A Conversation with Steamboat Gravel Founder, Mark Satkiewicz


From Fast Cat coaching. I'm Frank Overton and this is our training tips. PODCAST being able to get faster based on and being able to SPF. You GotTa Crime Doj out to laugh on the battlefield shit that will kill them and I was always an advocate. You could accomplish more with sweet spot training in writing and soon to loan fall. Performance Endurance Nutrition and weight loss is all about NASCAR. That's what winning in the kitchen is what would believe do just feeding yourself getting fast. Welcome to the fast cap podcast where we're on a mission to make you the faster cycles Pasca founder head coach Frank. Overton Jackson long pair. Everyone is it me or is gravel. Hot A F- half right now. There's just every day there's a new race. There's a new pro world tour rotter like Peter Statin a- ternan turning pro gravel. It's just it's exploding and who better to talk with us today about at all none other than Mark Sacco. It's it's the founder of the first year successful event. The steamboat gravel market will be here. Today we'll talk about. All things. steamboat gravel all the gravel. Seen He's going to give you the all important registration details because it's like sign up season it the Bwi ars tomorrow by the time. This goes live. Big Sugar's happened in land. Ryan is already happened but mark is going to give you the details of the December third registration and if you race this past year the details of how you can get in with a little discount on the day before so it's a VIP entry trey process on December. Second so without further ado I want to say thank you so much for listening you. You know we're coming up on Thanksgiving and Jackson and I just got to say you guys are blown is out of the water. We had more people. Listen to this podcast than ever before last smart than October. And you all are responsible so if you WanNa do is a little bit more of favor please go to itunes and Do the whole like and subscribe thing and that that really helps is you know I just WanNa take a moment. We always read the reviews. I WanNa take a moment for reading one more review and then also to explain. The one thing that happened is man I mention game changers a couple of weeks ago about you. Know Plant based nutrition being Vegan. And I just mentioned it but holy cow. Some of you really took offense and I apologize for that. I wasn't. Is it like forcing that on anyone. I just wanted to say you know whatever you want to eat. That's your personal choice. I personally am going to be trying a more plant based Diet and and I didn't just come up with that because I I watched netflix documentary. You know I've been hanging out with Jackson. The king of plant based nutrition for like three years. Now I read the science. I keep up in the literature. I am always interested in finding that marginal gain gene. That can help me with my by gracing my goals so so yeah I'm GonNa give it a try. You know no offense if you're not into that and please don't let his. It's up on the reviews but I wanna read one positive one is from Jaaz. Oh and he says if you love cycling by Gracing Geeking taking out on just about anything bikes especially the science of training. This podcast ought to be in your lineup. Five stars thank you very much and I also want to to read one of the reviews that comes from our from our training plants and as a reminder if you use twenty five podcast you will get twenty five percent sent off your next training plans so forty nine bucks. But it's thirty. Six seventy five with discount comes with a free thirty day. Premium Training Peaks Account Free Sixty Day. Yoga glow account and our new partner Excel. Sports will give you a smoking good deal on anything thing on excel sports dot com. Go there and submit your order and get an email quote back for how big that discount is and they sell all the good stuff so Andrew Thompson says about our fills plant. This was my second plan from fast cat but the first one that I've followed all the way through. How is faster faster and fitter at the end of the plan and said one hundred sixteen? PR's according to strata at this year's fills FONDACO even after competing being in day. One a highly recommend his plans ten one looking for some structure and getting more out of cycling. Well thank you Andrew and good luck with your next training training plan in ladies and gentlemen without further Ado I present to you mark sacraments. Hey Mark. How's it going good? How are you? I'm great thanks for being here. Thanks for having me you bet. Yeah so the gravel scene is exploding bloating and here we are talking about twenty twenty already. I know it's crazy isn't it. We just thought that at least our event it just ended. AH WE'RE GONNA offend again for registration soon and yeah the momentum that you're seeing in general is is fascinating. It's really cool. Yeah it's exploding. It's like sign up season right now. Everyone's kind of starting to think about like what races are going to do what they're gonNA do for their training and Yeah I mean. I'm glad that you're here. You know and before we begin talking about steamboat travel. I thought we would ask you a little bit about yourself itself in your background since you put on a hell of a race this past summer. And Yeah I wanted to Have you tell our listeners. How you got into cycling you know when you know? How did you get into gravel? What's your what's your background? Yeah I mean I mean my background as an athlete I guess maybe we start. There is yeah. I grew up in Chicago and was a team sport athlete so I played baseball basketball and golf. Okay High School Okay but like anybody else. I think when you get older you stop playing those sports not necessarily golf right. I stopped playing golf but lots of people still play it but but I was looking for other things to do. Wanted to stay fit or healthy and then also is there a way to compete and so I started actually riding. Bikes and college in the mid Delayed eighties to. Where did you go to school? I went to Miami of Ohio outside. Cincinnati but but yeah I got Nineteen eighty six. I got a specialized rock hopper and started riding around the trails with my friends or things in college. You know and as I got out of school. That sort of evolved to running running swimming. Bud Light Triathlon series Galway's went like all those things that were going on at the time Because Endurance Sports. It's like really evolving or or you had like the Dave Scott Mark Allen Iron War in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine in Hawaii. So that's when I was I was in college and so I think I was. I was getting molded to maybe be an endurance athlete. Just by some things that were happening and just my need to stay. Stay Fitter competitive so I am. I started running five ks and writing Simone Bike trails and I saw some triathlon stuff off and said well. Maybe I'll do that so actually most of my cycling background Let's say for that twenty years after it came from triathlon. Okay I I was a typical triathlete. Like do do wine and have no idea what you're doing do a second one. Have some sort the idea what you're doing and then do some more and then build up to distances from you know the Olympic to have two full or whatever be so my did that for a long time time and then as I start getting older my knees start to hurt. My back started hurt. I didn't want to run and if you don't WANNA run intractable on it's GonNa be really bad race. I mean it's hard enough when you want to run right so I really kind of evolved to and I'm not a natural swimmer so if I wasn't gonNA do triathlon. I wasn't going to swim so I more just of all the cycling road racing and then writing road bikes San Gravel. Just because where we live in steamboat was so many