. It's a fine healthy meal and last night. I was eating that pizza with my mind. I was and i was having a good time. It was it was it was great. I i really tomato soup. I would go back on a winter's day get a big bowl of that tomato soup and dip some readiness. Yeah that's the other thing. I was thinking. It's i think it's weather hike on a cold day. I think i would enjoy it more. Probably higher score but yeah yeah no and well. My score is slightly higher than yours but also not in the golden play club. i. I mean if anything. This is the time that should get in. And i'm like. I'm i'm waffling on whether i should waffling a waffling on whether i should give it four like three point. Seven five forks. I don't this. This was best outing though. And this is like very close to a golden. Play club to me on this on this one. It sounds like your gut is telling you three forks three times three or four three times. Yeah it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't quite all vegetarian. No honestly i gotta say that too. I don't think that that took anything away from it. If anything and maybe helped the only thing was the baja ball. And then the greek. The greek salad could have had chicken in there but i eighth the greek salad like after eight pizza so it felt kind of more like oh this is just like a pizza and salad and it was and it was nice. I didn't need any meat in there. So overall especially for a vegetarian. A no meat meal nick. It is close to four forks. Three point nine forks nick. Wow hypothetical ten tined fork. That's right nine of them in action. Other forget the there were also some downsides. There was some stuff that just did not work. But who's close man. It was very very very close. Yeah i mean i will. I think i'm going to land between everybody with my with my fork score ultimately know we talked about it soups and i think just as they super is just as a soup shop. It's it's a great soups. And i think that speaks a lot to you. Know like like like what you were saying mitch. I thought was really was really good about just like that. Get a bowl of soup is just so satisfying and there are a lot of to go chains where you could get something like that you know and i like that and i think they do their soups well either. The bowl underwhelmed the flat bread pizza. One hundred percent get again and and monica and was talking about the you know a lot of pastries and i think a lot of them are quite good. Although the ones i had or the one i had was not particularly good but the their cookies cookies are very very solid. I didn't mention cold brew. Which i got. Which was the madagascar vanilla almond cold brew. And i wrote my notes. Hey okay because it was just like. Hey okay you know. Basically reaction nice cold brew not overly sweet. Vanilla was subtle and a flavored coffee. Not a dessert. Which for a cold brew. I don't want it to be just like too sweet. I don't want to be a milkshake. I want it to be like a little bit a little bit of a pick me up and this was that so i think i'm i think i'm going to say this one especially eating it from a vegetarian perspective which i am as of twenty twenty one twenty twenty. You're still gonna have. You're going to have meet tonight. I'm sure yeah. I'm gonna have me tonight. But as of this episode's release a the year of laura twenty eight twenty one. I'm not eating any meat. And i am going to say for ordering from a vegetarian perspective. This chain absolutely has a lot of great options. And i thought a lot of things that i would get again for that reason. I'm i'm going to say. This is four forks. This afford four pinera. I was impressed while i really. Maybe maybe we've got and five forks neck with that all play wide. I should say the chicken i am. I think i think i think so. Yeah the chicken kind of had that on. Chris you should be ashamed. How dare you sir. The ticket was like kind of like subway like it felt like it was like a portion doubt like proportion. Yeah john moyle checking thing. Yeah a flavors. Are there that kind of But i did notice that. I mean the the chicken wasn't great so you didn't miss anything and that actually on the on the bacon egg and cheese didn't put an update on it and it was a little yeah. It was just not enough pagan and probably not enough chicken. Quality wasn't great. So hey chris and i are back to our old ways. We didn't get in. We didn't let it in the golden play club Nick we're low weasels just like we use back sunny mcclain's there we go. It doesn't it doesn't. It's i mean it's it was good it just it. Hasn't it hasn't gone over to four for me yet. But i'm happy i'm happy. Did for you. nick up surprised. Hey you know what i will say. It was better than our previous outing. And you know. I think that's A and i think it absolutely has its place in the chain game But that was our review. While we review of panera bread. It's time for a segment. I've selected a chain and mitch. And monica and chris have sixty seconds to craft order under an array of restrictions. The return of. Can i take your order. Oh my god and a your or you can't hear music brahma plays. That is Chain some alcohol your or there are rules that all day. Explain so all learn when this episode is released. Emma decided Or not decided to add the backing track behind my vocals which i was listening to but it was not in the was not in the audio for our guests mitch. That'll be a fun fun. Treat for me but your chain is kfc for this issue. This edition of can. I take your order sound. You sound like nervous moody. It's not hootie and the blowfish. It's not of darius. Rucker