Hardest Person To Shop For


What's up everybody. It's jill scott. And here's one of my favorite moments from j. dot il podcast brought to you by netflix's new film iranians black bottom golden. Oc yes yes. She wasn't a solved woman either. Meaning she didn't say okay. I'll do whatever you say. I'm gonna listen to a new episode of j. dot il the podcast every wednesday and check out my rainey's black bottom in select theaters now and on netflix. Six december eighteenth. This film is rated r. We're all shopping for essentials online these days and now you can get rewarded for it with the bank of america cash rewards credit card. You can choose to earn three percent. Cashback on online shopping essentials. The essentials have never felt more rewarding visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright twenty twenty bank of america corporation the season for people who are hard to shop for and you know what a lot of people you know you look at them like say. For instance steve carla. Steve is everything. he's hard to shop for. I would think he has everything. So i gotta ask you. Who are you having trouble. Finding a gift foreign. Why girl my husband. It is so hard that yes it is so hard to shop for tosh. Because really doesn't yeah. He doesn't really want anything but he asked for some tools. So we're gonna go to you know. The store home depot home improvement store lows and really get some suggestion from the guys. And you know the guys working here and see what i can get him. That's a surprise him as well even told me what he wants. I want to get something that he didn't think i would get heart two by four so yes my husband every year. I'm stumped as to what to get him. What about you shirley. What about you. Who's hard to pick four No one's really. I mean i just get what i like. I just get what. I like what i like for them to have from right you know. I don't stress a battered or anything like that. I hope they like it and nine times out of ten they do. I really put my heart into gifts. Because i love giving you know this is the season of giving so yeah so i don't stress about whatever i like and i think that you might like and usually i'm right. Thank god right right. all right. we'll be back with more of the harvey morning show. Merry christmas coming up right after this. You're listening to show this holiday season. Pepsi co. is partnering with toys for touch to give a gift with everybody. With every purchase of specially march pepsi mountain dew and sierra mist two liter bottles pepsi cola will donate ten cents to toys for tots so head on over to your local giant and give the gift of giving happy holidays from pepsi. Holidays means stocking up on some essentials like decorations. An ugly sweater with the bank of america. Cash rewards credit card. You can choose certain. Three percent cashback on online shopping. The essentials have never felt more rewarding visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright two thousand twenty bank of america corporation.

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