amazing roads. And then I have my first gravel by five years ago six years ago like most the people listening to. What was your first gravel event? My first gravel of Van was Oh God I'm trying to think the gravel mob in. Oh Hi okay. So cow right. Yeah maybe Four years ago. Okay so relatively new. I did the Rafa. Prestige steamboat on a road bike. With twenty eight's nine Brian Bliss in two thousand sixteen with my one of my partners. Spat gravel can and then we we started really getting kind of just kept going. And I gotTa grab a bike and then you start riding your bike last and then you start riding your bike almost not not at all and ray singer gravel. Become your road bike right then. You're saying well I'll just switch wheel. And so that sorta how that's that's gone for me but yeah the last few years we've been doing a lot of some events and then really just riding around steamboats so much because it's so that was one of the impetus of why we even created the event last year was we wanted people to see it. See All these amazing roads and share them with them share the community and then and then really provide a you know an event that would be amazing so yeah so now. We're at a year to there. And then you will you do some events because I know like back to participate in your own event. So do you have any events. It's on your calendar and twenty twenty beforehand. You're looking forward to. Yeah Yeah for me. And probably both amy. Ken Probably all doing the same races. I we're going to go Orlando also with Bobby rental and most likely be W R D K in different different distances. I'm not doing the two hundred. I don't WanNa do that. I think. Kenan amy both of the two hundred the crusher. Which is I? That's it's kind of my for me personally my a race next year and then and then probably just riding after that. That's enough that's all you know the the most those guys. They're friends of ours and they were all for the most part except for burkey he didn't do but everybody else was was there so I think I saw his name. He did Rebecca's and gay. Okay maybe he'll do let but maybe vive. Maybe we'll get into the wet. Lead boat is in a few minutes. Everyone but okay so so. You're doing some gravel stuff and then Y- yeah so you. I don't know if everyone knows. But you're the CEO of smart role for a long time. Yeah Yeah and they tell us of like. That's how you wound up steamboat springs. It is yeah it is. I mean my my prior life like before. We're UH promoting this event or you know getting on the map was in consumer products in sports. I worked for Nike. I work for smart will. Aw and then the really the last big role I had in in that world was Tom Shoes in l. a. and so but that's my background is kind of consumer products and branding and go to market and stuff like that. So which is great and I learned a plot and but but running companies like you know smart Willer Times or whatever. It's it's a lot of work I I mean it's a lot of work and I think like so much work. You didn't have time to ride your bike work. Well I always trip figure out I I love having to ride it for thirty in the morning. You know or five in the morning or stuff like that just to get it in that you know that. I think it's a little old so at some point. I think I just said Hey. I'm not interested in doing that type of work anymore. I'd like to work on things that and helped other people help our community involved being active cycling. Certainly if it could happen great and and I think some of that is how at least I got involved with with coming up with esotique gravel was. How do you can emerge at all? We Love steamboat. We definitely WANNA talk to people in a in a way where they are wanting to participate and and then put on a great event. You know so yeah. So that's the deal okay. You know it's interesting music I guess the consumer you as the promoter her each race has its own five and for like the just the participant. Okay a see the way that like you all do your race and I see the way that burke does his race and then we're going to Leon and be. Wr and dirty Kanza to see how they do arrays but from the steamboat. This past year. I could definitely see you know it was very well. Run extremely good at the branding. You know you could see it was like an image of you and amy and Ken. Of course yeah. And what you all put into the race versus like I've been talking with with bobby it land right and I don't think he'll mind me saying this but I think they're really interested in a great party. Yeah and I can kind of get that vibe from from them and so it's going to be a super fund raiser I haven't ever been but everyone says it's fantastic. It's fantastic and he's a great guy. I I mean I talk a fair amount and I mean he was at bt and we actually talked to him about lead boat so we'll see but but no I think they all stand for something and you know they're all great But they're all different different and I think that there's a place for some of these events to really cater to what somebody's looking for in the event they WanNa do think that might be the great thing about gravel gravel or one of the great things right there off the bad is that there are racists for everybody so it super inclusive and you know might be hard ready get into some of them now but but but the promoters themselves are very inclusive they want people to have a great experience and I think think promoters are offering different experiences right just in general. What's Your Day look like and a day? SP Gravel for example is a lot different than on a day at dirty Kanza right It doesn't mean either one's better either. It's just they're different and people like them both right. I mean you're in a different from part of the country. You're experiencing different community detract. Course that's it would be not fun to do two of the same events right now within the same year totally. I totally agree. Yeah there are there all you need so I mean with all that said. What was the secret to your success? This past summer with steamboat gravel. Well I I mean one. We're really happy with how I think. The number one Barometer there was was speaking athletes. About how the weekend and you know we really really good feedback that they had a great time and and one of our biggest fears was that we we were able to get a bunch of people who come and then we'd you know it won't go off very well or people would have ah time or we fall down in certain areas and we were fortunate that overall it went great we learned an incredible amount and and and we asked for feedback and got a bunch of great feedback and then came out and told riders. Hey here's what we're changing for next year at your request so I think if I had to land on anyone thing it'd probably be that last point is that we're you know the name he can and I operate were super engaged you know we ride bikes a lot. All three of us and so we're riding with the people that are doing the event were listening. And then we're not event promoters bray that we are not that's not our background and so honestly we tried to put together an event that took a lot of stress out of people's Day right and really invest in racer this concept of investing in the racer was probably something that I am personally would've wanted someone. That came to steamboat for the weekend to sake ask those those guys really. They try to take care of US right they. They're a stations. Were great the expo. We got to talk to a bunch of people that we wanted to made it very easy to register easy to process the things that could be come stressful We WanNA take stress out of it so so they can focus on having a great weekend with their friends and families and make new friends. And I think that's probably what we saw a lot a lot of US show up tests bt gravel and you get your