song i know i know but i'm just saying you sounded like nervous. Hootie okay sounded like darius rucker the little bit of the shakes but the chain the chain for this edition is kfc. Your budget is ten dollars including tax so tack on an additional ten. Percents your debit card. Your debit card has been As a fraud alert on it. And you have a ten dollar bill on you. That's all you have to work with and you have to order vegetarian. Fuck you already. So before we begin the clock before the clock. You may ask me any questions any questions from the floor. Can we just stick to sides or do we have to pick something from like the main like combos meals. You don't have to pick anything from the mains you can. You can order strictly sides if you like is there. Is there a winner. Is it closest without going over or is it just kind of Emma g remember. Did we do a winner last time last time. Mitch ed mission. Leslie both lost so there was there was. I think you both went over and there weren't allowed to use pasta. It was a whole mess. Everyone so you might have the chance first time but there is a winter there should be earth. Say there's a letter monica you. Monica you asked if you could if you could only do sides and the answer is you have to only do sides. It's the stupid fuck and vegetarian. Bullshit scam like Do i stand by sixty seconds asking. What's in the bowl. Or whatever the sucks. All right but you can make substitutions if you do on order from the main so that andrey gives you some options. A chicken potpie with no chicken. Well you probably. They probably make that substitution but they probably take off the chicken in a bowl her. Okay vegetarian popeye. Forget no money. Chris when you guys wanna work together as a team or would you like to work independently. Sheriff's rewards you guys. It'll be a team. It'll be two on versus the spoon. Mike mitchell what. Mitch is an expert in the chain restaurant sector. So you may have your hands full in this match up that emma. Please start the start. The clock let us know when the sixty seconds begin is this sonic is rare hearing the very loud audio of the smash smash the targets. Break the targets themed. I can tell looking through the monitor that our guests are hard at work. Wait emma do you. Clock is supposed to be timing it i got. It stopped the vocal music at sixty. Second thank you. Emma is not really moved yet. Twenty seconds is just transfixed on his monitor calculate artists man. I love to send solo. Wow those down. He's gonna win this that we're gonna find out all right. Well i'll i'll go with the prices on the menu menu with price dot. Com will use that as the as the as the price gauge here. So modern chris. Let's begin with you. What did you assemble for your order contain a wedge this potato wedges science. You're decided cole saw back inside. Mac and cheese with two biscuit snack anna. Wow wow so you've got three dollars seventy nine items a dollar forty nine item for the two biscuits and then the lemonade. I was looking at the half gallon price. But that's not right as a regular lemonade. Forty nine all right. Let me do the math real quick. Sonic music again for your math. Thought sonic music smash brothers music. Oh i think just. I think you just snuck under with the with ten percent tax. You're at your at your about nine dollars and sixty cents here by my might be a little bit so you're sitting pretty are at spoon. What are you got all right. Why eggs i asked potatoes with gravy gravy vegetarian. You lost the gravies. Not budget -tarian. No i don't think so. How good he find vegetarian gravy. Whenever you want brady go to like whole foods. Well look it doesn't even say gravy on the menu all right. So we'll i'll just give you just mashed potatoes a single serving of mashed potatoes a single serving of mac and cheese going seventy nine options a single serving of sweet kernel corn a single serving of baked beans. Wow loading up onsides a strawberry lemonade strawberry lemonade. I believe is actually an extra thirty cents versus the regular lemonade and things. You know what your nine forty-five without tax before you even add the biscuits you add the biscuits your at ten ninety four before tax. I'll fuck off midday. You're you're you're good at arithmetic. You completely busted your budget here. I should have got the beans beans. Too much. Deteriorate are they. They probably aren't following licensed. Have something in them well. There is a winner here today. It is monica and chris. Congratulations vegetarian fucking. Kfc no one. No one wants that. But sometimes that i think is the situation you end up in. Is that correct monica. Yeah yeah they're like all the time our job size school an one right nearby so so i had no idea. It's like you drop this. Jumba juice bomb us towards the end of the episode. We can forty minutes on this earlier. We jamba juice. Yes okay yeah. I actually a decent experience. I was doing a lot of java for a time in quarantine. Because i was just like i need something to get out of the house. I'll go get a jumba juice. And then i was like. I'm just having like five hundred calories of liquid sugar every other day. I can't do this to myself. Only gained so much weight. Yeah i can imagine. She was getting a peanut butter mood every day. Like what are you doing. They had jazz like the health. Like kind of a healthy option. Angle early to later on revealed that it's not really not healthy all right No i don't think so. I mean that's it's should've maybe it's it's not exactly like the healthiest thing in the world. But they they they to go a little