#882 - High School Teacher Spins His Way to Profits


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Girl put your records on welcome to satisfy the school in today's story, high school teacher spends his way to prophets operating several side hustles in the world of vinyl records, he stumbles on this largely by accident. But it's now his full-time work, and he's taken him all over the world and to events, such as Coachella, and the Super Bowl when you start doing something you're interested in when you take a big step, even a small step, you never know where you're going to end up. That's the whole point of a side hustle exploration discovery, perhaps uncovering, something that could even change your life. Whether it's a complete career change like this guy that I'm going to tell you about or it's just some additional income, you know, that's pretty good too. That's a big part of what we talk about every day on the program before we get started. I want to give a shout out to another podcast. This one's pretty cool. It's called from the heart conversations with yoga girl when she's not practicing handstands on her stand up paddle board, which is cool. Always wanted to do that international yoga teacher and New York Times, bestselling author Rachel braven is inspiring. With this podcast each week she delves into topics like love trust finding balance of her coming adversity and managing wellbeing. She recently sat down with girl boss, founders. Sophia Russo talked about redefining success and the importance of finding time to reflect in practice gratitude, I'll get things again, it's called from the heart conversations with yoga girl. It's available wherever you listen to podcasts. All right. Stay tuned. High school teacher, spins his way to prophets is coming right up Sonesta? School is brought to you by ship station dot com. What's up ship station at crochet? You guys helping out our listeners for many, many months, I get a lot of emails from people talking about how they have tried to offer. 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He runs several projects all based one way or another around vinyl records. Why records well Mike McCain obsessed with his parents old vinyl records as a kit. He believes there's value in a tangible product. It's not mass produced. Unlike streaming digital audio files. About a decade ago. He was working fulltime job as a high school teacher when he began his first vinyl related business. He would order small batches at records from New Zealand from one of the only Leith cut record makers in the world at that time in case you did not know because, of course, I didn't cutting a record using a late means that sound waves are focused into a needle tip as the needle vibrates it edges groups into the disc, the groups of the physical equivalent to the sound waves, and wallah you have yourself a record Leith cut records are made one at a time. So small orders can be easily handled. Whereas records made it a pressing plant are mass produced require large minimum orders. But when Mike orders from New Zealand's started taking too long to fill he wondered if he could learn to cut those records himself, he began buying old, broken life machines that were built in the nineteen forties and fifties. It took him about a year, but he figured out the process. This led to Mike second business, vintage records Leith repair restoration and part sales. He runs this business with the help of a business partner named. Chris Mike and Chris started working live record cutting booths at museums and small festivals doing the work just for fun. One day, the converse shoe company, took notice. They contacted Mike about cutting records for Coachella where the majority of their party guests were in the marketing and entertainment industry captivated with the process. People started hiring Mike and crisper corporate parties, festivals and other events. It hasn't slowed down since just being at the events is their best form of advertising three months after the converse event. Mike teaching contract was due to be renewed. He made a decision to leap is steady reliable income as a teacher and go all in with the record business. He's never looked back since then Mike and Chris have appeared around the world over sixty festivals and events they've worked with acts such as the flaming lips Justin Timberlake. And wiz, Khalifa also been hired to cut records at the Sundance film festival and the Super Bowl since Mike didn't initially intend for his hobby to become a business. It's difficult to calculate startup costs at the time he would basically by quit whenever he had the expended. Income to do. So also, when he originally bought his cure, it was much less expensive than it is today. So it's actually appreciated in value. But overall, he estimates is start startup costs for approximately five thousand dollars and his monthly profits are approximately thirty five hundred dollars. Working in a specialized industry can sometimes be a struggle paychecks or unsteady and the work comes and goes, but more important to him than the monetary profit because what he calls standard of living profitability, which he has in spades. He gets to go on company. Sponsored work trips all over the world and spends his time, hustling music, art and vinyl all things. He loves he also gets to meet, and work with artists. He's admired for years, he says he doesn't know anyone who has half as much fun doing their job as he does turning the side hustle into his full-time work has dramatically improved. Mike's quality of life. Next time a turnstile is more of the same. He's got some events in the US and Europe coming up in a southwest tour for his science of sound presentation. He's also developing new equipment for record cutting and working with some of his favorite artists. Probably one thing away from the research was aside from running about Leith records. Is this notion that Mike has the standard of living profitability interesting, little metric to live by not just how much money are you making which, you know in? Let's be clear sottile school. We're all about making money. It's good to make money. But the reason why we wanna make money is because it can sometimes give us more choices and options in life to do. What's important to us? It is certainly not the be all end. All that's why I like this standard of living profitability, little metric, or matrix, or whatever you want to call. It reminds me of something I wrote about on my blog, a longtime ago, a concept called units of momentary happiness, and I forget exactly where this came from, I think, in the actual article, but the idea behind that is like we're always thinking about how to be happier. How to better ourselves improve situations it cetera. If we focus not so much on the big things, you know, because we're always hearing about, like, really big things, but just ask yourself. How can you increase every? Single day. Your units of momentary happiness, and those units may just be like when you're aware of something or when you're enjoying something or when you're like you know what? Life is good right now. Maybe I'm having some struggles or some stresses or challenges somewhere. But this particular moment like this moment, while I'm having my coffee, this moment, while I'm out in the sunshine, this moment, while I'm listening to some music that I like, or having a conversation with a friend or, or whatever is pay attention to those little moments. Units momentary, happiness and just see what you can do day after day to increase them. I will leave you with that today. I've got busy weekend busy week coming up the one side hustles book is coming out on Tuesday. I'll be on the road to five different cities next week, and hopefully we'll get a chance to hang out somewhere, even if we don't be talking with you about it as I go along. So thanks so much for listening. Inspiration is good. But inspiration with action is better. If you wanna learn all about Mike various businesses, just come to school dot com slash eight eight two we will link up everything I mentioned in the episode and more. I'll be back tomorrow and then all over the place next week. You are a rockstar. My name is Chris Gil at this us all school. From the word project.

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