bike ready and you get the start line and you do not have to worry about getting lost first aid stations food water popsicles You guys had like the coffee at six am. Yeah coffey amy. Amy was really really the champion of that saying Gosh we just riders love coffee in the morning right. Lots lots of porta-pottys. Like the the stuff maybe looking at it as a Ryder or of a parent or a family man or whatever it would be at least from my perspective. I think that really works and You know my perspective may be coming from the corporate world is like wow. My Week is really stressful. I don't WanNa worry about some of this other stuff That that maybe was traditionally synonymous with gravel. All right all well. It's going to be this cue sheet and and you might know where you're going and and go find a grocery store which is is great. I just that stressful for me. And and I mean amy she. She's just learning how to turn a garment. Still right so she has a white and she'll say this admittedly like I don't WanNa yeah you don't lie I don't WanNa rely on you know you know Navigation Brennan example and that that was never an issue no one was funny in the survey post the event we asked hey was the rival. GPS download read. How it was it helpful or how many people use it? Fifteen percent of people use it. Yeah I definitely use it I mean yeah that's just like so much tack. I need unless things to go wrong on race day into like beat dealing with that with my bike computer. Yeah I just press one button to start it right right. And and and yeah and that's people like that in some more likely adventure. But Yeah I'M GONNA use the Rod. GPS before the race. To like Mike Reiss search the Extremely help figuring. Well I agree. Yeah the researching and we did a lot of encore videos talking about a little segments and sections last year that a lot of people enjoyed and your alison powers. She showed us. She did like a thirty day every day. APE blog leading up tests bt gravel and one of her blog posts had a handwritten map of the SAT. Grandma black horse with all the notes outs from all the videos. And I think that's how she was working to get herself ready. I mean she came in fourth and then I was in her regret for a while. Yeah and then her athletes as well. You Know She's coaching. And all those things so so yeah I think I think stuff like that. You know the little things things service being engaged communicating proactively and taking stress. Out of the event's probably some things that helped us for sure. Yeah and for the listeners. Out There we've podcast about this before but we podcast to this afterwards but I'll bring it up again. It's like the event the day before just blew me away. I wasn't expecting that and what I mean by that is usually when I go to an event. I you know pretty nervous in the race. And you're like you just WANNA get your number. Do you register go back here lodging and just chill ass in like here. It's like we did that. Fund one group rat in the morning and that was a hoot and then he came back and like you know you're just standing around visiting all your partners and then you're shooting the shit with all your friends that you see you go get coffee which is a block away and then you come back and the pro panel and then you know that happy Our you know like I stood in line and I met Eric Yeah hit the Canyon. I was like wow. This is amazing and I'm seeing friends so for me. The your pre day event expo kind of felt like a cocktail party and I was there for like five or six hours to the point where I was like. Wow Frank you gotta get on me right. Yeah Yeah Yeah I kind of happy medium there probably but we know we really act. Put a lot into that Saturday because we we again. It's a weekend. It's not just the race. You know the races on Sunday because we wanted people to be able to meet the brands right there so without these brand sponsors. Sat wouldn't exist right. These guys have been unbelievable. Young from Canyon all the way through stages smart will what whatever whatever it is the smart wall stickers and you had to find your match partner was Super Fun. Yeah because it got shoots to talk with strangers correct and so you're going around the expo. Everyone's checking everyone out. Yes this is smart will was was the hit of that expo. We got a lot of feedback on smart will and I'm biased that brain time but but the interesting thing about that contest is that contest started in two thousand and six at birds of prey in Beaver Creek. The the World Cup Alpine event downhill of that. Okay and and it was an idea a friend of mine actually came up with Sky Name Joel Heath. That was doing creative work for small at the time and he came up with that idea so two thousand six thirteen years later that concept still working at events. Yeah Jeddah getting people to do exactly exactly you said talk to one another right because most likely you're there for the same reasons or maybe some similarities which is cool. Yeah that was great so so with that said what are you doing in two thousand twenty two top your success in two thousand eighteen well tavern it I think you listening to some of the feedback was really really helpful and candidate. We didn't know I mean mm-hmm I mean gosh up to five hours before the race. I was hoping that we'd still have the race right. You know it's that it's that crazy especially in your one but I think for for next year a couple of things we listened and we got some great feedback on people unanimously. Were saying that. Vat We love those three courses but boy there was a course that was like sixty seventy miles. Can you do that. Because there's so. We had a gap so we were really really concerned or intent on having entry point at thirty seven miles you you know two three hours of riding where anyone that wanted to participate could give it a shot and now was a huge success. I'm to get people to do that course. But stepping up to one hundred miles from there. That's a lot. That's a huge jump so and on top of that you you know. I don't know when this happened. I heard you Jackson talking about this later on in the year not about necessarily spat. Maybe it was but but since when did hundreds become like not that big a deal right it is right and because it is right it absolutely is and so and that's that's only the second distance ordeal and so we want to put something in for riders to step up from thirty seven miles writers. That didn't participate despite all because they said hey thirty-seven was long enough or worth coming up there and one hundred while that's maybe too much or for people that just don't WanNa be. We've blown like like I when when we designed this sixty four mile course now we're adding sp gravel read is what it's called. I went out and road this route. I'm like man like this perfect like this is something I can do a lot. Really fine and Guests to see a big chunk of what everybody's riding guests to go up the corkscrew. Climb still guests to participate in a a lot of suffering but you know three four five six hours or whatever and you're you're out of there and that is that is is and then you get more time at the expo or more time at the start finish and I think it's pretty good so so we added that we think that's GonNa be a hit with a lot of folks hopefully and then from a course perspective. The other big thing that we did was the added in a little bit single-track track double-track into the event and so that will be on the blue and the black horses so the black course and blue course last year. One hundred forty one miles that one hundred miles this twenty twenty. There'll be one hundred forty four and one hundred and three so that set and so where this comes in Dan which I think most people are most concerned about is it comes in pretty early so it comes in about three