like now the room when we went there last why they were like it was like a health. There was like green like john. Gr like greener shakes or whatever that they're going in the direction of more juices. Not just things that are just desserts but like things that actually have like kale and spinach and emmer something that have have some nutritional value but but for the most a lot of people go there to indulge. I mean that's certainly i was doing. I was going and getting like an orange and vanilla. You know shake functionally but hey there we go. Hey that was. Can i take your order. Just like a restaurant your feedback. Let's open to the feedback. Your man mitch. You're going to be so mad about this one. Why did you ever get jamba juice and then disappeared in your car. No i never had a whole juice. Mysteriously vanish inside my car. Never to be found what's going on in their boss after today's email is from lucia. Lisa writes lisa. Also included a phonetic pronunciation of their name. And some very nice complimentary to thank you for that leash high from ireland in low to everyone in the spectacular doe team when you talk taco bell with betsy and mono it fills me with a longing to try it followed by anxiety that i will order badly. Can you pick a taco bell meal for a first time first timer complete with exact instructions including how many packets of sauce etc please mitch. I started worried that this one was going to also irritate you Because it's you know we talked about taco bell. And i know it's a sore subject recently and you seem like you're in a pretty cranky cranky mood right now but that said if you were an unwanted guests to weigh in on this as well but i know you're something expert i mean. Do you want a second to think through exactly what someone's first-timer order should be from taco bell more or do you have it cued up key. Play that smash brothers theme again break targets team ready to go. I play it again. No no no. I i i can. I can handle the first order from taco bell. Wow for a cheesy crunch neck is for me is is is what you have to gap. Yes and then now because they've done so much stupid shit that i'm i don't even know what is available anymore. I haven't and it has caused me not to go back to taco bell. And a while i would say the five layer burrito is another thing you should get. I think you should get a cheesy crunch a five layer burrito and do you know off and the five layers of the five layer burrito. I mean it's all it's like what gaber says it's like all the sauces that it was like sour cream beans meat cheese and i don't know what the other one is. Have you sadlier. There's there is a discontinued. Yeah at the bomber. And so i don't know what the last i'm missing something else in that five layer burrito but i would say later burrito the The cheese crunches is a must. And then what do they. What else did they have it. Because the the the loaded the loaded griller and all those things are gone so yes and the fritos burrito is now gone like all my komitch. I think that again. We're we're thinking of like first time order. I've never been a taco bell and i'm curious i think for me a doritos locos tacos nick. That's what i was. Just say i like because you could get chalupa or and that would be fun. But i think it does a drills locos taco would would be the way to go yet so does okay adr. Well now they even got rid of the cool ranch does logos taco. It sucks but still the nacho cheese. We'll still get the point. Across the nacho. Cheese yes the nacho cheese ryoko taco and i think i would get that supreme and then five layer burrito. She's eater crunch and nick. As a drink a baja blast freeze. That's what i do. Yeah the bob blasted called today for tell you that my brothers college roommate was his mom was a frito lay executive who came up with the term not the flavor but came up with the term. Cool ranch yes yeah. Yeah how about that. Wow didn't you cooler ranch array time. It became cool ranch in now is a back to cool ranch. It's back to cool ranch now and then also a apparently in europe. They don't know they don't have a concept of ranches of flavor so it's called cool american which was great. Wow czar a ham. Sandwich lays chip insane. I am who i'm into that. Where's where's it called. cool. American i just. I mean i've just heard in europe. Generally that's why is frito lay's paying to knock overseas wags is that why you've never been overseas. Who work anymore. Monica chris he gets you guys touched on taco bell earlier and and do you know obviously upset about the menu contractions but a lake. Are you still taco bell. That still play patronize. Yeah there on saturday. When i was pregnant with miles of there was not talk about that i could not pull into like new is coming up. I'm just like it was like a magnet. My car just go so i love taco bell is still love it matt. I feel like everyone realized they had a big stake in brinson stuff back on. They're gonna let them go anyway. I think you that you brought to mention howdy sauce packets that she needs. Because that's the point. I've actually grab before top rebel and they brought me no sausage on squad. That's that's that's so fucked up that that's not taco bell if you don't have sauce. Packets shows the sauces choose us. Yeah you gotta you gotta sauces. How many do you think three per item to item three per item. I i i would definitely do at least three per item and even with cheese to crunch i do four but i'm now a mild guy go with the mild and miles light stacey stop going taco bell always like the wilds legroom spicy foods as i said in the