miles after the the first. Komo cool of the day when people are going around steamboat lake ca so for people that wrote last year that was so hard to not not late to go just hard enough but you knew had so much. Burn out I think it's GonNa be an interesting dynamic and we'll talk about how racing Ingo Strategies but for the people that are truly racing. They're going to have to Kim steamboat lake. Because they're going to want to get in to the whole shop the there will be. Yeah so and it's more that I think the fast. Riders can get rid of people apple if they really pin it up steamboat lake. If they don't then there might be a bunch of people fighting to get into because the way this is going to go as double title track to single track and it's all on private land so were building it zip is helping US build it and we're doing actually trail building day with that to build this area. Specifically for SB Radyr so outside of Kenny. Me and and I and Jonah who owns the land the only people that will be all writing this. RSP gravel riders which is Super Cool. So Oh what's that single track is going to be like buff like Aspen trees or is it going to be rocky twisty Ruby. We're going to try to get it pretty clean you know it's you know it's going to be technical enough but it's not going to be where you wish you had your mountain bike Acre site right. We don't think that that's what people asking for. They're looking for something that breaks up. The course you know separate some people but adds a little bit of an interesting dynamic to it. And and then you're in and out of there and then you move on to the course back onto the long road. Oh descent Iraq. Okay that's right so for the listeners. Out there what can what I'm thinking tactically can happen. Is You get a group that evolves if think about entering the armored or the armed workforce that the Rubel get this big selection. But then there's going to be this long road section so so if groups get together like six guys and they decide to start riding they'll have an advantage for the people that got held up behind him and that's that could have have a nice tactical element other correct. Yeah so I think people are going to want to try to get in there quickly and out of there quickly and we put it in after after that climb so it makes it really. The writer has to make some decisions. Yeah right I think. Last year for the most part people people went up that climb at their tempo pace because they most likely because that road section was coming. You'RE GONNA and get back together writer or it wasn't as easy to get away. I think now you know the couple minutes that you could maybe put into someone on the climb mm you can hold it to the single track and then then you have another section so so there's going to be like some decisions like like Emma fit enough to be able to pull this off my willing to go all in correct or am I just riding or just running. This is awesome is yearly fine. It's a cool little diverse place. And and then you you then move on with the rest of your day so it'll be interesting to see how plays out at the front of the race the middle and just is what people think but we one of the big also rationales and adding that in was that we had some people towards the front of the Black Horse We were having two way traffic at the station. The aid one too so this adds another twenty five thirty minutes or writing for a lot of people and that should solve for that to traffic. Most riders serve regardless of ability level. Should be out of that area by that which will be a cleaner ray. So so that's cool stations. We got great accolades on aid stations. And we'll we'll keep making those better obstacles obstacles popsicles and the whole thing you know all in on parody and fair racing and all that stuff or same racing. And you know we'll have more shaded finish we're GONNA move around the start finish area. Better Food Would you that a better job with that. But for the most part that's the feedback we got so we made changes to all of them. It should be. It should be should be noticeable. And it'll be fun so that's awesome. I mean always improving in. Oh yeah taken taken in feedback. That's great I remember. The survey sent out was really nice. It gave everyone a chance. I filled it out. I rarely rarely fill out survey. Thank you know it was hugely usually impactful to all the things we just discussed came directly from the writers exist so I mean we might have been considering them but the writers validated that. Hey you know what a great race but man it was hot and I need more shades so so like next year at the start finish all of the vendors from Saturday. We're going to ask them to keep their tents up so and then we'll have more seating and there'll be a lot more areas for people to To get out of the heat if in in fact it's hot and you know you never know. It could be raining too. So there'd be shelter for riders there and things of that nature I think just jumping into the Yampa down there. It was awesome. Yeah I mean that brought down my core temp yeah. It was hot it was. I think there was a sixty five degree temperature. Swing during the day. Okay because they think at it was cold corkscrew. It got to a hundred and I think the beginning of the day might have been thirty two or something like that so almost seventy degrees which it was a bit of an anomaly right but It warms up so fast I think a lot of riders will not bring as many close They'll they'll the first thirty minutes they'll be fine with being a little cold as you know. The race starts going up hill at mile six six. So it's by then that is already warmed up like ten degrees so worm cold thirty degrees but yet you knew it was. It's GONNA be really high really since he just kinda right. Maybe just gloves you know. Maybe you know. And that's it. I don't know yeah so okay you unique position because you have ridden you've designed and then this passenger watch the race unfold tactically. Who Won Ran Eyal? All people wanted right you know how the amateurs did you know. We were talking about the Kelly beforehand. How she pays it nailed it? Oh yeah you. So what's like this secret locals knowledge success of like how to approach this race from from the person they athlete doing the The blue or the red or the Green Verte all the way up to like you know the Peter Stanton as you said King Tag-team laurens attend. Damn and damn what like you know get. Let's hear. Well Yeah I mean well. Let's see how we start. I think why because because that's a question with a lot of different angles. But what what we say. And we'll try to do a really good job of communicating with the riders again and throughout the year talking about segments in training and videos and equipment choices. And all that stuff. I'm but we say in general if you're approaching any of the the four courses now because the red plays out exactly the same as the others do they're all back heavy right and so you have to. I think pace yourself the right way and not get potentially caught up in writing way way way out of your year zones which you can do for an hour but can you do it for seven hours or whatever it is depending on the course. They're all that heavy. So you have a black. That lasts thirty. Five miles has three three thousand plus feet a climbing rural right and it's these little mile and a half just boom you hit this wine and then you you ride tempo and then you hit another other one and then you hit this corkscrew which is really steep if it's on the road and then you know where the race was won last year at the front of the race where Ted and Paysan finally finally came to where Ted one was on the very last gravel. Climb before you got into that. Chunky Cow Creek section. It was right there so And I think that and pacing was cramping you know and so something caught up with him on day for every right pros to everybody right and so we tell people all the time you know. It's back heavy pace to understand. You know if you don't train with power understand perceived received effort or were. Make sure you're staying on nutrition if you train with power be realistic about what it is. It's also at altitude and so if you're matt from Colorado or Utah or local you have to put those into play with your your power numbers right. It's ten percent Santer. Something right so but being smart is the way to go because if you can ride that lasts three hours. Well you're GONNA pass an incredible amount of people so I actually think of the pacing kind of like iron man pacing almost to a certain extent don life that being said if. You're really racing right to win an age group or to win overall to win prize money or the way we're setting up. Komo talent in Kiel Challenges. This year is that each one is independent. So last year we gave an overall winner hasten and Lawrence Stevens won the men's one side this year. We're actually recognize each each Klein And the single track track segment so there's four sections sections and we're GONNA see could be that early. Ko Him heroes. You can win an all out for the SCHRAMM. Steamboat Lake K.. On them and limb poem and you could win that right and you know. Maybe there's some that that matters right or win the double track single-track section because we're going to have prizes for the overall. The cool thing is is that if you're racing writing Red Brad blue or black those courses do go through at least one of the section so like someone who's writing the red could win the Komo on the corkscrew corkscrew. Smart we'll corkscrew. They could because the front of the race on the black will have written one hundred and twenty five miles every so maybe they can't you know do what they otherwise would have done so there is some interesting things going on there but I mean I think it's You know it's long. You have to be on your nutrition big time. The the temperature swings are super volatile. So here Hugh. It's hard to drink when it's cold but you can't get behind all that type of stuff I think comes into play. But but the general advice from Amy Cannon. I is Pace yourself is back heavy and we ride him all the time and we saw a lot of people out of course that road really really hard that first group that group of seventy riders two mile. Let's say the thirty Alpi may station three-day station amount. Seventy two or so I saw an incredible amount of attrition for Miles Seventy to ninety two. That was me everyone. Yeah Yeah Yeah it was because of the course was after you come off steam at like the course gets really easy and your gold you into thinking. You're you're feeling good. Yeah and and I like took off with some young kids and we bridged up to the next group but yeah boy was had a bad decision. Let's hard to see from the profile because it's so long like non Ri- which if you look at it. It's long it just across the page and so it kind of smooths out some of the variations of terrain. But the reality reality is that from that Mile Seventy two Alpine Bank. You do some rolling stuff. But there's this really irritatingly point you road. Climb like it's like a quarter of a mile. I think coming out of that station. Maybe three or four miles after br that really starts to hurt people and then it starts trending upwards so from like mile eighty two. And I'm quoting these on route nine on adding single-track numbers so now mal eighty six. I guess it starts going uphill and whether you're writing green or blue which goes one way or red or black which is going to go this other way. They both start going up and they don't stop until you get to the Cow Creek Creek and the creek is so rough that it's hard to really push a lot of power through there so it just wears on you so so I think the the people that are feeling really strong you know to wear that split is whatever the mile so a Green Mile Twenty mm-hmm at Blue Black Mal eighty to read. I think it's like fifty right the people that are feeling really good there. You're going to do really really well the rest of the race. If you're if you're feeling like you overcooked it a little bit there. It's going to. It's going to be a tough end. It's a long day. Yeah yeah I literally like cramped out maybe a mile or two past the turnoff for the blue course right and I was like oh I could turn around. It was hard that you guys that are all listening. And they'll do it. You know. Just chill lax at the beginning. It's it's legit course and it's hard hard. I mean I looked at the time. We analyzed kind of how the pace of people going through there and people the front of the race ripped through the prime fly Gulch just ripped through it. I mean the fastest forty times ever the matt section all were Race Day so so the front of the race was really moving. Average speeds are really. Yeah they were they were high and they were they. Were trying trying to get rid of people but there were a lot of really good athletes at the at the event and it It took later to To for to really spread out right kind of reminds me of a tour of Flanders where you know is two hundred kilometers and then it just additive. Additive Caminha last fifty K.. It's like Bam Bam Bam Brian's when the race and began that's right that's right and the guys that have you could see when and when I was following the front. So they're like seventy people that came out of the aid station at Mile Seventy and change and then That group when that really pointy little climb the little quarter of a mile thing that got rid of twenty so that it was fifty you and then they wrote together relatively close together for another ten miles is because it's rolling wasn't anywhere to get rid of him but then you moved in in this Panel Racer Route Twenty nine section which is kind of you come out of the dirt and you do like little transition road area Korea right yeah right exactly and then you get back on the dirt and then there is a that Panorama section is like six or seven miles house but it trends up hill at two to five percent. Let's say really loose. It's hot n your mom. Ninety and that group went from fifty took twenty in that six or seven miles and when you got to Trout Creek. That group went from twenty to five. Aw Right there right. So you're talking for Mile Ninety two mile one o two so the twelve miles you went from fifty to five separate the men the worst. That's that's right and and then it was. Then you saw for the most part people riding in ones and twos and it was survival for me. I think for a lot of folks. What's interesting I went way too hard and I left my group of people that are should've stayed with and and so I didn't see them for like three hours and then as I was dying you know everyone take note all those people in that group? Not only did they catch me back but but they dusted me and like you have a chance to get on their wheel and they probably probably a difference of maybe between fifteen and thirty minutes the J.. Yeah once you once you're out you can't you don't even have the power to get on the wheel to stay with them and then they ride so much faster than you together. That's not I've been there. I don't like it at all so now that we're talking about all the suffering and you you want to sign up. What can you tell us just a little bit about the guaranteed intrigue or that's a great loyalty award and then just kind of a detail about December second and third sure? Yeah we think yeah. We think that I always was frustrated. Straight that I would do an event and showed my support for an event and then I had duke it out to maybe even get to do it again next year if you liked it and so you know. Our Survey said ninety. Eighty