show. I'm going to eat seeker. But i i usually go with not their their their hottest sauce because they because you know the the i feel like there's better flavor by just below. Yeah we'll see because fires zillow or is a triple x. Or whatever so you know lowers. Your vote is the second hottest and i think. The fire has better flavor than diablo. Sauce the diablo is i think. Just it's just heat. It doesn't it doesn't shoot but the mild sauce is pretty good. I've gotten mild sauce by mistake before. And i've just like i. I still like. This is still like the flavor of this. We have extras. I have in the fridge. Because i feel like there's like you can use them with other stuff. Oh yeah one hundred percent. I've got a bowl of i a paper bowl with taco bell sauce and del taco sauce wags monica. What would you what would you. What would be your first time order to vegetarian. Who out definitely go with the just so it's just like the most classic basic and it's not like overwhelming with like a bunch of different ingredients My sister always adds extra onion extra Just depends on where you go. Who makes sometimes. They hardly put any american. It's like the right now So i definitely do that. And then it's hard to say. Because i was eating my At the drive through there on saturday is i'd like i was just like not get black french rap those okay. I never really go there for black beans but the girl drive there was just sorta like barkley night out the boys casey as they normally her want any gas food. But i thought maybe don't like but i didn't realize they put like a little bit of sauce insider just plain they had like a little bit of flavor and neither one of them would eat it. But i was like. Oh this is actually pretty good. It's not bad there's i. Is it like an orange saucer with. It's like it's a like it's almost like a like a cheese that might be like a spice. It didn't feel like a sauce on it. It felt like it was just like season. I feel like they have some. They have some hatch chilies in there. Or maybe just like a little. Bit of a salsa verde. I've i get their case a deal on occasion they actually did use to offer case ideas like that was like a a relatively fifteen years at this point but a relatively recent menu offering of. There's you're talking about when christopher start hanging out. Wow there is something in the air back. Then i monica you saying that made me think the cheesy roll up. But she's the there's a cheesy roll up which is pretty great. that's just like a little tortilla. those are still there. Those i think are still there. I think so. Those are those are like a buck. Those great. i never even have until like a year or so ago. I love soft that they had was so good and they got rid of that on my knowing insects chris. You have a baffling chris. You have a first time order for taco bell. No i'm not. I'm not a kind of new old taco bell thing on it around. He's like no way now. Because you guys listen. That sounds try it. Okay now bait days as the causative review. Mcdonald's after i have to get whatever talking about so allow. Our podcast gets loving couples to fight with each other. that's that's stupid. Cetera and encourages people to eat fast food a lot of damage. You know what. I will say this. Yeah taco bell is no longer my favorite restaurant. They sucked up too much of the real. That's the real bombshell of twenty twenty one so far taco bells along with my favorite restaurant. Wow will there you go well. Hey on that note. If you have a question about the world of chain restaurants guess what what is. What is your favorite restaurant now. It'll be funny to say like a really snooty expensive place in los angeles but instead it's now wendy's wild breaking choose taco bell out wendy's in mind going for twenty twenty one and if you have a question or count out the world of chain restaurants game last podcast demata com or leaves a voicemail. Three zero that's eight. Three zero four six three six eight four four and to get the job is double our weekly bonuses joined the golden or platinum play club at patriotair dot com slash boys. Monica chris o'malley guys so much for being here. How fun what a great chat. anything Either of you both of you would like to plug or promote at this time. Listener wants to come check out the restaurant obamacare. Twelve hundred and definitely definitely go support. The restaurant chris tell. Tell them the name of it where it is. It's wasserman's russ appear to plug no no by the time this airs. I loved it like man we we we like it people we. It's good to have people believe that people come on the podcast just to come on it. Yeah i know how serving envious only talk to. You probably are like the dope boys. God we feel safe discussing this right now and it takes years to make that happen. We really struck way. The iron was hot. We without rian you both rule. I love you in a be safe in. In and best of luck in this crazy year and i and i hope i hope some i hope a bunch of freaks from the podcast. Come out to the restaurant dress. They'll do it for this episode of bellboys next. Speak make mitchell. I'm nick wagoner happy and on the next door boys double so it's come to this the dropoff ten competitors enter the ring to see which drop will come out on top and be played on next week's main feed episode judged by me mitch emma and drop king himself. Wow get. the job was double every tuesday. Only at patriotair dot com slash. Boys want to see the sources for this week's intro. Check the episode description. That was a hate gum podcast.

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