five percent of the riders. WanNa come back which is fantastic so we thought that the least that we can do was enable them to get their right without worrying about what do they get Internet. So general entry for for those of you that didn't race last year is December third Tuesday December third but for riders that race last year or deferred. Because some people couldn't make wherever it is we are offering a twenty four hour window for people people to register on December second. And so we'll be sending those athletes a link that's only able to be used by them. on November twenty fifth. They'll get it in their email and then on December second started midnight twelve. Oh one line mountain time to eleven fifty nine pm mountain time on December second you can sign up guaranteed enter guaranteed entry and a little bit of a a discount even as well and so you know so we have A. That's going to go out to you. Know Sixteen hundred people. That's all and I'm hopefully a lot of those people come back and December second photoreceptors key and we've tried to be clear in the emails. You've gotten them frank so yeah on how this is going to work. So we think people know and they'll have a chance to come back and be in guaranteed and locked up before the rest of the audience will and you know I do think December third is going to be Pretty active in regards to people wind to sign up. So I I predict how many entries. How many inches do you think have on December third dino or you won't know right? I don't know I don't know how many of the sixteen eighteen hundred that were. Yeah we're involved last year are coming back so the listeners. I think we've podcast about this before but land run this Sherfield up in six minutes guys. Six minute was fast. Yeah so it's like ticketmaster and you know like you to to Kinda like ticket that's right. Yeah Yeah we we don't have a good feel for it. You know. I think one of the things that we don't know is how many people are now. How interested this year right? We know a lot of people that were there last year. Had a really great experience in WanNa come back and then you know how many people went back act to their homes and said hey guys gotta come with me and our feedback that we're getting is it's it's a lot right so we'll see we're really excited about it. We definitely with the fourth course. We've expanded the number of entries Okay so we are going to cap it. We believe leave somewhere around between two thousand and twenty four hundred entries But that will enable some more people to get in and race any the four courses and we'll see we'll see we. The thing that we don't want to do is add too many people too quickly because we want the experience for riders to be amazing and so we think that Being really smart and measured kind of that way and saying hey we want to grow the event. But let's just make sure that we can. We don't erode the experience for anyone as really really important so we'll see goes but yeah if you race last year sign up December second if you didn't seven. Am Mountain time on December third. And make sure you have what you'd be ready good browser we read awesome. Well well okay so tell us I saw where you did a really good job with a female parody or just what. You're offering being a referral of women's friend right. Yeah so of those women that race last year was four hundred and fifteen women race last year which was great. Thirty percent of the finishers. Were women was really really amazing. We're offering them to invite a another woman to come join them the end getting onto summer second so so that link or code will also go out to those female participants from last year. So they'll oh that person will get two coats get one for themselves. And then they'll get one to share with a friend and you know our goal is to get fifty percent female participation in the event at some point It'd be amazing if we got a thousand women riding or racing at SPAT SP Thi this year in twenty twenty will see but you know we really really I think Got Some incredible feedback where women were saying you know normally Liam going to events and I'm just riding with a bunch of guys I feel sorta even by myself for Kinda out on an island and the overwhelming feedback. A from female racers last year was wow. I saw women everywhere I latched onto a group. I met these people. I saw my friends sir. I wasn't by myself and that's huge. We want we think that there's a huge gap in cycling here right and there's have we want sp gravel in particular But candidly all events to not be intimidating for people to want to give it a shot right so so at. SPCA gravel We we have ways for women to get involved. We have course distances. That aren't as intimidating. You can choose to race one hundred forty four miles ninety four hundred feet of climbing with world pro tour guys or you. Can you know show up on any bike and and get through that green course and I think that's the The cool thing about what what. We're offering nice. Yeah well done I gotta I think that like Amy. It's like spirit that a little she definitely is a huge factor. No doubt about it. I mean I think With with her background and racing professionally and her network. It's really really important. Part of what. We're doing no doubt about it but we all care about it you know it And chill even say it wasn't necessarily her driving it outside. It was our strategy for the event right in general like from day. One it was. How do we really get As many people coming n being as inclusive amidst missile not even just gender-based righteous. How do you make Any athlete feel comfortable. I'm in steamboat. For a couple of days and that's that's I think our number one goal to tell us a little bit about speaking of strategy the lead boat challenge. Yes so the lead boat it we launched so today is Thursday whatever dated fourteen or team and we did launch inch this kind of unique program yesterday in partnership with Leadville in lifetime And you know the the event calendar is a fickle one right. There's so many events and you know for US steamboat. We don't have a lot of flexibility on when ours can be so what ended up happening for twenty twenty s that Leadville the level mountain bike. One hundred and Esotique gravel are the same weekend so levels on Saturday August fifteenth in Spat Gravel is on Sunday August sixteenth. And so I talked to Kimo Seymour at lifetime and I was like well. What do we WANNA do like we? We didn't plan it that way that we certainly don't want those events on the same weekend if possible but the calendars. There's made it that way and so we kind of said. Well what do you think about. Maybe having some sort of interesting challenge that invited athletes to apply to race both the same weekend and we gear the guarantee that entry into both events and depending depending on the story that they wanted to tell or what they're what led them to wanting to do something as crazy as ride the two hundred and fifty miles in the same weekend on different bikes most likely and half of it above ten thousand feet. We'll see what they say right. So so we. We talked about it with our other peers at at our companies and we ran with it. So Michelle Duffy and amy and Christie Mon.. I'm from Help than some other people get this thing up and running and it turns out that we've got this pretty cool list of adventure adventure seekers that want to help us sort of at the pro level. Tell the story. And we've got applications that are Starting starting on Monday November eighteenth where you can find them on the both websites have a link to apply to be part of the the lead vote challenge and it should be cool. We don't have the whole plan laid out. We're going to definitely recognize these people and try to support them as best we can tell stories about. Aw their training and what they're trying to do and then try to really document. They're experienced that weekend. They finished leadville. Hey congratulations belt buckle and I gotta get in the car right and the fan or a bus or a limo to start. There's all kinds of logistical things. Things that we gotta work out for to help people but it's going to be some challenge and there's some cool people that are really Leading the charge for us on both with a man's and women's side We're really interested in being a hundred percent. Fifty fifty on gender participation we we. I hope that that works that way. And it's really exciting and it's fine. I think it's like it supports the spirit of off road riding you. You know I mean this is a mountain bike event and a gravel that in Colorado trying to cater to athletes that that WANNA push themselves to be their best right whatever ever it is right and you know we don't really necessarily care who wins it On the time base. That's not really even being discussed we just for people to finish. Finish them both and tell tell the story about how. How got through it you know and I am thinking? There is a bike company out there that wants one of their athletes to Rod. One by both races may be mad at lady like like like we have this collegiate rider he did clean he collegiate nationals on one bike short-track downhill cross country. That was pretty cool right so right yeah just like I don't it could be done. It can be done. I mean I mean Bush who did us. Bt last year. He's not at least currently talking talking about the lead boat necessarily he's done. ICEMAN cometh last two years on a gravel bank right. And so you know I think geared improperly you could probably fight your way through Leadville on a gravel bike and you certainly could do both on across country around bike it might be slower you know. Oh I'm in certain areas on the gravel event. But I don't know we'll see but there's some really cool people that are going to do it. Pace in the Galvin and amity rockwell and Allison Tetra Euros. Tom Lawrence Dam is said he wants to come so those stages agents so both. Yeah so for you guys are like what are y'all talking about. We're talking about race in leadville hundred miles on one hundred and six hundred and six and ah the pro winning. Tom's are usually like seven. Something I think Howard was like. Yeah six twenty some like that but point being you're gonNA competitors going to be on the bike for eight hours Saturday and then looking like another seven hundred forty miles. Yeah I mean it's two hundred and fifty total miles. I mean I mean if you if you took these winning times like if you if Howard combined morphed with Ted came and they put out these huge efforts I to win the events. That's thirteen hours so that that's the lowest possible and there's no way you know that back those times can be. I mean anyone that can do that. As a single person is. Yeah unbelievable Ordinary it. So we'll see it's a really cool idea. All right. Our our our goal is just to bring more and more awareness to cycling and a- stories of people that want to compete in these cool events in The lifetime lifetime guys were really cool to work with us on it and vice versa. So it's There is a problem and you found out a great association. Yeah and we don't know if it will happen in twenty twenty one. We don't know what's going to happen with ray schedules and things like that. But this year it it seems really cool and we'll see how plays out so yeah. Yeah so shifting. A little bit away from like like steamboat in in particular. What like you're the the tippy end of the the US gravel seen in you know like Grammar racing's exploding. It's Super Hot. Everyone's unfortunately like you know the tour California right just announce their unfortunate news. And and you know it's just it's it's it's a bomber but on the other it's like the polar opposite Mike Gravel. Oh there's this new race right this Peter Stems GonNa raise pro right right. You know I mean what can you can you share it as like your thoughts on that. Sure I mean I think it's this is a rapidly evolving dynamic in cycling right and I think for the regular enthusiast cyclists gravel just amazing right combined so many things that they're looking for. I think that's why it's growing again. I think the number one is fun just fun and there's just a lot of commodity out there you do not have to kill L. yourself riding so hard to race to have fun you know and I think a lot of people like that. They don't like maybe being unsafe on a road. And many people don't like the technical aspect or just the absolute terror on some mountain bike to scenes right now or even the mom on nightside. I mean I watched what did to win the World Cup this year and I wouldn't ride that course ever the right. It scares scares you right. So I think there's a lot of combining people's wanting to get outside with their friends in a natural environment as safely as possible and just riding around and I think that's really really cool. I think that's what we're promoting for. The most was part is enjoy. These gravel roads enjoy our community and have super world pro tour elite fitness. Then you know hey go race race. And we have an area of the event for that right and we recognize it and pay people and I think that's allows them to have a career in this growing category. Gory like to step down as a reference. But I think that You know the gravel events you know certainly not just sp gravel. Aw but these these. These events have figured out a way to engage with people and get them to want to have fun in their communities. And that's that's really exciting. I think for us being a rocky mountain based event and a colorado-based that we have the luxury of having a beautiful place to put the event on this amazing town and community that that loves athletes is is very astute at handling tourism arisen because of the ski area and it makes things. Some really really doable. So I think events that have a great experience and then can figure out a way to connect with the Ryder in a in a unique way. You're GONNA do really really well. You know for the other categories I. I don't know I I have a USA license into a race this year. But I raised gravel mm-hmm and some that candidly is because of where I live. I live in steamboat. There is one. USA see race a year. There and I just happened to be gone but if I was living in La when I was racing with My Santa Monica Subaru teammates. There I was still have done some road races this year. Eh right but it also probably keyed on gravel. Still I duNNO I. It's it's one of those things. I also think that the technology is such that people are able to have one bike now And so I don't know you know you do sacrifice a little bit to race a gravel bike with road wheels in a road event and so there's no sacrifice at all to do a road ride on that gravel aval bike. You could easily do that. So maybe people are Consolidating bikes. I mean I was telling my story all summer summer. Road steamboat gravel on my road bike. I have modified it to gravel by the way it was the one by right. I think I don't I know. If that's like the major impetus for like why grabble so. I think it's obvious other reasons. Sure I agree. Just fine I agree. I look forward to it every day every day. I can go ride my gravel bike. It's and it's it's a friend of mine was talking to me about this today. I was driving over. We're talking about Mountain biking and when that really exploded and he was saying Leeann but people are always looking for up and down to be were counted as mountain. biking where you had to be climbing or descending and I don't know if I agree with that necessarily or not but what I do know about gravel. Is that no matter Attar where you live. There's some road that's not paved that you can do. A gravel right right and so access is is is pretty good for a lot of people in from that perspective and doesn't have to be single track or whatever it was so I duNno. It's you're right it's it's just really fun and you get to explore and see things and and meet a lot of people along the way I was telling on podcast alley leg last week and cheese just retired from twenty twenty show air. Yeah she's going to do some gravel events next year we were talking about training. And just where she's at with her her chain. You know when she's been training like a monk or nun in her case for ten years and I think like a Peter. Stella's is there and Mike Fill game in Rhino. I know at Ted King. I know that they're all personally done with intervals. They ran with the one matters in the rigorous right. You know and I would be willing to bet like Peter. Peter is the same way and like with the gravel. It's like hey you can go ride your bike for seven hours right hours for five and a really good training day totally. Yeah and that's what's appealing and to me is a master's is like it's spine. It's not that you don't have well. Yeah I previously said on this podcast. You don't need to do video twos for gravel gravel. I mean you can if you really want to push yourself but on the other hand. There's nothing better than a good five hour ride with your buddies. No it's Super Fun. I would picket in every state. Just tell me what state I'm going to be in and I'll do a five hour ride. There could be like a fifty state gravel race challenge or somebody will ended up doing it. It's like the guy that summited all fifty two Christner's Stanford or the guy who did there's guys who've you'd like. Dean carnets ran a marathon fifty days in a row and fifty states or something. Yes someone will come up with it because there are at least as an event I think the only issue there is most of the events I guess around the weekend. So we'll does the breck epic start the day after two days after so they could someone can do the lead boat and then go the bracket day could and that would be legit. That would be incredible. Yeah so okay. So as a race promoter if you're in gravel title heaven and you could choose one female one male rider to race steamboat. Dead or alive. Who now I don't know I don't know if I can answer that one because we really like so many people and a lot of them were already at the event last year you know but very Switzerland? Let's ruined the Super Switzerland Super Switzerland. And but we have some amazing friends and I think that's been great and great partners and and they helped us really put as bt gravel on the on the face of grout. I mean this time last year this thing barely existed. I mean we podcast this about this year different landscape. No that's right. I mean we had no idea what was going to happen. We thought it would be good. Ed but you know when you have people like Ted King and pace and mckelvin amity Rockwell Talking about your event and wanting to support you I mean I would do anything for those three people right there. I would do anything for them. And hopefully they hear that because they know but but they they've been incredible supporters for spat gravel. And I think for twenty twenty. We're going to have this unbelievable group of people coming at all ability levels. You know so whether it's people that are now doing as petit gravel because of the lead Boden didn't wind challenge themselves at the tip of Alison petric. Perfect person like her or somebody from Jacksonville who who met Jayson from gravel cyclist and said. Hey what's it like and he's like. Hey I want you to come and and you'll love it you know. That's what I think. Twenty twenty it's going to be just going to see so many really cool people that from all angles. I've met Jason K.. Don and Mrs Kay dog. Yeah at the eggs. Yeah Oh yeah. They're great people incredible. No incredibly exit so fine so fine and and I for me personally. This incredible because I'm men semi-retired state like this is this is this is supposed to be fun. And you want to meet people that you enjoy being around and you can talk shop about things that you choose to spend your time on right and I can tell you in the first year and a half of of working working on this. That's all we've seen these incredible people that including yourself right. Just this is how we've met right is through US bt right and whether I'm friends with Phil or Jeff Baheen the La guys you know. This is how we met and I think that. That's that's been super valuable and super award so I hope everybody comes in checks it out. It's a it's a fun weekend and we treat everybody the same you know everybody gets identical treatment. There and at school are gravel communities. Awesome so fine like the Segr- across community sauce on the mountain. Bike community is awesome. I mean just any cycling discipline. It's like when I was in high school. You'd go like a grateful dead concert back with my people. Yeah sure it's like when you're at a bike race and cycling. It's like your with your people totally couldn't agree more so it's it's cool so In partying in a final words of wisdom or things. You should know about the twenty. Twenty steamboat growl. Now I mean I think we hit when you register just your sign up and second and third dive in we dove into a bunch of course aspects and you know my only thing is stay connected with us right. If you're knock getting information as Fiji gravity want you can sign up for you know Email information stuff like that to come to your email At SPCA GRAVEL DOT COM. Follow us on social because there's a lot going on there you know we really use those platforms. Allot the course preview videos. Of course I preview videos and we're going to refill some of those I think what would definitely GonNa we're GONNA show a time lapse filming of the the double tracks track. So we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA build that and show all that but we're going to get with a lot of our brand partners as well on the segments that they are part of whether it's Roka or unsealed smart wool Schramm Goo stages whatever and we're going to have people from those brands ride those segments with us and kind of interview them on the bike to talk about why they're part of sat or what. They're seeing cycling too. So I think you'll get the course course overview but you're also gonna get to meet some of the brands and that's at least the project that that we want to bring to fruition. So I think that'll be cool and you'll come up to steamboat anytime. Let us know email us. And we'll rag with you. We did them with. Franken was awesome and Ken and Mark took me out. Throttled me we started riding a six. Am and I was done by by lunchtime as good. That's how you do so. Yeah but come up we do. We have planned group rides. Is We're GONNA have some camps that will launch an ounce in June just to get people some real good ideas of what they're dealing with and yeah we're we're all lean on this. It's fun so she'll come join us and CMO thanks mark. Thanks a lot appreciate it all right. Thanks everyone everyone. Everything we talked about in our podcast embodied in our training training plants on fast cat. COACHING DOT COM. Use Discount Code. Twenty thousand podcast to see for yourself forty nine dollars actually. Thirty six seventy five with the discount account. You get a six week. Training Plan designed by yours truly free premium training peak account a sixty day. Yoga glow membership and access to our new forum. Where you'll receive coaching support? We have one hundred percent money back guarantee. If you don't like your plan so you have nothing to lose but if you can follow the plan I know Oh you can get a lot faster.

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